Saturday, 27 February 2010

Episode 13: The Water's Song Part 2

Zac Pemberton sighed as he continued to eat his weetabix, his mother had been ranting about his sister’s amazing SATS results again. It was the summer holidays and Zac’s year were going to school to receive their GCSE results later.

“I hope you do as well in your GCSEs as Rachel did in her SATS,” Jane was saying.
“Mum, I did better than Rachel in the year 6 SATS,” Zac muttered.
“Yes, but...” Jane began.
“Plus, SATS don’t even matter,” Zac replied.
“Your sister was trying to get into a grammar school,” Jane explained, “She wanted good exam results and she got them.”
“Yeah, but SATS results don’t matter, you pass another test to get into a grammar school,” Zac said exasperated, “My friend got two level 3’s in his SATS and he’s at a Grammar school.”
“Which friend was that?” Jane asked.
“Keane,” Zac muttered.
“Well he was in New Zealand in the weeks before he took the tests, he didn’t have time to...” Jane began.
“Revise?” Zac asked, “I hardly revised and I got all level 5’s, even in writing.”
“Shut up Zac nobody cares,” Rachel said cheekily.
“Good, nobody should care about SATS results,” Zac said.

“Mummy, I think the postman just arrived!” Rachel squeaked, peering out of the window.
“Go and get the post then,” Jane told Rachel and immediately Rachel rushed out of the room and ran in carrying the post.
“Ah a letter for me,” Zac said grabbing the letter from Rachel, “Looks like they want me to volunteer at the animal shelter again. I only did it the last time because of the UFO-work experience.”
“MUMMY I GOT A LETTER!” Rachel shouted, “It’s like a Hogwarts letter , with the stamp and envelope and... it’s a school letter!”
“Open it then,” Jane said smiling, “And Zac shouldn’t you be going to get your results?”
“What?” Zac said, not listening, he could hear a familiar noise coming from nearby.
“I’m into the school!” Rachel squealed, “Yay! I can’t believe I had to go on the waiting list, but... I’m not going to some silly comprehensive! Yay!”
“Well done,” Jane applauded, “Zac aren’t you going to congratulate your sister?” Zac identified and the sound and ran from the room.
“Good luck with the results!” Jane called after him.

Kaylie, Beth and Catherine were round Catherine’s house putting on make up. They had decided that they should look their best when they got their results.
“I think I need some eye liner,” Kaylie muttered, “Or maybe some eye shadow?”
“Eye liner is needed deffo,” Beth told Kaylie.
“Do you think I should wear a hat?” Catherine asked.
“No,” Kaylie replied, “Were you serious.”
“I was contemplating,” Catherine answered.
“How do you even know that word?” Beth questioned, surprised at Catherine’s use of vocabulary.
“What word?” Catherine replied blankly, “What did I say?” Beth and Kaylie did not reply, they both heard the same familiar sound.

“The TARDIS!” Beth exclaimed, “Bye Catherine!” Beth ran out of the room, followed closely by Kaylie, who waved at Catherine. Beth and Kaylie rushed down the stairs, almost knocking into Catherine’s mum.
“Sorry Mrs Ford!” Beth said as she ran out of the front door, “See you!”

Catherine looked up from her jewellery box, and began talking to herself. She looked up and saw that Beth and Catherine were gone.
“Where did...?” Catherine murmured, “Meh.”

Captain Alton stared as more shuttles came into view. Private Rolf and Nash shoved another table against the door to stop the cult getting into the room.
“Sir we need your help!” Private Rolf said.
“Now!” Private Nash added.
“We can’t get out,” Captain Alton replied, “We’re in deep trouble.” Suddenly there was a flash outside and a space ship came into view.
“There’s another ship!” Captain Alton exclaimed, “Wow!” There was a flash and a wave of yellow energy erupted from the front of the ship, bombarding the shuttles, and causing them to fall into the raging waters.

Inside the space ship Sam and Sara continued pressing buttons on the control panel.
“That worked a treat,” Sara commented.
“Why couldn’t we use the lasers?” Sam asked exasperated.
“That was easier,” Sara snapped.
“That used up more energy,” Sam replied, “Way too much!” Suddenly red lights began to flash inside the spaceship and an alarm sounded.

“What’s going on?” Sara asked.
“We don’t have enough energy, we’re going to have to make an emergency landing,” Sam explained.
“I told you I should have driven!” Sara roared.
“You were using up too much energy again when we were breaking through the atmosphere,” Sam answered, “You were going way too fast, now do me a favour and SHUT IT!”
“Where are we going to emergency land then?” Sara asked, “If we fall into the sea we’ll die. Oh my God! There are creatures in the water!”
“What are you talking about?” Sam snapped, “We’ll have to land... we can’t... there’s nowhere to land! We can’t go up or we’ll loose energy! We’re going to crash any second! I’m sorry!”
“SIDEWAYS!” Sara screamed jerking the steering stick out of Sam’s hand and quickly turning it as far as it would go to the left.

“Request information sir, what’s going on?” Private Rolf shouted over the roars of the cult on the other side of the door.
“Let us in you silly boy!” Mrs Harrbungershon growled.
“Why, I swear he’s no more than a teenager,” Kufuedun commented.
“So are you,” Dash replied.
“I’ll have you know that I am 19, which makes me an adult!” Kufuedun snapped.
“Yes well he’s probably older than...” Dash began.
“SILENCE!” Mrs Harrbungershon ordered, “You talk about nothing! Now barge!”

“I can’t believe it,” Captain Alton was saying as he stared out the window, “All the ships have been are vanishing and being destroyed in the water! God bless that spaceship whatever it is!”
“What did he say?” Mrs Harrbungershon asked Dash, as they continued to push against the door.
“All the ships have been destroyed,” Dash replied.
“Kufuedun, do you still have contact with the shuttles?” Mrs Harrbungershon asked.
“Let me see,” Kufuedun said, pulling out a tiny, black, computer-like device, “No, I’m loosing all the signals, I’ve lost contact with all of them!”
“NO!” Mrs Harrbungershon roared.

Captain Alton was still staring out the window, as his face turned from happiness to horror as the spaceship that had destroyed Mrs Harrbungershon’s shuttles began to tumble towards the sea defence.
“Watch out!” Captain Alton shouted at the two privates.
“What’s going on?” Private Rolf asked.
“The spaceship that destroyed the shuttles it’s about to...” Captain Alton began, but his words were drowned by a crushing and a smashing sound as the spaceship collided with the wall and broke through it, collapsing half the ceiling as it did so. Private Nash and Rolf coughed as the dust cleared to reveal Captain Alton lying beneath a pile of rubble.

“Do you think he’s...?” Private Nash muttered.
“I hope not,” Private Rolf replied, “We should clear this rubble off him.”
“What about the cult?” Private Nash asked, “They’ll break through the door and barricade without us pushing against it.”
“Well...” Private Rolf began, but then shouted, “Get back!” Rolf grabbed Private Nash and pulled him away from the barricade of chairs and lab benches, which had been put up against the door, behind which the cult were trying to get in. Private Nash looked confused, but suddenly a chunk of the ceiling fell onto the barricade.

“Oh...” Private Nash muttered.
“That should hold them off for a while,” Private Rolf said, “Now let’s clear this rubble off...” Suddenly, a door on the side of the spaceship, that had destroyed half of the room, opened and two figures stepped out of the ship.

“Don’t shoot!” Sara told the two humans who were pointing guns at her.
“We come in peace,” Sam added, “We saved you from those shuttles.”
“You’re red...” Private Rolf muttered.
“Never,” Sara replied sarcastically, “We’re the last surviving members of the Fidantis race, probably haven’t heard of us. We were part of the first human empire.”
“Thanks for saving us,” Private Nash said.
“Yeah, well we chose you because you were the only people not in any trouble concerning the water,” Sam explained.
“Well, we did have a bit of a scare earlier; the water was nearly up to our window,” Private Rolf answered, “Then it seemed to drop as the water smashed through the wall in several places, alot of the area beyond this is completely flooded.”
“We were a preoccupied with another matter,” Private Nash added, “You must have heard the distress call.”
“That’s right,” Sam replied.

“Are the cult behind that door?” Sara asked.
“What door?” Sam replied, “Oh is there a door behind that... rubble.”
“Yes,” Private Rolf replied, “And yeah the cult is behind there, they were trying to get through, so we built a barricade then half the ceiling collapsed when you crashed.”
“Yeah sorry about that, Sara’s terrible at steering,” Sam apologised, “I’m Sam by the way.”
“Well obviously I’m Sara,” Sara said, “And Sam shut up you crashed into that government building earlier tonight, well I suppose last night now it’s extremely early morning but still...”
“What building was this?” Private Nash asked.
“A government building in London,” Sam explained, “We went to warn them about the Aquari particles. They are what’s causing this, but this man was there, he said he was a lord... thing and...”
“He was a Time Lord,” Sara interrupted, “You won’t have heard of them, Sam hasn’t. Rumour has it; one of our Gods is a Time Lord, the Fidantis God of Peace.”
“Who was this man?” Private Rolf asked.
“He called himself the Doctor,” Sara replied.
“The Doctor!” Private Rolf and Nash exclaimed together.

Georgia and Conner hugged and sat down on a seat sadly. They had spent ages shouting for the Doctor and now they had given up talking at all. Julian and Quentin weren’t saying anything either, so the room was in complete silence, until Lee and Donald rushed back into the room.

“The water’s up to th1 12th floor,” Lee told them after Georgia and Conner explained that the Doctor had gone somewhere in his TARDIS.
“Hooray,” Georgia muttered.
“What floor are we on?” Conner asked.
“The 21st,” Donald replied, “Which is the top.”
“We can make it out alive then,” Conner said optimistically.
“You don’t understand,” Quentin snarled, “There are things in the water. Those Aquari are very strong, and they can kill.”
“In Los Angeles, the Aquari collapsed buildings by destroying the walls of the lower floors,” Lee explained, “There’s no building left above the water there.”
“Then why haven’t they done that here?” Georgia asked.
“Maybe they are so spread out that they can’t,” Lee suggested, “They need hordes of them to work together and smash into the walls.”
“Or maybe they just haven’t been told to do so yet,” Conner replied.

“That Master is a Time Lord, if he’s anything like the Doctor then he’s very clever,” Georgia said, “He must have thought his plan through thoroughly.”
“He must have a base somewhere,” Julian said, “Everybody has a base.”
“The Aquari Aquatics factory,” Conner answered.
“He wouldn’t want his base to be underwater,” Julian explained, “He must have made the factory air tight or all his papers and things would be ruined.”
“He has his TARDIS to keep his stuff in,” Georgia explained, “And the TARDIS has a protective thing, so water can’t get in. I remember when we landed in the middle of an ocean and...”
“The computer was in the factory!” Conner interrupted, “He had all his stuff on that computer and that’s where he activated the particles from.”
“Which means he must have made the factory air tight,” Julian replied.
“But surely the Aquari would know to avoid the factory,” Lee said.
“Maybe not even they can argue with the force of gravity,” Conner suggested.

“We need to get to the factory,” Donald Digit said, “Close down the computer.”
“How? There’s loads of water out there, we can’t just cross the street,” Georgia replied, “And the teleport system’s down.”
“It was half a good plan...” Lee muttered.

Natalie was still sat by the window, watching as building vanished beneath the water. The whole city seemed to be underwater now, and the water still seemed to be rising.

“What are we going to do?” Korena asked Natalie, Margaret and Kimiko.
“We can’t do anything,” Natalie muttered, “This city’s gonna die like LA.”
“But in Los Angeles, the buildings all collapsed because the foundations were destroyed,” Kimiko explained, “That isn’t happening here.”
“It’s only a matter of time,” Natalie replied.
“To omou watashi tachi wa keitai denwa Jōjia,” Margaret suggested.
“Why should we phone Georgia?” Korena asked.
“Tame, Jōjia shi~tsu te iru kanō sei ga ari masu ga isha de aru,” Margaret explained.
“Yeah... what?” Natalie asked Korena.
“She says because she may know where the Doctor is,” Korena explained.
“Okay, well who is this Doctor?” Natalie asked.
“I’d like to know more about him too,” Kimiko replied.
“He’s amazing, he travels through time and space,” Korena explained, “Yes I know it’s unbelievable, but that’s where I’ve been. Together we save civilisations from evil aliens and have a great time!”
“Kare wa utsukushii,” Margaret said.
“He is,” Korena replied smiling.

“Oh I have a phone call,” Natalie commented, pulling out her phone, “It’s my friend Amita.”
“Natalie!” Amita hissed. Amita and Delilah were standing in a huge room with large computer games lining the walls and pool tables and cash machines were dotted around the room. There was a small shiny bar at one end of the room, with shelves of drinks behind it.

“What is it?” Natalie asked, “Are you alright? How’s Natasha?” Korena turned and stared at Natalie, as she remembered that she had forgotten to tell Natalie that her twin had been killed.
“Natasha left, I don’t know where she is,” Amita explained, “But me and Delils saw the devil, she was telling the truth all along!”
“Of course I was!” Delilah snapped at Amita.
“Anyway this devil said something like your time is not yet ready or somert and me and Delils vanished and appeared in this weird place,” Amita finished.
“I don’t know what place you’re talking about,” Natalie replied, “Seeing as I’m not there, does it have walls?”
“Yeah it does!” Amita exclaimed, “It’s got games and pool tables and a bar! Oooh I could get a drink...”
“I’m so glad you two are ok,” Natalie replied, “But are you safe now?”
“I think so, I don’t know where we are, me and Delils will go exploring,” Amita replied.
“Don’t call me that,” Delilah hissed.
“Well we’re all ok here, phone if something happens,” Natalie told Amita.
“Yeah, loves you babes!” Amita replied, “Bye!” Natalie ended the call and looked up at Korena who looked very sad.

“What’s wrong?” Natalie asked Korena.
“It’s your sister,” Korena replied, “She’s dead.”

Amita and Delilah found a large door at the end of the games room and they managed to open it. They entered a huge multi-storey room, with escalators and bright white walls.
“Oh my...” Amita muttered. She turned and saw shops leading off every wall and vending machines and yet the whole place was empty.

“I know where this is!” Delilah exclaimed, “It’s a shopping arcade! The biggest one in Britain! It’s on the outskirts of Bristol.”
“A shopping arcade!” Amita exclaimed, “Yay my dreams have come true!”
“The world’s dying and we’re about to go shopping,” Delilah muttered.
“Look think of it more as borrowing, since the shops are all closed,” Amita replied, “Why are the lights on?”
“Perhaps someone was expecting us,” Delilah answered, “Like that devil.”
“Maybe we died and came to heaven,” Amita squealed happily.
“Because shopping is your ideal of heaven and you think that being dead is a good thing,” Delilah replied.
“Let’s go borrowing!” Amita squeaked and she began to drag Delilah off by the hand.

The TARDIS materialised in the park in London where it usually landed. The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS and pulled out his sonic screwdriver. Suddenly, there were footsteps and Zac appeared, closely followed by Kaylie and Beth.

“Hey Zac!” Kaylie exclaimed hugging her boyfriend, “And Doctor!”
“Oh hello,” the Doctor replied.
“Where’s Georgia and Conner?” Beth asked.
“And Korena,” Zac added.
“They are in the 40th... no the 41st century,” the Doctor replied.
“Doing what?” Kaylie asked.
“They’re busy,” the Doctor said simply.
“Fine, don’t tell us what’s going on and why you’ve left them there,” Beth muttered.

“All right, can you tell me where the Aquari Aquatics factory is?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes, I can show you if you like,” Zac answered, “Me and Kaylie thought that those two Aquari workers vanishing were a bit fishy, so we began to research the company.”
“It was sponsored by the Spidership,” Kaylie added.
“Yeah, I just need to get there thanks,” the Doctor replied.
“Oh all right,” Zac replied, looking a little put off, “Follow me.” Zac began to lead the Doctor away from the TARDIS, behind the Doctor Kaylie and Beth began chatting.

“What do you thinks’ happened?” Beth asked Kaylie.
“I have no idea,” Kaylie replied, “But I think something bad must’ve happened.”
“You don’t think Conner and Georgia are dead?” Beth asked.
“Oh I do hope not, imagine being killed in the future,” Kaylie replied, “That would be horrible, don’t say such things Beth!”
“Maybe the Doctor has abandoned them...” Beth suggested.
“Beth please,” Kaylie interrupted, “That is so unlikely! You know how much the Doctor likes both of them, and he seems to like Korena loads too. I just hope they’re ok on their own...”

The Master exited his TARDIS after it materialised in the Aquari Aquatics factory in the 41st Century. The Master ran over to the pool of water next to his computer, where a couple of Aquari were playing.

“Our Master has returned,” one Aquari giggled.
“Was it nice in the 21st Century?” a second asked.
“It was fine,” the Master replied, “Now sing to your fellows, sing across the world, I want you to find the Doctor’s companions and kill them.”
“How will we do that?” the first Aquari questioned.
“Destroy the building they are in,” the Master snapped, “The Doctor has gone, I’ll deal with him on my own, you get rid of the companions.”
“It will be our pleasure,” the Aquari said smiling.


Friday, 26 February 2010

TTV Series Episode 3: When in Rome

Agrippina entered the small room, with a coin in her hand. She sat down on a stone, and stared at the woman across from her.

“I have money,” she said, passing the coin to the woman.
“Thank you,” the woman replied. “My name is Madame Rene. Now, where would you like to begin?”

The Doctor smiled at Crystal and leant back in his chair. She grinned back, and ran her fingers along the console.

“Where would you like to go?” he asked.
“The past,” she replied. “I’d love to see the Titanic or something…”
“Seriously, if I go there any more times, it’ll be Reaper heaven,” the Doctor chuckled.
“I’ve got no idea what you’re on about,” Crystal sighed. “Fine. Let’s go to Rome! I’ve seen all these films and stuff about it. And nobody will recognise me as dead there.”
“That’s more like it!” the Doctor beamed. “I love a bit of old Rome!”

He dived from his seat and set the controls.

“I can’t see much about you,” Madame Rene frowned. “But your son…”
“What?” Agrippina asked.
“He will become Emperor,” Madame Rene announced. “And he will kill you.”
“Let him kill me,” Agrippina said. “Provided he becomes Emperor.”


It was 59 AD, and Agrippina was preparing to board the boat. It had been many years since her encounter with Madame Rene, and she’d almost forgotten what they’d talked about. Her servant Acerronia Polla joined her beside the boat.

“This is going to be such fun,” she sighed. “I love Rome.”
“I only hope my son will be replaced soon,” Agrippina said. “Rubellius Plautus will make a much better Emperor than my son Nero.”
“Here comes Crepereius Gallus,” Acerronia pointed. “We’ll be able to set off soon.”

Agrippina’s thoughts were still on Emperor Nero, until the sound of the universe ripped through the air.

“What is that?” she muttered.

She stepped on to the boat to investigate the noise, and came face to face with a large, blue box.

“Hello,” the Doctor beamed, stepping out of the TARDIS. “Come on Crystal, I’ve already met someone!”
“You’ve just stepped out of the TARDIS!” Crystal muttered, following him. “Christ you can pull fast. She’s a bit old.”
“And she’s brought a friend!” the Doctor smiled, pointing to Acerronia, who followed Agrippina onto the boat.
“Crepereius is here,” she announced. “If you’d like to get seated Agrippina.”

The Doctor frowned, as Crystal shut the TARDIS door and followed Agrippina to her seat. Crepereius stepped onto the boat, and it began to sail.

“Woah, we’re moving!” Crystal said, nearly falling out her seat. “Doctor, we’re on a boat!”
“What year is this?” the Doctor asked Acerronia, following her to a seat.
“59,” Acerronia smiled.
“That’s so weird,” Crystal laughed. “I’m used to 2010, not 59. I mean, that’s just two numbers! That’s so strange!”
“You get used to it,” the Doctor shrugged. “Hang on, 59? And we’re on a boat with Agrippina, the Younger?”
“No, the Older,” Agrippina said sarcastically. “Of course I’m the Younger, have you seen the Older?”
“The oarsmen have wished you a pleasant journey,” Crepereius said, sitting next to Agrippina.
“Oh I bet they have,” the Doctor frowned. “Crystal, we’ve got to go, now.”

He stood up, and dragged Crystal from her seat.

“What do you mean?” she hissed.
“This boat is designed to collapse,” the Doctor replied. “It’s a trap, by Agrippina’s son, Nero.”
“Emperor Nero?” Crystal gasped. “That bloke who fiddled himself?”
“He didn’t fiddle himself!” the Doctor sighed. “Don’t you learn anything in History? Oh never mind, yes, Nero, the very same. We’ve got to go.”
“We should warn her!” Crystal cried.

Agrippina heard Crystal’s cries, and left her seat to confront the Doctor.

“What are you talking about?” she demanded to know. “I demand to know!”
“The boat, it’s a…” the Doctor began to explain.

Before he could finish, there was a crash, and the canopy above Agrippina’s seat collapsed, crushing Crepereius. Acerronia screamed; falling backwards as the others hit the floor.

“What the actual hell?” Crystal moaned.

The Doctor ran over to where Crepereius was seated, and sighed. Agrippina looked up from the floor, but the Doctor shook his head.

“He’s dead.”
“But, they were trying to kill Agrippina!” Crystal cried. “Hadn’t we better get out of here?”
“It’s too late,” the Doctor replied. “I don’t remember what happened here, but I’m pretty sure History doesn’t tell the story of the Doctor and his dead friend arriving and the canopy crushing the wrong person!”
“Doctor, the oarsmen are coming!” Agrippina said, climbing to her feet. “I demand that you get me out of here.”
“I’ll demand you in a minute!” the Doctor warned. “Come on!”

He led the way along the boat, grabbing Agrippina by the arm and hauling her along. Crystal began to follow, before she remembered Acerronia, and doubled back.

“Acerronia, are you all right?” she asked, leaning over her. “We’ve got to get out of here; the oarsmen are coming to kill Agrippina.”
“I’m fine,” Acerronia replied, climbing out of the wreckage.

As Crystal led the way, Acerronia screamed, and pointed at the oarsmen who were running towards them.


The Doctor led Agrippina to where the TARDIS had been. He frowned at the empty space, and wondered where it had gone.

“What are you looking for?” Agrippina asked.
“My ship,” the Doctor explained. “Ah, there she is! All the way down there!”

He ran to the other side of the ship, and pointed to a large crack in the boat. Bobbing in the water was the blue box Agrippina had seen earlier.

“That’s down there!” Agrippina sighed.
“You’re gonna have to climb, come on,” he urged. “Crystal, hurry up, it’s getting dark! And I dunno how long before the boat sinks!”

He ran back to the other side of the boat as Agrippina began to climb down the wreckage. Crystal came legging it around the corner, almost slamming in to the Doctor. Acerronia was following her, out of breath. As the Doctor began to lead them to the TARDIS, there was a crash, and they fell through the floor.

“The boat’s collapsing!” Crystal screamed.
“You’ve gotta let go when I say when!” the Doctor yelled. “We need to swim to the TARDIS!”

Crystal held on to the side of the boat, bits of wood flying everywhere around her. She looked sideways at Acerronia, who was managing to climb up and out of the wreckage. She eventually managed to pull herself out, and turned back to Crystal.

“Take my hand!” she cried, leaning down.
“Go without us,” Crystal said. “We’ve got the TARDIS – we’ll take Agrippina home.”

Acerronia nodded, and ran off. There was a crash somewhere to the right, and the oarsmen thundered along the ship.

“Agrippina!” one of them roared.
“Check down there,” another one said.
“Doctor! They’re gonna look down here and see us!” Crystal hissed.
“Keep waiting,” the Doctor ordered. “Remember, when I say when.”

One of the oarsmen stepped over to the hole, but a cry from across the boat made him stop.

“Halt!” Acerronia cried. “I am Agrippina!”

Crystal gasped as the oarsmen began to run at Acerronia. There was a cracking of bone, and a splash. The Doctor saw Crystal’s horrified expression, and decided it was time.

“When!” he yelled, letting go of the wood.

Crystal screamed, and let go. The two of them fell through the wreckage, and into the water. Agrippina cried out to them from where she was sat on the TARDIS. Swimming over to her, the Doctor pulled out the TARDIS key and opened the door.

“Step inside,” he gestured to Agrippina.


Emperor Nero sat on his throne, and growled as Fabius and Helena scurried over to him.

“Your Emperorness, I’m afraid to tell you, your mother survived,” Fabius said quietly.
“How did that happen?” Nero roared.
“She swam back to the shore,” Helena smiled.
“That’s not a good thing!” Fabius whispered.
“Oh,” Helena frowned.
“Go and deal with her,” Nero snapped. “Chalk it up as suicide – tell the public she was plotting to kill me or something. Away!”

He waved his hand, and Fabius hurried away, before returning and dragging Helena with him.


Agrippina waved as the TARDIS departed, and returned to her house. She sadly thought of Acerronia and Crepereius, and how they’d died. There was a crash, and the door to her house burst open. She stepped backwards, startled, and saw Fabius and Helena run into the room, carrying a knife.

“Nero must really want me dead,” she observed.
“I’m afraid he does,” Helena said with sympathy. “Still, can’t be helped.”
“Don’t talk to her!” Fabius hissed.
“Sorry,” Helena replied.

Fabius raised the knife, and advanced on Agrippina.

“Smite my womb,” Agrippina snarled. “Destroy the part of me that ever created so abominable a son!”

And with a small sigh, Fabius did.

The End

Thursday, 18 February 2010

TTV Series Episode 2: The Inner Circle

Crystal stepped out of the TARDIS, and looked around in awe.

“Where are we?” she asked the Doctor, who followed her.
“The Asteroid Bazaar,” the Doctor announced. “It’s a market on an Asteroid.”
“It’s amazing,” Crystal smiled.

She turned around, but the Doctor had gone. He waved at her from beside a stall, where a woman was offering him a drink.

“Fancy a drink, me darlin’?” a voice asked.
“No thanks,” Crystal replied.
“Come over here,” the voice said. “What’s your name?”
“Crystal, you?”
“Podmore,” Podmore replied. “What’s a pretty young lady like you doing on the Asteroid Bazaar?”
“Visiting,” Crystal replied.
“Eh, come ‘ere a sec!” Podmore gasped.

Slightly nervously, Crystal leaned over to Podmore, who grabbed her locket. With a slight feeling of pain, Crystal slapped him around the face, and he dropped it from his hands.

“What you do that for?” Podmore scowled.
“What did you touch my locket for?” Crystal growled in reply.
“Just wondering,” Podmore said. “And I was right.”

Podmore leapt across his stall and grabbed Crystal. She screamed, and tried to slap him again. The Doctor heard the scream and turned around, running towards them. He was a few seconds away, when Podmore and Crystal vanished.

“No!” he shouted.

Several people stared at him as he threw Podmore’s stall over, and ran into the TARDIS. A few feet away, a figure watched the Doctor go, and smiled.

“Things are unfolding faster than I thought,” Madame Rene muttered, also vanishing.

Crystal groaned and landed with a thump. Immediately her eyes were blinded by white lights, and she heard Podmore a few feet away.

“She’s one of you,” he said.
“You really must choose a better time to enter,” a woman sighed. “We don’t need her on our table.”
“Sorry,” Podmore replied. “Will I be paid now?”
“Later,” the woman said. “Now, go.”

There was a zapping noise, and Podmore vanished.

“She doesn’t look special,” another female said. “Though you wouldn’t believe it from all the male attention she’s getting. That was directed at you, Finley.”
“Shut up,” a male replied.

Crystal sat up on the table and rubbed her eyes. Gradually, everything came into focus around her. She blushed, and slid off of the table when she saw the eyes glaring at her. Counting the number of people at the table, she remembered something the Doctor had told her:

“The crystal in your locket is keeping you alive,” he’d said. “But your body is dying. This has only ever happened seven times before.”

One of the women stood up, and moved to address her.

“Hello,” she said. “What’s your name?”
“Crystal Harris,” Crystal replied. “Where am I?”
“We are the Inner Circle,” the woman said. “Of death itself. We have all died, and are kept alive by personal objects. I take it your locket is the thing keeping you here?”

Crystal nodded. The woman showed a bracelet on her wrist, which, Crystal noticed, contained a small purple crystal.

“My name’s Tina Feldon,” the woman said. “And this is Finley Bradford, Vivian Darkwood, Seldon Oz, Mercedes Tiermann, Dennis Welch, and Hadrius Andes – our oldest member, who was a Roman soldier killed in battle.”
“Hello,” Crystal smiled. “But what am I doing here? Why did Podmore kidnap me?”
“Because he saw that you were like us,” Dennis said.
“Do we do it?” Seldon asked.
“No,” Vivian said sternly. “You never know when we might need a new member.”
“And she seems nice,” Tina added.
“I ain’t killing no dead girl,” Mercedes said helpfully.
“Hadrius – it’s up to you,” Seldon decided. “You’re the oldest.”
“Let her go,” Hadrius nodded. “Like Vivian said, we never know when we’ll need a new member. And we all know that new members are hard to come by. You can go.”

Crystal looked confused. Hadrius pointed to the door of the room, signalling for her to leave.

“But what were you going to do to me?” Crystal asked. “What were you deciding?”
“They were decided whether to kill you or not,” a voice said from behind her.
“Doctor!” Crystal cried, hugging him. “You found me.”
“Yup,” the Doctor grinned. “Like I said before, the Inner Circle only has seven members. And you’re an eighth dead person – they couldn’t have eight, it’s only supposed to be seven! Heaven forbid there should be eight!”
“We’ve said she can go,” Hadrius said. “Now leave.”
“We’re going anyway,” the Doctor frowned.

He took Crystal and led her away. She looked back once more at the Inner Circle, who could have easily killed her.

“We’ll meet again, you know,” Tina said.
“I know,” Crystal nodded. “But I’d hate to be one of you when I come along. After all, there can only be seven members…”

The End

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Episode 3.x: Christmas Bells


The Doctor
Elizabeth Bell
Georgia Bell
Conner Bennet
Petr Costravalos
Pippa Blackwell
Colin Bell
Dux Ducis
Zac Pemberton
Kaylie Watson
Beth Grant
Captain Gifford
Sally Jacobs
Kate Lipsett
Private Charlotte
Private Alfie
Catherine Ford
Bradley Taylor
Gareth Daniels
Hattie Simpson
Mrs Sow
Amy Watson
Andrea Watson
Brian Mason
Lucy Stuart
Daisy Cole
Viola White
Mary Wood
Sylvia Hold
Janet Martin
Joanie Allen
Dorothy Atkin
Betty Spencer

The Doctor drops Georgia and Conner off at home in order to recover from recent events, but when they mysteriously disappear, he is forced to combine forces with Elizabeth to save the Earth from the threat waiting in the sky.

Spoilers. Remember, two are red herrings!

The Magnet Warriors return with some unfinished business.
Kate Lipsett is forced to ask help from someone she'd rather didn't exist.
Mrs White is trapped inside her home - and it's Elizabeth's fault!
Colin and Elizabeth move to America.
Georgia and Conner spend Christmas morning together.
Colin has a bizarre Christmas. Which involves a lot of white space.
Dux Ducis is incredibly vain, prompting the Doctor to quote the Saturdays.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Episode 13: The Water's Song Part 1

“Who did you see?” Natalie repeated.
“It was the devil,” Delilah answered, then tears gathered in her eyes as she added, “He said I was gonna die!”
“The Master and his TARDIS, and the Doctor and his,” Rack said smiling, “What a show this will be!” Rack cackled and vanished in a puff of smoke.
“Then let’s do it!” Mrs Harrbungershon ordered and her cult stood up, “We will escape and destroy this defence, and from here the world! Oh it was a bad idea of theirs to put us in a cell together, was it not?”
“CHARGE!” Dash ordered and the whole cult pushed against the iron bars of the cell, and the door smashed off its hinges.
“We need to warn him about the Aquari!” Sara replied, “He can’t release them into the ocean!”
“Because we did that on our home planet, and a few days later the seas rose and destroyed the land,” Sam explained, “We are the only survivors of our race.”
The Aquari particles poured out of huge vats on the side of the sea defence wall. This happened all over the world.
“The Aquari particles grow and mature when they are placed in water, when there is enough space for them to materialise the particles turn into a body of water. This water-body, which I call an Aquari, can pull push, squeeze and expand the water around it,” Mr. Toil explained.
Natalie stood frozen in shock as Korena realised what was going on, the water’s of the world were rising.
Rack giggled and waved at Amita and Delilah.
Georgia, Conner, Lee and Donald stared as the Thames Barrier was smashed by the hordes of Aquari.
“Who are you?” the Doctor asked Mr. Toil.
“Oh, haven’t you realised yet?” Mr. Toil asked, “I am the Master!”

In 2011 two men struggled against the heavy snowfall, as they walked across the glacier.
“Come on Spike,” Mr. Toil told the other man, “We’re nearly at the spot!”
“I really think we should tell someone,” Spike replied.
“Nobody would believe us,” Mr. Toil said, “I mean we are going to save the ice caps with these Aquari particles.”
“They bind together the water molecules so it protects the solid ice structure,” Spike said, “I think the public would believe that.”
“Yes, but the public are so stupid in these years,” Mr. Toil muttered.
“That’s an odd thing to say,” Spike replied.

“We’re here,” Mr. Toil said, ignoring Spike’s comment. They had stopped at a place in the ice, where there were several cracks. Some of them were very large, big enough for a man to slip through.
“Right, so we just pour the Aquari into these gaps,” Spike said, pulling out a large test tube from his rucksack. Mr. Toil did the same.
“Yes, everything must go into these gaps,” Mr. Toil said.
“You are being very odd today,” Spike commented, “But I suppose this isn’t a normal day.” Spike poured the particles into the gap, and Mr. Toil did the same.
“So you say you’ll tell the public what we’ve done when we get back,” Mr. Toil asked Spike.
“I suppose we should,” Spike nodded, “We may even be greeted as heroes, the saviours from the rising waters.”
“I’d advise you not to,” Mr. Toil replied.
“I’ve got to if you don’t,” Spike said.
“Then this is your own doing,” Mr. Toil muttered.
“Are you sure there’s enough particles to stop the melting?” Spike said looking into the largest gap in the ice.
“Oh there’ll be enough!” Mr. Toil snarled pushing Spike towards the crack. Spike slipped and fell down through the crack into the darkness.
“Well that’s him out of the way,” Mr. Toil said, “Now, to the future! By that time all the particles in place will have matured, ready to take over the Earth!”


Georgia and Conner watched as the water began to swallow up London. Mr Chilvers, Natalie’s boss, had been celebrating in a street near his workplace. Now he watched and wept as the water destroyed his supermarket and swept him away.

“Georgia, we have to phone Korena!” Conner told Georgia.
“If you phone her, I’ll phone Natasha!” Lee told them.
“Who’s Natasha?” Georgia asked, still staring at the surge of water, which was beginning to destroy the city of London.
“My girlfriend’s twin!” Lee replied, pulling out his phone.

Natasha was walking down some stone steps when her phone rang. She pulled it out and saw that it was Lee.
“Oh, hi Lee,” Natasha said, “What’s going on? Do you know why the teleports are down?”
“Yes, it’s a man, but that’s not important,” Lee replied, “Where are you?”
“I’m nearly back at my flat, I’m having to walk though,” Natasha said.
“But where?” Lee asked.
“The underground,” Natasha replied.
“How close to the Thames are you?” Lee asked.
“Not that far from it, why?” Natasha asked.
“You’ve got to get out of there now!” Lee ordered, “There’s a surge of water heading your way, the Thames barrier has broken, you’ve got to get out!”
“But... hang on, what’s that noise?” Natasha said, as she heard the roar of the approaching water. She looked up the long flight of steps and she saw a wall of water appearing at the top.

“Oh my God, I’m going to die!” Natasha exclaimed, as she began to run down the steps. The other people around her were screaming and running too. She reached the bottom and ran across the floor towards an underground station, but the water was right behind her. She turned and saw water coming from the underground train tunnel too, and in every direction water was pouring and surging towards her.

“NATASHA!” Lee yelled down the phone, as he heard Natasha scream. It seemed that Natasha had ended the call. Natasha hadn’t even had the chance to tell Lee her greatest secret.

The Prime Minister rushed round Downing Street, as reports of water rising and destroying places around the world were reaching him. The Prime Minister ran into Julian as he headed up the stairs.
“I’m so sorry sir,” Julian said, “I just found out all the teleports are down, but we can get your shuttle here.”
“What are you talking about?” the Prime Minister asked.
“We have to get you out of here sir,” Julian explained.
“I’m not leaving,” the Prime Minister replied.
“But we have to have somebody to control the country,” Julian exclaimed.
“You need to go now!” the Prime Minister told Julian, “You have to get to Lee and Donald’s office, see if they can do anything.”

“How am I supposed to get there?” Julian asked.
“My emergency teleport,” the Prime Minister explained.
“What emergency teleport?” Julian questioned.
“They are extremely rare,” the Prime Minister replied, “The only other person in Britain to have one is the King and Queen. Now I want you to take it, and get to the office.”
“But, I can’t take this,” Julian said, “And I’m not leaving you!”
“Do this, for me,” the Prime Minister replied, and Julian hugged him to the surprise of the Prime Minister.
“You can ... go... now,” the Prime Minister replied with a shocked expression on his face, as Julian vanished. There was a scream and Cameron Davis ran over to the Prime Minister.

“The water’s here,” Cameron informed the Prime Minister, “We can’t get out.” The people inside Number 10 turned as the water surged through the iron gates and into the street.
“Good luck sir,” the Prime Minister told Cameron as they shook hands.

Sam and Sara’s spaceship was heading away from Earth, but then it stopped.
“What are you doing?” Sara asked.
“It’s happening again,” Sam replied, “The Earth is being destroyed.”
“Oh no,” Sara said, “Why didn’t they believe us?” Sara made a frustrated noise as she began to cry.
“We should help somebody,” Sam said, “We have to because we didn’t before...”
“The guilt factor...” Sara muttered.

“I have all kinds of distress calls coming in,” Sam explained, “They all say the same, the water’s coming, we’re going to die.”
“Then how can we choose who to save?” Sara asked.
“Wait, what about this one?” Sam asked, playing the distress call.
“Can anybody hear me?” Captain Alton’s voice said, “This is Captain Alton of sea defence 2.12/2.13, can you hear me? We are being attacked, the water has broken through in several parts, but it isn’t affecting us. We are being attacked by a cult, who is going to try and help destroy the world, please help us! There are so many of them, they have shuttles from around the globe heading here too!” The message stopped and Sara pushed Sam off the driving seat.
“Let’s go!” Sara ordered, spinning the spaceship back towards Earth and she began to drive full pelt back towards it.

“You can’t be,” the Doctor muttered, “You can’t be!”
“I am the Master,” the Master said smiling, “I used to be head of Aquari Aquatics when the company began, where I began to grow the Aquari particles, but they were growing too slow. Somebody told me that the 40th Century was another favourite of yours, seeing as your new companion Korena comes from there.”

“So you began your work in the 21st Century and then came to the 40th so you could finish it,” the Doctor finished.
“Correct,” the Master replied, “I began to test them in the Arctic, which is why Quentin over there saw hundreds of them frozen in the ice.” Quentin looked up from his hot drink, as he heard his name.
“Master, please stop this!” the Doctor ordered, “And oh... I recognise you now.”
“My disguise fooled the Doctor, it wasn’t even one of my best,” the Master commented, “And sorry can’t stop this, you’re all going to die and I’m just going to pop back to the present. Bye!”
“Master!” the Doctor shouted and the Master stopped, “What are you doing here, last time I saw you...”
“Well I was fighting your third incarnation when I met a certain someone,” the Master explained, “Who told me my methods were useless because he’d met you in your tenth incarnation, he even took me to see you, to prove it to me. I realised that I’d have to travel to the future and kill you in this incarnation, so I wouldn’t meddle in time.”
“But don’t you realise, I’ve met you so many times since my third incarnation, this person is meddling with time!” the Doctor replied.
“After my victory here, this person may leave me alone,” the Master muttered.
“But who is this person?” the Doctor asked.
“Rack,” the Master replied simply.

Amita and Delilah moved swiftly over to the window, where they saw a surge of water heading their way.
“Did you do this?” Delilah asked Rack, who was still standing waving.
“Oh no,” Rack replied.
“But you can’t be the devil!” Amita shrieked, “I don’t believe it can be you.” Rack smiled at Amita.
“Amita, we need to get out of here!” Delilah said, “Never mind him.” Suddenly the building shook as a huge wave hit it and water sprayed through some of the windows. The people in the night club all turned and screamed as water began to surge through the windows and the building shook again.

“You are lucky that your time is not yet ripe,” Rack said smiling. Suddenly, Amita and Delilah vanished from the night club, as the water began to destroy it.
“Where did the humans go?” one Aquari asked another.
“I don’t know, but let’s kill these ones!” the other Aquari hissed, as it smashed into a human, who died instantly.
“Haha, this is fun!” the first Aquari giggled in a high voice, as it smashed out the other side of the night club, after the Aquari had killed all the humans inside.

“Downing Street has been destroyed, I repeat Downing Street is gone,” Sheba the newsreader was saying, she looked incredibly scared and worried. Margaret and Kimiko were watching the news from Lee and Natalie’s flat. Natalie was still frozen by the window.

“Come on Natalie,” Korena told her.
“But my friends were in a night club by the Thames, and my sister,” Natalie squeaked, “Oh God, I hope Lee’s alright.”
“Will we be alright here?” Kimiko asked.
“We’re pretty high up,” Korena replied.
“But the water destroyed buildings that were much taller than it,” Natalie muttered, “In Los Angeles.”
“Hai,” Margaret muttered.

“The statue of Liberty has been swept away,” Sheba continued, “The Royal family are being airlifted out of Buckingham palace, the Taj Mahal has been destroyed and I’ve just been told that the Pyramids of Giza, have collapsed due to huge landslides in Egypt.”
“This is terrible,” Kimiko commented, as Korena’s phone began to ring, “I need to phone Kaito again.”

“Georgia?” Korena said answering her phone, “Are you alright?”
“I’m fine, tell Natalie that Lee is too, you?” Georgia replied.
“I’m good, but the world’s being destroyed,” Korena muttered, “Are you high up somewhere?”
“Yes, don’t worry we’re in one of the tallest building in London, you?” Georgia asked.
“Lee’s flat is pretty high up, but Natalie said that the Aquari destroyed the foundations of buildings,” Korena explained, “Are you with the Doctor?”
“No, he’s downstairs, but he’s alright,” Georgia replied, “Oh and Korena, Natalie’s twin, Natasha is dead, please can you break it to Natalie.”
“Of course I will,” Korena replied.
“I’d better go,” Georgia replied, “Bye!”
“Me too, good luck, speak later,” Korena said, ending the call.

Kaito and his colleagues were gathered beside the window of the skyscraper that they had been working in. They could see Tokyo city being destroyed by huge waves and surges of water.
“Can you see that?” Kaito asked his friend.
“See what?” Kaito’s fried and colleague, Etsuko, replied.
“There’s something in the water!” Kaito replied, “Is this building safe?”
“I think so,” Etsuko answered, “It has a steel mainframe.”
“Then we should be safe,” Kaito muttered, “But then... Los Angeles.”
“Los Angeles is America,” Etsuko pointed out, “Their workmanship is nowhere near as good as the Japanese.”
“What about England?” Kaito asked, “My wife and mum are there, and my daughter and my nephew... my brother too.”
“I’m sure they’ll be fine, if they stay up high,” Etsuko replied, as Kaito’s phone began to ring and Kaito pulled it out from his jacket pocket.

“Hello?” Kaito said.
“Kaito!” Kimiko said.
“Kimiko, are you alright? How are Korena and Margaret?” Kaito asked.
“They are both fine and Lee and Natalie,” Kimiko explained, “We’re all in high buildings. Are you still in that skyscraper?”
“Yes, I had to attend another meeting, as I was still here,” Kaito explained, “But the meeting’s been cancelled, and Tokyo is being destroyed.”
“I know, it’s very bad,” Kimiko replied, “I will talk to you later.”
‘You’d better,” Kaito muttered.

Lee, Donald, Georgia and Conner rushed down from the roof.
“Doctor!” Georgia yelled, “The barrier has broken, there’s water everywhere! We’ve got to do something!”
“Your companions,” the Master cackled.
“Who is he?” Georgia asked.
“The Master, he’s a Time Lord,” the Doctor explained.
“But you said you were the only one,” Conner muttered.
“He shouldn’t be here, he’s meddling in time,” the Doctor replied.
“What do you mean you thought you were the only one?” the Master asked.
“It doesn’t matter, listen to me you have to stop this!” the Doctor ordered.

“Did you kill Ken?” Lee asked the Master.
“Oh, Ken, poor Ken, yes,” the Master answered smiling, “Ken Barret, head of Aquari Aquatics in the late 40th Century, but he realised that I was really in control, he found out about the Aquari.”
“So you killed him?” Lee replied.
“That’s right,” the Master said smiling.
“You’re a horrid man,” Lee snarled.
“Thank you,” the Master said smiling.

“Did you kill Antony too?” Quentin asked, “With your Aquari.”
“Well my Aquari tried to kill you too,” the Master explained, “You were in their spot, they were told to kill anyone who roamed to close. Anyway I’d better go...” The Master cackled as he vanished.

“What’s that?” Georgia asked.
“He’s teleported himself to his TARDIS,” the Doctor muttered, “And Rack must be somewhere around too.”
“Rack?” Conner exclaimed, “Not him again, he’s tried to kill me twice!”
“Let’s just hope Petr and Pippa don’t turn up,” the Doctor replied.

“Come on, we need to check how high the water is downstairs,” Lee said, “Follow me!” Lee rushed out of the room, followed closely by Donald, Georgia and Conner, leaving the Doctor and Quentin.

Captain Alton, pushed a large bench against the door of the lab and Private Rolf and Nash pushed the sofa against it.
“That’ll stop them,” Captain Alton muttered.
“Sir there’s loads of them!” Private Nash replied.
“What about the shuttles?” Private Rolf asked.
“I... don’t know,” Captain Alton replied.
“What about the water?” Private Rolf asked.
“We’re going to die!” Private Nash exclaimed.
“Shuttles now less than 1000 metres away, and they’re accelerating!” Private Rolf announced, staring at one of the computer screens in horror. Captain Alton rushed to the window, where he could see several shuttles heading their way. There was a banging on the door as the cult reached it.

“You’re not going to survive!” Mrs Harrbungershon shouted from the other side of the door as Private Rolf and Nash pushed against the barricade, so the cult wouldn’t get in.

Lee, Donald, Georgia and Conner rushed down a flight of stairs to the next floor, where they found Julian staring at a TV.

“The Prime Minister’s dead!” Julian shrieked.
“I know, alot of people are dead,” Lee said sadly.
“What are you doing here?” Donald asked.
“The Prime Minister gave me his emergency teleport, they aren’t linked with the system,” Julian explained.
“But why here?” Georgia asked confused, “I’m Georgia by the way, and this is Conner and the Doctor...”
“He must still be upstairs,” Conner replied.
“The Prime Minister said you could try and reverse what’s happened,” Julian muttered.
“Of course we’ll try,” Lee said.
“I’m sure the Doctor could help too,” Georgia said smiling, “Lets go find him.”
“I’ll check where the water’s reached,” Lee replied, “See you upstairs in a bit.” Lee continued down the stairs, followed closely by Donald Digit.

“Do you want to come with us?” Georgia asked, “There are some comfier seats upstairs, and a coffee machine.”
“Alright,” Julian muttered, and Georgia helped him up. When Georgia, Conner and Julian reached the top floor, where Lee and Donald’s office was, Georgia realised that something was wrong. The TARDIS was slowly fading from sight.

“The TARDIS is dematerialising!” Georgia shrieked, “DOCTOR!”
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop him,” Quentin said quietly, from his seat, where he was still huddled up because of the cold he had endured at the Arctic.
“DOCTOR!” Conner shouted, as the TARDIS faded away, “DOCTOR! YOU CAN’T LEAVE US HERE!”
“DOCTOR! PLEASE COME BACK!” Georgia screamed.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

TTV Series Episode 1: Forever Young

Some people have a purpose, a reason in life. For some, it is to rule, or to make money, and for others, it is to get through each day as it comes. But some people don’t have purposes, they just die. Perhaps their purpose is to affect those around them. But Crystal Harris didn’t have a purpose at all. She was born, and she died. That is, until someone intervened.

“Crystal!” Chelsea called, running into her room and leaping on her bed. “Get up freak.”
“Get off my bed, now,” Crystal ordered her sister.
“Calm down,” Chelsea said, heading for the door. “If you’re late for college I’m not covering for you.”
“Whatever – see you later,” Crystal said as Chelsea left.

Eurgh. Chelsea could be so annoying sometimes. The tart with the heart, Crystal called her. It was nearly eight o’clock, and when Crystal stomped downstairs she looked like a zombie. She grabbed some toast and attempted to comb her matted, dyed red hair. She caught her reflection in the toaster as she passed the kitchen. She’d definitely need some makeup. She was late already; she might as well make herself look nice.

“Crystal, what are you still doing here?” her mum, Zoe, asked. “You should have left ages ago. I’m about to take your dad to work.”
“Step dad,” Crystal corrected. “And we’ve always called him Tim.”
“I don’t need this now,” Zoe said. “I’ve got a meeting later, and I’m stressed as it is.”

Crystal sighed and wondered why nobody else in her family was as quiet as her. It was nice to have moments to herself, and not have to share them with her sister or mum, or even her step dad.

“Tim!” Zoe bellowed. “Hurry the hell up!”
“I’m coming!” Tim shouted.

He ran down the stairs, making a racket as usual. Crystal never really thought of it before, but she’d heard people whisper. It was no wonder nobody teased her for being different, her family were known for being the roughest around. Her step dad was tall and bald, and her mum often scraped her hair back as tight as she could. And it didn’t help that they’d been on Jeremy Kyle. That was her stupid dad’s fault. Still, he wasn’t here anymore.

“See you later,” Zoe said, slamming the door.

And it didn’t help that her mum was pregnant either. A little baby boy. She would have bet that her mum had lined up an earring and head shave for it all ready. Poor kid. But when she got her A Levels she could get a proper job and move out from the area and never set foot in it again.

“Where did I put that book?” she muttered.

She’d left it on the side somewhere. There it was. Alice in Wonderland. She sighed and let it drop to the floor. If only someone came into her life and took her to magical worlds. Her hair would have to stay as it was. Crystal chucked the remainder of her toast in the bin, and opened the front door.

Across the stars, Madame Rene left her tent, and stood in the fresh air. The wind whipped her grey-brown hair around her face. The moment was almost upon the Earth. Crystal Harris was stepping out of her house. She was crossing the road. But the car wasn’t coming; it had taken an unexpected detour. With a death knell sigh, Madame Rene disappeared.

Crystal headed across the road, when time froze. Her hair was frozen mid-flick, one foot in front of the other. There was a vworp sound, as the TARDIS materialised, unaware that time had frozen. The Doctor stepped out, looking at time around him.

“Woah,” he muttered.

It felt strange to be walking along, when everything else had frozen to the spot. He looked across the street, and saw a girl, frozen in the middle of the road. He smiled – she was a typical human, hurrying for the bus, or late for work. Her dyed red hair was fixed in position, as was her locket, which was stuck, mid-swing in front of her face. Suddenly, the crystal in the locket flashed a violent purple, and the Doctor was thrown off his feet.

“What the…?” he groaned from the pavement.

He looked up, to see Madame Rene walking towards the girl. Behind her, time returned to normal, and the Doctor saw a car speeding round the corner. He tried to get to his feet, but he couldn’t move; he was frozen too! The car sped through Madame Rene, who disappeared into smoke, and hit the girl full on, knocking her off her feet. Time resumed once more, and the Doctor managed to get up. He ran towards the girl, and was on his knees once again, bending over her, checking she was okay. She wasn’t.

“Can you hear me?” he called. “My name’s the Doctor. What’s your name?”
“Crystal,” Crystal informed him weakly. “What happened?”
“You were hit, by a car,” the Doctor said. “Look at me. That’s it, right at me. I need you to tell me about your locket.”
“I’ve had it ever since I was a baby,” Crystal said.

The Doctor gasped, as he saw what was happening. Crystal shimmered, and a second version appeared beside her, becoming stronger. The crystal in her locket was keeping her alive. But her body she was dying. This had only ever happened seven times before. He picked her up, and carried her to the TARDIS.

“What’s happening to me?” Crystal murmured. “Where are we?”
“It’s bigger on the inside, I know,” the Doctor said. “I thought you were dying, but you aren’t. Your locket is keeping you here. Do you feel better?”
“I do,” Crystal admitted, sitting up. “Doctor, am I dead?”
“Yes,” the Doctor said. “Think of it like this: your body is dead, but your soul isn’t. It’s holding on to the locket, which is keeping your body working. It’s complicated.”
“So I’m dead, but nobody will notice?” Crystal asked.
“Yes, except I left you on the pavement,” the Doctor said. “There are two versions of you. One here, dead, but still here, and one out there, dead, but gone.”
“So, I can’t ever return home…” Crystal said.
“No, sorry,” the Doctor replied.
“But this is brilliant!” Crystal cried. “I can stay with you! You have to protect me!”
“You can protect yourself,” the Doctor said. “But if the locket is destroyed, you die. Properly. Gone, pzam!”

Crystal nodded. She was still a little confused.

“Let me get this straight. I’m two people. One who’s dead outside, and one, kept alive by my locket, here,” she said. “But who are you?”
“I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor said. “An alien, from the planet Gallifrey.”

The Doctor smiled slightly. As companions went, this one seemed okay. She had no choice but to stay with him now, and as long as her locket was fine, she’d be fine.

“But this means I’ll live forever!” Crystal smiled. “I’ll be young forever!”
“Yeah,” the Doctor agreed. “But it’s not all fun you know. You seem to be happy that you’re dead, I thought you’d be upset.”
“My life sucks, my family are all Chavs, and I go to Roundview College,” Crystal sighed. “But now, that all changes.”

The Doctor nodded, and set the TARDIS controls in motion.

“Where to first?”

Before Crystal could answer, the sound of sirens erupted from the street outside, and the screams of the people standing beside Crystal’s body even made Crystal fall into a deathly silence. As she told the Doctor where she wanted to go, she thought about her old life – the life that she had left behind – and her new life, of death, destruction, and more death.

The End

Episode 12: Aquari Aquatics Part 5

Korena was still looking at the computer screen, which Mrs Harrbungershon had appeared on, with a confused expression on her face.
“What’s wrong Korena?” the Doctor asked.
“I recognise them,” Korena muttered.
“What are you talking about?” the Doctor asked.
“Can you play back that video message she sent to us?” Korena asked Captain Alton.
“I’m not really a computer expert...” Captain Alton replied.
“I’ll see what I can do,” Private Rolf said, rushing over to the computer, “Who did you think you recognised?”
“Two members of the cult,” Korena replied, “I’m sure I’ve seen them somewhere before.” Private Rolf pressed a button and the message began to play again.
“People of the Earth, governments, enemies and friends,” Mrs Harrbungershon said.
“Oh turn the sound off,” Private Nash said. Private Rolf pressed another button and Mrs Harrbungershon’s voice abruptly stopped.
“Can you see them then?” Private Rolf asked.
“No,” Korena muttered.
“Maybe they weren’t on screen the whole time,” Private Rolf suggested.
“You could be right,” Korena agreed, “Wait there they are!” The Doctor joined Korena beside the screen, and smiled.

“That’s Georgia and Conner of course!” the Doctor exclaimed, “Why didn’t we see them before?”
“I suppose we were concentrating more on what Mrs Harrthingy was saying,” Korena explained.
“But that means the cult is nearby!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“Mrs Harrbungershon used to live near here!” Private Nash exclaimed.
“Do you know exactly where?” Captain Alton asked.
“No,” Private Nash replied, as his face fell.
“Don’t worry I should be able to find her,” the Doctor replied, “Using my sonic screwdriver, I should be able to trace the source of communication.”
“But she said that it was impossible to find her,” Captain Alton pointed out.
“But my technology is far greater than hers,” the Doctor explained, as his sonic screwdriver began to flash and emit a beeping noise.
“I’ve found the source, it’s very close to here,” the Doctor said.
“Then let’s get going,” Captain Alton said, “But first who are these people who are with Mrs Harrbungershon?”
“Georgia and Conner, but I doubt they’re actually with her,” Korena answered, “I’m guessing they’ve been captured... again.”
“Did they come with you?” Captain Alton asked.
“That’s right,” the Doctor explained, “Sorry I didn’t tell you.”
“Oh don’t worry,” Captain Alton replied, “If you had, I may have captured them like you and then they may never have got captured by them, so we would never have known they were nearby.”
“Fair point, let’s go!” the Doctor ordered.

Everybody in the restaurant Natalie was in stood up and stared out of the window. Some people were crying, others just stood in shock.

“Carsyn we should go,” Natalie muttered.
“We should be safe,” Carsyn replied, “We’re really high up.”
“But there’s a wall of water,” Natalie said not taking her eyes off the huge surge that was destroying the city as it rushed towards them.
“It’s not as high,” Carsyn muttered, “Oh my God; my family will be dead by now.”
“I’m so sorry,” Natalie replied, with tears in her eyes, “We should get out now!”
“I’m not leaving,” Carsyn replied.
“But you’ve got to!” Natalie whined, “That water destroyed the sea defence, we have absolutely no choice but to go. The teleport booths are all free.”
“What do I have to live for now,” Carsyn muttered, “My city’s gone... my family are probably gone.”
“You never know some of them may have teleported away,” Natalie replied, “We should teleport before the power lines are cut.”
“You go now!” Carsyn said, “Don’t wait for me! I said go!”

Lee stumbled into his living room where Margaret and Kimiko were sitting watching the television with horror-struck looks on their faces.
“Aunt, Gran I’m so glad your here!” Lee said smiling, “Don’t I get a hug?”
“Hai,” Margaret muttered, staring at the screen, as Lee bent down and kissed her on the cheek. Lee then realised why Margaret and Kimiko looked so worried.

“This report is live from Los Angeles, I repeat live,” Sheba the newsreader announced, “The city’s defences have been destroyed by water and the surge has already destroyed most of the city, it is heading towards the skyscraper restaurant and the tower of shopping as we speak.” On screen images of a gargantuan surge of water smashing buildings and cars appeared.
“This is terrible,” Lee commented.
“Even worse, Natalie’s there,” Margaret said, with a tearful expression on her face.
“Not anymore,” Natalie replied, stumbling out of the teleport booth, “But Carsyn and the others wouldn’t leave, they’re stuck in the skyscraper restaurant, they’re all saying their families are dead...”
“Natalie!” Lee shouted, as he ran over to Natalie and hugged her, lifting her off the ground, “If you’d died... I...”
“I know,” Natalie replied, hugging Lee back.

“Lee, there was a news report earlier, it mentioned you,” Kimiko said.
“Hai, soko ni a~tsu ta,” Margaret replied.
“They said that you had helped parliament decide to release the Aquari particles into the ocean,” Kimiko explained, “Then they released them about ten minutes ago.”
“Really? That soon, I wonder why,” Lee said, thinking.

Carsyn was still staring out of the window. People were beginning to panic, knocking over tables and running around screaming.
“It’s here!” Carsyn shouted as the wave hit the skyscraper. The building gave a terrible lurch, and tables and chairs fell over as it the building had been hit by a strong earthquake. Surges of water splashed onto the window, and the building shook again, then it stopped.

“We’re alright,” Carsyn exclaimed, “we’re all ok!” Many people hugged and Carsyn hugged a particularly tall woman who seemed to have been crying.
“I can’t believe it,” the woman muttered.
“Hang on,” Carsyn replied, “The buildings creaking.” Deep below the restaurant, hordes of water creatures were zooming through the water and smashing into the pillars and foundations keeping the building up. The pillars broke and grins of malice appeared on the water creatures faces.
“Oh no,” the woman yelled, as the building begin to shake from side to side.
“This is it then,” Carsyn muttered, as the building gave another shake and then fell sideways into the water, causing another tremendous splash. The people inside the restaurant drowned or were killed when they hit the walls of the building as it fell.

Inside the Cult’s underground base, Kufuedun was pressing buttons on the control panel that had been inside the wall. Georgia and Conner, meanwhile, had been restrained by cult members.

“Kufuedun are we linked up with all the other cults yet?” Mrs Harrbungershon demanded.
“The other groups around the world are linking up with us as we speak,” Kufuedun replied, “But the nuclear devices are taking a while to ready.”
“They should have been primed by now,” Mrs Harrbungershon commented, “I wonder what’s going on.”
“Maybe the other cults that fight for your cause have realised your cause is stupid,” Conner said.
“Hit him!” Mrs Harrbungershon ordered and Dash smacked Conner across the face with a spear.
“Hey leave him alone!” Georgia demanded. She then hit one of the cult members holding her in the groin and stamped on the other’s foot. Both of them fell to the floor wincing.
“Recapture her!” Mrs Harrbungershon ordered, as Conner managed to escape from the cult member’s holding him. Conner snatched a spear from a cult member’s hand and pointed it at Dash.

“Surrender,” Conner ordered, pointing a spear at Dash’s chest.
“Or what?” Mrs Harrbungershon asked smiling.
“I kill him,” Conner replied.
“Oh really...” Mrs Harrbungershon said, “Ignore the idiots Kufuedun, keep connecting.”
“Yes ma’am,” Kufuedun replied.
“I mean it!” Conner said.
“I don’t believe you’d do such a thing,” Mrs Harrbungershon replied.

“Stop what you are doing!” Georgia demanded.
“Don’t worry I can do that,” the Doctor exclaimed as he walked into the room, “Nice to see you two again.”
“You too Doctor,” Georgia replied.
“Oh I don’t think you’ll be able to stop me,” Mrs Harrbungershon muttered.

“Ma’am the boy still has a spear pointed at my chest,” Dash whined.
“Oh stop messing around idiot,” Mrs Harrbungershon told Dash.
“But...” Dash began.
“Who are you?” Mrs Harrbungershon asked the Doctor, “Continue what you are doing Kufuedun!”
“Yes ma’am,” Kufuedun squeaked.
“I’m the Doctor, and this is what I can do,” the Doctor replied, taking out his sonic screwdriver smiling.

“What is that device?” Mrs Harrbungershon asked.
“A sonic screwdriver,” the Doctor answered.
“And what exactly can it do?” Dash asked.
“All kinds of things,” the Doctor replied, “Including opening doors, that’s how I got in. It can also do this!” The sonic screwdriver began to emit a high pitched noise and the control panel Kufuedun was working on exploded, causing Kufuedun to fall to the floor.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” Mrs Harrbungershon roared.
“Your system’s down,” the Doctor replied.
“KILL HIM!” Mrs Harrbungershon ordered and the Doctor sighed, as the Cult members pointed their spears at the Doctor, Georgia and Conner and circled them. Suddenly, Captain Alton, Private Rolf and Private Nash ran into the room, with their fingers poised on the triggers of their guns, which were now revolving around the different cult members. Korena followed the guards into the room, but she was unarmed.

“Drop your weapons!” Captain Alton ordered, “I said drop them!” Most of the cult members turned to Mrs Harrbungershon.
“Who are they?” Georgia asked the Doctor.
“Some new friends,” the Doctor replied.
“He told you to drop your weapons!” Private Rolf ordered, but the whole cult was still looking at Mrs Harrbungershon, waiting for her say-so.
“Ma’am, should we?” Kufuedun asked.
“Yes you should, or we will not think before we shoot you all!” Captain Alton replied.
“Drop them,” Mrs Harrbungershon muttered.

“The police have been informed,” Private Nash told the court, “But for now, we’re going to put you in one of our cells.”
“Put your hands on your head!” Captain Alton ordered, “The Doctor and his friends and I will stay at the front, you two privates will bring up the rear.”

It was twenty minutes later when Georgia and Conner were standing outside the TARDIS with the Doctor and Korena.
“Well that little trip turned out to be a bit of an adventure,” Conner commented, “Where to now?”
“Oh, I need to do some investigating of my own,” the Doctor replied.
“Can we go and see my family now?” Korena asked.
“Of course,” the Doctor answered, as Captain Alton and Privates Nash and Rolf walked up to the Doctor and his friends.

“The cult is locked up,” Captain Alton told the Doctor.
“Good, then we’ll be going now,” the Doctor replied.
“Goodbye then sir!” Captain Alton said, “You have proved to be very worthy of our respect, and we no longer wish to capture you again for trespassing.”
“We weren’t trespassing,” the Doctor muttered.
“Goodbye Kimiko!” Private Rolf said to Korena.
“It was lovely meeting you,” Private Nash added.
“I think you have some admirers,” Georgia muttered in Korena’s ear.
“Bye then!” Korena said and she followed the Doctor into the TARDIS along with Georgia and Conner. The TARDIS began to fade away to the surprise of the guards.

Inside the TARDIS Korena was phoning her mum.
“Hello, mum!” Korena exclaimed.
“Korena!” Kimiko said into her phone. She was in a bedroom in Lee’s house, getting ready for bed.
“Um, where are you?” Korena asked.
“We’re staying at Lee’s at the moment, me and your Gran,” Kimiko replied.
“All right, I’ll be there in a minute,” Korena said smiling, as she ended the call.

Kimiko rushed into Lee’s living room where Natalie and Lee were drinking hot chocolate and Margaret was having a nap.
“What is it Kimiko?” Natalie asked.
“It’s Korena she’s coming to stay!” Kimiko explained.
“Oh that’s brilliant!” Lee exclaimed, “Something good, eh Natalie?”
“I suppose,” Natalie said smiling, “But Los Angeles...”
“Don’t worry about that now,” Lee replied.
“Since when did you two speak Japanese?” Kimiko asked.
“We aren’t...” Natalie began, but she was interrupted by a strange sound, as the TARDIS began to appear. Margaret woke up, as the Doctor, Korena, Georgia and Conner stepped out of the TARDIS.

“Korena!” Margaret exclaimed, hugging her Granddaughter.
“Hi everybody,” Korena said, “These are my friends the Doctor, Georgia and Conner.”
“Konnichiwa,” Margaret said nodding, “Watashi ga shi~tsu te iru.”
“Lovely to see you again Margaret,” the Doctor said shaking her hand.

“And this is my mum and granny,” Korena explained, “And that is my cousin Lee and...”
“I’m Natalie,” Natalie said, smiling.
“Lee’s new girlfriend?” Korena asked.
“That’s right,” Lee said.
“It’s lovely to meet you at last,” Natalie told Korena, “I... wow... I’m talking to Korena Hashimoto.”
“Yes you are,” Korena said brightly, “And it’s lovely to meet you too.”

“Korena, if you want to stay and catch up, we’re going to do some investigating after a kip in the TARDIS,” the Doctor explained.
“Of course, if there’s room for me here,” Korena replied, turning to Lee and Natalie.
“Oh there’s plenty!” Natalie said happily.
“Well we’ll be off,” the Doctor said, “Bye everybody!”
“Oyasuminasai,” Margaret replied.
“Bye Korena, bye!” Georgia said stepping into the TARDIS.

The next day Korena was up bright and early, along with the rest of the household. There was no sign of the Doctor, Georgia and Conner or the TARDIS anywhere. Korena and Margaret were sitting on the sofa together, while Lee had gone out with some of his mates and Natalie and Kimiko were preparing lunch.

“I think they may have gone for a bit of travelling without me,” Korena explained.
“So these friends of yours, they take you to all kinds of places?” Margaret asked.
“That’s right,” Korena replied, “I’m telling you it’s great to be back, but it is great out there too.”
“I’m sure it is,” Margaret replied.

“Hey Korena,” Natalie said, sitting down on the sofa next to Korena, “Me and Lee were wondering if you’d like to come partying with us tonight?”
“Um...” Korena began.
“We’ll be back before Midnight,” Natalie explained, “So we can see the new year in with Kimiko and Margaret.”
“You know, for once I’m going to have to turn an offer down,” Korena replied, “I’d like to spend some time with my mum and gran.”
“All right,” Natalie said smiling, “But if you change your mind, I have some friends who would love to be introduced. I suppose that’s a reason for not going, my friends are pretty mad.” Korena laughed as Kimiko began to hand out sandwiches.

The Master rushed around the Aquari factory, pressing buttons as he passed them and sealing all doors, so that nobody could get in.
“And no water can get in either,” the Master said cackling, as he sat down at his computer by the pool of water.
“Master,” a high pitched voice said, it echoed in the large room.
“Yes Aquari?” the Master asked.
“We are nearly ready, world colonisation will begin in approximately 10 hours,” the Aquari explained, poking its water face out of the water.
“Oh the water’s shall rise and they shall sing,” the Master said cackling, “Make it 12 hours.”
“Why delay, why not today?” the Aquari asked.
“Because lets have the water see in the New Year and the new century and the new millennium,” te Master said smiling, “What a show this will be, now my TARDIS is linked to the teleport systems I shall close them all very soon, but for now, the world may party...”

The Doctor, Georgia and Conner rushed down a corridor, they were being pursued by several guards carrying guns. They soon came into view of the TARDIS. The Doctor unlocked the doors and rushed inside, followed closely by Georgia and Conner. The TARDIS began to materialise and the guards following them stopped.

“Where was that anyway?” Georgia asked.
“Washington DC,” the Doctor muttered, “My psychic paper didn’t work, damn you Earth database!”
“Right, I will try to get the right place this time,” the Doctor replied, “We’re heading for a science place in London, its in close proximity to the Aquari Aquatics factory too. I need to find out more about the Aquari particles.” The TARDIS began to materialise in Lee and Donald Digit’s office, which was mostly empty except for two men who were chatting. One of the men was shivering and wearing a long brown coat.

“I’m t-telling you,” Quentin Oaks was telling Donald Digit, “There are water-creatures in the-the water.”
“Water creatures, what are these then?” the Doctor asked stepping out of the TARDIS.
“Who are you?” Donald Digit asked.
“I’m the Doctor, I’m investigating the Aquari,” the Doctor muttered.
“For Gods sake they are totally safe!” Donald exclaimed.
“Yeah I tested them too, I even let Captain Alton release them into the ocean,” the Doctor explained.
“Oh, you know Captain Alton?” Donald asked, “How is he?”
“Very well, looking after a cult, hopefully,” the Doctor replied, “Anyway, what were you saying about water-creatures?”
“I was in the Arctic,” Quentin explained, “Getting ice samples, I got one in the end, but if you look at it, it’s got Aquari particles in it, and inside the ice were frozen ice bodies.”
“The Aquari particles were already in the ice?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes, and the water-bodies smashed out of the ice!” Quentin answered.

“You haven’t told me how you got away,” Donald told Quentin.
“An Aquari lunged at me, that’s why I dropped my phone, but I escaped got back to base, but all the teleports were down,” Quentin explained, “Then I fell asleep, when I woke up I headed here.”
“I’ll phone Lee,” Donald told Quentin, “Can you go please?”
“Actually I’m heading over to the Aquari factory now,” the Doctor replied, “If Georgia and Conner would like to come.” Suddenly, there was a shake and something large and metal smashed into the side of the building.

“What’s going on?” Donald asked.
“What is that?” Georgia asked.
“It’s a spaceship,” the Doctor muttered, as the front of the spaceship opened and two figures hobbled out. It was Sam and Sara and they were arguing.
“This is all your fault,” Sam told Sara.
“You drove!” Sara snapped, “And got us lost, I didn’t want to go to Egypt!”
“You were the one who told me where to drive,” Sam replied, as they realised that the Doctor, Georgia, Conner, Donald and Quentin were staring at them.

“Lee... Hashimoto?” Sara asked.
“He’s at home,” Donald replied.
“Damn, we need to warn him about the Aquari!” Sara replied, “He can’t release them into the ocean!”
“Why not?” the Doctor asked.
“Because we did that on our home planet, and a few days later the seas rose and destroyed the land,” Sam explained, “We are the only survivors of our race.”
“I’m so sorry,” the Doctor said, “But the Aquari particles don’t seem dangerous at all.”
“Maybe it’s the water-creatures they’ve got,” Quentin muttered.
“What water-creatures?” Sara questioned.
“They are bodies made of water, there are loads of them under the remaining Arctic ice,” Quentin explained.

“Look it must be the Aquari!” Sara snarled.
“You must take the particles out before it’s too late!” Sam demanded.
“The Aquari are completely safe, I’ve tested them, they shrink water,” the Doctor replied.
“That’s what our government said, before they all drowned,” Sara said sharply, “And what great scientist are you to decide what’s safe anyway?”
“I’m a Time Lord,” the Doctor explained, and Sara backed away from the Doctor slowly.
“You can’t be,” Sara said, she looked scared, “They... they...”
“Trust me, he’s always right,” Georgia said.
“Then I suppose we’d better go,” Sara commented.
“But...” Sam began.
“Haven’t you ever heard of Time Lords?” Sara asked.
“No, but why can’t we stay here?” Sam asked, “Our planets gone.”
“I want to travel,” Sara answered, “Please Sam, let’s go.” Sam nodded and waved goodbye to the Doctor and his friends. Sara did the same, and followed Sam back into the spaceship.

“That was interesting,” Conner muttered, “Don’t you think they’ve got a point?”
“I need to find out more about these water-creatures,” the Doctor replied, as the spaceship took off, “Come on, to the Aquari factory!”

Lee, Natalie, Delilah Amita and Natasha were in a night club, it was dark and the New Year was approaching. Lee went to get drinks but when he came back all the girls had gone, except Natasha.

“Hello, Natalie?” Lee said mistaking Natasha for Natalie; however, Natasha didn’t correct him.
“I’ve always liked you,” Natasha muttered.
“I’m glad you have,” Lee chuckled, “We’re going to live together in a bit!”
“Yeah, good,” Natasha said smiling.
“It was a bit silly, wearing the same dress as Natasha,” Lee said, “I can’t tell the difference between you now.”
“I bet you can’t,” Natasha giggled, “Shall we kiss.”
“That’s not what you usually do,” Lee said surprised, “You usually just kiss me!”
“Works for me!” Natasha said, kissing Lee on the lips, but then Lee’s phone began to ring.

“Hello?” Lee said into his phone.
“Lee, are you having a good time?” Donald asked from his office.
“Yes, what’s going on?” Lee asked.
“Quentin’s back and he’s raving about water creatures,” Donald replied, “And then this Doctor appeared, and these two aliens, but they’ve all gone now.”
“Quentin’s back, that’s fantastic, I’d better go see him,” Lee said, “I’m never off duty, see you in a bit.”
“Bye!” Donald replied, and Lee turned to Natasha, as Natalie, Amita and Delilah appeared.

“Who were you talking to?” Amita asked chirpily, “My fav song is on next, I asked the DJ to play a request.”
“I was talking to Donald, I’ve got to go back,” Lee muttered, “Quentin’s back.”
“Oh that’s brilliant, how did he survive?” Natalie asked.
“I’m not really sure, that’s why I need to go,” Lee explained.
“All right then darling,” Natalie said kissing Lee.
“Natasha!” Lee exclaimed, mistaking Natalie for Natasha.
“I’m Natalie,” Natalie said in a shocked voice.
“They do look the same to be fair,” Amita said.
“That’s because they’re identical twins,” Delilah replied.
“Ok,” Lee said looking shocked, “I’m going, bye!” Lee rushed off, without a backwards glance.
“I wonder what’s up with him,” Amita said.
“I’d better go too,” Natalie told the girls, “I’m already tipsy and I want to be sane when I get back to Korena and the others.”
“Oh my God Korena!” Amita said excitedly.
“I already told you about Korena,” Natalie replied, hugging Amita and then Delilah.
“See you later,” Natasha said hugging Natalie, and Natalie nodded then walked off.

The Doctor, Georgia and Conner ran down a flight of steps and then into the street. They crossed the road and then the Doctor opened the door of a huge warehouse-like building with his sonic screwdriver.
“This place is dark,” Georgia commented, following the Doctor and Conner inside.

“Let’s try this door,” the Doctor replied, opening a door on the side of the room. They walked into a room full of pipes, on one side there was a pool of water and on the opposite side of the room there was a computer.
“That looks... out of place,” Conner said.
“It’s counting down,” the Doctor replied, staring at the computer screen, “But to what?”
“The new year?” Georgia suggested.
“No it’s only got a minute to go according to this,” the Doctor replied, as he scanned the computer with his sonic screwdriver, “It’s linked in with the teleport system.”
“Is this what’s been shutting down the teleports,” Georgia asked, “One of the cult mentioned it was happening.”
“Yes, it must be,” the Doctor answered, as there was a splash in the water and the computer counted down to 30 seconds.
“What was that?” Conner asked, “There was something in the water.”
“Oh yes, there’s something in the water alright,” Mr. Toil said, stepping out of the shadows.

“Who are you?” the Doctor asked.
“I’m Head of Aquari Aquatics, my plan to destroy the world,” Mr. Toil explained, “I’m guessing you want the facts, so here we go. The Aquari particles grow and mature when they are placed in water, when there is enough space for them to materialise the particles can turn into a body of water. This water-body, which I call an Aquari, can pull push, squeeze and expand the water around it, oh look my computer’s on 10 seconds.”

“What are you counting down to?” the Doctor asked.
“At 0, the teleport systems will shut down and exactly three minutes later, the Aquari around the world will activate and it will be a new year,” Mr. Toil explained, “Oh it was funny seeing all those scientists and cults and you, trying to find out whether the particles are dangerous, well they aren’t, unless I activate them, which will be soon. You’d better warn the world Doctor!”
“How do you know who I am?” the Doctor asked.
“You’ll find out in a bit, now warn the world,” Mr. Toil snarled, “Oh and don’t try using your sonic screwdriver, it’s useless. Now, hurry up!” Georgia and Conner stared at the Doctor, who turned and ran back the way they came.

Mrs Harrbungershon and her cult stared at the clock on the cell wall.
“It’s nearly the new year ma’am,” Kufuedun muttered.
“Then let’s do it!” Mrs Harrbungershon ordered and her cult stood up, “We will escape and destroy this defence, and from here the world! Oh it was a bad idea of theirs to put us in a cell together, was it not?”
“CHARGE!” Dash ordered and the whole cult pushed against the iron bars of the cell, and the door smashed off its hinges.
“To war!” Mrs Harrbungershon yelled and the cult followed her down the corridor.

The Doctor, Georgia and Conner rushed back into the government facility, where Donald and Lee worked, as the teleports shut down. Inside Lee had already arrived.
“Oh, not again,the teleports are down,” Donald muttered.
“Good to see you Quentin,” Lee told Quentin, who was still shivering, as the Doctor burst into the room.
“What’s going on?” Donald asked.
“I was wrong, the particles aren’t safe!” the Doctor answered, “Good to see you again Lee by the way!”
“Good to see you too!” Lee replied, “But what?”
“The particles, when activated, form a body, which can control the water,” the Doctor explained.
“How do you know?” Donald asked.
“Mr. Toil told me, he’s doing this, and he’s about to switch off the teleports!” the Doctor said, “The whole worlds going to drown! It’s all my fault.”
“I was the one who told them to release them into the sea,” Lee replied, “Oh no... I’ve got to phone Natasha and the others, that Night Club is near the Thames!”

“Doctor it’s nearly midnight!” Georgia yelled, “One minute to go!” Lee took out his phone and quickly phoned Natasha.
“What is it?” Natasha asked Lee, “If it’s about the kiss then...”
“It’s not about that,” Lee replied, “You need to get as high up as possible, I’m telling you run! The Aquari particles are dangerous the sea’s about to rise!”
“I’m going now!” Natasha said in a panicked voice, as she ended the call.

“What is it?” Amita asked Natasha.
“We need to go now!” Natasha replied, “We have to get out of here, the ocean’s about to rise like in Los Angeles.”
“What a load of rubbish,” Amita commented.
“How do you know?” Delilah asked.
“Lee just phoned,” Natasha replied, “Now come on!” Natasha began to run off through the crowds of dancing people.
“She’s going loopy,” Amita commented.

Natalie had arrived back at Lee’s flat, where Margaret, Kimiko and Korena were waiting.
“Nearly midnight!” Kimiko exclaimed.
“Hai,” Margaret replied.
“Should we phone Kaito?” Korena asked.
“Yeah alright,” Kimiko answered, taking out her phone.

Kaito was staring out of his window in Tokyo; he was staring at the ocean, when his phone rang.
“Kimiko, what is it?” Kaito asked.
“It’s New Year in a few seconds, thirty!” Kimiko replied happily.
“But the water,” Kaito replied, “The Sea is rising!”

“Oh no!” Natalie said, as she stared out of the window of Lee’s flat, “The Thames is rising!”
“What?” Korena asked, joining Natalie by the window.

Captain Alton ran over to Private Rolf who was by two computer screens, one showing footage of the cult running along the corridors of the sea defence, the other was a radar.
“What’s going on?” Captain Alton asked.
“It’s the cult, they’re heading this way,” Private Rolf replied.
“And there are several shuttles heading this way too,” Private Nash added, “We’ve scanned them, they’re all owned by Mrs Harrbungershon and they’re heading straight for us!”
“What’s the time?” Captain Alton asked.
“15 seconds to Midnight,” Private Rolf answered, “And on top of everything else the water’s rising!”

Amita and Delilah were dancing in the nightclub, as the countdown neared its end.
“Fourteen!” Amita shouted.
“Thirteen!” Delilah shouted, “You know I’ve had a great time tonight.”
“It’s not over yet!” Amita replied laughing.
“It is now...” Delilah said as her face turned from laughter into terror.

The Doctor, Georgia, Conner, Lee and Donald ran onto the roof and stared as the water in the Thames began to rise.
“Look at the Thames barrier!” Georgia shouted, “It’s breaking!”

Amita looked confused at Delilah’s sudden horror-struck face.
“What is it?” Amita asked, and Delilah pointed at the devil-man who was standing and waving at them.
“The four who will all die,” Rack giggled, as Amita screamed.

“FIVE!” the people of London shouted.

Natalie stood frozen in shock as Korena realised what was going on, the water’s of the world were rising.


Mrs Harrbungershon charged down the corridor of the sea defence, straight towards the lab where Captain Alton and his Privates were sitting, shocked.


Rack giggled and kept waving at Amita and Delilah.


The Doctor heard his name being called and ran down the stairs back into Lee and Donald’s office, where Mr. Toil was standing cackling.


Georgia, Conner, Lee and Donald stared as the Thames Barrier was smashed by the hordes of Aquari.


The water surged through the Thames Barrier and all over the world the water managed to break through or over sea defences. Inside the water the Aquari were giggling as they pulled the water along with them. The only thing that could be heard over the rush of the water, was the screaming and yelling of the people of the Earth.

“Who are you?” the Doctor asked Mr. Toil.
“Oh, haven’t you realised yet?” Mr. Toil asked, “I am the Master!”


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Episode 12: Aquari Aquatics Part 4

Amita Stock walked down a busy street, when her phone began to ring. Amita pulled out her phone and saw that it was Natasha.
“Hey Natasha,” Amita said into her phone.
“Mitty,” Natalie replied, “There’s something we need to discuss.”
“I’m sorry for the job joke earlier,” Amita apologised quickly, “It was harsh.”
“No, its not about that,” Natasha quickly replied, “It’s about Delilah.”
“Delils, what about her?” Amita asked.
“You know, her seeing the devil and everything,” Natasha explained, “Her being told by the devil that she will die on New Years day. I think she may just be having trouble sleeping, hallucinations and the like.”
“Yeah, so you think she’s going mad too,” Amita replied, “I once had a friend who went mad, I cared for her, turned out she wasn’t really going mad, she just wanted money from the government. So really it turned out she was mad.”

“Anyway, what if we pretend to believe Delilah?” Natasha said.
“Why?” Amita asked.
“Because I think Delilah needs somebody to believe her,” Natasha explained, “Maybe if we tell her we believe her then she might become fun again, maybe she’ll tell us it was all a big joke or something.”
“It might work,” Amita said, stopping in the middle of the busy street she was walking down, causing the person behind her to stop, but the person behind them didn’t, so a crowd of people behind Amita fell over.

“Have the teleports gone down where you are?” Delilah asked.
“Yeah, ooh people are having a pile on behind me,” Amita said turning round, “I would join in but I don’t want to break my necklace.”
“What do you think is going on with the teleports?” Natasha asked.
“I dunno, I have to walk home, shall we meet at Delils’ later?” Amita asked, “It’s always better if you tell her stuff in person.”
“All right then,” Natasha replied, “I’ll tell you when I’m going round.”
“Bye then!” Amita said, ending the call.

The Prime Minister, meanwhile, was getting hundreds of calls, as was Julian. The government had absolutely no idea why the teleport systems weren’t working, but it was causing lots of trouble around the globe. The Prime Minister was still in Lee and Donald’s science office and they were receiving several calls too. Julian was dismissing most of his callers rather rudely.

“I’m sorry, I have no idea,” the Prime Minister was saying into his phone, “I want an emergency parliament meeting please, and contact all the right people.”
“Natalie!” Lee called down his phone.
“Lee, the teleports are down,” Natalie replied from Lee’s flat, where Margaret and Kimiko were sitting anxiously on the sofa.
“I know, I’m sorry dear I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back,” Lee explained.
“Kimiko and Margaret managed to get here though,” Natalie said, “Just in time actually, did I tell you they were coming today?”
“No you didn’t,” Lee said, “Is Kaito there too?”
“No, he’s stuck in Tokyo,” Natalie explained, “All the teleports went down there first, which is why Kimiko and Margaret decided to come early, just in case and they were right. Do you know why they’re down?”
“No idea, sorry love,” Lee answered.
“Don’t worry, well I’m sure you’re busy,” Natalie replied, “Bye babe!”
“Bye!” Lee said, as he returned his phone to his pocket.

“Look I will call the bloody police if you keep ringing me!” Julian was shouting into his phone, “Seriously! The Prime Minister is BUSY!”
“Who was that?” the Prime Minister asked.
“The Princess Royal,” Julian replied.
“What’s going on sir?” Donald asked the Prime Minister.
“No idea, I’ve called an emergency meeting in parliament,” the Prime Minister explained, “I’m heading there now, if you’d like to show your plans to parliament while you’re there, you can come too.”
“Oh yes please, there’s no time like the present,” Lee said happily.
“Well, I’ve got a private shuttle heading this way,” the Prime Minister explained, “It’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Georgia and Conner were thrown into a dirty, slightly wet cell with walls made of clay, they were deep underground. Georgia stood up and brushed herself down. Three of the Cult members who had dragged them to the cells marched off, leaving one male member behind.

“Great, why do we always get locked up?” Conner asked angrily.
“Because we never do what the Doctor tells us,” Georgia replied, “Don’t worry Conner I’m sure he’ll get us out.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” the cult member muttered. It was several minutes later until somebody spoke again.

“Excuse me,” Georgia said, “I’m Georgia, what’s your name?”
“Marcello,” Marcello replied, “And I’m not allowed to speak to you, now be quiet.”
“Is that because me and Con Con here are telling the truth?” Georgia asked.
“Don’t call me that,” Conner snarled.
“You are not telling the truth,” Marcello replied.
“So you believe in looking after the Earth, the Earth’s animals that kind of thing?” Georgia asked.
“Yes, that’s right,” Marcello replied.
“Do you think that’s why Mrs Harrbungershon is going to destroy it by flooding the whole place,” Georgia asked.
“What do you mean?” Marcello asked.
“Well your cult follows the belief that we should use the earth to make our lives,” Georgia explained, “But Mrs Harrbungershon is going to destroy the government and then the defences keeping the water from killing the planets population and animals and from destroying many plants.”
“I hadn’t thought of that,” Marcello muttered.
“What about your families? They are all going to die,” Georgia said.
“I know that, Mrs Harrbungershon said that if they didn’t believe then we can leave them behind,” Marcello explained.
“Do you think that’s right, your family brought you into this world,” Georgia replied, “And you’re going to let them die. You seem like a very nice person.”
“It’s not like that, they don’t believe...” Marcello began.
“In killing the world?” Conner interrupted.
“You’re right,” Marcello said, “I realise that now, I’m going to find my family and contact the authorities, and I’ll release you two.”
“Thank you,” Georgia said smiling, as Marcello unlocked the cell door.

Delilah Howell looked up from her magazine, her house was quiet except that beeping noise. She realised it was from her oven and she rushed into her kitchen, where a pot was boiling.
“Why does everything happen to me?” Delilah moaned, as she took the lid of the pot, and smoke filled the air. Delilah coughed as she took the pot off the oven.
“All burnt,” Delilah muttered.
“Like hell,” a voice said behind her, Delilah spun round to see Rack.

“What are you doing here?” Delilah demanded.
“Just seeing you,” Rack explained, “How are you?”
“I’m not very well thanks to you!” Delilah snapped.
“Oh, I would say sorry but I’m not,” Rack snarled, “I came to ask who you told about seeing me?”
“Three of my friends,” Delilah muttered.
“You risked their lives?” Rack asked.
“What do you mean?” Delilah replied confused.
“I told you that all four of you will die,” Rack answered, “You asked me what four and I said you’ll find out later, you chose the three others who will die and that makes four of you.”
“No, I did not! You can’t blame this on me!” Delilah shrieked.
“Better go, see you later,” Rack said leering as he vanished in a puff of smoke.
“I HATE YOU!” Delilah shouted as she threw the cooking pot across the room and cried. Suddenly, her front door opened and Amita and Natasha ran in.

“Aw, Delilah, are you alright?” Amita asked, comfortingly.
“She obviously isn’t, come on Delilah sit down on the sofa,” Natasha said, leading Delilah into her living room. Natasha pulled Delilah onto the sofa and they hugged, as Delilah continued to sob.
“We came to tell you we believe you,” Amita explained to Delilah, who looked at her through her teary eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Natasha asked.
“It’s the devil, he came here again!” Delilah replied, “Oh God it’s my entire fault!”

“Hush now, we’re going to look after you,” Natasha replied, still hugging Delilah.
“He said... he said...” Delilah began but stopped.
“What does this devil look like?” Amita asked.
“He’s got red skin, red horns, and he wears a dark cloak,” Delilah explained, “He’s horrible, I don’t know why he’s coming to me, what have I ever done wrong?”
“I’m sure you haven’t done anything wrong,” Natasha replied, “Now don’t upset yourself, you aren’t going to die! We’re going to have a great night tomorrow, it’s New Years eve, now forgot this nasty devil, he’s making you unhappy, but you can ignore him and stay happy.”
“But I don’t think I can ignore him,” Delilah muttered, “I have to believe him...”

The Doctor looked up from his test tube of Aquari particles, as Korena handed him another test tube full of a blue liquid.
“What’s this?” the Doctor asked.
“The substance you asked for Calcium... something,” Korena replied.
“I need the one next to it,” the Doctor said.
“All right,” Korena sighed and she picked up a green coloured tube and handed it to the Doctor, who took it without thanks and poured it into the test tube with Aquari particles in. The green substance vanished when it came in contact with the liquid particles.

“Good,” the Doctor commented.
“I think he has results,” Private Nash said.
“Do you have results?” Captain Alton asked, “Are these particles good?”
“Oh yes they are,” the Doctor said happily, “Molto bene.”
“Right,” Captain Alton muttered, “Are there any bad results?”
“It seems to compress water...” the Doctor muttered, “But I suppose that’s why they want you to put the particles in the sea.”
“So, what next?” Korena asked.
“I will have to return you to the cells until the police arrive,” Captain Alton said.
“Sir, you can’t do that!” Private Rolf exclaimed, “They just helped us.”
“Even so, that man is an extremely big source of knowledge,” Captain Alton replied, “He seems to know everything, except what is going on in the present day, there is something not right about them.”
“They seem ok to me sir,” Private Rolf replied.
“They seem nice,” Private Nash added, “It would be nice to have them around for a bit.”
“All right they can stay for a bit if it amuses you,” Captain Alton replied, “I suppose you have done a very good job.”
“Thank you,” the Doctor replied, “So where can I get a drink round here?”

In the Aquari Aquatics factory Mr. Toil was working hard. He was typing frantically on his computer and cackling every few seconds for fun. Suddenly, there was a popping noise and Rack appeared in a puff of smoke, causing Mr. Toil to jump.

“Can you stop doing that?” Mr. Toil said angrily.
“Alright,” Rack muttered smiling, “Oh I think it’s about time you tested these particles.”
“Look I don’t really care what you think,” Mr. Toil snapped.
“The Master is getting angry!” Rack gurgled.
“Don’t call me that name, I am called Mr. Toil while I am here,” the Master growled, “Now go away and leave me in peace you irritating thing.”
“If you weren’t the Master, the greatest Time Lord of all time,” Rack said angrily, flying into the air, “I would kill you for that comment, now I shall halt your plans instead!” The computer the Master was working on shut down.
“What have you done?” the Master asked standing up.
“Teleports systems back online!” Rack said, “It will help get some people where they need to be, believe me this will help me kill a few more people. Now BYE!”
“No!” the Master roared, as the teleport systems came back online around the world and Rack vanished in another puff of smoke. The Master’s computer then switched back on.
“Good, Tokyo and Dubai are still offline,” the Master said cackling, “Now to pick up where I left off...”

Natalie, Kimiko and Margaret were watching television on Natalie’s sofa. Natalie had been showing Kimiko and Margaret their rooms and Margaret was not happy that hers did not have a window.

“Teleport systems are down around the world,” the newsreader called Sheba was saying, “Some governments are saying it is for maintenance, others are admitting that they have no idea, we are asking people not to panic and only to go out if you have to, traffic is getting terribly congested in some parts of Britain.” Natalie’s phone suddenly began to ring.

“Mr. Chilvers?” Natalie said answering the phone.
“Natalie, I realise that you won’t be able to get to Los Angeles now,” Mr. Chilvers replied, “Unless you are already there?”
“No I’m not in Los Angeles,” Natalie said.
“Well, as soon as teleport systems come back online can you go please,” Mr. Chilvers ordered, “We need to get this deal sealed as soon as possible, bye!”
“Bye sir,” Natalie said.
“Your boss?” Kimiko asked.
“Yes,” Natalie replied, “I should be in Los Angeles.”
“Arashi ni narimasu,” Margaret muttered.
“What did she say?” Natalie asked Kimiko.
“She said a storm is coming,” Kimiko replied, as the teleport booth’s lights flickered on.
“The teleport system’s back online!” Natalie said happily.
“Sugoi,” Margaret replied.
“This means Kaito will be able to get here,” Kimiko explained, “I’ll ring him!” Kimiko got out her phone and began to ring Kaito, who answered immediately.

“Darling, are you alright?” Kaito asked, “This meeting gone on for ages.” Kaito was sitting beside a long table in a room full of Japanese businessmen and women, it was raining heavily outside and it was dark.
“I’m fine dear, but the teleports are back!” Kimiko replied into her phone.
“Not in Tokyo, and my friend says Dubai’s system is still down too,” Kaito explained, “I know you were hoping I could get home, but I doubt I’ll be able to now.”
“Oh no,” Kimiko replied, “Well let’s hope the system comes back online soon, by the way shouldn’t your meeting be over? It’s half 12 in Japan isn’t it?”
“That’s right, but I can’t help that,” Kaito said, “I’ll try to get home soon, I’ve got to go, bye!”
“Bye!” Kimiko replied, ending the call.
“Warui nyūsu?” Margaret asked.
“Yes, its bad news, teleports are still down in Tokyo,” Kimiko explained, as Natalie’s phone began to ring again.

“It’s my boss,” Natalie said, “Again...” Natalie answered the phone and Mr Chilvers’ voice blurted out of it.
“Natalie are you on your way to Los Angeles?” Mr Chilvers questioned.
“Now I am,” Natalie replied, standing up.
“Good,” Mr. Chilvers replied, ending the call.
“Do you have to go?” Kimiko asked.
“Yes, unfortunately,” Natalie muttered, “Los Angeles here I come. Look after the house, I shouldn’t be gone too long.” Natalie stepped into the booth and typed in the location. She waved at Margaret and Kimiko, and vanished. She appeared at a booth in a restaurant, she stepped out of the booth and looked around. Natalie could see the bright lights of Los Angeles through a window.

“Natalie Penrose?” a man asked as he walked up to her.
“That’s me, you must be Carsyn Hawkes,” Natalie replied.
“That’s right, it’s very nice to meet you,” Carsyn said as he shook Natalie’s hand.

Lee and Donald followed the Prime Minister and Julian out of the shuttle and Lee caught a clear glimpse of Big Ben, looking as clean as ever. The Prime Minister led them through a pair of huge oak double doors and into a reception area, which was all wood-furnished. The Prime Minister walked up to a receptionist working on a computer on a large desk.

“The Prime Minister is here for the emergency meeting,” the Prime Minister told the receptionist, who nodded and pressed a button on her keyboard. A second pair of double doors opened by themselves, and the Prime Minister led Lee, Donald and Julian through them.
“While you are inside you must address the Prime Minister as sir,” Julian explained, “And I must stress that you are not allowed to touch him, that is my... I mean his wife’s territory.”
“Of course,” Lee replied, as he walked through the double doors into the house of Lords. Lee could spot the conservative leader Cameron Davis, sitting proudly on the opposite side of the room. The Prime Minister indicated a seat for Lee and Donald to sit down in, and they obliged. The Prime Minister took some papers out of his briefcase and stood up. The people in the room fell silent.

“About the teleport system, we have no idea why it has gone...” the Prime Minister began.
“That crisis has passed Prime Minister,” Cameron Davis said standing up, “It shows how well informed your party are.”
“Excuse me; it’s not the Prime Ministers fault if he wasn’t told!” Julian snapped, “He was in a meeting with some of our top scientists about a very important matter, which you, uninformed one, have not been told about until possibly now!”
“That will do Julian,” the Prime Minister muttered.

“What is this top secret matter?” Cameron asked.
“It concerns global warming and the rising oceans,” the Prime Minister explained, “If Lee Hashimoto could explain, he is one of our top scientists.” The Prime Minister sat down and Lee stood up.
“Um... hi,” Lee began, “I am here to talk to you about Aquari particles.”
“Look he seems like a terrible speaker,” Cameron interrupted.
“These Aquari particles are in all of the drinking water around the world,” Lee continued, “And they have stopped water-related diseases for ever it seems.”
“Look we know all of this,” Cameron replied, “And I also must insist that these particles are alien and they should not be released anywhere else.”
“The thing is, is that these particles can compress water,” Lee explained, brushing off Cameron’s comment, “This has only recently been discovered, and if we can release these particles into the oceans then the water level will fall, and we will no longer have to worry about global flooding.”
“The particles have been tested and they are completely safe and compatible with the sea life,” Donald Digit added.
“Exactly, we must release these particles into the ocean,” Lee said, “So we can save our planet!”
“These particles have been tested you say?” Cameron asked.
“Yes, they have,” the Prime Minister replied.
“They’ve been tested if the Prime Minister says so, so shut up!” Julian added.

“Well how come, my scientists have recently been doing tests that reveal that these particles are extremely dangerous!” Cameron announced.
“What?” Julian goggled.
“Very, very dangerous,” Cameron continued, “And if you release these particles into the sea, then they will expand and the world will be destroyed.”
“Go and fetch this evidence,” the Prime Minister ordered and Cameron rushed from the room. Cameron ran into a broom cupboard, where a red skinned alien called Sara was waiting for him.

“Sam, you idiot!” Sara told Cameron immediately, “We don’t have any proof that the Aquari are dangerous, we aren’t even sure that they did flood our planet!”
“I had to say something,” Cameron replied, “Is Cameron alright?”
“He’s unconscious still, lets hope you didn’t kill him,” Sara replied, “Now go back in and say you don’t have proof, but that...”
“What do you mean he’s unconscious?” Cameron asked, “He was on the floor.”

“Oh no!” Sara shouted, “He must have escaped, I thought the door opened, I was too busy listening in.”
“Can I take off the disguise now, this human-skin paint is itching,” Cameron asked.
“Oh alright,” Sara replied, as Cameron pulled off his disguise to reveal Sam, the second red alien. Sara poked her head round the cupboard door and Sam did the same. They could see the Prime Minister and the real Cameron talking.

“I don’t understand,” the Prime Minister said.
“I remember being locked in that cupboard,” Cameron replied pointing towards the broom cupboard, “But I certainly have no objections towards your Aquari plans.”
“Well that’s good, but strange,” the Prime Minister said, “You said you had proof that the Aquari particles were dangerous.”
“I’m pretty sure they aren’t,” Cameron said, “You should go ahead with these plans as soon as possible in my opinion.”
“Well that’s good,” the Prime Minister said, “Lee, you can go home if you like.”
“Thank you sir,” Lee muttered.

Marcello marched into the cults’ main chamber, followed closely by Georgia and Conner. Mrs Harrbungershon, Dash and Kufuedun looked shocked at this sudden entrance and all stood up.

“What is going on?” Mrs Harrbungershon demanded, “Why are they free?”
“They convinced me that what we are doing is wrong!” Marcello replied.
“Don’t be silly!” Mrs Harrbungershon said loudly, “You speak rubbish!”
“No, but we’re going to kill all our friends and families who don’t believe,” Marcello explained, “We’re going to kill all those who didn’t have a chance to believe and I know that is wrong, even killing the government is wrong, I don’t know why I was taken in by all your stories anyway.”
“Because they were the truth!” Dash growled.
“I was taken in by your cult,” Marcello muttered, “A cult of madmen! Anyone who is sane will follow me out of here! And as soon as I get out, I am going to phone the police and the government, this stops tonight!” Marcello began to walk off.

“STOP!” Mrs Harrbungershon ordered, “If you don’t stop I will kill you!”
“With what?” Marcello asked, turning around, “One of your spears? I don’t think so.”
“With this,” Mrs Harrbungershon snarled, pulling out a gun. Georgia screamed as a ray of light shot across the room from the gun to Marcello’s chest. Marcello fell to the dirt floor, dead.
“You killed him!” Georgia shrieked.
“Obviously,” Mrs Harrbungershon replied simply, “Now let’s broadcast to the government. Kufuedun are you ready?”
“Yes ma’am,” Kufuedun said, pulling a control panel out of the soil wall and pressing a button on it. Suddenly, a huge screen appeared on the wall.
“Mrs Harrbungershon you said you didn’t use electricity!” Conner shouted.
“That was a lie!” Mrs Harrbungershon replied, “Now broadcast!” Kufuedun pressed a button and Mrs Harrbungershon, and the cult appeared on the screen. She also appeared on screens in the House of Lords, where the Prime Minister was still talking to Cameron Davis, and in the sea defence laboratory, where the Doctor and Korena were sitting drinking coffee, and all around the world.

“Who the hell is that?” the Doctor asked.
“I have no idea,” Captain Alton replied.
“That’s Mrs Harrbungershon,” Private Rolf muttered, “She used to live nearby.”

“Who is that?” the Prime Minister muttered.

“People of the Earth, governments, enemies and friends,” Mrs Harrbungershon said to the world, “I know what our government’s are doing, these idiots, who say they are saving the world, but are really hoping to kill all us normal people. That’s right, they have released Aquari particles into the oceans to make them rise, then they have built the sea defences, which will open like gates and wash away the Earth and its people at the optimum time. The optimum time is when the governments have built enough rockets to take them away from Earth to start afresh.”

“That is rubbish!” the Prime Minister snapped.
“It does sound like rubbish,” Cameron agreed.

“Who’s watching this?” the Doctor asked Captain Alton.
“Any government facility in the world,” Captain Alton replied, “I think.”

“We need to stop the government, before they kill all of you, but we have no mercy,” Mrs Harrbungershon continued, “You have treated us like mad people and idiots, so anybody who has not joined us, dies too! Goodbye planet Earth! Be prepared for the worst. Oh and don’t try and find out where we are, these transmissions can’t be tracked.” Mrs Harrbungershon vanished from the all the computer screens, leaving government facilities around the world in panic.

“It looks like they’ve got completely the wrong end of the stick,” Cameron muttered, “You’d better release the particles before they act, they’re going to try and flood the world.”
“Sir, I’ll contact all the right people,” Julian told the Prime Minister.
“Thank you Julian,” the Prime Minister replied and Julian ran off, pulling out his phone.

At the sea defence Captain Alton answered his phone. The Doctor and Korena, meanwhile, looked on at the now blank computer screen.
“Of course sir,” Captain Alton was saying into his phone, “Immediately.” Captain Alton turned off his phone and faced the Doctor.
“Who was that?” the Doctor asked.
“The government, they want us to release the particles,” Captain Alton explained, “Now.”
“But the woman...” Korena began.
“Is lying,” the Doctor replied, “She’s got to be. I say you release these particles, because it seems like she’s going to blow up these bases.”
“All right,” Captain Alton agreed, running over to his computer.

“Doctor, my family...” Korena muttered.
“I’ll save them,” the Doctor told her.

“And released!” Captain Alton exclaimed, as the Aquari particles poured out of huge vats on the side of the sea defence wall. This happened all over the world.

Mr. Toil looked up from his computer with a wide smile on his face.
“The teleport systems might not all be offline yet, but now I can test the particles...” the Master cackled, “Hmm New York, too big for a test at this time, Los Angeles... just right!”

Natalie gazed over from the paperwork she was reading in the Los Angeles restaurant. Carsyn Hawkes was nearly convinced to let his food company be bought by Natalie’s.

“Well all this paperwork proves we can easily take over your company,” Natalie explained, “Don’t worry we wouldn’t try to get rid of any of your factories.”
“I’m sure you wouldn’t,” Carsyn replied.
“What’s that noise?” Natalie asked.
“It sounds like the ocean,” Carsyn answered, “There must be a storm or something.” Natalie stared out of the window and gasped at what she saw.
“Oh no!” Natalie exclaimed, “There’s water breaking through the sea defence!” Carsyn looked through the window and saw that she was right, the sea defence was being torn apart by a giant surge of water and it was getting closer and closer.


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