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Seperate Stories 1: ColdGone

We have a new set of stories called the Seperate Stories, and they slot into our fanfic series. This first episode is written by Bex, or TOCS from wrote the first episode. It will be released around the start of Series 2. So yes, there will be a series 2, and the main character Cathy Smith, may be appearing in series 2...

Here's the Synopsis:

When Cathy Smith discovers that a company, entitled ‘ColdGone,’ claims they can cure the Common Cold with just a small tablet, she decides to investigate. However, along the way she meets a mysterious man who claims these tablets aren’t of human origin…

Limited Edition Trailer

The Doctor is kneeling down with his glasses on, and turns to face someone.
Georgia puts her hand over her mouth, and looks upset.
Conner looks freaked out in the dark.
Zac steps forward, nervously.
There is a flash of a girls face, then of a boys face.
Velox smashes through Conner's window.
Marian raises her gun.
Brannigan looks scared.
Valerie screams.
Conner and Hame run down a corridor.
A Slitheen steps forward.
Georgia walks into a shop.
Conner steps backwards.
An arrow flies through the air.
Georgia and Zac run past a row of mirrors.
Conner runs and jumps off of a building.
A man is stood in the shadows.
A Soldier steps forward. "Beware of the Green Plague!"
A TV screen ripples.
Conner and the Doctor walk up a steep street.
A red sky burns.
The TARDIS lands in a field.
"Whoo!" the Doctor grins.
Mist seeps through the air.
A hand touches a face.
A tear falls down someone's cheek.
The Doctor swings a bow and arrow around.
"Thanks for that Georgia!"
Something creeps out of the shadows.
A girl steps forward onto what looks like a deck.
The Doctor.
Doctor Who, coming soon...

Episode 3: The Cats in the Kingdom Part 3

The Computer then buzzed and said, “Sorry I had malfunctioned. I am now repaired."
“Well I’m glad about that," Georgia said wiping her brow.

“Continue with the analysis of the skeleton computer," Cgarnort ordered.
“No, I don’t think so," the computer replied, Jiberatt span round and Georgia stood open mouthed.

“Obey me! Who do you obey?” Cgarnort shouted at the computer.
“I obey the harassers, all harassers enter," the Computer answered.
“No, all harassers stay, shields up," Jiberatt said in a panicked voice.

“If the harassers are controlling the computer, then they must know everything in it," Georgia muttered.
“You are completely correct," Jiberatt muttered as he pressed several buttons, “The harassers now know how to get in, how to get past the code walls and the shields."
“Then we need to get out," Georgia observed and the dwars looked at her and started to run.

Brannigan was talking to the children, “Now kids I know that its creepy finding a skeleton and all but it isn’t that bad. Everything will be fine. Now have I ever told you about the man, who saved the city from the Macra?”
“Yes you have a thousand times”, Valerie told Brannigan.
“Doctor was saviour”, Patsy said. Just as the Kitten said that the Doctor appeared on the roof, climbed down a ladder and jumped the last 3 steps.

“What’s going on here?" The Doctor asked the Police Chief who was called Sir Ralf.
“I am Sir Ralf and you have been found here at the scene of the murder of Harvey Ricks Brannigan," Sir Ralf explained, “You could have done this."
“Me no, I’m a copper," the Doctor said showing his Psychic Paper to the Chief who saluted him.
“Doctor you’re here," Brannigan said happily, “My uncle was just found....”
“As a skeleton, Yes it’s happening everywhere," the Doctor informed Brannigan, “Now I need to look inside the house."
“No-ones aloud in," Sir Ralf said to the doctor.
“You’re forgetting something, I’m errr...well," the Doctor said to Sir Ralf, as he glanced at his psychic paper, “The King of New New New England. Who is very, very important?” The Chief of the police raised his eyebrows, but let him in anyway, escorted by two Police Guards.

They entered a sparkling circular-shaped living room and there on the floor was a skeleton. The doctor looked around the room; he ran up to an opening into the ventilation shaft and used his sonic screwdriver to open it. Sir Ralf raised an eyebrow.

“What are you doing?” Ralf asked.
“There’s something living in these shafts," the Doctor said, holding his sonic screwdriver, “Which is now inside this house." The Doctor ran into the middle of the room and revolved on the spot.
“Sir a man said that there’s something...Arghhhhhhh," a Guard said walking into the house, but when he got to the doorway to the living room. He rose into the air and a few seconds later a skeleton dropped down.

Conner thought he was dead all he could remember was falling then that bright light. He opened his eyes, he seemed to be in a large, futuristic dining room. He was sitting on a chair and crouching next to him was the Duchess.

“What happened?” Conner asked Hame, she smiled.
“Good you’re awake," Hame replied, “I saw you falling from that blue box of the doctor’s. I realised that you would die if you hit the ground. You were 1000 feet up after all. So I locked the teleporter ray onto you and you were zapped here. Would you like a drink?”
“Huh oh yes please," Conner said and in came a maid who was carrying drinks. Just then, two Cat-Guards burst into the room holding a Man in a sparkly suit. The Man seemed to be knocked out.

“We found this man attempting to kidnap someone. He had a red and blue car," one cat guard said to the Duchess.
“Why are you worrying me about it?”Hame asked.
“The police are all out looking for the red and blue car," the Cat-Guard replied.
“Sorry, that’s not him," Hame said, “Stick him in that closet until he comes round."
“That’s a bit mean," Conner said, eyebrows raised.
“No it’s a big closet," Hame replied, Conner went quite and the two Guards put the man in the closet. Just then there was a scream.

“RUN!” The Doctor shouted, running to the doorway, dodging what looked like a claw and ran through the door. Following him was Sir Ralf, but already many more of the police force were being reduced to skeletons. The Doctor ran into Brannigan’s car, where Brannigan was talking to Valerie.

“What’s going on medical man," Brannigan asked.
“Just drive," the Doctor said, as he could see emerging from the house a terrible Creature.

It had the head of some sort of Pterosaur, with all kinds of wriggly tentacles coming out of its head. But at the end of each tentacle was a hole. The Creature saw through white bulbous eyes. It saw a Guard running for its life and just pointed the tentacles in its direction. All his flesh and everything, flew away into the tentacles, in a split second, so all that was left was a skeleton. Brannigan didn’t need telling twice and the car already started flying up and away and they saw the monster getting smaller, but then the car jolted and started being pulled back.

“What no, it’s pulling this car back with us inside," the Doctor said shocked.
“But our children," Valerie said, “They’ll die, they’re too young."
“Mummy I’m scared," Boe said as he and the other Kittens snuggled together. The Doctor was open mouthed. He was sitting completely still. Brannigan was staring at him. The car shook and some screens cracked. There were several small explosions.

“Doctor how are you going to stop them," Brannigan asked as the car window started to crack and the doctor was still completely still. The car was now getting closer and closer to the monster and it was picking up speed. There was nothing the Doctor could do, they were all going to die!!!

Meanwhile at the J and C headquarters, Georgia, Jiberatt and Cgarnort were running through a door that lead from central control. They heard a bang from inside central control and knew that the Harassers were inside. They kept running until they reached the end of a corridor.

Cgarnort opened the door and saw a terrible Creature. The bird headed monster that the Doctor had seen. It sucked Cgarnort up and all that was left was a weird half wood, half bone skeleton. Then the harasser turned on Jiberatt and Georgia, who ran back down the corridor, but then the other door was smashed open and out emerged another Harasser.
“We’re trapped," Georgia shrieked, as the Harassers closed in.

In the senate, Hame opened the closet door and a skeleton fell out.
“Do you always keep skeletons in your closets?” Conner asked as he saw the ventilation shaft at the back smash open and a small monster emerged.

It was just like the one that the others had seen, except in miniature. It turned on Conner and Hame, who looked at each other and ran. There was another bang and several other ventilation shafts burst open. More and more of the miniature monsters appeared.

Everyone was in deep trouble and still the Doctor was completely still.


Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Episode 3: The Cats in the Kingdom Part 2

“So are you two Aliens who kidnapp people for slavery?” the Doctor asked.
“We are two Dwars, but now you’ve seen us you’ll have to die!” one of the two Aliens snarled.
“Remind me Hame, Dwars are afraid of what?” the Doctor asked.
“High pitched noises," Hame answered, Conner looked quizzical.
“Like this," the Doctor said as he bleeped the sonic screwdriver really high pitched and loudly. The Alien dropped the gun and ran into the car with Georgia and the other Alien. The car drove off.

Meanwhile, Brannigan and his family were in their car, flying over the top of the over city.
“Right we’re going to see my Uncle," Brannigan was saying, “He’ll be pleased to see me and a bit surprised. I haven’t told him we’re coming yet."
“If you did he would probably say no go away," Valerie Brannigan’s wife said, “I bet he’ll be glad to see you, not." The Kittens giggled.
“Aww don’t be such a spoilsport," Brannigan said, “I’m his favourite nephew. Bet he’d love to see me."
“You’re only his favourite nephew, because you’re his only nephew," Valerie said bemused.

“Did I tell you kids why my Uncle is so great," Brannigan asked but did not wait for a reply, “You see he drove down where the Macra were and flew right past."
“How come his car didn’t get crushed?” Valerie asked.
“It did it got crushed into atoms by the Macra’s claw!”
“Not atoms surely. You’re pulling my leg.”
“No, it was into atoms," Brannigan said, “Ah, here we are, do you remember the Macra kids?”
“Macra big," one little Kitten called Boe said.
Two of the other Kittens, called Kincade and Patsy after Brannigan’s father and Valerie’s mother, were thinking hard when one said, “Big house."
“You’re right that is a big house and guess who lives there," Brannigan said cheerfully as he drove down and parked outside.
“Uncle!”The Kittens shouted out together and they got out the car. Brannigan knocked at the door.

“Uncle it’s your nephew," he knocked again, “Uncle you there."
“Probably saw you and pretended he’s not in," Valerie said bemused.
“I’ll put his front door code in," Brannigan said as he typed a chain of numbers and symbols into a keyboard on the door. The door unlocked, “There we go. Now Uncle I know you’re here there’s no point hiding. Arghh!” Brannigan walked into his Uncle’s living room.
“What’s wrong, what is it?” Valerie asked walking into the room.
Brannigan pointed at the floor and there was a Cat-Human skeleton.

Back at the senate the Doctor was running downstairs followed by Conner and Hame. He stopped in the hall.
“Right Hame you stay here as high up as possible," the Doctor told Hame, “The monster whatever it is, is not those two Dwars who kidnapped Georgia." Hame nodded as the doctor and Conner ran off out of the senate over the bridge and back to the TARDIS. Inside the Doctor pulled a lever and pulled the screen towards him.

“The red and blue car is heading to the outskirts of New New York," the Doctor said. Conner was looking quizzical again. “Conner you hold on to this lever if I say go then push it down more," the Doctor ordered.
“What’s that lever?” Conner asked.
“It’s the accelerator," the Doctor replied, ran over to the controls and the TARDIS lurched, “Right we’re flying. Hold down the lever." The TARDIS flew up into the air and flew through the air.
“Yes sir," Conner obeyed pressing the lever down, as the Doctor pushed a button down. They were now getting closer and closer to the red and blue car.
“Go!” the Doctor shouted and Conner pressed the lever down more, the TARDIS was right behind the car when suddenly it started to dematerialise.

“Doctor what’s going on?” Conner shouted as the TARDIS lurched and suddenly the TARDIS left Conner behind.
“It’s the TARDIS. It’s found a distress signal it’s moving by itself," the Doctor answered and then turned to see Conner start to vanish, something had gone wrong. The TARDIS was leaving Conner behind.

“Doctor what’s going on?" But it was too late, the TARDIS vanished and Conner started to fall from that high up. The TARDIS started materialising on the roof of a large house, surrounded by several police cars and one normal car. Well normal, as in flying futuristic car.

Georgia woke up in what seemed like a hospital bed. She could see two figures standing above her. When she tried to move she realised she was trapped, bound to her bed by a rope. As she struggled the bonds broke and she was free to move.

“Jiberatt, our newest slave is awake," one Alien called Cgarnort said. Georgia looked around she seemed to be in some sort of a control centre. The room was circular and at the front was a massive window. There were futuristic computers, switches and buttons at one side of the room, by the window. All around the room, there were doors and a couple of beds. No-one was on those beds.

“Cgarnort, have you had the analysis back, from the computer?” Jiberatt asked.
“No I’m just putting them up on screen now," Cgarnort said.
“What’s going on, what analysis?” Georgia asked, frustrated.
“The analysis from the skeleton which we found," Cgarnort answered.
“You do know that skeletons are being found all over the city," Georgia said, “And when I said what’s going on, I meant why have you kidnapped me, where am I and who the hell are you?”
“We kidnapped you so we could have more slaves," Jiberatt replied, “You are in the central control of J and C headquarters and we are the famous Jiberatt and Cgarnort."
“Who are they?” Georgia asked.
“We are the richest people in the whole of New New York," Cgarnort said, “Of course no-one actually knows that we trade slaves. Or that we're the kidnappers." Just then the computer bleeped.

“The analysis is done," Jiberatt said running over to the computer, “Computer give us information. How did they die?”
“They are not dead," the Computer announced, in a cool female voice.
“What? But it’s a skeleton," Jiberatt said.
“This skeleton is not all that is left of the the the the the skeleton skeleton. Self destruct in 20 seconds," the Computer said and the three stood back.

“I think we should run," Georgia mentioned.
"That won’t help if the computer explodes," Cgarnort said, “then it will explode with the force of an atom bomb. The whole of New New York will go up!”
“No, No," Georgia screamed as the computer counted down, “BUT WHO WOULD MAKE A COMPUTER THAT DOES THAT?”
“I don’t know," Jiberatt answered, “But none of these computers have ever blown up before. They can’t, something must be interfering with it. Something with impossible power."
“5, 4, 3, 2, 1," the Computer said.


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Fanfic Action Figures!

Not available to buy in shops, we thought it would be more fun for our readers if they could see what the characters looked like, so we decided to draw action figures! Hoorayness!

X) Georgia and the Magnet Warriors

Magnet Warrior and magnet gun

Commander Marr and Captain Gifford twin pack

1) Conner

Professor Araknin

Commander Velox

2) Maids, Myths and Monsters

3) The Cats in the Kingdom
Jiberatt and Cgarnort twin pack

And them all together in wave 1!

New Quick Reads Book

The cover for the fourth Quick Read book has been released. The book, entitled The Sontaran Games, is written by Jacqueline Rayner and will be available to buy from February 26th.

Here's the synopsis:

Every time the lights go out, someone dies... The TARDIS lands at an academy for top athletes, all hoping to be chosen for the forthcoming Globe Games. But is one of them driven enough to resort to murder? The Doctor discovers that the students have been hushing up unexplained deaths. Teaming up with a young swimmer called Emma, the Doctor begins to investigate – but he doesn’t expect to find a squad of Sontarans invading the academy! As the Sontarans begin their own lethal version of the Globe Games, the Doctor and Emma must find out what’s really going on. But the Doctor is captured and forced to take part in the Sontaran Games. Can even a Time Lord survive this deadly contest?

The Demon Headmaster

The doctor
Zac's mum
Mr Roberts
Mrs Harrison
The Head
Mr Ashmer
Other students
Commander Marr (just in flashback)

Georgia and Conner land in the park in South London where Georgia first met the Doctor. While Georgia heads off to visit her family. Conner and the Doctor go to St. Marks Senior school. They soon find out that something weird has been going on at the school and it doesn't take them long to realise its the Slitheen. While Conner gets rather stroppy, Harry, Zac and Kaylie help the Doctor solve the mystery. Georgia and Conner soon find out they're in danger too. What are the slitheen up to, and why infiltrate a school?

Oh and by the way this episode was written before the Sarah Jane adventures episode aired so don't say its copied from that!

Remember two of these statements are red herrings:
The kitchens are out of bounds.
Bert is a Slitheen in a skinsuit
Conner has toilet troubles (what, again?)
Zac and Kaylie are in lurve
Georgias brother likes tea and gravy.
Assemblies are every day
Harry helps the Doctor a lot as he is interested in aliens
The Doctor kicks Conner out of the TARDIS (not literally)
Zac has done some research

So speculate!!!

Episode 3: The Cats in the Kingdom Part 1

The Cats in the Kingdom

The orange sun was setting on the planet New Earth. The Duchess of Manhattan was watching it through old and weary eyes. She saw a car fly past the window. It was blue and red, that car had never been caught. The Police had chased it several times but the cars and Policeman were never found. Yet there the car was, apparently the owners of the car had kidnapped many people before. The Duchess had lived a long live from being a nun to being in charge of New Earth.

The Duchess walked past two Guards, into the glittering hall of her futuristic mansion. She had a visitor; it was the Chief of Police. Sir Ralf Crattin was a Red Man who had fought for red peoples rites for years. Now 40 years later he was Chief of Police and the Red People had as much rite as a cat or a human had on the planet. He had come to see the Duchess about something very important.

“I am afraid that there have been several more kidnappings," Sir Ralf said, “But although the red and blue car was not seen anywhere near any of the places that these people were last seen, We are sure they are behind it."
“Of course you must investigate," the Duchess replied kindly, “But may I ask where did all these kidnappings take place?”
“They all took place at the very bottom of the city, lower than the under city," Ralf answered.
“The sewer," The Duchess asked.
“Yes, why? Do you think it’s important?” said Sir Ralf just as a scream was heard from the doorway.

The scream alerted some Guards on the stairs. They all had cat faces AND wore gloves on their hands. The scream was soon followed by another scream and the Duchess, Sir Ralf and the Cat-Guards ran through the doors and saw nothing.

“Where are those two Guards?” A Cat-Guard asked, but Sir Ralf was staring at two things on the floor. All the guards and the Duchess looked down. There were the two guards on the floor but they were no longer living.
“That would explain the skeletons," Ralf said shocked turning to the Duchess.


The Doctor, Georgia and Conner were in the TARDIS they had just left a place known as Nottingham in medieval times.
“Anyway," the doctor said, “Where next Conner?”
“I don’t know go somewhere good. You pick," Conner replied unhelpfully.
“Just pick a number," Georgia said, “We’ll end up somewhere."
“Number 5," Conner said shrugging and the Doctor ran over to the controls, flicked a switch and pulled the leaver to take off. The TARDIS wheezed and the crew held on to the console. The TARDIS lurched and a jolt sent Conner falling to the floor. Georgia who was now TARDIS trained managed to stay upright by grabbing onto the console.

“Here we are," said the Doctor, pointing to the door, “This is the year 5 billion and 55. We are in sector 5.5 of the city of New New York the fifth most famous city in this galaxy. It’s the fifth day, of the fifth month and it’s a Friday, fifth day of the week." The Doctor opened the door and let Conner get out first, followed by Georgia then the doctor who locked the doors.

The TARDIS crew had landed in some sort of street. Georgia watched and gaped as a little Red Alien shouted “Out the way," as he flew a futuristic, open-topped car over her head. The street had two pavements either side of a traffic filled, gap. The street they were in was 28 floors up and Georgia was slightly afraid of heights.

“Doctor you do know that Wednesday could be the fifth day of the week," Georgia said sneeringly trying not to look down.
“Not according to the New Earth calendar," the Doctor replied as he admired some sparkling plimsolls in a shop window.
“We’re in New Earth and wait a moment, New New York?” Georgia questioned eyebrows raised.
“Yes, all the homesick humans came here after the Earth died. It’s the same gravitational pull, same size, same atmosphere and the same weather apparently," the Doctor explained as he looked up and saw dark clouds covering he sky, Georgia who was wearing a hooded top put her hood up, but Conner and the Doctor got very wet as it started to pour with rain.

“Can we go inside?” Conner asked, as flashy flying cars were suddenly surrounded by a bubble that kept out the rain.
“Right. We’re in the north sector which means if I’m right, which I usually am, then we are in a very rich part of New New York and just round the corner is the senate!” The Doctor said as he ran round the corner of the street and there it was the tall sparkling senate of New New York. They ran across a bridge over to the senate. Conner and the doctor got inside first followed by Georgia who had hardly got wet at all.

They were inside some sort of huge hallway. There were 5 people at desks in the corner.
“Hi I’m John Smith. I’d like to know who the Duchess is at the moment," the Doctor asked a Guard. Conner saw the Guard's face and realised he was some sort of cat. He was amazed. Maid Marion and Guy, in the medieval times was one thing, this was another. Conner realised he was in an alien world somewhere other than Earth. He was on a different planet for the first time in his life.

“The Duchess is of course Duchess Hame," the Cat-Guard said, “She served under the Face of Boe and then two years ago became the duchess after the defeat of the macra." The Doctor smiled and then saw running down the stairs, the duchess of Manhattan, Novice Hame. Georgia and Conner turned to see the doctor hug a cat.
“I need your help," Hame asked, “There have been skeletons and kidnappings. Too many. The city needs help." Georgia and Conner ran up to the Doctor.
“Hello I’m Georgia and this is Conner," Georgia introduced politely, “Who are you?”
“This is Novice Hame she’s in charge of New Earth," the Doctor introduced in turn, “Now shall we go somewhere upstairs. These two came to see a view not rain and I want to find more about these skeletons."

The Crew and Novice Hame went in a circular lift, up to the 47th floor. Georgia was staring out the window and Conner was sitting down, taking everything in. The Doctor and Hame were talking. They had been accompanied by a Guard.
“So there have been skeletons found all around the city," the doctor asked.
“Yes mostly near the bottom of the city. No-one knows what happened," Hame explained, "The only time we know how it happened was when two guards got murdered while me and the Chief of Police were having a conversation. We heard a scream, ran outside and found two skeletons. That’s all we’ve got to go by."
“Right, so we know it’s a monster that kills victims quickly and gets the flesh off them quickly," the Doctor said as he thought, “Wait a second where’s that Guard who was with us. I didn’t hear a scream." But although they heard no scream, the Doctor looked down to see a skeleton near the door.

“Doctor, where is that girl, Georgia, your companion," Hame asked, as the Doctor looked around and Conner stood up pointing. He was pointing at Georgia who was struggling with two short, blue, treeish-looking aliens, who were dragging her through a huge open window into a red and blue car.
“You, however, are not slave type. We can’t have people knowing what we really look like, die!" One of the Aliens said pointing a gun at him.

To be continued

Music of the Spheres

This is the Proms cutaway scene entitled Music of the Spheres. It features the Doctor and a Graske. Remember, you can always listen to the Proms again on the Iplayer, under BBC Radio 3.

Music of the Spheres:

Friday, 25 July 2008

Conner summed up

Here is the cast list and a summed up version of the story:

Cast List:

The Doctor
Gwen Cooper
Trinity Wells
English Newsreader
With: the TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, and a mention of a girl called Beth and a goat.

First the are a few exerpts from Conner's daily life mixed in with Georgia and the Doctor's adventures. Then two Octopli discuss their plans for Earth. Georgia and the Doctor are in the TARDIS. The Doctor is quizzing her on some Planets, and he offers to take her to Earth. The TARDIS lands in Conner's wardrobe, and Georgia and the Doctor meet Conner. The Octopli ship descends and lands in Hyde Park. The Octopli terrorise London. Commander Velox walks down Conner's street and bursts through Conner's window, ready to kill everyone inside.

The Doctor and his friends escape downstairs, where Velox captures the Doctor, and takes him to the Octopli ship, because he is an alien. Georgia realises London is being attacked, while Conner is trapped in the toilet. The walls close in around him, but he calls his friend Zac, who helps him escape. Georgia and Conner discuss what they could do to help the Doctor.

The Doctor is quizzed by the Octopli, and he finds out their plan. Conner and Georgia plot to save the Doctor, and Conner comes up with a plan.

Araknin proposes to the Doctor. Georgia and Conner run into trouble while getting to the ship. Georgia gets captured, and Zac leaves his house. Zac dicovers the destruction at Conner's house. Georgia is reunited with the Doctor, and the Doctor phones some old friends. Velox threatens Georgia. Zac finds Conner and they sneak off to Octopli Laboritories, where they find a weapon.

Conner saves Georgia by killing Velox, but Araknin is killed too. The Doctor and Conner hack into the Octopli computers and send the ship home. Conner agrees to travel with the Doctor and Georgia...


There has been a new christmas special trailer shown at comic-con 2008! It heavily features Velile Tshabalala who I met during filming! Yayness!!!

Maids, Myths and Monsters summed up

Here is the cast list and summed up version of the story.

Full Cast List:

The Doctor/ Robin Hood
Guy of Gisbourne
The Sheriff of Nottingham
Will Scarlett
Big/ Little John
Village Woman
Locksley Villagers
Prison Guard
With the TARDIS, the Sonic Screwdriver, Marian's ship, bow and arrows, guns and swords.

The TARDIS lands and Conner experiences meeting people from the past. Guy of Gisbourne turns up and arrests the Doctor. Georgia and Conner escape into Sherwood. They have an arguement about whether the outlaws and Robin Hood exist. The Doctor escapes, and runs into Marian. Holding her hostage enables the Doctor to escape back to the TARDIS.

Things in the local area are drawing power from Marian's ship, enabling people to know words from the future, and for the trees to come to life and attack Georgia and Conner. Marian turns power draining off, and Georgia and Conner get back to the TARDIS. Marian meets the Doctor, who becomes Robin Hood after helping a Woman in the village. Marian leaves, and Georgia finds a signal making her phone act strangley. They follow the signal to Marian's ship, but Conner gets kidnapped. The Doctor and Georgia realise about the power losses, and attempt to leave but are caught by Marian, carrying a gun. Conner is interrogated by Guy of Gisbourne, and is killed for being an outlaw himself.

Marian threatens the Doctor and Georgia in her ship. She turns off the power that the ship is trying to use to bring Conner back to life. The Doctor is chased by Marian up to Nottingham Castle. Georgia turns the power back on, and follows. She is stopped by four men in Locksley, who turn out to be the Merry Men. Georgia and the Merry Men head off to Nottingham Castle to try and defeat Marian. Then Conner wakes up.

Conner pulls the sword out of his stomach, and finds Georgia. They meet, and go into Nottingham Castle. There is a fight, in which the Doctor, the Merry Men, Georgia and Marian escape. Conner gets shot, and kills Guy of Gisbourne. The Doctor and Georgia discuss Conner coming back to life, and then go and confront Marian. Conner and Georgia have a gun and get Marian to stand outside the ship, away from everyone else. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner discuss the morals of living in the TARDIS, and form a plan. They step outside and Marian and Georgia face off. Due to Georgia's bad aim, Guy of Gisbourne dies for the last time. All hell breaks loose, as everyone joins in the battle. Conner asks the Village Woman for help, and she gives him some Pitch. He covers Marian's ship with Pitch. The Doctor lights an arrow, and Marian is stabbed. The Doctor fires the arrow into Marian's ship, and it blows up. Conner tells the Doctor that he wants to stay, and Georgia says goodbye to Alan and Will.

These are the two pictures featured in Maids, Myths and Monsters:

Episode 2: Maids, Myths and Monsters Part 4

Georgia and the Merry Men reach the Castle.

“Distract the Guards?” Georgia asked.
“It’d work on me,” Alan said, staring.
“Yeah me too,” Will said “err- because you look- err- innocent!”
“Are you flirting with me?” Georgia asked, looking bemused.
“Definitely. Is it working?” Alan asked.
“Kinda,” Georgia smiled.

She blushes. Alan and Will don’t. Conner sits up. He grabs the sword, and wrenches it out of his stomach.


He leaps up.

“Now I know how Marian feels. Except, I’m not married. Now that’s weird. If I live that long, I suppose. Oh, God, shut up,” Conner muttered.

He runs out, and into Georgia. The Doctor is chased into the hall of the Castle. Guy and the Sheriff enter through the other room.

“Guards!” Guy shouted.

The Guards enter through a door on the right.

“Oh, crap,” the Doctor muttered.

Georgia, Conner and the Merry Men enter through a door on the left.

“Not your best line ever,” Georgia shouted up to him “these are the Merry Men and I found Conner!”
“Hi!” Conner shouted.
“Hi!” Alan shouted.
“Hi!” Will shouted.
“Hi!” Much shouted.
“Hi!” Little John shouted.
“Enough with the hellos!” the Sheriff shouted “attack!”

Georgia throws the Doctor a bow and arrow.

“That was a bit of a cliché,” the Doctor moaned “I get the bow. Thanks George.”
“It’s OK,” Georgia grinned.

Then the battle began. Guards clashed swords with the Merry Men; Marian shot random people, not fussy on who she killed. Georgia clashed with two Guards at once, holding them back. The Doctor waved the bow and arrow around, not particularly wanting to kill any one. Conner fought three Guards, until two ran into each other, then he fought one.

“Arghh!!!” Georgia screamed, smashing her sword down even harder.

Then Marian flew up to the back of the Doctor, and threw him out of a window. The Merry Men leap after him, as the hall of Nottingham Castle is on the lowest floor. A shot rings out, and everything falls silent. Conner’s eyes widen. He collapses to the floor.

Georgia turns around to see Marian with the gun raised, so Georgia slaps her right across the face. Marian runs out of the Castle, after dropping the gun. Georgia leans down to Conner, who picks up the gun.

“Oh my God!” Georgia cried “you’ll be fine- what are you doing?”
“Getting payback,” Conner muttered “run!”

Conner shoots Guy straight in the chest, and then dies. Guy hits the floor. Georgia runs out. The Sheriff is stunned. Guy dies, after the one perfect shot from Conner. Georgia runs into the Doctor. The Merry Men are helping Locksley.

“You escaped!” the Doctor grinned “sorry I had to leave so soon, I was on a one way flight.”
“Conner didn’t make it,” Georgia cried “he shot Gisbourne too, and Marian left. Still, I managed to fit a slap round the chops into her busy murdering schedule.”
“Back to her ship, this has to end now. Still, Conner not being seen may be an advantage.”
“What?” Georgia asked “I’m not sure you heard, Doctor. He died.”
“Yeah. And the energy from Marian’s ship will bring him back to life.”
“What? Really? You mean, Conner’s alright?” Georgia asked, grinning.
“Oh Yes!” the Doctor cried, leading the way.

The Doctor and Georgia walk to the ship.

“What alien is she?” Georgia asked “what does she want?”
“She’s a Gardonarak. From the Planet Hypo-Flipsation-Jung,” the Doctor told her.
“She wants to invade. Not the whole world, but England. Or Nottingham. She’s after a better life. Full of violence and cruelty. They love it, the children are particularly vicious,” the Doctor informed.
“They could team up with some of the kids in my area,” Georgia muttered.

Marian is in her ship, when the Doctor strolls in.

“Hi!” the Doctor said.
“Not again,” Marian muttered “what do you want? Revenge?”
“Oh, that’s a change,” Marian said cheerily “you know, not many people can say this, but you’ve really brightened my day!”
“Have I?” the Doctor smiled “I’m alright to, as soon as my friend is alive again.”
“He already is.”

Marian points to a screen. Conner is with Georgia, and they are just outside the ship. They walk in, Conner raising the gun.

“Hi!” Conner and Georgia said brightly.
“Shut it…” Marian snarled.
“God, those bullets are tough to get out, at least the sword was easy,” Conner grumbled.
“Sorry about that,” Marian said quietly.
“Don’t worry, I’ll live,” Conner joked.
“Not funny,” Georgia said “you should be shot.”
“Ha ha, I was,” Conner smiled back “you know, that really wasn’t funny either.”
“Now, what were you here for?” Marian asked.
“Oh yeah!” Conner remembered “put your hands up!”
“I’ll make it easier,” Marian offered “where do you want me officer? I was just riding my bike…”
“Outside, away from everyone else,” Conner nods to the door of the Spaceship.

Marian walks outside.

“Why is she doing this?” Georgia asked.
“She’s just being helpful,” the Doctor shrugged.
“And you’re gonna kill her?” Conner asked eyebrows raised.
“I’m gonna give her a chance,” the Doctor corrected.
“She’s dead,” Georgia said, immediately.
“What makes you say that?” the Doctor asked.
“You virtually always have to kill them,” Georgia said.
“You what?” Conner asked “this is who you are?”
“No,” the Doctor replied “it’s not like that.”
“So what is it like Doctor?” Conner asked.
“They always have a choice,” the Doctor explained “if they decline, and threaten the Earth, I have to stop them.”

Conner steps forward.

“And what about me?” Conner asked quietly “I shot Gisbourne.”
“Only ‘cause you knew he wouldn’t die,” the Doctor reasoned.
“So?” Conner cried “I still killed him!”
“You wouldn’t otherwise,” the Doctor said quietly.
“Oh yeah? And what about Marian?” Conner asked “she killed people too.”
“She hasn’t had her chance yet, stupid,” Georgia said.

Conner steps backwards.

“Well what are you waiting for? Plan Doctor?” Conner asked.
“We need to offer her the chance,” the Doctor said.
“Otherwise?” Georgia asked.
“We destroy her ship. Conner can do that. We’ll stop Marian.”
“But what if one of us dies?” Conner asked fearfully.
“It doesn’t matter, does it?” Georgia realised “it’s wrong if people can’t die.”
“Every thing has its time and everything dies,” the Doctor said.
“Even you?” Conner asked.
“Even me,” the Doctor replied.

Marian sees them come out of her ship. She has another gun behind her back.

“We’re here to offer you a chance,” the Doctor explained “leave this Planet, and I’ll find you a new one, or I’ll stop you.”
“Your choice,” Georgia said.
“Take it or leave it,” Conner said.

Marian raises her gun, and Georgia raises the other one.

“After all that niceness, I’m afraid I’ll have to decline,” Marian said.
“Then you’ve brought this on yourself,” Conner commented.

Georgia fired. Under the force of firing, Georgia’s hand veers to the right, and she shoots Guy of Gisbourne by accident. He dies, and the Merry Men show up. The fighting begins. Conner runs into a house, and meets the Woman they met earlier in there.

“Look, I need your help!” Conner cried desperately.
“What do you want?” the Woman asked.
“Fire,” Conner said “what do you use for fire?”
“Pitch, like in the TV series,” the Woman replied.
“They got something right then,” Conner muttered.
“I’ve got some here if you want,” the Woman offered.

He takes it, and runs outside. He runs into Locksley Manor. Inside the ship, Conner pours pitch everywhere, over the console, on the monitor and over the floor. He runs out.

“Doctor!” Conner shouted “ready for lift off!”

The Doctor grabs an arrow out of the holder on his back, and puts the Sonic Screwdriver up to it. He Sonics the arrow head, setting it alight. Georgia avoids a plunging sword. Marian is stabbed by Alan-A-Dale. The Doctor fires the arrow using the bow. It zooms into the ship, and Locksley Manor blows up. Georgia joins the Doctor and Conner.

“You’re only supposed to blow the bloody ship up!” Georgia laughed.

Back in the TARDIS, Conner and the Doctor discuss the events of the battle.

“What did you do with Marian?” Conner asked.
“She died in the battle,” the Doctor replied.

Conner raises his eyebrows.

“It wasn’t me, it was Alan,” the Doctor said.
“Fine,” Conner accepted.
“Now what?” the Doctor asked “you wanna keep travelling?”
“I dunno,” Conner sighed “I died Doctor, twice.”
“I know. I’m sorry.”
“Will I be safe? Ever Doctor?” Conner asked.
“I can’t promise,” the Doctor replied.
“Thank God,” Conner grinned “it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise!”

The Doctor grins. Georgia is outside with Alan and Will.

“Well boys, it’s been fun,” Georgia grinned.
“Tell me about it!” Alan grinned back.
“You’re so hot,” Will sighed.
“Come here then, I’ve gotta go,” Georgia leaned forward.

Alan and Will lean forward, and kiss her, one at a time.

“I would give you my mobile number, but I’d be wasting my time,” Georgia said.
“Have you seen Much?” Will asked.
“Yeah!” Alan grinned “he likes Robin!”
“Some things never change,” Georgia muttered.

She steps into the TARDIS, blowing them each a kiss. Finally, Alan and Will blush.

“She so likes me best!” Alan said.
“She kissed me for longer!” Will argued.
“Did not!”
“Did too!”

And so on. Then an arrow flies through the air...


Thursday, 24 July 2008

Doctor Who Bookies UPDATE

Now we have the pictures for the three new novels:

1) Judgement of the Judoon

2) Prisoner of the Daleks

3) The Slitheen Excursion

Scroll down the page for the synopsis' for each story, or alternatively, look at the blog post archive. Maids, Myths and Monsters part 4 will be out today!

Monsters and Villains Page

This page will include all monsters from our fanfic series, in order of appearance...

Character: Commander Marr and the magnet warriors.
Appeared in: Georgia and the magnet warriors.
Race: Magnet Warrior
Planet: Magnusgrain
Language: Magnusgrainish
Other members of race: Captain Kolt, Captain Flannir, Captain Rolandor, Marshal Skatz, Marshal Natnok
Appearance: A cloaked figure with a large head. Underneath cloak is a red helmet and a metallic exoskeleton which is magnetic itself.
Profile: Commander Marr is selfish nasty and greedy. He is also hungry and wants the Earth's riches for money and the Earth's humans to eat. Marshal Skatz is even worse, he is the leader of the magnet warrios army.
Attack methods: They use their ship as a giant magnet to suck up the Earth's riches. They have magnet guns which torture their enemies and kill them after a while. They have anti magnets to stop themselves being sucked to the end of the ship.
Fate: Commander Marr was pulled out from his ship into space, although he did not die, he teleported away with many other magnet warriors. He returned in the final with his superior Marshal Skatz. Commander Marr wanted his revenge on the Doctor but was shot by Private Roxanne. Marshal Skatz in turn killed Roxanne and Dalek Gain killed Marshal Skatz. Dalek Gain followed the magnet warriors on board the ship, just as they began to magnetise the Spidership and pull it into space. Dalek Gain then destroyed the magnet warrior ship killing everyone inside.

Character: Araknin and the Octopli
Appeared in: Conner, Mini Eps- Family Fortunes, Cold Case and were mentioned but not seen in Own Problems
Race: Octopli
Planet: The Octopli Homeworld
Language: Various, including English
Other Members of Race: Velox, Troops, Guard(s), Commander Storolox, Captain Ocraxian
Appearance: Humanoid bodies, with four metallic arms on either side of body, making eight in total.
Profile: Araknin is the most friendly of the Octopli, and is a Professor who cares about making a new life for his people. He is the head Octopli, but Velox is in charge of the Troops.
Attack Methods: Araknin doesn't attack, but the Octopli in general can use their arms to walk on and smash things, or grab people and objects. They are trying to escape from their war, and will do anything, including destroying London to succeed.
Fate: Araknin was murdered when an Octopli poured Hudson over him, and the Octopli were sent back to their war.

Character: Velox
Appeared in: Conner
Race: Octopli
Planet: The Octopli Homeworld
Language: Various, including English
Other Members of Race: Araknin, Troops, Guard(s), Commander Storolox, Captain Ocraxian
Appearance: Humanoid, with eight metal arms.
Profile: While Araknin may be the brains of the operation, Velox is the muscle. Velox is second in Command, and controls the Troops. Velox is prepared to forcefully take control over Araknin, if Velox feels he is making the wrong decisions.
Attack Methods: Velox uses his arms to walk on and smash things, or grab people and objects. He is leading the escape from their war, and will do anything, including destroying London to succeed.
Fate: Conner killed Velox by pouring Hudson over him, after he threatened Georgia.

Character: Maid Marian
Appeared in: Maids, Myths and Monsters
Race: Gardonarak
Planet: Hypo-Flipsation-Jung
Language: Gardonese
Other Members of Race: None mentioned
Appearance: Human at first, but Marian can sprout wings, and grow a third eye above the normal two, in the middle.
Profile: When the Doctor is in trouble, he uses Marian to diffuse the situation, and when he later meets her again, she is in control. Her Spaceship is hidden in Locksley Manor, and things in the local area are drawing off power from it, causing havoc, and even bringing Conner back to life.
Attack Methods: Marian has super strength, but also has Human weaknesses. She can fly, and her third eye has incredibly powerful vision. She also carries a gun, which can turn people to dust, but can also fire bullets.
Fate: Marian was stabbed by Alan in the final battle, and her ship was blown up by the Doctor and Conner.

Character: The Harasser leader
Appeared in: The Cats in the Kingdom
Race: Harassers
Planet: Hara 6 7 fip tel
language: assimilates the language of people around them, at home they speak harasish
other members of race: Many harassers who have landed on New Earth
Appearance: Bird headed tentacled demon, at the end of each tentacle is a sucker. The leader is 5 times larger than any other harasser. He is hooked up to a life support system.
Profile: The harassers landed on New Earth a few years before it was put under quarantine. During the quaratine they nearly all died out except the harassers leader. After the under cuty was opened up they began to breed and they finally invaded fully whilst the doctor visited New Earth two years after his last visit.
Attack methods: Only one attack method, its suckers which suck up the soul and the flesh of a person and stores its victims in a cavern, the doctor calls it a larder, inside statues ofthe victims.
Fate: The harasser leader was killed when Branigans kittens broke his life support systems. The others were killed when the cavern exploded.

Character: Trafon slitheen
Appeared in: The Demon Headmaster and Slitheen School
Race: Raxacoricofallapatorian
Planet: Raxacoricofallapatorius
Language: Unknown
Other members of race: Fipsel (his wife), Tron (his son), Racsonfess (his brother), Blon (his Great Aunt), the slitheen posing as Mr. Ashmer, many other slitheen.
Appearance: Large, hulking, slimy, green alien, with a long neck, a pot-belly and long, sharp claws. When he is the headmaster he wears a brown suit and has brown hair.
Profile: He used to be a useless member of a huge family, but then his family were wiped out and he was left with his wife and brother. They returned to their home planet, but were persecuted there, they then tried to get their revenge, they attacked the magnet warriors and returned to Earth to find the doctor. Tron is now the leader of the slitheen, so he becomes head at the school of one of the doctor's companions.
Attack methods: They use their claws to kill, they also have a special hypnosis technology which they stole off the magnet Warriors, the magnet warriors had actually bought this technology off the daleks. They turn their victims into skinsuits which they fit inside and pretend to be the people.
Fate: Tron slitheen was killed, along with the rest of his family, when Zac squirted vinegar at them from a tap, on a barrel of vinegar, in a fish and chip shop.

Characters: Ghosts
Appeared in: Spirits of the Past
Race: Ghost
Planet: Vesualas
Language: Untranslated language, made up of lots of varied lengths of the word 'oh'.
Other Members of Race: Ghosts
Appearance: Humanoid figures, with dark grey patches of energy emerging from the centre of their bodies. Light grey where there aren't patches.
Profile: The Ghosts feed off energy, and pass through people to absorb it. They also use celebrities' energy to open portals all across time and space. Their goal is to absorb the energy of everything in the universe.
Attack Methods: Flying through people to absorb their energy.
Fate: Once the Doctor killed the celebrities, the enrgy was removed, and the portals stopped. The Ghosts died without their energy, and Vesualas was presumably left to thrive.

Characters: Chief Warlo, Cerone, Rally and the plague carriers
Appeared in: Be Civil
Race: Poomavorian
Planet: Poomavor
Language: They speak most languages, well they can translate them. On their own they speak plagcarish
Other members of race: There are Cerone, Rally, Chief Warlo and an unamed historian
Appearance: Cerone and Rally are dressed as royalist soldiers, female plague carriers are purple, while males are green. The other members wear mouldy coloured garments from their planet.
Profile: The plague carrier ship crashed on Earth before the doctor had landed. However, they had been in suspended animation for a long time. Cerone and Rally were brave masters of disguise, but the historian was useless and got them royalist costumes! Chief Warlo would rather no-one died or got the plague that they were spreading, but they had no choice. When the doctor turned up he helped the ship fly off back into space, without anyone dying. All the humans who had caught the plague were cured too. Cerone said farewell to the doctor before getting in the ship readdy for lift-off.
Attack methods: They do carry guns, but try not to use them. They also carry a number of diseases which they use against their enemies.
Fate: Although Chief Warlo had apparently been given the plague and died, he was cured by the machine in their ship. Cerone, Rally, Chief Warlo and the other plague carriers then left Earth in their ship with help from the doctor.

Characters: The Green Plague Zombies
Appeared in: Be Civil
Race: Humans with the plague possessed!
Planet: Earth
Language: They don't talk, just moan
Other members of race: Private Jeroke becomes a green plague zombie
Appearance: Parliamentarian soldiers with large, green, puss filled spots over their face and hands
Profile: Although Cerone and Rally originally give them the plague, it is the doctor who fiddles with the machine and turns them into zombies. The zombies walk around scaring people and giving them the plague. Cerone distracts the zombies away from the ship, so the doctor gets back in the ship and fiddles with the machine some more and cures all the zombies
Attack methods: They touch people and give them the green plague.
Fate: After the doctor cures them, the soldiers join the battle as reinforcements.

Character: Bulba
Appeared in: Virtual Reality and Game Over
Race: Blue humanoid, but turns out to be a droid.
Planet: Earth, but was made by aliens.
Language: English
Other members of race: Is a droid, so no other members of race exist.
Appearance: Small, child size blue alien, with wide eyes. Speaks like Wall-E from the film of the same name.
Profile: Bulba claims that it is his father's game, and that he needs help stopping it, but he is lying. It turns out that he was faked by some aliens, but the Doctor stops him with the Sonic Screwdriver. The consequences of this will be revealed soon...
Attack Methods: None known.
Fate: The Doctor switches him off with the Sonic Screwdriver, because he isn't real.

Characters: Enemies in the Game
Appeared in: Virtual Reality and Game Over
Race: Virtual Creatures.
Planet: None
Language: English
Other members of race: None, as they were Virtually created.
Appearance: The Robots are silver and sleek, while the Bird is a huge eagle, and the Fly is a giant fly, with a sting.
Profile: The Robots attack Conner and Georgia, while the Fly attacks Zac and Kaylie. The bird attacks anyone it sees.
Attack Methods: The Robots have attatchments that can kill, while the fly stings, and the bird carries people off and devoures them.
Fate: The Doctor sends the Robots to die when the credits end, and Kaylie whacks the fly out of the sky with a branch. The bird is left to fly around the Virtual World, when the game is removed from shop shelves.

Character: The Voice/ The Shadowy Man
See Petr Costravalos on the Main Characters Page

Character: Scarecrows
Appeared in: Human Nature, The Family of Blood, A Study in the Straw
Race: Scarecrow.
Planet: Earth
Language: They don't talk.
Other members of race: None.
Appearence: Normal Scarecrows that lollup about in fields and around spaceships. They have scarves on, that can be blue, grey or brown in colour.
Profile: Originally created by Baines to serve the Family of Blood, it is not known what became of them. Somehow, the Voice managed to find them, and control them to work for him.
Attack Methods: They don't really attack, but they can grab people.
Fate: Conner lures them into a barn, and sets it alight with the Sonic Screwdriver. They are filled with straw, and burn quickly. Their ashes just blow away in the wind, silently.

Characters: Crows
Appeared in: A Study in the Straw
Race: Common or Garden Crows.
Planet: Earth
Language: None
Other members of race: Normal, harmless Crows.
Appearance: Normal Crows, but with razor sharp beaks.
Profile: They were average Crows, until the Voice took them and changed them into Crows that obey his control, and he sharpened their beaks to a sometimes deadly effect.
Attack Methods: They can rip people apart with their beaks.
Fate: They escape with the Voice, but as he has no need for them, they are either set free, or killed.

Character: The Changed Doctor
Appeared in: A Study in the Straw
Race: Time Lord
Planet: Gallifrey
Language: Various
Other members of race: Time Lords, who have died, and the Master, a Time Lord who may have survived.
Appearance: Looks like the normal Doctor, but with an evil glint in his eye.
Profile: After the Doctor drinks a spiked drink, he becomes evil, with super strength and a determination to kill. He fails to kill the Voice, so preys on Georgia. just as he is about to rip her head off, Conner stops him, and the Doctor becomes good again when Joan Redfern and Conner convince him to change back.
Attack Methods: The evil Doctor has super strength, and the Sonic Screwdriver. He kills people by ripping their heads off with his super-strength.
Fate: The evil version of the Doctor essentially dies when Joan and Conner convince the Doctor to change back to the nice, normal Doctor. There is a chance, however, that the evil Doctor is lurking just inside him, out of sight.

Character: The Gasolemu
Appeared in: Silent Ice
Race: Gasolemu
Planet: Unknown
Language: None, but can write messages in their ice.
Other Members of Race: Unknown
Appearance: Balls of Gas that float around.
Profile: The Gasolemu landed at the Space Docks with the Ice Warriors after they were nearly defrosted by the Doctor. They decided to leave the Ice Warriors and stayed at the Docks. Developing emotions of hate and anger, they eradicated all life from the Space Docks, wanting to live in peace.
Attack Methods: They can posses people which turns them to ice, and kills them after a while. They can fly at people, but are generally best through the body of another.
Fate: The Doctor uses words known only to the others as The Ancient Words, and the Gasolemu releases all it's possessed people in shock. Georgia freezes the Gasolemu with the Fire Extinguisher the Doctor tampered with. He then locked the Gasolemu in the TARDIS Freezers forever.

Character: The Ice Men
Appeared in: Silent Ice
Race: Humans that have been possessed.
Planet: Earth
Language: English
Other Members of Race: Other Humans, unpossessed
Appearance: Humans either entirely or partially covered by ice.
Profile: James was first turned into ice but he was killed, then Bex and Conner were being converted to the Gasolemu cause. When the Ancient Words were spoken, Bex and Conner were released.
Attack Methods: They are quite slow because they have to stomp but can stab people with icicles or drown people with water.
Fate: James died but Bex and Conner were relinquished. Seb and Red were also possessed, but were not transformed into ice, their eyes glowing red instead. They were also released when the Gasolemu were defeated.

Characters: Dalek Gain and the Blue/ White Supreme Daleks
Appeared in: The Spidership and Betrayal and Death
Race: Daleks
Planet: Skaro
Language: Can be translated depending on where they are, e.g. there can be Daleks that speak English, and Daleks of the same group that speak German.
Other Members of Race: Daleks, who were killed in the Time War, the Cult of Skaro, Dalek Caan, Davros
Appearance: Dalek Gain is the usual gold pepperpot shape, but has a metal hand instead of the usual plunger. The Blue Supreme Dalek is Blue and the White is White.
Profile: The Daleks escaped the Time War and arrived at the Spidership in August 2009. They killed the original head of the Spidership, Mr Spider, and took over. They sponsered Virtual Reality, and the new water supply company Auquari. They used the Spiders of Earth's hatred of humans to try and take over Earth, but were stopped by the Doctor and his friends. They also went to war with the magnet warriors.
. Attack Methods: Dalek Gain can strangle people with his hand, and all Daleks can kill with their extermination ray.
Fate: The White Supreme Dalek was killed by the Blue Supreme Dalek for treachery to the Dalek race, he seemed to have some human emotions, and the Blue Dalek was killed by the Spiders, who turned against them. Dalek Gain, the most mysterious of the three Daleks, escaped.

Character: The Spider Leader and his Spiders
Appeared in: The Spidership and Betrayal and Death
Race: Arachnid
Planet: Earth
Language: English
Other Members of Race: Common and Garden Spiders
Appearance: Ordinary Spiders grown to a huge size.
Profile: The Spiders hated the humans squashing and drowning their kind, so they teamed up with the three Daleks to take over the Earth.
Attack Methods: They jump of people and kill them, and can bite them with their fangs. They are so big they can also crush people.
Fate: The Spider Leader was exterminated by the Blue Supreme Dalek, and the Spiders were either killed by the Magnet Warriors, the Daleks or were blown up in space when the Spidership was destroyed. The Spiders on Earth were shrunk back to ordinary size, but from now on people respected them, and only killed them on special occasions.

Characters: The Cybermen
Appeared in: The Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot
Race: Cybermen
Planet: Earth
Language: English
Other members of race: Other Cybermen, Cyber-leaders, Mr. Core turned into a Cyberman.
Appearance: Metal men with handle bars coming out of their heads, blank eyes, some armour. Cyber-Leaders have black handle-bars.
Profile: The Cybermen have been created many times before, but these Cybermen were created by Mr. Core and Teresa. The Cybermen try to upgrade the whole of the world by forcing people into the factory.
Attack Methods: Cybermen can kill with their hands and some Cybermen have guns.
Fate: All the Cybermen died when the gold dust from the fans got into their air vents. A Cyberman which followed Zac and Kaylie was killed by Elizabeth'sgold ear-rings, which the Doctor put in the Cybermans air vent.

Character: Teresa
Appeared in: The Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot
Race: Teratjulajian
Planet: Teratnal
Language: Teresa can speak English as well as her home language, lagianish
Other members of race: None mentioned, but there was a future and a past Teresa on Earth for 2 weeks.
Appearance: Looks like a human, with her brown hair tied in a bun.
Profile: Teresa helped Mr. Core create the Cybermen, promising him she will let him leave Earth once there are 100 000 Cybermen.
Attack Methods: She uses the Cybermen as her weapons.
Fate: Teresa did not die, but when the Doctor took her to the future and showed her that the Cybermen didn't succeed she left the TARDIS to live in the far future on Earth.

Character: Commander Zagrafix
Appeared in: The New Zygon World
Race: Zygon
Planet: Zygor
Language: Can speak Yurrenian and English
Other members of race: Zizum, Brantok, Zark
Appearance: Humanois, large heads, no necks, covered in suckers, red-orange colour, Zagrafix wears armour.
Profile: Zagrafix invaded Yurren and its planet, he captured the Doctor and his friends, and refused to kill Fajartop when the mad high priest Zark told him too. Zagrafix later attacked the President of Yurren's house.
Attack Methods: Zygon sting, some carry guns.
Fate: Zagrafix was killed by Student Fajartop, Brantok agreed to Fajartop's peace treaty with the other Zygons and Zark was sent to a mental asylum.

Character: The Splurge/ Mr Faraday
Appeared in: TimeSpan
Race: Splurge
Planet: Unknown
Language: English
Other Members of Race: Mr Splurge, who the Doctor fought in Mini ep 14 with Rena Peakes.
Appearance: Mr Faraday looked like a fat slug, with a small business suit wrapped around his body.
Profile: In the future, Mr Faraday got a contract with the Earth to imprison people on the Prison Ship TimeSpan, to help ease the over-population of Earth. He used the lifts on TimeSpan to go back in time, and start stealing the population years before.
Attack Methods: Mr Faraday carried a gun, as he was too fat to be able to attack any other way.
Fate: After the Splurge shot Kirsty, she returned the favour and turned him to ashes, before she died in the Doctor's arms. TimeSpan was eventually shot down by Torchwood.

Characters: Miss Swade and Mr Braithwaite
Appeared in: TimeSpan
Race: Imprisoners
Planet: Unknown, but they come from the Calstrop Galaxy
Language: English
Other Members of Race: Unknown
Appearance: Miss Swade and Mr Braithwaite looked like ordinary humans
Profile: Miss Swade and Mr Braithwaite worked for the Splurge, imprisoning humans to help ease the population, and aliens that tried to invade Earth at that time.
Attack Methods: Miss Swade had a Sonic Pen, which the Doctor recognised from his adventure with Donna Noble, when they fought Miss Foster, who the Sonic Pen belonged to.
Fate: Mr Braithwaite was ripped in two by the aliens he had imprisoned, and Miss Swade was killed by the Krillitanes after the Doctor and Kirsty locked her in a cupboard.

Characters: Clowns
Appeared in: Fun at the Fair/ Attack of the Clowns
Race: Clown (Space Matter)
Planet: Earth
Language: English
Other Members of Race: Clowns
Appearance: Normal Evil Earth Clowns
Profile: The Clowns were made by Sybil from space matter to defend her. They would regularly kill threats to Sybil, saying Thank you and Goodnight! They could be stopped by mobile phone signals
Fate: The Clowns were killed when the Doctor, Bradley and Alex amplified the telephone signal all over the world.

Character: Sybil
Appeared in: Fun at the Fair/ Attack of the Clowns
Race: Human (Possessed)
Planet: Earth
Language: English
Other Members of Race: Humans (Unpossessed)
Appearance: Human
Profile: Sybil wanted to steal prophecies so she could have enough force to take over the world.
Fate: Sybil appeared to have been stopped during the amplified telephone call, but she returned and possessed Alex, who gave his life to stop her.

Character: Rack
Appeared in: The Spidership/Betrayal and Death, Angels and Demons
Race: Devil-man
Planet: Scar
Language: Scarrian, English, Goglungtian
Other members of race: Unknown
Appearance: Red skin, bald, pointed horns, pointed teeth, long red fingernails.
Profile: Rack first thought he was the one true Devil when he began to make prophecies and predictions come true. He brought down the government on his home planet, for which he was kicked out of his planet. He travelled to the Time War where he was followed by Time Agent Gertrude. He travelled to the Spidership where he tried to kill Conner. He also visited the planet Gornflagilon where he saved the Goblins from a vlocano and made them his slaves. He followed Gertrude to Norway in 1906 where he tried to make the story of Red Riding Hood come true.
Attack Methods: Rack chucks fireballs out of his hands and is very strong.
Fate: Rack was about to kill the Doctor when a Shining Humanoid appeared and Rack fled.

Characters: Yap, Kap and Ziap
Appeared in: Angels and Demons
Race: Goblin
Planet: Gornfragilon
Language: Goglungtian
Other members of race: Gragrorg, many other slaves of Rack.
Appearance: The Goblins are small and bold with pointed ears. They wear dirty clothes.
Profile: When Rack set off the volcano on their home planet. The Goblins served Rack, thinking he was the Devil. They helped him with many schemes including one in Norway in 1906, which concerned Red Riding Hood. All three of them are mean, Yap is perhaps the meanest, Ziap is a vegetarian and is probablt the cleverest of the three, while Kap is the Goblin version of Catherine Ford, who is very stupid.
Attack Methods: The Goblins have sharp claws and teeth.
Fate: All three of them were killed by Rack's fireballs, when the Goblins turned against their leader.

Character: The Rawrx
Appeared in: Series 2 Episode 6 Message Received
Race: Designated Rawrx, possibly a Clawrittax
Planet: Unknown
Language: Has learnt to speak English from Regal
Other members of race: Infamous sightings of similar creatures have occured through the centuries.
Appearance: Heavily armoured, clawed hands, feet and back. Huge pointed teeth.
Profile: After the Rawrx attacked a space base and killed 45 crew members, the Doctor managed to trap it, thanks to his new friend Daferage, but she was killed too. The Rawrx was kept by Regal, who later did a deal with it, Regal would release it and it would kill the crew of the SS Hurricane. The Rawrx boarded the ship, cuasing it to stop moving. He killed Bao, then Maria and Ysabelle. It killed Ethan and began to move the ship towards a sun.
Attack Methods: It literally tears its prey apart with his claws.
Fate: The Rawrx was killed when Abasi Okoro sacrificed himself to save the crew and save himself from prison, for black market deals. Abasi blew up the ship using mines, the Rawrx and he were both killed.

Character: Gold
Appeared in: Series 2 Episodes 7 and 8 Fragmented/ Black and Gold
Race: N/A
Planet: N/A
Language: N/A
Other members of race: None
Appearance: Humanoid, Gold figure
Profile: Petr and Pippa's boss sent the Gold to monitor their activities. It killed several people, including Matron Readington and Giles Brown
Attack Methods: It smashes people in the skull, and can change from a liquid into a solid, and vice versa. While liquid, the Gold travels in a giant wave, and kills anyone it touches.
Fate: Pippa shot the Gold through the head, much to the annoyance of her boss.

Character: Commander Snappy
Appeared in: Series 2 Episodes 7 and 8 Fragmented/ Black and Gold
Race: Kritzanthian
Planet: Unknown
Language: English
Other members of race: Kritzanthians
Appearance: Crocodile-like, armour-covered, alien
Profile: Commander Snappy led the crusade to capture Earth and turn it into the Kritzanthian homeworld. He captured the Doctor, Triss, Larry and Steve after the Kritzanthians won the battle of the Out Region.
Attack Methods: Has a gun.
Fate: Was blow up, along with his ship, the Kritzanthians, and Larry Roux.

Character: Perfected Evacuees
Appeared in: Series 2 Episodes 7 and 8 Fragmented/ Black and Gold
Race: Human
Planet: Earth
Language: English
Other members of race: Humans
Appearance: Blank-faced Humans
Profile: Wendy was converted as a test, then the Evacuated Children were converted by Mrs Macready for being 'too noisy'. They attacked Conner Bennet and Dorris Goldberg, attempting to convert them too.
Attack Methods: Grabbing, and taking to Mrs Macready.
Fate: Peter, Susan, Edward and Lucy chased Conner and Dorris along a train tunnel, where their perfection killed them, as their Humanity would have given them the common sense to not walk on the tracks when a train was coming. Wendy French attacked Mrs Macready, trying to convert her, and they were both killed when falling from the train wreckage.

Character: Lord Komanfdu
Appeared In: Series 2 Episode 9 Snowfall in the City
Race: Sednian
Planet: Sedna
Language: Unknown
Other members of race: Sednaki, Shillica, S
Appearance: Like other Sednians, Komanfdu is light-blue skinned, with slits for nostrils. He is tall, thin and cruel looking.
Profile: Lord Komanfdu was a powerful Sednian, who wanted to destroy Pluto and the Pluton-Sednian alliance. He managed to get some Plutonians to build an atmosphere converter, although they though they were just building a new teleport. Komanfdu captured the TARDIS, the Doctor, Conner and Kaylie for a bit, until they were taken off his hands by the Plutonians.
Attack Methods: He carries a gun, but mostly he gets his guards and henchman, like Aikl, to do things for him.
Fate: Lord Komanfdu was revealed to the High Court as a liar and a killer, so he was locked in the court, where he had released a disease. However, he was not killed by the disease, or when Ryoff and Roiralt pushed him off his balcony, but only when the High Court exploded did he finally die.

Character: Aikl
Appeared In: Series 2 Episode 9 Snowfall in the City
Race: Plutonian
Planet: Pluto
Language: Unknown
Other members of race: Roiralt, Ryoff, Angilkar, Pluton, Treeor, Mytom, Ikorg
Appearance: Grey-skinned, large, and muscular, with a huge nose that takes up most of his face and black straight hair.
Profile: Aikl is a traitor to the Plutonians, as he works undercover for Lord Komanfdu (See above). Aikl swapped the plans for the new teleport device, with a plan of the device merged with a an atmosphere converter that would destroy Pluto. Aikl killed Xelionth and took Georgia, Zac and Ikorg captive. Aikl accidentally let the Doctor into Komanfdu's secret chambers, where he found the plans.
Attack Methods: Aikl carries a gun that can turn people to dust, or just kill them.
Fate: Komanfdu sent Aikl to Pluto to find the files on the secret teleport, but he came across Angilkar, who he killed. Then Kaylie jumped on top of him and Ikorg grabbed his gun. Ikorg fired the gun, causing the ceiling above Aikl to collapse, knocking him out. Kaylie pushed Aikl into the snow, which killed him.

Character: The Borsht
Appeared in: Series 2 Episode 10 Hide and Seek
Race: N/A
Language: N/A
Planet: Earth
Other members of race: Borsht
Appearance: Small black creatures
Profile: The Borsht were originally props brought to life for use on Korena Hashimoto's film, but when Naoki Noran wanted to kill Korena, they were animated to do his bidding.
Attack Methods: Leap on victim and rip the flesh.
Fate: The Borsht killed Shiori and Takashi, and were finally defeated when Naoki Noran was killed, and their animation was stopped.

Character: The Aquari
Appeared in: S2 Episode 12/13 Aquari Aquatics/The Water's Song
Race: Aquari
Language: Unknown
Planet: Refregge
Appearance: Bodies with arms and faces and hair made completely of water.
Profile: The Aquari became extinct on the planet Refregge, until the Refregge government discovered Aquari particles, the eggs of the Aquari. The Refregge government released the Aquari into the sea, thinking to solve global warming, but they had the reverse effect, the Aquari particles were activated by the salt in the water to form Aquari. They destroyed Refregge. The Master used the Aquari to flood the Earth and destroy it. They began to do so, killing millions of people.
Attack Methods: The Aquari were very strong, and they could smash into buildings to destory them. They could jump out of the water and grab people, and they could swim quickly into people to kill them.
Fate: When the Doctor discovered a chemical that could deactivate the particles, he rushed back to the future to stop the Aquari destroying the Earth. He got his friends to release the chemical into the sea, and they suceeded, stopping the Aquari.

Character: The Master
Appeared In: Many past episodes, S2 Episode 12/13 Aquari Aquatics/The Water's Song
Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lord)
Language: Gallifreyan
Planet: Gallifrey
Appearance: Black bearded humanoid.
Profile: The Master was an enemy of the Doctor, who fought him frequently in his third incarnation. Rack met the Master and told him that he had no chance of defeating the Doctor until his Tenth Incarnation, so the Master changed time to try and defeat the Doctor's Tenth self. He set up Aquari Aquatics and started growing and maturing the Aquari particles which he got from five Aquari mothers. He activated his plan in the future, when all the particles were mature and the Aquari flooded the Earth.
Attack Methods: The Master has been known to carry guns and a laser screwdriver. On many occasions, he gets other alien species to do his bidding, like the Toclafane and the Aquari.
Fate: The Doctor managed to stop most of the Aquari, and when the Master upset one, the Aquari tried to kill him, but instead only knocked him out. The Doctor wiped the Master's memory and the Master, not knowing anything that had happened since before he had met Rack, returned to fight the Doctor in his third incarnation. He has since attempted to kill the Doctor many times.

Character: Robot Santas
Appeared in: The Christmas Invasion, The Runaway Bride, Christmas Bells
Race: Roboforms
Planet: Unknown
Language: None
Other members of race: Roboforms
Appearance: Disguised in Santa outfits, underneath they have a golden, robotic face
Profile: Roboforms are like Pilot Fish, and travel along side bigger species. The first time the Doctor met them, they were following the Sycorax, and were after his regeneration energy. The next time, they were working for the Empress of the Racnoss, and carried machine guns. The third time, they were owned by Dux Ducis, and were blown up with the ship.
Attack methods: They are very strong, and sometimes carry machine guns
Fate: The Robot Santas working for Dux Ducis were blown up by Elizabeth Bell

Character: Gisgerm
Appeared in: S3 Episode 1 The Ace of Spades
Race: Htregonrat
Planet: Unknown
Language: English
Other Members of Race: Employees and Henchmen
Appearance: Humanoid, blue-skinned, angry faced, fat with a large mouth.
Profile: Gisgerm was an evil alien, who planned to take over the Universe using his allies the immortal Spades. He got information from Mystic, so he could find the Aces of the Pack of Wizards. He took the Ace of Spades to the Casino where the rest of the cards were, which brought the Spades into the real world. He allied with them, and they got rid of his enemies using the Ace. Gisgerm agreed to play poker with the Doctor, so that if the Doctor won, then Gisgerm would tell the Doctor where Conner was. Gisgerm eventually lost the game, but did not tell the Doctor where Conner was, as the Spades had trapped Conner in the card world. Gisgerm used the Ace to knock out the people in the Casino, but the Doctor, Mystic and Teeena escaped.
Attack Methods: He himself does not carry any weapons, but he is highly skilled in playing card games like poker. He gets his henchmen and the Spades to do his dirty work.
Fate: When Mystic destroyed the Aces, then the Spades, Gisgerm vanished, it is unknown where he went.

Character: The King, Queen and Jack of Spades
Appeared in: S3 Episode 1 The Ace of Spades
Race: Cards
Planet: The Card World
Language: Unknown
Other Members of Race: The King, Queen, Jack of Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds, and the 1-10 of Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds.
Appearance: Humans with white skin, black hair, strange black cloths. The Queen is very beautiful, the King has a beard, the Jack is very handsome.
Profile: When the wizard brought the cards to life, the Spades were the ony cards to help him. When the Aces were stolen they were forced to stay in the card world, but when Gisgerm brought the Ace of Spades back, the Spades allied with him. They used the Ace to kill Horace, and then kill Queenie. The Jack got the Ace to trap Conner in the card world, and then he later got the Jacks of Diamonds and Hearts out of the way. The Queen of Spades, at first, attempted to seduce the Doctor, and then kiss him with poisoned lipstick. The King and Queen joined in the poker game, but folded in each game. They later got the Ace to knock out people in the poker room.
Attack Methods: The Jack uses his strength to knock people out. The Queen also has her poisonous lipstick. They usually use their guards or the Ace of Spades to get rid of their enemies.
Fate: When Mystic destroyed the Ace of Spades using the other Aces, the Spades vanished from the real world, and ended up being locked in the dungeon of their castle in the card world.

Character: The Ace of Spades
Appeared in: S3 Episode 1 The Ace of Spades
Race: Power Card
Planet: Unknown; the planet Casino
Language: Can't speak, but can be in contact with other Spades telepathically.
Other Members of Race: The Aces of Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs
Appearance: A playing card, with a large black Spade on it.
Profile: When the wizard brought the Pack of cards to life, the Aces became power cards. The Ace of Spades could kill. Also, when the Ace of Spades was around the Spades were able to travel from the card world into the real world using their mirrors. The Aces were locked away for years, until Gisgerm found them and brought the Ace of Spades to the planet Casino, where the rest of the cards were. The Spades allied with Gisgerm and used the Ace to kill Horace, and to kill Queenie, and to trap Conner in the card world, swapping him with the Jack. The Ace later reversed this, and knocked out many people in the Casino, as well as killing the Queen of Diamonds.
Attack Methods: The Ace can kill people, it can knock people out, or it can trap people in the card world, but to do this it has to swap the person with a card who is already in the real world. When it wants to trap or knock someone else it emits wispy smoke, which collide with people. It produces thicker, slower-moving black smoke when it wants to kill.
Fate: When the Doctor found the other Aces, Mystic linked himself with them and they produced smoke of their own. Their smoke attacked the Ace of Spades, and set fire to it, which destroyed it. The other Aces were also destroyed in the fire.

Character: Tearwiguns
Appeared In: S3 Episode 2 The Georgian Terror
Race: Tearwigun
Planet: Tousekai
Language: Cannot Speak
Other members of race: Tearwiguns
Appearance: An ordinary Georgian wig.
Profile: The Tearwiguns were on board Emmet and Eirlys' ship when it crashed and Eirlys began breeding them and selling them as Georgian wigs. When they had sold enough, years later, Eirlys activated the wigs and they began to extract the thoughts and memories of the people wearing them. When they were full they sent the rest of the thoughts to the Alpha Tearwigun who was wired to the ship, so when it was full it could power it.
Attack Methods: The Tearwiguns attacked with their hair-tentacles and their mouths can extract thoughts and memories from the person wearing them's heads. This eventually kills the wearer.

Character: Eirlys Cooper
Appeared in: S3 Episode 2 The Georgian Terror
Race: Tousekanium
Planet: Tousekai
Language: Tousekaini and English
Other members of race: Emmett Cooper
Appearance: Ordinary human beings, but when they are angry they have purple, glowing fangs instead of normal teeth.
Profile: When Eirlys and Emmett's ship crashed in Georgian England, Eirlys began selling her pet Tearwiguns as wigs, so that one day the Tearwiguns would be able to power up the spaceship via the Alpha Terarwigun. Eirlys helped Emmett kill a Wheltrch when it turned up. When she found that Emmett had fallen in love and fathered the child of a Human, she chained him to her fridge for a while, and forbid him to have anything to do with the child. Lady Adlington demanded to buy the Alpha Tearwigun, not knowing what it was, so Eirlys had to steal it.
Attack Methods: Eirlys carried a gun and she could attack with her fangs.
Fate: When the Doctor turned up with Conner, they stopped Eirlys' plans to take off, by killing people with the Tearwiguns. Eirlys became very angry and tried to kill the Doctor, but Emmett shot her.

Character: The Wheltrch
Appeared in: S3 Episode 2 The Georgian Terror
Race: Wheltrch
Planet: Unknown
Language: Cannot Speak
Other members of race: Unknown, was owned by Nympth.
Appearance: Hairy, brown, fanged monster.
Profile: The Wheltrch was a pet of Nympth's, who married Wilbur Young. Wilbur ended up with it, when Nympth was forced to return to her planet, but Wilbur didn't know how to control it, so the Wheltrch escaped. Wilbur, however, ordered the Wheltrch to kill his lover and friend Mina, when she decided to die. When Mina's other lover, Emmett, found out, he injected the Wheltrch with a disease, which killed it.
Attack Methods: The Wheltrch could jump on people and kill them in seconds.
Fate: The Wheltrch was brought back to life, when the TARDIS landed on its grave, and Milford was attacked by it, but Georgia shouted at it, and it ran off. The Wheltrch attacked and killed Dolph Adlington, just before Milford shot and killed it.

Character: The Drifter, coming soon...

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Main Characters

Status: Time Traveller

First seen: An Unearthly Child
Last seen: None
Has featured in: All of series one, series two and series three, mini-eps 1-4 and 8-14, Series 2 mini-eps 1-6, 9-13 and Series 3 mini-eps 1+2.
Family: Jenny, rest Unknown
Job: Saving the Universe
Friends: Georgia, Conner, Zac, Kaylie, Harry, UNIT, Richard, Elizabeth, Colin, etc.
Profile: The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords. He has two hearts, and can regenerate his body completely when the old one dies. He travels around in Time and Space with his companions, rescuing civilisations, defeating terrible creatures, and doing an awful lot of running
Turn Left Fate: In Donna Noble's parallel universe he never met Donna, and therefore died when he fought the Racnoss under the Thames, as Donna wasn't there to save him.

Status: Companion

First seen: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors
Last seen: None
Has featured in: All of Series 1, 2 and 3, Mini-eps 1-4 and 8-14, Series 2 Mini-eps 1-6 and 9-13 and Series 3 Mini-eps 1,2 and 4.
Family: Elizabeth, Colin, Richard, Rob Slater.
Job: Used to work in a Bakery
Friends: Brian, the Doctor, Conner, Zac, Kaylie, Harry and Sergeant Jones
Profile: Georgia is blonde with apparently a nice bum. She is usually cheerful but gets sulky whenever her GCSE's are mentioned. She is helpful and quick. She does enjoy her job but much prefers travelling to far away places, a suited Doctor's companion.
Turn Left Fate: In Donna Noble's Parallel Universe, Georgia died when the Royal Hope Hospital was transported to the Moon. She went in to see her Grandmother, who died as well.

Status: Companion

First seen: Briefly: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors, Full Appearance: Conner
Last seen: None
Has appeared in: All of Series 1, 2.2-2.13 and all of Series 3. Mini-eps 8-14, Series 2 mini-eps 1-6 and 8-13, Series 3 Mini-eps 1, 2 and 4.
Family: David and Sue Bennet
Job: Student
Friends: Zac, Georgia, The Doctor, Harry, Kaylie, UNIT
Profile: Conner is helpful and cheerful with a good sense of humour. He can be very selfish sometimes. He isn't that happy at home as his parents have gone away to work, but he didn't go with them. Conner attends the same school as Zac. Conner can also be a little stupid sometimes if he gets worried or confused. In The Spidership he went looking for his parents while the Spidership was pulled into space. Conner realsied he could not survive and died from a lack of oxygen. It was later revealed he did not die, in fact, but was imprisoned on the TimeSpan ship. He went on to travel with the Doctor and Georgia again.
Turn Left Fate: Conner was originally meant to go away for Christmas with Zac and his family, but he had to stay behind due to unforseen circumstances. He was killed when the Titanic crashed and destroyed the whole of London.

Status: Recurring friend

First seen: Conner
Last seen: None
Has appeared in: 1.1, 1.4-1.9, 1.12/1.13, 2.x-2.1, 2.3/2.4, 2.9, 2.13, 3.x and Mini-eps 8 and 9 and series 2 Mini-ep 7 & 8
Family: Jane (his mum), Rachel (his sister), Steve (his dad), Aunt Debbie, Cousin Joe, Grandad Porter
Job: Student
Friends: Conner, Kaylie, Harry, Georgia, UNIT, the Doctor, Ronald, Beth, Catherine and Bradley
Profile: Zac is clever and helpful, and he is interested in aliens. He has lots of friends at his school which is where Conner attends as well. He was rather scared at first, but soon learned to embrace the universe, helped by his brief travelling in the TARDIS during series one. He was deeply saddened by Harry's death, but he helped fight the Cybermen that Christmas. He was excited to learn Conner survived the events on the Spidership, and soon accepted anything could happen in the Doctor's life.
Turn Left Fate: Zac escaped death by Titanic after going away at Christmas. He was relocated to Newcastle, after Leeds refused to take any more refugees, and was left to lead a miserable existance, with his parents.

Status: Recurring friend

First seen: The Demon Headmaster
Last seen: None
Has featured in: 1.4/1.5, 1.8/1.9, 1.12-2.x(cameo in 2.1), 2.3/2.4, 2.9, 2.13, 3.x. Series 2 Mini-eps 7 & 8
Family: Sisters; Amy and Andrea. Mum; Karen
Job: Student
Friends: Zac, Harry, Beth, Catherine, Conner, the Doctor, Georgia, Ikorg
Profile: Kaylie tries to be helpful kind and considerate, but sometimes makes herself look very silly. Georgia didn't like her much at first and Kaylie didn't like Georgia. She was very sad at Harry's death and Conner's aparent death, and cried. She was almost upgraded by the Cybermen at Christmas. She then met Conner again, and helped during a clown invasion. Kaylie later travelled to Pluto, when an alien appeared at her school. When Conner, Georgia and Zac were captured the Doctor trusted Kaylie with a very important job, she ended up saving the planet Pluto.
Turn Left Fate: Kaylie died when the Titanic crashed into London - but Zac didn't care because they weren't friends at that point; they were only friends in 2010.

Status: Recurring Friend

First seen: The Demon Headmaster
Last seen: None
Has featured in: 1.4/1.5, 1.12-2.x, 2.3/2.4, 2.9, 2.13, 3.x, Series 2 mini-ep 7 & 8 and Series 3 Mini-ep 3.
Family: Mum and Dad, (Mum works abroad most for most of the year)
Job: Student
Friends: Conner, Catherine, Kaylie, Zac, Bradley, Harry
Profile: Beth is one of Conner's best friends, and on/off girlfriend. After he disappeared, she introduced Kaylie to Zac. Pleased at Conner's return, Beth was hypnotised by the Slitheen to take over the world. She later returned, and was one of the survivors of the Spidership. She was dropped off a few months later at Christmas, where she was attacked by Cybermen with best friend Catherine. She finally found out about Conner travelling in the TARDIS when they stopped an invasion by Sybil and her Clowns. After that encounter, Beth was always there for Conner; seemingly replacing Harry Ladbrook as his stay at home friend. When Zac and Kaylie met Drornk, they decided that Beth could help them, as Harry used to. Beth was slightly dissappointed when the TARDIS left her behind, when Zac and Kaylie went to investigate an alien who appeared at her school.
Turn Left Fate: Beth survived, and was moved to Leeds with her dad, to live a miserable existance.

Status: Georgia's Mother

First seen: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors
Last seen: None
Has featured in: 1.x, 1.5, 1.12/1.13, 2.x, 2.2-2.4, 3.x, Mini-eps 3,5 and 13, Series 2 Mini-ep 1.
Family: Colin, Richard, Georgia
Job: She is an assistant to the manager of a bank firm.
Friends: Mrs. White (her rival), the vicar (he doesn't like her), Daisy and Gareth (they find Elizabeth annoying)
Profile: She is nice when she wants to be, and was a loving mother when her children were young, but she was disappointed in Georgia's results. She thinks Georgia should redo her GCSE's and is sometimes spiteful about this. She watches TV a lot; especially GMTV and Eastenders. She saved many people's lives in the Spidership after Georgia told her to stay in large groups. She was then kinapped by the Cybermen, but she got away when they suddenly stopped moving. She had some difficult questions to answer when Mrs White, the Vicar, and Daisy were attacked by clowns with her, Colin and Georgia.
Turn Left Fate: Desperately sad at her daughter's death, Elizabeth and the family moved to America. Elizabeth was turned into Adipose, along with many Americans.

Status: Georgia's Father

First seen: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors.
Last seen: None
Has featured in: 1.x, 1.5, 1.12-2.x, 2.2-2.4, 3.x, Mini-eps 3, 5 and 13, and Series 2 Mini-ep 1.
Family: Elizabeth, Richard, Georgia
Job: Some sort of lawyer
Friends: The Doctor, the Vicar, his neighbours
Profile: He is kind and brave as he helps fight the Octopli instead of surrendering. He also was attacked by Slitheen and later by huge spiders. He was also attacked by the Cybermen and was kidnapped until they suddenly stopped moving and he got away with Elizabeth. He later was stranded in Tesco's in a parallel timeline, and was attacked by Clowns with Elizabeth, Georgia, Mrs White, the Vicar and his Wife, and Daisy
Turn Left Fate: Colin was pestered into taking the Adipose Pill by Elizabeth, after seeing its wonderful effects on his wife, and died along with her and many overweight Americans.

Status: Enemy

First seen: Spirits of the Past
Last seen: None
Has featured in: Spirits of the Past, A Study in the Straw, TimeSpan, Angels and Demons, Fragmented, Black and Gold, Hide and Seek, Neurosis, Into Oblivion, Christmas Bells, Ford's Focus
Family: Unknown
Job: Doctor Hunter
Friends: Pippa Blackwell
Profile: Petr has been following the Doctor for a long time now on orders from his boss. He was appointed Pippa Blackwell, and the two continue to hunt the Doctor.
Turn Left Fate: None

Status: Enemy

First seen: Fragmented
Last seen: None
Has featured in: Fragmented, Black and Gold, Hide and Seek, Into Oblivion, Christmas Bells, Ford's Focus
Family: Unknown
Job: Doctor Hunting
Friends: Petr Costravalos
Profile: When the boss doubted Petr's ability, Pippa was hired to assist him, and the two continue to hunt the Doctor.
Turn Left Fate: None

Status: Georgia's Friend

First seen: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors
Last seen: Attack of the Clowns
Has featured in: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors, Slitheen School, Attack of the Clowns and Christmas Bells
Family: Mrs Mason
Job: Baker
Friends: Georgia, Lucy, Abby, the Doctor, Richard, Elizabeth, Colin
Profile: Brian met Georgia after Elizabeth introduced the two. They quickly found that they liked each other, as they worked side-by-side in the Bakery. After Georgia met the Doctor she changed, and she and Brian drifted away. The next time she saw him was during an attempted invasion by Clowns. It was also here that he met Lucy Stuart, and the two became more than friends. Georgia wished them good luck, little knowing she would see them again.
Turn Left Fate: Brian died when the Titanic crashed into Buckingham Palace, as he is at work in his Bakery.

Status: Protectors against aliens, allies with the Doctor.

First seen: The Invasion (1968)
Last seen: None
Have featured in: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors, Cold Case, Slitheen School, The Spidership, Betrayal and Death and Christmas Bells.
Family: None mentioned
Job: Alien Defence
Friends: The Doctor, Torchwood, Sarah Jane
Profile: UNIT is an organisation that exists to defend the Human race from aliens. The Doctor tries to disassociate himself with UNIT, due to their methods of keeping Earth safe, but Ross Jenkins and Private Roxanne show off UNIT's softer side.
Turn Left Fate: UNIT generally died in the Titanic crash, and others died in Atmos, but the organisation stopped at the deaths of it's highest members in various alien attacks.

Status: Companion

First seen: Hide and Seek
Last seen: The Water's Song
Has appeared in: 2.10 - 2.13
Family: Kaito (father), Kimiko (mother), Margaret (grandmother), Katsuro (grandfather), Lee (cousin), Kiroshino (uncle), Kagami (aunt)
Job: Actor
Friends: The Doctor, Georgia, Conner, Aimee
Profile: Korena was Japan's most famous actor in 3999. She met the Doctor when she was attacked by a Borsht. He saved her and she was invited to her party, which was attacked by the Borsht. After the Borsht were stopped, she joined Conner and Georgia as the Doctor's companions. After travelling for a while, she was nearly killed by the Aquari. Despite surviving, the Doctor thought she was dead and left her behind.

Status: Desceased - Georgia's Brother

First seen: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors
Last seen: Slitheen School, flashback in Attack of the Clowns
Has appeared in: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors, Back Home, Family Fortunes, The Demon Headmaster, Slitheen School, and a flashback in Attack of the Clowns.
Family: Elizabeth, Colin, Georgia
Job: Worked at a fish and chip shop
Friends: None mentioned
Profile: Richard is funny and brave. The Slitheen needed him to get to Georgia, to get to the Doctor. He helped evacuate London with his idea of appearing on TV. He was unfortunately killed at the TV studio, and Georgia was devastated at his death.
Turn Left Fate: Richard was left to live alone in America after both his parents were killed by the Adipose pill, and his sister Georgia died during the Judoon operation. Richard was going to take the Adipose pill, but didn't have enough money, as he had no job, having left his fish and chip shop in England.

Status: Desceased - Recurring friend

First seen: The Demon Headmaster
Last seen: Betrayal and Death, flashbacks in Attack of the Clowns and Neurosis
Has appeared in: The Demon Headmaster, Slitheen School, Virtual Reality, Game Over, The Spidership, Betrayal and Death and he appeared in various flashbacks in Attack of the Clowns, and a dream of John Bennet's in Neurosis.
Family: Unknown
Job: School Student
Friends: Zac, Kaylie, Conner, Bert, Bradley, the Doctor, Georgia
Profile: Harry is helpful and considerate, he showed the Doctor the school kitchens and helped defeat the slitheen. He was exterminated by Dalek Gain in the last few moments of Betrayal and Death.
Turn Left Fate: Harry didn't die, but was moved to Leeds to live a miserable existance.

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