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Mini Review 4

Episode Title: Aliens of London

Written by: Russell T Davies

First Aired: 16th April 2005

Best Character: Rose

Best Scene: The Slitheen reveal themselves at the end of the episode!

Best Quote: 'D'you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?' - The Ninth Doctor

Review: This is an exciting double episode as a whole, and the first episode works really well because the tone is different to the second episode. We get to meet Mickey and Jackie again, and Jackie slaps the Doctor!

Rating: 7/10

Mini Review 3

Episode Title: The Unquiet Dead

Written by: Mark Gatiss

First Aired: 9th April 2005

Best Character: Charles Dickens

Best Scene: The climax when Gwyneth brings the Gelth through the rift, and the Doctor and Rose are trapped behind a gate. Charles Dickens saves the day.

Best Quote: 'The big Bad Wolf!' - Gwyneth

Review: Another great episode. The first historical episode of the new series introduced us to Charles Dickens, and Eve Myles who played Gwyneth. The Gelth were great creatures, and Torchwood is based on the idea of the rift and Boom Town.

Rating: 7/10

Episode 5: Slitheen School Part 2

“I’m the doctor”, the doctor said, “And I know exactly how this boy died!”
“Well then, how did he die?” Mrs Harrison asked. Conner woke up silently but kept still, he opened one of his eyes to see the doctor and another teacher talking to two other teachers. The doctor saw Conner from the corner of his eye and Conner winked. He stood up silently and grabbed his fake schoolbag.

“I suppose”, the doctor continued, “You unzipped yourselves and knocked Conner out”.
“How dare you suggest such a thing”, Mr Ashmer said smiling, “But absolutely right”.

Conner threw his bag across the room and it hit Mr. Ashmer and Mrs. Harrison. They weren’t hurt but were slightly shocked, giving time for Conner, the doctor and Mr. Roberts to escape.

Mrs Harrison snarled and started unmasking along with Mr. Ashmer.
“Trafon, we are going in for the kill”, Mrs. Harrison said through her communicator.

In the heads office, the head span round.
“Halt”, the head ordered, “The hunt will be more fun, Fipsel, if we let them go for now”.
“Of course Trafon”, Mrs. Harrison said through the communicator.
“But block off all their hiding places”, Trafon replied then ordered, “Slitheen, cut of all their means of communication and any means of help”.

Meanwhile outside the school gates Mr. Roberts, the doctor and Conner ran into the group.
“Conner, you’re O.K”, Georgia and Zac said together. Georgia and the doctor hugged and Conner and Georgia looked as if they were about to hug, but then shook hands nervously.

“So Kaylie wasn’t it”, the doctor asked.
“Kaylie Watson”, Kaylie replied, “Like Emma Watson”.
“Like Conner Watson”, the doctor muttered looking at Conner who gulped, “Anyway, Kaylie are you sure you want to stay and you two as well”.
“You’re not doing that again”, Kaylie snarled, “I’m staying. I want to help my friends who are walking absent minded around the school training to go into war”.
“O.K fine”, the doctor said, “We need somewhere to hide and think up a plan”.

“We can go to my parents”, Georgia interrupted, “I haven’t seen them for more than two months… sort of”.
“Right then phone then up”, the doctor said, “Mr. Roberts are you coming too”.
“Yes, I’ve been trying to save people ever since I was almost executed by the… slitheen, wasn’t it”, Mr. Roberts explained, “So I’m staying”.

Georgia, meanwhile, was phoning her mum, “Yeah mum you there?”
“Yes, I’m here”, Elizabeth replied, “You’ve been busy then”.
“A bit”, Georgia answered, “Do you think I could come round, with some new friends of mine?”
“As long as you don’t have a loud party or next door will complain”, Elizabeth replied. In Elizabeth’s house there was a knock at the door, “Wait there’s someone at the door”.
“It’s all right I’m getting it”, Colin, Georgia’s father, said. He opened the door to reveal a fat female.
“Hello, I’m here to check your plumbing”, the lady said, “It’s free”. Colin let the lady in.

“Mum, who is it?” Georgia asked down the phone.
“Just a plumber-wait!” Elizabeth shouted, “We had the plumbing checked yesterday. What do you really want?”
“You’ve got me”, the lady said unzipping her head. Elizabeth screamed and put the phone down.
“MUM?” Georgia shouted down the phone, “Doctor I’m guessing the slitheen. We need to save them”.
“It’s a trap they’ll want you to go to your parents”, the doctor told her, “And we are trying to hide. The slitheen won’t hurt them. They’ll use them”.

“My parents can’t help they’re at work”, Harry said.
“We could go round to mine”, Mr. Roberts suggested.
“No they’ll think we’d go there”, the doctor said.
“My parents are working on the Spidership”, Conner said, “In Portsmouth”.

“I’ll phone my mum she’s got the day off”, Zac said, dialling the number.
“Mum you O.K”, Zac asked.
“I’m fine. Have you found out what Conner’s been up to yet?” Zac’s mum asked.
“No, not yet”, Zac said, “Can I…”, but Zac was interrupted by his mother.
“There’s someone at the door I’ll just get it”, his mum explained.
“Don’t get the door”, Zac ordered, but only heard a shriek in reply.

“They’re cutting us off from any help”, Harry said.
“What about UNIT?” Georgia asked, “You seemed quite chummy with them at Christmas”.
“You mean when those magnet creatures invaded”, Conner asked.
“That’s right”, the doctor replied, “Georgia saved that day”.
“Well phone then”, Georgia said. The doctor dialled the number.

In UNIT HQ the phone rang. Colonel Mace answered it, “Colonel Mace from UNIT headquarters speaking”.
“Colonel Mace this is the doctor”, the doctor said.
“Ah doctor I’m glad you’ve phoned”, Colonel Mace replied, “We got this message through the other day from outer space”.
“Who from?” the doctor asked.

“Commander Marr, the magnet warrior listen to this”, Colonel Mace said, then turned on a large screen and on it appeared Commander Marr. Colonel Mace put the phone next to the screen’s speakers, so the doctor could hear it.
“Earth, you are mad if you think you can defeat us”, Commander Marr was saying, “I am on the 1st magnet warrior conquer ship and you will be defeated. You tried to kill us, so now you will die”. Suddenly Commander Marr was surrounded by flame and cackled, although the doctor could only hear this.

“Interesting huh”, Colonel Mace said down the phone, “But there’s something else-…” Suddenly Colonel Mace’s voice faded.
“They’ve stopped us communicating altogether”, the doctor said.

“Right then there’s only one thing for it”, Georgia said, “Follow me”.


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Mini Review 2

Episode Title: The End of the World

Written by: Russell T Davies

First Aired: 2nd April 2005

Best Character: Rose

Best Scene: The Doctor has to get past the fans, and the sunbeams are firing off around Rose and the guests on Platform 1.

Best Quote: 'Burn baby burn!' - Cassandra

Review: It would have been easy to lose audiences with a bad second episode, but The End of the World is fantastic. We are introduced to Rose's Theme this episode too, when The Doctor and Rose get chips. Cassandra is funny as well, and Jabe is a good character.

Rating: 8/10

Mini Review 1

Episode Title: Rose

Written by: Russell T Davies

First Aired: 26th March 2005

Best Character: Rose

Best Scene: Rose is cornered by Autons, then meets the Doctor.

Best Quote: 'Run' - The Ninth Doctor

Review: This is a really good opening to Doctor Who, series 1 and the whole of he current series. Rose and Jackie are really good, and it was very exciting seeing Rose join the TARDIS crew.

Rating: 7/10

Friday, 29 August 2008


We have a very important poll! It ends on 12/9/08 so get voting! The poll is letting you choose an episode title for episode 11! I cannot decide which to choose, and if you pick the last one, suggest the title on this post. Don't worry if you leave the comment on another post, I'll still find it. As many votes as possible please, but everyone only vote once. That means you too Seb! I'm serious, only vote once. Thank you!

These are two pictures from episode 11!

This is a trap set that the Doctor and various others have to get through...

This is what can be found on the outside, but will everyone make it through the trap?

Thursday, 28 August 2008

A Mystery

Never mind the bees dissapearing, we seem to have lost a whole post! Does anyone know what happened to our Characters in our Fanfic post? It seems to have gone walkabouts... Oooh and the costume page has been massivley updated.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

News Roundup

Just released is the press release for TORCHWOOD Series 3. Confirming what was reported before is the casting news of PAUL COPELY. Also starring is PETER CAPALDI, familiar to DOCTOR WHO viewers for his role in THE FIRES OF POMPEII - written by JAMES MORAN who provides one of the scripts for the five~part story, TORCHWOOD: CHILDREN OF EARTH. On next year's series, RTD says:

"This series is one big serial and the most ambitious story we've ever made, and we've got plenty of surprises in store."

Executive Producer, JULIE GARDENER adds:

"Joining our main cast are some fantastic guest artists who will only add to making this unmissable TV."

According to an article in the NEWS OF THE WORLD, two of the 2009 SPECIALS are to be filmed in the USA. Not only that, but there's also to be an American companion. This "story" also suggests that DAVID TENNANT is moving on after these episodes and that STEVEN MOFFAT "is working on a Doctor Who film".

Believe what you will on that one.

Here's the full article:

DOCTOR Who is filming two of next year’s four specials in AMERICA— in a move that will boost David Tennant’s career Stateside.

The shows will be the 37-year-old star’s last, then the Doc will regenerate into another actor.

Viewers will see David arrive in the US to save the world with a BIG-NAME American (River Song?) female assistant.

Series chiefs are also planning a Doctor Who movie— but it is not known who will be the lead. (David Tennant?)

A BBC source said: “Doctor Who already has a huge following in the States. It’s on the Sci Fi channel and is watched by millions of people there every week.

“But two specials in America, with a US setting and a US assistant, will take it to another level. David Tennant is already gaining a huge following and this will make him really hot property.” The four specials will also be the final episodes for show boss Russell T Davies.

He is handing the reins to producer Stephen Moffat for the next series, in 2010. The insider added: “Russell is determined to go out with a bang and the specials will be explosive.

“We’re spending much more money on them than normal.”

Moffat is working on a Doctor Who film —and would love to get legendary director Steven Spielberg involved.

He said: “It would be great to see it in the cinemas—as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the show.”

Thanks to Blogtor Who for the pictures and info.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Costume Page

Hello. This is a new idea of mine, and it features the important character's (mostly Georgia and Conner's) costumes, which change over most episodes. There will be an explanation of anything that is confusing, but just enjoy!

1.X Georgia and the Magnet Warriors


1.1 Conner




1.2 Maids, Myths and Monsters

This episode takes place straight after Conner, so the Characters don't have time to change costumes.

1.3 Cats in the Kingdom



1.4 The Demon Headmaster/ 1.5 Slitheen School



Zac, Kaylie and Harry wear school uniform, so their costumes are the same as Conner's. The only exception is that Kaylie wears a skirt.

1.6 Spirits of the Past




1.7 Be Civil




The second, brown costumes are what the companions wear for most of the episode. They have to change into clothes that suit the time, as their silver jackets would look out of place.

1.8 Virtual Reality/ 1.9 Game Over






1.10 A Study in the Straw



As you can see, the Doctor promises to take his companions to the Beach. Fortunately, Georgia manages to grab a coat before venturing to the Village of Farringham. I wonder if Joan Redfern will approve?

1.11 Silent Ice



1.12 The Spidership/ 1.13 Betrayal and Death






Good? I hope so. This also gives a clue about which episodes Zac, Kaylie and Harry are in, so I suppose that's an extra spoiler!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Doctor Who Merchandise

First up we have the 2009 calander:

Next up we have Quiz Book 4:

Finally we have The Forever Trap, a new audio, just like Pest Control. It looks exciting, doesn't it?

Synopsis coming soon, as well as more spoilers on the spoiler page, and possibly a few seperate stories/ seperate stories synopsis'. Bye!!!
P.S. Seb will be back around 3.00 pm on Sunday. The Slitheen won the who do you want to de in Slitheen School poll, followed by the Doctor and then Bert. Please could people vote Gwen in the companion poll, as enough votes may enable me to persuade Seb to make her the next Fanfic companion!!!

Harry Potterness

I know a lot of people who have been asking me to cover Harry Potter, so now I am. Here is the official trailer for the Half Blood Prince:

And the following are promotional pictures:

This is the girl playing Lavender Brown, Ron Weasley's Girlfriend!

That's it. Happy now everyone who was asking me? The film should be out in July 2009, after an unforseen delay. Doctor Who merchandise post will be coming soon.

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