Saturday, 27 December 2008

It was Christmas!!!!!!

Woops, there's been no christmas posts! Untill now, but this is after christmas now isn't it! I haven't been on for ages cause my grandparents have been round this christmas. I got loads of christmas presents yayyyyyyy!! A new mobile, a remote control dalek and loads of chocolate and other stuff!! Yayyyyy!

Meanwhile... I liked the christmas episode! It wasn't the best, in my opinion, but it was still good. Rosita was great! Oooh and the villainess was great! I still don't entirely get how the cybermen got there, but don't try to explain it to me! The huge cybermen was cool. Anyway, Betrayal and Death part 2 should be up soon, but I'm still really busy at the moment, as it is still sort of christmas. Anyway, gotta go cause I'm helping make this thing for a game we're going to play at another party tomorrow! If that makes sense.....


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Episode 13: Betrayal and Death Part 1

Betrayal and Death


“Where’s the Doctor gone?” Harry asked.
“Scandinavia”, the White Supreme Dalek replied, “We couldn’t have him tampering with our plans”.

“It’s time, time for our revenge is now!” the huge spider hissed.

“They are growing the Spiders”, Roger said quietly, “In five minutes all the spiders around the World will grow huge. They will kill the humans”.

“Kill all the humans”, a spider said, “Time for our revenge!” The students scattered as the spiders approached the children. A spider turned on Kaylie, who had frozen still. She was to be the first death.

On board the Commander stared down at the Earth through a blackened window. “We will find the Doctor and his blonde accomplice!” Commander Marr said cackling, “The time has come for my revenge!!!!”


The Spider thought Kaylie would be the first death of millions across the world, but he was wrong. The UNIT soldiers started firing at the spiders. One hit the spider attacking Kaylie and it jumped out the way.
“Everyone out! OUT!” Captain Gifford shouted and all the students began to run out of the room. Kaylie got past the UNIT soldiers, which were firing at the spiders, and turned to see Zac was right behind her. Beth and Catherine were screaming very loudly. A spider jumped up at Amy who kicked it in the head and karate chopped it. Karen grabbed Amy and pulled her out of the room.

“Come on Kaylie we need to get out of here”, Zac said as Cherrie, the women who had been showing the year 11’s round the ship was attacked by a huge tarantula. It was the end for Cherrie. The spiders shook themselves and turned on the UNIT soldiers, who had stopped them from killing all but Cherrie. Three UNIT soldiers fell in seconds. The bullets did not seem to work very well, all it seemed to do was delay them for a while.

“Back-up needed!” Captain Gifford was saying into his communicator, “And get the medical officer here as soon as possible!” A couple more soldiers fell, the students meanwhile were rushing through the ship at a terrific pace.

Meanwhile, down on Earth, a group of African tribesman were hunting. They saw a group of zebra up ahead and their Chief pointed at it. Suddenly, a loud scream filled the air as one of the tribesmen was pulled backwards by a huge spider. The other tribesmen yelled and tried to kill the spider but it snarled and began to chase them. As the chief looked back he saw the herd of zebra being attacked by huge spiders too.

At the same time, Rachel, Jane and Steve, Zac’s family, had stayed in Portsmouth for a while. They were on board one ship when Rachel saw a spider web.
“Daddy I don’t like old ships”, Rachel said.
“They are very interesting”, Steve replied.
“They have spider-webs on them!” Rachel said, “And spider webs mean spiders”. She pointed up at a little spider above them which started to grow, and grow.
“Quick, lets get out of here”, Steve said quickly.
“But how is it growing?” Jane asked amazed but obviously terrified.
“I have no idea, but we need to get out now!” Steve said as the spider, which had now grown huge, dropped to the ground and turned on the group of three.
“RUN!” Rachel screamed and they fled from the ship shouting.

All over the world spiders were growing at terrific speeds. A family in China sat down to watch TV when a huge spider jumped down from the ceiling and killed the father immediately. The family ran from the room and tried to hide in the dining room. The small child in the family was 8 years old and was hiding in the corner when he felt the carpet beneath him rise suddenly. A spider had just grown beneath the carpet, he thought. Sure enough, a spider split the carpet and it emerged from beneath it.

In South London, Georgia’s parents were in the kitchen. Elizabeth had told Colin that she was so worried that she could not eat the night before, but that didn’t stop her eating a whole full English breakfast the next morning. She said that Mrs. White, their next door neighbour, could not see her worrying. After all she wasn’t the nervous one that everyone knew, that was Daisy. She was in the kitchen with Colin making cakes and buns. A spider crawled onto the top of the kitchen table and Colin winced.
“Erm Elizabeth dear”, Colin muttered.
“What is it, dear?” Elizabeth asked.
“It’s a spider”, Colin replied.
“Not again”, Elizabeth sighed, “Can you stop worrying about a small spider?”
“No”, Colin replied.
“Well, it’s time you learnt to face your fears”, Elizabeth said, “Flick the Spider”.
“Do I have to?” Colin asked.
“Yes!” Elizabeth answered, “Flick it”. Colin flicked the spider and it flew through the air, but while it was in mid-air a few changes happened to it. It grew bigger and bigger. Elizabeth shrieked and as she did so shrieks were heard all around. The spider smiled a happy revengeful smile as it began its attack.

On floor 0 the three daleks were watching the machine whir and waited as the terrible events unfolded outside. Roxanne was amazed, scared and sad, wondering where her parents were. Captain Price stood brave and tried not to be scared or frightened.

“Daleks!” Harry shouted, breaking the near silence, “Am I right in thinking that every spider in the world has just grown huge?”
“No you are not correct”, the blue dalek replied.
“Then where am I wrong”, Harry questioned.
“It is not every spider in the world”, the blue Supreme Dalek answered.
“Then which ones?” Captain Price asked.
“There is an exhibition above”, the White dalek replied.
“What’s in the exhibition?” Captain Price said.
“There are tanks”, Roger said, “And in each tank is a different species of spider”.

“How many species?” Captain Price asked.
“100”, the White dalek replied.
“That’s loads!” Harry exclaimed.
“Not really”, Ronald said, “There are over 37000 species of spiders in the world”.
“No, be quiet”, Roger ordered Ronald quietly. Roger mouthed ‘why?’ at Roger but they were interrupted.
“WHAT!” the Blue Supreme Dalek shouted, “You told us that there were about 1000 species of spider!”

“Errr, I didn’t lie, my nephew he’s lying, it’s not me, honestly, please don’t hurt me”, Roger pleaded.
“You are a traitor”, the White Supreme Dalek said, “I can see inside your mind you lie”.
“He researched the different species of spider”, Dalek Gain added, “I saw him do it. He must’ve lied to us”.
“No I didn’t honestly”, Roger said in a squeaky voice.
“SILENCE!” the Blue Supreme Dalek ordered, “EXPLAIN YOUR ACTIONS!”

Meanwhile, Georgia and Conner were walking down some steps into a huge dining area. “Are you sure we’re too late for breakfast?” Conner asked.
“Well it is midday”, Georgia said, “I wonder where everyone is”. There were several huge tables in the room, but only a few were taken.
“I wonder what’s going on”, Conner muttered.
“Well lets go and find out”, Georgia said, “Excuse me, waiter”.
“Yes miss”, the waiter replied.
“Do you know where everyone is?” Georgia asked.
“I’m not sure miss”, the waiter replied, “Nobody tells me nothing”.
“That’s not fair, I mean you do work here”, Georgia said.
“I get paid a lot so I don’t mind”, the waiter said. The waiter walked off and served orange juice, to a middle-aged couple wearing orange clothes. Georgia lead Conner through a door and down a long golden corridor, with a purple carpet. At the end of the corridor was a lift.

“What’s the plan?” Conner asked.
“We need to find the Doctor”, Georgia replied.
“I think I heard one of the UNIT Officers saying I’ll meet you on floor 1 or 2 or something”, Conner said.
“Why don’t we go to floor 2 and then go down to floor 1?” Georgia suggested, “Then we’ll be sure not to miss him”.
“Good idea”, Conner said, “Into the lift”. Conner and Georgia stepped into the lift and pressed a button. The lift shot down.

Back in the spider exhibition, there were few UNIT personnel left and the reinforcements hadn’t arrived. Kaylie, Zac, Beth, Mrs Sow and the rest of the year 11’s and their teachers had fled a long way away from the exhibition, but they still had no plan. Captain Gifford had retreated a little way away from his troops so he could make a call without a risk of being attacked. He contacted the Captain.
“Hello, is that the Captain?” Captain Gifford asked over his communicator.
“Yes it is”, the Captain replied from the top floor.

“It’s the spiders they’ve grown and grown and they are attacking everyone”, Captain Gifford said.
“Yes I know”, Captain Reggie said, “I’ve been trying to contact someone for ages. Luckily there were no spiders in the maximum hospitality zones, so the Queen and the President of many countries are fine. We haven’t told anyone about the spiders yet, except most of the main staff”.
“It isn’t just on the ship Sir”, Captain Gifford said, “It’s all over the world according to Colonel Mace”.
“What happened then?” Captain Reggie asked.
“It just happened at exactly the same time all over the world”, Captain Gifford said, “But it was caused by something on the ship”.
“That gold thing”, Captain Reggie muttered to himself.
“What?” Captain Gifford asked.
“There was this gold thing down on floor 1”, Captain Reggie replied.
“So floor 0 is true”, Captain Gifford asked.
“I didn’t say anything about… yes I think it might be true”, Captain Reggie replied.

“Anyway better go”, Captain Gifford said, “I’ve got a fight to finish”.
“Over and out”, Captain Reggie said. Up on the bridge things were not going well at all. This was mostly because there was a spider in one of the cabins and it had already killed one of the crew. Luckily it was trapped in the cabin and the rest of the crew were stopping it from getting out.

Back on floor 0 Roger whimpered. The daleks had pinned him up against a wall. The other four humans were huddled together watching.
“EXPLAIN!” the Blue Dalek ordered.
“Well, if I’m honest”, Roger explained, “I did it because I didn’t want the whole world to die. Yes, I was fed up with it. I felt like the whole world was against me! So I felt it needed punishing”.
“So it wasn’t just the money”, Captain Price asked.
“No it wasn’t”, Roger said, “I felt like the world needed punishing, but I didn’t think everyone needed to die. They needed to have a strong chance of survival”.
“You lied to us”, the Blue Supreme Dalek said.
“And for no proper reason”, the White Supreme Dalek added.
“For being a traitor you will be exterminated!” the Blue Dalek announced.



Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Doctor Who: Survivors

Conner heard a faint cry coming from his pocket. He pulled out his phone which blasted out a song from 2010. The TARDIS was spinning around the Castoprian Galaxy when Conner Bennet put his phone to his ear.

“Hi Zac!” Conner smiled.

Millions of years in the past, in 2010, Zac Pemberton answered back.

“Conner, I need you,” Zac said.
“What’s up?” Conner asked.
“Kaylie’s got this flu and I think Harry might have it too. He wouldn’t tell me if he did though, he’s just being brave,” Zac said.
“What flu?” Conner asked.
“Oh it’s going round everywhere. All over Britain - and the rest of the world’s started getting it as well.”
“Oh my God!” Conner gasped. “Is everyone gonna be alright?”
“Oh yeah, the scientists are working on a vaccine. They’ll be ready soon,” Zac said confidentially.
“So what do you want me to do?” Conner asked.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Georgia were looking curiously at Conner, as they could only hear his side of the conversation. Conner finished the conversation and put down the phone.

“Who was that?” the Doctor asked.
“Zac,” Conner said, “apparently, everyone’s got the flu. Zac reckons you could get a vaccine or something.”
“Me?” the Doctor asked “I’ll try.”

The Doctor pressed down a lever and the TARDIS flew off to present day, where Zac was waiting patiently.

The TARDIS materialised in a street. Conner stepped out and returned inside.

“Doctor- we’re miles away from Zac’s house,” he moaned.
“Ah. Well, I’m not going to Zac’s house,” the Doctor said sheepishly.
“Where are you going?” Georgia asked.
“The Government. I want to find more out about this flu, and what it does,” the Doctor said.
“Do you think you’ll be able to stop it?” Georgia asked.
“I dunno, George, I dunno,” the Doctor muttered.
“But it’s not that bad Doctor, just flu…” Conner said “we’ll be alright- wont we?”

The Doctor didn’t reply. Georgia and Conner left the TARDIS gravely. They didn’t turn around as the TARDIS dematerialised. Suddenly Georgia pointed at a young woman who collapsed in the street. Together, Georgia and Conner ran towards her.

Zac waited patiently for the TARDIS to arrive. In fact, he’d been waiting patiently for a while. He walked back into the spare room where Kaylie was lying on the bed. She was pale, and sweaty. Zac whished his parents and his sister Rachel were with him, but at least they shouldn’t be affected by the flu while camping in the country, away from other Humans.

“Zac,” Kaylie muttered with ragged breaths “I think I need to go to the hospital.”
“The Doctor’ll be here in a minute, I promise,” Zac said.
“I need to go now!” Kaylie sobbed.

Zac hauled Kaylie out of bed and lifted her arm over his shoulder. Heaving her out into the street, Zac headed for the bus stop.

Meanwhile, Government official Samantha Willis was giving an address to the public. A reporter, Penny Carter, raised her hand. Samantha nodded to indicate that Penny should ask her question.

“I’m Penny Carter, science correspondent for The Observer. Minister, we’re getting credible reports that people are dying.”
“I think we have to treat Internet speculation with a degree of suspicion at this point,” Samantha replied.
“Is it true that the Prime Minister himself is ill?” Penny Carter asked.
“I briefed him a few hours ago and he was fine,” Samantha said.
“Then why won’t he talk to us?” Penny asked.
“He’s busy coordinating the Government’s response. I’m sure you wouldn’t expect anything less. At this point I’d like to invite Colonel Mace to explain the practical aspects of this state of emergency.”

Samantha turned around in her seat at a grating noise in the distance.

“If I could be excused, there is something I have to attend to. Over to Colonel Mace.”

Samantha left the conference. Georgia and Conner ran over to the woman who collapsed. Georgia held the woman who lay on the floor.

“What happened?” Georgia asked quickly.
“I’m not feeling well,” the woman said “it’s that flu.”
“You shouldn’t be out and about in this state!” Conner scalded.
“What’s your name?” Georgia asked trying not to panic.
“Patricia,” the woman told them.

“I’m calling an ambulance,” Conner said, retrieving his phone from his pocket.

He dialled 999 and waited for a response. Not far away, Zac and Kaylie reached the bus stop. Zac looked at a sign.

“The bus has stopped running,” Zac told Kaylie “you’re gonna have to walk.”
“I…” Kaylie said.
“It’s not that far,” Zac assured her.

He began to heave her away from the bus stop. The Doctor peeked out of the TARDIS which landed in a corridor. A woman in official looking clothes was running down the corridor towards him.

“Hello! I’m the Doctor!” the Doctor grinned.
“My name’s Samantha Willis. I’m the Minister in charge of public communication. You may he seen me on the television, assuring the public that their Government is working hard to get everything back on track,” Samantha informed him.
“Err… Yeah, I saw that… Never doubted you,” the Doctor smiled.
“I see you arrived in a Blue Box. You do know Torchwood is looking for you? They seem to think you will be able to procure a vaccine,” Samantha said, surprising the Doctor with her knowledge.
“That’s why I’m here. Start at the top I always say. Fit in with the big boys I do,” the Doctor smiled.
“Doctor, I’m not sure you fully appreciate the seriousness of the situation,” Samantha said slightly forcefully.
“It’s only the flu isn’t it?” the Doctor asked, snapping from grin to serious in less than a second.
“Follow me,” Samantha said, leading the way down a corridor.

The Doctor followed obediently. Georgia and Conner turned as the ambulance stopped in front of them. They ran back to Patricia whose condition had worsened. Two men got out of the ambulance with a stretcher. Hoisting Patricia on to it, they carefully placed her in the back of the ambulance. One of the men came over to Conner and Georgia.

“We’re taking her to hospital now,” the man said.
“We’ll come,” Conner said at once, fearing Patricia’s health.
“There’s only enough room for one…” the man said awkwardly.
“You go,” Georgia smiled “I’ll visit my family. Then I’ll go to Zac’s house.”
“Woops. We forgot him. He’ll be wondering where we are!” Conner couldn’t help but laughing.
“Well, bye,” Georgia said, before leaning forward to quickly kiss him on the cheek.

He blushed and headed into the ambulance. Georgia turned away going red, and began to walk to her parents house. Zac and Kaylie entered the hospital, Kaylie feeling worse than ever. Behind them they did not notice an ambulance pull up, and similarly, Conner didn’t notice them when he got out of the ambulance.

Zac pulled Kaylie into the busy reception, where many people sat on chairs, obviously with the flu. Zac helped Kaylie into a seat and went over to the reception desk. He remembered a piece of advice given to him by the Doctor while he phoned Conner. He knew who to ask for.

“Can you page Dr-” Zac said to the receptionist, who couldn’t hear him over he shouts of people with the flu needing to see a doctor.

Zac grabbed the announcement microphone and spoke into it.

“Can Doctor Martha Jones please come to reception,” he managed to say before the receptionist snatched back the microphone.

He ran back to Kaylie to wait for the Doctor’s former companion to arrive. Conner clamoured out of the ambulance and ran to Patricia’s side. The two men from the ambulance pulled her on the stretcher into the hospital. They went through reception and down a corridor. Knocking a black female doctor aside, Conner apologised.

Martha Jones knocked into a boy in the corridor, so she apologised and went to reception. She looked around for someone she recognised, but couldn’t see anyone. Then another boy, sat with an ill looking girl beckoned her over.

“You must be Doctor Martha Jones,” Zac smiled “I need you to help my friend.”
“How do you know my name?” Martha asked the boy.
“I was recommended by our mutual friend,” Zac grinned.
“Who?” Martha asked.
“Let’s just say my friend travels with him,” Zac said.

Martha nodded that she understood, and helped Zac pull Kaylie up and together they led her down a corridor. Georgia ran down the street and stopped at her mum’s house. She knocked on the door. The door opened, and Elizabeth smiled and welcomed Georgia in.

“Hi mum, I haven’t seen you in ages!” Georgia smiled. “Come here!”

Georgia went to hug her mum but she was brushed off.

“Better not get too close dear, I’ve got the flu,” Elizabeth said. “Your father came down with it first.”
“Is he alright?” Georgia asked worriedly.
“Of course, it’s only the flu. He’ll be up and about in no time. Still, it is a bit of a nuisance, this flu. The whole city’s gridlocked!” Elizabeth complained.

Georgia didn’t reply. The Doctor entered a small room with Samantha Willis. She sat down in one of the chairs and the Doctor followed suit.

“So, what’s the thing behind the flu?” the Doctor asked.
“It’s not flu,” Samantha replied “it’s a virus. We can’t control its spreading. Nearly the whole world’s got it. We don’t know what to do.”
“And have you told the country?” the Doctor asked.
“Of course not! There would be widespread panic,” Samantha said.

Conner left the doctor alone with Patricia. Julia Swales, the doctor who was helping Conner, closed off the curtains around them. Clearly things were not looking good, Conner thought sadly. He heard a squeak of wheels behind him, and turned to see two men wheel out a gurney with a person under a white sheet on it. They wheeled the bed through a door. Quietly, Conner followed them. He opened the door, and gasped in shock.

“Oh my God!” he muttered.

In the room were about fifty gurneys with dead patients lying on them, each with a sheet covering their bodies. Conner slowly stepped back out of the room. Julia was stood waiting for him.

“You’re not allowed in there,” Julia said, walking forwards and closing the door.
“How many?” Conner asked.
“Hundreds,” Julia said sadly.

The Doctor leaned closer to Samantha.

“What does the virus do?” he asked.
“It attacks the immune system, turning our bodies’ defences on ourselves. We’re killed by our own bodies,” Samantha said.
“Oh my…” the Doctor said.
“Once you’ve got the virus, you’re sure to die,” Samantha said grimly.

A metal bed was wheeled out in front of Conner and Julia. Patricia’s dead hand slipped down off the gurney and hung limply. One of the men lifted it up and tucked it under the white sheet. Julia led Conner away.

“There are bound to be some people who are naturally immune; the lucky ones. If you can call them that,” Julia said.
“Why shouldn’t you?” Conner asked quietly.
“Can you… Imagine what their lives would be like now?” Julia asked tearfully. “How scared and lonely they’ll be.”
“But,” Conner said “what ever happens, I’d rather live.”
“Well, you might if you stay well for the next couple of days,” Julia said.
“Yeah, I suppose. But I have friends… They’ll die wont they? What about you? Are you ok?” Conner asked Julia.
“I’m too hot, and my head hurts… And I’ve got a lump…” Julia said, tears running down her cheek.

Conner hugged her sadly. Zac and Martha were also sat on some chairs, a few rooms away. Martha had taken off her medical coat, and Zac kept glancing to the doorway where Kaylie was lying in a bed.

“I thought you worked at UNIT?” Zac asked Martha.
“I do. But until this flu is over I’m back at the Royal Hope, trying to get everyone better,” Martha said.
“You’re doing a great job. After all, no one’s died from the flu…” Zac said.

Martha didn’t reply. Georgia shut the door to her parent’s house. She walked down the road, and headed for Zac’s house. There seemed to be no one about; there were no cars driving on the streets, no buses and no people. Georgia thought this was strange: her mother said the whole city was gridlocked. Georgia supposed she meant more in town, than in the quieter areas like here. She continued to walk to Zac’s house, wondering what sort of reception she’d receive there.

A nervous looking man entered the quiet room where the Doctor and Samantha were sat in silence. Samantha looked up at him from where she was seated.

“Yes, Stevens?” she asked.
“Sorry to interrupt ma’am, but I have some terrible news…” Stevens said leaning from foot to foot anxiously.
“What is it?” the Doctor asked kindly.
“The Prime Minister; he died a few minutes ago.”

Samantha seemed shocked, but unsurprised.

“And, I’m here to tell you that due to the recent crisis, the Government have appointed you Prime Minister,” Stevens said, feeling relieved that Samantha had taken the news well.
“Is there anything else?” Samantha asked.
“Umm. Yes… You had a phone call from Jack…” Stevens said, handing a slim black phone to her, and quickly departing from the room.

Samantha put the phone up to her ear, and the Doctor held his breath.

“Jack? Sorry I couldn’t call earlier it’s just…” Samantha said.

Jack responded, but the Doctor couldn’t catch what he said.

“All of you?” Samantha asked, her eyes full of tears “the boys too?”

Jack replied. The Doctor was saddened because he knew what this meant.

“Are they in bed? Good. No I’m fine, I’ll be home soon. Course everything’s going to be alright, it’s just a nasty bug,” Samantha said, trying to remain calm. “Jack… I love you.”

She put the phone down and looked at the Doctor.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

Samantha looked away. Conner drifted off to sleep many hours later, wondering what tomorrow would bring. Zac and Martha returned to Kaylie, and sat beside her bed. Soon after, Zac and Martha fell asleep in their chairs. Julia Swales made Conner comfortable before walking down a corridor to her patients doomed to die.

“Zac?” Georgia asked, letting herself into Zac’s house. “You here?”

She walked into the Zac’s bedroom, and was surprised at what she saw.

“Harry!” she cried, running towards Harry who had collapsed on Zac’s bed.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she realised he was asleep, and not dead. Feeling drowsy herself, she led on the bed next to Harry and slept. The Doctor leapt up.

“We can save them!” the Doctor said. “We can save all of them!”
“How? My family have already got the virus,” Samantha said sadly.
“By procuring a vaccine! I can do it,” the Doctor said confidentially.
“But… We’ve had the world’s top scientists working on it. They asked for months, we gave them weeks. You have a matter of days,” Samantha said.
“But I’m a genius!”

Outside the sun began its slow descent through the sky. Darkness slowly fell on Britain, and marked the last day of the Human race.

Many hours later, Samantha woke up. She had been asleep in the Lab- and saw the Doctor working on the virus. She carefully made her way over to the Doctor.

“How are you? You haven’t slept have you?” Samantha said.
“I never sleep,” the Doctor smiled.
“And how’s your progress?” Samantha asked.
“Brilliant! Molto Bene! Bellisimo!” the Doctor grinned.

Samantha looked at him strangely.

“Basically, I’ve nearly done it,” the Doctor explained.
“Ah. And how basic is basically?” Samantha asked hopefully.
“It works perfectly… Except… There’s a missing ingredient… Ummm… Ah ha! No wait, no. Yes! No. Yes! I know!” the Doctor ran over to a desk, a picked up a syringe.
“Blood of a Time Lord! Works as a catalyst! Guess what?” the Doctor smiled.
“I’ve done it!” the Doctor smiled.

Samantha hugged him. They whooped and cheered and laughed. Samantha pointed to the door.

“Let’s give everyone in the building an injection, and then we can start distributing a vaccine!” Samantha smiled.
“Your family first of course, Prime Minister,” the Doctor grinned.
“Thank you, Doctor. Not just for that, but for everything. Thank you for finding a cure, thank you for coming here.”
“It was the least I could do,” the Doctor said.

The Doctor led Samantha out of the Lab. The Prime Minister gasped in shock. Conner woke up and rubbed his head. He looked around and sat up off the hospital chair. He noticed the room was empty. Standing up, Conner left the room. Lying in the middle of the corridor was Julia Swales.

“Oh my God!” Conner gasped.

He ran over to Julia and turned her over. She was clearly dead, and Conner quickly let her go. She slumped back into her position. Conner ran in to another room, where everyone in the room was dead. Conner ran into another room; the same was there.

“No! Please don’t let me be the last person left!” Conner shouted.

Tears streamed down his face, and he weakly collapsed onto the floor. Burying his head in his hands, Conner wept for the loss of Humanity.

Georgia woke up on a soft, warm bed. She rolled over and came face to face with Harry. He had blank, staring eyes. Georgia leapt off the bed in surprise. Harry was dead.

Martha Jones opened her eyes. She saw in surprise that she was alone in being awake. She walked calmly over to Zac and gently shook him. He didn’t wake up. She shook him more forcefully. She refused to accept the truth. Martha ran to Kaylie who was lying in her hospital bed. She shook her as hard as se could. She jumped around and looked at the other patients in the ward. Everyone was dead.

“No… It can’t be… The virus has killed everything…” Martha gasped. “The whole world’s been destroyed…”

The Doctor and Samantha ran over to Stevens who was sat a desk, dead. They looked around and saw that the entire office of people had been killed by the virus. The Doctor quickly injected Samantha with the cure.

“What was that for?” Samantha asked.
“You might not have been immune. I’ll scan you,” the Doctor informs her.

Using the Sonic Screwdriver, the Doctor scanned Samantha.

“Congratulations, you were immune before I injected you,” the Doctor said.
“Small victory,” Samantha said quietly.

Georgia ran out of Zac’s house and down the body strew road. She headed for her parents house. Martha left the ward and wandered through the hospital. She came to the area of the hospital where the bodies were stored. The room for the bodies was at the end of the corridor, and lying mid way down the corridor was the boy who she had bumped into earlier.

“Hello…?” Martha asked.

Conner looked up. His face was red from crying.

“Hello,” Conner mumbled.
“My name’s Martha. What’s your name?” Martha asked kindly.
“Conner, Conner Bennet. Is that the Martha who travelled with a doctor?” Conner grinned.
“Yes. I believe you’re Zac’s friend…?” Martha smiled.
“Yep,” Conner smiled, feeling relieved Martha was so nice.
“I understand if… You want to see him, before…” Martha said sadly.
“Before what? Why can’t I see him?” Conner asked.
“Conner… He’s dead.”

The Doctor pulled a small glowing pendant from his bigger-on-the-inside pockets. He placed it around his and Samantha’s necks.

“What’s this?” Samantha asked.
“Telependant. Basic teleport in the form of jewellery. Like Margaret Blaine’s earrings and brooch. Well, with a bit more taste,” the Doctor said.
“Ok. Where are we going?”
“France. I know someone who might be able to reverse everything that’s happened,” the Doctor said, busily fiddling with the telependant.
“Fantastic! You think she’ll do it for us?” Samantha asked.
“Can’t see why not. Actually, it depends on the last time I visited her. I visit out of order see. I think we got on last time,” the Doctor said, trailing off.
“Err… Great. Let’s go!” Samantha said.

The Doctor activated the telependant, and the Doctor and Samantha vanished. Martha led Conner into the room where Zac and Kaylie were lying dead. Conner walked over to them sadly.

“Was he in any pain?” Conner asked quietly.
“Not at all. He passed away in his sleep,” Martha assured him.
“Good. Are you sure we don’t have time to bury them?” Conner asked.
“I’m sorry.”

Georgia slammed into the door. Her parents locked the door, and Georgia had accidentally left her key inside. She hammered on the door, but to no avail. Her parents were clearly dead.

Conner and Martha left the hospital, Martha throwing her doctor’s coat on the ground. They walked past the ambulance Conner had ridden in, and left the hospital grounds. Martha began to walk down the right to the right, but Conner walked to the left.

“Where are you going?” Martha asked. “We need to get to the countryside.”
“Why?” Conner asked.
“All those bodies? They’ll be carrying diseases. It’s not safe near them,” Martha said.
“Oh. I thought you were gonna say zombies or something,” Conner grinned.
“So where are you going?” Martha asked, grinning back.
“To find my friend. You?” Conner asked.
“With you, I can’t leave you on your own,” Martha said, following Conner.
“Welcome along Ms. Jones,” Conner grinned.
“Why thank you Mr. Bennet,” Martha grinned back.

Conner and Martha first went to Zac’s house, and then to Colin and Elizabeth’s house. It was there they found Georgia. Conner and Georgia ran towards each other and hugged for a long time.

“Oh my God! I thought I’d never see you again,” Georgia sobbed. “I thought you’d died.”
“No stopping me,” Conner said.
“And who are you?” Georgia asked.
“Martha, Martha Jones,” Martha Jones said.
“Oh. The Doctor’s friend. And you looked after Conner, and Zac?” Georgia asked.
“Yep,” Martha smiled.
“Oh thank you,” Georgia grinned, hugging her.

Georgia led Martha away from Conner, and looked at her.

“Do you… Do you think life will be different now?” Georgia asked.
“Very. But we’ve got the Doctor,” Martha said.
“Would it have been better, not to have survived?” Georgia asked.
“No, not for a second,” Martha said.

The Doctor and Samantha appeared in France with a blue flash, and the sound of whizzing fireworks. They were outside a small cottage, which the Doctor led Samantha into. There was a roaring fire going and sat in a small chair next to the fire was the body of an old woman. The Doctor ran over to her.

“Oh no! Poor Madame Rene. We were too late. I’m sorry,” the Doctor said.
“You mean we’re stuck like this?” Samantha asked “the virus can’t be stopped?”
“Yeah. Sorry about your family. Sorry I couldn’t fix this.”
“It’s not your fault…” Samantha said, trying not to cry.

The Doctor hugged her. Peering over her shoulder, the Doctor saw the telependant that he gave to Samantha to carry. It had lost its blue spark, and was fading. With a flash of blue, the telependant smashed into a million pieces. Samantha jumped out of the hug in shock.

“What happened?” Samantha asked.
“The telependant broke!” the Doctor said, sounding annoyed.
“What does that mean? Doctor?” Samantha said nervously.
“We’re stuck in France,” the Doctor said sheepishly.

Martha, Georgia and Conner gathered as many supplies as they could. The Doctor and Samantha left the house, and gathered supplies too. It was getting dark, and the sun was beginning to set once more. The Doctor and Samantha left the house, and Martha, Conner and Georgia walked into the middle of the street. It was like the night before, but everyone was dead now.

It was the beginning of the rest of their lives, and though Martha, Conner and Georgia were far away from the Doctor and Samantha, it was clear their situations were the same. Both groups were alone in a sea of dead bodies, both unsure what to do next, both thinking about how to survive.

Both looking for each other, and ways to carry on the Human race; as Survivors.


Monday, 15 December 2008

Episode 12: The Spidership Part 6

“No, we’re not coming with you”, Harry said boldly, “We don’t even know who or what you are!”
“You will obey, or you will be exterminated!” Dalek Gain ordered.
“Oh no!” Ronald shouted pointing behind the dalek, who turned his head, “RUN!” Harry and Ronald ran for their lives, they sprinted down the corridor, just dodging a blue ray of electricity which was fired from the Dalek. They ran up a flight of stairs and reached the 2nd floor, they ran down another corridor until they ran straight into Private Roxanne.

“What are you doing here?” Roxanne asked.
“We’re running from a monster”, Ronald said panting.
“What do you mean monster?” Roxanne asked.
“It was gold, with bronze sphere things on its body, and it had an arm, and it fired a ray at us”, Harry explained not stopping for breath.
“I need to tell the Doctor”, Roxanne muttered.
“You know the Doctor?” Harry asked.
“Yes, he’s talking to Colonel Mace along with Captain Gifford via UNIT technology”, Roxanne said, “In there”. Roxanne pointed to the door behind her.
“Well lets go in and tell him”, Harry said breathlessly.
“No, I betrayed his trust by letting UNIT find him”, Roxanne said, “I think we should wait for him to emerge and tell him without UNIT overhearing”.
“But, UNIT might be able to help”, Ronald suggested.
“They might not”, Roxanne replied, “I’ll get him and tell him there are some of his friends here or something”.

Roxanne entered the room. It was quite a large room with several computers and several tables. There was a member of UNIT at each computer terminal. There was a sofa in the middle of the room. Lounging on it was the Doctor; standing next to the sofa was Captain Gifford. There was a huge screen facing the sofa. On the screen was Colonel Mace who was sitting in the UNIT headquarters in South London. The headquarters looked the same as they had when the octopli attacked it and when the magnet warriors had contacted them.

“I apologise Captain Gifford, Colonel Mace”, Roxanne said loudly and clearly.
“Sorry about this Colonel Mace”, Captain Gifford said.
“Not to worry”, Colonel Mace replied from UNIT HQ.
“What is it Private?” Captain Gifford asked.
“There’s someone here to see the Doctor”, Roxanne replied, “One of his friends”.
“Oh, I’d better talk to them”, the Doctor said, “They don’t know I have joined forces with UNIT yet”. Captain Gifford nodded and the Doctor walked out the room followed by Private Roxanne.

As they walked out of the room the Doctor said, “Why did you point a gun at me?”
“Because we needed your help”, Roxanne told the Doctor, “Oh, it wasn’t loaded by the way”.
“I didn’t think it was”, the Doctor commented.
“I’ve always learnt”, Roxanne said, “Never load your gun in case the tide turns and you are held up against it”. The Doctor realised Harry and Ronald were there.

“Big D, we saw this gold thing”, Harry said immediately, “Down on the 1st floor”.
“It had this blue eye and it was a bit like a robot”, Ronald said.
“Who are you?” the Doctor asked.
“He’s Ronald he’s in my class”, Harry said, “He knows about aliens and things…”
“Right, anyway this alien, what did it say?” the Doctor asked.
“It said come with me”, Harry answered.
“And obey me or you will be exterminated”, Ronald added. The Doctor froze looked up and ran straight down the corridor.

“Doctor wait!” Roxanne shouted and she began to run after him. She was followed by Harry and Ronald.
“You aren’t coming with me go back”, the Doctor Said.
“Don’t be so silly!” Roxanne called after the Doctor, easily keeping up with his fast pace. The Doctor ran down the steps to the first floor and shouted, “Aliens come out come out wherever you are!”
“Why’s he shouting?” Harry asked Ronald, “It’s like he wants to be caught”.
“I don’t know”, Ronald replied.

“Daleks!” the Doctor shouted, “Yes I know what you’re called come out and face me daleks!”
“Doctor I order you to stop shouting”, Roxanne ordered, stopping by the Doctor who was standing in the middle of a corridor, “It’s better to catch them off guard”.
“I know what you’re called daleks!” the Doctor shouted. The Doctor paused for a moment waiting for the shrill voice of a dalek.
“Halt!” Dalek Gain said as he glided round the corner, Roxanne sighed loudly, “You know us you shall come with us”.
“Hellooo, who are you then?” the Doctor asked, “Nice arm, looks like they’ve replaced your sucker”. “Silence, all four of you will come with me”, Dalek Gain said, “You know of us human, so the Supreme Dalek will want to see you”.

It was early in the morning but Mrs Sow had got everyone up early to go on a tour of the museum on board the ship. Kaylie and Zac were chatting, still wondering where Harry and Ronald had gone. Amy and Karen had joined them and were looking nervous.
“Now then children”, Mrs Sow was saying we’re very lucky to have Cherrie back with us today. So let’s have a good time and follow her”.
“Mrs Sow is talking be quiet Bradley”, Mr. Renegade ordered.

“Also we have two more children joining our crew”, Mrs Sow said cheerily, “So be nice to them”. Amy smiled sweetly.
“Arghh it’s ghastly”, Bradley said jokingly. At this Amy flipped in the air and did some karate moves getting closer and closer to Bradley, who tripped and fell over making whimpering noises. At this the whole class burst out laughing.
“Be quiet everyone!” Mrs Sow shouted, but no-one listened to her.
“SILENCE!” Mr. Renegade ordered again. Everyone fell silent this time and followed Cherrie into a beige-coloured corridor. Amy stared daggers at Bradley who was now scared of her. Kaylie was trying her best to ignore her two sisters. They left the beige corridor and walked into a large green room. In the walls of the room were see through tanks. Inside the tanks were spiders.

“Here we are ladies and gentlemen”, Cherrie said as if she knew this off by heart, “We are in the spider part of the ship, in other words the ships little menagerie. There are about 100 hundred species of spider, including many rare spiders, which we bought for a large amount of money, to add to our collection. These can be seen on the left over there. Look round, but please don’t tap on the glass”.
“They always say that. Never tap on the glass”, Zac said to Kaylie as they walked over to a cage.

“Ewww”, Kaylie said when she saw the Spider.
“So Kaylie, you don’t like the Australasian funnel-web spider?” Zac said reading from the plaque by the tank where the Australasian funnel-web spider sat looking up at them. Zac thought for a second that it was staring at them in a human way. Before he turned to see Beth and Catherine.

“Awwww, it’s so cute”, Beth said looking at the Spider, Catherine gawped at her.
“You like spiders and goats?" Catherine asked.
“I never said I liked goats”, Beth said annoyed.
“Then why the ‘goat’ incident?” Zac asked.
“Shut up!” Beth said annoyed.

Back on floor 0 the blue Supreme Dalek turned to Roger Ummelmann.
“Your nephew has been captured by Dalek Gain”, the blue Supreme Dalek announced, “Along with a UNIT soldier, a man and a friend of your nephews. They were exploring the first floor. Tell us why they are there”.
“I don’t know”, Roger Ummelmann replied loudly.
“They are approaching the lab”, the White Supreme Dalek informed the other, “Are any other UNIT soldiers exploring the ship, Captain Price?” Captain Price was standing in shadow; she had been trying to send distress signals to her other UNIT officers, but they had not reached the other UNIT officials.
“No, I have not told anyone that I am here”, Captain Price replied looking up.
“Because we have been stopping your signals”, the blue Supreme Dalek said staring at Captain Price through its blue eye.

Suddenly footsteps could be heard descending into the room. The Doctor entered the room first with his hands on his head. He was followed by Ronald and Harry and then Private Roxanne.
“Private Roxanne!” Captain Price said surprised.

“Ronald, I told you not to do any investigating”, Roger said.
“Well I knew you were up to something”, Ronald said, “You always loved Aunt Holly and then you split up with her, I couldn’t believe it”.
“It was because I had to be away a lot because of this job”, Roger said, “But now I wish I had never got the job”. Ronald fell silent and the room was in complete silence, even the daleks were silent, but they were all staring at the Doctor.

“Doctor!” the blue Supreme Dalek said.
“How did you recognise me?” the Doctor asked.
“I was guessing”, the Blue Supreme Dalek announced.
“Dalek Gain, you said he was shouting our name”, the White Supreme Dalek asked.
“Affirmative”, Dalek Gain agreed.
“What did you just call him?” the Doctor asked.
“He is called Dalek Gain”, the White Supreme Dalek replied.
“What are you called?” the Doctor asked.
“Daleks do not need names”, the Blue Supreme Dalek said.
“Then why does he have one?” the Doctor asked.
“He was a very important member of a secret group of daleks”, the Blue Supreme Dalek answered.
“The Cult of Skaro”, the Doctor asked.
“The what?” Dalek Gain asked.
“Never mind, now then why are you here?” the Doctor asked.

“We were to invade Earth”, the Blue Supreme Dalek replied, “And we would be given a fleet o daleks to help. The fleet never came it was destroyed”.
“By who or what or when?” the Doctor asked.
“In the time war”, the White Supreme Dalek explained, “But that is only a rumour. It may not be true”.
“I’m afraid it is true”, the Doctor said darkly.
“Then why are you here?” Dalek Gain asked, “All the daleks and time lords were destroyed in the war”.
“How do you know?” the blue Supreme Dalek asked.
“Just a rumour”, Dalek Gain replied. The Doctor knew something was not right about Dalek Gain. He was sure that that dalek had secrets.

“So what are you up to on this ship?” the Doctor asked.
“We have made an alliance”, the White Supreme Dalek said.
“With who?” the Doctor asked, “Another alien”.
“No with a creature with Earth origin”, the blue Supreme Dalek answered, “They hate humanity just like us”.
“Who is it?” the Doctor asked.

“Doctor, what if Mr. Spider found out?” Private Roxanne asked, “Before he died”.
“What do you mean Private?” Captain Price asked.
“What if the note said, Beware the Spiders”, Private Roxanne announced.
“The human female is correct”, the Blue Supreme Dalek announced, “But enough talk”. The Blue Supreme Dalek moved over to a screen and pressed its sucker on it. A huge spider appeared on the teleport circle. Harry yelled at the sight of it. The other two daleks moved to other screens. Dalek Gain operated his with his hand.

“What are you doing?” the Doctor ordered, “Tell me now”.
“They are growing the Spiders”, Roger said quietly, “In five minutes all the spiders around the World will grow huge. They will kill the humans”.
“Why would they want to kill humans?” Harry asked in a squeaky voice.
“Because we hate them!” the huge spider hissed, “The humans are big, they don’t care about us. They flick us with their fingers. They squish us with their books and newspapers. They put us in tanks”.
“But surely a second chance”, the Doctor said smiling.
“No second chances”, the chief spider hissed.

“How does it work then?” the Doctor asked.
“I’m not sure”, Roger said, “The machine does something with the DNA and the humans fear helps them along”.
“Uncle why did you help them with this”, Ronald asked.
“Because I’d have so much power”, Roger said.
“But the Daleks never agree to human terms”, the Doctor said.
“That is why he is now a prisoner”, Dalek Gain said turning his head.
“What about you Captain Price?” the Doctor asked.
“Dalek Gain found me trying to find this secret floor”, Captain Price said.

“Well then daleks I’m going to stop you”, the Doctor anNounced.
“How will you do that from Scandinavia?” the Blue Supreme Dalek asked as Dalek Gain pushed another button and the Doctor vanished.
“Where’s the Doctor gone?” Harry asked.
“Scandinavia”, the White Supreme Dalek replied, “We couldn’t have him tampering with our plans”.

“It is time”, the huge spider hissed, “The time for our revenge is now!”
“Switch the machine on”, the Blue Dalek said and Dalek Gain pushed a switch.
The machine whirred.

“Uncle, what have you done?” Ronald said shocked. Captain Price stood shocked along with Harry, Ronald, Roger and Roxanne.

Up in the spider museum Captain Gifford burst through the doors along with a troupe of UNIT soldiers.
“Search the place, we msut find the Doctor”, Captain Gifford ordered.
“What’s going on?” Zac wondered.
“I don’t know”, Kaylie replied and then her mouth dropped. She stared as she saw the Australasian funnel-web spider grow and grow and grow. It smashed the glass in the tank. The same thing was happening all over the room. Spiders jumped out of their cages and landed on the floor.

“Kill all the humans”, a spider said, “Time for our revenge!” The students scattered as the spiders approached the children. A spider turned on Kaylie, who had frozen still. She was to be the first death.

The Doctor appeared on a clearing in the middle of a pine forest in Norway. The Doctor got out his compass to see where he was.
“My compass is spinning round and round”, the Doctor said shocked, “No, no no no no no!” The Doctor stared up into the sky to see a magnet warrior ship. It was four times the size as the one that had attacked last Christmas Eve. It had huge letters on it, which read ‘1st magnet warrior ship’.

On board the Commander stared down at the Earth through a blackened window.
“We will find the Doctor and his blonde accomplice!” Commander Marr said cackling, “The time has come for my revenge!!!!”


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Survivors Trailer

As part of the Time Warped Series, (see post Coming Soon...) we will see what would happen to the Doctor and friends if a virus killed 99.9% of the population. This story will be released after part 6 of The Spidership, but before Betrayal and Death. Here is the trailer:

Conner puts his phone up to his ear.
"Apparently everyone's got the flu."
Kaylie looks at Zac.
"I need to go to hospital," Kaylie says.
"Can Dr Martha Jones please come to reception?"
"It's not flu," a woman says "it's a virus."
"There are bound to be some people who are naturally imunne. The lucky ones."
A bed with a white sheet over the top is wheeled out.
"Whatever happens, I'd rather live," Conner says.
Martha Jones walks down a corridor.
"This virus has killed everything... The world's been destroyed."

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Episode 12: The Spidership Part 5

A blue exterminator ray shot out from Dalek Gain and killed Phil, who slumped to the floor. Phil’s friend Terry backed up against the wall.
“EXTERMINATE!” Dalek Gain said and another blue ray shot across the room. Terry slid down the wall, dead. Roger Ummelmann saw and the Dalek and backed up against the wall.

“Dalek Gain, I see the experiment worked”, Roger Ummelmann said.
“Correct, I now have a fully functional arm and hand”, Dalek Gain replied.
“Can you get me out of here?” Roger asked.
“I am here to take you to the Supreme Dalek”, Dalek Gain announced.
“Oh, OK”, Roger Ummelmann muttered, “Which one?”
“The Blue Supreme one”, Dalek Gain informed Roger. Dalek Gain suddenly shot a ray from his exterminator and blew the cell door off shooting Roger to the other side of the cell.

“Why didn’t you give me a warning?” Roger asked.
“There was no need”, Dalek Gain said.
“Right OK”, Roger said.
“You will walk in front of me with your hands on your head”, Dalek Gain ordered.
“You’re treating me like a prisoner”, Roger said.
“That is correct now obey!” Dalek Gain ordered.
“OK, OK”, Roger obeyed reluctantly. Roger walked down the corridor followed closely by Dalek Gain.

Later that night in a huge ballroom Conner and Zac were standing in suits looking embarrassed. In one corner of the room a band was playing music. It was mostly classical but some more modern songs had been played. Several people were dancing in pairs in the centre of the room.
Mrs Sow was making all the students dance as if they were part of a royal society. Mrs Sow wanted to impress the Queen. However, the Queen and most of the famous people on board were in their own private ballrooms, so Mrs Sow needn’t have bothered. Mr. Renegade was getting annoyed and was drinking beer. Catherine and Beth were dancing with each other in a hyper-active manner. Harry and Ronald were nowhere to be seen.

“Looks like Mrs Sow is trying to get Bradley and his gang to get up and dance”, Conner commented.
“Bad idea”, Zac added. Kaylie appeared through a pair of bright double doors. She looked slightly disgruntled and the reason for this followed. Georgia in her white dress followed Kaylie. They were then followed by the Doctor.

“Zac and Con Con”, Georgia said in greeting to the two boys.
“Zac do you want to dance”, Kaylie asked smiling.
“Yes, if you are”, Zac replied nervously and Zac and Kaylie took to the floor. They twirled and smiled together. Georgia looked at the Doctor expecting to be asked when Private Roxanne appeared from the crowd in a red dress. Her hair was up in a pretty bun, and she was wearing red gloves and red lipstick.
“Roxanne, your looking… red”, the Doctor commented. Conner rolled his eyes.
“Err, thank you”, Roxanne said nervously, “Would you like to dance”.
“Yes, of course I will”, the Doctor replied happily. The song ended and many people clapped. A few seconds later the band began their next piece, a fast waltz. The Doctor and Roxanne took to the floor. Georgia gawped at the Doctor. Zac and Kaylie saw the Doctor and Roxanne and Kaylie waved at them as Zac attempted a lift, which went slightly wrong, due to Kaylie kicking her shoe across the room. Catherine and Beth were now doing some sort of Egyptian dance in the centre of the floor, while Mrs Sow was waltzing slowly with a confused student.

“The Doctor dances”, Conner muttered.
“Conner do you want a dance?” Georgia said boldly.
“With who?”Conner asked
“With me of course!” Georgia replied.
“Um Ok”, Conner agreed looking around. Conner and Georgia took to the floor.

Suddenly a loud announcement broke in through the music.
“Can Kaylie Watson please come to the Captain’s office”, the loudspeaker announced. Zac and Kaylie stopped dancing.
“I’d better go”, Kaylie said, “But I can’t find my shoe”.
“How will you be able to walk with only one shoe?” Zac asked.
“Oh, you’re right, can you support me please”, Kaylie asked.
“Fine”, Zac sighed, “Conner!” Conner stopped dancing and nearly dropped Georgia. They walked over.
“What is it?” Conner asked.
“You heard the announcement”, Zac said, “But Kaylie’s lost her shoe”.
“Silly girl”, Georgia muttered and Kaylie clenched her fists.
“I’m going to help Kaylie to the Captain’s office and if you could keep an eye out for Kaylie’s shoe”, Zac said.
“Of course we will”, Conner replied.
“Bye then”, Kaylie said hobbling along. They walked through the double doors and into a golden lift.

“Its all very posh”, Zac commented as the gold doors closed.
“What is you destination?” a mechanical voice said through a speaker in the lift.
“The Captain’s Deck please”, Kaylie said happily. The lift rose upwards and further up until it reached level 16. The door’s opened onto what looked like a bar. There were people scattered around the bar, mostly staff but a couple of people were richly dressed.

“Where are we?” Kaylie asked.
“The Captain’s Deck”, Zac answered.
“But this is a bar”, Kaylie pointed out.
“Yes, this is the bar on the 16th floor we’re heading to level 21”, Zac said, “You should’ve said the Captain’s Office”.
“Oops, can’t it tell I wanted to go to the Captain’s Office”, Kaylie said.
“Obviously not”, Zac replied, “Come on, back in the lift”.
“But we could have a drink”, Kaylie said smiling.
“We have no ID”, Zac pointed out walking in to the lift supporting Kaylie.
“But there’s Neil Stretch”, Kaylie said as Zac pressed a button on the lift and the doors shut, “The famous tennis player who won Wimbledon in the summer!”
“Ah well, we’re far too important to see him”, Zac said in a posh voice.
“Oh yes, we are going to the Captain’s Office”, Kaylie replied in a posh voice. The lift shot up to the 21st floor. The lift opened to reveal an Office, which lead into the bridge of the ship.

“Err Captain”, Kaylie said loudly. A head appeared round the door to the bridge. He was wearing a white and blue hat.
“Ah Kaylie, I am Captain Reggie”, Captain Reggie said, “I’m afraid we’ve got two stowaways”.
“Oh, but why does that involve me”, Kaylie asked.
“Come in!” Captain Reggie said ushering them towards the brig.

“I’m Zac by the way”, Zac Pemberton said as he entered the control room, or the brig. There were several people pressing buttons and moving around in the room. Outside it was pitch black. There were several screens around the room showing different parts of the ship. Kaylie turned and saw two girls run towards her through another door. It was Andrea and Amy, Kaylie’s sisters.

“Kaylie!” they said together.
“We stowawayed!” Amy exclaimed.
“That’s not the word”, Andrea said, “Oh, we spied on that dude who you fancy, who won Wimbledon!”
“No way!” Kaylie said, “Me ‘n’ Zac saw him in this bar”.
“We didn’t we were caught by this member of staff”, Amy explained, “Then we were taken up here”.

“How did you get on board?” Kaylie asked.
“They got in through a side door, where the staff are supposed to go in”, Captain Reggie explained, “They then hid behind a couple of bins until they got to the main hall area, from there they sneaked upstairs and started following Neil Stretch”.
“How do you know?” Andrea asked.
“We’ve been watching your progress, using the ship’s camera system”, Captain Reggie replied.

“Well you should be watching it now, look!” Zac said pointing at the screen. Something gold was gliding along the bottom floor. Suddenly a hole appeared in the wall at the end of the corridor it was gliding up and the gold thing vanished.
“What was that?” Kaylie asked.
“I don’t know”, the Captain replied.

“Excuse me”, Zac asked, “Is there a secret floor below the 1st?”
“Technically there should be”, Amy answered, “As there should be a ground floor, then a first floor”.
“She’s not just a pretty face”, Captain Reggie commented.
“No, and I’m also a black belt!” Amy said as she showed some highly dangerous karate moves, finally ending up on the other side of the room after a back flip.
“Wow”, Zac said mesmerised.
“She’s not all that good”, Kaylie muttered, Amy looked at her and Kaylie shrank back into the shadows.

“Well, I suppose we’re too far off shore now to drop you off”, Captain Reggie said, “So we have no choice but to let these two girls stay on the Spidership”.
“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you”, Amy said as Kaylie sighed.
“Off you four go then”, Captain Reggie said, “Cherrie is down on floor 5, so if you’d like to go to her, she’ll sort some rooms out”.
“Yay”, Amy exclaimed.
“But what about that gold thing?” Zac asked.
“Don’t worry about that”, Captain Reggie said quickly, “Off you go”.

The four left the room, as soon as they got in the lift Amy and Andrea started talking excitedly.
“Kaylie, I think that gold thing is one of the reasons that the Doctor, Georgia and Conner are here”, Zac whispered to Kaylie.
“I think you might be right”, Kaylie replied.

Back in the ballroom the Doctor was dancing his 6th dance with Roxanne. Georgia was tired and was drinking lemonade, while Conner who had been lead around for quarter of an hour, was not. There weren’t many people left in the room now. Mr. Renegade and Mrs. Sow had gone to bed and so had many others.
“What’s your real name?” Roxanne asked, out of the blue.
“What do you mean?” the Doctor replied.
“Your name isn’t John Smith is it?”, Roxanne said.
“How do you know?” the Doctor asked as he spun around on the dance floor.
“It’s the look in your eyes”, Roxanne said, “They tell me your really lonely; your eyes look as if they are so old; as if they’ve seen so much. You must be very intelligent”.
“I’m not John Smith you’re right”, the Doctor said.
“Then who are you?” Roxanne asked, “I’ve been dancing with you for an hour and I didn’t even know your name. You aren’t from around here are you?”

“I’m the Doctor”, the Doctor answered. Roxanne stopped dancing and backed away from him.
“You’re the Doctor”, Roxanne blurted out loudly. Catherine and Beth, who were dancing amazingly fast, slowed down to eavesdrop.
“Who’s a Doctor?” Catherine whispered.
“He is apparently”, Beth replied, “Ooh its him from April, at our school, with Conner”. They slowly danced away from the two who were staring into each others eyes in a strange way.
“Why didn’t you tell me Doctor?” Roxanne asked, “I am a member of UNIT, I had a right to know you were here”.
“Because you know how it is”, the Doctor said, “As soon as I get involved with UNIT, the monsters always get killed. Also I don’t like guns”.
“Fair enough”, Roxanne said. The Doctor smiled then gasps in shock as several men rush into the ballroom lead by Captain Gifford.

“Captain Gifford”, Roxanne said, running up to her Captain, “What’s going on?”
“Phil and Terry have been killed and Roger Ummelmann has escaped”, Captain Gifford told Roxanne, “And Captain Price has vanished”.
“Well then Roxanne, you’d better get to work”, the Doctor said fleeing from the crowd of UNIT personnel. Captain Gifford tried to see who he was and Roxanne turned, sighed and shouted, “DOCTOR!”

The Doctor stopped and turned slowly. The whole ballroom had fallen silent. Georgia and Conner looked at each other then back at the Doctor, with worried expressions on their faces. The Doctor put his hands up as he, along with many others, realised Roxanne was pointing a revolver at the Doctor.
“You aren’t getting away that easily”, Roxanne said slowly.
“Doctor”, Captain Gifford asked, “You need to come with us, we need your help. You should give it to us, as we’ve helped you before”. The Doctor walked quickly and silently towards the group and stopped in front of Captain Gifford, Roxanne’s gun followed the Doctor round the room, the Doctor nodded to Captain Gifford.
“Thank you Doctor”, Captain Gifford said, “You can put your gun down now Roxanne”. She dropped her arm, so the gun hung by her waist. The UNIT group now accompanied by the Doctor marched out of the room, with Roxanne bringing up the rear. Georgia and Conner looked at each other worriedly.

“What shall we do?” Conner asked Georgia.
“The Doctor would rather we stayed out of this case”, Georgia whispered.
“So do we leave him to the investigating”, Conner questioned.
“Until the morning”, Georgia replied quietly, “I’ll be off to bed, see you tomorrow”.
“Yeah, bye”, Conner replied, finishing his drink. He then headed for the long corridor, which had about a hundred rooms leading off it, where all the year 11’s and the accompanying teachers, were sleeping.

It was nearing dawn when Harry and Ronald could be seen scuttling round floor 1. They had been looking for a secret door to the ground floor. They were almost completely sure that there was a ground floor. They had been trying to stay out of Kaylie, Georgia and the Doctor’s way, this was for many reasons. Firstly they had heard Georgia and Kaylie’s argument and secondly they wanted to do some investigating without the Doctor explaining things at a hundred miles an hour. Of course Ronald had not met the Doctor, but ever since he had befriended Harry and Zac, he had been told all about Big D and G and C.

“This way”, Ronald whispered, “We haven’t checked out this corridor yet”.
“Yeah, we have”, Harry replied, “See look there’s that empty bottle of wine”.
“No I think it’s a different bottle”, Ronald said pointing at the green label, “The other was in a white glass with a red label”.
“Oh, fair enough”, Harry said as he walked down the corridor peered round the corner and stopped dead.

“What is it?” Ronald asked, “What do you see?”
“There’s something down there”, Harry said quietly, “Something gold”.
“Is it looking at you”, Ronald asked, “Or is it just an object”.
“I don’t think it’s an object”, Harry said, “It’s in shadow. I can only see the bottom of it”.
“Anything else?” Ronald questioned.
“Yeah, there’s this circle of blue light”, Harry said, suddenly there was a puff of smoke and a man appeared, it was a cloaked man, who had red horns and carried some sort of fork.

“What’s that?” Ronald asked Harry, who was frozen in fear, “Who are you?”
“I know something you do not”, the red man replied in a hiss, “Death!”
“What?” Ronald asked.
“Death is so close!” the man said in a weird giggle, “You are so close to death!”

“Halt!” A strange metallic voice said and the red man vanished in the same puff of smoke.
“Harry what was that thing?”Ronald asked quickly, “I was scared, I thought it was the devil”.
“Silence!” the metallic voice ordered. Ronald fell silent and saw that the gold thing had appeared round the corner and was staring at them through a blue eye.
“Who are you?” Harry asked, speaking in a squeaky voice.

“I am Dalek Gain and you will come with me!”


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Coming Soon...

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. The Spidership is great isn't it? One of Seb's best episodes...

Anyway, I thought of an idea the other day that involves you at home a bit more. All you have to do is watch TV!

I will be writing a few stories, which will be set in a variety of settings- your favourite TV programs and films!

Now you can see what would happen if the Doctor, Georgia and Conner were in Heroes, Friends, Harry Potter, Bleak House (or possibly Little Dorrit), a previous episode of Doctor Who and Survivors.

Most of the stories will be written by me, but a few will be Seb's creations. All we want you to do is suggest your favourite programme and we'll write a story with the Doctor and friends in it! It can be anything, as long as it's not rude. We can't have the Doctor and Conner running round the playboy Mansion, or Georgia killing various people with chainsaws!

So why not leave a comment with your name, and your favourite TV programme now?!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Episode 12: The Spidership Part 4

The teleport flashed and the daleks moved back. The teleport stopped flashing.

“Supreme Dalek Blue”, Dalek Gain asked, “Where is the human?”
“He teleported to his office Dalek Gain”, the blue supreme dalek replied.
“The human is un-intelligent “, the white supreme Dalek announced, and “He will fall into the hands of UNIT again”.
“Dalek Gain find the human”, the blue supreme dalek ordered.
“What should I do with him”, Dalek Gain asked.
“Bring him here”, the Supreme Blue Dalek replied.
“But what of UNIT?” Dalek Gain questioned.
“Exterminate them if you must”, the white supreme dalek answered. Dalek Gain left the room and elevated up the steps.

“Request information”, the white Supreme Dalek said to the blue one, “What is your opinion of the situation?”
“Their leader obeys us”, the Blue Dalek replied, “They will follow our instructions. UNIT are not much of a threat”.
“And what is your opinion of the fleet?” the White Dalek asked.
“The Time War is only a legend”, the Blue dalek answered, “We have lost contact with them. We have no knowing what happened”.
“And what of Dalek Gain?” the White Dalek said.
“He is inferior”, the Blue Dalek answered, “He is not a main part of our plans”.
“As I predicted”, the White Dalek replied and returned to work in the shadows.

Up above Captain Price crossed her arms as Roger Ummelmann stepped out from the teleport sighing.
“Hands up!” Captain Gifford ordered and Roger put his hands up.
“All right, I surrender”, Roger Ummelmann said.
“Where did you get the alien technology from?” Captain Price asked annoyed.
“Alien technology?” Roger asked.
“That teleport is from the magnet Warrior ship”, Captain Price said knowingly.
“No it’s not”, Roger replied loudly.
“Then where is it?” Captain Price asked. Roger fell silent.
“Things aren’t looking good for you mister”, Captain Gifford said.
“Get him out of my sight… again!” Captain Price ordered, “And no more escape acts!”
Roger was marched away. Captain Price heard a strange noise from along the corridor. She saw the rest of her troop marching off and went to find out what the noise was.

Meanwhile far above Zac’s year had just been shown to their rooms and were now gathering in one of the many lounges. The lounge had hundreds of sofas in it and huge flat screen TV’s which were large enough to be in a cinema. Catherine and Beth were sitting by a huge window. Catherine was looking out to sea, while Beth tried but failed to get the attention of her mum, who was looking up at the ship in a crowd of people.
“Look there’s the Spidership!” Catherine cried pointing through the window.
“We’re on the Spidership”, Beth said to Catherine.
“But Ronald said…” Catherine argued. Meanwhile Conner and Georgia were chatting to Zac.

“So where exactly is the Doctor?” Zac asked.
“He’s exploring Mr Spider’s office”, Georgia replied.
“Looking for clues”, Conner added.
“How are you two then?” Zac asked, “The ship leaves Portsmouth in 10 minutes time”.
“I’m fine, my parents will be watching me! On TV!” Georgia exclaimed happily.

“My parents don’t believe I’ve gone to Venezuela”, Conner muttered.
“I can’t think why”, Georgia said sarcastically.
“Don’t be mean”, Kaylie said, “Zac had to think of something, it had to be somewhere far away or they’d ask why he hadn’t phoned”.
“I wasn’t insulting Zac, I was just saying that…that”, Georgia explained, “Conner was useless at pretending he’d been to Venezuela”.
“Thanks a lot”, Conner said annoyed.
“You’re still being mean”, Kaylie said.
“And you’re being a…” Georgia began.
“Look lets stop arguing”, Zac said seriously.
“Fine!” Georgia said.

“I didn’t start it”, Kaylie said.
“Yes you did!” Georgia shouted, “You said ummmmm you’re being mean!”
“I did not say um!”
“You basically did, behaving like a little child”.
“SHUT UP!” Bradley shouted at them from across the room, which startled all four of them who fell silent. Catherine and Beth started giggling.

“I’ll go and see what the Doctor’s up to”, Georgia said, “Are you coming Conner?”
“No I think I’ll stay here with Zac and…”
“Fine!” And with that Georgia left the room her white dress flowing behind her.

“Talk about the White Witch”, Kaylie commented.
“How is she the White Witch?” Conner asked.
“Well she’s got a long white dress”, Kaylie pointed out, “And she marches around like she owns the place”.
“Kaylie if you don’t stop insulting Georgia then we’ll have to leave you both at home”, Zac said. Kaylie crossed her arms and fell silent. There was a loud bang and loud cheering could be heard from outside the ship.

“We’re going, we’re leaving Scotland!”, Catherine said excitedly.
“Can all you people SHUT UP!” Bradley shouted at the crowd, “I’m trying to listen to my ipod here!”
“Now then Bradley”, Mrs Sow said, as she entered the room walking towards a window, “Say it politely”.
“Sorry Miss”, Bradley said in a simpering voice, “CAN ALL YOU PEOPLE PLEASE SHUT UP!”
Mrs Sow sighed and looked out of the window. The huge crowd on the dock was getting bigger as more people joined waving and applauding and cheering. However, you could not miss the huge army presence around the ship. Tanks surrounded the dock area and people were being checked before they were allowed to pass into the dock to wave the Spidership off.

Back in South London Elizabeth was staring worriedly at the TV screen.
“Look they’re leaving”, Colin said.
“Yes…” Elizabeth replied.
“And nothing bad has happened”, Colin continued.
“I suppose…”
“So are you going to stop clinging on to my arm?”
“Yes”, Elizabeth replied slightly loosening her grip on Colin’s arm, which she had been clinging to for a long time. On the TV screen fireworks could be seen shooting into the air as the massive ship began its journey around the World.

“Look fireworks”, Colin commented, “You like fireworks”.
“Yes but Mr. Perkins next door kept letting them off last year”, Elizabeth said, “So I no longer like them”.

Back in the lounge Kaylie, Zac, Conner and the rest of the year 11’s watched the crowd get smaller and smaller and smaller until they could only just see the docks.
“Goodbye England”, Kaylie sighed.
“It feels quite sad”, Zac said, “And weird, it feels like I’ll never be back”.
“Like an omen of death?” Kaylie asked.
“Yeah, I suppose”, Zac replied, Conner did not comment, as he had had the same feeling and the meeting with the death soothsayer, on the dark planet light years away…

Upstairs the Doctor was investigating Mr. Spider’s office. Private Roxanne had been guarding a long metallic corridor when a man appeared. The Doctor used his psychic paper to get past her, pretending he was Professor John Smith. He had used his psychic paper earlier, to get himself and Georgia aboard the Spidership. The Doctor was now looking at documents which he had found on Mr. Spider’s desk.

“Excuse me, what was your name?” the Doctor asked Private Roxanne.
“Private Roxanne Sir”, Roxanne said, “And can you please be quick if captain Gifford finds out I let someone in to Mr. Spider’s office he’ll go mad”.
“Captain who?” the Doctor asked remembering the name.
“Captain Gifford”, Private Roxanne answered.
“Oh, well that’s fine”, the Doctor replied.
“Was there something you wanted to ask me Professor?” Private Roxanne asked.
“Yes, is this exactly how Mr. Spider left his desk before he died?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes, Sir”, Private Roxanne replied, “We think so”.
“Well where are all the bills?” the Doctor asked, “the money, the pay-cheques? Where are they all?”
“We didn’t find any”, Private Roxanne replied.
“So, don’t you think there is someone inside here who has taken them away”, the Doctor asked.
“Yes, I do”, Private Roxanne answered, “But no-one listens to me, I’m the only female in my unit”.
“I’m listening”, the Doctor muttered.

“I found this note it’s slightly ripped in the corner”, Private Roxanne said, “I showed it to Captain Gifford but he told me to leave it”.
“What did it say?” the Doctor questioned.
“It said Beware”, Private Roxanne said, “Beware the Spiders… But the rip was across the word, so I think it says beware the Spidership”.

“We need to find the people in charge”, the Doctor said, “Who is in charge?”
“Roger Ummelmann was arrested this afternoon sir”, Roxanne replied, “But he isn’t in charge”.
“Then who is?” the Doctor asked interested.
“No-one knows, I’m not even sure they’re on board”, Private Roxanne said.

“Well thank you for your help”, the Doctor said, “I’ll be off now, see ya!”
“Excuse me, John”, Private Roxanne said, “Tonight there’s going to be lots of dancing in the ballroom, I’ve got the night off, please come if you’re free”.
“I think I will Private Roxanne”, the Doctor said smiling. He was beginning to walk out of the roo when he slipped and almost fell over. Private Roxanne grabbed him and helped him stand. They were very close to each other when Georgia entered the room.

“Doctor I was…” Georgia began, but saw the two close together and fell silent.
“Are you OK Sir?”Private Roxanne asked the Doctor, letting go of him.
“Yes I’m fine”, the Doctor said, “Oh, Georgia!”
“What’s going on here?” Georgia asked.
“I almost fell over and she stopped me”, the Doctor said slowly.
“You’d better be off Sir”, Private Roxanne told the Doctor, who nodded and left the room, followed by Georgia, who had a strange look on her face.

Up above on deck 13 two soldiers were guarding a cell. Inside the cell sitting with his head in his hands was Roger Ummelmann. The two soldiers were drinking cups of coffee when they heard a strange noise.
“Oy, Phil can you ’ear that?” one soldier said.
“Dunno mate”, the other soldier, Phil replied. Suddenly the door in front of them whirred open and a gold dalek with a metallic arm entered the room.
“Phil, it’s a dalek”, one of the two soldiers said shivering in fear.
“You are guarding Roger Ummelmann. Confirm?” the Dalek said.
“Confirmed, but who are you?” Phil said bravely.
“I am Dalek Gain and you are dead!” Dalek Gain announced.
“No!” Phil shouted.


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Who Wrote What

I suddenly realised no one particularly knew who wrote which episode, so here's the series 1 list:

1.X Georgia and the Magnet Warriors - Seb
1.1 Conner - Will
1.2 Maids, Myths and Monsters - Will
1.3 Cats in the Kingdom - Seb
1.4 The Demon Headmaster/ 1.5 Slitheen School - Seb
1.6 Spirits of the Past - Will
1.7 Be Civil - Seb
1.8 Virtual Reality/ 1.9 Game Over - Will
1.10 A Study in the Straw - Will
1.11 Silent Ice - Will
1.12 The Spidership/ 1.13 Betrayal and Death - Seb

Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Spidership part 3

“So I’ll have to get rid of all the other guards I have told to guard the ship”, Roger Ummelmann said as Captain Price marched passed him then stopped and turned.
“Yes, because anyone employed by you is not trustworthy”, Captain Price replied smiling threateningly again.
“Oh really”, Roger Ummelmann said, “If you want to know, I worked for UNIT. Am I still untrustworthy”.
“That’s another weird thing”, Captain Price replied still smiling, “You left UNIT to work as the face of the company building the Spidership”.
“It was the money”, Roger Ummelmann replied quickly and sharply.
“What a terribly bad excuse”, Captain Price laughed, “We know for a fact, that you were paid more by UNIT than you are now”.
“That’s not true”, Roger replied loudly, “UNIT were useless at paying us, you wouldn’t know because you’re a stuck up Captain”. Captain Price looked at him.
“Get him out of my sight”, Captain Price ordered. Captain Gifford seized him.
“You are a liar and you know it”, Captain Gifford whispered in Roger’s ear as he was dragged away. Private Roxanne had brown hair and was quite short. She had worked in the army for a short period of time before moving on to UNIT.

“Excuse me Captain Price”, Private Roxanne said as she emerged from a car carrying a huge suitcase.
“Yes, Private?” Captain Price asked.
“What’s in this thing?” Private Roxanne answered; she was struggling slightly with the suitcase.
“Private Roxanne, you shouldn’t be carrying that thing on your own”, Captain Price said, “You two”. Captain Price shouted to another two privates nearby and they immediately grabbed the suitcase and carried it towards the entrance to the boat.
“I could handle it Ma’am”, Private Roxanne said honestly.
“You’re the only female in your squad”, Captain Price said to her quietly, “You shouldn’t be doing all the manual labour”. Captain Price walked away.
“I have nothing else to do”, Private Roxanne replied, “It’s not like anyone wants me”. She sat down on a bench and sighed sadly.

The school arrived at a large hotel. Mrs Sow had told all the boys and girls to go into separate rooms to get changed. The year took this literally and rushed to get their own room. Mrs Sow was useless at keeping them under control while Mr. Renegade immediately sorted the whole situation out. Zac emerged from a room wearing a smart tuxedo. Beth and Catherine emerged from another room giggling as they fiddled with their posh hats. When they saw Zac they giggled even louder. Harry emerged in another smart suit with a red tie. Beth saw Harry and snorted with laughter.

“What’s wrong with them?” Harry asked Zac.
“I don’t think they’ve seen any of us in suits before”, Zac replied. Beth and Catherine continued giggling as they passed Bradley and his gang.
“I don’t think they’ve got the meaning of smart dress”, Harry commented. Zac had to stop himself from laughing this time. Bradley had changed into another chavvy costume with a white cap. Beth and Catherine laughed so loud when they saw Bradley that Catherine almost fell over.

“SHUT UP!” Bradley shouted at the two girls who fell silent. Everyone clapped Bradley as he walked past them. Kaylie emerged from a room, she looked stunning. She was wearing a beautiful pink dress. Harry turned and gawped at her.
“Well that got them to shut up”, Zac was muttering. Harry poked him in the head, “Ow Harry! Why did…”
“Hi Zac”, Kaylie said smiling nervously, “You look smart”.
“You look amazing”, Zac exclaimed honestly, “Really beautiful”.
“Thank you”, Kaylie said, “Shouldn’t we get to the ship”.
“Mrs Sow is leading the way”, Ronald said emerging from his room.
“Oh hey Roland”, Kaylie said happily, “You look smart too”.
“Hey don’t I look smart?” Harry asked.
“Sure”, Kaylie said, through slightly gritted teeth.

“Come on year 11’s this way now”, Mr. Renegade was saying. The group followed Mr. Renegade out of the hotel past the slightly annoyed owner and into the docks.
“This is really exciting”, Beth was saying quickly.
“So is that the Spidership?” Catherine asked, pointing at a P&O ferry.
“No! That’s the Spidership” Ronald said sarcastically overhearing Catherine and pointing at a small speedboat.
“Really?” Catherine asked. Beth raised her eyebrows and left Catherine.

“Apparently”, Kaylie was whispering to Zac, “There is a secret level at the bottom where something is hidden”.
“We should check that out”, Zac said, “I’d like to have a look at Mr. Spider’s office on the 3rd floor”.
“Isn’t that a staff only floor?” Harry asked.
“Conner’s parents are staff”, Zac said, “They can get us into all the private areas”. Everyone was now chattering loudly, Bradley and his gang were making up a rap. The year group turned a corner to see the colossal ship towering above them. The whole group fell completely silent. Even Beth and Catherine stopped chatting or giggling.

“Right, they’ll be letting all the famous people on first”, Mr Renegade spoke in a whisper.
“You mean the queen”, Catherine squeaked loudly, this was followed by lots of chatting then hushing.
“Yes the queen will be on board”, Mr. Renegade said nodding, “As will many others. Now just over there is a huge crowd of people”.
“We know”, Bradley said in a bored voice, “We have eyes”. Bradley’s gang silently sniggered.

“Now we are heading to the right of the crowd of people”, Mrs Sow explained, “Where the police are. They are letting us on board after the queen and the others”.
“This is bad”, Zac whispered to Kaylie, “If the queen and all those other people are on board, what if something does go wrong?”
“I don’t know”, Kaylie whispered back, “But where is the Doctor? And Conner and Georgia? Where are they?”

At this point Georgia, The Doctor and Conner were actually getting board the Spidership with Conner’s parents. They were walking along a red carpet and on either side were photographers and people waving British flags.
“Wow there’s a red carpet for us!” Georgia exclaimed.
“That’s not for us”, The Doctor said, “It’s for the queen”.
“Why can’t you let me feel really proud for once?” Georgia said annoyed.

“Now Conner, how do you feel?” Conner’s mum asked.
“Slightly nervous”, Conner replied, he too was in smart dress.
“Does it look as good as you thought?” Conner’s dad asked.
“Better”, Conner replied kindly.

“Conner we know you haven’t been to Venezuela”, Conner’s dad said as if it were a general conversation.
“I have”, Conner replied indignantly.
“Then why aren’t you tanned”, Conner’s mum asked, “It’s just one lie after the other. You keep on lying to us and I’ve got a feeling not even Zac really knew where you were”.
“But mum…” Conner began.
“You didn’t contact us for two months”, Conner’s mum continued, “We thought you might’ve died”.
“Well I didn’t”, Conner said, “And I’m sorry but I couldn’t find any postcards in Venezuela”.
“So, Conner”, Conner’s dad questioned, “Where is Venezuela?”
“It’s an island in the pacific”, Conner replied nervously, “And it isn’t that hot”.
“It’s in South America”, Conner’s dad muttered, “We knew you weren’t telling the truth from the beginning and even now you can’t tell us”. Conner’s parents marched forward on to the Spidership leaving Conner with Georgia and the Doctor, who had caught up with him.

Meanwhile, back in London Colin and Elizabeth were watching BBC news 24. Elizabeth had been gardening for most of the afternoon. It was her new hobby. Colin meanwhile had got some peace from his wife and put his feet up while watching ‘Hot Fuzz’. Elizabeth had not let Colin watch that film yet.
“The violence and all the swearing”, Elizabeth had said, “Look there’s a nice cookery program on. Lets switch to that”. This afternoon had been different Elizabeth had focused so much on winning the gardening competition that she had forgotten what Colin was up to. Now they were all watching the news because on the news Georgia was walking up the red carpet.

“Oh look at her”, Elizabeth said distastefully.
“She looks beautiful”, Colin commented.
“Yes, but her dress if far too short”, Elizabeth replied.
“Can’t you just be proud of our daughter”, Colin asked.
“Yes, sorry”, Elizabeth answered, “She looks very beautiful”.
“Can we see what other news channels are covering the Spidership”, Colin asked.
“Yes OK”, Elizabeth said changing channel to AMNN.

“Here we can see many people boarding the Spidership”, Trinity Wells reported, “This voyage was supposed to be a safe one, although the United Nations are on red alert”.

“Oh dear”, Colin commented, “Georgia’s on board. She could be in danger”.
“It may just be American news”, Elizabeth replied, “I’ll change channel”. Elizabeth changed channel to ITV news.
“So, the president and the Prime Minister have just shook hands and are heading along the red carpet”, the ITV news reporter reported, “However, Barak Obama wasn’t sure whether he would board the ship or not as the United Nations are on red alert”. Elizabeth changed channel.

“The Prime-Minister has told the press that the army are just overseeing the operation in case of a terrorist attack”, a female reporter reported.
“A terrorist attack”, Elizabeth shrieked.
“People are being told to stay calm”, the reporter continued, “According to the Prime Minister nothing bad will happen. Colonel Mace of the United Nations has announced that the Spidership will be escorted by two battleships. This statement does not back up the Prime-Minister’s”. Colin switched of the TV.

“Stop worrying”, Colin said comforting Elizabeth, “Nothing bad will happen… probably”.

The year 11’s filed onto the Spidership. After 20 minutes of posing for cameras, Catherine and Beth were exhausted. Bradley was listening to his ipod and Kaylie, Zac and Harry were talking in hushed voices. A female in a black skirt and glasses stepped forward.

“Good afternoon St. Marks”, The female said, “I’m Cherrie and I’ll be showing you to your rooms and around the ship. Now are you having a good time?”
“Yes, it has been fun fun fun”, Mrs Sow exclaimed, “Hasn’t it year 11’s”
“Yes!” Beth exclaimed, “All the camera posing was wild!”
“Right then, good”, Cherrie said smiling, “Follow me”.
“Are we on the Spidership?” Catherine asked.
“YES!” about 30 people shouted at her.

Down on floor 0 the three daleks were observing the situation above.
“Supreme Dalek”, Dalek Gain said.
“Which one?” the two supreme daleks replied.
“It Does not matter”, Dalek Gain replied, “Roger Ummelmann has returned to the ship via teleport”.
“He is not needed any more”, the Blue Supreme Dalek informed Dalek Gain.
“Explain, Explain!” the White Supreme Dalek asked.
“All we needed him to do was sort out the legal documents”, the Blue Supreme Dalek replied, “And appear on news reports but we no longer need a human to do our work”.
“What do I do?” Dalek Gain asked.
“The human will only arrive in here via teleport”, the White Supreme Dalek predicted, “He will not risk being seen”.

Meanwhile Captain Price was tracing a teleporter beam around the Spidership. She was followed by a group of Privates and Captain Gifford. The corridor they were walking down was metallic and smelly.
“No wonder this area is staff only”, Captain Price said to the group, “They’re hiding a teleport”.
“It must be around here somewhere”, Captain Gifford said.
“What floor are we on?” Captain Price asked.
“Floor 1”, Captain Gifford replied.
“Right, I think it’s in here”, Captain Price whispered. She walked through a dark doorway into a dark office. “There it is on the floor”. Captain Price pointed at the floor where there was a circular teleport with flashing lights surrounding it.

“Captain Price”, Captain Gifford said, “That’s the same teleport the magnet warriors were using”.
“Right then, they’ll be here any second whoever they are”, Captain Price said crossing her arms and staring at the teleport.

Down on floor 0 the Daleks stood in silence.
“He will arrive here in 10 rels”, Dalek Gain informed the supreme daleks, “9,8,7”.

Back on floor 1 Captain Price was counting down too.
“5, 4, 3”, she counted.

“2, 1”, the blue supreme dalek said.


To be continued!!!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Random news and music...

Hello followers of Will and Seb!

We are randomly doing a little music section on each cast and summed up page. It will have the music that is playing while the story occurs. There will be mostly music from the three doctor who soundtracks and some new fanfic music, well you'll have to imagine how they sound. Also there is now a new look to the site. The blog is now much darker because of the finale. Part 3 of the spidership will be out on Saturday, tomorrow, hopefully. Yeah that's all bye for now.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Spidership part 2

After a night of uneasy talking Georgia and the Doctor went back inside the TARDIS leaving Conner with his parents. Zac had gone to bed and so had the rest of his family. Kaylie was in her bedroom which she was sharing with her sisters.
“Kaylie I’ll wake you up really early tomorrow”, Amy Kaylie’s little sister was saying as she sat on her bed in her pink dressing gown.
“Please don’t or I’ll be forced to murder you”, Kaylie said and smiled evilly.
“Tough, I’ve set the alarm clock for 5 in the morning”, Amy replied and giggled. “Give that alarm clock here”, Kaylie said reaching over at Amy’s ballerina clock.
“I’m not giving it to you”, Amy replied nastily.
“I need my beauty sleep”, Kaylie said.
“Surely you mean your ugly sleep”, Amy said and giggled loudly. Kaylie jumped onto Amy’s bed and tried to reach for the alarm clock. Amy struggled and pulled Kaylie’s hair. Kaylie screamed loudly andAndrea, Kaylie and Amy’s older sister, woke.
“I was in a deep place”, Andrea said, annoyed at her two immature sisters, “And you woke me up, now go to sleep or I’ll make you”.
“Ooooh, scary goth, emo powers!” Amy said and Kaylie burst out laughing. Andrea turned over in here bed and the two other sisters got into bed. Downstairs Conner silently left his parents room and returned to the TARDIS. He had been avoiding answering questions all evening. If it wasn’t for Georgia and the Doctor’s imagination he wouldn’t have been able to answer most of the pressing questions. These questions included: why didn’t you tell us? Why didn’t you keep in contact with us? What were you doing in Venezuela? Since when did you enjoy mountaineering? Etc.

The next morning no alarm sounded in Kaylie’s room, Amy had been nice. Instead Karen, Kaylie’s mum woke her and her sisters up. Zac’s mum woke up Zac and Rachel and Steve. The Doctor, who hadn’t slept got up and looked around the TARDIS control room. Georgia was silently sleeping in the chair, the Doctor didn’t bother to wake her up and went outside. Conner followed the Doctor outside.
“It was nice to see my parents”, Conner said sighing, “But now I know that we have to visit more regularly”.
“Why don’t you tell them the truth?” the Doctor asked.
“If I do, they probably wouldn’t let me travel with you anymore”, Conner answered, “All the dangers and the scares, the aliens and the spaceships”.
“There’s more to it than that”, the Doctor said hopefully. He started walking in the direction of the docks, he was followed by Conner. They passed the hotel’s dining room window. Zac and Kaylie looked up from their table and waved. They were eating cereals and toast. Steve, Zac’s dad, was eating a large full English breakfast. Rachel and Amy were giggling, Andrea was looking into space through her black dyed hair and the two mums were chatting away.
The Doctor waved back and walked on, closely followed by Conner. They rounded the corner of the street and saw the immense Spidership.

“I can’t believe I’ve not heard of it before”, the Doctor said, “I know loads about Earth’s history”.
“And you don’t know about the biggest ship ever made”, Conner asked, “It’s gonna sail the world”.
“Something bad is going to happen I can feel it”, the Doctor said.
“Doctor I haven’t told you something”, Conner said, “If something bad is going to happen, then this may be important”.
“What is it?”
“It was a while back, just after Georgia’s birthday. We went to that dark planet with hags and magic”.

Conner walked down a dark cobbled street. All sorts of people were walking past him, some wearing pointing hats, others with white faces and fangs. The Doctor and Georgia were talking merrily to an old woman. Conner walked down the street and ignored the merry talking. He saw something flash in a shop window nearby. Conner walked into the shop to see all kinds of fangs and ears and body parts on display. The flash seemed to have come behind the counter.
“Hello?” Conner shouted, “Is anyone here?” No-one replied. A chilling wind whooshed threw an open window and made the hair, on the back of Conner’s neck, stand on end.
“Boo!” A voice made Conner jump.
“Where are you?” Conner asked the voice.
“Here!” the voice replied and there was a red flash in mid air. A red man appeared out of the flash.
“Who are you?” Conner asked.
“I never met you and I never will again”, the red person replied, “I saw you walking down the street, you have many secrets and you have been to many places”.
“I said who are you?” Conner replied.
“I am called rack, I am the one who hides in the mist, I hide in the shadows and I can see all”, the man replied.
“Why do you want to talk to me?” Conner asked worriedly.
“Because Conner Bennet, you are close to death”, the man replied. Conner looked closely at the red man and saw he had fangs and red horns. He immediately thought of the devil.
“How do you know?” Conner asked, but there was no response, only a cackle. The devil vanished in a red flash and a puff of smoke, but his cackle remained, echoing of the dirty shop’s walls. Conner ran from the shop and walked straight into the Doctor.

“Anything wrong?” the Doctor asked.
“No nothing”, Conner replied smiling nervously.

Back in the present the Doctor frowned.
“That was just some weird devil-like soothsayer”, the Doctor said.
“So it’s true I am going to die”, Conner asked.
“It probably isn’t true”, the Doctor said.
“But if it is?” Conner asked.
“It may not even mean you”, the Doctor said, “And it isn’t true”. The Doctor left Conner standing in the docks looking at the Spidership and returned to the TARDIS. Conner still felt that is was true and now also felt that something very bad was going to happen.

Georgia had woken up while the Doctor and Conner were out and was very annoyed to find herself alone. Zac and Kaylie were waiting outside the hotel for Conner to come back. They were in their school uniform.
“Why are you in your school uniform?” Conner asked.
“Most of our year is getting up very early this morning”, Zac explained, “They are arriving at 11oclock this morning on a school coach”.
“Why are you here then?” Conner asked.
“You could choose whether you went on the coach or whether your family would drive you down beforehand”, Kaylie answered.

“Well, why aren’t your top buttons done up?” Conner asked jokingly.
“I told you before, we were under a low hypnotic control, all the time, when the slitheen were at our school”, Zac replied.
“Have you ever seen Bradley that un-chavvy before?” Kaylie asked, “Or Beth with her top button done up?”
“Fair enough”, Conner said, “You’ve changed your hair again then”. Kaylie changed the colour of her hair a lot. When the slitheen were at their school, Kaylie’s hair had been a brown colour with blonde highlights. It had also been straightened. When she had got stuck in Virtual Reality, her hair had been dark brown and straight. Now her hair was again a dark brown, but it was curled.
“Oh, you noticed”, Zac said blankly, “She changes her hair every other day”.
“Thank you Zac”, Kaylie said sweetly, “But it does look very nice”.
“Well it is much nicer than when you had purple highlights”, Zac said, “You looked like a goth!”
“Can we please get off the subject of hair”, Conner said.

It was a couple of hours later when a red coach parked in the docks. Kaylie, Zac and a couple of other students and teachers were waiting for it. Out stepped Mrs Sow and Mr. Renegade. Mrs Sow was a very useless teacher who had short dark hair and dangly earrings. Mr. Renegade was Zac and Kaylie’s form tutor.
“Now we must get off the bus nice and slowly”, Mrs Sow said, speaking in a voice which sounded like she was speaking to 4 year olds.
“Get off the bus class”, Mr Renegade said, “Make sure your uniform is clean and tidy, we’re off to a museum for most of the morning”. Mr. Renegade was a lot more in control than Mrs Sow. The year 11’s charged off the bus knocking Mrs Sow out of the way.

“I said careful children”, Mrs Sow said sweetly. Bradley was one of the first to get off the coach followed by his gang. He was wearing a white cap, back to front, and he was chewing gum. He was followed by his gang.
Catherine stumbled off the bus next, she was pointing at a fishing boat and asked, “So is that the Spidership?”
“No don’t be so stupid!” Beth said following her, “And why do we have to go to a museum. I wanna get in my prom dress and get on board right now!” She was closely followed by Ronald Ummelmann. He had been new to the school in September and had made friends with Harry who followed Ronald.
“Hi Zac, Hi Kaylie”, Harry said blundering up to them, “Any news from Big D?”
“Yes, he’s here in Portsmouth with Georgia and Conner”, Zac replied happily.
“They haven’t said much but I get the feeling that Conner and the Doctor predict something bad”, Kaylie said mysteriously.
“Since when was Conner a soothsayer?” Harry asked.
“Now calm down”, Mrs Sow said, but with no affect.
“Silence!” Mr Renegade said, “Mrs Sow has something to say”.
“Now year 11’s”, Mrs Sow began, “We are going to do a lot of fun things today before we go aboard the Spidership at 3. We’re going to a very exciting museum and we’re going to look at some old boats. It is going to be fun fun fun and if we work together then we’ll be able to get on the Spidership earlier than 3!”

“Since when was museums fun?” Bradley said to his gang in an audible voice.
“Bradley don’t be so rude!” Mrs Sow exclaimed, “People have worked hard on these museums”.
“Innit though!” Bradley replied crossing his arms, “Yeah but, people have worked hard on looking at fossil dung, why can’t we look at that?” Bradley’s gang and many others laughed. Mr Renegade led the year out of the docks into the town. Two girls darted from behind a building and ran silently after the class. As a couple of students looked back in the docks, the two girls hid behind a fishing boat.
“Amy when you pulled me behind here”, the older of the girls said, “You almost made me fall into the harbour”.
“Damn I missed”, Amy joked, “Would you rather have looked like a dodgy stalker?”
“But we are dodgy stalkers”, Andrea replied.
“Not really”, Amy replied, “All we want to do is get on board the Spidership”.
“Come on, or we’ll loose them!” Andrea said running after the group of students.

Meanwhile a tank rolled up into the part of the docks which the Spidership was in. Following the tank were several cars and a whole unit of soldiers. The cars were of a green colour. Stepping out of one was a female with short blonde hair. A man in a dark suit with black combed hair jogged up to the female.
“Ah, I see you brought the whole army”, the man said.
“Captain Marion Price”, Captain Price said, “And this is the United Nations, not just the army”.
“I thought you were from UNIT Miss Price”, the man said.
“Captain Price and yes I am”, Captain Price said, “Aliens should not be hidden, especially on a vessel which will soon carry the queen”.
“Aliens?” the man asked.
“Yes aliens”, Captain Gifford said leading his unit of men towards them, “They can be very dangerous, Captain Gifford by the way”.
“We have reason to believe that you are hiding aliens in the Spidership”, Captain Price continued.
“But I’m not hiding anything”, the man said, “I am Roger Ummelmann by the way”.
“We will need to talk to the person in charge here”, Captain Gifford asked, “Where is he?”
“They cannot be seen”, Roger replied, “They are very busy with the opening night of the Spidership, and nothing can go wrong”.
“Don’t worry”, Captain Price said, smiling threateningly, “If anything goes wrong we’ll be here to stop it”.
“UNIT are in charge here”, Captain Gifford said, “So if you are hiding anything. We’re sure to find out”.


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