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Episode 5: Rise of the Nayragar Part 2

“Sir!” Vasray called, as he ran into General Nay’s control room.
“What?” General Nay asked, “Has the Doctor been killed yet?”
“Not quite yet sir, but Attila has the sword,” Vasray replied.
“Excellent,” General Nay hissed with a sinister grin on his face. He turned to Vasray and snapped, “Well, what are you waiting for call the fleet, we are about to make this planet part of our empire...”

Humbert pressed his hand up against the piece of wall which actually led into the rebels cave. He closed his eyes and walked towards it, but instead of walking through it, he hit the hard wall in the face. Humbert looked around; he was sure that this wall was the doorway into the cave.

“What...?” Humbert muttered. He decided to try again and he walked into the wall again.
“NO!” Humbert shouted. His shouts echoed down the tunnel, and suddenly he heard a growling noise. Two lights appeared in the darkness of the tunnel, and they began to get closer, as did the growling sound. Humbert realised that the lights were in fact the glows of a lion’s eyes. The demonic cat appeared with his teeth bared and his eyes fixed on Humbert.
“Stay away!” Humbert yelled in a commanding voice, but the lion did not obey him as it had obeyed the mysterious Woman. The Lion lunged forward with its claw and he backed into the wall. It lunged again and he felt blood trickling from his arm, where the Lion’s claws had torn. Humbert’s face was filled with fear as the lion roared.

“Stop!” Humbert pleaded, as he swung the sword that the Woman had given him in the Lions direction. The Lion swiped it out of Humbert’s hand and Humbert fell to the floor, as the ceiling of the tunnel cracked and the lion roared again. The crack in the ceiling grew and sunlight poured into the tunnel. The lion pounced at Humbert, but before he reached him a white beam of light shot towards it and the Lion turned fluently into glass.
“Who...?” Humbert breathed, as he spotted the tip of a gun poking from the crack in the ceiling. The crack widened again and a monster jumped down from it.
“Where’s the sword?” the monster asked, glaring at Humbert.

Captain Groutroster ran down the corridor after Attila, who was walking at an alarming pace towards the den. Attila’s guards were following Attila and his Captain without complaint and without any nervous or confused glances at each other. In fact their faces shared the same determination and malice that Attila’s did.

“Sir, what are you doing? Where are we going?” Captain Groutroster asked nervously.
“To fight the rebellion,” Attila replied simply, “Just a hunch...”
“What is?” Captain Groutroster said quickly.
“The den leads into a maze of tunnels and caves, the perfect place to hide rebels,” Attila replied.
“But I thought there was only one entrance to the den, and that’s in your palace,” Captain Groutroster said, “You said that...”
“Of course there are other entrances, how do you think the Lions get out?” Attila asked.
“Lions? I thought there was just one down there, the one you bought from that Egyptian merchant,” Captain Groutroster said, “How can there be more?”
“Oh that Lion was just food for my new pets,” Attila replied, “These Lions were already in the den, waiting for me.”
“But if we’re going into the den, won’t they harm you?”
“With this sword, they won’t dare come near me,” Attila snarled, as he walked into the room where a door led into the den.
“But what about me?” Captain Groutroster asked.
“I tire of your moaning,” Attila hissed, grabbing Captain Groutroster by the neck and indicating to his guards to open the door to the den.

“Sir, no! I was loyal, I served you! I am your servant, you can’t kill me!” Captain Groutroster pleaded frantically, but Attila just smiled.
“I don’t need you anymore,” Attila snapped, throwing Groutroster into the den.
“Stay away!” Captain Groutroster’s voice drifted up from the den, “No! Demons! Monsters! Nooo!” Attila turned to his guards, who were smirking.

“Now we descend!” Attila snarled, “I have a sense that the rebels are not far...”

Vasray looked up at General Nay, as he pulled a communicator from his ear and placed it on the table in front of him carefully.
“Sir, Attila is looking for the rebels in the tunnels,” Vasray explained.
“It is too soon, seal the tunnels leading to the Nayragar base,” General Nay ordered.
“Yes sir,” Vasray obeyed, typing something into his computer and then pressing two blue buttons.

The Woman and Ezio jumped back in shock as a wall fell from the ceiling and thudded onto the floor, blocking the way forward.
“What...?” Ezio muttered, as the Woman pressed her hand against the wall.
“It must be some trick, perhaps we can walk through it as before,” the Woman muttered, and she tried to do so, closing her eyes and walking forward, but it did not work.
“What do we do, go back?” Ezio asked.
“I have a better idea...” the Woman replied.

Conner walked cautiously through a lab in the Nayragar base, which led to another exit into the tunnels. Ridgebull had told him that the other Nayragar had returned, so Conner would have to use a different exit, so he could escape, find the Woman and save Georgia. Suddenly, there was some movement near the door and Conner ducked down behind one of the lab tables.

“Conner!” Ridgebull hissed, “It’s me.”
“I’d say I was happy to see you, but you basically killed my friend didn’t you?” Conner snapped.
“The tunnels away from the base have been sealed off, you’re going to have to use the exit onto the planes,” Ridgebull explained.
“Look, if finding this Woman is so important to you, then why don’t you go and find her?” Conner suggested with a frown on his face.
“I cannot go onto the surface of this planet, the air is not quite right for me, after a couple of minutes I’d suffocate,” Ridgebull explained, “These tunnels are specially ventilated by our base. The Lions find this air better too, but they can live on the surface down, it gives them headaches, though, poor things.”

“Did you send the Lions after us?” Conner asked.
“Yes, well not actually me, but the General did, the Lions were after a sword,” Ridgebull answered, “I would turn you in to give information, but I need your help.”
“What is this sword?” Conner replied.
“It is a war weapon, which can destroy millions of people in one strike, if the wielder is convinced and in his right mind,” Ridgebull said, “So we need his right mind.”

“I’m not gonna help you, until you tell me something that I might want to hear, are you invading the planet?” Conner questioned.
“If I had my way, there would be no invasion,” Ridgebull replied, “The Nayragar discovered Earth when a ship crash-landed after being pulled in by it’s gravitational pull. They lost something on Earth, an artefact forged in the Ioksesk Galaxy. Nobody knows who made it or why.”
“The sword I’m guessing?” Conner asked.
“A prophecy said that the sword would be found by a farmer and presented to the one with the mind made to wield the sword,” Ridgebull explained, “Attila. We came to Earth to research essences and the life here, but then General Nay came along to find the sword, and the wielder.”

“But why does General Nay want to invade?” Conner asked.
“Our planet is far too overcrowded, and yet there are so few planets that suit our species in the cosmos,” Ridgebull explained, “I suggested building spaceships that people could live on, but they wanted a planet. Seeing as though the sword was here, we realised this was our best chance of full colonisation.”
“So how did you find out that it was Attila?” Conner asked.
“We searched future historical records of Earth and Attila appeared to have a special sword,” Ridgebull explained, “Nayragar have experimented with time travel, but not mastered it, but we managed to get hold of the records from the far future.”
“So you’re going to destroy the Human race and invade this planet?” Conner asked, “That’s not something I want to hear.”
“Look I’m sorry, but I can’t halt the Nayragar plans,” Ridgebull said.
“I can’t trust you,” Conner snapped.

“What if I help you find the Woman?” Ridgebull asked, “I could transfer my essence into Georgia’s body and I transfer hers into mine. Georgia will be kept alive and I will be able to breathe in the open air, and we’ll both be staying alive, and...”
“No, you are not using Georgia’s body!” Conner argued.
“Fine, then she’ll die,” Ridgebull said, “Look, if my mind is in Georgia’s head, then I will die if she dies, so I will try not to be killed.”
“But Georgia can’t wake in your body, she’ll go mad, she won’t know what’s happened...” Conner began.
“She’ll have to be under heavy sedation, so she doesn’t wake up,” Ridgebull answered smartly, “So, are you in?”
“Why can’t you let Georgia go?” Conner asked.
“Because I need to find this Woman, and I need you to help, as you have helped others before,” Ridgebull replied, “There may be a chance that the Doctor is still alive...”

The Doctor flew the spacecraft over plains and then towards the coast, but the huge Nayragar spaceship was not far behind, and it was firing bombs. The Doctor spun the spacecraft to avoid them and shot towards the ground, to try and get away from the spaceship.
“I’m over Italy...” the Doctor muttered, as he spotted what looked like an old Roman town. The spacecraft soared above the cliffs and then it was above the gleaming waters of the Mediterranean sea, but the Nayragar were pursuing him.

“Surrender or die,” a Nayragar’s voice came in from the spacecrafts radio. The Doctor spun the craft around, and then flew it up, as the huge Nayragar ship shot past beneath it. The Doctor turned the spacecraft and headed straight for the centre of the jagged cliffs. The Nayragar spaceship spun around and headed after the spacecraft.
“And full speed,” the Doctor replied, as the spacecraft shot towards the cliff face. The Nayragar spaceship was right behind. The Doctor rapidly pulled a lever sending the spacecraft spinning up into the sky, metres before hitting the cliff. The huge Nayragar spaceship was not as manoeuvrable, and it could not pull out in time, instead it crashed into the cliffs with a deafening bang.
“Bad luck...” the Doctor sighed, as he turned his ship and headed back to Tointraken.

Vasray looked aghast at the screens in the control room. All were showing the same thing, the Nayragar spaceship had been terribly damaged, with no chance of being repaired for a long time.
“Sir,” Vasray called nervously, as General Nay looked up suspiciously.
“What?” General Nay snapped.
“The Nayragar ship, it’s crashed...” Vasray replied, not looking at the General, whose face filled with fury.
“NO! THE DOCTOR HAS GONE TOO FAR!” General Nay roared, “Our plans must move forward! Fetch that idiot scientist.”
“You mean your future wife sir?” Vasray asked.
“Not if I can help it,” General Nay hissed, “Fetch her, now!”

Attila stepped over the lifeless body of Captain Groutroster and proceeded along a passage leading away from the den, as the Lions cowered away from him. He nodded at his guards and they drew their swords, and took lit torches from the walls of the passage.
“I wonder who lights all these torches...” Attila muttered.
“Perhaps they have been lit for centuries,” a guard commented, the other guards did not seem to wonder who could have lit them.

Ridgebull pressed several buttons and placed a metal disc on Georgia’s head.
“Conner, when I am in position press the square black button, okay?” Ridgebull said.
“Yeah, all right,” Conner replied.
“I will be out of it for a couple of minutes, so don’t let anything go wrong,” Ridgebull continued. Suddenly, her communicator buzzed.

“Ridgebull, General Nay would like to see you,” Vasray’s voice came from Ridgebull’s communicator.
“Not now,” Ridgebull hissed back.
“It’s important, the Doctor has badly damaged the Nayragar spaceship,” Vasray explained.
“I’m busy, okay,” Ridgebull snapped, turning off her communicator.
“The Doctor’s alive,” Conner said smiling.
“Let’s go then,” Ridgebull replied.
“Okay,” Conner said, as Ridgebull lay upon the bed, and placed a second disc on her head. Conner pressed the square black button and Ridgebull’s eyes snapped shut. Conner rushed over to Georgia’s pocket and pulled out her mobile phone. A plan hatched in his mind instantly.

“Don’t panic...” Conner muttered, as he wrote a note and stuffed it in Ridgebull’s pocket, along with Georgia’s phone. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
“Hello, Ridgebull, you have to come with me,” Vasray said, as he entered the room, and then spotted Conner, who had a worried look on his face.


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