Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Episode 6: The Man Who Was Thursday Part 3

Tracy looked around, trying to find the reporter for the Galactic Times. While Claire had informed her that there was a reporter, she hadn’t specified who it was. While Tracy recognised most of the people here from the local area, she didn’t recognise two males and one female.

“You three,” she said, indicating the Doctor, Georgia and Conner. “On your feet.”

Georgia pulled Conner to his feet, shaking, and the Doctor nimbly stood up, his plimsolls kicking the floor. Next to him, Angela crawled sideways, hiding behind a case containing ancient pottery.

“Who are you?” Tracy Carter asked. “I haven’t seen any of you before.”
“We’re just tourists,” Georgia shrugged. “I work in a Bakery, and my boyfriend here works at a Space Garage.”
“With all the spanners,” Conner nodded. “Like Catherine Ford.”
“And the wrenches,” Georgia added.
“And you?” Tracy asked, turning to the Doctor.
“I’m… A doctor,” the Doctor replied.
“You don’t look like a doctor,” Tracy shot back.

She turned her gun towards the Doctor, who raised his hands.

“So, if I shot you right now, would you be able to fix yourself?” she asked.
“No,” the Doctor said. “I’d regenerate. Listen, Tracy Carter – I don’t think you know what you’re dealing with. I’m a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey, and that means bad news.”
“I understand perfectly,” Tracy replied. “Your race consisted of dusty fodders, refusing to intervene in anything. You three will come with me, now!”

She waved the gun threateningly, and Georgia, Conner and the Doctor reluctantly followed her to the secure area door.

“Hello?” Claire Fisher muttered. “Yes, Tracy Carter has taken people hostage. Please, set up quarantine around Upper Mount Monastery.”

Usually, Claire would have done anything for Tracy – cleaned, cooked, entertained guests. But as she watched Tracy take the museum visitors hostage, she knew that her employer had gone too far. On top of that, her dress was ruined. As she put the phone down, she heard a whirring noise, and the squelches of doors sealing all around the Monastery.

“What’s going on?” Father Gabriel asked.
“I’ve got no idea,” Father Noah frowned.
“Did someone put the building in quarantine?” Father Isaac called, entering the room.
“I’ll go and ask Claire,” Father Gabriel suggested. “I’ll be right back.”

He left the room, and headed along to the balcony where Claire was watching the hostage victims far below. Tracy had just taken the Doctor and his friends into the private quarters, and would probably be taking them up to her room.

“What’s happening?” Father Gabriel asked.
“I put the building under quarantine,” Claire explained. “Look, down at the museum. Tracy took the visitors hostage – she’s gone mad with power! I told her about the journalist, and she’s worried about her image.”
“So she took everyone hostage?” Father Gabriel frowned.
“I know,” Claire sighed. “Great help for her image. I take it you found out about the Flood?”
“They aren’t real,” Father Gabriel nodded. “Why would she lie about that?”
“She wanted the water for herself,” Claire shrugged. “Because she’s a selfish bitch…?”

Father Gabriel smiled, and turned away.

“What did you do?” Tracy spat at the Doctor.
“I have no idea what you’re on about,” the Doctor frowned. “What did I do?”
“You put the building under quarantine,” Tracy growled. “All of you, on your knees.”

The Doctor looked sideways at Georgia and Conner, and raised his eyebrows. The three got down on their knees, as Tracy picked up the telephone near her bed.

“Yes, is that the quarantine office?” she asked. “Thank you. I was wondering if you could remove the quarantine for Upper Mount Monastery. No, there is no hostage situation here, whoever reported it was dreaming. What do you mean; procedure? Can’t you just take the quarantine off?”

She sighed, and kicked her bedside table over.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” she continued into the phone. “Where am I calling from? The police station. If you can’t take away the quarantine from Upper Mount Monastery, then please put quarantine around the police station – we’ve had a nasty outbreak of rats. Thank you.”

She put the phone down, and smiled to herself.

“What did you do that for?” Georgia wondered.
“If the police know about the hostage situation,” the Doctor explained. “They will try and get into the Monastery. But if the police station is under quarantine, they can’t get out, and Tracy Carter will get away with it.”
“Exactly,” Tracy smiled. “Now, if I find out who did this…”

She waved her gun threateningly, causing Georgia to gulp. There was a knock on the door, and Claire entered the room.

“Are you okay, Tracy?” she asked.
“Fine thank you,” Tracy replied. “I’m just about to finish up here. Which one did you say was the reporter?”
“I… I don’t really remember,” Claire lied. “Could I talk to you outside for a moment?”

Tracy nodded and left the room. Claire looked back at Conner, and pointed to underneath Tracy’s bed.

“Escape route,” she whispered, before closing the door.

Immediately, Conner and Georgia climbed to their feet and ran over to the bed. Together they lifted it up, leaving a space large enough to crawl through. Instead of a floor, there was a set of steps, leading to somewhere unknown.

“Doctor, get under, quick,” Georgia groaned. “This is bloody heavy.”

The Doctor rushed over to the bed, and grabbed Georgia’s end.

“What are you doing?” she frowned.
“You’ve got to escape,” the Doctor said. “It takes both of you to hold the bed up, so you’d be left behind while I escape. But I can hold it by myself, for a while, and you two can escape.”
“We aren’t leaving you,” Conner said.
“You’ve got to,” the Doctor urged. “Go!”

Georgia opened her mouth to argue, but the Doctor shook his head. Sighing, Georgia ducked onto the floor, and climbed under the bed, heading down the steps. The door to the room opened slightly, and Conner gasped.

“Tracy’s coming back!” he said quickly.
“Go!” the Doctor repeated. “Now!”

Conner ducked under the bed, and headed down the steps. The Doctor groaned under the weight of the bed, dropping it as soon as Conner was clear. He looked round at the door, to see it was still only slightly open. He could hear Claire stalling for time, aware that Tracy could open the door at any time. The Doctor returned to his place on the floor, and waited until the sound of Claire’s footsteps echoed down the corridor and Tracy returned to the room.

“Where are they?” was the first thing she asked. “What have you done?”

The Doctor shrugged unhelpfully, and Tracy hit him across the face with her gun.

“Conner, where are we going?” Georgia muttered, as the headed down the passageway.
“I’ve got no idea where this leads,” Conner said. “So how would I know?”
“I meant, what are we going to do now?” Georgia sighed.
“I’m gonna go and get the Monks out,” Conner replied. “And you’re gonna find Claire and get her and the museum visitors out. Okay?”
“But the building’s been quarantined,” Georgia reminded him. “How do we get out if all the doors and windows are locked?”
“The Astronomy Base,” Conner smiled. “According to the map I had, it is the highest part of the Monastery, and it’s built so people can see the stars a little closer. I imagine that we can escape from there.”
“So we’re going to the highest room in the Monastery in the hope that it doesn’t have windows?”
“Pretty much,” Conner grinned.

They reached the end of the passageway, and saw a ladder. Conner climbed up it, and pushed open the trap door above. It opened onto another a corridor, at the end of which was the staircase. As Georgia climbed into the corridor, she watched Conner head over to the staircase, and walk up it.

“I’ll see you in a minute!” he called back. “The museum visitors are down the staircase!”

His feet disappeared from view, and Georgia headed over to the staircase, beginning to descend.

“Mr Bennet, what’s going on?” Father Gabriel asked as Conner entered the Monk’s room.
“We’re getting out,” Conner smiled. “Tracy Carter’s in her room, so we’re all gonna sneak out through the Astronomy Base.”
“Then what?” Father Noah said.
“The police station is under quarantine too,” Conner explained. “So we’re just gonna climb down the Monastery and leave Tracy to the Doctor.”
“You do realise the Astronomy Base will have been sealed off too?” Father Isaac pointed out.
“It doesn’t have a balcony or anything?” Conner frowned.
“Nope,” Father Isaac said.
“Then we’ll have to get out another way,” Conner smiled optimistically. “Is there another way out?”

The three Monks thought for a minute, and Conner used the silence to lead the way back to the staircase.

“Well, we do have an emergency escape pod,” Father Gabriel said. “Just in case, you know…”
“That wouldn’t be big enough for everyone,” Conner sighed. “Why an escape pod? I thought they only used them on spaceships, cos they’re air tight?”
“We couldn’t fit a whole spaceship into the Monastery,” Father Gabriel reminded him.
“Tracy would suspect something. Since the other Monks left and there have only been three of us, we decided it would be big enough.”
“We could always take several trips,” Father Noah suggested.
“It would take too long,” Conner shook his head. “And Tracy would suspect something.”

They reached the bottom of the staircase, and entered the Main Hall. Georgia was waiting for them, along with the museum visitors and Claire. The Monks joined the group, leaving Conner stood at the front.

“Right, hello everyone,” he said nervously. “It seems we are stuck here – the Astronomy Base has been sealed along with everything else, and we only have one escape pod to fit all of you in, which, let’s be honest, is never gonna happen.”
“So what else do you suggest?” Angela Hawkins asked. “Maybe one of us should just go and stop Tracy…? I could do it…”
“The Doctor’s already working on that,” Georgia snapped. “Let Conner talk.”
“Thanks Georgia,” Conner blushed. “Now, we could call the quarantine office and ask to be released, but I doubt that will work either.”
“Do you actually have any useful suggestions?” Claire grinned. “Tracy’s gone too far this time, and she ruined my dress. I’ll go and stop her; then we’ll ring the quarantine office and get out of here.”

She walked past Conner and headed up the staircase confidently.

“Drop the gun, Tracy,” the Doctor ordered.
“No,” Tracy said. “You’ve ruined my reputation!”
“You ruined it yourself!” the Doctor protested. “You took everyone hostage – do you really think you’re gonna get away with this?”

Tracy frowned, and a tear slid down her cheek.

“I’ll have to run away,” she decided. “That’s right, I’ll go far away, leave my home.”
“I’m sorry,” the Doctor said. “But you brought this on yourself.”

Tracy ignored him, and headed towards the door. As she reached for the handle, it opened, and Claire punched her in the face. Her gun dropped to the floor, and the Doctor dived for it.

“What the hell…?” Tracy screamed as Claire pushed her against the wall.
“Sorry,” Claire muttered. “But I’m performing a citizen’s arrest.”

The Doctor smiled slightly, throwing the gun aside. Producing a pair of handcuffs from his pocket, he handcuffed Tracy, and led her from the room. The three headed along the corridor, down the staircase, and into the main hall. As the group saw Tracy had been handcuffed, they cheered. Conner smiled, and stood aside to let the Doctor pass.

“Call the quarantine office,” he told Claire.
“Right away,” Claire beamed. “Gabriel, Noah, Isaac – you’re free!”

Before the Monks could hug or even speak, a large rumble filled the air. Suddenly, the Monastery shook, and its occupants dropped to the floor. A large image appeared in the air, and a man looked down on the Doctor and the others from what looked like a spaceship.

“Hello Doctor,” Petr Costravalos smiled.

To be continued…

Monday, 27 September 2010

Episode 6: The Man Who Was Thursday Part 2

Conner headed towards the Viewing Gallery, only to find it was occupied. He waited patiently outside for a few minutes, when the glass door opened. A pretty girl of about twenty-five emerged, and smiled at him.

“Sorry about the wait,” she said. “I was just tidying the room up.”
“Oh, it’s fine,” Conner blushed. “So you’re a cleaner around here? You must hear quite a lot of stuff you aren’t supposed to…?”
“I’m not a cleaner, no,” the woman laughed. “I just help out, and I heard that a reporter wanted to use the Viewing Gallery, so I offered to tidy it up. You aren’t the reporter, are you?”
“Galactic Times,” Conner explained.
“That explains the question,” the woman nodded. “Yes, I suppose I do hear quite a lot. Why?”
“I just heard a rumour that the Monastery was having some turbulent times,” Conner shrugged.
“Really?” the woman asked, not giving anything away.
“Really,” Conner repeated. “My name’s Conner by the way, Conner Bennet.”
“I’m Claire Fisher,” the woman replied. “I’ve got to go and see if Tracy needs anything, you’ll be okay on your own?”

Conner nodded, and Claire left. He opened the glass door, and entered into the Viewing Gallery. As Father Gabriel had said, there were glass windows in the ceiling, and Conner realised that on a cloudless night, he would indeed be able to see stars. The rest of the room was fairly neutral – just some steps to sit on, and a glass booth under one of the windows, which had no apparent use.

“Right, better call the Doctor…” Conner muttered, dialling the number on his phone.
“Hi, Georgia, is the Doctor there?”
“Hang on,” Georgia replied. “We’re lost.”

In an empty room, Georgia handed the Doctor her phone.

“Hello!” he grinned. “Where are you?”
“The Viewing Gallery,” Conner replied. “It’s a room with windows in the ceiling.”
“Oh, I think we passed that earlier,” the Doctor frowned. “Georgia – go and see if you can find the Viewing Gallery. You know, the one with the windows in the ceiling.”
“And the glass door?” Georgia asked. “Tell Conner I’ll be there in a minute.”
“Anyway,” Conner continued. “I’ve got the Monks at my beck-and-call. And that leaves you to meet Tracy Carter. Oh, and you’ve got to watch out for this woman, called Claire. She’s nice, but she works for Tracy and snoops around a lot.”
“Okay, thanks,” the Doctor smiled. “Just wait there until Georgia finds you. Bye!”

Conner put the phone down, and sat on one of the steps. As he waited, he heard a trickling noise.

“Hello?” he called. “Georgia, is that you? That was quick.”

But there was no reply. The trickling became a splash, and Conner looked up to see water coming down on the window directly above him. He leapt backwards, and ran to the next window, to see rain pouring on it as well.

“Someone help!” he yelled. “The Flood is outside!”

He ran to the door, which was already drenched in water. With a gasp, he fell to the floor, and was forced to crawl away as water began seeping through the windows. He ran towards the booth, and ducked behind the glass as one of the windows shattered. Water began to flood in, in all directions, and Conner was forced to close the booth door as water flooded towards it.

“Hello, what do you require?” the booth asked him.
“A teleport!” Conner yelled.
“Did you say telephone?” the booth wondered.
“Teleport!” Conner repeated.
“I’m sorry, but I didn’t quite catch that,” the booth said cheerily. “Please say again.”

Before Conner could shout and swear at the booth, he was sprayed in the face with water. The booth began to fill up, and when the pressure became too high, the glass cracked, and Conner was thrown onto the Viewing Gallery floor.

“Oh God, I’m wet…” he muttered.

Climbing to his feet, he realised the water had stopped. He looked at his dripping arms and legs, and frowned. The glass door to the room opened, and Georgia stepped through. Immediately, she screamed and leapt backwards.

“Conner, you’re wet!” she gasped.
“But I feel fine,” Conner frowned.
“I’ve got to go…” Georgia said quickly. “Please, don’t come closer. I’m so sorry…”
“I’m fine, honest,” Conner sighed. “Look, I’ll come with you, and we’ll find the Doctor…”

Georgia shook her head, turned, and ran along the corridor. Dripping wet, Conner followed her, hoping to find the Doctor.

“Doctor!” Georgia yelled, as she burst into the empty room.
“What’s the matter?” the Doctor asked, looking up.
“Conner’s wet, and you said you heard the Monks mention the Flood…”

The Doctor gasped, and pulled Georgia out of the way as Conner entered the room. He raised the Sonic Screwdriver, and Conner raised his hands.

“I’m fine!” he protested. “Stop scanning me!”
“It’s just a precaution,” the Doctor explained. “You feel fine, but I’ve never heard of the Flood before. I’ve got no idea what you’re supposed to feel.”

Conner stood quietly for a moment, wondering what would happen if he became one of the Flood. He pictured himself shooting water out of his hands and splashing Georgia with them. It would be like a deadly water fight, where death was a real possibility and Georgia wasn’t in a bikini.

“According to the Sonic Screwdriver, you’re fine,” the Doctor smiled. “So I guess you are okay.”
“I’m still not convinced,” Georgia muttered. “He looks pretty mutated to me.”
“That’s funny; I didn’t know you got wet too?” Conner shot back.
“Now, now,” the Doctor said, raising his eyebrows. “Let’s not bitch…”

Georgia folded her arms, clearly feeling she had been denied an opportunity. Conner frowned for a minute, in deep thought, before he smiled.

“Doctor, I’ve had a thought,” he said. “If the Flood is a threat, why is the Monastery still getting fresh water pumped into the place?”
“Because it’s fresh,” Georgia sighed.
“No, the Monks said they can’t touch any of the water,” Conner replied. “But when I got wet, I didn’t change. So maybe –”
“There’s no Flood!” the Doctor finished. “Ha, brilliant Conner! Come on!”

He made to run to the door, but hesitated.

“That’s all very well and good,” he said. “But it doesn’t help. So there’s no Flood, it’s a myth.”
“Or, someone made it up, to keep the water for themselves!” Georgia cried.
“Brilliant, Georgia,” Conner grinned.
“Thanks,” Georgia blushed.
“But who would come up with something like that?” the Doctor frowned.
“The public don’t have access to the water,” Conner said. “So it must be someone inside the Monastery. That means it’s Tracy, Claire, Gabriel, Isaac or Noah.”
“I’ll tell you what, next time I encounter water creatures without a name, I’ll call them the Flood, how about that?” the Doctor grinned.
“Who told you the story in the first place?” Georgia asked.
“Father Noah,” Conner decided. “Definitely Father Noah, I think… I’ll go ask!”

He ran from the room, and didn’t stop until he found the Monks once more. They looked up as he entered the room, and stopped to catch his breath.

“Is the interview continuing?” Father Gabriel asked politely.
“Soon,” Conner promised. “I just want to ask one thing – which one of you told me about the Flood?”
“Why?” Father Noah snapped.
“He’s wet,” Father Isaac noticed. “Are you safe?”
“I’m fine,” Conner nodded. “But someone isn’t – they’ve been lying to everyone. Who told you the story of the Flood?”
“Father Noah told us,” Father Gabriel said.
“Tracy Carter told me,” Father Noah insisted.

Conner looked at him curiously, trying to decide if he was telling the truth.

“I believe you,” Conner smiled. “Cos Monks can’t lie, can they? I heard that whenever they try to lie, their voices don’t make a noise. Or something like that… Do you think that’s really true? Zac told me, and he’s smart, so I guess it is… Thanks for your help. Bye!”

He ran from the room, leaving the Monks looking perplexed. The Doctor was waiting for him to return, and looked up when he entered the room.

“It was Tracy,” Conner gasped. “Christ, I’m out of breath. It’s a long way, you know.”
“I knew you’d put on weight,” Georgia frowned.
“It’s time to pay Tracy Carter a visit,” the Doctor said, ignoring her. “Let’s go.”

Claire knocked on Tracy’s door, and entered the room. Tracy was sitting on her bed, drinking champagne. Claire noticed the gun, cold and black on her bedside table.

“Yes?” Tracy asked.
“I’ve come to warn you,” Claire smiled. “There’s a reporter here, and he’s digging.”
“What does he know?” Tracy frowned.
“I’m not sure,” Claire shrugged. “But I used the hose – sprayed the windows and doors. You should have heard him; he thought it was the Flood. It may have scared him off, but I doubt it.”
“Did he get wet?” Tracy asked.
“Oh, umm…” Claire began.
“You stupid woman!” Tracy spat.

She tipped her champagne onto Claire’s dress, before throwing the glass across the room, where it shattered into the wall.

“Now he will know that there is no Flood,” Tracy continued. “Now I’m going to have to do something about this myself.”

She climbed off the bed, grabbed the gun from the bedside table, and left the room. Claire sighed, and began to wipe her dress.

“Come on, come on…” Angela Hawkins muttered.

It was nearing closing time, yet nobody seemed to be leaving. She watched the couple called Paolo and Carla examining a small square with the word N-Dubz on it, as the wondered aloud what a Chav exactly was.

“What does it mean, there was a debate?” Carla was laughing. “Surely they know if they’re Chavs or not… And what is a Chav, anyway?”
“I’ve no idea,” Paolo chuckled.

Angela looked sharply to her left as the three people from earlier entered the room via the secure area. The one in the blue suit was looking around for Monks and caught Angela’s eye. She smiled at him, and to her surprise, he headed over.

“Hello,” he said. “We didn’t get a chance to chat earlier, I’m the Doctor.”
“Angela Hawkins,” Angela replied.
“Well, Angela Hawkins, I was wondering if you could help me. I need to know how to get to Tracy Carter, along with my friends Georgia and Conner over there,” the Doctor smiled.
“Oh, I want to speak to Tracy Carter too,” Angela nodded. “We could go together. Isn’t that boy a reporter or something? He could get us into most places.”
“Get us into places?” the Doctor repeated. “Why, is she in a secure area?”

Angela nodded, and the Doctor ran back over to Georgia and Conner. She could see him explaining that Tracy was back the way they had come, as he was pointing at the door they had entered earlier. He ran back over to her, and smiled.

“Right, we’re gonna go back through the door and find a map,” he said. “Conner was given one earlier but he dropped it in the Viewing Gallery.”

Angela had no idea what that was, but she followed him nonetheless. As they headed over to the secure door, it opened, and a masked figure burst through, carrying a gun. Immediately, all the exits to the museum sealed themselves, and the Monastery was inescapable.

“On your knees!” the masked figure shouted.

Georgia grabbed Conner’s hand and pulled him to the floor. A few feet away, Paolo and Carla hugged from their position on the floor. The Doctor got onto his knees, and Angela followed suit. She looked around at the others in the Monastery; from the three Hastings brothers, to the woman named Jessica in the sunglasses, and the overweight retired policeman named Matt Agnew, as well as the six others she didn’t know the name of, and saw everyone was too terrified to do anything.

“Show yourself,” the Doctor ordered.

The masked figure raised the gun, and pulled of the mask. Everyone gasped, and the figure smiled.

“Hello everyone,” Tracy Carter laughed.

To be continued…

Sunday, 26 September 2010

TTV Series Episode 6: The Auton Army

The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS, and headed towards the crowded shopping centre, a hairdryer in his hand. Various shoppers shot confused looks at him as he raced through the entrance and past them. He had mere minutes to get to the source – and to stop the Autons from awakening. He stopped to gather his bearings, trying to read the confusing signs overhead.

“Excuse me, but could you tell me where the toilets are?” a woman asked.
“Oh, over there,” the Doctor smiled, pointing.
“Thanks,” the woman replied. “You know, you’re the first to tell me where they are. Everyone else just gaped at me with a confused expression! I don’t know how bad they are, but I really need to go, my husband’s waiting at the car.”
“What did you say?” the Doctor frowned.
“The toilets,” the woman repeated. “Nobody knew where they were…”

The Doctor thought for a second, before gasping.

“Follow me!” he cried.

He took the woman’s hand, and pulled her off in the direction of the toilets. They stopped outside the door, and the Doctor pointed at them.

“Here,” he said. “There’s a perception filter on these toilets – that’s why no one knew where they were. This must be where the Auton Source is – I think you’d better leave.”
“Not a chance,” the woman replied. “I’m desperate for the toilet. My name’s Shelly by the way, Shelly Thwaites.”
“Nice to meet you, Shelly,” the Doctor grinned. “I’m the Doctor.”

He reached out, and pushed open the door. The pair entered the room, to find it was not a toilet, but in fact a large room filled with cables and computers. A glowing sphere was held at the centre, wired up to the largest data bank.

“Is that the Auto Source?” Shelly asked in amazement.
“Auton,” the Doctor corrected. “Mannequins, living plastic, but yes, that’s the source.”
“It’s very shiny,” Shelly noted. “But I still can’t help wonder if they have a toilet somewhere, I really am desperate.”
“I’d say not,” the Doctor shrugged. “There might be one in one of the restaurants.”
“I hadn’t thought of that,” Shelly said quietly.

The Doctor slipped on his brainy specs, and examined the Auton Source.

“What does it do?” Shelly asked. “How did it get here?”
“It activates the Autons,” the Doctor explained. “And nobody put it here. The Nestene Consciousness regularly ejects them from passing ships in the hope of killing the population, so it can stuff its fat, greedy face. There’s a whole Auton Army out there.”
“I take it that countdown there tells us when they’ll activate,” Shelly said, pointing at a clock on the wall.
“Oh, I hadn’t seen that,” the Doctor frowned. “But there’s only 20 seconds left…”

He pulled the Sonic Screwdriver from his pocket, quickly flicking through the settings. Once he had found one suitable for smashing glass, he raised it, but before he could strike, the countdown reached zero, and the Autons activated. Before he could react to the sudden screams outside the bathroom, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, and flew through the air. When he recovered himself, he saw the plastic wiring that was all over the room had grabbed him, and that the Sonic Screwdriver was several feet away.

“Shelly, duck!” he cried.

Shelly dropped to the floor, and hid behind the Auton Source. The wiring didn’t attack for fear of hitting the Source, so Shelly was safe.

“Now what do I do?” she asked.
“The Sonic Screwdriver – over there!” the Doctor pointed. “Get it, and press the button!”

Shelly reached over, but one of the wires flicked the Sonic Screwdriver across the room. Shelly darted after it, and as she seized it, the wiring grabbed her too.

“Press the button!” the Doctor cried once more.

Shelly looked down, and pressed the small button on the slim device. At once, the Auton Source smashed into a thousand pieces, and the various computer screens went red. The wiring dropped the Doctor and Shelly, but the computers continued to flash.

“What does it mean?” Shelly asked.
“There’s gonna be a massive explosion,” the Doctor said, running a hand through his hair.
“The whole shopping centre, gone…” Shelly muttered. “We’d better run!”

She took his hand, and ran from the room. Various plastic Autons were staggering around, losing their power and becoming inanimate once more. Whenever one got too close, the Doctor was used the hairdryer to ward it off, threatening to melt it with the heat.

“Wait!” Shelly cried, pulling the Doctor to a halt.

She ran over to a fire alarm, and broke the glass with her elbow. The Doctor grinned, and led the way out. When they were at a safe distance, they covered their ears, and waited for the deafening explosion, but it never came.

“It should have gone off by now,” the Doctor frowned.
“Maybe it was the small noise I heard when we left through the doors?” Shelly suggested. “It wasn’t a very big explosion if it was.”
“It must’ve been,” the Doctor sighed. “I’m a little disappointed now.”

Shelly laughed, before gasping.

“I’ve forgotten about my husband! He’s probably wondering where I am!”

The Doctor laughed as she ran off. She had almost reached the shopping centre, when she turned and waved. Smiling, the Doctor headed into the TARDIS, and continued with his mission.

The End

Friday, 24 September 2010

Episode 7: One Last Chance Preview

The Doctor
Rena Peakes
Zac Pemberton
Kaylie Watson
Beth Grant
Heiress Ecrad
Elizabeth Bell
Colin Bell
Kasper Nowak
Brian Mason
Mr. Yendell
Annie Roscastle
Polly Torrin
Captain Weston
Amy Watson
Andrea Watson
General Yorys
Captain Gifford
Private Reynolds
Private Trent
Joseph Peakes
Heir Enligirad
Catherine Ford
Mrs White

Rena Peakes has encountered many aliens in her time, but maybe there's a reason they keep turning up around her. The space-faring race known as the Gosphodphids are involved, but is there another hiding in the background. When UNIT are involved, the alien threat is going to be obvious. Whatever happens, Rena knows that there is another who will turn up - the Doctor...

Spoilers (two are red herrings):
We lose at least one of our beloved recurring characters...
Rena has a special gene
Elizabeth and Colin kidnap Brian
Amy and Andrea get in on the action
One of the Gosphodphids has a Nayragar essence inside them
Captain Weston wants eternal glory, but Captain Gifford stops her

Episode 6: The Man Who Was Thursday Part 1

“When Frank Carter bought the Upper Mount Monastery, he didn’t realise quite how ill he was. A few days afterwards, he moved into the Monastery with his daughter, Tracy, and looked after the Monks that lived there. Tracy was eleven years old when her father died of a brain tumour, and she was left to look after the Monastery. But years of relaxation and being spoilt had already taken their toll, and Tracy Carter was a villain.”

Angela Hawkins placed the story on the bedside table, and pulled the covers up to her son’s chin. She kissed his forehead, and he glanced admiringly at the story his mother had written.

“Why don’t you like Tracy Carter, mummy?” he asked.
“Well, Xander, she isn’t very nice to the Monks, is she?” Angela said. “Now, you make sure you don’t grow up to be like Tracy. Eat your vegetables, and listen to your father. That’s what’s important, son. I love you.”
“I love you too, mummy,” Xander smiled. “And I’ll do my homework and be nice to daddy. But why do you have to go away?”
“Tracy Carter wasn’t very nice to my father, when he was a Monk,” Angela explained. “And I need to talk to her about it. I won’t be coming back, Xander, so you’ve got to make sure daddy’s okay. You can do that, can’t you?”
“Yes mummy,” Xander replied. “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight,” Angela said.

She left the room, and switched off the light. As she walked down the stairs, her husband Drake reached for her hand.

“Don’t go,” he pleaded. “Tracy Carter will kill you. Everyone knows it was you who wrote those things about her all over the place – it’s treason, and she will make you pay.”
“She won’t,” Angela assured him. “Tomorrow I’ll visit the Monastery, and Tracy Carter will die.”

Title Sequence

“Right!” the Doctor beamed, running around the console. “Where do you want to go now?”
“A museum,” Georgia suggested.
“What?” Conner frowned. “You hate museums – they’re boring, you said.”
“They are,” Georgia grinned. “But when has the Doctor ever taken us to the place we actually wanted to go? We’ll end up somewhere way more exciting, all because of the Doctor’s rubbish flying of the TARDIS!”

The Doctor let out a small smile, before giving a mock sad face. He began to set the TARDIS in motion, determined to prove Georgia wrong and make her pay by taking her to the world’s most boring museum.

“We’re here,” he said. “Why don’t you go first, Georgia?”

Georgia raised her eyebrows, but headed to the doors nonetheless. She opened them and sighed.

“We. Are. At. A. Museum.”
“Is something wrong?” the Doctor asked innocently.
“Nothing,” Georgia smiled sweetly. “Come on Conner, let’s go explore.”

Conner hesitated, so Georgia shot him a glare. He looked at the Doctor, and hurried towards the doors. Stepping out of the TARDIS, he looked around, and saw a very old room, with high ceilings and boxes containing ancient books and scrolls.

“World’s most boring museum?” he asked the Doctor, who was locking the TARDIS.
“Yep,” the Doctor grinned satisfactorily.
“Hey, look!” Georgia called from where she was stood beside a glass box nearby. “They have an iPhone in here!”

Conner headed over to have a look, and sure enough, an iPhone sat in the glass box. He read the description underneath, which talked about an unidentified object from many centuries ago.

“They don’t even know what an iPhone is,” he laughed. “Doctor – this must be a long time from the 21st Century, right? What year is it?”
“It’s the year 7154,” the Doctor announced. “And we are in the public sector of the Upper Mount Monastery, which is currently owned by either Frank or Tracy Carter.”
“Do they argue about who owns it?” Georgia smirked.
“No, I just can’t remember the date of Frank’s death,” the Doctor said. “Tracy is his daughter. I’ve heard the years under her command were particularly turbulent.”

Angela Hawkins entered the room, walking past various people, heading over to an exhibit.

“Sorry,” she muttered, as she knocked into the Doctor.
“No problem,” the Doctor smiled. “Listen, you don’t know – oh, you don’t.”

Angela had ignored him, and was now pretending to examine something the Monks believed to be called a CD. She read the description, which explained that the CD contained something called Like a Prayer by someone called Madonna. All Angela had to do was wait until the museum emptied, and the Monks went to sleep for the night. She would hide from any guards, go to Tracy’s room, and make her pay.

“Go ask someone who owns this place,” the Doctor said to Georgia.
“Why me?” Georgia moaned.
“Fine,” the Doctor sighed. “Conner, go ask someone who owns the Monastery.”
“Oh, but I’m having such fun here,” Conner said sarcastically. “If it means I don’t have to look at this iPhone anymore… I mean, come on, we have these at home! Are you telling me we travelled to the 72nd Century to see something we could see at home?!”

He headed to the furthest people, causing the Doctor to groan – he was just about to make a fool of himself to a couple who were busy having a romantic time looking at Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

“Hello,” Conner smiled, reaching the couple. “You couldn’t tell me who owns the Monastery, could you?”
“Of course,” the woman replied. “Tracy Carter.”
“Thanks,” Conner said. “It’s just I thought her dad owned it…”
“Not for several years,” the man explained. “Are you a tourist?”
“Something like that,” Conner shrugged. “I’m Conner, by the way.”
“Paolo Moretti,” the man smiled, shaking Conner’s hand. “You’ve got a nice firm grip, that’s good, that is.”
“Carla Moretti,” the woman added. “We recently got married, so it feels pretty new saying that!”
“Congratulations,” Conner nodded. “Oh, there’s a Monk, I’ll go find out more from him. Thanks!”

He smiled at the newlyweds and headed over to the Monk. The Monk, who was wearing brown robes and had a shaved head, had just stepped through a door from a secure area, and was busy reattaching the rope in front of the door.

“Hello,” Conner said. “My name’s Conner Bennet and I’m writing an article for the Galactic Times, and I was wondering if I could talk to Tracy Carter?”
“She’s not available for interviews, I’m afraid,” the Monk frowned. “But myself and the other Monks are free at this moment. Aren’t you a little young to be a reporter?”
“I avoid sun beds like the Plague,” Conner explained. “I just look young and good looking – I’m actually nearly forty, and very ugly. If you would lead the way? Sorry, I didn’t catch your name…”
“Father Gabriel,” the Monk replied.

He undid the rope to the secure area, and led the way through the door. Across the room, Georgia and the Doctor watched the two disappear. There were no other Monks or guards, so they headed across the museum and went through the door.

“Where do you suppose Conner went?” Georgia asked, as she looked around. “The walls are made of stone… This is more like a Monastery, much better than that excuse for a museum.”
“I heard him mention an interview,” the Doctor explained. “Follow me.”
“You heard that?” Georgia frowned. “But he was all the way across the other side of the room.”
“I have good hearing,” the Doctor shrugged.

Together they made their way along several stone corridors, until they heard Conner’s voice, and the sound of his footsteps heading up a stone staircase.

“So, how many Monks have you got at the moment?” he was saying.
“Only the three of us,” Father Gabriel said. “A few weeks ago there were a lot more, almost twenty, but they had a dispute with Tracy Carter. Though I shouldn’t really say that, she’s having a stressful time at the moment, what with the Flood…”
“I can see how that would be a problem,” Conner lied, pretending to know what Gabriel was saying. “Is it through here? Oh, thank you. Hello, my name’s Conner Bennet, and you are?”

He had clearly met the other three Monks, and as Georgia made her way up the stairs, preparing to enter the room, the Doctor stopped her.

“Conner’s got those three covered,” he said. “And while they’re out of the way, why don’t we go and meet the infamous Tracy Carter? She’s got to be around somewhere.”
“As long as you know where you’re going,” Georgia replied. “This Monastery’s huge, and I don’t wanna be walking forever, like that time you got us lost looking for Starbucks in Padstow.”
“How was I to know Padstow didn’t have a Starbucks?” the Doctor protested.

Georgia laughed, and continued up the staircase. Meanwhile, Conner had been given a cup of something which resembled tea, and a seat. Father Gabriel took a chair opposite, while Father Noah sat on his left, and Father Isaac sat on his right.

“So, when did you first become a Monk?” Conner asked Father Gabriel.
“After my mother died,” Father Gabriel explained. “It upset me so much, and I just knew I’d find help and support at the Monastery.”
“And was that when Frank Carter owned it?” Conner wondered.
“Yes, and it was a lot different then,” Father Gabriel smiled.
“Don’t,” Father Isaac warned.
“Don’t what?” Conner asked.
“Mr Bennet, have you heard of the Flood?” Father Noah asked, changing the subject. “I suppose not. The public don’t have to worry about the Flood, but Tracy and we Monks have to be very careful indeed.”
“What’s the Flood?” Conner frowned.
“Creatures made of water,” Father Isaac said, clearly enjoying the retelling of an old story. “If you touch even a drop of water, the Flood will take over you, and you will kill everyone here.”
“An old ghost story?” Conner asked.
“No, it’s true,” Father Gabriel said. “We have to be extremely careful that we don’t touch a single drop. You make sure you don’t either.”

Conner nodded, shuddering. Father Isaac chuckled quietly, clearly pleased that the story had some effect.

“I think we’ll take a break, let you lot get on with some things,” Conner said. “Is there anywhere I can go just to think?”
“There’s the Viewing Gallery,” Father Gabriel smiled. “It has windows in the ceiling, where you can look at the stars.”
“Where is it?” Conner asked.
“Take this map,” Father Gabriel replied, handing Conner a battered map. “It’s the section marked in blue. You enter through the glass door. I expect you want to prepare some more questions… I have to say, I’m very excited for this interview to be published.”

Conner laughed a loud, nervous laugh, and left the room. Tracy Carter looked out from the tallest room of the Monastery – the Astronomy Base. The clouds were dark, and the sky twisted, as if a thunderstorm was coming. She set down her champagne glass, and looked at the ever blackening sky.

“A storm is coming…” she muttered.

Grabbing her champagne glass, she left the room, and went back down the stairs. Little did she know, she was right, and that in a short time, a great big storm would arrive – in the form of Petr Costravalos.

To be continued…

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mini Ep. 6: Cactus Town

The Doctor stepped out from the TARDIS, and Georgia followed, slipping on her shoes.

“Where are we?” she asked.
“Cactus Town,” the Doctor beamed. “Come on!”
“Cactus Town?” Georgia frowned.
“Its real name is far too complicated to pronounce,” the Doctor shrugged, heading along the corridor. “I’ve always had trouble with the word Xylophone.”

Georgia headed after him, looking at the dilapidated doors and rusty walls as they passed. She thought about Conner, and how the Doctor had left him at home. Apparently, ‘he needed to spend more time with Beth, cos someone wouldn’t get their act together and ask him out’. Georgia still didn’t fully understand this, but thoughts of Conner drifted from her mind as she saw yet another rusting door.

“Why don’t they take better care of this place?” she asked. “The people who live here, I mean.”
“Because they’re cactuses,” the Doctor replied. “They can’t move if their roots are in the ground.”
“Yeah, cos that makes sense,” Georgia said sarcastically. “Build a place that you can’t look after. How did they build it anyway? You said they can’t move.”
“I dunno,” the Doctor shrugged. “Cactus Town was built years ago, nobody knows who by. Ah, here we our – I present, our mode of transport…”

Georgia’s mouth fell open. It was a zip-wire consisting of a small seat to wrap your legs around, and a flimsy wire leading off into the darkness over a colossal drop. Before she could so much as gulp, Georgia saw the Doctor flying off into the darkness. He landed on the other side with a thump, and after a few footsteps he fell silent. There was a whirring, and the zip-wire shot back to Georgia, almost hitting her in the face.

“Here goes nothing…” she muttered.

She climbed onto the zip-wire, wrapping her legs around it. Out of nerves, she threw herself from the ledge a little too hard, and flew to the other side. But instead of stopping, the wire became tight, and pulled her backwards due to the speed. When she opened her eyes, she saw she was hanging over the large dark chasm, alone.

“Doctor?” she asked helplessly.

The Doctor blinked, and found that he had moved. He looked around, and found himself in a small contained room.

“Hello?” he called.
“What is your name?” a voice asked back.
“The Doctor. Who are you?”
“We are the Cactus Union,” the voice replied. “We were watching you on the monitor – you said that we couldn’t move.”
“You’re the cactuses?” the Doctor frowned.
“We learnt to walk,” the Cactus Union said. “And we learned to fight. We’re as fast as ninjas now.”
“Ninja Cactus people, that’s a first,” the Doctor remarked. “I guess that’s how I ended up here – you’re so fast, I didn’t even see you take me here. That is fast, cos I’m not human, and my eyesight is much faster than an average human…”
“We’re as fast as ninjas now,” the Cactus Union repeated.
“Yeah, well I’m a Time Lord,” the Doctor replied.

The Cactus Union gasped.

“You’re bluffing,” it growled.
“Look me up,” the Doctor said.

There was a whirring of machinery, and the doors opened. The Doctor stepped out of the sealed room, and came face to face with a Cactus.

“You may leave,” the Cactus Union said.
“What about my friend?” the Doctor frowned. “Where is she?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the Cactus Union glared. “Now leave, while you still have the chance.”

Georgia’s arms were getting tired, and before she knew it, she was slipping from the zip-wire. Suddenly, she let go, and fell through the darkness, screaming. Something crashed into her, and by the time she opened her eyes, she was being carried over the shoulder of a Cactus to a dark room. She blinked once more, and found herself being thrown into a cage. The cage was then hung out of the window, waiting for the Doctor.

“Let me go!” Georgia cried.

The Cactus ignored her, and left the room. The Doctor headed back the way he had previously come, keeping an eye out for Georgia. Maybe she had returned to the TARDIS, unwilling to try the zip-wire? Or maybe the Cactus’ had her… He reached the zip-wire, and grabbed hold of it. A few seconds later, he reached the TARDIS, and was opening the doors. Immediately he could tell Georgia was not there; she would be waiting for him by the console, or running towards him as soon as he stepped through the door, but she was nowhere to be found.

“Right, I know how to locate her…” the Doctor muttered.

He pulled the scanner so it was in front of him, and began to work. Georgia waited in the cage, and gasped when she heard the TARDIS materialising.

“The Doctor’s here!” the Cactus guarding her gasped.

It ran for the safety of the door, but missed, and hit the wall instead, knocking itself out. The Doctor left the TARDIS, and grinned at Georgia.

“Well that was easier than I thought it would be,” he commented.
“Get me out of here!” Georgia said, spluttering with laughter.

The Doctor raised the Sonic Screwdriver, and the cage opened creakily. Georgia climbed out, and ran over to the Doctor.

“Right, now what?” she asked excitedly.
“Hang on…” the Doctor thought. “Wait here.”

He disappeared into the TARDIS, leaving Georgia waiting beside it. Seconds later, he reappeared, with a small glowing sphere.

“What’s that?” Georgia asked.
“It’s devolutioniser,” the Doctor explained. “It will take the Cactus Union back to their original, unmoving forms, and slow down their evolution. They’re becoming too confident, and before long they’ll try and fight other planets. It’s doing everyone a favour really.”
“Nice,” Georgia grinned.

She watched as the Doctor headed over to the window, and threw the sphere out of it. He quickly raced back to the TARDIS, and shoved her inside. He slammed the doors behind them, and the TARDIS dematerialised.

“That was quick,” Georgia noted.
“The devolutionary gases had escaped into the atmosphere, and I didn’t want any of them to reach us, cos you know, that would be bad,” the Doctor nodded.
“So now where?”

The Doctor thought for a moment, before setting the TARDIS on course.

“Well, after picking Conner up, I thought we could go for lunch,” he suggested. “I mean, if you don’t want to, it’s fine… But I was gonna pay…”
“You’re gonna pay?” Georgia laughed. “Now that is something new. Sure, we’ll come. Where were you thinking of going anyway?”
“The Parlours of Rickstaan,” the Doctor smiled. “They do the most amazing ice-cream.”

He led the way out of the TARDIS, which was now parked near Beth’s house. Georgia smiled, and followed him.

The End

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Episode 5: Rise of the Nayragar Part 5

The Woman and Ezio looked at each other nervously from the seats they were sitting in, in General Nay’s control room. Traynar and Quetragar were talking quietly in the corner of the room, and two guards were watching over the Humans with emotionless faces. Vasray staggered into the room with a large bag.
“What are you doing?” Quetragar asked.
“Leaving, like I’ve been told,” Vasray replied.
“You can’t let him bully you,” Traynar said.
“Look, something is wrong with Ridgebull, she always liked me and now...” Vasray muttered, “I need you to find out what’s wrong with her because then maybe she’ll put a stop to General Nay’s plans.”
“You don’t mean stop his plans, do you?” Quetragar replied, indicating the guards with a movement of her head.
“Those guards won’t say anything, they have edited essences, their real essences are in Attila’s two main bodyguards,” Vasray explained, “They’ve been misguiding Attila ever since we found out he was the true wielder.”
“Looks like we aren’t in the know then,” Traynar commented.

“Well, I’d better get going, I don’t want to be here when General Nay gets back,” Vasray said.
“There’s always one way of stopping him,” Quetragar said, stepping forward, before Vasray could leave.
“No, that’s high treason,” Traynar said immediately.
“What are you talking about?” Vasray asked.
“Murder,” Quetragar said nervously, “I couldn’t do it, seeing as I’m not allowed to carry a gun, but one of you two...”
“I’m not risking my life!” Traynar snapped.
“You could save a whole planet!” Quetragar snarled.
“I’m not going to die!” Traynar shouted, and Quetragar crossed her arms and turned to Vasray.
“That devil has mistreated you for years, he locked you in your room for a whole week,” Quetragar told Vasray, as if he had forgotten, “You could stop him.”
“No, I’m leaving...” Vasray replied quietly, and he left the room.

“If you need me to...” the Woman began.
“Don’t be silly, you’re a Human,” Quetragar said sneering.
“A Human who you said you wanted to save,” the Woman replied, “And I’m stronger and fiercer and more determined than any female that has ever walked on this planet!”
“You can say that, but you are not intelligent, are you? You know nothing of science, and you think you can work a gun?” Quetragar said nastily.
“I may know little of your mighty technologies, but I am one to learn,” the Woman replied, “And why would I use a gun, when I am perfectly happy with my sword?”
“Because you won’t get anywhere near him with a sword, the only way to kill him is with a gun,” Quetragar muttered.

“Look, nobody is going to kill General Nay,” Traynar said.
“But if we don’t do something, then he’ll destroy our home,” Ezio said.
“He’s coming, be silent,” Quetragar ordered.

General Nay pushed Encwar into his control room with the tip of his gun. The Woman and Ezio stood up and stared as the Doctor, Georgia and Conner were forced into the room by several Nayragar. Attila then marched in, looking defiant. Traynar and Quetragar moved from the corner of the room and looked at the new arrivals with nervous looks on their faces.

“What’s going on?” Traynar asked.
“I am second in command!” Attila announced.
“Is that idiot Vasray still around?” General Nay demanded, ignoring Traynar.
“No, he’s gone,” Quetragar said, frowning.
“What’s happened to Vasray?” Georgia demanded, causing Conner to stand on her foot, “I mean, who’s Vasray?”
“What did I say about not talking?” General Nay snapped, “This one’s just as annoying as Ridgebull.”

“Wait a second,” Quetragar said, stepping forward, so she could look closer at Georgia.
“What are you doing?” General Nay hissed.
“I need to check on Ridgebull,” Quetragar replied, pushing past General Nay, as she left the room.
“Females,” Attila muttered.
“Careful, this is an equal society, not like your barbarian empire,” Traynar said.
“What did you say to me?” Attila roared.

“Attila the Hun,” the Woman said standing up.
“I told you not to talk too!” General Nay roared.
“Shut up!” the Woman snarled, punching General Nay in the face, before drawing her sword. Attila followed her movements and sneered at the Woman.
“You have no chance of beating me in battle, woman,” Attila growled.
“I know, but I can try,” the Woman replied, as she took a swipe at Attila with her sword. Attila swung his sword and it clanged against the Woman’s.
“Stop, you saved my life, now don’t do this,” the Doctor told the Woman.
“Yeah, that sword is magical, don’t fight him,” Georgia said, stepping forward.

Quetragar ran past a guard and down a flight of stairs until she reached the corridor which led to the different cells. Brushing closely past a Nayragar guard, she walked quickly up to one of the doors and knocked on it. Georgia looked up, as she heard somebody knock on the cell door.

“Hello?” Georgia said.
“It’s Quetragar, and your real name is?” Quetragar asked.
“Ridgebull,” Georgia replied, in a confused voice.
“In body, yes, but in essence, you are not, you are a human,” Quetragar explained, “Your body is upstairs, with Ridgebull’s essence inside.”
“What am I doing upstairs?” Georgia asked.
“General Nay has captured the Doctor, Attila and some others so he can put his plan into action,” Quetragar explained, “You’re going to have to move quickly!”

“Get me out of here?” Georgia replied.
“I know where the TARDIS is!” Quetragar explained.
“But I can’t fly the TARDIS,” Georgia pointed out, “Now get me out of here! Seriously, I’m really hungry!”
“Oh, it’s not good to eat when you’re in another essence’s body,” Quetragar replied.
“Oh well that’s great!” Georgia moaned loudly.
“But I pick pocketed the guards gun,” Quetragar said smiling. The guard turned around with a look of shock, and Quetragar spun round.
“Oops,” Quetragar muttered, firing the gun at the guard, who collapsed, “Sorry, I only stunned you though. I’m sorry!”
“He can’t hear you,” Georgia said, rolling her eyes, “Now get me out!” Quetragar fired the gun at the lock and the door burst open.
“This way,” Quetragar said firmly.

Humbert stood before the rebels, who all shared a similar look of panic. Attila had been watching them the whole time, what if the Huns knew about the cave?
“Be quiet!” Humbert called over the panicked voices of the rebels, but they continued talking. Some of them were packing their things away and some of them had already fled through the wall of the cave.
“SILENCE!” Humbert yelled at the top of his voice, and the cave fell silent. “Listen, everybody, we are going to have to fight these alien creatures, otherwise they will destroy the world. Now we can try and find their base through the tunnels.”

“What about the Huns?” a rebel called out.
“Look, they don’t have Attila at the moment, so they aren’t as powerful!” Humbert explained.
“Then why don’t we take back Tointraken, while he’s gone?” a rebel with a large beard called. This was followed by several calls of agreement.
“No, okay, we have to stop them from destroying the world,” Humbert replied, “It’s our town, or the world, now please, join me.”

The Woman looked from Attila to the Doctor, Georgia and Conner with a confused look. General Nay picked himself off the floor, with a look of outrage on his face. Ezio stood up and quickly drew his sword and pointed it directly at General Nay’s neck, as General Nay pulled out a gun and pointed it at the Woman. Attila pointed his sword at the Woman, and Georgia, in turn, pulled out a gun and pointed it at Attila.

“Well this was fun,” Conner commented sarcastically.
“Shut up,” Ridgebull, in Georgia’s form, snapped back.
“I will not stop at killing you,” General Nay hissed at the Woman.
“Neither will I,” Attila growled, “You’re the one in charge of the rebellion, aren’t you? The secret rebellion. Your base is in a secret cave, but I found it, with my guards, and right now there should be a Hun army massing towards it...”
“No,” the Woman said in a shocked and distraught voice, as she lowered her sword slightly.
“Oh no, that’s my fault, I left the door open...” Encwar began.

“I don’t care about your petty life troubles, this is the hour when this Earth will become a wreck and Attila shall be crowned as one of the Kings of the Universe!” General Nay announced.
“Not if we can help it,” Conner replied.
“Guards, stun all of them, lock them up, except for the traitor, and the blonde one,” General Nay ordered, lowering his gun, as the guards fired shots at Ezio and Conner.
“Sir, you can’t do that...” Traynar interrupted.
“As usual Traynar, shut up,” General Nay said, as the Woman was stunned and Attila sneered.
“Why am I not gettin’ killed?” Georgia snapped.
“Because, Ridgebull, you aren’t so good at hiding your personality, and Quetragar isn’t clever,” General Nay replied, “Now, let’s get into the tunnels. We shall hold the event in the cave of ages.”

Quetragar dragged the real Georgia past another stunned guard and up a long corridor. If anybody had been watching in General Nay’s control room, they would have been in deep trouble. Suddenly, Quetragar stopped on the corner of a corridor.
“What’s wrong?” Georgia hissed.
“It’s that Doctor bloke, and three other humans being dragged along a corridor by a group of guards,” Quetragar said.
“Stun them,” Georgia hissed.
“There’s too many of them, they’ll see me,” Quetragar replied.
“Fine I’ll do it,” Georgia said, pushing Quetragar out of the way.
“You don’t have a gun,” Quetragar whined.
“I picked one up from one of the other guards you shot,” Georgia answered quickly, “Let’s get this over and done with, it looks like the Doctor’s already starting to wake up.” Georgia and Quetragar aimed and fired their guns, stunning the four guards in a couple of shots, and Georgia accidentally shot Ezio too.

“Doctor!” Georgia said, running up the corridor towards the waking Doctor.
“You’re Georgia, I’m guessing?” the Doctor commented sleepily.
“What’s going on?” Georgia asked. The Doctor looked at Georgia alarmed and then he jumped up.
“Georgia, you wait with this lot till they wake up,” the Doctor ordered, before turning to Quetragar, who looked vague, “You, you know your way around here. Get me to one of the labs!”
“Yes sir,” Quetragar said nodding, as the Doctor and Quetragar rushed off down the corridor.
“So I just wait here?” Georgia moaned, “When do I get changed back? Hello?” Georgia made a frustrated noise and sat down next to Conner, whose eyes were slowly opening.

“Wha’appened?” Conner said slowly.
“I don’t know, the Doctor didn’t tell me,” Georgia muttered.
“GEORGIA!” Conner exploded, hugging Ridgebull, who he hadn’t, at first, realised was Georgia. Georgia hugged Conner back with a smile on her Nayragar face.
“It’s great to see you again, but how flippin’ dare you turn me into an alien!” Georgia snarled, “I woke up, confused, also what actually happened to me, I think I remember a Lion but...”
“You died,” Conner said.
“I what?” Georgia hissed.
“Not now, will explain everything later, we need to stop Attila destroying the world,” Conner explained.

“What’s going on?” the Woman asked, stretching, “I thought we were being locked up.”
“Yeah, me and Quetragar stunned the guards,” Georgia explained, “I’m Georgia by the way, I’m actually Human, it’s confusing.”
“Yes, I’m very confused,” the Woman admitted.
“Basically, Attila isn’t himself, which is why he’s been acting so strange lately, the aliens have been altering his mind,” Conner explained, “They did this because he’s the only one that can wield this magical sword that can destroy the world, so that the Nayragar can terraform this place and make it their home planet.”
“But why’s she helping?” the Woman asked, with a very confused look on her face.
“I’m not actually human,” Georgia whined, glaring at Conner.
“Hey, we had to put your essence in Ridgebull’s body otherwise Ridgebull would die,” Conner explained, as the Doctor and Quetragar came sprinting down the corridor holding several strange implements in their hands.

“Doctor, what...?” Conner began.
“No time, I need to create something to return Attila’s essence to normal so...” the Doctor began.
“Oh...” Conner said, looking at the Woman.
“What?” the Woman replied.
“I think I’m right in thinking that you’ve been here before?” Conner asked.
“Well, I think I have,” the Woman muttered.
“Ah, your memories have been compressed as you have more than one essence in your body,” the Doctor explained at a rapid pace, “You have some of Attila’s essence, and so we need to return it to Attila.”
“I changed, I became stronger, but nicer in some ways,” the Woman muttered.
“Attila was alright before the Nayragar edited his essence, but now we can return his essence to him, so he won’t want to destroy the world,” the Doctor continued.

“How you gonna do that?” Georgia asked.
“With this thing,” the Doctor said giving Ridgebull-Georgia the strange things he was carrying and pulling out his sonic screwdriver.
“With what thing?” Georgia asked in an exasperated voice.
“You haven’t changed,” the Doctor commented.
“Well duh,” Georgia whined.
“So we can still stop what’s going on?” the Woman said.
“Yes, we’d better get moving soon though, those guards look like they’re waking up,” the Doctor pointed out.
“Ezio hasn’t woken up either,” the Woman muttered.
“Yeah, kinda my fault, I shot him,” Georgia said, with a shrug.

“Can all Nayragar gather in the Cave of Ages, immediately please,” Traynar’s voice echoed around the corridor.
“Come on!” the Woman said, running off.
“Wait!” the Doctor called, as Conner began to run after her. The Doctor, Georgia and Quetragar followed clumsily, as they were still carrying the strange objects that the Doctor was using to make whatever he was making. Just then Ezio began to stir.
“What...?” Ezio muttered as he saw figures running away from him.

General Nay stood in the centre of the cave, as the Nayragar began to settle themselves along the edge of the cavern. Attila was standing next to General Nay, and on his other side stood Traynar, who had a nervous looking Encwar at gunpoint.

“And now the ceremony begins!” General Nay shouted to the crowd, “Attila shall become a God of the Universe!”
“So, I become a god, at the cost of the Earth,” Attila said.
“That’s right, the Earth is tiny compared to the empire you shall have throughout space,” General Nay told Attila in a persuading voice, “And the Earth will not be destroyed, but improved.”
“And the Huns?” Attila questioned.
“Will go down in History,” General Nay hissed. Traynar looked at the ground, General Nay was lying to Attila, and now he realised that if he didn’t do something soon it would be too late.
“He lies!” Traynar shouted, “Attila, all Human life will be destroyed! You are just going to become some weapon of the Nayragar!”
“A load of rubbish!” General Nay roared, “He is jealous because he doesn’t get to become a ruler of the Universe! And this is what we do to people who spread malicious lies!” General Nay took out his gun and shot Traynar in the chest.
“Please...” Traynar said to Encwar, as he lay on the ground, “Die...” Traynar’s eyes then became unfocused and glassy as life left him.

The Doctor ran into General Nay’s control room, followed swiftly by Quetragar and Georgia and a few seconds later by Ezio, who was panting and had a confused look on his face.
“Doctor, the Woman didn’t come in here,” Georgia panted.
“I know, this is a detour...” the Doctor muttered, as he rushed over to the control panel and pressed two buttons in.
“What are you doing?” Quetragar asked.
“Well, by the look of these screens there’s mass movement in the tunnels, Huns, Lions and the rebels,” the Doctor explained, “We need to do anything we can to stop General Nay’s plans. So I’m opening all doors!”

A shepherd looked on in awe as a huge hill erupted from the ground with a lit entrance that led into a cave. The hill seemed to be sloping steeply on one side. Inside the cave doors appeared along the edge of the cavern, leading to tunnels beneath the Earth and in the tunnels, huge stone slabs whooshed from the ground to reveal an endless maze of tunnels.

Humbert led the Huns through the tunnels with a determined look on his face. He was carrying a sword in one hand and a flaming torch in the other.
“Hurry up!” Humbert called, but then suddenly several things happened at once. A part of the tunnel wall seemed to fall away and Humbert ran through it into a large cave, followed closely by the leading group of the rebel army. A lion crashed through the ceiling of the tunnel and roared. A group of Huns led by Attila’s main two body guards appeared at the other end of the cave, and several Lions ran into the cave from entrances that were appearing in the ground, on the roof and along the walls.
“Fight!” Humbert yelled, and the rebels roared in response.

The Doctor ran down the stone steps, making his strange essence-transferring gun as he ran, to the annoyance of Georgia and Quetragar who were still carrying several items. Ezio was following slowly behind, checking that nobody was following them.

“Nearly finished,” the Doctor exclaimed.
“You do need the things I‘m carrying, right?” Georgia asked.
“Um... no, they were just spares, things always break...” the Doctor replied sheepishly.
“DOCTOR!” Georgia said angrily.

General Nay rose the goblet to his mouth and drained the glass before giving it to Encwar, who placed the goblet at Attila’s feet.
“The goblet matches the sword, and they must be brought together for the magic to work,” Encwar stated, “All watchers must now kneel! And Attila must destroy the goblet with the sword...” Attila swung the sword at the goblet, which sprang into millions of pieces.
“Now, the final verse,” General Nay cackled.
“Alakamarte sayteram Nayragar foil, Of boil erk, merge,” Encwar recited from an old book, and Attila felt the golden sword become slightly heavier.
“What is going on?” Attila asked.
“The sword is becoming a weapon of mass destruction,” General Nay said, smiling. Suddenly, the Woman rushed into the cave, and she spotted Attila. She charged at him with her sword drawn and her face filled with determination.

“Stop her!” General Nay commanded, and two Nayragar grabbed her from behind, but she fought them off, knocking them both to the ground.
“I contain part of him!” the Woman shouted to the crowd.
“What?” General Nay muttered.
“I have some of his soul, his nice parts, which you took away,” the Woman explained.
“What is going on?” Attila grunted, as Conner ran into the room, and walked nervously towards the Woman, as the Nayragar’s heads began to turn so they could look at him.

“Sorry about this,” Conner said.
“Oh don’t say sorry,” Ridgebull called from Georgia’s body, “That git is going to destroy the world.”
“Control them!” General Nay yelled, and a couple of Nayragar fired ropes at the Humans, which wrapped themselves around them.
“No!” Conner exclaimed.

“Continue Encwar,” General Nay ordered.
“No,” Encwar replied.
“What?” General Nay snapped.
“I’m not helping you anymore!” Encwar replied.
“So be it,” General Nay snarled, firing a shot at Encwar, whose eyes rolled before he fell to the ground, dead.
“How dare you kill the Caller! That’s against the law!” Ridgebull yelled.
“Silence them!” General Nay ordered, and a few Nayragar gagged Conner, the Woman and Ridgebull. He looked around the room with fury bubbling inside him. Nothing more could go wrong, not now.
“The ceremony is almost over; I can finish the last verse!” General Nay announced to the room.

Humbert fought his way past two Huns, one rather huge, and he then killed a rather ferocious looking Lion. The Huns and Rebels were fighting each other, and the Lions were attacking anyone in sight. Humbert was now on the opposite side of the Cave, fighting one of Attila’s two bodyguards, who were both fighting their best.

“You will not kill me,” Humbert said, saying each word as his sword clanged against the bodyguard’s.
“I am not Human!” the bodyguard replied sneering.
“What?” Humbert said, stopping his attack. The bodyguard laughed a cruel laugh and Humbert took his chance and sliced off the guard’s head.
“You can still die,” Humbert commented. He turned and did not expect to see another cave, and sprinting through it were three figures; The Doctor, Georgia, Ezio and one of the Nayragar. The Doctor seemed to be carrying a strange metal object in one of his hands.

“Doctor!” Humbert yelled, running towards the figures. Georgia turned around and stopped the Doctor from running further.
“Humbert!” Ezio exclaimed.
“Humbert, no time, but what is going on?” the Doctor said.
“It’s the Huns and those Lions, they’re attacking us,” Humbert explained.
“Uh oh, Lion heading this way,” Georgia muttered.
“Run!” Quetragar snapped, and she led the way into a tunnel, followed closely by the Doctor, Georgia and Humbert.

“Fire from the darkest power, night and day will not slander,” General Nay recited, as smoke began emitting from the tip of Attila’s sword, “Time and time again we say, war doesn’t matter on night nor day.” The ground began to shake, and parts of the cavern’s ceiling fell to the ground.
“Fire to the world, fire from death, heat this place and give the wielder power!” General Nay roared to the sky, as Attila’s sword, burst into flames, but Attila found that he couldn’t let go.

“At last!” General Nay cackled, as the Doctor, Georgia, Quetragar, Ezio and Humbert rushed into the room. The Doctor pointed the gun-like object he was carrying at General Nay, who spun around.
“You can’t stop me now, Doctor, and what’s that supposed to be?” General Nay laughed.
“Something that can transfer essences,” the Doctor replied.
“Attila, destroy the world!” General Nay roared, and as Attila raised his sword, the world began to shake, and more rocks fell from the ceiling. Red fire shot out of Attila’s sword and swirled in a mist above Attila’s head.

“We’re too late!” Georgia yelled from Ridgebull’s body.
“I’m so sorry!” Quetragar muttered. The Doctor pointed the gun at the Woman and shot a beam of white light towards her. Something green shot out of the Woman and shot towards Attila who fell to the ground.
“I said destroy the world!” General Nay roared.
“No!” Attila replied, and the fire from his sword vanished.
“YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!” General Nay shouted.
“Don’t, Attila, or your empire will be destroyed,” the Doctor said, “The Nayragar took part of your ess... soul away. They’ve been treating you like a puppet of theirs, even taking over the minds of your two bodyguards to guide you here!”
“So you could become a God!” General Nay replied.
“Don’t believe him!” Ridgebull shouted from Georgia’s body, as a group of Lions rushed into the room followed closely by a group of Huns, and then a group of rebels. The Nayragar rushed forward and a battle commenced, as Georgia and Quetragar quickly freed the others.

“Where’s General Nay?” Conner asked.
“I don’t know,” Ridgebull replied, standing up. She came face to face with her own body, with a different essence inside.
“This is weird,” Georgia commented, staring at herself.
“Humbert,” the Woman cried, hugging Humbert, who looked shocked, “For so long my mind has been clouded, but now I can come back to you.”
“Who are you?” Humbert asked, and the Woman took off the cloak hiding her face, to reveal a beautiful and very recognisable face.
“Eden!” Humbert exclaimed, hugging his wife, with tears flooding his eyes. Suddenly, a Lion rushed forward and Quetragar shot it quickly.
“We have to go! Now!” Quetragar said, as a couple of Huns broke free of the fight and charged at them, causing Georgia to shoot them both.
“I agree!” Georgia said, and the seven of them exited the cave via the tunnel that General Nay had ran off through, followed by Attila and the Doctor.

“Where’s Traynar?” Quetragar asked Ridgebull.
“I’m sorry, he’s dead!” Ridgebull replied in Georgia’s voice.
“We will be too, if we don’t hurry up!” Ezio snapped.

General Nay ran up the stone steps towards the base, but Attila was close after him. General Nay tripped and fell to the floor, as the Doctor appeared on the scene.
“Attila, you’re better than this!” the Doctor called, “Don’t kill him!”
“But they tricked me...” Attila began.
“No, kill me! Do it! You know you want to!” General Nay hissed. Attila roared and suddenly something exploded from Attila’s sword. A shockwave shook the Earth, and everyone inside the tunnels felt it. General Nay smirked as he ran into the base, away from Attila.

“Not too fast!” Vasray snarled, blocking General Nay’s path.
“You aren’t supposed to be here!” General Nay roared.
“Sorry about that,” Vasray replied, smirking, “Bye now!” Vasray shot General Nay in the heart, as Attila aimed his sword at the Nayragar base, which exploded, with extreme force. The Doctor ducked, as he spotted a familiar blue object fly through the fire.

“What’s that?” Conner yelled, pointing up the tunnel, at the wall of fire that was heading their way.
“We need to get outside!” Quetragar yelled, “Come on!” Quetragar led the way back down the tunnel and through another door into another cave. Ridgebull spotted the Doctor’s strange essence-transferring gun, and picked it up before fleeing the wall of fire, that was getting closer and closer.

Quetragar pushed open a metal door, and ran out onto the Earth’s surface, followed closely by Georgia, still in Ridgebull’s form, then Conner, Eden, Humbert, Ezio and Ridgebull bringing up the rear.
“Duck!” Georgia yelled, as smoke whooshed through the door and spread itself into the air.
“I can’t breathe,” Quetragar sighed.
“Neither can I,” Georgia muttered.
“Must be the smoke,” Humbert said.
“No, Nayragar can’t survive outside, I’m sorry,” Conner muttered, “Georgia, I won't let you use that...”

“I’m not Georgia! I’m Ridgebull, Georgia’s the one suffocating!” Ridgebull exclaimed, “And I will gladly give up my life for one who saves others.”
“But...” Eden muttered.
“I’m sorry,” Conner said, holding Georgia’s hand. Ridgebull flet tears in Georgia’s eyes, and she blinked them away, as she pulled the trigger of the gun. A white beam shot towards Ridgebull’s lifeless body, and a yellow mist shot out of it and into Georgia’s body. Georgia opened her own eyes, and began to cry.
“Georgia!” Conner said, hugging his friend.
“I’m so sorry,” Georgia said, as she rushed to hold Ridgebull and Quetragar’s hands.
“We saved the Earth,” Ridgebull replied smiling, “Good luck saving it again...” With that Ridgebull closed her eyes, and breathed no more, as the TARDIS materialised on Quetragar’s body.

Quetragar opened her eyes to find herself in a large spherical control room. Standing above her was the Doctor, who was grinning.
“We’re taking you back to your home planet, is that alright? Oh and make sure you warn the Nayragar not to come back,” the Doctor said. Georgia and Conner smiled at Quetragar before resuming their conversation.

“It’s good to have you back Georgia,” Conner said, “Now then, it’s about time I explained to you what happened.”
“Oh I don’t really want to know, all I know is that we saved the Earth again,” Georgia replied smiling.

Attila stood in the centre of the town of Tointraken with a smile on his face. Standing beside him were Humbert, Eden and Ezio.
“Tointraken stands firm, as the Huns and the townspeople join together in an alliance, which will last a lifetime!” Attila told the crowds of Huns and townspeople and rebels, who were watching him intently, “Evil has tried to penetrate us, but it will not succeed! Together we shall hunt down the last of the Lions and wipe them from this Earth!” The crowds applauded and cheered Attila, as Humbert and Eden linked hands.

“I don’t understand how he survived,” Ezio commented.
“The sword must have somehow saved him,” Humbert replied.
“It seems to have just become a normal sword now,” Eden added, “And what happened to the rest of the Nayragar?”
“They died, all of them, once the base was destroyed and the smoke filled the tunnels, they didn’t get out,” Humbert explained.
“At least everything’s back to normal now,” Ezio said, walking away.
“Not everything,” Eden said smiling, as Humbert placed a hand on her stomach.
“A little heir,” Humbert replied, hugging Eden, as the sun shone down on the now-peaceful town of Tointraken...


Next Time:

"I won't be coming back."
"It's treason - and she will make you pay."
"We. Are. At. A. Museum."
"I've heard the years under her command were particularly turbulent."
"I'm writing an article for the Galactic Times, and I was wondering if I could talk to Tracy Carter?"
"If you touch even a single drop, the Flood will take over you, and you will kill everyone here."
"A storm is coming..."

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Episode 5: Rise of the Nayragar Part 4

Conner watched, as Georgia clumsily opened the door, climbed up some steps and then stumbled onto the surface of planet Earth. She looked around with an awe-struck look.
“I’ve never been allowed up here,” Georgia muttered.
“Why not?” Conner asked.
“We can’t breathe the air outside the tunnels; we need an extra element to survive,” Georgia explained, “After a few seconds out here I’d die, unless I wore a special air filter.”

“Where are we going then?” Conner questioned.
“There are a group of rebels who have been hiding in a secret cave around here,” Georgia said, “We might as well start there, as this Woman is one of the rebels.”
“What did she steal?” Conner asked. Ridgebull stared at Conner through Georgia’s eyes and decided to tell him the truth.
“She stole Attila’s essence,” Ridgebull told Conner calmly, “I don’t know whether she meant to or not, but somehow, Attila’s true essence went into her...”
“Then what essence has Attila got?” Conner asked, with a confused look.
“He’s got a computer-made essence, it looks the same as his, except we altered parts of his personality to suit the Nayragar cause,” Ridgebull continued, “Otherwise Attila wouldn’t want to destroy the Human race and recreate this planet, even if we did promise him the stars.”
“You were part of that?” Conner asked angrily.
“I had no choice,” Ridgebull muttered, “But I couldn’t live knowing that this was going to happen, so I was going to return his true essence to him, nobody would know and the plan would fail, but then it was stolen.”
“So that’s why you’re trying to find her then?” Conner said.
“I’ve been trying to find her, and I discovered using our sensitive systems that she was living in a secret cave, which is one of the entrances to the base,” Ridgebull explained, “I tried to lead her here, by opening and sealing the entrances into the tunnels, one time I was successful and she found her way into the tunnel, but when I came to the door I expected her to come out of, you were there.”

“Lion!” Conner exclaimed.
“Yes, and the Lion,” Ridgebull sighed, “Anyway, let’s get going.”
“No, I mean there’s a Lion over there!” Conner yelled with a look of alarm. Ridgebull spun round and saw that there was indeed a Lion standing there.
“They’ve been running wild, ever since that farmer slew Lok,” Ridgebull muttered, “Chasing and killing anyone they find.” The Lion bounded forwards, and Conner watched as Ridgebull drew a gun from Georgia’s pocket and fired at it. The Lion burst into flames and when the flames subsided all that was left of it was ash.
“That was fun,” Ridgebull commented, “But this gun is running out of power, so this way...”

Quetragar quickly explained what essences were to Ridgebull, as General Nay was looking increasingly impatient, and she didn’t want to be fired like Vasray, who had skulked into a corner, where he was checking systems on a Nayragar computer.

“Have you finished yet?” General Nay snapped.
“Yes,” Quetragar sighed.
“Then Ridgebull, can we use Attila’s edited essence?” General Nay snarled.
“We agreed not to, we agreed to use his original essence,” Quetragar interrupted.
“Look I still don’t know if we can because the only thing I know is what essences actually are, I have had a memory loss, remember?” Georgia replied, in Ridgebull’s alien voice.
“Oh shut up, both of you, and don’t be silly Quetragar, you and Ridgebull knew I’d been planning this for months,” General Nay hissed.
“Well, we realised that your evil mind would want success,” Traynar explained, “And you knew that the real Attila may not want to help you, like he may not have wanted to kill those people, accept the lions, accept his new bodyguards, et cetera, which is why you asked for the edited essence in the first place.”
“We had to get him here, how else were we going to do it?” General Nay snapped, “Argue with me again, and you’ll be out of here before you can say the Doctor.”

“What about him?” Georgia asked.
“He’s that idiot intruder who I killed with my missiles,” General Nay growled.
“WHAT?” Georgia shrieked, “I mean, who?”
“That alien, who arrived in the blue box, and made friends with Attila, and ended up in the pit,” General Nay explained, “But then he escaped in the old spacecraft after we tried to shoot him, and then he destroyed our spaceship, before I destroyed him!”
“You mean, you destroyed the original spacecraft?” Traynar asked, with a shocked look, “You can’t do such a thing without informing the Nayragar government, that spaceship is of historical importance!”
“Oh shut up, what did I say about arguing, anyway what are you going to do about it?” General Nay argued, “I am in charge of this base, I am in charge of Earth, Ridgebull has lost her mind, so I’m now fully in command!”
“Why did you kill the Doctor?” Georgia asked.
“I’m not answering your stupid questions!” General Nay roared.
“STUPID QUESTIONS?” Georgia exploded, “I have not lost my mind! I know that I am rightfully in charge here, and you will be silent! That man could have helped you-us! He could have helped, I’m sure he could, but you, you idiot, you wipe him from the face of the Earth, without giving a tiny rat’s arse about the consequences, so you will step down from your position, or I shall inform the Nayragar government, that you destroyed an important historical artefact!” Quetragar and Traynar smiled, the old Ridgebull was back.
“I’ve had enough of you,” General Nay muttered nastily, and in one fluid motion General Nay pulled out a gun and shot a beam of red light at Ridgebull, whose eyes rolled, before she collapsed.

The Doctor sprinted away from the Lions which bounded after him with a snarl. He took a quick look behind him to see how far away the Lions were, but when he turned back he ran straight into a swarm of flies and tripped and fell, as the flies got in his eyes. The Doctor could sense the Lions getting closer, so he stood up with his eyes shut and ran forward, away from the sounds of the Lions.

“Help someone!” the Doctor yelled, but nobody heard him. Suddenly, the growls of the Lions vanished and they were replaced with the sounds of fires crackling and people chattering. The Doctor rubbed his eyes and blinked several times, before he looked around to find himself in a cavern.
“Oh, the rebels cavern...” the Doctor said interestedly.

Attila peered up the tunnel and caught a glimpse of light. He smirked and walked quietly up the tunnel, followed by his two guards. Attila saw that there way a doorway in the tunnel, and he peeked through it. There was a huge cavern, with tents and shacks and standing in the centre of the cavern, was a strange creature Attila had never seen before.

“We’ve found the rebels!” Attila hissed at the guards.
“Let’s go and...” one of the guards began.
“You-stay with me,” Attila interrupted, before turning to the other guard and snapping, “Go and get the Huns! We are going to wipe out every last rebel... tonight!”
“Yes sir,” the guard said, as he turned and sped off down the tunnel.
“What are we going to do?” Attila’s other guard asked.
“Wait and watch,” Attila snarled back.

Ezio and the Woman saw a sparkling ahead, and they found a pair of metal double doors facing them. Ezio looked interested; he had never seen doors made out of metal before. The Woman, however, did not seem amazed. She just strode forward and knocked on the door.
“What are you doing?” Ezio asked, “These could be enemies.”
“I’ve been here before...” the Woman muttered.
“When?” Ezio asked.
“I can’t remember, something has been crushing my memories,” the Woman sighed, “It was here when I changed...” The door swung open to reveal four strange alien guards standing there with determined expressions on their faces.

“What’s this?” Vasray said, brushing away the guards with his hands, “Who are you?”
“You don’t need to know my name,” the Woman snapped, “Who and what are you?”
“You don’t need to our name, or mine,” Vasray replied, “What are you doing here? How did you get in?”
“We had to push a wall up,” Ezio answered.
“You can’t be that strong,” Vasray snarled.
“It was me actually, but I realise that your species is just as sexist as mine,” the Woman said unhappily, “We came here after we found our way into the tunnels, we followed a tunnel up here after we fled from Attila the Hun.”
“Interesting,” Vasray said sarcastically, “Although, what is interesting is that you got into the tunnels. Who let you in?”
“Nobody let us in,” Ezio replied.

“What happened to me here?” the Woman asked, “I’ve been here before, I know I have.”
“That is interesting,” Vasray commented seriously, “Guards take them, and follow me to General Nay’s room.” The guards nodded and took hold of Ezio and the Woman.
“What are they?” Ezio whimpered.
“Not of this world, obviously,” the Woman muttered, “Now unhand me this instant!”
“My guards will kill you if you complain,” Vasray said in a matter-of-fact voice, as he walked along the corridor and immediately the Woman stopped struggling, but only because she wanted to find out more. She knew she could take these guards on in a fight.

Georgia opened her eyes to find herself lying on a bed, in an empty room. She looked around and found that she was still this Ridgebull person.
“Hello?” she called, but she got no reply. She walked over to the door and tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge.
“Hello!” Georgia called again, much louder this time, and she heard someone stand up against the door.
“Ridgebull, is that you?” Georgia heard the voice of Quetragar say.
“Yeah, maybe,” Georgia replied.
“General Nay locked you up! I’m so sorry! He’s gonna get a Doctor to look at your brain or something,” Quetragar said.
“Quetragar, can’t you let me out?” Georgia asked.
“I don’t have the key, and the guard won’t give it to me,” Quetragar muttered.
“Why are you here?” Georgia asked.
“I thought you might want some company,” Quetragar answered.
“Thanks, that was very kind...” Georgia said, smiling slightly, before her worried look returned.

Vasray strode into General Nay’s control room, where Traynar and General Nay were busy at computers. Vasray cleared his throat and General Nay spun round, with an arrogant look of defiance on his face.

“What are you still doing here?” General Nay asked.
“I’m here to help, I brought these Humans to you, they were the intruders,” Vasray explained.
“How did they get in?” General Nay snapped.
“We pushed the...” Ezio began.
“Humans may not speak in my presence, so shut up,” General Nay hissed, before turning to Vasray.
“The Woman pushed the stone seal up, so they got in,” Vasray explained.
“Most interesting story I heard all day, not,” General Nay said rapidly, “Get out of here Vasray, you irritating piece of scum. Get on the next shuttle out, or I shall have you killed.”

“Sir, those stone seal doors are very heavy, it would take someone stronger than a Human woman to lift it,” Traynar pointed out.
“So she’s stronger than a normal woman, it’s nice to know, not that I care,” General Nay muttered, “Have them killed Traynar, now.”
“But sir...” Traynar began.
“Human life means nothing to me, only Nayragar’s with power and potential mean anything to me,” General Nay hissed, “Except Ridgebull, but now that she’s gone mad, I’m happy to say we won’t be getting married.”

Encwar stood before the rebels with a gleam in his eye. Humbert had been explaining that a person known as ‘the Woman’ had gone on an expedition with Ezio through the tunnels.
“Now, has anybody seen Eden Marsh?” Humbert asked the audience.
“That’s not important!” Encwar snapped, stepping forward.
“She’s my wife, and she’s missing thank you very much, I find that extremely important,” Humbert replied.
“Haven’t seen her for ages!” a rebel called.
“She sometimes pops in, but she never stays, we don’t know where she goes,” a second rebel replied.
“I don’t care, the whole world could be at stake here, this whole world is going to be destroyed,” Encwar explained to the rebels, “Unless I find this person. His name is the Doctor. He has a time machine, it looks like a blue box.”

Attila’s face lit up, and so did the guard, who took out a small metal object and pressed his finger on it, so information from his brain would scan into the Nayragar system...

Traynar pointed the gun at Ezio first, and Ezio’s heart began to race. He was going to die. The Woman drew her sword and General Nay pulled out his gun.
“Don’t move, you silly girl,” General Nay snarled, “Now which part of you shall I blow up first. Let’s go for the head...”
“Sir!” Traynar exclaimed, “Look at the screen! The Doctor has been found! And Encwar too!”
“Oh that traitor is going to get himself killed,” General Nay growled, “You two guards, stay with them. Traynar, get all the others to meet me by the cave entrance, as soon as possible!”

“I saw some Huns dragging a blue box through the town yesterday!” a rebel exclaimed.
“Hang on, but I’ve met the Doctor, and he had a blue box!” Humbert exclaimed, “That’s him over there!” The Doctor ducked down behind some barrels and he started crawling back towards the wall he had come through.
“Doctor, please, I’m on your side!” Encwar explained.
“You sure about that,” the Doctor called back from his position, “You’re a Nayragar.”
“I know that, but alot of Nayragar don’t want this planet to be destroyed!” Encwar shouted back, “The Nayragar are literally going to destroy all the Earth with fire using Attila and his sword. They’ve edited Attila’s essence, so he won’t think twice about destroying the Earth, as long as he gets to travel through the universe. They’re going to burn the Earth and terraform it, so it is just like our home planet! Doctor, you have to help me stop them!”

“How do you think I can do that?” the Doctor asked.
“By using your time machine! You can go back in time and stop them from ever coming here!”
“It’s not that simple!” the Doctor replied, stepping out from behind a tent, “I mean I could go back in time, but we’re part of events, it would be a paradox.”
“But you could do it?” Encwar questioned.
“I could try, but it would risk blowing a hole in the universe!” the Doctor explained.
“It’s that or the Earth gets destroyed!” Encwar pointed out.
“Who are you?” the Doctor asked interestedly.
“I’m Encwar, also known as the Caller, they need me to activate Attila’s sword,” Encwar explained.
“Why can’t we just kill you then?” Humbert said, “Then nobody could activate the sword, whatever this sword is...”
“There are more Callers out there, but I know a way to destroy the sword too! If you have it...” Encwar began, and the Doctor’s face fell.

Conner followed Georgia through a field of long grass, until they reached another field with shorter, greener grass. He could see a lake in the distance and a willow tree nearby.

“Where are we going Georgia?” Conner asked.
“I’m not Georgia!” Ridgebull shrieked.
“Sorry,” Conner quickly answered, “Are we there yet?”
“Nearly, we’re going to have to close our eyes and walk forwards,” Ridgebull explained, “It’s a special psychic entrance; you can only get in by closing your eyes.”
“All right then, where am I walking?” Conner asked.
“That way,” Ridgebull said, pointing away from the willow tree, “Now close your eyes.” As Conner closed his eyes, he heard a growling.
“Lions!” Conner exclaimed.
“Conner, run forward with your eyes closed! Now!” Ridgebull yelled.
“But, we’ll get eaten,” Conner whined.
“JUST DO IT! YOU TINY-MINDED IDIOT, OR YOU’LL GET EATEN ANYWAY!” There was a roar and a scream, but then Ridgebull found herself tripping over a bucket, and she opened her eyes to find herself in the cave, with Conner lying next to her.

“I don’t have it, I don’t know who did,” the Doctor sighed.
“But the touch of a time traveller awoke it,” Encwar pointed out.
“Doctor!” Conner exclaimed, running forward with Ridgebull.
“They might have actually,” the Doctor told Encwar smiling widely, as Conner and Georgia ran through the crowd of rebels towards the Doctor, Encwar and Humbert.
“Georgia! Conner!” the Doctor said, hugging Conner, but Georgia had raised her eyebrows.
“I’m not Georgia!” Ridgebull snarled, “Now where is the Woman?”
“She’s not here, she went to explore the caves,” Humbert explained.
“But she’s stolen Attila’s essence!” Ridgebull snarled.
“Ridgebull plans to return Attila’s essence to him, so he won’t destroy the world for the Nayragar,” Conner explained to the Doctor beaming.
“Brilliant idea,” Encwar exclaimed, “So all we need to do now is find this woman.”

“But who’s Ridgebull?” the Doctor asked.
“I am,” Ridgebull replied.
“Don’t tell me you’ve messed about with their essences,” the Doctor moaned.
“I had to let her, or Georgia was gonna die,” Conner explained. Ridgebull looked round as she thought she heard someone move in the corner.
“Alright, no time, we’ll have to return their essences some other time, now we have to find the Woman,” the Doctor announced.

“Bad luck Doctor!” General Nay cackled, stepping out from the shadows, “We have her capture. Oh dear me, your plan has failed. And Encwar, you naughty thing, we’ll have to kill you for being a traitor.”
“What about me?” Ridgebull asked, as hundreds of Nayragar with guns started emerging from the shadows of the cave.
“I don’t care about some self-obsessed Human girl,” General Nay snapped, he obviously had not overheard that Ridgebull’s essence was inside Georgia’s body, “Now then, Encwar, the Doctor and you two time travelling Humans, are all coming with me to the Nayragar control centre. Attila, you too!”
“What!? How did you know I was here?” Attila roared.
“We are magical creatures Attila, and you could become one of us,” General Nay said smiling, “You could help us rule the universe, but we have a little job for you to do first. Come on then!”


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