Thursday, 25 March 2010

Series Three Trailer!

"Three aces!"
"I can easily beat that."
"The Ace of Spades!"
"What's wrong with the driver?"
"Is that like Lucozade?"
"Doctor it's the hair thingy! Things!"
"Fancy a game of Snap?"
"A pack of cards that comes to life..."
"Attila the Hun! I've always wanted to meet you!"
"That's all we need. Petr Costravalos and the badass brigade."
"I think we should go."
"We are the Nayragar, and the Earth is our food."
"Run Conner!"
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"What are you doing here?"
"Captain Adele MacDonald."
"Doctor I hate this dress!"
"We must follow my Lady in all fashions!"
"They're in trouble, we should help!"
"Follow the Huns, but don't follow us!"
"Rena Peakes, we meet again."
"You didn't join the job for the glamour, did you?"
"It's as bad as my mum having Mrs White round for dinner."
"I'm about to projectile-express myself all over your hush puppies."
"How many times have you called me?"
"That noise, it's coming from the cupboard!"
"Find the Aces!"
"UNIT will clear the area."
"Watch out for the Highwaymen!"
"You aren't the only Italian person I've met in Space, you know."
"Let me show you."
"This isn't coincidence."
"You're going to die."
"I accept all charges, if you can catch me!"
"Christ, Georgia, no one likes the desperate bitch look."
"We've hit the body jackpot."
"Most of the people in this room were shot to death."
"It's the final countdown!"
"Maybe the Drifter's keeping them fresh for something..."
"Tracy Carter - shut the hell up!"
"She's breaking down the door!"
"I've got to do this."
"Holly Black."
"Georgia, get out of there now! Georgia? GEORGIA!"

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Episode X: Christmas Bells Part 5

The Doctor dived from his seat and raised the Sonic Screwdriver. The detonator Dux carried exploded into pieces. The Robot Santas threw the Doctor to the floor and Dux stepped forwards, standing over him.

“Kill him.”

Elizabeth remained in her hiding place, waiting for the Doctor to return. Her hand brushed past her pocket and she frowned – there were several objects weighing the material down. She pulled them out and examined them.

“The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver and the explosion disc!” she said excitedly.

Climbing to her feet, she headed for the door, and then stopped. Maybe the Doctor had intended for her to hide in the spacesuit room. She ran back to the spacesuits, and found one of an appropriate size.

“I cannot believe I’m doing this,” she sighed. “If only Mrs White could see me now!”

After tying the Sonic Screwdriver and explosion disc to the belt on the suit, Elizabeth headed to the door and opened it. The corridor was empty, so she slipped through the doorway and hurried along it.

“Doctor, where did you go…?” Elizabeth muttered.

A Robot Santa walked out from a door, and Elizabeth dived into another room. She looked around desperately – if the Robot Santa moved slightly to the left it would see her, and she’d be caught. She ran to the opposite wall, and found a map.

“Airlock, here you are!” Elizabeth trilled to herself.

The Airlock was a few corridors away, and as the Robot Santa walked away, Elizabeth decided that she had to find it.

Georgia pointed out of the window, at the Church, which was now stood amongst the white light a few hundred feet away.

“Maybe they were helping the Doctor too,” she sighed. “Maybe he’s been captured.”
“Come and sit down,” Colin pleaded. “Stay with me…”

Georgia left her position by the window and rejoined Colin on the sofa, biting on the bottom of her lip in a nervous way.

The Doctor swung his feet around, knocking Dux off his feet. He dived past the Robot Santas and made his way to the exit. Instead of going back the way he came, he took the opposite direction, and locked himself in the control room.

“Here we go,” he muttered. “Now, where’s Elizabeth?”

He searched through the CCTV files, through the spacesuit room, and the map room, and the corridors, eventually finding Elizabeth sneaking into the airlock room.

“It’s time to get the TARDIS,” he decided.

After spending five minutes testing out how the Sonic Screwdriver worked, Elizabeth managed to unlock the Airlock, and after preparing herself, she pulled open the Airlock, using all her strength as the air pressure dropped. She stepped into the small chamber, and closed the first door. Turning around, she opened the second door, and began to float out of the Airlock.

“Oh my!”

She stopped for a moment, clinging on to the outside of the Airlock. Far below her, the Earth turned majestically, sitting beautiful in its part of space. Elizabeth smiled, and watched the clouds swish around, like they were playing some sort of game. She took one last look at the reflections of bright blues and greens, mixing together, before floating back round to face the ship, when she gasped.

“No!” she cried, floating along the outside of the ship, heading for the engines.

The ship’s large gun had swung around, and now directly faced the Earth. Around the central panel of the gun, red lights flashed, and Elizabeth took that to mean it would be firing very soon. Some way above the gun was a glass window, and Elizabeth could just make out Dux strolling along, admiring himself in the reflection. He paused, and looked out of the window, almost directly at her. If he spotted her, the gun would shoot her into oblivion. She held her breath, but Dux looked at a different spot on the glass, where an image appeared. It was the Doctor.

“Hello!” the Doctor beamed, waving at Dux.
“Find him!” Dux roared at his Roboforms. “What do you want?”
“I’m going to offer you a chance,” the Doctor said. “I love chances; they’re good to take… Anyway, you can take your ship, your Robot Santas, and leave. Or, you can carry on what you’re doing, and I’ll have to stop you.”
“And how do you intend to do that?” Dux snarled.
“Oh, I have a plan,” the Doctor smiled. “Now, what do you say?”
“You’re bluffing,” Dux decided. “So I can either hand myself in to you, or carry on and destroy the Earth! You know what, I think I’ll do the second option – I still need all my expensive things.”
“For yourself,” the Doctor sighed. “You’re so vain; you probably think this plan is about you. Which, to be fair, it is. Bye!”

Dux frowned, not understanding what he was on about. Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor sighed.

“It was song! You probably think this song is about you!”

He looked at the TARDIS scanner, and found where Dux kept his prisoners. Georgia, Conner, Colin and all of the Pink Ladies in the Church were in a place called nowhere land, a vast area of white space, much like limbo. If he could get them out, then the ship would explode and they’d be sent home.

“I’d better get to work then.”

Elizabeth reached the engine, and fumbled around her belt for the disc. Extracting it, she pressed it onto the ship’s engine, and pushed the disc into detonation mode. It light up purple and Elizabeth pushed herself away from the ship, floating through space, waiting to die. The explosion would surely kill her, but at least the Doctor would return Georgia and Colin home. She had done her job, as a mother and a wife. Closing her eyes, she waited for the end.

“Eight, seven, six,” she counted.

Suddenly, there was a rasping and grating noise and the TARDIS materialised behind her. Floating around, Elizabeth smiled as the doors opened and the Doctor leaned out.

“Three seconds,” he warned. “Come on in.”

She climbed inside the Doctor’s ship and closed the door. There was a large explosion and the TARDIS was thrown through space, heading towards the Earth. Elizabeth held on to a coral pillar, smiling as the Doctor announced full detonation of the ship.

“Dux is dead,” he confirmed. “And the Robot Santas have all deactivated.”
“And Colin, and Georgia?” Elizabeth asked.
“They’re home.”

Kate covered her eyes and the street flashed white, and the Bell house reappeared. The doors burst open, and Georgia, Colin and Conner ran out, laughing and jumping around.

“He did it!” Georgia grinned.

Kate headed over to join them.

“My name’s Kate Lipsett,” she announced. “I work at UNIT. Welcome back. Are you the daughter of Elizabeth Bell?”
“Yes,” Georgia replied. “Why? Did something happen?”
“She’s fine,” Kate smiled. “She helped the Doctor save the world.”
“Seriously?” Conner asked. “Woah…”

At the Church, Privates Charlotte and Alfie stepped forwards and opened the door of the recently returned Church. The Pink Ladies stepped out, smiling, some shaking.

“If you’d like to come this way,” Alfie said.
“You’ll be screened,” Charlotte added. “To make sure you’re all okay. This way!”

Mrs White bustled her way to the front, dragging Daisy with her.

“I need to personally explain what happened to the Vicar,” she said. “We’re very good friends you know, the Vicar and I. And my sister once met Prince Charles. And the love of his life – Camilla Parker Bowles.”
“I thought Diana…” Daisy began.
“Out of my way please,” Mrs White said to Charlotte.

Charlotte nervously stepped aside, and allowed Mrs White to drag Daisy off, glancing at her apologetically as she did so. She didn’t like leaving Daisy to the wrath of Mrs White, but it had to be done.

“Who was that?” Alfie asked. “We need to cross them off the list.”
“Viola White,” Charlotte pointed at the clipboard Alfie was holding. “And Daisy Cole.”
“Right,” Alfie said, stepping forwards. “Ladies, come this way. Betty Spencer and Dorothy Atkin, come this way. Janet Martin, Joanie Allen, Sylvia Hold and Mary Wood go with Charlotte…”

Georgia and Conner looked up as the TARDIS materialised. Elizabeth stepped out, talking to the Doctor, who remained inside.

“Hey mum,” Georgia smiled.
“Hello dear,” Elizabeth replied. “How’s your father?”
“Alright,” Georgia said. “He misses you though.”
“I expect he does,” Elizabeth chuckled. “Now dear, I feel like a nice cup of tea. The Doctor sent his love, to both of you, and said he’d be back soon.”

Georgia nodded, and led the way back to the house. Conner smiled at Kate as he stepped inside the house, and she nodded and walked away.

Two months later.

Elizabeth held her best flowery hat to her head as the wind picked up. She stepped backwards to allow Colin, staggering under the weight of his and her suitcases, to head to the car. Mrs White came out of her house, as had most of the neighbours. What Elizabeth didn’t realise, was that they were all happy that she was leaving for an unknown length of time.

“Come on dear,” she said to Colin. “We haven’t got all day.”
“Yes dear,” Colin sighed. “If you’d like to get in the car?”

Elizabeth coughed, and Colin sighed once more. He climbed out of the car, walked around to the passenger side, and opened Elizabeth’s door for her.

“Thank you,” she said, climbing into the car.

Colin muttered a reply, and climbed back into the driver’s side. One of the nearest neighbours shouted of their departure to the rest of the street, who all cheered. Elizabeth opened her window and waved as the car drove along the street.

“Goodbye! Goodbye!” she trilled. “You know, dear, I don’t think we should move to America. Our neighbours would simply miss us too much.”
“But we’re supposed to be looking at houses!” Colin sighed.
“Well, it’ll be a lovely holiday,” Elizabeth said. “I’ll have to tell all the Pink Ladies about our expensive trips around the world when we get back. I hope I left enough holiday brochures for Mrs White… She was thinking of going to America too.”

Mrs White smiled as the car turned a corner, and returned to her house. She stepped through the living room, heading to the sun room, where she could find her gardening gloves. It would be nice to be able to do gardening without Elizabeth poking her head over the fence to bombard her with questions. As she opened the door to the sun room, she screamed. There were mounds and mounds of holiday brochures, absolutely everywhere!

The TARDIS materialised outside of Kaylie’s house. Georgia, Conner and Kaylie ran to greet the Doctor, who stepped out with a renewed smile on his face.

“You all okay now?” Georgia asked.
“Yeah,” the Doctor nodded. “Thanks for being patient. Come on in.”

Georgia smiled, gave the Doctor a quick kiss on the cheek and stepped inside the TARDIS. Conner turned to Kaylie, and hugged her.

“Thanks so much for looking after me these, ooh, six months?”
“You arrived in August, so I guess it’s been about six months,” Kaylie agreed. “Christ, I’m surprised my mum let me keep you at home for six months!”
“Tell her thanks,” Conner grinned. “And I’ll see you when school starts again.”
“In a week?” Kaylie asked.
“I thought this half term was two weeks…” Conner muttered. “But yeah, soon. I want to carry on going to school – it’s important to me. I’m not gonna be with the Doctor forever, and I want to know I’ll be okay if he leaves again.”
“Hey!” the Doctor protested. “I was upset!”
“Shut up,” Conner teased. “Come on then Dr Jekyll, where to first?”
“Ah, now I have a few ideas on that…”

The Doctor entered the TARDIS, and Kaylie waved at Conner as he followed. With a small smile, she stepped back as the TARDIS dematerialised.

“So what are you doing this half term, Catherine?” Beth asked.

She was talking on her phone, walking down an alleyway.

“Ooh, sounds good,” she said. “I love that programme. Not the same since Dawn French left…”

She continued talking for a while, before hanging up. She smiled to herself as she placed her phone in her pocket. There was a small flash as she looked up, and two people appeared in front of her. She was trapped in a small alleyway, with Petr Costravalos and Pippa Blackwell.

“Hello Beth,” Petr smiled. “We’d like a word with you…”

The End

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Episode X: Christmas Bells Part 4

Elizabeth was hauled by the Robot Santas to a large dining room. A figure with scales sat at one end of the table, and an empty chair faced opposite him. The Robot Santas forced Elizabeth into the seat, and left the room. The figure smiled at her, and clapped his hands.

“Welcome!” he said. “Enchanté. My name is Dux Ducis, and I am in charge here.”
“Elizabeth Bell,” Elizabeth stammered. “What are the Santa things?”
“Roboforms,” Dux replied. “I’ve hired them to do my dirty work – I don’t like doing things myself. I’ve been watching you, Mrs Bell, on the monitoring systems on the ship, and on Earth. You arrived with the Doctor. I must admit, when you arrived I was merely hoping to capture the Doctor, but when I saw you… I was enamoured.”
“Thank you,” Elizabeth said, unsure whether to smile or not.

Dux began to eat with his alien knife and fork, so Elizabeth copied his movements. He let out a tinkling laugh, and watched her in fascination.

“This... Beef… It’s lovely, but I really had better be going back to Earth,” Elizabeth said. “Thank you for your hospitality…”
“But, Mrs Bell, its cold outside,” Dux replied. “You must stay, I have Earth beverages for us to enjoy.”
“I really must be going,” Elizabeth smiled, standing up from her seat.
“I insist!” Dux cried, sliding towards her and kissing her hand. “You really are the most beautiful human I’ve seen. Do you know what I’m planning for the Earth?”
“No,” Elizabeth replied.
“Well, at 12:00pm tonight, just before Boxing Day begins, I’m going to shoot the Earth out of the sky, and sell it for cash,” Dux smiled. “I’ve got to pay for my lovely ship and Robots. I would be honoured if you would join me. Of course, I’ll let Colin, Georgia and Conner go once I’m out of the Doctor’s reach, but you could come with me!”

Elizabeth pulled her hand away, slapped Dux around the face and ran for the door. She barged past a Robot Santa, who marched after her.

“Bring her back to me!” Dux cried. “I want her alive!”

The Doctor materialised on Earth, out of sight of the Bell house. Sadly, he watched the UNIT soldiers carry out their work. Even if his plan succeeded, he couldn’t guarantee that Elizabeth would survive, or that Georgia and Conner would come back to him. As he continued to watch the soldiers, Mrs White appeared at his shoulder.

“Shouldn’t you be with Elizabeth?” she asked.
“I had to leave her,” the Doctor said. “If I’m right, she should be back soon.”

There was a flash, and Elizabeth appeared in the street, out of breath. The Doctor and Mrs White rushed to her side.

“What happened?” he asked.
“The leader,” Elizabeth puffed. “He fancies me! He plans to shoot the Earth and sell it for cash!”
“All he really wants is money in his pocket,” the Doctor summarised. “What about the Robot Santas? Did they follow you?”
“Yes,” Elizabeth said. “Is that a problem?”
“They can trace you,” the Doctor explained. “I don’t want a gun battle with UNIT going on. Is there anywhere we can go?”
“The Pink Ladies are having a meeting at the Church,” Mrs White said quickly. “Sheridan and Violet have gone out – we could hide there.”
“Brilliant Mrs White,” the Doctor grinned. “Come on you two!”

He raced to a car, and dived into the front seat.

“I don’t think you should do that,” Conner said.

Georgia ignored him, and opened the front door. She stepped out into the white light, which was all around. Colin stayed on the sofa, with a worried expression on his face.

“It’s fine,” Georgia called to Conner, who joined her out into the white light. “It’s just like being in a studio.”
“What is this place?” Conner muttered.
“Nowhere land,” Georgia guessed. “I’m thinking that someone doesn’t want us on hand to help the Doctor.”

Conner agreed with her. He knew that the Doctor could cope on his own when he had to – it was just a matter of the Doctor bothering to return to notice they’d gone. Would he know if they disappeared? Probably not, Conner decided, returning to the house.

“I shall read the register,” Elizabeth announced.

She stood at the pulpit, and addressed the Pink Ladies and the Doctor, who was sat at the back with an uncomfortable expression.

“The Doctor and I are present,” Elizabeth told them. “Mrs White. Daisy Cole, ah, there you are. How are you coping after the Clown incident? Not too well? Oh. Mary Wood? Yes. Sylvia Hold? Yes. Janet Martin? Yes. Oh, Georgia told me you saw her at the Bakery a few months ago! She was delighted! You must pop round one day! Joanie? Joanie Allen? Ah, there. Still drinking, I see. Dorothy Atkin? Hello my dear. And Betty Spencer? Yes. Betty, put the scissors down!”

Betty dropped the pair of scissors she was clutching, and edged away from Sylvia Hold. Janet waved at Elizabeth as Daisy asked a question.

“What’s going on Elizabeth?” Daisy asked. “What are we doing today?”
“My family is under attack,” Elizabeth said. “There’s a spaceship in the sky, and we need to stop it from shooting us out of the sky! As you all know, I am a very proud woman, and I don’t like to see aliens trying to harm the Earth. Are you ladies with me? Oh, and the Doctor, are you all with me?”
“Yes!” Joanie cried, toppling onto the floor.
“I am, but as long as I’m not near Betty!” Sylvia said. “She keeps trying to kill me with scissors!”

Elizabeth sighed, and got to work. Half an hour later, five Robot Santas walked up to the Church, and tried to open the door. Joanie, Betty and Mary had barricaded the old oak doors, while Daisy became tangled in a trip wire, and Mrs White, Elizabeth and the Doctor discussed how to stop Dux. Janet, Dorothy and Sylvia looked out of the windows they were stationed at, and informed the Doctor of the arrival of the Robot Santas.

“They’re here!” Dorothy cried. “Everyone prepare!”

Sylvia, Janet, Joanie and Mary grabbed nets, while Dorothy and Betty helped Daisy with the trip wire. The Robot Santas entered, and stepped over the trip wire, and dodged the nets. They raised their arms into the air, and white light erupted from their gloved hands.

“They’re taking us to nowhere land!” the Doctor cried. “Run!”

He abandoned the plans and maps he was studying, and ran to the back of the Church. He would normally stop and help the others, but if he was captured too, the world would be doomed. He heard footsteps behind him, and he knew that at least one person would make it out as well.

“Come on!” he cried to no one in particular.

He burst through the door and out into the sunlight. The white light consumed the Church, and soon it disappeared. The Doctor turned, to see who his final ally in the battle against Dux was.

“Elizabeth,” the Doctor smiled. “I’m so glad it’s you.”

Elizabeth smiled, before looking back at the empty space where the Church once stood.

“There’s nothing we can do,” the Doctor sighed. “We’ll get them back I promise. Can you hear that?”
“Sirens dear,” Elizabeth said. “The boys do a wonderful job of cleaning up the streets.”
“No – that’ll be UNIT,” the Doctor decided. “Let’s get back to the TARDIS, we need to sort this out.”

Kate couldn’t get hold of Petr Costravalos, so she had returned to the TARDIS. The rest of the UNIT patrol had moved to the local Church, which had also disappeared. She looked along the street, and smiled.

“Doctor, you came back!”
“Hello,” the Doctor smiled. “Who are you?”
“Kate Lipsett, sir,” she saluted.
“Don’t salute!” the Doctor moaned.
“We’re off to stop the ship,” the Doctor said. “Tell Captain Gifford that I’ll handle it from here.”
“You may have a problem,” Kate informed him. “I contacted Petr Costravalos in the hope that he’d help Earth…”
“How do you know Petr?” the Doctor frowned.
“UNIT have files on him – we do realise he’s been following you, you know,” Kate said matter-of-factly.
“And did he say he’d help?”
“I haven’t been able to get through to him,” Kate replied. “But be careful – he could be there too.”

The Doctor nodded, and strode back to the TARDIS where Elizabeth was waiting for him.

“We need to give Dux a chance to stop this,” he said as they entered the TARDIS.
“And if he says no?” Elizabeth asked. “What would we do then?”

The Doctor set the TARDIS in motion, and took a small disc from his pocket. On the underside, there were several purple bubbles that looked sticky.

“We’ll attach this to the outside of the ship,” he said, holding the disc up. “The purple bubble bits are sticky, and when their stuck to the ship’s engine, we press the disc, and after a few seconds it’ll explode. I don’t really like doing it, but it’s him or Earth.”
“The chap better accept then,” Elizabeth smiled. “Oh wait till I tell Georgia about all our adventures!”
“We’re here,” the Doctor said, grinning slightly. “After you.”

Brian Mason and Lucy Stuart ran along the street, towards where the Bell house once stood. Kate came forward and held out her hands.

“Stop!” she said. “This area is cordoned off!”
“What happened?” Brian asked. “Where’s the house?”
“That’s confidential,” Kate said. “If you could get back!”
“But Georgia lives there!” Lucy cried. “Where are they?”
“You know Georgia Bell?” Kate asked. “Then you must know the Doctor…?”

Brian and Lucy nodded, and Kate smiled.

“He’s sorting it out now,” she said. “Our Christmas saviour!”
“He’s on his own?” Brian frowned. “But he needs someone… We could help.”
“We have before,” Lucy added.
“He’s not alone,” Kate said. “Elizabeth Bell is helping him.”
“Christ,” Brian muttered. “God help us all!”

Georgia and Conner were still sat on the sofa, while Colin was tending pointlessly to the Christmas tree in the corner.

“What did Lucy want when she came to see you the other day?” Conner asked.
“It doesn’t matter,” Georgia sighed.
“Tell me,” Conner said.
“She just gave me a warning,” Georgia replied. “She knows I’m working at the Bakery and she doesn’t want me to try anything on with Brian.”
“Ohhh,” Conner nodded. “So you and her are enemies now?”
“Not really. Well, I don’t think we are,” Georgia thought. “If someone joined us in the TARDIS, I’d warn her away from you or the Doctor.”
“Thanks for that,” Conner grinned. “Hey, there’s more white light outside!”

He climbed up from the sofa, and ran to the window. After a moment he shielded his eyes, and the white went back to its usual brightness. Slowly, Conner turned to Georgia.

“The Church is here too.”

The Doctor and Elizabeth left the TARDIS and walked through the ship.

“This way,” Elizabeth pointed. “This is where Dux talked to me before.”
“What’s in this room?” the Doctor asked, heading to one of the doors along the corridor.
“I don’t know dear,” Elizabeth sighed. “I didn’t see that door before.”

The Doctor peered through the glass, and grinned. His plan was falling into place perfectly. Elizabeth joined him at the glass.

“It’s the spacesuit room,” the Doctor said. “Useful, that…”
“Can you hear footsteps?” Elizabeth asked, turning around.
“Robot Santas!” the Doctor cried. “Quick, hide in here!”

He opened the door to the spacesuit room and pushed Elizabeth inside, slipping several things in her pocket as he went. With that, he shut the door, and the Robot Santas grabbed him.

“Take me to your leader!” he beamed.

Dux Ducis looked up from his evening papergraph as the Doctor was dragged into the room. He smiled as his Robot Santas forced him into a seat.

“Doctor,” he said.
“Hello,” the Doctor beamed, putting his feet up on the desk. “Let’s have a look at the old papergraph.”

Dux slid his alien newspaper along the table and the Doctor picked it up, flicking through the pages, reading at top speed.

“You’re quite the entrepreneur,” the Doctor noticed. “Selling things left, right and centre, including the Earth.”
“I make a living,” Dux replied.
“A living?” the Doctor laughed. “Have you seen your ship? It’s magnificent! The only thing lacking is some pictures of you on the walls!”
“What do you mean?” Dux asked.
“You, you’re very self loving!” the Doctor said. “You need to have a sit down with your ego mate.”
“I prefer a mirror,” Dux replied coolly. “Now that I have you here, you cannot stop me! Roboforms, kill the Doctor!”

The Doctor looked around as the Robot Santas advanced on him menacingly. Dux left his seat and stood by the window, holding a small silver pad with a button.

“I’m advancing the plans so nothing will go wrong,” Dux announced. “Pressing this button will activate the guns, and the Earth will be blown out of the sky!”

The Robot Santas raised their arms, and Dux pressed the button.

“Happy Christmas!” Dux cackled.

To be continued…

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Episode X: Christmas Bells Part 3

“Happy Christmas!” Georgia yelled, running into Conner’s room and leaping on his bed.

Conner groaned and pushed her off of him. She threw him the pillow case from the end of his bed, which was filled with presents.

“There’s more downstairs!” Georgia grinned.
“Really?” Conner gasped. “I haven’t had a proper Christmas for years; my parents were always working on the Spidership over Christmas…”

After they had opened their presents, including one from the Doctor, Georgia raced into Colin and Elizabeth’s room to wake them up, while Conner thudded downstairs. He was rather surprised to see Elizabeth, lying next to the tree, with all her presents open.

“I got a little over-excited,” Elizabeth explained. “I opened all of these at 5 in the morning! Don’t tell Mr Bell, but I’m a little tipsy…”
“You can’t tell,” Conner lied.

Georgia and Colin came down the stairs with confused expressions.

“Mum?” Georgia asked.
“Yes dear?” Elizabeth said. “I’ll go and put the turkey on…”

After they had eaten their Christmas Dinner, which passed without much incident, except Elizabeth showing off her Waitrose crackers, Colin settled in front of the fire and fell asleep. The Queen’s Speech finished and he still hadn’t woken, so Conner had gone upstairs, Georgia had cleared the table, and Elizabeth had headed to the Church to pray with the Vicar, who was scared senseless by her.

“I’d better go and help Georgia with the table,” Conner muttered after he had looked over his presents.

He left his room and headed down the stairs, almost bumping into Georgia on the landing. She blushed and smiled at him.

“I was just coming to help you clear up,” Conner said quickly.
“I’ve finished now,” Georgia replied. “Happy Christmas, Conner.”

It was like a scene from a film; Georgia and Conner leaned closer together, their lips parting slightly as they prepared to kiss. Boom! The whole house shook, and Georgia and Conner were knocked over, before their lips even met.

“What the hell was that?” Georgia cried. “Dad?”

She raced down the stairs, Conner following. In the middle of the living, Colin was stood, frozen. White light poured through the curtains, consuming the entire house. Georgia ran to the front door, and opened it. More white light poured through.

“What’s going on?” Conner cried.
“Something’s taking us!” Georgia screamed. “Hold on!”

A few minutes later, Elizabeth returned to the house, and screamed. Where her home had previously stood, there was nothing but an empty mass. Everything had gone, including Colin, Georgia and Conner.

“No!” Elizabeth shouted. “Please! No, please! No!”

At UNIT, Kate ran back to Sally and Captain Gifford, who were watching a monitor with horrified expressions.

“The ship – it’s stolen a whole house!” Sally said.
“Whose?” Captain Gifford asked. “Find out who lives there! Check CCTV!”

Sally typed something into her keyboard, and an image of the missing Bell house appeared on the screen. Outside, Elizabeth had collapsed to the floor, shouting. Kate sat in the chair next to Sally and found the information on Elizabeth via a picture from the CCTV.

“That’s one Elizabeth Bell,” Kate announced. “Mother of Georgia Bell – she’s on our records – current companion of the Doctor, along with Conner Bennet.”
“Let me guess, the Doctor and Georgia were in the house at the time,” Captain Gifford sighed.
“I’m not so sure,” Kate replied. “According to a Mrs Viola White, Elizabeth had popped off to the Church, leaving husband Colin, daughter Georgia and guest Conner in the house.”
“How did you find that out?” Sally frowned.
“She called the Police 12 minutes ago,” Kate informed her. “Spoke to a PC Walsh, told him about the missing house. I’ve sent him a message telling him to let UNIT deal with it.”
“Good,” Sally said.

She clearly didn’t appreciate Kate stealing her thunder, so she sent out a call to several UNIT privates to head to the Bell house.

“I think I’d better lead this operation,” Captain Gifford said. “I want it noted – we’ve lost the Doctor’s companions, and the Doctor is nowhere near the scene. If it gets any worse, we’ll have to call in Torchwood. Well, what’s left of it. Send Privates Charlotte and Alfie to look after Mrs Bell.”

He left the room and headed to a car, which would take him to the Bell house.

“What are we gonna do, Sally?” Kate asked. “If the Doctor and his companions are gone, Earth hasn’t got a chance.”
“What do you mean?” Sally replied. “You said the ship was harmless – the aliens probably want to talk to people who know about aliens and speak their language.”
“I lied,” Kate sighed. “The ship is a war ship. Today, Christmas Day, is the last of planet Earth.”

Sally gulped. Elizabeth heard the noise of sirens and pulled herself to her feet. Her neighbours mustn’t see her like this – she’d have to be strong. Three cars pulled up, and soldiers in red berets jumped out, carrying guns and surveying equipment. Two soldiers, Privates Charlotte and Alfie headed over to Elizabeth and removed her from in front of the house.

“I’m Private Charlotte,” Charlotte announced. “Now, if you’d like to talk about anything you’ve seen here, don’t hesitate to ask myself or Private Alfie here.”
“I’d like to know how old this one is,” Elizabeth said, pointing to Alfie. “He’s lovely!”
“Thank you,” Alfie smiled. “Oh, can someone deal with the neighbours?!”

He shouted over at several newer Privates, who rushed over to restrain a nosy Mrs White. A few seconds later they ran back over to the bigger Privates, clearly terrified, and Mrs White forced her way over to Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth my dear, how are you?” she boomed.
“Fine,” Elizabeth assured her. “These lovely soldiers will return my house. Probably get me an insurance claim too. Not that I approve of that behaviour.”
“You deserve some after being traumatised,” Mrs White agreed. “I must go, my dear! I’ll telephone the Vicar and his wife to pray for you!”
“Do say hello to him for me, won’t you?” Elizabeth trilled as she was led off by Charlotte and Alfie. “I was only praying with him this morning. You must pop round later and view my property brochures; we’ve bought several for America!”

Mrs White didn’t have time to point out that the property brochures had vanished along with the house, as Elizabeth had walked off. As they headed towards a car for a private moment, the sound of the universe ripped through the air. Elizabeth gasped and let go of Charlotte’s arm. All of the UNIT soldiers got down on one knee, their heads bowed, and their hands in salute.

“Did you miss me?” the Doctor asked, stepping out from the TARDIS.

Kate screamed and pointed at the CCTV screen. Sally nearly fell off of her chair when she saw the Doctor striding in front of the house, addressing Elizabeth from beside the car.

“I’m going there,” Kate said, picking up her things. “Only you and I know the situation with the ship, and someone’s gotta tell him.”

Sally nodded, and Kate left the room. Elizabeth finished explaining to the Doctor, who surveyed the space the Bell house had left behind.

“Somebody tell me, is there a ship in the sky?” he asked, looking at Charlotte and Alfie.
“Yes sir,” Charlotte replied. “It’s harmless.”
“Really harmless, yeah,” the Doctor sighed, waving at the empty space. “I bet Georgia and Conner think so too, wherever they are.”
“And Colin,” Elizabeth added. “That’s my husband, you know!”
“We know,” Alfie said.
“I need someone to come with me to this ship,” the Doctor announced.
“We know,” Alfie said. “Can I come?”
“No,” the Doctor replied. “Anyone else? Charlotte, you’d better stay here and keep the peace with UNIT, I don’t want them shooting at the ship – it’ll be armed to the teeth.”
“I guessed that,” Charlotte smiled. “I’ll do it. Alfie will help me.”
“I know,” Alfie said.
“Shut up,” Charlotte growled. “That’s the Doctor you’re annoying.”
“I know,” Alfie said.
“I’m actually gonna punch you,” Charlotte calmly stated.
“I’ll come!” Elizabeth piped up to the Doctor.
“Brilliant!” the Doctor said. “And completely your own suggestion! Let’s go!”

Elizabeth hesitated, wondering if he’d planned for her to ask to come, and when she realised that he’d made her say that, she sighed, and followed. The rest of UNIT, including Captain Gifford, saluted, and watched in awe as the Doctor and Elizabeth departed in the TARDIS.

“My goodness!” Elizabeth gasped. “How marvellous! Simply marvellous! You have seating in your spaceship!”
“Aren’t you gonna exclaim that it’s bigger on the inside?” the Doctor frowned as he set the console in motion.
“But you have seating!” Elizabeth exclaimed.
“And a luxury shower,” the Doctor added.

Elizabeth smiled happily, and sat down on the seats beside the console.

“I think I’m going to like it here,” she decided. “When we’ve saved my daughter and husband, I’ll just pop back and fetch a few clothes and we’ll be off!”
“What?” the Doctor said. “You mean permanently?”
“That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?” Elizabeth asked, confused. “I thought… I do shop at Waitrose whenever I can; Colin only goes to Sainsbury’s when Waitrose’s services are unavailable.”
“I’m sure you do,” the Doctor replied, regretting his plan immediately. “Here we are.”

Elizabeth and the Doctor stepped out onto the ship, which was even more luxurious than the Doctor’s seating. Elizabeth ran a hand along the wall, tracing the patterns in the marble walls, while the Doctor slipped his brainy specs on and observed a monitor.

“They’ve got Georgia and Conner,” he confirmed. “I guess they know about me, and didn’t want me interfering. We should go back, I need more help.”
“But this is an alien spaceship!” Elizabeth trilled. “My first alien spaceship!”
“The TARDIS doesn’t count?” the Doctor asked.
“I suppose,” Elizabeth said, with a small mischievous smile.
“Can you stay here for two seconds? I need to find Zac and Kaylie,” the Doctor grinned. “We could do with their help.”

Elizabeth nodded and hid behind a pillar as the TARDIS dematerialised. Almost immediately there were footsteps in the corridor, and, peeking from behind the pillar, Elizabeth saw two robots dressed as Santa Claus march along. With robotic noises and movements, they stopped, dead still, and turned to face her.

“Oh no!” she gasped.

She ran from her hiding place and down the corridor. The Robot Santas followed her, and as she reached the door to safety, a third stepped out in front of her, blocking her path.

“Where’s the Doctor?” Kate asked Captain Gifford, stepping onto the scene of the incident.
“He left, with Elizabeth Bell,” Captain Gifford replied. “They’ve gone to stop the alien ship.”
“But I need to warn him – that ship is far more dangerous than we previously thought!” Kate cried. “They could blast us out of the sky at any minute, and they’ll probably do it tonight! Christmas Day, maximum effect. I need to get to the ship, has anyone got a teleport?”
“We don’t allow those,” Captain Gifford said.

Kate sighed and ran back to her car. There was one place she could get a teleport, from one person.

“Petr Costravalos,” she muttered.

The Doctor stopped working the TARDIS controls, and sat down. He had no intention of finding Zac and Kaylie; he had done all he planned. Leave Elizabeth at the mercy of the Robot Santas, leave Earth defenceless. Job done.

“Sorry Elizabeth,” he said quietly. “You’ll thank me later.”

To be continued…

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Episode X: Christmas Bells Part 2

Conner climbed out of Andrea’s car, and walked into St. Mark’s Senior School with Kaylie. As they passed the running children, people would stop, and turn, halfway through their conversations, to stare.

“You’ll get used to it,” Kaylie muttered.
“I feel like we should be walking in slow motion and wearing sunglasses,” Conner laughed.

Kaylie’s reply was interrupted as they walked into the Sixth Form Common Room. Bradley and Gareth Daniels dropped the year seven they were carrying, and turned to stare. Gareth’s girlfriend Hattie Simpson dropped her mobile phone to the floor in surprise, while Catherine and Beth fell completely silent for possibly the first time ever. But the person Conner’s eyes were drawn to was Zac, who was standing in the middle of the room, with a look of shock slapped across his face.

“Hey everyone,” Conner said. “I’m back…”

One month later.

Georgia finished her shift at the Bakery and walked home. The world seemed different now, grown up. Ever since aliens had become known, everything was just that little bit different. As she crossed the street, heading for her front door, her phone rang. Nervously, she pulled it out from her pocket. Was it the Doctor, letting her know he’d be back soon? It wasn’t, but she answered it anyway.

“Hey Zac,” she said. “How’s Conner?”
“Acting strange!” Zac shouted. “Are you with the Doctor?”
“Why are you shouting?” Georgia asked. “What’s going on?”
“Conner’s back at school!” Zac explained in a loud voice. “And he’s not really said anything to me ever since he came back, but he and Kaylie just started a food fight!”

Georgia grinned – Conner hadn’t changed much then.

“Do you want me to come over?” Georgia called. “I haven’t seen Conner for two months!”
“If you don’t mind!” Zac shouted. “I’ve got to go, Hattie Simpson’s brought out the puddings from the kitchens, and they’re rock hard!”

There was a crash, and the call disconnected. Georgia fell silent for a second, before beginning to laugh. She raced inside the house, and shouted up the stairs.

“Mum? Dad? I need you to drive me to St. Mark’s!”

Elizabeth came running down the stairs.

“What’s going on?” she asked.
“I need to help Zac,” Georgia explained. “Conner’s acting strange.”
“The chase is afoot!” Elizabeth trilled, grabbing her coat and leaping out of the door, swinging the car keys in her hand.

Georgia sighed and raced after Elizabeth, who had started the car and swung it so the passenger door faced the front door.

“Get in!” she cried.
“Mum, it’s not life threatening!” Georgia sighed. “Conner’s not dying or anything… I’m just worried he’s missing the Doctor.”
“Oh,” Elizabeth said. “Oh. Well, we’ll go at a much more reasonable speed then. Did Mrs White see anything?”

She seemed disappointed as she realised Mrs White wasn’t pressed up against her window peering out at the scene unfolding in the Bell’s drive. Georgia laughed, and climbed into the car. A few minutes later and Elizabeth stopped the car.

“Mum, we aren’t there yet!” Georgia said. “What are you doing?”
“Richard’s place!” Elizabeth pointed. “That old Fish and Chip shop of his, it’s been turned into a Pizza Takeaway!”

Georgia’s eyes followed the direction of Elizabeth’s finger sadly. Her brother had been killed by the Slitheen, and his Fish and Chip shop had been brought and done up. Georgia turned back to Elizabeth, to say something that would make it all okay, but her mother had gone.


She looked out of the window, to see Elizabeth trotting over to the Pizza Takeaway. Georgia sighed, and got out of the car to walk to St. Mark’s.

Kate Lipsett downloaded the files on the Doctor, and programmed them into her mobile phone. Excusing herself for a bit of fresh air, Kate headed out of the building and on to the busy streets of London, where she dialled a number on her phone.

“Doctor?” she said. “Please pick up, I need you. Planet Earth needs you!”
“This is the Doctor, leave me a message!” the voicemail trilled brightly.
“This is Kate Lipsett, of the Unified Intelligence Taskforce,” Kate said, saluting. “Oh, sorry, I forgot, no salutes. Anyway, UNIT has been tracking an alien ship, and we’ve discovered that it’ll be arriving on Christmas Eve. Plenty of time for you to just pop up there and destroy it? I would ask Torchwood, but they’re going through a rough patch. I wouldn’t ask unless it we were desperate – this ship is a war ship, and we’re all going to die…”

“Catherine, over here!” Beth cried.

Catherine slid over the soup covered floor, and ducked behind the table Beth was using for cover. Gareth Daniels threw a chicken wing, and it bounced hollowly off of Catherine’s head. A few feet away, Kaylie and Conner were stood on a table each, throwing jelly and orange juice over anyone who was unfortunate enough to stand within their reach.

“Where’s Zac?” Kaylie shouted.
“Dunno,” Conner said. “But he’s missing all the fun!”

Kaylie laughed, and looked towards the door of the canteen. Mrs Sow was stood in the middle of the doorway, a hand on each side of the doorframe. Gradually, the whole canteen fell silent, and everyone waited for Mrs Sow to explode with rage.

“I hope you realise, children,” she said loudly. “That you’ll have to bring in money tomorrow for the Pizza Takeaway around the corner, you’re throwing the rest of this week’s food around! It’ll be Pizza and Chips for the rest of the week I’m afraid.”
“Yay!” Gareth cried out.
“Thank you Gareth,” Mrs Sow sighed. “That’s all I wanted to say. Well, what are you waiting for? Get back on with it! I’ve got a bet with Mr Benton that the first to throw the lasagne will be a year 9, and I haven’t got the £30 to give to him if I lose!”

Everyone laughed, and ran for the lasagne. Zac opened the gates a fraction, letting Georgia in. She smiled at him, and he led the way to the canteen.

“He’s in here,” he said.
“If I get food chucked at me…” Georgia warned.

Zac nodded nervously. He couldn’t guarantee anything where year eleven was concerned. As they approached the canteen, the noise levels increased dramatically, and when Georgia opened the door, she was almost deafened by the screaming. As Zac ran into the fray to retrieve Conner, Georgia heard a different noise over the screams. She gasped, and clutched the door in support.

“The TARDIS!” she muttered.

It was the sound of the universe, ripping into existence. Georgia ran along the corridor, heading for the stairs. The Doctor was on the roof of St. Mark’s! She burst along another corridor and past Mrs Sow and Mr Benton who were arguing about their bet. The door to the roof was made of metal, and with a slight amount of force, Georgia yanked it open and ran onto the roof.

“Doctor?” she called.

There was nothing. No TARDIS, no Doctor. She sighed, and headed back into the school.

“I just miss him,” she told herself. “You’ll be fine – you’ve got Mum, Dad, Brian, the Bakery. The Doctor coming back would just be an added bonus – you don’t need him.”

As Georgia passed Mrs Sow and Mr Benton once more, her phone rang.

“Hello Georgia,” Elizabeth trilled. “You must come to the Pizza Takeaway! Lucy Stuart’s here, with Brian!”
“I’ll be there in a minute,” Georgia promised. “And Mum, can Conner and the Doctor stay for Christmas?”

Elizabeth hesitated. Clearly she didn’t think the Doctor would be coming back.

“Of course,” she smiled, putting the phone down.
“Thanks Mum,” Georgia said quietly to nobody in particular.

Zac led Conner and Kaylie out of the canteen, to the empty corridor.

“Oh,” he said. “She was here, but she must’ve gone…”
“Sorry I haven’t said much,” Conner sighed. “I just… Can’t bear thinking about the Doctor leaving me – I feel trapped here. It’s so… Domestic. I mean, we’re finding out our GCSE results later this week!”
“I’m really nervous,” Kaylie laughed. “Do you wanna go back and help Beth and Catherine?”
“No,” Conner said. “Let’s bunk off, go to the park.”

Zac and Kaylie nodded, and held hands as they walked to the park. Just behind them, Catherine and Beth emerged, covered in mashed potato. Conner turned and saw Catherine clutching her head.

“Catherine, what’s wrong?” he asked.
“I’ve got a headache,” Catherine complained.
“Let’s get you to the staffroom,” Conner smiled. “I’ll meet you two at the park, okay?”

Zac and Kaylie smiled, and walked off. Beth was caught between the two, unsure of whom to follow. With a sigh, she began to run after Catherine and Conner.

“How bad is it?” Conner asked as they entered the staffroom. “We’ve got regular and max strength pills.”
“That’s a tough one,” Catherine said, sitting at the table nearby. “It’s worse than a regular headache, but it’s not a max strength kind of headache. I’ll use max strength.”

She took the small box from Conner, and stirred two tablets in a cup of water. She drank the contents, all the while clutching her head.

“How could anyone ever go back to regular after this?” she sighed.
“Fair play,” Conner and Beth replied.
“I mean, even if I had a regular headache, I don’t think I could bring myself to use regular strength… I don’t think I have that kind of personal self belief, you know?”
“That’ll be the credit crunch,” Beth said seriously.
“I thought we were out of that?” Conner asked.

Beth shrugged, and Conner laughed. Maybe things weren’t so bad at home. It’d just take a bit of getting used to.

Three days later.

Kaylie entered the hall with Conner and Zac, and glanced at Beth nervously. Mrs Sow was handing out the reports to the students, who were refusing to open their GCSE results until everyone had their reports.

“I think I messed Geography up,” Conner was explaining as they walked towards Mrs Sow.
“We were doing Biology when Ikorg Ymashen came to St. Mark’s,” Zac said. “But we did it again, and I revised all the questions I got wrong when we did it first.”

Kaylie, Zac and Conner collected their envelopes, and smiled nervously at Beth, Catherine, Bradley, Gareth and Hattie, who each held theirs. The hall fell silent, except for the ripping of the envelopes.

“Oh God…” Beth muttered.

There was screaming and crying as everyone read their results. Conner skimmed through his – he’d done fairly well.

“Hattie, you go first! What did you get?” Beth screamed.
“B’s and C’s!” Hattie grinned. “And one A!”
“Well done!” everyone smiled. “Gareth!”
“Bradley?” Beth asked.
“Two A’s!” Bradley gasped. “And B’s and C’s!”
“And one E,” Hattie pointed out helpfully.
“Well Maths ain’t really a proper subject, is it?” Bradley said.
“Fair play,” Beth smiled. “I got B’s, except for English, where I got an A!”
“Well done!” Conner grinned. “Catherine? Catherine, what did you get?”

Catherine had remained entirely silent while they all compared results. Everyone went silent – presumably she’d failed most of her subjects. None of them were really surprised; Catherine had always been excited whenever she’d answered even one question correctly.

“I… I got all A*’s!” Catherine said, amazed.
“What?” Beth asked, astounded. “Let me see!”

Everyone waited for Beth’s verdict.

“She’s right!”
“Well done Catherine!” Kaylie cried. “You even passed Biology!”
“I know!” Catherine grinned. “I can’t believe it.”
“Zac, what did you get?” Kaylie asked.
“I…” Zac stuttered.
“You?” Conner asked.
“I got A*’s, except for History,” Zac said, sounding upset. “I only got an A!”
“I got B’s and A’s!” Kaylie smiled. “Conner?”

Conner looked back down at his list:

English – B
Maths – C
Biology – B
Chemistry – B
Physics – C
Spanish – A*
French – A*
Geography – C
History – A*
Art – B
RE – B
Welsh – A*

“I got A* in History,” Conner grinned. “Thanks to the Doctor. And in all my languages!”
“That’s the TARDIS translation circuits,” Kaylie said. “I’m surprised about Welsh; I didn’t think the TARDIS translated Welsh as well…”

Two months later.

Kate was running out of options. The ship was just a few days away, and the Doctor still hadn’t replied. The message she’d left remained unanswered, along with Georgia’s invites to stay at her house for Christmas, but there was a number she could call. It would bring help almost immediately, and the Earth would be safe. But it came at a cost – Kate would be sacked, and her guilt would overwhelm her. Still, the Earth was more important than her. She dialled the number.

“Petr Costravalos?” Kate asked. “I need your help…”

Conner rang the doorbell nervously. A few minutes ago he’d said goodbye to Kaylie, and asked if he might continue to stay with her after Christmas. She of course, agreed, and in a few days time he’d be back with the Watsons enjoying a new year’s drink or three.

“Happy Christmas, Conner!” Elizabeth trilled, as she opened the door.

Conner stepped into the house with his suitcase, which Colin carried upstairs. He headed into the living room, where a majestic tree stood in the corner, glittering with lights. Georgia was sat on the sofa, and Lucy Stuart was just leaving.

“Hey Conner,” she smiled as she walked out.
“What was that about?” Conner asked as he sat next to Georgia.
“It doesn’t matter,” Georgia sighed. “You know what? I think this is gonna be a good Christmas. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?”

To be continued…

Series Two Awards!

Yes, that time has come around again. With all the fantastic contributions last year, we are hoping this year that more people will vote on the regular polls about Series Two. First, is the Best Episode Category. If you'd like to see the poll, and vote, we would be very grateful.

Series Three!!

So now Series Two is over (did you enjoy it?) we are getting ready for Series Three. Here is a list of episodes, with synopsises:

X - Christmas Bells
After Korena's death, the Doctor drops Georgia and Conner back home. But when they are captured on Christmas Day, the Earth is defenceless. It's up to Elizabeth to save the world - will the Doctor be there to help her?

1 - The Ace of Spades
On the planet Casino, danger lurks in a seemingly ordinary pack of cards. When the Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrive, they are drawn into a deadly game, where there are no winners.

2 - The Georgian Terror
In Georgian England, after saving someone's life, the Doctor, Georgia and Conner find an alien with a trail of death in its wake. Will they be able to save its next victims, or will history be changed?

3 - Ghost Ship
The Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrive on a ghostly ship in the future. When they meet a crew sent to salvage the wreckage, the Doctor discovers that, if the ship gets its way, they won't ever leave.

4 - Attila
When the TARDIS lands in Hun territory, the Doctor is captured, leaving Conner and Georgia to run for their lives. All three of them are in danger from demonic lions - but are they the pets of something far worse?

5 - Rise of the Nayragar
As the Nayragar begin their plans, the Doctor and his friends are in terrible danger. When Attila's sword reappears, he faces the ultimate choice between good or evil.

6 - The Man Who Was Thursday
When the Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrive in the future, they find a Monastery under the control of a terrifying woman. And with the arrival of some familiar faces, things can only get worse.

7 - One Last Chance
When Rena Peakes' work is attacked once more, the Doctor realises that it is no coincidence. But before he can react, he discovers that the fate of the world rests on Rena's shoulders - will the Earth fall to thing beyond the portal?

8 - Murder Through the Keyhole
When the Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrive in the past, they do not suspect that they are in danger. But when they find themselves trapped in a house, and the gruesome killings start, they realise something is very wrong indeed.

9 - TBA
Bradley has strange dreams involving one of the Doctor's many enemies, but is it significant? And what will the Doctor and Zac discover at the local park?

10 - Rack's Scar
When Rack kidnaps Kaylie, the Doctor, Georgia, Conner and Zac face old enemies, and old friends in an attempt to save her. Will they succeed?

11 - The Vampire's Curse
The TARDIS takes the Doctor, Georgia and Conner to the Mortenmore infested planet of Machina, they meet a group of Human survivors. When their captive, the Mortenmore's vicious Paloma, escapes, things take a turn for the worse. Will anybody survive?

12 - Fire and Frost
When Petr and Pippa make their move, nothing will ever be the same again.

13 - The Oncoming Storm
It's the end.

Hope you liked all of these, and can't wait for Series Three!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Episode 1: The Ace of Spades Preview

The Doctor
Georgia Bell
Conner Bennet
The Queen of Diamonds
The Jack of Hearts
The King of Spades
The Queen of Spades
The Jack of Spades
The King of Clubs
The Queen of Clubs
The King of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts
The King of Diamonds
The Jack of Diamonds
The Jack of Clubs
Energisa Weka
Teeena Toka
Myst the Magician
Horace Bidgellbyrton
The Ace of Spades
The Ace of Diamonds
The Ace of Hearts
The Ace of Clubs

In a far away Galaxy, on the planet Casino, the Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrive for a game to find that a pack of cards is causing trouble. Conner thought snap was scary before... but when the Ace of Spades is involved, the other cards know how to play.

Spoilers (two are red herrings):
The Clubs are masters of disguise
The Queen of Hearts makes tarts.
The Jack of Hearts steals those tarts
The King of Spades has a poisoned beard.
The Queen of Diamonds helps Conner
The Queen of Spades likes to flirt with a certain Doctor
The Jack of Clubs saves the day!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Episode X: Christmas Bells Part 1

“Doctor? Are you okay?”

No reply. So Georgia tried again. Once more, no answer.

“Doctor…” Conner began.
“Here we go!” the Doctor said, attempting a false smile.

He leaned forwards and set about, flicking switches and pulling levers, all in silence. Georgia leaned against one of the coral pillars of the TARDIS, watching him with a concerned expression. Ever since Korena had joined them in the TARDIS, the Doctor had always gone off with her. Georgia hadn’t minded – it had allowed her and Conner to spend some time together, but now Korena was dead, and the Doctor was devastated. The TARDIS ground to a halt, and Georgia wondered how long they weren’t going to mention their dead friend for.

“Where are we?” Conner asked.
“Not you Conner,” the Doctor replied. “Just Georgia.”

Georgia shot Conner a confused glance, but he just shrugged. Georgia waved at Conner and followed the Doctor out into the sunlight. She glanced around. The TARDIS had landed outside her house. She looked at the Doctor, frowning.

“You want me to tell mum and dad about Korena?”
“No,” the Doctor said. “I want you to turn around and walk into that house. I’m sorry, but you’ve got to go home.”
“Doctor – Korena was a one off – we’ll be fine,” Georgia promised.

The Doctor shook his head, and stepped back to the door of the TARDIS.

“I’m sorry – this is goodbye.”

Title Sequence.

“Just for a few months,” the Doctor explained. “I want to get my head around some things, sort a few things out. I’ll be back before you know it.”
“You’re dumping me?” Georgia asked.

The Doctor let out a small smile, and Georgia laughed.

“See you,” she said.

He nodded, and returned to the TARDIS. Conner was waiting anxiously for their return.

“Where’s Georgia?” he said frantically.
“She’s gone home,” the Doctor said. “Next stop – Zac’s house.”
“You need time,” Conner realised. “Georgia and me – we can help you get through this!”

The Doctor shook his head, and set the TARDIS on course.

“Wait,” Conner said. “Take me to Kaylie’s.”

It was sunny when Conner stepped out of the TARDIS, and the row of houses looked drab in comparison. He glanced back to the TARDIS, smiling sadly as it faded away.

“Bye Doctor,” he said quietly.

He headed to Kaylie’s front door, and nervously pressed the doorbell. Kaylie’s little sister Amy opened the door and folded her arms.

“Who are you?” she asked.
“My name’s Conner,” Conner said. “I was on the Spidership…”
“Come in,” Amy nodded.

Conner grinned and stepped inside the house. Andrea was asleep on the sofa, her mouth open in an unattractive way.

“Kaylie!” Amy shouted up the stairs.
“What?” Kaylie shouted back.
“Your mate’s here!” Amy yelled.
“No you idiot, Conner!” Amy sighed.

Kaylie thudded down the stairs, and her mouth fell open as she saw Conner, standing in her living room. He looked uncomfortable for a moment, but his face lit up when he saw her thrilled expression.

“The house is nice,” Conner said. “Much better than that flat you used to live in.”
“We’ve been here for a while,” Kaylie replied. “Before the thing with the Clowns.”
“I guess we don’t talk very much,” Conner admitted. “Can I talk to you?”

Kaylie saw his eyes were filled with hurt, so she nodded, and opened the front door. Together they stepped out and headed to the park. Once there, they sat on a swing each, and gently rocked in the breeze.

“How come you’re here?” Kaylie asked. “Why aren’t you at Zac’s?”
“I couldn’t face telling him what happened,” Conner sighed. “Korena died, Kaylie, she died. And the Doctor’s heartbroken. He left me and Georgia behind and went off to mope around on his own, and I dunno what to do.”
“Come back to school,” Kaylie said.
“I dunno Kaylie, that would be… weird,” Conner replied. “But, it’ll be for a few months, I guess I could come back.”
“Sixth form is great,” Kaylie grinned. “It’s so much better than year eleven. And you have to come! We’re all getting our GCSE results! We would have had them before, but Mrs Sow mixed everything up and so the government have sent them again. They don’t arrive until October, I’m so nervous…”
“You’ll do fine,” Conner said. “I took mine at Park Vale; do you reckon I’ll be able to get them posted to St. Mark’s?”
“Sure,” Kaylie said. “Why don’t you ring the school?”
“You know what? I think I will…”

One month later.

Amy looked up from her place on the sofa as Conner and Kaylie staggered into the house.

“What time do you call this?” she asked.
“Half past,” Conner said.

Kaylie burst out laughing and fell over, while Conner jumped onto the sofa. Amy moved out of his way, disapproving.

“Even mum’s back,” Amy told Kaylie. “And Andrea. Am I the only sober one in the family tonight?”
“Yup,” Kaylie laughed from her place on the floor.
“I’m disappointed,” Amy said. “You should know better. And getting Conner drunk before his first day back at St. Mark’s is unacceptable.”
“I’m not drunk!” Conner protested.
“You are,” Amy sighed. “Get to bed, both of you! Not the same one or I’m telling Zac!”
“What year are you in?” Conner asked.
“I’ll be starting year 8 tomorrow,” Amy replied, in an important voice.
“Shouldn’t you be getting drunk round about now?”
“I have standards,” Amy huffed. “Goodnight, both of you.”

And with that, she flounced off to bed. The next day, Georgia walked down the stairs, mumbling a hello to Colin as she went.

“Georgia!” Elizabeth trilled as she slouched into the kitchen. “What would you like for breakfast? We’ve got brioche, exotic fruit or bagels.”
“Bagels?” Georgia smiled. “Isn’t that a bit common? What’s in them?”
“Bakery bagels, with smoked salmon and cream cheese,” Elizabeth said. “All fresh ingredients from Sainsbury’s this morning.”

Georgia took a brioche from the table, as Colin entered into the room.

“I just called Brian,” he informed her. “He says you can start today!”
“Great!” Georgia grinned. “I’m a bit nervous…”
“You’ll do fine dear,” Elizabeth said. “We Bells have baker’s blood in us. Though you mustn’t tell Mrs White that, I like to think our family is strictly nobility. But if it encourages you…”

She trailed off. Georgia took this rare silence from Elizabeth to dash out of the house.

“Good luck!” Colin called after her.

Meanwhile, beneath Tower Bridge, Captain Gifford handed Sally Jacobs a cup of coffee. She was tracking the alien spaceship that was currently drifting through space.

“It’s definitely heading for Earth, sir,” Sally confirmed. “Perhaps Captain Price should be informed?”
“No,” Captain Gifford said firmly. “Captain Price isn’t to know.”
“Yes sir,” Sally sighed. “Kate, give me an estimation.”
“I’d say 3 months,” Kate Lipsett, Sally’s colleague replied. “The ship, if our calculations are correct, should arrive on Christmas Day.”

Conner groaned and fell off the sofa. Kaylie came down the stairs and looked at him sympathetically.

“What time is it?” Conner asked.
“Seven,” Kaylie replied. “Want some breakfast? I’m making Pop-Tarts.”

Conner grinned and followed Kaylie into the kitchen. He switched on the radio and changed it to Radio One as Kaylie put the Pop-Tarts in the toaster. A few minutes later Conner and Kaylie were eating their Pop-Tarts when Amy walked entered the kitchen.

“Morning,” Kaylie said.
“Morning,” Amy grumbled.
“Want a Pop-Tart?” Conner asked.

Amy nodded and began singing to the radio. When Andrea walked into the kitchen, Amy began to make her breakfast.

“I’m just going to get ready,” Kaylie said. “You’ll be alright with Amy and Andrea?”

Conner nodded and sat down next to Amy at the table. She glanced at him while chewing on a corner of a Pop-Tart.

“Looking forward to year 8?” Conner asked.
“Yeah,” Amy said. “Mrs Sow makes me laugh.”
“She’s… Different from other teachers,” Conner grinned.

Andrea laughed and left the table.

“Hurry up you two,” she said. “And if you’re good I’ll drive us to school.”

Georgia nervously stepped into the Bakery, and shut the door behind her. Brian Mason was waiting for her behind the counter, and he handed her an apron and plastic gloves, and she slipped them on with ease. She missed working with Brian.

“Hey,” he said. “You ready to start serving?”
“Yup,” Georgia smiled. “Any price increases? We out of anything?”
“No, but I dunno if you’ve seen, we’ve got a new Cheese and Ham Slice!” Brian said excitedly.
“£1.60,” Georgia noted. “Great.”

There was a tinkling of a bell, and the door opened.

“Hello Mrs Martin,” Brian said.
“That’s Janet to you,” Janet Martin said as she observed the cakes and pastries. “You’re such a lovely lad, now, I’d like an éclair.”
“Georgia will be serving you today,” Brian announced. “She’s back working here for the first time since, ooh what, Christmas 2009?”
“Yeah,” Georgia smiled, picking out an éclair.
“Oh my goodness, Georgia Bell, is that you?” Janet gasped. “Do you remember me? I suppose not. I’m one of the Pink Ladies, with your mother. The last time I saw you, you were a baby; I don’t suppose you remember. My have you grown!”

Georgia blushed and handed over the éclair in a paper bag. Janet smiled and handed over some money.

“You’ll have to tell your mother I said hello,” Janet continued. “I’ll pop round soon if I get the chance.”

With one final smile, she left the shop. Brian looked at Georgia and smiled.

“You’re gonna have to get used to people recognising you,” he said. “Everyone’s been talking about you coming back. Lucy might even pop in later.”

Georgia smiled in return, but inside, she was sighing. This wasn’t meant to happen to her. She wondered if Conner was feeling the same, but it didn’t feel right to see him either. The Doctor would come back, one day, but until then, Georgia would keep trotting along with everyone else in the world, hoping for something amazing to happen.

Kate Lipsett left her desk and headed out of the office. She accessed a small computer from her pocket, and sighed. She had lied to Sally – the ship wouldn’t arrive on Christmas Day, but on Christmas Eve, ready, and primed for war. This would be the last Christmas on Planet Earth.

To be continued…

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Episode 13: The Water's Song Part 6

Georgia looked closely at the computer and sighed.
“What is it?” Lee asked.
“I don’t know how to work this thing,” Georgia replied, “We need to get the teleport system back online.”
“Hang on,” Donald said, rushing over to the computer. Donald typed several things in, then pressed several other keys on the keyboard, but the screen remained the same.
“Is it locked or something?” Conner asked.
“Yeah,” Donald replied, “We can’t do anything.”

“Why don’t we just destroy it?” Julian asked, and Lee, Donald, Georgia and Conner stared at each other, then they began searching the floor for things to destroy the computer with.
“What about this?” Donald asked, holding up a broken pipe.
“That’ll do,” Georgia replied, hurling it at the computer screen.
“The screen may be dead, but the computer’s still running you idiot!” Lee snapped.
“Alright, we’re not used to futuristic computers,” Conner replied.
“It’s the same in the past Conner,” Georgia muttered.
“We could pull out the plug then,” Conner suggested.
“It’s not attached the mains,” Lee answered.
“Just smash it then!” Julian exclaimed, snatching the pipe from Georgia and hitting the computer with it. Lee then began to kick it and suddenly it exploded throwing Juliana and Lee into the air.

“Well, does that mean the teleport systems are up again?” Georgia asked.
“I think so,” Lee replied, “Let’s phone Natalie and Korena!”

Captain Alton, Amita, Delilah, Sam, Sara and Rolf watched and waited as the surge of water headed straight for them. Suddenly, the teleport booth’s lights flickered on.

“Everybody in!” Captain Alton ordered, forcing everybody into the pod, “Now, where’s safe?”
“I know where,” Delilah exclaimed, typing in the coordinates. Delilah pressed a button and they vanished, as the surge of water hit the teleport booth.

Natalie, Korena, Kimiko, Margaret and Mrs Treacher huddled together in Mrs Treacher’s lounge, staring at the flat door, where they all knew water would soon break though. Suddenly, the water could be heard and some water hit the water, as Korena’s phone began to ring.

“Hello?” Korena said, answering the phone.
“Korena, thank God you’re alive,” Lee said, “I’m on Conner’s phone, we’ve just fixed the teleport system, good work eh?”
“Teleport system?” Korena repeated, ending the call.

“What is it?” Natalie asked.
“Mrs Treacher do you have a teleport booth?” Korena asked, as more water hit the door.
“Yes, it’s in my kitchen, but it isn’t working,” Mrs Treacher answered, as Korena stood up and ran into Mrs Treacher’s kitchen.
“It is now,” Korena replied, “Quick!” Suddenly, water burst through the door to the flat, inside the water several Aquari were giggling; glad to have finally found the Doctor’s companion.
“Come on Margaret,” Natalie exclaimed, pulling Margaret to her feet quickly. Mrs Treacher moved rapidly across the room, which was surprising because of her age, and opened the door to the booth.
“Hurry up!” Mrs Treacher snapped, as Kimiko, Korena, Natalie and Margaret rushed inside and the water reached the kitchen.
“Kaito!” Kimiko exclaimed, typing in the coordinates. Natalie, Korena, Kimiko, Margaret and Mrs Treacher vanished and appeared in a teleport booth in an extremely crowded room.

“I was going to go to Buckingham palace,” Mrs Treacher commented, “My husband knew...”
“Yeah, you can go there now, if you want,” Natalie interrupted.
“Oh, of course I must then,” Mrs Treacher replied.
“It’s been destroyed,” Korena said, “Sorry.”
“Oh well...” Mrs Treacher replied, but she was cut off as Kaito and his friend Etsuko appeared, pushing their way through the crowd of people.

“Kimiko!” Kaito sighed, hugging his wife, “And Korena too! And mother, and Natalie!”
“It’s lovely to see you again,” Natalie commented.
“We’re getting everyone out,” Kaito explained, “We’re moving everybody by teleport to safe areas.”
“Like where?” Kimiko asked.
“Hello, I’m Mrs Treacher,” Mrs Treacher butted in, “Is there somewhere where I can have a lie down?”
“Yes, there is, the Everest hotel is throwing open its huge halls,” Kaito answered, “We’re sending alot of people there, there are huge empty suites there which loads of people can live in easily. The Everest Hotel, is of course right on top of Mount Everest, so its safe from the water.”
“That’s good news,” Korena said, as her phone began to ring again.

“Hello?” Korena said into her phone, “Lee is that you?”
“Yes, why did you cut me off?” Lee asked.
“The water burst into our flat, we had to move,” Korena explained, “We teleported to Tokyo, in that skyscraper where Dad was at a meeting, they’re sending people to safe places around the globe.”
“That’s great,” Lee exclaimed, “We’ve broken into the Aquari factory, Mr. Toil, who’s actually an alien like the Doctor... you know we’ll explain it all when we next see you, why don’t you teleport here?”
“Alright, but why don’t you teleport here?” Korena responded.
“We’re waiting for the Master to return, that’s Mr. Toil by the way,” Lee explained, “Bring Natalie if you like, I need to give her a ring, I need to find her a ring...”
“Alright, I’ll see you in a bit, but when I get to the factory I’m persuading you to come to the Everest hotel with me!” Korena replied.

“Who was that dear?” Margaret asked.
“It was Lee,” Korena explained, “I’ve got to go, but he was the one who got the teleport system back online.”
“Really?” Margaret said, amazed, as Natalie walked over to them.
“What’s going on?” Natalie asked.
“Anata no bōifurendo wa hijō ni yūkan de aru,” Margaret commented.
“It was Lee who brought down the teleport systems,” Korena said excitedly, “Isn’t he brilliant! Well, he and Georgia and Conner and whoever else are with him. Anyway, they are waiting for the Master, or Mr. Toil, apparently he’s an alien... you know what they’ll explain when we get there. ”
“Where?” Natalie replied, with an extremely confused expression on her face.
“The Aquari Aquatics factory,” Korena answered, “See you later Gran, bye mum, bye dad!”

“What’s this?” Kimiko asked, striding over to Korena.
“Are you going to the Everest?” Kaito asked.
“No, we’re going to the Aquari Aquatics factory to help Lee, Gran can explain,” Korena said, “Don’t try to stop me, as soon as I get to the factory, I’ll try and bring them to the Everest, they won’t move.”
“Oh alright,” Kimiko muttered, “You’d better get in the queue, it is pretty long.” Korena and Natalie dashed over to the long queue that was now forming by the row of teleport booths. Natalie spotted Mrs Treacher, who was near the front of the queue and ran over to her.

“Oh hello,” Mrs Treacher said spiffily.
“Mrs Treacher, our friends are in London and they have just brought back online the teleport systems,” Natalie explained.
“Well done them,” Mrs Treacher replied.
“Please can we slip in front of you?” Korena asked, “We need to get to our friends.”
“If they are near a teleport they should be able to teleport away,” Mrs Treacher commented.
“But...” Korena began.
“Pushing in queues is naughty behaviour,” Mrs Treacher snapped.

“You can go in front of me, if you like?” Etsuko, who was standing behind Mrs Treacher, said.
“Oh thank you so much Etsuko,” Korena said.
“Anything for you Korena,” Etsuko replied smiling, “I’ve known your father for donkey’s years.” Several people ran up to Korena with pads and pens and excited looks on their faces.
“Now people know me,” Korena sighed.

Delilah, Amita, Captain Alton, Private Rolf, Sam and Sara appeared in a teleport booth in the huge shopping centre, where Delilah and Amita had spent the morning.

“Ooh, is this a shopping centre?” Sara asked excitedly.
“Yes, it was midnight when we were brought here...” Delilah muttered, “I wonder where Rack is now?”
“I’m sorry, what was your name?” Sara asked.
“I’m Delilah Howell, this is Amita,” Delilah introduced.
“I’m Sara, as you can tell I’m an alien,” Sara replied, “Anyway what do we do now?”
“I’d like a rest,” Captain Alton said.
“Me too,” Private Rolf sighed.

Georgia, Conner, Lee, Donald and Julian walked into the main reception in the Aquari factory. It remained untouched by the water. A single teleport booth stood next to a reception desk.

“They haven’t arrived yet,” Lee commented.
“They are now,” Georgia replied, as the lights on the teleport booth flickered and blue light filled the booth. The light faded to reveal Korena Hashimoto and Natalie Penrose standing smiling. They ran out of the booth and greeted the others.
“I’m Donald Digit, nice to meet you,” Donald said to Korena, stuttering slightly.
“I’m Korena,” Korena replied.
“Korena Hashimoto, the famous actress!” Julian exclaimed.
“That’s right,” Korena said, “And who are you?”
“I’m Julian, former personal assistant to the Prime Minister,” Julian explained.
“I’m Natalie, Lee’s fiancée,” Natalie explained, and everybody clapped as Lee and Natalie embraced.
“Yay, my cousin’s getting married!” Korena exclaimed.

“Where’s the Master got to,” Georgia muttered.
“Where’s the Doctor?” Conner asked.

The Doctor ran through the factory, not stopping for breath. Beth, Kaylie and Zac were lagging behind; they were not used to this amount of running. They followed the Doctor out of the factory and through the factory gates. He didn’t stop until he reached the TARDIS.

“Doctor!” Zac gasped, as he reached the TARDIS, which the Doctor was unlocking, “What do you realise, what is the hurry?”
“Sorry, I have no time, while I’m away, I’m using... oh it doesn’t matter,” the Doctor muttered, as Kaylie and Beth arrived, also breathing heavily.
“Are we coming with you?” Kaylie asked.
“No, sorry, you can’t,” the Doctor replied, “Bye!” The Doctor stepped into the TARDIS and locked the doors behind him.

“He’s not just leaving us, is he?” Beth wondered aloud. Zac tried to open the doors but he couldn’t.
“He’s locked the TARDIS doors,” Zac said, as the TARDIS began to materialise.
“Doctor! I still don’t get what’s going on!” Kaylie shouted, “What are you going to do?”
“I don’t think he can hear you now,” Beth replied, as the TARDIS faded from sight.
“What are we gonna do now?” Kaylie asked.
“I suppose, we’ll just have to wait for the TARDIS to return,” Zac answered.

The Master’s TARDIS began to materialise next to the teleport booth and Georgia, Conner and Korena stared as a second teleport booth appeared and the Master stepped out of it, carrying a gun.

“Oh no!” the Master said angrily, “How did you get out?”
“Emergency teleport,” Julian muttered.
“Well that booth is now out of action!” the Master cackled, firing his gun at the real teleport booth, which began to emit smoke.
“Let us go!” Lee exclaimed, “We haven’t done anything to you, and now you are just being horrible to us.”
“Why don’t you get out of here then,” the Master replied, “Go on, quickly now, up to the roof.” Lee and Natalie began to walk away from the Master, and the others began to follow them slowly.
“I said QUICKLY!” the Master shouted, firing his gun at the stairs, they were climbing. The shot missed Conner’s foot by centimetres, causing Conner to yell in shock.
“Run!” Georgia cried, leading the others up the stairs to the second highest floor, where a ladder stood, leading to the top floor.
“We’ve got to go up there?” Korena asked.
“Yes, come on Korena,” Conner said, leading the way up the ladder.

The Master snarled as he rushed into the room with his computer, which he found lying smashed and destroyed. The Aquari in the pool of water were giggling.

“This isn’t funny!” the Master snarled, “I want you, to destroy every building in the world! The oceans must rise to the mountains, destroy the world!”
“All right,” an Aquari said in a slow voice, “Neopseelikashallearth!”
“Anyway, why didn’t you do something to them?” the Master asked, “They escaped, why didn’t you stop them?”
“Because, we like to have fun finding the humans, the teleports mean there are large gatherings,” explained the Aquari, “Without the teleports online, the humans are dotted around and although it is fun finding them, it means we can go a long time without a kill, but at gatherings... we massacre and have a lot of fun doing it!”
“Well, I don’t care what you think, I am in charge!” the Master roared.

Georgia, Conner, Korena, Natalie, Lee, Donald and Julian all reached the top floor and paused for a few seconds.
“What are we going to do when we reach the roof?” Lee asked.
“We’ll have to get to another building, there are teleports in most,” Donald suggested.
“Yeah, but how do we get from the roof to another building?” Georgia asked.
“The ladder,” Korena suggested, “Is it attached at the bottom?”
“I don’t think so,” Julian replied.
“See if we can detach it at the top,” Korena said, and Lee immediately took out a pen knife and began unscrewing the screws keeping the ladder attached to the top floor.

“It’s coming loose,” Lee said, “Conner, Donald... Julian, can you help pull it up please?” A few minutes later and Georgia had managed to find the hole they had jumped down, and they used the ladder to climb up through the hole onto the roof. Once they had reached the roof, Lee found an open window, which they could attach the ladder to.

“So we’re supposed to climb across the ladder, like it’s a bridge?” Conner asked.
“That’s how it works yeah,” Korena replied, “Lee, have you secured it?”
“As well as I’ll ever do,” Lee answered, “I’ll go first though, just in case.”
“You be careful,” Natalie said, as Lee stepped off the roof and onto the ladder. Lee slowly crossed the ladder on his hands and knees, until he reached the large window, which was slightly open. He heaved open the window fully, and climbed into the room, which was an office meeting room. Donald began to cross next, followed closely by Natalie.

“I’ll go next then?” Korena asked.
“Yeah, that’s fine,” Georgia replied.
“I’ll go last,” Julian volunteered, as Korena began to cross the ladder and Donald and Natalie reached the other building. Georgia followed Korena, and Conner followed Georgia once Korena had reached the other building.
“Georgia, the water!” Conner exclaimed, as he stared through the ladder into the water, which was suddenly bubbling and rising.
“Julian, quick cross!” Georgia yelled, as she reached the second building.
“Julian, quick!” Lee shouted, as Julian began to cross and Conner reached the second building.
“Come on!” Korena exclaimed.
“Oh no...” Julian said, closing his eyes as something shot out of the water and hit the ladder, which detached itself from the side of the building and fell into the water, with Julian clinging on.
“No... Not another person,” Georgia muttered slowly, and everybody fell silence, as they mourned the death of Julian.

“Georgia, I can hear the TARDIS!” Conner exclaimed, standing up.
“Me too!” Korena added, running into the room next to the meeting room, which was an office. In the middle of the office, the TARDIS was materialising.
“What’s the TARDIS?” Natalie asked.
“The Doctor’s time machine,” Georgia replied, as the Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS.
“I wonder why the TARDIS moved here, why’ve you moved?” the Doctor asked Georgia and Conner.
“Lee’s building collapsed,” Georgia said, “And nice to see you too!”
“Oh, yeah nice to see all of you,” the Doctor replied, “Korena and Natalie!”

“Doctor, the world is being destroyed,” Conner said, “And you went... where?”
“Elsewhere, to find help, which I’ve got,” the Doctor explained, “Are the teleports still down?”
“No,” Georgia replied, “Me, Conner, Lee, Donald and Julian got the systems running again, we broke into the factory, then the Master captured us, then we escaped due to Julian’s emergency teleport, which the Prime Minister gave him, before he died.”
“So who’s Julian?” the Doctor asked.
“He died seconds before you arrived,” Georgia answered.
“And where’s Quentin?” the Doctor questioned.
“He was killed by an Aquari,” Lee replied.
“I’m sorry,” the Doctor muttered, “But now I can stop the Aquari, where’s the nearest teleport booth?”
“There was one in the meeting room next door,” Korena said, running into the next room.

“How many Release Points are still up around the world?” the Doctor asked.
“What are Release Points?” Conner asked, with a confused look on his face.
“They are stations around the world, where Aquari particles were released into the sea,” the Doctor explained.
“Like that sea defence?” Georgia asked, “With Captain Alton, and the boys who liked Korena?”
“Shut up,” Korena snapped.
“Yes, that was a Release Point,” Donald said, “And I’m sorry Doctor I have no idea how many release points there are left.”
“Can you teleport to booths that are underwater?” the Doctor asked.
“No,” Lee replied.

“OK, I’m going to send Georgia to Sea Defence 2.12,” the Doctor said, “Once there I want you to get to the controls.”
“Doctor, I’m seriously hopeless with controls,” Georgia said.
“Look, you’ll have to listen carefully, if you don’t understand then phone Conner,” the Doctor replied.
“Me, since when was I good at working controlly-things?” Conner asked.
“Then phone Lee,” the Doctor said.
“But my phone doesn’t work,” Lee replied.
“Nor mine,” Natalie added.
“Mine isn’t working either,” Donald muttered.
“The telephone lines are down,” Georgia explained to the Doctor.
“Am I going to have to fix all your phones?” the Doctor asked, pulling out his sonic screwdriver and taking Lee, Natalie and Donald’s phone.

“Korena I’ll need your family to help,” the Doctor said, as he used his sonic screwdriver to turn Natalie’s phone into a super phone.
“Doctor, my family have only just got to safety,” Korena replied, “I don’t want them to get involved.”
“I have some friends who I know are safe, they might want to help,” Natalie suggested.
“Phone them,” the Doctor told Natalie, handing Natalie back her phone.
“Alright,” Natalie said, and to her surprise she found that her phone had signal again.
“What did you do?” Lee asked.
“Just gave your phones an update,” the Doctor replied.
“Hello, Amita are you there?” Natalie said into her phone.
“Yes, me and Delils went to help these people at a sea defence,” Amita explained quickly.
“Can you get to where I am please, my friend needs help,” Natalie explained, “Korena’s here by the way.”
“I’m coming! Send me the coordinates!” Amita exclaimed.
“I’ll get Lee to text you them,” Natalie replied, “Bring everyone who’s with you.”
“I will, bye!” Amita said, ending the call.
“Lee, can you text her the coordinates to here?” Natalie asked.
“Yeah, they should be in the teleport booth,” Lee replied, looking inside the booth, as the Doctor returned Donald’s phone then Lee’s.

“Doctor, what are you going to do?” Georgia asked, “And why do you need all of us?”
“There is a chemical, called Cymigium ditroxide,” the Doctor explained, “There is a vat of it hidden at every Release Point. The Master put them there because he needed a threat that would make the Aquari obey him.”
“What does this chemical do?” Conner asked.
“It deactivates the particles,” the Doctor explained, “The particles will remain in the water, but the water will drop around the world, the particles may actually do what Lee and Donald thought they would do.”
“Help make the water cleaner and make the sea levels drop?” Donald asked.
“That’s right,” the Doctor replied.
“I’ve texted them,” Lee said, and within seconds Amita, Delilah, Captain Alton, Sam, Sara and Private Rolf appeared in the teleport booth.
“Natalie!” Delilah and Amita squeaked, running out of the booth and hugging Natalie.
“Nice to see you again Doctor,” Captain Alton said, "Hi Donald, I haven't seen you for a while, and Lee too!"
“Captain Alton and Rolf!” the Doctor exclaimed, “And Sam and Sara!”

“Well we were right,” Sara said, “It was the Aquari particles.”
“I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you,” the Doctor replied.
“We haven’t had much trouble from the water really,” Captain Alton explained, “It was Mrs Harrbungershon and her cult, they escaped, it turns out Mrs Harrbungershon was completely messed in the head.”
“Hi Kimiko,” Private Rolf said to Korena.
“You might as well know who I am,” Korena replied, “I am Korena Hashimoto!”
“Oh... I didn’t expect that,” Private Rolf admitted.
“I bet you didn’t,” Korena said blushing.

“Right everybody, I am the Doctor,” the Doctor explained, “And I need all of your help to stop the Aquari. Who would like to help?”
“I’ll help Doctor,” Captain Alton replied.
“We’ll help,” Sam and Sara said together.
“Me and Mitty will help,” Delilah replied.
“I’ll help too,” Private Rolf added.
“What I need you all to do is to teleport to the remaining Release Points, which for those of you who don’t know, are places where the Aquari particles were released into the sea,” the Doctor explained, “Once there I need you to access the main computer and release a chemical called Cymigium Ditroxide into the sea. This chemical will stop the Aquari.”

“But what if the Aquari find out what we’re doing?” Natalie asked.
“That’s why I need all of you,” the Doctor answered, “We need to release the chemical into the ocean at the same time. The chemical spreads extremely quickly, so the effect should happen in a few minutes. When we’ve done that we can all teleport to...”
“The Everest Hotel,” Korena suggested and everybody agreed.
“I’ll go first,” Lee said, “I’m good with computers.”
“Right I’ll send you to New York,” the Doctor replied, “Everybody release the chemical in exactly 10 minutes, unless the Aquari attack, then release the chemical immediately.”

“Now I’m back with Lee, I don’t want to leave him ever again,” Natalie announced.
“Fine you can go together,” the Doctor answered, “Captain Alton do you know coordinates?”
“Yeah, I’ve got a list somewhere,” Captain Alton answered, rummaging, around in his pockets, “I’m supposed to keep in contact with these other Release Points, you know we used to release loads of things into the ocean, they were supposed to help global warming, none of them worked though.”
“Hurry up,” the Doctor told Captain Alton, and Captain Alton showed Lee the coordinates. Lee and Natalie stepped into the booth, waved, and vanished, as the building shook.

“Oh no!” Georgia squeaked.
“Quick, Conner, I’m sending you to Shanghai,” the Doctor said, pushing Conner into the teleport booth, as Captain Alton showed Conner the coordinates. Conner typed in the coordinates and vanished.
“Korena, you next,” the Doctor told her, “Mumbai, that’s in India.”
“Good luck then,” Korena said, stepping into the booth, Captain Alton showed her the coordinates and she too vanished. In the next few minutes, the Doctor sent Private Rolf to Brazil, Donald Digit to Sydney in Australia and Sam and Sara to South Africa.

“Yeah, what buttons are we supposed to press?” Sara had asked, “I know nothing about Earth computers.”
“You can go with me,” Sam had answered. Next the Doctor sent Georgia to Russia.

“Doctor, seriously, me with computers...” Georgia had said.
“Phone Lee if you get stuck,” the Doctor had replied. A minute later and the Doctor had found that the Release Point in Canada was out of the action and in Japan too, but he managed to send Amita and Delilah to Scotland.

“Captain Alton, I’d like to send you back to your sea defence,” the Doctor said.
“Sorry Doctor, it’s out of action,” Captain Alton replied, “I’ll go to Greenland, if you want? I know some of the chaps there.”
“Alright,” the Doctor replied, “I’ll go in the TARDIS to the final release point, that’s at the Aquari Aquatics factory.”
“Bye then Doctor,” Captain Alton said, as he vanished in the teleport booth and the building shook violently, causing the Doctor to fall to the floor.

Georgia stared at the computer she was supposed to be using, she had no idea what to do. Georgia pulled out her phone and dialled Lee’s number.
“Hello Georgia,” Lee said into his phone, “What is it?”
“What do I do?” Georgia asked.
“Click on the menu, then go to vats,” Lee explained, as Georgia did so, “Right, then you select Cymigium ditroxide.”
“I can see Cydium dynamite, is that any good?” Georgia asked.
“No that will destroy the base,” Lee replied, “You want the next one down.”
“Ah I’ve got it, thanks Lee, ready for release in 2 minutes!” Georgia said happily, ending the call.

Amita and Delilah had arrived safely in a huge sea base on the coast of Scotland and easily found the main control room, which was empty. Delilah searched the computer for the chemical, but couldn’t find it, so Amita took control of the computer.

“I’ve never been to Scotland,” Delilah said brightly.
“I have loads of times,” Amita replied, “So I wonder when this devil will attack?”
“I’ll look outside, just in case,” Delilah said, standing up and walking out of the room. She entered a corridor and suddenly spotted Rack.

“Nice to see you again!” Rack called.
“I wish I could say the feeling was mutual,” Delilah muttered.
“Oh don’t be like that,” Rack said, “I can easily kill you and your friend, oh hello Amita.” Amita stepped into the corridor with a grin of malice on her face.

“Amita, what’s going on?” Delilah asked, with a scared look on her face.
“When we were asleep Rack appeared, and he entered my mind,” Amita explained, “I knew exactly what I must do, what I must do to get us here, at the place where we will die.”
“No, Amita!” Delilah exclaimed, as she began to cry.
“Ooh, don’t cry silly girl,” Amita snapped.
“Let her go!” Delilah demanded.
“Oh I would,” Rack replied, “But she must be possessed, so you can die.”

“But don’t you realise, you predicted our death, but why do you have to make it happen?” Delilah asked.
“Because I must fulfil my predictions, they must happen,” Rack explained.
“Why?” Delilah asked.
“Because I must, because I can’t have a false prediction,” Rack replied.
“And why can’t you?” Delilah asked.
“Because I am the devil and I do whatever I must to make my predictions true,” Rack continued.
“But you obviously aren’t the devil,” Delilah replied, “The Devil kills people, the devil makes other people kill others, the devil makes people do bad things. All you are doing is killing a few people, I mean you aren’t even stopping the others from saving the world, and what about Natalie, she’s still alive.”
“Oh, not for much longer,” Rack cackled.

Lee looked up from his computer, and glanced at his watch, 2 minutes to go. Natalie stood up as she heard a strange noise.

“What is it?” Lee asked.
“I heard a sound outside,” Natalie replied, “I’ll go and check.” Natalie stood up and walked out of the control room in the New York Release Point, into a large dining area. She could hear the noise getting louder. Suddenly, water surged into the room through a door and it headed straight for Natalie. There was a scream and Lee realised that it was Natalie. He ran into the next room and saw water heading his way.

“Oh my God!” Lee exclaimed, running back into the control room. He quickly typed something, which released the Cymigium ditroxide into the sea, before rushing inside the teleport booth, as the water smashed into the control room. Lee vanished and appeared thousands of miles away in the Everest Hotel. He sank to the floor, crying.

The Master ran out of his TARDIS as an Aquari began calling for him.
“What is it now?” the Master asked, “I’m trying to find where the Doctor’s got to.”
“We have a report of Cymigium ditroxide being released into the sea near New York,” the Aquari announced, “The water level has fallen dramatically in the surrounding area.”
“Oh, I know what’s going on,” the Master snarled, “Aquari, destroy all Release Points around the globe! Now!”

Captain Alton sat at the computer in the Iceland Release Point. He had only been there for a minute, as the teleport booth was on the floor above, and it was nearly time to press the release button, but then suddenly the building shook.

“Oh no...” Captain Alton muttered, he quickly pressed the release button, before running out of the control room and along the corridor which led to the stairs to the upper floor. As he reached the end of the corridor water burst through a door on the side of the corridor.
“HELP!” Captain Alton yelled as more water surged into the corridor and he was swept away.

Private Rolf heard a crash as water surged into the building he was in, in Brazil. He realised what was going on, pressed the release button and rapidly ran over to the teleport booth and teleported to the Everest Hotel. Private Rolf left the teleport booth and found himself in a slightly crowded room, full of teleport booths.

“Lee!” Private Rolf exclaimed, as he spotted Lee lying on the floor, crying.
“Natalie’s dead,” Lee muttered, as Georgia and Conner appeared in teleport booths and rushed out of them.
“Georgia, the water, I had to release the chemical thing,” Conner explained.
“The water attacked Russia too,” Georgia replied. Sam and Sara suddenly appeared in a teleport booth too.
“Lee, what happened?” Georgia asked.
“It’s Natalie,” Rolf replied, “Apparently she was taken by the water.”

“Aquari attacked, same thing happen with you?” Sara asked Conner.
“Yeah,” Conner replied, “Water came, we released the chemical and left. Let’s hope the water’s going down.”
“Maybe the Aquari realised what we were doing so they attacked the releasing places,” Sam suggested.
“I think that is what happened yeah,” Georgia replied, as Donald Digit walked over to them from the teleport booth he had just appeared in.

Delilah elbowed Amita in the stomach and ran into the control room. Rack followed her swiftly into the room, as Delilah searched for the Cymigium ditroxide on the computer.
“Look, you are going to die, so why don’t you stop what you are doing?” Rack asked, “I can hear the water coming now...”
“You wouldn’t realise because you’re a soulless git, but if I release this chemical then I will save lives,” Delilah explained.
“Well since the devil is supposed to stop people from doing that,” Rack muttered, “I’d better kill you now!”
“Not you again!” Amita snarled walking into the room, “It’s bad enough you watching me sleep! Plus where the hell am I?”
“Amita, are you back to normal?” Delilah asked, as Rack made a growling noise.
“Seriously you need to go to some psychiatric place,” Amita told Rack, “Because watching people sleeping is creepy!”
“Amita, you are at a water base place...” Delilah said lamely, as she released the Cymigium ditroxide into the ocean.
“Yeah, why didn’t we stay put?” Amita asked, “It’s you who’s supposed to die, isn’t it?”
“Um...” Delilah began, but Rack had had enough with the talking.
“Shut up! I can’t bare any of your primitive idiocies any longer!” Rack snarled, "And in case you hadn't realised Delilah, when you elbowed Amita in the stomach, you badly hurt her so she was released from my possession... anyway." He threw a fireball at one of the walls of the room. Almost immediately, water began to spurt through the hole in the wall that the fireball had made. Delilah backed away and Rack vanished in a puff of smoke, as Amita was hit by an Aquari and she fell to the floor.
“AMITA!” Delilah yelled, but she knew there was nothing she could do. Delilah quickly entered the teleport booth and subsequently teleported to the Everest Hotel, as agreed earlier. Delilah immediately spotted a group of people who she recognised.

“Hello everyone,” Delilah said, as she stumbled out of the booth.
“Delilah, you’re ok,” Sara said in a relieved voice.
“Where’s Amita though?” Private Rolf asked.
“She’s dead,” Delilah replied crying.
“I’m sorry,” Private Rolf replied, “So’s your friend Natalie.”
“No!” Delilah sobbed, as Rolf comforted her.
“This is terrible,” Georgia commented.

Meanwhile, the water level was falling around the world, except in London, where the Master was waiting for some news.
“All Release Points have been flooded,” an Aquari informed the Master, “My brothers and sisters have sung it to me, but bad news otherwise, the water levels are going down around the world, my brothers and sisters are dying.”
“Oh, well that is really your own fault, isn’t it?” the Master replied, “For letting the Doctor’s friends escape!”
“Well my companions are brilliant,” the Doctor said walking into the room.
“Oh, it’s you,” the Master said, “I suppose you are behind all this.”
“Yes, I am,” the Doctor replied, “Anyway I’m at a secret Release Point aren’t I?”

“What are you talking about?” the Master asked.
“This place is the last Release Point,” the Doctor said, “So where’s the main computer, which hasn’t been destroyed.”
“There is no main computer,” the Master replied, “It’s nowhere.”
“Actually I’m pretty sure it’s in a secret room over there,” the Doctor said, pointing his sonic screwdriver at the opposite wall, which swung open to reveal another computer. The Doctor ran into the room as the Master protested behind him.

“If you touch that, I will shoot you,” the Master said, taking out a gun.
“I won’t then, you just carry on talking to the Aquari,” the Doctor answered.
“This wasn’t our fault,” an Aquari called from the pool of water.
“Yes it was, shut up!” the Master snapped, “Doctor step away from the controls.”
“You’ve done this!” the Aquari told the Master angrily, “You killed all my brothers and sisters, because you put the chemical in those places! You’ve killed my race!”
“You will be silent, you are a stupid Aquari, and you know nothing!” the Master shouted angrily, and almost immediately the Aquari shot out from the pool and hit the Master in the chest. The Doctor ran over to the controls and after a few clicks, he released the chemical into the Thames. The water level in London suddenly began to drop, and Big Ben and Lee’s flat block appeared out of the water.

Sheba the newsreader awoke and rubbed her eyes, she wondered how long she had been unconscious as she looked around and saw that the water level was dropping.
“What the hell?” Sheba said, standing up, “How come I’m alive? Where...? How am I supposed to get down from here?”

At the Everest Hotel people were celebrating, the world was no longer flooded. Georgia hugged Sara, then she hugged Sam, then she hugged Conner. Lee and Delilah, however, were still very upset at their friends deaths and they sat silently on a sofa.

“Lee! Where is Korena?” Kimiko asked, as she spotted him.
“Lee, I’m so glad you are ok,” Kaito added, as he and Margaret appeared from the crowd of people.
“Doko Korenadesu ka?” Margaret asked.
“I don’t know, her phone is switched off,” Lee answered, as Georgia, Conner, Private Rolf, Sam, Sara and Delilah greeted Korena’s family.

“Where’s Captain Alton?” Private Rolf asked.
“Where’s Korena?” Georgia asked, “Me and Conner will teleport to Mumbai, that’s where Korena went.”
“I’ll go with you,” Lee said.
“All right,” Georgia replied.
“I don’t know the coordinates,” Lee realised.
“I’ve got a similar list to the one Captain Alton had,” Private Rolf announced, “If it’s any use to you.”
“Thanks Rolf,” Conner replied, taking the coordinates from Rolf and wandering over to an empty teleport booth. A few minutes later, Conner, Georgia and Lee were walking up a corridor in the Mumbai Release Point, when they spotted Korena’s body, lying on the floor.

“No!” Georgia shrieked, and she immediately began to cry.
“It can’t be,” Conner said in a shocked voice.
“She obviously didn’t get away from the water in time,” Lee commented, wiping a tear from his eye as he began to cry too.
“She was brilliant, and now she’s dead,” Georgia sobbed.

The Master opened his eyes, and saw a man in a suit with brown hair peering down at him.
“Good you’re ok,” the man said.
“Where am I?” the Master asked, “I was in the 70’s or was it the 80’s, this architecture looks very 40th century.” The man smiled faintly then walked off and the Master stood up.

“Where’s my TARDIS?” the Master wondered, as he look around at the room he was in. There was an empty pool of water, a smashed computer and a broken pipe lying on the floor. The Master walked through a door and in the next room he spotted his TARDIS.
“It’s an odd shape,” the Master commented, as he realised it was a 40th century teleport booth, “I wonder why I came here, ah well, back to fighting the Doctor!”

The Doctor’s TARDIS materialised in the Hotel Everest, and the Doctor stepped out to find Georgia, Conner, Lee, Donald, Delilah, Sam, Sara, Private Rolf, Kimiko, Kaito, Margaret and a large crowd of other people, who seemed intrigued by the TARDIS’s sudden appearance.

“Doctor!” Margaret exclaimed.
“Doctor, what happened, where’s the Master?” Georgia asked frantically.
“I erased his memory, all his memories of Rack and the Aquari,” the Doctor explained, “He’ll never know that he did this, the Aquari helped of course, one of them knocked him unconscious.”

“Doctor, Korena’s dead,” Conner muttered.
“And Natalie, and Amita, and Captain Alton,” Georgia finished, “We discovered Korena’s body when we went looking for her.”
“Private Rolf tried to teleport to Iceland, where Captain Alton was, but it had been destroyed,” Conner added, “So we’re pretty sure Captain Alton’s dead.”
“Delilah also mentioned Rack,” Georgia added, “Apparently he’d possessed Amita or something, and apparently he predicted that Delilah would die, but she hasn’t.”
“Well perhaps Rack’s prediction wasn’t right then,” the Doctor muttered as he stepped back into the TARDIS.

“Are we going?” Georgia called after the Doctor.
“Yes,” the Doctor called back.
“We’d better say our goodbyes,” Conner said, as he began to walk over to the others, who were mourning their friends and relatives.
“Bye Delilah,” Georgia said, “Good luck with you and Rolf.”
“What?” Delilah said, but a smile flitted across her face.
“Bye everybody!” Conner called.

“Are you going?” Sara asked.
“Yes,” Conner replied, “Are you?”
“No, we’re staying here, to help with the clear up and everything,” Sam answered, “Our ships been destroyed so...”

“Bye Lee,” Georgia said, hugging Korena’s cousin, “I’m really sorry about Natalie.”
“It wasn’t your fault or the Doctor’s” Lee said sadly, “It was the Master. Goodbye and you Conner.”
“Good luck,” Conner said, stepping into the TARDIS.

“Goodbye, remember all of us, when you go on your adventures,” Donald said to Georgia.
“I’ll try,” Georgia said honestly, “Bye Donald, and bye Rolf.”
“I’ll always remember this,” Private Rolf said, staring out of a window.
“Remember what?” Georgia asked.
“Everything that happened and I’ll never forget Korena,” Rolf muttered, “Goodbye, and good luck, the Doctor looked very guilty when you told him of the dead.”

“I can’t believe it,” Kimiko sobbed into Kaito’s shoulder.
“It’s terrible,” Kaito said, comforting his wife, “But Korena was a brilliant daughter.”
“Hai,” Margaret said, as she wept silently. Georgia decided it was best not to disturb them, so she waved at the others and followed Conner into the TARDIS. Georgia shut the doors behind her and saw that the Doctor did indeed look very guilty.

“Doctor...” Georgia began, but then she stopped.

Korena opened her eyes; she was lying on a bed in a long room with several other beds. On each bed another body was lying. She spotted Captain Alton and gasped. She then heard a familiar noise and ran from the room into a large room full of teleports, where she could see her family crying and the TARDIS fading away.

“No!” Korena shouted, “DOCTOR!” Her family looked startled as she ran past them, and Kimiko fainted into her husband’s arms.
“Korena, I thought you were dead,” Lee said.
“I’m not dead! Do I look dead?” Korena replied angrily, “DOCTOR! COME BACK! I’M ALIVE!”

Zac, Kaylie and Beth had waited for hours at the park for the TARDIS to return, but it hadn’t and it was beginning to get dark, when Catherine appeared.

“I’ve been searching all over for you!” Catherine said.
“Like where?” Beth asked.
“Your house, Zac’s house, that’s about it really,” Catherine replied.
“What about the GCSE results?” Kaylie asked and Catherine’s face fell.
“Oh no!” Catherine squeaked and ran off.
“Let’s go,” Zac said. A creature then emerged from the bushes, as Zac, Kaylie and Beth walked away.

“The Doctor will return, but I must be ready first, the Doctor will be exterminated!” Dalek Gain announced, then he flew up into the sky and vanished.


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