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Series Two Trailer

"They talk of the man, coming across the stars..."
"Why are we here, Doctor?"
"...The beacon of hope..."
"To save someone."
"...The bringer of death..."
"And kick some ass?"
"...The Oncoming Storm!"
"If you like."
"We're going to the future!" the Doctor said.
A Zygon in armour leers down at the Doctor and friends.
"There's something in the forest," the girl with the red hood said.
"The forest's on fire!" Georgia shouted.
"Welcome to my ship."
"We'll be lucky to survive!"
"Advance! Kill the Doctor!"
"Student Null, check the furnace!"
"We shut this place down!"
"Jerry lives with another man."
"Death stalks you in the night."
"See you tomorrow."
"Is it a wolf?"
"How can I die?!"
"I'm coming!"
"Beware of the clowns."
"Something's got on board!" Georgia screamed.
"Captain? Captain I've found a hole in the wall!"
"Bring on the wall!"
"I expect Torchwood will shoot it down."
"Express Delivery!"
"I'm stranded in Tesco."
"Mum, I don't think dad's coming back," Georgia said.
"I do wish he'd go to Sainsbury's!"
"You're talking to a spaceship!"
"I'm not gonna die tonight!"
"Where is home, then?"
"Shall we go home?"
"You're me!"
"It'll last forever, won't it? I'll be with him forever! Won't I?"
"It's a time machine!"
"I don't need to save the Doctor's life!"

Mini ep. 1: Christmas Claws

Starring: The Doctor
And Georgia
With: Elizabeth and Colin
And the hand

Georgia woke up early in the morning to find that she was in her bed and not some bed in the TARDIS. She saw that her parents did not think she was too old for stockings. At the end of her bed was a red stocking, full of small presents.
“Yayyyyyyyy”, Georgia exclaimed, “It’s Christmas!”

“Morning Georgia”, Colin, Georgia’s father said as he walked into her room, “Your mothers been up since 7, she put the Turkey in. Then she went to church leaving me in bed. I think she thought I scared the Vicar last time we went. Although I’m sure she’s the scary one”.

“What’s the time?” Georgia asked.
“Its 9 am”, Colin replied.
“That is the latest I’ve ever been up on Christmas Day!” Georgia replied.
“I know”, Colin said, “When you were a child you used to get up at 5am, you woke Richard and Rob. Poor Rob”. Georgia gave a sad smile and got out of bed. Colin went downstairs and made 3 cups of coffee, Georgia began to open the presents in her stocking. Looking out of the window she saw the TARDIS standing alone outside the house. Elizabeth had been trying to persuade the Doctor to move the TARDIS as she said it looked an eye sore. Georgia got changed and went downstairs.

“Where’s the Doctor?” Georgia asked Colin. Then the doorbell rang and Georgia opened the front door to find the Doctor carrying presents.
“Merry Christmas Georgia!” the Doctor exclaimed. Georgia took a few of the presents from the Doctor and brought them into the front room. In the front room there was all ready a pile of presents.

“So when did you get all these presents?” Georgia asked the Doctor.
“I have a time machine remember”, the Doctor replied.
“Is there one for me?” Georgia asked, excited.
“Maybe”, the Doctor answered, “When did you get yours?”
“Last night I went for a short walk to the street where I used to work”, Georgia explained, “I got loads of presents!”
“How did you carry them all home?” the Doctor asked.
“Mum came with me”, Georgia replied, “She was pointing to the posh expensive shops and forcing me to go inside”. Just then the doorbell rang and Elizabeth appeared at the door wearing smart dress.

“You see we’ve all ready got a new door”, Elizabeth commented, “Bethany asked where you were by the way. One of your old friends who you haven’t spoken to since you failed your GCSE’s”.
“Mum its Christmas”, Georgia replied, “Stop moaning”. About half an hour later the four of them had gathered in the lounge to open presents.

“Dad you open that one from me”, Georgia said and the opening began. Georgia bought Colin a new suit, three new ties, a new pair of sunglasses and new aftershave. Georgia had been bought a new hat from the 18th century, the Doctor had bought Elizabeth a statue from Roman times and for Colin, a bottle of anti-annoyance from the future, anything you sprayed it at would stop being annoying.
“Mum, are you OK?” Georgia asked, for some strange reason her mum wasn’t saying much, and everything she did say was nice not annoying.

“Here’s another present for you Georgia”, the Doctor said, giving her a box, “I bought them from a stall in an early 20th century market.
“Doctor, stop boasting about the presents you’ve bought!” Georgia replied, as she’d only bought the Doctor a tie with Christmas Puddings on it and a box of chocolates. Georgia opened the box and a look of disgust appeared on her face.

“What’s wrong?” the Doctor asked, “Do you not like the gloves?”
“They aren’t gloves, there’s a clawed hand in here!” Georgia exclaimed, “And its disgusting”.
“Oh no!” the Doctor said, “I must’ve got the boxes mixed up, I caught that clawed thing ages ago and kept it in that box. The hand can’t get out of that box, it can only be opened from the outside”.
“But it’s just a clawed hand”, Georgia replied, “It’s not like it can move by itself”. But then the hand stood up on its clawed fingers and jumped out of the box. Elizabeth screamed and ran around with her hands in the air, the anti-annoyance spray had lost its effect, while Georgia grabbed Colin and pushed him through the door into the hall. The Doctor got out its sonic screwdriver and started chasing it around the living room, knocking over a bottle of wine and accidentally breaking Colin’s new sunglasses. Elizabeth fled the room too and ran upstairs.

“Quick upstairs!” Georgia said to her father and he followed Elizabeth up the stairs, followed by Georgia. The hand rushed into the hall and followed Georgia up the stairs, who was screaming. The Doctor chased the clawed hand through the hall and followed it. The hand grabbed Georgia’s slipper and pulled it off. Georgia tripped over as the Doctor rushed onto the landing. The hand made a squealing noise and it scuttled into Georgia’s room.
“Hands can’t squeal”, Georgia said, as the Doctor rushed into Georgia’s room.
“It’s jumped out of the window”, the Doctor called from Georgia’s room.
“Oh great!” Elizabeth replied, “If the neighbours see the claw and find out it comes from here, we’ll be looked down upon!”

“Do you have any pork chops?” the Doctor asked.
“We’re having traditional Roast Turkey for Christmas dinner”, Elizabeth answered, “What do you want pork chops for?”
“The claw loves a pork chop”, the Doctor explained, “Strangely so does a Hoix”.
“But how can it eat?” Colin asked.
“It’s got jaws on the palm of the hand”, the Doctor replied, “Dangerous jaws”.
“Well yes we do have two pork chops in the fridge”, Elizabeth explained, as the Doctor rushed downstairs.

“Good”, Georgia said, “I want the real pair of gloves as soon as possible”.
“But the chops will need heating”, Elizabeth called after the Doctor as Georgia followed the Doctor down stairs. By the time Elizabeth and Colin had got to the kitchen. The Doctor had all ready attached the chop to a piece of string.
“As I’ve all ready said, it will need heating!” Elizabeth said loudly.
“No, the claws like raw flesh”, the Doctor explained, “They can’t eat hot stuff, it makes them sick”.
“But Doctor how are we gonna attract it, I mean the hand won’t be able to smell the raw flesh”, Georgia said.
“It’s got an amazing sense of smell”, the Doctor replied, “You know its probably on its way back here right now!”
“But it doesn’t have a nose!” Colin said.

“Doctor, what’s that slurping noise?” Georgia asked.
“It sounds like something getting eaten”, the Doctor said and Elizabeth rushed into the dining room. She found that the sausages that had been defrosting for Christmas Dinner were being eaten by a hand. The Doctor ran into the living room, grabbed the box which the claw had been in, ran into the dining room, grabbed the only sausage the hand hadn’t eaten and put it in the box. The hand scuttled off the table and jumped into the box the Doctor was holding. The Doctor put the lid on the box and everyone gave a sigh of relief.

“So we didn’t need the chop after all”, Elizabeth said as a slurping noise was heard from inside the box, as the hand ate the last sausage.
“So you’re gonna keep it in that box?” Colin asked.
“Yeah I’ll have to keep an eye on it though”, the Doctor replied, “Now its been opened, it may be easier for it to escape".
“It’s not very handy is it”, Georgia joked.

Two hours later Georgia, Colin and Elizabeth sat down for Christmas dinner. Elizabeth had again been sprayed with the anti-annoyance spray and Georgia had now got her early 20th century gloves. Colin was serving potatoes and the Doctor was carving the meat.
“I’m sure anyone can carve the meat better than Colin”, Elizabeth had said, “He drops bits on the floor, and eats the nicest bits while no-ones looking. I know Doctor, why don’t you carve the meat”. This had resulted in Colin spraying Elizabeth with the anti-annoyance spray, when she wasn’t looking.

“This meat looks delicious”, the Doctor said putting on a Santa Hat.
“I’ll get the crackers!” Georgia called from the Living room as she found a large box of crackers and put them on the table. Everyone was smiling and chatting as they ate the Christmas Dinner, pulling crackers and reading out jokes. Colin and Elizabeth had both got the same joke and the Doctor had got a comb in his cracker.
“Not that I need a comb”, the Doctor said.
“Yes, you do!” Georgia replied, “Theirs a tuft of hair sticking up at the back!” Later, the whole family and the Doctor sat down and sang carols and Christmas Songs. Christmas had been saved this year, but the Earth was soon to be faced with more alien threats.


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Fanfic Deleted Scenes!

This is a page for deleted scenes in the main series of our fanfic series! As each episode is released, any deleted scenes from it will be released here. Enjoy the scenes!

1.x Georgia and the Magnet Warriors

This scene was going to be before Georgia got home to look at the news in part 3 but after the Doctor managed to get away from the Magnet Warrior ship. It was when UNIT went to the street where Georgia worked to find that the Magnet Warriors had stopped the magnetising. It was removed because we wanted to get back to Georgia's story.

“FIRE!”,Commander Marr shouted as the TARDIS faded away.

Meanwhile, UNIT had arrived on the street where Georgia and Brian worked. Colonel Mace and Captain Price got out of the car to find the street covered in metallic debris and a few people lying injured on the floor.

"Get the medical officer here", Colonel Mace ordered.
"Yes Sir", a soldier replied.
"I think whatever was happening has stopped", Captain Price said slowly.
"Then we put the whole of UNIT on red alert for nothing", Captain Gifford said joining them.
"No, I don't think we've had the worst of the trouble yet", Colonel said.
"Contact Torchwood", Captain Price suggested, "They may have a way to destory the ship". Colonel Mace nodded and Captain Gifford got out his phone to contact Torchwood Cardiff.
"Shall I take UNIT off red alert sir?" Captain Price asked.
"No, keep UNIT on red alert", Colonel Mace ordered, "They could attack at any moment. Lets return to headquarters, and make sure someone cleans up this mess".

The next few scenes feature Brian. Most of them were deleted for time, this first one was deleted because we wanted the Doctor to get to UNIT:

“I need help. I need ..” but the doctors sentence trailed off as he saw several helicopters flying over the factory and following them was .. “The Valiant. UNIT!”

"Excuse me", a voice said from behind the Doctor, who turned round.
"Oh hello", the Doctor said, "Who are you?"
"I'm Brian", Brian replied, "Have you seen a girl".
"There are quite a few floating in the air", the Doctor said pointing to the dots in the sky.
"No her mum said she'd be on the ground", Brian explained, "She's with a man".
"Look if she's with another man then shouldn't you stop stalking her", the Doctor replied.
"No it's not like that", Brian replied, annoyed, "Her name's-"
"I haven't got time", the Doctor replied, "I need to go to UNIT!" The Doctor ran off leaving Brian looking annoyed in the middle of the empty street.

The Next scene is Brian again looking for Georgia. It was cut because the other scenes with Brian in were cut. Here it is:

“Doctor no!” Colonel Mace shouted as the doctor zoomed out through a window very quickly.

Brian, meanwhile, was still searching for Georgia. He realised that she might be in the Marr factory, so he ran through the strangely open gates and ran into reception. He ran past the reception desk and explored the lower floors.
"Georgia!" Brian shouted, "Where are you?" Brian heard a sound from one of the higher levels. He ran up the stairs following the noises. At one point he thought he heard a scream. He ran up to the eighth floor, but then the noise stopped. Brian walked down the corridor on the eighth floor.
"Georgia, it's me, Brian!" Brian called. He walked into the managers office. On the floor was a metallic circle with flashing lights on it. Brian looked around the office, but found nothing. He walked back down the corridor and back down the stairs.

The next scene was again deleted because the other scenes with Brian in were deleted. It is a very small scene, like some of the scenes around it. The people have just dropped onto a giant net:

The people fell from the ship. Elizabeth among them.
“I’m going to die”, She said falling but then she bounced.
She was on a net all around her people were falling and hugging. Elizabeth smiled then looked down, forgot that she was scared of heights and fainted!

On the ground Brian saw the people falling through the air and landing on the giant net suspended above him. Suddenly Brian's phone rang.
"Mum?" Brian said into the phone, "Are you OK? Good, you'e on a net. Yes, I can see the net. I'm glad you're OK. Why wasn't I there to help you? Errr..."

1.1 Conner

The following scene was altered because Conner was going to be the new companion, but Zac was saving Earth. Changing it gave Conner more to do, and allowed him to prove himself to the Doctor. This is the original scene, pretty much:

"Can you hear that? The Octopli are coming!"

Zac ran back to the Doctor who was crouched over the laptop.

"We can do this easily. All we have to do is hack into the system! Here we gp, password. It's usually a nickname or birthday," Zac said.
"Of course! Bringer of Death was his childhood nickname!" the Doctor grinned.
"Cheerful childhood," Zac muttered. "Here we go, menu!"
"What now?" the Doctor asked, peering at the screen.
"Doctor!" Georgia said, holding the door shut. "The Octopli are getting in!"
"Nearly there!" Zac called over to them.
"What are you doing now?" the Doctor asked him.
"Sending the Octopli a message: Abort the invasion! Get back to the spaceship!"

1.2 Maids, Myths and Monsters

This is a random scene between the Doctor and Conner, with Georgia looking at her phone, which takes place after the villager ask the Doctor for some money, while Georgia's phone acts strangely. It was cut because it didn't fit into the story as well as it could have, and it was simpler just to have Georgia come back to the scene, and get the story moving to the action. Afterwards the scene was altered so it appeared that Georgia's phone rang, and she went to answer it but there was no one there.

The Doctor pulled a small pouch of money from his pocket, and handed it to the woman.
"Oh thank you!" the woman cried. "What was your name again?"
"Him?" Conner asked. "He's Robin Hood!"

The woman thanked the Doctor again, and returned to her house. Georgia was stood near the TARDIS, looking on her phone. The screen kept flashing white, and random words from the internet kept apearring: glucose, umbrella, banned, Spidership, bottle, frog, Aquari, house, tempo, mortgage, ten pounds. Georgia tapped a number into the keypad, and pressed the call button.

"Mum?" Georgia said, placing the phone to her ear. "Oh come on, pick up!"

There was a beep and the phone went on to answer machine.

"Mum, can you call me if you get this message? It's just my phone's being wierd. Are you ok? How's Richard? Has dad got any further with that client who got knocked into by someone at skiing? That's it really... I just wanted to make sure you're all ok, with me being gone and everything. Oh and if you talk to Brian, tell him I've gone away, and that's why I'm not working at the shop. I hope he's alright with it. Tell him I'm sorry, but I can't come back to work. Not when I'm travelling. If only you could see it mum! It makes you realise there's more to life than keeping up appearances in the street! The size of it all, it's amazing! Anyway, I've got to go, who knows what the Doctor will get up to if I leave him alone for even five minutes! So I'll see you later, yeah? Call me back if you get the message."

Georgia ended the call. She wasn't sure even if the message would get through. There was another crackle and something flashed up on the screen. Georgia hadn't seen what it was, but she was sure she'd seen three eyes...

"What did you tell her I was Robin Hood for?" the Doctor asked Conner.
"You are!" Conner laughed. "You stole from the rich and gave it to the poor!"
"But we aren't supposed to be messing with time! You don't understand the rules, everything we do has consequences! Blimey, with the way we're going, the Reapers could turn up at any minute! You've just got to be more careful, that's all I'm saying."
"I'm sorry," Conner said. "But maybe this is where the rumours and myths of Robin Hood came from! Maybe he did exist, but he was you!"
"But what if he does exist, and he's out there somewhere?" the Doctor asked.
"The woman would have said something. Everyone knows Robin Hood's name! Marian, Guy of Guisbourne and the Sheriff of Notingham exist, so why not Robin Hood?"
"I suppose," the Doctor said, trying not to grin.
"There it is! That Time Lord smile! Come on, lighten up a bit! Robin Hood exists now!" Conner grinned.

Georgia walked back over to Conner and the Doctor, clutching her phone.

"I think I just became Robin Hood!" the Doctor grinned.
"And what?" Georgia laughed. "I'm your Maid Marian?"
"No," the real Maid Marian said, joining them. "I am."

1.4 The Demon Headmaster

In this episode Elizabeth and Colin were originally going to be in it. But there was no real point to there story in episode 4, so I just put them in episode 5. But here they are:

Elizabeth was sitting on a bench in the front garden. Colin had been snoring loudly in the living room, until she put a patch on his nose to stop him snoring. She was wearing a flowery hat. She then heard it, the TARDSIS materialising.

"Colin!" Elizabeth shouted causing Colin to wake up.
"What?" Colin asked, "And whats this on my nose?"
"Nothing!" Elizabeth shouted back, "Its the ship thingy! Georgia and the Doctor!"
"Are you sure?" Colin asked.
"Oh, it may have been Mr. Perkins mowing his lawn", Elizabeth said. Colin sighed, wondering why it hadn't sunk in to her head that Mr Perkins was dead.

The next scene also features Elizabeth and Colin:

Elizabeth and Colin were sitting down for their afternoon tea, discussing Richard.
"Yes, he's getting very unpredictable these days", Elizabeth said.
"Very", Colin agreed.
"I think we should visit him more often", Elizabeth suggested, "He might be getting lonely".
"Of course", Colin replied, sipping his tea.
"He has been acting quite odd recently", Elizabeth added.
"I'd noticed dear", Colin replied.
"Very odd actually, all he said to me at my party was Happy Birthday", Elizabeth said, "And gave me the present from Georgia and wandered off".
"Yes dear", Colin said.
"Are you going to say anything interesting?" Elizabeth asked Colin.
"Not really", Colin said, "Would you like another cup of tea?"

1.5 Slitheen School

This scene was deleted because I felt it was quicker to get straight onto the funeral, however, people have been asking when Conner, Georgia and the Doctor went to several places, that happened before Zac joined, but couldn't have happened before the Demon Headmaster. Here is the explanation, in the form of a deleted scene:

Georgia walked silently towards the TARDIS that stood outside St. Marks. The police had turned up at the school, and there were reporters and parents, and the students were being questioned.
"Excuse me miss, but were you hypnotised?" a TV reporter asked Catherine and Beth.
"What?" Catherine replied blankly.
"Were you hypnotised?" the TV reporter asked again.
"When?" Catherine asked.
"She's silly, let me talk," Beth interupted, "Hi mum! Yes I'm finally on the TV!"

Georgia walked into the TARDIS and shut the door, she found Conner and the Doctor talking inside.
"Georgia, to take your mind off what happened, we thought we'd go to past, Ancient Greece?" the Doctor asked, "Unless you don't want to travel anymore".
"Of course I do", Georgia said smiling, "As long as we return in time for the funeral".
"Have you said goodbye to Brian?" the Doctor asked.
"Yes, and my parents, but they're in shock," Georgia replied not looking at the Doctor.
"We can stay if you want," Conner told Georgia.
"No, I want to travel," Georgia explained, "It's one of the few things I'm sure about. Lets have loads of trips before we come back, so I can have time to get over it".
"If you're sure", the Doctor said pulling a lever. Outside the TARDIS, the police, reporters and students heard a strange sound and looked around to see nothing.

1.6 Spirits of the Past

This scene is a flashback to an unseen time with the Doctor and Georgia, which was cut because it distracted from the story, and it needed to get onto the action.

One of the giant pink Flamingos was following them. The Doctor turned to it.

"Hello! I'll name you Arthur!" he grinned.
"Doctor you've named all of the horses, the three badgers and that man eating hamster Arthur! Can't we have something else?" Georgia complained.

With a jangle of a harp, the scene faded. The Doctor and Georgia were running around a laboratory. A hamster was chasing them. It had sharp claws, and ran incredibly fast. The Doctor dived over desks to escape it. Georgia leapt onto a chair, trying not to scream.

"It's been genetically engineered!" the Doctor said, frowning as it chased him round a fish tank full of swimming sheep.
"What does that mean?" Georgia asked, grabbing a heavy book as it ran her way. "Is it like... A mutant?"
"No! You leave the little fella alone!" the Doctor said, as it tried to run up Georgia's chair leg. "It just means he isn't your average hamster!"
"You're telling me!" Georgia said as she wacked it with the heavy textbook.

The hamster fell down unconscious, and Georgia scrambled off the chair as the Doctor skidded down in front of the hamster. He cradled it in his arms.

"Awww you hurt Arthur!" the Doctor said soppily.
"You called a man eating hamster Arthur!" Georgia asked incredulously. "Doctor? What the -"

The scene faded again, and the Doctor was waving his arms.

"Let's stop that flashback right there!" he said quickly.
"Let's call him Pinky-Joe!" Conner grinned.
"The hamster's miles away!" the Doctor said.
"Not the hamster! The bloody Flamingo!" Conner said.

1.12 The Spidership

This scene was deleted because I thought that without the episode seemed to flow better, and it was more of a surprise when we found that Amy and Andrea had got on board.

Amy and Andrea squeezed through the crowd of people surrounding the red carpet that rolled up to the entrance of the Spidership.
"How about I knock out the guards?" Amy asked.
"No way, I'm not letting you use violence," Andrea replied.
"Are you going to use your scary gothy powers?" Amy asked.
"I'm an emo," Andrea snapped.
"Well what are we going to do?" Amy questioned.
"We distract the guards," Andrea said.
"How?" Amy asked.
"How many questions to you ask?" Andrea replied.
"Quite a few," Amy said, "How about you say 'look over there' and he looks and we sneak aboard?"
"Good idea sister," Andrea agreed.
"Come on then," Amy said. They were heading towards a think, long plank of wood, that attached the dock to a small door on the edge of the ship. Unfortunately, there was a Guard standing right beside it.

"Hello!" Amy said smiling.
"What do you want, little girl?" the Guard asked.
"How dare you call me little!" Amy roared.
"Amy! Look over there!" Andrea shouted pointing. The Guard and Amy looked around, but Andrea grabbed Amy and she realised that they were sneaking aboard.
"I don't see anything," the Guard commented, as Amy pushed him over the side of the dock into the sea. Andrea, annoyed that Amy had disobeyed her, grabbed Amy and walked her across the plank and onto the ship. The Guard swam over to a ladder, and climbed up it onto the dock, soaking wet.

"That was very naughty of you Amy!" Andrea said firmly.
"He called me little", Amy pointed out.
"And you pushed him into the sea", Andrea replied.
"So, there was a ladder, he'll be fine", Amy said and wandered off. Andrea sighed and followed her.

2.X The Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot

This scene was deleted because the last part of The Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot was all ready quite long and the episode looked fine without it, but here it is:

“And it will get into the Cybermen’s air vents”, the Doctor finished, “That’s a brilliant idea! Well let’s get to work!” So they did get to work. PC Walsh and the Doctor turned the gold into tiny gold pieces and Zac took boxes of gold dust up to Kaylie and Georgia who poured it into the fans. Some pieces fell onto the Cybermen below and Kaylie said she saw a couple of Cybermen fall over, dead.

“The Cybermen have seen us!” Georgia told Kaylie, pointing below. The Cybermen with guns started shooting up at Georgia and Kaylie. Just then Zac entered the room carrying a large box full of gold dust.
“What’s going on?” Zac asked.
“It’s the Cybermen they’re shooting at us”, Georgia explained, “Well, some of them”.
“But they’re missing”, Kaylie replied.
“Hey Kaylie do you still have that Santa Hat?” Georgia questioned. Kaylie nodded and took the hat out of her pocket. There was another large hole in the floor nearby. Georgia dropped the hat through the hole and it landed on the head of a Cyberman.

“What did you do?” Zac asked.
“I put a Santa Hat on it”, Georgia replied as PC Walsh entered the room with a box of gold dust.
“This is the second last box”, PC Walsh said, as the Doctor entered the room.
“Ready to turn on the fans?” the Doctor asked as he brought the last box to Georgia.

2.6 Message Received

This scene was deleted because I wanted to get to the discovering of Abasi and I didn't want part 5 to be really long, but here it is:

Georgia, Conner, Niina, Ryker and Captain Fry were sitting around tables in the Dining Room, Hannah and the Doctor had just left to look at the cells.

"So what year is this?" Georgia asked Niina.
"The Year 3 million and 6," Niina replied smiling, "Where do you come from?"
"Oh it's a very long way away," Georgia replied, "I haven't been this far forward in a while."
"What are you talking about?" Niina asked.
"Don't worry it's not important," Georgia said.

"Niina is there any chance of some food?" Ryker asked.
"I'll get some," Niina said.
"Hey, she's been through alot, why doesn't somebody else make food?" Georgia asked.
"We've been through a lot too," Captain Fry said.
"You know what I mean," Georgia snapped.
"It's all right Georgia it will take my mind off things," Niina said, walking through a door into the kitchen. Georgia could hear her fiddling with bowls.
"Where's the Doctor gone?" Georgia asked Conner.
"He went off with Hannah to look at the cells," Conner told her.
"With Hannah?" Georgia asked.
"Yeah, why are you jealous," Conner said.
"No! I just don't want more companions in the TARDIS," Georgia replied.
"The Doctor only takes the very best," Conner said.
"Yeah, then why has he asked Kirsty and Roxanne to come in the TARDIS?" Georgia asked.
"Because they were brilliant," Conner replied, as Niina emerged into the room carrying two trays.

"What's that?" Ryker asked.
"Comfort food," Niina said, "Chocolate sundae, chocolate brownie, chocolate kronkbruger and chocolate."
"Lots of chocolate then," Conner said smiling.

2.8 Black and Gold

This scene was a brief reference to The Empty Child. It was cut because it didn't help the story move along, and it meant that Fragmented and Black and Gold were set at a specific time when Jamie was converting people into Gas Mask Zombies.

Conner and Dorris left the second balcony, and ran back into the house. They stopped for a moment, and Conner pulled out his phone. He was about to dial a number, before it rang.

"What is that?" Dorris asked.
"A phone," Conner replied. "From the future. But I dunno who's ringing me - it's not Georgia or the Doctor, and nobody else could ring me here."

He answered it, falling silent. There was a crackling sound on the other end, before a high pitched voice spoke.

"Are you my mummy?"
"No," Conner said, taken aback. "Your mummy isn't here. Who is this?"
"Are you my mummy?" the voice repeated.
"Your mummy isn't here," Conner answered. "How are you calling me? This phone isn't from round here."
"Mummy?" the voice asked.
"I can't help you. Sorry," Conner sighed, hanging up.

Suddenly a noise from outside startled them. Conner and Dorris ran through the small office, and headed for the door. They reached it, grabbing the handle, when it flew open. Dorris was thrown over the top of the writing desk, and Conner slipped backwards into the bookcase, and was hit with several heavy books. Peter and Susan entered, surveying the room with blank, robotic eyes. Dorris clambered onto the desk, and snarled, baring her teeth. Conner crawled along the floor towards her, and hid behind the desk.

2.9 Snowfall in the City

This scene was the original opening for episode 9. It was changed dramatically so we could see the alien itself and so we could include Beth and the other recurring characters from Zac and Kaylie's school. Also the storyline changed, so the Doctor didn't realise he was on Pluto for a while.

The TARDIS doors burst open and the Doctor, Georgia, Conner, Zac and Kaylie ran inside.
"What the hell was that thing?" Georgia asked.
"I don't know, I didn't see it," the Doctor replied, as he pulled a leaver.
"Well it nicely disrupted our Biology GCSE," Zac commented, "Good alien, anyway can we track it?"
"I think so, since it used a teleport," the Doctor answered.
"So Zac how've you been?" Georgia asked.
"I've been fine thanks," Zac replied as the Doctor pressed a number of buttons, "And yourself?"
"Well other than being killed several times, I've been fine," Georgia replied smiling.
"Yeah but that happens everyday for us," Conner added.
"Everybody hold on," the Doctor said as the TARDIS shook and began to dematerialise.
"WHAT?" Kaylie roared, "I hope we aren't taking off, I don't want to go to another planet!"
"You said you'd like to know where the alien came from," Conner replied.
"Yes but not actually go to where the alien came from!" Kaylie replied, "Doctor I demand you put me back on Earth!" The Doctor, however, ignored her and Kaylie sighed.
"I'm telling you, if we end up on Pluto!" Kaylie siad unhappily, through gritted teeth. The TARDIS landed with a jolt and Kaylie fell over. The Doctor ran over to the doors and opened them.
"Where are we?" Conner asked the Doctor.
"Oh dear, we're on Pluto," the Doctor replied as he looked back at Kaylie who was now sulking.

The next two scenes were going to be in the episode, but its all explained later anyway so I didn't really see the point in them. Here's the first:

"Bored! Bored! Bored!" Georgis screamed.
"Calm down," Conner replied, but he was getting very bored himself, they had been locked in the cell for a very long time.
"Well maybe there's some way of getting out of the cell," Zac suggested, "Remember in Pirates of the Carribbean..."
"Yes I do, that won't work there's no bench," Georgia hastily replied.
"Georgia what are you sitting on?" Zac asked.
"Oh yeah," Georgia said looking down at the bench she was itting on, "But it's stuck to the floor."

"Can you hear footsteps?" Conner asked suddenly.
"Definately," Zac replied, looking up, as the footsteps grew louder.
"If it's Lord Komanfdu, tell him to go and..." Georgia began.
"It's not Lord Komanfdu," Conner interupted, "It's some of his guards."
"Look we made a deal," Zac began as the Guards opened the cell door and stormed into the cell.
"Get off me!" Georgia said as one of the Guards grabbed her, Conner started forward but was pushed back by another guard, and he hit his head badly on the wall.
"We made a deal!" Zac explained, "You can't go back on your word!" Zac was grabbed by two guards who dragged him out of the cell, followed closely by Georgia.
"Georgia!" Conner exclaimed, getting up from the floor, "Oh no!" A Guard slammed the cell door and locked it, as Georgia's screams of protest faded away.

Here's the second scene:

"All by myself..." Conner sang out of tune, "Don't wanna be." Suddenly, Ryoff entered the room with two other Plutonians.
"Conner!" Ryoff said.
"What's going on?" Conner asked, "Where's Georgia and Zac?"
"I'm sorry, their memories have been wiped," Ryoff replied, "But it is likely they can be returned."
"W-what?" Conner stuttered, "They've forgotten everything?"
"We think so," Ryoff replied, "But as I said they may be able to be returned. We need you to give evidence please."
"Of course I will, anything to stop Lord Komanfdu," Conner said, "We made a deal you see."
"You can tell the High Court, you are going to Pluton's balcony," Ryoff explained, as they walked away from the cells, "These two guards will escort you up there."
"Thank you," Conner answered.

2.12 Aquari Aquatics

There are a few scenes that I had to delete from this episode, some which ended up in episode 13. The whole episode ended up being extremely long anyway, so the scene deletions didn't really work. I like this scene but I deleted it:

“Who are you?” Captain Alton asked, with a look of strong interest on his face.
“What do you mean?” the Doctor asked.
“You aren’t from Earth, your from a far away place,” Captain Alton answered, “I think your an alien.”
“Well... you’ve got that right,” the Doctor replied, “My name’s the Doctor.”
“And who’re you?” Captain Alton asked Korena.
“I think her name really is Kimiko Nakamura sir,” Private Rolf said.
“Yeah, I’m Kimiko Nakamura,” Korena said smiling, as the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver began to flash and emit a beeping noise.

This line also had to be deleted because I deleted that scene:

The TARDIS began to fade away to the surprise of the guards.
“He’s an alien all right,” Captain Alton commented.

3.x Christmas Bells

This scene was cut as it was a nice reference to older episodes, but it didn't help the plot, which already needed moving on.

The bell had rang several minutes ago, and only Conner, Kaylie and Beth remained at school.

"I'll see you at home," Kaylie said to Conner.
"Okay," Conner replied, smiling gratefully at her. "See you later."

Kaylie left, and Beth took Conner's hand, leading him out of the back of the school. Sunlight streamed across their faces, even though it was October. They headed down the stone steps, until the reached the small garden Mrs Sow had insisted be built. The pair stopped at the large stone wall, and Beth pointed at the words etched at the top.

"The Spidership memorial," Conner read. "Oh..."

Below the words were rows upon rows of names of those who had died on the Spidership. First were the names of students and teachers of St. Mark's, followed by the staff, and UNIT soldiers and various others. Conner let go of Beth's hand, and ran his fingers along the stone, his fingers trailing over some of the names - Harry Ladbrook, David Bennet, Sue Bennet, and Conner Bennet, which had since been roughly scratched off, presumably when he'd returned.

"Tomorrow, it'll be exactly one year," Beth said quietly. "We're having a memorial assembly. You need to wear black. I was thinking, you know, that we could go together..."
"I'd like that," Conner blushed. "I miss them Beth. It's not right, having no parents. It's tough. I thought I had the Doctor to look after me, but now I'm not so sure. I miss him too. It's almost as if he's on this memorial too. When he disappears, he takes my life with me. Maybe I should be on there after all."
"Don't say that," Beth said, with a sad expression. "You've got me. That's enough, isn't it?"

Conner didn't reply, taking one last glance at the memorial, and the rough scratch that had torn through his name, and existance.

This page will be updated as we release more episodes, and remember any deleted scenes! Keep checking back here!

VTV Series Episode 5: The Hill Has Eyes

The Doctor pulled Katie from the side of the tent to the middle of it. The badgers continued to rip the tent apart with their sharp claws. Chris, Lucy and Mae followed the Doctor into the centre of the tent. Bits of cloth flew about the tent, and it wouldn’t be long until the badgers found a gap and got in.

“Doctor do something! Katie shouted.
“Like what?” the Doctor shouted back over the noise of the badgers snapping angrily.
“I dunno, do something alien!” Katie said. “Use the Sonic Screwdriver!”
“To do what?!” the Doctor said. “Use it as a torch when we’re inside the badgers stomachs?”
“Doesn’t it have a super-laser?” Katie asked incredulously.
“No!” the Doctor said.
“What about another weapon? Have you got a laser spanner?”
“No, it was stolen…” the Doctor said.
“Please Doctor! If you don’t do something, we’re all gonna die!” Katie said desperately.
“Lucy, did you bring a car?” the Doctor asked, turning to her.
“Err, yeah!” Lucy replied, terrified.
“Bellisimo!” the Doctor said.

The Doctor extended the barrel of the Sonic Screwdriver, and pressed the button on setting 1374. Outside in the small car park, Lucy Brown’s Street Ka switched on. The car shot forwards and burst into the tent, sending badgers flying. Lucy grabbed her car keys but the Doctor opened the car with the Sonic Screwdriver. Lucy jumped into the driver’s seat, Chris slipped into the front passenger seat, and Mae, the Doctor and Katie piled in the back. The badgers rushed at the car, but Lucy slammed the acceleration down, and the car zoomed out of the other side of the tent, leaving two car sized holes in the tent.

“They’d better not have scratched the paintwork!” Lucy muttered, as the car flew around a corner.
“My poor lovelies!” Chris said. “Do you think any of them were hurt when the car hit them?”
“Nah, course not!” the Doctor said, trying to reassure them. “They’ll be fine!”
“But being hit by a car… Even humans can’t survive it sometimes,” Chris said sadly.
“Don’t worry Chris,” Katie soothed. “You’re badgers were possessed, so they’ll be stronger! They’re bound to have survived!”

The Doctor raised his eyebrows at Katie, who shrugged. It was getting dark by the time the car reached central London. Katie’s legs were aching from being squashed into the car, and she was glad to be getting out of it. Lucy had dropped Mae off at her house, and Chris left for the wildlife club to pick up a few leaflets for new spots to see badgers. The Doctor had warned Chris not to go back to the site, in case the badgers were still possessed, but Chris didn’t need telling twice. Lucy stopped the Street Ka down the road where the TARDIS was parked. The Doctor and Katie got out.

“Thanks for the lift!” the Doctor said.
“It’s no problem!” Lucy said. “Any time you need a story putting in the paper, you call.”
“Will do!” the Doctor grinned. “What paper do you write for anyway?”
“The Independent,” Lucy said. “Goodbye Katie!”
“See you around!” Katie grinned, as Lucy drove off in her car.

The Doctor and Katie began walking back to the TARDIS, before they remembered it had lost power and couldn’t move from the spot it had parked in. Katie laughed at the Doctor’s hopelessness, but was worried she wouldn’t be able to return home.

“Now what are we gonna do?” Katie asked. “It’s way past tea time.”
“Well, I know a very amiable woman who’ll let us stay at her B&B, but first let’s have chips!” the Doctor said. “The nearest chippy’s this way!”
“Oooh I fancy some chips!” Katie said.
“Along with Brad Pitt?” the Doctor grinned, running down the street.
“I do not!” Katie protested, running after him. “I’m more of a Milo Ventimiglia person!”

“Do you ever sleep?” Katie asked the Doctor.
“Nope,” the Doctor grinned.

Katie yawned. The Doctor had sat all night in a chair beside the window while she had slept. Even though it was eleven o’clock, Katie would have gladly slept for a few more hours. She didn’t have anymore clothes, they were all in the TARDIS, so she wore the same jacket and jeans. Her hair was a mess. She attempted to comb it with her fingers while she and the Doctor left the B&B.

“You could hardly call that a B&B,” Katie said as they left the building.
“Why not? It’s a lovely place,” the Doctor said.
“Well the duvet was scratchy, and there wasn’t breakfast in sight!” Katie grumbled, annoyed at her failing attempts to comb her hair without a comb. “And I look like a tramp!”
“No change there then!” the Doctor said, laughing.
“What about your hair?” Katie asked.
“What’s wrong with it?” the Doctor asked, subconsciously running his hand through it.

Katie decided it would be funnier to leave it at that. The Doctor stopped at the bus stop.

“What? The bus again?” Katie asked. “Where’s the flashy car I was promised? That’s the only reason I came on this trip.”
“I ain’t got no Ferrari Doll,” the Doctor said, putting on a gruff voice.
“Then gimme the money or I’ll blow your brains out!” Katie replied, putting on a higher gruff voice.

They laughed, and did not notice the other people staring as the bus pulled up. Fifteen minutes and five stops later, the Doctor and Katie reached the Theraflu Club. The field where Chris Fulton was attacked by his lovelies was two minutes away, and when they reached it, the Doctor hopped over the stile as if he and the country were old friends. Katie found it more difficult, and would’ve fallen into a mud puddle if the Doctor hadn’t held her up. Everything was quiet, the bird song the loudest thing around. There were no badgers today, and the Doctor didn’t find any when he looked into their burrows either.

“There’s no one home!” the Doctor said, standing up from the burrow.
“They all went on holiday?” Katie asked.
“Yeah. They’re probably digging up your garden in America now!” the Doctor said.
“D’you think they’ll plant a few roses while they’re at it?” Katie laughed.

A yellow flash from behind the hill stopped the Doctor’s reply. He walked up the field and to the base of the hill. Katie followed him, avoiding cow pats and mud.

“Doctor, why are there cow pats?” Katie asked.
“Well the cows have a full stomach and –” the Doctor began.
“No!” Katie laughed. “I mean, there aren’t any cows!”

The Doctor ran around the edge of the hill, following the bleeps of his Sonic Screwdriver. Katie followed, looking over the Doctor’s shoulder. He stopped dead as they nearly wandered off the edge of a crater. Inside the vast pit were several skeletons. Katie couldn’t work out what they were, but she had an idea.

“No cows…” Katie repeated to herself.
“Looks like it isn’t the cows that have a full stomach,” the Doctor said darkly.
“Why is there a crater in the base of a hill? Surely someone must’ve noticed it,” Katie said.
“They did,” the Doctor said, pointing to several human skeletons. “Any people who discovered the crater were eaten alive.”
“Chris didn’t mention this…” Katie said.
“He probably didn’t see it,” the Doctor said. “Whoever’s possessing the badgers didn’t want him hanging around, watching them.”
“So what made the crater?” Katie asked. “A meteorite?”
“A spaceship,” the Doctor said, leading Katie around the hill, away from the crater.

The Doctor and Katie stopped at a large hole in the hill. The Doctor whipped out the Sonic Screwdriver and used it as a torch. Katie held the Doctor’s hand so she didn’t get lost in the near dark conditions. They walked down corridors, cut out of the earth.

“This must go right under the hill!” Katie said.
“Like a maze,” the Doctor noticed.
“So we can’t get back out…?” Katie asked.
“It’s ok, the Sonic Screwdriver’s tracking our path, we’ll be ok,” the Doctor said.
“It’s like using string to find our way back!” Katie said.
“But more reliable,” the Doctor muttered.

“We’re in a control room!” Katie said, as they stepped into a larger chamber, and stopped.
“No sign of any aliens,” the Doctor said, looking at a desk full of high tech computers.
“What is that?” Katie asked, pointing at the computers.
“It’s a monitoring circuit,” the Doctor said, studying it.
“What’s that? Why are there no aliens?”
“They’ve left,” the Doctor said. “Monitoring circuits are placed in buildings on planets, and when the alien knows enough about the planet, it invades.”
“How much does this know?” Katie asked, joining the Doctor at the computers.
“Well hardly anything. For starters, shoving it into a hill wasn’t the best idea. I suppose it was to catch humans when they aren’t at work, at their most relaxed. The computer’s spying on you lot!” the Doctor said.
“Not my lot!” Katie reminded him. “England’s lot! The hill has eyes!”
“That’s spooky,” the Doctor said.
“Thanks!” Katie laughed.
“Not that, the noise. Can’t you hear it?” the Doctor asked.
“My hearing’s better, wait a second and you’ll hear it, it’s getting louder,” the Doctor said, raising a hand to indicate Katie should be quiet.
“I can! But what does it mean?” Katie asked, whispering.
“We’ve been discovered. The circuit’s sending in the troops,” the Doctor said.
“Who? The aliens? Are they coming?” Katie asked.
“No… The badgers!” the Doctor said.

Pulling out the Sonic Screwdriver, the Doctor deactivated the computer. The bleeping noise increased. Katie could hear the thump of paws of earth as the badgers ran along the earthen passages. They were coming from all sides. The Doctor and Katie were trapped.

“Doctor what do we do?”
“We have to get rid of the energy; or the monitoring circuit will fix itself. But where do we put it?” the Doctor wondered to himself.
“The STARDIS!” Katie shouted. “You can fix it!”
“Ah ha!” the Doctor shouted, getting to work.
“Doctor the badgers are coming!” Katie shouted.
“Done!” the Doctor said, grinning.

The TARDIS materialised in the control room. Katie grinned and ran into the TARDIS. The Doctor followed and it dematerialised as the badgers burst into the room. The monitoring circuit blew up, and the badger’s eyes turned from yellow to their normal colours. They had been released, and now they had been left alone to live in peace, in their huge under-the-hill burrows!

“Where do you wanna go now the TARDIS is fixed?” the Doctor asked.
“I dunno. Really dunno. Wherever you want,” Katie said, brushing her hair.
“I know just the place!” the Doctor grinned, leaping round the console.

TARDIS Entry 2 – Fixed!

The Doctor and Katie fixed me! Well, not me, I’m the scanner, but the TARDIS herself! We can travel again! Oooh I think we’re going to Florida! Oooh that tickles! Stop it! Doctor stop it! Ha ha ha ha ha! Stop it! The tickling! It’s making me laugh! I can’t complete the entry! Oh the tickling!

The End.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Episode X: The Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot Part 6

“Doctor do you agree or not?” Teresa asked, “Take us in the TARDIS or watch your friends die?” The Doctor nodded and then There was a whirring of machinery from above. The Doctor looked up to see the TARDIS being lowered from the ceiling. It landed in the centre of the room.

“After you”, Teresa said, and the Doctor opened the TARDIS doors and walked in, Teresa followed him with a group of Cybermen.

Back in Mr. Core’s office, Mr. Core explained how he knew Rob Slater’s dad, who was also called Rob.
“Rob Slater, your dad, was my best friend”, Mr. Core explained, “We had both suffered bad childhoods. Rob had been mixed up in a hospital; his parents took the wrong baby home, and the mother of the other baby didn’t want it, so Rob was put up for adoption. He lived at an orphanage, where he never received any presents for Christmas, like me, he was then sent to the same boarding school as me”.
“I never knew my dad had such a bad childhood”, Rob said.

“I thought I was the boy who Santa Claus Forgot”, Mr. Core said, “But he was. Me and him were friends for a very long time, but then his parents found him. They had been searching and searching for him for years, as soon as they had found out there had been a mix up at the hospital”.
“Then he had me with my mum, but she left him and moved to America”, Rob continued, “But he died when I was 3. My Aunt and Uncle brought me up, as soon as I was 16, though, I moved out. And I slowly lost contact with my Aunt and Uncle and my cousins. But one of my cousins died a few months ago too”.

“What is the point of all this storytelling?” PC Walsh asked.

“My dad would hate you if he knew what you were doing!” Rob said.
“But he would know how I feel”, Mr. Core replied, “This should happen. I have to leave. Once 100 000 Cybermen live, I can leave the Earth”.
“But why do you want to leave the Earth?” PC Walsh asked.
“Because everyone hates me”, Mr. Core replied.
“No they don’t”, Rob said quietly, “But they will if you don’t stop this!”
“I can’t”, Mr. Core said, “I promised Teresa”.
“Do you really think she’ll keep her side of the bargain?” Rob asked and Mr. Core did not reply.

“You’ve got to stop the upgrading!” PC Walsh ordered.
“I can get all the Cybermen here”, Mr. Core said, “Then I can order them to stop the upgrading and to destroy the machines. And Teresa isn’t here!”
“Is there some way of halting the Cybermen, so everyone can get away from the factory”, Rob asked, “Then you can get them all here. They may not like your orders and mutiny”.
“They won’t mutiny”, Mr. Core replied.
“How do you know?” PC Walsh asked. Mr. Core shrugged and pushed a button. The Cybermen froze on the spot. Elizabeth and Colin were walking down a street, towards the Marr factory when they looked around and saw that the Cybermen were not moving. Everyone else looked around and were not sure whether to be scared or happy.

“What’s going on?” Colin asked.
“I don’t know”, Elizabeth replied, “But while they’re frozen I think we should all get away from the Cybermen”.
“Everyone come on”, Colin said and hundreds of feet could be heard running away from the Marr factory. Inside the factory people were running away from the upgrading machines and ran through the doors of the factory, past the metal gate and the Cybermen who had been guarding it and as far away as possible.

“That should be long enough”, Mr. Core said, as he looked out the window to see the last few people running from the factory.
“Why didn’t you stop earlier?” Rob asked.
“Because I was so scared of Teresa”, Mr. Core asked, pressing a button which made the Cybermen move again.

“An order for all Cybermen”, Mr. Core said into a microphone, “Return to the factory. We stop the upgrading”. The message was heard by all Cybermen and they all began to march back to the factory. Suddenly, two Cybermen marched into the room.

“What is going on?” a Cyberman asked.
“It was a power failure, its come back now”, Mr. Core said, “I’m taking these to the main upgrading room. The upgrading must stop for now”. Mr. Core walked out of the room followed by PC Walsh and Rob Slater. The two Cybermen followed them.

The TARDIS was in flight zooming through the vortex. Inside the TARDIS the Cybermen stood around the TARDIS console not moving a muscle. Teresa was smiling widely again.
“So Doctor where first?” Teresa asked, as if she was a companion, “I thought Washington”.
“I thought not”, the Doctor replied.
“Oh, so you’re all ready on your way to Downing Street or Buckingham palace?” Teresa asked her smile faltering slightly. The Doctor did not reply as the TARDIS stopped.

“Teresa”, the Doctor said, “Hold on tight”. Teresa frowned but grabbed onto a part of the TARDIS.
“Where are we?” Teresa demanded, “Where?” The Doctor did not answer again, but pressed a button and the doors opened revealing that the TARDIS was outside a black hole. As soon as the doors opened there was a whooshing sound as the Cybermen were sucked into the black hole along with a pair of scissors that the Doctor had left on the console. Teresa was holding on to the console very tightly, the Doctor was holding tightly too until he pressed a button and the whooshing noise stopped.

“My pair of scissors!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“You sent the Cybermen into a black hole!” Teresa said, “Did you want to kill me too?”
“No, I want to show you something else”, the Doctor replied as he pushed a lever and the TARDIS went into flight again.
“Doctor, stop this at once!” Teresa ordered, “Or I will be forced to kill you! But first I’ll kill your friends”.

“How are you supposed to contact the other Cybermen so you can kill my friends?” the Doctor asked. Teresa looked like she’d been slapped round the face. She sat down on the TARDIS seat with a sulky look on her face.
“Here we are”, the Doctor replied, as the TARDIS stopped again.

“Where are we?” Teresa asked, “Are you going to push me into a nebula? Or take me to some planet with 99% Nitrogen air, where I will die! You must know Teratjulajians cannot have too much nitrogen I only just survived on Earth, I had to have lots of medicine”.
“You’re a Teratjulajian?” the Doctor asked.
“Well obviously, why would I mention them if I wasn’t one!” Teresa replied.

“This planet has the same nitrogen as Earth”, the Doctor said. The Doctor walked over to the TARDIS doors and opened them. He walked out of the TARDIS onto a busy street. He could see cars metal cars flying overhead and robots cleaning the streets. The people walking on the streets were humans and the odd alien. Teresa walked out of the TARDIS.

“This is Earth”, Teresa said, “In the far future”.
“You know the Cybermen can’t kill off humanity”, the Doctor said, “Because here we are, I don’t see any Cybermen about”.
“I’m sorry”, Teresa said, her face was blank, “Goodbye Doctor”. The Doctor nodded and Teresa walked away from the TARDIS down the futuristic street, where she would find a better life, friends and honesty.

Back inside the factory Mr. Core entered the main part of the factory, followed by PC Walsh and Rob Slater. They found Georgia, Zac and Kaylie standing by the Cybermen. There were hundreds of silent Cybermen packed at the back of the large room.

“Why are these three out of their cells?” Mr. Core asked as he entered.
“That’s Georgia! She’s my cousin!” Rob said, “Let her and her friends go!”
“Let them go”, Mr. Core ordered.
“Thank you”, Georgia said, but a Cyberman grabbed her from behind. They grabbed Zac and Kaylie too.
“Let me go!” Kaylie screamed, “You heard your leader!”

Mr. Core turned around and saw that the doors were blocked by two Cybermen.
“We no longer serve Mr. Core”, a Cyberman with black handlebars said, stepping forward, “Teresa has gone and you are not suitable for leadership. The humans have escaped so we must have emergency upgrades”.

“PC Walsh”, Rob whispered, “I can see a water boiler over there, if I break it water will spill all over the floor. It may damage the Cybermen’s circuits. There’s the power switch as well”.
“But it might not”, PC Walsh whispered back.
“It could save our lives”, Rob replied, as he ran for the water boiler which was hidden in the corner. He didn’t really know what he was going to do, he didn’t have a weapon to smash the boiler with, and what if it didn’t work? But Rob did not have much time to think.

“Rob!” Georgia exclaimed.
“Delete!” a Cyberman said stepping forward and killing Rob Slater, right before he reached the boiler.
“You didn’t have to kill him!” Georgia shouted, “You monsters!”

“Mr. Core you will be first to be upgraded”, the Cyberman with black handlebars said.
“Will I at least be a Cyber-Leader?” Mr. Core asked.
“No”, the Cyberman replied bluntly. Two Cyberman grabbed Mr. Core by his arms and dragged him over to the upgrading machines. They pushed Mr. Core into the machine and he screamed, the door at the back of the metal cubicle opened and a tall Cyberman stepped out.

“You are next”, the Cyberman said, pointing at Kaylie.
“No you can’t!” Zac shouted struggling against the Cyberman holding him. Kaylie looked like she was about to faint. The Cybermen holding her began to drag her towards the Upgrading cubicles. Then a scraping noise filled the air and the TARDIS landed by the power switch and the boiler.

“Doctor!” Georgia shouted, as the Cyberman pushed Kaylie into the upgrading machine. Kaylie looked up and saw knives, saws and other sharp instruments descending on her. The Doctor opened the doors of the TARDIS and ran out, observing the scene. Kaylie screamed loudly as the sharp equipment got closer to her head. The Doctor pushed the power button and the machine stopped. Zac broke free of the Cyberman and opened the metal cubicle’s door to find Kaylie looking breathless and a knife, centre-metres from her head. Kaylie rushed out of the cubicle and hugged Zac, who saw the Doctor smiling. Georgia also broke free of the Cybermen and rushed at the Doctor.

“Right then, Cybermen”, the Doctor said, “I give you a chance, I know you won’t take it, but still I give you it. I can give you a planet to live on, and you can leave these humans alone. PC Walsh broke free of the Cybermen holding him and ran to the doors of the TARDIS, where Zac, Kaylie and Georgia were standing.
“We refuse any offer you make”, the Cyber-Leader replied, “Kill them!” The Cybermen advanced and Georgia, Zac, Kaylie and PC Walsh rushed into the TARDIS.

“Bye then Cybermen!” the Doctor said, pulling out his sonic screwdriver. A high pitched sound was heard and all the doors around the room slammed shut. They had been locked by the Doctor’s screwdriver. The Doctor rushed into the TARDIS past a shocked PC Walsh, and pulled a lever on the TARDIS console. The TARDIS landed in the reception area of the factory. The Doctor rushed out again followed by the four humans.

“What’s that noise?” Georgia asked, a loud banging noise could be heard from nearby. The Doctor pointed at a door and Georgia walked up to it. She was shocked to see a Cyberman’s face at it.
“What did you do?” Kaylie asked.
“I locked the Cyberman in that room”, the Doctor replied.
“Brilliant!” Zac exclaimed.

“Now first things first”, the Doctor said, “Where’s Mr. Core?”
“He’s been upgraded”, PC Walsh replied, “And where’s that Teresa?”
“She’s gone”, the Doctor said, “I took her to the future and she stayed there”. Georgia smiled.
“And Rob’s dead”, PC Walsh said, “He tried to stop the Cyberman”.

“Oh the Rob you knew Georgia?” the Doctor asked, “I’m sorry, I knew he was your boyfriend…”
“What?” Georgia said, “He’s my cousin! My mum’s maiden name is Slater, my mums brother, Rob died a while ago now. He was mixed up when he was a baby”.
“Mr. Core said that”, PC Walsh explained, “And that he was his best friend when they were younger”.
“I’m very sorry Georgia”, the Doctor said and Georgia nodded. There was silence for a few minutes, in which the Doctor examined the doors that lead into the main factory room.

“How are we going to defeat the Cybermen?” Zac asked, “I mean we know they can be defeated with gold but how can we get the gold into the room”.
“There’s loads of gold, packed in boxes in that skip outside”, Kaylie said.

“I’ve got an idea”, PC Walsh said, “If we can turn the gold into gold dust using some machine, then we could pour the gold dust into the fans above the room that the Cyberman are trapped in. There are four huge fans above that room, if we put the gold into the fans then turn them on, the gold dust will be wafted into the room”. “And it will get into the Cybermen’s air vents”, the Doctor finished, “That’s a brilliant idea! Well let’s get to work!” So they did get to work. PC Walsh and the Doctor turned the gold into tiny gold pieces and Zac took boxes of gold dust up to Kaylie and Georgia who poured it into the fans. Some pieces fell onto the Cybermen below and Kaylie said she saw a couple of Cybermen fall over, dead.

“Ready to turn on the fans?” the Doctor asked as he brought the last box to Georgia.
“I’m ready!” Georgia replied. PC Walsh switched the fans on and the gold dust zoomed around the Cybermen in the room below. The Cybermen fell to the ground.

“No!” the Cyber-Leader shouted, “We have been defeated!”

It was evening so the TARDIS crew returned to the TARDIS with PC Walsh. The TARDIS materialised at the police station. PC Walsh walked out of the doors.
“DI Blakely’s fallen asleep”, PC Walsh said, as he saw DI Blakely snoring by the police station’s telephone.
“Well done PC Walsh”, the Doctor said stepping out of the TARDIS, “Very few people have seen the inside of my ship, you’re very lucky. You had a brilliant idea there. I hope you get promoted”.
“Thank you Doctor”, PC Walsh replied, “But who are you?”
“I’m here and there”, the Doctor replied, as he stepped back into the TARDIS and it dematerialised in front of PC Walsh’s eyes. The TARDIS then appeared outside Georgia’s parents’ house. The TARDIS crew stepped out of the TARDIS and Elizabeth and Colin rushed out of their house and greeted them.

“Did you do it?” Elizabeth asked, “Did you save the world again?”
“Yes we did”, Georgia said smiling.
“I’d better be going Doctor”, Zac said, “I need to get home, or I’ll miss tea! Life goes on as usual!”
“I’d better be going too”, Kaylie added, “We’ll try and see you Boxing Day”.

“Zac, are you Zac Pemberton?” Elizabeth asked quickly.
“Yes”, Zac replied, “Why?”
“Oh, your mum and I are friends”, Elizabeth replied.
“Are you Elizabeth Bell?” Zac asked.
“Yes, say hello to your mum”, Elizabeth said smiling.
“Bye Zac”, Georgia muttered, and the Doctor waved as Zac and Kaylie returned to their homes. Then a single white snowflake landed on Georgia’s shoulder, this was then followed by more snowflakes.

“Its snowing!” the Doctor exclaimed, but after a few seconds the snow had turned to rain, “Ah well, I guess they’ll never be a white Christmas”.
“Doctor, I think you’re invited to Christmas Dinner!” Georgia said.
“Yes! You must come!” Elizabeth exclaimed and the Doctor frowned then smiled. He nodded and Georgia led the Doctor into her parents’ house. Elizabeth started telling the Doctor what they would be having for Christmas Dinner and Colin sighed.


Monday, 23 February 2009

DTs Fanfic Video Diary NO1


DT looks very tired as he switches on his camera ready for his first video diary.

“Hi, welcome to my first video diary of this series. I’ve just been to a read through of the Christmas Special, Georgia and the Magnet Warriors, and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the new cast and crew. We’ve got a new companion, Georgia, joining the cast and her family and her boyfriend. UNIT is back and they seem to be in quite a few episodes this series. So Rupert Holiday-Evans is back and the actress who played Captain Price. There’s also a new UNIT Captain, who wasn’t at the read-through called Captain Gifford. There are new monsters, called the Magnet Warriors and they are cloaked metal aliens. I also met the actor who’ll be playing Conner today, he’s a great find. Tomorrow, we’ll be filming my first scene, which is in the TARDIS, as I follow the Magnet Warriors to the Earth”.

The next day, the cast and crew are all surrounding the TARDIS interior, DT is in his brown suit. He is fiddling with the controls.

“What?” DT says, “We’re being pulled through space. No, no that can’t be! Nothing could pull the TARDIS through space and especially not in the 21st century”.
Someone off stage says ‘peer into the screen’ and DT peers into the TARDIS screen. A producer waves at DT’s camera.
“Aha”, DT says, “all these things being pulled with me are magnetic, they are being pulled through space by a giant....” DT stops mid-sentence and the Director calls ‘CUT!’

“Was that OK?” DT calls from the TARDIS set.
“Yeah, but we’re gonna have to do it again”, a female, carrying a clipboard with the script pinned on it, says.
“The lens on the camera wasn’t adjusted properly”, the cameraman says.
“And I saw you give a strange look to someone off-set David!” the Director adds.
“That was Carla, she waved at me”, David says and the camera spins round to see Carla laughing.

Back in DT’s trailer:
“Yes, I did two scenes today, I’ve got none to do tomorrow though, but we are going through a read-through of Conner, which will go into production as soon as we’ve finished ‘Georgia and the Magnet Warriors’, which should be finished in two weeks. So, it feels weird being back on Doctor Who again, but I’m sure it will seem normal in a few weeks time. I can’t wait to see what the magnet warriors look like in real life; I’ve seen some sketches for them, but that’s it. So I’ll have to wait and see…”

(This is fanfic nonsense, which never happened…!!!)

DTs video diary.. outakes.... deleted scenes.. maybe

We are adding a few extra special features for our fanfic. One of which is the fanfic video diaries. Of course they aren't going to be video diaries by DT but they will be written down diaries, which are supposed to be video diaries, based on DTs Doctor Who video Diarys, which can be found on S2,3 and 4 Doctor Who Boxsets. We may also post some deleted scenes from the first series, which did not make it to the final stories. We may also do fanfic ourakes, but this may be slightly harder than the other two... or not. Anyway I've been rambling a bit havent I... ooh I wrote a 3 line sentence... anyway bye for now!

Series Two Episode Titles!

Here we can exclusively reveal some episode titles and spoilers for series two! Series two also brings about a change: in series one we only occasionally had a trailer, but now there will be a trailer at the end of every episode. Anyway, the titles:

2.1 The New Zygon World - written by Seb
The title has now been confirmed! Hooray!

2.2 TimeSpan - written by Will
TimeSpan? Sounds like something off the Eighties!

2.3 TBA - written by Will (part 1 of 2)
I went to a fair once... Never again...

2.4 Attack of the Clowns (TBC) - written by Will (part 2 of 2)
Clowns? They look more like the Mitchell Brothers...

2.5 TBA - written by Seb
Enjoy a trip to the past! You'll probably die of disease. Yayyyy!

2.6 TBA - written by Seb
Run from the future! You don't know what awaits! Probably more death.

2.7 Golden Touch (TBC) - written by Will (part 1 of 2)
Gold, glorious gold! Maybe not with chips and gravy though... Sorry Oliver.

2.8 Black and Gold - written by Will (part 2 of 2)
Gold finger! Duh-duh-duh-da-da! Yay I've gone all James Bond!

2.9 TBA - written by Seb
Hooray! A trip to Pluto! All afforded with my pocket money! Yes! With my measley allowance!

2.10 TBA - written by Will
Bring on Korena, bitches!

2.11 Neurosis - written by Will
I need proffesional help! Yeahhhh!

2.12 TBA - written by Seb (part 1 of 2)
Like we were gonna tell you this one!

2.13 TBA - written by Seb (part 2 of 2)
Or this one! Get back in your beds and weep! Weep! Ahem...

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Episode X: The Boy Who Santa Claus Forgot Part 5

“Haven’t you realised Doctor?” Teresa asked, “There are two of me. The other me is my future self, she brought the money to us 2 weeks ago. She arrived in a blue box and she remained with us. But she arrived with you, the other you is locked in one of the cells below the factory”.

“But there can’t be two of me”, the Doctor said, “You can’t let us meet!”

“I have no intention of you two meeting”, Teresa replied, “But you will come with mew into the TARDIS. Then we shall rob those banks and bring back the money to fund for the energy needed to upgrade all the people walking through the front doors at this very moment! Then you will be locked in the cell. You will obey me Doctor or your friends will die and time will be changed!”

2 Weeks earlier…
The TARDIS was spinning through the vortex. Inside the Doctor was frowning as he pulled another lever. Teresa was cackling as the TARDIS zoomed through space. They had recently robbed a couple of banks. Well the Doctor had robbed a couple of banks under the supervision of Teresa. He had used his sonic screwdriver and his psychic paper to get past the guards and get the money.
“That was a great robbery Doctor”, Teresa said, “Very good”.
“It was bad, very bad”, the Doctor replied through gritted teeth.
“Don’t be so modest Doctor”, Teresa replied smiling.
“It was a bad thing to do”, the Doctor said.
“But you had to do it”, Teresa said, “Because if the Cybermen did not invade and upgrade the human race into my army, then time would be changed and the Universe would crash and burn. All your human friends would die!”

“Where do we go now?” the Doctor asked.
“My future self, well me told me that we robbed 5 banks then we came back”, Teresa replied.
“But we’ve robbed 5 banks”, the Doctor pointed out.
“Exactly, so now we head 2 weeks before we left”, Teresa ordered and the Doctor flicked a switch and the TARDIS began to materialise on the 10th December 2010 in the Marr metals factory. Mr. Core and Teresa rushed into reception and saw a blue box appear by the desk.

“What is that Teresa?” Mr. Core asked.
“I think it’s a spaceship”, Teresa replied. The TARDIS doors opened and Teresa stepped out followed by the Doctor.
“But that’s me”, Teresa said shocked.
“Correction, your future self”, Teresa replied.

“You two, don’t touch each other”, the Doctor ordered.
“Because if we do, we could create a black hole”, the future Teresa finished.
“What is my future self doing here?”, Teresa asked, Mr. Core was looking shocked.
“I heard from myself that you are in need of financial aid”, the future Teresa said.
“But we only just found that out ourselves”, the past Teresa replied, “We are in loads of debt. But of course you’re my future self, you will all ready know”.

“I’ve heard myself say that”, the future Teresa replied, “We’ve brought so much money for you. You will definitely be able to upgrade 100 000”.
“We were only going to upgrade 1000 then I could leave”, Mr. Core said speaking for the first time.
“The more the merrier I think”, the past Teresa said smiling, “The plan is changed Mathew, you will be able to leave when we have an army of 100 000! But first I must ask you, future me, where did you get this money and who is that skinny man standing next to you?”

“Well I made this man take me in his time machine through time so we could rob a few banks”, the future Teresa answered, “5 banks to be exact, then we headed here to give you the money. This man is not trustworthy so he’ll be locked in a cell without his special screwdriver”.
“It’s a sonic screwdriver”, the Doctor said.
“Whatever”, the future Teresa snapped, “You should have upgraded about 10 people by now. Get a couple of Cybermen to take the Doctor, the skinny man, to the cells and guard him!” Two Cybermen marched into reception and took the Doctor by the arms. They took him away to the cells. The Doctor, however, knew what he must do, he must wait until his past was taken by the past Teresa. The Doctor waited and waited. Mr. Core popped into his cell now and again to give him some food and water.

The Doctor couldn’t be sure what was going on in the outside world while he was cooped up, until one day another Cyberman marched into the cell corridor and talked to the other two Cybermen.
“What is going on?” one of the Cybermen guarding the Doctor asked the new Cyberman.
“Two children have just fled the factory, they are being chased by another Cyberman”, the new Cyberman replied, “I will take over guarding the Doctor, Teresa wishes to talk to you two Cybermen. The two Cybermen left the new Cyberman to guard the Doctor. The Doctor knew there was not long left to wait. A little later on another Cyberman arrived.

“What news?” the Cyberman guarding the Doctor asked.
“Teresa wished the Doctor to be moved down a few cells”, the newer Cyberman replied, “So the new prisoners will not see him”.
“I obey”, the other Cyberman said and opened the Doctor’s cell door. The Cyberman grabbed the Doctor and dragged him off down the cell corridor until they reached the cell on the very end of the corridor. The Cyberman pushed the Doctor into this cell and locked the door. The Doctor then heard some more stomping and the opening and closing of another cell door. The Doctor guessed this was Georgia, Zac and Kaylie. It was a while later when more stomping was heard and the Doctor’s cell door was opened.
“Teresa wishes to see you”, the Cyberman said.
“Good”, the Doctor replied and he followed the Cyberman down the cell corridor.

“Doctor”, a voice called. It was Georgia who had recently had a call from her parents.
“Georgia, Zac, Kaylie”, the Doctor said.
“How long have you been in the cells down there?” Zac asked.
“I’m a future version of the Doctor”, the Doctor replied, “Look its hard to explain. I’ll get you out of there, but not now”.
“Stop talking to the other prisoners”, the Cyberman ordered and took the Doctor up another corridor and into a main area of the factory. Teresa stood in the centre of the room surrounded by Cybermen.

“Welcome back Doctor”, Teresa said, “I’m the future version by the way”. Teresa pointed to a doorway on the opposite side of the room where another Teresa and another Doctor were walking. The other Doctor did not see the future Doctor or the future Teresa, but carried on walking past the room with a glum look on his face.

“I thought we could have another trip in the TARDIS Doctor”, Teresa asked.
“Why?” the Doctor asked.
“I’d like to bring some Cybermen in the TARDIS too”, Teresa asked.
“Why?” the Doctor asked again.
“Well we thought we could disrupt different parts of the world”, Teresa answered, “Take the President, the kings, the Prime-Minister from their conference rooms. They would be a nice addition to the Cyber-army”.
“You want to upgrade the World leaders?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes”, Teresa replied nodding.

“Why do you want an army of Cybermen?” the Doctor asked.
“Unlike dear Mr. Core”, Teresa explained, “I want to take over the world. I was lying to Mr. Core anyway. He won’t be leaving planet Earth. We’re going to upgrade him. I would upgrade you and your friends, but you’re the only one who can fly the TARDIS. I won’t upgrade your friends unless you don’t help me”.

“Where’s the TARDIS?” the Doctor asked.
“So you want to help?” Teresa asked.
“No I don’t!” the Doctor retorted.

Meanwhile, PC Walsh was hiding behind some bins by the entrance to the factory. There were people walking in with hands on their heads. Some Cybermen were dragging victims in. Then near the front gates a man took his hands off his head and ran full pelt away from the Cybermen. The Cybermen marched after the human leaving only a few to supervise the humans entering the factory. So PC Walsh took his chance and ran inside. Only one person saw him, it was Rob Slater. As Rob walked through the factory doors he walked unnoticeably to the left, where PC Walsh was hiding.

“Who are you?” PC Walsh asked, “And duck down here quick”. Rob ducked down behind the machinery where PC Walsh was hiding.
“I’m Rob Slater”, Rob replied, “I was caught by the Cybermen. What are the Cybermen doing with these people? And who are you?”
“I’m PC Walsh”, Pc Walsh replied, “I’ve come to investigate”.
“And what are the Cybermen doing?” Rob asked.
“Let’s find out”, PC Walsh answered and led the way behind a large piece of machinery and sneaked through a small door into the room where the other people were headed. The room was large with pipes coming down from the high ceiling. There were large metallic cubicles in the middle of the room. The Cybermen pushed someone into the cubicle and the door closed. Saws and knives could be heard and a long scream of pain. There was a door at the back of the large cubicle. A Cyberman marched out of the back door and stomped across the room to a large group of Cybermen.
“Next”, a Cyberman said and pushed another person into a cubicle. The same was happening all around the room. More humans walked in and more Cybermen marched away from the metallic cubicle-like machines that people were walking into.

“I think the humans are being turned into the Cybermen”, Rob said, stating the obvious.
“Obviously”, Pc Walsh replied.
“If only we could stop the power”, Rob muttered.
“Perhaps there’s a power switch”, PC Walsh suggested.
“Where?” Rob asked.
“The cellar?” PC Walsh suggested.
“It’s down those steps”, Rob replied, “Which is guarded by Cybermen”.
“There might be one upstairs”, PC Walsh said, “And the stairs to the 1st floor aren’t guarding”.

“There might be one in Mr. Core’s office”, Rob added, “That’s fourth floor, I saw it on a map as I walked in”.
“Well lets sneak up there then”, PC Walsh said. So the two sneaked back through the door and ran up the stairs. Unfortunately they were spotted by a Cyberman.
“Two humans heading to upper floors”, the Cyberman said, “Humans will stop”.
“Don’t stop, just run!” Rob exclaimed. The Cyberman marched after them as Rob and PC Walsh ran up the flight of stairs all the way to the fourth floor. Once they got to the fourth floor, they ran straight into two Cyberman.

Elizabeth and Colin had seen the Cybermen return, but they did not have the TARDIS. The Cybermen walked straight back past their house and along their street.
“I think the Cybermen are ignoring us”, Elizabeth said, “Colin!”
“What now Elizabeth?” Colin asked.
“Make me a tea”, Elizabeth said.
“But you don’t really like tea”, Colin replied.
“Mrs Anderson is staring out of the window and I want to keep up my image”, Elizabeth replied.
“OK”, Colin replied, “But look who’s back?”

“Oh no!” Elizabeth shrieked as she saw Cybermen marching back up the street, some smashing into peoples houses and dragging people out, others grabbing people from the street. There were people screaming loudly.
“Run!” Colin said, as he ran for the back door, but he saw Cybermen smashing their way through the back gardens blocking their escape. A Cyberman smashed down the door and Elizabeth screamed.

“You will come with me”, the Cyberman ordered and Elizabeth and Colin, who were both shaking, put their hands on their head. They followed the Cyberman to a crowd of people, who were all walking, hands on their heads, towards the Marr’s metals factory.

Back inside the factory the Cybermen had hold of Rob and PC Walsh.
“The two humans have been caught”, one of the Cyberman said.
“What do we do with them?” said the other.
“Take them to Teresa”, the first Cyberman replied.
“She is busy”, the other Cyberman said, “Take them to MR. Core’s office”. The two Cyberman grabbed hold of the two men and took them along the corridor up to a door. The door opened and the Cybermen and humans walked through the door, into Mr. Core’s office.

“What do you want?” Mr. Core asked, sitting back down in his seat.
“These two were found heading for this floor”, the Cyberman replied.
“Why were you heading up here?” Mr. Core asked.
“To find a power switch, to turn off, to stop the slaughter!” Rob said angrily.
“Why’d you tell him?” PC Walsh asked Rob.

“What are your names?” Mr. Core asked.
“I’m Rob Slater”, Rob said and Mr. Core looked shocked.
“You’re Rob’s son”, Mr. Core asked.
“Did you know my father?” Rob asked.
“Yes”, Mr. Core replied.


Thursday, 19 February 2009

Betrayal and Death cast and summed up

Cast (in order of appearance):
Captain Gifford
African Tribesmen (non speaking)
African Chief (non speaking)
Rachel Pembeton
Steve Pemberton
Jane Pemberton
Chinese family (non speaking)
Dalek Gain
Blue Supreme Dalek
White Supreme Dalek
Private Roxanne
Captain Price
Roger Ummelmann
Ronald Ummelmann
Captain Gifford
Captain Reggie
Commander Marr
The Doctor
Marshal Skatz
Mr. Renegade
The Spider Leader
Mrs White
Marshal Natnok
Mr and Mrs Bennet


The now-huge spiders begin to attack the world. A spider is about to kill Kaylie, when UNIT soldiers begin shooting at the spiders so Kaylie's school group ,including Zac, Catherine, Beth and Kaylie's sisters, can escape the spiders. Captain Gifford, who is in charge os the UNIT soldiers orders everyone to leave the room. Cherrie, who was looking after the school group was killed by the spiders. This is happening all over the world, a group of african tribesmen and some zebra nearby are attacked by huge spiders. In China a family are attacked and in Portsmouth Zac's family flee from a killer spider. In South London Georgia's dad Colin flicks a spider, under Elizabeth's instructions, which grows in the air and wants revenge.

On floor 0 of the Spidership, Harry, Ronald, Captain Price, Roger and Private Roxanne are prisoners of the daleks. Harry asks whether all the spiders in the world have grown huge, but the Daleks say that only the types of spider that have examples in tanks in the Spider museum on the Spidership have grown. There are 100 types of spider in the museum. Harry says that there are 37000 types of spider in the world. The daleks are shocked by this as Roger told them there were only 1000. The Daleks decide to kill Roger for lying.

Meanwhile, Conner and Georgia, unaware of the spiders invasion decide to find the Doctor. Captain Gifford contacts Captain Reggie, while Captain Gifford and his men fight the spiders, but the spiders are killing his soldiers. Then, the daleks find out that the magnet warriors have arrived on Earth, delaying the death of Roger Ummelmann. On board the magnet warrior ship the Doctor has been captured and is taken to Commander Marr, but he is not in charge, Marshal Skatz is in charge. Marshal Skatz decides to attack the Daleks, thinking the magnet warriors will easily defeat 3 of them.
Georgia and Conner meet a huge spider which chases after them into a group of UNIT soldiers who fire at the spider. A UNIT soldier tells them that most common species of spider have grown enormous and are attacking people. Georgia phones the Doctor, who tells her how to stop the spiders. He tells her to tell others how to stop them too. 'Stick in large groups' 'Keep your spirits up' 'Don't be scared, scare them!' Georgia then phones her parents, who have barricaded themselves in their toilet. She tells them the message from the Doctor and then Georgia and Conner decide to go to the bridge so they can talk to the Captain and warn the passengers. Georgia and Colin charge out of the toilet with bug killer spraycans in their hands.

Meanwhile, Zac and Kaylie, Amy, Andrea, Mr. Renegade and several other students arrive in a cinema on board the Spidership, after running and running away from the Spider exhibition. They talk for a bit and Kaylie puts herself and Zac in charge of the gorup over Mr. Renegade. Then a spider the size of a mini arrives and is about to attack Mr. Renegade, when Mr. Renegade proposes an alliance with the spider and tells it where Andrea and Amy are hiding. But the spider decides to still go after Mr. Renegade and they run from the room.

On Earth Elizabeth and Colin defeat the spiders in their house, rush into the street, Elizabeth grabs a megaphone and rallies people to their sides. Elizabeth rallies nearly the whole street together, the huge spiders dare not go near the now large group. Meanwhile, on board the Spidership the daleks attempt to make contact with the magnet warriors, while the humans decide who should try to break the machine that keeps the spiders huge, whoever breaks the machine would surely die. The Daleks make contact with the magnet warriors. It is explained that the daleks have been raising money by selling technology, such as the magnet warriors' teleports. They also sponsored the game 'Virtual Reality'. It is also explained that the Daleks were blocking Zac's messages to Conner, so the Doctor would not arrive.

Captain Price, meanwhile contacts UNIT and finds out that there are groups of fighters all over the UK, like Elizabeth's group. The Doctor's message has began to spread over the world. Then the Captain of the Spidership broadcasts a message around the ship telling everyone to get to the lifeboats and leave the Spidership and Marshal Skatz begins war with the daleks. Ronald then attempts to destroy the machine keeping the spiders big but Dalek Gain sees him and is about to exterminate him when Roger jumps in the way and is killed. Dalek Gain then announces they will kill Ronald too but the White Supreme Dalek stops him. Meanwhile, Georgia and Conner leave the bridge and the Blue Supreme Dalek arrives on the bridge and kills Captain Reggie and his crew.

Meanwhile, people board the lifeboats under the supervision of Captain Gifford who has lost contact with the bridge. Then the Magnet Warrior ship arrives and the magnet warriors invade the ship. Zac, Kaylie, Amy, Andrea and the other students arrive at the lifeboats but Zac and Kaylie decide to go to floor 1 to find the Doctor, Georgia, Conner and Harry. Conner and Georgia also head for floor 1, Conner leaves a message on his mums phone apologising and hoping they are alive. Zac and Kaylie soon appear and all four of them are found by Dalek Gain who takes them to floor 0. The Doctor also escapes the magnet warriors. The Blue Supreme Dalek asks why Ronald is still alive and works out that somehow, the White Supreme Dalek is getting emotions. So the Blue Supreme Dalek kills the White Supreme Dalek.
The Doctor then arrives but the Supreme Dalek tells him to be silent. The Blue Supreme Dalek tells the huge spider leader to send all the spiders to kill the magnet warriors. the spider leader obeys, but the spiders are zapped by the magnet warriors. The Spider Leader then orders all the spiders to kill the Blue Supreme Dalek, so the Blue Supreme Dalek kills him. All the spiders around the world then shrink. Rachel, Steve and Jane survived, the african tribesmen survived, Elizabeth and Colin survived, so everyone celebrates. The Blue Supreme Dalek and Dalek Gain prevent the spiders from getting in until they kil Ronald and the Doctor lets them in.

The group run from floor 0. Zac, Harry and Captain Price investigate life forms on one of the floors above and find Catherine, Beth, Bradley and Mrs Sow surviving. However, Mr. Renegade tells a magnet warrior where Mrs Sow and the children are hiding and the magnet warrior kills Mr. Renegade and is then killed by Captain Price. Bradley and Captain Price help Mrs Sow to the lifeboats. Catherine and Beth meanwhile run away from the magnet warriors so Harry and Zac go after them. Roxanne and the Doctor call the TARDIS to the Spidership when Commander Marr appears. Roxanne kills Commander Marr and the Doctor and Roxanne kiss. Conner turns up, after loosing Georgia and Kaylie. Marshal Skatz then kills Roxanne and Dalek Gain then kills Marshal Skatz. Harry, Zac, Beth and Catherine turn up and Dalek Gain kills Harry. Then a group of magnet warriors turn up and Dalek Gain goes after them.

Georgia and Kaylie then turn up as Conner recieves a phone call from his mum. The magnet warriors new leader Marshal Natnok orders the magnet warriors to magnetise the Spidership and drag it into space. Conner goes to find his mum but the Spidership is pulled by the magnet warriors into space, so Conner looses Oxygen and dies. Dalek Gain, meanwhile, gets on board the magnet warrior ship and destroys it along with all the magnet warriors on board. The TARDIS was left silent, mostly because Conner had died, but also because Catherine and Beth had been knocked out when the Spidership was pulled into space.

Music: coming soon...

Ep 12 The Spidership cast and summed up

Characters (in order of appearance):
Mr. Spider
The voice
Jane Pemberton
Steve Pemberton
Rachel Pemberton
Female newsreader
Mr and Mrs Bennet
The Doctor
The White Supreme Dalek
The Blue Supreme Dalek
Dalek Gain
Karen Watson (non speaking)
Devil-like soothsayer
Mrs. Sow
Mr. Renegade
Ronald Ummelmann
Roger Ummelmann
Captain Price
Captain Gifford
Private Roxanne
Trinity Wells
ITV news reporter
Captain Reggie
The spider leader
Commander Marr

Also featuring: Many spiders, students, posh people

In August 2009, Mr Spider is working in his study onboard the half finished Spidership, when he hears a voice. Thinking he's mad, Mr Spider doesn't realise that he is in fact talking to a spider, and not hearing a voice. The Spider wants revenge for how his kind are always squashed and drowned by humans, and with a scream of pain, Mr Spider is killed.

14 Months later Zac Pemberton is at his birthday party, with Kaylie, Harry, Beth and a number of other friends, but Conner isn't there. He isn't replying to Zac's messages either. Kaylie recieves a text message on her phone and switches on the TV. The news reporter states that the Spidership has been completed, and Zac shrugs of questions from his family as to why Conner isn't here to see it, as his parents work on the Spidership. Harry says it's probably fixed that their school won the competition, as St Marks is going to be on the first voyage of the Spidership, but the others don't think Conner's parents would do something like that. Meanwhile Conner is running from a Splurge monster, but Zac is persistent and makes Conner promise he will come home. In the morning, Zac and Kaylie's families got ready to drive down to Portsmouth. Colin and Elizabeth Bell hear the TARDIS arrive, and meet them. Conner opted to stay in the TARDIS and sleep, while Georgia and her parents catch up.

Zac and Kaylie arrive in Portsmouth, and so does the TARDIS. Zac wonders what took Conner so long to answer his phone, and the Doctor realises something has been blocking Zac's texts and calls. Zac explains that the manager of the Spidership was replaced, and that the new Spidership owners sponsered the game Virtual Reality, which caused trouble for the team in Virtual Reality/ Game Over. Conner is reunited with his parents, who thought he was in Venezuala. In the basement of the Spidership, three Daleks finish their experiment, and the only gold Dalek, Dalek Gain, now has a metal hand.

Conner's parents ask him funny questions about Venezuela, which he cannot answer, as he was not really there. Meanwhile, Kaylie's sister Amy annoys Kaylie while Andrea tries to get to sleep. The next morning the Doctor and Conner leave Georgia asleep in the TARDIS and take a walk into the docks. Conner tells the Doctor about a devil-like soothsayer,which Conner had met on a strange-spooky planet, while the Doctor and Georgia were talking to an old woman. The Devil-like soothsayer had said that Conner was so close to death. The Doctor assures Conner that he probably wouldn't die and that the soothsayer was probably lying.
Meanwhile, the rest of Zac and Kaylie's school arrive, including Catherine and Beth, Harry and his new friend Ronald, and two teachers Mrs Sow and Mr. Renegade. While Mrs Sow treated the students like 5 year olds and they did not listen to her, Mr. Renegade was strict and even Bradley would listen to him. They headed off for a museum before boarding the Spidership. Andrea and Amy, meanwhile follow the school greoup hoping to get on board. Ronalds Uncle Roger meanwhile meets Captain Price and Captain Gifford of UNIT who arrive in the docks with tanks and many soldiers including Private Roxanne, who has recently joined. Roger is accused of hiding aliens and is taken away. Captain Gifford announces that UNIT are now in charge of security on board the Spidership.

The school group get changed into their dresses and smart suits and head to the Spidership. Georgia and the Doctor board the Spidership with Conner and his parents, who tell Conner that they don't believe anything he says about Venezuela. Meanwhile, Georgia's parents watch the Spidership on the news and Elizabeth is worried about their being so much security on board the ship, as if something was going to go wrong. Meanwhile, Roger escapes from UNIT and uses alien technology to get back on board. The Daleks think that Roger will teleport to floor 0 but Roger actually teleports to his office, where UNIT are waiting for him. As UNIT take Roger away, the daleks send Dalek Gain up to fetch him and exterminate any UNIT soldiers in his way. Captain Price leves the UNIT group to investigate a strange noise.

Up above, Kaylie and Georgia have an arguement. Georgia leaves Conner with Zac and Kaylie and goes off to find the Doctor who has gone to investigate Mr. Spiders abandoned office. The Doctor meets Private Roxanne who has been guarding Mr. Spiders office. The Doctor, posing as Proffessor Smith makes friends with Roxanne and they agree to go to the ball together that night. On deck 13, two Privates are killed by Dalek Gain, as they were guarding Roger. Dalek Gain then takes Roger down to floor 0.

At the ballroom, The Doctor danced with Roxanne and Zac danced with Kaylie. Georgia, annoyed with the Doctor, asks Conner to dance with her. Kaylie is then told to go to the Captains Deck. When she and Kaylie arrive at the bridge, they meet Captain Reggie and two stowaways, Andrea and Amy. Back in the ballroom the Doctor reveals he is the Doctor to Private Roxanne, who is shocked by this. Then UNIT arrive and tell Roxanne that Captain Price is missing and two guards have been killed. Roxanne makes the Doctor come with UNIT and help them.
Harry and Ronald try to find floor 0 but they meet the devil-like soothsayer who says they are close to death. Then Dalek Gain turns up and tries to make Harry and Ronald come with him to floor 0, but they run away. They meet the Doctor and Roxanne who are with UNIT on a higher deck. The Doctor talks to Harry and Ronald, and is shocked when Harry tells him about the dalek. The Doctor runs to floor 1 with Roxanne, Harry and Ronald. Dalek Gain captures them and takes them to floor 0, where Captain Price and Roger are held prisoner.

The Doctor discovers the daleks plan to make every spider in the world grow huge and fight for the Daleks. Zac and Kaylie's school group, minus Harry and Ronald, plus Andrea and Amy are taken to a Spider exhibiton where many spiders are kept in tanks. The Daleks teleport the Doctor to Scandinavia so he cannot interfere with the Daleks plan. The spiders begin to grow, firstly on board. So Zac, Kaylie, Catherine and Beth were shocked to see the spiders begin to grow huge. Meanwhile, the Doctor looks up in the sky to see the 1st Magnet Warrior conquer ship, on board Commander Marr announces his revenge on the Earth!

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