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Characters page!

This is a page which should feature all characters ever mentioned in our fanfic so far. They are in alphabetical order. Some main characters have profiles on the main character's page too. For each character, there should be; what episodes they appeared in or are mentioned in, in brackets by the character's name. There is also a description of the character and a classification for each character. These are:

MC = Main Character (The Doctor, the companions and main recurring characters, for example: Georgia Bell, Zac Pemberton, Elizabeth Bell)

RC = Recurring Character (Characters who are in more than one episode but do not always have big parts, secondary characters, for example: Amy Watson, Jane Pemberton, Bradley Taylor)

GS = Guest Star (Characters who star in one story, example: Duchess Hame, Holly Black, Natalie Penrose)

NC = Normal Character (These do not have huge parts in an episode, or a tiny part either, examples: Aimee Wong, Guard Ben Daniels, Private Nash, Thomas Auckland)

Mi = Minor character (Small part in one episode, examples: Spike, Hope, Private Jeroke, Guard Jenson)

MoV = Monster or Villain (examples: Rack, Dux Ducis, The Master, Petr Costravalos)

Me = Mentioned character (examples: Cagan, Winston Churchill, Harry Hill)

OC = Other category (example: Althorn, Cat)


Aconda, Dave, Mi, (2.11) When the TARDIS crashed and poured all its energy into Conner's head, he dreamed he was John Bennet. Dave was John's friend, who worked at the same office. He nibbled his pot plant. He advised John to see a shrink, as John had been having strange dreams and he kept falling asleep.

Aerie, Mi, (M-ep 13) Aerie was the mother of Althorn, who left him to be looked after by the Doctor, until she came back from the toilet. She did not return, but in the end Althorn was returned to his mum, who fell asleep.

Aikl, MoV, (2.9) Aikl was one of Lord Komanfdu's Plutonian allies, who was placed undercover as a Guard under Xelionth. Aikl swapped the plans for the particle transporter(Long distance teleport) with a plan pf the machine, merged with an atmosphere converter. Aikl later killed Xelionth and captured Georgia, Zac and Ikorg. Aikl was later guarding Lord Komanfdu's office, when the Doctor showed him his pyschic paper, and was let inside, so the Doctor had access to Komanfdu's plans. Aikl was sent back to ICE, to find all the files he could on the machine, where he killed Angilkar. He was in turn killed by Kaylie, who pushed him into the snow.

Alfie, Private, NC, (3.x) Alfie was a rather annoying Private who worked for UNIT. He helped look after Elizabeth Bell when her house vanished, and when the Doctor arrived Alfie annoyed him by saying 'I know' alot. He later looked after those who had vanished along with a church, once it was returned.

Allen, Joanie, Mi, (3.x) Joanie was a member of the Pink Ladies, who helped Elizabeth try to captures some Roboforms by barricading the church door and grabbing a net. The plan failed, and the Roboforms transported the Pink Ladies, and the church, to Nowhere-land. It was later returned thanks to Elizabeth and the Doctor. Joanie was then looked after by Private Charlotte of UNIT.

Allen, Keith, Me, (1.2) Keith Allen played the Sherrif of Nottingham in Robin Hood. Conner mentioned this when they ended up in medieval times.

Althorn, OC, (M-ep 13) Althorn was the son of Aeria, who gave him to the Doctor to look after, while she went to the toilet. When the Doctor was called home to get Colin out of a Book Club, Althorn caused trouble in the Club, when he scared many of its members. He was later returned to his mum and he fell asleep.

Alton, Captain, GS, (2.12/2.13) Captain Alton was in charge of sea defences 2.12 and 2.13, with Private Nash and Rolf under his command. He was told that he may have to release Aquari particles into the ocean, but he wanted to know if they were dangerous or not. Captain Alton captured the Doctor and Korena, as they were trespassing, but he let the Doctor out of his cell to find out if the particles were dangerous. The Doctor came to the conclusion that they weren't and after Captain Alton was contacted he released the particles into the sea.
Captain Alton later helped the Doctor capture Mrs Harrbunershon's cult, but was shocked to find they had escaped and that there were shuttles heading their way. He was amazed when another spaceship knocked the shuttles out of the sky, but he was knocked out when the spaceship crashed into the building. He woke to find the occupents of the spaceship, Sam and Sara. Captain Alton decided to leave the room through another door when the cult started charging at it. He led Sam, Sara, Rolf and Nash to another much larger room, where the Scientists used to spend free time. When the cult appeared again, Amita and Delilah also appeared, and helped stop Mrs Harrbungershon. Captain Alton and the others teleported away, when the Aquari attacked the defence, killing the remaining cult members. He later travelled to London, where he met the Doctor again, and he agreed to help release a chemical into the sea that would stop the Aquari, travelling to Iceland to do so. Captain Alton released the chemical, as the Aquari attacked and killed him.

Anderson, Mrs, Mi, (2.x) Mrs Anderson lived opposite Elizabeth and Colin Bell.

Angilkar, NC, (2.9) Angilkar was a Plutonian with brown flowing hair, who hated the Pluton-Sednian alliance, and hated Sednians too. Angilkar worked in secret with Roiralt on the long distance particle transporter. She was friends with Ikorg, who agreed to test the teleport, so they teleported him to Earth successfully. She was interested when Xelionth brought the TARDIS and Kaylie to the lab, but was annoyed when Komanfdu took them off her hands. She later made friends with Kaylie, and when Komanfdu hinted in court that he knew about the new secret teleport, Pluton, Ryoff and Roiralt agreed that she should return to ICE to hide the files on it. She met Aikl there, who shot her so he could get to the files.

Antony, Mi+Me, (2.12, 2.13) Antony was a friend and colleague of Lee, Donald and Quentin. He was inspecting the Artic ice sheet and taking ice samples, when he and Quentin were attacked by Aquari. Antony was dragged beneath the ice, where he saw hundreds of Aquari, before he was pushed back onto the ice sheet again, only to be dragged back beneath the sheet where he was killed.

Antony, Mark, Me, (2M-ep 2) Mark Antony was a historical figure from Roman times. He was mentioned by Georgia as one of Cleopatra's lovers, the Doctor says she mentioned him once and Georgia says 'But she called him Tony', which reflects the flashback scene from the begginning of the Mini-ep.

Aquari, First, MoV, (2.12/2.13) This Aquari was the main Aquari, who resided in the pool next to the Master's computer. She sent messages to the other Aquari by singing in a strange lanaguage loudly. When Georgia, Conner, Julian, Lee and Donald escaped and then destroyed the Master's computer, bringing back the teleport system, the main Aquari did nothing. The Master was angry, but she said that she hadn't stopped them because it's more fun with the teleport systems up, as more people gather in the same place and the Aquari can feast. The Master later annoyed the Aquari, and so she shot out of the water and hit him, stopping one of his two hearts. It is unknown what happened to her after this.

Aquari, Mother, Mi, (2.13) The Master had saved this Aquari from Refregge, and used it to create a new generation of Aquari. When Beth accidentally killed it, the Doctor expected Reapers to turn up, but they didn't, as the Master had 4 other mothers.

Araknin, Professor, MoV, (1.1) Araknin was a leader of a group of army, that fled their war to find a new home; they found Earth. Their ship landed in Hyde Park, and the invasion began, led by Araknin's second in command, Velox. Velox captured the Doctor, and took him to Araknin, and when the Doctor revealed he was a Time Lord, Araknin asked him for help. Araknin agreed to do what the Doctor said, but Velox disobeyed him and attacked Georgia. Conner killed Velox using Hudson, and Araknin realised his soldiers were starting to rebel against him. Araknin was killed when another Octopli threw Hudson over him.

Archimedes, NC, (2M-ep 9) An ancient Greek who held many great parties. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner invited themselves to one of his parties and they ended up on the high table. Archimedes and many of his guests were poisoned. It was revealed Nikronvert's rival poisoned everyone because his parties were becoming much less popular. It was also revealed that Archimedes was having an affair with Nikronvert's wife Golgotha. According to the Doctor, after this incident Archimedes' parties became much less popular and Golgotha left him.

Archimedes of Syracuse, Me, (2M-ep 9) Archimedes was a famous Greek Mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor and astronomer. The Doctor thought Sellina was a maid at Archimedes' household, but it was another Archimedes.

Arthur, Me, (1.6, M-ep 11) Arthur was the name of the horse which found itself on the SS Madame De Pompadour. Georgia was annoyed when the Doctor called a giant flamingo Arthur as the Doctor had previously used that name on many other creatures while travelling with her, including a giant hamster. Georgia told the Doctor 'not Arthur' when he wanted to name a planet, which turned out to be a space lorry.

Ashmer, Mr, NC, (1.4, 1.5) Mr Ashmer was a Maths teacher at St Mark's school, who was killed by the Slitheen. His body was used as a skinsuit for the Slitheen, so that he could ultimately help kill the Doctor, by hypnotising the children at the school.

Atkin, Dorothy, Mi, (3.x) Dorothy was a member of the Pink Ladies, who helped Elizabeth try to capture the Roboforms. She announced their arrival and helped Daisy with a trip wire. The plan failed and the church, along with the Pink Ladies, was transported to Nowhere-land. The church was returned thanks to Elizabeth and the Doctor, and Dorothy was looked after by Private Alfie.

Auckland, Granny, Mi, (2.5) Granny Auckland was the mother of Thomas, and the grandmother of Red. Rack locked Granny in a cupboard in her house, as the wolf did in the Red Riding Hood story, he then posed at her, but Red saw through his disguise. Thomas and the Doctor later saved her from the fire, which was caused by Rack. Her house, however, may have been destroyed.

Auckland, Helga, NC,(2.5) Helga was Red's mother and Thomas' wife. She was worried when Red was found in the forest, talking about seeing a wolf. She was later very worried about Red when she went in search for the Doctor to find out what was going on. When Red returned she was very happy and even happier when Thomas also returned with his mother.

Auckland, Red, NC, (2.5) Red was an ordinary girl who lived with her parents in Norway. When Rack turned up he began to manipulate her life so that it would be similar to Rack's version of Red Riding Hood. Red went to bring food for her Granny, but she found Rack badly disguised. Red escaped Rack, but was chased by something through the forest. She met the Doctor and told him what had happened. Red followed him, against her parents will, but she was captured by a goblin. The Doctor chose to save Conner over Red, as he was in more immediate danger, but he managed to save Red anyway, as she was about to be attacked by wolves. Dalen helped Red escape the fire, and Red offered Gertrude a room at her house, when she returned.

Auckland, Thomas, GS, (2.5) Thomas was Red's father and Helga's husband, and he was a woodcutter. In Rack's version of Red Riding Hood, the woodcutter arrived too late to save Red, but did save Granny. Thomas met the Doctor and Conner, before finding Red in the forest scared. Red told them what had happened, and he and Helga decided not to let her leave the house. She left the house again, but Thomas followed her and later saved her from Rack's Goblins. He and the Doctor also managed to save his mother, after Rack set fire to the forest.

Austen, Jane, Me, (1.6) Jane Austen was a famous female author, who the Doctor suggested that he, Georgia, Conner and Zac went to have tea with, after saving the world.


Bailey, Daniel, RC, (M-ep 14, 2M-ep 13) The usless head of resources, at Rena Peakes' work, could be seen standing, looking proud and snobbish. Daniel liked making crude jokes and innuendos whenever there were women around. Most of the women at Rena's work found him annoying, including Annie and Rena herself. When Rena finally stood up to him, she had to been promoted, so she had just as much authority as him. Unfortunately, a Wooshby attacked the office block and Rena had to save Daniel. However, the Wooshby shot Daniel in the hand and he disintegrated after apologising to Rena.

Baker, David, Mi, (2.4) The Driver of the car that hit Lucy's car. He was killed when a pool of petrol ignited and his car was destroyed in an explosion.

Balding man, Mi, (2M-ep 5) This man had been drinking water with hydroxylax in, which reverted his mind back into a childs. When Georgia made a comment about his hair loss he began to cry. When the Doctor tried to change the water back a mob of locals with childrens' minds appears.

Barrett, Ken, Mi+Me, (2.12, 2.13) Ken Barrett was the Head of Aquari Aquatics in the late 40th Century, when the Master returned under the name of Mr Toil. Ken realised that Mr Toil was really in charge, when he discovered some Aquari. Ken was later killed by the Aquari, while he crossed a bridge, under the orders of the Master.

Bartwal, Pandit, NC, (2M-ep 4) An Indian man who took tourists on trips round the jungle. On one particular trip, a monster attacked them and Pandit helped lead Georgia and Conner to safety. Pandit inisted that he was British and after they had domesticated the monster, Pandit sang the British National Anthem as the TARDIS departed.

Bates, Gerry, Mi+Me, (2.7, 2.8) An ex-lover of Matron Readington. It is unknown what happened between the pair, but Matron Readington is now in a wheelchair. Gerry was working at a hospital in London, when he was killed by alien Gold.

Bell, Colin, RC, (1.x, M-ep 2, 3, 5, 13, 1.4/1.5, 1.12-2M-ep 1, 2.2-2.4, 2.11) Colin married Elizabeth Slater, and they had two children, Georgia and Richard. They later looked after Elizabeth's brother's son Rob. Colin worked as a lawyer. When Elizabeth moaned at Georgia for her bad GCSE results, Colin told her to lay off her. He later was caught up in the Magnet Warriors attack. He later faced Octopli and Slitheen. He was very sad at Richard's death and he later saw an alien baby at a Book Club, which Elizabeth made him attend. He can find his wife annoying, as she does not let him watch films which are over a 12, and she can get into things, like holiday brochures and gardening.
He had to fight against the Cybermen at Christmas and a strange claw. He was trapped in Tescos in a twisted world that Georgia had created, in which the prison ship, TimeSpan crashed. He was attacked by Clowns and taken hostage at the fair on Helich Way, but the clowns were destroyed. At the following Christmas, his house, he, Georgia and Conner were taken by a spaceship and put in nowhere-land. They and the house were later returned thanks to Elizabeth and the Doctor.

Bell, Elizabeth, RC, (1.x, M-ep 2, 3, 5, 13, 1.4/1.5, 1.12-2M-ep 1, 2.2-2.4, 2.11) The mother of Georgia and Richard, married to Colin Bell. Elizabeth's brother Rob was mixed up at birth, but her parents later found him. But when he died, Elizabeth and Colin took in his son. She was dissappointed with Georgia's GCSE's but was later happy when she joined the Doctor in the TARDIS, after almost being captured by Magnet Warriors at Christmas. She later faced Octopli and then Slitheen. She was very sad at Richard's death, and she attended his funeral. She was attacked by Giant Spiders later in the year, which she managed to save many people from, by forming a large group of people. She has enjoyed book clubs and gardening. She can be very annoying especially to her neighbours and Daisy gets very nervous around her. At the following Christmas, she and Colin were dragged off by Cybermen, but they later escaped.
She appeared in a twisted world created by Georgia, where the TimeSpan had crashed and Colin was trapped in Tescos. She was attacked by Clowns and taken to the fair on Helich Way, the Doctor later saved her from the clowns. When Conner first visited the house, Elizabeth couldn't resist giving him a tour. At the next Christmas, she got drunk and opened all of her presents in the early morning. She went to pray with the Vicar, but when she returned she found her house was gone. The Doctor tricked her into going to help him in the spaceship above the Earth, where she met Dux Ducis, who was attracted to her. She later had to get inside a spacesuit and go out into space so she could destroy the engine. The Doctor saved her from the blast and took her back to Earth, where her house had been returned with Colin, Georgia and Conner.

Bell, Georgia, MC, (1.x-1.1, 1.2-2.8, M-ep 9-3.1) A 17, now 18 year old, blonde girl from South London. She met the Doctor on Christmas Eve 2009, defeated the Magnet Warriors and became his companion. She then travelled with Conner in the TARDIS facing Harassers and Octopli. When her brother Richard was killed by the Slitheen Georgia was devastated, but she continued to travel with the Doctor facing Plague Carriers, Scarecrows and Ice Men. She was very sad at Conner's apparent death on the Spidership, but kept travelling with the Doctor.
When Conner returned on the TimeSpan ship she was very happy. Their next adventures saw them facing Clowns, a Rawrx and alien Gold. Her memories were temporarily erased when she visited Pluto, as she knew important evidence. She was happy when Korena joined the TARDIS, after being trapped in a lake in 40th Century Japan. After the TARDIS crashed in the Heron jungle, she was shocked to find that Conner was unconscious, but was happy when he and the TARDIS returned to normal. She later travelled back to the 40th century, where she was captured by a cult with Conner. Luckily the cult were captured, but the world was attacked by the Aquari. Georgia helped save the world from the Aquari but was sad when they found out that Korena was dead. The Doctor dropped Georgia back off at home, and said he'd pick her up in a few months. Georgia began to work in the bakery again. On Christmas Day Conner stayed over, and they were about to kiss when the Bell house was stolen. It was later returned, thanks to Elizabeth and the Doctor. 2 months later the Doctor began travelling with Georgia and Conner again. For more information see the main characters page.

Bell, Richard, RC+Me, (1.x, M-ep 3, 5, 1.4, 1.5, 1.12, 2.3/2.4, 2.8, 2M-ep 9, 2.11) Georgia's brother who owned a fish and chip shop. He helped save the world from the slitheen, although they had hypnotised him earlier. He also faced octopli. Unfortunately he was killed by the slitheen while helping Georgia broadcast a message to the people of London. Elizabeth and Colin were very sad at his death, but Elizabeth found an occassion to boast about his funeral to Mrs White. When the Doctor, his friends and Sybil sat at the seance table, Georgia's vision was of Richard and her recording her adventures in her diary. The Diary was actually buried with Richard, but Petr revealed that he stole it. For more information see the characters page.

Ben, NC, (M-ep 11) An inseman who drives a space-lorry for planet tea, with his friend Jill. He meets the Doctor, Georgia and Conner on board and a monster called Gregory.

Bennet, Conner, MC+Me, (1.x, 1.1, 1.2-1.13, 2.x, 2.1, 2.2-3.x) After Conner helped save London from the Octopli he joined the TARDIS crew. He has faced loads of monsters including Scarecrows, Slitheen, Plague Carriers, Harassers, Maid Marian, Gasolemu, Krillitanes and Daleks. He went to find his parents as the Spidership zoomed into space. Conner realised that the oxygen would go very soon, but the ceiling had caved in behind him. Conner died of lack of oxygen, but returned, very much alive, in TimeSpan, he fell in love with Holly, but she returned to her home.
Conner returned home to find his friends happy that he was alive and well and continued to travel with the Doctor after attacks from Sybil and her clowns, Rack, a Rawrx and 'perfected' children, he also appeared at a court case, in the biggest court in the galaxy and did his GCSE's at Park Vale school. Conner was happy when Korena joined the TARDIS.When the TARDIS crashed in the Heron jungle it poured its energy into Conner's head, so he dreamed about a different life where he was called John Bennet. The Doctor persuaded John to die, so Conner could live. They next travelled to the 40th Century again, where Conner and Georgia were captured by a cult. The cult were later stopped thanks to the Doctor, but then the Aquari began to attack the world. Conner helped the Doctor stop the Aquari, but Korena had been apparently killed.
The Doctor decided he needed to sort a few things out so he dropped Conner off at Kaylie's house. Kaylie managed to persuade Conner to return to school, where everybody was shocked at his return and where he got good GCSE results. He later spent Christmas at the Bells, but as he and Georgia were about to kiss, the whole house was stolen. It was later returned, and 2 Months later the Doctor, Georgia and Conner started travelling again. For more information see the characters page.

Bennet, David, Mi + Me, (1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.9, M-ep 14, 1.12, 1.13, 2.2, 2.4) Conner's father, who was a builder, built Conner's huge waudrobe and helped build the Spidership. This is mentioned by Conner many times.Zac had told Conner's dad that Conner had gone travelling to Venezuela as Conner couldn't tell his dad about travelling in time and space. He was killed when the Spidership was destroyed in space.Conner saw his gravestone in a graveyard where he also met a future Conner. When future Conner became present Conner, he saw his parents graves again.

Bennet, John, GS, (2.11) When the TARDIS crashed in the Heron jungle, it poured all its energy into Conner's head. Conner dreamed he was John Bennet, who worked in an office with his friends Victoria, Alan and Dave. John had dreams of the Doctor, Conner, Georgia and Korena's adventures in time and space. John soon realised he was Conner Bennet. Victoria and his friends persuaded him to see a shrink, so he made an appointment. He went to see the shrink a couple of times, but one time when he got home he found his house had been burgled and Petr was pointing a gun at his head. He then woke up to find that it had been a dream, but when he went into his house, it really had been burgled, he rushed to see the shrink, who turned out to be the Doctor and told him that John had to die so that Conner and the TARDIS could live. John accepted, making no fuss, and the Doctor and his friends continued on their adventures.

Bennet, Sue, Mi + Me, (1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.9, M-ep 14, 1.12, 1.13, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5) Conner's mother who is mentioned many times, as she helped build the Spidership. She thinks Conner is travelling in Venezuela as Conner couldn't tell his parents that he was travelling through time and space. She was killed when the Spidership was destroyed in space. Conner saw her gravestone in a graveyard where he also met a future Conner. When future Conner became present Conner, he saw his parents graves again.

Benton, Mr, Me+Mi, (2.3, 3.x) A teacher at St Marks school. Mrs Sow asked Bradley whether Mr Benton was still causing concern. Apparently Bradley's dad sorted him out, but he didn't hit Mr Benton or anything like that. When a food fight broke out in the canteen Mr Benton and Mrs Sow had a bet on a year 9 being the first to throw the lasagne, but they later argued about the outcome.

Bernadyn, Mi, (2M-ep 13) A friend and colleague of Kasper, who was realying wires at Rena Peakes' workplace when it was attacked. Rena and Georgia later helped Bernadyn and Kasper escape.

Bethany, Me, (2M-ep 1, 2.11) Bethany was an old friend of Georgia's. She asked Elizabeth where Georgia was when Elizabeth went to chrurch on Christmas Day. Later in the year, when Colin told Georgia somebody had recently visited, Georgia guessed that it was Bethany, but it wasn't.

Bex, (Becky), NC, (1.11) A security guard on board the SS supreme who was 22 years old and had brown hair. She joined the main group lead by the Doctor but was turned into ice. She chased Jess around the docks, but then the Doctor made the Gasolemu let her go free.

Bidgellbyrton, Horace, Mi, (3.1) Horace was a fat forg-alien, who was an enemy of Gisgerm. While playing a game on the Planet Casino, Horace was murdered by the Ace of Spades, which had been told to do so by the King, Queen and Jack of Spades, under Gisgerm's orders.

Bill, Mi, (2.4) A worker on Devil's Flight who told Bradley to sit down and that he'll enjoy it.

Black, Holly, GS+Me, (2.2, 2.3, 2.4) One of the prisoners on TimeSpan who escaped and helped to free Conner, who immediately liked her and she liked him. She was pretty, and around the age of 16. She and Conner made friends with the Krillitanes and later met up with Georgia, Kirsty and the Doctor. After Georgia had sent Conner away, Holly went home in the elevator, which took her to her father. Sybil foretold that Conner would see Holly again on the day that he died.

Black, Mr, Mi, (2.2, 2.4) Holly Black's father who was very happy when Holly returned home. Holly and her father were seen in Conner's vision.

Blackwell, Pippa, RC, (2.7/2.8, 2.10, 2M-ep 14, 3.x) Pippa was thought pretty and kind when Georgia first met her at the 1945 hospital, but she had actually been employed as a companion for Petr and was at the hospital to spy on Georgia. Pippa and Georgia became good friends while working at the hospital. They ran through the hospital away from the alien gold, but Pippa revealed her true colours when the gold was about to attack Georgia as Pippa shot it through the head, before teleporting away with Petr. Pippa and Petr later travelled to Japan, where they tried to make Korena get close to the Doctor. Pippa attended Korena's party, and when it was attacked by the Borsht, she ended up saving Conner and Georgia from a large pool of water. After Petr visited the Heron jungle, he and Pippa were about to head back to base but they landed on an Octopli spaceship where they were attacked by a lone Octopli, and they got stuck in a time loop. When the Aquari attacked in the future, the Doctor was hopeful that Petr and Pippa wouldn't turn up too. Pippa and Petr later cornered Beth Grant, saying they wanted a word. For more info visit the main characters page.

Blake, Daphne, Me, (1.11) A female member of Scooby Doo's mystery solving gang. When Bex compared them to it, the Doctor said 'I'm Daphne'.

Blakely, Detective Inspector, Mi, (2.x) Detective Inpector Blakely was asleep while the Cyberman begin to kidnap people. PC Walsh woke him up, so PC Walsh could investigate and DI Blakeley would look after the phone. When PC Walsh got back DI Blakely was asleep again.

Blunt, Guard, NC, (2.2) One of the guards aboard TimeSpan, the prison ship, who was absorbed by the absorbaloff and his face appeared on its shoulder. Blunt was posh and english.

Boe, the Face of, Me, (1.3) A large face in a jar which died in the year 5 billion and 53, In the senate the Face of Boe has a tomb which is the most secure place in the whole of New Earth. Perhaps it was the Face of Boe who saved Conner and Hame from the harassers.

Boleyn, Anne, Me, (M-ep 13) The second wife of Henry the 8th. The Doctor, Conner and Georgia had recently gone to see her birth before meeting the alien baby.

Bonavarte, Cleon, Mi, (2M-ep 9) Cleon worked in Archimedes' household. He was letting people into his masters party, including the Doctor whose psychic paper informed him that the Doctor was an emperor.

Bond, James, Me, (1.6, 3.1) James Bond is a film character, who has been played by many different actors in many films. Conner asked if he's a time lord as he had lots of companions and lots of faces. The Doctor reveals that the Casino was where they filmed the 3rd version of Casino Royale, and he later commented that one of Teeena's gadgets was 'very James Bond'.

Boom, MoV, (2M-ep 11) Boom was an alien who was given a huge spaceship by his parents, but his brother got the planey Ytee. Boom killed his brother and became in control of Ytee, he secretly sold the population into slavery and then stole any spaceships that landed on the planet, while its occupents were 'got rid of'. He accidentally teleported the Doctor up to his huge spaceship, and the Doctor stopped Boom. ZigZag later contacted the police, so Boom was probably arrested and sent ot jail.

Borsht, MoV, (2.10) Small black creatures that rip their victims apart. They were the creatures in Korena's last film in the 40th century. Naoki Noran used the Borsht to kill Shiori and Takashi, and then he tried to kill Korena with them.

Braithwaite, Mr, MoV, (2.2) One of the heads of TimeSpan, the prison ship. When all the prisoners were released some of the prisoners found his office and killed him.

Brannigan, Boe, NC, (1.3) Named after the Face of Boe, this adventurous kitten of Brannigan and Valerie helped defeat the harassers by pressing some buttons on a control panel!

Brannigan, Harvey Ricks, Me, (1.3) Brannigan's uncle who was found by Brannigan dead, reduced to a skeleton by the harassers.

Brannigan, Kincade 1, Me, (1.3) Father of Thomas Kincade Brannigan.

Brannigan, Kincade 2, Mi, (1.3) Son of Brannigan and Valerie, named after his grandfather, he helps save New Earth!

Brannigan, Patsy, Mi, (1.3) A daughter of Brannigan and Valerie, named after Valerie's mother, she helped save New Earth with her siblings!

Brannigan, Thomas Kincade, GS, (1.3) Good father and good father to Valerie and her kittens. He helped the doctor before when the Macra were killing people on New New York's motorway. Two years later he is found helping to save New Earth from the harassers.

Brannigan, Valerie, NC, (1.3) Good wife and mother to Brannigan and their kittens. She is very protective of her kittens and although she was attacked by a harasser she lived on to have a happy life.

Brantok, MoV+NC, (2.1) A Zygon Capatain who tried to get past Yurren's protection, he was then knocked out by Zark so Zark could attack Fajartop, without being allowed to. Brantok then agreed to the treaty which gave the Zygons land on the planet, after Zagrafix was killed.

Brayswell, Bert, NC, (1.4, 1.5, 2.4) Fat student at Conner's school who is thought to be a slitheen by Kaylie, he is hypnotised by the slitheen until Zac breaks the machine, he is killed by a slitheen while Kaylie and Conner argue. When the Doctor and his friends saw visions of each other at a seance table at a fair, Zac mentioned Bert in one of his visions. Kaylie commented that he's nice.

Bringer of Death, OC, (1.1) Commander Velox's childhood nickname, it was also the password for Velox's secret rebel system.

Brown, Giles, Mi, (2.7/2.8) A Doctor at the hospital in 1945 that Georgia got stranded in. He was killed by the Gold Creature. When he died he half fell through the crack in time. Georgia pulled the rest of Giles back through the crack in time, to the astonishment of Mark.

Bruce, Private, Me, (1.7) A Private in Cromwell's army who, according to Miss Williams, gets bullied a lot by Captain Placard.

Bulba, MoV, (1.8, 1.9) A little blue alien who spoke in a Wall-E type voice. He was in charge of the game 'Virtual Reality'. He told Harry to deliver the game,to many shops in London. The little blue alien was actually a fake and was made by the daleks to catch people in the game, for the spiders who were allied with the daleks to eat.


Caesar, Julius, Me, (2M-ep) Mentioned by Georgia as one of Cleopatra's lovers along with the Doctor and Mark Antony.

Cagan, Me, (2.12) Delilah's Austrailian ex-boyfriend, who Delilah had found it hard to get over. Apparently Cagan moved to England.

Caitlin, NC, (1.11) A blonde haired apprentice on board the SS Supreme. She helped Seb, who she was going out with, clean Red before she joined the main group. When Seb turned evil, the Doctor grabbed her and Seb tried to help her, but he was teleported away by Jess.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Me, (3.x) The second wife of Prince Charles, who Mrs White said was the love of his life.

Cat, OC, (1.1) This cat was blown over when the octopli ship arrived. However, the cat was blown into a huge mound of cat treats, where he set up a business selling treats to naughty cats who never get them off their owners. He can currently be found in a mansion near North Yorkshire.

Cerone, of the plague carriers, MoV, (1.7) A plague carrier who wore a royalist disguise to give people the plague and use their bodies as fuel. She was then seen by Cromwell and the Doctor and she took them to the spaceship.

Cgarnort, MoV, (1.3) A Dwar from New Earth who had been kidnapping people with his working partner Jiberatt, he kidnapped Georgia but was killed when his home/office/work was invaded by Harassers. The Doctor managed to save Jiberatt but not Cgarnort...

Chan, Jackie, Me, (1.10) A man who is famous for his karate and fighting moves. The Doctor leapt up the side of Joans cottage, tahnks to his lucky stars (and Jackie Chan) in episode 10.

Charles, King, NC, (1.7) The king of Britain who pledged war on his parliament causing a civil war. His army attacked the parliamentarians at Tomson en Marchet but he was more interested in the green plague zombies. When Conner was revising for his GCSE's, Georgia pointed out that Conner can't write about Green Plague Zombies, but he should write about Charle's death.

Charles, Prince of Wales, Me, (3.x) Charles was the son of Queen Elizabeth 2nd, who married Princess Diana, and then Camilla Parker Bowles.

Charles' Aide, Mi, (1.7) Charles' advisor who told the King that they were winning the battle but Charles was looking at the green plague zombies instead.

Charlotte, Private, NC, (3.x) Charlotte worked for UNIT, who, along with Private Alfie, was sent to look after Elizabeth Bell, whose house had house vanished. When the TARDIS arrived, Charlotte and the others got down on one knee and saluted the Doctor. When Alfie annoyed the Doctor, Charlotte told him she would punch him. She offered to help the Doctor, but he told her to keep the peace at UNIT instead. A church also vanished, and Charlotte helped look after those who were inside the church when it returned.

Cheem, the forest of, Me, (1.2) The trees in this forest can walk, such as Jabe, Lute and Coffa. The doctor then refers to this forest when talking about Sherwood.

Cherrie, Mi, (1.12, 1.13) A member of staff on board the Spidership, who was in charge of Zac and Kaylie's school group. She was killed by the spiders when they attacked.

Chilvers, Mr, Mi, (2.12/2.13) Mr. Chilvers was Natalie's boss. He told Natalie to go to Los Angeles to settle a business deal with Carsyn Hawkes. At first, she was unable to go as the teleport systems were down, but as soon as they came online Mr. Chilvers made sure Natalie went. Los Angeles ended up being destroyed, and Natalie had to quickly teleport away. Mr. Chilvers celebrated New Years Eve, but when the water's began to rise around the world, he and his supermarket were swept away.

Christmas, Father, Me, (2.x) An old man who fills stockings all around the world with presents on Christmas Eve. Rob Slater Senior and Mathew Core never recieved presents from him. Father Christmas is also known as Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas.

Churchill, Winston, Me, (1.8) A famous ritish man who became prime-minister during the 2nd world war. Georgia called Zac Churchill after he said a short, but meaningful speach.

Clamadoff, Ryoff, NC, (2.9) A Plutonian lawyer, who was lawyer to Roiralt and Angilkar. He knew the court laws and was true to Pluton-Sednian Alliance, he was also one of the few that knew about the new teleport that Roiralt had invented. He was annoyed when the Doctor stole his mircrophone in the court and was very shocked to find that the Doctor was a Time Lord. Ryoff went to see Pluton with Angilkar and Roiralt, and they decided that Angilkar should go to hide the files on the new teleport. Ryoff also saved the Doctor's life when Lord Komanfdu Guard's were about to shoot him. Ryoff stood up for Roiralt when Komanfdu revealed that Roiralt had planned to destroy Pluto using an atmosphere converter. Ryoff later pushed Lord Komanfdu off his balcony and showed the Doctor where the memory erasing room was. The Doctor later dropped Ryoff back home.

Claus, Santa, Me, (2.x) Also known as Father Christmas, Mr. Core and Rob Slater senior were according to Mr. Core, the boys who Santa Claus Forgot, which is also the name of a song. For more info see Christmas, Father.

Clawrittax, Me, (2.6) Another possible name for the Rawrx. There was a Clawrittax in a book in the SS Hurricane's library, which had a resemblance to the Rawrx.

Clubs, the Jack of, Mi, (3.1) When a wizard brought a pack of cards to life to commit murder, the Clubs did not help him. The Aces of the pack were lost, and the cards were trapped in the card world. The Jack of Clubs was rather vain and he enjoyed mud baths around his castle. When the Ace of Spades turned up, the cards, except the Spades, kept flickering between worlds. On one visit they were nearly spotted vanishing by Teeena. The Jack later returned to the card world, where he looked for the Jack of Hearts. The Jack of Spades knocked him out and locked him in a cupboard. The Aces were all later destroyed and all the cards returned to the card world forever. The Jack later attended the Diamonds' garden party.

Clubs, the King of, NC, (3.1) When a pack of cards was brought to life by a wizard, the Clubs did not help the wizard murder. The Clubs were later trapped in the card world when the Aces vanished, but when the Ace of Spades turned up in the real world, the cards kept flickering between worlds. In one visit they were almost seen vanishing by Teeena. Once in the real world, the Clubs and Diamonds decided to get the Hearts to spy on the Spades. They later ambushed the Queen of Diamonds as the King wanted to know who Conner was. When they found that the Queen of Diamonds and Conner had gone to the Spades castle the King and Queen of Clubs rallied support to attack the castle and help them. The King helped fight the Spades' guards. The Aces were destroyed, meaning that the Clubs could never return to the real world, but they attended the Diamonds' garden party.

Clubs, the Queen of, NC, (3.1, When the pack of wizards was brought to life, the Clubs did not help the wizard. The Aces were lost and the Clubs became trapped in the card world, but when the Ace of Spades appeared they flickered frequently to the real world. The Queen of Clubs thought that staring at the cards would bring them back, but when they flickered back the Queen of Diamonds said she hadn't been looking at them. The Clubs agreed to let Queenie spy on the Spades, and later ambushed the Queen of Diamonds and Conner, asking who Conner was. They later rallied the other cards to attack the Spades castle, and the Queen clubbed a couple of the Spades' guards to let the Queen of Diamonds and Conner get to the Jack's mirror. Once the trouble had passed, the Clubs attended the Diamonds party, where they scammed each other out of money.

Cod, Joe, NC, (M-ep 9) A fisherman from the 40th century. He has been trying to catch a mysterious fish with legs, when the Doctor helps and finds that it is a woman in a fish costume.

Cole, Daisy, NC+Me, (M-ep 13, 1.13, 2.3/2.4, 3.x) A women who attends the book Club meetings with Elizabeth and Colin. She finds Elizabeth very annoying and gets very nervous round her, tending to spill cups of tea when she is around. She was then mentioned in the finale. She went round to see Elizabeth when they were attacked by a clown. They seeked refuge in a church, but were found and captured by the clowns. Daisy managed to get away and free Elizabeth and Colin too. Daisy was a member of the Pink Ladies, and at one meeting at the church, she tried to help capture the Roboforms that were following Elizabeth, but she got tangled in the trip wire. The Roboforms then transported the church and the Pink Ladies to Nowhere-land, but Elizabeth and the Doctor managed to bring it back, and stop the alien threat.

Collins, Edward, MoV, (2.7/2.8) Brother of Susan, he was 12 when they met Conner at Jeremy's house, where they had been evacuated. He had actually been 'perfected' by Mrs Macready. Edward chased Conner and Dorris around the house and then to a train tunnel, where he was killed with the other 'perfected' evacuees by a train.

Collins, Susan, MoV, (2.7/2.8) Susan was 14 when she and her brother met Conner at the house they had been evacuated to. She had actually been 'perfected' by Mrs Macready. She was used as a hostage so Conner and Dorris could get away from Mrs Macready and the others. She chased Conner and Dorris with the other 'perfected' evacuees to a train tunnel, where they were hit and killed by a train.

Computer, 1, (1.3) This computer was owned by Jiberatt and Cgarnort. This computer had a cool female voice. The computer was giving information about a skeleton which Jiberatt had found when it went into self destruct mode. It was about to explode with the force of an atom bomb when it stopped and let the Harrassers in to the building.

Cooper, Gwen, GS, (1.1, M-ep 6, 2M-ep 6) Member of Torchwood Cardiff, who was busy fighting and running from a cybermen that had come through the rift, while the octopli attacked London. When a meddling Graske appeared in Ireland, Gwen asked Sarah-Jane if she could deal with it, as Torchwood was based in Cardiff.

Copper, Mr, Me, (2.2) The Doctor and Georgia had gone to TimeSpan, the prison ship, to free Mr. Copper. When the Doctor released all the prisoners, Mr. Copper managed to escape.

Core, Mr. Mathew, GS, (2.x) Mr. Core was an orpahn who was brought up by his uncle. He was thought a pest by the adults around his house. He then went to schoolo where he was teased because he had never heard of Santa Claus, he met Rob Slater senior there. When he was in his fifties he decided to get the world back as no-one liked him. So he joined with Teresa to create the Cybermen. When Rob Slater junior persuaded him to stop the upgrading Mr. Core went down to the main room in the factory where the Cybermen were upgrading people, but he was upgraded himself.

Costravalos, Petr, RC+MoV, (1.6, 1.10, 2.2, 2.5, 2.7/2.8, 2.10, 2.11, 2M-ep 14, 2.13) Petr was hired by an unknown person to hunt the Doctor, Georgia and Conner. He gave Conner a watch, which was actually a tracking device. Petr then followed them and told Conner how to defeat the ghosts on Vesualas. He then attacked the Doctor and his friends at Farringham using Scarecrows and Crows. He later revealed this was a test to see how strong they were. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner called him the Shadowy Man until they found out his real name. Petr posed as Guard Kristoph on TimeSpan and saved Conner from the Spidership. He then spied on Georgia in Norway.
Pippa was assigned as a companion to him by his employer. Petr met the Doctor in the 32nd century then teleported away, where he found Georgia in 1945. He helped defeat the alien gold before teleporting away, but not before revealing his name. Petr and Pippa travelled to Japan, where they met Korena and tried to make her become close to the Doctor. He later helped get some of Korena's family out of her house, when it was attacked by the Borsht and then he helped the Doctor, Georgia and Conner get back to the TARDIS. When the TARDIS crashed in Heron jungle, Petr appeared, but when Korena woke up, he soon dissappeared. After leaving the Heron Jungle, he and Pippa were about to head back to base but they landed on an Octopli spaceship where they were attacked by a lone Octopli, and they got stuck in a time loop. When the Aquari attacked in the future, the Doctor was glad that Petr and Pippa didn't turn up too. When a war ship headed for Earth, Kate Lipsett of UNIT phoned Petr for help, she later requested a teleport, but she got no answer. Petr and Pippa later cornered Beth Grant, asking for a word. For more info see: Voice, The; Shadowy Man; Kristoph, Guard; or the Main Characters Page.

Cotter, Mrs, Me, (1.13) A woman who died 3 weeks before the attack of the spiders. Elizabeth was oblivious to her death like Mr. Perkins.

Crask, Triss, GS, (2.7/2.8) Triss fought in the war against the Kritzanthians, on a base in the Earth's Out Region. She met the Doctor there and they investigated an empty base, but they were caught by the Kritzanthians. Triss lost her friend Steve as they tried to escape through ventilation shafts. She met up with the Doctor again and the Doctor trusted her to bring the TARDIS back to him, using an authorised control disk. Triss was happy when the war ended and was dropped off back on Earth to join in the celebrations.

Crattin, Sir Ralf, NC, (1.3) A red man from New Earth who has fought for red people's rights and is now the Chief of police. He investigated the deaths and kidnappings that were going on when the TARDIS crew arrived.

Cromwell, Oliver, GS + Me, (1.7, 2.2) Historical leader from the Civil War who meets the Doctor in that period. Cromwell saves everyone who had the green plague including Conner, thinking he was sacrificing himself. However he survived, luckily, or time would be changed. When Conner was revising for his GCSE's, Georgia said he should write about Cromwell being Lord Protector.

Cyberman, 1, MoV, (M-ep 6) This Cyberman came through the rift and ended up in Torchwood Cardiff, at the same time the Octopli were invading London. The Cyberman electrocutes Jack in the pool, and chases Gwen. Jack gets out of the pool and blows its head off. Myfanwy then flies off with it.


Daferage, Me, (2.6) When a Rawrx attacked the space base she was working on, she helped the Doctor defeat the Rawrx, by luring it into a cell. The secret back door to the cell wouldn't budge and the Rawrx killed her, but was locked up. She seemed like the sort of person who would've became a companion if she'd lived.

Dale, Alan-A, NC, (1.2) Fictional character from Robin Hood, he turns out to be a real outlaw, who helps Georgia and the doctor fight Guy, the Sheriff, Marion and Guy's guards.

Daniels, Guard Ben, NC, (2.2) One of the guards aboard TimeSpan, the prison ship. Georgia met Guard Daniels when the Timespan ship crashed on Earth. She helped him shift rubble and they had a cheeky conversation about 'girlfriend time'. Georgia later worked out that she was in some sort of paralel world, so she left in the elevator to find the Doctor.

Daniels, Gareth, RC, (2M-ep 8, 3.x) Gareth Daniels was a student at St. Marks School. When Mrs Sow covered a lesson, Gareth fell off a table and hurt his head, but was sent home because the Nurse wasn't there. Apparently, Gareth Daniels' girlfriend had had a bad experience with a Turkey Baster. Gareth was so surprised when Conner returned on his first day of sixth form, that he dropped a year 7 that he and Bradley were carrying. He took part in a food fight, and later collected delayed GCSE results, which were all 'C' grade.

Danielle, Me, (2.11) When Dave and Alan mentioned someone called Dawn to John Bennet, John asked whether it was Danielle's Dawn, to which they said it was.

Dash, NC+MoV, (2.12/2.13) Dash was a member of Mrs Harrbungershon's cult and he aided her in her plans. He met Georgia and Conner, and convinced them to come with him to the cult's base. Dash later helped explain to them that the government were making the sea levels rise so that they could get out of the recession. Dash helped restrain Georgia and Conner when they disagreed to join the cult, but when they escaped, Conner threatened Dash with a spear. Dash and the cult were captured by Captain Alton, with help from the Doctor, and they were put in a cell, but they escaped, by charging at the cell door. They then tried to get through the door to the control room, but Private Nash and Rolf had built a barricade against the door. The cult managed to break through the door a while later, and they chased Captain Alton and the others down a corridor, but when water began surging down the corridor, Dash was killed. Kufuedun secretly loved Dash, and she was devastated at his death.

Davis, Cameron, Mi, (2.12/2.13) The leader of the main opposing party to the government in the late 40th Century. He was captured and shoved in a cupboard by Sam and Sara. Sara then dressed Sam up as Cameron. As Cameron, Sam argued that Aquari particles shouldn't be released into the sea as they were dangerous, he said he had proof and rushed off to get it, only to find an angry Sara. The real Cameron crawled out of the cupboard, not knowing what had happened. Cameron thought that the Prime Minister should release the Aquari particles to help stop the rising sea levels. Cameron was later in Downing Street when it was destroyed by the Aquari.

Dawn, Me, (2.11) When Dave and Alan were persuading John to see a shrink, they mentioned that Dawn's mum had seen a great shrink, but that it had later turned out they were sleeping together. She was also referred to as Danielle's Dawn. Dave mentioned that the food was great at her funeral.

Death Collectors, MoV, (2.11) A group of cloaked figures with claws and skeletal wings, they attacked the Doctor and his friends, when they emerged from the sky.

Dendrites, Mi+Me, (2.2, 2M-ep 6) Guard Kristoph and Pokaski teleported away from an army on Dendrites, who had escaped their cell in TimeSpan. A Dendrite had put Bannerman road in a time bubble, so when Sarah-Jane was investigating the game 'Virtual Reality' they were still in 2008, otherwie Maria would have been in America.

Diamonds, the King of, NC, (3.1) The King of Diamonds did not help the wizard that brought his pack of cards to life and when the Aces vanished, the other cards became trapped in the card world. When the Ace of Spades reappeared in the real world near the pack of cards, the Diamonds kept flickering between worlds, on one occasion the Queen of Clubs suggested staring at the cards to rturn to the world, but it didn't work. They decided to let Queenie spy on the Spades, but when she was attacked, she fell ill and the King visited her. Queenie later died, and the King of Diamonds helped the Queen realise that Conner could return to the real world through the Jack of Spades' mirror. When the Clubs found out the King had let them go to the Spades castle on their own, he helped them rally support and attack the Spades castle, and once inside, fight the guards. The Aces were destroyed and the cards were trapped in the card world, forever. The Diamonds later had a garden party, and all, except the Spades who were locked in their dungeon, attended.

Diamonds, the Queen of, GS, (3.1) The Queen of Diamonds did not help the wizard that brought the pack of cards to life, and when the Aces were lost she and the other cards were trapped in the card world, until the Ace of Spades reappeared, causing all, except the Spades, to flicker between worlds. The Queen met Teeena in the Casino where the Pack of Wizards was, before flickering back to the card world, where the Diamonds and Clubs agreed to get Queenie, who worked in the Casino, to spy on the Spades. The Queen of Diamonds later tried to save Conner from the Jack of Spades, who he was playing snap against, but Conner was transported into the card world by the Ace, where she explained everything to him. They went to see Queenie, who had been attacked by the Ace, and Queenie later died.
The Queen of Diamonds agreed to get Conner back into the real world to help, explaining that he was the Jack of Spades, since the Jack trapped him. The Queen got Conner into the Spades castle, where they were attacked by the guards, but they in turn were attacked by the other cards. The Queen and Conner got into the real world, where they managed to steal the Ace off the Spades, until they were captured by Gisgerm's henchmen. The Ace of Spades killed the Queen of Diamonds, but since it was the first Ace to be destroyed, thanks to Mystic, the Queen of Diamonds lived on in the card world, where she held a garden party.

Diana, Princess of Wales, Me, (3.x) The first wife of Prince Charles, who divorced him, as she thought he was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. She later died in a car crash. Daisy thought that Diana was the love of Charles' life, while Mrs White though Camilla.

Dibley, the Vicar of, Me, (1.8, 1.9) Geraldine Granger is the Vicar of Dibley, which is also the name of the sitcom. The Doctor mentions that it took him 1 hour 15 mins to escape the village in ep 8 and in ep 9 Conner and the Doctor have a little joke scene like the one the vicar and Alice have.

Digit, Donald, NC, (2.12/2.13) A friend and work colleague of Lee Hashimoto. He was known for not liking lateness or punctuality, which amused his friends. Donald and Lee gave a presentation to the PM on the Aquari particles, which they thought would stop the sea levels rising. Donald was sad at the apparent deaths of Antony and Quentin. He also travelled to the Houses of Parliament, where Lee gave a talk on the particles. Donald was happy when Quentin returned, and he phoned Lee. He was shocked when the Aquari took over the world, and shocked to find that Mr Toil was really the Master. Donald, Georgia, Conner, Julian and Lee had to escape when the building came under attack, and they jumped over to the Aquari factory's roof. They were captured by the Master, but they escaped thanks to Julian's teleport. Donald helped get the teleport systems back online by helping destroy the Master's computer. Donald was excited to meet Korena and he later helped the Doctor, by travelling to Sydney to release a chemical into the sea that would stop the Aquari. He then teleported to the Evrest Hotel, as agreed before, where he found that Korena, Natalie, Amita and Captain Alton had sadly been killed.

Doctor, the Ninth, Mi, (1.6, 2.4) The Ninth Doctor was having an adventure with Rose when Conner appeared nearby through a portle, he then went through another portle. When the Doctor had a strange regeneration caused by Sybil, he turned into the Ninth Doctor. The Ninth Doctor managed to defeat Sybil and her clowns, but was later turned back into the Tenth Doctor, by Alex, who died killing Sybil.

Doctor, the Tenth, MC (1.x - 1.1, M-ep 6, 1.2-2M-ep 6, 2.7/2.8, 2M-ep 9-3.1) The Tenth Doctor travels around Time and Space with his companions, defeating creatures and generally having fun. For more information see the main character's page.

Doo, Scoobert, Me, (1.11) Mostly known as Scooby Doo, this fictional talking dog was part of a mystery solving crew that involved umasking fake monsters and aliens. Georgia accused Conner of making them sound like Scooby and his gang.

Dorritt, Mr, Me, (1.8) A shop owner nearby Dorris' post Office, who Dorris is glad doesn't have the same sales pitch as herself.

Dory, Me, (M-ep 9) Character from Finding Nemo, Georga sings a song which Dory sings in the film, after Nemo is mentioned.

Doyle, Mrs, Me, (M-ep 11) Housekeeper of fictional character Father Ted off the sitcom Father Ted. The Doctor imitated her catchphrase 'Go on, Go on, Go on' after they met Gregory the tea monster.

Dragon, MoV, (2.11) This dragon attacked the Doctor, Georgia, Conner and Saint George at a castle. It grabbed Georgia with its tail and flew off. When the Doctor and George appeared, the Dragon knocked George unconscious. Georgia then stabbed the Dragon, who flew off. Georgia then realised she was the real Saint George, but that the other George gets all the credit.

Drornk, NC, (2M-ep 7) Drornk was a green alien, who had been drinking before he flew his spaceship to Earth, where he landed in a tree, and hit his head. Beth, Zac and Kaylie helped Drornk, but refused to give him any alcohol, but told him that the Orange Juice was 100%. Drornk later left in his spaceship.

Ducis, Dux, MoV, (3.x) Dux was very rich and vain. He had a large powerful spaceship and several Roboforms at his command. He wanted to blow the Earth up and sell it for cash, so he captured the Bell house in an attempt to stop the Doctor from interfering, but the Doctor wasn't inside. When Elizabeth was captured on board his ship, Dux tried to charm her, but she didn't like him and teleported away. He sent his Roboforms after her, and they captured the local church, where the Doctor was planning to catch them from. Dux managed to capture the Doctor, who managed to escape, while Elizabeth placed detonators on the ship's engines. Elizabeth activated the detonators and the ship blew up, killing Dux.

Dumbo, Major, Me, (1.9) Jenny and Lisa's nickname for one of the majors at their army training camp.

Dursley, Dudley, Me, (1.4) Character off Harry Potter, one of his nicknames is Big D. Harry from Conner's school nicknames the Doctor Big D and Zac realises where the nickname was from.

Emporer Dalek

Eriksen, Dalen, NC, (2.5) When the TARDIS landed in Norway in the past Georgia went to the local clothes shop. Georgia left the shop when she heard screaming. Dalen wanted to know what was going on and followed the Doctor and Georgia to Gertrude's. Dalen was annoyed when the Doctor chose to save Conner, but later helped Red escape.

Eriksen, Magne, Me, (2.5) Dalen's father who was a local celebrity where Dalen was living. She mentioned him but realised the Doctor probably hadn't heard of him.

Ethan, NC, (2.6) Ethan was the representative for Israel on board the SS Hurricane. He was the ships coordinater, treasurer and president of the table tennis championships. Ethan was left in charge of the bridge when the Doctor took some of the crew with him to find the monster. Ethan admitted his feelings for Niina and they got together. When the Rarwx attacked the bridge Ethan did all he could to delay it and kill or stun it. Unfortunately he was killed, but not before Niina and him kissed. Niina got away.

Etsuko, Mi, (2.13) Etsuko was a friend and work colleague of Kaito Hashimoto, who was stranded with Kaito in a skyscraper in Tokyo, when the world became flooded due to rising waters. Etsuko knew alot about architecture. When the teleport systems came back online, he helped evacuate everybody to the Everest Hotel, and he let Natalie and Korena go ahead of him in the queue for the teleports.

Evans, Chris, Me, (2.11) A radio presenter, who replaced Terry Wogan on BBC Radio 2. John Bennet woke up listening to Chris Evans, although he missed Terry Wogan.

Everton, Sir Henry, NC, (M-ep 12) Adopted father and carer of Xanthe. He used to travel with the Doctor and lives in a posh country house. His house was attacked while the Doctor was on a visit, by a space-chicken who owned the crystal that was helping keep Xanthe alive, the crystal was in a safe downstairs.

Face of Boe

Fajartop, Student, GS, (2.1) A Student taught by Professor Makensi. Student Fajartop travelled to Yurren, when the Zygons invaded. He then killed Commander Zagrafix and made the peace treaty with the Zygon's. He became President after this, and many poems were made about him saving the planet. The Doctor heard one of these and told him when they first met.

Faraday, Mr, MoV, (2.2) Intergalactic name is Hoskintonflorate. He is a type of splurge, who looks a bit like a green slug in a suit. He signed a contract so he could capture humans, as the Earth was overcrowded. He used some sort of time machine to begin to imprison people earlier, any aliens that invaded the Earth were also captured.

Farmer with goat, (1.x) A Farmer, who's goat had just won a competition, appeared on a news channel while Georgia searched for news of the metalic objects that had been pulled up to the magnet warrior ship.

Finding, Nemo, Me, (M-ep 9, 1.9) A Disney film, Conner accidentally calls the main character, Nemo, Finding Nemo. Kaylie refers to the film in episode 9 saying that being teleported is like the swirling currents of the sea in the film.

Finley, Me, (2.6) A member of the crew on the space base where Martha and the Doctor visited. He found the Doctor and Martha trying to get in through a window. He was killed by the Rawrx, when it attacked.

Flannir, Captain, MoV, (1.x) Captain of the Magnet Warriors on the 21st Conquer ship, who invaded Earth at Christmas.

Flounders, Mr, NC, (M-ep 9) Shipmate on board Joe Cod's ship, who is trying to find a mysterious fish with legs, when the Doctor turns up.

Ford, Catherine, RC, (1.4/1.5, 1.12/1.13, 2.x, 2.3/2.4, 2M-ep 7+8, 2.9, 2.13) Catherine was an extremely stupid and silly friend of Beth and Kaylie, who was hypnotised by the slitheen. Catherine then went on board the Spidership, with her school and kept asking, 'Is this the Spidership?' She then joined Mrs Sow, Beth and Bradley when the spiders grew and attacked. She was found by Zac and Harry, but was knocked out when she hit her head, she was then brought back to Portsmouth in the TARDIS, unconscious. She woke up in Portsmouth and wondered where she was. She fainted when she saw Conner alive and well, months later. She was, along with Kaylie and Mrs Sow, attacked by a clown. She managed to escape, thanks to a boy named Alex, who took them to the fair. At the fair, Catherine was almost killed on a rollercoaster. She survived the clowns, which were destroyed by the Doctor, Alex and Bradley.
Afterwards she was always asking questions about aliens, so Beth decided it was best to tell her that the Doctor, and the Clowns was a dream. When Beth vanished, Catherine took Bradley on holiday and they became closer during the holiday. Catherine saw an alien while doing her Biology GCSE, but when the whole school panicked, she realised she hadn't answered any questions and started writing. Catherine later met Korena, who she pretended to be a big fan of, so nobody told her that Korena was from the future. When Beth and Kaylie went to help the Doctor, Catherine had no idea where they were, so she forgot to collect her GCSE results.
Catherine was shocked when Conner returned to school, and she later took part in a food fight, but she got a headache, and she had to take maximum strength tablets, wondering how anyone could take normal strength tablets afterwards. She got all A* in her GCSE results, which everyone was surprised at.

Ford, Mrs, Mi, (2.12/2.13) The mother of Catherine Ford, who Beth nearly bumped into when she rushed to help the Doctor.

Foster, Miss, Me, (2.2) The villainess who was turning people into adipose, but was stopped by the Doctor and Donna. Her sonic pen was originally owned by Miss Swade, one of the heads of Timespan. The Doctor sent the sonic pen to Miss Foster after he stole it from Miss Swade.

French, Dawn, Me, (3.x) A famous British actress. When Beth and Catherine were talking about Lark Rise to Candleford, Beth stated it wasn't as good since Dawn French left.

French, Wendy, MoV, (2.7/2.8) Wendy was to be married to Jeremy Hutchinson's nephew Christopher, but he had to fight in the war. Wendy stayed at Jeremy's house, where she was 'perfected' by Mrs Macready, the housekeeper. She chased Dorris and Conner around the house and then to the train tunnel. Conner and Dorris persuaded her that Mrs Macready must also be 'perfected'. Mrs Macready and Wendy struggled then fell off the train they were standing on, and they were both killed.

Fry, Captain Brandon, NC, (GS) The Captain of the SS Hurricane. He drove the spaceship to planets, making contact with other species and tradingwith them. When the Rawrx attacked Captain Fry decided he would go with the Doctor to help. Captain Fry told the crew of Bao and Maria's deaths and put it in the ships log. Captain Fry was sad when the ship was destroyed, but he had helped do it to kill the Rawrx.

Fwarr, NC, (2M-ep 11) Half human, half android, Fwarr had very similar hair to the Doctor. He travelled with ZigZag to Ytee, so they could try and discover the secret of the planet. Their spaceship was stolen by Boom, so they became stuck on the planet. They met Korena, Georgia and Conner, who were also stuck until the Doctor sent all the stolen spaceships back so Fwarr could get home.

Gwen Cooper

Gabz, NC, (1.11) The Pilot on board the SS supreme who was about 33 and had brown hair. He joined the Doctor and co but was killed when a large icicle fell from the ceiling and right into his head.

GaGa, Lady, Me, (2.11) A singer from the early 21st century. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner introduced Korena to her music, which she liked. They were listening to it before the TARDIS overheated and exploded, forcing its energy into Conner's head.

Gain, Dalek, MoV, (1.12/1.13, 2.13) Dalek Gain was the most mysterious out of the three Daleks, although he seemed the most normal. The Supreme Daleks experimented on him replacing his sucker for a hand. He freed Roger from his cell and helped the other Daleks use Spiders to attack the world. He captured most of the humans and brought them down to floor 0. Dalek Gain was meant to exterminate Ronald, when he attempted to stop the machine that kept the spiders around the world large, however, Roger got in the way of the exterminator ray and was killed. Dalek Gain later killed Marshal Skatz and then Harry before going after the remaining magnet warriors and destroying their ship. When Zac, Kaylie and Beth helped the Doctor find a way to defeat the Aquari, the Doctor left in the TARDIS, but they waited. When they finally gave up waiting, Dalek Gain appeared from the bushes and flew off into the sky.

Gareth, Mi, (M-ep 13, 2.4) A friend of Daisy's from a book club, which Elizabeth and Colin attended. He also gets annoyed by 'the Bell women'. Gareth helped Lucy when she was hit by a car. Gareth then reassured Daisy, by phonecall, that her visit to Elizabeth's would be fine.

Garraway, Kate, Mi, (M-ep 5) Presenter on GMTV, her programme was interupted when the octopli invaded.

Garry, Mi, (2.13) The producer of Sheba's news programme. He informed Sheba that the Aquari were targetting TV centres, and he told her to do a last broadcast, which she did tearfully. When the building was attacked Garry was killed when a crack appeared in the floor of the building and he fell through it.

George, Saint, Mi, (2.11) The patron saint of England, who the Doctor, Georgia and Conner met when they fought a dragon. Georgia stabbed the dragon and it flew off. The Doctor then accidentally called her George, and they realised that Georgia was Saint George, but that thew other George gets all the credit.

Gifford, Captain, RC, (1.x, M-ep 7, 1.12/1.13, 3.x) Deepesh Gifford was a Captain from UNIT, who helped the Doctor stop the Magnet Warriors attack at Christmas 2009. He also fought the Octopli, as he tried to stop the Octopli stealing Hudson from a UNIT warehouse, but he was injured. He was healed and later became second in command of security on board the Spidership, under Captain Price. He found the Doctor and discussed things with him, but then the Doctor was taken away by Harry and Ronald. While looking for the Doctor the giant spiders attacked Captain Gifford and his group of soldiers. Later he supervised the boarding of the lifeboats on the ship, after an announcement from the ship's captain. He tracked Dux Ducis' ship travel towards the Earth, and when the Bell's house vanished at Christmas, Captain Gifford led the operation.

Gilbert, Charlie, NC, (2M-ep 4) Charlie was 22 when he went on a jungle trek in India lead by Pandit. Charlie was the first to hear the monster and helped Mrs Heyman get away from it. Charlie helped the Doctor tickle the monster to domesticate it.

Gillywater, Gertrude, GS+Me, (2.5, 2.12) Gertrude was a Time Agent who was tracking Rack around the Universe. She followed him to 1906 but she got there too early. She soon lost her mind as she was stuck there for a while. She saved Georgia from a group of goblins, who had tried to capture her and later showed Georgia the way back to the village. Georgia returned with the Doctor, who fixed her mind and together they helped to find out what Rack was up to. Gertrude was captured by Rack along with the others, but thanks to Georgia they escaped. Rack's goblins went against him, so he startd throwing fireballs, which set fire to the forest. Gertrude was forced to abandon her spaceship as the fire was getting closer, and she ended up staying in Norway. Rack later mentioned that now Gertrude had stopped following him, he only needed to worry about the Doctor 'and... the other thing.'

Gisgerm, MoV, (3.1) Gisgerm was a nasty fat alien, who liked to gamble and was very good at poker. He heard about the pack of wizards and set out to find them, getting information out of the wizards living relative Mystic. Once he found the Aces, he locked all but the Ace of Spades in a vault in his secret HQ beneath the Casino. He used the Ace of Spades to free the Spades from the card world, and they agreed to work for Gisgerm, killing his enemy Horace, and later killing Queenie, when she was told by the Queen of Diamonds to spy on the Spades. Gisgerm turned up late for the poker game, and complained when the Doctor, Georgia and Teeena returned late because their friend Conner had vanished. Gisgerm agreed that if the Doctor won the poker game, Gisgerm would tell him where Conner is, and if he won then he would get the Doctor's TARDIS. Gisgerm won the first game of poker, but Teeena lied and said that there were three rounds. The Doctor won the second and third rounds, but Gisgerm did no go with the agreement. Instead, he got the Queen of Spades to use the Ace to attack the people in the room.
Gisgerm went after the Doctor when he escaped, and got his henchmen to capture him, Mystic and Teeena when they found their way into his HQ. Gisgerm was about to kill the Doctor, using the Ace, so that the Ace would gain power and make the Spades indestructable, so that they would be Gisgerm's perfect army to take over the universe. However, Mystic had stolen the other Aces from Gisgerm's vault and used them to destroy the Ace of Spades, trapping the Spades in the card world. Gisgerm vanished, and Mystic and Teeena assured the Doctor that the police would find and capture him.

Goatrash, Mr, Me, (1.4) Teacher at Zac's school who is secretly killed by the slitheen and replaced by another slitheen.

Gold, MoV, (2.7/2.8) The alien Gold creature could turn itself into a liquid or a solid humanoid form. It killed Gerry Bates and Giles Brown and then Mark Nott. It had been activated by someone. It attacked Carlisle, but he escaped. It chased Georgia and the others around the hospital after killing Matron Readington. It almost killed Georgia, but Pippa Blackwell shot it in the head.

Goldberg, Dorris, RC, (1.8, 1.9, M-ep 13, 2.7/2.8) Dorris was evacuated in the war to Jeremy Hutchinson's house. There she met Conner, who revealed he had met her in the future. Together they escaped Mrs Macready, the housekeeper, who tried to 'perfect' them, by messing with their minds. Dorris helped defeat Mrs Macready, but was sad that the other evacuees had been killed. Dorris was an old lady when she met Conner again, working in a post office. She was given a load of virtual reality games to sell and was sucked into the game, where she met monsters and made friends with Lisa Rock before being sent home. Elizabeth Bell later suggested that Dorris had raised the money to fund the new church roof.

Golgotha, NC, (2M-ep 9) Golgotha was a large woman who was a singer and was married to Nikronvert. She was good friends with Archimedes and was horrified when he was poisoned. Golgotha was revealed to be having an affair with Archimedes, but she told everyone Nikronvert was a womaniser, when it was revealed he was having an affair with Sellina. According to the Doctor, after the incident Golgotha left Archimedes and met another richer man.

Gollum, Me, (2.1) Fictional character from Lord of the Rings, Zac quotes him when they are in the marshes near the lake Klandron.

Gragrorg, NC, (2.5) This Goblin appeared near the end of episode 5. He was the largest Goblin that Rack had enslaved. Gragrorg was convinced by Georgia that Rack was not the Devil and Gragrorg started the Goblins rebellion, he was knocked out by Thomas when he tried to attack Red. It is unkown whether Gragrog perished in the fire, or if he survived and lived on in Norway.

Grant, Beth, RC, (1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.12, 1.13, 2.x, 2.3/2.4, 2M-ep 7+8, 2.9, 2.11, 2.13) Beth was a friend of Kaylie and Catherine, who was involved in the infamous 'goat incident'. She was almost killed by possessed school children, when they were hypnotised by Slitheen. She was on board the Spidership when it was attacked, but she survived the attack and Zac and Harry brought her and Catherine to the TARDIS, after they were scared off by Magnet Warriors. However, when the ship lurched Beth knocked her head on a wall and passed out, so she did not see the inside of the TARDIS. She was left in Portsmouth, where she woke up and wondered where she was. She then fought off Clowns with Conner, and replaced Harry Ladbrook as the stay at home friend when she found out about Conner's travels. She also helped an alien called Drornk, who had crashed in the park.
Beth pretended she was with Conner defeating a Whale monster for a whole week so that Bradley would go on holiday with Catherine and then they'd get together. Beth helped Mrs Sow when an alien appeared at the school, but was dissappointed when the TARDIS left her behind. She was happy, however, when Zac and Kaylie returned. Beth later met Korena, who Catherine pretended to be a fan of, before the death collectors appeared and they had to flee. Instead of collecting her GCSE results, she went to help the Doctor, Zac and Kaylie. Beth and Kaylie wondered why the Doctor had left his companions in the future, and Beth saved them all when they were trapped in a room filling up with water. Beth accidentally killed an Aquari mother, causing her to think that she changed the future, killing Georgia and Conner. The Master explained that she hadn't, however. When the Doctor found what he was looking for, he left, and the others waited for him to return, before eventually giving up.
Beth was shocked and happy when Conner returned to school, and she later looked after Catherine, who had a headache after a food fight. She collected good GCSE results, and a few months later she was cornered by Petr and Pippa who wanted a word. For more info see the main characters page.

Grant, Mr, Me, (2.3, 2.11) Beth's dad who Catherine referred to as lush.

Green, Naomi, NC, (2.8) Naomi fought in the war against the Kritzanthians, when she found out the Doctor had been captured she was captured too. She told the Doctor they had saved the world together and once with Captain Jack. She also told him she had worked for Torchwood. The Doctor didn't remember her though. When the Kritzanthian ship was destroyed, Naomi was stopped from getting to the TARDIS on time by a metal gurder, so she was killed.

Greg, Mi, (2.2) One of the prisoners on TimeSpan, the prison ship, who helped free Conner and then went to look for the people who imprisoned them all.

Gregory, the Grugglegroop, OC, (M-ep 11, M-ep 12) A tea creature, who was a stowaway on planet tea's space-lorry. He was thought to be a monster by the Doctor, Ben and Jill, but they realised he was nice in the end. Georgia then went off tea thanks to Gregory, who looked like he was made of tea.

Greyhound 19, Mi, (M-ep 7) A soldier in UNIT who fought the octopli but was killed.

Griggs, Harold, Mi, (2.4) At the seance table it was revealed that Sybil had killed this man when he threatened to close down the fair on Helich Way.

Guy, of Gisborne, MoV, (1.2, 1.3) A fictional character from Robin Hood, who turns out to be real. He captures the Doctor, then Conner who he stabs with a sword. He is accidentally shot by Georgia, who is attempting to shoot Maid Marian.


Hag, MoV, (2M-ep 3) This hag had a rare disease that made her always hungry and thirsty, she was banished from her planet for eating her friends because she was so hungry. She went to Earth and ate humans there, until she met the Doctor, who took her to a hospital to cure her.

Hame, Duchess or Novice, GS, (1.3) An ex-nun from New Earth who served under the Face of Boe after she sinned with the other sisters of plenitude. She helped the Doctor again, with Georgia and Conner when the harassers invaded.

Hannah, GS, (2.6) Hannah was a crew member on the SS Hurricane. She was the second in command on the ship and was the representative for Great Britain and in charge of contacting Earth and security. Hannah introduced the Doctor to the crew, and remained cool when the Rawrx attacked. She opened the doors most of the time, as she knew all the door codes, being head of security. Hannah later saved the Doctor and Georgia from the Rawrx, by blowing a hole in the roof, so the Rawrx would get sucked into space, Conner was almost sucked into space too. Hannah helped the Doctor place the mines around the ship and they hugged in farewell.

Harkness, Captain Jack, GS+Me, (1.1, M-ep 6, 2.5, 2.7, 2.8) The leader of Torchwood Cardiff who was busy fighting a cybermen when the octopli were invading London. When Gertrude told the Doctor that she had a Vortex Manipulator, as she was a Time Agent. The Doctor mentioned Captain Jack. The Doctor imagined Jack and his other companions in the empty ballroom of the Human Base on the Out Region. Naomi also told the Doctor that Jack, her and the Doctor had saved the world together.

Harrbungershon, Mr, Me, (2.13) Mr. Harrbungershon was married to Mrs Harrbungershon. He was a caring and loving husband, who had to look after her when she began to go mad. He apologised to Amita, when Mrs Harrbungershon asked if she wanted to join her in the fight against the government. Mrs Harrbungershon got angry when he told her she was hallucinating, and she accidentally shot him.

Harrbungershon, Mrs, MoV, (2.12/2.13) Mrs Harrbungershon married, and had a happy marriage, until she began to lose her mind. She began to hallucinate, and she thought that government sources told her that the government were trying to raise the sea levels, so that they could kill most of the population to get out of the recession and then escape on huge space ships. According to her the sea defences would swing open and let water rush through. Her husband didn't believe her, and when she got angry she accidentally killed him. She formed a group of followers, who believed her, not knowing she was mad. Her cult gained secret support from around the world, so her plan was to use missiles to destroy the governments and then flood the world by destroying the sea defences, so that the people who didn't believe her would die too. When Dash came to the cult's HQ with Georgia and Conner, they told the cult that their ideas were rubbish, so the cult locked them up. However, they persuaded Marcello to let them go and when Marcello stood up to Mrs H, she shot him. She then did a broadcast telling the government what she was going to do, but the Doctor managed to trace the broadcast, as Korena noticed Georgia and Conner in the background.
Captain Alton and his guards captured the cult, and locked them in the nearby sea defence, where they worked. They escaped but, Mrs Harrbungershon was shocked when the shuttles carrying cult members from around the world were destroyed by Sam and Sara's spaceship. The cult broke into the contol room to find Captain Alton, Sam, Sara, Private Rolf and Nash had got out through another exit. Mrs H lost half her cult when they were swept away by a surge of water, but she managed to reach the room where Captain Alton and the others were. Once there she killed Private Nash, but then Amita and Delilah appeared and revealed to the cult that Mrs H was mad, so they stopped. Mrs Harrbungershon was angry and she shot at Captain Alton, the ray was reflected and it hit Mrs Harrbungershon, killing her.

Harrington-Smythe, Sheridan, RC+Me, (M-ep 13, 2M-ep 1, 2.4, 3.x) His name is Sheridan but Elizabeth calls him, vicar. The vicar finds Elizabeth annoying and when she asked him to come round. He said he was booked up for the next 3 years. Elizabeth seems to think that the Vicar is scared of Colin, buut Colin is sure that he's scared of Elizabeth. When the Vicar went round to Mrs White's house for tea, he got himself mixed up with the clowns and was taken to the fair on Helich way, but managed to escape and later freed Elizabetha and Colin. Elizabeth went to pray with the Vicar on Christmas Day, and Mrs White later told Elizabeth she and the Vicar would be praying for her, when the Bell house vanished.

Harrington-Smythe, Violet, NC, (2.3/2.4) Violet's married to the Vicar. When the Vicar returned to the church with Colin, Elizabeth, Daisy and Mrs White, after being attacked by a clown, Violet was busy cleaning the church. They were all captured by the clowns, but they managed to escape.

Harris, Ryan, Mi, (2.7, 2.8) Ryan fought in the war against the Kritzanthians. Ryan was shy but brave. He chased Conner through the human base he worked on, but Conner slipped through a crack in tiem to 1945. Ryan was killed when the Kritzanthians attacked their base.

Harrison, Mrs, MoV, (1.4, 1.5) A teacher at Conner's school who is killed by the slitheen and her body is used for a skinsuit by Fipsel Slitheen. As Fipsel she was evil and tried to kill Conner and the Doctor.

Harrow, Christina, NC, (2.3/2.4) Christina was Mitch's girlfriend. When Mitchell's body was found with his face painted like a clowns, Christina went to the fair, she stopped Sybil from killing Bradley and later attended the seance. She hlped the others defeat Sybil with the power of prophecy.

Hart, Mrs, Mi, (M-ep 12) One of the kitchen staff at Sir Everton's house, she helped get the crystal from the safe and give it back to the space-chicken.

Hashimoto, Kaito, RC, (2.10) Korena's father, who was married to Kimiko and was the son of Margaret. He attended Korena's party at her mansion, and greeted the guests with small talk. Yoshiro and Petr helped Kaito and his family escape to England, where they stayed with his nephew Lee for a while. Kaito was stuck in Tokyo in late December, where he had gone for a meeting, because the teleport systems had gone down. Kimiko phoned Kaito a few seconds before New Year, and he was shocked as the ocean's were rising.
Kaito and his friend and colleague Etsuko, were shocked when they saw creatures in the water. He later informed Kimiko, over the phone, that the shuttle stations were going down around the world, but he lost contact when the phone pylons and satellites went down. Kaito was happy when Kimiko, Korena, Margaret and Natalie teleported to him, ater the teleport systems came back online. Kaito, Kimiko and Margaret later teleported to the Everest Hotel, where they were safe from the water. Kaito was upset when he found out that Korena had been killed, but shocked and happy when he found that Korena was actually alive, but annoyed that the Doctor had left her behind.

Hashimoto, Katsuro, Me, (2.10) Margaret's husband, father of Kaito and Grandfather of Korena and Lee. He had died by the year 3999.

Hashimoto, Kimiko, RC, (2.10, 2.12/2.13) Kimiko was married to Kaito, and her daughter was Korena, who had become a famous filmstar. Kimiko fussed over her daughter at Korena's party and then escaped with help from Yoshiro and Petr, when the Borsht attacked. Kimiko went to England, where her nephew Lee lived, and she stayed with him for a while, as she didn't get to see him often. She later planned to visit Lee on New Year's Eve, but when Kaito told her that the teleport system had gone down in Tokyo, Kimiko and Margaret travelled to England early. Kimiko was glad that Natalie came back safe from Los Angeles and was ahppy when she was reunited with Korena, who had gone travelling with the Doctor in the TARDIS. She was shocked when the water's around the world began to rise and the Thames Barrier broke, due to the Aquari inside the water.
Kimiko was sad when she found that Natalie's twin had been killed by the water, and later when Sheba was presumably killed. Kimiko and the others had to escape from the rising water, and they went to the top floor, where they met Mrs Treacher. She only just survived when the water reached the top floor, as the teleport systems came back online thanks to Lee. Kimiko teleported to Kaito, who was still in Tokyo, and from there they teleported to the Everest Hotel. Kimiko was upset when she found out that Natalie and Korena were dead, but later shocked and surprised to find Korena was actually alive.

Hashimoto, Korena, MC+Me, (2.10-2.13, 3.x) Korena was a famous Japanese Filmstar from the 40th century. She lived in a huge manshion house. She was working on a horror film with Naoki when Petr contacted her, telling her to get close to the Doctor. She told him to leave her alone as she didn't know who the Doctor was, she ran off, but she was attacked by the Borsht. The Doctor saved her and she invited him to her party. At the party, the guests were attacked by the Borsht and the Doctor helped her escape. She later helped the Doctor defeat Naoki Noran, who had been using the Borsht to try and kill her. However, Korena was injured, but when she recovered she became a companion of the Doctor.
Whilst a companion she travelled to a summer camp in 1979 and then almost got trapped in the future forever. They travelled to a space zoo, where she was locked in an exhibit with snakes. They travelled to the year 3052, where she had to save the TARDIS and herself from the Robatrons. She later met Zac, Kaylie, Beth and Catherine, before an encounter with the Death Collectors. Korena was in a bad state when the TARDIS crashed in the Heron jungle, but was happy when they were able to leave. She encountered a Yeti at a Ski resort, and then she met Rena Peakes, while fighting a Wooshby at an office block.
The Doctor took Korena back home, but they ended up at a sea defence, where they were captured by Captain Alton. Korena helped the Doctor find out whether the Aquari particles were dangerous and later helped the Doctor stop Mrs Harrbungershon's cult. Korena was reunited with Kimiko, Margaret and Lee, when they went to Lee's flat. She also met Natalie, Lee's girlfriend. Korena celebrated New Years Eve in England, but was shocked and scared when the water around the world began to rise, due to Aquari. She, Natalie, Margaret and Kimiko had to flee from the flat when the waters began to rise and Korena ended up teleporting to where her father was, and then to the Aquari factory. Korena later agreed to help the Doctor release a chemical into the sea, which would stop the Aquari. Georgia, Conner and Lee found her body, and they thought she was dead. Korena was alive, however, and angry to find that the Doctor had left in the TARDIS without her.

Hashimoto, Lee, RC, (2.10, 2.12/2.13) The grandson of Margaret Hashimoto, and Korena's cousin. He lived in England, working for the government with his friend Donald. When the Borsht attacked Korena's mansion, Korena's family, Aimee and Yoshiro went to stay with Lee until the trouble died down. When Korena left and began to travel in the TARDIS, Lee began a relationship with Natalie Penrose. Lee informed the Prime Minister of the Aquari particles being able to solve the rising sea levels, but was sad when he found out two of his friends, who were in the Artic were killed. Lee attended parliament with the Prime Minister and Julian and Lee explained how releasing the particles in the sea would solve many problems. The parliament later did this, and Lee went home, where he found his Aunt and Gran. He was very happy that Natalie got back from Los Angeles safely and they celebrated on New Years Eve. Lee ended up kissing Natalie's identical tiwn Natasha,before returning to work where he found Quentin, who he thought had died. A few minutes later, the Aquari in the water caused the oceans to swell, breaking the Thames Barrier. Lee phoned Natasha to make sure she was safe, but as he did so she was killed.
When Lee's building was attacked, they decided to jump onto the roof of the Aquari factory as the building swayed. Everybody made it to the roof, except Quentin, who was killed. Lee proposed to Natalie over the phone before Georgia helped the others get inside the factory, where they were captured by the Master, however, Julian later released them as he used his emergency teleport. Lee helped destroy the Master's computer and get the teleport systems back online and then he and the others fled when the Master returned. Lee climbed across a ladder from the roof of the factory to the next building, where he met the Doctor. Lee and Natalie went to New York to release the chemical into the sea that would stop the Aquari. Lee teleported away when the New York base was attacked, and was incredibly upset at Natalie and Korena's deaths, but was happy and shocked when he found Korena was alive.

Hashimoto, Margaret, RC, (2.10, 2.12/2.13) Margaret was Korena's Grandmother and the father of Kaito. She was completely British but she had moved to Japan and married Katsuro. She was so proud of her Japanese family that the TARDIS translation circuits did not work on her, and so everybody heard Japanese. She attended Korena's party and then fled with the rest of the family to England, when the Borsht attacked the guests. When the rest of her Japanese family had fallen to sleep as usual at 10, Margaret went back to Japan to help Korena, she came across the Doctor and helped him defeat Naoki with Korena.
Kimiko and Margaret planned to see Lee in England again, with his girlfriend Natalie, but they had to travel early, due to rumours of teleport systems going down. Margaret was happy when Natalie came back safe from Los Angeles, after it was attacked by water and was later happy when Korena returned, but scared and shocked when the oceans began to rise around the world, flooding London. Margaret had to escape the flat when the waters began to rise even more, and she was only just saved whent the water reached the top floor, due the teleport systems coming back online. Margaret and the others teleported to a skyscraper in Tokyo, where he had been at a meeting. From there she teleported to the Everest Hotel, where she later found out that Natalie and Korena had been killed, and mourned Korena's death with the family. Margaret was happy and shocked to find that Korena had not died, but was alive and angry at having been left behind by the Doctor.

Hawkes, Carsyn, Mi, (2.12/2.13) Carsyn was in charge of a company, which Natalie's supermarket company wanted to take over. Natalie visited Carsyn in Los Angeles, but it was attacked by Aquari and Natalie quickly teleported away, but Carsyn decided to remain behind, thinking that his family would be dead. Carysn was killed when the building he was in collapsed.

Headmaster, The Demon, Me, (1.4) A series of books featuring a headmaster who hypnotises people and tries to take over the world, Harry calls their headmaster that for a joke and Zac says he used to love those books.

Hearts, the Jack of, 'Jaq', Mi, (3.1) When a wizard brought the pack of cards to life, the Jack did not help the wizard murder. The Aces became lost and the cards became trapped in the card world. The Jack was rather sneaky and he was also addicted to the tarts that the Queen made. When the Ace of Spades reappeared, the cards flickered between the worlds, and Queenie got a job as a cook in the Casino that the cards were in. The Jack kept stealing the Queen's tarts, but she never caught him at it. When the Aces were destroyed and the cards became trapped in the card world again, the Jack stole tarts off Queenie at the Diamonds' garden party, but he was caught, but then he got away.

Hearts, the Queen of, 'Queenie', NC, (3.1) When a wizard brought a pack of cards to life, the Hearts did not help him murder the people who he'd lost money to. When the wizard and the Aces vanished, Queenie was trapped in the card world. Years later Queenie found herself flickering between the card world and the real world, where she began working for Teeena at the Casino, as a cook. However, Jaq kept stealing the tarts she made. When Queenie was told by the Queen of Diamonds to keep her eyes on the Spades, who seemed to be involved in the mysterious situation, Queenie was attacked by the Ace of Spades. Queenie later died in the card world, but when the Ace of Spades was destroyed, and the Spades were imprisoned, Queenie returned to life. She later attended the Diamonds garden party, where she made some tarts, before they were stolen by Jaq.

Heston, Mark, Me, (2.3) When Sybil tells that Abby Stuart will meet a man, Abby asks whether Mark will finally notice her.

Heyman, George, Me, (2M-ep 4) George Heyman was a rich man who travelled to New Delhi with his wife, but she murdered him to get all his money.

Heyman, Mrs, MoV, (2M-ep 4) An American woman who had gone on holiday with her husband, who had died while they were in New Delhi. She had actually murdered him to get all his money. She had gone on a jungle trek to get away from the police, but they were attacked by a monster and she was eaten.

Hill, Harry, Me, (1.2) Presenter of Tv show Harry Hill's TV burp, Conner refers to him when talking about being the past.

Hilton, Paris, Me, (1.6) Blonde female who is known for carrying her dog in a bag with it's head poking out. Georgia invents that she insists on taking her dog into battle.

Hold, Sylvia, Mi, (3.x) Sylvia was a member of the Pink Ladies, who Betty was always trying to kill with scissors, who an unknown reason. She helped Elizabeth try to capture Roboforms, by looking out of the windows for their arrival and then grabbing nets. She was transported along with the church and the other Pink Ladies to Nowhere-land, but she escaped when the church was returned, thanks to Elizabeth and the Doctor.

Hope, Mi, (2.11) A passenger on the Century ship, when it was attacked by Robatrons. Conner helped her escape the ballroom, when it was attacked and Conner left her avoiding the flames. Later Conner hoped that Hope had managed to escape in one of the pods.

Hood, Robin, Me, (1.2) Fictional character, who the doctor accidentaly became when he gave money to the poor.

Hoskintonflorate, MoV, (2.2) See Faraday, Mr.

Howell, Delilah, GS, (2.12/2.13) Delilah was the friend of Amita, Natalie and Natasha. She was known for being honest, and she used to go out with an Austrailian called Cagan. She was walking down a street when she saw the devil, who told her that she and three others were going to die on the 1st January 4000. When she finally told her friends about this, two days before the 1st, only Natalie believed her. Delilah was visited by the devil again, who told her that the three others who will die were Amita, Natalie and Natasha. Amita and Natasha comforted Delilah, who didn't tell them that the devil told her they would die too. Delilah and her friends went partying on New Years Eve, but by Midnight, Amita and Delilah were the only ones left. They saw the devil, and were shocked to find that water was rising all over the world, flooding and killing.
The devil transported them to a shopping centre, as water attacked the night club. They fell asleep in the centre, but when Delilah woke up, Amita began acting strange. Amita found an old teleport, which she used to get them to a sea defence, where they found a cult attacking some guards. Amita recognised the leader of the cult, who she revealed was actually mad, so the cult stopped fighting. When water attacked the base, the teleport systems came back online, so they managed to get away. Amita and Delilah later agreed to help the Doctor, by teleporting to Scotland to release a chemical into the sea to stop the Aquari. They found the devil there, who revealed that Amita had been possessed by him, so that he could get them both to Scotland, where they would die. However, Delilah managed to elbow Amita and then release the chemical into the sea, but the Devil then blew a hole in the building, which water surged through, killing Amita, Delilah teleported away to the Evrest Hotel, where she found that Natalie and Korena were also dead.

Hutchinson, Christopher, Me, (2.7) The nephew of Jeremy Hutchinson, who was engaged to Wendy French, but had to fight in the war.

Hutchinson, Doctor Jeremy, NC, (2.7/2.8) Jeremy worked in the hospital that Georgia became stranded in in 1945. Jeremy took in evacuees to his large home, where his housekeeper Mrs Macready 'perfected' him, without his knowledge. Jeremy gave Georgia the office next to Carlisle's and was later locked in the room witn Petr and the others. Jeremy tried to escape with the others from the gold creature, and was shocked when Pippa revealed she was Petr's assistant. At the end Jeremy had only Dorris to look after.

Ianto Jones

Ikorg, Me, (2.9) Ikorg was Lizcoo's best friend’s dad’s second cousin twice-removed. When Kaylie mentioned someone called Ikorg, Lizcoo thought it was a coincidence because she knew of another Ikorg.

Inoue, Haruna, Mi, (2.10) The timid make up artist, who worked on a horror film with Korena and Naoki. She spoke in a squeaky voice and often knocked things over. She attended Korena's party with Akio, but it was attacked by the Borsht.

Ivan, Me, (1.8, 1.9) Chrissie Jacksons boyfriend. Chrissie thinks that he has dressed up in a giant lizard costume until she finally realises that it is a giant lizard.


Jabba, the Hutt, Me, (M-ep 2) Character in Star Wars who Georgia thinks of when she meets Jabba the alien on woman wept.

Jabba, NC, (M-ep 2) Alien who crashes on Woman Wept while Georgia and the Doctor are there. The doctor fixes his spaceship and he leaves, thanking the Doctor.

Jack, the Ripper, MoV, (M-ep 1) The feared murderer of London in the late 19th century, who tunred out to be a blowfish. The Doctor and Georgia encountered him on Georgia's first trip in the TARDIS.

Jackson, Alan, NC, (1.8, 1.9) Father of Maria who he lives with on Bannerman road. He is divorced from Maria's mother Chrissie, who he finds annoying. After Chrissie was chased by large lizards from the game'Virtual Reality' Maria saw Alan fanning Chrissie, who had fainted.

Jackson, Chrissie, NC, (1.8, 1.9) Maria's mum who always seems to miss the aliens that her daughter fights with Sally-Anne, Calamity Jane or Mary-Jane. She is to be married to Ivan. She was chased by some large lizards, when they vanished she fainted.

Jackson, Maria, NC, (1.8, 1.9, 2M-ep 6) Resident of Bannerman Road who lives with her dad Alan. Her mum lives with her boyfriend Ivan. Maria goes into the game with Sarah-Jane to find Luke. She sees Conner who she likes before being sent home. They were actually in a Time Bubble when this happened, they were still in 2009 while Conner was in 2010.

Jacobs, Sally, RC, (M-ep 7, 3.X) Sally Jacobs helped track the Sycorax spaceship, but she was hypnotised by the Sycorax along with a third of the Earth's population. 3 years later Sally was still at UNIT, and she helped find information on the Octopli and the Hudson, when the Octopli were invading London. Sally later tracked an alien spaceship to Earth, which her colleague Kate told her would arrive on Christmas Day. Sally was nervous when Kate told her on Christmas Day that it was a war ship and when the ship stole a house. Sally then ordered several UNIT privates to head to the place where the house had vanished.

James, NC, (1.11) Chief Scientist on board the SS Supreme who was killed when the gasolemu turned him to ice. As ice, he chased the Doctor and friends but was destroyed and shattered into tiny particles.

Janet, the Weevil, Me, (M-ep 6) Jack was down in the vaults with their pet weevil, Janet, when Gwen arrived at the hub.

Jeeves, NC, (M-ep 12) Nickname for the butler of Sir Everton, who was serving tea when a space-chicken attacked the house. He tried to evacuate the kitchen staff with Conner but the space-chicken found them, he then left when he was given back the crystal.

Jenson, Guard, Mi, (2.2) One of the guards on TimeSpan, the prison ship, who was killed when the Doctor released all the prisoners.

Jeroke, Private, Mi, (1.7) One of the first to get the green plague, he was then accidentally turned into a zombie but was cured by Cromwell, then rushed off to join the battle against the royalists.

Jerry, Mi, (2.2) One of the Krillitanes on board TimeSpan, who met up with Conner and Holly. Another Krillitane told Conner that Jerry lived with another man.

Jess, GS, (1.11) The deputy Captain on the SS Supreme who introduced the crew to the Doctor. She was more in charge then Junaid who was the Captain. She was very brave and lead Bex (who had turned evil) away from the group. She survived the attack, but lost some friends.

Jiberatt, MoV, (1.3) A dwar from New Earth who has been kidnapping people including Georgia, until his workplace was invaded by harassers and he was killed, he was brought back to life along with Georgia, his work partner Cgarnort was not so lucky.

Jill, NC, (M-ep 11) A lady who works on a space-lorry for planet tea. She meets the Doctor on board the space-lorry and helps defeat a monster called Gregory. She is friends with the alien driver called Ben.

John, Big, Mi, (1.2) Name taken by the fictional character who turns out to be real, Little John. Georgia says little John is better.

John, Little, Mi, (1.2) Fictional character from Robin Hood, who turned out to be real and helped Georgia fight Marion, Guy and the sheriff. Originally called Big John.

Johnson, Jenny, Mi, (1.9) One of Lisa's friends at the army training camp, who entered the rest room soon after Lisa was returned from the game 'Virtual Reality'

Jones, Harriet, Former Prime Minister, Me, (2.2, 2.4) Conner saw her grave at the graveyard where he also saw his parents graves and met a future version of himself. On the grave it said 'Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister and loving daughter. Yes, you knew who she was.' This was featued in a flashback at the seance table.

Jones, Ianto, NC, (M-ep 6) Member of Torchwood, who was busy fighting a Cybermen when the octopli invaded London.

Jones, Martha, NC, (2.6) Martha was one of the Tenth Doctor's companions, who visited a space base with him. While at the space base a Rawrx attacked and locked her in a room with three of his dead victims. The Doctor managed to stop the Rawrx and freed Martha, they then continued to travel together, visting the past and future.

Jones, Peter, MoV, (2.7/2.8) Conner met Peter at Jeremy Hutchinson's house, where they had been evacuated. Conner was surprised to find Peter had been 'perfected' by Mrs Macready. Peter and the other 'perfect' children chased Dorris and Conner around the house, but they escaped. Peter, Lucy, Susan and Edward followed them to a train tunnel, where they were hit by a train and were killed.

Jones, Sergeant, GS, (1.7) A Sergeant in Cromwell's army who Georgia falls in love with and helps them against the plague carriers and the green plague zombies. Georgia decides to leave without saying, but returns just in time to save him from death. He spended the rest of his life on the Planet Marshmallow, in peace.

Joyce, Mi, (2.11) Joyce was the receptionist to the shrink that John Bennet went to see. When he first met her, she appeared to be Georgia Bell, who told him to wake up, but a moment later she was Joyce, and had no recollection of what had just happened.

Julia, Mi, (2.2) One of the prisoners who helped free Conner on TimeSpan, she then went on to find the people who had imprisoned everyone on the prison ship.

Julian, NC, (2.12/2.13) Julian was the Prime Minister personal assistant, who he also rather liked. Julian liked every to be right in the Prime Minister's day, and he would complain if meetings overrun or if seats that the PM was about to sit in were too dirty. Julian attended a meeting with the PM, and two scientists Lee and Donald, who explained that Aquari particles may be able to reduce the growing sea levels. When the teleports went down, Julian had to tell the Princess Royale to stop calling him, as he was receiving so many calls. Julian later went to the Houses of Parliament, before returning to Downing Street, once the Aquari had been released into the sea, after a strange broadcast from a Mrs Harrbungershon.
At Midnight on New Year's Eve, the water's began to rise over the world. The PM told Julian to take his emergency teleport, as the normal teleport systems were down, and to find Lee and Donald to see if they could help with the problem. Julian was very sad when he found out that Downing Street had been destroyed, but Georgia and Conner looked after him. When the building came under attack, Julian and the others jumped onto the next building's roof. They made their way into the Aquari factory, but they were captured by the Master. Julian managed to get out of the chains by using the emergency teleport again. He helped the others escape, after destroying the Master's computer to get the teleports back online. While fleeing to the next building via a ladder, an Aquari shot out of the water and dragged Julian into the water, wheer he was killed.

Junaid, Captain, GS, (1.11) Captain on board the SS Supreme who had brown hair(going slightly grey) and was 46 years old. However Jess was more in charge than him. He fell in love with Georgia and asked her to marry him, Georgia then made up that she was going out with Conner. Junaid left the docks lovesick.


K-9, Me, (1.8, 2M-ep 6) Robotic Dog of Sarah-Jane who fused the fanfare into Mr. Smith's circuits so he has to do it, with help from Luke. He is stopping a black hole in a safe in Sarah Jane's attic and does not appear in Virtual Reality. Sarah-Jane asked K-9 to help defeat a Graske with the Doctor. He protected Sarah-Jane from Mischief.

Kap, MoV, (2.5) A very stupid Goblin, who joined Rack after he saved him from a volcano. Kap constantly got mixed up with things. He helped capture Georgia and later suggested roasting him on the bonfire. Kap turned against Rack with the others and Yap finally had enough of Kap and started strangling him, they were both killed by Rack.

KassKass, Me, (2.6) An alien race who live in the Yargoff Star System. They agreed to be part of the Eighth Great and Bountiful Human Empire as long as all Vessels in their part of space had at least two species on board. Rufus was on board the SS Hurricane because of this. The SS Hurricane sometimes traded animals with the KassKass for money. It is because of this that the KassKass visit almost every day.

Kelly, Mary Jeannete, NC, (M-ep 1) The last victim of Jack the Ripper, who is actually a blowfish!

King Henry the Eigth, Me, (2.2) One of the most famous Kings of England. The Doctor mentioned Henry and that he had met him.

King Prawn Dawn, Me, (2.11) The cousin of someone called Susie. When Dave mentioned someone called Dawn, John asked whether it was King Prawn Dawn, who was presumably called this because of an incident with some King Prawns.

Kolt, Captain, MoV, (1.x) Captain of the Magnet Warriors, on the 21st Conquer ship, who invaded Earth at Christmas. This captain went to find the Doctor but was sucked into the air after the doctor got rid of the anti-magnet signal in the room.

Komanfdu, Lord, MoV, (2.9) Lord Komanfdu was a Sednian, who rose to power due to his new laws in the High Court. He, however, hated the Pluton-Sednian alliance altogether, and planned to destroy Pluto. He thought something secret was going on in the Plutonian ICE Science base, so he sent Aikl as an undercover guard there. Aikl managed to give Komanfdu the plans to a secret long distance teleport Roiralt and Angilkar had invented. Komanfdu changed the plans so the machine was merged with an atmosphere converter, which would wreck Pluto. Aikl swapped the plans, so the builders would build the merged machine. When Roiralt sent Ikorg to Earth using the teleport, the atmosphere converter activated and it began to snow H2O on Pluto. Komanfdu took the TARDIS, the Doctor, Kaylie and Conner off Roiralt's hands, but was annoyed when Pluton gave them back to the Plutonians.
When Treeor found out what Lord Komanfdu was doing on Pluto, he killed her and sent Aikl to kill Xelionth and catch Ikorg. Lord Komanfdu was annoyed when the Doctor broke into his offices and stole his plans, and was going to kill him, but Ryoff stopped him. When the Doctor revealed Komanfdu's plans in court, Komanfdu blamed Roiralt and told the court that Roiralt had had Ikorg and Xelionth killed. Komanfdu even had Georgia and Zac's memories wiped as vital information. When Kaylie brought Ikorg to court alive, Sednaki and Pluton believed the Doctor and Lord Komanfdu was locked in his balcony. Lord Komanfdu then released a lethal disease in the court, so the court evacuated. He later tried to escape but Ryoff and Roiralt pushed him off the balcony. Komanfdu, however, survived, but was killed when the High Court blew up.

Kristoph, Guard, NC, (2.2) The shadowy man in disguise as a TimeSpan guard. He arrived after he heard rumours that the Doctor was coming. He ran from the absorbaloff and teleported away from the dendrites. He teleported again, after Conner recognised him.

Kufuedun, MoV+NC, (2.12/2.13) A member of Mrs Harrbunershon's cult, who had jet black hair and was secretly in love with Dash. She accused Georgia and Conner of blasphemy, when they told the cult that what Mrs Harrbungershon had been saying about the government was rubbish. Kufuedun later helped Mrs Harrbungershon broadcast to the government, using a computer, then she helped prepare the missile strike. Kufuedun and the others were captured by Captain Alton, after the Doctor traced the broadcast, thanks to Korena. Kufuedun and the cult escaped by crashing through the cell door, they then went after Captain Alton and the others. Kufuedun was shocked to find that the shuttles carrying cult members from around the world had been destroyed and was sad when Dash was killed when water surged down a corridor. Kufuedun was shocked when she found out that Mrs Harrbungershon was mad, and everything the cult had been fighting for was false. Kufuedun was, however, sad, when Mrs H. killed herself. Kufuedun was mourning Dash, when water attacked the base again, and she and the remaining cult members were killed.


Ladbrook, Harry, MC+Me, (1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 1.9, 1.12, 1.13, 2.x, 2.1, 2.4, 2.11) He first met the Doctor when the slitheen attacked his school. He survived the Slitheen attack, thanks to his friends Zac and Kaylie, who defeated them. He was transported into the game virtual reality, where he made an alliance, with Bulba, who he thought was good, but Bulba was just a hologram. Harry helped defeat Tiger-Face and was excited when his year got to go on the Spidership. He and his friend Ronald tried to find a secret floor on the Spidership, and they saw a red man who smiled and waved at them. He was captured by the Daleks, but thanks to the Doctor he escaped and helped Zac and Captain Pirce save Mrs Sow, Bradley, Beth and Catherine. When he returned to the Doctor he was exterminated by Dalek Gain. Harry appeared in Conner's vision, when the Doctor, his allies and Sybil were seated around the seance table.

Lam, Bao, Mi, (2.6) Bao replaced Abasi as the General Scientist and Handyman on the SS Hurricane. Unlike Abasi, he was the representative for China. Bao was heading for bed when the Rawrx attacked him and killed him.

Lane, Victoria, NC, (2.11) When the TARDIS crashed, its energy was poured into Conner's head and he dreamed he was John Bennet. Victoria was John Bennet's best friend, who worked with him at the office. When John kept falling asleep and dreaming of the Doctor and his adventures in time and space, Victoria advised him to see a shrink about it. Victoria was happy when he finally made an appointment to see one and later turned up outside John's house when he found he had been burgled. John who had just dreamed this would happen, told Victoria to go away.

Langer, Clyde, NC+Me, (1.8/1.9, 2M-ep 6) Resident of Bannerman Road who lived with his mum Carla. He helped Sarah-Jane defeat aliens on many occasions. He was friends with Luke Smith, who was sucked into the game 'Virtual Reality', when Sarah realised what had happened to Luke, she managed to send herself, Maria and Clyde into the game too. They were later sent home by the Doctor.

Laura, NC, (1.11) A Scientist on board the SS Supreme who was very sad at James' death. She was taken back to the ship by Nancy and Georgia, only to be confronted by an evil Red. Georgia was teleported away and Nancy and Laura made a run for it. She survived.

Lipsett, Kate, GS, (3.x) Kate worked at UNIT with Sally Jacobs and Captain Gifford. She was tracking a ship to Earth, which was a war ship and would arrive on Christmas Eve, but she lied to Sally. She tried to contact the Doctor for help, and then Petr Costravalos, but both attempts failed. When the spaceship arrived, it stole the Bell house and when the Doctor arrived, Kate rushed to tell him that it was really a war ship. She was too late to find him, so she tried to contact Petr again so she could get a teleport of him to get to the ship, but again she failed. When the Doctor turned up again, Kate told him it was a war ship, and she later told Brian and Lucy that the Doctor and Elizabeth were saving the Earth. Kate later welcomed Conner and Georgia back to Earth, when the house returned.

Lizcoo, Me, (2.9) A Sednian who accordiong to her friend Shillica, was the local gossip. Lizcoo was married and her brother-in-law worked at the High Court, so she was very well informed with the goings on there. She was also friends with her friend's mother-in-law, who could find out anything... apparently.

Lottie, Mi, (M-ep 12) One of the kitchen staff at Sir Everton's house. Her favourite fruit was the answer to the question to open the safe that contained the crystal. It was in fact a trick question as the answer was 'carrots'.


Mac, Mi, (1.11) An old cleaner who worked at a space docks in the 42nd century. He was soon to retire when an unidentified substance which resembled ice attacked him. The remains of him were later found by Conner.

Mace, Colonel, RC, (1.x, 1.1, M-ep 7, 1.5, 1.12, 1.13) A Colonel from UNIT. He fought against the Sontarans with the Doctor and Donna and he survived the attack on UNIT from the Daleks. He later had to fight the Magnet Warriors, but received help from the Doctor and Georgia. He later told the Doctor, when he rang, that some of the Magnet Warriors had survived, and Commander Marr wanted his revenge. Colonel Mace was not on board the Spidership, but kept in contact with the UNIT soldiers on board when it came under attack.

Macready, Mrs, MoV, (2.7/2.8) Mrs Macready was Jeremy Hutchinson's housekeeper. She also looked after the evacuees that Jeremy took in. She found them too messy and too much of a pain to look after so she used Jeremy's books to 'perfect' them. She did not 'perfect' Dorris or Conner as they escaped. Conner and Dorris persuaded Wendy that Mrs Macready must be perfected, and Mrs Macready and Wendy struggled and then fell from the train they were standing on, killing them both.

Mae, Mi, (2.11) Mae was an elderly woman who had previously met the Doctor and Katie Parker, when a group of badgers attacked them. She was later trapped in the London Credit Bank, which she had entered to look for stamps, with Georgia, Conner, Kaylie and Harry, when a Tiger-Faced alien took them hostage.

Makensi, Professor, NC, (2.1) Professor Makensi owned several workshops and taught students in them. When the Zygon's attacked Yurren, Makensi escaped with the Doctor and his allies. The group was split up and he was caught by the Zygons and almost killed by them, and the Skarasen. Student Fajartop made Professor Chief Official when he became President.

Manhattan, the duchess of, GS, (1.3) See Hame, Novice

Marcello, Mi, (2.12) A member of Mrs Harrbungershon's cult, who guarded the cell containing Georgia and Conner, who managed to persuade him that what the cult believed wasn't true, so he let them out and then told Mrs Harrbungershon he was leaving. She got angry, so she shot and killed him with a gun

Marion, Maid, MoV + Me, (1.2, 2.2) A fictional Character from Robin Hood. A Gardonorak posed as her in medieval Nottingham and her ship poured energy into the surroundings, bringing people back to life and making trees move. She was threatened by the Doctor and later fought him and the Merry Men. When her ship was destroyed, she was killed by Alan-A-Dale, but she was not brought back to life.

Marr, Commander of the 21st Conquer ship, MoV, (1.x, 1.4, 1.5, 1.7, 1.12/1.13, 2.x) The Commander of the Magnet Warriors who invaded Earth at Christmas 2009. He wanted to steal Earth's riches, but he was stopped by the Doctor and Georgia and his ship was destroyed, killing many of the Magnet Warriors. He survived, as he teleported away, and he sent a message to UNIT in April, saying he wnated revenge. He returned on the 1st magnet warrior ship with Marshal Skatz. Commander Marr captured the Doctor and then attacked the Spidership, going to war with the Daleks. Commander Marr was then shot in the head by Private Roxanne. The factory which the Magnet Warriors used was called Marr metals factory, it was taken over by Mr. Core and the Cybermen at Christmas.

Martin, Me, (2.3) A man who worked at the same place as Zac's mum. Zac referred to him as a creep and asked Jane whether he was still bugging her, she replied 'yes'.

Martin, Janet, NC, (3.x) Janet was a member of the Pink Ladies with Elizabeth Bell. When she visited the bakery, she was surprised when Georgia served her, as she hadn't seen her since she was a baby. She was meeting with the Pink Ladies at the church, when she helped the Doctor and Elizabeth try to capture the Roboforms. This plan didn't work, as the Roboforms transported the church and the Pink Ladies to nowhere-land. The Doctor and Georgia later stopped the person who had captured the church, so the church was returned, and Janet was looked after by Private Charlotte from UNIT.

Martinez, Maria, NC, (2.6) Maria was on board the SS Hurricane when the Rawrx attacked. She was the ships biological scientist and looked after all the animals and plants that they traded. She also looked after Rufus, the old English Sheepdog, who she had a close friendship with. She was the representative for the Old American Alliance. Maria told Rufus to bark when the Rarwx was near and he obeyed her. Maria was the first to spot the Rawrx when it camouflaged itself on the ceiling, she was then killed by the Rawrx. Rufus whined when he realised she had died.

Mason, Brian, RC, (1.x, 1.5, 2.4) Georgia's old boyfriend, who worked at the same bakery as her. He tried to find Georgia at Christmas, when the Magnet Warriors attacked, but didn't. He helped defeat the slitheen with Georgia and the Doctor, letting them hide in his house to make plans. He later returned to help fight the clowns at the Fair on Helich Way. He ended up with Lucy Stuart, who had fancied him for a long time, calling him 'boff boy'. Brian let Georgia work at the bakery again, when she was left on Earth by the Doctor. Brian and Lucy later offered to help the Doctor on Christmas Day, but Kate told them that Elizabeth was helping him, which Brian thought was rather worrying. For more info see the Main Characters Page.

Mason, Mrs, Mi, (1.x) The mum of Brian, who was contacted by him when magnetic objects were pulled up to the Magnet Warrior spaceship.

Master, The, MoV, (2.12/2.13) The Master was a Time Lord from Gallifrey, like the Doctor. He was fighting the Doctor who was in his third incarnation, when Rack revealed to the Master that he would never defeat the Doctor, at least not until his tenth incarnation. The Master then set out to kill the Doctor in his tenth incarnation, travelling to the 21st Century, where he began to grow Aquari particles, after they were spawned from Aquari mothers. The Master went under the name of Mr Toil and pretended that the particles were completely safe, and that they would help global warming. He killed his colleague Spike when they released particles into the Arctic.
The particles took too long to mature so the Master travelled to the 40th century, where the Aquari Aquatics company was still around. He killed the current head of the Aquari company, and then convinced Lee and Donald to release Aquari particles into the ocean to help solve global warming. The government eventually did this and the Master activated the particles, which grew into Aquari and flooded the world. The Master ordered the Aquari to find the Doctor's companions, to destroy all phone pylons and televisio centres, and he had already brought down the teleport system. He captured Georgia, Conner, Lee, Julian and Donald, before travelling to the 21st century where he tried to catch the Doctor, but Kaylie through a pipe at his head. The Master returned to the future to find his plans going wrong. After ordering total destruction of the world, the Doctor arrived and an Aquari attacked the Master, knocking him out. The Doctor wiped the Master's memories of Rack and everything that happened after that. The Master woke and returned to fight the Doctor's third incarnation.

Matt, Mi, (1.11) Scientist on board the SS Supreme, who after Jmaes died comforted Laura. He was then to be killed himself when he farted, which reacted with chemicals in the air and made him blow up.

Mavis, Mi, (2.6) Mavis was a member of the crew on a space base which the Doctor and Martha visited. She was killed when the Rawrx attacked the base, along with 44 others.

Meeshom, Mytom, Mi, (2.9) Pluton's second in command, who informed the High Court that the snow was reacting with the Plutonian cities, causing serious damage and many deaths.

Michasista, Me, (3.1) Michasista was a friend of Energisa, who did not invite her to his party, but she went anyway and had a really good time.

Miller, Glenn, Me, (2.7) The Doctor was surprised to find that in the 32nd Century they still played Glenn Miller's music.

Mischief, MoV, (2M-ep 6) Mischief was a Graske who was trying to use Torchwood Rift to rip apart the Universe, so he could power his spaceship. Mischief knocked Georgia and the Doctor to the ground, but Sarah-Jane, who was protected by K-9, teleported Mischief back to Griffoth.

Mitchell, Peggy, Mi, (M-ep 5) Character from Eastenders, which Elizabeth watches, one episode was interupted by a report saying that the octopli had invaded London.

Moor, Kieron, Me, (2.12) An actor in the late 40th century, who Amita thought was hot. Amita wanted to take Natalie to a film starring Kieron on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, but Natalie had to refuse.

Mori, Akio, NC, (2.10) Akio was the Director of the horror film that starred Korena Hashimoto and Naoki, and featured the Borsht. Akio regretted employing Shiori, he thought she was useless, and was glad that Korena put up with Naoki, who she disliked. He attended Korena's party, but was attacked by the Borsht, that had been animated by Naoki.

Much, NC, (1.2) Fictional character, he turns out to be a real outlaw, who helps Georgia and the doctor fight Guy, the Sheriff, Marion and Guy's guards. Like in the programme he prefers Robin to Georgia!

Mud Monster, MoV, (2M-ep 10) This monster was created when a spaceship crashed in a lake in the 1970's. It attacked Conner, and then two more appeared and attacked the Doctor and Korena, until Georgia stopped them, by turning off radiation outlets with the sonic screwdriver.

Myfanwy, Mi, (M-ep 6) Torchwood's pet Pteradactil, it swooped down and picked up the Cyberman's head by the handlebars after it was blown off in the Hub.

Mystic, the Magician, GS, (3.1) Mystic was the ancestor of a wizard who apparently brought to life a pack of cards to do his bidding. However, the Aces had been lost in time, but Mystic knew that the other cards were on the planet Casino, and he told Gisgerm this, in return for money, as he had been losing money gambling. Mystic met the Jack of Diamonds, who went under the name of Knave Diamond, and Mystic later met the Doctor, Georgia, Conner and Queen and King Spade, who he was going to play poker against. The first game he played was won by Gisgerm, and the second was won by the Doctor. Mystic let the Doctor have his money so that the Doctor would win, and so that he would find out where Conner was from Gisgerm. The Doctor narrowly won, but Gisgerm did not go with the agreement and attacked the card players with the Ace of Spades. The Ace's smoke did not harm Mystic, but went through him. He, Teeena and the Doctor escaped, and the Doctor led them to Gisgerm's Headquarters. Mystic told the Doctor who he was, and Mystic managed to link himself with the other Aces which were locked in Gisgerm's vault. Mystic got the Aces out of the vault and later used them to destroy the Ace of Spades, which trapped the Spades in the card world.

Naked Doctor

Nakamura, Kimiko, OC, (2.12/2.13) False name used by Korena, when she met Private Nash and Rolf, who didn't recognise her, but wondered if she was a relative of Korena's or Yoshiro's. Korena later told Private Rolf her real name, and he was surprised.

Nakamura, Yoshiro, NC+Me, (2.10, 2.12) Yoshiro was Japan's most handsome actor who attended Korena's party at her mansion. He helped the Guests escape when the Borsht attacked the party, and he teleported with Korena's family and Aimee to England, where Lee put him up for the night. Amita Stock was a fan of Yoshiro's, as she thought he was pretty fit, but that he was foreign and that all his films were in Japanese.

Nancy, NC, (1.11) A 29 year old with curly brown hair who worked as General Maintenance on board the SS Supreme. After James died Nancy helped bring Laura back to the ship. They then returned to the main group after meeting an evil Red and Seb.

Nash, Private, NC, (2.12/2.13) Private Nash worked at sea defence 2.12, with Rolf and Captain Alton. He helped capture the Doctor and Korena, and later freed them under Captain Alton's orders, so they could help investigate the Aquari particles. When Korena spotted Georgia and Conner on a broadast by an evil cult, Nash remembered that Mrs Harrbungershon, the cult leader, used to live nearby. He helped capture the cult, and when they escaped, he helped build a barricade against the door. He was surprised when Sam and Sara's ship crashed into their building, after they saved them from a group of shuttles own by Mrs H. Nash and the others left the room by another door, and after running down a couple of corridors, they narrowly missed getting killed by a surge of water. They arrived at a common room on a higher floor, before the cult arrived and Nash was killed when Mrs Harrbungershon shot him.

Natnok, Marshal, Mi, (1.13) Marshal Natnok became the leader of the Magnet Warriors when Marshal Skatz was killed. He ordered the Warriors to leave the Spidership and he ordered the Magnet Warriors to magnetise the Spidership to pull it into space. Marshal Natnok was killed along with the rest of the Magnet Warriors, when Dalek Gain destroyed the ship.

Nemo, Me, (M-ep 9, 1.9) Character from the film Finding Nemo, who Conner accidentally calls Finding Nemo, instead of just Nemo. Kaylie also mentions the film in episode 9.

Niina, NC, (2.6) Niina was working on the SS Hurricane when the Rawrx attacked. She was the representative for Austrailia, she was the ships cook and clener and she had ginger hair. She did got go with the Doctor to find the Rarwx, but stayed in the bridge with Ethan and Ysabelle. After Ysabelle left to help Conner, Ethan admitted his feelings for Niina and they got together. Niina was very sad at Ysabelle's death and when the Rawrx attacked the bridge, Niina ran for her life, but Ethan was killed too. Niina did not really stop crying until after the Rawrx had been defeated and Regal had been arrested.

Nikronvert, MoV, (2M-ep 9) Nikronvert was married to Golgotha. His parties used to be popular until Archimedes started his. Nikronvert tried it on with Georgia, but she found him annoying and stamped on his foot, causing him to fall into a pool of water. Nikronvert later poisoned Achimedes and some of the guests, so that the parties would become less popular. Georgia revealed it was him, while Golgotha revealed he was having an affair with Sellina, but she was actually having an affair with Archimedes. According to the Doctor, after this incident Nikronvert was sent to jail.

Noble, Donna, Me, (2.7) When the Doctor and Triss danced in the empty ballroom on a human base. The Doctor imagined all his companions were there and that he was dancing with Donna.

Noran, Naoki, MoV, (2.10) Naoki was Japan's second-best actor, after Korena, who disliked him, calling him fake. He didn't care about his fans. He was born at 10pm in the year 3968 and from then, every Japanese person fell to sleep from 10pm to 12 every night, until 3999. He was working on a film with Korena, when he killed Shiori and Takashi and tried to kill Korena using a Borsht. Naoki attended Korena's party, which was also attacked by the Borsht, but Korena survived again. Naoki later died when he fell from a fire escape and landed with a crunch on the ground.

Nott, Mark, Mi, (2.7/2.8) Mark fought in the War against the Kritzanthians, working on a human base in the Out Region. Mark chased Conner through the base, but Conner slipped through a crack in time. Mark was later patrolling when he came across Giles' dead body, which had half fallen through the crack in time. Mark was then killed by a gold alien.

Nottingham, the Sherrif of, MoV, (1.2) Fictional character who turns out to be real, he is confused when he mentions 'The Sun' newspaper which shouldn't be around for a very long time.

Nowak, Kasper, NC, (2M-ep 13) Kasper was from Poland, but he came across to England early in his life and became an electrician. He met Rena Peakes and they starting going out. He was relaying the wires in Rena's workplace, with his friend Bernadyn, when it was attacked by a Wooshby, Rena and Georgia helped Kasper escape and he later met the Doctor, after the Wooshby was defeated, and he watched as the TARDIS dematerialised.

Null, Student, NC, (2.1) Student Null was taught by Professor Makensi, when the Zygons invaded he escaped, with the Doctor and his allies. They were caught by the Zygons later and he saved Zac's life after one tried to kill him. He was thought dead, but at the end appeared injured but alive.


Oaks, Quentin, NC, (2.12/2.13) Quentin was a Scientist, who was known for being optimistic. Quentin was inspecting the Artic ice sheet with Antony when they were attacked by Aquari and Antony was killed. Quentin had to flee, but was missing for a long time, so Donald and Lee thought he was dead. Quentin managed to get away from the Aquari and back to the base, but the teleports were down, so he fell asleep, when he woke the teleports were online, so he managed to get back to London. After explaining that there were Aquari in the water to the Doctor, who rushed off to the factory, Quentin spent most of his time covered by a blanket, as he was freezing. The Aquari, meanwhile, flooded the world. When the Aquari attacked the building Quentin and the others were in, Quentin was spurred into action, helping the others make plans. When the others managed to jump to the next building along, he jumped later than the others, and he was killed mid-jump, when an Aquari shot out of the water and dragged him down into the water.

Obama, Barak, Me, (1.12) The President of the USA, who was on board the Spidership, but escaped on the lifeboats.

Ock, Doc, Me, (1.1) The Doctor refers to this character from Spiderman 2, when he meets Professor Araknin.

Ocraxian, Captain, MoV, (M-ep 5) Captain of the Octopli, who attacked Georgia's parent's house.

Octofrank, Captain, MoV, (2M-ep 14) A lone Octopli who attacked Petr and Pippa while trapped in a time loop. He killed Petr or Pippa and then the one who survived shot him. The time loop broke when Petr and Pippa survived and killed Octofrank.

Octopli, (M-ep 7) This Octopli attacked UNIT with Commander Storolox. He asked Storolox how UNIT knew they were there, causing other Octopli to attack UNIT base. He died when Colonel Mace knocked over the boxes and Hudson was splashed everywhere.

Octopli Guard, 1, MoV, (1.1) This guard captured Georgia and took him to Velox and Araknin. He found Georgia very pretty, but she threatened to hurt him if he said anything nice about her. However, this guard didn't spot Conner, who ducked behind a box.

Octopli Guard, 2, MoV, (1.1) Another Octopli Guard, who had turned against Araknin with the other Octopli, poured Hudson over Araknin, then over himself, killing them both.

Okoro, Abasi, NC, (2.6) Abasi was the Scientist and General Handyman on board the SS Hurricane, he was also the representative for the United States of Africa. He was discovered to be selling things on the black market and was kicked off the ship. The crew built a secret chamber where Abasi could live on board, as they had made good friends with him. But he resumed his black market dealings buying fools gold off Regal and selling it. When some of his customers were arrested, Regal realised that if they caught Abasi, then they'd trace the dealings to him so Regal sent the Rawrx to kill Abasi. Abasi later sacrificed himself to kill the Rawrx, using remote mines.


Panda, MoV, (2.11) This Panda was locked up at a space zoo. It could talk and when it escaped it threatened the Doctor and Georgia with a gun. He was later returned to his cage.

Park Worker, Mi, (2.4) A man who worked with Bill on the ride 'Devil's Flight' at the fair on Helich Way.

Parker, Celia, Me, (2.x, 2.11) The mother of Rob Slater Jr, who had left Rob Slater Sr, after their son had been born. She moved to America. One day in 2011 she visited Colin and Elizabeth, Colin later told Georgia that Celia was sad at Rob and Richard's deaths, but he hadn't pointed out to Celia that she'd never been around when Rob was alive.

Parsons, Mrs, Mi, (1.x) An elderly lady who carried a walking stick and visited the bakery that Georgia and Brian worked at. When Georgia served her, Georgia got several things wrong, as she had not been paying attention when Brian had told her the stock and price changes.

Patsy, Me, (1.3) The name of Valerie Brannigan's mother, her grandaughter was named after her.

Peakes, Rena, GS, (M-ep 14, 2M-ep 13) An office worker who met the Doctor and his companions in 2005 when they traced a splurge monster to her Office block. While the monster chased the Doctor around, Rena got a hair dryer and melted the monster into liquid. She met the Doctor again, in 2007, when a Wooshby attacked the office block, stating that he was looking for a key. By this time Rena was dating Kasper, who was working as an electrician at the office block. Rena had also been promoted. Rena tried to save Daniel Bailey, but he was killed. She informed Mr. Yendell, her boss, of the attack and then she almost ran into the TARDIS. Georgia helped Rena find Kasper and Bernardyn, and they escaped. Rena and Georgia returned to help the Doctor, Conner and Korena, and the Wooshby was killed when they tricked it into eating a sandwich, which killed him. The Doctor left, telling Korena that he had a feeling they'd meet again.

Peeps, Samuel, Me, (1.7) A diary writer from the 16th century. The TARDIS crew thought they were going to meet him in the fire of London, but they ended up a couple of centuries earlier with Oliver Cromwell.

Pemberton, Jane, RC, (1.4/1.5, 1.12-2.x, 2.3, 2M-ep 7+8, 2.13) Zac's mum was good friends with Conner's mum and wanted to find out where Conner had gone. She was later attacked by slitheen. She was happy when Zac got to go on the Spidership and was looking round Portsmouth docks when the spiders began to grow. Rachel, Steve and Jane survived the spider attack as they joined a crowd of people who had got the Doctor's message. When Zac returned from the Spidership, she hugged him. She was excited when Steve was to appear on TV, after discovering Mitchell West's body, but was dissapointed when he only said a few words. Jane didn't approve when Zac brought Drornk to her house to look after. However, Jane grew to like Drornk, but was glad that Rachel and Steve didn't find out. Steve and Jane vanished along with many other adults, but Zac thought they'd gone camping. Zac and Kaylie later saved all the adults. Jane was happy when Rachel got good SATS grades, and even happier when she got into a Grammar School. She hoped that Zac would do well in his GCSE's too, which he did.

Pemberton, Rachel, NC+Me, (1.12/1.13, 2.3, 2M-ep 7+8, 2.13) Rachel was the daughter of Jane and Steve, and the sister of Zac. She really wanted to go on board the Spidership and travelled with her parents to Portsmouth to see Zac off on the ship. She was on board an old ship in Portsmouth docks, when the spiders grew and attacked. Rachel, Steve and Jane survived the spider attack as they joined a crowd of people, who had got the Doctor's message. She was excited when her father was to appear on TV, and took the calls from her Aunt, who was using bad language when Steve's interview was cut short. Rachel was at school when Drornk crashed his spaceship in the nearby park. When adults started to vanish, Rachel went to stay with her friend. Rachel annoyed Zac when she got good SATS grades, and she was later very excited when she got into a Grammar School.

Pemberton, Steve, NC, (1.12, 1.13, 2.X, 2.3, 2M-ep 7, 2M-ep 8) Steve was Zac and Rachel's dad, and Jane's husband, who drove the family to Portsmouth, when Zac was going on the Spidership. They remained in Portsmouth and looked round some old ships and museums. While on one old ship, the spiders began to grow and they began to attack. Rachel, Steve and Jane survived the spider attack as they joined a crowd of people who had got the Doctor's message. Steve asked Zac where Conner was when he returned in the TARDIS. Steve found Mitchell West's body, but his interview on the news was very short, leaving the family annoyed. Steve was on a holiday with work, when Zac and Jane helped an alien leave Earth. Steve and Jane vanished along with many other adults, but Zac thought they'd gone camping. Zac and Kaylie later saved all the adults.

Pemberton, Zac, MC + Me, (1.1, 1.4-1.9, 1.12-2.x, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3/2.4, 2M-ep 7+8, 2.9, 2.11, 2.13, 3.x) Conner's firend who helped save the world from the octopli. Zac then faced slitheen and after he defeated them with vinegar, he became the Doctor's companion. After a few trips in the TARDIS, including a trip to Vesualas and to the Civil War, they returned home and investigated the game 'Virtual Reality'. However he decided to leave as he was neglecting Kaylie, who was Zac's girlfriend. Zac was excited when he went on the Spidership, which he called the Doctor home to heelp investigate. Zac was very sad at Conner's death, but helped the Doctor defeat the Cybermen at Christmas and stop the Zygons, when he travelled in the Tardis to get a plaque for Conner.
Zac was happy when Conner was revealed to be alive and helped defeat some nasty clowns at a fair. He also travelled to Pluto with Kaylie and the others, where he was captured and his memory was erased, but his memory was later returned. He was excited to meet Korena Hashimoto, the Doctor's newest companion. When the Doctor returned from the future, where Aquari were attacking, Zac, Kaylie and Beth helped the Doctor, showing him where the Aquari Aquatics factory was. They nearly drowned when they were trapped in a room full of rising water, but they escaped, and had a confrontation with the Master. Zac later helped search the Master's study for a reference to something that would stop the Aquari. When the Doctor left, Zac, Kaylie and Beth waited for the Doctor to return, before eventually giving up.
When Conner returned to school, as the Doctor needed time to get over Korena's death, Zac was shocked to see him. Zac later received good GCSE results, which were deleayed thanks to Mrs Sow. He was worried about Conner when he started a food fight in the canteen, so he called Georgia, but she ran off when she thought she heard the Tardis. For more info see the main characters page.

Penrose, Natalie, GS, (2.12/2.13) Natalie was Lee Hashimoto's girlfriend, who worked at a supermarket in London. She had a twin sister called Natasha, who once thought Natalie was dead, when she was actually on holiday in Dubai. Natalie told Delilah that she believed her, when she told her that she had seen the devil. Natalie returned to her flat to greet Lee's aunt and gran, who were staying for new year, but was prevented from going to a meeting in Los Angeles as the teleport systems went down. As soon as they were online again, her boss told her to go to Los Angeles, where she met Carsyn Hawkes before the restaurant they were in and the whole of Los Angeles was attacked by Aquari. Natalie teleported back to Lee's flat, where she later met Korena. On New Years Eve Natalie went out partying, before returning home just before the whole world was flooded by the Aquari.
Natalie was glad that Lee was alright, but shocked to find out that Natasha had been killed. Lee asked Natalie to marry him over the phone and she told him to wait until they next met. Natalie, Kimiko, Margaret and Korena had to flee as the waters began to rise. When they got to the top floor, they met Mrs Treacher who let them in. Luckily, by the time the water had reached the top floor the teleport systems came back online and Natalie and the others teleported to Tokyo, where Lee's uncle was, before later teleporting to the Aquari Aquatics factory, where she found Lee, Georgia, Conner, Julian and Donald. They fled when the Master arrived, and climbed across a ladder from the roof to the next building, where the Doctor arrived. Natalie and Lee were sent to New York to release the chemical into the sea that would stop the Aquari, but Natalie was tragically killed by the Aquari before Lee could release it.

Penrose, Natasha, NC, (2.12/2.13) Natasha was the identical twin of Natalie Penrose. Natasha fancied Natalie's girlfriend Lee. Natasha once thought that Natalie was dead and she told everyone, however it turned out Natalie and Lee were in holiday in Dubai. Natasha didn't believ Delilah when she said that she had seen the devil, but later agreed with Amita to visit Delilah and pretend they did, so she'd feel better. Natasha attended the New Years Eve party, where she tricked Lee into thinking she was Natalie so she could kiss him. Lee had to go because of his work, but he later told Natasha to get home when the Aquari began to attack. Natasha was in the underground when the Aquari attacked, so Natasha was killed.

Perkins, Mr, Me, (1.x, M-ep 5, 1.12, 2.2, 2.4) A man who lived nextdoor to Georgia. Although he died a while ago, Elizabeth still blames him for things, as she is oblivious to his death until Richard tells her. She remembers that Richard had noticed and that she had not in the final. She forgets again that Mr. Perkins had died in episode 2 series 2, although this was in an alternate timeline.

Phil, Private, Mi, (1.12) A Private in UNIT, who was guarding Roger Umelmann when he was extermianted along with his friend Private Terry.

Philopator, Cleopatra VII, GS, (2M-ep) One of the Doctor's many lovers who is mentioned in Girl in the Fireplace. She appears with the Doctor in Georgia and teams up with them, when two Sphinxes come to life and attack Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra asks to go with the Doctor, but he says it would be to complicated.

Pickard, Mr, Mi+Me, (2.3, 2.9) A teacher at Zac and Kaylie's school. Zac was on his phone in class so Mr. Pickard took it off him. That is why Kaylie couldn't contact him to see where the Doctor had gone. Mr. Pikcard helped Mrs Sow with the Year 11's Biology GCSE, and when an alien appearance caused panic, he gathered all the Year 11's back only to be told they were to go home.

Placard, Captain, NC, (1.7) A captain in Cromwell's army who loved Miss Williams. He was involved in covering up the green plague zombies and then marched to battle. He was injured in battle but was looked after by Miss Williams. They presumebly got married.

Pluton, Pluton, NC, (2.9) Pluton was the leader of the Plutonians, and joint leader of the Pluton-Sednian alliance, which he didn't really like, due to him having to tell the Sednians every single thing the Plutonians do, this is the reason Pluton secretly let Roiralt develop a new teleport system. Pluton was shocked to find that the Doctor was a Time Lord, and when Lord Komanfdu hinted that he knew about the teleport. Pluton agreed to send Angilkar to ICE to hide the files on the teleport. When Lord Komanfdu was revealed to be a killer and a liar, he released a disease into the High Court, so Pluton suggested destroying the court, to destroy the disease and break the alliance, which Sednaki finally agreed to.

Pokaski, Guard, NC, (2.2) One of the guards aboard TimeSpan, the prison ship, with Guard Kristoph he survived the first attack and then ran from the absorbaloff, then teleported away from the dendrites and later met Conner who saw that Kristoph was the shadowy man.

Police Guard, Mi, (1.3) This policeman was half way through telling the Doctor and Sir Ralf that there was a Harasser in the house when he was killed.

Pompadour, Madame De, Me, (2M-ep 2) Mentioned by Mickey in a flashback from Girl in the Fireplace.

Poppins, Mary, Me, (1.6) A time lady who's TARDIS was in the shape of a bag. She used to fly around on an umbrella, until a Carrionite turned it into that coat stand!

Porter, Frank, Me, (2.3) Zac's Uncle on his mum's side who was in Austrailia when Zac's dad appeared on the news. Zac asked whether they should record it for him.

Porter, William, Me, (2.3) Zac's Grandad on his mum's side who was told by Zac's Aunt (William's daughter), that Steve was to appear on the news.

Potter, Harry, Me, (1.4) A series of books by JK Rowling, also the name of the main character. Harry from Conner's school nicknames the Doctor Big D, which is what Dudley is called by some of his friends.

President, of Yurren, NC, (2.1) The President of Yurren was taken by the Zygons and replaced by a Zygon called Zizum. The real President was hidden in a bunker near the lake near Yurren. He met Zac and Student Null, down there when they were taken. After the invasion, the President resigned and Fajartop replaced him.

Price, Captain Marion, RC, (1.x, M-ep 7, 1.12, 1.13, 2.4, 2.11) Captain Price was a Captain in UNIT, who had helped stop the Sontaran invasion. She helped the Doctor, Georgia and Torchwood defeat the Magnet Warriors and then she had to fight Octopli. She was in charge of the fight against Tiger-Face, but she called off UNIT, so the Doctor could save Conner. She took charge of the Spidership and arrested Roger Ummelmann, but she was found by Dalek Gain. She escaped the daleks after Ronald was killed. She had become good friends with Harry, while trapped on floor 0. She later helped an unconscious Mrs Sow onto the lifeboats with the help of Bradley. She featured in one of the many visions when the Doctor and his friends had a seance at a fair.

Priestly, Mrs, Me, (2.9) The receptionist at St. Marks, after an alien dirupted a Biology GCSE, she collected all the papers and arranged them alphabetically, ready for marking. However, Mrs Sow later stated that all the papers could be ripped up and the exam done again, due to the interuption.

Prime Minister, NC, (2.12/2.13) The Prime Minister of Great Britain in the late 40th century. He had an emergency teleport, due to him being the Prime Minister. He and his assistant, Julian, were given a presentation by Lee and Donald, on why Aquari particles should be released into the ocean to help global warming. When the teleport system went down, the Prime Minister went to parliament, to find the system was back online. He then convinced the government to release Aquari particles into the ocean, although at first his political opponent, Cameron Davis, said that he had proof that the particles would not help, but Cameron was actually an alien in disguise. The Prime Minister was at Downing Street when the Aquari attacked, and he gave his emergency teleport to Julian, who was supposed to find Lee and Donald to find a way to stop the Aquari.

Princess Royal, Me, (2.12) Julian rather rudely rejected her calls when she asked him why the teleport systems were down.

Purcell, Kirsty, GS, (2.2, 2.4) Kirsty was a prisoner on board TimeSpan, but she escaped and then met the Doctor. Together they pushed Miss Swade into a cupboard after the Doctor said she could travel in the TARDIS. After sending a werewolf to 1540, they met up with Conner, Georgia, Holly and the Krillitanes. They travelled to Mr. Braithwaites office, to find he was dead. Kirsty was shot by Mr. Faraday, who she shot in return. After admitting she loved the Doctor, she died.

Queen Victoria

Quadrelli, Ysabelle, NC, (2.6) Ysabelle was the representative for Great Italia on board the SS Hurricane. She was the ships navigator and Nurse. She had curly blonde hair. She did not originally leave the bridge with the Doctor, but when Conner was injured she went to help him. She was very kind to him, but was unfortunately torn to pieces when the Rawrx found her.

Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Alexandra Mary Windsor, Mi+Me, (1.12, 1.13, 2.3) The Queen was on board the Spidership, along with many other famous people. She later boarded the lifeboats when it came under attack by spiders. Andrea and Amy then boarded the same lifeboat as her. Elizabeth boasted to Mrs White that the Doctor had treated the Queen, whether this is true is unknown.

Queen Victoria, Me, (1.10, 2.2) The Doctor said he would do a Queen Victoria well backwards and 'leg it through a window', when Joan's house was attacked by scarecrows. The Doctor later referred to the events from 'Tooth and Claw'.


Rack, the death soothsayer, MoV+Me, (1.12/1.13, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.12/2.13) Rack came from the planet Scar where he began to think he was the Devil and that he had to fulfil every prophecy and prediction. Rack predicted that Conner will feel death. Connr told the Doctor this, but the Doctor said that Rack probably lied. Harry and Ronald then met Rack before they met Dalek Gain. Harry and Roanld died later. Just before Conner died he saw Rack, who waved at him. The red man had predicted correctly, but there is still mystery about him. Conner actually survived the attack, as he was saved by TimeSpan.
The Doctor, Georgia and Conner encountered Rack again in Norway in the past. He was planning to make Scar's version of Red Riding Hood come true, with the help of his Goblin minions. When his Goblins went against him with help from Georgia, Rack killed most of them with fireballs, but when a shining humanoid appeared Rack vanished. Rack later visited Regal's house in the far future, but when the shining humanoid appeared again, he vanished.
Rack told the Master, who was fighting the third Doctor, that he only had a chance to defeat the Doctor in his tenth incarnation, so the Master made plans in the future and Rack helped. Rack also predicted the deaths of Delilah, then Natalie, Amita and Natasha, but saved Amita and Delilah from the water at first, as he said it was not time yet. Rack secretly possessed Amita, who then saved Captain Alton and his friends from a cult, and later travelled to Scotland to release a chemical into the sea to stop the Aquari. Rack revealed himself, and Delilah elbowed Amita, so she became unpossessed, but Amita was killed when Rack blew a whole in the side of the sea defence they were in. Delilah, however, escaped, so Rack's prophecy did not coem true for the first time.

Radio Presenter, Mi, (2.12) This Radio Presenter worked with Sheba on ACA Radio, which Lee and Natalie listened to in the morning, after they had woken up.

Rally, MoV+NC, (1.7) A plague carrier master of disguise, who in his royalist disguise gave several people the green plague to fuel the ship. He gave the plague to Conner.

Rawrx, MoV, (2.6) The Rawrx was a clawed being who could survive in space and could not be harmed easily. It first attacked a space base where Martha and the Doctor were visting. The Doctor caught it but it had killed many crew members. Regal looked after it for the Doctor, but after about 30 years Regal made a deal with the Rawrx. The Rawrx was released as long as it killed a man called Abasi and the crew of the SS Hurricane. The Rawrx killed Bao, then Maria and Ysabelle. When Ethan's attempt to electrocute it failed, he was killed too. The Rawrx then took over the bridge and steered the ship towards a sun. Before it reached the destination, Abasi blew up the ship and the Rawrx, after the remaining crew got away in the TARDIS.

Readington, Matron, NC, (2.7, 2.8) Matron Readington was an ex-lover of Gerry Bates, but that relationship left her in a wheelchair for unknown reasons. She was a high authority at the hospital where Georgia ended up. She was locked in a room with the Shadowy Man, who she found annoying. When the Gold entered the room, her wheelchair would not fit through the gap in the door, and she was killed.

Reapers, MoV+Me, (2.13) When the Aquari attacked Earth in the future, the Doctor told his friends he couldn't go back and destroy the Aquari factory in the past as time would change and reapers would appear. When Beth accidentally killed an Aquari mother, the Doctor expected the Reapers to appear, but the Master revealed that he had 4 other mothers, so the Reapers didn't come.

Receptionist, Mi, (2.12) This Receptionist worked in the Houses of Parliament, and she let the Prime Minister in for an emergency meeting.

Redevil 987, NC, (1.11) Robot on board the SS Supreme who was telpathically linked with Seb, (robot maintenance). He turned evil and tried to attack Laura and Nancy onlt to be turned good again by the Doctor.

Redfern, Joan, GS, (1.10) A human who fell in love with John Smith (the Doctor in human form) at Farringham school. She now lives in the village of Farringham and met the Doctor again there with Georgia and Conner. She helped to save Farringham, the Doctor and Georgia from the evil crows, a shadowy man and some scarecrows that had been re-animated by the man.

Reggie, Captain, NC, (1.12, 1.13) Captain of the Spidership, who controlled it from the bridge. He found Amy and Andrea and then brought Kaylie and Zac up to the bridge too. Later the ship was attacked and Captain Reggie sent a message on the ships loudspeaker system, with the help of Georgia, telling everyone to get to the lifeboats. He was later killed, along with all the members of staff on the bridge, by the Blue Supreme Dalek.

Renegade, Mr, MoV+NC, (1.12, 1.13, 2.4) Zac and Kaylie's form tutor who was strict. When the spiders attacked Mr. Renegade joined Zac and Kaylie's group but turned traitor pointing out to aspider where Amy and Andrea were. He was then chased by an elephant-sized spider, but escaped. He then pointed out where Mrs Sow was hiding with Beth, Catherine and Beth, to a magnet warrior, but was shot by the magnet warrior. Renegade is another word for traitor. When the Doctor and his friends saw each others visions, Mr. Renegade was mentioned and featured in a couple of them.

Robatrons, MoV, (2.11) The Robatrons were a robot species that attacked the Century Ship in the year 3052. One of them attacked korena, but she escaped with the TARDIS in an escape pod.

Roberts, Mr, MoV, (1.4/1.5, 2.4) A teacher at Zac's school who was killed by Tron slitheen and was taken over by him, going undercover he gained Kaylie, Zac, Harry and the Doctor's trust. Before he was killed Mr. Roberts let Harry borrow books off him.

Roboforms, MoV, (3.x) Alien scavangers, who the Doctor had met prior to the Sycorax invasion. They later helped the Empress of the Racnoss in her plans. They later helped Dux Ducis, capturing Elizabeth Bell, and transporting a church to nowhere-land. They were probably destroyed when Dux's ship blew up. Rock, Lisa, NC, (1.8) A girl who is training to be in the army, who got sucked into the game 'Virtual Reality' when having a break from her training. She made friends with Doris, and battled many monsters before leaving the game and being returned to the army rest room.

Roiralt, NC, (2.9) Roiralt was kown as the Great Roiralt, by some, due to his work at ICE's Plutonaut base. Roiralt invented a new teleport device with his friend Angilkar, which they used to send Ikorg to Earth. Roiralt was interested when Xelionth captured Kaylie and the TARDIS, and then the Doctor and Conner, but was annoyed when Lord Komanfdu took control of them. He travelled to the High Court with his lawyer Ryoff, and they managed to contact Pluton who gave the TARDIS and the humans back to them. Roiralt was shocked when Lord Komanfdu hinted that he knew about the teleport device, which was a secret and was sad when he found out Angilkar and Xelionth were dead. He helped the Doctor find the memory erasing lab, after he accidentally pushed Lord Komanfdu off the edge of a balcony, when he had tried to attack Kaylie. The Doctor returned Roiralt home in the TARDIS, after the High Court was destroyed.

Rolandor, Captain, MoV, (1.x) Captain of the Magnet Warriors, on the 21st Conquer ship, who invaded Earth at Christmas. He died when the ship was attacked.

Rolf, Private, NC, (2.12/2.13) Private Rolf worked at sea defence 2.12 with Private Nash and Captain Alton. He helped capture the Doctor and Korena, who he didn't realise was the famous filmstar, as she gave the name Kimiko. Rolf seemed to have feelings for Korena, but he hid them. He was good with computers and helped Korena find out who she had seen in a broadcast with an evil cult, they turned out to be Georgia and Conner, which helped the Doctor find the cult and Rolf helped capture them. When the cult escaped, Rolf helped build a barricade by the Door, while he tracked several shuttles, which belonged to Mrs Harrbungershon, heading for the sea defence. He was shocked when Sam and Sara's ship destroyed the shuttles and then crashed into the defence. Rolf and the others left the room via another exit, and, led by Captain Alton, they found their way to a large common room on an upper floor.
Unfortunately, the cult arrived shortly, killing Private Nash, but then Delilah and Amita appeared and they helped explain that Mrs Harrbungershon had a mental illness. Mrs H ended up killing herslef, and the cult realised they had been wrong. When water attacked the defence, Rolf and the others managed to teleport away just in time. Rolf later returned to help the Doctor, travelling to Brazil to release a chemical into the sea that would stop the Aquari, now swarming all over the world. Rolf returned from Brazil after it was attacked, and he comforted Lee, who had lost his girlfriend. Rolf was sad to find Korena was dead, and he comforted Delilah, but when Korena returned, Rolf was shocked and happy.

Rollins, Steve, NC, (2/7/2.8) Steve fought in the war against the Kritzanthians on a human base. Steve chased Conner through the base but he slipped throguh a crack in time. Steve found Mark's dead body, but was freaked when he stumbled into 1945, so he ran back to the control room. Steve was captured by the Kritzanthians with his friends Larry and Triss. They managed to escape and tried to get up into the ventilation shafts. Triss and Larry got up but Steve was spotted by a Kritzanthian and killed.

Romana, Me, (1.6) A Time Lady who the doctor travelled with, he mentioned her when in the TARDIS telling stories.

Ron, Student, Mi, (2.1) Student Ron was taught under Professor Makensi, while the others hid Student Ron sacrificed himself to save them.

Roscastle, Annie, Mi, (M-ep 14, 2M-ep 13) The receptionist for the company that Rena Peakes worked for in 2005. She was always busy typing at her desk. She found Daniel Bailey annoying, like most of the staff and applauded Rena when she had a go at him. When the Wooshby attacked the Office Block, Annie hid beneath her desk and survived the attack, but she was temporarily traumatised by the experience.

Roux, Larry, NC, (2.7/2.8) Larry fought in the war against the Kritzanthians, working on a human base in the Out Region. He helped Steve find Mark, but they found him dead. Larry, Steve and Triss were later captured by the Kritzanthians, but they escaped. Larry and Triss got away in the Ventilation shafts, and Larry took control of its control room. He later blew up the Out Region and the Kritzanthian Ship, ending the war, but sacrificing himself.

Roxanne, Private, GS, (1.12, 1.13) The only female private in her unit, which is in UNIT. She had joined UNIT recently, but had fought in the army before. She was guarding Mr. Spiders office when she met the Doctor. Later Roxanne and the Doctor danced in one of the ballrooms on board the Spidership. Before Roxanne took the Doctor to UNIT's on board HQ. She was later captured by the daleks, where she became friends with Harry and Ronald. She escaped with everyone else and then shot Commander Marr. She and the Doctor kissed but then Roxanne was shot by Marshal Skatz.

Rufus, OC, (2.6) Rufus was an old english sheepdog, who was kept on board the SS Hurricane because the KassKass ordered that every human vessel should have at least one other species on board. Rufus developed a close friendship with the Human crew member Maria and helped sniff out the Rawrx when it attacked the ship. Conner was not sure about Rufus at first, as Conner did not like dogs, but Conner managed to pat him on the head once.

Runny, Mrs, Mi, (1.7) Old lady who lived in Marchet en Tomson. She told the Doctor when and where they were and then helped evacuate the village without telling them about the green plague zombie she had seen.

Russell, Debbie, Me, (2.3) Zac's Aunt on his mum's side, her maiden name was Porter. She phoned Zac's mum up to tell her that Steve was to appear on the TV. His interview, however, was cut short and Debbie was very annoyed. Conner later said referred to her as Debbie Pemberton, but this is probably because he didn't know what side of Zac's family she was on.

Russell, Joe, Me, (2.3) Debbie's son, Zac and Rachel's cousin. He was watching the news when Zac's dad appeared on it, although his interview was cut short.

Ryker, NC, (2.6) Ryker was a cheery looking man who worked on the SS Hurricane. He was the representative for the Netherlands and was in charge of all the ships trading. It was because of this that Ryker knew the way around the ship the best and lead the Doctor to the different rooms. Ryker was very sad at the many deaths, and helped blow up the ship by placing the remote controlled mines. After being told he was brilliant by the Doctor, Ryker was very happy.

River Song

Sally, Me, (2.11) A friend of Mae's.

Sam, NC, (2.12/2.13) Sara his friend Sara were the only Fidantis left after their planet, Refregge, was ravaged by Aquari. They headed for Earth in their spaceship, when they identified Aquari particles on the planet, so they could warn the humans about them, as they thought that the particles were what had caused the destruction of their planet. Sam posed as the politician Cameron Davis, so he could persuade the people not to release particles into the sea. They travelled to Egypt by mistake, before heading back to tell Lee Hashimoto about their planet's destruction, so he could stop the release of the particles. Unfortunately, they had already been released and when the Doctor told them that he was a Time Lord, and that he didn't think there was anything wrong with the particles, Sara decided they should leave.
As they had thought, the Earth began to be flooded because of the particles. They felt that they had to save someone, as they failed to do so when their own planet was attacked. They went to save Captain Alton and his friends from a cult, who wanted to destroy the sea defence they were guarding. Sara destroyed the cult's shuttles, but their ship began to lose energy, and they crashed into the defence. After meeting the guards, Sam and the others had to flee from the cult members already inside the defence. They reached a common room, only to be followed by the cult, who then killed Private Nash. However, Amita and Delilah appeared and helped stop the cult, telling them that their leader was actually mad. When the defence was attacked, Sam and the others teleported away. They all later helped the Doctor to release a chemical into the sea to stop the Aquari. Sam and Sara decided to stay on Earth to help it recover, once the sea levels had returned to normal.

Sara, NC, (2.12/2.13) Sara was a Fidantis from the planet Refregge. She and her friend Sam were the only Fidantis left after their planet was ravaged by Aquari. They headed for Earth in their spaceship, when they identified Aquari particles on the planet, so they could warn the humans about them, as they thought that the particles were what had caused the destruction of their planet. Sara got Sam to pose as the politician Cameron Davis, so he could persuade the humans not to release particles into the sea. They travelled to Egypt by mistake, before heading back to tell Lee Hashimoto about their planet's destruction, so he could stop the release of the particles. Unfortunately, they had already been released and when the Doctor told Sara that he was a Time Lord, and that he didn't think there was anything wrong with the particles, they left.
The Earth began to get flooded as a result of releasing the particles. Sam and Sar felt that they had to save someone, as they failed to do so when their own planet was attacked. They went to save Captain Alton and his friends from a cult, who wanted to destroy the sea defence they were guarding. Sara destroyed the cult's shuttles, but their ship began to lose energy, and they crashed into the defence. After meeting the guards, and healing Captain Alton, Sara and the others had to flee from the cult members already inside the defence. They reached a common room, only to be followed by the cult, who killed Private Nash. However, Amita and Delilah appeared and helped stop the cult, telling them that their leader was actually mad. When the defence was attacked, Sara and the others teleported away. They all later helped the Doctor to release a chemical into the sea to stop the Aquari. Sara and Sam decided to stay on Earth to help it recover, once the sea levels had returned to normal.

Saressy, Lord, Mi, (2.9) The leader of the Plague Carriers who became friends with the Pluton-Sednian Alliance. When the Doctor was revealed to be a Time Lord, Saressy told the court how the Doctor had helped the Plague Carriers in the past. Saressy was shocked when he realised that Lord Komanfdu had stolen a vile of a rare and lethal disease of him, and evacuated when Komanfdu released the disease. The disease, however, was destroyed when the High Court blew up. The Alliance was also broken, so it is unkown whether Lord Saressy stayed in touch with the Plutonians and Sednians after this.

Sato, Toshiko, Me, (M-ep 6) The time bubble that Tosh had made blew up when the cyberman arrived.

Scarlet, Will, NC, (1.2) Fictional character from Robin Hood, who turns out to be a real outlaw, who helps Georgia and the Doctor fight Guy, the Sheriff, Marion and Guy's guards.

Scully, Mr, Me, (1.8) 86 year old man who divorced his wife and can now be seen driving down the M5, in a sports car with a young blonde.

Scully, Mrs, Me, (1.8) A lady who had an embarrasing divorce with her husband. She now makes lots of Brandy cakes, to Dorris' displeasure, with a little more brandy than needed in them!

Seb, MoV+NC, (1.11) Seb was robot maintenance on board the SS Supreme, he was actually telepathically linked with Red Devil987. When Red turned evil so did Seb, but Seb loved Caitlin so when the Doctor took her hostage Seb tried to help her and Jess teleported him away. The gasolemu left him and he turned good again.

Sednaki, Sednaki, NC, (2.9) Sednaki was the leader of the Sednians, and joint leader of the Pluton-Sednian alliance, with Pluton. Sednaki was surprised to find out that the Doctor was a Time Lord as the Sednians had records that the Doctor was the only survivor of the Time War. He was annoyed to find that Pluton had allowed Roiralt to develop a new teleport without the court's permission, but still believed the Doctor and Roiralt, against Lord Komanfdu, a fellow Sednian. Sednaki was shocked to find that Lord Komanfdu had released a disease in the High Court and was even more shocked when Pluton suggested ending the alliance, but in the end Sednaki agreed to end it and left the court on good terms with the Plutonians.

Sellina, NC, (2M-ep 9) Sellina was a Servant in Archimedes' household. She met the Doctor and told him about Archimedes' famous parties when she was out buying supplies. She helped serve guests at his dinner party then stood up for Nikronvert as she was in a secret relationship with him. According to the Doctor, after the incident Sellina died of a broken heart when Nikronvert said he didn't love her and was sent to jail.

Shadowy Man, RC, (1.10, 2.2, 2.5) The Shadowy Man followed the TARDIS to Farringham using a tracker on Conner's watch. The Shadowy Man used a special liquid to possess the Doctor and he became evil. The Shadowy Man escaped after Conner destroyed his scarecrows. Conner saw him again disguised as Guard Kristoph on board TimeSpan. The Shadowy Man was also watching Rack and Georgia in Norway, but nobody spotted him. For more info see Costravalos, Petr or Voice, the.

Shalkoloyp, Mi, (2.1) One of the Presidents colleagues who was taken by the Zygons and replaced. She tells Zac that she thinks they're nera the lake, when they are all blindfolded and captured.

Sheba, NC, (2.12/2.13) Sheba worked on the ACA morning show with another presenter. She was also a newsreader and she reported on the television that Los Angeles had been attacked by the Aquari, and later that the whole world was being attacked. When Garry, the producer, told her that the TV centres were being targetted, Sheba was upset and did one last report before the building was attacked by the Aquari and Garry was killed. The building split in two and Sheba fell unconcsious, only to wake up later as the water level began to drop.

Shillica, NC, (2.9) Shillica was a female Sednian, who seemed to know rather a lot due to her friends, including her best friend Lizcoo. She told Kaylie that they were on Sedna and then showed her to the local jail, where Ikorg was locked up.

Shiori, Mi, (2.10) Shiori was on work experience when she became Korena's assistant in her latest film. Akio told Korena they only hired her because she was cheap. Shiori was forgetful and was late for filming, when she was killed by a Borsht.

Shirou, OC, (2.10) The name of the character that Naoki played in Korena's latest film. Shirou was in love with the character Yuma, but they were both killed in the film.

Shrek, Me, (1.6) A series of films starring Shrek as the main character, the doctor taks about the 4th and 5th films after Zac tells them that the band in the 2012 disco were playing music off Shrek.

Shrink, The, NC, (2.11) When the TARDIS pushed all of its energy into Conner's head, he dreamed that he was called John Bennet. John Bennet had been having dreams of the Doctor and Georgia and Conner, so he went to see a shrink, who listened to Conner. The shrink later turned out to be the Doctor, who told John he had to die, so Conner could live. John agreed to die as he realised that his world wasn't real.

Sicolifragilillian, Mi, (2.9) Usually known simply as 'S' due to the length of his name, he was Sednaki's second in command, who realised that the Sednians had files on the Doctor and helped Sednaki leave the High Court after the Pluton-Sednian alliance ended. He was usually being put down by Sednaki, but did his job well.

Simon, Mi, (1.5) A boy in the year below Zac who is hypnotised and is seen with a gun walking towards Georgia's parents house.

Simpson, Hattie, NC, (2M-ep 8, 3.x) Hattie was Gareth Daniel's girlfriend, who went to St Marks school and had had a bad experience with a turkey baster. She was so shocked when Conner returned on their first day of Sixth form, that she dropped her phone. She later took part in a food fight, carrying rock hard puddings out of the kitchen, and she then got fairly good GCSE results.

Sinkhartep, Mr, Mi, (2.1) A guard in Yurren who actually comes from Birnk, he says that the President is acting oddly and the President Revelas he is a Zygon to him and kills him.

Skatz, Marshal of the Magnet Warriors, MoV, (1.13) Marshal Skatz was one of the most important Magnet Warriors, until he was killed. He went to war with the daleks, attacking the Spidership. He also helped capture the Doctor, who then escaped. Marshal Skatz blamed Commander Marr for this and he threatened him. Later Marshal Skatz killed Private Roxanne, but he in turn was exterminated by Dalek Gain.

Slater, Georgina, Me, (2.3) Elizabeth's Aunt, who she refers to as having 'Mercedes, Sauna, Room for a pony'.

Slater, Rob, NC+Me, (2.x, 2M-ep 1, 2.11) Georgia's cousin who Georgia and the Doctor met early morning on Christmas Eve. He was a milkman. He was brought up mostly by Elizabeth and Colin because his father died and his mother left him. Rob was taken by the Cyberman and Rob persuaded Mr. Core to stop the upgrading. Rob was killed by a Cyberman when he tried to stop them. Colin referred to Rob as poor Rob on Christmas Day. According to Colin, Rob's mum, Celia, came to visit Elizabeth and Colin, and she was sad at his death.

Slater, Rob, senior, Me, (2.x, 2.11) Georgia's uncle, Elizabeth's brother, Rob's father. When Rob was a baby he was mixed up at hospital, but before the hospital could spot the mistake, Rob had been taken away. It took a long time for Rob and Elizabeth's parents to find Rob. Rob was friends with Mathew Core at school. He married Celia Parker, but his wife left him soon after their son, also called Rob was born. Rob Slater senior died of cancer so his son was brought up by Colin and Elizabeth. Rob Senior had a horrid childhood, he was called The Boy who Snata Claus Forgot by Mr. Core.

Slitheen, Blon, Me, (1.4, 1.5) Aunt of Trafon Slitheen. She was the Slitheen that tried to destroy Cardiff while riding into the space surfing the shockwaves. She was reduced by the TARDIS to an egg and she was taken to Raxacoricofallapatorious, to start a new life...

Slitheen, Fipsel, MoV, (1.4, 1.5) The slitheen posing as Mrs. Harrison at Conner's school. She is married to Trafon and she is killed when Zac thanks to the doctor, spurts vinegar from a barrel at her and the others.

Slitheen, Racsonfess, MoV, (1.4, 1.5) The slitheen in charge of hypnotising and controlling Richard, Georgia escapes from him with Richard. Racsonfess is killed when Zac spurts vinegar at him.

Slitheen, Trafon, MoV, (1.4, 1.5) The leader of the slitheen who poses as the head of Conner's school, he hypnotises the children, he is killed when Zac spurts vinegar, from a barrel at him.

Slitheen, Tron, MoV, (1.4, 1.5) The slitheen posing as Mr. Roberts, he is using the only slimline skinsuit that they have. He is killed when the doctor chucks pickled eggs over him.

Smith, John, Oc, (1.3, 1.12, 2.x, 2.5, 2M-ep 9, 3.1) Fake name taken by the Doctor to get him in to places, he uses it to get into the senate and then again later. He used it to get on board the Spidership, pretending to be Proffessor Smith and then at Christmas he used the fake name again. The Doctor used this name again in Norway, but he used Doctor later. When the Doctor visited Ancient Greece he used the name Professor Smith. The Doctor later used this name when he went for a game of poker on the planet Casino, however, the Queen of Spades later revealed who he was.

Smith, John ,2, Me, (1.10) This man was actually the Doctor in human form. He fell in love with Joan Redfern before saving Farringham from the family of blood. He changed back into the Doctor. When the Doctor returned to Farringham, Joan mistook him for John. When the Doctor left he gave her a watch with an essense of John Smith inside.

Smith, Luke, NC, (1.8, 1.9, 2M-ep 6, 2.7) Resident of Bannerman Road, who lives with his foster parent Sarah-Jane and was created by the Bane. He was playing on the game, 'Virtual Reality' and was sucked into it followed by Maria, Clyde and Sarah-Jane, they were all then returned. When Sarah-Jane helped the Doctor defeat a Graske, Luke ran into the attic to find that the TARDIS had gone. When the Doctor imagined his companions and friends were in the empty ballroom in the 32nd Century, he imagined that Sarah Jane and Luke were there too.

Smith, Mickey, Mi, (2M-ep 2, 2.7) He appeared in a flashback from the Girl in the Fireplace, when he says 'He called her Cleo'. When the Doctor danced with Triss in an empty ballroom, he imagined his companions were there too, with Mickey laughing at one of Jackie's blonde moments.

Smith, Mr, NC, (1.8, 1.9) A super-computer owned by Sarah-Jane who opens when someone says "Mr Smith I need you". He accidentally brought some lizards into the real world from the Game 'Virtual Reality', before getting rid of them. He then sent Sarah-Jane, Maria and Clyde into the game to investigate. Mr Smith later helped Sarah-Jane when there were reports of Graske activity.

Smith, Sarah-Jane, GS+Me, (1.8, 1.9, 2M-ep 2, 2.2, 2M-ep 6, 2.7) A past companion of the doctor, now a resident of Bannerman Road with her adopted son Luke and her Super-computer Mr Smith. She went into the game 'Virtual Reality' after her son was sucked in. She was then returned home with Luke, by the Doctor, who saw her. She was also mentioned by Mickey in a flashback. She later helped the Doctor defeat a meddling Graske in Ireland, while Conner did his GCSE's. When the Doctor was in the empty ballroom on the Human Base in the Out Region, he imagined his companions were there too.

Snappy, Commander, MoV, (2.8) Leader of Kritzanthian Unit 5, he took Steve and Larry prisoner after blasting Ryan into a skeleton. He later showed the Doctor that Naomi was trying to contact him. Snappy then led the Doctor to the observation deck. Commander Snappy was killed when the Kritzanthian ship was destroyed.

Sow, Mrs, RC, (1.12/1.13, 2.3/2.4, 2M-ep 8, 2.9) A useless teacher at Zac and Kaylie's school, who had short dark hair and dangly ear-rings. She helped the children get away from the spiders in episode 13, she ended up with Catherine, Beth and Bradley, but she was knocked out when a shelf fell on her head. She began to wake up as she was dragged onto the last lifeboat by Bradley and Captain Price. Mrs Sow became headmistress after this and helped Bradley with family problems. She was attacked by a clown but managed to get away. She appeared in one of the vision's that were seen by the Doctor, his friends and Sybil in the seance. When adults began to dissappear Mrs Sow had to cover Kaylie and Zac's lessons. Mrs Sow was in charge of a Biology GCSE when an alien appeared and caused panic, she decided that the students should redo her GCSE, and Beth informed her that the Doctor was coming. Mrs Sow stayed with Beth to wait for the TARDIS to return, but arrived shortly after the Doctor had dropped Zac and Kaylie off. Mrs Sow mixed up the GCSE results so the students didn't get them until October. She had a bet with fellow teacher, Mr Benton, on whether a Year 9 would be first to throw the lasagne at a food fight in the canteen, but argued over the outcome.

Spades, the Ace of, MoV, (3.1) When a wizard brought a pack of cards to life, the Aces became power cards, which helped the members of their suit. The Ace could kill and knock people out when it produced black or grey wispy smoke. When the Aces became lost, the cards could not leave the card world, but Gisgerm found it and free the Spades. The Spades helped Gisgerm, and used the Ace to kill Horace. The Jack later used it to trap Conner in the card world, by turning him into the Jack of Spades. The Queen used it to knock everyone in the poker room out, and when Conner stole it, the King and Queen tried to make the Ace kill him and the Queen of Diamonds, but it did not work, due to Conner having been turned into the Jack. Mystic was actually the descendant of the wizard who created the cards and he used the other Aces to destroy the Ace of Spades.

Spades, the Jack of, MoV, (3.1) When a wizard brought a pack of cards to life, only the Spades helped him murder the people who he had lost a game against. When the Aces were lost, the Spades were no longer free to roam in the real world and were trapped in the card world, but when Gisgerm found the Ace, the Spades agreed to help him for their freedom. The Jack helped kill Horace, an enemy of Gisgerm's, and later helped trap Conner in the card world, accidentally making Conner the Jack of Spades. He knocked out the Jacks of Clubs and Diamonds when they appeared in the real world. When Mystic destroyed the Ace of Spades using the other Aces, the Jack, Queen and King of Spades ended up in the dungeon of their own castle.

Spades, the King of, 'Queen Spade', MoV, (3.1) When a wizard brought a pack of cards to life to kill the people who he had lost a lot of money to, only the Spades helped him. When the wizard and the Aces vanished, the Spades were trapped in the card world, until Gisgerm freed the Spades. The Spades helped kill Horace, and they later joined in the poker game in which the Doctor and Gisgerm were playing. The King, however, folded in all 3 games. The King did not like the Queen's idea to seduce the Doctor, and was later worried when the Queen of Diamonds revealed their castle was under attack. The King tried to get the Ace of Spades to kill Conner, when Conner stole it, but as Conner had accidentally been turned into the Jack of Spades by the real Jack, Conner told it to stop. When Mystic destroyed the Ace of Spades, using the other Aces, the Spades were trapped in their own dungeon for eternity.

Spades, the Queen of, 'Queen Spade', MoV, (3.1) When the wizard brought a pack of cards to life, the Spades helped him murder, while the other cards did not. The wizard died and the Aces were lost, so the cards were trapped in the card world. When Gisgerm brought the Ace of Spades to the planet Casino, where the pack of cards had ended up, the Spades agreed to help him, murdering Horace Bidgellbyrton. The Queen of Spades planned to seduce the Doctor, and kiss him with poisoned lipstick, but her plan did not work. She flirted with him throughout the poker game, and later told the guards of her castle to stay on red alert, in case Conner and the Queen of Diamonds turned up. When Gisgerm lost the poker game, the Queen used the Ace to knock everyone out in the poker room, but the Doctor got away. The Ace was stolen by Conner, and the Queen and King of Spades tried to get the Ace to attack him, but it did not work, due to Conner having become the Jack of Spades, after he was trapped in the card world by the real Jack. When Mystic used the other Aces to destroy the Ace of Spades, the Spades vanished, and ended up in the dungeon of their castle, where they remained for eternity.

Spears, Britney, Me, (1.6) A pop singer who went to rehab. Conner mentions that an army general cried when she went to rehab.

Spencer, Betty, Mi, (3.x) Betty was a member of the Pink Ladies, who was always trying to kill Sylvia with a pair of scissors for an unknown reason. She helped Elizabeth try to capture some Roboforms, by barricading the doors and helping with the trip wire. The Roboforms transported the church and the Pink Ladies to Nowehre-land, but it was later returned thanks to the Doctor and Elizabeth and Betty was looked after by Private Alfie.

Spider, Mr, Mi, (1.12) Mr. Spider was killed by the spiders in August 2009 so that the Daleks could take charge of the building of the Spidership. He left a note saying Beware the Spiders- but UNIt thought it was Beware the Spidership. However, Mr. Spider did mean Beware the Spiders.

Spike, Mi, (2.13) Spike was a Scientist who worked for Aquari Aquatics. He helped discover that Aquari particles could help stop the ice caps melting and he travelled to the Artic with Mr. Toil, to release particles into cracks in the ice. When Spike told Mr. Toil, who was actually the Master, that he would have to inform the public what they had done, Mr. Toil pushed Spike, so he fell through a gap in the ice and was killed.

Splurge, Mr, MoV, (M-ep 14, 1.12) The Doctor and his companions name for the Splurge, a green monster, which has liquid skin at room temperature. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner traced it to Rena Peakes's office block and Mr. Splurge was killed when Rena melted it with a hairdryer. Conner got a phone call from Zac while being chased by this monster.

Stevens, Nurse Becky, NC, (2.7/2.8) Becky worked in the hospital where Georgia became stranded in 1945. She was engaged to fellow Doctor Carlisle. She became friends with Georgia and made her try to heal a patient, but the patient died. Becky explained that the patient was going to die anyway. Becky looked after Carlisle when he got attacked by the Gold and helped him escape. When Georgia left Becky promised Georgia an invite to the wedding.

Stock, Amita, GS, (2.12/2.13) Amita was the friend of Delilah, Natalie and Natasha, who once believed that Natalie had died, which Natasha had told her, but actually Natalie was in Dubai. She had alos once met Mrs Harrbungershon and her husband, who told Amita that his wife was going mad. Amita wanted to become a linguist, and she was working at the same supermarket as Natalie to pay for her many lessons. Amita visited Natalie at work, and then later turned up with Delilah, who said she had seen the devil and the devil had said she would die. Although they didn't really believe Delilah, Amita and Natasha decided to pretend to, and they went to comfort Delilah at her house.
Amita went partying on New Years Eve, and screamed when she saw Rack, who transported them to a shopping centre when the waters around the world rose and the Aquari attacked. Amita and Delilah stayed in contact with Natalie, but they both ended up falling asleep. Amita realised that Rack had saved them for a reason, so Amita found a poster of a sea defence, and then an old teleport. She and Delilah teleported to sea defence 2.12, where they helped stop Mrs Harrbungershon, who had been trying to destroy the defence. The sea defence was then attacked by the Aquari, but Amita and Delilah managed to teleport away with Captain Alton and others, when the teleport sytems came back online. Amita and Delilah later travelled to a Release Point in Scotland, to release a chemical into the ocean that would stop the Aquari, but Rack turned up and revealed that he had began possessing Amita since she fell asleep. Delilah elbowed Amita in the stomach, and Amita came out of Rack's possession. Rack destroyed a wall of the building and Aquari swarmed in, killing Amita.

Storolox, Commander, MoV, (M-ep 7) Another commander of the octopli who lead the assault on Unit's forces but was killed.

Stretch, Neil, Mi, (1.12) Winner of Wimbledon 2010. He was on board the Spidership, Kaylie spotted him in 'the Captain Deck', a bar on board.

Stuart, Lucy, GS, (2.3/2.4, 3.x) Lucy was Abby Stuart's sister, who fancied Brian Mason. Lucy's car was hit by another car, while she was staring at Brian. When Abby phoned Lucy up, asking her to drive to the fair on Helich Way, she said she couldn't drive there. Abby told her to borrow Brian's car. Brian and Lucy drove to the fair and attended a seance with Sybil and the Doctor. In the seance it was revealed that Brian and Lucy would get together, which they did after helping to defeat Sybil. Lucy warned Georgia off when she came back to work at the bakery, and Lucy and Brian later told a UNIT officer that they might be able to help the Doctor, when a spaceship appeared and stole the Bell's house.

Stuart, Abby, GS, (2.3/2.4) Abby Stuart went to see Sybil, a fortune teller, who told her that she would meet a man at Mitchell West's flat. Abby went to the flat and met the Doctor and his friends. They went to the fair on Helich Way where it was revealed that Sybil was actually evil. Abby phoned her sister Lucy and she came to the fair with Brian Mason. They all attended a seance and then she helped to destroy Sybil.

Sunglasses, Pinky-Joe with, NC, (1.6) A giant flamingo on Vesualas who follows the doctor round and Zac becomes slightly attached to it, later Zac and Georgia ride on Pinky-Joe!

Supreme Dalek, Blue, MoV, (1.12, 1.13) After escaping the time war the Blue Supreme Dalek took control of the Spidership forming an allience with the spiders. They were too kill the humans all around the world. However, Roger Ummelmann who was the daleks go-between lied to them about the amount of species of spider. The Blue Supreme Dalek realised the White Supreme Dalek was becoming to human and so he exterminated him, then he exterminated the spider leader after the spider leader turned against him. He then killed Ronald but he in turn was killed when huge spiders tore him apart.

Supreme Dalek, White, MoV, (1.12, 1.13) As he escaped the time war his memory was damaged slightly, so he slowly turned more human as the story continued. This lead to the White Supremes dalek extermination. The White Supreme Dalek stopped Dalek Gain from killing Ronald Ummlemann. To see more about the daleks plans in the final read the entry for the Blue Supreme Dalek above.

Susan, Mi, (M-ep 13) The organiser of the Book Club meetings that Georgia and Colin attended. She left quickly when the alien baby caused havoc in the meeting.

Susie, Me, (2.11) The cousin of King Prawn Dawn, who was known to John Bennet.

Swade, Miss, MoV, (2.2) One of the people in charge of TimeSpan, a prison ship. She went looking for the Doctor who had released all the prisoners, but he shoved her in a cupboard with the help of Kirsty. The Doctor also stole her sonic pen and sent it in a podto Miss Foster.

Sybil, MoV, (2.3/2.4) Sybil was possessed by an alien force. She was a fortune teller at the fair and she created her clowns to do what she wanted. She killed Mitchell and tried to steal Bradley's prophecy but gave him psychic powers by accident. She caused the Doctor to regenerate into the 9th Doctor and later took part in the seance. She invaded the planet with her clowns, but was stopped by the Doctor and his friends. She later possessed Alex and he died to kill her too.

Time Lord

Takashi, Mi, (2.10) Takashi was Naoki's assistant on his latest film. Takashi was worried when his friend Shiori went missing, and Naoki became angry with him as he forgot to make him a coffee. Takashi went to make Naoki some coffee but was killed by a Borsht.

Tarantula, Mr, MoV, (1.13) The name Amy gives a huge, car-sized spider who Mr. Renegade tries to make an alliance with. Mr. Renegade tells the tarantula where Amy and Andrea are hiding but the huge tarantula still goes after Mr. Renegade. The spider however does not kill Mr. Renegade and probably was one of the huge spiders that killed the Blue Supreme Dalek later on in the story.

Taxi Driver, Mi, (2.3) He drove Georgia, under the name of Claire Voyant, to the fair. He asked for a prediction, as he and his wife were having a baby. She told him that if he was having a baby, he should see a doctor.

Taylor, Bradley, RC, (1.4/1.5, 1.12/1.13, 2.3/2.4, 2M-ep 8) Boy in Zac's class who is a leader of a gang, he joked about the teachers being aliens. He was hypnotised and is made to carry a gun along with the rest of the school. He didn't really care about being on board the Spidership and kept telling people to shut up as he was listening to his Ipod. He didn't like Mrs Sow but when she is knocked out he helped her get her to the lifeboats. From then on he liked Mrs Sow. He was attacked by a clown, which causes him to go to a fair, where he has a sitting with Sybil, the fortune teller. Sybil accidentally gave some of her powers to Bradley, so he became psychic. He predicts that the others will die on a rollercoaster, and later helps at the seance table. He helps the Doctor and Alex destory the clowns. Bradley was invited to go on holiday with Catherine and he said yes, they got closer together during the holiday. When a loud noise interupted his Biology GCSE and Mrs Sow told all the students to be quiet, Bradley told them to shut up too, then an alien appeared and all the students panicked. When Conner returned on the first day of Sixth form, Bradley was very shocked. Bradley later got good GCSE results, except for an E in Mathes, but Bradley didn't consider this a proper subject.

Taylor, Mrs Catherine, Me, (2.3) When Sybil said that Catherine and Bradley may get married in the future Bradley imagined Catherine as a rich girl always laughing, before he mentally shook himself.

Taylor, Dave, Me, (2.3) Bradley and Lucy's dad, who was an alcoholic and most probably a criminal as he had taught Bradley how to break into cars. He was abusive and had caused problems in the family. However, Dave described the way Bradley and his headmistress got on as fantastic.

Taylor, Lucy, Me, (2.3) Bradley's sister who is a year older than him. Her mum left because she was an unruly daughter. While her father was beginning to give up drinking, she drank all the alcohol in their house.

Taylor, Sharon, Me, (2.3) Bradley's mum who left when he was thirteen.

Ted, Father, Me, (M-ep 11) The main character in the show, 'Father Ted' a comedy featuring craggy island with Fathers Ted, Dougal and Jack and their housekeeper Mrs Doyle. The Doctor reffered to this show after meeting Gregory the tea monster.

Teresa, MoV, (2.x) Teresa the Teratjulajian was Mr. Core's work partner in creating the Cybermen. She told Mr. Core that as soon as she had 100 000 Cybermen, so she could take over the world, he could leave, but she lied to him. She went back in time with the Doctor to rob banks to give money to the past Teresa. She travelled in the TARDIS again, to kidnap the world leaders, but instead the Doctor took her to the future and showed her the future human race, she now lives in the future.

Terry, Private, Mi, (1.12) Private from UNIT, who was guarding Roger Ummelmann with his friend Phil when they were both exterminated by Dalek Gain.

Tiger-Face, MoV, (2.11) A tiger-faced alien who attacked the London Credit Bank and held some of the workers hostage, while UNIT and the Doctor tried to get past the heat bubble that surrounded the bank. Tiger-Face was killed when he fell off the roof of the bank, after Harry ran at him.

Tittly-Changua, MoV, (2M-ep 4) The Tittly-Changua was from the planet Yogragriss. A particular specimen was on its way to the zoo when the ship carrying it crashed on Earth in an Indian jungle. It was known as the jungle monster and it killed a murderess called Mrs Heyman. After chasing the Doctor and his friends through the jungle, they domesticated it by tickling it.

Toil, Mr, OC, (2.12/2.13) The false name that the Master used when he was head of Aquari Aquatics in the 21st century, and later in the 40th century. For more information see Master, The.

Toka, Teeena, GS, (3.1) Teeena was born while her family played poker. Her father gambled all of the family's money away, and Teeena later began getting stalked by Rasteika, who she agreed to marry, so her family would get jobs at the Casino. Teeena was put in charge of the poker section, where her niece Energisa also worked, and the cook called Queenie. Teeena was interested when she saw 5 strange card players with Diamonds and Clubs on their faces. She later looked after the Doctor, Georgia and Conner when they arrivedto play poker. Teeena was worried when Queenie vanished, and was surprised when the Doctor told her about the Pack of Wizards, and then Teeena understood who the strange card players were.
Teeena was shocked to see Conner's face on the Jack of Spades' card and later told Georgia her life story, when the poker game began. Teeena saved the Doctor, after he lost the first game, by saying that there would be 3 rounds of poker. The Doctor won the other two, so Gisgerm used the Ace of Spades to knock the people in the room out. The Doctor, Teeena and Mystic escaped and Teeena was shocked to find that Gisgerm's headquarters were underneath the Casino, when the Doctor took them there. Teeena stalled Gisgerm, while the Doctor and Mystic got the Aces and Teeena was later happy when Mystic destroyed the Ace of Spades, and Teeena was reunited with Energisa.

Treacher, Mrs, NC, (2.13) Mrs Treacher was a formidable, posh, 80 year old woman, who married a rich man, but he died. She lived in the top floor of Lee's flat building. Apparently she never watched TV, or opened her curtains. She let Natalie, Korena, Kimiko and Margaret stay in her flat when the Aquari began to rise flood the building. They later managed to escape in a teleport to Tokyo, where Kaito was. Mrs Treacher said she would have teleported to Buckingham palace, she later teleported to the Everest Hotel, after refusing to let Natalie and Korena go in front of her in the queue for the teleports.

Treeorvowitchy, 'Treeor' Teetro, Mi, (2.9) Treeor was an innocent Plutonian, who worked for Lord Komanfdu. She had discovered some plans about an atmosphere converter that would wreak havoc on Pluto. She was supposed to bring the Doctor, Kaylie and Conner to Komanfdu, but he had been forced to change rooms by Pluton, so she was surprised to find Roiralt, Ryoff and Angilkar in the room. When she returned to Komanfdu without the Doctor, he was angry, and when she told him she had seen the plans, he killed her.

Turner, Alex, NC, (2.3/2.4) Alex hated school, and most of all hated physics, one lesson he sneaked out but he walked into Kaylie and Catherine who were running from a clown. Alex drove them to the fair on Helich Way where they were attacked by clowns and almost killed on a rollercoaster. He attended a seance where it was revealed that Alex is psychic. Alex helped destory Sybil, but was later possessed by her, he killed himself and her together.

Twelve, Robot, NC, (M-ep 4) Robot from Snowglobe 7, who was then put in the freak show on the Isle of Wight, when it was a huge Fairground, for having too human emotions.

Twine, Guard, Mi, (2.2) One of the guards aboard TimeSpan, the prison ship. He was killed while taking down a large creature with many claws, after the Doctor released all the prisoners.

Twist, Oliver, Me, (1.6) Fictional character from Charles' Dickens book 'Oliver Twist'. Apparently the doctor had travelled with him until he chose to stay on Caprilla.

Tyler, Jackie, Me, (2.7) When the Doctor and Triss danced in the empty ballroom, on a Human Base on the Out Region, the Doctor imagined his old friends were there, with Mickey and Martha laughing at one of Jackie's blonde moments.

Tyler, Rose, Mi+Me, (1.6, M-ep 14, 2M-ep 2, 2.2, 2.7) The Doctor and Rose were having an adventure in the past when Conner appeared through a portle onto a muddy slope which he slipped down through another portle. The Doctor mentioned that he met Rose in 2005, after Conner said nothing happened in that year. Rose appeared in a flashback with Mickey from the Girl in the Fireplace, when he says the phrase 'He called her Cleo'. The Doctor imagined all his companions in the empty ballroom on the human base on the Out Region.


Ummelmann, Roger, MoV+NC, (1.12, 1.13) Ronald's uncle, he left his wife to get a better job. He used to work for UNIT but changed his job because he said it was bad pay. However, he became the face for the daleks. He looked after most of the ships money and helped the daleks grow and catch the spiders. Roger was captued by UNIT but Rack let him escape knowing that he would die. However he lied to the daleks, as he did not want the whole human race to die, so he said there were only 100 species of spiders. The daleks then called him a traitor, he then sacrificed his life to save his nephews, doing a good deed.

Ummelmann, Ronald, NC, (1.12, 1.13) A new member of Zac's school in September 2010. He became friends with Harry. His uncle was Roger Ummelmann. He went on board the Spidership with Harry and was found by the daleks, after he met a red man who predicted death. Ronald tried to stop the spiders, whilst on floor 0, but the daleks stopped him. Roger sacrificed his life to safe Ronald. Ronald was about to die when the Whit Supreme Dalek changed his mind. For this reason, the White Suprema Dalek was killed. Later on Ronald was killed by the other Supreme Dalek.

UNIT member, Mi, (1.x) An unamed female UNIT worker who told the Captains and Colonel Mace that they were recieving calls asking for help all around London. She was later seen hugging Captain Gifford.

Urun, NC, (2M-ep 3) A man who said he had wandered the west wilds before he came to an abandoned warehouse, where he got freaked by a hag and later met the Doctor and Georgia. He had a minor nervous breakdown.

Vashta Nerada

Vashta Nerada, Me, (2.6) When the Doctor said he preferred reading proper books than reading them on the computer, he mentioned that the donwside was the Vashta Nerada.

Velox, Commander, MoV, (1.1) Commander of the octopli who invaded Earth in late February 2010. He smashed into Conner's house and took the Doctor captive. He was killed by Hudson after he turned against Araknin.

Voice, The, NC, (1.6) Conner was saved by a man with a foreign accent in a spaceship. Conner couldn't see who it was.

Voldemort, Lord, Me, (1.7) Fictional character from Harry Potter who Conner thought looked like a plague carrier when he first saw Rally.

Vossaheen, Princess, Mi, (1.6) A princess from the 2001st century. She was a prisoner on Vesualas and was kept in a glass box for people to look at. She died when they took the energy away from the ghost so none of the terror throughout time happened.

Voyant, Claire, Oc, (2.3) False name taken by Georgia, while pretending she had supernatural powers. The taxi driver asked whether she could give him a prediction, as he and his wife were having a baby. She told him that if he was having a baby, he should see a doctor.


Walsh, PC, GS, (2.x, 3.x) Police Constable from South London. He met the Doctor on early morning Christmas Eve and then later when he went to investigate the Cybermen at the Marr factory. He met Rob Slater and they then met Mr.Core. PC Walsh escaped the Cybermen in the TARDIS and then he had the idea of putting gold dust in the fans to kill the Cybermen. He then returned to his Police Station. When the Bell house vanished the following Christmas, Mrs White phoned the police and spoke to PC Walsh, but UNIT took control of the situation.

Walters, Lucy, MoV, (2.7/2.8) Lucy was an evacuee of Jeremy Hutchinson's. She was secretly 'perfected' by Mrs Macready, the housekeeper. Conner and Dorris liked her at first until Lucy and the others were revealed to be 'perfected'. She chased them around the house and then to a train tunnel, where she was killed by a train with the other 'perfected' evacuees.

Warlo, Chief of the plague carriers, MoV, (1.7) The poomavore who led the plague carriers , when the Doctor arrived he tried to find him so that they didn't harm anyone. He was killed by the green plague zombies then cured by Cromwell and the Doctor.

Watson, Amy, RC+Me, (1.12/1.13, 2.x, 2.3, 2M-ep 7, 2M-ep 8) Amy was Andrea and Kaylie's little sister, who was in year 7 when she stowawayed on the Spidership. She took karate lessons and knocked a man out cold when he tried to kiss her mum, Karen. She joined Kaylie's school group with Andrea and when the spiders attacked, they joined Zac and Kaylie's group. In the end they managed to escape the ship on the same lifeboat as the queen. A few months later, Amy was annoyed when Kaylie accused her of stealing her hair straightners. Amy was annoyed when Kaylie and Andrea both had study leave. When Andrea and Karen vanished, Zac and Kaylie looked after Amy. When Conner came to stay, Amy was unimpressed when he and Kaylie turned up late, on the day before school restarted and she would be starting Year 8.

Watson, Andrea, RC+Me, (1.12-1.13, 2.x, 2.3, 2M-ep 7, 2M-ep 8) Andrea was Kaylie's older sister, who was an emo, although Amy likes to call her a goth. She snuck on board the Spidership with Amy. They were found by a member of staff and joined Kaylie's school group on board. When the spiders attacked, her and Amy joined Zac and Kaylie's group running away from the spiders. They then reached the lifeboats, getting on the same one as the queen. A few months later, Andrea was annoyed when Kaylie accused her of stealing her hair straightners. Andrea had Study Leave at the same time as Kaylie, so Amy was very annoyed. Andrea later vanished along with many adults, but Kaylie and Zac solved the problem. When Conner came to stay, Andrea drove him and her two sisters to school on some occasions.

Watson, Conner, Oc, (1.1, 1.4, 1.5, M-ep 12) Fake name taken by Conner as he didn't know who the Doctor was, in the demon headmaster he admitted that he had just stolen Kaylie's second name.

Watson, Emma, Me, (1.5) English actress who shares the same surname as Kaylie Watson.

Watson, Karen, RC, (1.12-2.x, 2.3, 2M-ep 8) Kaylie, Andrea and Amy's mum. She also had a son but he went away to Australia. She drove her daughters down to Portsmouth where Kaylie would go on the Spidership. Andrea and Amy snuck on board too as stowaways. She survived the attack and when Kaylie returned to Portsmouth she told Kaylie that Amy and Andrea were on their way back to England. Kaylie was very annoyed when she found her mother had stolen her hair straightners, and that she had been drinking. Kaylie was irritated then concerned when her mother, and adults began to vanish. Kaylie and Zac later found all the adults and saved them.

Watson, Kaylie, MC, (1.1, 1.4/1.5, 1.8/1.9, 1.12-2.x, 2.1, 2.3/2.4, 2M-ep 7+8, 2.9, 2. 11, 2.13-3.x) Kaylie was first mentioned in Conner, as Beth's weird friend Kaylie, which was interrupted. She and her boyfriend Zac helped the Doctor save the world from the Slitheen. Zac then began to travel in the TARDIS without telling anyone, so Kaylie thought he had been kidanpped. Zac returned for Kaylie when she was sucked into the Virtual Reality game. In the game she had to face giant flies and strange levels. After the Doctor stopped the game, Zac stayed with Kaylie. She later helped defeat Tiger-Face and helped the Doctor on the Spidership. She made friends with Georgia and was sad at the deaths of her friends Conner and Harry. She and Zac investigated the Marr factory at Christmas and then helped the Doctor defeat the Cybermen that were being created there.
Kaylie then helped the Doctor defeat Sybil and her army of Clowns, but was sad when Alex was killed. She later helped an alien called Drornk get back home and then had a bad time when adults started vanishing. Kaylie followed an alien to Pluto with Zac and the TARDIS crew, where she was captured. She was later freed and the Doctor trusted her to save Pluto, which she did to her amazement. She later met Korena, who she made friends with straight away. When Kaylie was getting ready for collecting her GCSE's, she ended up helping the Doctor instead. She wondered why the Doctor had left Georgia, Conner and Korena in the future, and almost drowned when they were trapped in a room as it filled with water. When the Doctor found what he was looking for at the Aquari factory, he left, and Zac, Kaylie and Beth waited for him to return, until eventually giving up. When Conner was left on earth by the Doctor, he went to stay with Kaylie. She persuaded Conner to go back to school, and later helped start a food fight. She got good GCSE results, which were delayed because of Mrs Sow, and she spent Christmas with her family. Conner finally left Kaylie's in February, when he began to travel with the Doctor again. For more info see the main characters page.

Watts, Alan, NC, (2.11) When the TARDIS crashed, it poured its energy into Conner's head and he dreamed he was John Bennet. Alan was John's friend, who worked at the same office. He and John both liked Gavin and Stacey. When John kept falling asleep and dreaming of adventures in time and space with the Doctor, Alan advised him to see a shrink. Victoria later told Alan that John had booked an appointment and Alan was glad.

Weka, Energisa, NC, (3.1) Energisa was the niece of Teeena, and she worked in the poker section of the Casino. She was frequently late due to her parties. She drank even though she was underage. Energisa was on the door when the Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrived for a poker game. She showed them through, but later did not let Gisgerm through until he told her his name, which made him angry. When Teeena, the Doctor and Georgia vanished, Energisa wondered where they were. Gisgerm later ordered Energisa to make him a Roast Korflig, which took her a long time. Energisa hated Gisgerm, as he always ordered her and others to get him ridiculous things. She and Georgia later had a conversation, where Energisa told Georgia about the party she was supposed to be at. When the Ace of Spades attacked, Energisa was knocked out, and when the Spades were defeated and she woke up, so wondered what had happened.

Wells, H.G, Me, (M-ep 12) Famous writer who the Doctor met when HG Wells was a baby. He told Sir Everton that he'd stolen the TARDIS off HG Wells.

Wells, Trinity, RC, (1.x, 1.1, M-eps 5-6, 1.12, 2.4) American newsreader who reported the octopli landing in London, many people heard this report including Torchwood Cardiff and Georgia's family. She also reported on the Spidership, commenting that the United Nations were on red alert, despite it being a 'safe voyage'. She later reported on the clowns filling every house and street.

Welsby, Doctor Carlisle, NC, (2.7/2.8) Carlisle was a very handsome Doctor who worked at the hospital Georgia got stranded at in 1945. He was engaged to Becky Stevens. He help Georgia cover up Giles Brown's mysterious death and was almost killed when a gold creature attacked him. Becky looked after him and then helped him escape from the gold with Petr. He was shocked when Pippa was revealed to be working with Petr, and promised Georgia an invite to his wedding before she left.

West, Mitchell, Mi, (2.3/2.4) Mitchell West lived in London, he had a girlfriend called Christina and had an interest in clowns. He went to see Sybil the fortune teller at the fair on Helich Way. She predicted his death and she later got her clowns to kill him.

White, Mrs Viola, Mi+Me (1.12, 1.13, 2M-ep 2, 2.2, 2.3/2.4, 3.x) Elizabeth Bell's next-door neighbour who moved into Mr. Perkins' old house. She helped Elizabeth fight off the spiders with Colin in the final. She seems to have posh relations and friends and boasts about them to Elizabeth, who boasts back. Mrs White and the others were attacked by a clown, and they took refuge in a church. The Clowns found them and took them to the fair. She and the others managed to escape. When the Bell's house vanished, Mrs White told the police. UNIT were then called in, and Mrs White scared several privates away so she could talk to Elizabeth. She went with the Doctor and Elizabeth to the church, where the pink ladies were meeting. When they tried to catch some Roboforms, the church, the pink ladies and Mrs White were transported to nowhere-land. It was later returned, and a couple of months later Elizabeth and Colin went to look for houses in America, which Mrs White was happy about until she found her sun room packed with holiday brochures left by Elizabeth.

Will, NC, (1.11) A 21 year old blonde haired man who worked as security on the SS Supreme with Bex. He was one of the first to meet the Doctor. He guarded the ship while others investigated the docks only to join them later.

Williams, Miss Jane, NC, (1.7) A washerwoman who worked at Cromwell's war camp. She loved Captain Placard but her brother, who was a Private did not wish her too. She disliked Cromwell. Her love for Placard was finally acceted by her brother after the battle.

Williams, Private, NC, (1.7) A poor member of Cromwell's army who disliked Sergeant Jones and Placard. He and his sister had a close bond and he did not wish for her to love Placard but he accepted that they loved each other in the end.

Winehouse, Amy, Me, (1.6) A singer who went to rehab. Conner mentions that an army general cried when she went to rehab.

Witch, the White, Me, (1.12) Kaylie called Georgia this after an arguement. The White Witch is actually an evil character from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Wogan, Terry, Me, (2.11) A presenter, radio presenter and a comedian, who used to work for BBC Radio 2, when Chris Evans took over and Terry retired, John Bennet stated that he missed Terry Wogan.

Woman, Mi, (1.2) This woman was a villager in Locksley who met Conner and the Doctor. She told them they were in Locksley and later told Conner that they use pitch to make fire.

Woman, 2, Mi, (2M-ep 5) This Woman had been drinking water with a regressent in it which made her mentally a child. When Georgia made a bitchy remark about the woman's age she burst into tears.

Woman, 3, Mi, (2.12) This woman was in the skyscraper restaurant in Los Angeles when it was attacked by the Aquari. She died along with Carsyn Hawkes.

Wong, Aimee, NC+Me, (2.10, 2.12) Aimee was Korena's personal assistant and life-long friend. She greeted the guests at Korena's party and announced them as they entered. She accidentally got Conner and Georgia's names wrong, so Naoki thought Georgia and Conner were married. She escaped to England with Korena's family and Yoshiro. She returned to see Korena, who was in hospital. Aimee wasn't happy when the Doctor told her that Korena would be travelling, but she came round after much shouting. Korena later hoped that Aimee had explained that she was travelling with the Doctor.

Wood, Graham, Mi, (2.x) Graham Wood was a UNIT Officer who was caught by Teresa and upgraded into the first new Cyberman. He sent the distress signal that brought the Doctor there. Zac, Kaylie and Georgia tried to get this Cyberman to free them from the cell, but it did not listen to them.

Wood, Mary, Mi, (3.x) Mary Wood was a member of the Pink Ladies, who helped Elizabeth try to capture Roboforms. She barricaded the doors, and then went to get nets, but when the church was transported to Nowhere-land she was stuck there too. The church was later returned, and Mary was looked after by Private Charlotte.

Wooshby, MoV, (2M-ep 13) A large purple monster, with big yellow eyes. It attacked Rena Peakes' workplace, as it searched for 'the key'. It killed Daniel Bailey and many other people, before it met the Doctor. The Wooshby stole a sandwich off the Doctor, but it died when it ate it, due to Wooshbys being allergic to bread, however, the Wooshby did not know this.


Xanthe, NC, (M-ep 12) Pale girl, around 16 years old, who is actually an alien chameleon. She was adopted by Sir Everton. Although she was being kept alive by a crystal she was strong enough to survive without it when a space-chicken took back the crystal.

Xelionth, NC, (2.9) Xelionth had originally worked at the Plutonaut base in ICE, with Roiralt, but then became Head Guard in ICE. He captured Kaylie and the TARDIS, and was one of the few who knew about Ikorg being sent to Earth via a new teleport device. Xelionth found Ikorg, Georgia and Zac in the high security area, when Aikl, a guard, appeared. Xelionth tried to get rid of Aikl, but Aikl, who was working for Lord Komanfdu, shot Xelionth.


Yap, MoV, (2.5) A Goblin who became Rack's slave after Rack saved him from a volcano which Rack had actually set off. Yap was probably the meanest of the Goblins, capturing Conner and suggesting eating him. Yap later turned against Rack. Yap got so annoyed at Kap that he started strangling him, they were then both killed by Rack.

Yendell, Mr, NC, (2M-ep 13) The Head of the company Rena Peakes worked for, when it was attacked by a Wooshby. Rena informed Mr Yendell of the attack and he evacuated. He later registered all the people who had survived the attack.

Yeti, MoV, (2M-ep 12) A Yeti was on the loose at a ski resort, where the Doctor, Georgia adn Conner went looking for it. However, it attacked Korena, who escaped in a cable car. The cable car later snapped, and fell on top of the Yeti, presumably killing it.

Ymashen, Ikorg, NC+Me, (2.9, 3.x) Ikorg was a Plutonian, who agreed to be secretly sent to Earth, via teleport, to see if the long distance teleport would work. He arrived at St. Mark's school where he caused panic. When the TARDIS began to materialise he teleported away. Georgia and Zac later came across him, in a high security area, where he had had to hide. He was caught by Aikl, and taken to Sedna, where Kaylie later freed him. Ikorg showed Kaylie where the teleporting machine was, but it was also an atmosphere converter which caused it to snow on Pluto. This made the city shake violently. Kaylie destroyed the machine and they survived and travelled to the High Court, and the Doctor took him in the TARDIS back to his home. Zac later mentioned that Ikorg had disrupted the Biology exam, so when they resat it, Zac knew the answers to the questions he didn't know before.

Young Blonde, Me, (1.8) A seductive young blonde girl, who could be seen with 86 year old Mr Scully driving in a sports car, along the M5!

Youngblood, Regal, NC+MoV, (2.6) Regal was a mechanic/handyman on a space base, where Martha and the Doctor visited, when a Rwarx attacked and killed many of the crew. The Doctor gave Regal the Rawrx to look after and keep locked up, while it was locked up it learned to speak. Regal got into the gold and bronze business, but it was put out of business by the SS hurricane, who was trading for cheaper prices. Regal resorted to the black market, selling Fools Gold to Abasi, and he sold it on too. When some of Abasi's customers were arrested, Regal did a deal with the Rarwx telling it to kill Abasi and any members of the SS Hurricane. Regal then called the Doctor into catch it. The Doctor discovered what Regal was up to while on the SS Hurricane and the authorities later arrested him, but many of the crew had been killed and so had the Rawrx.

Yuma, OC, (2.10) The character that Korena played in her latest film. Yuma was in love with the character Shirou, played by Naoki, who helped her, but they were both killed by the Borsht in the film.


Zagrafix, Commander of the Zygons, MoV, (2.1) The Commander of the Zygons is cruel and will never settle for peace. He kills Student Ron and then later captures the Doctor, Georgia and Fajartop. When they escape he is very angry. Zagrafix then attacks the President of Yurren's house and met Student Fajartop there. Fajartop killed Zagrafix after he wouldn't accept the treaty.

Zark, high priest of the Zygons, MoV, (2.1) The high priest of the Zygons suffered fits of madness and was slightly psychcic. When he found out that Student Fajartop had been captured by Zagrafix he went mad, because he knew Fajartop would end the fighting. Zark attempted to shoot Fajartop using the spaceship. Zark went to a mental assylum when peace was made.

Ziap, MoV, (2.5) A clever Goblin who served under Rack after he saved Ziap from a volcano. Ziap, Kap and Yap chased Georgia around the forest and later captured Conner. Ziap said he didn't want to eat Conner as he was a vegetarian. Ziap turned against Rack with the rest of the Goblins, but was killed.

Zizum, MoV, (2.1) A Zygon who pretends to be the President of Yurren, so he can lower the barriers so the other Zygons can get in. He kills Mr. Sinkhartep and is later killed by another Yurren guard after stunning the Doctor and letting the barriers down completely.

ZigZag, NC, (2M-ep 11) ZigZag was a blue-skinned alien, who travelled with Fwarr to Ytee, to see if they could discover where all the missing people went. Boom teleported their spaceship to his collection, so Fwarr and ZigZag became stuck. They met Georgia, Conner and Korena on the planet, after they became stranded too. The Doctor managed to stop Boom and teleport all the ships back, so ZigZag could get home.

This page will be updated in time. I skim read through each story and add the characters to the page, at the moment I am updating this page with characters from the final episode of series 2.

List of Characters who have surnames not mentioned in the episode:

Johnson, Jenny, (Lisa Rock's friend who appeared in episode 9)
Philopator, Cleopatra VII, (Last queen of Egypt who appears in S2M-ep 2)
Porter, Frank, (Zac's Uncle who was mentioned in 2.3)
Russell, Debbie, (Zac's Aunt who was mentioned in 2.3)
Russell, Joe, (Zac's cousin who was mentioned in 2.3)
Slater, Georgina, (Georgia's Aunt who Elizabeth mentions in 2.3)

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