Thursday, 31 December 2009

VTV Series Episode 13: The End

2009 – Real World

The TARDIS span out of control, whizzing through space, above the Earth. The slim, blue spaceship in front of it was firing energy bolts, and the Doctor struggled to avoid them.

“Woah girl!” he cried, patting the console.

Then the TARDIS was chasing the blue ship through the Time Vortex, passing by the year 3000, and then nearly hitting the 1980s back in place. Suddenly, the blue ship turned around, and faced the Doctor’s ship head on.

“What’s she doing?” the Doctor muttered.

Mary Poppin’s ship zoomed towards him, firing ejector rays. One hit the TARDIS and enveloped it in a blue light. The Doctor grasped the console, but felt himself fading away.

2009 – Katie’s World

The TARDIS span out of control, whizzing through space, above the Earth. The slim, blue spaceship in front of it was firing energy bolts, and the Doctor struggled to avoid them. Then the TARDIS was chasing the blue ship through the Time Vortex, passing by the year 3000, and then nearly hitting the 1980s back in place, before the blue ship disappeared around the early 1900s.

“Damn it!” the Doctor cried, hitting the console with his fist. “Lost her.”

The TARDIS dematerialised, leaving the blue ship to its victory.

Unknown Time – Real World

“That’s better,” Mary Poppins said, leaning over the Doctor. “I hope that isn’t too comfortable.”

The Doctor was unconscious, strapped to a metal bed. There was a continual bleep-bleep of machinery that was wired into his skin.

“How the mighty Time Lord has fallen,” Mary Poppins chuckled, leaving the room.

But as the Doctor slept, he dreamed. He dreamed that Mary Poppins had escaped, and that he’d continued his travels. He dreamed that he went to the Health Centre, and chanced across Katie Parker, and she’d joined him on his travels. They flew across the stars, stopping Krynoids, Badgers, the Hacek Dral and other terrible creatures. But then it ended, and they were captured. That was when Mary Poppins had revealed the terrible truth; that the Doctor was strapped to a bed, unconscious in her ship, and Katie wasn’t real.

2009 – Katie’s World

“Doctor?” Katie said. “You haven’t said much. Haven’t you got an escape plan?”
“No,” the Doctor replied quietly.
“Well we could start with taking over the ship,” Katie thought. “Ha!”

There was a click, and Katie’s shackles broke. She slid off the table and ran to the Doctor’s bed. She pulled his shackles apart, but he took her hand to stop her.

“Leave it,” he said.
“But aren’t you going to do anything?” Katie asked. “Doctor, this isn’t like you. My parents need help, I need help. Mary Poppins has gotta be stopped.”
“We can’t,” the Doctor said hollowly.

Katie sighed and sat down on her bed. This wasn’t like the Doctor. Something was wrong.

“What’s the matter?” Katie asked. “She told you something, didn’t she?”
“Yeah,” the Doctor said, staring at the ceiling.
“What did she say?” Katie asked.
“She told me the truth,” the Doctor said. “None of this is real. She captured me, and I’m stuck on some bed somewhere, dreaming all this. You aren’t real Katie. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
“It doesn’t matter,” Katie said.

The Doctor sat up, and stared at her.

“It doesn’t matter,” Katie repeated. “If we can get you to wake up in the real world, you can stop her.”
“But don’t you see Katie?” the Doctor snapped. “If I wake up, you die. I stop dreaming, this whole world stops existing.”
“But at least you stop her,” Katie said.
“You’d do that?” the Doctor asked incredulously. “You’d die, for me?”

Katie nodded. The Doctor sighed, looking down at his feet.

“But… What if I could save you?” the Doctor suddenly thought.
“How?” Katie asked as he leaped to his feet.
“By creating you from my memories,” the Doctor grinned. “There’s enough equipment on this ship to do it, easy.”
“Create me from your memories?” Katie said.
“Yup,” the Doctor said, leaping around, looking for equipment.
“Doctor…” Katie said. “What aren’t you telling me?”

The Doctor stopped running round, and looked at her.

“I’ll have to forget you,” he said.
“But, I’ll remind you of me,” Katie smiled brightly.
“You won’t be able to, you’ll be at home, and I wouldn’t think to pop round,” the Doctor sighed. “By taking the memories and creating real things, the memories are gone. But you’ll be alive, and so will your parents, and everything that happened here will have happened.”
“Do it,” she said.

The Doctor continued to race round, and gathered up cables and piles of equipment. Katie followed his instructions and strapped wires to his head and chest. She was nervous, but at least she’d live.

“Right,” the Doctor said. “Where’s the button? Ah, here it is. Do you want to do the honours?”
“Sure,” Katie replied, taking a deep breath. “Goodbye Doctor.”
“Goodbye Katie,” the Doctor said sadly. “Sorry the Wedding didn’t work out.”
“I’d have probably divorced you anyway,” Katie teased.

And with one last deep breath, she pressed the button. There was a rush of air, and the Doctor began fading away.

Unknown Time – Real World

Mary Poppins walked back into the room triumphantly. But as she looked at the metal bed the smile vanished from her face. The Doctor wasn’t there. The door swung shut behind her.

“Doctor…” she said. “Let’s talk about this…”
“It’s too late,” the Doctor said from somewhere in the shadows. “You never should have captured me.”
“I… I wanted to help,” Mary Poppins said. “Please…”

The Doctor ignored her and stepped out from the shadows. The lights flickered, and Mary Poppins screamed her last.

2009 – Real World

Katie stepped out of the house into the sun, and sighed. This world was exactly the same as the Doctor’s, but with one crucial detail missing – the Doctor himself.

“Still,” she said to herself. “It was fun, while it lasted.”

She ran her hands along the side of the house, feeling the wood and paint underneath her fingernails. She looked at the sky, the sky that was new to her, and yet as familiar as ever. She had so much to experience now she was ‘real’. But it would never be the same; nothing would be the same without the Doctor.

“Katie!” her mother Sandra called to her. “Come inside, your father’s playing on the Wii Fit!”
“I’m really not that bad!” her father Derek protested.
“Oh Dad, you really are!” Katie laughed, heading inside the house.

Unknown Time – Real World

The Doctor travelled alone for a while. But as he faced his enemies and rescued civilisations, he couldn’t help but think there was something, or someone, he was missing. He’d had companions before, but he could remember each and every one of them. But when he tried to remember what happened on Mary Poppin’s ship, he could only see a blur. He knew there was only one place to go when there was something you needed remembering. He slipped into the TARDIS and started her up, spinning through the vortex to reach his destination.

The Doctor pulled back the red velvet curtains and entered the small, dimly lit room. The tent made everything look dark, and gave Madame Rene ten times more mystery than the average milkman. He sat at the small table and stared at the crystal ball.

“I know why you’re here,” Madame Rene said. “To remember. But first, you must cross my palm with silver. Or pretzels, I’m not fussy which.”

The Doctor pressed a salt and vinegar pretzel into Madame Rene’s hand. After gobbling it up, she clutched his hands. The Doctor raised his eyebrows.

“I see… Planet Earth…” Madame Rene said, as if experiencing a vision. “I see… David Attenborough. No wait - that’s the wrong Planet Earth. Sorry. Ah yes, I see… America.”
“America…” the Doctor muttered, the memories becoming clear.
“I see a girl, a blond of 24. Her name… What is her name?” Madame Rene asked.
“You’re supposed to tell me,” the Doctor said.
“K… It begins with K. Ah ha! I have it! Katie! Her name is Katie!” the fortune teller smiled in triumph.
“Of course, how could I forget Katie!” the Doctor said, unsure of who Katie was.
“Now that is a long story in itself,” Madame Rene replied. “But first we must start with how you met. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we’ll begin.”

The End

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Coming Soon!

Right, as you can see, I've finally got into gear with the VTV Series, and there's only one episode left! I can't wait! But as The End comes near, I'd like to tell you about the next series written exclusively by me. It's called the TTV Series, which stands for the Through the Vortex Series, and will consist of 13 episodes.

The companion is called Crystal Harris, and I have already planned all the episodes to some extent. I've even planned the episode titles, which you can read here:

1. Forever Young
2. The Inner Circle
3. When In Rome
4. Seven Deadly Sins / 5. Fugitive
6. The Funeral
7. Law and Order
8. Judgement Day / 9. Heaven and Hell
10. The Haunting
11. True Blood
12. Crystal Ball / 13. Till Death Do Us Part

VTV Series Episode 12: Distant Memory

Katie swam to the surface of the water, gasping for air. The plane was in chunks around her. There was fire, screaming, death. She attempted to stay afloat, but she was tired, and very cold. She swam to a chunk of the plane, and grabbed hold of it. Her lifejacket was keeping her afloat, and without it, Katie knew she’d already be dead.

“Derek! Derek!” Sandra cried.
“Sandra, where are you?” Derek called from a few meters away.
“I’m by the plane!” Sandra sobbed.

Derek swam over to Sandra, and held her.

“I’m so relieved you’re alive,” he sighed. “I love you.”
“What about Katie? And John?” Sandra asked fearfully.
“I can’t see them,” Derek said. “Let’s just concentrate of staying afloat. The authorities will come soon.”
“I hope so,” Sandra replied, before falling silent.

Steph Hoyland held onto her daughter Summer. Her husband was next to her, holding her hand. They were trapped under a large section of the plane, and the only way out was to swim underneath it.

“Max, what are we going to do?” Steph asked.
“Deflate your lifejacket,” Max ordered. “Summer, you too.”
“Yes dad,” Summer said, deflating her lifejacket.
“We’re going to swim under,” Max said. “We can do it, I know we can.”

Steph let the last of the air escape from her lifejacket, and she hugged Max. Summer looked at her parents, took a deep breath, and swam under the water. Steph and Max quickly followed. There was a cracking, and several chunks fell from the section of the plane. Summer swam under the section of the plane and to the surface. Steph was right behind her, and as she reached the surface the section of plane sunk.

“Where’s dad?” Summer screamed.
“Max!” Steph yelled. “Oh God, Max!”

She began sobbing uncontrollably. Summer hugged her, begging her to calm down. Suddenly a light appeared in front of her, and she heard a whirring of an engine. A gloved hand reached out to her, and she took it. She was pulled onto the deck of a boat, and her mother Steph was right behind her.

“There we go,” Mary Poppins soothed. “Let’s find everyone else, and take them to safety. Get inside, into the warm. Don’t mind the cages, they’re very comfortable…”

Sky Johnson woke up, and screamed. She was floating next to the body of her boyfriend Dylan Fry. His face was burned, as if he had died instantly when the plane crashed. Sky pushed Dylan away, and swam to a chunk of the plane.

“Help!” she cried. “Anybody, help!”
“Hello?!” a voice yelled.
“Izzy?” Sky shouted. “Is that you?”
“Yeah, where are you?” Izzy Robinson asked. “I can’t find Paul or Elle.”
“What about my mum and dad? David and Lillian? Or Serena, my sister?” Sky replied.

Izzy swam to Sky, and held onto the chunk of plane. She looked Sky in the eyes solemnly.

“I’m really sorry,” Izzy said. “But I saw David and Lillian earlier… They’re dead.”
“Oh God,” Sky sobbed. “And Serena?”
“I’m not sure,” Izzy replied. “But we’ll find her.”

They heard the whir of an engine, and Mary Poppins appeared, smiling down at them.

“That’s it, come to me,” she said. “Sky, Izzy, climb aboard, get yourselves warm.”
“Have you seen my sister?” Sky asked as she climbed aboard the boat.
“Serena?” Mary Poppins replied.
“Yeah,” Sky said.
“I have,” Mary Poppins said. “But I’m afraid she’s dead. Now, get on board.”
“Who else have you rescued?” Izzy asked as Sky headed inside, crying.
“Karl and Lyn Kennedy,” Mary Poppins said. “I’m afraid Lou Bishop died. I’ve got Alice and Tanya Daniels inside too, and Steph Hoyland and her daughter.”
“What about Irina?” Izzy asked.
“She didn’t make it,” Mary Poppins replied.
“And Paul, and Elle?” Izzy asked.
“We’ll find them, together,” Mary Poppins promised.

Izzy nodded and stepped inside the ship. Mary Poppins sneered as she heard Izzy scream and the cage door lock.

“Sandra, keep your head above the water,” Derek said. “Stay with me. I can hear the boat now.”
“Is that the light I can see?” Sandra asked.
“Yes,” Derek said. “Let’s climb aboard. Hello?”
“Hello dears,” Mary Poppins said, extending a hand out to Derek. “That’s it, get on.”

Sandra and Derek lay on the floor of the boat, exhausted. They had a few seconds rest, when they felt a pair of hands grab them. Sandra screamed as she was pulled further into the boat, and towards a cage. She was thrown inside, and Derek hit the floor next to her soon after. She turned as Mary Poppins stood over her.

“Bring Elle and Paul Robinson in,” she ordered the men helping her.

Katie took a deep breath as she sank under the surface. She was incredibly tired and slowly losing consciousness. The Doctor saw her and swam closer. He was cold, but still had his strength. He took a deep breath and swam under, clasping Katie to his chest. She opened her eyes and gasped for air.

“Katie you’re fine,” the Doctor said quickly. “I was trying to find you, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” she said, still gasping for air. “You found me now. Have you seen my mum and dad?”
“No, sorry,” the Doctor said. “But we’ll find them. Katie, look at me, we’ll find them.”

He clasped her hands in his. Her pulse was slowing and the Doctor realised she couldn’t stay in the water much longer. He’d have to get her out soon or she’d die. He heard the boat coming towards him, and he turned around in the water. Katie was unconscious in his arms as he swam towards the boat and climbed aboard it.

“Please,” he said to the man who helped him on. “I need to get her warm.”
“Right this way,” the man said.
“Thank you Herrick,” Mary Poppins said, stepping out from the shadows. “That’s everyone.”
“You!” the Doctor said. “What are you doing here?”
“Helping of course,” Mary Poppins replied. “I came to apologise, and I saw the plane crash, so I hired a boat to rescue you all.”

The Doctor didn’t believe a word she said, but Katie needed warmth, so he nodded, and followed her inside. Directly inside was a large black screen, hiding the cages from the Doctor’s view. They passed a control room, and the Doctor realised that this wasn’t a boat, but her slim, blue ship, redressed and disguised. Mary Poppins finally stopped at a room, and pointed inside.

“Here’s where you need to go,” she said.
“I think I’ll leave Katie here,” the Doctor said, placing her down on the floor.
“Very well,” Mary Poppins nodded as the Doctor stepped into the room. “Herrick!”

Herrick stepped over Katie and grabbed the Doctor, sedating him. Mary Poppins smiled.

“Strap him to the bed,” she ordered. “And I want Katie on the other one.”

Derek kicked the door of the cage, which sprung open. He grabbed Sandra, and together they ran through the boat. Herrick dived at them as they passed him, but he missed and hit the floor. Sandra burst into the room where Mary Poppins stood and screamed. The Doctor and Katie were strapped to a bed each, unconscious. Herrick appeared behind Sandra and dragged her off.

“No!” she screamed. “You lied to us! Katie!”
“Sandra?” the Doctor asked croakily, waking up.
“John!” Sandra cried, her voice becoming faint as she was dragged back to the cage.

The Doctor turned his head to face Mary Poppins.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked. “Katie, Sandra, they aren’t part of this. Whatever your problem is with me, they have nothing to do with it. Let them go.”
“Oh, but they have everything to do with what’s happening,” Mary Poppins said.

The Doctor frowned. He was confused. He looked once more at Katie, who was still unconscious on the bed.

“Have you never asked yourself why she seems so perfect?” Mary Poppins asked him.
“What do you mean?” the Doctor said.
“She’s smart, funny, blonde, and a little bit like Rose Tyler,” Mary Poppins continued. “You don’t honestly think you’d meet someone so perfect for you?”
“What are you trying to say?” the Doctor asked.
“She’s an invention,” Mary Poppins revealed. “All this is an invention of your mind.”
“No…” the Doctor said. “I’d know.”
“I think you do know,” Mary Poppins said. “There are little things, like Katie continually saying STARDIS and mum instead of mom, which are clues. This whole world is a lie. When you chased me through time, before you met Katie, I escaped. That’s not how it happened. Katie Parker is nothing but a distant memory.”

To be continued…

Sunday, 27 December 2009

VTV Series Episode 11: What Goes Up

The Doctor raced around the console, searching all the files he had on Katie. He was locating her, hunting her down, rescuing her. She was there somewhere. He knew that much. The TARDIS had trouble tracking her, like she didn’t exist. But then it had found her, a small blip, somewhere on Earth. In the 21st Century probably.

“Come on, come on!” he cried, slamming down a lever.

There! He’d found her. The TARDIS whizzed through the vortex, hurtling down to Earth.

“Katie, come on,” Sandra said. “He’ll be back soon.”
“I know mum,” Katie sighed. “England just seems so far away.”

Katie was sat at her kitchen table, chatting to her mum over coffee. When she’d activated the teleport on the Planet of Oz, it had taken her home. Of course, she’d had to explain to her mum and dad that ‘John’ was in England. She didn’t want to tell them that he wasn’t her fiancé, and he wasn’t called John Smith, and he didn’t live in England, and that he was in fact a Time Lord from the planet Galliby.

“Check the notice board for me,” Sandra said. “When’s that trip to New York?”

Katie stood up and walked to the notice board. She remembered that the whole street had won a prize trip to New York, and the Doctor would be spending the day with her dad, while her mum would go wedding shopping with her. She picked up the invitation, and read it once more.

You’re a winner!

Congratulations, you’re street has won our prize! On 27th May you’re street will board the M4RY9099IN5 Airplane and you will be flown to New York to enjoy a free weekend of shopping and pampering! Sports and Films will be arranged for the men! Be sure not to miss it!

“It’s on the 27th of May mum,” Katie called.
“But that’s soon!” Sandra cried. “What day is John coming?”
“I’m not sure,” Katie said. “Listen mum, I’m not sure about this… I mean, it’s a few days, and John might not even be here then.”
“Call him,” Sandra said.

Katie handed Sandra the invitation, and walked to the window. She pulled out her phone, staring into the sky, where the Doctor would be, somewhere.

“Oh my God!” she said, running to the door. “Mum! Go pack some clothes for this trip! I think John’s here!”

Sandra gave a cry of excitement and ran upstairs to pack. Katie burst through the front door and rushed into the street. The TARDIS was hurtling down to the ground from the sky. She ducked as it flew past her and neatly parked around the corner.

“Doctor!” she cried, running to the TARDIS.
“Katie!” the Doctor cried, stepping out of his ship.

He hugged her, so relieved to see her again. He was a little surprised that Katie’s teleport had taken her home, but at least she was happy and safe.

“You’ve got to pack!” she said. “In two days we’re going to New York!”
“What? Why?” the Doctor asked.
“We won that trip, remember? You and dad are going for man-to-man time,” Katie laughed.
“But… Is it really May 27th already?” the Doctor asked.
“It’s the 25th,” Katie corrected him. “But yeah, it is.”
“Blimey, 2009, busy year.”

Katie took the Doctor’s hand and led him inside. Meanwhile, across space, a gloved hand placed an invitation on the table. It was similar to Katie’s, but slightly creased. The person wearing the glove laughed, in two days, they would have their revenge on the Doctor.

“Hello Sandra!” the Doctor beamed as he entered the house.
“Come here!” Sandra cried, hugging him. “How was work?”
“Fine thanks,” the Doctor said. “Sorry I didn’t know when I’d be over.”
“That’s fine,” Sandra said. “I have missed your English accent!”

Later that day, Derek came home, and the Parker’s sat down and had dinner. It was a strange experience for the Doctor, who wasn’t used to the domesticated side of life, but Sandra and Derek made him feel very welcoming. After dinner, Katie disappeared upstairs for a while, leaving the Doctor to talk to her parents.

“So, the wedding,” Sandra began. “Have you set a date?”
“Not yet,” the Doctor replied. “You’d have to talk to Katie about that, she knows more about it than me.”
“How did you meet?” Derek asked. “Katie said it was at the Health Center.”
“I was being given a guided tour by Gavin,” the Doctor lied. “I just saw her, stood by the water cooler, and I knew she was the one.”

Sandra sighed happily. The Doctor was saved having to talk about his sex life when Katie came downstairs.

“I think it’s time we all went to bed,” Sandra said. “It’s late, and we’ve all got to pack tomorrow.”
“I’ve set up your bed,” Derek told Katie and the Doctor.
“I’ll just sleep on the sofa,” the Doctor said quickly.
“Don’t be silly!” Sandra said. “Don’t think we imagine you don’t sleep in the same bed! It doesn’t bother us, we’ve got earmuffs.”

Katie entered her room, and saw the Doctor lying on her bed. She crossed the room and lay down next to him.

“So…” Katie said.
“So…” the Doctor replied.
“Night,” Katie said.
“Night,” the Doctor replied.

The next day, they packed, and the Doctor met the Johnsons from next door, who would be on the plane too. There was David and his wife Lillian, and their children Serena and Sky. He also met Sky’s boyfriend Dylan Fry, who would be accompanying them on the trip. They seemed like nice people, and they all loved his accent. It was still awkward with Katie at night, and when morning came, the Doctor couldn’t wait to go to New York.

“Hurry up Derek!” Sandra shouted.

She was stood with Katie and the Doctor, each with a suitcase, at the door. Derek hurried down the stairs with his suitcase.

“The coach is outside,” Katie informed them.
“Let’s go,” Derek said. “Have you turned off everything?”
“Yes,” Sandra said. “I think…”
“Let’s go,” Katie sighed.

She opened the door and stepped out into the sun. She waved at the Johnsons as they boarded the coach.

“Come on John,” Katie called to the Doctor. “Let’s go get a seat together; I can introduce you to the neighbours.”
“Sure,” the Doctor said, heaving his suitcase under the coach and climbing aboard.
“You’ve met David and Lillian and their family,” Katie said. “That’s Paul Robinson, and his girlfriend Izzy Robinson, and his daughter Elle Robinson.”
“Hello,” Paul said.
“Those are the Daniels sisters,” Katie pointed. “Irina, Alice and Tanya, and that’s Lou Bishop behind them. Then there’s Karl Kennedy and his wife Lyn, and sat opposite them is Max and Steph Hoyland, and their daughter Summer.”
“Hello everyone,” the Doctor said.

Everyone murmured hello in response, as the Doctor and Katie sat together behind the Hoyland family. Sandra and Derek appeared at the front of the coach and joined them, and the coach journey began. A short while later, the Doctor stepped out of the coach at the airport.

“I hate coach journeys,” he muttered.
“They aren’t so bad,” Katie said, following him. “Don’t forget the luggage.”
“Those men over there are taking them to the plane,” Sandra said as she stepped out from the coach with Derek.
“We have to get on the plane now,” Derek said. “Has everyone got their hand luggage?”
“Yes,” Katie sighed. “Come on, we want good seats!”

They boarded the plane, sitting near the front, just behind the Robinsons and in front of the Johnsons.

“This is exciting, isn’t it?” Sandra said to the Doctor.
“Yeah,” the Doctor said, a little less enthusiastically.
“Ooh, we’re off,” Sandra told Derek as the plane began to move along the runway.
“Fasten your seatbelts,” a voice said over the intercom.

Katie grinned, and took the Doctor’s hand in hers. He squeezed appreciatively. As the plane rose, it sped up, and took off the ground. It continued to rise higher, until forming a constant height. The seatbelt sign pinged off, and the Doctor removed his seat belt. His eyelids became heavy, and he began to fall asleep.

“Doctor, wake up!” Katie said.
“Where are we?” the Doctor asked.
“Look out the window,” Katie replied.

The Doctor leaned over her and peered out of the window. Far below he could see the sea. Suddenly the seatbelt light pinged on. The Doctor hastily reattached his seatbelt and Katie did the same.

“We are experiencing some turbulence,” the intercom voice informed the passengers.
“Typical,” Katie muttered.

There was a shake, and the plane rocked. Sandra screamed. The plane continued to rock, and the lights flickered.

“There seems to be a problem,” the intercom voice said. “Everyone get into the brace position! We’re going to crash! Put on your life jackets!”

The Doctor helped Katie and pulled on his own life jacket. Sandra was sobbing behind them. The plane began to tilt, and head towards the sea.

“We’re getting as low as possible,” the voice said hastily. “GET READY!”
“I’ll find you!” the Doctor cried to Katie.
“John!” she screamed.

The plane gave one last shake, and rocketed down into the sea below, leaving the sky quiet once more. Elsewhere, the gloved handed person gave a cackle, a cackle that could rip open the sky, terrify children, or bring down a plane full of horrified passengers into the cold, wet sea below.

To be continued…

Thursday, 24 December 2009

VTV Series Episode 10: Alone

The Doctor and Katie appeared in a flash of light. Katie fell over, landing in a ditch, full of mud. The Doctor let out a small laugh, making Katie grumble.

“That always happens to me,” she moaned.
“You get used to teleporting,” the Doctor said. “Especially if you’ve been travelling as long as me.”
“Neither of us will be travelling for much longer if we can’t find the STARDIS,” Katie reminded him. “Where are we anyway?”

She looked around at the muddy lane. It was raining, and they seemed to be the only people around. She looked at her feet, which were stood on yellowing bricks, which were slippery with rain.

“We’re alone,” Katie realised. “There’s nobody in this universe that can help us.”
“Katie, are you an American or not?” the Doctor said. “You’re always cheerful.”
“Not right now,” Katie grumbled. “The STARDIS is nowhere to be found, it’s wet, I’m cold, and you’re grinning like an idiot!”

The Doctor examined the muddy lane they were stood in. He ran his hand over the yellowing bricks, muttering. He looked to his left, where he saw several fields, and then to his right, where there were several more fields.

“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” he said quietly.
“Then where are we?” Katie snapped.
“The Planet of Oz,” the Doctor replied.

Katie burst out laughing, nearly falling into another ditch. She caught the serious look on the Doctor’s face and immediately stopped laughing.

“Why’s that bad?” she asked.
“This planet is host to some of the most terrible creatures imaginable,” the Doctor said. “Each masquerading as innocent things.”
“Such as?” Katie asked, looking around subconsciously.
“Rabbits, Tin Men, Lions,” the Doctor said.
“Lions?!” Katie cried.

She grabbed the Doctor’s arm.

“Let’s find the STARDIS and get out of here as soon as possible,” she said.

They began to walk down the lane, when the rain stopped. The clouds parted, and the sun shone down. The bricks sparkled, now a golden colour, and the fields became green.

“Wow,” Katie said. “It’s so beautiful.”
“I think it’s a trap,” the Doctor warned. “Let’s cross this field, and get out of here.”
“What’s that?” Katie asked, pointing at the sky.

The sky was rippling, grey once more. A small object appeared to be hurtling towards Katie and the Doctor. They ran, heading for the field. Katie screamed as the object smashed into the ground behind them, knocking her over the fence.

“Hello,” the Doctor said.
“Who are you talking to?” Katie asked, peering over the fence.
“Me,” a voice said.

Katie stood up, and saw a lady stepping from the mist of the crashed object. She was beautiful, and the Doctor seemed entranced.

“Did you come down in that thing?” Katie asked incredulously.
“I’m sorry about that,” the woman said. “It crashed. My name’s Glenda.”
“I’m Katie, and this is the Doctor,” Katie smiled.
“What’re you doing here in Oz?” Glenda asked.
“Looking for a big blue box,” Katie said. “I don’t suppose…?”
“She wouldn’t have seen it,” the Doctor said quickly. “Come on, we’d better go. Goodbye Glenda.”
“You aren’t leaving Oz are you?” Glenda asked.
“Not until we find the box,” Katie said. “Bye!”

The Doctor took her arm and dragged her across the field, leaving Glenda stood alone on the road.

“Well that was rude,” Katie hissed at the Doctor.
“She’s an invention of Oz,” the Doctor said. “That’s the other thing about Oz, once you arrive; you find it hard to leave.”
“You mean she was just here to get us to stay?” Katie asked.
“Yeah,” the Doctor said. “Here we are, end of the field. We need to get to that castle over there.”

He pointed. Katie followed his finger to the castle that was right in front of them.

“That was easy,” the Doctor grinned.

Katie laughed; she loved it when the Doctor had a strange moment. And he had lots. He took her hand, and they walked inside the big iron gates. It was dark inside, but the Doctor led them expertly through the small rooms and big passageways until they stopped in a chamber. In the centre was a hot air balloon, containing the TARDIS.

“Followed my nose,” the Doctor said. “It always works.”
“Mmm,” Katie said sceptically.
“Well, it worked this time,” the Doctor sighed. “Come on, let’s leave.”

The moment he spoke, there was a flash, and Glenda appeared in front of them. She blocked the hot air balloon with a fierce look in her eyes.

“You will not pass,” she said.
“We’ve got to,” Katie said. “We need the STARDIS.”
“You cannot leave Oz!” Glenda shrieked.

The Doctor stepped forwards, holding out his arms.

“If I can have a hug, we’ll stay,” the Doctor said.

Glena hugged the Doctor, who winked at Katie. She slipped around the pair, and climbed into the basket. She began to remove the sandbags, nodding at the Doctor to climb in too.

“Of course you want to stay,” Glenda soothed. “You’ll love it here sweetheart.”
“Doctor, now!” Katie cried.

The Doctor pushed Glenda out of the way and leapt into the basket, which began to rise. Using the Sonic Screwdriver, the Doctor opened the roof. Glenda let out a cry of anger, and grabbed one of the ropes hanging from the hot air balloon.

“Let go!” Katie cried.
“No!” Glenda said.

She muttered something under her breath, and suddenly, she weighed twice the amount she did before, and the basket slipped, tipping Katie out of it. She grabbed Glenda, holding on as the hot air balloon rose higher.

“Katie!” the Doctor cried. “Catch the teleport!”

He dropped it from the side of the basket, and she caught it in her teeth. She attempted to manoeuvre her tongue to press the button on the teleport.

“Find me!” she cried to the Doctor. “Use the STARDIS, find me!”
“I promise!” the Doctor said as Katie disappeared in a flash.
“Argh!” Glenda cried, falling from the rope.

Katie teleporting had caused her to let go, and fall to her death, and suddenly, the Doctor found it easier to leave. He turned away, and walked into the TARDIS. He would find Katie, he knew that, but how long it would take, he just couldn’t tell. The worse thing was, he knew she’d be alone.

The End

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Episode 9: Snowfall in the City Part 2

The Doctor, Georgia, Conner and Zac walked through a door into a huge white corridor, with a transparent glass roof, which was slowly becoming covered in snow. The corridor had doors and windows on either side of it, and there was an area of pink coloured grass in the centre of the corridor.

“It’s a street,” Georgia said, “How come there’s nobody about?”
“I don’t know, maybe they’re at a festival,” the Doctor replied. Suddenly, a high pitched scream could be heard coming from back the way they came.

“What was that noise?” the Doctor asked.
“Kaylie,” Conner and Zac said together.
“She must have left the TARDIS,” Zac said.
“She’s in danger already,” Georgia replied, “And we haven’t found anything.”
“Maybe she finally realised the TARDIS is bigger on the inside,” Conner commented sarcastically.
“Not funny,” Zac replied, “Come on!” Zac turned and ran back the way they came, followed closely by Conner, the Doctor and Georgia.

“This way!” the Doctor said, as Georgia ran through a wrong door. The Doctor pushed open another door, ran down a long corridor and then opened a door to the left. Zac, Conner and Georgia followed him through the door into the domed room.

“Where’s it gone?” Georgia asked, “Where’s the TARDIS?”
“I don’t know,” the Doctor muttered.
“Where’s Kaylie?” Zac asked worriedly, “She must’ve been kidnapped, and she didn’t even want to come! If she’s dead, what am I going to say? What if she’s dead? I’ll have to tell Kaylie’s family, I’ll have to tell school, I’ll be suspected of murder!”
“Calm down Zac!” Conner exclaimed, “I’m sure Kaylie’s fine.”

“I’ve found the TARDIS,” the Doctor said, he had his sonic screwdriver out and he was pointing it through one of the doors on the wall.
“The sonic screwdriver can detect its superior technology?” Georgia asked.
“Yes, this way,” the Doctor said.

Kaylie was strapped to a white plank of metal. She was in some sort of laboratory with pipes dominating each wall and long white tables with mounds of papers and test tubes. Xelionth had sent Aikl to go patrolling with the other guards. Two people entered the room; both looked different from the other aliens. They were both thin, one had brown flowing hair, and the other wore something that looked a bit like a pair of glasses.

“Angilkar, you look lovely,” Xelionth said the girl alien with the brown hair.
“Now that’s enough,” the alien with glasses said, “What is that Xelionth?” All 3 of the aliens stared at Kaylie, with narrowed eyes.
“It looks vicious,” Angilkar commented.
“It will be vicious unless you let me go!” Kaylie snapped.
“Oh wow, it talks!” the alien with glasses exclaimed.
“Rather too much, I’m afraid Roiralt,” Xelionth replied to the alien with glasses, who was called Roiralt.
“Watch it, or I’ll slap you,” Kaylie growled.

“How can she talk our language, do you think?” Angilkar asked Roiralt.
“Some basic translation technology,” Roiralt replied quietly, still staring at Kaylie, “Did she come alone?”
“We think not, she says she had a non-human companion,” Xelionth answered, “And we found this.” Xelionth led Roiralt and Angilkar over to where the TARDIS was standing, doors wide open. Roiralt peeped inside.

“It’s bigger on the inside!” Roiralt exclaimed, and Angilkar peeped in too.
“Really, I just thought I was visually impaired,” Kaylie said sarcastically.
“Do you think it’s safe to go inside?” Angilkar asked.
“No, its not, sorry,” Kaylie shouted from the other side of the room, “It kills any non-humans who go inside, except the Doctor.”
“The Doctor?” Angilkar asked, “Who’s the Doctor?”
“I think I’ve heard that name before,” Roiralt replied, “Search the records for the Pluto-Sednian alliance.”
“Yes sir,” Angilkar replied, as the doors to the laboratory burst open and in marched a tall cruel looking alien, with a frown upon his face. He was followed closely by several guards. These aliens again looked different, but this time there was a huge difference. They were light blue skinned, with slits for noses, instead of the huge sphere-shaped noses the others had.

“Lord Komanfdu?” Xelionth said, “What are you doing here?”
“I simply heard you’d taken some human prisoner,” Lord Komanfdu replied, “And there it is. How did it get here?”
“We have reason to believe it landed in that thing,” Roiralt replied, pointing at the TARDIS. Lord Komanfdu marched towards the TARDIS and looked inside.
“It’s bigger on the inside,” Lord Komanfdu exclaimed.
“We’d worked that one out for ourselves thanks,” Angilkar replied.
“Well, I’d like my guards to take it and the other it to one of Sedna’s laboratories,” Lord Komanfdu said, ignoring Angilkar’s comment.
“We are fully qualified to cope with the situation here thank you very much,” Xelionth said, “We have the right equipment.”

“Xelionth, make yourself useful and find the other humans that it came with, it obviously didn’t come alone,” Lord Komanfdu ordered.
“We had already established the fact that Earth do not have technology to build those kinds of ships,” Roiralt explained, “And she has already told us that she did not come alone, but with a non-human.”
“Then find the non-human you idiot,” Lord Komanfdu ordered.
“You do not have authority here,” Roiralt snapped.
“Um actually I do,” Lord Komanfdu replied leering.
“It’s people like you who are breaking the Pluto-Sednian alliance!” Roiralt answered.
“That’s off topic, now find the other alien!” Lord Komanfdu shouted.
“No need to do that,” the Doctor said as he walked into the room, “I’m here now.” Lord Komanfdu’s guards raised their guns at the Doctor, who put up his hands.
“Doctor, finally you arrive!” Kaylie snarled, “I have been like locked to this chair hospital bed flat thing… for ages!”
“They’ve done something good then,” the Doctor said walking past Kaylie, “Hello I’m the Doctor.”

“What kind of alien is he then?” Angilkar asked.
“We could scan him,” Roiralt suggested.
“Or I could tell you,” the Doctor suggested, shrugging.
“Tell them and get me out of here,” Kaylie shrieked.

“Where’s the TARDIS?” the Doctor asked.
“Over there,” Xelionth replied.
“But you aren’t getting your hands on it,” Lord Komanfdu said, “Sedna’s getting it, our scientists will strip it down and we will be able to see how it works.”
“You’ll have to get inside it first,” the Doctor replied, “And did you just say Sedna?”

“Doctor, I may have left the TARDIS doors open,” Kaylie said, not looking at the Doctor.
“What? Kaylie how could you be so thick?” the Doctor said angrily.
“Don’t shout at me, I’m locked to a laboratory bed thing,” Kaylie pleaded.
“The whole of time and space is inside that box and you just leave the doors open,” the Doctor replied, “If somebody gets how it works, they’ll be able to change the universe and it could all be thrown inside the void.”
“Doctor, you shouldn’t have told them that,” Kaylie said.
“The whole of time and space inside that box,” Lord Komanfdu repeated, “Seize him.” Two guards grabbed the Doctor from behind and held him still. Outside the door Conner, Georgia and Zac had been watching the scene unfold.

“Doctor!” Conner shouted as he rushed forward from behind the door. Georgia was about to get up when Zac grabbed her.
“Georgia, if we all get captured how will we escape?” Zac asked.
“But…” Georgia said helplessly as Komanfdu’s guards seized Conner too.
“We’ll take these three to the court,” Lord Komanfdu decided, “I shall send some people to pick up the blue box.”
“As I have said before you do not have the authority…” Roiralt began but was interrupted.
“I am a lord and you are just a feeble scientist,” Lord Komanfdu replied coldly.
“How dare you insult him, he is far more intelligent and far more worthy of respect than you are,” Angilkar replied.
“Silence! It is people like you, who try to secretly send Plutonians off to other planets,” Lord Komanfdu answered. Angilkar, Xelionth and Roiralt stood silent as the Doctor, Conner and Kaylie were taken from the room. Lord Komanfdu marched out of the room last with a look of victory on his face.

“We’ve got to contact Pluton, immediately,” Roiralt ordered and Angilkar ran from the room.
“I’d better get back to patrol,” Xelionth said, “Good luck.”

Georgia and Zac hid behind the door as they watched the Doctor, Conner and Kaylie be taken away by force. They were about to leave their hiding place when Angilkar ran by.
“That was close,” Georgia said, “We’ve got to follow them.”
“Wait, what’s that?” Zac asked pointing the opposite way up the corridor at a blue light.
“Let’s find out,” Georgia replied as she got up and walked towards the light. When they reached the end of the corridor they saw the blue light was coming from the room at the end of it. They pushed open the doors and they found themselves on a balcony staring into a huge dark pit, with a huge spherical machine revolving in the centre of it. The machine seemed to be illuminating the blue light.

“What is that?” Georgia asked.
“How should I know?” Zac muttered replied.
“I think its some kind of power source,” Georgia suggested, “Maybe it powers the city.”
“But then what powers that?” Zac asked.
“I think we should go,” Georgia said quickly. She turned around and pushed on the double doors, but they did not budge.

“Uh oh,” Zac said noticing that Georgia couldn’t open the door. He ran forward and pushed against the doors too.
“They aren’t opening,” Georgia muttered.
“I’ve noticed,” Zac said dully.
“What are we going to do?” Georgia asked.
“We could explore,” Zac suggested, “This balcony seems to go on for a while, maybe there’s another door leading off it.”
“It’s worth a try I suppose,” Georgia replied, “But as soon as we’re out we need to find the Doctor and Conner.”
“And Kaylie,” Zac added.

The Doctor, Conner and Kaylie, meanwhile, had been dragged by Komanfdu’s guards into a small room with nothing inside it. The Guards released them and left them inside the room.
“I’ve sent word ahead, please don’t touch the sides of room, stay in the centre,” Lord Komanfdu told them before he left the room.
“Where are we going?” Kaylie asked the Doctor.
“The high court I think, don’t know why,” the Doctor answered.
“But why have we been locked in a room?” Conner asked.
“Well…” the Doctor began, as the room filled with bright blue light.
“What’s happening?” Kaylie screamed as the room shook. The blue light vanished to reveal that Conner, the Doctor and Kaylie had moved to a grimy room which was exactly the same size as the room they had just been in.

“We’ve been teleported,” the Doctor said. The door opened to reveal another alien, which was of the same species of Angilkar, Xelionth and Roiralt.
“You will follow me Earthlings,” the alien said in a squeaky little voice.
“I’m not from Earth,” the Doctor said.
“Yes, yes, that’s right!” the alien replied, “You’re the other alien.”

“Where are we?” the Doctor asked as he followed the alien out of the door into a long corridor full of similar looking aliens.
“The High Court of Sedna and Pluto, we are to decide what to do with you,” the alien said.
“Pluto?” the Doctor replied, “We were on Pluto?”
“Well of course you were,” the Plutonian squeaked happily, “You were found in ICE, the city, weren’t you?”
“Pluto,” the Doctor said, ignoring the Plutonians comment, “But it was snowing, proper snow, there’s no snow on Pluto. There’s no H2O, unless it was snowing methane, which I know it wasn’t the texture’s different.”
“What are you saying?” Conner asked.
“Something is very wrong,” the Doctor answered, “There shouldn’t be any H2O on Pluto, there just isn’t any, and it can’t just suddenly appear. The H2O could mess up the atmosphere on the planet; it could make the planet inhabitable for the Plutonians. Of course, somebody wants to wipe out the Plutonian race, but why?”


Sunday, 20 December 2009

VTV Series Episode 9: Found

As the Hacek Dral flew at Katie, she ducked. It slammed into the glass door. For one moment Katie thought it would crack, as suck all the air out into space, but she realised it was in fact a door, which swung open. The Hacek Dral manoeuvred itself for another attack, and Katie climbed inside, slamming the door shut.

The Doctor grabbed John Lennon as the door cracked open, revealing the Raston Warrior Robot. It seemed to latch its face onto the Doctor, before raising its arm and firing. The Doctor dived out of the way. Paul McCartney kicked the other door down and the Beatles and the Doctor ran out of it.

“Don’t panic, but you’re trapped,” Katie muttered to herself.

The Hacek Dral continually banged on the door, making thinking up a plan difficult.

“What would the Doctor do? Think!”

She looked around desperately, and saw a sticker on the inside of the glass box she was trapped in. It read ‘teleport device’.

“Meh,” Katie shrugged.

She pressed the button, and vanished.

“Come on!” the Doctor cried, running down the corridor.
“Where are we going?” George Harrison yelled as the corridor exploded behind them.
“No idea!” the Doctor shouted back.
“Why is that thing chasing us?” Ringo Starr asked.
“I think it’s after me!” the Doctor said.

The Raston Warrior Robot fired a disc from its arm, and the corridor exploded. Katie appeared in a teleport across the ship. She ran from the small pod, noticing a Hacek Dral banging on the glass door opposite. She took a deep breath, and headed to the controls of the station. One large button said ‘all teleports’. She pressed it, and the whole entire space station was filled with bright light.

“Ouch,” the Doctor grumbled.

He rolled over amongst the rubble. All four Beatles were unconscious. The Raston Warrior Robot had been crushed under a large chunk of ceiling.

“Well that was easy,” the Doctor mumbled, whistling as he casually walked away from the scene.

Katie meanwhile, stared out of the window of the space station as she watched the Hacek Dral teleport out into space, and die from lack of oxygen. She turned away from the window, and headed to the teleportation pod. Pressing the teleport, she arrived back on Earth, straight in front of the Doctor.

“Doctor!” she cried, hugging him.
“Katie!” he grinned, returning the hug. “How did you…?”
“I’m not sure,” Katie said. “The teleport just took me to you.”
“Hmm,” the Doctor replied. “I think someone’s behind this.”

He looked up at the sky, taking Katie by the hand. She squeezed his hand in reply.

“It’ll be okay Doctor,” she said.
“I know,” the Doctor said hopefully. “Now let’s get the TARDIS back.”

He pulled a teleport from his pocket, and pressed it. With one final flash, the Doctor and Katie disappeared into nothingness.

The End

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Episode 10: Hide and Seek

Here is the cast list:

The Doctor
Georgia Bell
Conner Bennet
Korena Hashimoto
Petr Costravalos
Pippa Blackwell
Kaito Hashimoto
Kimiko Hashimoto
Margaret Hashimoto
Lee Hashimoto
Aimee Wong
Naoki Noran

Here is the synopsis:

Life is easy as a Japanese film star, but when Korena Hashimoto is stalked by a blue box, chased by aliens, and meets the Doctor, her life will never be the same again.

Here are some spoilers. Remember, two are red herrings!

Korena's first line is "oh my God!"
Naoki Noran is Japan's second best actor, and is less than happy about it.
Pippa Blackwell saves Georgia and Conner.
Korena hates musicals.
Petr Costravalos has plans for Korena.
Something happens to Japan at night.
Georgia remains behind in Japan.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Episode 9: Snowfall in the City Part 1

Zac’s pen paused as he gazed over his answers. GCSE’s were hard, especially this Biology exam. Zac usually did very well in his Biology tests, but how was he supposed to remember all of this. Zac heard a small popping noise somewhere in the building. Everything was silent again as the Year 11’s pens scribbled answers down. Kaylie was banging her head on the table, what were the names of the acids in the stomach? Beth, meanwhile, had finished, but she had guessed lots of answers.

Mrs Sow was talking quietly to Mr. Pickard, as they did so there was a very loud, very strange popping noise. All the year 11’s turned around.
“What was that?” Kaylie asked, and she was not the only one, the whole of the year seemed to be whispering to each other.
“Now really!” Mrs Sow shouted, “All of you be quiet, or your papers will be ripped up and thrown in the bin.” Mrs Sow still had very little control over the children and they were now chatting happily away to one another.
“Shut up you!” Bradley said loudly to his gang, “Miss is speaking.”
“Silence!” Mr Pickard ordered and the whole room fell silent.
“Thank you Mr. Pickard,” Mrs Sow said, “Now I have no idea what that noise was, but since it was very strange and loud, I will not rip your papers up for talking, however, if this happens again, I shall not be so kind.” The Year 11’s had just began continuing answer the questions when a strange grey alien with a large rucksack on walked into the hall. Nobody noticed except Catherine, who smiled merrily at it then carried on gazing at the boy in front.

“Ireyk, Kornfla?” the alien said loudly and the whole hall turned their heads and stared at the alien.


Half the hall screamed, a couple of the girls fainted, some began to run off and panic followed. Zac, Kaylie and Beth tried to catch up with the alien, who was now running off. Catherine looked down at her question paper and realised only two questions had been answered and she hurriedly began to answer the rest.

Zac stopped in the middle of a corridor, Kaylie and Beth entered the corridor and stopped running too.
“Which way did it go?” Kaylie asked. There was a smashing sound from one of the art rooms.
“That way,” Zac said and ran into the art room. There was a pile of clay on the floor. The alien was looking closely at a pencil which he had found. Zac looked at the alien and thought about how strange it looked. It was fat, with a huge round nose that took up most of its head and it was a grey colour.

“Hi,” Beth said and the alien squeaked.
“Kornfla,” the alien said, “Kino yfrek?”
“I’m sorry we don’t speak your language,” Beth said, making strange movements with her hands that showed that she didn’t understand. The alien nodded and pointed at his rucksack.
“What is your rucksack?” Zac asked, making movements with his hands.
“Ikny ik me buriko,” the alien said.

“Why isn’t the TARDIS here to translate?” Zac moaned.
“Phone him,” Kaylie said.
“What?” Zac said.
“Phone the Doctor,” Kaylie said, “Then we will be able to speak to him.”
“What? How does the TARDIS translate languages?” Beth asked.
“The TARDIS gets inside your head and translates, so everyone can understand each other,” Zac explained.
“That’s clever,” Beth commented, “Kaylie if you and Zac stay here, I’ll see what’s going on.”
“All right,” Zac said as he dialed Conner’s number. Light years away Conner’s phone rang. Conner took the phone out from his pocket and answered it.

“Hi Zac, what’s happening?” Conner asked, as Georgia helped an elderly talking Zebra onto a boat ready to set sail for the unknown.
“Well we were half way through our GCSE’s,” Zac explained, “When an alien walked into the hall, everyone panicked, me, Kaylie and Beth went after it and found it in the art room, we’re with it now. He doesn’t speak English.”
“Most aliens don’t learn the language before they invade the planets,” Conner said.
“Oh I don’t think they are invading, there’s only one and he seems friendly,” Zac explained, “Can you please come back as soon as possible; we need the TARDIS translation circuits and all your help.”
“Yeah OK,” Conner agreed.

“So what are you up to?” Zac asked.
“Well we came to visit some talking Zebra’s on this distant planet,” Conner explained, “But it turns out there is only one of them left and he’s about 600, so he’s persuaded us to send him on a voyage to the unknown lands. He won’t listen to the Doctor, who says the unknown lands are actually the other side of the main continent. These Zebra’s are a bit primitive, no wonder they are almost extinct. Anyway better go, the Zebra’s in the boat, I’ll be back soon OK. Bye!”
“Bye,” Zac said as Kaylie attempted to ask what species he was in sign language. The alien seemed offended.

Beth walked into the hall to find that half of the year was still being rounded up, Catherine was the only one still writing. Mrs Sow walked up to Catherine.
“Now dear, we are going to do a different test, due to the interruptions,” Mrs Sow said.
“But Mrs Sow I think I actually know this question!” Catherine exclaimed. Mrs Sow patted Catherine on the head as if she was 4 years old, and spotted Beth.
“Beth, where is Zac and Kaylie?” Mrs Sow asked.
“They are with the alien now,” Beth explained, “In the art room.”
“Funny I didn’t know aliens were interested in such things as art” Mrs Sow said, “Do you think I should phone UNIT?”
“Zac is phoning the Doctor,” Beth explained, “The Doctor prefers UNIT not to be involved. That’s what Kaylie told me anyway.”
“Good for him,” Mrs Sow said, “UNIT prefer to kill enemies rather ran reason with them. Ah, Mr. Pickard, there you are.”

“I’ve found most of the year 11’s, and Mrs Priestly has collected in all the test papers, and put them in alphabetical order for marking.”

“The students can all go home now Mr. Pickard,” Mrs Sow replied.
“YES!” Beth said.
“What is it?” Catherine asked, as she wandered over to where Mrs Sow was talking.
“We can go home,” Beth exclaimed, “Well you can I’m going to help Zac and Kaylie.”
“With what?” Catherine asked.
“Revision,” Beth replied. Zac, Kaylie and Beth had convinced Catherine that what had happened with the Clowns and the fair and the séance table was all a dream. They had thought it best, as Catherine could not handle such things inside her mind. It had also meant that Catherine had stopped continuously asking questions about the Doctor and the TARDIS and aliens.

“Also the Biology GCSE is going to be done again due to interruptions,” Mrs Sow explained, “The test papers can be ripped up.” Mr. Pickard sighed as Mrs Sow began to send the children home.

Back in the art rooms, Zac was now watching the comedy going on in front of him. Kaylie had embarrassed herself a lot now, although she had not realized it. The alien did not really understand what she was going on about but he replied all the same. Suddenly, a familiar sound filled the air.
“Zac it’s the TARDIS!” Kaylie exclaimed as the TARDIS materialized in front of them. The alien squeaked and vanished.
“Oh no!” Zac said, as the Doctor exited the TARDIS.
“What’s wrong with me?” the Doctor asked.
“It’s not about you, the alien just vanished,” Zac replied.
“Why’d it do that then?” the Doctor asked.
“Because the TARDIS appeared out of nowhere,” Zac answered as Conner and Georgia also left the TARDIS.
“So where’s this alien?” Conner asked.
“Gone,” the Doctor replied.
“So we travelled all the way through time and space for nothing?” Conner asked.
“Not nothing,” Zac said, “Surely we can try and follow where it went, right Doctor?”
“I think so,” the Doctor said.

“What did it look like?” Georgia asked Kaylie.
“It was fat, with a huge nose, little eyes,” Kaylie explained, “I thought it was cute.”
“I haven’t met many cute aliens,” Georgia replied, “Most of the ones we meet are either ugly or vicious predators.”

Catherine grabbed her bag and wandered out of the school hall, following the other Year 11’s. Beth made the same movement, but instead of walking straight through reception and out through the Fire Exit, she turned left and headed up the art corridor. Mrs Sow caught up with her.
“So where is this alien?” Mrs Sow asked.
“In one of the art rooms,” Beth explained, “Just up here.”
“Has the Doctor arrived yet?” Mrs Sow asked.
“I have no idea,” Beth replied, as a familiar scraping sound filled the air. Beth ran into the art room to see the TARDIS dematerialising.
“DOCTOR!” Beth shrieked, “I don’t want to be left behind! Zac! Kaylie! Conner!”

“What is it?” Mrs Sow asked as she entered the room.
“They’ve left without me,” Beth concluded.

Inside the TARDIS the Doctor pulled a lever and the TARDIS lurched violently, throwing all 5 passengers to the floor.
“Do you really enjoy this?” Kaylie asked.
“We’re almost at the planet where that alien came from,” the Doctor said, “This teleportation track can be followed easily.”
“What?” Kaylie asked, “I don’t want to go anywhere! Bring me back home! I don’t want to be captured and killed! Take me home!”
“Kaylie you’re on board now, but you can stay in the TARDIS if you want,” the Doctor said.
“Fine,” Kaylie said, then she sat down and crossed her arms.
“But these adventures are fun Kaylie,” Zac said.
“Then why didn’t you continue travelling in the TARDIS?” Kaylie snapped.
“Because its brilliant, but I missed my family and I missed you,” Zac explained.
“Still not going,” Kaylie replied.

“Anyway,” the Doctor said as the TARDIS stopped, “We’ve landed.”
“Where are we?” Georgia asked excitedly.
“Let’s find out, see you later Kaylie,” the Doctor answered, Kaylie waved quickly.
“Bye Kaylie,” Conner said, following Georgia out of the TARDIS.
“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” Zac asked.
“Yes!” Kaylie said. Zac and the Doctor followed Conner out of the TARDIS. Conner and Georgia were already admiring the scenery when Zac left the TARDIS. The TARDIS had landed in a white walled room, with a domed glass ceiling. Something white was falling on top of the glass ceiling.
“Look, it’s snowing outside,” Georgia said pointing to the ceiling.

“Where are we?” Conner asked.
“I’m not sure,” the Doctor replied.
“Are we in the SOL system?” Zac asked.
“No, I doubt it,” the Doctor answered, “Come on; let’s go through that door over there.” The Doctor, Georgia, Conner and Zac walked over to a set of doors and the Doctor opened one of them.

Xelionth had been working as Head Guard in the city of ICE for years. He had originally been a Scientist under the Great Roiralt of ICE’s Plutonaut Base, but had decided that guns were more suited to him than laboratories. Xelionth was sitting on a squashy grey armchair in his Headquarters when one of his Guards entered the room.
“What is it Aikl?” Xelionth asked the Guard.
“We have an unregistered Blue Box in Vector 5:3,” Aikl replied.
“Where did it come from?” Xelionth questioned.
“No idea, it just appeared, and I think I caught a glimpse of some aliens on the security camera,” Aikl answered.
“Then this is very serious, it is a very rare occurrence when an alien appears in the city,” Xelionth said, standing up and grabbing his gun, which he had left on the table next to him.
“Except the Sednians sir,” Aikl replied.
“But they don’t really count do they,” Xelionth said, “We’re basically ruled by the same government; we’re soon to be called the united lands of -” Suddenly an alarm interrupted Xelionth.

“What’s going on?” Aikl asked, looking alarmed.
“It’s the Security Alarm, someone’s got through into one of the Private areas of the city without authorisation,” Xelionth replied, rushing over to his computer.
“Where are they?” Aikl asked.
“Vector 5:4, it’s the aliens,” Xelionth ran out of the room, closely followed by Aikl.

In the TARDIS, Kaylie was getting very bored. There were only so many times you could spin on a chair before feeling sick. Kaylie stood up and walked over to the door. Kaylie sighed and stepped out of the TARDIS, deciding that she would stay in the nearby area. She stepped into the large glass-domed room.
“It’s snowing!” Kaylie exclaimed, “Bloody Hell, I’m on an alien planet. Kaylie Watson on an alien space thing! Wait what if I’m just on some base at the North Pole.” Kaylie looked around; there was no sign of the Doctor, Georgia, Conner and Zac.
“Stop talking to yourself Kaylie,” Kaylie said to herself. There was suddenly thudding footsteps and several figures burst into the room pointing guns at Kaylie, who screamed.

“You will be silent!” Xelionth ordered, he was, in appearance a large grey man, with a huge nose which took up most of its head.
“You’re related to the creature I saw!” Kaylie exclaimed.
“I said silent!” Xelionth ordered again, “Or I will shoot you right here, right now!” Kaylie fell silent. Xelionth marched over to the TARDIS and examined it, the doors were shut. Kaylie hoped that they were locked, even though she’d managed to get out.

“What species are you?” Xelionth asked.
“Human,” Kaylie said in a scared whisper.
“Humans don’t have this technology!” Xelionth snapped, “Stop lying!”
“No really I am, I have five fingers and eyes and hair and a mouth,” Kaylie replied, “I’ve been travelling with a non-human though.”
“That would explain it,” Xelionth answered, “You’re coming with me now.”
“No I have to stay here,” Kaylie replied.
“Tough, you’re on my planet,” Xelionth snapped.
“Tough, I don’t care,” Kaylie said bravely. Xelionth started forward, lifted Kaylie up into a fireman’s lift and carried her away from the TARDIS.
“Let go of me!” Kaylie shrieked, struggling against Xelionth.
“You four,” Xelionth said, pointing at four of the Guards including Aikl, “Carry the Blue Box to the labs, we can see how it works.”

“Hang on Sir,” Aikl said, “These doors aren’t locked.” Aikl pushed open the TARDIS doors and stepped inside, he rushed out seconds later.
“It’s bigger on the inside,” Kaylie said at the same time as Aikl, “DOCTOR! THEY’VE GOT IN YOUR SHIP!”


Monday, 14 December 2009

Mini Ep. 9: Greek Gourmet

The Doctor
And Conner
With: Sellina, Archimedes, Nikronvert, Golgotha, Cleon

The Doctor pulled a lever and the TARDIS flew through the vortex. Georgia and Conner grabbed onto the console as it began to shake.
“What’s going on?” Georgia asked.
“There’s just been a big bang in the galaxy we’re passing,” the Doctor exclaimed, “Fancy a peak?”
“We saw a Big Bang last week,” Conner replied.
“Fine, where do you want to go?” the Doctor asked.
“The Past,” Conner said, shrugging and added slowly, “The Year 325 BC, Ancient Greece.”
“You’re very precise,” the Doctor said, “I haven’t been to Ancient Greece for a while, I suppose it is about time we popped in for a visit.”

“Can we go for a Greek Dinner?” Georgia asked.
“How do you know they’ll be a party in Ancient Greece?” the Doctor asked.
“I don’t know, but if there is can we go?” Georgia asked.
“Are you two alright?” the Doctor asked Georgia and Conner.
“Why?” Georgia questioned.
“Meh,” the Doctor replied, pulling a lever as the TARDIS headed towards 4th century BC. The TARDIS materialised in a quite square in the middle of a Greek Town. White stones houses and temples that surrounded the square were illuminated in the red glow from the setting sun. A hooded woman crossed the square, as she passed the TARDIS, the Doctor, Georgia and Conner exited it.

“Excuse me,” Conner said to the woman, “My friend often gets us lost, where are we?”
“Athens, sir,” the woman replied.
“And when are we?” Georgia asked.
“I do not understand miss,” the woman said.
“Hello, I’m Professor Smith,” the Doctor interrupted, “Who are you?”
“I am Sellina,” Sellina answered, “I am a Maid in Professor Archimedes' household.”
“Archimedes, you’re joking! We’re a bit off then Conner,” the Doctor said.
“As usual,” Georgia added.

“How do you know my master?” Sellina asked.
“He’s famous!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“For his fantastic parties?” Sellina questioned, looking a little confused.
“No, because he’s a great mathematician, inventor, engineer and astronomer,” the Doctor replied, “We had such a laugh! He probably won’t recognise me, I’ve changed. I will tell you something though, I designed the Claw of Archimedes, and it helped defend us against an army of –”

“Doctor,” Georgia said as she turned to the Doctor and Conner. Conner realised she had tears in her eyes.
“What’s wrong Georgia?” Conner asked, as he comforted her.
“Ancient Greece, don’t you remember?” Georgia said crying. Conner shook his head and Georgia turned to the Doctor, who stared at Georgia with a sad expression on his face.
“You know, don’t you Doctor?” Georgia said, as she tried to hold back her tears.
“Ancient Greece was the first place we travelled to after we defeated the Slitheen,” the Doctor said replied.
“Richard, oh I’m sorry Georgia,” Conner said, “Let’s go back Doctor.”
“No!” Georgia said, shaking herself, and brushing away her tears, “We’re going to a party!”
“Have you been invited to Archimedes party?” Sellina asked. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner turned to face Sellina, who had been watching them silently for the last minute.
“We might as well have been,” the Doctor replied, getting out his psychic paper.

It was quarter of an hour later, when the Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrived at Archimedes house. Decorations covered the place, and light shone from inside, as the sky turned navy blue. Standing by the door was a man wearing a white chiton, and holding a scroll of parchment. As the Doctor, Georgia and Conner approached the man saw them and stroked his grey beard with his hand.

“Names?” the man asked as they approached.
“I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor replied, “I’ve been invited to your Gourmet party.”
“It’s not my party, my master Archimedes’ party,” the man replied.
“Of course, that’s what I meant,” the Doctor answered.
“You don’t seem to be on the guest list,” the man muttered.
“Ah, well that’s strange, but we do have an invitation,” the Doctor replied, flourishing the psychic paper at the man.
“Oh, well that seems to be in order,” the man said quickly, and the Doctor nodded, “I’m Cleon Bonavarte, by the way your Emperorship.”

Georgia rolled her eyes, as the Doctor, Conner and Georgia entered the huge white house. They came out into a courtyard where a huge statue stood in the middle of a pool of water. There were many Greek men and women dotted around chatting and eating from large white plates, as musicians played on ancient harps and other instruments. There were servants carrying wine, a large woman singing loudly as people around her applauded, and standing next to the pool was a man with a cheerful booming voice and a large brown beard. He was surrounded by a large group of people, all wearing the latest ancient Greek fashion.

“Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to my party,” Archimedes beamed at everyone.
“He seems cheerful,” Conner commented.
“But he sounds drunk too,” Georgia replied, “Oooh food!” Georgia rushed over to a servant who was carrying a plate of tiny fish. Georgia grabbed one.
“Thanks, hmmm these are lovely! Talk about gourmet,” Georgia exclaimed as she tried the fish, “Can I have another?”
“You can have as many as you like,” the servant replied, so Georgia took a handful and began to make her way back to where Conner was standing, unsure of what to do. The Doctor, meanwhile, had disappeared in the crowd of people surrounding Archimedes. A man with short dark hair and a pointed face, stopped Georgia with his hand before she reached Conner.

“I’d go easy on those,” the man said to Georgia, looking at the fish in her hand. He had a nasty, croaky voice.
“I will thank you very much,” Georgia snapped.
“I wouldn’t want a pretty girl like you to end up like my wife,” the man replied nastily jerking his head towards the large woman singing.
“Well, she’s a very good singer,” Georgia replied, “Not my kind of music, but pop wasn’t around in Ancient Greece.”
“Maybe you could show me what kind of music you like,” the man hissed.
“I don’t even know your name,” Georgia said.
“It’s Nikronvert,” Nikronvert answered, “I do the second best parties around here, and what do you mean by Ancient Greece anyway?” Nikronvert pulled Georgia closer to him, Georgia made a little squealing noise and she dropped the fish on the floor.

“Georgia, is everything ok?” Conner asked, as he approached Georgia and Nikronvert.
“Everything’s fine,” Georgia said, pushing Nikronvert away, and stamping hard on his foot before she walked away with Conner. Nikronvert grabbed his foot in pain and started hopping away backwards. He tripped and fell into the pool in the centre of the courtyard. Archimedes saw Nikronvert in the pool and started laughing heartily.
“Was that anything to do with you?” Conner asked Georgia, as she smirked.
“No,” Georgia replied innocently.

“Anyway, the Doctor’s managed to get us seats on the high table in the dining room, don’t know how he did it,” Conner told Georgia, who was still watching Nikronvert struggling to get out of the pool. Sellina rushed forward to help him up, but Nikronvert’s wife, the singer, was also smirking.
“Do you think it’s odd that Nikronvert’s wife finds her husband tripping and falling into a pool of water satisfying,” Georgia said, still watching as Nikronvert finally got out of the pool.
“Georgia, didn’t you hear what I just said?” Conner asked.
“Of course I did, the Doctor’s moving in high society,” Georgia said.

It was about half an hour later when they assembled in Archimedes’ dining room for a feast. Archimedes sat in the middle of the high table, Nikronvert’s wife, who was called Golgotha, sat to his right, the Doctor on his left. Next to the Doctor sat Conner then Georgia, then some young Greek men.
“And so as I told you earlier Doctor, my servants work for nothing, really they should be paying me, I give them a laugh every day!” Archimedes boomed, and laughed.
“But surely, they would get more out of a paid job,” the Doctor replied.
“Well, he offers them a place in his household and an invitation to all of his famous parties,” Golgotha butted in, she had a deep, pronounced voice.
“Not to mention, free meals and their own bedrooms,” Archimedes added, stroking his beard, “I pay all my cooks, but most are temporary for my parties. They really have worked hard today.”
“Yes, and here comes the first course now,” the Doctor said, as twenty servants carrying plates of food entered the room and served the guests starting at the high table.

“Hmm, Greek food,” Georgia said smiling, “What’s this?” Georgia began to chat to the young men sitting next to her and Conner frowned.
“Who’s the woman sitting next to Archimedes? Is it his wife?” Conner asked the Doctor, as a huge cooked chicken was placed in front of him by Sellina.
“That’s not his wife; it’s his good friend,” the Doctor replied, “Although it’s his enemy, Nikronvert’s wife. He was the one who fell in the pool earlier.”
“Georgia stood on his foot,” Conner replied, as he looked over at Georgia chatting. The second course was a wide range of breads in gourmet sauces. When it arrived Archimedes stood up to address his guests.
“We must remember the God’s Demeter and Persephone, who have granted us this feast,” Archimedes said, “And the wonderful cooks who have prepared it for us.”

Georgia noticed Nikronvert sneak into the room, from the door that several servants were emerging from carrying dishes of food.
“Hey Conner,” Georgia said turning to Conner.
“Oh you’re talking to me now are you?” Conner said, “Are your new friends too boring for you.”
“Conner, are you jealous?” Georgia questioned, narrowing her eyes.
“No!” Conner snapped, “What do you want anyway?”

“Well, you know Nikronvert over there,” Georgia said, “Oooh I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!”
“What about him?” Conner asked bluntly.
“He just emerged from the kitchens, I don’t think he’s up to any good,” Georgia told Conner.
“Just because you don’t like him Georgia, doesn’t mean he’s up to no good,” Conner replied.
“Conner, I’m serious I think he’s done something,” Georgia snapped, “The food!” Georgia stared down the table and saw Archimedes beginning to eat.
“STOP!” Georgia exclaimed.
“Georgia sit down!” Conner ordered.
“Archimedes, please don’t eat that!” Georgia screamed.
“Why is that?” Archimedes asked, “Who are you anyway?”
“That is my friend Georgia sir,” the Doctor replied, “She’s from… Sparta.”
“SPARTA?” Golgotha exclaimed, “That place is overrun with barbarians and hooligans!”
“Silence my dear,” Archimedes replied, “Why shouldn’t I eat this?”
“She thinks its wrong,” the Doctor explained, “Where she comes from they don’t eat, they only drink erm… stuff. Now, Georgia don't be rude.”

“That food’s been poisoned!” Georgia shouted, “Nobody should eat that food!”
“I already have,” Archimedes said, “And I feel fine.”
“What a surprise,” Conner said sarcastically, Georgia spontaneously hit him.
“And it looks like many of my guests have tucked in too,” Archimedes added, “And we all feel-flerghh, blercc!” Archimedes grabbed his throat with his hands and fell to the floor, at the same time many of the guests fell to the floor choking.

“Oh my goodness!” Golgotha squeaked, “Dear Archimedes!” Georgia and Conner rushed to Archimedes side, Conner looked at Georgia apologetically.
“It’s all right Conner,” Georgia replied to Conner’s expression. The Doctor sniffed the food.
“It’s been laced with Conium,” the Doctor exclaimed, “I need to get back to the TARDIS to get an antidote. Conner, make sure nobody leaves.” The Doctor left the room rapidly, and in 5 minutes he returned with his pockets stuffed full of bottles of a purple substance.

“That was quick,” Conner said.
“Can you help give the antidote out please,” the Doctor said.
“I’ll help,” Sellina said. Sellina, Conner and Georgia received bottles from the Doctor and gave them to the guests who had been poisoned.

“We need to give some to dear Archimedes!” Golgotha said hysterically.
“Of course,” the Doctor replied giving Golgotha a bottle, Golgotha unscrewed the top and began to pour the liquid into Archimedes’ mouth.
“I think that’s enough,” the Doctor told Golgotha, who stopped pouring.

Georgia gave the antidote to an old woman, then a young man, she stood up and walked into Nikronvert. Georgia gritted her teeth.
“Be more careful girl!” Nikronvert snapped.
“How dare you!” Georgia replied angrily, “You poisoned all these people!”
“How dare you accuse me of such a thing!” Nikronvert roared.
“How dare you shout at me!” Georgia shouted in retaliation, before seizing a jar of a green substance from a pocket in his robe. The Doctor ran over to Georgia and Nikronvert, all the guests were watching now.

“Is that Conium Doctor?” Georgia asked giving the jar to him.
“It’s a green powdery substance, he’s ground up the conium leaves,” the Doctor replied.

“No!” Sellina exclaimed running over, “Nikronvert would never do something like that!”
“Well he had an affair with you didn’t he?” Golgotha said marching over, “That little girl and you seduced her Nikronvert.”
“I’m not a little girl!” Sellina replied, “And Nikronvert is an honourable man.”
“Yeah, I guess love is blind,” Georgia said nastily.
“Especially if you fall for a bearded brute like Archimedes,” Nikronvert snarled.
“Oh,” the Doctor said in realisation.
“God, this is like bloody Eastenders,” Conner commented.
“Archimedes and I are in love!” Golgotha said.
“They did keep calling each other dear, and I thought it was kind of fishy to have Nikronvert’s wife sitting next to Archimedes,” Georgia said to Conner.

“But why did you want to poison all these people?” the Doctor asked Nikronvert.
“Because I had parties, Gourmet dinners and then Archimedes’ parties became more popular than mine,” Nikronvert said, “Most don’t even bother coming to mine and then I found out Golgotha and him were in love.”
“That’s like Georgia getting upset because she’s not as cool as me, but she doesn’t, get over it,” Conner said sarcastically.
“I’m going to slap you in a minute,” Georgia said through gritted teeth.

“Golgotha and I are in love,” Archimedes said as he staggered over, “My parties are far better than yours because I’m a far nicer person.”
“Your also really modest,” Nikronvert snarled.
“I’ll have you know that Nikronvert and I are in love,” Sellina replied, “And I think we know who got the nicer girl.”
“Me, you thin tiny thing,” Archimedes answered.
“Stick up for me, why don’t you?” Sellina growled at Nikronvert.
“All he is is a womaniser!” Golgotha cried, as the Doctor led Georgia and Conner out of the room.

“I think we should leave them to it,” the Doctor said.
“But I want to see what happens,” Georgia replied.
“I can tell you if you want,” the Doctor answered, “Archimedes’ parties suddenly become less popular and so does Archimedes, Nikronvert is sent to jail. Golgotha leaves Archimedes for a richer old gent and the servant Sellina dies of a broken heart.”

“Lovely,” Conner said, as they left Archimedes’ residence and strolled back through the streets of Athens.


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Mini Ep. 8: Kaylie's Key

Hello, it’s Kaylie Watson here. My mum, Karen, kept telling me to write a diary, and after the week I’ve had, I decided to give it a go. I’m a bit nervous – English isn’t my strong point at school. I’d say it was Art; I’m quite good at Art. Anyway, here goes:


I was walking down to the shops for some milk today, and I bumped into Conner Bennet. I’m thinking I need to put surnames on in case I read this in the future. He was chasing some whale creature and he didn’t have time to pop in and see us, so I left him to it. Me and Beth Grant went to the park and we accidentally broke the see-saw. It isn’t meant for jumping on, I don’t think. A bit later we were on the swings and Beth thought she heard the TARDIS. She ran off looking for it, and she didn’t come back!

Zac Pemberton, my lovely boyfriend, met me and we went to the cinema. It was a bit embarrassing cos my phone went off halfway through. It was Beth, telling me she was with Conner, and that they’d had a problem with the whale creature. She sent Zac her love, and told me that she’d be back in a few days.


This morning I had a fight with Amy, my younger sister, cos she was being childish. Andrea, my older sister, knocked over the milk again, and I had to cover for her cos she was out all last night and had a hangover today. Zac met me by that wonky post box down by Bradley Taylor’s house, and we walked to school together, and had a quick snog under the tree. It was nice until I got a twig down my bra. Then Zac realised we were late for school and we had to run all the way. We got bored having a race and pretended a Slitheen was behind us, and the old women at the bus stop thought we were mad!

Of course, Beth wasn’t at school, so it was mega boring. Our teacher was away or something, so Mrs Sow covered us for the whole day! It was so funny, until Gareth Daniels fell off the table and made his head bleed. Catherine Ford got picked up from school by her dad, which was weird. I’m gonna talk to her on MSN tonight cos she doesn’t normally get picked up. Didn’t get any homework today so I chatted to Catherine all night. Andrea left at nine, and mum was out so I had to make sure Amy went to bed at half nine. Apparently Catherine’s dad wanted to take the family on holiday for a bit. Normally Beth would go with them, but she wasn’t there so Catherine asked me.


I said no to Catherine, and she wasn’t at school. They’d left earlier in the morning, and apparently Catherine asked Bradley to go with her, and he said yes, which is real good, cos they both quite like each other, and we want them to get it on. The teacher wasn’t here again so we had another day of Mrs Sow. Zac and me talked to Gareth Daniels all morning until Maths. He went to reception cos of his head yesterday, but the Nurse wasn’t in, so he had to go home. He said it was okay though, cos he played his Xbox 360 instead. But it’s weird, cos half the teachers haven’t been in since Monday. I think it’s some sickness cos most of the shops were closed cos of ‘staff shortness’.

Zac came back to my house and we ate popcorn and watched Bambi. It was really sad when Bambi’s mum got shot, and I cried for about two hours. Amy came home from her weird Karate Club and so we had to cook her tea. I spilt tomato ketchup everywhere and so after we ate we had to clean up. Then Amy did her homework and I sat on Zac’s lap watching EastEnders. I sent a text to Beth, but I never got a reply.


Mum didn’t come home, and neither did Andrea, so I had to look after Amy and get her to school on time. Zac slept on the sofa instead of going home, so we proper felt like a mum and dad looking after Amy. We walked to school together (holding hands – yay!) but we got sent home, cos apparently they didn’t have enough teachers. I haven’t seen an adult for ages. Oh well. Amy was sent home too, so me and Zac didn’t get any time alone. Rubbish.

We were watching Waterloo Road when the doorbell rang. It was Beth and she looked worried. We sent Amy to bed and Zac made Beth a cup of tea. She had a shower and straightened her hair. Then she sat us down and told us that the Whale had escaped, and that she’d be gone until Saturday. Beth left soon after. Then something really important in my life happened… I didn’t think it would, I was so happy. Me and Zac spent our first night together.


I went to the Chemists (which was the only flipping shop still open I might add) in the morning, and Zac stayed in bed. It was so nice waking up next to him, and leaving him asleep. I got the pill and some other stuff cos I wasn’t sure what was best. Gareth Daniels’ girlfriend had a bad experience with a turkey baster so I didn’t ask for one of them. There wasn’t any school again today, so when Zac woke up we watched Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women. Zac cooked while I put on a DVD, which we watched until Amy came home from her friend’s house. Then we made her some tea.

Catherine rang and told me she was having a real good time with Bradley, and that they really liked each other. It’s good, cos we’ve all wanted them to go out since that thing with the Clowns and the Doctor. Amy went to bed at ten today cos she didn’t have school again tomorrow. I felt a bit strange then, with Zac and everything. Was it right for him to sleep over tonight as well? He was gonna go home, but his parents had gone with Rachel to some camping thing. They wouldn’t be back until Saturday, so he stayed over again. And, we ARE sixteen. It’s not like it’s not legal or anything.


Zac left me in bed today, and went to the shops. He said it was really nice to see me lying next to him too, which is all good. He also said he saw Beth at the shops, but she hid from him, so I dunno what’s going on there. Still, she should be back properly tomorrow. I hope this Whale thing isn’t giving them trouble. There was a report in the news about the shortages of adults at the moment. Maybe it’s global warming, or population problems. We learnt about that in Geography.

Anyway, Bradley and Catherine are gonna be back tomorrow, so they can tell us how it goes. Zac had a phone call from one of Rachel’s friend’s mums, and apparently she was staying with them until today. Zac was worried, but I told him his parents probably went camping without her too. He picked her up and took her home, so my bed was half empty today.


Oh my God! I can’t believe what we found out today! Bradley and Catherine came back, and they both said how well it went. I never noticed before, but Bradley’s got a nice bum, but Catherine’s told me he’s off limits, and that if I touched him she’d drown me. I said I didn’t want him, and that she couldn’t drown someone on Mars, even if the water was dripping down from the ceiling. It wasn’t my best comeback, but it was so stupid it made her laugh. Anyway, Beth came round later, and Catherine was all happy. When she left I asked Beth how the Whale thing went, and she just stared at me. Apparently, she’d never even been with Conner at all! She was just hiding for a bit so Catherine could go away with Bradley, then her phone broke, so she didn’t know when they’d be back. That explained Zac seeing her at the shops at least.

The next thing that happened is really important, so I’m going to write it down like a story. Not too good at this, I got a D in my last English. Shakespeare’s pretty boring anyway. Here goes:

“When’s your mum coming back?” Zac asked Kaylie.
“I dunno…” Kaylie muttered. “Must be some party.”
“Andrea’s not been home for days too,” Zac said. “You don’t think…?”
“Nothing’s happened to them,” Kaylie said firmly. “All the adults are away at the moment.”
“I guess,” Zac said.

We didn’t think that the adult’s vanishing was funny; the whole country just shrugged it off. And we probably would have never discovered what happened, until we heard the buzzing.

“Can you hear that?” Zac asked a few hours later.
“Some sort of buzzing?” Kaylie replied.
“Yeah,” Zac said. “I think we should follow it.”

We left the house, and followed the buzzing. It seemed we walked for ages, and we only stopped at a dark grey building. Zac walked inside, and I followed. When we got inside, we saw hundreds of adults, all lined up, with blank expressions like zombies.

“Oh my God!” Kaylie gasped. “There’s got to be hundreds of adults in here!”
“But not every adult is inside…” Zac said. “Why did it call us? We aren’t adults.”
“I don’t think it wants the ‘pure’” Kaylie whispered.

I ran to the wall and pressed the fire extinguisher. Everyone suddenly came to their senses, and evacuated the building. Mum and Andrea ran past, crying, and Steve and Jane were there too. We ran out of the building last, and suddenly there was a massive shake, and the building flew away! I had no idea what was going on, but at least we had the adults back.

I’ve decided to bin this diary. Nobody remembers the adult thing anyway, and I don’t wanna read this when I’m older and think how rubbish I am at English. And who wants to read about me and Zac sleeping together anyway? So if you’re reading this, I guess I didn’t dispose of this diary very well. That sucks. I hope you bin it, who knows what could happen if you read it?

The End

Friday, 11 December 2009

Episode 8: Black and Gold Part 5

Conner coughed in the dust, trying to see. It was pitch black, and he could hear Dorris from somewhere to his left groaning. There were small fires around them, on the ground and inside the train. Conner climbed to his feet, and stumbled over the rubble. He reached the train, and sighed in relief. It didn’t contain any passengers, but was used to transport coal around. He saw Susan lying under the tunnel’s bricks. She was clearly dead.

“Oh, but you were dead before this,” Conner sighed, turning away.

He walked back to Dorris, who reached out for him.

“You’re okay,” he said. “Thanks for saving me.”
“No problem,” Dorris laughed weakly. “Just get these bricks off of me.”

Conner nodded, and lifted the brick off Dorris. He helped her to her feet, and she brushed herself down.

“We need to get out of here,” she continued. “The hospital’s not far away. If it’s alright, I wouldn’t mind checking out my wrist. I think it’s sprained.”
“That’s where Georgia is,” Conner said. “Just try and move some bricks.”
“What about that carriage of the train?” Dorris asked.
“We climb over it,” Conner said determinedly.

The Doctor frowned in surprise.

“You work for Torchwood?” he asked.
“Yes,” Naomi replied. “The last time I saw you was when you were with Jack Harkness. The two of you came from the 21st Century. We saved the world.”
“Whatever happened,” the Doctor said. “I can’t find out. Cos it hasn’t happened to me yet.”
“Well I can’t wait to meet you,” Naomi smiled.

Triss used the Sonic Screwdriver to open the panel above the communications room. She dropped into the room, making the Doctor grin and Naomi look surprised.

“What took you so long?” the Doctor asked. “I didn’t expect you to use the air vents, I’m impressed.”
“We lost Steve,” Triss sighed wearily. “I’d better seal us in.”

She crossed the room and sealed the door with the Sonic Screwdriver. She threw it back to the Doctor, who caught it. Triss crossed to the communications equipment, and brought up the screen of the main control room, which was empty except for Larry.

“That’s Larry Roux!” Naomi said. “He’s alive!”
“It’s just us two left,” Triss said. “Larry? Can you hear me?”
“Triss!” Larry cried. “Doctor! Naomi!”
“Hello!” the Doctor grinned. “Now, what are we gonna do about the Kritzanthians?”
“I’m hiding this transmission now,” Triss said.
“We could blow up the ship,” Larry said. “The Kritzanthians are all onboard.”
“No,” Naomi said. “Some are on the Out Region.”
“We could blow that up too,” Triss said quietly.
“That’s genocide,” the Doctor spat.
“They’re gonna kill us humans anyway!” Larry protested.
“Have you never heard of peace?” the Doctor asked. “Maybe the Kritzanthians would agree to a treaty.”
“I doubt it,” Naomi laughed. “We tried that before the war.”
“Well, we can try again!” the Doctor said.

Conner pulled another brick away, and sunlight filtered into the tunnel. Dorris grinned as several more chunks of bricks fell away. Conner reached for another brick, which he dropped in surprise.

“Hello?” Conner cried.

He had seen a hand, lifting bricks from the other side of the tunnel. Dorris scrambled for more bricks as the amount of light let in slowly increased. There was finally a big enough gap for Conner and Dorris to squeeze through, but as the two made their way to the hole, Wendy French and Mrs Macready stepped through it. Conner pulled Dorris behind him.

“Dorris, run!” Conner said.
“I’m not leaving you,” Dorris promised.
“You will be perfect!” Wendy said.
“Susan and the others are dead,” Conner said. “They were so perfect, that they forgot to walk beside the track, and walked across it. The train hit them full on. If they were still human, they’d still be alive.”
“That is not my fault,” Mrs Macready said. “And they are expendable. I can operate on you two; I’m sure you will make up for the children.”
“Their mothers will never see them again!” Dorris cried. “You killed them!”
“I made them better,” Mrs Macready insisted.
“But what about you?” Conner asked, playing for time. “When do you plan to convert yourself?”
“I am already perfect,” Mrs Macready assured him. “I have created perfection.”
“But you’re old!” Conner said. “And since when were you perfect? You botched up on Susan and the others…”

Wendy looked at Mrs Macready as if seeing her in a new light. Conner noticed the she seemed to be agreeing with him. Dorris squeezed his hand, apparently noticing too.

“What do you think, Wendy?” Conner asked.
“She should be perfected,” Wendy said.
“Yeah, she should,” Dorris added. “And shouldn’t the creator of perfection be allowed to go first?”
“We wouldn’t want to insult the creator,” Conner said.
“She will be perfected first,” Wendy agreed, advancing on Mrs Macready.
“No!” Mrs Macready cried. “I created you! Stop!”

She stepped backwards as Wendy stepped closer. Conner pulled Dorris out of Wendy’s way. Mrs Macready attempted to push Wendy away.

“Leave me!” she screamed. “Get them!”

Wendy ignored her, and grabbed Mrs Macready. Mrs Macready shoved Wendy, and the two fell, clutching each other, off the side of the train with a bang. Conner let go of Dorris and ran to the edge. He looked at the pools of blood running along the twisted steel and bricks of the crash that had claimed two more people.

“They’re dead,” he said.
“Come on,” Dorris sighed, taking his hand. “Let’s go.”

She led him out of the collapsed tunnel. The sound of sirens filled the air; it seemed yet more people were hurt. They continued to walk through the smoke and the noise to the hospital, still holding hands.

Georgia led the Shadowy Man, Pippa, Becky, Carlisle and Jeremy through parts of the hospital she’d never seen before. These were full of patients and staff, who looked curiously at them as they passed. Nobody said anything, just gaped in silence. Georgia looked down at her Nurse’s uniform self-consciously. Perhaps it was a little revealing, she realised. Still, it seemed to have worked on the Shadowy Man, which helped, especially when you needed someone like him on your side.

“I just wish you’d tell me your name,” Georgia sighed as the Shadowy Man caught up with her.
“Okay,” the Shadowy Man said.
“Seriously?” Georgia asked.
“Yeah,” the Shadowy Man laughed.
“Oh,” Georgia frowned. “I thought it would be more dramatic than that.”
“I’ll leave it to a more dramatic moment if you like,” the Shadowy Man sighed jokingly.

Georgia nodded. They reached the main door to the hospital, and stepped out of it. It was dark outside, and the whistle of the air raid began to sound.

“We’d better go,” Becky said. “The Germans will be coming over London any minute.”
“I’m not going until this Gold has been stopped,” Georgia said determinedly.
“Me too,” Pippa said.
“I’ll stay,” the Shadowy Man said.
“Count me in,” Jeremy added.
“Carlisle?” Becky asked.
“I think we should stay darling,” Carlisle said. “We owe Georgia our lives. The Germans seem less threatening than this Gold, and it must be stopped.”

Becky sighed, and nodded. Georgia smiled gratefully at her. The Shadowy Man brought out a small black object, and waved it around in the air.

“The Gold is coming,” he warned the others.
“What do you want us to do?” Carlisle asked. “If I held it off…”
“You aren’t doing anything of the kind,” Becky snapped. “Stop being so noble.”
“Yeah Carlisle,” Georgia teased, trying to forget what awaited. “Stop being so lovely.”
“I think you should make a speech,” Jeremy told Georgia.

As they all nervously laughed, they did not see the Gold coming. Its stomps were unheard amongst the bombs. It was so close to Georgia, it could reach out and touch her. Or crush her.

“Georgia watch out!” Becky screamed.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion; Georgia turned, screaming, the Gold raised its fist, ready to strike, Carlisle pulled Becky aside, Jeremy flinched away, and the Shadowy Man dived at Georgia. He pulled her sideways, and the two fell onto the ground. But perhaps what was more shocking was what Pippa did next.

“I need you to do me a favour,” the Doctor told Triss.
“Whatever it is, I’ll do it,” Triss said.
“Thanks,” the Doctor smiled. “I need you to take this teleport; go to the Out Region. There’s a big blue box in your base. I need you to use this key, this one here, and open the blue box. Then slip this golden disc into the DVD player, and hold on tight.”

Triss nodded, and gripped the teleport, the Yale key and the golden DVD in her hand. Naomi looked at her quizzically, and she shrugged in reply.

“Bye,” Triss said, pressing the teleport.

There was a zzzp noise, and Triss found herself in the base she had worked in for so long. It was empty, and as she walked down the corridors, she couldn’t help but imagine what it used to be like.

“What is this blue box?” she muttered to herself as she found the TARDIS.

She slipped the key inside the lock, and turned it. The doors swung open, and Triss stepped inside the TARDIS. The doors were knocked aside as Triss ran back out into the base. She pressed her hands to the wood panels and felt her way around the TARDIS.

“It’s bigger on the inside!” she laughed.

She ran back inside, and a hologram of the Doctor appeared.

“This is security protocol 712. This time capsule has detected the presence of an authorised control disc, valid one journey,” the Doctor said. “Please insert the disc and prepare for departure.”

Triss slipped the disc in the case, and grabbed the console as the TARDIS dematerialised.

“NO!” Pippa cried.

As Georgia and the Shadowy Man fell to the floor, Pippa pulled a gun from her pocket, and turned around. Bang! There was a gunshot, and chunks of Gold flew everywhere. The Gold, which had been shot in the head, fell to the floor and moved no more. Everyone fell silent, and stared at Pippa.

“Where did you get that?” Becky cried.
“It looks so futuristic,” Jeremy stuttered.
“It is,” Pippa said, slipping it back into her pocket.

Georgia stood shakily to her feet. Pippa just looked at her.

“What? What’s going on?” Georgia asked. “That gun isn’t from round here. Where did you get it?”
“That would be me, I’m afraid,” the Shadowy Man said.
“You?!” Georgia cried. “But… I’m confused.”
“You don’t honestly think I live in this dump?” Pippa sneered. “I work with him. I was hired to be his assistant. It seemed the boss doubted his capability.”

Georgia fell down to the ground, numb. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing; Pippa Blackwell was working with the Shadowy Man. They’d travelled here, to trap her…

“Boss won’t be happy with you,” the Shadowy Man said. “The Gold, you destroyed it.”
“She’ll get over it,” Pippa said. “Come on, let’s go. See you Bells.”

She looked down at Georgia, before pressing a teleport and vanishing in a flash of blue light. The Shadowy Man turned to face Georgia, who was still slumped on the pavement.

“Here’s your dramatic moment,” he said. “My name’s Petr Costravalos.”

And he disappeared into the light.

“Here’s the TARDIS!” the Doctor cried.
“Where?” Naomi asked.
“I’m not sure,” the Doctor said. “I can hear it anyway.”
“It can’t be far away,” Naomi said.

They were still in the communication room, listening at the door for the TARDIS. It had missed the room by several corridors. Meanwhile, Larry was trying to attract their attention.

“Doctor!” Larry shouted.
“Oh, yes, hello!” the Doctor turned around, facing the screen.
“The Kritzanthians have discovered me,” Larry told him. “It won’t be long before the get in.”
“Oh God…” Naomi said, clapping her hands to her mouth.
“I’m sorry,” the Doctor said. “Can you get through the air vents?”
“No,” Larry said. “Triss sealed the panel. But I’ve got a link to the Out Region. Before I go I’m gonna stop the war. Bang! It’ll all be over. No more Kritzanthians.”
“No!” the Doctor said. “You can’t!”
“I’m not asking you for your opinion,” Larry said. “I’m warning you. Get out of here.”

Naomi nodded and ran for the door. She turned back to the Doctor.

“We need the Sonic Screwdriver!” she said. “Triss sealed us in.”
“I’ve got it,” the Doctor said.
“Please, save yourselves,” Larry said. “Now!”

The Doctor sighed, and threw Naomi the Sonic Screwdriver. Larry pressed a button, and the Out Region exploded. The Kritzanthian spaceship and the Earth shook as one of the most prominent monuments of the times was wiped from Space.

“This is it,” Larry said, taking a deep breath.

He pressed another button, and the Kritzanthian spaceship exploded. The Doctor and Naomi burst into the corridor, fire erupting all around them. The TARDIS shook, and slid along the corridor. A large steel girder fell in front of the door, as Triss was thrown around inside the Doctor’s ship.

“Run!” the Doctor cried. “It’s not long until we lose atmosphere!”
“The Kritzanthians are all dead!” Naomi shouted back at him.

They burst around the corridor which the TARDIS had parked in. Part of the corridor exploded, and the Doctor was thrown sideways. A number of rooms could be seen burning where the walls had fallen down. The Doctor slid underneath the metal girder and opened the door to the TARDIS.

“Come on!” Triss screamed.

The Doctor jumped into the TARDIS as the metal girder slipped down and caught fire. Naomi picked herself up off the floor and ran as fast as she could.

“Doctor!” she cried. “I can’t get through!”
“No!” the Doctor yelled. “Come on!”

He attempted to shift the girder, but it was too heavy. Naomi clasped his hand through the twisted steel.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I can’t wait to meet you.”
“You’re gonna be amazing,” the Doctor promised. “Defending Earth, keeping Torchwood sane. The adventure’s we’re gonna have…”

The TARDIS began to dematerialise, and the Doctor let go of Naomi’s hand as the door shut.

“Goodbye Naomi,” he said sadly.

Conner ran to the hospital with Dorris, the bombs going off around them. He saw the hospital doors open, with several figures silhouetted against the light. One was slumped to the floor. It stood up as Conner ran towards it.

“Georgia! Is that you?” Conner cried.
“Conner!” Georgia screamed.

She stood up and ran towards him, the bombs exploding in the air. They hugged, as Dorris caught up with them.

“Dorris?!” Jeremy cried. “What are you doing here?”
“Mrs Macready tried to kill us!” she said, running up to him. “She crashed a train into Wendy and the others. We only just got away.”
“It’s okay,” Jeremy promised. “I’m here now.”

Georgia let go of Conner.

“Is that true?” she asked.
“Yeah,” Conner laughed. “But what happened to you?”
“There was this Nurse…” Georgia began. “And the Shadowy Man came. It turns out she was working with him, and they left. I really trusted her.”
“If I see that man…” Conner warned.
“No!” Georgia said. “Petr saved our lives!”
“Petr?” Conner frowned.
“He’s called Petr Costravalos.”

The TARDIS materialised on Earth. There were parties in the street, and some form of dragons leaping around with joy. Triss grinned as she stepped out of the TARDIS.

“We really won,” she said.
“Yeah,” the Doctor said. “Some victory.”
“Don’t blame yourself,” Triss said. “Larry did what he thought was right.”
“The thing is, I’m not sure Larry was wrong,” the Doctor frowned. “And that’s what bugs me.”
“Goodbye Doctor,” Triss said firmly. “Go find Conner and Georgia again. You know how much you need them, and they need you.”
“I guess,” the Doctor said, stepping back to the TARDIS.
“Don’t forget me,” Triss said.
“Don’t forget me either,” the Doctor said, as the TARDIS dematerialised into nothingness.

Georgia and Conner looked up as the TARDIS materialised onto the street. The door didn’t open.

“It’s time to go,” Georgia told Conner.
“Give me a minute,” Conner said.

He walked up to Dorris.

“I’ll see you around,” he said.
“Not if I see you first,” Dorris laughed.
“Yeah,” Conner grinned. “In 65 years. That’s not bad. You hadn’t changed much at all.”
“It’s cos I do all this running around,” Dorris said, hugging Conner goodbye.

Jeremy and Georgia hugged, and Georgia moved on to Becky, and then Carlisle.

“I’ll see you around mister,” she told him, hugging him.
“I hope so,” Carlisle smiled.
“You know, I like you,” Georgia said. “But you’ve helped me realise, I like someone else even more.”
“Oh yeah?” Carlisle asked. “Well he seems nice. Go for it.”
“I want an invite to your wedding,” Georgia said. “Goodbye everyone.”

Becky, Jeremy and Carlisle waved. Dorris grinned at Conner and waved too. Georgia and Conner smiled at each other, and made their way back to the TARDIS.

“I really thought I could trust her,” Georgia sighed. “Still, it’s better just you and me.”
“Oh,” Conner said. “We ain’t letting no bitch come on our adventures.”

Georgia laughed. The door to the TARDIS opened, and the Doctor stood in the doorway.

“Onwards?” he asked.
“Onwards,” Georgia and Conner confirmed.

And the TARDIS dematerialised, onto new adventures.


Next time:

"Ireyk, Kornfla?" the alien said loudly and the whole hall turned their heads and stared at the alien.
“Why isn’t the TARDIS here to translate?” Zac moaned.
“Funny I didn’t know aliens were interested in such things,” Mrs Sow said, “Do you think I should phone UNIT?”
“Zac it’s the TARDIS!”
“What’s wrong with me?” the Doctor asked.
“DOCTOR!” Beth shrieked, “I don’t want to be left behind! Zac! Kaylie! Conner!”
“Kaylie,” Conner and Zac said together.
"Welcome to the biggest court in the Galaxy!"

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