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Episode 1: The New Zygon World Part 5

Screams erupted from the city of Yurren, as the Zygons entered on their ships. Thousands of people began to flee the city, heading towards the swamps and the town of Birnk. In the Presidents office, the Doctor lay stunned on the floor. The Zygon was now advancing towards Georgia and Student Fajartop.
“Student Fajartop get behind me”, Georgia ordered.
“No, it is my job to protect you”, Student Fajartop replied, standing in front of Georgia. Georgia barged Student Fajartop out of the way.
“You have to save the whole planet!” Georgia said, “Remember! The people flee through the swamps and trees! Except you!”
“I CAN’T SAVE ANYONE”, Student Fajartop shouted.
“Yes, you can”, Georgia said, “I know you can!” The Zygon kept advancing, Georgia closed her eyes, waiting for the sting, but instead there was a bang. Georgia opened her eyes. Several Yurren guards were standing in the room, the Zygon lay dead on the floor. Student Fajartop was talking to one of the guards and the Doctor was being helped up by one of the other guards.

“We figureD something was wrong when the President’s colleagues spiked our guard unit's drinks”, one of the guards said, “Luckily, one of my friends is allergic to some types of Yurreni water, so they checked their drink to see the acidity of it. It turned out that it was so acidic it would have killed us”.
“Zygon sting”, the Doctor said.
“They poison drinks?” Student Fajartop asked.
“It seems so”, the guard replied, “Where’s the President?”
“That Zygon is the President”, the Doctor answered, “But the real President should be alive somewhere”.
“We need to find him”, the guard said.

“I’d rather you secured the President’s house”, the Doctor said, “So we can parley with the Zygons”.
“Parley with the Zygons?” the guard asked.
“Yes”, the Doctor replied.
“But isn’t Student Fajartop to suppose to save the day”, Georgia asked.
“What, you expect me to do the parleying for Yurren?” the Doctor asked.
“You usually stand up for the other planets”, Georgia replied.
“Well lets give Student Fajartop a go then”, the Doctor replied, “If the guards can protect all entrances to the President’s house and if any Yurreni want to come in, let them”.

“All the people have fled, they’re heading for the swamps and lakes”, another guard said, “And why should we obey your orders?”
“I’m the Doctor, that’s why”, the Doctor answered heading back to the Presidents office.

Back at the lake, Zac was facing a huge, scaly, monster, the Zygon’s pet Skarasen. Suddenly there was a loud noise, a mixture of trees rustling, feet stomping, and voices screaming. Zac looked at the Zygons, Student Null and Professor Makensi, they were all looking at something on the other side of the river. Zac wondered why the Skarasen hadn’t attacked, so he turned to see hundreds of people pouring out of the trees on the other side of the lake.

“What’s going on?” Zac said loudly, the Skarasen was making quiet roaring noises.
“Yurren’s protections must have failed, all the people are coming this way”, Professor Makensi replied.
“Silence!” one of the Zygons said. The people were now beginning to cross the lake, some swimming, others wading through the shallow parts of the river.

“Don’t go in the river!” Zac shouted at the people, “The Skarasen will kill you!” But Zac was wrong, the Skarasen saw the hordes of people and fled itself, descending into the depths of the lake. One of the Zygons got out a gun and pointed it at the people.
“Watch out!” Zac shouted, the people saw the Zygon and ducked.

“Then you’ll die!” the Zygon snarled and pointed the gun at Zac. Student Null ran forward and knocked the gun out of the Zygon’s hand. The People continued to run, some of them now charging, towards the Zygons. A couple of the Zygons shrieked and ran, the one who had been holding the gun, grabbed Student Null, who yelled in pain and fell to the floor.
“No!” Professor Makensi said, running forward and grabbing the gun, which was lying on the ground. Professor Makensi pointed the gun at the Zygon, who began to retreat. Professor Makensi fired the gun, and the Zygon fell to the ground, also dead. The people began to run past the lake, some of them ran over to Professor Makensi.

“Go through the woods, there should be an abandoned bunker”, Professor Makensi explained to some of the Yurren people; “In there you shall find the real President and two of his colleagues. Zygon’s have been posing as them for the last few days”.
“Is Student Null dead?” Zac asked running forward, his hands still bound. Professor Makensi looked at the lifeless body, which was lying in the dirt.
“I think so”, Professor Makensi answered.

“We need to get out of here”, Zac replied sadly, “There’s a Zygon ship heading this way. We can come back for him”. Professor Makensi nodded, took one last look at Student Null and began to jog into the trees, with the thousands of people from Yurren.

Back inside the President’s house, the Doctor was wiring up some devices.
“This planet looks like its in the iron age, at first glance, with all the clay buildings”, Georgia said, “But then you come inside and there’s electricity, strange machines”.
“What are you doing?” Student Fajartop asked, ignoring Georgia.
“Trying to make a projector and then contact the Zygons”, the Doctor said, “Maybe we can make them an offer”.
“But they refused the offer before”, Georgia pointed out.
“Hopefully, we can kill Commander Zagrafix”, the Doctor replied, “Or get him out of the way”. Student Fajartop exited the President’s office and left the Doctor to his work. Several minutes later, Student Fajartop rushed in.

“What’s up?” Georgia asked.
“The Zygons are at the door”, Student Fajartop answered, “The guards want you to hurry up, they can’t hold all the doors for long”. There was then a loud smash.
“Not long at all”, the Doctor said and rushed over to the President’s desk. He pulled out two guns and gave one to Georgia and Student Fajartop.

“You’ve got to defend this room”, the Doctor told Georgia, who nodded, “I give you permission to use it Georgia”.
“Yes sir”, Georgia said and left the room.
“Student Fajartop, you need to kill Commander Zagrafix”, the Doctor told him, “While I get this thing up and running”.

Georgia rushed down a long corridor and into the large entrance hall. Georgia ran down the stairs onto the ground level. She saw what the loud smash had been, the huge window above the front doors, had been smashed. There was a loud thunk at the door. Some of the guards were pointing their guns at the front doors, waiting. Others were putting all their weight against the doors, so the Zygons couldn’t get in.

“They’re breaking the door down”, Student Fajartop said running down the stairs, “I have no idea how to use a gun. You must do though”.
“Not a clue”, Georgia replied, “We try never to use guns, or kill our enemies”. There was another loud bang at the front doors.
“Good luck”, Student Fajartop said.
“I give all my luck to you”, Georgia said, “You’ve got to save us”.
“I don’t want to save anyone”, Student Fajartop replied, as a crack appeared in one of the doors, “I’ve never been important in my life”.
“Well now’s your chance!” Georgia said, as the door was smashed off its hinges. Zygons ran into the room, one of the guards was grabbed by a Zygon and he fell to the ground, several guards starting firing their guns.

“Don’t you dare try to protect me!” Georgia snarled.
“Fine!” Student Fajartop replied backing away from the door, firing his gun. Georgia tried to fire her gun, but it wasn’t working.
“Actually, do protect me”, Georgia shrieked and ran up the stairs, “I’ll go see how the Doctor’s getting on”. Commander Zagrafix burst through the doors and shot a guard.

“Ah, the Student!” Zagrafix said leering at Student Fajartop. Student Fajartop looked around, all the other guards were fighting with Zygons, dying or dead.
“Stay back, or I’ll kill you”, Student Fajartop said lamely.
“Like you will!” Commander Zagrafix yelled, “You are a stupid student, who could and would never hurt a fly!”
“I’ll make you an offer”, Student Fajartop said, looking around to see that all the guards were lying dead on the floor.
“We will not accept an offer from you”, Commander Zagrafix said.
“But sir-“, began another Zygon, Brantok, “If it means, no more deaths”.
“Silence you idiot!” Commander Zagrafix ordered, “I WANT DEATH! And when we get back to the ship, you will die Brantok!” There was a bang and Commander Zagrafix fell down dead.

“What is this offer?” Brantok asked, looking at Commander Zagrafix.
“You can live here on this planet, in the great lakes and swamps”, Student Fajartop replied, “We shall have two great civilisations on one planet. Don’t stay mean forever, become a loving community”.
“Well, I don’t know much about love”, Brantok said, “All we know is hate”. The other Zygons agreed.
“Then we shall teach you love”, Student Fajartop said, “Are we in agreement?”
“Yes, I think we should have peace”, Brantok replied, “We’ve been at war for too long”. The other Zygons nodded in agreement.

“How shall we settle the agreement?” Student Fajartop asked.
“Shake hands”, Brantok said, as the Doctor ran into the room followed by Georgia.
“Don’t let him touch you!” Georgia screamed, as Brantok and Student Fajartop shook hands. Student Fajartop showed no signs of being in pain or being hurt. The Doctor smiled.
“Then it is settled”, Student Fajartop said, “As the only person from Yurren in this room, I give the swamps and the lake to the Zygons. We have no use for it anyway. No hostility will be between the two civilisations ever again!” The Zygons cheered and the Doctor clapped.

“Told you he’d save the day”, the Doctor commented.
“How come that Zygon didn’t sting Fajartop?” Georgia asked.
“The Zygons can decide how much they sting their enemies”, the Doctor replied, “That one stunned me, but Student Ron was killed and Student Fajartop wasn’t affected at all”.
“Shall we go?” Georgia asked.
“Yes, let’s go out the back way”, the Doctor said and Georgia nodded.
“Student Fajartop will finally be an important person”, Georgia replied, “Although few people ever are”.
“Come on lets go find Zac”, the Doctor said, “Then we need to get that plaque for Conner”. Georgia nodded and her and the Doctor walked back down the long corridor. Student Fajartop saw them leave out of the corner of his eye.

It was a couple of weeks later when Student Fajartop entered Professor Makensi’s workshops. Professor Makensi welcomed him in with some Yurren water, a couple of Zygons had just left, they wanted to put up some signs, which would survive underwater.
“Professor Makensi, I know that you are very knowledgeable”, Student Fajartop said, sitting down, “So I’d like to make you my chief official”.
“You got the job as President!” Professor Makensi exclaimed.
“Yes, I did”, Student Fajartop replied, “Youngest President ever! Brantok is Vice-President. Zark’s been put in a mental asylum”.

“What about me?” Student Null said limping into the room. Thanks to expert healers, Student Null survived, although he had lost the use of one of his legs and had to walk on crutches.
“I was thinking, you could perhaps be, chief advisor”, Student Fajartop said and Student Null smiled. The plans worked on the planet. The Zygons and the natives lived in harmony; the Zygon’s had had enough of war forever. The planet was peaceful for years and years until the second invasion…

The TARDIS landed in the park where the Doctor and Georgia had first met. The TARDIS door opened to reveal Zac, who saw Kaylie standing outside the door. Zac and Kaylie hugged, as the Doctor and Georgia exited the TARDIS too.
“That trip was a bit longer than expected”, Zac replied.
“Kaylie, why couldn’t you come?” Georgia asked.
“If I went in the TARDIS, I’m sure I’d find it fun”, Kaylie replied, “But that machine reminds me of Conner and Harry and now they’re d-dead”.

“I’m sorry”, Georgia said and hugged Kaylie, “Look after Zac”.
“Look after the Doctor”, Kaylie replied, with tears in her eyes.
“Goodbye Doctor”, Zac said, “Goodbye Georgia. We’ll never forget Conner”.
“No we never will”, the Doctor said, “But life has to move on and the planet must be protected and I’m sure it will be”.
“Don’t get killed by any monsters out there”, Zac told Georgia and Georgia hugged Zac.
“Well I guess this is goodbye”, the Doctor said and waved bye to Zac and Kaylie. Kaylie then ran at the Doctor and hugged him tightly.
“Thank you for all the times you’ve saved us”, Kaylie added, and the Doctor and Georgia walked back into the TARDIS. Zac and Kaylie held hands and watched the TARDIS fade away for the last time.



"Why are we here Doctor?"
"To save someone."
"And kick some ass?"
"If you like."
Georgia slaps the Doctor.
"We'll be lucky to survive!"
"Some nut released all the aliens."
"Nice one Doctor..."
"It's the lift that's playing tricks on you."
The lift descends into the darkness.

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Via The Void Series Two!

I have decided to renew the Via the Void series for a second series. This is mostly because a lot of people have been really supportive about the series, and lots of people enjoyed having a real actress to imagine Katie. The first series hasn't finished yet, but I haven't forgotten about it so don't worry.

With a new series comes a new companion. This is sort of because after the last episode there isn't really anywhere else I can go with Katie Parker and her storyline. But I refuse to kill her off - she will appear in 3.12 and 3.13 of the main Will and Seb series with Georgia and some others! The new companion was going to be called Sky Campbell, but when I chose the actress I prefered a different name. The new companion is now called Crystal Sky and is played by Kathryn Prescott from Skins. Of course she isn't really a part of Doctor Who, she's just there so you know what she looks like.

Her storyline is a little unusual in Doctor Who terms. Without giving too much away, Crystal is dead. That's bound to confuse you! Bwa ha ha ha! Sorry, rambled. Anyway, I can also tell you her necklace is important to her. The Doctor and Crystal's relationship is a bit different to Katie's. Katie usually asked lots of questions, and relied on the Doctor, but Crystal is a little more independant. The only problem with someone who is already dead is that they can't die again, and rather than have no danger for the Doctor and Crystal, I added something so that she could die. I'm not telling any more! :P Oooh, I forgot one thing, what she looks like. Here are some pictures of Crystal:

If you do save any pictures, please credit Will and Seb's Blog. Please leave comments about the second series of Via the Void. Did you know: Kirsty from TimeSpan (episode 2.2 of the main series) has dyed red hair because I liked Kathryn Prescott's on Skins? Fact! Sorry about the randomness of this post, I'm just in one of those moods.

Episode 1: The New Zygon World Part 4

“Skarasen stop!” a Zygon ordered, “Hold its ropes!” Another Zygon ran around the lake and pulled something near the thing they were building. Zac saw a huge dark shape turn in the water, there was a splash as the thing returned to the watery depths of the lake.

“What was that?” Zac said.
“A monster”, Student Null stammered.
“Did you bring that thing here?” Zac asked.
“We do not answer human questions”, one of the Zygons snarled, “All humans from Yurren are to be captured if they escape”.
“We aren’t from Yurren, so there”, Professor Makensi said lamely.
“You come from that direction”, the Zygon muttered, “We will capture you anyway”.

“We cannot take them to the ship”, another Zygon replied, “Un-arranged teleports are not tolerated. We will have to keep them here”.
“The Skarasen is hungry”, the first Zygon said, “He may not continue to obey our orders, if we keep food here”.
“But they aren’t needed”, the other Zygon said, “If the Skarasen is hungry they can get eaten”.
“We don’t know if they are needed”, the first Zygon muttered, “If they are needed by Commander Zagrafix, then we would get into deep trouble if they are eaten”. Zac, Student Null and Professor Makensi, meanwhile, were still stood in the freezing water. Zac had been thinking of running back the way he’d came, but he thought he’d seen a Zygon moving in the trees.

“Then we shall contact the Commander”, the second Zygon replied, “But if he is unhappy, you will take all the blame for summoning him!”
“If I must”, the first Zygon said coolly and walked back to the thing they were building.

Meanwhile, the Doctor, Georgia and Student Fajartop were walking away from the thicket, into a large clearing, so they could be teleported to the spaceship.
“Excuse me Commander Zagrafix”, the Doctor said, “In a poem which I’ve read, I heard that there was a swamp in this area of the planet”.
“That is correct”, Commander Zagrafix said.
“So, isn’t that all you want”, the Doctor replied, “Why don’t you ask the city if you can have the swamp. I’m sure they’d decide on a peace treaty”.
“The city of Yurren has denied us the swamps of this planet for years”, Commander Zagrafix said, “We no longer want peace with Yurren! We want them all dead”.

“Excuse me”, Student Fajartop began.
“Who is the man?” Zagrafix asked the Doctor.
“I’m Student Fajartop”, Student Fajartop answered.

“STUDENT FAJARTOP!” a scartchy voice came through on Zagrafix’s communication device.
“Zark, what is it now?” Zagrafix said into the communicator.
“Student Fajartop must die”, Zark said from on board the ship, “The poem! The poem!”
“I’m sorry Commander Zagrafix”, Brantok said into the communicator, “High priest Zark is in another of his trances”.
“What does he mean, the student must die?” Zagrafix asked.
“I have no idea”, Brantok said.
“Tell Zark we aren’t killing them”, Zagrafix said into his communicator, “We are taking them to the ship. Teleport us on board!”
“Yes sir”, Brantok obeyed, “Zark, stop that-“ A fizzing noise came through Zagrafix’s communicator.

“What’s going on?” Georgia asked.
“The ships communicator is in sleep mode”, Zagrafix replied. The ship was now above them. Georgia saw that a tentacle like device was coming up of one of the ships sides. At the end of the tentacle was a large hole.

“It’s a biological laser!” the Doctor said, “Get down!”
“They wouldn’t dare fire at us!” Zagrafix shouted. Zagrafix was wrong, a large green light shot out of the tentacle hitting the ground metres from Student Fajartop. The Zygons shrieked and scurried away. Zagrafix dived into a bush. Georgia grabbed the Doctor and began to run, followed by Student Fajartop. Another beam hit a tree, which caught fire. The Doctor kept running for ages, with explosions following them. The ship was trying to kill him or maybe Fajartop…

“How long can we keep this up for?” Georgia asked.
“We need to get inside the protection of the city”, the Doctor said, as they got closer and closer to the city. Georgia saw that the city seemed to be surrounded by a very thin layer of clear ectoplasm. The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver as they reached the ectoplasm and a square door appeared in the shielding. The Doctor pulled open the door and ran inside the city, followed closely by Georgia and Fajartop. The explosions suddenly stopped. Georgia looked up at the ectoplasm layer and saw that it was shaking.

“It shouldn’t be shaking”, the Doctor said, “The barriers must have been lowered, that shielding is too thin”.
“What can we do?” Student Fajartop asked.
“We need to get to the President of Yurren!” the Doctor answered, “Quickly, I think it’s this way”.

Zac, Student Null and Professor Makensi had been tied up and blindfolded. Zac could see a bit through his blindfold. He was in a room, and he could see others in the room too. At least five others.
“Who’s there?” Zac asked.
“Me, I’m here and I think Professor Makensi’s next to me”, Student Null said, “I thinks he unconscious”.
“Who are those other people?” Zac asked.

“I am the President of Yurren”, the President said, “Those Zygons stole me weeks ago and they put me here. The other two are my closest colleagues”.
“Someone is posing as you then”, Student Null said, “Unless, you’re a Zygon pretending to be the President”.
“I am not!” the President replied, “But I think there is a Zygon pretending to me. I suppose it doesn’t know my personality very well, so the Zygons replaced my colleagues, so no-one would notice I’d changed”.
“You’re probably right”, Zac said, “Do you have any idea where we are?”

“I think we’re near the lake”, a female voice said, “I’m Shalkoloyp by the way, vice-president”.
“Near the lake”, Student Null interrupted, “I hope we won’t get eaten by that monster”.
“The Skarasen you mean?” the President asked.
“Yeah I think that’s what they called it”, Zac said, but he then fell silent as he heard footsteps. The footsteps got closer and closer. Raised voices were then heard.

“All three of them?” one of the Zygons who had captured Zac said.
“Yes, the idiot Zark went mental when I said I wouldn’t kill the Student”, a new voice said, “He knocked out Brantok, cancelled out teleportation and started firing lasers at Fajartop and the others. When Brantok awoke three other Zygons had locked Zark up in a cell. The Doctor, his companion and Fajartop have got inside Yurren’s protection”.

“But if Zizum is found out as the President, Zagrafix”, the first Zygon said, “Then we shall never get into the city”.
“Then he’d better not fail”, Zagrafix snarled, “So where are they?”
“That one is the Doctor’s companion, I’m guessing”, the other Zygon said, “The other two are the Doctor’s allies”.
“They can all be killed”, Zagrafix snapped.
“No!” Student Null exclaimed, “You can’t kill us!”
“Kill me instead of the young”, the real President shouted. Zac heard a thump and the President exclaimed.
“That’ll teach you to suggest plans!” Zagrafix said to the President, “Feed them to the Skarasen! Before it dies of starvation”.
“It’ll be my pleasure sir”, the first Zygon said and more footsteps were heard. Zac was grabbed from behind and he thought he heard Student Null and Professor Makensi moan, as they were taken too.

Back inside the city the Doctor had reached the President’s headquarters and had marched inside, followed by Georgia and Student Fajartop. The Doctor searched the ground floor for the President, but did not find him. One of the President’s colleagues unhelpfully suggested to check the swimming pool, as the President enjoyed an afternoon swim. The Doctor finally found the President in his office upstairs.
“President!” the Doctor said entering the room.
“What are you doing here?” the President asked, “Do you have an appointment?”
“No, but you need to strengthen your barriers”, the Doctor said.
“They’ve been lowered”, Georgia added. The Doctor ran over to a corner in the room ,where a large machine stood. The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and started scanning the machine.

“What are you doing?” the President asked.
“Checking for glitches”, the Doctor replied, “Something must be wrong with the machine”. The Doctor continued to scan the machine. The Doctor then froze.
“What’s up Doc?” Student Fajartop asked.
“The President is what’s up”, the Doctor said turning around, “You’ve lowered the barriers. You aren’t the real President, you’re just pretending to be him!” The Doctor bleeped his sonic screwdriver and the disguise seemed to fade away revealing a sneering Zygon.

“Now, you’ve found me out”, the Zygon said, “There are Zygons surrounding the city, all I need to do is lower the barriers, and they’ll be in”.
“Don’t you dare”, the Doctor said, as the Zygon pushed the Doctor out of the way with his suckered hand. The Doctor fell to the ground stunned.
“What have you done to him!” Georgia shrieked.
“Nothing much”, the Zygon replied pulling a lever, “The city of Yurren is now doomed. This is the new Zygon world! And it is good!”

Back by the lake Zac’s blindfold was removed. Zac was free to walk, but his hands were bound. He was standing on the edge of the lake, ripples were appearing in the water. A Zygon behind him poked him with a stick.
“Walk forward boy!” the Zygon ordered, Zac walked forward into the freezing cold water. Professor Makensi and Student Null watched, scared, from the edge of the lake as the ripples got bigger and a dark shape appeared in the water. A huge, scaly, serpent like creature rose out of the water and faced Zac.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Episode 1: The New Zygon World Part 3

Student Fajartop ran at the front of the group, but there was a loud crashing sound as a tree fell behind him and Georgia. A Zygon had blasted it down. Student Null, Professor Makensi and Zac saw the tree fall in front of them and changed direction. Smashing their way through a large red bush, Zac thought that they had lost the Zygons pursuing them. Meanwhile, the Doctor managed to jump over the fallen tree and followed Georgia and Student Fajartop towards the city.

“Where’s the Professor and Student Null?” Student Fajartop asked Georgia as he ran.
“I don’t know, Zac’s gone too”, Georgia said.
“Should we stop?” Student Fajartop asked.
“No, just keep running”, Georgia replied, “The Doctor’s still following us, he’ll think of something”. Student Fajartop rushed out of the thicket followed by Georgia, who tripped over a fallen log. She looked up to see several Zygons, some of which were holding green guns, which looked as though they were covered in moss. The Doctor rushed straight out of the thicket and saw Georgia and Student Fajartop surrounded by the Zygons.

“This way Georgia!” the Doctor shouted turning around, but he stopped when he saw the entrance to the thicket was blocked. A Zygon in armour was leering down at the Doctor and his friends.
“Hello, Doctor”, Zagrafix said, “Enemy of the Zygons, with your precious companions and allies”.
“Hello, nice to meet you”, the Doctor said, “I would shake your hand but I’m allergic to your stings”.
“Oh but I’m wearing gloves Doctor”, Zagrafix replied, holding out his hand. The Doctor took it half-heartedly.

“What’s your name?” the Doctor asked.
“My name is Zagrafix”, Zagrafix answered.
“So why are you here?” the Doctor asked.
“It would be silly of me to reveal the Zygon plans, to the enemy”, Zagrafix said, “You see we don’t want you interfering, so you and your friends will be taken to the Zygon ship”.
“Of course we will come with you”, the Doctor said. Georgia raised her eyebrows, but then remembered Zac and the others could still save them.

Zac Pemberton broke out of another thicket of trees and appeared at the edge of a swamp. There was a large lake, with marshland surrounding it. On the opposite side of the lake Zac could see several Zygon creatures building something. Professor Makensi and Student Null appeared behind Zac, out of breath.
“Oh, we’re at Klandron lake”, Professor Makensi commented, “Wondered where we were heading”.
“Did we loose the Zygons?” Student Null asked.
“Can you hear something following us?” Zac asked.
“No”, Student Null replied, “This marsh smells”.

“If my calculations are correct, we are on the west side of the lake”, Professor Makensi explained, “There is a town on the other side. Hopefully we can reach it without being seen”.
“There are Zygons on the other side of the lake unfortunately”, Zac muttered, “But we could sneak through those trees”. Zac pointed at a large group of trees on the edge of the lake.

“Those trees grow in the lake”, Professor Makensi said, “It could be several feet deep where those trees are”.
“No, I came here a couple of months ago”, Student Null replied, “I went swimming in the lake, the water by those trees is only a foot deep”.
“But we’ll still get soaked”, Professor Makensi said.
“We need to get to safety”, Zac said quickly, “We go through those trees in the lake, or go back, or risk getting seen. I vote we go through the trees”.
“I second that”, Student Null seconded.
“All right”, Professor Makensi sighed, “Through the water”. Zac, Student Null and Professor Makensi crept over to the group of trees, Zac kept an eye on the Zygons, who were still building something.

“Hopefully we can see what they’re building”, Zac muttered.
“We are not going near those creatures”, Professor Makensi said loudly.
“Quiet!” Student Null said, as they reached the trees, “I’ll go first, once we get out of the trees, there are a couple of bushes then we can creep over to the forest, walk through the forest and get to the town”.
“That sounds like a plan”, Zac said.

“These look like marshes”, Professor Makensi said.
“The dead marshes”, Zac replied in a Gollum-like voice.
“Excuse me?” Professor Makensi, “Isn’t that from Lord of the Rings?”
“How did you know?” Zac asked, as he entered the water and shivered.
“The Doctor brought me a load of Earth books to read”, Professor Makensi replied, “Bleak House was good, and I really enjoyed that other one, the one with the troll”.
“The three little goats?” Zac asked, remembering a children’s story.
“Something like that”, Professor Makensi said as he waded through the water.
“I’ve had bad experiences with trolls and bridges”, Zac explained, “Although the troll hit himself on the head, I wander if Georgia ever got that necklace back…” Student Null stopped and saw ripples of water appearing 20 or 25 metres away in the lake. The ripples were coming towards Student Null and the others.

“Zac!” Student Null shrieked pointing at the ripples.
“Quickly!” Zac ordered and began to rush through the water. Student Null began to rush through the water too, but tripped and fell into the water. Professor Makensi couldn’t go much further.
“The Zygons!” Professor Makensi said pointing at the figures by the lake who had stopped building and were walking towards them.
“They’ve seen us!” Zac yelled.
“Its going to kill us!” Student Null said as the ripples drew closer.
“Its huge!” Professor Makensi said.
“Calm down!” Zac replied, continuing to rush through the water.

“The Zygons are going to kill us and there’s something hellish swimming straight for us!” Student Null shouted. Zac looked around. Professor Makensi was out of breath, the Zygons were running towards them and the ripples were less than 5 metres away…

Meanwhile, the President of Yurren led a guard into his office.
“Sir, I really should be protecting”, the guard began.
“Quiet!” the President replied, “Do you really think I’m acting strangely?”
“Yes, sir now I am sure there is something wrong with you”, the guard answered, “You could resign”.
“I am not resigning”, the President snapped, “I have a job to do, the President is my name, I will never resign! The city must be destroyed”.
“You said destroyed!” the guard exclaimed.
“I meant protected”, the President replied, “The city must be protected, with me in charge Yurren will never fall”.
“I’m sorry sir, but I don’t believe anything you say anymore”, the guard replied.
“What is your name?” the President asked.
“I am Mr. Sinkhartep from the town of Birnk”, the guard answered.

“Well, Mr. Sinkhartep”, the President said, “What are you going to do about it?”
“I’m going to tell everyone, that you are not yourself”, the guard said, “I’ll phone the police to remove you from office”.

“Nice plan”, the President said smiling as his outline flashed and suddenly, the President of Yurren was no longer there; in his place was a Zygon, who grabbed the guard with its suckered hand. The guard fell to the ground dead.

“Yurren will be destroyed”, the Zygon said, “And I will lower the protection barriers enough to let the other Zygons in!”


Sunday, 15 March 2009

DTs fanfic video diary No 3

“Hello and welcome to the TARDIS set again!” DT says as he turns his camera towards the set, the actress who plays Georgia smiles and waves, “Today we have been told to pretend to be our characters all day. So we’re calling each other our acting names, oh look there’s Colonel Mace. How are you ‘Colonel Mace’?”

“Hello, ‘Doctor’!” Rupert Holiday-Evans, ‘Colonel Mace’ replied, “I am fine, and would the Doctor really be going around with a video camera?”
“Good point”, DT says, “The producers don’t need to know, what are you doing here?”
“Oh didn’t you know”, Colonel Mace says, “You’re going to be regenerating into me, they changed the script last minute”.
“Really?” DT replies sarcastically, “I must be playing some other character for the rest of the series”.
“I’ve just finished my scene nearby, so I’ve come to watch”, ‘Colonel Mace’ says, “But looks like you’re needed on set”.
“All right bye”, DT says and walks onto the set, where the set manager Jill is standing.

“Doctor, I mean DT”, Jill begins, “This switch here is broken, if you flick it, it will fall off”.
“Right”, DT replies.
“I know you’ve pressed this switch in rehearsals”, Jill continues, “But you’ll have to press some other button in this take”.
“OK”, DT says, “I pull that switch instead”.
“No, you can’t pull that one”, Jill says, “It can’t be moved, that one”. DT sighs and ‘Georgia’ giggles.
“So is that one OK?” DT asks, pointing at a large blue button, above the broken switch, “Is that another broken button?”
“That ones fine David”, Jill says.
“You’re supposed to call him Doctor”, ‘Georgia’ interrupts.

“OK, and can I remind you David”, Jill says, “That it’s you who breaks all these levers and switches”.
“All right, sorry”, DT says smiling.

DT is sitting in his trailer again.
“We did the last scene of the Christmas special in one take in the end”, DT explains, “I think that Georgia is a very good companion and now the actors who play Conner and Zac have arrived, ready to film Conner. It’s a nice short name for episode 1 this series. The octopli invade, about a month after the magnet warriors, surely by now everyone in London should be dead… Anyway Rupert and Bridget have left, the actors who play Brian and Captain Gifford have left and the Magnet Warriors have gone too. Also Carla has moved on from Doctor Who, she’s working on some other BBC programme now. Well, bye for now…”

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Episode 1: The New Zygon World Part 2

In the centre of Yurren the President was giving orders.
“These creatures are Zygons!” the President announced to a large group of guards.
“How do you know that?” the guard asked.
“Because the ships belong to the Zygons”, the President replied.
“But how do you know that?” the guard questioned.
“Because we have information on them stored in the main library”, the President replied quickly.

“So what do we do?” the guard asked.
“I was about to get to that bit before you started questioning me!” the President said, “Like you don’t believe me”.
“Well you are acting oddly sir”, the guard said.
“Can all of the guards please get to battle stations!” the President ordered and all the guards started moving away, “Except you!” The guard who had been asking the President questions stopped.

“What do you want me for?” the guard asked.
“I want a word”, the President said and led the guard out of the room an along a long corridor.

Meanwhile, on board the main Zygon ship, the Zygon Priest Zark was picking up information from the planet. Zark was in one of his large dark chambers, where he invented, predicted and created. Commander Zagrafix entered the room.
“Ah, Commander Zagrafix, this is a pleasant surprise”, the Zygon Priest said, smiling.
“You knew I was coming”, Commander Zagrafix replied, frowning, “You told me to come, now spit it out, what do you want? I was busy killing people outside Yurren’s protection”.
“Well, I don’t want anything”, Zark answered.
“You brought me here because you don’t want anything!” Zagrafix roared.
“No-no”, Zark stammered.
“Well what is it?” Zagrafix snarled.

“I have information, concerning an old enemy”, Zark replied, to which Zagrafix raised his eyebrows, “A few hundred years ago, a group of Zygons arrived in a lake on the Earth, where we were faced by the Doctor. The Doctor is here, on the planet, he could stop our victory”.
“He could stop my victory”, Zagrafix muttered, “Then he must be stopped”.
“Of course”, Zark said, “What are you going to do?”
“He will be brought here”, Zagrafix replied, “Where is he?”

“He is not inside the city”, Zark said pressing his fingers to his head, “He is on the outskirts, out of the city’s protection. He has his companions with him; he is in the company of an old friend”.
“Who is it?” Zagrafix asked, “Tell me!”
“Professor Makensi”, Zark replied, in a strange voice, “They have found a dead man, murdered by the Zygons, they head for the protection of the city”.

“Brantok, here now!” Zagrafix ordered, ignoring Zark, who fell to floor, his mind had been working too hard. Another Zygon entered the room, he was slightly taller than Zagrafix, but did not look as fierce.
“Yes sir?” Brantok asked.
“Are you getting past the protection of the city?” Zagrafix asked.
“It is going well, sir”, Brantok replied, “Our agent has successfully lowered the protection field slightly”.
“Slightly is not good enough!” Zagrafix roared, “If we don’t catch the Doctor, before he gets to the city, our plans could fail”.
“We could offer a peace offering, all we want is the-“, Brantok suggested.
“I do not want peace!” Zagrafix replied, “This will be the new Zygon world, there shall be a new Zygor in the heavens! Now send me back down the planet, so I can catch the Doctor before he can get into Yurren!”

“Of course, sir”, Brantok said, “We will go to the main control room, but what about Zark?”
“Oh, leave him there”, Zagrafix replied, “He will not be any use for a while”. Zagrafix followed Brantok out of Zark’s dark chambers and headed for the control room.

Meanwhile, the Doctor, Professor Makensi, Georgia, Zac, Student Null and Student Fajartop were heading towards Yurren.
“Doctor, remind me why we are heading towards the city?” Georgia asked.
“The city has protection”, the Doctor said, “It has a force field so the Zygons can’t get in, but they’ll try. They may be able to lower the field, so they can get in. We need to stop them”.
“Don’t you mean, I’m supposed to stop them”, Student Fajartop asked.
“Look, I’m sure the Doctor didn’t mean that…” Professor Makensi began.
“Oh the Doctor did”, the Doctor replied, “There is a poem from the future”.

“What poem?” Georgia asked.
“It features Student Fajartop and the saving of this city”, the Doctor explained. “Say it”, Student Fajartop ordered.
“Doctor, you are a time traveller, you can change time”, Professor Makensi said.

“He’s a time traveller?” Student Null asked Zac.
“Yeah, he travels through the universe”, Zac answered, “He saves civilisations, he saves people and planets from monsters and villains”.
“Wow, and you travel with him?” Student Null asked.
“I did, but I couldn’t travel anymore”, Zac said, “I left my girlfriend, Kaylie, behind and my whole family, they had no idea where I was. It was quite selfish really. This is my last trip with the Doctor”.
“Do you want to travel more?” Student Null asked.
“I can’t not anymore, I don’t really have a link to them anymore”, Zac explained, “My best mate, Conner, died. It was a couple of months ago now, but it was only a couple of days for them”.
“Oh, I’m sorry”, Student Null replied. While Zac and Student Null had been talking, the Doctor had explained, that if he didn’t let Student Fajartop save the city and the planet, then a paradox would be created, as the Doctor would never have heard the poem.

“Say the poem!” Student Fajartop ordered again.
“All right”, the Doctor said and began to recite:

Yurren is invaded,
The people take to flight,
But one alone stays,
He alone will fight,
The evil is terrible,
It comes from the swamps,
It comes from the trees,
The alien’s stomps,
Breaks the city’s courage,
But one remains,
He is young,
Yurren is his domain,
Student Fajartop does not flee,
The planet is saved,
By one single, student,

“The people flee?” Student Null asked, while Student Fajartop looked stunned.
“The people won’t flee”, Professor Makensi said, “The city has a very strong protection field”.
“The city’s protection can be broken remember”, the Doctor explained, “Now come on!” Suddenly, there was a cracking of twigs.

“Someone’s after us!” Student Null exclaimed.
“Quiet!” Georgia replied.
“Doctor, what do we do?” Zac asked.
“We run”, the Doctor said, “Student Null, can you help Professor Makensi please, Student Fajartop up the front with Georgia. I’ll go at the back with Zac”. Zac nodded, Georgia breathed deeply, and began to run, following closely behind Student Fajartop. Student Null helped the Professor run along.

“I’m fine!” Professor Makensi said.
“We need to go quickly”, Zac said from behind.
“Well leave me behind then”, Professor Makensi said.
“We’re not leaving anyone behind”, Georgia called from the front, as she ran. The group ran out of the trees and along a group of bushes, into a thicket. Zac could hear more twigs snapping.

“Doctor, they’re right behind us!” Zac said.
“Just keep running!” the Doctor replied.

Meanwhile, on board the Zygon’s main ship, Brantok was contacting Zagrafix. Zagrafix was the one chasing the Doctor and his friends. He had with him two other Zygons.
“Brantok, contact all troops”, Zagrafix ordered.
“What shall I tell them?” Brantok asked.

“Surround the thicket in vector 379”, Zagrafix replied, “That is where the Doctor is hiding, we are in close pursuit, but I can’t risk any of them getting into the city, so tell the troop so surround them!”
“Of course sir”, Brantok replied, and contacted the other troops, as Zagrafix got closer and closer to the Doctor.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Heroes Site

That's right! Bex and I have set up the Heroes site already! Click the link here to see it. It's early days yet, and things are being added everyday, so bear with us! Please leave nice comments, and if you don't like Heroes there isn't any point going on to leave negative comments about the show, but if you don't like Heroes, still leave nice comments! The site is called Primatech Paper, and will be for blends, avatars, character profiles, episode guides, ect. Enjoy anyway! And thanks for all the nice comments when we first suggested it! I've rambled, sorry! :P

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Big Announcement

Ok here's a fairly big announcement from me, Will. I own The Avatar Proclamation with Becky from The Oncoming Storm, and we are opening a new site! This site will be dedicated to the American show Heroes! We both love the show, but don't know what we want the site to be for yet. We would like some help deciding what to make the site about. Here are some options:


Heroes Information (character profiles)

Previews (trailers, spoilers, news, previews of episodes)

Fan Fiction Stories

Buttons, Blends, Bases

We are also looking for a name for the site. Any suggestions are welcome, but we will probably choose one ourselves. Thank you!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Episode Two TimeSpan

Here is the cast list for episode two, TimeSpan:

The Doctor
Georgia Bell
Elizabeth Bell
Colin Bell
Kirsty Purcell
Holly Black
Mr Black
Guard Ben Daniels
Miss Swade
Mr Braithwaite
Mr Faraday
Guard Pokaski
Guard Kristoph
Guard Blunt
Guard Twine
Guard Jenson
Krillitanes (including Jerry)
Claw Creature
Blob Creature
The Dendrites

Arriving on the TimeSpan complex to save an old friend, the Doctor discovers much more is going on. Teaming up with Kirsty Purcell, an inmate, he and Georgia look to discover the truth. Why are there so many things from the Doctor's past? How did Miss Foster get her Sonic Pen in Partners in Crime? What will happen when the Abzorbaloff attacks? Why is one Krillitane's wife angry at him? Why are there two Georgias? Why is the Werewolf on board TimeSpan, when the Doctor defeated it in 1879? And who are Future and Present?

Here are some spoilers. Remember, some are red herrings! Lock them up in TimeSpan, and throw away the key!

Colin is stuck in Tesco.
Kirsty will replace Conner as the new companion.
Jerry lives with another man.
The lifts in TimeSpan play tricks on Georgia.
The TARDIS gains another traveller.
Mr Copper is nowhere to be found.
Holly has a darker motive, especially where her employees are concerned.
Present would rather not have used the lift, but it is helpful.
TimeSpan has crashed into the Earth - destroying it.

Enjoy the episode! And what do you think the red herrings are? They might not be as obvious as you'd expect... Bwa ha ha ha! Oooh and look out for a big surprise!

Episode 1: The New Zygon World Part 1

The TARDIS stood in the park in South London where Georgia and the Doctor had first met. The Doctor stood by the TARDIS, as Georgia walked into the Doctor’s view.

“My parents have given me a new diary”, Georgia explained, “As a leaving present. Has Zac turned up yet?”
“Not yet”, the Doctor said, “He should be here in five minutes”.
“Is Kaylie coming?” Georgia asked.
“No, she said she doesn’t really want to travel in this thing”, the Doctor replied.
“Shame, but it can get a bit bumpy”, Georgia pointed out, “Here’s Zac now”. Zac walked up the path to where the TARDIS was parked. He had a sad look on his face.

“We’re going to the future”, the Doctor said, “It was Georgia’s idea to get a plaque for Conner and Harry”.
“Well where are we getting this plaque from?” Zac asked, as he walked into the TARDIS with the Doctor and Georgia.
“One of the most peaceful planets in existence”, the Doctor said, “It only gets invaded twice ever”. The Doctor pulled a lever and the TARDIS began to dematerialise. It then began to materialise on a grassy plain. The Doctor got out of the TARDIS, followed by Georgia and Zac.

“It feels weird, Conner not being here”, Zac muttered.
“Yeah it does”, Georgia agreed, “But this place looks beautiful, are we on some part of new Earth?”
“No, we’re only a few hundred years in our future”, the Doctor explained, “That there is the city of the Yurren”. The Doctor pointed at a huge city, the buildings were all kinds of shapes and sizes, but they all seemed to be the same colour as clay. Suddenly there was a loud noise overhead. Several huge red spaceships zoomed over the grassy plain.
“Doctor, is it just me or do they look like they’re invading?” Georgia said.
“We must be here on the day of the first invasion”, the Doctor said, “And we’re right underneath the spaceships!”


Outside the city of Yurren, Professor Makensi was looking after the machinery in his workshops. Professor Makensi taught three students at his forge. They were called Student Fajartop, Student Null and Student Ron. Professor Makensi, Student Fajartop and Student Ron were Yurreni, native to the planet. The Yurreni looked mostly like humans except for their ears, which were more like sheep’s and their tails. Student Null, however, had come from a far away Galaxy to become a student under Professor Makensi. He was a purple-skinned humanoid with only 3 fingers on his hands.

“Student Null, check the furnace”, Professor Makensi ordered as he entered the main workshop.

“Professor Makensi, I can hear a noise”, Student Ron said.
“Well obviously!” Student Null replied, “The machinery does make noise”.
“Student Null, I told you to check the furnace”, Professor Makensi ordered.
“Yes, sir!” Student Null replied and went to check the furnace downstairs.
“But Sir it doesn’t sound like the machinery”, Student Ron continued, “It sounds like an engine, the noise is getting louder and louder”.
“It could be a car”, Student Fajartop suggested.
“Nah, it doesn’t sound like a car engine”, Student Ron replied.

“I can hear it”, Professor Makensi said looking at the ground, “It’s an engine, but not a car engine, it sounds like its alive. It sounds like biological technology”.
“What does that mean?” Student Fajartop asked. Suddenly, Student Null ran into the room, panting, with a look of shock and fear on his face.

“There’s a huge red spaceship zooming towards the city!” Student Null said. Student Fajartop and Student Ron rushed to the window and saw it. Then a blue beam shot out from the spaceship and hit the ground about 100 metres down the road to the forge. Figures stepped out of the blue beam and the beam vanished. Professor Makensi squinted to see who the figures were.
“What are they?” Student Ron asked.
“I don’t know, but we need to get out of here and quickly!” Professor Makensi said, “We’ll hide in the secret room hidden behind the bookcase”.

“You’ve got a secret room behind the bookcase?” asked Student Null, who looked shocked.
“Yes, I do”, Professor Makensi answered.
“Why do you have a secret room?” Student Fajartop asked.
“In case of an invasion”, Professor Makensi replied.
“But no-ones ever invaded here before”, Student Fajartop replied.
“But there’s an invasion now isn’t there?” Professor Makensi pointed out. Professor Makensi walked into his study, where the only, but very large, bookcase in the workshops was. Professor Makensi pulled out a book and there was a whirring noise and the bookcase swung open to reveal a flight of steps. Suddenly, there was a loud banging and shouting was heard from the front door.

“Quickly, down the stairs!” Professor Makensi ordered, “Before they see!”
“We don’t have enough time!” Student Ron said as he saw several aliens smashing through the workshops. Student Null and Student Fajartop rushed down the steps, as Student Null grabbed a red hot poker from a fire. Professor Makensi pulled a lever that was on the wall of the hidden staircase. The aliens, meanwhile, were advancing on Student Ron.

“You will stop! Leave this planet!” Student Ron said as he saw the bookcase swing back to hide the staircase. Student Ron waved the red hot poker threateningly. The aliens looked very strange, they had no neck and were a red-orange colour, and they were covered in suckers. They looked strangely amphibious. One of them was wearing armour.
“What are you doing?” the alien in armour asked.
“Protecting my home”, Student Ron replied.
“Idiot, your hostility will not be tolerated by the Zygons!” the Zygon snarled, “Now feel the sting of the Zygons!” Student Ron dropped the red hot poker and backed away from the Zygons. He tripped and fell on his face. As he tried to get up, a Zygon placed its hand on Ron’s shoulder. Student Ron screamed as the Sting of the Zygon sent him to his death.

The Doctor, Georgia and Zac sprinted over to a group of trees. They waited for a couple of seconds before sprinting to a bush and hiding behind it.
“How long are we gonna do this for?” Zac asked.
“We need to get to Professor Makensi’s workshops and house”, the Doctor said.
“Why do we need to get there?” Georgia asked, “And why does it have to be so hot”.
“You’re wearing a short sleeved top aren’t you”, the Doctor commented.
“So you may have some sort of central cooling system, but humans don’t!” Georgia snapped.

“Sorry”, the Doctor replied, “We need to get to Professor Makensi’s workshop so we can get the plaque”.
“But we need to save the planet”, Georgia begged.
“A student saves the planet”, the Doctor replied, “We aren’t allowed to have any part in it”. Georgia gaped at the Doctor and Zac raised his eyebrows.
“But you save people!” Georgia pleaded, “We’ve got to save this planet, what happens if you did help, but secretly”.
“Yeah, it’s not like you always want to be thanked”, Zac said, “You always try to get away without being thanked or congratulated. How do we know that the student who saves the day was helped by you?”
“We don’t, but if he didn’t have help I don’t want to interfere!” the Doctor replied, “Come on!” The Doctor ran out from behind the bush and into another group of trees. Georgia and Zac followed him through the trees and past a wooden fence. In five minutes, they had reached a large building, again clay-coloured.

“I reckon we’re on the planet of the Apes”, Zac commented, “They had buildings like these”.
“Which version?” Georgia asked.
“The first one”, Zac replied, “My dad didn’t like the newer ones”.
“Nor mine”, Georgia agreed. Zac and Georgia followed the Doctor through a door into the building. They walked into a workshop. There was a large fire in the corner and metallic machines lining the walls.

“That’s weird”, the Doctor said looking at the floor.
“It’s just a poker”, Georgia commented.
“But why would someone leave a red hot poker on the floor”, Zac asked, “If someone stood on it, they’d get badly hurt”.
“Someone must have dropped it then”, Georgia replied as the Doctor walked past a study and saw a body on the floor. Georgia saw the body two and knelt down by it.

“He’s dead”, the Doctor said looking down on the body.
“What’s that?” Georgia said pointing the shoulder.
“That is a severe welt”, the Doctor said. The area by the shoulder had swelled severely.
“What could do that?” Zac asked.
“I think we’re going to stay”, the Doctor said.
“Good!” Georgia said firmly.
“Because that welt was caused by a Zygon sting”, the Doctor explained.
“What are Zygons?” Zac asked, “Giant scorpions?”
“No they are humanoid in shape”, the Doctor replied, “But covered in suckers. The Zygons home was destroyed, but they survived in small groups. It seems that now we’re in the future, the Zygons have bred and their numbers have grown”. Suddenly there was a scraping noise and the bookcase in the study swung open to reveal three figures. Professor Makensi smiled and stepped forward.

“Doctor”, Professor Makensi said.
“Professor!” the Doctor said smiling.
“Student Null, Student Fajartop meet an old friend of mine”, Professor Makensi said.
“And he means literally old by the way”, the Doctor said shaking hands with Student Null.

“It looks like the monsters have gone”, Professor Makensi said, “But poor Student Ron, if he hadn’t have sacrificed himself those... Zygons was it, would have seen us and killed us”.
“I’m very sorry, by the way what was your name?” the Doctor asked Student Fajartop.
“I’m Student Fajartop”, Student Fajartop replied, “Why?”
“You’re the one who's going to save your planet!” the Doctor answered.


Friday, 6 March 2009

DT's fanfic video diary NO 2


“Hello, and welcome to my second video diary”, DT says, he is standing in the UNIT base set, “Colonel Mace, Captain Price and Captain Gifford are the three UNIT members who appear in Georgia and the Magnet Warriors. I’m about to go to the UNIT set for the scene when I arrive at the headquarters. It’s weird because I filmed my only scene with the actor who plays Brian the other day, which is based just before this scene, but I’ve been told by the director that it has all ready been cut, so that was an hours filming and waiting wasted”.

The camera fizzes and as it comes back into focus DT is on set with the actress who plays Captain Price, Bridget Hodson.
“Hello Bridget!” DT says.
“Hello”, Bridget replies quietly.
“What’s it like being back on Doctor Who?” DT asks.
“I’m very happy to be back”, Bridget answers, “It is loads of fun being on Doctor Who. I have more lines than in the Sontaran Stratagem but I’m in less scenes. Everyone is really friendly too”.

“So, what do you think of the Magnet Warriors?” DT asks.
“Oh they look quite freaky”, Bridget comments, “Although I haven’t filmed any scenes with them. We filmed this scene on a street with lots of rubble and metal objects, and a magnet warrior was originally going to appear in that scene, but they didn’t. We’re going to film a scene with the magnet warrior ship appearing on the screen over there”. Bridget points to a green screen.
“So we’ll be pretending that there is something instead of the green screen”, DT says. “I think so”, Bridget says.

“What’s that over there?” the Doctor asks, pointing at a harness by the fake window of the UNIT HQ set.
“I’m not sure”, Bridget replies, “Does someone get sucked out the window or something?”
“Oh that’s me!” DT exclaims, “I’ll have to be in that. I magnetise a ring or something..."
“Have you ever been on something like that before?” Bridget asks.
“Yes, in the Last of the Time Lords”, DT answers, “Oh looks like we’re going to film the scene!” Bridget nods and walks on to the set. Several other UNIT members walk onto the set too including Rupert-Holiday Evans, who plays Colonel Mace and the actor who plays Captain Gifford. DT gives his camera to someone and goes over to the door of the set, waiting for his cue.

“Action!” the Director calls.
“The valiant’s ready”, Bridget, as Captain Price says, peering through a window.
“Then haul out the net”, Colonel Mace orders happily. Captain Gifford is on a mobile phone. DT waves from the side of the set.
“Haul out the net. Orders from Colonel Mace”, Captain Gifford says into the phone just as DT as the Doctor, bursts through the door. Colonel Mace turns around.
“Doctor. I’m glad you’re here”, Colonel Mace says Captain Price and Captain Gifford turn and stand up.
“I wouldn’t salute”, Colonel Mace says.
“Of course Sir”, Captain Price obeys. DT as the Doctor sees Colonel Mace and Captain Price and smiles.
“Fantastic! Colonel Mace and Captain Price”, DT smiles widely.

“And cut!” the director calls, “Well done everyone!”

DT is back in his trailer, again looking tired.
“It’s been a week since I filmed the scenes at UNIT HQ and tomorrow I’m filming my final scenes for Georgia and the Magnet Warriors!” DT says, “Time does seem to go quickly, I’ve got a scene in the TARDIS with Georgia and then I’m saving Georgia from the Magnet Warrior ship. Today we filmed several scenes at a factory on the edge of Cardiff, which is posing as the Marr’s metals factory which Georgia and the Doctor investigate. But I’m off for bed now after a long day…”

This is again fanfic nonsense, but try and imagine if it were real!

Monday, 2 March 2009

The Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot cast and summed up

Cast (in order of appearance):
The Doctor
Jane Pemberton
Steve Pemberton
Karen Watson
Rob Slater
PC Walsh
Mr. Core
The Cyber-Leader
Detective Inspector Blakely
Irish Women
Many other humans


The Doctor drops Zac, Kaylie, Beth and Catherine off at Portsmouth, the TARDIS is about to take Georgia to see her parents, when the TARDIS locks on to a distress signal and goes forward in time. The Doctor gets out to find they're in South London, where Rob Slater, who seems to know Georgia says its Christmas. They then meet PC Walsh who tells the Doctor to move the TARDIS out of the street. After that they return to Georgia's home. Elizabeth and Colin greet Georgia when Zac and Kaylie appear, chased by a Cyberman.
The characters move into Elizabeth and Colin's house. The Doctor tells them that it may be allergic to gold, so Georgia and Kaylie go upstairs to find some. The Cybermen bursts through the door and the Doctor sneaks up behind it and puts gold in its air vent. The Doctor takes Georgia, Zac and Kaylie to the Marr factory, which has been newly taken over. Zac and Kaylie had gone to investigate the company, when the Cyberman saw them and chased them. When the group reached the factory they met a women called Teresa, who denies sending a Cybermen after Zac and Kaylie.
They view the CCTV footage and thinking its been changed, they go to see the person in charge Mr. Core. The Doctor finds the real CCTV footage in a disc on his desk and Mr. Core, Teresa, Zac, Kaylie, Georgia and the Doctor watch it. Then two Cybermen enter and are about to attack the Doctor and his friends when Zac, Kaylie and Georgia jump out of the window and onto the skip below. The Doctor is grabbed by the Cybermen. Zac, Kaylie and Georgia land in the skip and find boxes full of gold.

The Doctor and Mr. Core talk about Mr. Core's past and why he wants to destory the Earth. He reveals to the Doctor that Teresa has some Psychic paper which looks exactly the same as his. Mr. Core then tells the Doctor that the invasion of the Cybermen is begginning. Meanwhile, Zac, Kaylie and Georgia are captured by Teresa. They are put in a cell. While in the cell, Elizabeth phones Georgia to tell her that she saw Cybermen walk past the house and that she thinks they are going to find the TARDIS.
Rob Slater, meanwhile, gets kidnapped by the Cybermen and PC Walsh leaves his Detective Inspector to look after the police phone while he goes to investigate. The Cybermen continue to kidnap the humans in South London. Teresa then tells the Doctor that there are two of her, a past version of her and a future. The past version of Teresa forces the Doctor to take her to burgle the banks using the psychic paper. The Doctor arrives two weeks before the episodes main events and is locked in a cell by Teresa. Meanwhile, Rob Slater and PC Walsh team up to find Mr. Core.

Mr. Core reveals he is Rob Slaters father's best friend and that he and his father were the boys who Santa Claus forgot. The Cybermen kidnap Elizabeth and Colin. Rob Slater persuades Mr. Core to stop the invasion. Mr. Core agrees and the humans run off. The Cybermen all return to the factory. Meanwhile, the future Teresa forces the Doctor to take them to kidnap the world leaders, as the past Teresa takes the past Doctor to burgle the banks, but instead the Doctor shows Teresa the future where Teresa decides to stay.
The Cybermen mutiny against Mr. Core and upgrade him. They also kill Rob Slater and they are about to upgrade Kaylie when the Doctor arrives and frees Kaylie, Georgia, Zac and PC Walsh and locks all the Cybermen in the main room. PC Walsh then has the idea to choke the Cybermen by forcing gold dust into the room using the fans and the gold that Georgia, Zac and Kaylie found in the skips. PC Walsh returns to the police station and Zac and Kaylie go home. Elizabeth, Colin and Georgia invite the Doctor for Christmas Dinner.

The next mini-episode is based on Christmas Day, with the Doctor, Georgia and her parents.

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