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David Tennant is leaving! I don't want him to go! :'( I'm sad! Who'll be the next Doctor though? Hmmm... Welcome back Seb by the way!

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Figure review NO.7 Judoon Leader

Figure: Judoon Leader(Ivory version)

Detail: 10/10

Points of articulation: 13

Sitting: 4/10

Standing: 9/10

Extras: Gun, scanners

Special features: His gun can fit in the holster, the scanner which he uses to translate the language can go into the hole on his chest. all scanners can be removed.

Comments: A very good figure it would be nice if he came with a removable helmet, but a good figure all round.

Total: 8.5/10

A very good figure but articulation could be better so he could stand.

Sets: Available single carded and in the series 3 10 figure set.

Comparing the figure:

The judoon leader was winning on the poll so I did a review of him. Please change your vote now from the judoon leader to something else thanks. Remember if you want to request a figure for me to review then just put it on here. My collection did just get a lot bigger but I probably won't be getting anymore until christmas.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Episode 11: Silent Ice Part 3

Conner wiped blood from his face, and stood there in shock.

“What happened?” Conner asked.
“He farted, and then blew up,” Jess said quietly.
“But why?” Conner asked.
“I’d say it was an excess of gas mixed in with the icy toxins in the air. A deadly cocktail, meant to kill,” the Doctor said angrily.
“Yeah well, it worked…” Junaid sighed.
“I’ll have to tell the others,” Jess said, walking to a Port along the Row where a ship would dock, to do it quietly.

Bex lowered the intercom with shock. She turned and told them all of Matt’s death. She also told them to be wary of farting and burping. It was a mark of the seriousness of the situation that no one laughed at this.

She decided to take charge, and led the way to find the Doctor. Everyone followed, except Nancy, Georgia and Laura, who continued to head back to the ship.

The Doctor held up a hand, and pointed it over to James. He was stood at a control panel, fiddling with the buttons. The Doctor stood silently for a minute, working out what he was doing at the monitor. He gasped as he realised James was altering the buttons for the lights. He ran quickly, not wanting to have to face James in the dark.

Bex ran along Row after Row, using her wristwatch to track Jess and Junaid. She ducked behind a corner to see James covered in ice. The rest of her group caught up with her. Picking up a nearby fire extinguisher, she ran at him.

James saw a blur of colour as Bex ran forwards and plunged the fire extinguisher into his stomach.

“You… You will all pay…” James gargled, before collapsing and shattering into a million pieces.

Bex’s group joined the main group. As the main group moved forwards, so did the trickling water on the ceiling that had been following them. It grew into a large puddle, and slowly dripped down, before freezing, to form a massive icicle above their heads. The Doctor counted them all; Jess, Junaid, Bex, Gabz, Will, Seb and Caitlin. Oh and Conner and himself. That made 9 people. Two people had died, but that meant two were missing. Ah, Nancy and Laura, who Georgia took back to the ship. The Doctor frowned, knowing he was responsible for the lives of everyone around him, and some back at the ship. He then remembered Red, but decided not to count him as Robots generally don’t fart.

Around the base of the icicle, cracks were beginning to appear. With a snap the icicle broke off, and the sharp point came smashing down on Gabz. Everyone jumped in shock as Gabz splattered over the floor, and themselves. Wiping yet more blood away, Conner decided that he’d better get used to this.

As quick as a flash the Doctor whipped out the Sonic Screwdriver, and began examining the remains of the icicle on the ceiling. Unfortunately, it began to melt, so the Doctor couldn’t get any trace on it. The water it had formed began sliding along the ceiling quickly, heading for the lights.

The Doctor pelted after it, but did not get there in time. He pelted back to the other before the lights went out. As he reached the group, the water dropped from the ceiling onto the electrics, causing a power surge that placed the whole Space Docks in darkness.

“What the hell?” Conner growled.
“The water did it,” the Doctor said.
“And what’s it got against us?” Conner asked.
“It’s evil, is that enough?” the Doctor asked.

Georgia and Nancy left Laura’s quarters, and bumped into Red in corridor 3.

“Oh, hello Red,” Nancy said.
“Hello Nancy, how are you today?” Red asked.
“Pretty awful actually, have you registered the deaths of James and Matt?” Nancy said tearfully.
“It has been noted,” Red said.
“Thanks Red,” Nancy said, hugging him.

Nancy quickly withdrew from the Robot.

“He’s cold,” Nancy said.
“His eyes are red. Red, your eyes are turning red!” Georgia cried.
“I… I will… I will serve the ice…” Red said.
“Get the doors open Nancy,” Georgia said “we’ll barricade ourselves in Laura’s room.”

Nancy ran to the door and struggled to open it, while Red continued to advance.

Conner bumped into someone in the dark.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

The person didn’t reply.

“Who is it?” Conner asked.

Again, the person didn’t reply. Conner moved his hand in the darkness. He felt the person’s hand, and reached up and felt their face. He could immediately tell it was a female. He slid his hand across and felt the person’s cheek. He then felt their nose. It was lumpy, and cold to the touch. Almost like ice…

Conner withdrew his hand quickly, and the person breathed in his face. It was a cold breathe, that clung to him in webs. Wiping it away, he turned to where he thought the Doctor was.

“Doctor!” he called.
“Yeah?” the Doctor replied from somewhere ahead of him.
“How can we tell the ice hasn’t got one of us?” Conner asked.
“I think we could tell,” the Doctor mused.
“Yeah, but how could we?” Conner asked.

Sensing Conner’s fear, the Doctor didn’t reply.

“After all,” Conner continued “we all look the same in the dark.”

To be continued…

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Daleks from the final!

There are only three daleks in the final and they are all unusual. One Dalek is blue, one dalek is white and the other has a robotic arm with a hand on the end to replace its sucker.
Here they are:

Meanwhile I am off on holiday tomorrow but Will will be here. Bye.

Figure review NO.6 General Staal

Figure: General Staal

Detail: 10/10 (excellent)

Points of articulation: 17 (the best!)

Sitting: 9/10 (very good)

Standing: 10/10 (excellent)

Extras: Cane and helmet

Special features: The helmet fits exactly on his head and his cane is the right size for him to hold too.

Comments: I am full of praise for this figure. It has excellent articulation and brilliant detail. I think this is the best figure I have so....

Total: 10/10 (the best!)

It's taken me only 6 figure reviews to find probably the best one, their are a couple of tiny criticisms though, I think he is slightly taller then he should be and the helmet falls off now and again. However as it is the best one so far I'll have to give it a ten!

Sets: You can only find him in the sonataran set, as an exclusive. He is not available single carded.

Comparing the figure and the character:

General Staal can be seen here in the sontaran set:

As I said on the previous post the poll is now complete and Martha was done last Sunday when she was winning. I then did the pyrovile earlier and General Staal came in third. Also if you can find a picture of General Staal figure on its own please post the web address as a comment. Remember if there is a figure that you would like me to review then post a comment.

Figure review NO.5 Pyrovile Priestess

Figure: Pyrovile Priestess from episode 2 series 4

Detail: 10/10 (excellent)

Points of articulation: 8(very poor)

sitting: 0/10 (she can only stand)

Standing: 9/10 (very good)

Extras: None

Special features: Her hood can come off like in the episode.

Comments: She has very good detail but terrible articulation in the legs. She sits for quite a lot of the episode, so it would be nice if she could somehow sit.

Total: 6/10 (sorry)

I don't think this figure is as good as Rose figure, even if the detail is better. The pyrovile priestess could've came with some accesories and it would be nice if she could sit.

Sets: At the moment you can only get her single carded.

Comparing the figure and the character:

I can't find any pictures of the full pyrovile priestess, if you can and do know where to find one then please leave a comment and tell me where it is....

Also the poll is now ended so the next figure I will do is General Staal then I'll be doing anew figure mini-poll... Remember if there are any figures you would really like me to review then just leave a comment.

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Wave 3

We are releasing the figures that will come out in our imaginitive fanfic figure range. Wave 3 is:

Bulba and a robot from episode 8
Jess and Bex from episode 11
Ice man from episode 11
Harry and accessories from episode 12
Supreme Dalek Blue
Supreme Dalek White
The Doctor in Tuxedo

Also coming in wave 3 are:
Deluxe Pinky-Joe
Betrayal and Death set

We can also confirm the release of the following sets but who will be in them...
Be Civil set
Cats in the Kingdom set
Virtual Reality set

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Episode 11: Silent Ice Part 2

The Doctor leapt up from examining the man (who he had discovered to have once been called Mac) and ran out of the cupboard.

“Who screamed?” he asked.
“I dunno,” Nancy said “we’re all here.”
“Except James…” Laura said quietly.
“Everyone stay here,” the Doctor breathed.

The Doctor turned and ran up Row 30. Despite his warnings, Georgia, Conner, Jess, Junaid and Nancy ran after him. Laura and Matt remained in Row 30, with shocked expressions on their faces.

“What do you think happened to him?” Laura asked fearfully.
“I don’t know,” Matt replied “but I’m sure he’s OK. He probably saw his reflection! He hasn’t slept in days, and neither have we.”
“Yeah, I suppose it could’ve been a dream,” Laura nodded, trying to sound hopeful.

The Doctor and the others turned into Row 31, and gasped in horror. James was stood rigid in the middle of the Row, covered in ice. It was everywhere, hanging in icicles under his outstretched arm, over his face and underneath his shoes. The Doctor ran up to him and Sonicked him.

“What could have done this?” Jess said.
“I have an idea,” the Doctor said darkly.
“Is he dead?” Conner asked.
“I’m sorry,” the Doctor said “but, yes.”

The crew placed their hands over their mouths.

“I suppose I’d better tell the others- of his loss, and to be careful,” Jess said, picking up her communicator.

At the ship, and in Row 30 where Laura and Matt were, everyone heard the message.

“I’m sorry to announce,” Jess said, tearfully “but James is dead. We found him alone in Row 31, covered in ice. I want to urge you all- be careful. And if there’s anything you wish to tell me, do not hesitate.”

Back at the ship, everyone stopped their jobs, and stood around in silence. In Row 30, Laura burst into tears, and Matt hugged her, comfortingly.

Bex ran over to Will.

“What’s happening?” she asked.
“What?” Will asked.
“Now James has died, what’s Jess’ party doing?” Bex asked.
“I dunno,” Will replied.
“Well shouldn’t we find out? They may need help,” Bex pointed out.
“I suppose so, but we need to guard the ship,” Will said.
“From what?” Bex said, before a grin spread over her face.

Will linked arms with Bex, and led her off down Row 23. Meanwhile, Gabz, Caitlin and Seb saw Bex and Will walking off.

“I’m not missing out!” Gabz declared, following them.

Caitlin pulled Seb by the hand after Gabz, leaving Red stood alone by the ship.

The Doctor grabbed Jess’ arm, and pulled her away from the group.

“That thing that killed James is still around. It could kill at any minute. Now, I don’t want to alarm the others, so I haven’t told them, but we need to get them out before it strikes again,” the Doctor said.
“OK,” Jess agreed, "but what’ll you do about it? The thing that killed James, I mean.”
“I’m gonna reason with it, and stop it if necessary,” the Doctor said confidently.

Jess nodded, and returned to the others. She froze in her tracks, as she saw James twitch. She ran forward.

“Doctor! I think he’s still alive! I saw him twitch!” she cried.
“Get away from him!” the Doctor bellowed.

James moved again, more clearly this time. His movement was jerky, and he stamped one foot forwards.

“Don’t make any sudden movements,” the Doctor breathed.
“Never mind that!” Georgia cried, shoving him out of the way “Run!”

She turned and ran, and everyone followed as James made another step forward. They ran and ran, and James continued to stomp forward, his fingers outstretched.

The Doctor grabbed Georgia’s hand, as they ran along the gloomy lit Row. She grinned at him in the darkness. Jess, Conner, Nancy and Junaid pelted after them. James stomped after them continually.

“Do you think he’s a danger?” Georgia asked.
“I dunno, but I’m not waiting to find out!” the Doctor replied, grinning.

They turned into Row 30 to see Matt and Laura stood up in surprise. They saw the Doctor and Georgia ran at him, and Jess and Nancy pulled Matt and Laura after them when they caught up. At the back of the group, Conner pulled Junaid along, who was getting too old for this now.

James turned the corner into Row 30, and stopped. The Doctor saw this, and motioned for everyone to stop. He walked forward to confront James in the middle of the Row.

“What do you want?” the Doctor said.

James didn’t reply.

“I mean the creature inside, what do you hope to achieve by killing James?” the Doctor asked.

James raised a finger, and beckoned the Doctor over. The Doctor stepped forwards reluctantly. Conner turned to the others.

“Right,” he said “we need a plan of action.”
“Great,” Georgia smiled “I can take care of that. Right. Laura is obviously upset, so someone needs to take her back to the ship. Any volunteers?”
“I’ll do it,” Nancy said reluctantly “but I’m coming back here after. I’m not missing anything.”
“Then someone had better come with you. We need to stay in twos at least,” Georgia said.
“Why don’t you do it, as you suggested it?” Conner said, hiding a grin.
“Of course. Thank you, Conner,” Georgia said, looking at him, annoyed. “Matt, Jess, Junaid and Conner, that leaves you. Look after the Doctor, Conner. Everyone else look after yourselves, and Conner.”

They all nodded, and Georgia and Nancy led a tear ridden Laura back to the ship. The Doctor ran over to the others.

“Where are they going?” he asked.
“To take Laura back, she’s really upset,” Matt muttered.
“And what happened with you?” Conner asked.
“The thing inside James told me what it wanted. It was a simple matter of transport. I don’t think it wants anything else,” the Doctor said casually.
“It wanted James for transport?” Jess said, feeling sick.
“Sorry,” the Doctor said.
“And it let you just talk to it?” Conner asked, surprised “that’s a bit new init?”
“Yeah well, I wasn’t in a forgiving mood. Now, what do we do to it?” the Doctor asked.
“We persuade it to let James go, and take it off in the TARDIS,” Conner suggested.
“But James is already dead,” the Doctor pointed out.
“Picky picky,” Conner muttered.

Meanwhile, James was silently creeping forward. He was now right behind Jess, ready to strike. Jess turned at the last minute and screamed. She dodged at the last minute, and ran to stand behind the Doctor.

“I thought we agreed you’d not attack again!” the Doctor bellowed.
“The plan… The plan has… The plan has changed…” James said.
“Well what is it now?” the Doctor bellowed again.
“To kill…” James said, stepping forward.

Conner grabbed Jess and Junaid’s arms, and began to run. Matt followed with the Doctor. As they ran along the countless gloomy-lit Rows, they didn’t notice a constant trickle of water following them.

Georgia and Nancy pulled Laura around the corner, coming face to face with Bex, Will, Gabz, Seb and Caitlin.

“What are you doing here?” Georgia asked.
“What are you doing here?” Bex asked back.
“We were taking Laura back to you! She’s upset over the whole James thing,” Georgia said.
“Well we were coming to see if you needed any help!” Bex said.
“Yeah well, there’s no point in you missing out on any action,” Georgia sighed.

Bex smiled with satisfaction.

The Doctor and the others turned into Row 57, and came to a halt. They saw James turn into the Row, but they were too tired to carry on. That is why they were too tired to notice the water trickling over their heads. Conner didn’t notice anything at all, except the silence.

He wondered why James was no longer after them. Perhaps he had a plan, or was waiting for something to happen. One thing Conner did notice, however, was a fart that broke the silence.

“Ewww!” he said, wrinkling his nose in disgust.

He frowned, and slowly began to turn and face the others.

“Who was that?” Conner asked, sounding annoyed.

He looked at all their faces; from the Doctor’s concerned expression, Jess’ face full of fear and Junaid’s tired expression. He then also noticed that Matt wasn’t there.

For the fart had done more than make Conner frown, as it appeared Matt had just blown up.

To be continued…

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Figure review NO.4 Martha Jones

Figure: Martha Jones in red jacket

Detail: 8/10

Points of articulation: 12 (Good)

Sitting: 9/10 (very good)

Standing: 9/10 (very good)

Extras: None

Special features: None

Comments: Apart from the not-brilliant detail on the face she is a very good figure. Her costume looks very real and she sits, stands well. She also has good articulation. What special features could she have? She is a human and what extras could come with her. Her re-release in last ofthe time lords clothes comes with anopen toclafane.

Total: 8.5/10

A good figure, she's more then an 8 but less than a 9.

Sets: You can get Martha single carded, in the woolworths 6 set, the series 3 10 pack and the Utopia set. She can also be found in the new companions set. She has been released single carded in her last of the time lords clothes. She is also to be in future sets.

Comparing the figure to the real character...

This was the figure winning in the poll at the moment, so if you want to then change your vote from Martha to the next person who you want to be reviewed.

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Figure review NO.3 Rose version 2

Figure: Rose with New Earth clothes

Detail: 9/10

Points of articulation: 8 (very poor)

Sitting: 8/10 (good)

Standing: 8/10 (good)

Extras: She has come with Chip, K.9 and an ice gun. Chip is quite an accurate figure and so is K.9. The ice gun is very accurate and it can be held by Rose in her two hands. I have Rose with ice gun.

Special features: None

Comments: Although she is an accurate figure her articulation is onw of the worst. She can only move her arms in one place!She can stand and sit quite well but is still a bit wobbly.

Total: 7/10

She might've been 8 if it wasn't for the terrible articulation which would be 4/10! Hopefully the neutral series 1 Rose and the series 4 Rose will be better.

Sets: You can get her with Chip, with K.9 and with ice gun single carded. You could fins her in a newly released companion set. She used to be found in a set with the doctor and a slitheen and the doctor and cassandra. She can also be found in the US undergriound toys gift set and the series 2 10 figure gift pack.

Rose figure with K9

Rose and the doctor from New Earth

There is now a poll to vote for the next review to be done. The one winning at the time I next do a review will be done and then the one who is in 2nd will be the review after that and so on. Also if the figure which you'd like me to review is not on the poll then just post a comment on this post and I'll do it for you, as long as I've got it.

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Episode 12! TBA but Daleks are coming!

The Doctor
Georgia Bell
Conner Bennet
Zac Pemberton
Kaylie Watson
Harry Ladbrook
Captain Price
Captain Gifford
Elizabeth Bell
Colin Bell
Steve Pemberton
Jane Pemberton
Rachel Pemberton
Captain Reggie
Andrea Watson
Amy Watson
Karen Watson
Private Roxanne
Mrs Sow
Mr Renegald
Dalek Gain
Supreme Dalek White
Supreme Dalek Blue
Conner's parents

This is it it's the final and lets see if you can guess the name and the series arc? You can't?Well you've got to try and find it cause I'm not releasing it just yet. Meanwhile, the Daleks are back but only three and what are they up to this time. The children at St Marks all feature again as they have won a competition to go on a trip but where? Zac's family feature and so does Kaylie's and Conner's and Georgia's! You may have find that this is a very long first episode and there may be 6 parts!

Spoilers! Remember three are red Herrings

The three daleks are from a new Cult of Skaro made by Davros.
I am a member of the spiders is important
Amy amazes people at her moves
Zac phones Conner and calls him home
Colin flicks a spider
Someone very important will die!
The slitheen make a return at the main part of the dalek invasion
The Doctor Dances
Bradley and his gang 'forget' the word prom and go in normal dress
Georgia's mum and dad are found by the daleks
Dalek Gain has an arm

Episode 11: Silent Ice Part 1

Mac picked up his mop. His back ached with age; it was nearly time for Mac to retire. He turned around to pick up his pot of water, and began squeezing the water out of the mop. Behind him, a pool of water formed silently. Mac pulled a small computer out of his pocket.

“Scan Computer,” Mac said.
“/Scanning\,” the Computer replied digitally.
“Thanks,” Mac said.

He dragged the pot of water over to a cupboard, and shut the door on it. The water trickled behind him.

“/Results found\,” the Computer informed.
“Show me the results Computer,” Mac sighed.
“/One Human, two cleaning equipment, and one unidentified substance\,” the Computer told him.
“An unidentified substance? Computer, identify it,” Mac said.
“/Substance unidentifiable\,” the Computer said.
“Computer, tell me where this substance is,” Mac said.
“/Behind you\.”

Mac turned around quickly.

“Computer, that so called substance is H2O!” Mac scowled.
“/There is no H2O present in the substance\,” the Computer corrected.
“Well, what is it then?” Mac asked.
“/Substance unident-\” the Computer began.
“Yes I know,” Mac snapped “scan it then.”
“/Scanning. Scan- Scanning\.”

The water rose up behind Mac and turned into ice.

“Well?” Mac asked.
“/Scan failed\,” the Computer reported.
“Fine. Switch off,” Mac ordered.

The ice lunged forward, and pulled Mac down onto the floor. He screamed in pain, as it killed him. His mop clattered to the floor.

“/Switching off\.”

Title Sequence.

The Doctor closed the door to the TARDIS. He gazed up to the ceiling, observing the masses of pipes and networks of cables. Everything was in shadow, the place was empty. He loved this. Exploring a place that was deserted, it was creepy.

“So Time Boy, where are we?” Georgia asked.
“In a deserted part of space, where the lights never turn on, where everything is preserved. Where the stars are allowed to burn freely, away from the hustle and bustle of the universe,” the Doctor replied.
“Meaning?” Conner asked.
“We’re in a deserted Space Docks,” the Doctor said.

He walked forwards into the shadow, still trying to get a sense of size.

“And- what’s a Space Dock?” Georgia asked.
“It’s basically like Docks for ships,” the Doctor explained “you see, we’re in a quiet part of Space, and it’s a long way from home. People need to refuel, and stock up on supplies.”
“Why is it so clean if it’s deserted?” Conner asked.
“There must be cleaners around,” the Doctor explained.

They three friends walked down the vast corridor, looking at all the different wide corridors, each with a number; 95, 94, 93, 92 and 91. The TARDIS had landed in Row 97.

They explored for a while, noting everything from the monitors to the solitary mop left on the floor. (“The Cleaner probably left that Conner!” the Doctor said.) They walked and walked, until they reached row 48.

A black screen high above them flashed red. Letters, again red, ran along them. A silky voice gave an announcement.

“Ship docking! Ship docking in Row 23! Could all staff attend the docking on Row 23? Thank you,” the announcer said.
“Well, I guess we’re the staff!” the Doctor cried “come on! Let’s go and greet our guests!”

He ran, and Georgia and Conner followed him. They ran through 40, 37, 32, 28, 26, and finally they turned into Row 23. There was a rumble, and Georgia and Conner fell over, laughing. A majestic space shuttle lowered itself into Port 81. All along the Row were different Ports, where various ships could Dock. Today, there was only one ship, The SS Supreme.

There was another rumble, as the door slowly opened. Out stepped two people: a 21 year old blonde man, and a 22 year old brown haired woman, whose hair was tied up at the back. They both had guns, which they raised upon seeing the Doctor and his friends.

“State your intent!” the man cried.
“Hi!” the Doctor, Georgia and Conner said together.
“Who are you?” the woman asked.
“I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor said.
“Conner,” Conner said.
“I’m Georgia,” Georgia smiled.

The blonde haired man picked up a small intercom.

“They’re harmless,” he said into it.
“Thanks, Will, we’ll be out in a minute,” the intercom replied.
“So,” the Doctor said stepping forward “you’re called Will. And what’s your name?”
“Becky,” the woman replied “but I hate that name. You can call me Bex if you like.”
“Great,” the Doctor replied.

Conner smiled. He liked the fact that the Doctor could change the situation round. The crew members of this ship had gone from pointing guns at them, to willingly giving their names and acting as if they’d been friends for years.

“What are you doing here? We thought the Docks were deserted! When did you arrive?” Will asked, with a bemused expression.
“Our- ship, it landed just now. Well, I say just now, it was about an hour ago. We’ve been exploring for a bit you see,” the Doctor replied awkwardly, not wanting to reveal too much about the TARDIS.
“We’re just opening the hatch,” the intercom crackled.
“Oh, here comes the boss,” the Doctor smiled.

The door rose up again, and 9 people and a robot stepped out. Bex and Will stood to attention.

“Hello,” the Doctor beamed at them all “I’m the Doctor!”
“Red, go and check the monitors,” one woman ordered.

The sleek silver robot trundled forward, and went over to a monitor. One of his attachments slid into the monitor.

“Accessing,” the robot said.
“Lovely,” the Doctor beamed again.
“And who might you be?” the woman who had ordered the robot asked.
“We’re travellers, and yourselves?” the Doctor asked.
“Of course,” the woman smiled “introductions! My name’s Jess, the Deputy Captain. Over there is Junaid.”

Junaid stepped forward. He has brown hair, going slightly grey, and is about 46 years old.

“I’m Junaid,” Junaid announced “Captain Junaid!”
“Nice to meet you!” the Doctor grinned.

A brown haired man of about 33 stepped forward.

“This is Gabz, the Pilot,” Jess informed them.
“Hi,” Georgia smiled.

Gabz stepped backwards, and a woman stepped forward in his place. She had brown hair, which was curly. She looked about 29 years old.

“Nancy is our General Maintenance,” Jess said, while Nancy smiled and stepped backwards “and this is Caitlin, the apprentice on our trip. Regulations state we have to take an apprentice with us if you didn’t know.”
“Yeah, Conner’s ours,” the Doctor said, smiling at the blonde woman who stepped forwards.

She stepped backwards. Three people stepped forwards. The main was a ginger haired man, who was flanked by a woman with red hair, and a man with short brown hair.

“These are our scientist!” Jess said proudly “James, our chief scientist, is helped by Matt and Laura, the helpful scientists.”

Jess was obviously proud of her crew.

“You’ve already met Will and Bex, our security, and the man attending to Red over there is Seb, our robot maintenance,” Junaid said.
“And does the robot have a name?” Conner asked.
“We call him Red, but his full name is Red Devil. Red sounds less sinister,” Junaid smiled “now come sir! Who is the charming lady who is with you?”
“Georgia,” the Doctor said.

Georgia, who looked slightly bored with the proceedings, smiled. It was, however, a slightly embarrassed smile, as she could tell he obviously fancied her.

“Now then!” the Doctor said, running over to Red “find anything?”
“The Docks have been deserted since last Thursday, when a cleaner clocked in but never clocked out. I have since scanned the Docks, and no Human life has been found,” Red informed them.
“Ooh, a mystery!” Conner grinned.
“Conner!” Georgia scolded “you’re making us sound like Scooby Doo and his gang!”
“Well…” Bex said.

Georgia turned to Bex.

“What?” she asked.
“You do sound a bit like that,” Bex grinned.
“She’s right, sorry,” Conner said “I’ll shut up…”

Georgia scowled. The Doctor turned around to face them.

“I’m Daphne,” he said seriously.
“Anyway…” Caitlin muttered.

Silence filled the air, like ice; like silent ice.

“So?” James said.
“So what?” Nancy asked.
“So aren’t we gonna go and investigate the disappearing cleaner?” James asked.
“Oh, fair point. Can we Jess?” Nancy agreed.
“Hey!” Junaid cried “I’m Captain!”
“Jess makes the decisions here, we agreed,” Laura pointed out.

Junaid fell silent. Jess looked around at her crew.

“Bex and Will guard the ship,” she ordered “Gabz, go and tap in the references, and update the log. Seb, I want Red cleaned and fully prepared for everything, and Caitlin can help him. Scientists, Nancy, the Doctor and his companions and Captain, you come with me.”

They all murmured yes, and began their tasks. Jess turned to the Doctor, and beckoned him forwards. Together, they walked down Row 23. Junaid should have gone first, but he was hanging back with Georgia and Conner.

“So, who’s the Doctor? You aren’t- you aren’t dating him are you?” Junaid asked casually.
“No, he’s just the designated driver,” Georgia said awkwardly.
“He and Jess seem to have taken charge,” Conner said dryly.
“Yes, well… I’m perusing other interests,” Junaid said embarrassedly.
“Oh yes?” Conner asked.

Junaid didn’t reply. Meanwhile, Jess was leading the Doctor down Row 30. Laura, Matt, James and Nancy followed, listening to the Doctor with interest and curiosity. Junaid, Georgia and Conner were now even further behind, as they were on Row 29 still, when the Doctor and his group turned into Row 31.

“Bit cold in here, isn’t it?” James said casually.
“I can’t feel anything,” Laura said.
“Must just be me,” James said, not thinking of it again.

The Doctor looked round.

“Where’s Georgia and Conner?” he asked.
“And Captain Junaid,” Laura said breathlessly.

The Doctor ran forward, and Jess followed him.

“They must be in the next Row!” the Doctor cried, running off.

Jess, Laura, Matt and Nancy ran after him, leaving James stood alone in Row 31. He was getting even colder, before he looked down at his hands. They were covered in ice!

The Doctor ran into Row 30, and spotted Georgia and the others at the beginning of the Row. He ran over to them.

“Come on you lot!” the Doctor cried “we’ve got exploring to do!”
“Alright!” Georgia sighed “it’s not like we’ve found anything anyway…”
“Well, you never know…” Conner said seriously, peering out of an open cupboard.
“What have you found?” the Doctor asked, running over to him.
“What’s left of the Cleaner,” Conner said.

James fell to the floor, clutching his icy chest. What was happening to him? He shakily pulled himself up to find the Doctor, hoping he may be able to help. James reached the middle of Row 31, before he froze completely on the spot. He screamed as the ice took him over completely.

To be continued…

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Seb and me decided it was about to time give the companions some surnames. We already know one, but here's the list of the rest:

Georgia Bell

Conner Bennet

Zac Pemberton

Kaylie Watson

Harry Ladbrook

Korena Hashimoto

Monday, 13 October 2008

Oooooooooh spoiler page! and wave 3?

Yes the spoiler page has been updated with a few episodes from series 2! Also the first 10 episodes have been shortened to (episode name) has aired.

Wave 3 of figures will feature:
Deluxe Pinky-Joe
A character twin pack from ep 11
A monster from ep 11

The wave will also feature the monsters from the final but who are they?

Episode 10: A Study in the Straw Part 5

Conner pulled himself up, and ran into the clearing where the Doctor was about to kill Georgia. He ran at the Doctor, and jumped on him. The Doctor staggered backwards.

“I was going to enjoy that kill,” he snarled.
“Not anymore!” Conner said.

Joan ran into the clearing.

“Doctor?” Joan asked.
“He’s evil- he tried to kill Georgia!” Conner cried.
“But why?” Joan asked.
“Because I made him do it,” a Voice said.

Everyone (except Georgia) turned around. They saw an amazing sight: a man covered in crows! They couldn’t see his face, which was the whole point of the man’s plan.

“Doctor! He’s the bad guy! We need you to get back to normal- Georgia’s time is running out. Save her!” Conner cried.

Martha turned to John Smith.

“Save us!” Martha said.
“I am not the Doctor!” John Smith declared.

Joan stepped forward.

“Conner’s right! Georgia needs you!” she said “we all need you.”
“Yes… You’re right… I need…” the Doctor said.

He gasped, and fell over backwards.

“Ha!” Conner grinned.
“It doesn’t matter,” the Voice said “Scarecrows!”

Suddenly over 100 Scarecrows step out behind trees, surrounding Conner and the others. Conner looked amazed.

“Oh crap.”

The Doctor sat up, feeling dizzy. He grabbed Georgia’s hand, reassuring her. Georgia gave him a sideways glance, and attempted a smile. He reached up and handed her the Sonic Screwdriver. Georgia glanced at Conner, and he nodded. Conner ran forwards suddenly, and one or Georgia’s branches threw Conner the Sonic Screwdriver. He ran forward into a smaller bunch of Scarecrows, and escaped.

“Follow him!” the Voice roared.

The Scarecrows began their march after Conner.

Conner ducked inside a barn for a breather. He had been running for his life, trying to get away before the Scarecrows saw him. He climbed up a small ladder, and hid in a mound of hay. He breathed in the dust, and gave a small sneeze as a Scarecrow walked past. The Scarecrow held up a hand to stop all the other Scarecrows following it. It led the way into the barn.

The Doctor and Joan ran from the clearing leaving Georgia stood there helplessly. The Voice followed them angrily, his plan falling apart around his ears.

Conner stood up, surrounded by the straw. He raised the Sonic Screwdriver. He pressed the button, and the hay was set alight. Fire surrounded Conner, who stared down at the Scarecrows. He leapt off of the hay stack, and crashed into the floor. He slams the door shut, trapping himself and the Scarecrows in the burning barn.

Joan and the Doctor ran into the area of the village with the barn in. They saw it on fire, and the Doctor ran towards the door, and let Conner fall out of it, coughing and spluttering.

The Voice ran back to his ship. His plan had failed; the Doctor’s friends were too strong. Even the tree girl wasn’t transforming anymore, her will was too strong. The only option now was to escape.

The Doctor and Joan picked Conner up together, and carried him to where Georgia was stood waiting. The Doctor spat some of the evil water out from his stomach, into a cup, and Sonicked it.

Georgia reluctantly drank it, and she felt the bark withdrawing from her face. She smiled, knowing the Doctor had saved everyone.

The next day, Joan Redfern walked up to the TARDIS. The Doctor stepped out of it, smiling.

“Are you sure you won’t come?” the Doctor asked.
“No,” Joan smiled “I couldn’t. Not after all that.”
“Oh, OK,” the Doctor said, disappointedly.
“Doctor, what happened to that man?” Conner asked, peering out of the TARDIS doors.
“I dunno, but I think we’ll see him again,” the Doctor replied.
“And what about the Crows?” Conner persisted.
“You didn’t see did you- they left with the Voice. He doesn’t need them anymore- they’ll probably be killed or released,” the Doctor said.
“Well, goodbye Doctor,” Joan said.

The Doctor nodded. Conner stepped out of the TARDIS, and hugged Joan.

“Remember what I told you: do anything you want to,” Conner told her.
“I will,” Joan smiled.

Georgia bounded out of the TARDIS, and embraced Joan.

“Thanks for everything,” she smiled.

Conner, Georgia and the Doctor walked back into the TARDIS. Joan stepped back in awe as it vanished. She hoped she would see the Doctor again, but didn’t bet on anything.

She walked slowly back to the village and her house. She looked down at the Fob Watch the Doctor had given her. She opened it.

“Joan! I will always love you,” John Smith whispered.

Joan smiled, and began to walk through the golden fields.


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Episode 10: A Study in the Straw Part 4

“Come on!” Joan cried, heaving Georgia along.
“I’m turning into a tree!” Georgia screamed.
“We need to find the Doctor- he can save you!” Conner cried.

Suddenly Georgia came to an abrupt halt.

“I’m stuck!” she screamed.
“No you’re not!” Conner cried “you’re gonna keep going! Come on!”

Conner heaved, but fell over. Georgia was firmly stuck.

“Now what do we do?” Joan asked desperately.
“We leave her,” Conner said simply.
“Yes,” Georgia said “go on without me. Leave me- save the Doctor. That way he might be able to save me.”
“We’ll be back for you!” Conner said.
“It doesn’t matter,” Georgia said “because I’m gonna die here. I just know it.”

She sobbed. Conner immediately ran over and hugged her. She cried onto his shoulder. He stood silent for a moment.

The Doctor slammed the door shut to Joan’s house. She was out, and so were Conner and Georgia. He would have to find them. He spotted a patch of earth where something heavy hand been dragged into the woods. Of course! Georgia was transforming into a tree. He smiled, and began his hunt.

Joan and Conner ran through the forest, until Conner pointed out that Georgia wasn’t with them, so they no longer had to hide. They burst out of the trees, and continued on through the village. They stopped when they reached the straw spaceship.

“What is that?” Joan asked.
“A spaceship in disguise!” Conner declared.
“My,” Joan said breathlessly “I’ve never seen a spaceship before.”
“What about the family’s?” Conner asked.
“It was invisible,” Joan replied.

Georgia stood alone in the darkness. Tears were threatening to engulf her. She thought she would be stuck here forever, a faceless tree in a faceless forest. But something was approaching out of the darkness…

The Doctor stepped into the light, smiling at Georgia.

“Doctor!” Georgia cried, sounding relieved.
“Hello Georgia.”
“Thank God you’re here! You can save me! I don’t know how long I had left,” Georgia said.
“That’s lucky.”

The Doctor did not sound as if he thought it was lucky. Georgia frowned, feeling suspicious.

“Well?” Georgia asked “are you gonna save me? How are you gonna do it?”
“I’m not here to save you. I’m here to kill you.”

Joan and Conner stood outside the spaceship, unsure what to do next. Suddenly, a black cloud hovered over the ship. Conner looked up, startled.

“Looks like it’s gonna rain…” he said.
“Then where are the other clouds, child?” Joan asked.
“I don’t…” Conner began “RUN!”

He pulled Joan along as the first crows began to dive down. They tore back to the village, with the crows pursuing them.

The Doctor chopped a branch above Georgia’s head with one swift blow. Crying in pain, Georgia fell over backwards. Branches grew from Georgia’s hair into the ground. Now she was held into the ground by her feet and her head. Her hands were tied up above her head. Georgia remained looking defiant.

“What are you gonna do to me?” she asked.
“Kill you. I told you- I’m a murderous lunatic!”
“It takes one to know one,” Georgia said.
“Oh I don’t think you’re a murderous lunatic.”
“Was that a challenge?” Georgia asked “let me go, and I’ll show you what I can do.”

The Doctor merely smiled evilly.

Joan and Conner ran. A Crow zoomed down and pecked at Conner. He swung his arms around to bat it away. Joan tripped over, and Conner knelt down in front of her to protect her from the hundreds of crows now flying at them.

The man with the voice raised an arm.

“Stop!” he cried.

The crows stopped attacking Conner and Joan.

“Leave them to me…”

The Voice stood up, and left the room.

The Scarecrows guarding the doors turned and faced one direction in unison. They began to march to war.

The Doctor stood over Georgia, who looked scared.

Joan and Conner stand up.

“Oh my God! Georgia!” Conner cried.

He began running through the village.

The Voice ran out of the spaceship, and the crows began to encircle him.

Joan ran after Conner.

The Doctor touched Georgia’s face.

The Voice began to run, his body covered in crows.

The Scarecrows began to march out of the spaceship.

Conner ran into the forest.

The Scarecrows reached the village.

Conner fell over.

Georgia let out a terrible, desperate scream.

To be continued…

Figure review NO. 2 Astrid

Figure: Astrid

Detail: 10/10 excellent

Points of articulation: 14 (3rd best)

Sitting: 6/10 (OK)

Standing: 9/10 (Very good)

Extras: At the moment you can't get her on her own except off the internet. She will probably be released with the life-ring with the titanic on it.

Special features: None

Comments: I don't think there are any bad points about this figure apart from standing. They could have released her single carded by now, they've released a supreme dalek single carded from 13 episodes later but they haven't released Astrid, on her ownsome.

Total: 9/10

She hasn't got 10/10 for all categories, so she has to be a 9. Very accurate figure, with a great likeness.

Sets: You can get her in the voyage of the damned set with the Doctor and two host. She can also be found in the companions set. She is to be single carded later this year.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Episode 10: A Study in the Straw Part 3

The Doctor ran forward and grabbed thin air. At that moment, a crow pierced the window pane.

“Run!” the Doctor shouted.
“What do you think we’re doing?” Conner asked.

Together, the Doctor, Conner and Joan ran into the kitchen. The crow zoomed in afterwards. It pecked at Conner, cutting his skin. The Doctor pulled Joan aside.

“Wait!” Conner cried “the Scarecrows don’t know that they’ve captured Georgia! That’s all they want! If we tell them, they’ll stop hurting us. We can rescue Georgia later!”

Conner ran upstairs. The crow zoomed after him. The Doctor and Joan removed the barricade. They ran outside.

“Stop!” the Doctor ordered “you have Georgia! Leave us alone!”

A voice rang out between the Scarecrows, and one Scarecrow held up what looked like a radio. It was a communicator.

“Oh I don’t think so Doctor,” the voice said “I’ll leave you alone once I have you.”
“What?” the Doctor asked.
“Once I have you Doctor, I get paid,” the voice said “so I’ll let your girlfriend go if you trade places.”
“She’s not my girlfriend, honestly,” the Doctor said “but I’ll gladly switch places to save her.”
“Don’t plan any tricks Doctor,” the voice warned.
“I wouldn’t dream of it,” the Doctor mused.
“And you’d better hurry, something is changing inside Georgia,” the voice said.
“What have you done to her?” the Doctor demanded.
“She’s just drugged, for now. But she is growing into something, a tree I think.”

The Doctor looked appalled. He followed the Scarecrows to wherever they were taking him, leaving Joan stood alone outside her cottage.

Conner, meanwhile, had the crow trapped in a drawer.

“That’ll be a nasty shock when Joan goes to bed,” Conner grinned.

He ran down the stairs, noting the silence. The Doctor and Joan had succeeded! Conner opened the door of the cottage, and stepped outside. Joan was stood alone.

“What happened?” Conner asked.
“The Doctor’s gone to save Georgia, by switching places,” Joan replied “that awful man made him.”
“What man?” Conner asked.
“Didn’t you hear a man speaking? He wants the Doctor,” Joan replied.

Conner shook his head and led her into the house. They sat at the kitchen table in silence for a long moment.

The Doctor was being led to the ship, with an arm being held by a Scarecrow. He saw a massive pile of straw and hay, and with a click of Scarecrow fingers, a door slid open, hidden in the straw.

“Wow!” the Doctor cried as he was led into the spaceship “it’s a door within straw! Ha! That rhymes! I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. Actually, that’s what old Billy Wordsworth used to tell me…”

In silence, he was led inside a large cavern.

“Is it, is it bigger on the inside?” the Doctor gaped.
“Stolen technology,” the voice informed.
“There seems to be a lot of that going around lately… First the Slitheen and the Magnet Warriors, then the Plague Carriers, now this! Unbelievable…” the Doctor said with a mock shocked expression.

The Doctor broke free of the Scarecrows, and ran over to a metal table, which Georgia was lying on. She had leaves in her hair. It wasn’t long before she started growing bark.

Conner and Joan sat around the table.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a cuppa would you?” Conner asked.
“A what?” Joan asked.
“A cup of tea,” Conner told her.
“Ah,” Joan said quietly “I’ll put one on.”

Joan stood up, and made the tea. Conner stood up too, and began to help her.

“It’s OK, I’m fine,” Joan said “it’s my job.”
“What? Tea making isn’t just a job for women- I can do it too- I have hands,” Conner said “you know, where I come from, there isn’t all this fuss about women doing the housework. You don’t have to do it. You need something else to keep you going- some sort of drive in life, like a job or something.”
“A job?” Joan asked “I suppose you mean sowing or knitting.”
“No,” Conner said “anything you want to do. Anything at all.”
“Anything?” Joan asked.
“Thank you,” Joan said “I’ll try.”

Conner smiled.

The Doctor stepped away from Georgia, as a branch whipped out from her arm.

“How fast is the growth rate?” the Doctor asked, astounded.
“Fast enough,” the voice said.
“You’ve got me, let her go, and cure her. Please…” the Doctor begged.
“I can let her go,” the voice said “but nothing can cure her now.”
“But… Surely something must be able to?” the Doctor asked “if you let me…”
“Be quiet,” the voice snapped “don’t you think you’ve caused enough trouble with your companions?”
“Wha- What do you mean?” the Doctor asked, now shaking with shock.
“First you let Conner die, then Georgia is infected with the tree spores? You are pathetic, Time Lord,” the voice mused.
“But I… I didn’t…” the Doctor stuttered.
“Take him away!” the voice ordered.

The Doctor was dragged off to the cells, with a desperate look on his face.

Joan and Conner are sat quietly around the table.

“Tell me what happened, Joan. Before…”
“The Doctor- he came to our village,” Joan said, tears racking her throat “he came and they killed.”
“Who?” Conner asked.
“The family. The family of Blood.”

Georgia opened her eyes. She was lying face down on soft earth. She sat up, and removed a twig from her hair. Surprisingly, it hurt more than she expected it to. She felt the top of her head. Her hand reached leaf, and Georgia screamed.

The Doctor slumped against the wall of the cell. Tears ran down his cheek. He’d brought all this on his friends. The voice wasn’t just right about Conner and Georgia, it had happened to Rose and Donna too. He suddenly felt a hot rush of anger enter his blood stream. He drank the water that was placed beside him, and began to formulate a plan in his massive brain.

The voice belonged to the body of a man. He was sat on a chair, watching a monitor of the Doctor’s cell.

“He drank it!” the voice scoffed “he actually drank the drink!”

He span around in his chair, briefly showing deep brown eyes.

“Of course, I’m on my own; I suppose I look silly talking to myself now.”

Georgia ran and ran and ran. She ran through forest, over field and between houses, until she reached Joan Redfern’s house, sobbing.

“And then,” Joan sobbed “he killed the Headmaster!”

Joan and Conner jumped in surprise at the hammering on the door. Joan went to answer it. She screamed, as Georgia stumbled inside the house.

“Georgia!” Conner cried, standing up at the sight of her.
“I know!” Georgia cried, her eyes brimming with tears “I don’t wanna be a tree!”
“I’m sure the Doctor’ll fix it-” Conner began.
“The Doctor’s locked up!” Georgia bawled.
“Then we’ll have to do it ourselves.”

Georgia slumped down into a seat. Joan and Conner leant over the table. They meant business.

The Doctor recoiled in pain. He felt something coarse through him. He yelled; it felt as if his body was on fire. Something was transforming him. He knew it was the voice, the man who called all the shots. He wanted to hurt the voice, kill its owner, and rip his head off… No! The Doctor had to fight it. Suddenly his anger overcame him, until he wanted to hurt Joan for making him feel guilty, and Conner and Georgia for- he didn’t know what for.

Conner stood up.

“So that’s decided,” he said “we’ll do it now don’t you think?”
“What about later tonight? We could do it under cover of darkness. That way, the village won’t be awake and out and about- it’ll put them in danger,” Georgia reasoned, her face now being covered in thick bark.
“I think we should do it now- the Doctor might be in trouble,” Joan said.

Conner agreed. So it was agreed- they would save the Doctor now. Little did they realise they were saving him from himself.

The Doctor stood up. He walked over to the door and ripped it off its hinges. A Scarecrow was standing outside on guard, so the Doctor swung the door at it. He walked off down the corridor, with a glint in his eyes.

An alarm whistled in the man with the voice’s room. He saw the Doctor stalk up the corridor outside his office on the monitor.

“Seal the doors!” the voice ordered “activate projection number one!”

The Doctor pulled his Sonic Screwdriver out of his pocket. He scanned the area. Then he ripped a hole in a side of the spaceship, and walked outside. The man with the voice was standing there, his face covered in shadow so that the Doctor could not identify him. The Doctor ran at him- but the projection vanished, and the hole in the spaceship sealed itself. The Doctor was dangerous- and now he headed for Joan Redfern’s house, with a murderous grin on his face.

Joan and Conner pulled Georgia out of her seat, and together they left the house. They ran over to the nearest edge of the forest, to avoid being seen by anyone in the village. Georgia now had gained several arms that were turning into branches.

The Doctor walked past the Cartwright’s old house, and headed for Joan’s house. He clenched his fists, waiting for the kill.

To be continued…

Its a miss it or you see it kinda thing...

A new addition to the blog is our figure reviewer. There will probably be about 3-5 released each week if you are lucky. However it's a miss it or you see it kinda thing. This is because it will not be put on a link list. The blog is getting very long and imagine how long it will be after the whole of series 2 is added to the fanfic link list!

The first one was Donna and if you want me to review a figure then post a comment on this post or another figure post. I will review it as long as I've got it.... Also thank you very much for all the comments on the cbox and on the post below the Donna figure one, wishing me a happy birthday.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Figure review NO.1 Donna Noble

Figure: Donna

Detail: 10/10 (excellent)

Points of articulation: 16 (2nd best articulation!)

Sitting: 6/10 (OK)

Standing: 9/ 10 (Very Good)

Extras: None

Special features: None

Comments: Could have been in clothes from episode 1, 4, 11 or 12 as they are more normal then her fluffy coat. She can sit but her coat makes it hard. She has an amazing likeness to Catherine Tate.

Total: 9/ 10

What extras could come with Donna and she can't have any special features. Her brilliant likeness and excellent articulation boosts her up to nine!

Sets: You can get her single carded. You can also get her in the sontaran set and the companion set. She is going to be released in new clothes in future sets such as the murder mystery and time squad set.

Comparing Donna to the figure:

Happy Birthday Seb!!!

That's right, it's happy birthday to Seb, on 10th October! So can everyone please wish Seb all the best, and a happy birthday and stuff. As he is now 14 years old, I will be revealing 14 spoilers about Series 1, 2 and 3!!!

Here are the spoilers!

Spoiler 1: The Doctor and his friends meet some evil Clowns at a Circus in Series 2!

Spoiler 2: Georgia is nearly turned into a tree in A Study in the Straw.

Spoiler 3: Conner nearly dies when he begins to turn into ice in Silent Ice.

Spoiler 4: Zac encounters danger on a rollercoaster in the Clown double episodes in Series 2.

Spoiler 5: Kaylie's sisters sneak onboard a vessle.

Spoiler 6: Cathy Smith, a character from a special story featuring her and the Doctor (coming between Series 1 and 2, written by Bex at OncomingStorm) will return in Series 3.

Spoiler 7: The Doctor is turned to gold in a series 2 episode.

Spoiler 8: The mysterious man pays Conner another visit, who has fallen out of a dangerous plan.

Spoiler 9: A new companion called Korena will join for 4 episodes in series 2.

Spoiler 10: The TARDIS smashes into a million pieces in a terrible episode for all concerned.

Spoiler 11: Conner is kidnapped by some helpful Monks.

Spoiler 12: An old enemy returns to cause havoc...

Spoiler 13: 13! An unlucky number! Harry is unlucky in episode 13 of series 1.

Spoiler 14: The Cybermen will be returning at Christmas, but at least two people won't be there...

Spoiler 15: (The one for luck) Korena is a Japenese film star.

Happy Birthday Seb!!!

Episode 10: A Study in the Straw Part 2

The Doctor is walking quickly across a field. Conner and Georgia are scurrying after him.

“Doctor, what’s tracking us?” Georgia called to him.
“Me you mean! They want me!” Conner cried.
“It’s not all about you!” Georgia shouted “why would they want you? They’ve probably seen you go into the TARDIS. I can’t believe you took that watch!”
“It wasn’t my fault!” Conner shouted.
“I was wrong about you,” Georgia said at a normal pitch “I thought I, I thought we…”
“What?” Conner asked quietly.
“Never mind,” Georgia said.

She stalks off, and leads the way through the golden field. The Doctor follows quickly. Some way behind, Conner follows.

Meanwhile, a Scarecrow slowly turns its head towards the TARDIS.

Georgia stops. She looks around. The Doctor catches up with her, and Conner soon follows. Georgia points silently at a shadow amongst a section of tall grass.

“What is it?” Georgia whispered.
“I dunno,” the Doctor replied quietly.
“Maybe it’s a tracking device,” Conner said sarcastically.

Georgia glared at him. The Doctor pulled out the Sonic Screwdriver. He shone it in the direction of the shadow. The shadow then disappeared.

“Quick!” the Doctor cried “back to the TARDIS!”

They ran all the way back, leaping through the golden field, between patches of grass, until they reached the TARDIS.

“What now?” Georgia panted.
“I wonder,” the Doctor said “how recently the tracking device was last viewed.”
“What was that shadow?” Conner asked.
“I don’t know,” the Doctor replied, “but I have a hunch.”

He led the way into the TARDIS.

A Scarecrow was hidden behind the TARDIS, waiting for Conner and Georgia to enter. It stood up, and reached up to the ‘P’ on Police Box. It stuck an additional P on top of the original one on the TARDIS, and the second tracking device activated.

The Doctor leaned into the scanner on the console.

“I can only get the last reading,” he said “but the tracking device was last viewed when we landed here. Whoever is following us knows we’re here.”
“So, when will they arrive?” Georgia asked.
“They might be here already, which would explain the shadow,” the Doctor said.
“But they’d have had to have arrived before us,” Conner reasoned.
“I know, but we have a time and space machine,” the Doctor said “so they must have too, to follow us. That means they could arrive before us. But they must already be making plans. The whole Village might be in danger- we’ve got to stay and help.”
“Why?” Georgia asked “we don’t know anyone here.”
“I do,” the Doctor said quietly.

He led the way out of the TARDIS. Conner followed. Georgia grabbed a coat (it would be freezing in just a bikini and denim shorts) before hurrying behind.

A Scarecrow saw the door to the TARDIS open, and leapt into the grass. It hit the floor, before its master deactivated it. At least if it was found, it couldn’t be proven to be part of his plan.

“That little hiccup has been cleared,” the master of all the plans said “we activate tonight.”

Georgia screamed. She pointed in horror at the limp brown hand lying limp on the floor. The Doctor leaned down, and pulled the Scarecrow up with a horrified expression.

“You’ve seen it before, haven’t you?” Conner asked.

The Doctor dropped the Scarecrow onto the floor, before he began to run. Georgia and Conner tore after him. The Doctor reached the edge of the fields, and continued. He passed the trees, the village hall, and the Cartwright’s house, before reaching the school. It was empty. Of course- the war. He ran on instead to a small house in the village. He hammered on the door.

“Joan!” he cried.

The door opened, and the Doctor came face to face with Joan Redfern.

“John?” Joan asked.
“Joan?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes John?” Joan asked.
“Err-” the Doctor said.
“Yes John?” Joan asked.
“I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor said.
“Oh,” Joan said “then why have you returned?”
“I need your help.”

Joan began to close the door, but the Doctor stopped it with his hand.

“I’m sorry for what happened before- but Farringham is under threat once more,” the Doctor said “the Scarecrows are back, and they’ve got a new leader.”

Joan stood there in silence. At this point, Conner and Georgia stepped up to the door behind the Doctor.

“Hi,” Conner said quietly.

Joan was silent, staring at the ground.

“I’m Conner- the Doctor’s friend,” Conner said.
“They’re back Joan,” the Doctor said quietly.
“Hi, Georgia, Human, Doctor’s friend,” Georgia said.
“And who are back? The family?” Conner said.
“No,” the Doctor replied “their servants, the Scarecrows.”
“And what do they do, suffocate people with straw?” Georgia asked, not entirely serious.
“What are you here for?” Joan interrupted.
“I came back when there was trouble,” the Doctor said.

Suddenly an explosion broke the awkward silence. Everyone was thrown sideways. Joan looked scared at the return of trouble.

“Don’t get mad just ‘cause he got bored of you. We have to face him all of the time. Can you imagine what it’s like if he gets bored of us?” Georgia asked.
“Could you all stop!” the Doctor shouted “we need to find out what that explosion was.”

They didn’t have far to look, as emerging from the smoke were twenty Scarecrows, all with menacing looks in their eyes. Joan’s whole house is surrounded.

“What do you want?” the Doctor yelled.

The head Scarecrow raised an arm and pointed it to Georgia. She let out a horrified gasp.

“Don’t let them take me Doctor!” she sobbed.
“I certainly won’t! John was one thing, but a young girl?” Joan said, standing in front of Georgia to protect her.

Georgia hugged Joan, like they were old friends. Conner looked bemused. Women. The Doctor silently beckoned them to get back inside the house. Conner grabbed Joan’s arm in one hand and Georgia’s hand in another, and led them back into the house.

“Barricade the doors!” the Doctor yelled.
“But what about you?” Conner cried.
“I’m gonna do a Queen Victoria!” the Doctor replied “well, backwards…”
“What?” Conner shouted.
“I’m gonna leg it through a window,” the Doctor called.

Conner slammed the door shut, and began to pick up a wooden seat. He piled it against the door. He grabbed many other objects, and soon they were safe within Joan’s house.

The Doctor leapt up the side of Joan’s cottage, thanking his lucky stars (and Jackie Chan) for making it to a window. He slipped inside. Running down the stairs, he whipped out his Sonic Screwdriver.

“It’s OK! It’s me!” the Doctor called, in case the others thought someone had gotten in.

He reached the barricade, only to be hugged by Georgia and Joan. He showed them all the Sonic Screwdriver.

“This is for the shadow!” the Doctor declared.
“What?” Conner asked.
“You know that shadow disappeared? Well, it teleported. And I’m gonna bring it here. We’ll find out what it is.”
“Go on then,” Georgia grinned.

The Doctor extended the Screwdriver, and pressed the button. In a flash of blue light, a Scarecrow appeared. Conner quickly grabbed a stool, warding it off.

“How do Scarecrows have teleports?” the Doctor asked himself “their new master must be pretty efficient.”
“Yeah but that’s not good, is it? I mean, if he wants us, he can get us, can’t he? He can, can’t he Doctor?” Georgia asked.
“That’s why we have to stop him now,” the Doctor said quietly.

Suddenly, a faint tapping could be heard all around the house.

“What is that?” Joan asked.

It got louder. Conner ran to the window to have a look. He’d forgotten the Scarecrow, standing there, waiting for something to happen.

“I think I can see-” Conner began.

He jumped backwards.

“Something just flew into the window!” he cried “it looked like a crow!”
“Aren’t Scarecrows supposed to scare crows off?” Joan asked.
“Yeah,” Conner said.
“Well, it looks like they’re controlling them!”

The Scarecrow the Doctor had teleported into the house grabbed Georgia. Everyone turned to look at it, in shock.

“Doctor…” Georgia gasped.

The Scarecrow and Georgia vanished.

To be continued…

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Episode 11 Silent Ice

Here is the cast list for episode 11, Silent Ice. This just goes to show; our first series has nearly ended! Eep!

The Doctor
Captain Junaid

The Doctor lands Georgia and Conner in a deserted Space Docks, where they explore: full of excitement and intrigue. That is until the other spaceship arrives; the spaceship that inadvertantly brings about death and destruction. Conner and the Doctor feel the heat (or rather the cold) while trying to escape, and Georgia is having problems of her own, on row 38...

Here are the spoilers for the episode. Remember, two are red herrings, and must be thrown out into the snow immediately! Just, make sure the snow doesn't throw you out instead...

Jess takes a turn at being in charge, and the Doctor helps her.
Junaid fancies the Doctor.
Nancy gives Conner a fire extinguisher.
Red spots a mystery for Scooby Doo and the gang!
Conner gets cold feet.
Caitlin is the first to die.
Icicles are really a pain in the neck- as one person finds out.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Episode 10: A Study in the Straw Part 1

“The Doctor makes promises. Some are right, some are wrong, and most lead to danger.”

The Doctor runs into the TARDIS with Martha! A green laser narrowly misses Martha, and explodes on the TARDIS console.

“I’m going to become Human!” the Doctor cried, grabbing Martha’s shoulders. “This watch, this watch is me!”

“He promises over life and death.”

Baines screams. Astrid falls into the Storm Drive of the Titanic.

Farmer Clark is surrounded by Scarecrows. Rose is pulled into the void. Lucy Cartwright is carried off, on the shoulder of a Scarecrow. Captain Jack is exterminated. Jenny, the Maid is surrounded too. Conner falls backwards onto the floor, with a sword sticking out of his stomach. Martha steps back, holding a gun.

“Is Jenny dead?” Martha asked.
“Oh yes…” Mother of Mine smiled “she went with a lot of- ah! - screaming!”

“And over love and discipline.”

John Smith and Joan kiss. Daughter of mine scowls out of a mirror. Rose snogs the Tenth Doctor.

The Doctor places the Scarecrow head onto Baines’ face. Astrid exchanges a kiss with the Doctor. Jenny falls into the collapsing event horizon of a black hole.

“But he mostly promises about monsters.”

“Even monsters have nightmares!” the Doctor declared, dodging a Clockwork droid.
“What do monsters have nightmares about?” Reinette asked.
“Me!” the Doctor cried, heaving the fireplace around.

The saw slides out of a clockwork robot. Rose flinches as it does so. Scarecrows explode in a hail of bullets.

“He said he could keep us safe. He was wrong. He said he could defeat every monster. But he was wrong about that too.”

Conner is stood alone in the TARDIS console room. He smiles:

“I almost wish he wasn’t.”

Title Sequence.

Conner is stood in the TARDIS wearing his headphones t-shirt, and shorts. Georgia, who is wearing a bikini and some denim shorts, is also stood in the TARDIS, watching the Doctor bound around the console, wearing his usual brown suit.

“Here we are,” the Doctor announced “Turtle Beach, at the start-of-the-middle-of-the-22nd Century.”

Conner gives Georgia a sideways glance, and he likes what he sees.

“Here goes a tan!” Georgia grinned, running outside.

The Doctor likes what he sees too.

“Whoo!” he grinned.
“Tell me about it,” Conner smiled.

They walk towards the door. They step outside.

“Doctor!” Georgia snarled.
“Oops,” the Doctor said “might have got it slightly wrong.”

He stepped forwards sniffed the air.

“It’s-” the Doctor began.
“2nd February 1920,” Conner interrupted “in a field near the village of Farringham.”
“You’re getting good,” the Doctor said, turning around “how did you know-”

Conner holds up his time telling/ place telling/ century telling/ etc. watch.

“Been putting it to use,” Conner smiled.

Conner begins to lower his arm, but the Doctor grabs it.

“Where did you get this?” the Doctor asked, Sonicking the watch.
“From you, for my birthday,” Conner said slowly and clearly as if the Doctor is simple.

The Doctor Sonics Conner’s face. Conner reels back.

“I got it from a man at that market on the Asteroid Bazaar,” Conner said in a dead voice.
“What is it?” Georgia asked, leaning forward to take a closer look “Doctor…”

The Doctor looks around, before replying:

“It’s a tracking device.”

To be continued…

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Mini ep. 12: Crystal Glare

Crystal Glare

Featuring: The Doctor and Georgia
With: Conner
Sir Henry Everton
Mrs Hart
Space Chicken

The Doctor led his companions Georgia and Conner into the gentleman’s house. They perched their bottoms on the edge of comfy chairs, and observed the ornate rugs and tables and countless amounts of chinaware. A dusty Butler entered the room with a pot of tea. He began to pour out the tea into four cups, while the Doctor and his friends waited for Sir Everton. The Doctor picked up his cup of tea, and began to drink it with his little finger stuck out, like a posh person is famed to do. The Butler motioned to Georgia, asking her if she wanted a cup.

“No thanks,” Georgia said “not after Gregory.”

Conner grinned, as Sir Everton entered the room. He went over to the Doctor, and shook his hand vigorously.

“Hullo old chap!” the Doctor beamed.
“Yes, hello! Jolly good show you’ve put on!” Sir Everton smiled “and who is this super lady?”
“Hello,” Georgia said in a posh accent.
“This is Georgia, and this is Conner of the, err- London Watson’s,” the Doctor invented.
“Charmed,” Sir Everton said, flashing them a smile.

The Doctor leaned forward and whispered into Sir Everton’s ear.

“Let me see her.”

Sir Everton nodded, and stood up. He left the room, after the door was opened by the Butler.

“So, Doctor… What are we here for exactly? And how do you know old Charlie-Boy anyway?” Conner said.
“He used to travel with me. Well, he did once… It was an accident, but I told him that I borrowed the TARDIS from HG Wells!” the Doctor grinned.
“I’d have thought you would know HG Wells, given your connections,” Conner said thoughtfully.
“I did! Well, when he was a baby,” the Doctor replied.
“So who are we gonna see now?” Georgia asked.
“I whispered that!” the Doctor cried indignantly.
“I have very good hearing,” Georgia retorted.
“So you know what I’m getting you for your birthday?” the Doctor moaned.

Just at that moment Sir Everton entered the room with a pale girl, who was about 16 years old. The Doctor stood up and began to examine her with the Sonic Screwdriver. She didn’t react to this, as if it was a routine she was used to. The Doctor stopped bleeping her with a satisfied smile.

“It’s fine. Nothing wrong, I’ll be back in 5 years for her check-up though,” the Doctor smiled.
“Oh, that’s a relief, I thought I was a bit paler recently,” the girl said.
“Xanthe, I always say you work too hard- especially as you’re not expected to work at all!” Sir Everton scalded, not unkindly.
“Thank you Sir Henry, but I do the work around the house because I enjoy it ever so much, and I like to feel I’m earning my stay,” Xanthe said.

Conner stood up and pulled the Doctor to one side.

“And, what’s wrong with her?” he asked.
“Xanthe is a Chameleon,” the Doctor explained “she was adopted by Sir Henry Everton, who agreed to look after her. We have to do regular check-ups to make sure she’s not fading.”
“How d’you mean?” Conner said, slightly aghast.
“She hasn’t got the Rictorpete Particles that fill her home world. The Chameleons absorb these Particles, and it helps them keep their ability to change into their backgrounds. Without them, she could fade away completely.”
“And why doesn’t she?” Conner asked.
“Because of a very special crystal hidden in this house, that keeps her alive,” the Doctor said quietly “but she doesn’t know that…”
“Oh my God!” Conner gasped.

The Doctor nodded. Silence followed.

BANG! The Doctor, Georgia, Conner, the Butler, Sir Henry and Xanthe were flung sideways. The roof had collapsed on Sir Everton’s posh country house. A spaceship hovered over the house, which the Doctor stared up at through the gaping hole in the roof.

“What the bloody hell was that?” Georgia said, before adding a few choice swearwords.
“Look!” Conner cried, pointing upwards.
“Excuse me- what are you shouting?” Sir Henry cried, standing up and facing Georgia with an expression of shock.

Georgia brushed off the rubble to confront Sir Henry.

“What? A spaceship has just smashed your roof off- and you complain about my language?” Georgia said, incredulously.
“You had no need to swear! If I had an acquaintance who swore so much, she wouldn’t be my acquaintance for long!” Sir Henry said.
“Excuse me!” the Doctor said, stepping over a wooden beam “there’s a time and a place!”

Conner had to stuff his hand into his mouth to stop laughing. He couldn’t contain himself, and fell over backwards, laughing his head off.

“Conner!” Georgia grinned in a tone of mock shock.
“Whoa!” the Doctor cried, pulling Xanthe out of the way.

A beam of light flew down from the spaceship, and what could only be described as a chicken in a space suit teleported into the beam of light. He had a giant space gun. He pointed it in the direction of Xanthe and the Doctor.

“Where’s my crystal?” the Chicken boomed.
“Your- your crystal?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes, my crystal!” the Chicken boomed “you stole it off me!”
“Oh. Your memory is a good one. Ah well, new approach, RUN!” the Doctor shouted.

The Doctor, Xanthe, Sir Henry, the Butler, Georgia and Conner picked their way over the rubble and ran from the room. The Chicken ran after them.

The Doctor and his friends burst into a corridor, and the door was Sonicked. There was a heavy bump as the Chicken slammed into the other side of the door.

“Right,” the Doctor said, beginning to formulate a plan in his mind “we need to get everyone out.”
“Who else is there in the house?” Georgia asked.
“Only the kitchen staff,” Sir Henry informed them, warming to Georgia due to the current events.
“I can get them out,” Conner said suddenly “give time for you all to escape.”
“Conner… You can’t. We don’t know who turkey-face’ll go for,” the Doctor said.
“He wants you- you stole his crystal,” Conner pointed out.
“It wasn’t my fault!” the Doctor cried “but I suppose you’re right. Go on then, twist my arm. But I want someone to go with you! Sir Henry, Xanthe, you’re with me!”
“Fine, I get Jeeves then,” Conner muttered, leading the Butler off down the corridor “you can show me to the kitchens.”

The Doctor, Georgia, Sir Henry and Xanthe rushed out of the house just as the space Chicken shot the door off its hinges. He ran after them, and swept out onto the lawn, confronting the Doctor.

“Where’s my crystal?!” the Chicken roared.
“In the house,” the Doctor smiled, pretending to be a helpful assistant at a shop.

The Chicken left, but not before firing at the Doctor. Georgia pulled his head down, and fortunately no one was hurt.

“Come on- we’ve only got a little while left!” Conner cried, lowering his phone.

Georgia had just called to say that the Chicken was on his way, and was looking for the crystal. ‘Jeeves’ led the way into the kitchens.

“Ladies, we must leave, there is a madman on the loose! The master has already left the house with the Doctor!” ‘Jeeves’ cried.
“But we must protect the crystal!” Mrs Hart cried “it’s time to get it out of the safe.”

She ran over to a cupboard and opened it. Hidden inside it, was a gleaming metal safe. Mrs Hart opened an access panel, and a question appeared in front of her.

“What’s Lottie’s favourite fruit?” Mrs Hart read aloud “Lottie! What’s yer favourite fruit?”
“Carrots!” Lottie cried back, running over to ‘Jeeves’.
“Carrots?” Mrs Hart exclaimed.
“It’s a trick question!” Lottie called over to her.

Mrs Hart typed it in, and the access panel re-slotted back into the safe, and the door swung open. A dark blue glowing crystal shone out of the safe. Mrs Hart reached in and took it out just as the Chicken burst into the room.

“Give it to him! He’s got a space gun!” Lottie cried.
“Do as she says,” Conner agreed.

Reluctantly, Mrs Hart handed over the crystal. With a cry of triumph, the Chicken teleported back to his spaceship; this then flew off.

Later, the Doctor, Georgia and Conner were walking across the rubble strewed lawn, to the TARDIS.

“What’ll happen to Xanthe now?” Georgia asked.
“She’ll be alright- she’s strong enough to live without the crystal now- I was gonna tell her before we left, and before that Chicken interrupted the proceedings,” the Doctor smiled.
“Well, I suppose this has taught us a lesson,” Conner grinned.
“What?” Georgia and the Doctor asked simultaneously.
“Crime doesn’t pay!” Conner grinned.

The TARDIS crew fell about laughing; before the Doctor suggested somewhere else they could have an adventure. Conner didn’t hear what he said, but they had the whole universe, and the whole of time and space to choose from.

The end.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Mini ep. 11: P1an3t T34

P1an3t T34

Starring: The Doctor and Georgia
With Conner
And: Ben, Jill and the tea monster.

“Wow”, the doctor said as he stepped out of the TARDIS. They had landed in a small metal room.
“Where are we now?” Georgia said impatiently, “Venice, the planet Marshmallow or Racocoricoforious. Oh no, if we were headed there then we would end up in a graveyard in France!”
“Oooh, stressy!” Conner said as he exited the TARDIS, “Where are we doctor?”
“I set the TARDIS at random”, the Doctor replied.
“And you don’t usually set it as random”, Georgia added sarcastically. Suddenly a woman with glasses and a smiling face appeared through a metal door. She saw the group of people and her smile turned into a frown.

“What do you think you are doing?” the lady said marching forward she was carrying a clipboard.
“Exploring”, the Doctor said smiling happily.
“And who are you?” the women asked.
“We’re errr…” the Doctor said nervously, “Explorers”. The doctor smiled nervously, Georgia raised her eyebrows and Conner crossed his arms.
“Oh really and do you know where you are exploring?” the women questioned a sneer coming over her face.
“No, that’s the great thing about exploring”, the Doctor said, “We should give this planet a name”.
“Not Arthur!” Georgia exclaimed, “How about New New Georgia!”

“So we’re on a planet are we?” the women asked.
“You tell me”, the Doctor said.
“Sorry I can’t answer stowaway questions”, the women said.
“But you trust me don’t you already!” the doctor said and the women raised her eyebrows.
“If you stop talking then I’ll explain”, the women said, “Mostly”.
“OK then I will, alons’y” the Doctor said. Jill looked at him and he fell silent.
“I’m Jill and this is a space-lorry”, Jill explained, “And we are taking 500 tonnes of tea bags from the planet tea to Earth, which is very overcrowded. Oh and we’re in the minyaro system”.

“Wow!” the Doctor said, “You are a long way from home and if I must say tea is one of the most popular drinks in the 87th century”.
“You talk like you aren’t even from the 87th century”, Jill replied as footsteps were heard.
“Who’s that”, Conner asked.
“Ben is that you!” Jill shouted, “What are you doing outside the cabin you should be driving?”
“I’m sorry Jill”, Ben said as he came through the door and Georgia screamed. Ben was humanoid in shape apart from the two eyes which were on the end of eyestalks.
“Georgia don’t be so rude”, the Doctor said, “You must be an inseman”.
“Yes I am and there is another non-human on this ship”, Ben said.
“How did you know?” the Doctor said annoyed, “Yes I’m a time Lord”.
“That makes three of us then”, Ben replied, “There is something huge on the bottom floor”.
“Bottom floor?” Conner said, “I thought this was a lorry”.
“A space-lorry”, Georgia corrected him.
“Space-lorries are huge”, The Doctor said, “How else can it carry 500 tonnes of teabags”. Suddenly there was a large bang and the space-lorry shook.

“Quick we need to get downstairs!” The Doctor shouted and ran out of the room followed by the others. The small room lead off a large corridor and at the end of the corridor was some sort of lift. The doctor ran into the lift, he was closely followed by the others.
“Excuse me?” Ben asked, “Who are you?”
“I’m the Doctor”, the doctor said. The lift descended quickly.

“Excuse me?” Conner asked, “What does that mean?” He was pointing at a badge on Jill’s shirt.
“It’s the space-lorries registration number”, Jill answered.
“Of course”, the doctor explained, “Every space vehicle must have a registration number in the Minyaro system by order of the Shadow Proclamation”.
“That’s correct”, Jill said, “So you aren’t stupid, we personalized our registration number. It is P-1-A-N-3-T, then T-3-4”. Conner and Georgia began to think what it said.
“Planet Tea”, the Doctor exclaimed, “They are one of the worst tea companies in the whole universe. I’m being rude aren’t I?” Jill and Ben’s faces fell.
“Yes, Doctor you are”, Georgia said as they heard a ding, “The lift is on the bottom floor”. The doors of the lift opened and the group stepped into what looked like a massive warehouse. It was filled with box upon box of a green box with Planet Tea written on it. The Doctor strode into the room closely followed by Georgia, Jill and Ben looked downhearted. Georgia, meanwhile saw a window and stared out of it.

“Doctor”, Georgia said really quietly, but the Doctor still heard her. Georgia pointed out the window into outer space, she realised the vastness of space as she looked out of the window.
“What is it Georgia?” Conner asked.
“We never have time do we?” Georgia muttered, “We never have time to take in the view”.
“We must’ve once”, the Doctor said, “You’ve been in the magnet warrior ship, that was in space”.
“Yeah, I was really admiring the view as I held onto that lever for dear life”, Georgia answered.
“Well….” The Doctor said looking up, “We don’t have time now!” The Doctor said as there was a loud bang and a huge brown thing dropped from the ceiling.
“So that’s the monster”, Conner said as the monster stood up.
“It’s a grugglegroop”, the Doctor said as the monster roared splashing brown powder over the floor.
“It’s made of tea”, Jill said scared.
“Are grugglegroops dangerous?”, Georgia asked.
“Err yes! Wait, no!” the Doctor exclaimed thinking hard, “I don’t know”.
“You are helpful aren’t you”, Conner said sarcastically, “Run!” The Doctor, Georgia, Jill and Ben did run and very fast. The brown tea-monster ran after them, it seemed to be shouting something.

“Is that powder which he spat out of his mouth poisonous”, Jill asked as she ran along panting.
“You should know”, the Doctor said running, “It’s the stuff in your tea bags”. The group ran through the warehouse and the monster ran after them clumsily. They reached a corner and the Doctor turned his head left to right. Georgia gasped as it reached them. The Doctor then ran left and the group followed. The tea-monster couldn’t stop and it skidded into the wall collapsing stack after stack of boxes of tea bags. Jill shrieked as the tea bags shot out of their boxes covering everyone. The monster lay on the floor beneath piles of boxes, knocked out.

“Is the thing OK”, Ben asked.
“We’re covered in tea bags and boxes and you are asking if the monster is OK”, Jill said.
“Well it’s obvious we’re OK”, the Doctor said, “Cause he can see us all, honestly she’s useless”.
“Ow, my head”, the monster said stirring, “I’m sorry for startling you all, I needed to eat, I’m the stowaway”.
“You needed to eat us”, Georgia asked.
“No, the tea bags”, the monster said, “I’m Gregory by the way, Gregory the grugglegloop”.
“Nice to meet you Gregory”, the Doctor said, “But why were you chasing us?”
“I wanted to say Hi”, Gregory said, “I’ve been so bored down here and lonely, I’m made of tea you see so I get camouflaged in with the tea”.
“Well then doctor I am now officially allergic to eating tea!”, Georgia said.

“Are you sure you won’t have a drop?” The Doctor said imitating Mrs. Doyle off Father Ted.
“Go on, Go on, Go on”, Conner said laughing.
“They’re mad”, Jill said.


Sunday, 5 October 2008


If you aren't sure about what's been updated recently then here you go: The spoilers page has now been updated with new spoilery goodness from the final and episodes 10 and 11. The figure gallery has a new picture on it and the timeline has now got episodes 8 and 9 on it as well as the latest mini eps.

The characters page has been updated and it now has all characters from the first 6 episodes. The main characters page has just been updated too and it is now up to date. The references page has also been updated with references from The Demon Headmaster.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Episode 9: Game Over Part 5

Zac and Kaylie climb through the door into Level 8. Inside, there is a small room with two doors on the right and left of Zac and Kaylie. Directly ahead of them, there is a little table. A letter can be seen, placed on top of the table. Zac and Kaylie head over to the letter, and read it. The words are written in fine, spindly, golden handwriting, and the letter is as follows:

Well done!
You have successfully completed the challenges set to you, on the various Levels of Virtual Reality. You’ve reached your prize, but are you sure it’s what you want? Step through the door on your left to claim your glory, or step through the door on the right to go to anywhere you wish.

“Yeah right,” Zac said.
“Well, with in the Game probably,” Kaylie said “anyway, you couldn’t wish to be in Finding Nemo, and just appear there.”
“Right, whatever,” Zac shook his head “I know what I’m doing. Are you coming?”
“No. I never wanted to win this Game. I just wanted to survive,” Kaylie said quietly.
“Well fine,” Zac said harshly “bye then.”

He opened the door on the left, and walked through it without a backward glance. Kaylie grimaces, and then walks through the door on the right.

The Doctor flicks a switch in triumph.

“Ha!” he cried “see you later Dorris!”
“It worked?” Harry asked, amazed.
“Yep,” the Doctor grinned “did you see Dorris wave? Awww- you’ve gotta love her.”

Dorris opens her eyes. The Doctor had gotten her out, along with Lisa. He’d promised, and he’d done it. She was lying on the floor of the Post Office. She got up quickly; anyone who walked in would think she’d had a fall, and that would mean old people’s home before she could say Virtual Reality.

Lisa awoke on her bed, in the barracks. Jenny was leaning over her.

“You OK Private?” Jenny grinned.
“Sure,” Lisa smiled “I just had a funny turn.”
“Major Dumbo is asking if you can do tonight’s training,” Jenny said “what shall I tell him?”
“Tell him I’m having the night off,” Lisa said “I’m so tired. You’d have thought I’d been in a videogame or something!”

Jenny laughed, and left.

Kaylie appears on the other side of the door, in the Doctor’s control room, which Harry is sat in, alone.

“Harry, oh Harry,” Kaylie sobbed “where’s the Doctor?”

Harry points to the store cupboard.

“In there,” he informed.

The Doctor appears, grinning.

“Kaylie! Where are the others?” the Doctor asked, oblivious to her sobbing.
“Zac’s gone to claim his prize at the end of the Game, and Georgia and Conner are on Level 6. The futuristic one,” Kaylie said.
“And, you said Zac’s reached the end, and gone through the door? But,” Harry cried leaping up “that bit’s not been tested! Bulba doesn’t know what’s in there!”
“Get him out! Get him out! Quick! Get him out!” Kaylie screamed shrilly.

The Doctor runs to the TVs.

“Georgia and Conner have got bigger problems!” he cried “Robots. Bent on killing them.”

He starts tapping furiously at the keyboard.

“Oh no! One of the Robots is stopping me from taking them out of the Game!”

He taps some more. Faster, and faster.

“Doctor?” Kaylie asked “what’s happening to Zac?”

On a TV Zac is against a black background. Credits of the Game start coming up, lifting Zac off of his feet. He falls off of the line saying ‘Developed by Bulba Corp.’ but he’s knocked over by the line saying ‘Sponsored by the Spidership.’ This continues on and on. Then Bulba enters the room.

"You’ve got until the end of the Credits. Then he dies. For him, the Game is the end of his life,” Bulba said, smiling slightly.
“Oh I’ve had enough of you,” the Doctor cried suddenly, pointing the Sonic Screwdriver at Bulba, who collapses “he wasn’t real. A clever fake. Whoever created him is definitely alien. Real good technology like.”

Then the Doctor does even more tapping. He turned and smiled at Harry and Kaylie.

“I’ve just got to press enter, and everyone is saved!”

Sarah Jane, Maria and Clyde appeared in the Doctor’s control room. As quick as a flash, the Doctor presses enter. Zac, Georgia, Conner and all the Humans who were captured by the Game appear in the room. Sarah Jane is about to call out, when the Doctor interrupts her.

“Whoops,” the Doctor said.

And with a tap, the captured Humans, including Harry, Sarah Jane, Maria, Clyde and Luke, vanished. They were returned home by the Doctor.

“Whoops,” the Doctor said again “Harry wasn’t supposed to go too. Oh well.”
“How did you save them?” Kaylie asked.
“I sent the Robots in the place of Zac. They’ll die when the Credits run out. Let’s go back home,” the Doctor said, tapping some buttons.

They vanished, with big grins on their faces, knowing they were about to see sunlight again, back in London.

Sarah Jane led her team up Bannerman Road.

“Not quite the adventure we hoped,” Clyde said dejectedly.
“Oh yes it was,” Sarah Jane smiled.
“Yeah, I got to see graphics up close!” Luke smiled.
“And I saw the Doctor,” Sarah Jane smiled.
“Where?” Clyde and Luke asked excitedly.
“At a distance,” Sarah Jane explained “he saved everyone.”
“I saw a fit boy,” Maria said.
“The one next to the man in the blue suit?” Sarah Jane smiled.
“Yeah!” Maria grinned.
“The man in the blue suit was the Doctor,” Sarah Jane said.
“I didn’t look at him properly,” Maria said.
“I think that boy is called Conner,” Sarah Jane said, walking up the drive of number 13.
“He travels with the Doctor?” Clyde asked “cool.”

Maria made a side-glance at her house. Her mum, Chrissie, had fainted, and Alan was fanning her face, to wake her up. Nothing unusual, Maria thought. Trouble usually occurred at her house, even when she was fighting aliens next door!

“Mum,” Luke said “why didn’t the Doctor want to talk to you?”
“He was busy,” Sarah Jane said “doing what he does- saving the world, that wonderful man.”

Luke nodded, and Sarah Jane opened the door to her house.

“Now who’s for tea and biscuits?”

Zac and Kaylie walk up to the TARDIS.

“Doctor, I’ve sent that message across the internet. Everyone who bought Virtual Reality think it’s broken. A default,” Zac smiled.
“Good. Now, we’d better go before Harry comes to say goodbye,” the Doctor said “let’s be off.”
“Ah,” Zac said “but you see, Doctor, I’m not coming with you. Kaylie and I are going home. I need to sort out everything. I mean, I’ve been reported missing, and my parents will be missing me. It’s alright for Conner, his parents are in Portsmouth, but some people are left behind. I’ll see you around Conner.”

Conner doesn’t say anything, he’s obviously disappointed. He nods, takes Georgia’s hand and leads her into the TARDIS.

“Bye Zac,” Georgia said before she is pulled through the door.
“Yeah, Zac,” the Doctor smiled “keep in touch. I want to hear of any alien invasions. Good luck.”
“You too boss!” Zac grinned “look after Conner for me.”
“Sure thing.”

The Doctor walks into the TARDIS. It leaves. The sound of the TARDIS’ engines rip through the air, as Zac and Kaylie walk, hand-in-hand, off into the sunset.


The Doctor and Conner are sat alone in the TARDIS. Georgia is busy picking clothes in the TARDIS Wardrobe. The Doctor leans in towards Conner.

“You know we were talking about the Vicar of Dibley earlier?” the Doctor asked.
“Yeah,” Conner said “are you gonna take me to visit it?”
“No! It’s not real. I’ve decided to tell you a joke!” the Doctor grinned.
“Go on then, do your worst,” Conner sighed.
“Alright!” the Doctor grinned “here it is: Why do the Vargoine love the colour pink?”
“I dunno, why do they love the colour pink?” Conner said.
“Because their cheese is blue!” the Doctor laughed.
“I don’t get it,” Conner said “what’s wrong with their cheese? Are you anti-blue cheese? Well, I think that’s very wrong, you shouldn’t discriminate against cheese.”
“Seriously?” the Doctor said.
“Yes this is a serious matter! Leave that cheese alone!” Conner said defiantly “After that awful anti-cheese joke, I’ll tell you a good one.”
“Go on then,” the Doctor said.
“Why do the Daleks eat apples?” Conner smiled.
“I dunno…” the Doctor said.
“Because an apple a day keeps the Doctor away!” Conner fell about laughing on the TARDIS sofa.

The Doctor gives him a look to show the joke isn’t funny. Conner stops laughing. He stands up. The Doctor nods and Conner leaves the TARDIS console room, his head bowed.

When he is alone, the Doctor bursts out laughing.

“Daleks!… Apples!... Cheese!... Ha!”

End of Credits.

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