Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Who Wrote What

I suddenly realised no one particularly knew who wrote which episode, so here's the series 1 list:

1.X Georgia and the Magnet Warriors - Seb
1.1 Conner - Will
1.2 Maids, Myths and Monsters - Will
1.3 Cats in the Kingdom - Seb
1.4 The Demon Headmaster/ 1.5 Slitheen School - Seb
1.6 Spirits of the Past - Will
1.7 Be Civil - Seb
1.8 Virtual Reality/ 1.9 Game Over - Will
1.10 A Study in the Straw - Will
1.11 Silent Ice - Will
1.12 The Spidership/ 1.13 Betrayal and Death - Seb

Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Spidership part 3

“So I’ll have to get rid of all the other guards I have told to guard the ship”, Roger Ummelmann said as Captain Price marched passed him then stopped and turned.
“Yes, because anyone employed by you is not trustworthy”, Captain Price replied smiling threateningly again.
“Oh really”, Roger Ummelmann said, “If you want to know, I worked for UNIT. Am I still untrustworthy”.
“That’s another weird thing”, Captain Price replied still smiling, “You left UNIT to work as the face of the company building the Spidership”.
“It was the money”, Roger Ummelmann replied quickly and sharply.
“What a terribly bad excuse”, Captain Price laughed, “We know for a fact, that you were paid more by UNIT than you are now”.
“That’s not true”, Roger replied loudly, “UNIT were useless at paying us, you wouldn’t know because you’re a stuck up Captain”. Captain Price looked at him.
“Get him out of my sight”, Captain Price ordered. Captain Gifford seized him.
“You are a liar and you know it”, Captain Gifford whispered in Roger’s ear as he was dragged away. Private Roxanne had brown hair and was quite short. She had worked in the army for a short period of time before moving on to UNIT.

“Excuse me Captain Price”, Private Roxanne said as she emerged from a car carrying a huge suitcase.
“Yes, Private?” Captain Price asked.
“What’s in this thing?” Private Roxanne answered; she was struggling slightly with the suitcase.
“Private Roxanne, you shouldn’t be carrying that thing on your own”, Captain Price said, “You two”. Captain Price shouted to another two privates nearby and they immediately grabbed the suitcase and carried it towards the entrance to the boat.
“I could handle it Ma’am”, Private Roxanne said honestly.
“You’re the only female in your squad”, Captain Price said to her quietly, “You shouldn’t be doing all the manual labour”. Captain Price walked away.
“I have nothing else to do”, Private Roxanne replied, “It’s not like anyone wants me”. She sat down on a bench and sighed sadly.

The school arrived at a large hotel. Mrs Sow had told all the boys and girls to go into separate rooms to get changed. The year took this literally and rushed to get their own room. Mrs Sow was useless at keeping them under control while Mr. Renegade immediately sorted the whole situation out. Zac emerged from a room wearing a smart tuxedo. Beth and Catherine emerged from another room giggling as they fiddled with their posh hats. When they saw Zac they giggled even louder. Harry emerged in another smart suit with a red tie. Beth saw Harry and snorted with laughter.

“What’s wrong with them?” Harry asked Zac.
“I don’t think they’ve seen any of us in suits before”, Zac replied. Beth and Catherine continued giggling as they passed Bradley and his gang.
“I don’t think they’ve got the meaning of smart dress”, Harry commented. Zac had to stop himself from laughing this time. Bradley had changed into another chavvy costume with a white cap. Beth and Catherine laughed so loud when they saw Bradley that Catherine almost fell over.

“SHUT UP!” Bradley shouted at the two girls who fell silent. Everyone clapped Bradley as he walked past them. Kaylie emerged from a room, she looked stunning. She was wearing a beautiful pink dress. Harry turned and gawped at her.
“Well that got them to shut up”, Zac was muttering. Harry poked him in the head, “Ow Harry! Why did…”
“Hi Zac”, Kaylie said smiling nervously, “You look smart”.
“You look amazing”, Zac exclaimed honestly, “Really beautiful”.
“Thank you”, Kaylie said, “Shouldn’t we get to the ship”.
“Mrs Sow is leading the way”, Ronald said emerging from his room.
“Oh hey Roland”, Kaylie said happily, “You look smart too”.
“Hey don’t I look smart?” Harry asked.
“Sure”, Kaylie said, through slightly gritted teeth.

“Come on year 11’s this way now”, Mr. Renegade was saying. The group followed Mr. Renegade out of the hotel past the slightly annoyed owner and into the docks.
“This is really exciting”, Beth was saying quickly.
“So is that the Spidership?” Catherine asked, pointing at a P&O ferry.
“No! That’s the Spidership” Ronald said sarcastically overhearing Catherine and pointing at a small speedboat.
“Really?” Catherine asked. Beth raised her eyebrows and left Catherine.

“Apparently”, Kaylie was whispering to Zac, “There is a secret level at the bottom where something is hidden”.
“We should check that out”, Zac said, “I’d like to have a look at Mr. Spider’s office on the 3rd floor”.
“Isn’t that a staff only floor?” Harry asked.
“Conner’s parents are staff”, Zac said, “They can get us into all the private areas”. Everyone was now chattering loudly, Bradley and his gang were making up a rap. The year group turned a corner to see the colossal ship towering above them. The whole group fell completely silent. Even Beth and Catherine stopped chatting or giggling.

“Right, they’ll be letting all the famous people on first”, Mr Renegade spoke in a whisper.
“You mean the queen”, Catherine squeaked loudly, this was followed by lots of chatting then hushing.
“Yes the queen will be on board”, Mr. Renegade said nodding, “As will many others. Now just over there is a huge crowd of people”.
“We know”, Bradley said in a bored voice, “We have eyes”. Bradley’s gang silently sniggered.

“Now we are heading to the right of the crowd of people”, Mrs Sow explained, “Where the police are. They are letting us on board after the queen and the others”.
“This is bad”, Zac whispered to Kaylie, “If the queen and all those other people are on board, what if something does go wrong?”
“I don’t know”, Kaylie whispered back, “But where is the Doctor? And Conner and Georgia? Where are they?”

At this point Georgia, The Doctor and Conner were actually getting board the Spidership with Conner’s parents. They were walking along a red carpet and on either side were photographers and people waving British flags.
“Wow there’s a red carpet for us!” Georgia exclaimed.
“That’s not for us”, The Doctor said, “It’s for the queen”.
“Why can’t you let me feel really proud for once?” Georgia said annoyed.

“Now Conner, how do you feel?” Conner’s mum asked.
“Slightly nervous”, Conner replied, he too was in smart dress.
“Does it look as good as you thought?” Conner’s dad asked.
“Better”, Conner replied kindly.

“Conner we know you haven’t been to Venezuela”, Conner’s dad said as if it were a general conversation.
“I have”, Conner replied indignantly.
“Then why aren’t you tanned”, Conner’s mum asked, “It’s just one lie after the other. You keep on lying to us and I’ve got a feeling not even Zac really knew where you were”.
“But mum…” Conner began.
“You didn’t contact us for two months”, Conner’s mum continued, “We thought you might’ve died”.
“Well I didn’t”, Conner said, “And I’m sorry but I couldn’t find any postcards in Venezuela”.
“So, Conner”, Conner’s dad questioned, “Where is Venezuela?”
“It’s an island in the pacific”, Conner replied nervously, “And it isn’t that hot”.
“It’s in South America”, Conner’s dad muttered, “We knew you weren’t telling the truth from the beginning and even now you can’t tell us”. Conner’s parents marched forward on to the Spidership leaving Conner with Georgia and the Doctor, who had caught up with him.

Meanwhile, back in London Colin and Elizabeth were watching BBC news 24. Elizabeth had been gardening for most of the afternoon. It was her new hobby. Colin meanwhile had got some peace from his wife and put his feet up while watching ‘Hot Fuzz’. Elizabeth had not let Colin watch that film yet.
“The violence and all the swearing”, Elizabeth had said, “Look there’s a nice cookery program on. Lets switch to that”. This afternoon had been different Elizabeth had focused so much on winning the gardening competition that she had forgotten what Colin was up to. Now they were all watching the news because on the news Georgia was walking up the red carpet.

“Oh look at her”, Elizabeth said distastefully.
“She looks beautiful”, Colin commented.
“Yes, but her dress if far too short”, Elizabeth replied.
“Can’t you just be proud of our daughter”, Colin asked.
“Yes, sorry”, Elizabeth answered, “She looks very beautiful”.
“Can we see what other news channels are covering the Spidership”, Colin asked.
“Yes OK”, Elizabeth said changing channel to AMNN.

“Here we can see many people boarding the Spidership”, Trinity Wells reported, “This voyage was supposed to be a safe one, although the United Nations are on red alert”.

“Oh dear”, Colin commented, “Georgia’s on board. She could be in danger”.
“It may just be American news”, Elizabeth replied, “I’ll change channel”. Elizabeth changed channel to ITV news.
“So, the president and the Prime Minister have just shook hands and are heading along the red carpet”, the ITV news reporter reported, “However, Barak Obama wasn’t sure whether he would board the ship or not as the United Nations are on red alert”. Elizabeth changed channel.

“The Prime-Minister has told the press that the army are just overseeing the operation in case of a terrorist attack”, a female reporter reported.
“A terrorist attack”, Elizabeth shrieked.
“People are being told to stay calm”, the reporter continued, “According to the Prime Minister nothing bad will happen. Colonel Mace of the United Nations has announced that the Spidership will be escorted by two battleships. This statement does not back up the Prime-Minister’s”. Colin switched of the TV.

“Stop worrying”, Colin said comforting Elizabeth, “Nothing bad will happen… probably”.

The year 11’s filed onto the Spidership. After 20 minutes of posing for cameras, Catherine and Beth were exhausted. Bradley was listening to his ipod and Kaylie, Zac and Harry were talking in hushed voices. A female in a black skirt and glasses stepped forward.

“Good afternoon St. Marks”, The female said, “I’m Cherrie and I’ll be showing you to your rooms and around the ship. Now are you having a good time?”
“Yes, it has been fun fun fun”, Mrs Sow exclaimed, “Hasn’t it year 11’s”
“Yes!” Beth exclaimed, “All the camera posing was wild!”
“Right then, good”, Cherrie said smiling, “Follow me”.
“Are we on the Spidership?” Catherine asked.
“YES!” about 30 people shouted at her.

Down on floor 0 the three daleks were observing the situation above.
“Supreme Dalek”, Dalek Gain said.
“Which one?” the two supreme daleks replied.
“It Does not matter”, Dalek Gain replied, “Roger Ummelmann has returned to the ship via teleport”.
“He is not needed any more”, the Blue Supreme Dalek informed Dalek Gain.
“Explain, Explain!” the White Supreme Dalek asked.
“All we needed him to do was sort out the legal documents”, the Blue Supreme Dalek replied, “And appear on news reports but we no longer need a human to do our work”.
“What do I do?” Dalek Gain asked.
“The human will only arrive in here via teleport”, the White Supreme Dalek predicted, “He will not risk being seen”.

Meanwhile Captain Price was tracing a teleporter beam around the Spidership. She was followed by a group of Privates and Captain Gifford. The corridor they were walking down was metallic and smelly.
“No wonder this area is staff only”, Captain Price said to the group, “They’re hiding a teleport”.
“It must be around here somewhere”, Captain Gifford said.
“What floor are we on?” Captain Price asked.
“Floor 1”, Captain Gifford replied.
“Right, I think it’s in here”, Captain Price whispered. She walked through a dark doorway into a dark office. “There it is on the floor”. Captain Price pointed at the floor where there was a circular teleport with flashing lights surrounding it.

“Captain Price”, Captain Gifford said, “That’s the same teleport the magnet warriors were using”.
“Right then, they’ll be here any second whoever they are”, Captain Price said crossing her arms and staring at the teleport.

Down on floor 0 the Daleks stood in silence.
“He will arrive here in 10 rels”, Dalek Gain informed the supreme daleks, “9,8,7”.

Back on floor 1 Captain Price was counting down too.
“5, 4, 3”, she counted.

“2, 1”, the blue supreme dalek said.


To be continued!!!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Random news and music...

Hello followers of Will and Seb!

We are randomly doing a little music section on each cast and summed up page. It will have the music that is playing while the story occurs. There will be mostly music from the three doctor who soundtracks and some new fanfic music, well you'll have to imagine how they sound. Also there is now a new look to the site. The blog is now much darker because of the finale. Part 3 of the spidership will be out on Saturday, tomorrow, hopefully. Yeah that's all bye for now.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Spidership part 2

After a night of uneasy talking Georgia and the Doctor went back inside the TARDIS leaving Conner with his parents. Zac had gone to bed and so had the rest of his family. Kaylie was in her bedroom which she was sharing with her sisters.
“Kaylie I’ll wake you up really early tomorrow”, Amy Kaylie’s little sister was saying as she sat on her bed in her pink dressing gown.
“Please don’t or I’ll be forced to murder you”, Kaylie said and smiled evilly.
“Tough, I’ve set the alarm clock for 5 in the morning”, Amy replied and giggled. “Give that alarm clock here”, Kaylie said reaching over at Amy’s ballerina clock.
“I’m not giving it to you”, Amy replied nastily.
“I need my beauty sleep”, Kaylie said.
“Surely you mean your ugly sleep”, Amy said and giggled loudly. Kaylie jumped onto Amy’s bed and tried to reach for the alarm clock. Amy struggled and pulled Kaylie’s hair. Kaylie screamed loudly andAndrea, Kaylie and Amy’s older sister, woke.
“I was in a deep place”, Andrea said, annoyed at her two immature sisters, “And you woke me up, now go to sleep or I’ll make you”.
“Ooooh, scary goth, emo powers!” Amy said and Kaylie burst out laughing. Andrea turned over in here bed and the two other sisters got into bed. Downstairs Conner silently left his parents room and returned to the TARDIS. He had been avoiding answering questions all evening. If it wasn’t for Georgia and the Doctor’s imagination he wouldn’t have been able to answer most of the pressing questions. These questions included: why didn’t you tell us? Why didn’t you keep in contact with us? What were you doing in Venezuela? Since when did you enjoy mountaineering? Etc.

The next morning no alarm sounded in Kaylie’s room, Amy had been nice. Instead Karen, Kaylie’s mum woke her and her sisters up. Zac’s mum woke up Zac and Rachel and Steve. The Doctor, who hadn’t slept got up and looked around the TARDIS control room. Georgia was silently sleeping in the chair, the Doctor didn’t bother to wake her up and went outside. Conner followed the Doctor outside.
“It was nice to see my parents”, Conner said sighing, “But now I know that we have to visit more regularly”.
“Why don’t you tell them the truth?” the Doctor asked.
“If I do, they probably wouldn’t let me travel with you anymore”, Conner answered, “All the dangers and the scares, the aliens and the spaceships”.
“There’s more to it than that”, the Doctor said hopefully. He started walking in the direction of the docks, he was followed by Conner. They passed the hotel’s dining room window. Zac and Kaylie looked up from their table and waved. They were eating cereals and toast. Steve, Zac’s dad, was eating a large full English breakfast. Rachel and Amy were giggling, Andrea was looking into space through her black dyed hair and the two mums were chatting away.
The Doctor waved back and walked on, closely followed by Conner. They rounded the corner of the street and saw the immense Spidership.

“I can’t believe I’ve not heard of it before”, the Doctor said, “I know loads about Earth’s history”.
“And you don’t know about the biggest ship ever made”, Conner asked, “It’s gonna sail the world”.
“Something bad is going to happen I can feel it”, the Doctor said.
“Doctor I haven’t told you something”, Conner said, “If something bad is going to happen, then this may be important”.
“What is it?”
“It was a while back, just after Georgia’s birthday. We went to that dark planet with hags and magic”.

Conner walked down a dark cobbled street. All sorts of people were walking past him, some wearing pointing hats, others with white faces and fangs. The Doctor and Georgia were talking merrily to an old woman. Conner walked down the street and ignored the merry talking. He saw something flash in a shop window nearby. Conner walked into the shop to see all kinds of fangs and ears and body parts on display. The flash seemed to have come behind the counter.
“Hello?” Conner shouted, “Is anyone here?” No-one replied. A chilling wind whooshed threw an open window and made the hair, on the back of Conner’s neck, stand on end.
“Boo!” A voice made Conner jump.
“Where are you?” Conner asked the voice.
“Here!” the voice replied and there was a red flash in mid air. A red man appeared out of the flash.
“Who are you?” Conner asked.
“I never met you and I never will again”, the red person replied, “I saw you walking down the street, you have many secrets and you have been to many places”.
“I said who are you?” Conner replied.
“I am called rack, I am the one who hides in the mist, I hide in the shadows and I can see all”, the man replied.
“Why do you want to talk to me?” Conner asked worriedly.
“Because Conner Bennet, you are close to death”, the man replied. Conner looked closely at the red man and saw he had fangs and red horns. He immediately thought of the devil.
“How do you know?” Conner asked, but there was no response, only a cackle. The devil vanished in a red flash and a puff of smoke, but his cackle remained, echoing of the dirty shop’s walls. Conner ran from the shop and walked straight into the Doctor.

“Anything wrong?” the Doctor asked.
“No nothing”, Conner replied smiling nervously.

Back in the present the Doctor frowned.
“That was just some weird devil-like soothsayer”, the Doctor said.
“So it’s true I am going to die”, Conner asked.
“It probably isn’t true”, the Doctor said.
“But if it is?” Conner asked.
“It may not even mean you”, the Doctor said, “And it isn’t true”. The Doctor left Conner standing in the docks looking at the Spidership and returned to the TARDIS. Conner still felt that is was true and now also felt that something very bad was going to happen.

Georgia had woken up while the Doctor and Conner were out and was very annoyed to find herself alone. Zac and Kaylie were waiting outside the hotel for Conner to come back. They were in their school uniform.
“Why are you in your school uniform?” Conner asked.
“Most of our year is getting up very early this morning”, Zac explained, “They are arriving at 11oclock this morning on a school coach”.
“Why are you here then?” Conner asked.
“You could choose whether you went on the coach or whether your family would drive you down beforehand”, Kaylie answered.

“Well, why aren’t your top buttons done up?” Conner asked jokingly.
“I told you before, we were under a low hypnotic control, all the time, when the slitheen were at our school”, Zac replied.
“Have you ever seen Bradley that un-chavvy before?” Kaylie asked, “Or Beth with her top button done up?”
“Fair enough”, Conner said, “You’ve changed your hair again then”. Kaylie changed the colour of her hair a lot. When the slitheen were at their school, Kaylie’s hair had been a brown colour with blonde highlights. It had also been straightened. When she had got stuck in Virtual Reality, her hair had been dark brown and straight. Now her hair was again a dark brown, but it was curled.
“Oh, you noticed”, Zac said blankly, “She changes her hair every other day”.
“Thank you Zac”, Kaylie said sweetly, “But it does look very nice”.
“Well it is much nicer than when you had purple highlights”, Zac said, “You looked like a goth!”
“Can we please get off the subject of hair”, Conner said.

It was a couple of hours later when a red coach parked in the docks. Kaylie, Zac and a couple of other students and teachers were waiting for it. Out stepped Mrs Sow and Mr. Renegade. Mrs Sow was a very useless teacher who had short dark hair and dangly earrings. Mr. Renegade was Zac and Kaylie’s form tutor.
“Now we must get off the bus nice and slowly”, Mrs Sow said, speaking in a voice which sounded like she was speaking to 4 year olds.
“Get off the bus class”, Mr Renegade said, “Make sure your uniform is clean and tidy, we’re off to a museum for most of the morning”. Mr. Renegade was a lot more in control than Mrs Sow. The year 11’s charged off the bus knocking Mrs Sow out of the way.

“I said careful children”, Mrs Sow said sweetly. Bradley was one of the first to get off the coach followed by his gang. He was wearing a white cap, back to front, and he was chewing gum. He was followed by his gang.
Catherine stumbled off the bus next, she was pointing at a fishing boat and asked, “So is that the Spidership?”
“No don’t be so stupid!” Beth said following her, “And why do we have to go to a museum. I wanna get in my prom dress and get on board right now!” She was closely followed by Ronald Ummelmann. He had been new to the school in September and had made friends with Harry who followed Ronald.
“Hi Zac, Hi Kaylie”, Harry said blundering up to them, “Any news from Big D?”
“Yes, he’s here in Portsmouth with Georgia and Conner”, Zac replied happily.
“They haven’t said much but I get the feeling that Conner and the Doctor predict something bad”, Kaylie said mysteriously.
“Since when was Conner a soothsayer?” Harry asked.
“Now calm down”, Mrs Sow said, but with no affect.
“Silence!” Mr Renegade said, “Mrs Sow has something to say”.
“Now year 11’s”, Mrs Sow began, “We are going to do a lot of fun things today before we go aboard the Spidership at 3. We’re going to a very exciting museum and we’re going to look at some old boats. It is going to be fun fun fun and if we work together then we’ll be able to get on the Spidership earlier than 3!”

“Since when was museums fun?” Bradley said to his gang in an audible voice.
“Bradley don’t be so rude!” Mrs Sow exclaimed, “People have worked hard on these museums”.
“Innit though!” Bradley replied crossing his arms, “Yeah but, people have worked hard on looking at fossil dung, why can’t we look at that?” Bradley’s gang and many others laughed. Mr Renegade led the year out of the docks into the town. Two girls darted from behind a building and ran silently after the class. As a couple of students looked back in the docks, the two girls hid behind a fishing boat.
“Amy when you pulled me behind here”, the older of the girls said, “You almost made me fall into the harbour”.
“Damn I missed”, Amy joked, “Would you rather have looked like a dodgy stalker?”
“But we are dodgy stalkers”, Andrea replied.
“Not really”, Amy replied, “All we want to do is get on board the Spidership”.
“Come on, or we’ll loose them!” Andrea said running after the group of students.

Meanwhile a tank rolled up into the part of the docks which the Spidership was in. Following the tank were several cars and a whole unit of soldiers. The cars were of a green colour. Stepping out of one was a female with short blonde hair. A man in a dark suit with black combed hair jogged up to the female.
“Ah, I see you brought the whole army”, the man said.
“Captain Marion Price”, Captain Price said, “And this is the United Nations, not just the army”.
“I thought you were from UNIT Miss Price”, the man said.
“Captain Price and yes I am”, Captain Price said, “Aliens should not be hidden, especially on a vessel which will soon carry the queen”.
“Aliens?” the man asked.
“Yes aliens”, Captain Gifford said leading his unit of men towards them, “They can be very dangerous, Captain Gifford by the way”.
“We have reason to believe that you are hiding aliens in the Spidership”, Captain Price continued.
“But I’m not hiding anything”, the man said, “I am Roger Ummelmann by the way”.
“We will need to talk to the person in charge here”, Captain Gifford asked, “Where is he?”
“They cannot be seen”, Roger replied, “They are very busy with the opening night of the Spidership, and nothing can go wrong”.
“Don’t worry”, Captain Price said, smiling threateningly, “If anything goes wrong we’ll be here to stop it”.
“UNIT are in charge here”, Captain Gifford said, “So if you are hiding anything. We’re sure to find out”.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Game Over cast and summed up

Cast(In order of appearance):
The Doctor
Mr. Smith

Featuring: Many other monsters in the game and other people trapped in the game.

Georgia wakes up and Conner sees her. Together they walk through the desert. Lisa escapes from the creature, while Dorris beats up the Cheshire Cat, remembering how she had stopped a robber single handedly. The Doctor lands in the game via the TARDIS, and Zac and Kaylie continue, meeting the Doctor in the sandstorm.

Mr Smith switches back on, and the lizards dissapear from the Attic and Maria's garden. Zac informs the Doctor that Georgia is dead, and the Doctor demands a meeting with Bulba. He appears, and tells the Doctor that Georgia is still alive. Zac sneaks off to finish the game on his own, and Chrissie faints in Alan's arms. Georgia and Conner make it to the sandstorm level, while Dorris and Lisa bump into each other. Conner and Kaylie hug, as do the Doctor and Georgia, before the team are surrounded by hungry Tigers. Bulba apologises and leaves the TARDIS crew to their fate.

Bulba removes the Tigers from the game, saving everyone, and Dorris and Lisa team up. The Doctor is teleported to help Bulba, and Georgia, Conner and Kaylie are zapped to Zac to help him finish the game for good. The Doctor meets Harry again, while Georgia and the others experience teleportation. Zac confronts Georgia, Kaylie and Conner, and gets a few thigs of his mind, and Sarah Jane's gang enter the game. Conner, meanwhile, falls into one of the many game's traps.

Conner escapes but he and Georgia stay behind. Something dangerous attracts their attention. The Doctor plans to send Dorris and Lisa home, and Zac and Kaylie are interrupted by a deadly fly. After Kaylie saves them, they reach Level 8. Meanwhile, Georgia and Conner are attacked by Robots after stray gamers.

Zac and kaylie take seperate paths after the game delivers a harsh choice. The Doctor successfully sends Dorris and Lisa home, and Kaylie comes across Harry and the Doctor. The Doctor battles to save Georgia and Conner, and Zac at the same time, before Bulba reveals himself to be evil. The Doctor disables him, revealing he is just a Droid. The Robots are sent in the place of Zac, and Harry and the other captured humans, including Sarah Jane's team are sent home. Sarah Jane reflects with her team about the Doctor, and Maria decides she fancies Conner. Back home, Zac decides enough is enough and waves the Doctor, Georgia and Conner off, before walking home with Kaylie, into the sunset.

Later on, in the TARDIS, inspired by their chat about the Vicar of Dibley, the Doctor tells Conner a joke. Conner responds, and here is the excerpt:

“You know we were talking about the Vicar of Dibley earlier?” the Doctor asked.
“Yeah,” Conner said “are you gonna take me to visit it?”
“No! It’s not real. I’ve decided to tell you a joke!” the Doctor grinned.
“Go on then, do your worst,” Conner sighed.
“Alright!” the Doctor grinned “here it is: Why do the Vargoine love the colour pink?”
“I dunno, why do they love the colour pink?” Conner said.
“Because their cheese is blue!” the Doctor laughed.
“I don’t get it,” Conner said “what’s wrong with their cheese? Are you anti-blue cheese? Well, I think that’s very wrong, you shouldn’t discriminate against cheese.”
“Seriously?” the Doctor said.
“Yes this is a serious matter! Leave that cheese alone!” Conner said defiantly “After that awful anti-cheese joke, I’ll tell you a good one.”
“Go on then,” the Doctor said.
“Why do the Daleks eat apples?” Conner smiled.
“I dunno…” the Doctor said.
“Because an apple a day keeps the Doctor away!” Conner fell about laughing on the TARDIS sofa.

The Doctor gives him a look to show the joke isn’t funny. Conner stops laughing. He stands up. The Doctor nods and Conner leaves the TARDIS console room, his head bowed.

When he is alone, the Doctor bursts out laughing.

“Daleks!… Apples!... Cheese!... Ha!”

Virtual Reality Cast and summed up

Cast(in order of appearance):
The Doctor
Lisa Rock
Clyde Langer
Luke Smith
Mr. Smith
Maria Jackson
Chrissie Jackson
Alan Jackson
The Cheshire cat

Featuring: All the other monsters in the game


Harryis playing on the game Virtual Reality, 3 weeks later Kaylie is too, but Harry does not emerge from his room, Kaylie however does. Harry has been sucked into the game Virtual Reality. Kaylie then plays on it again and is sucked into the game too! The Doctor, Georgia, Conner and Zac decide to return to South London to see Kaylie. While Zac and Georgia go off to Kaylie's, the Doctor and Conner go to the post office to post a letter. Zac and Georgia find that Kaylie is not at her house and that Zac has been reported missing.
Harry, meanwhile met a little blue alien called Bulba, who says that he can leave the game if he helps the alien. Harry teleports away but the teleport goes wrong. A women from the army called Lisa Rock, meanwhile is sucked into the game while playing on it, in her free time. Lisa then comes face to face with a mammoth from the game! Zac and Georgia find Kaylie who is on the TV screen. Zac is then pulled into the game, then Georgia!

Conner and the Doctor meet Dorris at the post office, who says that Virtual Reality is being sold in nearly every shop in London, they were delivered with a note saying 'pleese sall tankyou'. They then take on of the games to check out. Lisa, meanwhile, escapes the mammoth. Sarah-Jane meanwhile is investigating the dissapearances in London. Luke is playing on the Virtual Reality game and tells Clyde he gone through it twice all ready! 4 weeks earlier Harry's teleport was then fixed by Bulba and he was given a box of games to deliver around London. Dorris, at the Post Office meanwhile, is sucked into the Virtual Reality game, which she has displayed on a screen. She then sees a snake, which has seen her.

Georgia, Zac and Kaylie encounter trouble in the game, while Conner goes to find where they've got to, leaving the Doctor in the TARDIS. Meanwhile, in Bannerman Road, Maria arrived in Sarah-Janes attic to find that Luke has vanished. Mr. Smith then confirms that the Virtual Reality game has alien technology in it and they spot Luke inside the TV. The snake that is attacking Dorris meanwhile vanishes. Lisa was being chased by a large balck thing with paws, but she found herself at a dead end.
Conner, then reaches Kaylie's house to find Zac and Georgia aren't there, so Conner is sucked into the game too! Conner soon finds he is lost. Zac, Georgia and Kaylie then find a bridge and a group of Lily pads across the river. Underneath the bridge is a troll. Lisa Rock tries to stop the black creature attacking her but finds herself in its lap. In Bannerman Road, Mr. Smith begins to fail and several huge lizards from the Virtual Reality world appear around Bannerman Road. Chrissie mistakens one for Ivan and is then chased by one. As Georgia crosses thr bridge, the troll smashes into it and Georgia falls into the water and drowns.

This story is continued in episode 9! This is a very condensed version of he story, so please read the whole thing!

Will and Seb Exclusive!!!

I've scoured the internet in search of another website that has this news, but I am led to believe it is a Will and Seb Exclusive!

A companion for one of the 2009 specials is called Christina! It is not know who will play her, but RTD has said 'watch out for Christina- sparks will fly!'

So there you have it. If you're using this article please thank Will and Seb, as I found it! Thanks!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Episode 12: The Spidership Part 1

Episode 12 the Spidership!


“Come with me Georgia you deserve some fun”.
“Wow of course I’ll come”, Georgia said happily.

“Through time and space, and back again! If you want to, of course,” Georgia said, walking through the doors of the TARDIS.
“Would I? Yes!” Conner cried.

“Isn’t that Conner”, Harry asked.
“Yeah it is and with him must be”, Zac said.
“The doctor!” Kaylie interrupted.

“Earth, you are mad if you think you can defeat us”, Commander Marr was saying, “I am on the 1st magnet warrior conquer ship and you will be defeated. You tried to kill us, so now you will die”.

“Hi,” the alien said, in a cute Wall-E type voice “you must come with me. Something has gone wrong! My father’s Game has started capturing people! If you help me, I’ll release you.”

August 2009

A man was typing at a desk. The room was small and cold but the plans had to be finished tonight. There was a knock on his door. The man went to open it and looked outside into a dark corridor. No-one was there, the man shrugged and returned to his work. Suddenly, the man heard a voice.
“You are suffering a nervous breakdown”, the voice said eerily.
“Who’s there?” the man shouted, he then thought to himself and muttered, “Of course I am suffering a nervous breakdown, hearing voices and hearing knocks on the door of a study in a half finished ship”.
“You are hearing voices”, the voice said, “But not in your head, we have always been in this study”.
“What?” the man stuttered, “Who are you?”
“We are in the corner”, the voice said, “We hide in the corners”.
“But who are you?” the man demanded, “Where are you from?”
“We are small but are tortured by humans”, the voice continued, “We are drowned and squished with a finger, when we just want our dinner”.
“An insect”, the man said, “No insects should be here”.

“Why not?” the voice said, “All we want is our long-awaited own back”.
“Someone is playing tricks on me”, the man said scared, no-one replied. He looked around the room then sat back down on his chair and finished the plans for the ship.

“Well that’s a relief”, the man said before something hairy jumped up at him from the corner and the man screamed loudly. His pencil dropped to the floor and so did a drop of blood….


14 Months later….

Zac was sitting on a chair in his house at his table. Surrounding the table were Kaylie, Beth, Harry and a number of other friends from his school. His parents and little sister Rachel were ready to take photos.
“Happy Birthday to you!” the Crowd had sung.
“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Zac! Happy Birthday to you!” The lyrics differed from person to person, mostly involving monkeys, zoos, squashed bananas and stew! As the song ended Zac blew out the candles and smiled. However, Zac then checked his phone to see if Conner had replied to the message he’d sent 3 days ago.

“Oh, look at this!” Kaylie, who had just received a message on her phone, said.
“What is it?” Harry asked.
“Can, I switch on the TV please Mrs Pemberton”, Kaylie asked Zac’s mum.
“Of course”, Zac’s mum replied, “Is there something important on?”
“The Spidership!” Kaylie answered, switching on the TV and on the screen a female newsreader appeared.

“The Spidership has finally been completed”, the female said, “After 5 years of construction, these people are very proud of their work”. On screen appeared a picture of a huge ship, bigger then the titanic above water. The ship is in a very deep docking area, standing nearby are several smiling workers, mechanics and builders.

“Look there’s Conner’s parents”, Harry said.
“If only, Conner was here to see the completion of the Spidership”, Zac muttered.
“It was his choice to go”, Kaylie said to Zac.
“Where’s Conner been?” Zac’s dad asked.
“Yeah daddy, why doesn’t Conner come round for tea anymore?” Rachel, Zac’ sister asked.
“As I said before, Conner’s gone travelling to Venezuela”, Zac said.

“The 20 storey high ship will be setting sail in 3 days time, with the very lucky St. Marks senior school on board”, the female newsreader continued, “They were the lucky winners of the Spidership competition. It is amazing that the Spidership was completed in time, as the person in charge changed half way through building it!”

“It’s gotta be a fix that we won”, Harry said, “Conner’s parents probably fixed it”.
“I don’t think they’d do a thing like that”, Zac’s mum said.
“Will we be on TV”, Beth asked casually.
“If the ‘goat’ incident didn’t get you on TV then I don’t think this will”, Harry joked. Suddenly Zac’s phone rang.
“It’s Conner”, Zac exclaimed.

Conner was running down a corridor followed by Georgia who was screaming.
“Bit busy right now Zac”, Conner shouted down the phone.
“Why haven’t you been replying?” Zac said ignoring the screams. Following Conner and Georgia was a huge green monster.
“I’ve been busy with space docks”, Conner said as a green rubber-like hand swiped at Conner’s head, “Been attacked by scarecrows and crows”. Just then the Doctor appeared and squirted deodorant in the monsters eyes. The monster roared and swung his arms wildly.

“What is that noise?” Zac asked. Beth, Kaylie, Harry, Rachel and Zac’s parents were gathering round.
“Nothing much just a splurge”, Conner replied lightly, “What do you want?”
“Can you come to Earth ASAP there’s something weird going on with the Spidership”, Zac answered, “Can’t talk now I’ve got a lot of eavesdroppers”.
“Oh OK, I’ll be there as soon as I can”, Conner said, “Can’t talk now either”. Conner ducked as the mad green monster tripped and almost knocked him flying.
“Bye then!” Zac said turning the phone off.
“Is he coming?” Kaylie asked, Zac turned and nodded.
“I wish you’d tell us what’s going on”, Zac’s mum said.
“It’s not important, but we’d better get packing for the trip”, Zac said happily.
“Oh yeah, we’re getting on board in a couple of days”, Harry said.
“Is your mum coming to wave you off?” Zac’s mum asked.
“No, but Kaylie’s is, things aren’t going well at home for me”, Harry said sadly.

A couple of parents arrived at the door, including Beth’s, to take their children home. The parents filtered in and filtered out with their children and a piece of cake. By the time Harry left it was getting dark. Zac stayed up until ten then went to bed as it was a long drive to Portsmouth tomorrow morning. They were staying in Portsmouth the next night and Kaylie’s mum and sisters were staying there too. Harry and most of the other children were going up the following day with school. On that day at 3pm the Spidership would set sail with most of Zac’s year on board.

Early next morning Zac was woken by his annoying sister, who was bouncing on his legs. Meanwhile Kaylie awoke and she had to drag her mum out of bed. It was about 8 when Zac’s family finally got into their car. Rachel had tried to fit almost every piece of clothing in her wardrobe into her suitcase and Zac’s dad who was driving wasn’t happy. The trip was long with not much of a view until they got to near the coast.
“Daddy, please can I go on the Spidership?” Rachel asked in a polite sweet voice.
“Maybe when you’re older Rachel”, Zac’s dad said.
“But I want to go on it today! Zac gets to”.
“That is because his school won the competition and why would you want to go on the Spidership, you would get seasick”. Rachel crossed her arms and didn’t talk for the rest of the journey.

Meanwhile in South London, Georgia’s mother was watering some plants in her garden. Elizabeth’s husband Colin was inside watching the news. Elizabeth was actually very good at gardening and she frequently told the neighbours that. Her new next door neighbour Mrs White was also very good at gardening. Mrs White had replaced Mr. Perkins who apparently had died without Elizabeth even noticing. ‘Richard had noticed though’, Elizabeth thought, ‘he noticed everything’. There was suddenly a loud scraping noise.
“Colin!” Elizabeth shouted at her husband through the open window of the living room, “Georgia’s back!” Colin rushed out of the house to see his wife standing with her large hat peering down the road.

“They usually arrive at the park”, Colin said knowingly, “And I’m not running all the way there and back”.
“I’m not asking you to”, Elizabeth said, “But we haven’t seen them since August and now it’s October”.

Colin had been right the Doctor, Conner and Georgia exited the TARDIS which was parked in the exact place where it had landed almost a year ago, when Georgia had first met the Doctor.
“So you first met the Doctor here?” Conner asked Georgia.
“Yes, it was on Christmas Eve with the Magnet Warriors”, Georgia answered.
“Doctor why aren’t we in Portsmouth?” Conner asked.
“Oh, the old girl gets it wrong all the time”, the Doctor answered, “It’s not her fault though, I really need 6 people to fly the TARDIS”.
“You could teach us”, Georgia said smiling.
The Doctor looked at her and said, “No”.

“Anyway, since we’re here”, Georgia said, “Let’s go see my parents”. It was five minutes later when Georgia and the Doctor arrived at Georgia’s parent’s house. Conner had opted to stay in the TARDIS and sleep.
“Georgia!” Elizabeth cried as she saw her only daughter. Georgia ran up to her and they hugged. Colin followed and hugged her too.
“Come in and have some tea”, Elizabeth said.
“Of course I will Mrs Bell”, the Doctor said.
“Don’t call me that it makes me sound old”, Elizabeth said ushering the Doctor and Georgia into the house.
“So Georgia, where’ve you been?” Colin asked, “Have you still got that diary”.

Zac arrived in Portsmouth to find that Kaylie’s family had actually got there first. Kaylie’s family consisted of four girls. Karen was the mother of the 3 girls; she was a good mother with a strong will. Andrea was Kaylie’s older sister, she was in year 12 and she was a Goth. Amy was Kaylie’s younger sister, she was in Year 7 and was very sweet and everyone seemed to like her. Amy was in fact a real menace who took karate lessons and had knocked a man out cold when he tried to kiss her mother at a party. Karen was very unhappy with Amy after that scenario. She hid this side of her with ballet lessons and a beautiful innocent smile. Kaylie disliked her sister greatly.

Zac and Kaylie’s families were staying in the same hotel in Portsmouth. From Zac’s hotel room window he could see a huge ship. There were at least 20 floors above water and apparently underneath the water were quite a few floors as well.

“We are very lucky Zac”, Kaylie said she was sitting next to him on the window sill.
“I know”, Zac said, “So what are you wearing for the first night”.
“I don’t know”, Kaylie replied.
“Well, you’d better choose quickly!” Zac told her, “I know how long you take!”
“Thank you very much”, Kaylie said giggling, “What’s that noise?” A scraping noise filled the air.
“The TARDIS and it’s landing just outside”, Zac said peering out the window, “Come on!” Kaylie and Zac rushed through the hotel outside to meet the TARDIS crew, who were emerging from the TARDIS.

“You have finally arrived!” Zac said, “But now is better than never”.
“Good, you should’ve phoned sooner though Zac”, Conner said.
“I did phone sooner”, Zac replied, “I’ve been trying to get hold of you for weeks. I figured some distant planet wouldn’t have a mobile phone network”.
“I don’t think you have”, Georgia said, “These phones, you see ,can be rung by anyone at any time and I can ring anyone at any time”.
“But how come Zac’s texts and calls haven’t got to Conner’s phone”, Kaylie asked.

Conner got his phone out but the Doctor grabbed it and got out his sonic screwdriver.
“There’s no need to snatch”, Conner said. The Doctor scanned the phone with his sonic screwdriver.
“Someones been blocking Zac’s texts and calls on this phone”, the Doctor said, “But who? Zac was there an important reason for bringing us here?”
“Yes, of course I wouldn’t bring you home from a distant universe to just say hi”, Zac replied annoyed.
“What was it then?” Georgia asked.
“The Spidership”, Zac answered.
“The Spidership, I’ve heard that loads of times before”, the Doctor said.
“You would’ve it’s been on the news for ages”, Kaylie said.
“There’s something going on with the Spidership”, Zac said, “Firstly, August last year, the manager of the Spidership vanished. Suddenly it was taken over by a completely new company, they added loads of new expensive things to the ship. Of course, soon they ran out of money. The work just stopped”.
“When was this?” The Doctor asked.
“About January last year”, Kaylie said.
“Then, suddenly they had much more money again”, Zac continued, “The money came out of nowhere. They had enough to sponsor loads of games and companies, including the new aquari water supply”.
“And that game ‘Virtual Reality’”, Kaylie interrupted.
“Oh yeah”, Conner said, “You had entered that competition to go on the Spidership!”
“And we won”, Zac said, “We found out a week ago. All our forms had already been signed, but we never thought that we would win. It leaves tomorrow and guess who got a ticket from his parents”.
“My parents”, Conner exclaimed, “I haven’t seen them for ages not since that night when we first came back to Earth”.
“They’ve missed you”, Zac said, “I’ve had to keep it all a secret you travelling in time and space”.

“Oh no! I missed your birthday”, Conner said shocked, “Wait I’ve got something for you it was going to be a Christmas present but here it is, I got it off this market in about 10050 years in the future”. Conner took out of his pocket a metallic object with a screen on it.
“It’s an alien heat sensor”, Conner said, “You can zoom in and see heat and it can make out heat through a mile of metal!” The Doctor was not listening as Zac received his gift. Zac looked very happy and he, Kaylie and Conner started looking at each other through it. The Doctor was looking at something moving towards them.

“Who are those people running towards us now?” Georgia asked joining the Doctor.
“It’s my parents”, Conner shouted happily.
“Um- Conner I forgot to tell you where they think you are”, Zac said, “They think you’re in…” But Zac was too late Conner’s parents arrived.
“Oh Conner it is great to see you”, Conner’s mum said, grabbing Conner and hugging him tightly.
“We’ve been wondering where you have been”, Conner’s dad said, “We’ve been so worried”.
“I’m fine”, Conner said as he was squeezed tightly. Georgia smiled.
“I mean, we know you’ve been in Venezuela but…” Conner’s mum continued, “With that skinny man and that blonde”. Conner looked at Zac annoyed about apparently being in Venezuela, Zac smiled widely back.

“The Doctor”, The Doctor said shaking Conner’s dads hand.
“And Georgia”, Georgia said, “Not a dumb young blonde”.
“Yes, well you’re far too old for Conner”, Conner’s mum said.
“Ew, me and Conner aren’t together”, Georgia said very quickly.
“And she’s only two years older than me”, Conner said.
“Three years my birthday was in September”, Georgia said.

Meanwhile deep inside the Spidership on floor 0, there’s a pattering of feet ascending steps. The door at the top of the steps closed leaving the floor in complete darkness, all except for three blue dots of light.
“Dalek Gain turn on the lights”, A voice said.
“The experiment has finished your arm should now be in place”, Another deeper voice added.
“I obey”, a higher voice replied and a metal hand reached for the light switch. The lights flashed revealing a huge laboratory and in the middle stood two daleks. One was white and the other was blue. They had been experimenting on the other dalek.
“It seems to have worked”, the deeper dalek voice belonging to the blue dalek said.
“The hand is real”, the white dalek said. They were both staring at a gold dalek who was standing next to the light switch. In the place of its plunger was a metallic arm with a fully flexible hand at the end of it.

“How do you feel?” the blue dalek asked the gold dalek.
“I feel the same”, the gold dalek replied, “I have no feelings”.
“But can you touch?” the white dalek asked in turn.
“Affirmative”, the gold dalek replied.


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The spidership

So this was the story arc! The name of episode 12 is the spidership and it's based on the spidership!

Here are all the references to the spidership:

Georgia and the Magnet Warriors part 3:
“The Unit ship valiant is on the move . It seems to be heading for London. No-one has told us why this move”, the American newsreader Trinity Wells was saying. “As the Spidership nears completion”...

This picture has spidership written on the tv screen beneath Trinity Wells:

The picture can be found on the Georgia and the magnet warriors cast and summed up page.

This extract is from episode 1 Conner part 2:

“And… In other news the work on the Spidership has resumed at Portsmouth Docks, Britain,” Trinity Wells reports “wait! We have some incoming news! There has been a reported attack by Extraterrestrials with eight arms in the UK area of London. We are advising people to stay in their homes, and get off of the streets.”

Episode 1 Conner part 4 (This new report also appeared in Mini-ep 5):

"We have reports that workers on the Spidership are asking to come back to their loved ones. Thank you. That is all. Now back to day time TV,” the English newsreader reported.

Episode 1 Conner part 5:

“What about your Parents?” the Doctor asked, out of the blue.
“They’re not at home. They’re working, on the Spidership. My Dad built my wardrobe by the way. He made it HUGE. That’s how your ship could fit in it,” Conner said sadly.

Episode 4 The Demon Headmaster part 1:

“Hyperbrain!” Kaylie said, “Oh yeah did you hear our schools entering a competition for a trip on the Spidership”.
“And we’ve entered that competition to go to America”, Harry informed them, just then the bell rang and the three ran off to class.

Episode 4 The Demon Headmaster part 3:

“Conner the 14 year old boy has returned home”, the reporter was saying, “No-one really knows what had happened to him. He turned up earlier tonight and visited his parents who are working on the Spidership…”

Episode 5 Slitheen School part 2:

“My parents can’t help they’re at work”, Harry said.
“We could go round to mine”, Mr. Roberts suggested.
“No they’ll think we’d go there”, the doctor said.
“My parents are working on the Spidership”, Conner said, “In Portsmouth”.

This picture is from the action figure gallery if you look closely on the school wall noticeboard you'll see the word spidership:

Episode 8 part 1:

The desk is covered in papers, and Zac picks up a couple.

As you may know, our school is entering the Spidership Competition. If we win, this year will receive a free trip on the Spidership. For the other years prizes, see the School Secretary.

“Blah blah blah. We’re never going to win. I mean, the Spidership!” Zac grinned.
“I wish I was still at school, and then I could go,” Georgia said.
“Well-” Zac began, before noticing the piece of paper underneath.

Episode 8 Virtual Reality part 2:

“In this new game, blah blah blah. No, wait! Look, the game’s sponsored by the Spidership! Umm… Anyway, where were you?” Conner asked.
“Not everyone wants to buy dodgy top up cards for half the price!” the Doctor frowned “and what’s the Spidership anyway?”
“It’s-” Conner began.

Episode 9 Game Over part 5:

On a TV Zac is against a black background. Credits of the Game start coming up, lifting Zac off of his feet. He falls off of the line saying ‘Developed by Bulba Corp.’ but he’s knocked over by the line saying ‘Sponsored by the Spidership.’ This continues on and on. Then Bulba enters the room.

Mini-ep 14:

“Why’s that?” the Doctor asked looking up.
“Something weird is going on with the Spidership”, Conner answered.
“What’s the Spidership?” the Doctor asked.
“It’s a colossal ship”, Georgia explained, “The biggest ship in the world ever made. In October it sets sail, loads of posh people will be on board including the queen”.
“My parents are helping build it”, Conner added.
“Well the Spidership, here we come”, the Doctor said smiling and the TARDIS shuddered heading for 2010…….

So it has been mentioned a lot, it has been mentioned in every episode based on present day Earth. We now await the final the spidership...

Mini ep. 14: Rena Peakes

Rena Peakes

Starring: Rena Peakes

With: The Doctor, Georgia and Conner

And: The splurge monster


Rena Peakes was sitting in her office, typing a long letter to the manager of a nearby company. This nearby company wished to buy theirs. She was making a long list of conditions and terms in the form of the letter. She was just finishing the last condition when she heard a loud crash from upstairs. She turned around to see no-one else in her office.
“Where has everyone got to?” Rena muttered to herself. She walked out into the corridor and peered down from the 1st floor to the reception area. The receptionist Annie Roscastle was sitting, typing as usual and the useless head of resources, Daniel Bailey was standing looking proud and snobbish. All seemed normal so she returned to her office.

Suddenly a loud scraping noise filled the air and paper flew from her desk. Wind rushed through the office. Rena put her hand in front of her face as she saw something slowly appear. It was a blue box, which had the phrase ‘police public call box’, on the top of it. Rena got up from her desk and looked around it. There seemed to be some kind of door. Rena then jumped back from the door and almost screamed, as three people charged out of it in deep conversation.
“Are you sure it’s here?” An 18 year old blonde girl asked urgently, “Is Mr Splurge here?”
“Completely”, a man in a brown suit and brown hair replied quickly. Of course this was the Doctor and Georgia, with Conner.
“But an office block, in London”, Conner said disbelievingly, “And in 2005, did anything interesting happen in that year?”
“I met Rose Tyler”, The Doctor answered and closed the door to the box.
“Who’s she?” Georgia asked annoyed.
“Oh, no-one”, the Doctor replied. Up to this point no-one had realised Rena Peakes was there.
“Ahem, Doctor”, Conner said pointing behind the Doctor at Rena.

“Oh, hullo”, the Doctor said.
“What are you doing?” Rena asked, “You are trespassing on private property”.
“I thought that you could only trespass if you were outside”, the Doctor said.
“What?” Rena snapped, she was nice and sweet, but she did not like being joked with. There was another loud crash from upstairs.
“No time to explain”, the Doctor said as he rushed out the door followed by Conner.

“You stay here”, Georgia said to Rena, “It could be dangerous”.
“I work here”, Rena said, “And you just rush in and tell me I’m not needed”.
“I’m sorry but it will be very dangerous”, Georgia said rushing after the Doctor.
Rena followed.
“They don’t even know their way around”, Rena muttered rushing up the stairs. On the 3rd floor landing the Doctor was standing with Conner. He had his sonic screwdriver out, Rena had no idea what it was.

“Is that some kind of detector?” Rena asked.
“Correctamundo”, the Doctor said, “Damn I used that word…. It is on setting 23 which detects aliens”.
“Aliens?” Rena said, “Don’t be silly, aliens don’t exist. If aliens existed then they would have contacted us by now”.
“They have octopli, magnet warriors”, Georgia explained, “Slitheen, they’re all aliens”.
“When did all this happen?” Rena asked.
“Georgia, we’re in 2005”, Conner told Georgia, “Told you nothing happened in this year”.
“At which I said…” the Doctor began but he was interrupted by another crashing noise from an office nearby.
“Run!” Georgia shouted. They rushed into the office to see a green monster it looked like it had a liquid like green gunge covering its skin. Rena had never seen anything like it before.

“It’s the splurge”, the Doctor said relieved.
“Well come on lets get it out of here”, Conner said.
“Right then, Mr. Splurge this way”, the Doctor said ushering to the splurge. It roared and ran towards them.
“Run again!” Georgia shouted. They ran out of the door followed by Rena. Rena slid downstairs on the banister. The splurge followed Conner and Georgia and the Doctor who rushed upstairs then along a corridor. Suddenly, Conner’s phone started ringing.
“I’m a bit busy right now Zac”, Conner said down the phone as the splurge ran after him. The Doctor ran into a bathroom nearby. Georgia and Conner ran on oblivious to this. Zac replied to Conner.

“I’ve been busy with space docks”, Conner said as a green rubber-like hand swiped at Conner’s head, “Been attacked by scarecrows and crows”. Just then the Doctor appeared and squirted deodorant in the monsters eyes. The monster roared and swung its arms wildly.
“Nothing much just a splurge”, Conner replied lightly to Zac’s comment, “What do you want? OK I’ll be there as soon as I can. Can’t talk now either”. Conner ducked as the mad green monster tripped and almost knocked him flying. Zac hung up. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner were now racing away from the mad monster which was waving its arms.

They turned a corner and almost ran into Rena who was holding a hair dryer that was plugged in. The monster ran round the corner and turned on her. Rena switched the hair dryer on full blast. The splurge put its hand in front of its face which melted and fell to the floor. The rest of the monster soon followed even its blue eyes.

“You killed it”, Georgia said astonished, “With a hair dryer”.
“I figured that if its skin was liquid-like then all it needed was a bit more heat and the rest of it would turn into liquid too”, Rena explained.
“Very good thinking”, the Doctor said, “Brilliant in fact”.
“But Doctor we don’t usually kill”, Conner said quietly not looking at Rena.
“That thing would of got faster and faster”, the Doctor said looking at Conner, “And it would’ve killed you. You could say thank you”.
“Of course”, Conner began, “Thank you very much”.
“So I guess aliens do exist”, Rena muttered looking at the creature.
“So, what was your name?” the Doctor asked.
“Rena, Rena Peakes”, Rena Peakes answered, “I work here, and who are you?”
“I’m the Doctor”, the Doctor said.

Ten minutes later the Doctor, Georgia, Conner and Rena were standing next to the TARDIS. The Doctor had sucked up the splurge monster with a vacuum cleaner from the TARDIS.
“So Rena, see you again some time”, the Doctor said.
“Thank you Doctor”, Rena replied, “I hope I will, good luck Georgia, and you too Conner”.
“Thanks bye”, Conner stepped into the TARDIS followed by Georgia.
“What’s that then?” Rena asked the Doctor.
“A TARDIS”, the Doctor answered, “It travels in time”.
“Your joking”, Rena replied, “I believe you, goodbye”. The Doctor waved and stepped back in the TARDIS. Rena stood back and watched in awe as the blue box faded away.

Inside the TARDIS the Doctor was fiddling with the controls.
“Conner, who was that on the phone?” Georgia asked.
“Oh, Zac”, Conner said, “We need to return home as quickly as possible”.
“Why’s that?” the Doctor asked looking up.
“Something weird is going on with the Spidership”, Conner answered.
“What’s the Spidership?” the Doctor asked.
“It’s a colossal ship”, Georgia explained, “The biggest ship in the world ever made. In October it sets sail, loads of posh people will be on board including the queen”.
“My parents are helping build it”, Conner added.
“Well the Spidership, here we come”, the Doctor said smiling and the TARDIS shuddered heading for 2010…….


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Mini ep. 13: Book Club

Book Club

Featuring: Elizabeth and Colin
with: the Doctor

Elizabeth walked over to the stairs.

“Colin!” she bellowed “hurry up! We’ll miss our first Book Club meeting!”

Colin emerged at the top of the stairs, looking hen-pecked. He walked down the stairs, and was ushered to the front door. Elizabeth doubled back and grabbed the book they were reading.

“Come on!” Elizabeth cried.

Colin stepped forward and opened Elizabeth’s car door for her. She got in, and Colin shut the door. Sliding into the driver’s seat, Colin revved the engine. Elizabeth peered out of the car window at the houses along the street.

“Drive slowly past number 56, I want her to see my new hat!” Elizabeth said.
“Alright alright, but if we’re late, it’ll be your fault,” Colin muttered under his breath.

They pulled up outside the church, next to the small village hall, where the book club was being held. Elizabeth pointed to the Library.

“Look!” Elizabeth said “they’ve redone the roof! I wonder where they got that money from. I bet it was Dorris from the Post Office. She sold loads of those games- Virtual Reality or something.”
“Well good for her- it was about time they did it,” Colin said.
“Yes well-” Elizabeth broke off.

Colin quickly opened the door to the car and stepped out. He walked around to Elizabeth’s door and opened it. She stepped out, and spotted the Vicar by the Church.

“Vicar! Vicar!” Elizabeth called, walking over to him.

Across the lawn, the Vicar shuddered.

“Oh no! It’s that Bell Woman!” he said.

Elizabeth reached him, brandishing her handbag.

“How are you Vicar? You must come to tea someday! You always seem to be busy!” Elizabeth smiled.
“I’m err, booked up for the next three years. Now, I’d better go inside- prepare the altar table,” the Vicar said, leaving quickly.

Colin regarded his sympathy for the Vicar. He wished he was booked up for the next three years. Elizabeth grabbed his arm and led him to the village hall, which would only be found in London, in the area in which they lived in.

Daisy quickly looked away from the window. She glanced at Gareth, her friend, and mouthed ‘oh no! It’s the Bell Woman!’ Daisy was an assistant at the Library, who Elizabeth insisted had to come for a cup of tea at least once every three weeks in the hope of persuading Georgia to redo her GCSEs while seeing Daisy with hers. This had fortunately stopped for most of the year, ever since Georgia went travelling with a Doctor. Medical trip or something, Daisy had thought, imagining Elizabeth insisting her do it in place of retaking her GCSEs.

Daisy had the habit of getting nervous around Elizabeth, so tended to spill the cups of tea Elizabeth provided, usually over herself, and the holiday brochures Elizabeth had once thrust under her nose.

Elizabeth and Colin entered the hall, and sat on two of the chairs in the circle. Three hours later, Colin shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Despite only going to the Book Club to keep up her image along the street, Elizabeth sat enraptured and interested. Colin’s back ached, and he quietly apologised while slipping out of the hall for some fresh air.

Once outside, Colin quickly pulled out his phone, which he put up to his ear after looking in his contacts for his daughter.

In the TARDIS, two Galaxies away, Georgia ducked around the Console, and ran for the cover as a crying alien baby waddled over to her. Her phone vibrated in her pocket, and she pulled it out.

“Dad!” Georgia cried.
“Hello Sweetie!” Colin said “how are you? Been to any exciting places recently?”
“Oh, you know, here and there. We’ve been to… 1066, the interplanetary scrap yard of Junk, 3378 (God that was scary, we only just escaped), Frantois, fought killer Tortoises (with HUGE guns), ended up in the Internet fighting Cyber Viruses, went to the birth of Anne Boleyn, saved Hackney from destruction, oh and we went to a Car Boot Sale (don’t ask), and right now I’m trying to avoid a crying alien baby whacking me on the head with a rattle. I can’t believe the Doctor said we’d hold that woman’s kid! Just popping to the toilet my arse. Just popping to the next flipping Galaxy’s more like it.” Georgia scowled.
“A ‘yes’ would have sufficed dear,” Colin said cheekily “I’m in a crisis of my own!”
“What now?” Georgia muttered.
“Your mother. She’s doing her clubs thing again,” Colin said.
“Which one is it this time?” Georgia asked, running around the other side of the console after the baby crawled over to her.
“The Book Club, by the Library,” Colin said.
“I’ll be right there,” Georgia said.

With a mutter of thanks, Colin headed back into the meeting.

“Doctor! We need to go! Family emergency,” Georgia explained.
“What about Althorn here?” the Doctor asked.
“Can we push him off an asteroid?” Conner asked.
“No, that would be too nice,” Georgia grinned.
“He can come with us, and then we’ll drop him back off. His poor mother will be worried,” the Doctor said sympathetically.
“I don’t think Aerie planned to come back,” Conner said darkly.
“Yeah well, hadn’t we better get going?” Georgia asked.

The Doctor knew Elizabeth well and hurriedly pulled a lever on the TARDIS console, for Colin’s sake. Outside the Book Club Meeting, the TARDIS faded into existence. Colin turned around to see Georgia step out of the TARDIS. Hugging, Colin asked Georgia to invent an excuse to get them out of the meeting. Georgia grinned, bemused at how her home life hadn’t changed, whilst her ‘Doctor’ life had.

“Thanks Sweetie,” Colin said, entering the building again.

Conner emerged from the TARDIS.

“God, another minute in there with him, and I’ll kill him,” he grumbled.

Unknown to Georgia and Conner, Althorn slipped out of the TARDIS and skipped into the village hall.

Colin sat down and looked sideways at Elizabeth. Even she couldn’t pretend for much longer; she was bored, and it showed. Chuckling to himself, Colin picked up his book.

A few seats away, Daisy picked up her book, after dropping it for the 56th time. She was shaking, and dropping her book every time Elizabeth looked within a metre of her. She looked over to the door and wondered if anyone would notice her run out, during one of Susan’s ‘close your eyes and think about the book’ moments. She enjoyed Susan’s regular Book Club meetings (particularly the woman’s only meeting- there was a lot of drink involved.) but Daisy knew any more with Elizabeth and she would have to stop coming. Looking at the door again, Daisy noticed a small creature slip into the hall. It skidded over the floor, and hid under Colin Bell’s seat. Waving shyly at her, the creature began to waddle towards her.

The Doctor ran into the village hall, with Georgia and Conner behind him. There were several chairs strewn over the floor, and most of the Book Club members huddled in a corner. Elizabeth, Colin, Daisy, her friend Gareth and the organiser of the Book Club meetings Susan were in the middle of the room, not daring to run towards the others because Althorn was stood dribbling in between the groups.

Georgia and Conner ran to Althorn, and tried to grab him. He skipped away down the hall, and the Doctor ushered everyone out. Throwing their books wildly behind them, the members of the Book Club ran out of the hall and headed for the Library, in search of better books, except Elizabeth’s group, who joined the Doctor.

Conner sprinted after Althorn, while Georgia ran back to the others to get them out of the room. Susan, Gareth and Daisy left quickly, Daisy glad to have an excuse not to see Elizabeth again. Colin and Elizabeth stood by the door to stop Althorn escaping.

Many hours later, Althorn was tucked up in his bed, Aerie was snoring in front of the Vid Screen, the Doctor, Georgia and Conner were off to the 67th Century, and Elizabeth had begun to plan her next attempt to keep up appearances.

The end.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Figure review NO.10 Natural Ood (requested by Blogger Woman)

Figure: Natural Ood

Detail: 9/10

Points of articulation: 12

Sitting: 5/10

Standing: 9/10

Extras: Brain

Special features: The Ood can hold the brain in its hand and it is attached to the tentacles as well.

Comments: Since there are figure with 17 points of articulation out in the same wave as this Ood, I feel that its articulation could have been better at least 14. It isn't a really hard figure to articulate like the pyrovile priestess, soit could have been better.

Total: 8.5/10

The good detail makes up for the OK articulation. I couldn't give it a 9 though...

Sets: The Natural Ood is only available single carded at the moment.

Comparing the figure and the character:

Figure review NO.9 Dalek Sec

Figure: Dalek Sec

Detail: 9/10

Points of articulation: 4

Sitting/Standing: 10/10

Extras: He comes with nothing

Special features: He has wheels on his base

Comments: In the new dalek episodes they can move their middle around so it would be nice if it could move its middle around.

Total: 8/10

He may not be a brilliant figure but he is a great addition to your collection

Sets: He is found single carded, in the series 2 10 figure pack, cult of skaro set, Doomsday set 1 and 2, a US figure set and the first british 6 figure set.

Comparing the character to the figure:

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Episode 5: Silent Ice Part 5

Tears cascaded silently down Conner’s face, before turning to ice down his cheek. The Doctor walked over to him and examined him.

“You’re ok at the moment; it’ll be a slow process. We need to hurry though,” the Doctor said.
“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” Conner asked.
“Well, I am a Doctor!”

As the icy gas flew down to attack Georgia, she rolled over with an unladylike grunt.

“Stop!” she cried.

The gas stopped. Georgia leapt up on to her feet.

“Now, tell me why you’re here!” Georgia said.

The icy gas glided over to a wall along the Row. It flew up against it, and gave the appearance of icy breath upon glass. Words promptly appeared, as if written in an invisible finger. On the patch of ice was written:

We arrived in a ship belonging to a band of Ice Warriors. After they were nearly defrosted by an enemy, the employed us gasolemu to keep their ship cold. We arrived here, where it appeared they weren’t going to pay us, so we abandoned ship, and left them hurtling off the Acrox Galaxy, where we haven’t seen them since.

That was several thousand generations ago, when the Space Docks were busy. We developed enraged emotions, and slowly began to eradicate all life from the Docks, so we could live in peace. This has now been interrupted by you, so we kill you all!

Georgia recoiled in fear at its words, and as it flew at her again she screamed. The icy gas stopped. It flew off down the Row into the darkness.

The Doctor whipped out the Sonic Screwdriver and disabled Seb’s gun. Seb glared at him angrily, too scared to protest. His eyes were still glowing a violent red.

“Everyone go outside,” Seb repeated.
“What if we don’t?” Caitlin asked.
“I’ll kill you,” Seb hissed.
“Me?” Caitlin asked quietly.

Seb glared at her. Caitlin refused to back down, and continued to stare at him. Eventually, Seb looked away, and the Doctor spotted a weakness- his love for Caitlin! Bending down to whisper in Jess’ ear, he began to plot.

The Doctor leaped forward and grabbed Caitlin. Seb whipped around and tried to help Caitlin, his eyes still red. Jess ran up behind Seb and slipped a teleport on him. She pressed it, and Seb vanished in a blue light.

“High five!” the Doctor cried.

Georgia wondered why the Gasolemu stopped when she screamed. Was it the sound that put it off? Or was it attacking someone else? Hearing a yell, Georgia realised it was attacking someone else. With a slight grin on her face, she sprinted off in the direction of the scream.

Seb shone into existence next to Red. Nancy and Laura, who had backed up against the wall, looked in amazement. Red stopped, feeling Seb’s drowsiness (they were linked telepathically), and, seeing an opportunity, Laura and Nancy made their escape.

“What happened?” Conner asked, trying to divert his mind from his slowly freezing hands.
“Seb and Red are linked,” the Doctor explained “so Jess teleported Seb without coordinates. He automatically latched onto Red. Problem solved! Molto Bene!”
“Bellisimo!” Conner grinned.

Jess and Junaid walked towards them.

“Right,” Jess said, getting down to business “can we leave?”
“The crew are terrified- we won’t be able to survive,” Junaid said.
“What about Bex?” the Doctor pointed out.
“You mean Bex might still be alive?” Conner asked.
“I bet she is,” the Doctor said “the ice knew we wouldn’t leave with the possibility of her being alive.”
“Clever ice,” Conner muttered “but it means we can outsmart the ice and bring her back!”
“Falling into their trap,” the Doctor concluded.
“Does that mean you’ll leave me too?” Conner asked.

Nancy and Laura ran out of the ship, and Laura laughed in delight.

“We got away!” she cried.
“Not yet- Red and Seb are back!” Nancy yelled.

Laura turned around and noticed a ball of gas hovering behind them. She screamed. With a grin, Georgia ran in the direction of Nancy and Laura, sensing danger.

“Of course we wouldn’t leave you,” the Doctor said.
“Well it’s just the same with Bex!” Conner argued.
“It is about passenger safety,” Will pointed out.
“I think we should save everyone!” Caitlin said.
“You can do it Doctor!” Will and Caitlin cried together.

Georgia ran and brushed past the gas, and grabbed Nancy and Laura’s hands. She pulled them through the gas and together they ran off to where they thought the others were.

The door to the cupboard on Row 57 opened slightly. Jess’ face peeked out of it, and quickly ducked when she saw Bex covered in ice. The door opened fully and Jess ran out, surprising Bex. She sprinted off down the Row, turning into Row 58. Bex followed.

The Doctor led the others quietly outside, and they sneaked off down Row 56.

Georgia’s group ran down Rows 35, 42, and 46 before she allowed them to stop. At that moment, the Doctor, Conner, Junaid, Will and Caitlin turned into the Row. Georgia ran and hugged the Doctor. She turned to Conner, and then noticed his hands.

“Not you too!” she cried.
“Sorry,” Conner muttered.

Junaid sidled up to Georgia.

“I’m so glad you’re ok,” he said in his sexiest voice possible.
“Err, thanks,” Georgia said.

She walked quickly over to Conner, and said something to him under her breath.

“No way!” Conner hissed “not unless you pay me.”
“10 quid?” Georgia asked.
“30,” Conner bargained.
“20 quid?” Georgia said.

Georgia walks up to Junaid, who bends down on one knee to her.

“I know this is sudden, but I felt it was the right thing to do,” Junaid said in a hushed voice.
“It is sudden, yeah, I hardly know you,” Georgia said, embarrassed.
“I thought if one of us dies…” Junaid said.
“I’m sorry,” Georgia said “but I’m going out with someone else.”
“Who?” Junaid said.

The Doctor nearly dropped the fire extinguisher he was examining in surprise.

“Prove it to me, so I can see you aren’t just rejecting me,” Junaid said.

Georgia had foreseen this happening, and had a plan. She beckoned Conner over to her, who came reluctantly. She placed Conner’s hands on her bottom, and pulled him by the jacket towards her.

“Come here big boy!” she said, pulling him into a long kiss.

The Doctor really did drop the fire extinguisher in surprise. It rolled over to Nancy, who stared at the snogging ‘couple’ in shock and awe.

Just as Georgia let Conner go, Red, Seb, Bex and the icy gas came around the corner. Bex had Jess caught in her icy grip.

“Sorry Doctor,” Jess muttered.
“Nah, it’s not your fault,” the Doctor said “cos I’ve got them cornered!”
“What do you mean?” Georgia asked, a little breathlessly.
“Well, all the people I need to stop lined up here?” the Doctor grinned.
“You sly old dog…” Junaid smiled, putting his proposal behind him.
“Why thank you Captain,” the Doctor grinned “now, let Bex, Seb and Red go, or I’ll stop you.”
“How… How will you do that…? When your friends are dead?” Bex asked.
“I’m warning you, this is your last chance. I’ll stop you,” the Doctor said.
“Do it,” Seb said daringly.
“Gasolem alek de ricoteh sassak su creed,” the Doctor said.
“Nooooo! The Ancient Words!” Red howled. "How does he know?"

Bex, Red and Seb dropped down on to the floor. The ice had gone from Bex and Conner, and Red and Seb’s eyes were no longer red. The gas lunged at the Doctor, and a whitey ghost figure was struggling to keep to the Doctor, as the gas sucked it away.

Before it disappeared completely, Nancy reached down and threw the fire extinguisher at her feet to Conner. Instinctively, he passed it to Georgia, like a hot potato.

Georgia ran forwards and sprayed the icy gas with the fire extinguisher. It froze into a solid block of ice, and clunked to the floor. The Doctor fell to the floor also, but the ghost white figure returned to him.

“What was that?” Jess asked.
“I think it was my soul,” the Doctor said between ragged breaths.
“So you do have a soul?” Georgia said dryly.

The Doctor slammed the metal trunk shut.

“There you go,” he soothed “how did you find that? Do you have indigestion? My poor TARDIS. Good girl, keep the Gasolemu trapped in the freezers forever.”

The TARDIS hummed in reply. The Doctor left the freezer room, and walked along to the console room. Stepping out of the TARDIS, he greeted his friends, old and new.

“Well, we’d best be off,” the Doctor said.
“We’ve already said goodbye,” Georgia said quickly.
“Georgia! You haven’t said goodbye to me yet!” Junaid called.
“Run!” Georgia said.

She pulled Conner and shoved the Doctor into the TARDIS. Bex, Jess, Caitlin, Nancy, Laura, Will and Seb grinned as the TARDIS faded away. Jess turned away, and led the crew back to the ship, relishing in what they could now discover in the universe. The only problem was keeping a lovesick Junaid in tow!

The end.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Sarah-Jane adventures!

Yeah we don't usually do posts on the sarah-jane adventures but I thought I'd tell you my opinion of the series so far. I thought that episode 1 was quite rubbish and it would probably be my least favourite ever. Day of the clown, however, was really good, in my opinion, it was a great idea of the writer to include the pied piper with clowns and missing children. The Day of the Clown introduced us to Rani who has been a very good SJA companion.

Secrets of the stars and the Mark of the Beserker were both good too, but not as good as Day of the clown, in my opinion. I thought Clyde's mum was funny and we saw Maria and Alan again!! Secrets of the Stars was good too with Rani's mum taken over.

Next weeks episode sees the return of the Trickster and the graske. My favourite episode of SJA ever has to be Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane, so I think this episode will be very good. She seems to have travelled in time with Luke but where are Rani and Clyde?

Meanwhile I have been a bit busy lately but figure reviews 9 and 10 should be out on Friday and Saturday. Review No. 9 will be Dalek Sec, as it won the poll, and No.10 will be the natural Ood as requested by bloggerwoman (sorry its a bit late).

Friday, 7 November 2008

Episode 11: Silent Ice Part 4

“Run!” the Doctor shouted.

The Doctor, Conner, Jess, Junaid, Will, Seb and Caitlin blundered through the dark Row and ran for the faint light. Once in the light, Conner noticed Bex wasn’t with them.

“It got Bex,” Conner said sadly.
“I’m sorry,” the Doctor said.

Nancy banged on Laura’s door, screaming. Georgia stepped back and put a hand on the door. She knocked quickly.

“Laura let us in!” she cried.

Red advanced, but at the last possible minute, the door opened. Laura pulled Georgia in and Nancy ran forwards before slamming the door.

“Right, can we seal the doors or somethin’?” Georgia asked.
“What, and be trapped if Red finds another way in?” Laura asked back.
“Haven’t you ever been to Space before Georgia?” Nancy asked.
“What do you mean?” Georgia asked.
“Well, that’s one of the rules. Of safety, I mean. Everyone knows them, it’s 42nd Century policy,” Nancy said.
“Well I don’t come from the 42nd Century,” Georgia said.
“Where are you from?” Laura asked in awe.
“The 21st,” Georgia smiled.
“Do they have those things there?” Nancy asked excitedly.
“Ooh, yeah!” Laura grinned.
“What things?” Georgia asked, looking bemused.
“Well, it’s only a rumour…” Nancy began.
“What is it?” Georgia asked.

Georgia looked at the girls with a bemused expression, before vanishing, in a bright blue light.

“Georgia!” Nancy and Laura yelled.

The Doctor motioned silently to a cupboard as he saw Bex stomping out from the darkness, covered completely in ice. Conner and the others slipped in quietly, and the Doctor followed, closing the door behind them. Bex arrived out from the darkness, wondering where they could have gone.

Georgia opened her eyes and saw that she was stood alone in a Row. She looked up at the black screens with the red writing high above her head. Row 38 runs across the screen in red letters. She realised Nancy and Laura hadn’t been teleported with her. She was now the Lone Passenger, and something was gliding out from the shadows behind her. She turned around, and screamed.

“Are we safe?” Caitlin whispered quietly.
“She doesn’t know we’re here,” the Doctor replied.
“Why did it get her?” Conner asked.
“I dunno. Because she killed James?” the Doctor asked himself.
“Whatever it did it for, we’ve gotta stop it,” Conner said.
“Yeah but how?” Jess asked.
“Well it’s ice, so a great amount of heat would do it,” Seb said, speaking for the first time.

Conner realised why he hadn’t spoken before. He sounded terrified, and barely a squeak escaped from his lips. Conner made a mental note to save him first. He was so desperate to help everyone else, he blocked the fright from his mind, but now, trapped in the cupboard, Seb was beginning to lose it.

Nancy and Laura jumped back in shock, as a large dent appeared in the door. Nancy grabbed a crowbar from the desk, and lifted it up to chest height. She suddenly realised what she was holding and looked at Laura.

“What do you have a crowbar for?” Nancy asked.
“Does it really matter?” Laura asked.
“Not right now, I suppose,” Nancy snapped.

The door flew off its hinges, and Red trundled into the room, red eyes blaring like headlamps. If it was possible for a Robot to sneer, Red would be doing exactly that.

“Now… Now you die…” he said, advancing forwards.

At that moment, across the Space Docks in a cupboard, Seb exploded with fright. He pulled a gun out from his lab coat. His eyes turned red.

“Stop. Everybody stop. You will all walk out single file of the cupboard,” Seb ordered.
“What’s happening to him?” Caitlin gasped.
“He’s telepathically linked to Red, and Red must be turning evil,” the Doctor said quietly.

Conner looked at the Doctor for a plan. His stomach churned, and he felt a cold breeze waft over him.

Red advanced on Nancy and Laura. A laser slid out of his panelling, and destroyed the crowbar in a beam of red light. They were defenceless.

Georgia fell over as an icy gas lunged at her. She hit the floor and grimaced in pain. The gas flew down and attacked her.

Conner looked nervously at the Doctor.

“Doctor,” he said. “I’m cold.”

To be continued…

Thursday, 6 November 2008

An action figure wishlist!

Hi, me and Will were bored one day and thoughtup all the action figures from the new series of doctor who that they could make. I know that the brilliant doctorwhotoys.net has wishlists too so I thought we'd put one on here!

1.1 Plastic Mickey with removable head!
1.1 Jackie Tyler and an auton bride
1.1 Neautral pose series 1 Rose
1.1 Auton child and a new auton twin pack

1.2 Jabe (apparently to be released!)
1.2 The Steward and a staff twinpack
1.2 Two Adherents of the repeated meme with metal orbs and robot spiders

1.3 Gwyneth and Charles Dickens twin pack

1.4/1.5 General Asquith and Joseph Green with skinsuits
1.4/1.5 Harriet Jones
1.4/1.5 Normal series 1 Mickey

1.6 Dirty Bronze dalek (apparently to be released)
1.6 Henry Van Statten and Diane Goddard
1.6 Simmons and Bywater

1.7 Adam with brain reveal
1.7 Cathika and Suki

1.8 Pete Tyler
1.8 Jackie and Beth with baby Rose

1.9/1.10 Nancy and empty child with changeable head
1.9/1.10 A gas masked nurse and soldier with changeable heads

1.11 Margarate Slitheen with extrapolator, changeable slitheen arm and egg
1.11 Rose and Captain Jack from Boom Town

1.12/1.13 Lynda with a 'y'
1.12/1.13 the female and male programmer with guns
1.12/1.13 A deluxe emperor dalek with two imperial daleks
1.12/1.13 the Anne Droid and Trin-ee with replaceable chainsaw

Series 2:

x.1 Tenth doctor in dressing gown
x.1 Alex, Daniel Llewellyn and Major Blake

2.1 Sister Jatt with replaceable veil and medicine
2.1 A diseased person twinpack

2.2 Queen Victoria with Father Angelo
2.2 Sir Robert with swordand the host

2.3 Mr. Finch and dinner lady

2.4 Madame de Pompadour and young Reinette
2.4 Female Clockwork droid

2.5/2.6 Mickey/ Rickey
2.5/2.6 Jake and Mrs Moore
2.5/2.6 Rose and the Doctor as a waiter and a waitress
2.5/2.6 John Lumic
2.5/2.6 the paralel Tylers Jackie, Pete and their dog, Rose!

2.7 Mr Magpie and Inspector bishop
2.7 Tommy, Rita and Eddie Connoly
2.7 Rose with changeable faceless head

2.8/2.9 Jefferson with gun, Scooti and Ida
2.8/2.9 Danny and Zach

2.10 Elton and Ursula slab
2.10 The absorbaloff and Victor Kenndy with cane
2.10 L.I.N.D.A (the whole group)

2.11 Chloe Webber with pencils, isolus and laptop with Tish
2.11 Kel and Maeve
2.11 The Doctor with olympic flame and isolus ship

2.12/2.13 Yvonne and Raj
2.12/ 2.13 Adeola and soldier
2.12/2.13 Rose from Doomsday beach with Jackie

Series 3

x.2 Donna in wedding dress with Lance
x.2 Robot Santas with baubles and remote contols

3.1 Plasmavore with straw and a slab
3.1 Martha as a doctor with Morgenstern

3.2 Mother Bloodtide and Doomfinger
3.2 Shakespear with Dolly Bailey
3.2 Lilith (human) with broom and voodoo doll

3.3 Valerie and kittens
3.3 Deluxe Gridlock car with Cassini sisters, red man and the buisness man and transformable inside.

3.4/3.5 Mr Diagoras and pig slave
3.4/3.5 Solomon and Frank
3.4/3.5 Tallulah, human Lazlo and a dancing devil

3.6 Old and young lazarus with lady thaw
3.6 Tish and Leo Jones
3.6 Deluxe Lazarus (apparently confirmed)

3.7 Kath McDonall and Korwin
3.7 Dev Ashton, Riley and Scannel

3.8/3.9 The family of Blood
3.8/3.9 Maid Martha with Latimer
3.8/3.9 Redfern and Joh Smith with fobwatch and dream diary

3.10 Sally Sparrow and Billy Shipton
3.10 Kathy and Larry Nightingale

3.11 Martha from Utopia with Chantho
3.11Futurekind leader and the wiry woman

3.12/3.13 Lucy Saxon with toclafane with blades out
3.12/3.13 Professor Docherty and Tom Milligan
3.12/3.13 Clive and Francine Jones
3.12/3.13 Aged Doctor and 'Dobby' Doctor

Series 4

x.3 Mr. Copper, Rickston and Bannakafallata
x.3 Max Capricorn and host
x.3 Midshipman Frame, Mrovin and Foon

4.1 Miss Foster and Penny
4.1 Stacy and Roger
4.1 Sylvia and Wilfred Mott (rumoured)

4.2 Caecilius' fmaily set
4.2 Sister Spurrina and sybiline siter with no name
4.2 Lucius with removable arm and a roman soldier

4.3 Mr Halpen and Doctor Rider
4.3 Solana and Commander Kess

4.4/4.5 Colonel Mace and Captain Price
4.4/4.5 Private Ross Jenkins and Private Grey with guns

4.6 Jenny and Cline with guns (Hath is released!)

4.7 Agatha Christie and Lady Eddison
4.7 Robert Curbishley, Robina Redmond and Miss Chandrakala
4.7 Deluxe vespiform with the Vicar

4.8/4.9 Cal and Dr. Moon
4.8/4.9 Donna node and Lea
4.8/4.9 Miss Evangelista, Lux and Anita
4.8/4.9 Proper Dave and Other Dave

4.10 Sky Sylvestry and the Hostess
4.10 Deluxe Midnight cruiser with Biff, Jethro and Val Cane, Dee Dee Blasco and Proffessor Hobbes

4.11 Series 4 Rose
4.11 Donna with beetle and fortune teller
4.11 Captain Magambo

4.12/4.13 Series 4 Jackie and Mickey
4.12/4.13 Gwen and Ianto
4.12/4.13 Series 4 Sarah-Jane, Luke and Harriet Jones
4.12/4.13 Donna and human doctor with hand (rumoured)

If there are any figures who you would like on this wishlist then please comment!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Avatar Proclamation!!!

I have been working on something big for a while now with Bex (TOCS from the-oncomingstorm) and we are happy to present The Avatar Proclamation, where you can find all of your favourite pictures from the new series of Doctor Who, including the Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble.

Updated every day, the site allows you to use pictures for everything including MSN pictures, icons and pictures for your own sites, or forum pictures. There is a box to write your comments in, which are garunteed to be replied to, and a hit counter, and a special section where you can request avatars, just for you! Also there will be a quotes section, where memorable quotes from the show are made into the form of avatar.

Here are a few examples of avatars:

Remember to credit The Avatar Proclamation when using the avatars, as everything on the site is made by the owners, and it will help other people find the site! Thanks!

Click here to visit the site.

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