Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Figure Review NO 15: Captain Jack (Requested by Will)

Figure: Captain Jack (Version 2)

Detail: 9/10 (Very Good)

Articulation: 15 (Very Good)

Sitting: 7/10

Standing: 9/10

Extras: Revolver

Special Features: None

Comments: A very good figure, with a good likeness, He can't sit down very well because fo his long coat. His articulation is good, but he has no hip articulation, which nearly all the figures have.

Total: 9/10

A very good figure overall, just a couple of points where it could be improved.

Sets: Can only be found single carded, but there are two other versions of Jack around too!

Likeness to Character:

Remember you can request a review on this post or on the cbox. This review was requested by Will, along with Sarah Jane who's figure review will be up tomorrow.

Figure Review NO 14: Davros

Figure: Davros

Detail: 10/10 (excellent)

Articulation: 5

Sitting: N/A

Standing: 9/10

Extras: None

Special Features: Has wheels on the bottom so it can move

Comments: This Figure is really good, it has such a good likeness. Unfortunately it has hardly any articulation, but it has all the articulation it could have, as Davros can only move his head and arm.

Total: 9/10

Its very good, but isn't really much of an action figure...

Compare character to figure:

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Thursday, 25 June 2009

7000 Hits!

Wow, it does seem that we have recieved over 7000 hits now! Thank you all very much! By the way, we've now finished our exams, woohoo! We would like to thank:


and anyone else who I've forgotten. Sorry to those people!

Meanwhile, I can confirm some more episode titles:

Episode 6 is called Message Recieved
Episode 7 has been changed from Golden Touch to Fragmented
Episode 9 is called Snowfall in the City
Episode 10 is confirmed as Hide and Seek, after a couple of name changes.

And that is all for now... I'm not releasing the names of episode 12 and 13 because they are spoilerific, sort of... Is that even a word? Sorry I'm going mad here... Thank you for visiting the site!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Its a belated Birthday..

I can't believe that me and Will haven't noticed... Noticed what, I hear you say. Well, this site opened 1 year and 10 days ago! This site is officially 1 year and 10 days old!

The first post was written by Will and it said that our posts would be about the random things we do and of course Doctor Who! The second post was about episode 12 of Series 4 of Doctor Who, 'The Stolen Earth', the next three were by me and were completely random and unproffessional. The next post was an amazing review of episode 9, 'Forest of the Dead', Will managed another brilliant review of Midnight, but alas, these reviews took a very long time to do and we had started a new project...

Doctor Who animations! We posted promotional pictures from our upcoming series. This, however, did not last long, as we had started another project... Our fanfic series, which is what this site now focuses on, the adventures of the Doctor, Georgia and Conner, with their faithful friends and companions. I can't really believe that this site has been opened a year, it has gone by very quickly for me! Thank you to everyone who has ever visited this site and thank you to those who leave comments on the posts and the cbox. There are so many names that I can't mention them all.

Meanwhile, we are sorry for the lack of posts, I have been focusing on my other blog and Will has been revising hard, I have been revising... a bit. We are working on all kinds of things at the moment. I have been working on the fanfic figures, episode 5 and another secret project. Will has been working on his VTV series and on two other projects, which are both exciting!

Anyway keep visitng the site, although there will be few if no posts this week, due to exams. Afterwards, however, I promise we will do more posts, as we used to do.

Monday, 15 June 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts! I seem to be saying this a lot, but revision has taken over my life, and Seb... Well Seb's busy too. Sorry that was harsh - he'll probably revise later. *Scoffs*

Sorry I've rambled. Anyway, it seemed like a good opportunity to give you some idea of the updates in our series and the world of Will and Seb. Let me just start by saying part 6 of Attack of the Clowns will be up VERY soon. How are you finding it so far? It's a little different, but I hope you're enjoying it! As you may remember Harry Ladbrook was a friend of Conner and Zac, and he was aware of the Doctor and Georgia, and their travels, and regularly helped save the day. Well since his untimely death in Betrayal and Death, we've found we need a new stay at home friend to fill the large gap he left behind. His replacement has come in the shape of Beth Grant, who has been a mini regular since The Demon Headmaster. In Fun at the Fair she found out about the TARDIS and the adventures of the Doctor, and from now on she will be at home to lend a helping hand. This sadly means Catherine and Bradley will be appearing less, but they will still have lots to do!

Next I want to talk about the Full Stories. Some people have asked what on Earth the post below is about, and it's the full version of Georgia and the Magnet Warriors. The cliffhangers have been edited, so it feels like a whole episode instead of five parts stitched together. We will continue to release the individual parts, and they will take priority over the full length versions. Why is it taking you so long to release the next episode, I hear you ask. Well, we've decided to edit the stories as we go along to ensure top quality and grammar for all of our stories. The first couple take quite a lot of editing, I asure you. You would not believe how bad we were at writing in comparison to now!

And finally I would like to talk about the VTV Series. It hasn't been forgotten, merely sidelined due to other commitments. Well, now I have a bit less on my plate, I shall continue the series, starting with posting episode six shortly. If you need a reminder of episodes 1 - 5, click here. These shouldn't take too long to read as they are short stories. I have now planned out a fair bit of the rest of the series, particularly the thrilling three part conclusion! All I can reveal is that Katie and her family will be in terrible danger! Aren't they always? You may be thinking that you don't remember seeing Katie's family, and you'd be right. They will appear in episode 7. I have also decided the rest of titles, along with the old ones as a reminder, which I shall reveal to you here to whet your appetite again:

Ep 1 The Forgotten
Ep 2 Beginnings
Ep 3 Pancakes
Ep 4 Bang Bang
Ep 5 The Hill Has Eyes
Ep 6 The Jungle Book
Ep 7 A Pressing Engagement
Ep 8 Lost
Ep 9 Found
Ep 10 Alone
Ep 11 What Goes Up
Ep 12 Distant Memory
Ep 13 The End

What do you think? The title of episode 11 reveals quite an important detail... Remember the saying? And for anybody who sniggers at that title - shame on you! :P A second series of the VTV Series has been commissioned, but Katie won't be in it. Does this mean she will die? Something bad will happen, that's a promise, but she will appear in the series 3 finale of the main series, so maybe you shouldn't worry yet... Or is this an appearance before the series final of VTV? Watch this space...

Friday, 5 June 2009

Episode X: Georgia and the Magnet Warriors (Full Episode)

The Doctor was in the TARDIS alone, again. He didn’t know what to do, or where to go. He didn’t feel like getting a new companion, not after... He leaned on the TARDIS console but then the whole thing lurched.
“What?” The Doctor exclaimed “We’re being pulled through space. No that can’t be! Nothing could pull the TARDIS through space, especially not in this century”.
The Doctor peered into the TARDIS screen and was stunned! The TARDIS was being pulled through space at a terrific speed and all around him all kinds of things were being pulled. The remnants of a space shuttle to mars, a piece of weird alien jewellery, and was that a Slitheen ship?

“Aha” The Doctor started looking into the screen. “All these things being pulled with me are magnetic, they are being pulled through space by a giant...” But stopped mid sentence realising that there was no-one there. He decided to put up the TARDIS shields but carry on following the trail of magnetic things being pulled through space.

Meanwhile on the 21st conquer ship; the Commander Marr was giving orders to his captains.
“Captain Rolandor you will continue pulling all magnetic things from the planet until i say stop. Captain Kolt, you will track that ship. Such technology I would not imagine! Anyway, we must have it for our fleet and finally, Captain Flannir you will find a route to Sol 3 we will magnetise the Earth and use the treasures for ourselves! Ha ha ha,” He cackled along with his captains as the huge ship in the shape of a magnet zoomed through space followed by a trail of metallic objects and the TARDIS bringing up the rear....

Title Sequence

Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, it was a normal day for blonde haired, 17 year old Georgia. She woke up rubbed her eyes and got out of bed. She got dressed into her normal clothes and ran downstairs to have breakfast. Her mum Elizabeth was eating porridge, while reading the paper.
“Morning Georgia” she said “want some porridge, your father didn’t want his, he went to work rather quickly , one of his clients has been sued, for knocking someone over, while snowboarding in the Alps.”
“No thank you I need to leave today quickly too”, Georgia replied hastily.
“It’s not like there are any emergencies at the bakery. The shop hasn’t opened yet and you only work behind the till. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again you need to redo your GCSE’S and get a better job.”
“No, I need to get to work on time and get promoted, now bye bye! Have a nice day,” Georgia said leaving the house, annoyed at the mention of her terrible GCSE results.

She walked down her street past the local chippy and general store. She stayed away from a gang of hoodies who wolf-whistled as she walked by. As she was coming up to the local school, she past several chattering 14 year olds and then stopped dead in her tracks. At the end of the road she saw a cloaked figure. The figure wore a black hooded cloak covering his very large head. His back was turned to her. Then it started to turn around, Georgia caught a glimpse of a glittering hand, but then the figure vanished completely. There was nothing there. She was so interested in this that she walked into a boy with spiky hair.
“Sorry”, the boy muttered running into school to join his friends.

Georgia continued on wandering what the figure was. She was still thinking about it twenty minutes later as she walked into the bakery shop, near the centre of the city. Brian was waiting for her, she had a bit of a thing for him.
“You're early,” Brian exclaimed surprised.
Georgia gave him a smile and marched behind the counter.
“Right get your plastic gloves and apron on, we don’t want any of your germs on the cakes,” Brian ordered but found Georgia was quicker than him and already had them on. “You're quick too. Anyway, two things, those pasties cost £1.80 today so change that sign and also we have run out of Eccles cakes. All clear.”

Georgia, who was still wandering about the cloaked figure nodded, even though she was not listening.

Back in space the Doctor was still watching what was going on through the TARDIS screen.
“The ship’s a giant magnet with boosters! Wow!” He smiled, loving the technology. “And the magnetic stuff is being pulled into the ship. Now where are they going? No! They’re heading for Sol 3! Planet Earth!”

Back in the Bakers shop Georgia was serving Mrs Parsons, an elderly lady who carried a walking stick.
“I’ll have an Eccles cake please dear," Mrs Parsons asked.
“Of course. Now where are they? Oh, looks like we’ve run out,” Georgia replied.
“That’s not very good! I’ll have a pasty then,” Mrs Parsons muttered.
“Sure,” Georgia said smiling. “That’ll be £1.60.”
She gave Mrs Parsons the pasty in a bag and she went on her way.
“You’re useless,” Brian said, watching her sell cakes.

Suddenly there was a large crash, and the room shook. Brian ran into the kitchen, while Georgia stayed still.
“What’s going on?” Georgia asked as Brian ran back into the room.
“It’s the cutlery and cake tins! They’re smashing through the ceiling!” he replied.

Several people screamed from the street. They both ran onto the street to see all kinds of things from the area fly into the sky.
“Oh no, what’s going on?” Georgia asked, staring into the sky.
“Duck!” Brian said, pushing Georgia out the way, as a sign smashed through the window of the bakery and zoomed into the sky.
“Ow, my ring, it’s pulling me!” Georgia screamed, as she struggled to keep her hand from zooming up into the air.

All around them mothers were grabbing small children to stop them floating into the sky, and people were throwing off their necklaces to stop themselves from being strangled. Brian was phoning his mum.

“Hi mum, listen it's weird. There are all kinds of things flying into the sky! What? It’s not happening where you are? Oh, ok, well stay at home! It’s not safe outside, just like last Christmas, and the one before that!”

Brian’s phone slipped out of his hand, and flew into the sky. Georgia’s hand flew into the air.
“Help me Brian,” Georgia ordered as she struggled with her ring.
“Take the ring off,” Brian said, as he felt himself being pulled off the ground.
“Help I’m lifting off the ground”, Georgia screamed.

Meanwhile at Unit headquarters Colonel Mace was tracking a ship hovering above Britain.
“The ship isn’t moving sir,” Captain Gifford told him. “Although the ship is giving off a signal.”
“Sir we’ve got reports of sparkling objects flying into the Sky from South London,” Captain Price announced as she entered.

On the screen showing the spaceship hundreds of objects began to appear.
“There! The signal is magnetic,” Captain Gifford confirmed. “That spaceship is a gigantic electromagnet and its bringing all kinds of magnetic metals into space!”
“But why only that area of London?” Colonel Mace asked.
“I don’t know. But technically a magnet that big should be pulling everything magnetic in the whole of Europe,” Captain Gifford explained.
“Sir, there are people being lifted off the ground in South London,” Captain Price said clearly. “Its their rings and jewellery that are doing it. There are reports of people getting strangled.”
“Right, we need to get to South London. Make sure you use non-magnetic guns, bullets, badges, rings, and jewellery. If you must have them at all,” Colonel Mace ordered. “Oh, and get the Valiant set up with a net. MOVE!”

All the Unit soldiers ran straight out of headquarters, followed by several cars and UNIT lorries.

“Help me!” Georgia cried, as she was lifted off the ground.
Then it stopped, and she fell to the ground, along with several other people, including Brian.
“What happened?” Brian asked, scared.
Georgia looked around. There were only a few things on the ground. As she looked up she saw the mass of metal objects flying towards a spaceship.
“I don’t know,” Georgia said. “I think we should go. Come on.”
Brian and Georgia ran off, along with many other screaming people, as more things fell to the ground.

The Doctor was in the TARDIS, working out a way to get on the ship without getting found.
“I need to stop them from magnetising the Earth, but how? Aha! All I need to do is set off a reverse signal and then the objects will stop floating into the sky!” the Doctor said, happy that he had worked it out. “It wouldn’t stop the signal completely though, some things that are already high in the sky will keep zooming to the ship. Nice word, zoom. Zoomy zoom zoom.”

The Doctor then ran to fetch his coat and sonic screwdriver.
“Right, I’ll need to get on the ship to do a reverse signal. So here goes!”
He pulled a lever and the TARDIS materialised onto the ship. On the ship all the commanders and captains were watching the objects fly up to their ship through a window. They didn’t notice the Doctor arrive.

“This is too easy,” he said quietly as he pushed his sonic screwdriver into a piece of machinery, and flicked the switch.
There was a high pitched noise and all the cloaked figures moaned.
“Sir, the jewels have ceased floating up! No new objects are flying into the sky!" Captain Flannir said.
“What happened? Why has it ceased? Perhaps the generator has broken,” Captain Rolandor asked.
“Yes it has, and we have the person who did it trapped!” The Commander said, as he turned around and leered at the Doctor through his magnet shaped helmet. “At arms!”

The Warriors all turned around to show metallic hands holding guns.
“Oh dear, you have me cornered. You're right I am trapped. Now who are you and what are you doing here?” the Doctor questioned happily.
“Who are you?” The Commander asked.
“I’m the Doctor. Now it's time for you to leave Earth in peace.”
“You love the Earth. You must be a human who has learnt to travel through time.”
The Doctor, however, did not reply, but just smiled.

”You must have came back to this day because you knew this was the day we took over the world,” Commander Marr continued.
“How can you take over the Earth without your generator?” The Doctor replied, still smiling.
“We have 34 spare generators. We got them installed after a bit of trouble on Raxacoricofallapatorious. The people there attacked back, and the Slitheen family turned against us when they worked out our true plans.”
“Oh yeah! I noticed that Slitheen ship!”
“They followed us then we destroyed them. I suppose it was them who led us here. They told us of Earth's riches.”
“Well thanks for that info. Now I know why you’re here, I’ll be going. Bye bye!”
“No, I’m afraid not. You see my scanner identifies your species as Time Lord. We need your mind! You have no idea of our true plans,” the Commander leered though the gap in his helmet.

“Right, so I’m surrounded. Do you want to know how I got on board?” he asked.
“You will tell us,” Commander Marr ordered, as the Doctor got the key out for the TARDIS, and put his back against it.
“Well the thing with Time Lords is," said the Doctor, trying to unlock the TARDIS door undetected. “The thing is that Time Lords usually come with Time machines. TARDIS’ they're called. They travel through Time and Space disappearing there and reappearing here. Just here,” the Doctor opened the door. “Lesson over!”
“FIRE!”,Commander Marr shouted, as the TARDIS faded away.

Back on Earth, Georgia had arrived home.
“You’re very early dear, been fired?” Elizabeth, her mum asked.
“Mum don’t you watch the news? It’ll be on there,” Georgia asked.
“I did. There’s nothing on. It’s going on about a tennis player who hurt himself in Paris,” Elizabeth told Georgia.
“But then,” Georgia began, turning on the TV.
“Yes, there are no signs that anything bad will happen this Christmas, but there are still two weeks to go,” a newsreader was saying.

Georgia changed channel.
“There are some reports of glittering things floating into the sky in South London, but these are false,” another was saying on ITV.

Georgia changed channel again, feeling frustrated.
“The UNIT ship Valiant is on the move. It seems to be heading for London. No-one has told us why,” the American newsreader Trinity Wells was saying.
“As the Spidership nears completion...”
“A kidnapper has escaped from a high security...”
“Yes I’m very proud of me goat and I ‘ope he does very well in this years agricultural...”
“Come on everyone, get your decorations up! Its two weeks till Christmas, but will it snow?”
Georgia switched the television off very annoyed.

“I told you there was nothing on TV. I thought you had a hangover, you shouldn’t have gone into work today,” Elizabeth mentioned triumphantly.
“Oh shut up mum! I’m right for once so shut up!” Georgia shouted, running out of the house.

Georgia got more and more annoyed the closer it got to Christmas. Brian was too scared to leave the house, and her mum was being more horrible as the days went by. Then on Christmas Eve, Georgia got home from the bakery.
“Afternoon Georgia, good day at work?” Georgia’s father, Colin, asked.
“Fine, except now I’m home,” Georgia muttered.
“There’s no need to take a tone like that,” Elizabeth said.
“I’m amazed you haven’t said 'did you get fired?',” Georgia mentioned.
“Well, it could happen any day now! No GCSE’s,” Georgia’s mum muttered.
“That’s it! You always bring that up! And do you want to know why I didn’t retake them?” Georgia asked. “Because of you!”
Georgia stormed out of the house.
“You should be nicer to her. She’s a good girl,” Colin commented to Elizabeth.

UNIT was still on red alert, and the ship was still looking down on the Earth menacingly. Colonel Mace and Captain Price were very worried. Torchwood Cardiff were working on something to blow the ship up.
“Any news from Torchwood?” Colonel Mace asked.
“No, none, and the ship isn’t doing anything,” Captain Gifford told him, on the morning of Christmas Eve. “Wait! It’s moving! It is moving slowly, but it’s heading straight for London.”

Georgia was sitting on a park bench when she saw another cloaked figure. Then she was distracted by a loud scraping noise. She whipped round to see a man emerging from a blue wooden box.

“Oh dear old girl,” the man said to the box. “You’re a bit bumpy today. Perhaps it's indigestion.”
The man turned around to see Georgia staring at him.
“Anyway, hello," The man said to her.
“Hello,” Georgia said back.
“Right... Have you seen a cloaked figure with an overly large head?” The man asked.
“Yes, he went that way” Georgia answered.
The man was about to run off when Georgia stopped him.
“Um don’t just go running off. That box just appeared out of nowhere, and you’re about to run off without thanking me. I’m Georgia.”
Georgia smiled widely while the Doctor’s face was blank.
“I’m the doctor and... Thanks,” the Doctor said nervously.
He tried to get away, but Georgia held on.
“You’re nice. I’m bored, do you need help with anything?"

The Doctor hesitated, but then the Earth shook, and Georgia heard screaming people. Suddenly there was a flash of light and the TARDIS vanished.
“Maybe I do need some help. Do you have a computer?” The Doctor asked quickly.
“Yes of course, at home,” Georgia said.
“Then we need to get there.”

Meanwhile, back at UNIT headquarters, Captain Price was tracking the ship.
“Its broken through the atmosphere,” Captain Price announced.
“Now we’re in trouble,” Colonel Mace muttered. “Is the Valiant nearly ready?"
“Yes it is, and we’ve got the air force ready,” Captain Gifford confirmed.

On the ship Commander Marr was laughing.
“We have no need for the Time Lord now. With his TARDIS we can take the world,” Commander Marr smiled. “We shall suck this world's jewels up tonight! And we will eat the humans!”
The whole army cackled as the generators began to burn and fizz.

“Who’s that man?” Georgia’s mum asked, as Georgia entered the house with the Doctor, but she got no answer.

Georgia ran up the stairs followed by the Doctor. She immediately turned on the computer, and said, “so what sort of name is the Doctor? I mean Doctor Who?”
“It’s just the Doctor. That’s it,” the Doctor said, annoyed, as the computer started up.
The ground shook again.
Georgia heard her mum shout “I wish those people would stop setting off fireworks. Bet it was Mr Perkins from two doors down.”

The Doctor was already on the internet on a search site.
“Georgia, is there a big metal making factory around here?” he asked.
“There’s the Marr Factory around the corner. They’ve been giving out free rings. Look! Isn’t it nice?” Georgia asked showing her ring.
The Doctor was already searching for Marr Factories.
“Well look at that! Marr Factories have gone worldwide, and there are four factories in the London area alone!”
“Well, they’re a very popular company. Everyone’s got a ring from them, even the men.”
“There’s nothing wrong with the rings is there?”
“No, apart from I can’t get mine off,” Georgia said, pulling at it.
“Of course! If they use that giant magnet to pull the magnetic objects up to their ship,” the Doctor started “then all those people will be captured by the magnet warriors.”
“Um who? The Magnet Warriors, are they those cloaked figures that I’ve been seeing?”
“Yes, they must be the workers in the factories,” the Doctor muttered. “Your ring; we need to get it off.”

The Doctor got out his sonic screwdriver, just as the computer started to float into the air.
“Doctor look,” Georgia shouted, pointing out the window at a torch floating right past it. “They’ve started the magnet thingy. It happened to me the other day. How are you going to stop it?”
“Well I don’t have the TARDIS. So we’ll get to the factory now!” the Doctor shouted.

UNIT were readying themselves for war. Colonel Mace had already stocked up with box upon box off non magnetic guns, bullets and badges.
“Torchwood still aren’t ready,” Captain Gifford informed. “As you know there aren't many of them”.
“People are starting to go up,” Captain Price interrupted. “And it's not just South London now its spreading.”
“We’ve got calls from West London,” A UNIT member informed the captains. “And the East. Oh and now the North. They’re all asking for help.”
“Help is almost here. Valiant approaching London!” Captain Gifford announced.

Meanwhile the Doctor and Georgia were running through South London. They saw as they ran people grabbing onto bins and all kinds of things, to stop them floating into the huge ship, which was now above them. Some people were grabbing onto lampposts, some of which were floating into the air themselves.

The ground was in shade, but not because of the ship, but because of the things floating up to it. The Doctor and Georgia saw the gates to the Marr Factory. The gates were padlocked and had barbed wire on top of it.
“You’d think this was a prison,” Georgia commented. “So how’re we gonna get in? Through the back? And what are we doing here anyway?”
The Doctor got out his sonic screwdriver.
“What’s that?”
“Sonic Screwdriver. And we’re going through the front gates,” the Doctor smiled.
Georgia gaped at him.

“How do you suggest we...” but Georgia's question was answered when the Doctor unlocked the padlock with his Sonic Screwdriver.
The Doctor put his hand out, as if to say you go first. Georgia walked into the factory, full of questions to ask the Doctor.

The Doctor and Georgia entered the huge building and the Doctor immediately ran over to the reception area and turned on the computer.
“You’ve been on the computer enough today,” Georgia joked. “What are you doing?”
“Scanning the mainframe. Aha! The manager's office is on the eighth floor,” the Doctor told Georgia. “But where are the stairs?”
“Over here”, Georgia pointed to the stairs just beside her.
The Doctor and Georgia started running up the stairs.

Meanwhile, on the 21st Conquer Ship, Captain Kolt was looking at a screen. Commander Marr was clapping and whooping with the other Magnet Warriors as the first things were pulled on board.
“Commander, you may wish to see this,” Captain Kolt said.
Commander Marr looked on the screen and smiled.
“We have found the wanderer, and that must be his companion,” Commander Marr informed the Warriors. “We will stop them interfering. Captain Kolt you will go down and take your magnet gun.”

Captain Kolt got in the teleport module. Commander Marr went over to the computer, and pressed a button. Captain Kolt vanished in a ray of light.

Back on Earth, Brian was one of the few people not floating up to the ship. He had ran all the way to Georgia’s house.
“Georgia, where are you?” Brian was muttering.

When he got to her house he saw Elizabeth clinging onto the chimney. Elizabeth stared down at him.
“Where’s Georgia gone? I’ve been horrible to her, I need to apologise!” she said.
“I’m looking for her now,” Brian shouted up to her.
“And where’s Georgia’s father?” called Elizabeth, “At his job that's where. You heard about the man who knocked someone over while...?”
“Yes I have, three times,” Brian interrupted, annoyed, but just then a large gust of wind made Elizabeth let go of the chimney.
“Help me!” She wailed, as she floated slowly up, pulled by the ring on her finger.
“I can’t help you! I gotta find Georgia!” Brian shouted.
He saw her point in the direction of a industrial estate and ran.

“So you know a lot about these magnet thingies,” Georgia said to the Doctor. “Are you some sort of alien?”
“Might be,” the Doctor said, as he unlocked a door with his Sonic Screwdriver. “Down here.”

The Doctor and Georgia walked down the corridor, until they got to a door with the word Marr on it. The Doctor unlocked the door and went inside. There was a desk and everything that you’d find in a normal managers office, except for the metal circle in the corner, with sparkling lights.
“This reminds me of Rattigan house. Except a much smaller teleport,” the Doctor said, just as a cloaked figure stepped out into the room.
“Well done Time Lord,” Captain Kolt smiled getting his gun out.
“It’s a magnet thingy,” Georgia said stepping away from the figure.
“Yes I am a Magnet Warrior, and this is our true form,” Captain Kolt said as he threw off his cloak.
The cloak fell to reveal a large metal structure. The helmet was in the shape of the ship in the sky, except for two eyes, a nose, and a toothy mouth.
“So, an exoskeleton”, the Doctor commented.
“Like a crab,” said Georgia.
The Doctor looked at her and Kolt leered.

“Anyway, I have my orders. You sabotaged the generator, and now you are here again on Magnet Warrior land,” Kolt snarled. “You will die, but the girl will be eaten. New food at last.” He got out a gun shaped weapon.
“Wow, is that a laser magnet 3000?” the Doctor asked, not paying attention to Captain Kolt’s words.
“Silence! I will have to stun you,” Kolt shouted, pulling the trigger.

Just as he did, the Doctor got out his Sonic Screwdriver.
“No need for that,” the Doctor said, as the Sonic Screwdriver bleeped. Captain Kolt screamed as he smashed through the ceiling and up into the sky. “As I thought, he was magnetic.”
“How come he didn’t fly up straight away?” Georgia asked.
“Well this room has a protective coating around it.” The Doctor explained. “A magnet can’t work in here. Just like their spaceship.”

Back on the 21st Conquer Ship, Commander Marr had lost contact with Kolt.
“Sir his chip says he’s still in London, near the factory,” Captain Rolandor told Marr.
“Wait! If he’s not in that room, then he’ll be flying up here,” Commander Marr roared “The Doctor defeated us again! All of you, get down there now! We’re sealing the factory and anti- magnetising it!”
So at once ten Warriors, including Captain Rolandor and Captain Flannir, teleported down to the factory.

The Doctor and Georgia were on the fourth floor in a computer lab.
“You see, they can change the magnetism that this factory gets,” the Doctor was explaining. “They can have one room not magnetised like Marr’s Office or the whole factory un-magnetised.”
The Doctor's face fell.
“Doctor, I can hear footsteps,” Georgia whispered. “And banging. They didn’t fly through the ceiling.”
“Right. We need to run!” the Doctor said quickly.

As the Doctor and Georgia were sprinting down the stairs, there was no sign of the magnet warriors above them, except the odd shout.
“Where are they?” Georgia asked the Doctor, panting.
“Keep running!” the Doctor ordered. “I’d hate it if one springs out on us.”

The Doctor struggled as they ran past the first floor door and a Magnet Warrior jumped out at them.

The Doctor kept running, hoping that Georgia was behind him. But as he ran out the door he realised she wasn’t. He looked through the glass front doors and saw Georgia struggling up the stairs, having been grabbed by the Magnet Warriors. He could just see her mouth the word 'Doctor' as she was dragged out of sight.

“I need help. I need...”
But the Doctor's sentence trailed off as he saw several helicopters flying over the factory and following them was... “The Valiant. UNIT!”

Colonel Mace was already readying several bombs to fire at the ship.
“The Valiant’s ready,” Captain Price informed them, peering through a window.
“Then haul out the net,” Colonel Mace ordered happily.

They were finally getting somewhere. Captain Gifford was on a phone.
“Haul out the net. Orders from Colonel Mace,” Captain Gifford said into the phone, just as the Doctor burst through the door. Colonel Mace turned round.
“Doctor. I’m glad you’re here,” Colonel Mace said.

Captain Price and Captain Gifford turned and stood up. They were about to salute the Doctor when Colonel Mace said “I wouldn’t salute”.
“Of course Sir,” Captain Price obeyed.
The Doctor saw Colonel Mace and Captain Price and smiled.
“Fantastic! Colonel Mace and Captain Price.”
“Right, I need to get up to the spaceship. Or talk to them,” The Doctor said.
“We’re transmitting a picture onto the ship now,” Captain Gifford explained. “I’ll just open a visual link.”
“Your good! Who are you?” the Doctor asked happily.
“Captain Gifford, Sir. He we go," Gifford replied, as he typed something on the keyboard, and on the large screen above the interior of the Ship appeared. There was Marr, Rolandor, Flannir and Georgia who was suddenly smiling.

“Who are they?” Commander Marr asked but the other Warriors didn’t answer.
“This is UNIT. You are speaking to Colonel Mace,” Colonel Mace replied, back at UNIT base.
“Well don’t interfere or this one gets killed,” Marr said as he grabbed Georgia.
“Too late,” the Doctor said. “You should leave right now or I will interfere some more.”
“Fine then she will die!” Commander Marr shouted, but Georgia slipped out of his grasp, and ran over to the controls. “Stop her!”
“It’s all right, she can’t read the buttons above the controls!” Captain Rolandor announced. “They’re written in magnusgrainish”. Georgia stared at the captain.
“No they’re not. They’re written in English,” Georgia argued.
“Don’t be stupid we can read it and it’s in Magnusgrainish,” Captain Flannir argued back.
“That’s English. I can’t read Magnusgrainish and that says shields down,” Georgia continued.
“She’s right! What about that?” Flannir asked pointing to another label.
“Explosive 3,” Georgia answered, frowning along with the two captains.
“Ah, his TARDIS is translating for her, if I’m correct, Doctor?” Commander Marr informed them all.
“No Georgia! Don’t you dare!” the Doctor muttered, but Georgia just looked at him, and then the controls.
“Valiant at the ready. Helicopters ready,” Captain Price informed Colonel Mace.
“Doctor, what are you doing?” Colonel Mace asked, as the Doctor fiddled with what looked like a metal coin. On the screen Georgia was staring at the Doctor, and Commander Marr was staring at her.
“If I can turn this coin magnetic, and if I make it very magnetic,” the Doctor was saying. “Then I can get up to the ship. Here we go.”
“Doctor no!” Colonel Mace shouted, as the Doctor zoomed out through a window, very quickly.

On board the ship, Georgia saw that the Doctor was going to try and stop her, so she had to do it now.
“Stop or I’ll press this button,” Georgia ordered. All the magnet Warriors turned around and started walking towards her.
“You’ll be sucked right out into the sky and your ship will explode!” Georgia shouted.

Back at UNIT, they were all watching intently. Captain Gifford’s phone rang and he answered it.
“Sir, Torchwood have got a plan to fire the ship out into space,” Captain Gifford informed UNIT.
“Wait for my order,” Colonel Mace replied.

Captain Gifford nodded and watched as Georgia shouted stop again, but without any reply. The Magnet Warriors were almost at her when she pressed Explosions 3. The ships controls on one side exploded. The people fell from the ship, Elizabeth among them.
“I’m going to die,” She said, falling, but then she bounced.
She was on a net. All around her people were falling and hugging. Elizabeth smiled then looked down, forgot that she was scared of heights, and fainted!

In UNIT, Colonel Mace said “Fire!" to UNIT, and the ship flew through the atmosphere.

On board the ship Georgia slid against a wall as the ship lurched, flying out of Earth’s atmosphere.
“You stupid little girl you foiled our plans now we will...” Commander Marr started but then stopped, as Georgia pressed shields down.

Commander Marr flew off into Space screaming, breaking the glass of the control rooms window as he did so. Georgia now knew it was her turn ,she was loosing her grip on the lever she was holding on too when the Doctor grabbed her.

“Well done”, the Doctor said, pushing her through a door into a room.

There it was; the Blue box. The Doctor and Georgia ran into the TARDIS as the ship around them exploded. Georgia gaped when she saw the TARDIS interior.
“It’s bigger on the inside!” she said laughing.

The TARDIS landed back at the park. Georgia ran off to see her mum, while the Doctor went over to help clear up the mess that littered the park. There was a lot of cleaning up to do. Georgia ran up to her mum and hugged her.
“I’m so sorry for loosing faith in you!” Elizabeth said hugging her.

Then from around the corner came Colin, and Georgia’s brother Richard. Georgia smiled as they all came in for a hug.

“It was weird, I was in my fish and chips shop down the road when the till lifted off the ground and started zooming away!” Richard was saying. “Then I ran after it, not wanting to lose the money. Then I met Dad who was running back to the house...”
“Brian was looking for you Georgia,” Elizabeth interrupted smiling.
“Well he didn’t find me,” Georgia replied. “I’ve gotta go somewhere. You find our torch, I saw it floating past the window!”
Georgia waved goodbye as Georgia’s family searched for their things.

Back at UNIT Colonel Mace was hugging Captain Price and Captain Gifford was hugging a female soldier. In Torchwood they were all hugging too, as they had sent the ship back into space.

The Doctor saw Georgia running towards him. He smiled and they hugged too.
“Well then Georgia, you were brilliant!” The Doctor said to Georgia, who was a little embarrassed. “Come with me Georgia you deserve some fun.”
“Wow of course I’ll come,” Georgia said happily. “But what is that thing?”
“It’s the TARDIS. It travels to anywhere through time and space!” the Doctor smiled. “Come on in.”

So Georgia ran into the TARDIS, and what a lot of adventures they had.

The end

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Episode 4: Attack of the Clowns Part 5

“Wait!” Colin said. “If you kill my wife, I’ll have no reason to obey you!”
“Very well,” the clown relented. “She will live, for now.”
“Thank you,” Colin sighed.

“Christina, when did you first meet Mitchell?” the Doctor asked.
“Ahh, it was 2000, at the Millennium. We met at Chelsea Simmons’ party,” Christina sighed. “I was drunk, and Mitchell offered to walk me home.”
“Can you imagine it?” the Doctor asked. “Sometimes imagining something clearly helps bring the vision into clarity.”
“I can see it,” Bradley said. “I’m bringing it closer. Can everyone see it?”
“I can,” Sybil said at once.
“So can I,” Alex agreed.
“I can’t,” Georgia huffed.
“Nor me,” Conner scowled.
“You three – Sybil, Bradley and Alex – you have an aura about you. You’re all slightly psychic. Have you ever felt things before?” the Doctor asked.
“Not since Sybil tried to steal my prophecy,” Bradley said.
“Not since about six weeks ago,” Sybil said, before adding. “But it’s not my tale yet.”
“Always,” Alex said. “I’ve always felt things.”
“That would explain a lot,” Kaylie teased.
“Let’s see if we can let the others see it,” Alex said.

The red light shot around the circle, through the hands of Christina, then Abby, Lucy, Brian, Georgia, Conner, the Doctor, Sybil, Catherine, Bradley, Beth, Zac, Kaylie, and finally back to Alex.

“Alright darling?” Christina asked, sliding up to Mitchell. “Wanna buy us a drink then?”
“Sure,” Mitchell smiled.
“Great. I’ll get my coat,” Christina said.

She walked off, grinning broadly. Her mates were all staring at her with shocked expressions.

“That’s how you do it,” Christina said, grabbing her coat and walking off to a waiting Mitchell.

Back at the séance table, Christina smiled.

“It’s feels like it might be easier now, to let him go,” she said quietly. “Of course, I didn’t realise he was fascinated by clowns, or he was a rubbish kisser. By then, I was too in love to care.”
“You gotta take the highs and the lows,” the Doctor said cheerily.
“Doctor,” Georgia muttered. “You’re supposed to say sorry, you –”

Thankfully, Bradley managed to access Abby’s vision, and those around the séance table were plunged into it, before Georgia could finish her sentence.

“Oi, Lucy!” Abby cried.
“What?” Lucy scowled, emerging from the top of the stairs in the house.
“I’m going out,” Abby said. “See you later!”
“Bye!” Lucy said back. “Loves you babes!”

Abby stepped out into the porch, and shut the door. Stepping out of the outside door, Abby produced a key from her pocket. She locked the door, and hurried up the drive to the car. She slipped inside it, and made her way to Helich Fair.

“Wait!” Bradley said back at the table. “Another vision is merging with the other!”
“I can stabilise it,” Sybil said, annoyed at Bradley’s powers. “They’re going to have to stay merged I’m afraid.”
“Whose vision is it?” Abby asked.
“Lucy’s,” Alex muttered, able to see the same as Bradley and Sybil.
“Let’s take a look,” Sybil said, spreading her hands across the table.

As Abby’s car drove off, Lucy slipped down the stairs. Checking out the window to make sure Abby had gone, Lucy skipped out of the house, and into her own car. Turning the keys in the ignition, Lucy drove off to the bakers.

Abby slipped a pound coin across the cloth covered table. Sybil sat opposite, smiling, and accepted the money. She took Abby’s hands in hers, and began the fortune telling.

“What can you see, Sybil?” Abby asked the fortune teller.
“You will meet a man,” Sybil said, smiling encouragingly. “The most amazing man!”
“What else do you see? An engagement?” Abby asked. “Is this man the one for me?”
“No, I’m sorry. He will be much more than that,” Sybil replied. “He is a man of mystery. I cannot see him clearly – he is surrounded by the fog that so often clouds the inner eye.”
“You’re amazing!” Abby smiled. “It’s scary sometimes how accurate you are!”
“You think so, dear?” Sybil asked, smiling. “Well, let’s see if we can see a little more for you.”
“Thanks, Sybil,” Abby grinned.
“I see a flat, in south London. Not far from here, belonging to a man.”
“Is this the same man, or will I meet two men?” Abby asked excitedly.
“You will not meet this man,” Sybil foretold. “But I see a letter – an N. No, wait! An M!”
“Mark?” Abby asked. “Will Mark Heston finally notice me?”
“Not a Mark, no. I see, a Mitchell. A Mitchell West,” Sybil said.
“What else do you see about him?” Abby asked.
“He… I’ve met him!” Sybil gasped, withdrawing her hands from Abby. “He came here that night, to see me! I gave him a prophecy that he was to die! My dear, you will go to the flat of a dead man! But, my clowns… My dear, you must go! Now! Do not go to this man’s flat! Please… There are things you cannot know – dark secrets are hidden here, at the fair! Leave now, before it’s too late!”
“What dark secrets, what clowns? And what about Mitchell West?” Abby asked, standing up from her stool.
“My clowns, quick! Leave before they find you! I’m so sorry, my dear, but the mark of the clowns is upon you!” Sybil said, tears pouring down her face.

Brian was walking into work. Lucy drove her car across the street. She parked across the road, where she watched Brian open the bakery, and walk inside.

“He’s so lush!” Lucy sighed.

Suddenly there was a screech of brakes behind her, and Lucy cried out as a car ploughed into the back of hers. The door flew open, and Lucy rolled out of the car. A passer by ran and helped her up, and the driver of the other car shakily climbed out. It seemed he was unhurt.

“I’m so sorry!” he cried.

Lucy was about to reply when a spark caught, and ignited the pools of petrol on the floor. Lucy and the passer by were thrown backwards as the car exploded. The driver of the other car, David Baker, was lost in the explosion. After the smoke cleared, his shoes were left ominously beside the road. Lucy screamed, as she watched the man who’d crashed into her die.

“My car!” Lucy screamed. “There’s nothing left!”
“That poor man,” the passer by, Gareth, said quietly. “He lost his car and his life.”

Lucy was again about to reply, when her phone rang. It was Abby. She was checking to see if ‘the mark of clowns’ was dramatic effect, or whether Sybil hadn’t lied when she said she and her family would be in danger from clowns.

“Lucy, are you alright?” Abby asked.
“Sure,” Lucy said.
“Positive? You sound shaken up,” Abby said. “Look, is there a clown nearby? Are you safe?”
“I’m fine,” Lucy said. “No clowns. I didn’t hit my head. Okay, I did get chucked out, but I’ve only grazed my arms.”
“Chucked out of what?” Abby asked.
“My car!” Lucy sighed. “Oh wait, I forgot to tell you. I got hit by another car.”
“But you’re alright?” Abby asked. “The car’s alright?”
“Umm yeah,” Lucy said. “They took it to the garage.”
“Good,” Abby sighed with relief. “I expect dad will claim on the other drivers insurance.”
“Yeah, about that,” Lucy said.

She couldn’t just tell her sister that a man had been blown up in front of her. When she found out about the car she’d flip – the death of a man didn’t need to freak her out as well.

“He’s gone to hospital,” Lucy continued. “It might be a bit mean to demand his insurance stuff. His condition might be critical.”
“I’ll come to the hospital,” Abby promised. “Are you in the Ambulance?”
“No, the doctors said I was fine.”
“Well I’ll come over,” Abby said. “Where are you?”

Lucy didn’t want to admit she’d been stalking the bakerman. She didn’t even know his name yet, it was early stages. Plus Abby might think she was insane. At the moment, Lucy referred to the bakerman as Boff-Guy, based on some glasses she’d once seen him wear, and that fact that she’d quite like to boff him.

“Actually, it might be better if I didn’t come to see you,” Abby thought. “Too many of us in one place at once would be an easy target. And I reckon I should check out that flat.”
“What? Oh, never mind,” Lucy said. “Bye.”

And she hung up the phone. Another ringing interrupted her thoughts. Gareth picked up the phone eagerly.

“Daisy?” Gareth asked. “Oh hi. What? You accepted tea with Mrs Bell?”
“What else could I do?” Daisy wailed. “Can you come too? It’ll make it all a lot less hard to endure.”
“I can’t,” Gareth said, grinning. “I’m with a girl who was involved in a car accident. I need to stay with her until the police arrive. I expect they’ll want to question both of us. Plus, I refuse to go anywhere near her after that incident with the Book Club. Susan’s still seeing that doctor about it.”
“Lucky,” Daisy muttered. “If only I were involved in a car accident. Look I’d better go; I just rang the door bell. Bye.”
“Good luck,” Gareth laughed.
“I’ll need it,” Daisy said darkly, before putting down the phone.

Daisy was relieved when it was Colin Bell who opened the door.

“Sorry about this,” Colin said.
“It’s alright,” Daisy sighed. “Elizabeth’s got the beakers out hasn’t she?”
“Yep, don’t worry, there’s no chance of spilling anything,” Colin smiled, stepping aside so Daisy could enter the house.
“That’s not what I’m afraid of,” Daisy said, and Colin nodded.
“Ah! Hello, Daisy! Do come in! Welcome, welcome to the Bell residence! Would you like a cup of tea?” Elizabeth said loudly, directing her voice to Viola White’s house next door.
“Err, yes thank you,” Daisy said, walking into the house.

“That was… random,” Georgia laughed.
“You were involved in an explosion,” Abby said quietly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t want to worry you,” Lucy said.
“Oh sis,” Abby cried. “I love you, you know that don’t you?”
“Sure,” Lucy said.

They embraced.

“And when were you planning on telling me the car had been destroyed in an explosion?” Abby asked.

Bradley decided to let Lucy off, and pushed on with the next vision. It was Brian’s turn. Suddenly Bradley tensed.

“I’m experiencing my first prophecy,” he gasped. “I’m seeing the future!”
“Impossible!” Sybil gasped. “It took me so long!”
“I guess he’s got a gift,” the Doctor said, leaning forwards. “Now tell me what you see.”

“Quick!” Elizabeth hissed. “While the clowns have their backs turned!”
“Elizabeth,” Colin sighed. “We aren’t sneaking out so you can inspect the cake sale. Our friends might be in danger! Oh poor Mrs White!”
“She’ll be fine,” Elizabeth said. “I just want one look.”

Before Colin could protest further, Elizabeth scurried out of the tent. Colin followed her anxiously. As he walked outside, he saw Elizabeth, frozen in terror. A clown was waiting – they obviously hadn’t left them alone. It grinned at them evilly.

“Any disobedience results in your decay,” the clown snarled. “Thank you, and goodnight!”

It raised its arms, and Colin and Elizabeth were afraid it was the last thing they would ever see.

“And I never got to inspect that cake sale!” Elizabeth moaned, before the clown brought down its arms.

To be continued…

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