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Series 3 Spoilers!!

Right, I thought I'd treat you all with some series 3 spoilers. Firstly, the Christmas Special promises to be very exciting with the return of Robot Santas and featuring Georgia's mum, Elizabeth, as a companion! Episode 1 is called 'The Ace of Spades', and is based in the future, with games of snap and Poker.

There are a few past episodes planned, one of which will feature the Vikings. The first double in the series will feature the Huns, led by Attila the Hun. It will also feature a spooky lion and a race of aliens called the Nayragar.

There are many returning characters throughout the series. The Shadowy Man makes an appearance and Rena Peakes, UNIT and Brian appear in an episode focused around Rena. Episode 8 is called 'Murder Through the Keyhole' and it will be written by Will, it sounds very good. The second double will be later in the series than in the other two, filling the slots for episode 9 and 10. The second part of the double is called 'Rack's Scar'. This double will feature most of the recurring characters including Zac, Kaylie, Beth, Bradley, Amy and Andrea, as well as the return of the mischevious Rack.

The final of the series will be written by Will and it sounds amazing! But it may also be extremely sad :'(

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Episode 6 Message Received Cast and Summed Up

Cast (in order of appearance):
Bao Lam
Captain Fry
The Rawrx
Georgia Bell
Conner Bennet
The Doctor
Martha Jones
Maria Martinez
Ysabelle Quadrelli
Abasi Okoro

A man called Bao is walking down a corridor on the SS Hurricane when it stops. Bao uses his communicator to ask Captain Fry what is going on, but soon the communicator stops working and Bao is killed by a vicious beast.

The Doctor reveals that the purple flashing sphere that he has found in the TARDIS is very bad news, and that it is a way of communicating between him and Regal. The TARDIS lands at Regal's house and Regal tells the Doctor that a monster has escaped. The Doctor tells Georgia and Connor how he and Martha had visited a space base when a monster attacked and killed most of the crew. The Doctor had captured the monster and gace it to Regal, who was a member of the crew, to keep it locked up. The monster was called a Rawrx and now it had escaped. The Doctor followed the monster to the SS Hurricane, and locked the TARDIS so Georgia and Conner couldn't get out, as it was too dangerous.

The Doctor met Hannah who introduced him to the crew: Niina, Ysabelle, Maria, Captain Fry, Ryker, Ethan and the dog, Rufus. Hannah also explained that the SS Hurricane was a trade ship owned by the eighth great and bountiful Human Empire. Suddenly, the ship stopped and a report came through from Bao, another crew member. The Doctor explained that the Rawrx has probably just boarded the ship and killed Bao, so the Doctor, with Hannah, Ryker, Captain Fry, Maria and Rufus go to find Bao. They soon find Bao, lying dead in a corridor, next to a huge hole in the side of the ship. The Rawrx then used the communicators to scare the crew with its deep voice.

Meanwhile, Georgia and Conner managed to get out of the TARDIS, but they are attacked by the Rawrx. The Doctor bursts into the room and Hannah blows a hole in the ceiling, which the Rawrx is pulled out of into space, this almost happens to Conner, but the gravity and oxygen fields stabilise just in time. Conner is knocked out, so he is taken to med-centre, Ysabelle is told to come to med-centre by Captain Fry, as she is the ship's nurse.

The Doctor, Georgia, Maria, Rufus, Ryker, Captain Fry and Hannah leave Conner and Ysabelle to try and find the Rawrx. The Doctor manages to talk to the Rawrx, who tells them that a man taught him how to speak. The Rawrx then jumps down from the ceiling and kills Maria. The Doctor and the others get through a door and the Doctor secures it with his sonic screwdriver. The Doctor then fixes the communicators so the Rawrx cannot interfere with them.
The Doctor contacts Regal, who manages to tell them where the monster is, unfortunately he's heading for the hospital. Conner wakes up and Ysabelle tells him he was knocked out and tells him the current situation. Ysabelle leaves the hospital to see if her communicator stops crackling, but she is killed by the Rawrx. The Doctor and his team find the Rarwx, who scurries off to their surprise. The Doctor's team now with Conner go to the library to find out more about the Rarwx and why he has chosen the SS Hurricane to attack.
Meanwhile, Ethan admits his feelings for Niina at the bridge and they get together. Ryker led the others to the library, which was full of old books. They all search the books trying to find references to a creature like the Rawrx. Hannah read about a monster that ate the crew of a ship because it was hungry. Captain Fry read on the ship's log that several companies have been put out of business by the SS Hurricane including Regal's, but Regal hadn't told the Doctor this. Suddenly, the Rawrx's voice announces that the bridge is in trouble, and that they're next.

Back at the bridge Ethan and Niina begin to worry when the Rawrx begins to smash into one of the doors into the bridge. Niina kissed Ethan and ran through another door as the Rawrx smashed into the bridge and killed Ethan, who attempted to delay it by sending an electrical current through the floor. The Doctor's group meet up with Niina, who is very upset. The Rawrx, meanhile, takes control of the ship and drives it towards the sun. Hannah and the Doctor decide to go with the Doctor's plan and blow the ship up with the Rawrx, they find the remote control mines, but then the Doctor notices a false wall.
The Doctor opened the false wall to find a whole new circuit of chambers belonging to Abasi, who explains he did a black market deal while working on the SS Hurricane and was forced to leave, but the crew built the secret chambers for him to live in, and he could come out whenever there was nobody around. The crew thought he had left his black market ways but he had been buying fools gold off a secret supplier and selling it on as real gold, but one of his customers had been caught with the Fools Gold by the police.
The Doctor then realises that it was Regal who had released the Rawrx and set it after Abasi, he had contacted the Doctor, so that he would capture the Rawrx before it started destroying the rest of the system. The Doctor then begins his plan of action, placing mines around the outside of the bridge. The Rawrx, however, disables the escape pods and stops the remote from working unless the person holding it is right next to the mines. The crew board the TARDIS and Abasi sacrifices himself to destory the ship and the Rawrx.

Hannah, Ryker, Ethan, Niina, Captain Fry, Rufus, the Doctor, Georgia and Conner confront Regal about the incident and the police soon arrive to arrest Regal. The crew say a tearful farewell to the Doctor and his friends and the TARDIS departs.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Episode 9: Snowfall in the City

The Doctor
Lord Komanfdu
Mrs Sow
Mr. Pickard

When a little alien interupts one of Zac and Kaylie's GCSEs, the Doctor follows its teleport beam to a micro-planet, where it is snowing on the metallic city of ICE. The micro-planet is Pluto, who are currently having a space race with the nearby micro-planet of Sedna. Who sent the little alien to Earth? And why? And how can the snow be H2O when there is no water on Pluto?

Spoilers, 2 are Red Herrings:
Kaylie has a welcome she'll never forget.
Lord Komanfdu is not to be trusted.
Catherine and Beth create an 'aliens rule!' club at school.
Roiralt and Xelion are Scientists.
Angilkar hates the Sednians.
Sedna and Pluto own the largest court in the Solar System.

Friday, 16 October 2009


I was just thinking (as you do) that Pixie Lott is very pretty. Why am I writing this? Because it's late. I was listening to Boys and Girls and was youtubing her. As you do. And I just thought that she really looked like I imagined Georgia Bell to look. Here's a pic:

Born Victoria Louise Lott, she's the right age for playing Georgia (18 years old) and she's pretty enough to keep the audience interested. And she's really good at singing, so she's probably good at acting too. God, it's Midnight. This is one of those posts where it's so late you'd write anything... Sorry about this Seb! Please excuse the madness. I'm tired. Now, is this Pixie Lott, or Georgia Bell?

P.S.: Did you all watch Sarah Jane? I thought it was rather good :)

Episode 8: Black and Gold Part 1

The Doctor pulled Triss along the bridge, explosions going on all around them. Wailing sirens filled the air.

“It’s a Kritzanthian attack!” she cried as they ran across the bridge.

Georgia, Pippa, Becky and Carlisle turned as a Gold man stomped down the corridor towards them. It grabbed Carlisle by the throat and held him up against the wall, chocking him. Becky ran to help as a ripping sound filled the air. Georgia could see through the hole that had just appeared in the air.

“It’s the TARDIS!” Georgia cried, heading to the hole. “I can get back to the Doctor!”
“Go!” Pippa cried. “You might not get back!”
“Help me!” Becky screamed. “He’s dying!”

Conner leapt against the door that was trying to open. Dorris jumped up from the floor of the cupboard. She ran to help him, and the two held the door against who ever was behind it.

“You will be perfect!” Susan cried, trying to open the door.

Triss screamed and grabbed the Doctor as a bomb landed on the bridge. Part of it collapsed, and turned to rubble. Triss slipped and fell, screaming for the Doctor. He grabbed her hand, as the bridge began to burn around them.

“Help me!” Becky screamed. “He’s dying!”

Pippa ran and grabbed the gold man’s arms, struggling to save Carlisle. Georgia hesitated, unsure what to do.

“Go Georgia!” Pippa screamed again.
“Help him!” Becky pleaded.

The TARDIS made a vworp sound, and the hole began to close, sealing itself. Georgia looked from the hole to Carlisle, whose eyes were slowly closing.

“Oh God!” Georgia cried. “What do I do? Doctor!!!”

Title Sequence.

A light filled the cupboard Dorris and Conner were trapped in. Dorris let go of the door and walked towards it. It was coming from the wall directly opposite them. The door, without Dorris helping hold it opened, and Susan’s hand grabbed Conner’s wrist.

“It’s Narnia!” Conner cried, trying to pull Susan off him. “Go Dorris! Get out of here!”
“But you!” Dorris cried. “I can’t leave you!”
“I’ll be with you in a moment,” Conner said, hoping that would be true.

Dorris nodded, and headed towards the light. The Doctor pulled Triss back onto the bridge, and continued to drag her through the bombs and explosions that continued to bombard the mountains and bridge. There was a flash of purple light and suddenly the Doctor and Triss froze. The light extended from one of the Kritzanthian spaceships, and pulled the two up to it. There was another flash, and several Kritzanthians appeared outside Triss’ base. The knocked the door down and ran for the control room, with a terrifying battle cry.

Pippa ran and grabbed the Gold man’s other arm, attempting to pull him off the unconscious Carlisle. Georgia leapt and rugby tackled the Gold man, who dropped Carlisle to the floor. Georgia and Pippa fell in a heap, and Becky slid across the floor as the Gold man stood up and walked through the large hole, which then vanished entirely.

“Carlisle!” Becky cried, crawling over to him.
“You missed your chance,” Pippa said. “To help us. Becky will love you.”

Georgia just laughed sadly in reply. Dorris ran into the light, wondering what to expect. What she saw made her laugh with relief.

“Conner!” Dorris cried. “It’s a balcony! We can get out!”
“Still not Narnia?!” Conner sighed. “Get it open!”

Dorris grabbed the handle and opened the door. She took one last look at Conner before scurrying through the door. Conner let go of the door to the cupboard and ran for the balcony. Susan burst into the cupboard, but Conner slammed the balcony door on her face. He turned around in the sunlight, and saw Dorris leaping over to a second balcony.

“Okay,” Conner grinned. “Works for me.”

He leapt across to the second balcony, opened the door to a small office, and the two ran back inside the house. Larry, Steve and Ryan were in the control room as the Kritzanthians stormed the building. The crocodile-like creatures burst into the room and held the three at gunpoint. The leader of the Kritzanthians headed over the controls across the room, and blasted them with his gun. They exploded in a shower of sparks.

“No!” Ryan cried, running forward.

The Kritzanthian leader turned on the spot, and blasted Ryan into a skeleton. His bones fell to the floor in a tangled heap. Steve covered his mouth with his hand, and Larry hung his head.

“He was a good man,” he said quietly.
“You will come with us,” the Kritzanthian Leader said.
“And who might you be?” Steve managed to say.
“My name is Snappy, and I’m the leader of the Kritzanthian Unit 5,” Commander Snappy said.

If this was a less serious situation, Larry would have laughed. This was exactly the sort of thing he, Steve, Ryan and Mark would have laughed at while drinking coffee. After that, Triss would usually come and tell them off for slacking – and then she’d laugh too. But Ryan and Mark were dead, and Triss was missing. Purple light surrounded the Kritzanthians, and the two humans, and they disappeared.

Georgia handed the damp cloth over to Becky, and left Carlisle’s bedside. Becky smiled gratefully at her. Georgia walked over to Pippa and Jeremy, who were stood anxiously at the end of the ward.

“Will he be okay?” Georgia asked.
“He’ll be fine,” Pippa assured her.
“You don’t seem convinced,” Georgia said, observing the worry on their faces.
“Matron Readington wants to know what’s happened,” Jeremy informed her. “When one of her doctors is almost killed in a way we can’t explain, she wheels herself down and confronts us all.”
“Wheels?” Georgia asked, raising an eyebrow.
“She had an accident years ago,” Jeremy said. “She never talks about it. We only know that Gerry Bates – who you replaced, was involved. They used to be lovers you see.”
“I didn’t know that bit!” Pippa laughed.
“Well she is about 10 years older than him,” Jeremy said. “And we ought not to gossip.”
“But if he was involved, why did he work here?” Georgia asked.
“Guilt, we suspect,” Jeremy shrugged. “But a few days ago he mysteriously vanished.”
“Pippa told me he was killed in the bombs!” Georgia frowned.
“That’s the cover story,” Pippa explained. “Matron Readington could have been considered an enemy – and he disappeared after everyone but she had gone home for the night. Of course, she didn’t want certain facts about her accident to come out. And the Police couldn’t prove anything – how would a wheelchair-bound, old woman kill a man who was fit and healthy?”
“So you covered up for her?” Georgia asked incredulously.
“Yes,” Jeremy said.
“And I think we were right to,” Pippa said. “After tonight, with that hole in the air – he could have wandered through something like that. Like you did.”
“What?” Georgia asked quickly.

Becky beckoned over to Jeremy, who gave Pippa a meaningful glance before heading over to Carlisle’s sleeping form.

“You said about how you could get back,” Pippa continued, watching Becky show Jeremy the pattern of Carlisle’s bruises.
“It’s hard to explain…” Georgia said. “I didn’t come through the hole. But my… Transport, it was there. And I’ve lost my friends somewhere.”
“You’ll find them soon,” Pippa smiled. “As soon as one of those holes opens up again, we’ll get you home. Was that Police Box thing your transport?”
“Yeah,” Georgia grinned. “It travels so far. Maybe you could come.”
“It doesn’t look very roomy,” Pippa laughed.
“It’s bigger than it looks,” Georgia said.
“Well, maybe,” Pippa said. “Thanks. I’ll think about it.”

And with that, she hurried away, blushing, to Carlisle’s side. Conner and Dorris ran through the small office, and headed for the door. They reached it, grabbing the handle, when it flew open. Dorris was thrown over the top of the writing desk, and Conner slipped backwards into the bookcase, and was hit with several heavy books. Peter and Susan entered, surveying the room with blank, robotic eyes. Dorris clambered onto the desk, and snarled, baring her teeth. Conner crawled along the floor towards her, and hid behind the desk.

“Come with us,” Susan ordered.
“You will be perfected,” Peter said.
“Never!” Dorris cried, leaping from the desk.

She dived on Susan, and was hauled off by Peter and restrained. Despite this, she seemed to enjoy leaping from desks and running about the house. Conner appeared from behind the desk, waving at Dorris. He walked over to Susan, helped her up, and the two captives were led to be made perfect.

“Doctor!” Triss said. “He’s waking up!”

The Doctor’s eyes, still blurry, tried to focus on the dim room he was locked in. He could faintly see Triss, Larry and what looked like Steve bending over him. Triss prodded him in the cheek, and he instantly became focussed, sitting bolt upright.

“Hello,” he grinned.
“We were captured,” Larry sighed. “We’re in the Kritzanthian Head base. There’s no way out for us.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” the Doctor said, waggling the Sonic Screwdriver.

He stood up and sonicked the door, which swung open. Triss laughed, and Steve clapped (making the Doctor bow grandly), but Larry remained worried.

“I don’t mean there’s no way out of the room,” Larry said. “I mean something worse. Much worse.”

The Shadowy Man had been drifting. A few hours ago, he’d teleported away from the Doctor and Triss Crask, hoping to arrive in 1945. But he hadn’t; he was still in the in-space between two teleport regions. It only seemed like a few minutes, but the Shadowy Man knew it was in fact hours. He’d try one last, complicated sequence before asking for his ‘assistant’ to help. He still wasn’t sure if he could trust his new ‘assistant’, but fortunately the teleport pinged, allowing a few more hours until he’d have to asses whether his new partner was really useful.

“That’s better,” he said, as he appeared in 1945, at the Hospital.

He heard a noise, and ducked around the corner, hiding behind a metal gurney. He heard a squeak of wheels, and the ‘tut-tut’ of a disapproving Matron Readington. She wheeled past the Shadowy Man, heading for the doctors and nurses who had no idea that their worst nightmare had just arrived.

“What do you mean?” the Doctor asked. “What’s happened? Weren’t there more of you?”
“It’s not that,” Larry said.
“Ryan and Mark are dead,” Steve interrupted.
“Ssh!” Larry said. “Here comes the official announcement: our base has been captured, and with that, another has fallen. Only a few humans remain. At 5:06, I’m sorry to announce, but, ladies and gentlemen; we’ve lost the war.”

To be continued…

Monday, 12 October 2009

Seb's Birthday!

As you know, it was Seb's birthday on Saturday, so it's time for us to release some spoilers! These spoilers are taken from Series 2 and 3, so enjoy!

1) The Doctor will get a job.

2) Georgia will nearly drown. Twice.

3) Conner will discover a new side to his personality.

4) Korena's mother speaks only Japanese.

5) Zac will help the Doctor defeat an old foe.

6) Kaylie will be kidnapped by Rack.

7) Elizabeth will assist the Doctor to prevent Christmas from being ruined.

8) Colin will come face to face with a Robot Santa.

9) Beth will be captured by a very evil villainess.

10) Brian will return with Lucy and Abby, but things will change forever.

11) Dalek Gain will return in first episode an exciting two parter!

12) The Shadowy Man will reveal himself at last - and we will find out his name!

13) Pippa Blackwell will save Georgia with her shoe. But not when you'd except...

14) Ashlyn Fisher dies a very horrible death.

15) Georgia navigates Vikings across the North Sea.

16) *One for luck!* Conner is trapped in a playing card.

You can see all this in Series 2 and 3 in the future! And Happy Birthday to Seb! Hope you had a good day and liked my present of Friends Series 9! Happy Birthday!

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Figure Review NO 18: Novice Hame


Detail: 9.5/10

Articulation: 14

Sitting: She can't

Standing: 8/10

Extras: Gun with strap

Special Features: None

Comments: Novice Hame is a really good figure, she holds her gun really well and her face is very accurate and well detailed. The bad thing is that she can't move her legs under her dress, so you can't make her kneel by the face of Boe, if you have the Face of Boe that is.

Total: 8.5/10

Despite the legs thing, she is so well detailed and so accurate she managed an 8.5.

Comparing figure to real life:

Sorry people, I can't find a decent picture of Novice Hame from Gridlock at the moment, so watch this space!

Remember, you can request figure reviews by commenting on this post or by leaving a comment on the cbox. I can also give reviews of our own fanfic figures... I will try to do any doctor who figure reviews requested, (as long as I've got them).

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