Saturday, 25 April 2009

Episode 3: Fun at the Fair Part 4

“Run! Get out of here!” Catherine screamed.

Kaylie unfroze and pulled Mrs Sow from her seat, as the clown stepped towards her. They ran round the other side of the desk, grabbed Catherine, ran out of the room, then shut the door. Catherine, Kaylie and Mrs Sow ran down the corridor. The clown banged on the door, trying to get out.

“How long will we stay in here?” Mrs White asked, sitting down on the sofa.
“I dunno,” Georgia said. “I’m trying to contact the Doctor. My phone isn’t working.”
“What if the clown goes away?” Colin asked.
“I don’t think it’d do that,” Georgia said.
“What does it want?” Elizabeth asked.
“Me, I reckon. Cos of the Doctor,” Georgia said.
“Well, maybe it would leave if it got you?” Mrs White suggested.
“We’re not letting that happen!” Colin said aggressively.

Georgia smiled as Mrs White closed her mouth with a shocked expression. The Doctor, Beth, Conner, Zac ad Abby entered Mitchell West’s flat. A table, smashed glass and a picture off the wall lay on the floor.

“Clear signs of a struggle,” the Doctor said. “From the looks of it, Mitchell West was first attacked in his bathroom. He then fought his attacker, and they fought in the living room here. It is here that Mitchell’s attacker killed him, demonstrated by the body on the left.”
“Nice deducting Searge,” Conner said.
“Let’s take a look at the body,” the Doctor said, uncovering the white sheet that covered one part of the room.

The clown pressed his face up against the window, leering at Bradley. Bradley hot wired the car (another trick he’d learned from his dad) and reversed backwards. The clown turned around, surprised. Bradley drove the car at the clown, hoping it would run away. It didn’t. Bradley screeched to a stop, but it was too late. He was about to hit the clown… when it disappeared in a fold of smoke. Gasping, Bradley sat in the car in silence for a few minutes.

The Vicar was having tea with Mrs White, again. He had to be sneaky and not be spotted by the Bell woman next door. He’d told her he was booked up for two more years. It seemed she was out. The Vicar breathed a sigh of relief. He would be able to have tea with Viola White in peace. He walked up to the garden path of Mrs White’s house, and rang the doorbell. There was no answer. He peered in through the windows. It wasn’t like Viola to forget he was coming, and go out. He banged on the widows. Still no answer. There was a smash coming from the Bell woman’s house. The Vicar sighed; God wouldn’t approve if he pretended to be deaf and ran away quickly, he’d have to investigate.

The Doctor pulled back the white sheet, and Beth gasped. Zac put his arm around her comfortingly. Abby covered her mouth with her hands. Conner bent down beside the Doctor for a closer look. Mitchell West had a horrified expression on his face, which was stone cold and pale white. His hands were covered with red face paint. It was exactly how Steve Pemberton had described the scene, albeit in one small interview.

“That’s horrible,” Beth said.
“I know,” the Doctor said sadly, covering Mitchell with the sheet once more.
“Do you think it was a clown, Doctor?” Conner asked.
“I’m not sure. It may be a decoy. But would the murderer turn up back at her own crime scene?” the Doctor asked, standing up and turning around.

Beth, Conner and Zac slowly turned around to face Abby, who gasped in shock. Kaylie grabbed Catherine’s hand as they ran down the corridor. They were on the third floor, and their heels clacked on the floor as they ran. Mrs Sow kept up easily, which surprised Kaylie a lot. At the end of the corridor was a staircase, and as they reached it, there was a bang as the clown broke the door down along the corridor.

“Now what do we do?” Catherine asked, slightly out of breath.
“We get out of here,” Kaylie replied, brushing her hair behind her ears and out of her eyes. “And that especially means you, Mrs Sow.”
“Me?” Mrs Sow asked.
“Yes,” Kaylie replied firmly. “You’ve got to get out of here. Look after the students.”

Mrs Sow nodded, and ran up the staircase. The clown grinned and ran down the corridor. Kaylie grabbed Catherine’s hand, and together they ran down the stairs.

“Fairs are so boring!” Bradley said, as he pulled the car into the car park.

He looked at the leaflet again that he’d pulled from under the windscreen wipers. This was the best place to find a clown, Bradley had decided. All he had to do was go and see the manager, describe the clown to him, find out if he worked here, then call the police.

“Simples,” Bradley said, before squeaking like a meercat.

“Me?” Abby asked incredulously. “I didn’t murder him.”
“Then why are you here?” the Doctor asked, looking at Conner to make a plan.
“I came to get some answers. There’s a fair nearby, it has a fortune teller. She told me to come here, said I’d meet an important man,” Abby informed the Doctor.
“An important man?” the Doctor asked. “That’s probably me.”
“Who are you?” Abby asked.
“I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor said, flashing a smile at Abby.
“I don’t mean to be rude, but who are you?” Beth asked Abby.
“Abby Stuart. I work for a water company,” she said coolly. “And you are?”
“Beth Grant,” Beth replied, equally as cool.
“I’m Conner Bennet, I’m the Doctor’s work experience,” Conner said.
“Err me too,” Zac said. “My name’s Zac Pemberton by the way.”
“Nice to meet you Zac,” Abby replied.
“Right,” the Doctor said. “I think we’d better go to this fair of yours. I don’t think we’ll discover anything more here.”

The Doctor stood up and led the others out of the room. The Vicar sighed. He’d gone to all that trouble; opening the front door of the Bell woman’s house (which, strangely, was open), trying to find the source of the noise, discovering there was nothing there, only to find out nothing was wrong! He’d just quickly check the back door, and then head back to the church. He walked out of the kitchen.

“That’s unusual,” the Vicar muttered.

The back door was open too. Had the Bell woman accidentally left it open? Or were they being robbed? The Vicar peered out of the back window, and gasped. There was a clown on the lawn! It was circling the shed, which had been bolted shut. Maybe the Bell woman was trapped inside. The Vicar chuckled, before going out to congratulate the clown, who he assumed was Colin. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Come on! If we can just get to the front gates!” Kaylie said, rushing down the steps.

Catherine’s hand was sweaty inside hers. Kaylie was afraid to let go of Catherine, in case she got lost. That would have seemed ridiculous to anybody else, but where Catherine was concerned, Kaylie wouldn’t be surprised if she fell through a wormhole and ended up on a desert planet on a Double Decker Bus, or something stupid like that. A little above them, the clown thundered down the stairs. It cackled evilly, enjoying the chase.

Christina Harrow moved around the tents and stalls. The fair was large; how would she find the manager in all this? When she had identified Mitchell’s body, she noticed face paint on his hands and face. Of course, only clowns usually wear face paint, so Christina pulled her car into the fair, and went to find the manager, to ask about his range of clowns. It felt strange to be going to a fair without Mitchell; he was the one who loved clowns after all. Though she didn’t think he’d be pleased if he had been murdered by one.

Bradley stepped into the tent. A woman was sat at a table with a silk cloth on it, looking mystifying. She was the fortune teller, Sybil. She didn’t have a last name, apparently.

“Hello, how may I help you?” Sybil asked.
“I’m looking for the manager,” Bradley said.
“Oh. Not here for a prediction then,” Sybil said.
“No, sorry. It’s really important I speak to the manager, I think there maybe something going on with some of your clowns,” Bradley replied.
“Ah. I can see how that may be a problem,” Sybil said. “Come and sit down.”

Bradley did, out of politeness rather than willing. Sybil reached out and gently took Bradley’s hands in hers. She wrapped her hands around his, smoothing out his palms. Bradley tried to withdraw, but she clutched his fingers tightly.

“Not until you’ve had your prediction,” Sybil smiled. “Now, let’s see.”
“How much will this cost?” Bradley asked.
“Consider it free,” Sybil smiled. “Now… You have some unusual friends. A Zach… No, a Zac. He’s surrounded by something new, you see it too. And so is Kaye. No, Kaylie. Who are these friends of yours?”
“Just people from school,” Bradley said uncertainly. “What about my future?”
“No, your friends are more interesting. What about Conner Bennet?” Sybil asked.

Suddenly she gasped. Bradley leaned away from her in his chair, but he continued to hold on.

“I would like to have a reading with this Conner Bennet,” Sybil said. “Is he interested in fairs?”
“I dunno,” Bradley said. “I could ask him, next time I’m at school.”
“Would you? That would be lovely, dear. One longs for interesting subjects,” Sybil sighed. “Anyway, you.”
“Me,” Bradley agreed. “What can you see? Am I gonna end up on the estate, like dad?”
“Your future is clouded…” Sybil said pensively. “I see a girl. Catherine. Catherine Ford. Do you know a Catherine Ford?”
“Yeah, she’s a girl at my school,” Bradley said. “She’s mates with Beth.”
“Beth?” Sybil asked.
“Yeah,” Bradley said. “Beth Grant. She’s a bit smarter than Catherine. They’re both quite pretty. Catherine’s the blond with the curls, and Beth’s got brown hair. Are they important?”
“Beth is. Her future was related to Conner Bennet’s. But… The future has changed,” Sybil said, surprised. “How could the future change?”

She seemed to be talking more to herself now. Bradley wondered why she kept going on about Conner, and what she meant by bringing up Catherine. Was he, Bradley Taylor, going to make Catherine a Mrs Catherine Taylor? Bradley imagined a rich girl, always laughing. Then he mentally shook himself. This was Catherine he was thinking about… Catherine Ford.

“Stop it,” Bradley muttered to himself.
“That’s how the future could change,” Sybil decided. “One man could change it all.”
“You mean me?” Bradley asked. “Is this like, destiny?”
“Not you, the Doctor,” Sybil said impatiently. “When Conner Bennet met the Doctor, his future changed. Beth Grant is no longer a part of that. It seems they’ve become untwined.”

Bradley looked up in shock, as two clowns entered the tent. They began to walk towards Bradley. Sybil looked up, as if she were noticing them for the first time. She raised a hand.

“Don’t kill him,” she ordered coldly. “I need this one.”

One of the clowns gave a jerky nod, and the two walked out of the tent.

“What do you mean, kill me?” Bradley asked, scared now. “What’s going on at this fair?”
“You will not be killed,” Sybil said robotically. “You are needed, for the Greater Prophecy.”
“The what?” Bradley asked.

Once again, he tried to withdraw his hands, but Sybil held on more tightly.

“Now, I’m going to take your prophecy,” Sybil said. “This wont hurt. Much.”

Bradley cried out, as Sybil squeezed his hand. The pain was white hot. Sybil shuddered as it started – the Greater Prophecy was increasing all the time, and it felt good.

“Are you sure we’re all gonna fit?” Abby asked.
“What, inside that thing?” the Doctor asked. “Course we’ll fit.”
“It looks a little small,” Abby said.
“It’ll be fine!” the Doctor assured her.

Placing a hand on each of her shoulders, he led her inside. Abby’s eyes widened as she saw what the Doctor meant – it was bigger on the inside!

“Colin!” the Vicar cried, raising his arms. “How did you manage it?”

The clown looked at him strangely. The Vicar walked towards him.

“Is Elizabeth scared of clowns?” the Vicar asked.

The clown advanced on him. The Vicar suddenly looked scared. It couldn’t be Colin under that makeup, it was too scary. Suddenly the Vicar’s phone rang. The clown froze in it’s tracks.

“Hello?” the Vicar said. “Oh, hello darling. No, I’m at Viola White’s house now. No, the Bell woman didn’t see me, its fine.”

Georgia heard a phone ringing, and looked up excitedly.

“Whose phone is that?” Georgia asked. “It might be the Doctor!”
“Not mine,” Colin said. “And your mum’s is inside the house.”
“I refuse to own a mobile telephone,” Mrs White said snobbishly.
“Not mine either,” Daisy said.
“It must be someone’s outside,” Georgia said.

She stood up and walked to the door, and pressed her ear against it. She heard the Vicar talking to his wife.

“There’s a strange clown in the garden, it seems to be frozen,” the Vicar said.

Georgia smiled, and turned back to the others trapped in the shed.

“The clown’s frozen!” Georgia grinned.
“We can get out?” Colin asked.
“Let’s see,” Georgia said. “The Vicar’s outside mum.”
“What?” Mrs White asked.

She barged past Georgia and stormed out of the shed. The Vicar looked up in shock, as Mrs White and the Bell woman walked out of the shed.

“Vicar!” Elizabeth trilled. “You must have found a free slot in the diary!”
“Err well no actually,” the Vicar said. “I… I came here to see Viola.”

He put the phone down on his wife. Immediately the clown unfroze. Daisy screamed as it charged towards them. Georgia looked around; this clown was going to kill all of her family, and it was her fault.

To be continued…

Monday, 20 April 2009

Episode 3: Fun at the Fair Part 3

Georgia wrenched the clown’s arms from her shoulders, and turned and ran. The clown ran after her, slapping the pavement side to side as it ran. Georgia burst down the road, shoving a Japanese tourist who was taking a picture of the crappy fountain out of the way. She was nearly at her parent’s house. If she could only make it, Elizabeth and Colin could help her keep the clown out of the house.

The Doctor, Conner and Zac ran back to the TARDIS. Catherine and Beth looked round to see the Doctor opening the door with the TARDIS key.

“What’s in there?” Beth asked, trying to look inside.
“Nothing Beth, go inside,” Conner said, trying to push Beth away.
“I had a dream of what was in there…” Catherine said, in a daze after recovering from fainting.
“What?” Zac asked.
“I said I –” Catherine began.
“No, I mean, what did you think was in there?” Zac asked, as the Doctor slipped inside the TARDIS.
“I don’t remember, but I think it was bigger on the inside,” Catherine said.
“What? That’s mental!” Conner said, pushing Zac inside the TARDIS, and closing the door.
“Conner! I want to know what’s going on!” Beth cried at the TARDIS.

The TARDIS began to dematerialise. Beth looked at Catherine, who shrugged.

“Conner…?” Beth asked.

She began to walk towards the TARDIS. She opened the door and stepped inside, before it vanished.

Bradley left the pharmacist and began to cross the street. He leapt back as a car sped round the corner, nearly hitting him. Bradley saw in the wing mirrors a flash of a painted face, before the car sped off again. Bradley began to run after it.

Daisy nervously knocked on the door of Elizabeth’s house. She hoped the door wouldn’t open, but it did. Colin Bell opened the door, and smiled at her apologetically.

“Sorry about this,” Colin said.
“It’s alright,” Daisy said. “Elizabeth’s got the beakers out hasn’t she?”
“Yep, don’t worry, there’s no chance of spilling anything,” Colin smiled, stepping aside so Daisy could enter the house.
“That’s not what I’m afraid of,” Daisy said, and Colin nodded.
“Ah! Hello, Daisy! Do come in! Welcome, welcome to the Bell residence! Would you like a cup of tea?” Elizabeth said loudly, directing her voice to Viola White’s house next door.
“Err yes thank you,” Daisy said, walking into the house.

Georgia legged it round the corner, to see Daisy walking into her house.

“Mum!” Georgia cried. “Keep the door open!”
“Georgia!” Elizabeth trilled. “Hello dear!”
“Mum, get out of the way!” Georgia shouted.

Elizabeth, Colin and Daisy leapt in shock as a clown came thumping around the corner. Mrs White left her house, and screamed as the clown appeared. Georgia grabbed Mrs White and shoved her into the Bell House. Colin shut the door, and Georgia ushered all of them into the kitchen.

“We’ve got to get out of the back door!” Georgia cried, as a heavy thump indicated the clown had hit the door.
“Whatever’s that?” Viola asked.
“It’s a clown,” Georgia explained. “I think it’s an alien.”
“Alien?” Elizabeth asked, trying to sound surprised.
“Excuse me,” Daisy said. “I just came round for a cup of tea…”
“Never mind that,” Georgia said, shutting the kitchen door. “Mum, is the back door locked?”
“I think so, dear,” Elizabeth said. “Colin’s got the key.”
“Me? I don’t think so…” Colin said.
“Try the key hook!” Elizabeth said.

Georgia ran over to the key hook by the back door. She ran her hand along the wood until she found the back door key. Snatching it up, Georgia ran to the back door. She slammed the key in the lock, and turned it. There was a crash as the clown broke the door down. Daisy and Colin put their backs against the door, and held it shut against the clown. It laughed a chilling laugh.

“Mum get out!” Georgia cried, as she opened the door.
“Oh no!” Elizabeth yelped as the clown rammed a fist through the door, and began trying to grab Daisy.
“Mrs White, please escort my mother out of the house!” Georgia ordered Mrs White, pushing them out of the door.
“Georgia get out!” Colin said, as the clown grabbed his wrist.

Daisy ran for the door, and Georgia pushed her out of it. Colin broke free of the clown’s grip, and ran after her. Georgia stopped in front of the clown.

“What do you want?” Georgia asked it, backing away to the door.
“You,” the clown hissed.
“But why?” Georgia asked.
“Thank you and goodnight!” the clown said, raising its arms.

Bradley lost the car a couple of streets later. He walked over to the nearby car park, to see if it was just going in. It wasn’t. Bradley had the rest of the afternoon off, so he decided to have a brief look around. He walked over to a ford focus, and noticed a leaflet stuck behind a windscreen wiper. It was advertising a fair nearby. He saw a picture of a clown on it, and gasped. It was the same clown he’d seen in the wing mirror of the car! It had looked as if the driver of the car had been attacked by a clown while driving down the road! Bradley turned as he heard a car pull into the car park. It was being driven by a clown!

Kaylie ran from the art room as she heard the TARDIS engines. The TARDIS dematerialised as Kaylie saw Beth walking inside it.

“Oi Beth get out of there!” Kaylie yelled.

She stopped in the space where the TARDIS was. She put her hands on her hips. Kaylie tried to think where Conner and Zac would be going to. Catherine was staring at her, amazed by the TARDIS.

“What?” Kaylie snapped.

“Oh my God!” Beth cried. “What the fu –?”
“It’s called the TARDIS,” Conner said, trying not to grin.
“And it’s bigger on the inside,” Zac said.

The Doctor looked up from the console. His mouth opened in surprise.

“What’s she doing here?” he asked, with his mouth still open.
“Doctor, stop gawping at her,” Conner said.

The Doctor realised his mouth was still open, and shut it.

“She’s called Beth,” Conner said, bemused.
“I know that!” the Doctor said. “But what’s she doing onboard?”
“I want to know the truth,” Beth said. “Where did Conner disappear to all those months? And why did Zac go too? Kaylie never says anything to me about it.”
“Beth, there isn’t time,” Zac said.
“Yeah, we’ve gotta go to try and stop a clown,” Conner said.
“Oh, are you going to the fair?” Beth asked.
“What fair?” the Doctor asked. “Everyone’s mentioning it!”
“There’s a new fair around here. There’s a fortune teller, a clown show, and talking parrots!” Beth grinned.
“Beth, parrots usually talk,” Conner said, smiling.

Georgia dodged the clown, and burst out of the backdoor. Elizabeth, Colin, Viola and Daisy were stood on the lawn. Useless, Georgia thought to herself.

“Mrs White, would you be alright if we legged it over your fence?” Georgia asked.
“Of course,” Mrs White said proudly. “But I’m not sure your mother will manage.”
“I’ll be fine thank you,” Elizabeth said. “Will you be ok, Daisy?”
“I… I should be…” Daisy replied nervously.
“We haven’t got time!” Colin cried as the clown smashed the backdoor down. “Quick! Into the shed!”

Colin ran over to the shed, and unlocked the door. Mrs White and Daisy ran in, followed by Elizabeth, Georgia and Colin. Colin locked the door after him. The clown banged on the door outside, annoyed that it had lost its prey. Georgia looked around the shed properly. Inside was the old sofa from the living room, and a portable television. Georgia noticed Colin slide a DVD of Hot Fuzz under the sofa with his foot.

“Colin!” Elizabeth cried. “You told me the sofa had to be thrown out!”
“Err did I?” Colin asked sheepishly.
“And who owns the television?” Elizabeth demanded.
“It’s mine,” Colin said. “I use the shed as my downtime room.”
“Mum, leave it!” Georgia said. “If dad hadn’t put the sofa here, Mrs White would have nowhere to sit down! Shall I take your coat, Mrs White?”

Bradley dodged the car and ran. He leapt down the steps into the car park. The car shot down the ramp, following him. Bradley could make out the clown’s grin, never fading as it shot at about 70 miles per hour at him. The car door flew open, and the dead body of the original driver fell out. The clown slammed the door shut, and this gave Bradley time to open a car door (a trick he’d learned from his dad) and get inside. He locked the door, and the car drove around the corner. Bradley breathed a sigh of relief, until the clown leapt up to the window, pressing its hands against the glass, its grin unchanging.

The TARDIS materialised in the street, outside Mitchell West’s flat. The Doctor strolled up to the door, showed the policemen his Psychic Paper, and entered the flat. Conner, Beth and Zac hurried after him, smiling and pretending they were important, and followed the Doctor inside.

Abby Stuart spotted the man in the blue suit waking into Mitchell West’s flat. Sybil had foretold she would go there, so she walked up casually behind Conner, Beth and Zac and followed them inside. They were too busy trying to get in to notice Abby, while she wondered if the man in the blue suit was the man she was destined to meet.

Kaylie and Catherine knocked on Mrs Sow’s door. The door swung open, to reveal Mrs Sow sat at her desk. She smiled at the girls, and beckoned them towards her.

“Mrs Sow, do you know where Zac went earlier?” Kaylie asked.
“Zachary? No Kaylie, I only know where Bradley went,” Mrs Sow replied.
“Bradley’s gone too?” Catherine asked. “Maybe he went before Beth…”
“Shut up Catherine,” Kaylie smiled. “Bradley didn’t go with Beth and the Doctor.”
“And Conner,” Catherine pointed out.
“Conner?” Mrs Sow asked.
“He’s back miss,” Catherine replied.
“Catherine! Leave the talking to me next time!” Kaylie said. “Miss, he’s only back for a bit. The doctors want to see him, cos of the Spidership. Beth took him to the doctors. He’s moving to a new school.”
“That’s a shame, is he sure he won’t stay?” Mrs Sow asked. “I must say, I thought he was dead.”
“He gives that impression a lot,” Kaylie said.
“Kaylie…” Catherine said nervously.
“Not now Catherine!” Kaylie said firmly. “It’s really important miss; we need to know where Zac went.”
"Kaylie!” Catherine said.
“Later Catherine!” Kaylie said, frustrated.
“Anyway miss, could you guess where Zac would’ve gone?” Kaylie asked.
“Sorry dear, I couldn’t. Does he have his mobile?” Mrs Sow asked.
“Mr Pickard took it off him in class,” Kaylie said. “He was looking at pictures of me, him and Conner together, when we went the fair a while ago.”
“Fair?” Mrs Sow asked.
“Oh my God!” Kaylie said. “They might’ve gone to the fair! Zac’s dad was on the news, and he found a body! It was covered in face paint!”
“Kaylie!” Catherine screamed.
“What?!” Kaylie asked, losing her temper slightly.
“A clown’s coming along the corridor!” Catherine said.

Kaylie and Mrs Sow jumped as a clown burst into the room. Kaylie froze, unable to move. It raised its arms.

“Thank you, and goodnight!”

To be continued…

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Who's Birthday is it?

I think you can allready guess that it's Will's birthday, thanks to the cbox and the the last post so......


I'm very lucky to have Will as a best friend, he manages the sidebars, the cbox and pages such as : The Special Features page, the series 1, 2 + 3 page, the awards page, the references page, the costume page etc...

He also writes great Doctor Who stories, my favourites of his are: Maids, Myths and Monsters, Virtual Reality and Game Over, Silent Ice and so far episode 3 might be his most brilliant yet! Will can maintain the blog while helping to manage Primatech Paper and The Avatar Proclomation. Well done!

But it wouldn't be a birthday on this blog without 15 spoilers... Now unfortunately I don't know much about Will's episodes this series, but I'll try to give you spoilers from them as well as some from my episodes. I've tried not to give you the episodes that these things occur in. Here are 14 spoilers (since Will's 14) and one for luck:

Spoiler 1: Bradley is attacked by a clown in car

Spoiler 2: Mrs Sow, Kaylie and Catherine are chased round the school

Spoiler 3: A little girl in a red hood goes to visit her Grandma.

Spoiler 4: The Vicar, Daisy and Mrs White are attacked!

Spoiler 5: Conner is almost drawn and quatered

Spoiler 6: The Thames Barrier breaks

Spoiler 7: The Prime-Minister drowns

Spoiler 8: In series 3 Elizabeth and Colin move to America

Spoiler 9: Rena Peakes returns in two more Mini-eps

Spoiler 10: A monster boards a safe little ship.

Spoiler 11: Korena is haunted by a blue box.

Spoiler 12: Rack causes a terrible fire

Spoiler 13: Korena is unlucky in the final

Spoiler 14: The Plutonians give Kaylie a welcome she'll never forget.

And another spoiler for luck: The Doctor is not alone

Remember to wish Will a happy birthday on the cbox or on this post!

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19th April is a very special date...

There seems to be a lot to celebrate at the moment. 2000 hits, Easter, Planet of the Dead, David Tennant's birthday today, and another very special date, tomorrow...

If you haven't guessed, it's my birthday tomorrow! I was born on the 19th April 1995, in the morning. Seb will hopefully do a post about it tomorrow, *hint hint*, but for now I'd like to tell you about this special day, and the month of April (God bless Wikipedia!):

On April 19th:

1) 1770 - Captain James Cook sights Australia
2) 1839 - Belgium is established as a kingdom by the Treaty of London
3) 1971 - Sierra Leone becomes a republic
4) 1971 - Th launch of the first Human Space Station
5) 1971 - Charles Manson is sentanced to death for the Sharon Tate murders
6) 1987 - The Simpsons premiers as a short cartoon on the Tracy Ullman Show
7) 1995 - Oklahoma City Bombing, 168 people killed

Did you know it was Easter Sunday on April 19th in 1908, 1981, 1987 and 1992?

April's birth stone is a diamond, which means innocence.

It's birth flower is the Daisy and Sweet Pea.

A lot of cool people were born in April, including:

Maria Sharapova (19th) - the fit tennis player who won Wimbledon a few years ago
George Takei (20th) - Famous on Star Trek as Mr Sulu, he also appeared in Heroes as Hiro's dad, and in I'm a Celebrity
Adolf Hitler (20th) - The Nazi Leader of Germany
Kelly Holmes (19th) - the runner who won Britain two gold medals in the Olympics
William Shakespeare (23rd) - the famous writer who appeared in The Shakespeare Code
Queen Elizabeth II (21st) - Britain's current queen
Charlie (24th) - Hiro's love interest Charlie from the first season of Heroes
David Tennant (18th) - Tenth Doctor actor
Will (19th) - And of course me!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Episode 4 Attack of the Clowns

Here is the cast for episode four:

The Doctor
Mrs White
The Vicar
Jane Pemberton
Steve Pemberton
Rachel Pemberton

As the game of cat and mouse escalates, Georgia and Conner struggle to deal with the Doctor's transformation. While Zac attempts to save Kaylie's and Beth's lives, Catherine and Bradley dig deeper into the mysteries of the fair, and its deadly prophet.

Here are some spoilers for the episode. Remember, two are red herrings!

The Doctor and Sybil have a dangerous face-off
Lucy and Abby are sisters
The clowns turn against Sybil
Zac, Kaylie and Beth die on a rollercoaster, sort of
We will find out the connection between Conner and Beth
The Doctor walks among more memories
Sybil reveals some horrors of the future
Kaylie is crushed by a falling sign

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Episode 3: Fun at the Fair Part 2

“Oi Kaylie! Wake up!” Beth said.
“What’s going on?” Kaylie drooled, still feeling dizzy.
“Conner’s back!” Beth said.
“What?” Kaylie asked, sitting up.

They were inside an Art classroom, and Kaylie was lying on a table. Kaylie saw through the large windows the Doctor, Georgia, Zac and Conner were stood outside the TARDIS. Catherine had just walked up to the TARDIS and was pointing frantically at Conner. Beth sighed as Catherine fainted. She stood up from her seat and Kaylie hopped off the table.

“I suppose I’d better go and bring Catherine in,” Beth sighed, leaving the room.

Georgia and the Doctor walked towards the school gates, leaving Zac and Conner to catch up.

“I think I’m gonna go and call on my parents,” Georgia said. “The last time I saw them the Earth had been destroyed and dad was trapped in Tesco.”
“Only your family,” the Doctor laughed.
“Shut up,” Georgia grinned. “But yeah you’re right. My mum wanted it to be Sainsbury’s anyway.”
“See you later,” the Doctor grinned.
“You aren’t giving me a lift?” Georgia said, poking her tongue out.
“I’m not a Taxi!” the Doctor said.
“What else are you for then?” Georgia asked.
“Get going you!” the Doctor said, ushering her from the gates.
“Careful the teachers don’t think you’re a paedo!” Georgia said, walking from the school.
“Me? Is it the clothes?” the Doctor asked, turning back to the TARDIS.

“So what happened?” Zac asked. “On the Spidership?”
“I went to find my parents. But they’d already gone,” Conner said, trying to not get upset. “Then I saw the devil man, Rack or whatever, and he waved at me.”
“Then what?” Zac gasped.
“What do you think?” Conner asked. “The oxygen was running out! I died!”
“But how are you here?” Zac asked.
“I got kidnapped by a Splurge who was stealing people to help ease the population of Earth,” Conner said.
“But the Earth isn’t that busy…” Zac said.
“The Splurge went back in time using these lift things. Georgia sent me into one,” Conner said. “And I met myself.”
“You met yourself?” Zac asked.
“Yeah. Do I really look like that?” Conner asked.
“You look fine,” Beth said, joining them, and dragging Catherine off from the bottom of the TARDIS.
“Thanks Beth…” Conner said blushing.
“And what did he – you say?” Zac said, correcting himself.
“Beware of the clowns.”

Elizabeth flounced into the garden with her flowery hat. Mrs White was already in the garden taking cuttings from her plants. Elizabeth scowled at Mrs White, but when she turned around Elizabeth smiled her nicest smile.

“How are you today, Viola?” Elizabeth asked, daintily perching herself on the lawn.
“Perfectly well, Elizabeth. And how are you?” Viola White asked.
“Lovely dear! We just received a call from a very influential person that will allow us to mingle with the gentry in a very nice country manor!” Elizabeth said, smiling evilly on the inside.
“That sounds… Lovely. Did you hear we’ve been left a boat by my brother who passed away? Of course we’re very sad about his death, but he was with some of the highest society when he passed away. You must of course, come to the funeral. It will be a lovely affair,” Viola simpered.
“Yes my dear! It sounds much like dear Richard’s funeral. All of his friends were dressed up so smartly! It made me realise the Bell family live with such good company!” Elizabeth said.
“Is that the phone I hear?” Viola White asked. “Do excuse me; I must get to the phone. It’s probably my sister. You know, rich husband, £5 million pounds a year.”
“Much like one of my aunts,” Elizabeth said. “Mercedes, sauna, room for a pony.”
“Actually, it’s our phone,” Colin said, popping his head around the door.
“What phone do you own now?” Mrs White asked.
“It’s a pearl-white slim-line push-button telephone with automatic last-number redial,” Elizabeth said, smiling. “I’d better see who it is, it’s probably someone important.”

She hoisted up her skirt in an unladylike way, and flounced off into the living room. Mrs White made a face behind Elizabeth’s back.

“The Bell residence, the lady of the house speaking!” Elizabeth said.
“Hi mum! It’s me Georgia!” Georgia said as she walked down the road.
“Oh hello Georgia!” Elizabeth trilled.

She walked backwards, out into the garden with the telephone still in her hand. Mrs White looked up, and attempted a smile.

“It’s my daughter, Georgia! The one who lives with a Doctor! He treated the Queen, you know!” Elizabeth said, before waltzing back into the house, singing loudly in an operatic voice.
“I’m coming round, ok?” Georgia asked.
“Colin! Get the fine bone china out!” Elizabeth whispered to Colin.
“It’s fine mum,” Georgia said, hearing Elizabeth.
“It’s not for you dear,” Elizabeth invented. “It’s for... Daisy! We’ve invited her round for tea! On second thoughts, Colin dear, better get the beakers out. She always spills it. It’s that nervous disposition of hers.”
“Anyway, bye mum!” Georgia said, hanging up quickly.
“Colin!” Elizabeth said, putting down the phone. “We must invite Daisy around, quickly!”

Zac and Conner ran up to the Doctor, who was contemplating whether to go to Georgia’s house, or mooch of in the TARDIS for a while on his own.

“Doctor! We’ve got to go to Mitchell West’s flat!” Zac said.
“Who?” the Doctor asked.
“Mitchell West. He was on the news, he’s dead,” Zac explained.
“So you want to go to a dead man’s house?” the Doctor asked, raising his eyebrows.
“Yeah, that’s pretty much it,” Conner said.
“My dad discovered the body! He was on the news!” Zac said.
“You never told me that!” Conner gasped, turning to Zac.
“It was a bit embarrassing actually, my whole family prepared for it, and he only got about two seconds coverage!” Zac said.
“I bet your Auntie Debbie was furious!” Conner laughed.
“She was going mental! Never heard language like it before in my life! She was so loud I could’ve stood in next door’s house, and she was only on the phone!”
“You wouldn’t wanna mess with Debbie Pemberton when she’s angry,” Conner explained to the Doctor.

Bradley Taylor knocked on the door of the headmistress’ office. He remembered all those months ago, when she was nothing but a useless teacher. They had stayed together onboard the Spidership, Bradley and her, and now she saw him as a model pupil. No other teachers saw him as that; they all thought he was a troublemaker. His dad said the progress he’d made with the headmistress was fantastic; in fact, it was one of the few times Bradley and Dave Taylor got on.

“Come in!” the headmistress said chirpily, as Bradley opened the door.
“Alright miss?” Bradley asked.
“Yes thank you,” Mrs Sow replied. “How are you today Bradley?”

Bradley didn’t mind that Mrs Sow still treated everyone as if they were four year olds, it was quite fun once you got used to it.

“I’m fine miss, you alright yourself?” Bradley asked, tilting his baseball cap slightly.
“I’m very well thank you, Bradley. And what is it that you came to speak to me about? Is Mr Benton still causing concern?” Mrs Sow asked, rearranging the pencils on her desk absentmindedly.
“No miss, my dad sorted that one out,” Bradley said.
“I see…” Mrs Sow said, raising her eyebrows.

She knew the problems Dave Taylor had caused Bradley, and Lucy Taylor, Bradley’s sister, who was about a year older than him. Mrs Sow knew that Sharon Taylor, Bradley’s mum, had walked out on them when Bradley was thirteen, saying she couldn’t cope anymore with an unruly daughter and an abusive husband. Poor Bradley hadn’t anyone to talk to, so he’d made sure he was popular at school with his gang. Only Mrs Sow and a few select teachers knew this, and she tried to maintain a motherly way with him.

“He didn’t hit Mr Benton or nothin’,” Bradley explained. “He’s still doing his alcoholics course. He promised to stop drinking, but it’s alright cos Lucy drinks most of the stuff in the house.”
“So what did you want, Bradley? Is anything wrong? It isn’t that other gang is it? From the other school?” Mrs Sow asked.
“No, I just need to have the morning off miss,” Bradley said. “I forgot to get my pills.”
“Oh, of course Bradley. You might as well take the whole day off today, get used to the new dose. I was told the doctors lessened the amount of pills?” Mrs Sow said.
“Yeah. They said that I was like, calmed down and stuff, and that I could manage with three a day instead of five,” Bradley said, happy to have a lessened amount of pills.
“Off you go then,” Mrs Sow said. “Oh, and Bradley?”
“Yeah miss?” Bradley asked, as he stopped in the doorway.
“If you’re popping into Jane’s Pantry, I’d love a custard cake,” Mrs Sow said, smiling slightly.
“Go on then,” Bradley grinned, leaving the room.

Abby Stuart slipped a pound coin across the cloth covered table. The fortune teller opposite smiled, and accepted the money. She took Abby’s hands in hers, and began the fortune telling.

“What can you see, Sybil?” Abby asked the fortune teller.
“You will meet a man,” Sybil said, smiling encouragingly. “The most amazing man!”
“What else do you see? An engagement?” Abby asked. “Is this man the one for me?”
“No, I’m sorry. He will be much more than that,” Sybil replied. “He is a man of mystery. I cannot see him clearly – he is surrounded by the fog that so often clouds the inner eye.”
“You’re amazing!” Abby smiled. “It’s scary sometimes how accurate you are!”
“You think so, dear?” Sybil asked, smiling. “Well, let’s see if we can see a little more for you.”
“Thanks, Sybil,” Abby grinned.
“I see a flat, in south London. Not far from here, belonging to a man.”
“Is this the same man, or will I meet two men?” Abby asked excitedly.
“You will not meet this man,” Sybil foretold. “But I see a letter – an N. No, wait! An M!”
“Mark?” Abby asked. “Will Mark Heston finally notice me?”
“Not a Mark, no. I see, a Mitchell. A Mitchell West,” Sybil said.
“What else do you see about him?” Abby asked.
“He… I’ve met him!” Sybil gasped, withdrawing her hands from Abby. “He came here that night, to see me! I gave him a prophecy that he was to die! My dear, you will go to the flat of a dead man! But, my clowns… My dear, you must go! Now! Do not go to this man’s flat! Please… There are things you cannot know – dark secrets are hidden here, at the fair! Leave now, before it’s too late!”
“What dark secrets, what clowns? And what about Mitchell West?” Abby asked, standing up from her stool.
“My clowns, quick! Leave before they find you! I’m so sorry, my dear, but the mark of the clowns is upon you!” Sybil said, tears pouring down her face.

The fog that always was cast over her seeing eye had vanished, and Sybil saw terrible things, creatures coming from the darkness, the light fading, the darkness coming.

“What clowns, Sybil?” Abby asked. “I want to know the truth!”
“The truth?” Sybil asked. “Murder! Go quickly!”

Abby hurried out from the tent, leaving Sybil to cry herself to sleep, and hiding from the Doctor she saw in the crystal ball.

Georgia walked along the gates of the park, running her hand along the railings. Children were playing on the swings, families were having picnics on the field, and everything was calm as she neared her parent’s house. That was, until she saw the clown. It waved at her, and Georgia stopped dead in the middle of the road. She looked behind her, in case it was waving to a friend down the road. It wasn’t; she was the only person along the road. She turned back to face the clown. It had moved! It was stood by the swings now! Georgia blinked. She may have just imagined it. Could the clown have walked that far in the time she had turned away? She opened her eyes again. The clown was stood beside the crappy little fountain that Japanese tourists took pictures of. It was closer to her; it was reaching out for her!

“That’s creepy,” Georgia muttered to herself.

Without realising it, Georgia blinked again. This time it was right beside her! Georgia yelped in fright. She backed away, not daring to blink. It smiled with its creepy painted face. It raised its arms.

“You want me?” Georgia gasped.
“Thank you and goodnight!” the clown grinned, its painted smile forever unchanging.

To be continued…

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Episode 3: Fun at the Fair Part 1

Mitchell pulled his hands out of the fortune teller’s grasp, and leapt up from his seat. The fortune teller sank further into her seat, her speech rattling.

“I see death! You will die, tonight!” Sybil, the fortune teller, said, choking.
“What? How can I die? I’m on 30 years old! I’ve got a whole life ahead of me!” Mitchell cried, stepping away from the fortune teller. “I haven’t even seen the clown show yet!”
“The fair is closed,” Sybil said, gasping for breath. “Leave now!”

Mitchell didn’t need telling twice. He ran from the tent, and didn’t stop until he was home. He unlocked the front door, and entered the dark hallway. Christina was probably still out clubbing; she didn’t understand his fascination with clowns, nobody did. He traipsed upstairs, and went to the bathroom.

“Stupid fortune teller,” Mitchell muttered. “What was she on about? I’m not gonna die tonight!”

He left the bathroom, and walked into his room. Something stepped out into the light. Mitchell grinned as a clown greeted him with open arms.

“Christina! You did this for me! How long have you been planning this then?” Mitchell asked.

The clown didn’t reply. It leered at him, and grinned a grin that for the first time made Mitchell scared of clowns. The clown stepped forward, and raised its arms.

“Thank you and goodnight!” the clown smiled, bringing his hands down on Mitchell.

Mitchell screamed, and he knew, if he lived, which he wouldn’t, he would never talk to a clown again; ever again.

Title Sequence

“Hello TARDIS!” Conner grinned. “It’s good to see you again!”
“Conner, you’re talking to a spaceship…” Georgia said.
“She can hear you,” the Doctor said.
“What?” Georgia asked. “Is it alive?”
“How do you think we always land during trouble?” the Doctor asked.
“I thought it was your bad luck,” Georgia said, grinning.
“Apart from that,” the Doctor said, grinning back.

The TARDIS hummed as Conner ran his fingers along the console. He was glad to be back. The TARDIS seemed to be glad that he was back as well. Conner turned to the Doctor.

“Where are we going first?” Conner asked.
“Well I thought you could have a shower and a hair cut, and then we could take you home,” the Doctor said.
“Oh, ok. I’m sorry; I just thought we’d carry on like before. I guess I was wrong. Was it something I did? Cos I don’t wanna think you just don’t want me,” Conner said, biting his lip, trying not to show he was upset.
“I meant you need to tell Zac you’re ok,” the Doctor said.
“You just meant for a visit, didn’t you?” Conner asked, feeling stupid.
“Yeah,” the Doctor said. “There’s a shower in the TARDIS. Take the first left, go past the bins, hop over the hole, take a right then a left then a diagonal left, then past the swimming pool, don’t look at the gold door as you walk down the corridor, take a left, then another left then a right then go straight on…”
“Then the shower’s there?” Conner asked.
“No, that’ll lead you to the map, which will tell you where the shower is. It’s quite far from the map so you might want to take it with you,” the Doctor said.

Conner left the console room, grinning. Zac Pemberton was eating cereal. His mum walked into the room where he was having breakfast, and handed him a leaflet.

“Here you go,” Jane Pemberton said, pointing to the leaflet.
“Where did you get this?” Zac asked.
“They were handing them out by the shops,” Jane replied. “I went to get some more milk. I think the old one’s a bit sour.”

Zac spat out his cereal, causing Jane to fold her arms.

“Mum! I’ve got that milk on my cocoa pops!” Zac said, wiping milk off his face.
“Well tomorrow you’ll be able to have sour-free milk,” Jane said, turning around to do some washing up. “Now you’ve got to take your sister to school today, your dad’s at work and I’m busy.”
“Can’t she go herself?” Zac moaned.
“You know she’s not old enough,” Jane said crossly. “Besides, your school isn’t far away. And I think it looks cool if you help your little sister.”
“Mum! Don’t use the word cool! And it isn’t cool to be Zac: Baby Sitter,” Zac said.
“We used the word cool in our day,” Jane said, washing up a wine glass.
“But it isn’t your day anymore!” Zac said, putting his cereal bowl on the side for his mum to wash up.

Rachel Pemberton, Zac’s sister entered the room. She sat at the table next to Zac, and poured her cereal into a bowl. She grabbed the new milk, and covered her cocoa pops with it. She spotted the leaflet Jane had given to Zac.

“Come to the fair at Helich Way! Ooh can we go mum?” Rachel asked.
“I’m sorry Rachel, but I’m really busy with work,” Jane said, now washing up Zac’s cereal bowl.
“Is that creep Martin still bugging you?” Zac asked, trying not to grin.
“Not in front of your sister!” Jane said quickly. “But yes, he is.”
“You should tell him to fu –” Zac began.
“Do you think dad will take me to the fair?” Rachel interrupted.
“Daddy’s very busy too, sweetie. He’s trying to pass his test, as you both know. He’s under a lot of stress at the moment,” Jane said, reminding them for the hundredth time. “Why don’t you get Zac to take you?”
“Awww but mum!” Zac complained.

Suddenly the phone rang. Jane went to answer it. She nodded and said yes several times, before putting the phone down. She went over to the side and switched the television on.

“What is it?” Zac asked.
“Your dad’s on the news!” Jane said excitedly.

The phone rang again, and Rachel answered it.

“Mum! Aunty Debbie says dad’s on the news!”
“I know Rachel, we’re watching it now!” Jane replied.
“Aunty Debbie said she rang Nanny, Granddad Porter and Cousin Joe! Everyone’s watching it!” Rachel said.
“Mum shouldn’t we record it for when Uncle Frank gets back from Australia?” Zac asked, pressing the record button.
“Of course! Good thinking Zac! I can’t wait to tell my brother that my so-called-useless husband is on the news!” Jane said, smiling to herself.
“Is that why you don’t talk anymore?” Rachel asked.
“Yeah,” Zac laughed. “After she called him a bas –”
“Zac!” Jane said. “Be quiet! Your dad’s on next!”

“And now, in other news, a body was found in the south London area today,” the male newsreader said.

Jane, Zac and Rachel all cheered.

“The body has been identified as Mitchell West, who lived with his girlfriend Christina Harrow in south London. The person who found the body was one Steve Pemberton, and we can go to him now,” the male newsreader continued.

The TV changed to Steve Pemberton, who looked very proud. Jane and Zac cheered again.

“I was on business when I found him,” Steve said. “He was covered in face paint. I called the police and that was that.”

The male newsreader came back on. Jane and Zac stopped cheering abruptly.

“What was that?” Jane asked.
“Was that it?” Zac asked.

The phone rang again. Rachel answered it.

“Mummy, Auntie Debbie’s swearing about the news! She says it’s a load of old –” Rachel said.
“Don’t use language like that!” Jane said, before Rachel could finish. “Hand me the phone.”
“Face paint…” Zac muttered.

He looked down at the leaflet advertising the fair. Pictured was a clown, with red face paint. Zac decided he would tell Kaylie about this.

“Come on then,” Zac said to Rachel. “Let’s get you to school.”

“Oi! Where’s my hair straighteners?” Kaylie shouted up the stairs.

Silence followed. Kaylie began walking up the stairs.

“Amy? You’d better not have them! I’ve got school soon!” Kaylie shouted.
“No I haven’t!” Amy shouted back. “Ask Andrea!”
“She’s got her own!” Kaylie shouted back. “If I find you’ve got them I’ll kill you!”
“Andrea’s have broken!” Amy shouted from her room.
“Andrea!” Kaylie shouted, standing on the hallway. “Have you got my straighteners?”
“Why don’t you ask mum?” Andrea said, poking her head round the door.

Her hair was black, but wasn’t straight. Kaylie walked into her mum’s room. She saw her straighteners on the floor. Her mum was slumped on the bed, snoring. Kaylie walked over to her, and shook her.

“Mum! Wake up! How long were you out last night? You stink of alcohol mum! Were you hanging around with that loser again? Amy had better not find out, she knocked him out last time!” Kaylie asked her mum, shaking her harder. “Come on! Wake up you dozy bit –”

Beth walked out of her house and waved at Catherine who was stood beside Beth’s door. Catherine looked towards Beth’s house, but Beth raised her eyebrows and shut her door.

“Is your dad in?” Catherine asked casually.
“Stop it!” Beth said.
“But he’s so lush!” Catherine replied, sighing.
“Shut up,” Beth said, walking down the road.

Conner stepped out of the TARDIS. His hair was now considerably shorter, and back to its old style. He was washed and clothed, and smelled of deodorant. He smiled and breathed in the familiar air of south London. The TARDIS had landed beside the gates of Conner’s school. Georgia stepped out beside Conner, and patted his arm.

“It’ll be alright. They’ll probably freak and die, but it’ll be ok,” she said.
“At least it’ll be funny,” the Doctor said, emerging behind them. “So, are you gonna do it then?”
“I dunno. I think it might be easier if I just become a hermit and never speak to them again,” Conner said.

Beth and Catherine caught up with Zac and Kaylie as they walked down the road. As they turned the corner into the street with the school at the end of it, Beth stopped, and the others looked at her.

“There’s that blue box!” Beth cried.
“Isn’t that the Spidership?” Catherine asked.
“NO!” Zac and Kaylie said firmly. “It’s the TARDIS!”

Zac began to run, and Kaylie followed.

“What’s the TARDIS?” Beth asked, running after them.
“It means the Doctor!” Kaylie shouted back.
“Wait for me!” Beth said, legging it to catch up with Kaylie.
“Doctor!” Zac shouted.

Conner looked up as he heard the Doctor’s name being shouted.

“It’s Zac!” Conner gasped. “What am I gonna say to him?”
“That you’re a ghost who’s come to haunt him?” Georgia laughed.
“I think he might take that the wrong way,” Conner said, laughing as well.
“Do you think he’ll believe you were imprisoned on a spaceship that had been kidnapping humans to ease the population increase which hasn’t actually started yet?” the Doctor mused.
“I think that might be worse,” Conner said.

Zac, Kaylie and Beth were close to the TARDIS now. Catherine was stood alone at the end of the street. Conner stepped out from behind the TARDIS, making Kaylie scream. Zac, Kaylie and Beth stopped dead.

“What are you doing here?” Zac asked.
“Err – I’m a ghost come to haunt you?” Conner asked.

Zac and Conner burst out laughing, as Kaylie fainted.

“Typical,” Conner muttered.

To be continued…

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

I love Easter, it means lots of chocolate and easter egg hunts in my family. Even the adults get their own easter egg hunt!

Firstly, I thought that Planet of the Dead was really good, but was dissappointed that Michelle Ryan's character, Christine, did not join the TARDIS. But I was happy she didn't go to jail. Malcolm was quite funny, and yay UNIT! I was sad that the tritovores died though :( Meanwhile I need to watch the end of Primeval... well not now.
The trailer looked very good! Water always wins... creepy... It's on the BBC site and Redevil898 has uploaded the trailer on youtube. Anyway, have a happy easter, but please visit our site for more fanfic and updates over the holidays. At the moment the fanfic animations page will soon be updated with animated characters from Spirits of the Past, also most of the pages have been updated so they have Timepsn goodness on them. The characters page hasn't been fully updated yet, but I'll get round to it.

In the meantime, please visit our other sites, the Proc(the avatar proclomation), and Primatech Paper. Just one more time, Happy Easter!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Episode 2: TimeSpan Part 5

“What are you?” the Doctor asked the giant slug creature.
“My Earth name is Mr Faraday. My intergalactic name is Hoskintonflorate,” Mr Faraday, the fat slug croaked.
“Blimey, that suit doesn’t fit,” the Doctor said, nodding at Mr Faraday’s attempt at human clothing. “What species are you?”
“I’m a Splurge,” Mr Faraday said.
“Nasty,” the Doctor grimaced. “But why are you here? The Splurge normally set up businesses on planets, not build whole prison ships! And what do you gain from all this? There’s no business here, Mr Faraday.”
“Ah, but that is where you are wrong, Mr Doctor,” The Splurge gargled.
“Locking people up? What, do they pay you to be set free?” the Doctor said. “Yes! No! Yes… They don’t pay you to free them; Earth pays you to lock them up! But Earth isn’t overcrowded yet! That’ll take years to happen! Why are you doing it now? Earth are wary of aliens, they don’t do business with them! So how have you managed it?”
“The business hasn’t started yet,” the Splurge said.
“What do you mean? Ohhh,” the Doctor said. “You used some sort of time machine. You secured a contract with Earth in the future, and you go back in time and start then!”

The Doctor moved back to the gravity platform.

“But what about the aliens in the cells…? You’ve got quite a collection,” the Doctor said.
“All were trying to invade the Earth. I couldn’t have them damaging the livestock,” Mr Faraday croaked, grinning.
“Well, I’ve heard all I need to know,” he said, stepping back further.
“You will stay,” the Splurge demanded.
“I will not!” the Doctor said. “All I need to do is break your time machine and problem solved! After all, all of your prisoners have gone…”
“Close gravity platform,” the Splurge ordered, and the blue light went away.
“Oh, but that’s not fair!” the Doctor complained.
“Life’s not fair Mr Doctor, get used to it.”

“The Doctor’s been gone ages,” Kirsty said.

The conversation had ended a while ago, and Georgia, Conner, Holly and Kirsty had sat against the walls of the corridor in silence.

“Well what do you propose we do?” Conner asked.
“We should go and see what’s taking him so long,” Holly said. “He might be in trouble.”
“How are we going to get up there?” Georgia asked. “The gravity platform’s gone.”
“What?” Conner asked, jumping up.

He ran over to the hole in the ceiling. He peered into the darkness, but couldn’t make anything out. Georgia and Holly joined him, and they all stared up into the hole. Kirsty ran down the corridor to the door of Mr Braithwaite’s office, and went inside. On the floor lay a gun, and Kirsty smiled, knowing this was just what they needed. She ran back out to join the others.

“Mum!” Georgia cried, hugging her mother as she opened the door.
“Georgia, you came back to me!” Elizabeth smiled. “Do you know what that awful racket was earlier? It was like the big bang! I bet it was Mr Perkins with those distasteful fireworks again. I tried to call the Vicar round for tea the other day, but he didn’t answer. I don’t think he ever does, mind you. He’s probably to busy with his sermons. Anyway, come in, come in! I expect you’ll want a cup of tea, and some fruitcake. Your father’s gone down to the store. I do wish he’d go to Sainsbury’s instead of Tesco; we don’t want to give a bad impression to the neighbours! Hurry inside, dear. We mustn’t let Mrs White see I’m keeping you on the doorstep!”

Georgia walked into the house. She decided to break the news gently. Her mum obviously had no idea! Mr Perkins had died a long time ago!

Kirsty stood on top of Georgia’s knee, and Conner pushed her up into the hole. Holly handed Kirsty the gun. Kirsty peered out of the hole.

“Are you coming up?” Kirsty asked. “Or should I go and help the Doctor alone?”
“I dunno, how are we all gonna get up?” Georgia asked.
“We can’t all lift each other up,” Conner said.
“I’ll go on my own,” Kirsty said, disappearing from the hole.

Guards Pokaski and Kristoph appeared in the corridor beside Georgia, Conner and Holly. The pad fell off Pokaski’s chest. Conner turned around and saw Kristoph.

“It’s the shadowy man!” Conner cried, running at Kristoph.

Kristoph activated his teleport, and vanished into thin air.

“Are you sure it was him?” Georgia asked.
“Definitely,” Conner said.
“Why is he here?” Holly asked. “Whoever he is…”
“I think he knew the Doctor was coming. There had been rumours for ages, before you came,” Conner explained.
“I’ve worked with him, and he seemed ok,” Guard Pokaski said.
“Who are you again?” Holly asked.
“Guard Pokaski,” he said.
“Weren’t you there when the Doctor released the prisoners?” Georgia asked.

“Mum, I’ve got something to tell you,” Georgia said.
“What is it dear? You’re not on drugs are you?! Oh the shame for the family! Georgia, why do you do this to your poor mother?” Elizabeth asked, wringing her hands.
“Mum I’m not on drugs,” Georgia assured her.
“Are you pregnant? God only knows what you do out there. Mrs White will have a field day…”
“I’m not pregnant. It’s Mr Perkins, he’s dead,” Georgia said.
“Oh dear. What happened?” Elizabeth asked.
“Mum he died ages ago! Mrs White’s living next door! He died before she moved in!” Georgia said exasperatedly. “And that crashing! It was a spaceship, and it hit the Earth! The world’s been destroyed! And I think… I think Dad’s dead.”
“But he only went to Tesco! He’ll be back any minute!” Elizabeth said.
“I don’t think he will mum,” Georgia said. “And I’m sorry! The Doctor’s not here and I don’t know what to do.”
“It’ll be alright sweetie, it’ll be all ok,” Elizabeth said, before slyly slipping in “You’ll be able to redo your GCSE’s now!”

The Doctor held his hands up in surrender. The Splurge cackled at the Doctor’s apparent defeat.

“But what’ll you do know?” the Doctor asked. “You’ve got no prisoners!”
“I can get more,” Mr Faraday said.
“The Earth’s not gonna take it anymore! They’ll find out about you!” the Doctor said.
“Then I’ll crash the TimeSpan complex into the Earth!” the Splurge cackled.
“No! You can’t!” the Doctor said. “That’s murder!”
“Oooh,” the Splurge teased. “Murder murder murder!”

Suddenly, Kirsty ran into the Doctor, carrying a giant gun. She stopped and grinned at him.

“Am I dreaming?” the Doctor asked. “Since when did my life become so Hot Fuzz?”
“Nobody tells me nothing these days,” Kirsty grinned.
“It has!” the Doctor sighed.
“Anyway… Where was I? Oh yeah! Stick ‘em up froggy!” Kirsty said, pointing the gun at the Splurge.
“And you just killed it…” the Doctor said.
“Killed what?” Kirsty said, lowering the gun and turning to the Doctor.
“The moment!” the Doctor said. “Stick ‘em up froggy? Froggy…? Henry the Eighth did better than you!”
“You’ve met Henry the Eighth!” Kirsty grinned.
“I know! What a laugh!” the Doctor grinned.

Silence fell as a gun shot rang out.

“Bang!” Mr Faraday said, grinning.

“Yeah?” Conner said.
“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Georgia asked. “By the lifts?”
“Sure. What about?” Conner asked.
“About what’ll happen now,” Georgia said, leading him over to the elevators.
“What will happen now?” Conner asked.
“Well, I just wanted to say, it’s not your fault,” Georgia said.
“What isn’t?” Conner asked, confused.
“What happened on the Spidership,” Georgia said. “But I think that maybe travelling in the TARDIS is dangerous…”
“I know! I love it!” Conner grinned.
“I know you do,” Georgia smiled. “But if I don’t say this I’ll regret it.”
“Say what?”
“I don’t think you should travel with us anymore. It’s too dangerous. I don’t want to see you hurt, of all people. I’d feel like it was my fault,” Georgia said.
“Why are you saying this? I thought we had fun?” Conner said.
“Yeah but you’ve died, and I’m not sure how lucky you’ll be next time,” Georgia said.

There was a ping as the lift doors opened. Georgia gently pushed Conner back into the lift. She pressed a button, and the door shut on him.

“Georgia you can’t!” Conner shouted.
“Georgia? What are you doing?” Holly asked, walking over to her. “Georgia! Stop it!”
“I’m sorry Conner,” Georgia said quietly.
“I’ll just come back up here!” Conner said. “You can’t leave me!”
“You won’t be able to do that,” Georgia said.
“Why not?” Conner asked.
“Cos it’s a time machine…”

The lift descended into the darkness.


Kirsty collapsed on the floor with a shocked expression. The Doctor knelt down beside her. Kirsty was crying.

“You’re gonna be alright!” the Doctor said. “We’re gonna go and meet Henry the Eighth! We’ve got so much to do!”
“You could at least let me shoot Froggy,” Kirsty grinned, tears still falling down her face.

Kirsty raised the big gun, and shot Mr Faraday. He exploded into ashes. Kirsty fell back down against the floor.

“I love you Doctor,” Kirsty said, smiling weakly, before she died.

The Doctor closed his eyes in pain, the loss of everyone precious to him over the years in his memory. Georgia slid down the wall next to the lift, crying. Holly realised now wouldn’t be the best time to say anything. The Doctor dropped through the hole, crying as well. Holly looked and saw Kirsty wasn’t with him. He shook his head to indicate she wouldn’t be coming at all.

Georgia dialled her dad’s number into her phone, and rang it. Her dad picked up, and Georgia began to cry.

“Dad! You’re ok!” Georgia said.
“Of course I am,” Colin said. “I don’t think I’ll see you for a while though, sweetie.”
“Why not?” Georgia asked, tears running down her face.
“Because I’m stranded in Tesco. Still, when they let us out, I’ll come running,” Colin said, getting teary eyed too.
“I know you will, daddy.”
“Is there anyway you can stop it?” Colin asked. “You and the Doctor?”
“The Doctor’s not here,” Georgia said. “And I’m useless without him.”
“You’re not! And don’t let anyone tell you that!” Colin said sternly.
“Well, there is someone who could help, he’s called Ben,” Georgia said.
“Well, I’d give you a lift to his house, but I can’t,” Colin said, trying to stop crying.
“Wait! Say that again!” Georgia said, standing up.
“I’d give you a lift…?” Colin asked.
“Yeah! The lift! I went in a lift, and then I arrived here!” Georgia said.
“What does it mean?” Colin asked.
“I think I went forward in time!” Georgia said. “If I can activate the lift again, I can go back to when the Doctor shut me in the lift!”
“Well good luck!” Colin said.
“Thanks dad! I’ll see you later!” Georgia said.

Georgia ended the call.

“Mum I’ve got to go!” Georgia told Elizabeth.
“Where? You should pop round to Mrs White’s. She’d be really pleased if she saw our family helping!” Elizabeth said.
“Yeah ok, whatever. I’ve gotta go! Really gotta go! I love you! Bye!” Georgia hugged her mum, and ran out of the house.
“Goodbye Georgia!”

Georgia ran back to the park, hoping Ben would still be there. Holly turned to the Doctor.

“I think I’d better go home,” she said.
“Of course,” the Doctor said.
“Conner said I might be able to go in your time machine, but Georgia sent him away,” Holly said, making Georgia blush.
“I didn’t want him to get hurt!” Georgia protested.
“It’s ok, I understand,” the Doctor said.

He pressed the button for the lift next to the one Conner went in. The door opened with a ping, and the Doctor ushered Holly inside.

“It’ll take you home,” the Doctor said. “And, where is home then, Holly Black?”
“London,” Holly replied.
“Well, you might see Conner sometime!” the Doctor grinned.
“Maybe,” Holly said, closing the door. “I’m sorry about Kirsty.”
Yeah,” the Doctor said.

The lift descended into the darkness. White light shone through. The lift doors opened, and Holly stepped out into her sunlight filled street. Her dad was in the garden.

“Dad!” Holly cried.
“Holly!” Mr Black cried back.

Holly ran over to her dad, and hugged him. She remembered how she had hugged Conner, and it took all of her strength not to cry. Leading his daughter inside, Mr Black smiled.

Conner stepped out into the sunlight. He was in a graveyard. He looked at the names on them sadly, and thought of the Doctor and Georgia out there in space, possibly with Holly. He saw one gravestone with a name he recognised:

Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister and loving daughter. Yes, you knew who she was.

He read another stone. He put his hand to his mouth in shock. It read:

David and Sue Bennet, loving husband and wife, and parents of Conner. They will be sadly missed.

“Sad, isn’t it?” a voice said from behind Conner.

Conner turned around, and was surprised at who he saw.

Ben! Ben!” Georgia cried, running up to Ben.
“Georgia!” Ben cried.

They hugged, and Georgia led Ben up the mound of rubble she first stepped out on. The lift was there, in pieces.

“It’s not enough!” Georgia said angrily.
“What isn’t?” Ben asked.
“The lift’s broken. I can’t use it to go back in time, and stop TimeSpan from crashing into Earth,” Georgia said.
“It’s lucky I found a second one then?” Ben asked, grinning.
“Where?” Georgia asked.
“Follow me.”

The Doctor hugged Georgia.

“Shall we go home?” the Doctor asked her.
“What’ll happen to TimeSpan?” Georgia asked.
“It’ll drift in space for a bit, and then I expect Torchwood will shoot it down,” the Doctor said, grinning.
“Come on then, back to the TARDIS,” Georgia said.
“We’ve just got to pick someone up first,” the Doctor said, leading the way.

Georgia stepped into the lift.

“Well this is it,” she said.
“Good luck,” Ben said.
“Cos I understand now,” Georgia said. “I don’t need to save the Doctor’s life. I just need to be there for him! Me and him, time and space, forever! It will last forever, won’t it? I’ll be with him forever, won’t I?”
“Of course you will, now get going,” Ben said.
“See you later,” Georgia said.
“If I’m lucky,” Ben replied.

Georgia pressed the button on the lift, and the doors shut. The lift rocked, but Georgia stayed on her feet. She grinned as the lift began to work. There was nothing to make it rise up in the air, so now it was just a time machine.

“It’s a time machine!” Georgia said, as a bright white light shot through the air.

Georgia laughed as she realised it worked. She was back on the TimeSpan ship! She stopped laughing as she heard scratching on the outside of the lift. She screamed as a massive dent appeared in the lift. Outside the very same lift a hungry Werewolf tried to get in. Somewhere on the ship, the Doctor had just released the prisoners.

“You’re me….” Conner said.
“Yep,” Conner said back.

Conner had turned around to see himself.

“I’m from the future. I haven’t got long,” future Conner said.
“How future?” present Conner asked.
“Two days,” future Conner replied. “Here’s a teleport.”

He handed present Conner the teleport, and was careful not to touch him. Present Conner grinned as heard he noise of the TARDIS materialising.

“That’s your lift,” future Conner said.
“They’ve come back for me?” present Conner said, amazed.
“You don’t think they’d leave you, do you?” future Conner grinned.
“I guess not,” present Conner replied.
“Anyway, don’t miss your flight,” future Conner said.

Present Conner turned away, and began walking back to the TARDIS. He looked back at himself one more time. In two days, he would be over there, where the other Conner stood, and another Conner would be here, in his place. The TARDIS doors opened, and Georgia stepped out of them.

“Oh, and Conner,” future Conner said, sounding serious. “Beware of the clowns.”

Present Conner stopped in his tracks. He turned around, but future Conner had gone. Present Conner grinned, and ran all the way to the TARDIS.

The end.


"Dark secrets are hidden here, at the fair!"
"I see death! You will die tonight!"
"You just meant for a visit, didn't you?"
"He was covered in face paint..."
"Is that the Spidership?"
"Err, I'm a Ghost come to haunt you?"
"That's creepy."
"Why do you want to go to a dead man's house?"
"I just came round for a cup of tea."
"Thank you, and goodnight!"

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2000 Hits!

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I felt like doing a post but I couldn't think of one, so I'm doing a spoilers post! This is also a reminder to keep looking at the spoilers page, found under special features. Hopefully Seb will be back today, because I forgot when he said he'd be back.

Here are some general spoilers:

The Ninth Doctor will play a large part in Attack of the Clowns.
Brian will be reappearing in Attack of the Clowns.
Rack, the Devil man who predicts death, will return in episode 5.
The Shadowy man will be appearing very soon...
Mrs Sow will be back in episode 3, Fun at the Fair.
Episodes 7 and 8 may feature a Historical Figure.
Kaylie will travel in the TARDIS in episode 9.
The Shadowy Man will meet Korena in episode 10.
Episode 11's main character is Mark Bennet.
We will find out more about the Shadowy Man, including his name, and who he works for in either series two or three.
Zac and Kaylie aren't in episode 12 of series two, but they are in episode 13.
The final takes place in 3999, on the day of the Millenium. This leads to a dramatic cliffhanger leading from episode 12 into 13. Sssh!

That's all for now folks! Don't forget, it's my (Will) birthday on the 19th April, which means a birthday feature, along with 15 spoilers will be coming to you that day. Remember to wish me happy birthday as well! Fact: It's also David Tennant's birthday on the 18th April! I'm so lucky... :P

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Episode 2: TimeSpan Part 4

The Doctor, Georgia, Conner, Holly, Kirsty and the Krillitanes stopped at a number pad. The pad was hanging off several red and blue wires that snaked into the door frame. The door was hanging off the frame. The number pad, which held the codes to open the door had been ripped off after the aliens that tried to get into the office couldn’t crack the codes, and then the door itself was ripped off its hinges.

“What’s through here?” Kirsty asked.
“The office of Mr Braithwaite, co owner of the TimeSpan prison complex,” the Doctor said, opening the door.
“That’s disgusting,” Holly said, staring at the room beyond.

The body of Mr Braithwaite was lying, in half, on the floor. Blood was splattered all over his curtains, and the message ‘this is what you get’ was written on the far wall in blood. The Doctor and the others stayed by the door, not wanting to disturb any possibly evidence, if there was an investigation.

“Can you smell that?” the Doctor said.
“It smells like batteries!” Conner said, wrinkling his nose at the strong smell.
“And toothpaste,” Georgia said.
“And what does that tell us?” the Doctor asked.
“That Mr Braithwaite brushes his teeth…?” Jerry, the Krillitane who lived with another man said.
“Yes… But what else?” the Doctor said.
“That he uses a battery powered –” Holly began.
“Nope,” the Doctor said, quickly interrupting.
“I was gonna say electric toothbrush!” Holly protested.
“Does it mean that the aliens killed him, then teleported back to their planets?” Georgia said.
“Exactement,” the Doctor said, in a French accent.
“What about us?” the brave Krillitane who stood up to Holly and Conner asked.
“What about you?” Kirsty asked.
“Well, what do we Krillitanes do? We never killed him,” another Krillitane said sadly.
“Well, you can find Miss Swade in a cupboard in the HJR sector,” Kirsty said helpfully.
“Thanks!” the Krillitane with the angry wife said, leading the others in their transformations back into bat form.
“Kirsty! Why did you tell them that?” the Doctor asked as the Krillitanes flew away.
“They asked?” Kirsty said, unsure of the answer.
“Well,” Holly said “it gets rid of Miss Swade, and the bats leave us!”
"They spelt 'that's what you get' wrong," Georgia muttered.

Guards Kristoph and Pokaski stopped in the corridor as they heard marching.

“What is that?” Pokaski asked.
“It sounds like an army,” Kristoph replied.
“Raise your gun,” Pokaski said.
“Already have,” Kristoph smiled.

“This really is hard work!” Georgia said, as she dragged a metal pole over the rubble piles.
“It’s a good distraction,” Ben said.
“From what?” Georgia asked.
“From everything that’s happened,” Ben replied.
“Such as…?” Georgia asked.
“Well,” Ben snapped “I’ve lost my job, my friends are probably dead under this rubble, I’m trapped on a deserted planet, we’ve got no food, no water, no means of survival, no company but each other.”
“That’s not so bad,” Georgia said, smiling at his handsome face.
“But what happens when we get… you know?” Ben asked.
“What happens when we need…?”
“What? A little time with your girlfriend? In private?” Georgia asked grinning.
“Yeah,” Ben said. “I can’t not have that again…”
“Well there’s me,” Georgia said, hoping she didn’t sound too eager.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’d work,” Ben said, choosing his words carefully.
“You know, I’ve been proposed to, and I said no. I’ve nearly been asked, and I would’ve said yes. But I’ve never had someone not interested in me, when I like them,” Georgia said.
“Sorry,” Ben said apologetically. “But, you’re a very pretty girl. It’s just; I’m not interested in…”
“You’re gay? Oh my God, I’m so sorry…” Georgia blushed.
“Gavril Fish!” Ben cried.
“What? Is that code word for something? Cos I don’t wanna know…”
“No, it means tricked you!” Ben laughed.
“Ohhh, like April Fool?” Georgia asked.
“Yeah,” Ben said.
“You mean…? You’re not gay?” Georgia asked.
“Nope,” Ben said. “Oh, and, your offer, if I need girlfriend time…”
“It’s fine, forget it,” Georgia said. “I mean, if you don’t fancy me, it’s cool.”
“No, I wanted to say I’d be delighted to have girlfriend time with you,” Ben said blushing.

Georgia blushed back, turned away so he couldn’t see her face, and picked up more rubble. The Doctor, Georgia, Conner, Holly and Kirsty stepped away from the door. The Doctor held Miss Swade’s sonic pen in his left hand, and the sonic screwdriver in his right.

“It’s time to get rid of this,” the Doctor said.

He walked over to a pod in the wall, and placed the sonic screwdriver inside it. Pressing a lever down, and activating the sonic screwdriver, he set off the pod controls. The sonic pen vanished in a flash of light.

“Where did it go?” Georgia asked.
“To Miss Foster, from Miss Swade,” the Doctor said.
“Express delivery!” Conner and Georgia laughed.

Georgia pulled a metal frame from over an alien. It was dead. Georgia sighed. They hadn’t saved anyone for a while. Georgia continued to wonder which planet they were trapped on, but didn’t think Ben would know. They hadn’t talked since their girlfriend chat, but Georgia eventually plucked up the courage to talk to him again.

“What planet are we on?” Georgia asked.
“Now, here?” Ben asked.
“Yeah,” Georgia said.
“Well, before I tell you, don’t think too badly of it, we might be here for a long time,” Ben said.
“Why? What’s wrong with it?” Georgia asked uncertainly.
“Why do you think there’s anything wrong with it?” Ben asked.
“Well you said don’t think too badly of it,” Georgia said.
“Oh, that! It’s just a little primitive, that’s all,” Ben laughed.
“It is a bit now, yeah, seeing as everyone died,” Georgia said. “So what’s it called?”

An earthquake-like shake made the Doctor look up.

“What was that?” Georgia asked.
“Something wants our attention,” the Doctor said quietly.
“Like what?” Holly asked.
“Yeah,” Kirsty agreed. “I thought everyone got out of here?”
“Well someone stayed,” Conner said.

Georgia screamed as a large chunk of ceiling fell down. The Doctor pulled them all out of harms way. A blue light shone down from the hole.

“Either that’s a gravity platform,” the Doctor began.
“Or God’s had a change of decoration,” Conner finished. “White lights been replaced with blue, it’s all the rage in the Pantheon.”
“What do we do now?” Georgia asked.
“You stay here. I’m going up there,” the Doctor said.
“But what if it’s a trap…?” Holly asked.
“Then I’m prepared,” the Doctor said.
“I’m coming too,” Kirsty said.
“Us too!” Georgia said.
“None of you are coming,” the Doctor said. “It could be dangerous. I’m not having you get hurt.”
“What if you get hurt?” Georgia asked quietly.
“What do you mean?” the Doctor asked.
“Nothing,” Georgia said quickly. “I just meant what would we do, if you died? We’d be trapped here.”
“Cheerful!” the Doctor said, stepping in to the gravity platform’s light.

Around 50 Dendrites marched down the corridor. Guard Pokaski stepped towards them. The Dendrites looked like lions; they had claws, but walked on two legs.

“State your intent!” Guard Pokaski ordered.
“Roar!” one Dendrite said angrily.

Guard Kristoph placed a pad on Guard Pokaski’s chest. It was linked to another wire on Guard Kristoph’s chest. Pokaski looked at him curiously.

“Teleport,” Kristoph explained, activating it.

Georgia dropped the metal she was shifting and ran away from Ben, over the rubble piles. He started after her, but stopped.

“Where are you going?” Ben asked. “Was it something I said?”
“No! This is my planet!” Georgia shouted, as she was far away.
“What?!” Ben shouted back incredulously.
“I need to find my family,” Georgia yelled, disappearing over a hill of rubble.

She stopped once she had reached the edge of the rubble. Here she stood on grass, and stones. This was more like Earth. It was a bit harder to recognise once it had been flattened by a crashing spaceship. Looking around, Georgia tried to work out where they were. With a gasp, she realised where TimeSpan had crashed.

“The park!”

The light was dark, and the Doctor found, even with his excellent eyesight, it was hard to make out anything. He got a torch out of his pocket, and saw he was in another office. Miss Swade’s office, the Doctor presumed. He saw a huddled mass at the other end of the corridor, and pointed the torch in its direction. What he saw shocked him.

Conner sat down on the floor, next to Holly. Georgia and Kirsty were sat on the opposite side of the corridor, leaning against the wall.

“So what was your life like before you met us?” Conner asked Holly.
“Bit boring really,” Holly laughed. “I lived in London. I nearly went to a school called Park Vale, but I went to another place instead. I was in year 10.”
“Park Vale… Where have I heard that?” Conner asked.
“We helped Sarah Jane there, remember?” Georgia replied.
“Oh yeah! But we don’t talk about that, not after what happened with the Doctor and the banana skin, remember?” Conner laughed.
“He is such a Muppet!” Georgia laughed.

“He is such a Muppet!” Georgia muttered as she ran down the street of destroyed houses.

She cursed the Doctor for not being able to stop TimeSpan from crashing into her planet. He must have used the TARDIS to help, after all, the TARDIS always landed in the park when she visited her parents. Georgia gulped; what if her parents were dead? She wiped tears from her eyes, and ran into the next street, her street. Here, the houses were less damaged. Perhaps the Earth wasn’t destroyed after all. She stopped at her front door. Would her mum (if she was still alive) get annoyed at her not knocking in a time like this? Of course she would, this was Elizabeth Bell after all! Georgia knocked on the door, and waited for the reply that may never come.

To be continued…

Surprise! New Layout!

This is just a quick post to say suprise! This will hopefully be a big surprise to you all, but especially Seb, who will come back in a few days and find a huge transformation has taken place on Will and Seb. We will now have an icon on every post, including previews of episodes that are posted after part one of the episode before, except parts of stories and cast and summed up pages.

This new look couldn't have happened without Becky from The Oncoming-Storm, myself, and Google. As well as a brilliant site that told me how to bring back the Navbar. I bow down to all of you! Oh and the site I downloaded the template from, thanks for the new look! You could make the sidebars a little bigger though, honestly. *tuts* Sorry! I'm in a random happy mood that the blog is back! Well, new! Well, newish!

Part... 4, I think, of TimeSpan will be released in a minute. Sorry about the poll disappearing, it only had an hour left anyway. I decided to renew the Conner back poll because it had longer to go before it closed. Please vote everyone! Please leave comments of the new layout, and TimeSpan. Bye!

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Series Two Episode Titles Updated!

Yes, we can now update the previous post on episode titles. Here you go:

2.x The Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot
This episode has already aired

2.1 The New Zygon World
This episode has already aired

2.2 TimeSpan
TimeSpan is the name of the complex that has captured Conner. It is run by Miss Swade and Mr Braithwaite, and someone else, someone hidden...

2.3 Fun at the Fair - This title has now been announced
This episode is a bit of a lie actually - they don't arrive at the Fair until part 4, and when they do get there, they don't have much fun. Expect lots of running away from clowns!

2.4 Attack of the Clowns - We can confirm this will be the episode title
Part 2 of the double. The banner on Will and Seb offers a little spoiler... Why is the Ninth Doctor there? And how?

2.5 TBA - We will announce it soon, we promise!
A possible title for this episode is Little Red Riding Wood. Interesting, seeing as some of the characters are Red, Granny and Wolf... This episode features the return of Rack, the Devil man who predicts death everywhere!

2.6 TBA - Not even I know much about this episode, Seb is keeping tight lipped!
I can confirm this episode contains the phrase "Bring on the Wall!"

2.7 Golden Touch - We can now confirm this title!
This episode features some alien gold, and is the first of a double.

2.8 Black and Gold - This title was already confirmed
Part two of the double. The Doctor is turned into gold.

2.9 Snowfall in the City - This title is still to be confirmed.
It involves Pluto and Sedna. Kaylie's first trip in the TARDIS!

2.10 TBA - Argh! I still need to think of a title for this episode!
I really can't think of one.

2.11 Neurosis - This title has been confirmed
I can't tell you what Neurosis means, look it up in the dictionary!, but I can reveal it involves the brain.

2.12 TBA - I can't say anything! Sorry!
Hint: Look on the spoilers page at the 2.12 and 2.13 section!

2.13 TBA - I can't say this either!
Same as above *pokes tongue out* Cough-Series Arch-Cough

Episode 2: TimeSpan Part 3

Holly Black stood up and slipped around the corner. Steadying herself against the wall, Holly glared at the pretty blonde girl Conner was running towards. Georgia saw Holly as she was running, and frowned at how she seemed to be following Conner. Conner looked round, mid-run, and saw Holly. He gulped, knowing tensions would be high with the two girls. He looked back round at Georgia, but all he saw was her face, as they were right up close to each other. Slipping on the floor, Conner head butted Georgia, and both of them fell, not even reaching each other.

The Doctor and Kirsty leapt from the floor down onto a lower platform. The Werewolf dropped onto the same platform just as the Doctor and Kirsty leapt down to the next. Kirsty looked at the Doctor and he grinned at her as they leapt down on to the next platform. Here, the platforms abruptly ended and the Doctor pulled Kirsty into the corridor leading off the platform. With his Sonic Screwdriver he sealed the door to the corridor, trapping the Werewolf inside the platform room. Kirsty turned to the Doctor.

“Now what do we do?” she asked desperately.
“It’s trapped,” the Doctor pointed out.
“Yeah but have you seen the size of it? It’ll break through that door easily!” Kirsty exclaimed.
“Well then, we stop it!” the Doctor said, assuring her.
“We’ve got about a minute,” Kirsty said.
“Lucky I’ve got an idea then,” the Doctor grinned.

He jumped over to a computer terminal as Kirsty grinned back at him. Meanwhile, Georgia sat up off the floor, not saying anything. Holly tried not to smirk as Georgia and Conner sat on the floor in silence, rubbing their sore foreheads.

Guard Pokaski opened fire on the Abzorbaloff, but the bullets passed through him. Guard Blunt’s posh English face stared out from the Abzorbaloff’s shoulder. His expressions were formed in shock, with an almost comical mouth shaped ‘o’. Guard Kristoph turned and ran down the corridor, and Guard Pokaski followed him.

The Werewolf burst through the door, and it was trapped in a bright light the Doctor cast at it. Kirsty grinned up at the Werewolf, as the Doctor moved the bright light and forced the creature into a pod shape in the wall. The Doctor sealed the pod shut with the Sonic Screwdriver. Pressing a couple of buttons on a small pad, the bright light faded and the Werewolf was trapped.

“What happened?” Kirsty asked.
“I used moonlight – cos we’re in space, and forced the Werewolf into this pod. And the Werewolf is actually a lupine wavelength haemovariform, which means it operates with wavelengths, like TV signals. This means we can send it in a wavelength out into space!” the Doctor grinned at his own brilliance.
“Oh my God! You’re brilliant!” Kirsty grinned back.
“Oh yes!” the Doctor replied.

The Werewolf roared in its pod, trapped. Georgia, Conner and Holly walked down a corridor. Conner was hanging back with the Krillitanes, while Georgia and Holly stalked on ahead, glaring at each other.

“Best to stay out of it mate,” one Krillitane said.
“Yeah, never interfere with the women on something like this,” another said wisely.
“My wife nearly tore my ear off when we couldn’t decide whether to steal the furniture from the Greglons we ate. She said it was wrong, and I said our sofa hurts my backside when I sit down to watch the hopball. I noticed she took the women’s magazines though,” another Krillitane added.
“Yeah, thanks guys…” Conner said, straining to listen to what was being said.
“Watch out! The Human girls have their claws out!” the fourth Krillitane laughed.
“I never understood that,” the fifth Krillitane said “Humans don’t have claws. I thought it was handbags anyway. I’ve got a rather lovely one they could borrow.”
“Jerry lives with another man,” the Krillitane with the annoying wife whispered in Conner’s ear.

Some way up the corridor, Georgia and Holly linked arms.

“Let’s be friends,” Georgia said sarcastically.
“Best friends,” Holly replied numbly back.

With a flash of bright light, the Doctor slammed a lever down, and the Werewolf disappeared. Inside the pod machine, the Werewolf was converted to its true wavelength form, and shot off in to space. Sparks emitted from the console by the pod, and the Doctor wafted the smoke away. He pressed some buttons, before slapping down the lever again.

“What happened?” Kirsty asked.
“We didn’t get a clean download. The Werewolf fought back,” the Doctor said.
“But, it’s gone… It’s not coming back, right?” Kirsty asked nervously.
“No, but we didn’t convert it into full wavelength potential. The Werewolf will crash down on planet Earth, unprotected. It’s gonna die, and it’s my fault.”
“No it wasn’t,” Kirsty said. “It’s its own fault it fought back.”
“Wait!” the Doctor cried, slapping yet more buttons.
“What?” Kirsty asked, stepping back.
“Yes! Ha! Wait, no! Yes! If I up the scanner, we can track its progress… and I’m so thick! The Werewolf’s not stupid! He fought back on purpose!” the Doctor said.
“I’m an Earth girl, explain,” Kirsty said.
“It’s slipping back through time!” the Doctor said, hitting his forehead. “1940, 1770, 1630, 1540! It’s landed in Scotland, 1540! Now what happened to me then? I haven’t been to Scotland in 1540…”
“So what did happen?” Kirsty asked.
“Ha! I know exactly where the Werewolf went!” the Doctor replied, grinning slightly.
“Where?” Kirsty said, wishing he would just tell her.
“He went to the Glen of St Catherine, in Scotland, near the Torchwood Estate. I went there with Rose in 1879… We met Queen Victoria! Mental! And she got bitten by a Werewolf which triggered the royal family transforming every full moon to give each other a quick nip, and then we went to Galowen, where we saved the villagers from a Claptomight, and then we went – ”
“Doctor – calm down! Tell me where the Werewolf went!” Kirsty said, waving her hands around.
“We killed it with moonlight. Only a single cell survived when it crashed in 1540, so it wasn’t ready till about 1879, when we arrived there. It was us! Me and you! We’re the reason only a single cell survived! I sent myself the Werewolf to defeat! I thought it had come from when we stopped it at Torchwood House, but we sent it there!”
“So now what?” Kirsty asked.
“We shut this place down!” the Doctor cried, running off.

Kirsty grinned as the Doctor ran back to her.

“Ah ha!” the Doctor grinned.
“What?” Kirsty grinned back.
“The Sonic Pen!”
“What about it?” Kirsty asked.
“I’ve seen it before!” the Doctor said.
“Where? Are you gonna send it back like the Werewolf?”
“Yep. I’m gonna send it to the person who had it before! That way she’ll have it later! The Sonic Pen didn’t come from Miss Foster, it went to Miss Foster! Ha!”
“Do you think this is all a coincidence?” Kirsty asked.
“What do you mean?” the Doctor said, his smile faltering from his face.
“Well, the Werewolf, the Sonic Pen, all these things are from your timeline! We don’t know what this prison ship’s for! I never did anything bad. Maybe I’m gonna meet you!” Kirsty said. “Maybe it’s here that I’m supposed to meet you!”
“This is all getting too complicated for me,” said a voice from behind them.

The Doctor turned around to see Georgia stood with Holly, and Conner and the Krillitanes a bit further behind. The Doctor’s mouth formed a shocked expression when Conner walked out from behind Georgia. Conner ran for the Doctor and the Doctor ran for Conner. Georgia had a big smile on her face. In all his years of travelling, the Doctor had never been so glad to see his friend alive. Conner reached the Doctor and they hugged.

“You’re alive!” the Doctor said. “I must say, you are the most persistent companion I’ve ever travelled with.”
“Thank you, I try,” Conner grinned.
“But what happened?”
“I died… On the Spidership. My parents are dead… I ran out of oxygen,” Conner said, trying not to cry. “Doctor!”
“What?” the Doctor said.
“I saw the devil man again! Rack! He waved at me! Before I died!” Conner said.
“It’s ok. It’s gonna be ok,” the Doctor said reassuringly. “He won’t bother us again.”
“Why not? Did you kill him?” Conner said.
“No. I just wanted to stop you worrying,” the Doctor said.
“You can let go of me now Doctor,” Conner said.

Embarrassed, the Doctor quickly let go of Conner, and the two turned away from each other.

“Ni, nice to see you again Conner,” the Doctor said.
“You too,” Conner said. “But why are you here?”
“Us? We came to rescue someone,” the Doctor said.
“Me?!” Conner asked.
“Err, no. It’s someone I met before. He’s called Mr Copper. He sent me a distress signal but I checked – he’s already escaped,” the Doctor said.
“So what are we still doing here?” Conner asked, grinning.
“We’re shutting the place down,” the Doctor said.
“You keep saying that Doctor, but we aren’t doing anything!” Kirsty teased him.
“Oh yeah, this is Kirsty,” the Doctor said, pretending to sigh.
“And that’s Holly,” Conner said, pointing to Holly.
“Lovely,” the Doctor said, heading off down the corridor.

Several hours after Georgia and Ben had begun to shift the rubble, they had made fairly good progress. They had save two Guards lives, and had accidentally uncovered a prisoner, which escaped with a teleport. Georgia tried to shake off the worry she got every time they uncovered a dead body. What if the Doctor had died? What would she do? Ben had said the planet they were stranded on was destroyed, and Georgia certainly hadn’t seen anyone. She wondered what planet had been lost, and whether it was an important one.

“Ben, were you being honest when you told me what happened?” Georgia asked as they shifted a metal door.
“When?” Ben asked.
“When you said Mr Slade and Miss Braithwaite were killed, then the pilots died, then we crashed?”
“You mean Miss Swade and Mr Braithwaite,” Ben laughed. “And yes, I was telling the truth.”
“But when me and the Doctor arrived, someone had just released the prisoners. The Doctor trapped me in one of the lifts to protect me. I closed my eyes as it went down, and suddenly TimeSpan’s crashed, and I’m here,” Georgia said. “Are you telling me that Miss Slade and – whatever their names are – were killed, along with the pilots, in the short space of time when I travelled down the lift shaft in the lift?”
“You went in the lift?” Ben asked, raising an eyebrow.
“That’s right,” Georgia said. “So what happened? Why did you lie?”
“Believe me, I didn’t,” Ben said. “It’s the lift that’s playing tricks on you.”

To be continued…

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