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The Boy Who Santa Clause Forgot

The Doctor
Rob Slater
PC Walsh
DI Blakely
Mathew Core
The Cybermen

Georgia and the Doctor return to South London after dropping Zac, Kaylie, Beth and Catherine off in Portsmouth, to find that it's Christmas Eve. A distress signal has brought them here. The Cybermen are back, but they look different, as they have a new copying creator. Who is Rob Slater? What does MC stand for? Who is Teresa working for? One things for sure, this is a christmas they won't forget!

Spoilers! Remember two are red herrings!

Beth and Catherine don't remember much
Rob Slater does his rounds...
Slade make an appearance
The police force are in on the action!
The snow is rubble from the Spidership
A cyberman turns into Santa
Someone has the Doctor's psychic paper

Monday, 26 January 2009


We know that we don't have any actors who look like Georgia, Conner or any of your favourite characters, and for us it would be too hard to put a face to the name of our favourite characters, but we would love to know what you think. We are gonna make a list and all you have to do is leave a comment saying which character would go with which actor and we'll do the rest! We've started off for you. You may know most characters, but some will be new!

Georgia - (Both Suggested by Will) Ciara Janson (Hollyoaks)

Danielle Corlass (fairly unkown, mostly does theatre. Has worked alongside John Barrowman.)

Conner - Robert Pattison (suggested by Bex)

Zac - None Yet

Kaylie - None Yet

Beth (Slitheen School) - Bel Powley (more can be suggested!)

Bradley (Slitheen School) - Sam Ardley (suggest more!)

Richard (Georgia's Brother) - Robert Pattison

Oliver Cromwell (Be Civil) - Jim Carter (other suggestions welcome!)

Captain Placard (Be Civil) - Steven Tompkinson (feed us more feedback!)

Miss Williams (Be Civil) - Liz White (Life on Mars)

Dorris Goldberg (Virtual Reality/ Game Over) - Mae Laborde (Too old?)

Helen Mirren (Too young?)

Mrs Sow (Betrayal and Death) - Nisha Nayar

Private Roxanne (Betrayal and Death) - Keeley Hawes (Will's suggestion, others welcome) Lucy Brown (Seb's suggestion, we need more!)

Holly (Series 2 Episode 2) - Holliday Grainger

Korena Hashimoto (Series 2 Episodes 10 - 13) - Ai Takahashi (unknown in England)

Matsushima Nanako (unknown in England, but very famous in Japan)

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

A Study in the Straw cast and summed up

Here is the cast list for A Study in the Straw:

The Doctor
Joan Redfern
The Shadowy Man
Featuring Flashbacks of:
Martha Jones
Jeremy Baines
Astrid Peth
Farmer Clark
Rose Tyler
Lucy Cartwright
Captain Jack Harkness
Maid Jenny
A Clockwork Robot
Reinette Poisson

The Doctor promises to take Georgia and Conner to a beach, but the TARDIS decides to take them to the Village of Farringham instead, where the Doctor went previously with Martha Jones. Conner uses his time/place telling watch to indetify their whereabouts. The Doctor notices the watch and says that Conner never had it before. Conner doesn't understand, and thinks the Doctor gave it to him for his birthday. The Doctor shakes his head and says that the watch is a tracking device.

Georgia and Conner argue, and the Doctor spots a shadow in the field. Running back to the TARDIS, the Doctor says that the person who is tracking them may already know they're in Farringham, and a Scarecrow sticks an second tracking device to the TARDIS. The Doctor indetifies that the tracker may already be there, setting a trap, and leads Georgia and Conner to the village. Along the way, they spot a Scarecrow, before running to the house of Joan Redfern. Joan doesn't seem happy that the Doctor is back, rather than John Smith, but lets him explain. Before the trouble starts, that is. The Scarecrows came to the house after Georgia, and they kidnapp her, despite the Doctor, Conner and Joan's best efforts to avoid the crows and stop the Scarecrows.

Conner distracts the crow while the Doctor and Joan confront the Scarecrows. The Shadowy Man speaks to the Doctor and tells him Georgia is transforming into a tree. The Doctor goes with the Scarecrows while Joan explains to Conner. The Doctor finds Georgia and sees her transformation has already begun. The Doctor is dragged off to a cell, while Conner and Joan bond over a cup of tea. The Doctor accepts a drink, Joan recalls the night the Family of Blood attacked, and Georgia discovers she's a tree. The Shadowy Man is pleased the Doctor drank the water, and Georgia reaches Joan's house. The Doctor becomes evil because of the drink, while Georgia, Conner and Joan go to find the ship. The Doctor approaches Joan's house with a murderous glint in his eye.

Georgia is rooted in the ground, so Joan and Conner leave her behind. The Doctor follows the tracks to where Georgia is waiting alone. Meanwhile, Joan and Conner come across the Scarecrow's straw spaceship. Joan and Conner are attacked by crows while the Doctor confronts Georgia, ready to murder her. The Shadowy Man calls off the crows, wanting Joan and Conner to be left to him. They run into the forest, as the Shadowy Man leaves his spaceship. Georgia lets out a terrified scream.

Conner stops the evil Doctor from killing Georgia, but they have worse problems when the Shadowy Man arrives. Conner and Joan convince the Doctor to change back, but they are surrounded by Scarecrows. After being trapped inside a barn, Conner sets fire to the hay, and the Scarecrows. The Doctor pulled Conner out of the barn, and the Shadowy Man escapes on his ship. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner say goodbye to Joan, who is left with a whisper of love from John Smith.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

List of the Dead of the Spidership

Newspaper extract:

We remember thse who lost their lives on the Spidership, as the Spiders and the aliens attacked.

Private Terry
Private Phil
Cherrie, head guide on board the Spidership
Several un-named soldiers
Captain Reggie
4 of Captain Reggie's colleagues from the bridge
Roger Ummelmann
Ronald Ummelmann
The White Supreme Dalek
The Spider leader
The Blue Supreme Dalek
Mr. Renegade
Commander Marr
Private Roxanne
Marshal Skatz
Harry Ladbrook
Mr Bennet
Mrs Bennet
Conner Bennet
All magnet Warriors
37 un-named passengers and workers

Luckily, the spiders converged on floor 0 and killed a tiny fraction of the people on board. 7 celebrities died and a girl named Georgia Bell is missing, presumed dead. She has not been seen since October, and now it is December 23rd. If she is not home for Christmas her parents will be very sad, so if you see her, please tell the police. She is 18 years old, with long blonde hair. Probably seen with a man ,with brown hair, in a pinstriped suit. If you see a blue box, tell the police. But for now we mourn the people who are dead, and help those who have lost relatives all over the world due to the spider attack.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Pinky-Joe colect and build!

Wave 3 of our fan-fiction figures should be out soon... We decided that since all the figures being released at the mo seem to be in collect and build waves, so instead of Pinky-Joe being released as a deluxe figure, he will be the collect and build figure for wave 3! There have been a few changes made to this wave of figures , however, here they are:

The Doctor in tuxedo with spiders
Harry and spiders
White Supreme Dalek
Blue Supreme Dalek
Bulba and the black cat
Jess and Bex,
Ice man
New cyberman from christmas

Here are some pictures from this wave packaged:


Pinky-Joe in bits:

The cardback for this wave, except the Cyberman's which is blue instead of red:

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Best of fanfic series 1 part 2

“And this is the year 1643”, Mrs. Runny explained.
“And we’re in France”, Georgia said patting the doctor’s arm.
“A bit off then”, the doctor said.

“Wait, are you Oliver Cromwell”, the doctor asked.
“Yes I am”, Oliver Cromwell replied.
“But that’s brilliant”, the doctor said smiling happily, “I’m here to see you”.
“What about?” Cromwell asked the doctor suspiciously.
“This green plague”, the doctor replied, “I’ve never seen anything like it”.
“But who told you about the plague”, Cromwell asked, “We’ve been trying to keep it a secret”.
“I know things before they happen”, the doctor answered creepily. Just then Zac ran into the tent.

“No Sir, it was his face that really scared me”, Sergeant Jones said, “His eyes didn’t move, his face didn’t move, no expression, like he was wearing a mask”.
“Yeah Conner said that”, the doctor said, “Where did he go?”
“Towards the hill, but the other one I saw running in the opposite direction”, Sergeant Jones answered.
“Excuse me? What other one?” Cromwell asked.
“There must have been two, Sir”, Jones replied, “Oh and another thing, they were dressed as Royalists”.

“I’ll see you when I get back”, Sergeant Jones said, “And if I asked, would you?”
“Yes I think I would”, Georgia replied and Sergeant Jones and Georgia ran together and kissed for a long time. Sergeant Jones ran away backwards shouting, “See you when I get back”.
“Not if I see you first”, Georgia said, Sergeant Jones, who was not sure what she meant, ran normally in the direction of the assembling army. Georgia turned and went back inside the tent to look after Conner.

“No, you are the great Oliver Cromwell”, Zac said, “He’s famous, he doesn’t die for at least another ten years. He is a great brave leader, if you pull those wires out then history is changed”.
“Then history is changed”, Cromwell said pulling up his sleeves.
“No is anyone’s going to pull out any wires then it’ll be…” Zac began.
“ME!” Cromwell shouted as he grabbed the wires, Zac lunged but he was too late. The red lights halted, there was a flash of blue, and the parliamentarian soldiers, including Private Jeroke, woke out of their trance. The soldiers were cured.

“Hello!” Harry grinned.
“Hi,” the alien said, in a cute Wall-E type voice “you must come with me. Something has gone wrong! My father’s Game has started capturing people! If you help me, I’ll release you.”
“OK,” Harry said wearily, standing up.

“Honestly Mr Smith,” Sarah Jane frowned “you’re being childish.”
“Sorry Sarah Jane, but the fanfare is fused into my circuits,” Mr Smith apologised.
“And how did that happen?” Sarah Jane asked, with a slight smile on her face.
“Luke and K-9 extrapolated the original matrix and encoded it with the sound waves,” Mr Smith explained.

Dorris awoke to find herself in a desert. Nearby, there was a crashed wagon, like those seen in the old American films, where everyone says yee hah! Also near the wagon, was an enormous, coal black snake, and it had spotted her.

“Err- no, you’re not, are you?” Conner said, running backwards.

He falls over into the sand, as the bird is two paces away. Conner shuts his eyes. Nothing happens. The bird is frozen in the middle of the air.

“It must be a glitch in the game or something,” Conner said in relief, stepping backwards just in case. “Oh well, I’m not complaining.”

The Troll leaps up at the bridge, but it smacks its head on the wood, and comes crashing down into the water. The lily pads are sloshed in every direction. Zac and Kaylie race over each one. The bridge cracks under the strain of having a thick headed Troll jump into it. Unfortunately, Georgia falls off the bridge, and into the water, where she sinks beneath its depths.

‘We are sorry, but you have died whilst on your quest. Please note you have one life remaining. Before GAME OVER.’

Dorris grabs the Cheshire Cat and swings it around. It flops to the floor, unconscious. She didn’t win a robber-beating prize for nothing. With a guilty smile, Dorris remembered how she had dropped the bag of potatoes on the floor, before wrestling the burglar single handed. The sack of potatoes had played no part in Dorris’ heroism, but Dorris was brought up like a lady (albeit one with wrestling skills), and her mother would turn in her grave if she knew Dorris had beaten an athletic man up. With a look of satisfaction, Dorris continues her journey.

“+They are rogue elements+,” the third Robot said, viewing the results of the scan.
“+Stray gamers+!” the fourth Robot said “+stray gamers must be destroyed+.”
“+Robots advance+,” the fifth Robot ordered. “+Take them, dead or alive+.”

Sarah Jane, Maria and Clyde appeared in the Doctor’s control room. As quick as a flash, the Doctor presses enter. Zac, Georgia, Conner and all the Humans who were captured by the Game appear in the room. Sarah Jane is about to call out, when the Doctor interrupts her.

“And I saw the Doctor,” Sarah Jane smiled.
“Where?” Clyde and Luke asked excitedly.
“At a distance,” Sarah Jane explained “he saved everyone.”

“I got it from a man at that market on the Asteroid Bazaar,” Conner said in a dead voice.
“What is it?” Georgia asked, leaning forward to take a closer look “Doctor…”

The Doctor looks around, before replying:

“It’s a tracking device.”

“John?” Joan asked.
“Joan?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes John?” Joan asked.
“Err-” the Doctor said.
“Yes John?” Joan asked.
“I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor said.
“Oh,” Joan said “then why have you returned?”
“I need your help.”

“What are you gonna do to me?” she asked.
“Kill you. I told you- I’m a murderous lunatic!”
“It takes one to know one,” Georgia said.
“Oh I don’t think you’re a murderous lunatic.”
“Was that a challenge?” Georgia asked “let me go, and I’ll show you what I can do.”

Conner stood up, surrounded by the straw. He raised the Sonic Screwdriver. He pressed the button, and the hay was set alight. Fire surrounded Conner, who stared down at the Scarecrows. He leapt off of the hay stack, and crashed into the floor. He slams the door shut, trapping himself and the Scarecrows in the burning barn.

“Joan! I will always love you,” John Smith whispered.

Joan smiled, and began to walk through the golden fields.

Junaid stepped forward. He has brown hair, going slightly grey, and is about 46 years old.
“I’m Junaid,” Junaid announced “Captain Junaid!”
“Nice to meet you!” the Doctor grinned.

A brown haired man of about 33 stepped forward.
“This is Gabz, the Pilot,” Jess informed them.
“Hi,” Georgia smiled.

“I thought we agreed you’d not attack again!” the Doctor bellowed.
“The plan… The plan has… The plan has changed…” James said.
“Well what is it now?” the Doctor bellowed again.
“To kill…” James said, stepping forward.

“You’re ok at the moment; it’ll be a slow process. We need to hurry though,” the Doctor said.
“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” Conner asked.
“Well, I am a Doctor!”

“Well, all the people I need to stop lined up here?” the Doctor grinned.
“You sly old dog…” Junaid smiled, putting his proposal behind him.
“Why thank you Captain,” the Doctor grinned “now, let Bex, Seb and Red go, or I’ll stop you.”
“How… How will you do that…? When your friends are dead?” Bex asked.
“I’m warning you, this is your last chance. I’ll stop you,” the Doctor said.
“Do it,” Seb said daringly.
“Gasolem alek de ricoteh sassak su creed,” the Doctor said.

“Dalek Gain turn on the lights”, A voice said.
“The experiment has finished your arm should now be in place”, Another deeper voice added.
“I obey”, a higher voice replied and a metal hand reached for the light switch. The lights flashed revealing a huge laboratory and in the middle stood two daleks. One was white and the other was blue. They had been experimenting on the other dalek.
“It seems to have worked”, the deeper dalek voice belonging to the blue dalek said.

“Ah, I see you brought the whole army”, the man said.
“Captain Marion Price”, Captain Price said, “And this is the United Nations, not just the army”.
“I thought you were from UNIT Miss Price”, the man said.
“Captain Price and yes I am”, Captain Price said, “Aliens should not be hidden, especially on a vessel which will soon carry the queen”.
“Aliens?” the man asked.
“Yes aliens”, Captain Gifford said leading his unit of men towards them, “They can be very dangerous, Captain Gifford by the way”.
“We have reason to believe that you are hiding aliens in the Spidership”, Captain Price continued.

The Doctor stopped and turned slowly. The whole ballroom had fallen silent. Georgia and Conner looked at each other then back at the Doctor, with worried expressions on their faces. The Doctor put his hands up as he, along with many others, realised Roxanne was pointing a revolver at the Doctor.
“You aren’t getting away that easily”, Roxanne said slowly.
“Doctor”, Captain Gifford asked, “You need to come with us, we need your help. You should give it to us, as we’ve helped you before”. The Doctor walked quickly and silently towards the group and stopped in front of Captain Gifford, Roxanne’s gun followed the Doctor round the room, the Doctor nodded to Captain Gifford.

“What’s that?” Ronald asked Harry, who was frozen in fear, “Who are you?”
“I know something you do not”, the red man replied in a hiss, “Death!”
“What?” Ronald asked.
“Death is so close!” the man said in a weird giggle, “You are so close to death!”

“I know what you’re called daleks!” the Doctor shouted. The Doctor paused for a moment waiting for the shrill voice of a dalek.
“Halt!” Dalek Gain said as he glided round the corner, Roxanne sighed loudly, “You know us you shall come with us”.
“Hellooo, who are you then?” the Doctor asked, “Nice arm, looks like they’ve replaced your sucker”.
“Silence, all four of you will come with me”, Dalek Gain said, “You know of us human, so the Supreme Dalek will want to see you”.

“What are you doing?” the Doctor ordered, “Tell me now”.
“They are growing the Spiders”, Roger said quietly, “In five minutes all the spiders around the World will grow huge. They will kill the humans”.
“Why would they want to kill humans?” Harry asked in a squeaky voice.
“Because we hate them!” the huge spider hissed, “The humans are big, they don’t care about us. They flick us with their fingers. They squish us with their books and newspapers. They put us in tanks”.
“But surely a second chance”, the Doctor said smiling.
“No second chances”, the chief spider hissed.

“Kill all the humans”, a spider said, “Time for our revenge!” The students scattered as the spiders approached the children. A spider turned on Kaylie, who had frozen still. She was to be the first death.

“Well, it’s time you learnt to face your fears”, Elizabeth said, “Flick the Spider”.
“Do I have to?” Colin asked.
“Yes!” Elizabeth answered, “Flick it”. Colin flicked the spider and it flew through the air, but while it was in mid-air a few changes happened to it. It grew bigger and bigger. Elizabeth shrieked and as she did so shrieks were heard all around. The spider smiled a happy revengeful smile as it began its attack.

“What’s the plan?” Conner asked.
“We need to find the Doctor”, Georgia replied.
“I think I heard one of the UNIT Officers saying I’ll meet you on floor 1 or 2 or something”, Conner said.
“Why don’t we go to floor 2 and then go down to floor 1?” Georgia suggested, “Then we’ll be sure not to miss him”.
“Good idea”, Conner said, “Into the lift”. Conner and Georgia stepped into the lift and pressed a button. The lift shot down.

“You and that Doctor”, Amy told Zac, “Had better look after my sister and if you don’t, you’ll have me to answer to!”
“I’ll protect her don’t you worry”, Zac said. Amy nodded and walked off, she then linked arms with Andrea and they walked together towards the lifeboats. The rest of Zac and Kaylie’s group had already joined the lifeboat which the Queen was sitting surrounded by guards. Andrea and Amy then began to chat excitedly as they took the last two places on board the boat.

“Dalek Gain has shown true dalek quality”, the Blue Supreme Dalek announced, “You have not, you will be exterminated”.
“You cannot kill me, I am a fellow dalek. Show me some mercy”, the White Supreme Dalek replied backing away, “I order you to stop”.
“I no longer follow your orders, you are no longer a true dalek”, the Blue Supreme Dalek said, “Exterminate!” The Blue Supreme Dalek fired a shot his extermination ray at the White Supreme Dalek who screamed in agony and fired a ray back. The Blue Supreme Dalek fired another and another and so did the White Supreme Dalek until the White Supreme Dalek finally blew up.

“Doctor, time for you to breath your last”, Commander Marr said as he cackled. A gun was fired and someone died but it wasn’t Commander Marr’s gun and it wasn’t the Doctor who died. Smoke billowed lightly from the tip of Private Roxanne’s gun.
“Well done Private Roxanne!” Conner said. The Doctor smiled at her and she smiled back.
“You saved my life”, the Doctor said, “Thank you”. The Doctor approached Private Roxanne until they were up very close and they kissed. It seemed a long time for Roxanne and the Doctor when they finally let go of each other. Conner smiled weakly, looking embarrassed.

In a second a laser was shot from Marshal Skatz’s gun. Private Roxanne’s face fell and she slowly backed away as the laser hit her in the chest and she was knocked off her feet.

“Exterminate!” Dalek Gain’s voice cried as he entered the room. Marshal Skatz turned and saw Dalek Gain. Dalek Gain saw Marshal Skatz and fired an exterminator ray at Marshal Skatz. The magnet Warrior’s greatest leader fell to the ground dead. The Doctor looked up and saw Dalek Gain but Dalek Gain ignored the Doctor and turned his eyepiece to another entrance to the room. Zac, Harry, Catherine and Beth stood there. Zac breathed in and Dalek Gain said ‘EXTERMINATE!’ again.

Zac shouted, “No”, as Harry fell down dead, another innocent victim. Beth and Catherine shrieked and hid behind Zac.

Conner meanwhile was running as fast as he could. He reached the flight of stairs and ran up them, there was a huge explosion nearby and the ceiling caved in behind him. Conner realised he could not go back. There was another explosion and the ceiling caved in front of him. Conner realised how silly he had been to go after his parents. Conner felt it very hard to breath and he turned and looked out of the window to see black. The Spidership was in space. He would be dead any second; he saw two bodies floating past the window. A tear rolled down his cheek and dropped to the floor, as he saw his parent’s dead bodies floating in space.

There was a popping noise and a puff of smoke. As Conner began to pass out he saw a red man with a smile wave at him and cackle. The red man had predicted so much death and the red man was right.

That was the best bits of our fanfic series part 2! I hope this will encourage you to read all of the stories if you haven't allready!

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The Best of fanfic series 1 part 1

“Right so I’m surrounded. Do you want to know how I err, got on board?”, He asked.
“You will tell us”, Commander Marr ordered as the doctor got the key out for the TARDIS and put his back against it.
“Well the thing with time lords is “, said the doctor trying to unlock the TARDIS door undetected, “The thing is that Time Lords usually come with Time machines. TARDIS’ they are called. They travel through time and space disappearing there and reappearing here. Just here”, the doctor opened the door “lesson over!”

“Anyway, Hello”, The man said to her.
“Hello”, Georgia said back.
“Right err have you seen a cloaked figure with an overly large head?” The man asked.
“Yes he went that way” Georgia answered, the man was about to run off when Georgia stopped him, “Um don’t just go running off. That box just appeared out of nowhere and you’re about to run off without thanking me. I’m Georgia”. Georgia smiled widely while the doctor’s face was blank.
“Err I’m the doctor and err thanks”, the doctor said nervously. The doctor tried to get away but Georgia held on.
“You’re nice. I’m bored do you need help with anything".

“Stop or I’ll press this button”, Georgia ordered. All the magnet Warriors turned around and started walking towards her.
“You’ll be sucked right out into the sky and your ship will explode!” Georgia shouted.
“You stupid little girl you foiled our plans now we will...” Commander Marr started but then stopped as Georgia pressed shields down and Commander Marr flew off into Space screaming breaking the glass of the control rooms window as he did so. Georgia now knew it was her turn, she was loosing her grip on the leaver she was holding on too when the Doctor grabbed her.

“Well then Georgia you were brilliant!” The doctor said to Georgia who was a little embarrassed , “Come with me Georgia you deserve some fun”.
“Wow of course I’ll come”, Georgia said happily “But what is that thing?”
“It’s the TARDIS. It travels to anywhere through time and space!” the doctor smiled “Come on in.” So Georgia ran into the TARDIS and what allot of adventures they had.

“Oh my God!” Conner cried in surprise “Who are you? What are you doing in my bedroom? Sorry about the mess by the way…”
“We could be about to kill you, and you just excuse the mess? You Humans are so curious! Ha! I love you!” the Doctor enthuses.
“I’m Georgia and this… This is the Doctor” Georgia turns to look at the Time Lord.
“I’m Conner. Conner Watson. Haven’t I seen you before?” Conner replies.

“Zac! Oh my God, help me!” Conner cried.
“Conner, honestly, where are you?” Zac said, looking bemused.
“In the toilet! Help!”
“Ewww. You’re gross. Please tell me you’ve finished,” Zac muttered.

“The first word is seven letters long, the second is two and the last five,” the Doctor read, back to being lively again.
“It’s probably something he told you. Remember, passwords are usually someone’s favourite word or nickname,” Conner said.
“Of course!” the Doctor cried “Bringer of Death was his childhood nickname!”
“Cheerful,” Conner muttered “now what? Menu? Doctor, what do I do?”

“Conner, do you want to come with us? Cause if you do, I’d better warn you, it’ll be dangerous, but the trip of a lifetime!” the Doctor said.
“Through time and space, and back again! If you want to, of course,” Georgia said, walking through the doors of the TARDIS.
“Would I? Yes!” Conner cried.

“So err- what species is he?” Conner asked Georgia.
“He’s a Time Lord,” Georgia replied.
“Ooh, aristocrat,” Conner grinned “so what are we?”
“I’m not sure. Companions?” Georgia asked.
“Rather you than me,” Conner muttered.
“Not like that. Idiot,” Georgia grinned.

“MARIAN!” Guy shouted.
“Maid Marian?” the Doctor asked “sorry about this.”
He grabs Marian, spins her round and puts the sword to her neck as Gisbourne runs at them.
“Not today boys!” the Doctor cried.

“Not your best line ever,” Georgia shouted up to him “these are the Merry Men and I found Conner!”
“Hi!” Conner shouted.
“Hi!” Alan shouted.
“Hi!” Will shouted.
“Hi!” Much shouted.
“Hi!” Little John shouted.

The Doctor grabs an arrow out of the holder on his back, and puts the Sonic Screwdriver up to it. He Sonics the arrow head, setting it alight. Georgia avoids a plunging sword. Marian is stabbed by Alan-A-Dale. The Doctor fires the arrow using the bow. It zooms into the ship, and Locksley Manor blows up. Georgia joins the Doctor and Conner.

“Where are those two guards?” A cat-guard asked, but Sir Ralf was staring at two things on the floor. All the guards and the Duchess looked down. There were the two guards on the floor but they were no longer living.
“That would explain the skeletons”, Ralf said shocked turning to the Duchess.

“Doctor what’s going on?” Conner shouted as the TARDIS lurched and suddenly the TARDIS left Conner behind.
“It’s the TARDIS. It’s found a distress signal it’s moving by itself”, the doctor answered and then turned to see Conner start to vanish, something had gone wrong. The TARDIS was leaving Conner behind.

“Hi dad”, said Boe who was sitting on the button which controlled the compression field. There was a fizz and all the statues vanished leaving piles of rubble. The harasser leader snarled and pointed its tentacle at Boe.
“You little terror, you will die”, the leader began to suck but then he fell to the ground dead. Patsy was playing with the button that controlled the harasser’s leader’s support system. The harassers all turned their tentacles at the kittens but then there was a bang and the teleporter pods blew up. All of Brannigan’s kittens were rolling along the buttons and switches. The harassers were dying and their inventions were blowing up. The doctor hugged Hame.

“Well done Conner”, the doctor said, “I suppose it was you who told the kittens to press all those buttons”.
“It might have been”, Conner said, “But I’d rather Boe and the other kittens get the blame for blowing up the sewer”, Conner continued as they heard an explosion below.

“Isn’t that Conner”, Harry asked.
“Yeah it is and with him must be”, Zac said.
“The doctor!” Kaylie interrupted.

“I’m Zac’s girlfriend, if you must know”, Kaylie replied standing her ground, “And who are you to ask questions, you’ve been missing for 2 months remember”.

Georgia is huddled in a corner. Racsonfess and two slitheen were talking in the corner.
“Orders from our leader”, Racsonfess told Georgia, “We are now allowed to kill you”. Georgia gasped as she stood and grabbed tennis racket from inside a cupboard. It was her brothers tennis racket.
“Like a tennis racket would hurt us”, Racsonfess said laughing.

“Obey me doctor and the slitheen will rule the world”, the head says and cackles.

“Mum, who is it?” Georgia asked down the phone.
“Just a plumber-wait!” Elizabeth shouted, “We had the plumbing checked yesterday. What do you really want?”
“You’ve got me”, the lady said unzipping her head. Elizabeth screamed and put the phone down.

“Interesting huh”, Colonel Mace said down the phone, “But there’s something else-…” Suddenly Colonel Mace’s voice faded.
“They’ve stopped us communicating altogether”, the doctor said.

“Why are you doing this?” Kaylie asked.
“If we can’t have victory, neither can you!” Trafon Slitheen shouted. Zac turned the tap on full and a blast of vinegar shot out all over the floor. Kaylie ducked behind the counter as there was a flash of blue light and an explosion. Zac looked around to see green gunge covering the shop’s floor.

“We’re uh… Leaving now,” the Doctor told Zac “you could come with us, as a present for saving our lives.”
“Yeah!” Georgia grinned.
“Great,” Conner said annoyed “let’s invite everyone. Why don’t we have the Slitheen on board the TARDIS too?”

“Doctor who are they?” Conner asked “who has? What’ve they done? Doctor! Who?”
“One of my greatest enemies,” the Doctor informed.
“The Daleks?” Conner asked “but you said-”
“The Cybermen?” Georgia asked “you’ve said about them before.”
“Not either of them,” the Doctor replied.
“It’s worse?” Zac asked, astounded.

The Doctor opens the double doors.

“It’s been Hollywood-ised.”

“Doctor!” said one shouter.
This was followed by several screams.
“The Doctor’s here!” Conner cried “they must be looking for me!”
“Rose! What did you find?” the Doctor (with a suspicious northern accent) can be heard shouted back.
“Or maybe not,” Conner muttered.

“Ooh.” “Ooooooh!” “Ooooooooooooooooooooooh!”

Conner hands the Doctor the paper. He presses some buttons. Zac and Georgia arrive.
“1… It’s done. None of it ever happened in History,” the Doctor explained.
“Excellent,” Zac grinned “home in time for tea.”

Stay tuned for part 2 of Will and Seb's series 1 best bits (Lots of these bits have Conner in them, as Conner died in the final I thought it right to put him in it the most)

New cyberman and news!!!

I just thought I'd give you some news about pages and new stuff and other things. Firstly, in the belated Christmas special 'The Boy who Santa Clause Forgot', there are new cybermen, they do look slightly similar to the old ones, but for a very good reason! This reason will be revealed in the special. Here's a picture of one...

Next wave 3 of our fanfic figures is almost finished and here are a few pictures from the wave including the Blue Supreme Dalek and the Doctor in tuxedo.

Meanwhile, the timeline page, the main characters page, the aliens page, the spoilers page and the fanfic origins page have been updated and the normal characters page is under updation. It was a sad finale to type but it had to be done. After the Christmas ep will be the first episode in our second series, which will feature a happy planet with zygons!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Episode 13: Betrayal and Death Part 5

Ten magnet Warriors marched into a long metallic corridor. One of them breathed in deeply. He looked around; it seemed he had smelt something. The other magnet warriors looked around too until one of them looked up and saw loads of huge spiders clinging to the ceiling. The spiders dropped down and began to attack the Magnet Warriors; however the spiders could hardly scratch the magnet warriors’ metallic skin. The Magnet Warriors then shot lasers out of their magnet 3004 guns. The spiders fell to the ground, flipped over on to their back and did not move again.

On floor 0, the humans, daleks and the Huge Spider leader observed the scene.
“Supreme Dalek, you lied to me!” the Huge Spider leader snarled, “Your guidance has lead some of my fellows to their deaths and it is happening all over the ship! For that treachery we will go against you! All spiders converge on floor 0!” The huge Spider leader could communicate through the other spiders using a telepathic ship.
“You will stop!” the one remaining Supreme Dalek ordered, “Stop them or you will be exterminated”.

“Spiders will not show mercy on the daleks, do not stop to kill any humans on the way!” the Huge Spider leader said in response.
“Exterminate!” the Blue Supreme Dalek said and shot the Spider down dead.
“Supreme Dalek, without the Spider leader we are loosing links with all the spiders around the world they are shrinking!” Dalek Gain announced. The Doctor and his friends faces lit up.

Meanwhile, on Earth Jane, Steve and Rachel Pemberton were singing loudly with a huge crowd of people. It seemed that they had got the message from the Doctor. Suddenly, the spiders began to approach the humans.

“The spiders are coming back daddy!” Rachel said scared.
“Don’t be scared Rachel, don’t be scared anyone”, Steve said, “Remember the message, scare the spiders!” But no-one seemed to listen as a few people began to scream. The spiders began to scuttle quickly towards the crowd but suddenly stopped. They shuddered and began to shrink smaller and smaller and smaller!
“They’re shrinking!” Rachel shouted.
“Yes! Yes!” Jane, Zac’s mum exclaimed hugging Steve and kissing him on the lips.
“Mummy you shouldn’t kiss in public”, Rachel said pushing, “Stop embarrassing me mum!”

Meanwhile in Africa, the group of tribesmen who had been attacked while out hunting had reached their village and were bashing their spears and chanting loudly. Even they had got the message from the Doctor. The spiders, although they were very large did not seem to want to go near the villagers. A spider came into view of the tribesmen and they began to chant louder, but then the spider began to shrink and shrink. The tribe began to clap and chant songs of happiness.

In South London Elizabeth and Colin’s group of people had swelled to more than 2000 people. They were all singing together Rule Britannia.
“What song shall we sing next?” Colin asked.
“I like God save the Queen”, Elizabeth said, “Oh no look there’s a group of spiders!” “Spray cans at the ready!” Colin said through Elizabeth’s megaphone. Elizabeth barged Colin out of the way looking annoyed.
“That’s my megaphone!” Elizabeth said to Colin, “Oh look at the spiders, they’re shuddering”. The spiders began to shrink and shrink and shrink until they were so small you couldn’t see them anymore.
“They’ve gone oh yes!” Elizabeth said happily. Everyone clapped and cheered, they hugged each other and punched the air.

Back on board the Spidership, on floor 0 the Blue Supreme Dalek and Dalek Gain were focusing all their attention on keeping the spiders out. Dalek Gain was typing on a control pad with his metallic hand, while the Supreme Dalek pressed his sucker against the wall.

“So all the spiders have shrunk?” Kaylie asked the Doctor.
“No, the spiders on the ship are still alive”, the Doctor replied.
“If you kill the daleks, then will all the spiders shrink on board?” Ronald asked.
“Yes, you’re good”, the Doctor said kindly, “Very good thinking”.
“Doctor, how are we going to get off the ship?” Captain Price asked, “The last lifeboat will be leaving soon”.
“We need to escape from the daleks”, Conner said.
“We need a diversion”, Private Roxanne added.

“Well, why don’t you let the spiders on”, Georgia suggested, “Use your sonic screwdriver”.
“Can’t you override the daleks?” Harry asked.
“I could do, but we don’t want any more deaths”, the Doctor replied.
“They’ve killed loads of humans!” Zac said, “For all I know, my family could be dead. When we get home we could find our families dead and we’d be the only ones left!”
“Positive Zac, positive”, Kaylie said to Zac.
“I think my parents are dead already”, Conner muttered, “And I want revenge”.

“What are we going to turn into, killers?” the Doctor asked.
“We won’t be killers, if you agree then you’ll be a killer”, Harry said, “And I think you know deep down you are already a killer”. The Doctor looked up at Harry and everyone else looked at Harry, Zac smiled weakly at Harry and Georgia raised her eyebrows.
“Humans will be silent”, the Supreme Dalek said turning away from the console, “We will exterminate you one by one, you Doctor will be the last”.
“We will start with the descendent traitor”, Dalek gain announced, meaning Ronald.
“No, please you can’t kill me!” Ronald said, “You need to focus on keeping the spiders out”.
“Daleks do not change their minds”, the Blue Supreme Dalek said.
“You did earlier”, Ronald replied.
“Silence! Exterminate!” the Blue Supreme Dalek said killing Ronald in an instant. Kaylie screamed and Harry yelled, Zac looked shocked and Georgia looked from the Doctor to Ronald’s lifeless body on the floor. Conner heard a high pitched noise and turned to see the door to floor 0 open. The Doctor had opened it with his sonic screwdriver. All the surviving spiders on the ship rushed into the daleks’ control room past the humans. Dalek Gain retreated leaving the Supreme Dalek in the middle of the room. All the spiders jumped on the Supreme dalek; they were too quick for it to fight back. The smaller ones did little damage to the dalek, but there were a few, which were the size of a small car. These spiders tore the Supreme Dalek apart.

“Everybody run!” the Doctor shouted and ushered everyone past him. Georgia ran past then Conner, Zac, Kaylie, Harry, Captain Price and then Private Roxanne. The Doctor looked back to see the Supreme Dalek scream his last.

The Doctor ran out of the room and led the group away from the entrance to floor 0. The Doctor ran as fast as he could. Behind the Doctor were Conner and Zac; behind them was Private Roxanne, who looked like she was a professional at running; behind her was Harry and Captain Price who had become friends while trapped on floor 0. At the back of the group was Kaylie and Georgia brought up the rear. Being a Doctor’s assistant she had to make sure everyone else was safe before her. They soon got to the lift.

“Everybody, the spiders will kill the daleks, but the magnet warriors need stopping”, the Doctor said, “So I’ll be going up to the floor where the magnet warriors have docked”. The Doctor got out his sonic screwdriver and scanned a TV screen in the lift. On it appeared a diagram of the ship with a few green blobs scattered around it.
“Doctor, what are the green blobs?” Conner asked.
“They are the living things around the ship”, the Doctor said, “Look there’s us”. The Doctor pointed at a mass of green blobs on floor 1.
“There are several blobs on floor 15”, Zac said pointing at the screen, “But they could be magnet warriors”.
“Excuse me, why are we looking at a screen for life signs?” Kaylie asked.
“So we can save the people who are still alive”, the Doctor said.
“But there are magnet Warriors”, Georgia said, “They’d show up as life signs”.
“You are right they would”, the Doctor replied.
“Can’t you change the life signs so it just shows humans”, Private Roxanne asked, “With your screwy thingy”.
“His sonic screwdriver”, Georgia replied frustrated.

“Be quiet!” the Doctor said to the people behind him, “Right then, and scanning for humans now”. The Doctor looked at the screen again to see most of the blobs vanishing.
“There are still five on floor 15”, Zac said looking at the screen.
“Right then, Zac, Harry and Captain Price can you get up to floor 15”, the Doctor asked.
“Yes sir”, Harry said, to the Doctor’s disapproval.
“Captain Price, then you’d better get back to the lifeboats with the people who you find”, the Doctor said, “Georgia, Kaylie and Conner can you go investigate the life signs up here. And Private Roxanne and I will get to floor 13 where the magnet warrior ship is docked. I will attach the TARDIS key to the circuits and bring the TARDIS to the Spidership”.

“Doctor, why can’t I come with you?” Georgia asked with a saddened expression on her face.
“You need to protect Kaylie and Conner and Conner you need to protect Georgia and Kaylie”, the Doctor replied.
“Who do I protect?” Kaylie asked.
“Err... it’s OK Kaylie you don’t have to protect anyone”, the Doctor said quickly.
“Right, see you Doc!” Harry said to the Doctor who raised his eyebrows. Zac, Harry and Captain Price got into the lift and the Doctor got out. The lift doors closed and the Doctor ran over to the second lift. Georgia, Conner and Kaylie got in that lift.
“Bye Doctor”, Georgia said, “Good luck!” The lift doors closed as the ceiling cracked.

“Doctor what’s going on?” Private Roxanne asked.
“I think it’s the magnet Warriors, the lifts are being used so they are trying to find a new way down!” the Doctor replied.
“Well then we’d better wait for the lift to come back”, Private Roxanne said, “Oh and Doctor, I thought I’d ask you”.
“Ask me what?” the Doctor asked with a confused expression on her face.
“Well I know the TARDIS must be a little crowded”, Private Roxanne replied, “But maybe perhaps I could come with you?”
“Yes, I’d love you to come with me”, the Doctor answered smiling.
“Really?” Private Roxanne replied, “I mean I’d try not to get in the way”.
“I’m sure you wouldn’t”, the Doctor said.
“And I’d dispose my gun before I joined up”, Private Roxanne added. The Doctor looked at Roxanne and nodded as something smashed through the ceiling. Marshal Skatz jumped to the ground leering.

“So Doctor you thought you’d get away”, Marshal Skatz said calmly, “What do you have to say?”
“I say Adios!” the Doctor said as the doors of the lift opened and the Doctor pulled Roxanne into it. Marshal Skatz rushed forward but the Doctor had closed the doors before Marshal Skatz could get the Doctor.
“Floor 13”, the Doctor said and the lift ascended.
“That was close”, Private Roxanne said, giving a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile on floor 15 Mrs Sow, Bradley, Catherine and Beth were running for their lives.
“Run children and quickly!” Mrs Sow said as she ran. The four people ran into a large room, which was a shop. However, there was no time to shop because a magnet warrior was following them. So the four hid behind some shelves. Suddenly, they heard footsteps, there was a crash and suddenly another pair of footsteps was heard.

“Say goodbye human!” a magnet warrior growled.
“No please don’t kill me”, a man’s voice said. The voice belonged to Mr. Renegade who had escaped the car-sized spider.
“And why not Earthling?” the Magnet Warrior replied.
“Because there are four other humans hiding behind those shelves of stuff over there”, Mr. Renegade answered. Mrs Sow gasped as Mr. Renegade came into her view and so did a magnet warrior.
“So there are”, the magnet Warrior observed, “Well you’re still gonna die!” The Magnet Warrior shot Mr. Renegade in the stomach with a laser, and he fell down dead. Mrs Sow screamed loudly.

“Lady you’re next!” the magnet warrior shouted, Beth and Catherine screamed and ran off through the back entrance to the shop. The magnet warrior fired shots at the two girls but they missed. The magnet warrior snarled and aimed his gun at Mrs Sow.
“Magnet Warrior!” a voice shouted very loudly. The magnet warrior turned as he fired his gun. The shot missed but hit the shelves which Bradley and Mrs Sow were sitting by. The shelves broke into pieces and one piece fell on Mrs Sow knocking her out. The magnet warrior saw three humans striding towards him with serious expressions on their faces.
“Who are you?” the magnet warrior said slightly scared.
“Your worst nightmare”, Captain Price said, “Humans who can beat you at war!” Captain Price fired her revolver and a bullet hit the magnet warrior in the head. The magnet warrior collapsed and died. Bradley stood up and saw Harry and Zac standing by Captain Price’s side.
“Whoa Zac and ‘arry!” Bradley said.
“Mrs Sow looks injured”, Harry said running up to her.
“I think she’s unconscious”, Zac replied.
“Beth and Catherine just ran off after the magnet thing killed Mr. Renegade, but I’m glad he died the sh…” Bradley began.
“It must have been fear that drove Mr. Renegade to treachery”, Harry interrupted.

“Right then I’ll take Bradley and Mrs Sow back to the lifeboats”, Captain Price explained, “Harry and Zac if you go on after Catherine and Beth”.
“Good idea”, Zac said, “Captain Price once you get to the lifeboats don’t wait for us and just go”.
“All right, good luck”, Captain Price said, “Can you help carry Mrs Sow please”.
“Course”, Bradley replied, “C’mon Miss lets get you to the lifeboats”. Zac smiled as he saw Captain Price and Bradley leave with Mrs Sow.

“Let’s get going”, Zac said. Harry and Zac left the shop and ran down the corridor outside. They ran down another corridor and another, through lounges and restaurants shops and private suites until they finally found Beth and Catherine hiding behind a sofa as if they had just watched ‘Sleepy Hollow’. After much persuasion the two girls agreed to accompany the boys down to the lifeboats. When they got to the lift however they found they weren’t working.
“What are we gonna do now?” Beth whimpered.
“Are we still on board the Spidership?” Catherine asked.
“Yes!” Harry said loudly in response.
“Right there is a flight of stairs nearby, we’ll go down the stairs to floor 13 where the Doctor is”, Zac explained, Harry nodded and the two girls sighed, but agreed.

Meanwhile, by the lifeboats the ten remaining UNIT soldiers on board including Captain Gifford boarded the lifeboat. The last lifeboat had contained only UNIT troops. As Captain Gifford was about to drop the lifeboat he heard a voice.
“Stop, please!” Captain Price shouted.
“Captain Price, you’re OK”, Captain Gifford asked, “Where have you been?”
“I’ll explain later”, Captain Price replied, “This is Bradley and this is Mrs Sow. Mrs Sow has just come round, she was unconscious”.
“Was I?” Mrs Sow asked.
“We’re being chased by magnet warriors drop the lifeboat”, Bradley ordered as he got into the lifeboat dragging Mrs Sow in. Captain Gifford let go of the ropes and the boat fell with a splash onto the surface of the sea.

Meanwhile the Doctor had wired the TARDIS key up with some electric circuits on floor 13. The TARDIS was slowly materialising by the wall. The Doctor had de-activated the lifts so that no magnet warriors could get up to floor 13 quickly.
“Doctor, I can hear footsteps!” Private Roxanne said. The Doctor looked up and saw running round the corner Conner.
“Conner, where’s Kaylie and Georgia?” the Doctor asked.
“I lost them, these magnet warriors were running after us and we split up”, Conner replied.
“Did you find anyone?” the Doctor asked.
“No, we didn’t”, Conner said. Suddenly, more footsteps were heard and Commander Marr burst into the room.

“Doctor, time for you to breath your last”, Commander Marr said as he cackled. A gun was fired and someone died but it wasn’t Commander Marr’s gun and it wasn’t the Doctor who died. Smoke billowed lightly from the tip of Private Roxanne’s gun.
“Well done Private Roxanne!” Conner said. The Doctor smiled at her and she smiled back.
“You saved my life”, the Doctor said, “Thank you”. The Doctor approached Private Roxanne until they were up very close and they kissed. It seemed a long time for Roxanne and the Doctor when they finally let go of each other. Conner smiled weakly, looking embarrassed.

“Doctor I can hear more footsteps!” Conner said loudly. The Doctor and Private Roxanne saw Marshal Skatz run round the corner. In a second a laser was shot from Marshal Skatz’s gun. Private Roxanne’s face fell and she slowly backed away as the laser hit her in the chest and she was knocked off her feet.
“Nooooo!” the Doctor shouted as he saw Private Roxanne fall to the ground. He ran to Private Roxanne who was still breathing.
“Doctor”, Private Roxanne said slowly, “Whatever happens, I don’t blame you”. She smiled faintly and her eyes closed. The Doctor cradled Roxanne lifeless body in his arms as he began to cry. Marshal Skatz smiled widely.

“I made you cry Doctor”, Marshal Skatz said.
“Exterminate!” Dalek Gain’s voice cried as he entered the room. Marshal Skatz turned and saw Dalek Gain. Dalek Gain saw Marshal Skatz and fired an exterminator ray at Marshal Skatz. The magnet Warrior’s greatest leader fell to the ground dead. The Doctor looked up and saw Dalek Gain but Dalek Gain ignored the Doctor and turned his eyepiece to another entrance to the room. Zac, Harry, Catherine and Beth stood there. Zac breathed in and Dalek Gain said ‘EXTERMINATE!’ again.

Zac shouted, “No”, as Harry fell down dead, another innocent victim. Beth and Catherine shrieked and hid behind Zac.
“Dalek Gain, stop this killing!” the Doctor said.
“A dalek must kill!” Dalek Gain said.
“Well do me a favour and kill the magnet warriors!” the Doctor shouted.
“I do not obey your orders”, Dalek Gain said moving forward.

“Look you are the only Dalek in existence, and the magnet warriors are your biggest enemies”, the Doctor said.
“You are my biggest enemy”, Dalek Gain replied. The Doctor was about to reply when several magnet warriors entered the room aiming their guns at Dalek Gain. Dalek Gain turned and fired a ray at the magnet warriors. One magnet warrior fell, then another magnet warrior. In the confusion Zac, Catherine and Beth ran to the TARDIS, which had was now solid. The magnet warriors began to retreat and Dalek Gain began to follow them.

On board the magnet warrior ship, the newly promoted Marshal Natnok planned his next attack.
“Magnet Warrior conquer ship leaving Spidership!” Marshal Natnok said. On board the Spidership Catherine and Beth fell over as the ship shook. The magnet warrior ship zoomed into space.
“Magnetise the Spidership magnetise it!” Marshal Natnok ordered and another magnet warrior pressed a couple of buttons. The Spidership began to lift slowly out of the sea. Marshal Natnok’s plan was to pull the Spidership into space so everyone on board would die.

Back on board the Spidership, the Doctor realised what was going on. The ship shook rapidly and Catherine and Beth slid against a wall hitting their heads.
“Doctor what the hell is going on?” Zac asked loudly clinging onto the side of the TARDIS.

“The magnet warriors must have got a new leader”, the Doctor said, “They must’ve found out that Commander Marr and Marshal Skatz are dead. Their new leader must have magnetised the ship he’s pulling us out into space”.
“What but then we’ll loose oxygen”, Zac replied.
“But what about Georgia and Kaylie?” Conner said, “They could be anywhere”.

Georgia and Kaylie were running down a corridor as the Spidership entered the Earth’s atmosphere. They were finding it very hard to run. Georgia tripped and fell over, Kaylie grabbed Georgia’s hands and helped her up.
“Thank you Kaylie”, Georgia said. They kept running until they reached a flight of stairs which had a sign above it saying, floor 13.
“We’re almost there!” Kaylie shouted as the Spidership shook violently and there was a large explosion nearby. Kaylie almost fell down the stairs but Georgia grabbed her just in time.
“Thanks Georgia”, Kaylie said to Georgia as they slowly descended down the stairs.

In a couple of minutes time they reached the TARDIS and they rushed inside. Inside the TARDIS the Doctor, Zac and Conner were standing around the console. Georgia realised that Harry and Private Roxanne were dead. Slumped on the TARDIS seat were Catherine and Beth who had passed out after hitting their heads on the wall.
“Georgia, you’re OK”, the Doctor said, “I knew you’d survive and Kaylie”.
“Doctor although I have many questions I want to ask you, how are we to defeat the magnet warriors?” Georgia asked.
“We aren’t”, the Doctor replied.
“What?” Zac asked.
“Dalek Gain followed the magnet warriors on to the ship”, the Doctor answered.
“But there wasn’t enough time for Dalek Gain to get on board”, Conner said.
“We’re on floor 13, the magnet warrior ship was docked on floor 13”, the Doctor said, “There was enough time, just”.
“Then, Dalek Gains on board the magnet warrior ship right now, causing havoc?” Georgia asked.
“Yes”, the Doctor replied. Suddenly, to Conner’s surprise, his phone rang.

“It’s my mum!” Conner said, everyone in the TARDIS fell silent, “Hi mum?”
“Conner… Do… floor 14… behind…”
“The phone’s got very bad signal!” Conner said.
“Well we are in the middle of space”, Kaylie replied.
“But I know where my parents are!” Conner exclaimed, “Floor 14! I’m going to find them, wish me luck!”
“Conner, no!” the Doctor said but Conner was already rushing out of the TARDIS.
“We’re almost in space!” Zac said.
“What, what’s going on?” Georgia asked.
“Well, the magnet warriors have a new leader”, the Doctor began to explain. Conner meanwhile was running as fast as he could. He reached the flight of stairs and ran up them, there was a huge explosion nearby and the ceiling caved in behind him. Conner realised he could not go back. There was another explosion and the ceiling caved in front of him. Conner realised how silly he had been to go after his parents. Conner felt it very hard to breath and he turned and looked out of the window to see black. The Spidership was in space. He would be dead any second; he saw two bodies floating past the window. A tear rolled down his cheek and dropped to the floor, as he saw his parent’s dead bodies floating in space.

There was a popping noise and a puff of smoke. As Conner began to pass out he saw a red man with a smile wave at him and cackle. The red man had predicted so much death and the red man was right.

Inside the TARDIS the Doctor was scanning for life signs in the Spidership as he had done in the lift.
“Come on, Come on!” the Doctor said looking at the TARDIS screen with his sonic screwdriver. He kicked the console frustrated.
“Doctor what’s wrong?” Georgia asked.
“Conner, he’s …he’s”, the Doctor said, “He’s dead”. As the Doctor said these words Georgia and Kaylie began to cry and Zac was so shocked that he couldn’t cry. The TARDIS remained silent for at least five minutes, as the four survivors remembered their gallant, strong-willed and fantastic friends, Private Roxanne, Harry and of course Conner. On the TARDIS screen the Spidership could be seen breaking up into pieces and then the magnet warrior ship exploded in violent flames.

The magnet warriors’ bodies of metal melted in the heat of the flames. Marshal Natnok was dead, but there was one survivor. One creature had survived the destruction of the1st magnet warrior conquer ship. This creature had caused it. Dalek Gain flew from the floating rubble ready to kill again, but there was more mystery about this dalek than the other two. The dalek turned direction and headed into deep space, away from Earth.

Inside the TARDIS the Doctor, Georgia, Zac and Kaylie may have been very sad, but not even they knew that one day, one day, worse events were to come…



"Doctor, it's Christmas!" Zac says annoyed
"Run!" the Doctor shouts.
"I put a Santa hat on it"
"They are my creation"
"I've seen them before"
"They look different"
"What are they?"

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Episode 13: Betrayal and Death Part 4

People were beginning to board the sturdy lifeboats. UNIT soldiers were helping being to board them and if any spider came near everyone would make a very loud noise and spray all kind of chemicals at it, which the UNIT soldiers had got hold of. Captain Gifford had managed to retreat to a much larger UNIT force and had now joined the guard by the lifeboats. Another UNIT soldier was the one that had talked to Georgia before she phoned the Doctor.

“Captain Gifford, hadn’t you better ask when the Captain and his staff will leave the bridge?” the UNIT soldier asked.
“Yes, I shall contact him now”, Captain Gifford replied, “That’s funny”.
“What is it Sir?” the soldier asked.
“I don’t seem to be able to contact the bridge”, Captain Gifford replied, “Captain Reggie? Is anyone there?”
“Perhaps they have already left and are heading down here now”, the soldier suggested.
“He would’ve taken his communicator with him”, Captain Gifford replied, “I think we have to presume the worst”. The UNIT soldier’s face fell. Suddenly the whole ship shook, as the magnet warrior ship appeared out of nowhere.

“That’s a magnet warrior ship”, Captain Gifford said, “Two invasions at once”.

Meanwhile, Zac and Kaylie felt the shake too. Their group had almost reached the lifeboats, thanks to Zac and Kaylie’s guidance. Luckily they had learnt their way round the ship while exploring. They had heard the announcement and began to walk to the lifeboats that hung on the side of the ship, on the lower floors.
“I wonder what that shake was”, Zac said.
“Perhaps we’ve been hit by a tidal wave”, Amy suggested.
“Don’t be silly”, Andrea replied.
“Look we’re here”, Kaylie pointed out, as she saw two UNIT soldiers guarding the door to the deck. Kaylie and Andrea stepped out onto the deck and screamed as they saw a huge spider. The spider was hanging down from a huge web above them. A UNIT soldier heard the scream and rushed out on deck. He was followed closely by Zac and the rest of the group, who had been celebrating surviving the spiders. The UNIT soldier sprayed the bug with a spider killer spray and the spider fell to the ground, twitched and scuttled away. Andrea and Kaylie gave a sigh of relief.

“Now listen Kaylie”, Zac said pulling Kaylie aside, “I’m going back inside to find Conner and Georgia. You et back home on the lifeboats. Go with your family”.
“I want to stay with you”, Kaylie said loudly, “Do you think after all we’ve been through that I’m just gonna leave you! It’s like the Doctor and his companions! The Doctor always tells them to leave him and stay! Well I’m your companion Zac and I’m staying with you!”
“But it’s dangerous”, Zac replied.
“Do you think I don’t know that?” Kaylie said, “I’ve seen monsters before! I’ve been chased by big green things! I refuse to leave you!”
“Then you’ll have to say bye to your sisters”, Zac said sighing.
“Oh dear!” Kaylie said and she walked over to her sisters.

“Hi Kaylie!” Amy said, “We’re going home! Look the first few lifeboats have been released!”
“If we’re quick we’ll be able to be on the same lifeboat as the Queen!” Andrea said excitedly.
“You aren’t coming with us are you?” Amy said.
“No”, Kaylie replied, “There are people below who have saved the world on countless occasions and they need our help”.
“Who’d have thought it”, Andrea said, “My sister a defender of Earth”. Andrea and Kaylie then did something that they had not done in a long time. They hugged. Then Amy hugged them both, and then approached Zac.

“You and that Doctor”, Amy told Zac, “Had better look after my sister and if you don’t, you’ll have me to answer to!”
“I’ll protect her don’t you worry”, Zac said. Amy nodded and walked off, she then linked arms with Andrea and they walked together towards the lifeboats. The rest of Zac and Kaylie’s group had already joined the lifeboat which the Queen was sitting surrounded by guards. Andrea and Amy then began to chat excitedly as they took the last two places on board the boat.

“Come on Kaylie!” Zac said. Kaylie and Zac marched back through the doors, back inside the ship. They walked into a lift and Zac said, ‘Floor 1’. The lift shot downwards and reached the bottom-but-one deck. The doors opened and they walked out of the lift.

Meanwhile, the Doctor was still on board the magnet warrior ship.
“So, thanks for your help Marshal Skatz”, the Doctor said, “But I’ll be going now”.
“What are you talking about Doctor?” Marshal Skatz snarled.
“Well, since I advised you and you kindly took my advice”, the Doctor began to explain.
“You are not leaving this ship”, Marshal Skatz said, “You are still the enemy even if you are brainier than I thought”.
“You will never leave this ship until you’re dead!” Commander Marr said, “You have made me look like an idiot time and time again!”
“Only once, or twice”, the Doctor replied.
“SHUT UP!” Commander Marr roared, “I hate you so much I could kill you! In fact I will kill you!” Commander Marr advanced towards the Doctor who backed up against the wall and felt a button on the wall by his hand. Suddenly the lights went out.

“Commander Marr, turn the lights back on!” Marshal Skatz ordered, “Quickly!”
Commander Marr felt his way to the lights button and pushed it. The lights flickered back on, Marshal Skatz looked around the room to find that the Doctor was not there.
“The Doctor has escaped and it is your fault Commander Marr”, Marshal Skatz snarled, “How would you like to be Captain Marr or Corporal Marr because that’s the way you’re heading! Now find him, find him now!” Commander Marr rushed through the doors and soon found his way on board the Spidership.

Georgia and Conner rushed down a corridor on floor 1. They turned a corner and examined a broken glass on the floor and a ripped piece of cloth. They had been trying to find a way down to floor 0 and had felt the ship shake a few minutes before.
“Someone’s been killed here”, Georgia said, “A member of staff”.
“There have been some deaths on board the ship then”, Conner replied.
“Conner, have you phoned your parents?” Georgia asked.
“Oh my God! I haven’t!”
“Well you’d better phone them now and check if they’re OK”.
“Yes, I will”, Conner said, and got out his phone. He typed in his mum’s mobile number and the phone began to ring. It kept ringing and Conner realised that he should of phoned them sooner. He realised that while he was travelling he had forgotten them completely. He had forgotten how they must feel, abandoned or saddened. Again, he had forgotten them, he realised that this time he may have lost them forever.

“Conner are you OK?” Georgia asked.
“It’s gone onto the answer phone”, Conner said in response, “I’ll leave a message. Hi mum it’s me Conner, I hope you’re OK. I’m really really sorry for lying to you. If you are dead I will never forgive myself. Please phone as soon as you can. I’m really sorry. I love you mum and dad. I can’t believe I forgot about you”. Conner ended the call with tears in his eyes.

“I’m sure they’re fine”, Georgia said comforting Conner. Suddenly there was a loud scraping noise and Conner could see two pairs of feet running round the corner.
“Conner, Georgia you’re OK”, Zac said giving a sigh of relief.
“Hi Zac and erm Kaylie”, Georgia said a little stiffly.
“Hi”, Kaylie replied.

“Where were you when the spiders grew?” Georgia asked, directing her question to Zac.
“We were in the spider exhibition so we immediately saw all those spiders growing”, Zac said, “They didn’t kill any students just Cherrie, that member of staff. Luckily a group of UNIT soldiers turned up looking for the Doctor. They started shooting the spiders”.

“So the Doctor got away from the UNIT soldiers”, Georgia said, “Have you seen Harry?”
“No, he and the Doctor have vanished”, Zac replied, “I have no idea where though”.

“I do”, a voice said, it was Dalek Gain. Dalek Gain advanced up the corridor.
“Who are you?” Georgia asked, “You aren’t the first aliens I’ve met, though. What species are you?”
“You are the Doctor’s companions”, Dalek Gain replied, “You will come with me or be exterminated”.

“I think we should obey”, Conner said standing up, “I don’t want anyone else to die”. Georgia nodded and Zac and Kaylie looked at each other then nodded too. They followed Dalek Gain along the corridor and through a hole, which appeared in the wall. The hole grew bigger and bigger until a flight of steps was revealed. Dalek Gain hovered down the steps followed by Georgia, Conner, Zac and Kaylie. They walked into the dalek control centre. In the middle of the room stood Roxanne, Ronald, Harry and Captain Price. Kaylie, Zac, Conner and Georgia ran over to the four people.
“Harry, you’re OK”, Kaylie exclaimed.
“It’s Private Roxanne and Ronald”, Zac said.
“Georgia you’re OK”, Captain Price said, “I thought the magnet warriors or the spiders had got you”.
“Magnet Warriors?” Georgia asked.
“Yes, they have invaded the ship”, Captain Price replied, “They’ve gone to war with the daleks”. Georgia looked shocked by this news, knowing that two alien races would be even more trouble.

“Blue Supreme Dalek entering floor 0”, Dalek Gain announced. The White Supreme Dalek turned as the Blue Supreme Dalek entered the room. Georgia turned and saw the dalek.
“They’re daleks?” Georgia asked, “The Doctor’s told us about them”.
“But Daleks are the worst monsters In the Universe, according to the Doctor”, Conner replied.

“Who are these humans?” the Blue Supreme Dalek asked.
“They are the Doctor’s associates”, Dalek Gain replied.
“And why is that human descendent still alive?” the Blue Supreme Dalek questioned.

“Who’s supposed to be dead?” Kaylie asked.
“Me, my uncle sacrificed myself to save me but they still wanted to kill me anyway”, Ronald answered.
“I showed some mercy”, the White Supreme Dalek said, “The human is very sad that his uncle had died and we showed no compassion”.
“Daleks do not show compassion”, the Blue Supreme Dalek replied immediately, “You have gone against all dalek law. Daleks do not feel, feelings make us weak”.
“Who says you are in charge?” the White Supreme Dalek replied, “This is unfair”.
“Daleks have no concept for fairness”, Dalek Gain interrupted, “The White Supreme Dalek has not followed dalek orders and daleks must obey their orders. He must be convicted. Sentence him, sentence him”.
“Dalek Gain has shown true dalek quality”, the Blue Supreme Dalek announced, “You have not, you will be exterminated”.
“You cannot kill me, I am a fellow dalek. Show me some mercy”, the White Supreme Dalek replied backing away, “I order you to stop”.
“I no longer follow your orders, you are no longer a true dalek”, the Blue Supreme Dalek said, “Exterminate!” The Blue Supreme Dalek fired a shot his extermination ray at the White Supreme Dalek who screamed in agony and fired a ray back. The Blue Supreme Dalek fired another and another and so did the White Supreme Dalek until the White Supreme Dalek finally blew up.

“Oh damn I missed the big bit”, the Doctor said walking into the room. After escaping the magnet Warriors he sneaked down to floor 1 and used his sonic screwdriver to get into the daleks control room.
“It is the Doctor”, Dalek Gain announced.
“Doctor!” Georgia cried.
“Doctor!” Conner shouted.
“It’s the Doctor”, Captain Price said.
“He’s Ok”, Zac said, “Where has he been?”
“He’s good at surviving”, Harry told Ronald.
“Doctor I’m so glad you’re Ok”, Private Roxanne exclaimed, “We thought you’d been killed by magnet Warriors”.

“Captain Price, Private Roxanne! Georgia, Conner brilliant work. Zac and Kaylie great surviving!” the Doctor said happily, “Harry and Ronald! Both of you survived, but where’s Roger”.
“I tried to stop the machine, so Dalek Gain tried to kill me”, Ronald replied, “My Uncle saved me, but then when they tried to kill me again the White Supreme Dalek stopped Dalek Gain, showing mercy, when the Blue Supreme Dalek found out, he exterminated the White Supreme Dalek”.
“Well, your uncle died honourably”, the Doctor said, “Captain Price are you still I contact with Captain Gifford?”
“The signal keeps coming on and off, but he’s told me that nearly everyone has survived on board, they are all on the lifeboats”, Captain Price answered, “But Captain Reggie and all his staff are presumed dead”.

“Correction they are dead”, the Blue Supreme Dalek announced, “And you humans will be silent!”
“Supreme Dalek”, Dalek Gain said, no longer getting the reply ‘which one?’, “The magnet Warriors have reached floor 3”.
“Spider leader”, the Blue Supreme Dalek said to the huge Spider leader who had been watching the scene silently for the last few minutes, “Tell all spiders on board to invade the Ship and Destroy all magnet warriors! Exterminate!”
“But surely the magnet warrior guns will kill all the spiders”, the Huge Spider leader hissed.
“I doubt it, those spiders are huge and armoured”, the Doctor said, although the question was not addressed to him”.
“Just because they are big doesn’t mean we can’t kill them”, Captain Price replied, “I mean the magnet warriors”.
“Silence!” the Blue Supreme Dalek ordered, “Magnet Warrior guns are useless, the spiders will easily get on board the ship. I repeat, invade the ship destroy all Magnet Warriors! Exterminate!”

“I obey”, the Huge Spider leader obeyed, “Spiders, get to the Magnet Warrior ship destroy all the magnet warriors! Georgia and Conner wondered if the Doctor was lying about the magnet Warriors not being able to harm the spiders. However, they would soon find out.


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Our series of stories is being produced on Mad Doctor Who Magazine's website, and this is a link to a page about it:

Lol. As you can tell we are very excited about this! We can't wait for it to come out. Check out MDWM's website for more news, and be sure to read their magazine! Yay!

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VTV Series Episode 1: The Forgotten

The Doctor pulled back the red velvet curtains and entered the small, dimly lit room. The tent made everything look dark, and gave Madame Rene ten times more mystery than the average milkman. He sat at the small table and stared at the crystal ball.

“I know why you’re here,” Madame Rene said “to remember. But first, you must cross my palm with silver. Or pretzels, I’m not fussy which.”

The Doctor pressed a salt and vinegar pretzel into Madame Rene’s hand. After gobbling it up, Madame Rene clutched the Doctor’s hands. The Doctor raised his eyebrows.

“I see… Planet Earth…” Madame Rene said, as if experiencing a vision. “I see… David Attenborough. No wait- that’s the wrong Planet Earth. Sorry. Ah yes, I see… America.”
“America…” the Doctor muttered, the memories becoming clear.
“I see a girl, a blond of 24. Her name… What is her name?” Madame Rene asked.
“You’re supposed to tell me,” the Doctor said.
“K… It begins with K. Ah ha! I have it! Katie! Her name is Katie!” the fortune teller smiled in triumph.
“Of course, how could I forget Katie!” the Doctor said, unsure of who Katie was. “How did we meet?”
“At a water cooler,” Madame Rene said.
“A water cooler?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes… This is how you met:”

Katie was stood by the water cooler in the Health Centre. She heard the sound of thumping footsteps and looked down the corridor. A man in a long brown coat, with a skinny brown suit and plimsolls was running down the corridor, heading towards her. She stepped out in front of him, where he skidded to a halt.

“Hello!” the Doctor smiled.
“Hi,” Katie said breathlessly.
“Do you work here?” the Doctor asked.
“Then you know this building inside out. Come with me!”

Instinctively, Katie ran after the man.

“I’m the Doctor by the way,” the Doctor smiled.
“Katie. Katie Parker.”
“Molto bene!”

The Doctor ran on. Katie looked back at her friends, before continuing to run. They ran up several staircases before the Doctor came to a halt.

“Where’s the staffroom?” he asked, without the slightest sound of being out of breath.
“That way,” Katie said pointing back down the stairs.

The Doctor turned and ran back down the stairs. Two minutes later they burst into the empty staffroom. The Doctor whipped out a metal wand and began to shine its lit tip into the darkness.

“What we looking for?” Katie asked peering into the darkness.
“Do you want the real answer or the political shtoom?” the Doctor asked.
“You know, Americans never say shtoom. I’ve never said it. And how come you’re English?” Katie asked.
“I know! People will begin to talk. How does he get the money to travel in Time and Space? And to America!”
“What? You travel in Time and Space?” Katie asked incredulously.
“In the TARDIS. Anyway- Zombie,” the Doctor said.
“Blimey you ask a lot of questions!” the Doctor said.

The Zombie, Gavin as he liked to be called, (when he wasn’t eating Judoon brains), was hiding in the darkness. He could smell blood. When the Doctor’s magic torch crossed him, he leapt at the Doctor and Katie.

Katie screamed as a Zombie came hurtling at the Doctor from the deepest corners of the staffroom. The Doctor fell under its weight, but pulled out a banana from his pocket as quick as a flash. Gavin fell unconscious.

“What happened?” Katie asked.
“I gave it a banana. The potassium reverses the temporal effects of the hydrochloron manipulator that affects his Benzone levels.”
“In English?” Katie asked.
“I put him to sleep,” the Doctor said sheepishly “did I mention you could come with me?”
“In the STARDIS?” Katie asked.
“Whatever. Great, course I’ll come,” Katie smiled.
“Just like that?” the Doctor asked.
“I’ve been waiting for you to ask,” Katie laughed.

The Doctor led her out of the building, towards the TARDIS.

“Ooh! Wait till you meet the Slitheen! They’re brilliant!”

The end.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Episode 13: Betrayal and Death Part 3

“We should run…” Zac muttered.
“Perhaps it hasn’t seen us”, Kaylie suggested.
“It’s looking at us”, Mr. Renegade pointed out.
“Good point”, Kaylie said, “Time to run!”
“Thank you Kaylie”, Andrea said, “But we do know what to do!” The huge tarantula lunged at them and they scattered. Zac, Kaylie and two students ran down an aisle and through a pair of double doors. Amy and Andrea hid behind a row of seats as the tarantula turned on Mr. Renegade who froze.

“Stop tarantula!” Mr. Renegade ordered, “I will join you and help you”.
“If…?” the tarantula asked in a long hiss.
“If you don’t kill me”, Mr. Renegade answered.
“I don’t need your help”, the tarantula shouted, “But I do need you as food”.
“Don’t kill me”, Mr. Renegade whimpered, “Kill those two!” Mr. Renegade pointed at Amy and Andrea who were still hiding.

“You horrid man!” Amy shouted, “Kill him Mr. Tarantula!”
“It’s all in his name!” Andrea said, “Renegade means traitor!” Kaylie threw a plastic cup at Andrea and ushered the two girls towards her, as the tarantula turned back to Mr. Renegade. Mr. Renegade ran through another pair of doors and the tarantula followed him.

“Amy, Andrea, come on!” Kaylie whispered, and then she saw a couple of other students hiding in another row, “And you lot!” The group reformed and followed Zac along another corridor.

On Earth Elizabeth and Colin sprayed the spiders with their bug killer and the spiders shrieked in pain and fear. Elizabeth and Colin ran down the stairs and through their front door.
“I know how we can get everyone grouped together!” Elizabeth said, “Wait here”. Elizabeth ran back into the house and ran back out carrying a megaphone.

“Everyone leave your homes and come here now!” Elizabeth shouted, “Distract the spiders and come out here now!”
“That will attract everyone’s attention!” Colin exclaimed, “Well done dear!” A few people rushed out into the street and joined Elizabeth and Colin. Mrs White, Elizabeth and Colin’s next-door neighbour, rushed into the street with a bottle of bug killer too.
“The bug killer will kill all the bugs”, Elizabeth said, “It seems other people had that brilliant idea too Colin”.
“Technically spiders aren’t bugs, they’re arachnids”, Colin replied.
“Shut up!” Elizabeth replied as a family of four ran out of their house followed by a large house spider. Elizabeth and Mrs White sprayed the spider with bug killer and it retreated. More spiders appeared, making snarling noises.
“Spray them!” Colin shouted and the spiders retreated, “Make the spiders scared of us, snarl at them!”

“I repeat everyone come out of your houses!” Elizabeth said through the megaphone.
“You’re attracting the spiders dear”, Colin pointed out.
“Well, it’s half a good plan”, Elizabeth said as more people appeared and joined the group which was getting slowly bigger. People came running from all directions.
“There are loads of people”, Colin said, “And look the spiders are scuttling away”.

“Is everyone from our street here?” Elizabeth asked everyone, “I can’t see Mrs Cotter”.
“Apparently she died three weeks ago and her house hasn’t been sold yet”, Colin shouted.

“Right everyone”, Elizabeth shouted into the megaphone, “We are going to march in that direction. We will march down every street we can and gather all the people from as many streets as possible and save them from the spiders, who are too scared to attack us. We will sing loud songs and keep our spirits up and we will save London”.
“Great speech dear”, Colin said patting Elizabeth on the arm.

On board the Spidership, on floor 0 the daleks and the huge spider leader were talking. They were going to try and contact the magnet warrior ship, which was heading quickly towards the Spidership. The daleks were, for the moment ignoring the humans, who were talking quietly.

“We need to get the doctor here”, Harry said, “As soon as possible”.
“We need to save the world”, Private Roxanne said, “If one of us could damage that machine then”.
“Then that person will be exterminated”, Captain Price pointed out.

“I’ll do it”, Ronald said, “I want to save my parents”.
“You’re only a child”, Private Roxanne said, “You will not die”.
“I’ll do it”, Roger Ummelmann said, “They’re going to exterminate me anyway so”.
“If we can get the Doctor here, then we can save him”, Harry said, “He can save all of us”.
“He does seem brilliant”, Private Roxanne said smiling.
“Who says, we want my uncle alive”, Ronald said, as if Roger was not there.
“You want him dead?” Harry asked.
“He is a traitor to the whole human race”, Captain Price pointed out.
“He’s not doing it!” Harry announced, “None of us are”.

“I have parents on Earth and brothers and sisters and grandparents!” Ronald said, “I will die if it saves them”.
“You aren’t doing it”, Private Roxanne replied, “Anyway none of us know how to tamper with that machine!”
“You just pull out a few of those wires there”, Roger said.
“What about that lever?” Captain Price asked.
“That lever can only be controlled by a dalek’s sucker”, Roger answered.

“Humans will be silent”, the Blue Supreme Dalek ordered as it turned.
“Visual contact with magnet warriors in 10 rels”, Dalek Gain informed the other two daleks.
“I hear that the magnet warriors do not treat alien spiders well”, the huge spider leader hissed.
“Then they shall be taught a lesson”, the Blue Supreme Dalek said.

“5 rels until contact”, Dalek Gain said. Harry, Ronald, Roger and Roxanne had never seen a magnet warrior before while Captain Price had. She had fought them when they had invaded last Christmas. A large hologram of a space ship appeared on a wall. All the daleks turned to it. The hologram showed the interior of the 1st magnet warrior ship. Marshal Skatz stood in the middle with a snarl on his face, while Commander Marr stood nearby next to The Doctor.

“Visual Recognition!” Dalek Gain uttered, “Supreme Dalek I recognise that man”.
“Which Supreme Dalek are you addressing?” the Blue Supreme Dalek asked.
“You”, Dalek Gain replied, “That man is the Doctor”.
“Visual recognition confirmed”, the White Supreme Dalek announced, “He is the Doctor”. The human prisoners looked at each other in amazement. Harry waved at the Doctor behind the daleks back.

“I speak to the daleks!” Marshal Skatz shouted.
“We are the daleks”, the White Supreme Dalek said.
“You are the same daleks who we bought the hypnosis and teleport technology off, confirm?” Marshal Skatz asked.
“That is correct”, the White Supreme Dalek said.

“Wait a second”, the Doctor said stepping forward, “Hi, daleks its me again!”
“Silence Doctor!” Commander Marr ordered.
“I just want to ask something”, the Doctor said, walking to the centre of the room, “Have you been selling technology to other species to get more money?”
“That is correct”, the Blue Supreme Dalek confirmed, “The humans ran out of money so we got them more”.
“So that’s why there was so much stolen technology”, the Doctor said, “The magnet Warriors, the slitheen, the scarecrows, the plague carriers. But you had too much money, am I right?”

“They sponsored the game Doctor!” Harry said, “Virtual Reality”.
“We did that so we could capture people for the spiders to eat”, the Blue Supreme Dalek explained, “But you wrecked our plans! Since then we have been stopping your telephone calls!”
“Conner didn’t get any of Zac’s messages!” Harry remembered.
“We let our guard down for a second!” the White Supreme dalek said, “And the Doctor was contacted”.

Meanwhile, behind the daleks Captain Price had secretly contacted UNIT successfully. She was whispering to Captain Gifford through a walky-talky.
“You mean there are people fighting the spiders”, Captain Price whispered, “They are scaring the spiders. All over the UK? That’s good”.

“Excuse me, Supreme Dalek”, Dalek Gain said.
“Which one?” the White Supreme Dalek asked.
“You”, Dalek Gain replied, “One of the human females is contacting someone”.
“Who are you contacting?” the Blue Supreme Dalek asked.
“No-one!” Captain Price said in a squeaky voice, “Just UNIT!”
“What are you telling them?” the White Supreme Dalek asked.

They are telling me about the spiders around the world and how they are being scared away”, Captain Price said triumphantly.
“The spiders are scared and the humans aren’t!” Captain Price announced, “The word has spread around the world, from the Doctor, to Georgia, to many UNIT soldiers, to the soldier’s families and friends, to UNIT HQ, to all broadcasting channels around the world. The human race is fighting back”.

“Have you checked your machine recently Supreme Daleks?” the Doctor asked, from the magnet warrior ship. The daleks turned and saw that the machine was making loud whirring noises and smoke was billowing from the top of it. Marshal Skatz and Commander Marr were sneering at the daleks. The huge spider shuddered.
“That machine is going to blow!” the Doctor shouted.

“You are a member of UNIT”, the White Supreme Dalek said, “UNIT did this, so you will be exterminated!”

Suddenly a loud voice broke through the argument.
“This is your Captain!” The voice of Captain Reggie said throughout the ship via loudspeakers. “There are huge spiders that have grown on board the Spidership. They are huge! But you can stop them! Make them scared of you. Stay in large groups. Keep your spirits up. They must be defeated! All people must get in large groups and reach the lifeboats. A member of staff will help you onto the lifeboat and…”
“Dalek Gain block the transmission”, the Blue Supreme Dalek ordered and Dalek Gain pushed a button and the announcement stopped.
“That must be my companion Georgia”, the Doctor said, “She got the Captain to make that announcement and now your plans have gone terribly bad. Oh and Marshal Skatz has something to say!”
“Yes, thank you Doctor”, Marshal Skatz said annoyed, “Daleks we don’t like you! And you think us small and we love going to war. So now we are going to war with you! That’s all!” The hologram vanished before the Doctor could stop Marshal Skatz.

“Dalek Gain, stop that machine from exploding and fix it!” the White Supreme Dalek ordered, “Spider-leader tell all spiders on board the Spidership to be alert for magnet warriors. Blue Supreme Dalek, what shall you do?”
“I will ascend to the bridge and exterminate the Captain and all personnel up there!” the Blue Supreme Dalek replied, “I will take the lift”. The Supreme Dalek exited the room as Dalek Gain pressed several buttons on the machine and the huge spider-leader, linked himself to the other spiders, telepathically. The White Supreme Dalek was also busy with the control panel.

“I’m sorry but if there are people on Earth fighting against the spiders then I must fight too!” Ronald said bravely and he ran into the machine that was making the spiders grow bigger. Dalek Gain turned and fired an exterminator ray at Ronald.
“Nooooo!” Roger Ummelmann cried as he jumped in front of his nephew and got hit by the ray in the chest. His body flashed so his skeleton could be seen and he then fell down dead.

“You tried to damage the machine”, Dalek Gain said, “You will be exterminated”.
“You won’t kill me!” Ronald said, “You killed my uncle instead of me! Or do Daleks not have any mercy”.
“Correct, Daleks do not have any mercy”, Dalek Gain replied, “So he will be destroyed!”

Meanwhile on the top level Georgia and Conner were looking cheerful.
“Right we’ll be off!” Georgia said, “Keep that spider barricaded in there. Keep your spirits up! Stay together and well done!”
“Will you be heading for the lifeboats?” Captain Reggie asked.
“First of all we need to go down to floor 0”, Conner replied.
“Thanks for your help”, Georgia said to Captain Reggie as the lift doors opened.
“It was no problem”, Captain Reggie replied, “See you!”
Georgia and Conner stepped into the lift and waved farewell. Conner pressed a button and the lift doors closed. However, there was a second lift next to the first and as the lift that carried Georgia and Conner descended, the other lifts doors opened.

“You are the Captain of the Spidership, confirm!” the Blue Supreme Dalek said as he exited the lift.
“Confirmed and who are you?” Captain Reggie asked.
“I am the Supreme Dalek and you have alerted everyone on board of my awareness”, the Supreme Dalek replied.
“I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean”, Captain Reggie replied.
“The spiders are my creation and they were to kill all on board”, the Blue Supreme Dalek answered, “So you will be exterminated”.
“At least I saved my passengers before you killed me”, Captain Reggie said boldly, and then added ,“You monster”.



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