Saturday, 30 May 2009

Episode 4: Attack of the Clowns Part 4

“Where are you taking us?” Elizabeth asked, bravely stepping out from the pulpit.
“We are taking you to the fair on Helich Way,” the clown who spoke with Sybil's voice said. “Once there you will be held until the Doctor is defeated.”
“And what if we refuse?” Colin asked, standing behind Elizabeth.
“You will be held here, until the Doctor is defeated,” the Sybil said.
“Is Georgia at the fair?” Elizabeth asked.
“Yes, and Brian Mason,” Sybil replied.
“Brian? What’s he doing there?” Colin asked.
“No matter, you will come with us,” the Sybil said.

Colin, Elizabeth, Daisy, Mrs White, the Vicar and the Vicar’s Wife stepped out from their hiding places and reluctantly followed the clowns, who led the group to the doomed fair.

“Zac, I can see you,” Bradley said.
“Oooh that was creepy,” Conner grinned.
“What can you see?” Kaylie asked, leaning across the table.

Another red electric bolt shot through the circle of hands, and everyone around the table could see the same vision. It was a park in spring, and Conner, Zac and Harry Ladbrook, who had died while on the Spidership, were sat on swings, gently swinging in the breeze. Bradley and his gang were spinning around on the roundabout, trying to make each other sick, and Catherine, Beth and numerous other girls were texting on their phones, laid out on a big blanket they’d borrowed from the science teacher while he was engrossed in mating frogs.

“How was your Christmas Harry?” Conner asked, swinging himself on the swing.
“Great thanks,” Harry said. “We had a bit of a scare when those Magnet things flew into the sky, but we convinced my Gran that she had a dream.”
“Did your Granddad thing it was the war again?” Zac laughed.
“Yeah,” Harry sighed. “He accused me of being German!”

Conner and Zac shook their heads sadly. Suddenly Zac and Harry stood up.

“We’d best be off,” Zac said. “Class will be starting again soon.”
“I’ll wait a bit,” Conner said.
“See you Conner,” Harry waved.

Gradually everyone left the park, until Conner was on his own. He swung lightly in the breeze, enjoying the silence. Looking at his watch, he leapt of the swing, and walked off to school. He passed down the high street. Georgia was walking along the road, staring in the opposite direction. A Magnet Warrior was wandering down the street with its cloak up. Back at the séance table, Conner was wondering why this was Zac’s vision. This was the moment Conner and Georgia met for the first time, and had passed each other by.

“Sorry,” Conner muttered as he knocked in to Georgia.

Georgia nodded, and continued on her way. Conner turned and walked into school.

“Wait a minute,” Conner said. “This is all leading up to when I met the Doctor.”

Everyone at the séance table looked at him.

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “Let’s get back to the vision.”

Back in the vision, Conner, the Doctor, Georgia and Zac ran from the Octopli spaceship.

“Oh my God!” Zac cried. “I’d better go find my parents! Thanks!”

He ran off. Conner folded his arms at the séance table.

“Is that it?” he asked.

Again, everyone looked at him.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

The next thing Conner knew, he saw Zac standing outside his old house in the vision. It was still the pile of rubble the Octopli had reduced it to. He turned away, sadly. The next thing the people sat around the séance table saw was Zac and Harry back at the park. Catherine, Beth and Kaylie were walking up to them. Of course, at the time, Zac and Harry didn’t know who Kaylie was.

“Hi Zac,” Catherine said.
“Hey have you seen Conner recently?” Beth asked.
“What would you class a recent?” Zac asked.
“Like after those Octopuses invaded,” Beth said.
“Beth’s worried about Conner,” Catherine explained.
“Shut up,” Beth scowled.
“He isn’t dead, if that’s what you mean. I was with him when the Octopli – I mean Octopuses, invaded,” Zac said. “He was still alive when they left.”
“I meant to tell you,” Harry said quickly. “He went to stay with his parents. They’re working on the Spidership you know.”
“Yes, we know,” Beth and Zac sighed.
“Well that clears that up,” Catherine said lightly.
“And Zac, there’s something else I wanted to say,” Beth said.
“Say it,” Zac said.
“I wanted you to meet Kaylie,” Beth said.
“Hi Kaylie,” Zac said, giving Beth an annoyed look.
“Hi,” Kaylie replied shyly.
“Oh look at the time,” Beth said. “We’d best be off, right Catherine?”
“Oooh, is this where we leave so Kaylie and Zac can be alone together?” Catherine asked excitedly.

Beth sighed, and grabbed Catherine by the arm, dragging her off.

“You’re useless,” she muttered as the walked off back to school.
“I think I’d better go too,” Harry said. “Mrs Roberts said I could borrow this book of his, and I need to get that money Bert owes me.”
“Bert Brayswell?” Kaylie laughed. “He’s nice.”
“Bye,” Harry said.

He finished with a quick wink at Zac, before hurrying off to school. Kaylie sat down on the swing that Harry had left vacant. For a moment, Zac and Kaylie swung lightly in the breeze in silence.

“Sorry about this,” Kaylie said, blushing.
“It’s alright,” Zac grinned, blushing as well. “Did Beth and Catherine put you up to this?”
“Actually, I asked them to do it for me,” Kaylie said. “I just… I thought we could be friends.”
“Friends?” Zac asked.
“Yeah,” Kaylie said. “I mean, if you don’t want…”
“No,” Zac smiled. “I’d love to be friends.”
“Great,” Kaylie nodded.

They again sat in silence.

“Can you keep a secret?” Zac asked.

The vision ended, and Conner realised his eyes were watering. Georgia looked at him, and squeezed his hand.

“Hay fever,” Conner explained.
“Yeah, me too,” Georgia said, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.
“What happened next?” the Doctor asked. “I love a good romance!”
“Let’s see if I can get the vision back,” Sybil said quickly, before Bradley could beat her to it.
“No,” Bradley interrupted. “It’s Kaylie’s turn.”

“Can you keep a secret?” Zac asked.
“Yes,” Kaylie whispered breathlessly.
“Conner isn’t with his parents,” Zac said.
“Where is he?” Kaylie asked.
“I don’t exactly know,” Zac replied. “But I do know one thing.”
“What?” Kaylie wondered.
“He’s with the Doctor and Georgia,” Zac smiled. “I did some research. The Doctor’s an alien!”
“What?” Kaylie laughed. “Like a bog monster?”
“Not exactly,” Zac grinned. “He looks human, but he’s got two hearts! And he can’t die!”
“Serious?” Kaylie asked.
“Deadly,” Zac replied.
“And what about the other one?” Kaylie asked.
“Georgia? She’s just human,” Zac said. “But they all travel in this spaceship.”
“Wow,” Kaylie gasped.
“Through time and space,” Zac grinned. “Do you wanna come to the library, and research the Doctor? Only you and Harry know about this. I’m waiting until Conner comes back.”
“Let’s go,” Kaylie grinned.

Zac grabbed Kaylie’s hand, and together they ran off through the park.

“That was so embarrassing,” Kaylie muttered at the séance table.
“Tell me about it,” Zac agreed.
“I thought it was sweet,” Christina said. “You remind me of me and Mitchell when we were young.”
“Can you see anything else?” Conner asked excitedly.
“If I’m right,” the Doctor said carefully. “Then we should be seeing Alex’s vision next.”
“There’s nothing to tell with me,” Alex said.
“There’s always a story to tell,” Sybil said. “In fact, I can see it now.”

Kaylie leapt from the staircase, and onto the ground floor, with Catherine right behind her. Together they burst through some double doors, and ran around the corridor. Catherine let out a little scream of surprise as they collided with Alex. Kaylie was quick to act.

“You’ve got to get out of here!” she cried.
“What’s chasing you?” Alex asked quickly.
“A clown!” Catherine said, trying to get her breath back.
“Right,” Alex said, unsure.
“You’ve got to help us,” Kaylie said. “I can’t run anymore.”
“If we can get to my car,” Alex began.
“Just run!” Kaylie ordered, as the clown reached the end of the stairs.
“I thought you said…” Catherine began, before Alex dragged her off.

The vision ended. Alex looked up.

“At least that was quick,” he sighed.

Mrs White, Daisy, the Vicar and the Vicar’s Wife were led into a tent. The clowns snapped the flaps shut, and left one of their number to guard the outside. Colin and Elizabeth were ushered along by the remaining clowns to a waiting room, where they were told Sybil would need them shortly.

“What are you going to do with us?” Colin asked bravely.
“You will be prisoners,” a clown informed them. “If the Doctor does not do as we say, you will be killed, along with Georgia and Brian.”
“We won’t let you do that,” Elizabeth said.
“Then you will be killed now,” the clown said. “If we kill you, your husband will have to do as we say.”

A clown pulled Elizabeth up off the floor, and she let out a frightened yelp. The clown held her still as another faced her.

“Thank you, and goodnight!”

To be continued…

Friday, 29 May 2009

New Companion!

As you probably all know by now, Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor will be joined by Karen Gillian! She is 21, and from Scotland. Her previous roles include the Kevin Bishop Show and Doctor Who Episode The Fires of Pompeii as a Soothsayer.

This seems like a good opportunity to tell you about companions in our Fanfic. As you know, Georgia and Conner can't travel in the TARDIS forever, so they will eventually be replaced. And if you voted in our recent poll asking who you would like to return in our Fanfic, you'll know some of the Doctor's old friends will be returning. Here is a list of names to look out for, who will be returning, or appearing for the first time:

  • Georgia Bell - current companion of the Doctor

  • Conner Bennet - current companion

  • Sarah Jane Smith - appeared in Virtual Reality and Game Over, will appear in series 3

  • Captain Jack Harkness - appeared in Conner and Mini Ep Own Problems, will reappear in series 3

  • Rose Tyler - cameo in Spirits of the Past, will have another small cameo with Jackie Tyler in series 3

  • Martha Jones - will be appearing in series 3

  • Donna Noble - may be appearing at some point

  • Korena Hashimoto - late series 2 companion, will return for half a series later

  • Katie Parker - companion in the VTV series will be appearing in series 3

  • Lily Thomas - new companion will be appearing in a Christmas special

  • The Shadowy Man - current enemy of the Doctor, he will be appearing again

  • Nikki Brown - possible future companion

Wow we revealed a lot. Hope you aren't too spoilered out! What do you think about all these revelations, and Karen Gillian? I'm not sure about her yet - I think I'll have to check out The Fires of Pompeii again!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Episode 4: Attack of the Clowns part 3

They sat around the séance table in an order; the Doctor, Sybil, Catherine, Bradley, Beth, Zac, Kaylie, Alex, Christina, Abby, Lucy, Brian, Georgia and Conner, who sat beside the Doctor. Everyone held hands, waiting for something to happen. Suddenly Sybil’s head leaned backwards.

“I see something!” she cried, her breathe rattling.
“What do you see?” the Doctor asked. “Tell me what you see.”
“I see it too!” Bradley gasped. “Catherine!”
“What? What about me?” Catherine asked, scared.
“Bradley, what’s going on?” Beth asked quickly.

A red electric light shot around the table, passing from hand to hand. Everyone gasped, one after the other, as the vision was shared. Georgia’s eyes were watering. She blinked them away quickly. She could no longer see the séance table, but St. Mark’s school. The last time she’d been there was the last time she’d seen Brian, and her brother Richard. They all saw Catherine stood inside an office. Kaylie was there, and Mrs Sow, whom Georgia recognised from those terrible events on the Spidership. Kaylie was talking to Mrs Sow about Zac, while Catherine peered out of the door anxiously. A clown appeared from the stairs, stalking down the corridor. It was getting closer.

“Kaylie…” Catherine said nervously.
“Not now Catherine!” Kaylie said firmly. “It’s really important miss; we need to know where Zac went.”
“Kaylie!” Catherine said.
“Later Catherine!” Kaylie said, frustrated.
“Anyway miss, could you guess where Zac would’ve gone?” Kaylie asked.
“Sorry dear, I couldn’t. Does he have his mobile?” Mrs Sow asked.
“Mr Pickard took it off him in class,” Kaylie said. “He was looking at pictures of me, him and Conner together, when we went the fair a while ago.”
“Fair?” Mrs Sow asked.
“Oh my God!” Kaylie said. “They might’ve gone to the fair! Zac’s dad was on the news, and he found a body! It was covered in face paint!”
“Kaylie!” Catherine screamed.
“What?!” Kaylie asked, losing her temper slightly.
“A clown’s coming along the corridor!” Catherine said.

Kaylie and Mrs Sow jumped as a clown burst into the room. Kaylie froze, unable to move. It raised its arms.

“Thank you, and goodnight!”

The scene faded, and Georgia saw them all sat around the table once more.

“Did everyone just see what I saw?” Georgia asked.
“Yeah,” everyone replied.
“That was my boyfriend you were talking about,” Christina said to Kaylie. He wasn’t special, but he still had a name. ‘The body’ isn’t good enough.”
“Sorry,” Kaylie whispered.

Sybil looked up again, and everyone turned toward her – waiting to see what would happen next.

“Who do you see now?” Conner asked in a hushed whisper.
“Bradley,” Sybil said quietly.

Conner blinked, and suddenly he was somewhere else. It was the Spidership. He tried to call out, but realised they had just seen Catherine, and now it was Bradley’s turn. Mrs Sow, Bradley, Catherine and Beth were running for their lives.

“Run children and quickly!” Mrs Sow screamed as she ran.

They burst into a large room, containing a shop. Sadly there was no time to browse the shelves because a Magnet Warrior was following them. Beth waved her arms and they each ducked behind some shelves. Suddenly, they heard footsteps, there was a crash and another pair of footsteps was heard.

“Say goodbye human!” a Magnet Warrior growled.
“No please don’t kill me,” a man’s voice said.

The voice belonged to Mr. Renegade who had escaped the car-sized spider. Conner remembered Mr Renegade covering his history lesson once, but that was the only experience of the teacher he had. Conner frowned, and remembered how little he knew about the world he had left behind when he died. What had happened to all his friends?

“And why not Earthling?” the Magnet Warrior grunted.
“Because there are four other humans hiding behind those shelves of stuff over there!” Mr. Renegade cried.

Mrs Sow gasped as Mr. Renegade came into her line of vision, followed by a Magnet Warrior.

“So there are,” the Magnet Warrior observed. “Well you will still die!”

The Magnet Warrior shot Mr. Renegade in the stomach with a laser, and he fell down dead. Mrs Sow screamed loudly.

“You’re next!” the magnet warrior snarled.

Beth and Catherine screamed and ran off through the back entrance to the shop. The Magnet Warrior fired shots at the two girls but they missed.

“That was horrible,” Kaylie said.

She looked at Beth, Catherine and Bradley.

“You lot never said what happened to him,” she said sadly. “Now I guess I know why.”
“Even though he betrayed you, you couldn’t let his family think badly of him?” Zac asked.
“Yeah,” Bradley said. “But we couldn’t lie about him – he was a coward.”
“So we never told anyone what happened,” Beth said.
“Actually I told the police that Mr Renegade ran from the room earlier, and that someone mentioned finding his body,” Catherine said.
“Hush!” Sybil said. “I’m looking for more.”
“I can already see,” Bradley said. “It’s still me.”

The scene snapped back to Bradley’s vision. He was right. The Magnet Warrior snarled and aimed his gun at Mrs Sow.

“Magnet Warrior!” a voice shouted very loudly.

The Magnet Warrior turned as he fired his gun. The shot missed but hit the shelves which Bradley and Mrs Sow were sitting by. The shelves broke into pieces and one piece fell on Mrs Sow, knocking her out. The Magnet Warrior saw three humans striding towards him with serious expressions on their faces.

“Who are you?” the Magnet Warrior asked, slightly scared.
“Your worst nightmare,” Captain Price said. “Humans that can beat you at war!”

Captain Price fired her revolver, and the bullet hit the magnet warrior in the head. It collapsed and died. Bradley stood up and saw Harry and Zac standing by Captain Price’s side.

“Whoa! Zac and Harry!” Bradley grinned.
“Mrs Sow looks injured,” Harry said, running up to her.
“I think she’s unconscious”, Zac replied.
“Beth and Catherine just ran off,” Bradley said.
“Right then. I’ll take Bradley and Mrs Sow back to the lifeboats,” Captain Price said. “Harry and Zac, you go on after Catherine and Beth.”
“Good idea,” Zac said. “Captain Price once you get to the lifeboats, don’t wait for us, just go.”
“All right, good luck,” Captain Price said reluctantly. “Can you help carry Mrs Sow please?”
“Course,” Bradley replied. “C’mon Miss! Let’s get you to the lifeboats!”

Zac smiled as he saw Captain Price and Bradley leave with Mrs Sow. The scene abruptly ended, and Sybil was scowling. She was obviously annoyed that Bradley was developing a skill for seeing that rivalled hers. Bradley annoyed her further, when he announced that he saw Beth.

“Run!” Beth screamed.

It was Christmas, and Catherine and Beth had been finishing a last bit of Christmas shopping, when the first wave of Cyberman began to attack, dragging people off for an upgrading. Beth grabbed Catherine and pulled her into the doorway of New Look.

“You have to keep quiet!” Beth whispered. “Otherwise those metal things will kill us!”
“I don’t want to die,” Catherine said.

Beth wrapped her arms around Catherine comfortingly. Together they sat in the dark corner of New Look, hoping to avoid detection from the Cybermen. Suddenly a Cyberman marched up to them.

“You will come with me,” the Cyberman said. “We can remove your pain.”
“I’m not in any pain,” Catherine said. “Ouch!”

Beth had just poked her in the ribs.

“Shut up!” Beth hissed.
“You will be upgraded,” the Cyberman said. “Follow me.”
“No!” Beth pleaded. “We don’t want to be upgraded!”
“You will become like us,” the Cyberman insisted, raising an arm as a warning.

Beth took Catherine’s hand, and pulled her up off the dusty pavement. Together they reluctantly followed the Cyberman. They were nearing the Marr Factory when the Cybermen froze. Beth cried in delight.

“Come on!” she laughed. “Let’s get out of here!”
“But what about the upgrading?” Catherine asked.
“Uh, upgrading is bad…” Beth said.
“But it was free,” Catherine complained. “Now what am I gonna buy Bradley for Christmas?”
“Let’s go home,” Beth sighed, taking Catherine by the hand.

They walked away from the frozen Cybermen. It looked as if it was going to be a good Christmas after all. Everyone around the séance table was smiling as the vision ended.

“Colin! How is the pulpit looking dear?” Elizabeth asked.
“Fine darling!” Colin said sadly.
“Excellent,” Elizabeth smiled.

There was a clatter of footsteps as Mrs White came running into the main church area. Colin looked up and Elizabeth dropped her feather duster.

“Clowns are trying to break into the church!” Mrs White cried.
“Where my dear?” Elizabeth trilled, running down the steps towards her.
“The door around the back!” Mrs White cried.
“Is there any other way out?” Daisy shouted, appearing through a door.
“I think the clowns have covered all entries!” the Vicar said, running with his wife into the room.

There was a bang as the door crumpled slightly. The Vicar’s Wife ducked behind a table. Colin pulled Elizabeth’s arm and the hid in the pulpit. Daisy slid under the altar table, and the Vicar grabbed Mrs White and they hid at the back of the church together.

“That’s my husband!” the Vicar’s Wife shouted.

Bang! The door flew off its hinges, and several clowns burst into the church. One of them, the leader it seemed, pointed a finger at them.

“Come with me,” Sybil said. “Or you will die.”

To be continued...

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Episode 4: Attack of the Clowns Part 2

Kaylie fell slowly in the black. Then it stopped, but the black remained.

“Am I dead?” Kaylie muttered. “Cos death sucks.”
“You didn’t honestly think you’d go to heaven did you?” Zac asked, snorting.
“Shut up,” Kaylie said. “And what are you doing in my death? Can’t I have the afterlife in peace?”
“Nope,” Zac smiled. “And, we aren’t dead. We’ve floating.”

“What do you want?” the Doctor asked Sybil, eyeing her wearily.
“To find out how you managed to stop me; and why you changed…” Sybil said.
“Well I think we’d all like some answers,” Conner said. “Georgia? Oh!”

Conner bent down as Georgia let out a little groan. She was waking up.

“Well I propose a treaty,” the Doctor said. “Just for a while.”
“And what?” Sybil asked.
“And, we find out all we want to about one another. About everyone, in fact. Then, if we don’t like your plan, we stop you.”
“Just like that?” Sybil asked, eyebrows raised.
“Just like that,” the Doctor agreed.
“Alright,” Sybil said, nodding in thought. “I’ll agree to this treaty. For the moment. What do you propose we do?”
“We’ll have a séance,” the Doctor grinned.

“What… What happened?” Catherine asked uncertainly.
“We’re trapped,” Beth muttered. “Bradley was right.”
“Not really,” Alex chipped in. “We didn’t die.”
“And I didn’t see us being trapped inside bubbles,” Bradley sighed.
“Sybil must have them,” Beth said. “That fortune teller. She owns the clowns, so she’s capable of something like this.”

Beth, Catherine, Bradley and Alex were trapped inside a bubble each. Each bubble floated, at its own speed, down to the ground, which was growing ever closer.

“What’ll happen when it hits the ground?” Catherine asked.
“Pop probably,” Alex guessed.
“Will it hurt?” Catherine asked.
“No, I don’t think Sybil wanted to hurt us,” Beth said. “Just scare us. That’s why Bradley had the premonition.”
“But why Bradley?” Alex asked. “Why not Zac, or Kaylie? They know the Doctor the most.”
“I think she could only access me,” Bradley said. “It’s like we’re sort of connected, ever since she tried to steal my prophecy.”
“What like visions and stuff?” Alex asked.
“Sort of, faintly. It’s like I can see what’s happening to her. I think we should see the Doctor,” Bradley added. “Something’s not right.”

Pop! Zac and Kaylie’s bubbles burst apart, and Zac and Kaylie hit the ground.

“That was fun,” Zac said.
“I think I might be sick,” Kaylie muttered.

“Colin! Fetch the vase full of flowers!” Elizabeth cried.
“Yes dear,” Colin sighed, heading down the pews.

Trapped inside the church, Elizabeth was in her element.

“If we’re stuck inside the house of God, we might as well make it look as lovely as possible,” Elizabeth had said.

So now, Daisy and Mrs White were changing the altar cloth, Colin was fetching a vase full of flowers to place at the front, the Vicar was washing the stain glass windows on a ladder, and the Vicar’s wife was changing the candles in their sticks at the back of the church. Elizabeth surveyed all she could see around her with pride.

“Dear, do you think you could make us all a cup of tea?” Colin asked, knowing the answer.
“I’m afraid not dear,” Elizabeth replied sweetly. “I think I left my holiday brochures the last time we came. I must look for them Colin dear! How else will we be able to voyage on our expensive holiday to a tranquil and seldom seen destination?”
“I thought we were going to Norfolk,” Colin muttered under his breath.

“Do you want a pasty love?” Brian asked.

Lucy snapped out of her daydream. She realised she had been staring at him for at least two minutes.

“No thanks,” Lucy said. “I was actually wondering if I could borrow your car.”
“Right,” Brian said, raising an eyebrow.
“It’s for my sister,” Lucy explained quickly. “I really need to get to her.”
“Sorry, but…” Brian began.
“Wait!” Lucy said. “I know this sounds ridiculous. Can you just talk to her? Please?”
“Alright,” Brian sighed. “If you promise to leave right after.”
“I promise,” Lucy agreed.

“Hang on,” Abby said to Christina. “I’ve got another call coming through.”

Abby and Christina both had their phones out, calling each other, so the clowns that were after them froze. Christina ended the call from her phone, and Abby answered the second call.

“Hello?” Abby asked.
“Abby!” Lucy cried. “Can you talk to the bakerman? He won’t let me borrow his car.”
“Baker,” Abby corrected. “Hand over the phone.”

Lucy scowled at being continually corrected, and handed over the phone to Brian.

“Sorry about this,” Abby said quickly.
“It’s alright,” Brian sighed.
“It’s just I really need my sister to come and pick me up from the fair on Helich Way,” Abby said.
“What for?” Brian asked. “Can’t she use her own car?”
“It’s at the garage,” Abby said. “And this will sound really stupid, but I’m being chased by an alien clown, and I need to escape. I know it sounds really stupid, but it’s true!”
“If I was anybody else, I wouldn’t believe you,” Brian began.
“But?” Abby asked hopefully.
“I’ve been attacked by aliens too.”
“If you’re taking the mick, don’t bother,” Abby frowned.
“I’m not!” Brian said quickly. “Christmas 2009! All those things flying up into the sky! Then around April, I was attacked by green bog monsters in a television studio! Then this Christmas, I nearly got downloaded into a Cyberman!”
“Aliens must really hate you,” Abby smiled, hoping to prolong the conversation so the clown wouldn’t unfreeze.
“No, it’s because I was helping Georgia, and the Doctor,” Brian said, reminiscing, more to himself.
“The Doctor?” Abby asked quickly. “And Georgia… The blonde girl?”
“You know them?” Brian asked.
“The Doctor has brown spiky hair, and wears a blue suit,” Abby said. “And Georgia’s blonde, really pretty, quite tall.”
“That’s them!” Brian smiled.
“They’re with me now,” Abby said. “Last I saw Georgia was running for her life.”
“I’ll be there in a minute,” Brian said quickly. “Bye.”

Bradley fell, the vision coursing through his body. Catherine clutched his arms, trying to hold him up off the ground. Beth and Alex stared on anxiously.

“What can you see Bradley?” Beth whispered.
“Zac and Kaylie,” Bradley said. “They’ll be here in a minute.”

Sure enough, Zac and Kaylie ran from around a tent, and stared at the others in shock.

“What’s happening to Bradley?” Zac muttered to Alex. “Is he having a fit?”
“No, a vision,” Alex replied, grinning slightly.
“Why are we muttering?” Kaylie muttered.
“What else do you see?” Catherine asked.
“All of us,” Bradley said. “We’re heading towards Sybil’s tent. Georgia, Conner, the Doctor and Sybil are there too. Only, the Doctor looks different. Big ears and nose. I dunno how I know it’s him.”
“He must have regenerated,” Zac said quietly.
“What?” Beth asked.
“I said he must have regenerated,” Zac said, a little louder.
“No,” Beth sighed. “I meant what’s regeneration?”
“It’s when the Doctor changes his body, his whole shape,” Kaylie said. “Last April, when Conner went missing, me, Zac and Harry researched the Doctor. Some virus had wiped out lots of the information, but we found hidden stuff. About regeneration and such.”
“It sounds like he regenerated back into his ninth persona,” Zac said, frowning.
“From the prophecy,” Bradley said.
“What?” Zac asked.
“Sybil tried to steal his prophecy, I saw it just then, in a vision,” Bradley explained.
“Let’s fulfil the other prophecy and get moving to Sybil’s tent,” Alex said. “Some clowns are headed this way.”

“What’s happening?” Georgia asked faintly.
“Waking up at last, are we?” Conner teased. “We’re going to Sybil’s tent for a séance.”
“What? Why?” Georgia frowned.
“The Doctor and Sybil want to find out more about each other. Apparently we’re all looking at our past or something,” Conner muttered, not convinced by the Doctor’s plans. “I think it’s just an excuse for Sybil and the Doctor to hold hands.”
“What happened to the Doctor?” Georgia asked. “I heard you mentioning he’d changed.”
“Long story,” Conner mused.
“Tell me on the way,” Georgia said.

“Christina,” the Doctor said. “It’s the Doctor. Don’t ask why I sound different, please. I’ve already had to explain a million times today.”
“Right,” Christina said on the other end of the phone. “What do you want?”
“I want you and Abby to meet us at Sybil’s fortune telling tent,” the Doctor said. “Abby knows the way.”
“Abby’s sister’s coming over,” Christina said.
“Then bring her too,” the Doctor replied. “Bye!”

Brian’s car pulled up to the car park. He was nervous – what would Georgia say at seeing him again? The last time they’d met, the Slitheen killed her brother Richard. Then after Christmas Elizabeth told him that her cousin Rob Slater had been killed as well. Brian remembered how they’d been close. Like brother and sister. Had travelling with the Doctor changed her? Brian whished he’d accepted the Doctor’s offer to travel with them. Still, it was too late now. He climbed out of the car, before helping Lucy out. It was awkward around her; she clearly fancied him.

“Come on,” he said.
“There she is!” Lucy said, running to the entrance of the fair.
“Wait for me!” Brian cried, tearing after her.

Abby and Christina were waiting for them at the entrance of the fair. Christina was on the phone. Abby grinned apologetically at Brian. He smiled back. Abby wasn’t as pretty as her sister.

“The Doctor told us to meet him at Sybil’s tent,” Christina said.
“Who?” Brian asked.
“She’s a fortune teller my sister always goes to,” Lucy said.
“I know the way,” Abby confirmed. “Follow me.”

“Here we are,” Bradley said, as he, Zac, Kaylie, Beth, Catherine and Alex approached the tent.

Georgia and Conner had just arrived, and the Doctor and Sybil were already inside, just as Bradley had seen.

“Hi Zac,” Conner said. “Sorry about earlier.”
“Forget it,” Zac said. “I know you meant well.”

Conner and Zac had had a fierce debate about Kaylie’s safety earlier, which Zac had won. All was forgiven now. The Doctor poked his head out of the tent.

“Come on!” he said. “We’re waiting to start!”
“I’m freezing my arse off here,” Georgia complained.
“Here come the others,” Conner grinned.

Brian, Abby, Christina and Lucy nervously sidled up to them.

“Brian?” Georgia said. “What are you doing here?”
“Long story,” Brian mused.

They all stepped inside the tent, sat down in their stools, and held hands. The Doctor was at the head of the table, and Sybil was next to him. Conner and Georgia were on the other side, sat next to Brian. Catherine had happily sat next to Sybil, and nobody else had the heart to tell her Sybil was the enemy.

“So,” the Doctor said. “Let’s begin.”

To be continued…

Saturday, 23 May 2009


As you may know, series one of Will and Seb is being made into eBooks! We are very excited about this. Please go here to check out more about them. Here are the covers:

Volume One contains the episodes Georgia and the Magnet Warriors, Conner, Maids, Myths and Monsters, and Cats in the Kingdom. The eBook should be released around the end of May.

Volume Two contains the episodes The Demon Headmaster, Slitheen School and Spirts of the Past. This volume should be released around June.

Volume Three contains the episodes Be Civil, Virtual Reality, Game Over and A Study in the Straw. This volume shoul be released around June.

Volume Four contains Silent Ice, The Spidership and Betrayal and Death. This volume should be released around June.

Remember you can read the whole of series one here. Click each piccie to make it bigger. We hope you enjoy our eBooks!

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Figure Review NO 13: Cerone

Figure: Cerone

Detail: 8/10

Articulation: 14

Sitting: 9/10

Standing: 8/10

Extras: Removable Royalist head

Special Features: Head can be put on Cerone's head, so she appears to be a royalist.

Comments: This is a good figure with special features and great articulation. The detail on the costume and face could have been improved though.

Total: 8/10

A good figure but does not look enough like the character.

Likeness to Character:

Remember this review is of a fanfic figure, which aren't really real. If you would like me to review a figure, fanfic or normal, then please leave a comment on this post. Figure review 14 coming soon, (we don't want to be stuck on 13 for a long time!)

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Episode 5: Angels and Demons

The Doctor
Dalen Erikson
Granny Auckland
Gertrude Gillywater
Thomas Auckland
Red's mum
The Shining humanoid

The Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrive on Earth in 1925 Norway. Screams are heard as Red, who has just gone to visit her Grandmother, returns from her visit after being chased by strange goblin-like creatures. They have been hired by an old enemy to make sure what happened happens. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner are amazed at the girl in the Red hood, the wolf, her Granny and the woodcutter, which are all under threat from the devil in his cloak, Rack.

Spoilers: two are red herrings:
A wolf is disguised as Granny
Rack decides to finish Conner off, once and for all
Rack thinks he's the devil, another thinks he's an angel
Georgia is kidnapped, again...
Ziap, Yap and Kap are three evil friends.
Rack has been following the Doctor
Red was supposed to get eaten

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Episode 4: Attack of the Clowns Part 1


An explosion; the rollercoaster shook violently. Beth screamed.

“The energy from the transfer was too much!” the Doctor cried, doubling up with pain. “It’s killing me!”

There was a bang, and Alex was thrown out of his carriage. Catherine was sobbing loudly. Alex disappeared into the inky blackness. The TARDIS shook, and Georgia fell back. Crack! Blood poured out of Georgia’s head. Beth was thrown out of her carriage. Catherine cried out, but was crushed by Bradley’s carriage. The coaster was spinning out of control. Beth landed on the track. She died instantly as the rollercoaster hit her.

“Conner I’m dying,” the Doctor said, his eyes closed with pain.
“What?” Conner asked desperately, stepping back.

Together, Zac and Kaylie were flipped off the rollercoaster. They fell through the darkness. With one last bang, Bradley was thrown from his carriage.

“I’m regenerating!” the Doctor cried.

Conner leapt backwards in shock as the Doctor stuck his arms out, the golden energy erupting from his hands, feet and face, like a volcano. Some of the regeneration energy sparked off, hitting him in the stomach. Conner was blasted off his feet. As he lost consciousness, he saw the Doctor turn towards Georgia’s body, and pour all of the regeneration energy into one point. The blood flowed back into Georgia, and her head repaired itself. Georgia slipped slowly away into unconsciousness. Just before everything went black, Georgia saw the Doctor’s features blur and change…

…Into a man with a large nose, and two very distinctive ears. He looked up, surprised. Staggering over to the console, the Doctor looked into a small circular mirror.

“Fantastic,” he sighed.

Title Sequence

The image of Bradley falling into the darkness faded, and Bradley jerked upright. He was sat on the rollercoaster, with Alex behind him, Catherine and Beth in the row in front, and Zac and Kaylie at the front of the rollercoaster. They were all alive! Bradley rubbed his eyes. His life must be flashing before his eyes – it still felt like he was falling, ever closer to the ground. He looked around, and realised it was in fact the rollercoaster starting up, while the last few people climbed in.

“Are you alright Bradley?” Beth asked.

Bradley jumped in shock.

“You look a bit ill,” Beth continued. “Maybe you should get off. I don’t want you being sick in my hair.”
“Get off…” Bradley said slowly.
“Pardon?” Beth asked.
“Off the rollercoaster,” Bradley said. “Everyone, get off!”
“What?” Kaylie asked, turning in her seat.
“What’s wrong mate?” Zac asked, turning around as well.

Bradley lifted his lap bar that prevented him from falling out, in an attempt to get off. As he did so, the lap bars of everyone else lifted too. That was how everyone had fallen out, in his dream. No, it wasn’t a dream, Bradley told himself. It was more like a prophecy, or a premonition…

“Sit down Bradley,” Alex said calmly. “The ride’s about to start.”
“No!” Bradley shouted. “We’ve got to get off!”
“Maybe he’s right,” Catherine said. “Devil’s Flight is too scary.”
“Shut up Catherine, don’t be a wuss,” Beth said.

She too stood up. She looked at Bradley calmly.

“You’ve got to sit down Bradley,” she said, her words like velvet. “It’s gonna be alright. We’re gonna be fine. The track’s got loads of safety measures, it’s impossible to fall off. Come on, sit down. That’s it.”

Bradley was unsure. It was hard to believe in the premonition, especially after Beth spoke so calmly. Everybody was watching him. He had to decide, now, whether to get off, or to sit down. His choice was made for him, as a park worker walked alongside Bradley’s carriage.

“Sit down son,” he ordered. “The ride’s about to start. You’ll enjoy it once you’re up there.”

Bradley nodded, and sat down shakily.

“That’s it lad,” the park worker assured him. “Start her up!”
“Yes Bill!” came a voice in the distance.

Bill stepped backwards as the ride slowly began to ascend… Conner slowly opened his eyes. Everything that was right in his life had gone wrong; the Doctor had rejuvenated, or whatever he called it, Georgia had hit her head, the blood pouring everywhere, he’d fallen out with Zac, his parents were dead. He sat up off the floor, rubbing his eyes. He suddenly was wide awake, as he spotted Georgia, still lying on the floor. The blood had gone! Maybe she was alright. Conner weakly crawled over to her. Placing a finger on her neck, he felt for a pulse. He breathed a sigh of relief – Georgia was alive!

“You alright?” came a voice.

Conner looked up. He was confronted with a man, with large ears and nose. He was wearing the Doctor’s brown suit, but it was too small. His hair was dark, and short. His voice was northern. Conner remembered what Sybil had said.

“How comes you sound like your from the North?” Conner said, repeating Sybil’s message.
“Lots of planets have a North!” the northern man protested.
“Who are you?” Conner asked, trying to stand up.
“I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor smiled.
“That’s some facelift,” Conner said, looking at him.
“Oi! I spent ages moisturising this old face!” the Doctor said, protesting again.
“What do you mean, you’re the Doctor?” Conner asked, clutching the console for support.
“I’m the Doctor. The same man. Well, a bit different.”
“I think you’re talking, but you aren’t saying anything,” Conner said.
“Something went wrong with my regeneration,” the Doctor explained. “The prophecy energy overloaded, causing the internal and external regeneration to backfire.”
“I’m rubbish at science,” Conner said.
“When I regenerate, I change my body,” the Doctor said. “My whole appearance.”
“How many times have you done it?” Conner asked.
“Nine times,” the Doctor said. “I’m on my tenth body. Or rather, I was.”
“So you’re Doctor Eleven?” Conner said.
“No,” the Doctor said. “I said something went wrong. I’m Doctor Nine again.”
“So this is the Ninth Doctor,” Conner smiled.

“Come on! Run!” Abby cried.

Abby and Christina were near the entrance of the fair. Most of the clowns had gone after Georgia and Conner, but three were still after them. If they could reach the entrance, they could break into a car or something. Anything to escape the clowns. Suddenly Abby’s phone rang.

“Wait!” Christina said. “The clowns freeze with phones! The Doctor told me!”
“Yeah, he told me too,” Abby said, irritated. “Hello? Look, don’t hang up! It’s really important! Who is this anyway?”

Elsewhere, Lucy Stuart held her phone up to her ear. She was always called the smart and sassy of the Stuart family, but Abby called her a bitch, with her blonde curls, and chavvy dress sense. Lucy called it stylish.

“Abby, where are you?” Lucy asked. “Mum’s going mental! Granddad fell down the stairs and you weren’t there!”
“What? Is he hurt?” Abby asked quickly.
“No, he’s fine,” Lucy said. “He faked it.”
“What?” Abby asked, confused.
“He said he wanted us to feel frightened, and to care about him for once. Mum didn’t mention she’s round there 24/7. Told you he’s barmy,” Lucy added.
“And where were you?” Abby asked.
“Out with my mates,” Lucy said, as if this was obvious. “We’re going down to the cake shop. There’s that lush bakerman who works there.”
“Baker,” Abby corrected.
“Whatever,” Lucy snapped.
“Can you do me a favour?” Abby asked.
“What?” Lucy asked reluctantly.
“Meet me at the Fair on Helich Way, with a car.”
“What for?” Lucy asked.
“Umm… I’m in trouble. I owe this man some money, but I need to go and get it,” Abby invented.
“My cars at the garage,” Lucy said.
“Well borrow mums!” Abby said, exasperated.
“It’s at granddads.”
“Well what about the baker’s car?” Abby asked desperately.
“Oooh! You are the. Best. Sister. Ever. See you later,” Lucy said, excited.

Now she had an excuse to talk to Brian Mason! Conner coughed as smoke filled the TARDIS.

“What the hell is that?” Conner asked, waving the smoke away with his hands.
“Something’s trying to get into the TARDIS,” the Doctor said, patting the console soothingly.
“What is?” Conner asked desperately.
“Who is,” the Doctor said.

Conner automatically stepped in front of Georgia as Sybil emerged in the TARDIS. The Doctor, meanwhile, waved.

“Hello!” he said, bright on the surface but dark underneath.
“Who are you?” Sybil asked.
“I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor replied.
“Doctor who?” Sybil said.
“Just the Doctor. I’m that man who you took on earlier,” the Doctor replied. “Your prophecy energy killed me. I’m surprised a human being could survive it.”
“I’m not your average human,” Sybil replied. “I think you should be worried if I’m around.”
“Oh I think we can handle you,” Conner said. “We’ve dealt with worse.”
“Have you?” Sybil said. “I doubt it.”
“We’ll see,” Conner said.
“We shall,” Sybil agreed.

Kaylie clasped Zac’s hand, as the rollercoaster sped around a corner. Behind them, Catherine was laughing like a maniac, and Beth was screaming with delight.

“I love this!” Kaylie cried.

Suddenly part of the rollercoaster broke apart. Kaylie screamed. Bradley swallowed, forcing the sick back down his throat. There was a loud snap as some of the track broke apart. The cars behind Alex lifted up. People were thrown out of the coaster, screaming. Beth was crying now. Catherine joined in too. Alex closed his eyes are his car flew into the air. Bradley cried out as Alex fell into the darkness. The safety barriers lifted up, and Zac grabbed hold of Kaylie, keeping her in her seat. With another smash, Catherine, Beth and Bradley flew from the rollercoaster, and into the darkness.

“Zac!” Kaylie screamed as the rollercoaster flew round a loop.

Everything ground to a halt, and the rollercoaster swung upside down in the breeze. Zac and Kaylie were the only ones left. What Bradley saw had come true. Kaylie and Zac slipped out of their seats, the safety barriers no longer in front of them. Kaylie managed to grab hold of the top of the seat, as did Zac.

“Hold on!” Zac ordered.
“I can’t!” Kaylie said, crying.
“Don’t let go,” Zac said. “We can rock it.”
“What?” Kaylie sobbed.
“Tilt the rollercoaster backwards and forwards, until it goes backwards along the tracks,” Zac replied.
“That won’t work,” Kaylie said, her grasp letting go.
“I saw it on a film,” Zac said, trying to stay calm. “Now rock it!”

Kaylie did as she was told, and tried to rock the rollercoaster. Her hands and arms were numb with trying to hold on. It was getting impossible. Surely she should have dropped by now?

“Sorry Zac,” Kaylie said.

And she let go. It was peaceful, tumbling into the blackness. Death was easy – life was harder. Zac couldn’t live without Kaylie. Muttering a quiet goodbye, Zac let go, and fell, slowly, into the consuming blackness.

To be continued…

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New Blog!

For any fans of the amazing Twilight Saga, I suggest you head over to Will and Becky from TOCS' new site, Cullen and Swan. Interested? Click here.

The site is still under construction at the moment, but we have enough going on for any Twilight fan to be happy with until more stuff is added. There are character profiles, movie reviews, videos, quotes, icons and bookmarks, and even fan fictions, written by Will, Becky or even You! Submit ideas or fan fictions to the site, and you could see yours posted for everyone to read! Please comment on what you think of the site :)

*Beware! (Highlight)*

This site contains lots of Carlisle Cullen! I couldn't stop Becky, I'm sorry. Believe me, I tried.

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More Fanfic Figures

Yes we have more fanfic figures coming soon in the shape of wave 4 & 5!

Figures may include:
New Cyberleader with gun and santa hat
Student Null
Commander Zagrafix
Clown (maybe two variations)

Wave 5 will come soon after and will feature some more figures from series 1, these may include Guy of Gisbourne, Duchess Hame and Private Roxanne, maybe even a Cats in the Kingdom set.
Of course these aren't real figures but we enjoy making them, so look forward to them soon after episode 4 Attack of the Clowns has been posted. Meanwhile, we are working on a couple of projects for the blog at the moment, which we hope you'll enjoy. Sorry for lack of posts. Remember to look at all our other sites, including the proc (The Avatar Proclomation) where I found the great avatar of Donna which is on this post.

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Episode 3: Fun at the Fair Part 5

“Run!” Colin cried, grabbing Georgia and Elizabeth’s hands.

The Vicar pulled Mrs White and Daisy away from the clown, which leered at them. Suddenly, Georgia’s phone rang. The clown froze.

“Dad, Vicar, take mum, Mrs White and Daisy out of here,” Georgia ordered. “Hello?”

She spoke into the phone. Colin and the Vicar led Elizabeth, Viola and Daisy out of the garden, and into the house.

“Get in the car!” Georgia called. “Mrs White, can we borrow your car? Vicar, do you have your car?”
“Yes,” the Vicar replied. “Some of you can go in mine.”
“Great,” Georgia replied. “Sorry about this. Who’s there?”

The Doctor, Conner, Zac, Beth and Abby were in the TARDIS. The Doctor held the phone up to his ear.

“Where’ve you been? You’re missing all the action!” the Doctor said.
“Believe me,” Georgia replied on the other end. “It’s you who’s missed out. I got attacked by a clown on the way to mum and dad’s. Well we got into the house, but it followed us. Oh, and Mrs White from next door, and Daisy – you met at the Book Club – got mixed up in all of it. We had to lock ourselves in the shed, but then the Vicar came along, and we escaped. They’re all sat in the car now.”
“Wow, you weren’t joking,” the Doctor said, amazed. “Honestly, your family…”
“Amazing, isn’t it?” Georgia grinned, rubbing one of her eyes.
“Where’s the clown now?” the Doctor asked.
“Stood on the lawn. It’s weird, but it’s frozen…” Georgia said, waving a hand in front of the clown’s petrified face.
“Frozen? Any idea what’s stopping it?” the Doctor asked, putting his glasses on.
“It froze when the Vicar came too,” Georgia said, frowning with concentration. “It might be the phone, cos the Vicar was on his when he arrived. But how could a phone stop a clown?”
“Signals. That must be it. Phone signals. They must interfere with their biological patterns,” the Doctor said. “This means, we have a weapon against them!”
“Fantastic!” Georgia cried. “But, why are they following us? Is it you again?”
“What do you mean again?” the Doctor asked in a hurt voice.
“Every single bloody alien attacks us, after you!” Georgia said.
“Not every…” the Doctor said defensively. “Just… Most…”
“Whatever. Just fix it. I’m gonna take my family to the church, make them safe,” Georgia informed him.
“Right. Can you meet me at the fair on Helich Way after that?” the Doctor asked.
“Sure. I might have to get someone to drive me; I haven’t passed my test yet. I was supposed to do it before you whisked me off to the stars,” Georgia said, smiling to herself slightly.
“Woops,” the Doctor grinned. “Maybe you could walk; I don’t want to bring your family into this.”
“Hmph,” Georgia hmphed.
“You can hmph at me all you like, I’m not saving the world with the help of your mother!” the Doctor said.
“See you later, Time boy,” Georgia said. “Ohh, hadn’t I better get out of the garden before I end the call?”
“Yup,” the Doctor said happily. “Bye!”

Georgia ran across the lawn, and made sure she was out of the house and in the car before she ended the call.

Kaylie and Catherine leapt down the stairs, the clown smashing above them. Catherine began to head for the first floor corridor, but Kaylie pulled her back.

“We need to get out of the school!” Kaylie said.
“We can go down the stairs at the other end of the corridor. That way the clown might not see us,” Catherine replied dreamily.
“Brilliant idea!” Kaylie cried. “I just hope it works.”

Tugging Catherine once again, Kaylie began to run down the first floor corridor. There was a rasping and a grating as the TARDIS dematerialised in the middle of the fair. Beth stepped out, followed by Abby, Conner and Zac. The Doctor stumbled out afterwards.

“Everyone’s looking at us!” Abby whispered.
“They’re probably wondering how we can all fit in that small box!” Beth laughed.
“Now what do we do?” Zac asked, speaking for the first time in a while.
“We need to go and speak to the manager,” Abby said. “That’s always a very good place to start.”
“I find the start’s another good place to start,” Conner muttered. “You haven’t said much Zac.”
“I was wondering about Kaylie,” Zac explained. “We left her behind, remember?”
“Woops,” the Doctor said absentmindedly.

He led the way into the fair. Elizabeth and Colin’s car pulled up to the Vicar’s church, and the Vicar’s car followed shortly after. Colin, Elizabeth and Georgia climbed out of Colin’s car, and Georgia nudged them to the church. Mrs White, Daisy and the Vicar climbed out of the Vicar’s car. Daisy clutched the Vicar’s mobile, as he Vicar had made her ring his wife to warn her that the Bell woman was coming.

“Into the church, all of you!” Georgia ordered. “Vicar, have you got any stuff happening in here today?”
“That’s not the correct term, but yes, we do,” the Vicar said.
“Any weddings? Any funerals or christenings?” Georgia asked.
“Not today, I don’t think. But we do have the church cleaning, with all the ladies helping out,” the Vicar said.
“Cancel it,” Georgia ordered. “Tell all of the ladies to keep away from the church. I’ll lock the gates as I go.” “Will you be alright? What if there are more clowns?” Colin asked.
“I’ll phone someone,” Georgia said. “That goes for you lot too. If a clown attacks you, phone each other, keep the conversation going. Don’t hang up the phone, or the clown can unfreeze. I’ll ring you when it’s safe, I promise.”

With a quick hug from Colin and Elizabeth, Georgia left. Alex Turner hated school. He hated the teachers, he hated the pupils, he hated the unoriginality of everyone, but mostly, he hated Physics. Sneaking out was the easiest thing in the world – his teacher was too busy droning on to notice him. The other kids laughed and made faces at him as left. Although he hated them, he didn’t think they were mean enough to tell the teacher he was sneaking out, but he knew they were stupid enough to let it slip accidentally, or, in the unlikely event of the teacher noticing, thinking up a rubbish lie. Alex was clever. That was the only way to describe it. He had been since he was little. He’d always had a way with computers especially; they, along with books, were his best friends. You could always rely on a book to hide your secrets. Alex looked up, startled, as he heard a noise from above. More idiot kids messing about, probably. Then he heard running footsteps. Surely that wasn’t the running footsteps of children messing about; the footsteps sounded more scared than anything. Alex could make out a second set of footsteps, further behind. These footsteps were bigger, as if whoever was running had really big feet. Almost like a clown, Alex thought.

Christina poked her head around the tent of Sybil, the fortune teller. She wondered if Sybil would know where the manager was. After nearly half an hour of searching, Christina decided that if the fortune teller couldn’t tell her where the manager’s office was, she’d have to predict Christina punching her around the face. Mitchell had died, and Christina wanted answers. Christina surveyed the room. Sybil seemed to be busy with another client.

“That prophecy looks pretty intense,” Christina muttered.

Bradley was almost white now, his hands like fire. Sybil held on, both of them too dazed to notice Christina walking up to them. She gasped, noticing how the boy, Bradley, seemed to be going white. His eyes had trouble staying open – it looked as if he was dying! Grabbing his arms, Christina attempted to remove his hands from Sybil’s. It must be the fortune teller doing this; there was no other explanation for it. Also, Sybil seemed to be getting stronger.

“Get off him!” Christina cried, tugging harder. “Let go! You’re killing him, bitch!”

Tugging even harder, Bradley and Sybil’s hands finally let go. There was a shower of sparks, as if an energy transfer had been taking place. Was it possible for a fortune teller to steal the life essence out of people? Bradley sank to the floor unconscious. Christina leant down, examining him. She looked up, to where Sybil had collapsed in her chair. She had gone!

Kaylie leapt from the staircase, and onto the ground floor, with Catherine right behind her. Together they burst through some double doors, and ran around the corridor. Catherine let out a little scream of surprise as they collided with Alex. Kaylie was quick to act.

“You’ve got to get out of here!” she cried.
“What’s chasing you?” Alex asked quickly.
“A clown!” Catherine said, trying to get her breath back.
“Right,” Alex said, unsure.
“You’ve got to help us,” Kaylie said. “I can’t run anymore.”
“If we can get to my car,” Alex began.
“Just run!” Kaylie ordered, as the clown reached the end of the stairs.
“I thought you said…” Catherine began, before Alex dragged her off.

“Can I speak with you a minute Zac?” Conner asked.

He nodded, indicating the Doctor, Beth and Abby should go on ahead.

“Sure,” Zac said, walking towards Conner. “What’s up?”
“It’s about Kaylie,” Conner said, unsure how to word what he had to say.

Beth silently took the Doctor’s arm, and dragged him off. Abby followed discretely.

“Let’s go to the manager,” Abby whispered.

Zac folded his arms slightly as Conner spoke.

“What did you want to say?” Zac asked.
“It’s just…” Conner began.
“Say it,” Zac said.
“It’s just, when Georgia shut me in that lift on TimeSpan, I think she was right. She only did it to protect me, and that’s what I wanted to talk about,” Conner said. “Is it serious with Kaylie?”
“What?” Zac asked, a feeling of annoyance creeping in.
“Is it serious?” Conner repeated. “It’s just; life in the TARDIS can be dangerous. I always thought, after she found out about the Doctor and Georgia, you’d tell her it was too dangerous.”
“She can handle herself,” Zac said confidently.
“I know that, but… I just don’t think she should be involved,” Conner said, feeling more confident now in is speech. “It could have been her who died in the Spidership, and it would have been your fault for getting her involved.”
“Not your fault then,” Zac muttered. “So what’re you trying to say? Do you suggest I ditch her? Cos that’s not gonna happen.”
“I know that,” Conner said. “But, is it serious? Cos, if you were gonna ditch her, then we couldn’t have the new one find out about the TARDIS.”
“The new one?!” Zac asked, angry. “Yes, it’s serious.”
“Good, that’s good,” Conner said, blushing. “I like Kaylie. Good choice. I’m glad you’re going out with someone.”
“What? So you won’t have any competition for Georgia?” Zac snapped angrily.
“It’s not like that,” Conner said quickly. “She… We… I’m too young.”
“Fine,” Zac said. “Your loss. She’s pretty.”
“So,” Conner said awkwardly. “Will you be asking me to be best man soon?”
“Actually,” Zac said, still angry. “I would have asked Harry.”

He stormed off.

Kaylie, Alex and Catherine burst out of the front gates, and ran to the rows of cars parked nearby. Tugging his keys out of his pocket, Alex unlocked the car, and dived in the driver’s seat. Kaylie pushed Catherine in the back seat, and climbed in the seat next to Alex. Starting the engine, Alex stomped on the accelerator, and the car shot out into the road. The clown burst up in front of the window, making Catherine scream. Alex swerved the car, and the clown disappeared in a froth of smoke.

“We need to get to the fair!” Kaylie cried.
“Helich Way?” Alex asked.
“That’s the one,” Kaylie replied.

“What’re you doing?” Abby asked. “Where’s the fortune teller?”

Abby, the Doctor and Beth looked down at Christina in the fortune teller’s tent. Beth quickly ran over to Bradley, and felt for a pulse.

“What’s he doing in here?” the Doctor asked. “How is it that everyone I know keeps popping up all over the place?”
“Just you wait, Catherine will be here next,” Beth said darkly. “He’s alive.”
“Just unconscious,” Christina said.
“Do I know you?” Abby asked. “You seem familiar.”
“Yeah, I see it too,” the Doctor said. “Who are you?”
“My name’s Christina Harrow,” Christina explained. “My boyfriend, Mitchell, died. I think he was killed by a clown. I came to find the manager, then came here to ask the fortune teller, then…”
“Of course!” the Doctor said. “You’re the girlfriend of Mitchell West.”
“Sorry for your loss,” Abby said quickly, nudging the Doctor in the ribs.
“Oh yeah,” the Doctor said. “We examined the body earlier.”
“What he means is,” Beth said quickly. “He’s really upset that someone completely innocent and nice like Mitchell died. He didn’t deserve it.”
“That’s very kind of you,” Christina said quietly. “But at least this one’s alive. I think Sybil, the fortune teller, was draining him.”
“How do you mean?” the Doctor asked, putting on his glasses.
“It looked like an energy transfer,” Christina said. “That’s all I could describe it as. Sybil mentioned something about a prophecy; I heard outside the tent.”
“Hmm,” the Doctor said, in thought. “Stealing someone’s prophecy… What did you plan to do, if Sybil didn’t tell you where the manager was?”
“Punch her in the face,” Christina smiled.
“That’s not right!” the Doctor said. “We never go about striking a happy medium!”
“I’m Beth by the way,” Beth said. “And that’s Abby. We tell everyone we’re two psychics, but really we’re just a pair-a-normal people.”

“Zac just called,” Kaylie explained. “He wants to meet us at the fortune teller’s tent.”
“Are fortune tellers all about ghosts and stuff?” Catherine asked, as Kaylie put the phone down.
“Yeah, and telling the future,” Kaylie replied.
“Sometimes they get rid of ghosts that haunt houses,” Alex said.
“Or hotels,” Kaylie added. “You have to call for the inn spectre!”
“That was awful,” Alex laughed.
“I don’t get it,” Catherine said, gazing out of the window.

“That’s right,” Georgia said, speaking into the phone. “Can the Taxi meet me outside Brittlestone Church? I’m on my way to the fair at Helich Way. No, that’s fine. Sure. No, I’m, err… I’m doing a psychic show. I have supernatural powers, you know. Claire Voyant, have you heard of me?”

Zac parted the curtains to the fortune telling tent, and hurried inside. He spotted Bradley and Beth sat in small chairs, and went to sit down by them.

“What did Conner want?” Beth asked.
“It doesn’t matter,” Zac sighed. “We argued that’s all. What are you doing here, Bradley?”
“I got attacked by a clown,” Bradley replied, shaken. “And some stupid fortune teller.”

The Doctor walked over towards them.

“Maybe you should go and do something, put your mind off it,” the Doctor suggested. “There’s not much going on here at the moment.”
“What about a rollercoaster?” Beth asked excitedly. “This fair’s got a good few.”
“You feeling up to it Bradders?” the Doctor asked cheekily.
“Alright,” Bradley sighed.
“What about Kaylie?” Zac asked. “She’s meeting us here.”
“Tell her to meet you at the front gates,” the Doctor suggested.
“Ok. See you!” Zac said, leading the others out of the tent.

Beth waved, and they were gone. A car pulled up in the car park, and Alex, Kaylie and Catherine climbed out. Kaylie marched towards the gate, where she saw Zac, Beth and Bradley waiting for them.

“Zac!” Kaylie cried, hugging him. “We got attacked by a clown!”
“Ditto,” Bradley muttered.
“Come on,” Beth said, taking Catherine’s hand. “We’re going on a rollercoaster.”
“What about the Doctor?” Kaylie asked.
“He’ll be fine,” Zac replied. “Conner’s staying with him.”

He failed to mention that Conner hadn’t been invited on any rollercoasters, as Zac had argued with him about Kaylie. Still, Kaylie didn’t need to know that. Conner certainly wasn’t going to say anything.

“Oh, and this is Alex by the way,” Kaylie added. “He saved us.”
“Thanks,” Zac said, shaking his hand. “I guess I owe you my life.”
“Shut up,” Kaylie interrupted, blushing. “Let’s go then.”

She took Zac’s hand, and the group walked off in the direction of the fastest rollercoaster in the fair. Georgia handed the taxi driver a ten pound note, as she clambered out of the car, outside the fair.

“Miss Voyant?” the taxi driver asked. “Can you give me a little prediction? It’s just; me and the missus are expecting a baby.”
“No, but I can give you some advice,” Georgia, or rather, Claire Voyant, replied. “If you’re having a baby, go see the doctor. Your wife should be fine though.”

The taxi driver stuttered, trying to explain he wasn’t going to be giving birth to the baby, but Georgia shut the door on him, and hurried away.

“Hello,” said a voice quietly.
“Conner!” Georgia cried, hugging him. “The Doctor said I might find you here. Where’s Zac?”
“Gone with the others,” Conner said. “We fell out.”
“Oh,” Georgia said. “Well I’m glad you’re alright. Does the Doctor need any help?”
“Yeah,” Conner said. “We should go back to him.”
“Yeah,” Georgia agreed.

Together, rather awkwardly, they walked back to the fortune teller. Back at the tent, the Doctor, Christina and Abby looked up as Conner and Georgia entered it. The Doctor smiled and hugged Georgia, and introduced Abby and Christina.

“Now everyone knows each other, we can see about talking to Sybil,” the Doctor said.
“The fortune teller,” Abby quickly explained to Conner and Georgia.
“I request an audience with the fortune teller know as Sybil, on behalf of the Shadow Proclamation, and all of its branches of magic,” the Doctor said grandly. “Under subsection 105, you are required to –”
“Alright I’m here,” Sybil snapped.

The Doctor whipped round, and glared at Sybil, who was stood behind Georgia.

“What do you want?” Sybil asked. “And who are you? How do you know of such things as the Shadow Proclamation? You’re an offworlder, aren’t you?”
“Something like that,” the Doctor said. “And I’m the Doctor. That’s Conner Bennet, Georgia Bell, Christina Harrow and Abby Stuart.”
“We already know each other,” Abby said, blushing.
“Blimey, you kept that quiet,” the Doctor said, eyebrows raised. “Mind you, you did suggest we go to the fortune teller.”
“Conner Bennet?” Sybil asked. “I requested a sitting via a client earlier.”
“Why?” Conner asked.
“Your future is of particular interest,” Sybil said. “It involves Beth Grant. But anyway, what did you want? I’m doing nothing wrong on this planet.”
“Except draining other people’s prophecy,” the Doctor said angrily.
“You’re familiar with the technique?” Sybil asked.

The Doctor nodded.

“Ah,” Sybil said. “Then you’ll have informed the Shadow Proclamation. Well then I’m going to have to kill you. Clowns!”
“Wait!” the Doctor cried. “Come on! Clowns? What a rubbish death! You could at least steal my prophecy!”
“Very well,” Sybil agreed. “Clowns will withdraw. Take my hands.”

The Doctor obeyed. He looked significantly over to Georgia and Conner, who both nodded. Beckoning to Abby and Christina, Georgia and Conner planned to escape. The Doctor was giving them time, after all.

“I see…” Sybil said, concentrating. “Death. Death is very near! Death will come knocking! One… Two… Three… Four… Death will come knocking, at your door.”

The Doctor recoiled slightly. Georgia jumped as Sybil suddenly jerked up.

“How come you sound like you’re from the North?” Sybil asked.
“I don’t…” the Doctor said, before suddenly remembering. “Rose… She said that.”
“She is returning,” Sybil said.
“Rose?” the Doctor asked. “Those parallel worlds are sealed!”
“Not Rose Tyler,” Sybil said. “She.”
“Doctor…” Georgia said, uncertainly.
“You!” Sybil said, looking at Georgia. “Bad wolf!”
“What?” Georgia asked, stepping back.
“Leave her alone,” Conner said.
“And you,” Sybil said, facing Conner. “You will see Holly Black again. The day you die!”
“Run…” the Doctor said, getting white, growing weaker.

Brilliant red electricity shot through Sybil and the Doctor’s hands, and sparkled around the room. Georgia grabbed Abby, Conner grabbed Christina, and they ran for the entrance to the tent.

“Clowns!” Sybil ordered. “Attack!”

Zac and Kaylie climbed into the front carriage of the rollercoaster, grinning with excitement. Beth pushed Catherine in the seat behind Zac, and Kaylie sat behind Kaylie. Bradley slipped in behind Beth, and Alex quietly sat two seats behind Catherine. The rest of the carriages slowly filled up, and the rollercoaster slowly began to ascend…

Georgia, Conner, Abby and Christina ran from the tent, and away from Sybil’s clowns.

“Spilt up!” Georgia cried. “Conner with me!”

Abby and Christina ran in the direction of the exit, and Conner dragged Georgia off to where he thought the TARDIS had parked. The clowns marched after Georgia and Conner, their faces no longer bearing smiles.

“Let go…” the Doctor said weakly.
“No,” Sybil snarled. “The prophecy is too magnificent!”
“You’re killing us both,” the Doctor said faintly.

Sybil let out a scream as the red energy became too much, and it blasted her off her feet. She vanished in a puff of smoke. The Doctor stood up, shaking, and stumbled out of the tent. Zac and Kaylie gripped the barriers as the rollercoaster sped around a corner. Two rows back, Bradley was feeling sick. He didn’t usually feel sick on rollercoasters. He had felt funny ever since Sybil had tried to steal his prophecy. Bradley closed his eyes for a split second, and then opened them again. Beth was screaming. Something was wrong.

“Quick, get in the TARDIS!” Conner cried, opening the doors to the wooden box.

Georgia piled in, as Conner looked back. They had lost the clowns! Suddenly the Doctor came sprinting around the corner, followed by four clowns.

“Run Doctor!” Conner cried.

The Doctor looked up, and grinned. Conner ducked inside the TARDIS as the Doctor reached it. He leapt in afterwards, shutting the door behind him. The clowns tried to open the door, but when that failed, they circled the TARDIS menacingly.

Something exploded behind Bradley, and the rollercoaster lifted slightly. Catherine and Beth screamed as part of the track broke below them. Alex cried out as the carriage behind him hit the broken track, and was thrown off. Zac yelled as the carriages piled up on each other. Kaylie began to cry as people were thrown out, screaming. Bradley looked around, just as Alex was thrown out. He fell into the inky blackness. The rollercoaster kept on coming. It was going to kill them all.

“Doctor!” Georgia cried. “The clowns are trying to get in!”
“Nah, we’ll be alright,” the Doctor said.

Suddenly the TARDIS shook, as the clowns rocked it from side to side.

“Are you sure?” Conner cried, trying not to fall over.
“I’m sure,” the Doctor replied, looking a bit white.
“Are you alright Doctor?” Georgia asked.
“I’m sure,” the Doctor repeated. “I mean, I’m fine. Argh!”

The Doctor doubled up as pain coursed through him. The TARDIS rocked again, making Conner grab hold of the console.

“The energy from the prophecy transfer was too much,” the Doctor said, scared. “It’s killing me!”
“What do we do?” Georgia screamed.

Suddenly there was a particularly violent shake, and Georgia slipped backwards, off the lifted platform of the console area. She fell back, slowly and gracefully. There was a crack. Georgia was lying on the floor. Blood poured out of her head, flowing into the grates.

“Oh my God,” Conner cried.

There was another shake. Elsewhere, the rollercoaster span out of control, and Beth and Catherine’s carriage was crushed. Beth was thrown sideways out of the carriage, before landing on the tracks. Catherine died instantly as Bradley’s carriage smashed into hers. Beth looked up, her face bloody, as another carriage flew into her. Kaylie screamed as she was splattered with blood.

“Conner, I’m dying,” the Doctor said. “Something happens to me, something that cheats death.”
“What?” Conner asked, terrified.

The rollercoaster flipped, and Zac flew out of his seat. His hands held onto the track, as Kaylie was thrown out too. Bradley was the only person alive as Kaylie flew into Zac, and together they tumbled into the black. This soon changed, as Bradley was thrown off. The ground grew closer and closer, but Bradley was lost for words.

“I’m regenerating!” the Doctor cried.

Conner leapt backwards in shock as the Doctor stuck his arms out, the golden energy erupting from his hands, feet and face, like a volcano. Some of the regeneration energy sparked off, hitting Conner in the stomach. Conner was blasted off his feet. As he began to lose consciousness, Conner saw the Doctor transforming into someone else. Just before everything went black, Conner saw the Doctor’s features blur and change…


Next Time:

"The future of the Human race hangs in the balance. Clowns fill every street, and every home. This could be the end of the Human race."
"The prophecy! It's complete!"
"Clowns! Destroy the Earth!"

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