Saturday, 31 July 2010

Episode 6 The Man Who Was Thursday


The Doctor
Georgia Bell
Conner Bennet
Petr Costravalos
Pippa Blackwell
Alexsandr Orlov
Isabella Rossi
Dmitri Ivanov
Tracy Carter
Claire Fisher
Father Gabriel
Father Noah
Father Isaac
Nathan Peterson
Matt Agnew
Samuel Hastings
Edgar Hastings
Robert Hastings
Fraser Brown
Jay Stickley
Paolo Moretti
Carla Moretti
Jessica Sanders
Angela Hawkins
Simone Monroe
Maya Romero
Monica Ross
Xander Hawkins
Drake Hawkins

When the Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrive in the future, they find a Monastery under the control of a terrifying woman. And with the arrival of some familiar faces, things can only get worse.

Here are some spoilers. Remember two are red herrings!

Tracy Carter was a spoiled child
She now runs Monastery Mount with an iron fist
All but three Monks have left her
Angela Hawkins' mother was a Monk
Angela now hopes to kill Tracy in revenge
Petr and his friends arrive from the future to save Tracy
Conner is in serious danger that will affect his present and future

Which two do you think are red herrings? The episode might not be posted for a while, because I'm on holiday (I'm writing this from the hotel) but Seb has to finish Rise of the Nayragar first. I'll be back in two weeks and if Seb's episode has finished, I'll start posting it straight away. Thanks for your patience over the last few weeks - everything has been a bit mad!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Episode 5: Rise of the Nayragar Part 1

“Wait a second!” the Doctor said, backing into the side of the spaceship.
“What is it now?” General Nay asked, rolling his eyes.
“It’s just, your logic isn’t that good, is it?” the Doctor replied.
“What do you mean?” General Nay grunted.
“Well, the way you’re cornering me,” the Doctor answered.
“In a cavern, with only one exit, I think my logic is perfect,” General Nay said leering.
“One exit, no, I can’t quite agree with you there,” the Doctor said grinning, as he pulled his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket.
“There is no other exit,” General Nay snapped.
“What about the spaceship?” the Doctor replied, jumping inside.
“The spaceship’s crashed, it has no power!” General Nay shouted, before adding to Vasray and two other Nayragar carrying guns, “Go in and get him…”
“Yes sir,” Vasray said, nodding, and he and the other two Nayragar began to march towards the crashed ship.
“Don’t be silly!” the Doctor called from inside the ship, “A wire has just been cut, it just needs to be fixed... and a useful object to fix something with is a sonic screwdriver.”
“What?” General Nay snarled, as the two Nayragar and Vasray fell backwards as the spacecraft blasted off the ground, filling the cavern with smoke. The spacecraft smashed through the ceiling of the tunnel, and sunlight flooded the cavern.
“NO!” General Nay said amidst the coughing and spluttering of the other Nayragar.


“Let me look at her,” the alien said to Conner. She knelt beside him and placed a metal device on Georgia’s head. The device whirred and Georgia’s eyes flickered open.
“GEORGIA!” Conner shouted happily.
“I’m sorry, she’s not back to life, that happens, while I scan her,” the alien explained, “How did you get in by the way? I was looking for a certain woman.”
“We fell down a hole in the woods,” Conner explained, “I would ask what’s going on with you, as you’re an alien, and I’m guessing you’re a Nayragar… or something like that, but my friend…” The alien took the device off Georgia’s head and Georgia’s eyes snapped shut. The alien’s eyes widened and her face looked slightly shocked.

“I’m sorry; it seems she had some kind of bug that lowered her defences,” the alien explained, “My names Ridgebull Ragar by the way. I take it you came with that magician in the blue box.”
“You mean the Doctor?” Conner asked.
“Yes, I suppose,” Ridgebull replied, “The last report I got was from Vasray telling me that he had been cornered, and that he was about to be shot.”
“Not him too...” Conner said with tears in his eyes, “I’m stranded, I can’t pilot the TARDIS; I don’t even know where it is, and Georgia’s dead!”
“I can show you where the TARDIS is,” Ridgebull said smiling.

A Lion pounced at Ezio, who jumped aside, making the Lion fly past him and skid along the dirty floor. The Lions growled and bared their teeth.
“STOP!” the Woman yelled at the lions in a trembling voice, “You will not harm us!” The Woman drew her sword and spun it round her head, as she began to walk menacingly towards the Lions, who began to back away, and then ran off.
“That voice... is very... un... womanly,” Ezio commented.
“Thank you for that assessment, but if you hadn’t noticed that voice got rid of the Lions,” the Woman said smiling.

“Let’s get back to the cave,” Humbert said.
“But what about exploring?” Ezio asked.
“I still don’t understand how we managed to get through the wall, I’ve tried with my eyes closed before,” the Woman explained.
“We have no time to think on that now, let’s get out of here before the Lions come back,” Humbert replied, “I need to find my wife.”
“Eden, but didn’t you know?” the Woman asked.
“Know what?” Humbert replied.
“She went on a special mission, soon after you arrived,” the Woman answered, “She didn’t return, I‘m truly very sorry.”

“What was this special mission?” Ezio asked interestedly.
“You haven’t been a member of the rebellion long enough for me to tell you that,” the Woman replied seriously.
“But we found these secret tunnels,” Ezio pointed out.
“I deserve to know where my wife has gone!” Humbert told the Woman, who frowned at him and crossed her arms. She took out her sword and held it out to Humbert, who hesitated.
“Go and find her,” the Woman ordered.
“But... where is she?” Humbert asked.
“She’s in Tointraken,” the Woman said simply.
“But where?” Humbert questioned.
“That’s your job to find out,” the Woman answered, “Come on Ezio, let’s continue to explore.”

“What about your sword?” Humbert asked, as the Woman pulled a sword from behind her back, and turned to face Humbert.
“I have more,” the Woman said smiling, “Off you go.” Humbert ran back down the tunnel, and Ezio looked confused as to whom to follow.
“I don’t mind if you follow him, I’ll be perfectly safe,” the Woman told Ezio, who still looked unsure.
“You’re a woman, I should stay to protect you,” Ezio said firmly.
“Oh really,” the Woman laughed, “I think you’ll find, I’ll be the one that will be protecting you if we come to face any peril. Let’s go then, now that we’ve got rid of him...”

General Nay shouted at his troops, then at Vasray, then at his troops, and finally he shouted at the place where the old spacecraft had been.
“Sir, give us orders! What shall we do?” Vasray asked loudly.
“Of course,” General Nay said, in a calmer voice, “Get out of the base and follow him in our spaceship! Quickly!”
“Sir there are already Nayragar on board, do you wish for me to contact them?” Vasray asked.
“Yes, and get the Caster to my office,” General Nay replied, “NOW!”
“This is Vas3,” Vasray said into a small communicator he was holding, “Orders from General Nay, follow the original Nayragar spaceship, it has been fixed by an unknown alien enemy; bring it down!” General Nay barged through the Nayragar soldiers out of the cave and back towards the base.

Ridgebull helped carry Georgia through the tunnel and into a cave, with several tunnels leading off it, and a flight of stone steps at the other end of it, which led up to the metallic door of the Nayragar base.

“Are you sure we’ll be safe?” Conner asked.
“The other Nayragar are out,” Ridgebull replied, “With the Doctor...”
“What, all of them?” Conner replied.
“Well, all the guards,” Ridgebull answered, “Come on; let’s take Georgia to my rooms. Then I can show you where the TARDIS is.”
“Thanks, but are you sure that Georgia can’t be resurrected in some way?” Conner pleaded, as Ridgebull opened the door and helped carry Georgia into the base.
“There are always miracles, Conner,” Ridgebull answered, “Her essence may be alive... somewhere, maybe you could find it.”

“What’s essence?” Conner asked confused, as they continued down the corridor.
“The essence of somebody is their personality, their thoughts, their power,” Ridgebull explained, “Nayragar discovered it, and our scientists focus on experimenting on essences of different species.”
“How can you take somebody’s essence?” Conner asked, looking sadly at Georgia, as Ridgebull opened a door into a hallway, which led into several different rooms.
“A tiny probe which can be flown inside a person’s head via the ear,” Ridgebull answered, “The probe absorbs the essence and transmits it as a code to a computer, from the computer the essence can be experimented on.”
“What happens to a person’s body when their essence is taken?” Conner asked. Ridgebull did not reply at once, but she helped Georgia onto a bed.
“They enter a temporary state of unconsciousness, they appear to be dead,” Ridgebull explained.
“Temporary?” Conner replied.
“The person will die, after a day, unless their essence is returned or replaced,” Ridgebull continued.
“I don’t think that’s happened to Georgia, I think she’s just...” Conner muttered.

“As the person’s essence fades away, they take in small amounts of other people’s essences, other people’s personalities who are nearby,” Ridgebull said, not looking at Conner.
“You seem to know a lot about this,” Conner said with raised eyebrows, “You’ve taken her essence, haven’t you?”
“Perhaps,” Ridgebull said, smirking slightly.
“Then give it back!” Conner snapped, “Georgia is not going to die!”
“She may do... it’s not like you can stop me,” Ridgebull muttered.
“She is my friend! You can’t let her die! I thought you were nice!” Conner shouted angrily, “Where is it? You have no right to do this!”
“I have every right, seeing as she doesn’t exist yet, I’m not harming anyone,” Ridgebull replied.
“You’re harming the future then!” Conner answered.
“Maybe we can make a deal,” Ridgebull said calmly, still smiling.
“What do you mean?” Conner asked.
“I want you to find someone for me, a woman, and bring her here, that’s all I want,” Ridgebull said, “Then your friend will survive.”

The Nayragar spacecraft shot away from the town of Tointraken and into the sky. A large hole in the ground could be clearly seen to the north-east of the town. The Doctor steered the ship into a steady collision and pulled out his sonic screwdriver.

“Let’s check something...” the Doctor muttered, pressing two buttons until the ship’s radar appeared on the screen. Something large was moving in the spacecraft’s direction.
“It’s the other Nayragar spaceship, as I thought,” the Doctor said, running his hands through his hair, “But what are they doing? I wonder if they would...” Suddenly, an alarm went off in the spacecraft and the Doctor span the spacecraft round so that several lasers, fired from the main spaceship, shot past it.
“Time for a race...” the Doctor sighed, as he yanked a lever on the control panel and the spacecraft shot through the air, away from the other spaceship. He could see by the ship’s radar that the other spaceship was catching him up.
“Need more power,” the Doctor snarled, pressing the sonic screwdriver against the control panel. The screens in the control room got brighter. Suddenly, something else popped up on the ship’s radar.
“An alien object...” the Doctor muttered.

Poliakin swung the sword around his head and it hit the lion in the chest. Two more Lions appeared through the trees and Poliakin began to run towards the edge of the woods into a field of long grass. He knew the long grass would be a perfect hiding place for the lions, so he kept running until he was close to the edge of the town.

“Look!” Captain Groutroster roared, and two Huns seized Poliakin from behind.
“What’s this he’s carrying?” a Hun soldier asked.
“It’s obviously some rebel weapon, it’s golden too,” Captain Groutroster said seizing.
“I wish to see Attila the Hun over the Hun leadership,” Poliakin replied calmly.
“We decide where you go,” Captain Groutroster snarled, pulling out a sword, but Poliakin broke free of the Huns grasp and killed the Hun soldiers holding him. Captain Groutroster backed away, as Poliakin looked round. There was no sign of the lions.
“Let me take you to Attila,” Captain Groutroster said quickly, looking scared.

General Nay marched up the steps to the Nayragar centre, as Vasray ran towards him looking slightly pleased with himself.
“Sir, the old man is taking the sword to Attila,” Vasray said.
“With that sword the old man thinks he can take over the world, the sword makes anybody think that,” General Nay replied smirking, “And now he wants the Hun empire...”
“Sir, what if the plan fails?” Vasray asked.
“It won’t fail, the true wielder can defeat the false one,” General Nay snarled.

The Doctor flew the spacecraft across a lake, but the other spaceship was not far behind it. The red light in the control room began to flash as the alarm went off again.
“They’re using bombs...” the Doctor muttered, as something circular shot through the air towards the spacecraft.

Poliakin pushed the doors open with extreme force and he marched into Attila’s main hall. Attila looked up to the old man with a look of malice about his face and a gleaming, gold sword in his hand. Behind him scurried Captain Groutroster, who was looking fearful.

“What do you want, old man?” Attila asked sneering, “Know anything about a rebellion?”
“Sir... it’s n-not that...” Captain Groutroster stuttered.
“Shut up you cowering fool,” Attila snapped.
“I want all of this,” Poliakin replied, “All my life I have feared the Huns, but now I can be feared, with my precious sword.”
“Sword, what is this sword? Who made it for you?” Attila asked, not looking slightly bothered.
“Nobody, I found it,” Poliakin said calmly.
“You’re a thief, are you?” Attila remarked, “Scum of the Earth, you steal a gold sword and you think you can walk in here and steal my throne! I am the King!”
“You are foul; anybody could do a better job at running an empire!” Poliakin commented.

“Silence!” Attila roared, “I will have no more of this, Captain Groutroster, guards! Pull him apart!” Attila’s guards did not, however, move, but they remained stationary. Captain Groutroster made no sign of movement either, but his eyes flicked between Attila, Attila’s guards and Poliakin.
“I SAID PULL HIM APART!” Attila roared, “And where is my magician?”
“The Doctor was found in an out of bounds area, sir,” one of Attila’s guards spoke, “He fell into the den, we are sorry for your loss.”
“Don’t worry about that now, Kill him!” Attila snarled.
“I don’t think any of you are in a fit state to attack me,” Poliakin said, “I have killed many Lions today, and two Hun guards, and killing for me is just getting easier, even if I am old...”
“Sir, we think you should kill him, and prove that he is wrong,” one of Attila’s guards said.
“FINE!” Attila growled, as he picked up his own sword and headed over to Poliakin, who looked smug as he swung his sword around his head. Attila swung his sword and Poliakin’s flew out of his hand.
“But... that sword... it’s magic, it can’t... what...” Poliakin said in a confused voice, before Attila killed him. Attila picked up the golden sword and his eyes brightened.
“This sword is mine now,” Attila hissed.


Saturday, 24 July 2010

TTV Series Episode 5: The Final Destination

“We made it, skip,” Amelia smiled at the Doctor. “This is our final destination!”
“For you, maybe,” the Doctor replied. “I’ve still got to find Crystal and get her back.”

The two took their seats at the table of the Inner Circle. Madame Rene glanced at the Doctor and smiled.

“Now, you all know why we’re here,” Hadrius Andes announced. “The Doctor wants to travel to the Salvation Realm to get Crystal Harris back.”
“Is it even possible?” Seldon Oz asked.
“I’ve heard it is,” the Doctor replied. “From various sources…”
“Well you better get your butt over there then white boy,” Mercedes nodded.
“It’s not that simple,” Madame Rene said coolly.

Mercedes glared at Madame Rene, who stared back at her calmly.

“I’ve already explained that an innocent must die,” she informed Hadrius. “And the Doctor knows it must be Tom Harris.”
“He’s not dying,” the Doctor said firmly. “That’s why I’m here, to find another way.”
“What if there isn’t another day?” Tina asked. “You’ve got to be prepared to lose Tom.”
“There has to be another way,” the Doctor replied.
“There isn’t,” Tina said sadly. “I’m sorry.”

The Doctor fell silent, unsure of what to say.

“I will find another way!” he cried.

He raised the Sonic Screwdriver, and the TARDIS materialised behind him. Madame Rene got to her feet, and smiled; the Time Lord was back to his amazing self.

“Who will come with me?” the Doctor asked.
“Amelia stays here,” Hadrius said firmly. “We need seven members.”
“I should go,” Madame Rene hesitated. “I should go home; I can’t keep travelling with you like this. And I don’t want to be there when you can’t save Crystal. I’m sorry.”

There was a flash of light, and Madame Rene disappeared. Tina looked across at Hadrius, who glanced back at her.

“Don’t even think about it,” he warned her.

Tina stood up, drifting towards the Doctor.

“But I could!” she exclaimed. “He needs help, Hadrius.”
“If you go, you can never come back,” Hadrius warned angrily.
“Oh, go on, live a little,” the Doctor grinned.

Tina looked back to the Doctor, then to Hadrius, and then to the other members of the Inner Circle.

“Sit down,” Dennis pleaded. “We need you here.”
“I need help,” the Doctor shrugged. “This position won’t be open for ever, Tina. I always thought it might be you, you know.”
“He’s just saying that,” Vivian frowned. “He hasn’t thought that before, he’s lying.”
“You’re what, the third most important person in the Inner Circle?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes,” Tina nodded. “So what?”
“You could be second, with me.”

Tina thought about this for a moment, before making a decision.

“What about when you get Crystal back?” she asked. “You won’t want me then, and I wouldn’t be able to go back to the Inner Circle…”
“You could stay with me,” the Doctor replied. “I would still want you!”
“But I’d be the third most important,” Tina said sadly.

She stepped away from the Doctor, and sat down. Hadrius stood up, and pointed to the TARDIS.

“Leave, Doctor,” he said angrily. “And never come back. Trying to find Crystal is turning you into a monster. You lied and manipulated Tina, but she saw through you. How many others will you go through to get one girl back?”
“Don’t,” Tina said, upset.

She stood up, and left the room, wiping tears away from her eyes. The Doctor watched her go sadly, and nodded.

“I should go,” he said. “I went too far. Sorry…”

As he opened the door to the TARDIS, he thought about his options. He could go back to Madame Rene, but she wouldn’t come back with him… There was always Chelsea, but he wasn’t sure about her either. She didn’t even know Crystal was dead. And as long as he was around her, there was a danger that Tom would die. He couldn’t have that.

“Wait, Doctor!” a voice called.

The Doctor turned in the doorway of the TARDIS, and saw Amelia had stepped forwards.

“Bye,” she smiled. “Good luck.”
“You too,” the Doctor replied. “Is this really what you want?”
“Yes,” Amelia nodded. “I can’t go with you, you don’t need me… You’re the Doctor after all!”
“I am…” the Doctor realised. “Thanks Amelia, I couldn’t have done it without you.”
“No problem,” Amelia shrugged. “I hope you get what you want. Just don’t lose yourself along the way. Bye.”

The Doctor stepped into the TARDIS, and closed the door. Amelia watched as it faded away.

The End

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Episode 4: Attila Part 5

Suddenly, a lion’s roar echoed around the pit, and the lions began to slink away into the tunnels, leaving Shaka’s body on the floor.
“Shaka!” the Doctor said running over to him. He realised that Shaka wasn’t dead, but very close to dying. The Doctor crouched beside him.
“Doctor, you must help get rid of Attila, he is a monster, help the rebellion,” Shaka breathed, “They’re in a cavern to the North of the town, find...” With that Shaka breathed his last and his head sunk to the floor.
“You sleep now, I can’t kill Attila, but I can find out what’s going on,” the Doctor said, as he stood up and began to walk away from Shaka.

Poliakin picked up the sword and examined it closely. Conner was holding Georgia’s hand as she was frightened of what was happening to her. Conner looked over at Poliakin and he saw a wicked gleam in Poliakin’s eyes.

“This is a precious sword,” Poliakin said quietly.
“What are we going to do?” Conner said to Georgia, “We need to return to the town, but what if those Huns are still following us, what if we come across any more lions.”
“I don’t know Conner, I don’t know anything,” Georgia replied, before asking Poliakin, “Can I have a drink please?”
“Of course,” Poliakin said, and he left the sword on the table and walked outside. He walked over to his old, stone well and began pulling up the bucket of water.

“Georgia, I think we should return to the town, its getting late now, going dark, we could sneak past any Huns,” Conner explained.
“Conner, I would go back, but I feel so weak, my head hurts so much,” Georgia replied.
“Maybe you’re ill,” Conner suggested.
“I don’t think so... but of course!” Georgia said.
“What?” Conner asked confused.
“The lions! They’re alien, obviously, and they’re coming from the spaceship!” Georgia explained.
“What spaceship?” Conner questioned.
“The spaceship I saw! The invisible one, I detected it, well one of my many devices did,” Georgia explained, “I’m not sure what kind of spaceship, possibly a Nayragar spaceship, at least we know who we may be dealing with.”
“What are you talking about?” Conner said, “You’re changing personality again! What is going on?”
“I don’t know, but wha-at... how?” Georgia replied.

The bucket reached the top of the well and Poliakin picked it up, he turned around and saw a long line of the demonic lions in the distance, making their way through one of his fields. Poliakin clapped a hand to his mouth and dropped the water. He hastened inside, where Georgia was holding her head in pain.

“Georgia, it’s alright,” Conner said soothingly, “What’s going on?”
“It’s the lions, they’re here! They’re making their way here!” Poliakin replied.
“Oh my God, what’re we gonna do?” Conner asked.
“I don’t know, is she alright?” Poliakin asked.
“Yeah, of course I’m fine, absolutely brilliant,” Georgia said sarcastically.
“Georgia, can you run?” Conner asked.
“We can’t just run they’ll catch up with us,” Poliakin explained.
“Well what are we going to do then?” Conner spat angrily, “We need to get Georgia to safety!”

“Idea,” Georgia said, standing up smiling, “You’ve dug traps right, well you know where they are, we run towards one of them, jump over all the lions fall in, you can lead us Poliakin.”
“But you’re ill, you can’t run,” Poliakin replied.
“I can run I’m fine,” Georgia replied, “Alons-y then!”
“The Doctor says that,” Conner commented.
“I also say monte bene, but that’s no matter, let’s get going!” Georgia exclaimed.

“Come on then, let’s go out the back, everyone grab a spear,” Poliakin said, leading his way to the back of his home, where three spears were leaning against the wall.
“We won’t need them, they’ll slow us down,” Georgia answered, “Plus my plan will work, thanks to your wonderful lion-sized pit-fall traps.” Poliakin rushed over to the table and grabbed the sword, before following Georgia and Conner out of the back door.
“Come on!” Georgia yelled, as they began to run away from the house. Conner shot a fleeting look behind him, and he saw that the lions had reached the house. “There are a lot of traps this way,” Poliakin said, leading the way towards a part of the woods. There was an earth-shattering roar, as one of the lions saw them running away.

“The lions are following!” Conner shouted, as the lions began to shoot towards them. Poliakin began to sprint towards a large leaf pile, and he jumped over it.
“Jump!” Poliakin yelled, and Georgia and Conner jumped over the leaf pile. Poliakin then stopped in his tracks, making Georgia and Conner stop too.
“Why’re you stopping?” Georgia asked.
“The lions are going to fall into that pit,” Poliakin answered.
“The first few will, but the others will realise not to jump down there,” Georgia whined.
“Good point,” Poliakin said, running towards the woods again.
“You can run remarkably fast for an old man,” Conner said, as he followed Poliakin. There was a crashing noise behind them and all three of them turned to see several lions tumbling into the pit hidden beneath the large pile of leaves. The other lions were stopping at the side of the pit, and some were leaping over it.

“The lions are chasing three suspects,” Vasray reported to General Nay, who smiled.
“Then they’re dead, have they got the sword?” General Nay asked.
“That’s an affirmative sir, but there are several traps in the area, some of the lions have fallen into them,” Vasray explained.
“Who built these traps?” General Nay spat.
“It was an old farmer sir, Poliakin,” Vasray replied.
“Oh, well the lions can’t kill him...” General Nay said smirking.

Humbert and Ezio had followed Eden’s directions, walking to the old willow tree and then walked in the opposite direction.

“She said to walk with your eyes closed,” Humbert replied.
“What?” Ezio replied, “How can that help?”
“I don’t know,” Humbert answered, “But it’s what Eden told me.”
“Are you sure Eden told you this, is all of this really real?” Ezio asked, “It’s just, she turns up and she tells you about this rebellion and the directions, what if...”
“Are you suggesting I dreamed it or something similar?” Humbert questioned.
“Well... I’m sorry, I said I believed you before so I believe you,” Ezio replied, “I’ll close my eyes and walk.”
“Thank you, for believing me,” Humbert said. Together Ezio and Humbert walked forwards with their eyes closed. Suddenly, the noise of a crowd filled the air and they opened their eyes to find themselves in a cavern. The cavern was extensive, and it was lit by flaming torches on the walls. There were makeshift houses and shacks in the cavern where at least a hundred people were living.

“Wow,” Ezio muttered, “How did...?”
“I don’t know,” Humbert replied, turning around, to find an empty patch of cavern wall, flanked on either side by huge flaming torches.
“Who are you two then?” a Woman asked. Humbert and Ezio turned to find a woman wearing a cloak and a cloth on her face, so only her eyes could be seen, but they were surrounded by black paint.
“Humbert and Ezio,” Humbert answered quickly, “We want to join the rebellion.”
“For security measures you have to tell me exactly who told you and if anybody else knows,” the Woman ordered.
“My wife, Eden, told me, I’m not sure how she found out,” Humbert explained.
“Eden Marsh, yes, I know her,” the Woman replied, “And you?”
“Humbert told me, he also told my friend Shaka,” Ezio explained.
“Shaka? Isn’t that a Hun name?” the Woman asked.
“Yes, well, not really, but he doesn’t really like the Hun army, apparently Attila and the Captains have all changed, for the worse,” Ezio explained.
“Yes, there is more going on than meets the eye, I can assure you,” the Woman muttered, “I remember running from the Huns, over roofs, then I escaped the town, and fell into a cave. I can’t remember anything after that...”

“Where did you wake up?” Humbert asked interestedly.
“In this cave, I had no idea how to get out, it was pitch black, I couldn’t see anything,” the Woman explained, “I felt the walls, but I couldn’t find a way out, then, suddenly, the two huge torches somehow were lit and I walked between them, and ended up opposite the willow.”
“Maybe the torches need to be lit for you to walk through the wall,” Humbert suggested.
“But how can it work? How can you walk through walls, and why do we have to close our eyes?” Ezio asked.
“I don’t know, I couldn’t find my way back here until I just closed my eyes, I was just trying so many ways to get back, and then I closed my eyes and back I came,” the Woman explained, “It’s kind of good, actually, because I’m running from the Huns, close my eyes and vanish, they can’t find me.”
“The perfect hiding place,” Humbert commented.
“I still don’t see how it works!” Ezio muttered.

The Doctor walked through a dark tunnel and nearly fell over when he tripped on a part of the floor. He managed to steady himself by placing his hand on the wall. Suddenly, a door appeared in the wall and the Doctor looked intrigued. The Doctor tried to open it, but it wouldn’t move, so he pulled out his sonic screwdriver and then unlocked the door using it.
“There we go,” the Doctor commented, “Maybe I’m closer to finding this ship...”

Ridgebull Ragar placed her hands on her head, as she sat in her study. She stared over at the cabinet, full of bottles. A computer whirred in the corner of the room, as a number on the screen slowly counted up from 80% to 81...

“Miss Ragar, General Nay wishes to ask whether the essence is still safe?” Vasray asked, as he entered the room.
“Oh it’s fine, tell him not to worry, and that if he has nothing better to do, then he should go terrorise a village or something, I suppose he’s too scared of the locals to do that,” Ridgebull snapped.
“Yes, miss,” Vasray muttered.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t snap at you, it’s not your fault that your master is a pathetic piece of dirt,” Ridgebull replied, “Now get back to work, you’ll be needed in a bit, tell me how General Nay screams when one of his favourite pets is slain...”
“What?” Vasray asked.
“Don’t worry, just go,” Ridgebull answered, and Vasray left the room. Ridgebull stared guiltily over at her cabinet where an empty bottle marked Attila’s essence sat.

Conner, Georgia and Poliakin jumped over another trap, and several Lions fell into it. They jumped over another until Georgia fell to the ground.

“I’m so weak,” Georgia said breathlessly, clutching her chest.
“Georgia!” Conner yelled, crouching beside her.
“Go on without me,” Georgia said, with tears in her eyes.
“No way!” Conner snapped, hoisting her into his arms. Poliakin looked around and stared as a lion shot straight at Conner.
“NO!” Poliakin roared, swishing the golden sword through the air until it sliced off the lions head. The remaining lions howled with rage and they ran towards Poliakin, Georgia and Conner.

“Come on,” Poliakin told Conner.
“That was amazing,” Conner commented, looking shocked.
“Into the trees!” Poliakin said, as he led the way into the wood. Conner followed him, staggering slightly under Georgia’s weight, but she clung onto him safely.
“I feel safe in your arms,” Georgia said smiling, “What’s happening to me?”
“I don’t know,” Conner repied, as he walked past a large bush, then he looked around. Poliakin was nowhere to be seen.

“Poliakin?” Conner asked, taking a step forward, but he had fallen through a hole in the ground into a tunnel below. The tunnel was dimly lit by flame. Conner picked himself up off the floor, and then ran over to Georgia, who was standing up weakly.
“We can’t get out,” Georgia said, looking up at the hole in the ceiling.
“These tunnels, they must lead somewhere,” Conner replied, “Are you alright, can you walk?”
“Yes, I think so, some of my strength has come back,” Georgia replied, “Come on.”

General Nay’s eyes widened in shock, one of his lions had been killed by the farmer, who used the sword.
“GET THE LIONS AFTER HIM NOW!” General Nay yelled at Vasray, who cowered.
“But sir...” Vasray began.
“Kill him! He killed a lion! They are sacred creatures!” General Nay spat.
“Sir, listen, we can’t kill the farmer, because he has to give it to Attila, now that he has held it, only the true wielder may match him in battle,” Vasray explained.
“Then get the lions to find him!” General Nay roared.

The Doctor walked down the stone steps towards the abandoned crashed spacecraft, which was letting off a red light.
“What’s upset you then?” the Doctor muttered, placing his hand on the side of the ship, “You’re a Nayragar ship, but not the one I saw, this one looks like it’s been here for years...” The Doctor walked onto the ship, and into the control room, where a map was set out, ancient and dusty.
“So the original ship,” the Doctor commented, “Interesting...” The Doctor placed his hand on the control panel and suddenly the ship emitted a high pitched squeaking sound.

General Nay and Vasray looked up together in shock. Someone was in the tunnels, alive and not only that; they were inside the original spaceship.
“Sir, it’s not a human,” Vasray muttered, “Only an extra-terrestrial being could have opened the door into that cavern and I think I know which one...”

Ridgebull stared at her computer again, it had reached 97%. She smiled, knowing that her experiment was nearly complete.
“But what do I do about the woman...” Ridgebull muttered.

Humbert and Ezio searched around the shacks for Eden, but couldn’t find her anywhere. And few seemed to know who she was.

“Where could she be?” Humbert asked desperately, “I have to find her.”
“I’ve just had a thought,” Ezio commented.
“What?” Humbert replied.
“Well, we can’t see the door into the real world, can we?” Ezio replied, “What if there are other ways out of this room, now that the other torches have been lit?”
“I don’t understand, you mean there might be other ways out, which we can’t see?” Humbert said slowly.
“Yes, excuse me,” Ezio said to the Woman, who was passing.
“What?” the Woman asked.

“How do you know there aren’t any other ways out of this cavern, we couldn’t see the entrance, what if there are other entrances?” Ezio questioned.
“Because I have felt every inch of this cavern wall, there is no other exit,” the Woman answered, “I would know.”
“What if you have to close your eyes?” Ezio asked, running over to the nearest wall and closing his eyes as he did so.
“It won’t work, there’s just that one exit,” the Woman replied, but as she said this Ezio vanished through a part of the cavern wall.

“Ezio?” Humbert said, closing his eyes and following Ezio through the wall.
“I don’t understand,” the Woman commented, closing her eyes and following Humbert. She appeared in a dimly lit tunnel, where Humbert and Ezio were standing.
“I was right,” Ezio said smiling.
“But I checked every inch of the wall, with my eyes closed and open, how did you...?” the Woman said, surprised and confused.
“I don’t know,” Ezio commented, “Come on; let’s find out what’s this way.”
“Alright,” the Woman said, “I like adventure...”
“Don’t you think we should go back and get some backup?” Humbert suggested.
“No, we’ll be fine, you’re with me,” the Woman replied firmly.

Conner and Georgia continued down the dark tunnels until they reached a door at the end of the tunnel. Georgia looked at Conner and raised her eyebrows.
“Well, the door’s metal, maybe we’ve found the alien’s base,” Georgia commented, “If we had my sonic screwdriver, I could open the door, but it looks like it won’t open.”
“Georgia, you don’t have a sonic screwdriver, remember?” Conner said. Suddenly, an ear-splitting roar echoed from the other end of the tunnel.

“They’re in the tunnel!” Conner exclaimed, and he started shoving himself against the door in an attempt to open it. The door flew open, but Conner hadn’t opened it. Georgia clutched at her heart, as it began to slow and Conner looked at her in shock. He grabbed her hand and pulled her through the door, closing it behind them. They were in another tunnel, and there stood a tall, pale-blue-skinned alien, with long brown hair.
“Nice to meet you,” the alien commented. Suddenly, the door banged open and a lion shot through it, straight at Georgia. The lion hit Georgia, as the alien fired a shot at it.

“What’s that noise?” Humbert asked, as a roaring sound echoed through the tunnel.
“It’s a lion!” the Woman said scared, “We have to get out of here! Now, run for it!”
“Yes ma’am!” Ezio said, as he ran back down the tunnel towards the cavern, but suddenly, a lion jumped out of a hidden tunnel in the wall. A lion appeared behind them, blocking their exit.
“Oh my God...” Ezio said, as the lions closed in for the kill.

“GEORGIA!” Conner yelled, running over to Georgia, who lay motionless on the ground. The lion had thrown her against the wall.
“Is she alright?” the alien asked concernedly.
“No,” Conner replied, feeling for a pulse, “But being pushed against a wall couldn’t have...”
“What’s wrong?” the alien muttered.
“She’s...” Conner began in a shocked voice, he couldn’t find a pulse, “No! She can’t be, Georgia! No, you... you can’t be...”
“Is she...?” the alien asked.
“She’s dead,” Conner said, beginning to cry. He couldn’t believe it, she was dead, and the Doctor was nowhere to be seen.

The Doctor looked up as he heard running footsteps. He stepped out of the ship and stared as around fifty armed Nayragar burst into the cave, through the door.
“Thought you could just sneak in, did you?” General Nay asked nastily, “Well bad luck! Fire at will soldiers; that man will not interfere!”

Conner held Georgia in his arms, her body limp, never to move again...

TO BE CONTINUED in Rise of the Nayragar

Next Time:
“The wielded will reach the wielder,” General Nay cackled.
“Georgia’s dead,” Conner said tearfully.
“I can rule the Universe!” Attila roared.
“Time for a new plan,” the Doctor commented.
“But you’re dead too!”
“Life and death; what is that to the Nayragar? You can’t just meddle with it, there are horrific consequences...”


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Episode 4: Attila Part 4

Just as suddenly as it had began, the sword dropped to the floor, at Poliakin’s feet. Conner looked at the sword, but didn’t feel like touching it, neither did Poliakin.

“The touch of a time traveller did that,” Georgia muttered.
“How do you know that?” Conner asked.
“Because I do,” Georgia said shrugging.
“A time traveller, you mean, you travel in time?” Poliakin asked.
“Yeah, I’ll give you a second so that can sink in,” Georgia replied.

The Doctor crept along a corridor in Attila’s palace, hoping that he would not be seen by any Huns. He hid behind a statue as Captain Groutroster, Ezio and Shaka appeared at the other end of the corridor.

“What do you mean?” Ezio was saying.
“I mean there is something not right with Attila’s new magician,” Captain Groutroster snarled, “He’s too happy, he doesn’t like killing.”
“But sir, there is something not right with Attila,” Shaka pointed out, “He’s changed, especially since we arrived here, he’s become nastier.”
“He’s become firmer and more efficient,” Captain Groutroster replied, “Do you think that’s a bad thing?”
“Not at all,” Shaka muttered, “But still he’s become crueler, I mean he throws people in some pit, doesn’t he, and then what happens...?” The Doctor pressed himself right against the wall, as Captain Groutroster and the others walked past.
“You will not talk of that,” Captain Groutroster growled, “I don’t know how you found out about it, maybe it’s best if I don’t put you up to this task.”
“But sir...” Ezio began.
“Enough!” Captain Groutroster roared, “You’ve had your say, now get on patrol!” They left the corridor, leaving the Doctor to think. He was going to find the TARDIS, Attila had told the Doctor that it was dangerous, so he was keeping it locked up somewhere, and the Doctor was going to find it.

“Doctor!” Attila said loudly, as he appeared at the other end of the corridor.
“Hello, I was just exploring,” the Doctor said smiling.
“The area beyond the end of this corridor is off limits, I’d like you to return to my main hall now,” Attila ordered, “I need advice from my favourite magician.”

General Nay barged his way into a laboratory in the Nayragar base. Standing in the room was Ridgebull Ragar, a female Nayragar with purple hair. As a child she was chosen from the Ragar clan to be married to General Nay, and was the chief scientist of the base. General Nay and Ridgebull were the heirs to the Nayragar throne.

“Ragar what’s going on? Attila has not killed the alien!” General Nay snapped.
“If you had tuned into your reports from me and not ignored them, which by the way I find so rude that I could push you off an alien cliff, you would already know,” Ridgebull said smiling.
“Silence you, I don’t need any backchat,” General Nay hissed.
“Oh I’m sorry, have I hurt the emotionless one?” Ridgebull asked sweetly.
“TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON!” General Nay roared.
“Attila the Hun is known to have a love for magic, this part of his consciousness was so strong that he still enjoys magic, and he won’t kill a magician,” Ridgebull explained.

“Well your experiments fail then don’t they?” General Nay commented.
“No they do not, we never said that the essence transition could completely remove the personality,” Ridgebull explained, “There is still some subconscious left, which we can’t get rid of.”
“Not yet, if you developed it some more, and worked harder...” General Nay began.
“Do not get me started on working hard, you don’t even know the meaning of it,” Ridgebull erupted with rage, “You see we have just the same authority as one another, but I, unlike you, have to marry a nasty, unlikeable piece of dirt, so let’s leave the hard work to those who can work hard, and leave the work which requires no brains or effort to you.”
“Say something like that to me again, and I’ll see your head on a spike! The Huns seem to think that that is a good punishment,” General Nay hissed.
“Unless it hasn’t crossed your barbarian mind, but they are barbarians with disgusting habits and primitive ways of doing everything, much more primitive than those who lived in Tointraken before them,” Ridgebull replied, “Oh and by the way what you just said would be treason if I cared one tiny little bit.” With that Ridgebull turned and marched off, accompanied by two female scientists.

“I’m not marrying her,” General Nay hissed at Vasray.
“She’s very strong-willed though sir,” Vasray replied.
“She shouldn’t be, she’s a scientist, it is I who am strong-willed,” General Nay growled, as they began to head back to his control centre.
“She’s stronger-willed than you though, sir,” Vasray commented.
“What did you say?” General Nay roared, “I have not worked hard to become a General and the heir, to be called less strong-willed than her, by a stupid, pathetic Nayragar idiot.” Vasray fell silent, and they did not speak until they reached General Nay’s control centre.
“GO DO SOMETHING! Give me updates, that is your job, I want to know what’s going on,” General Nay hissed at Vasray who nodded.

“The spaceship is connecting with the base as we speak sir,” Vasray said.
“Good,” General Nay said, “But there’s still no sign of the sword...”

Humbert Marsh paced his house, deciding what to do; he could pack and move into the rebel base, where his wife was obviously staying, or he could avoid the meeting altogether. But what if he was caught? He could just attend the meeting. There was no harm in that, was there.

“Humbert?” a voice called from outside. Humbert rushed over to his window where he found two Hun soldiers; Ezio and Shaka.
“Shaka, this is Humbert, he’s my good friend, and Humbert this is Shaka, he’s my new friend,” Ezio introduced and Humbert and Shaka shook hands.
“Ezio, can we trust him?” Humbert asked.
“You can trust me with anything,” Shaka replied, “If you think I’m all for the Hun army, well I’m not, they killed my father and stormed my village. I did join their army, where I made some friends, my captain was a very nice person, but he vanished, recently.”
“Shaka tells me that many captains have been replaced by Attila recently,” Ezio explained.
“Attila’s changed, he used to be nasty, sometimes, now he’s in a bad mood all the time, and his captains just follow him, I don’t know what’s going on,” Shaka continued.

“It’s like something changed him?” Humbert said.
“Yeah, but what could have changed him?” Shaka asked.
“Maybe some experience he’s had, maybe he found out that his captains were rebelling against him,” Ezio wondered.
“So he replaced them all, they could still rebel,” Humbert replied.
“Not if they were dead,” Shaka muttered, “My Captain vanished, although we don’t say it, all the men in my unit think he was killed.”

“Then there’s Attila’s secret death-chamber,” Ezio added, “Which the town’s council never found, yet he somehow did.”
“They had no idea it was there,” Humbert muttered.
“How do you know about it?” Shaka asked Humbert.
“Ezio told me,” Humbert answered, “I have something to tell you.”
“What?” Ezio asked.
“You must promise not to tell,” Humbert replied, “But those who left the town, and never returned, many of them have joined a secret rebel group.”
“We should join,” Ezio muttered.
“That would be treason; Attila would cut off our heads!” Shaka replied.
“You don’t have to come to the meetings,” Humbert suggested, “You could spy for us.”
“I suppose I could do that, be very nasty to people, I’d get promoted,” Shaka said, “Then I could get close to Attila and try and then I could...”
“I’m sure the rebel group would be happy for you to help,” Humbert said, “They’re meeting today, in this cave... I was going to head there now...”
“The thing is, this rebel group will have no chance against the Huns,” Ezio said, “And how did you find out anyway?”
“My wife, Eden, came back and told me, and left,” Humbert explained slowly, “I have to go to her...”
“I’ll come with you,” Ezio said.

“But, what he said, you know, these rebels have no chance against the Huns,” Shaka pointed out.
“Apparently they have a really good leader,” Humbert said, “Just as good as Attila. And even if we don’t defeat them; we can kill Attila, which would be a hard blow to them.”
“That’s true, the captains would just argue among themselves about leadership,” Shaka replied, “I’ll walk with you to the edge of the town.” Together they walked towards the North gate of the town. Once they got to the edge, Shaka stopped and said goodbye, as Ezio and Humbert left the town. Shaka quickly turned away, so that no other Huns would notice, but he walked straight into Captain Groutroster.
“Gotcha,” Captain Groutroster growled nastily.

Georgia, Conner and Poliakin were sitting in Poliakin’s small house, around a table, where the sword was lying. Poliakin had taken it back inside, as Georgia and Conner realised that if they touched it, it would fly into the sky again.

“But you just found it?” Georgia asked, “That’s very interesting, I wonder why somebody would leave a sword there?”
“Maybe it was a bit heavy,” Conner shrugged.
“Did you dig it up?” Georgia asked.
“I may have done, I was just digging and there it was, on the ground,” Poliakin replied, “I have seen much, but never a sword like that.”
“It is kind of rare isn’t it,” Georgia commented.

“These lions, did they appear about the time you found the sword?” Conner asked.
“Yes, why?” Poliakin answered.
“Maybe the two things are connected, maybe the lions are trying to find the sword,” Conner explained.
“Or maybe they’re just hungry,” Georgia pointed out.
“But those lions aren’t from Earth,” Conner replied.
“I think they’re from Nayrak,” Georgia commented.
“Where’s Nayrak?” Conner asked.
“It’s a planet in the Nytroki system,” Georgia replied knowingly.
“How do you know that?” Conner questioned exasperated.
“I don’t know, I don’t know how I knew that,” Georgia muttered, “What’s happening to me?”
“You have been acting weird,” Conner commented.
“If I had my sonic screwdriver I’d know what was going on,” Georgia replied, “I must have left it in my other suit.”
“Georgia, the Doctor has it, and you never wear suits,” Conner said.
“I’m the Doctor, no I‘m not, I’m Poliakin,” Georgia said.
“I’m Poliakin,” Poliakin replied.
“So you are, then... I’m Georgia, I’m Georgia, I am,” Georgia said, breathing heavily, “What’s happening to me?”
“I don’t know,” Conner replied slightly scared.

The Doctor yawned and looked up as Captain Groutroster dragged Shaka into Attila’s main hall, where Attila and the Doctor were listening to Attila’s private blacksmith.
“Sir, this man has been fraternizing with the enemy,” Captain Groutroster announced.
“Which enemy is this then?” the Doctor asked.
“The locals,” Captain Groutroster growled, “He was talking to one of them.”
“That’s not offensive,” Attila replied.
“But I heard them talking about a secret rebellion,” Captain Groutroster roared.
“What?” Attila said through gritted teeth. He snatched up his sword and pointed it at Shaka’s neck.

“Is there a rebellion going on, what is going on?” Attila shouted at Shaka.
“No,” Shaka said quickly.
“Leave him alone...” the Doctor began.
“You do not tell me what to do,” Attila roared at the Doctor, “Go to your room!”
“My room is sort of my TARDIS, so if you can tell me where that is...” the Doctor replied.
“That is a weapon, which I will not have you use!” Attila interrupted, “You shall never see that box again, now leave!” The Doctor reluctantly left the room, and decided to head towards the area that Attila had forbidden him to go.

“Now, Shaka, what’s this rebellion?” Attila asked.
“Nothing,” Shaka whined.
“Captain, what did you hear?” Attila growled.
“Very little, I saw them walking towards the gate with another Hun soldier, Ezio, he’s a local, and another local,” Captain Groutroster explained.
“How do you know they are rebelling then?” Attila roared.
“Well... I can tell, I’ve treated with rebels before, they were sneaking out, and that soldier was deserting his post,” Captain Groutroster replied, “And I definitely overheard the word rebellion and the woman.”
“Well, is there a rebel group?” Attila asked Shaka shoving him onto the hard, stone floor.
“No, I said there wasn’t...” Shaka muttered.
“TELL THE TRUTH!” Attila shouted at Shaka, smacking him on the head.
“Alright, yes, but that’s all your getting out of me,” Shaka hissed.
“Guards!” Attila yelled, and two of his guards rushed over to him, “Pick up that vermin and throw him in the den!” His guards nodded and pulled a screaming Shaka away.

“Sir, is there anything you want me to do?” Captain Groutroster asked.
“Kill every soldier from the local area, any of them could be working in the rebellion,” Attila ordered, “And find my other Captains and Generals, I want to meet with them all.”

Vasray double-checked what he had just found and then he got up and hastened towards the door. He ran down the corridor and into General Nay’s control room.
“What?” General Nay snapped.
“A signal was let off by something in this vector,” Vasray replied, typing something into General Nay’s computer, so a picture of the area appeared on the screen. Vasray pointed at an area of fields.
“That’s near where we think the sword was left,” General Nay said.
“That’s right, this signal, I think it was a call from the sword, telling us where it is,” Vasray explained.
“It’s beginning to get dark, that’s when the lions hunt at their best,” General Nay muttered, “Go to the trainer, get him to talk to Lok...”

The Doctor crept past a sleeping Hun guard and into the corridor beyond. Attila had got his guards to take two people into some kind of pit or den, which seemed to be in the area where Attila had forbidden the Doctor from going.
“Just get through here...” the Doctor muttered to himself, as he opened a door into an empty room. The whole room was empty apart from a circular shaped door in the wall. The Doctor crept over to the door and found that it was locked. He took out his sonic screwdriver and opened the door. He found that the door opened onto thin air, and that anyone who stepped through the door would fall into the pit below.

“That’s where the pit is...” the Doctor breathed. The pit was lit by several flaming torches and against the torches the Doctor could see large demonic lions with glowing eyes walking around the pit. Strangely there were no skeletons in the pit. There were also several tunnels leading off the pit, which seemed to lead beneath the town.

Suddenly, the Doctor heard screaming and he realised that Shaka was being dragged towards the pit. He stepped away from the door and was about to lock it when two guards dragging Shaka burst into the room. One of them elbowed the Doctor, sending him to the ground.
“Wait a minute!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“Doctor, please help me!” Shaka yelled, as a guard yanked the door to the pit open and the other threw Shaka into it. The guards grabbed the Doctor, who began to protest immediately.
“I’m Attila’s magician! You have to obey me!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“We only obey Attila, sorry,” the guards said in unison, “And we know what you are.” Together they pushed the Doctor into the pit and slammed the door. The Doctor picked himself up from the dirt floor, to find himself surrounded by lions and Shaka being dragged off, dead, by a large lion with a silver mane.
“Oh dear...” the Doctor commented.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Episode 4: Attila Part 3

A spear shot through the air and hit the lion in its head. Its eyes and jaw froze, and then the animal slumped onto the floor, dead.
“Who...?” Georgia began.
“The owner of the trap, I’m guessing,” Conner replied.
“Who...?” Georgia asked.

“STOP! PLEASE! I-I, I can help Attila!” the Doctor stammered, as the guards grew closer.
“Tear him up!” Attila ordered, “He can’t help me, he won’t be helping anyone soon! He’s a spy from the old order, I know it!”
“I’m a magician!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“STOP!” Attila roared at his guards, and the Doctor looked relieved, “You two, back outside!” Shaka and Ezio left the room with slightly glum and surprised expressions on their faces.
“So...” the Doctor said, grinning slightly.
“So, what magic can you do then?” Attila asked.
“Why are you so interested in magic, I wonder?” the Doctor replied.
“What magic?” Attila demanded, ignoring the Doctor’s question.
“I have a device that buzzes, bought it off a hag, it detects spaceships,” the Doctor explained at a rapid pace, as the frown on Attila’s face grew, “Well actually invisible ones, I thought it was a bit cheap, I mean I can’t be always looking out for spaceships which aren’t invisible, its rather annoying, but...”

“Tear him up,” Attila snarled, turning away from the Doctor, as Attila’s guards rushed forward again.
“Wait! I have this lighty up thing and ooh look paper which is psychic...” the Doctor said, pulling the items out of his pocket and waving them around him.
“HALT!” Attila roared at his guards, he then turned to the Doctor and said, “Show me these items.”
“Well, look at this,” the Doctor said, holding out his sonic screwdriver. Attila took it from him and stared at the Doctor through menacing eyes.
“What is it?” Attila asked.
“It’s a magic wand, well mine, actually, it only works for me, sorry,” the Doctor said shrugging.
“Perform some magic for me,” Attila ordered. The Doctor looked at Attila and then at the armed guards, and then he pressed a button on his sonic which made a hologram of a spaceship appear. It was very wide, but thin, with fire bursting out of one end.
“What is that?” Attila asked excitedly.

General Nay pressed a button on his wrist controller, and an orb of light appeared above him and Vasray, lighting the tunnel.

“We’re heading towards the first crash site,” General Nay explained, “If you hadn’t guessed.”
“You mean where the first Nayragar landed on Earth, four hundred years ago?” Vasray asked.
“Yes, they fell through time, flying too close to the planet,” General Nay replied, leading the way through the tunnels, “Then they found a signal, on Earth, of what could help us to rule the universe.”
“The weapon,” Vasray muttered.
“That’s all we need now, now we have the wielder under our control,” General Nay hissed, “But something is wrong, somebody else is here.”
“That blue box?” Vasray asked.
“No, the man from the box,” General Nay replied, “I need to check something...” General Nay pressed his hand against the stone wall and a door appeared. He opened it and stepped through it onto a staircase, which led down to a crashed abandoned spaceship. There was a strange red light emitting from the spaceship.

“It’s the distress call, isn’t it?” Vasray asked.
“The spaceship is giving off a distress call,” General Nay muttered.
“Why would it do that?” Vasray said confused.
“Because it’s in trouble, which means we all are,” General Nay said quietly. Suddenly, a buzzing noise came from General Nay’s wrist controller and then a voice spoke.

“Sir, the man from the box, he’s made friends with Attila,” the voice informed General Nay.
“Why didn’t Attila have him killed?” General Nay snarled into his wrist controller.
“We don’t know,” the voice replied.
“Are you going to tell them about the distress call sir?” Vasray asked.
“Not now, shut up,” General Nay snapped, before he said into his controller, “Make sure Ridgebull is prepared for when I get back! I want full details of the situation.”

“Sir, are we going to...?” Vasray began.
“Go back now, yes, I shall send some scientists here to sort out the situation, come now,” General Nay pushed past Vasray and rapidly ascended the stairs until he reached the stone tunnel. Vasray followed General Nay, and closed the door behind him. The door slowly sunk back into the wall, until it completely vanished. General Nay and Vasray began to walk back along the tunnel, but suddenly several shapes with bright eyes appeared in the gloom.
“What’s...?” Vasray began, but he stopped as several demonic lions emerged ahead of them, growling and licking their lips.
“Return to the cave, I’m sure Attila will throw someone down there soon, you may even get your teeth into something not from Earth,” General Nay ordered, leering, and the lions scuttled away.

An old man appeared beside the pit, and stared down at Georgia and Conner.

“It was lucky I was around,” the old man commented.
“We’re lucky you were around,” Georgia replied seriously, “I nearly died.”
“Which wouldn’t have been too bad,” Conner commented.
“Bitch!” Georgia snapped.
“What’s bitch?” the old man asked.
“It’s what Georgia is,” Conner answered grinning. Georgia, strangely, did not reply, but looked upset and there was no look of revenge on her face.
“Why are you so mean to me?” Georgia asked.
“I was just joking, Georgia, like we usually do, like when you were being sarcastic,” Conner replied, looking slightly bemused.
“Because I’m never sarcastic,” Georgia said sarcastically.

“Do you want to get out of the pit now?” the old man asked, with slightly raised eyebrows.
“Oh very much, yes,” Georgia replied, and she grabbed the old man’s hand, and allowed herself to be pulled out of the pit. Conner soon followed her.
“So, old man, what’s your name?” Conner asked.
“Don’t be so rude Conner,” Georgia snapped, “But we really should know the name of our saviour.”
“My name is Poliakin, I’m a farmer,” the old man answered.
“A farmer, how interesting, what animals do you keep?” Georgia asked excitedly.
“Georgia, that’s not really important, we have to...” Conner began.
“Yeah, because be chased by Huns or demonic lions is far more important that polite conversation,” Georgia said sarcastically.
“Actually it kind of is, but what was the pit there for?” Conner asked Poliakin.
“These lions have been killing my cattle, many have been coming out of the forest, I’ve set up over 20 in the surrounding area,” Poliakin explained.
“Wow, you must be strong,” Georgia said in an impressed voice.
“I’ve worked on the land for years, I need to be strong to stay alive at my age,” Poliakin answered.
“So how old are you?” Conner asked, before quickly adding, “If you don’t mind?”
“I’m 57,” Poliakin replied.
“Because that’s old,” Georgia said sarcastically, “My mum’s nearly that age, well in a few years.”
“You look too young to have a mother of 50,” Poliakin said.
“That’s so kind,” Georgia said gratefully, as Conner rolled his eyes.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” Poliakin asked.
“How do they always know?” Georgia hissed at Conner.
“Our language, the fact that you’re wearing tight jeans, and a rather flattering shirt,” Conner replied, “Need I say more?”
“Do you know much about swords and mythology and astrology?” Poliakin questioned.
“Well...” Conner began.
“I know all about these things, especially astrology,” Georgia said.
“Since when?” Conner asked Georgia quietly.
“Since I went to school,” Georgia replied.
“Ok...” Conner muttered; Georgia was acting weird. She wasn’t being bitchy, she kept being sarcastic and now she was boasting of her education.

“Follow me,” Poliakin said.
“What about the Lion?” Conner asked.
“It’s dead; the birds can feed on it, better that than the dead cattle,” Poliakin explained, “Now, if you aren’t too busy, I would like to show you something than may be very valuable...”

Humbert sat at his empty table and began tearing a loaf of bread into pieces to eat; he had eaten like this ever since he had lost his wife.

“Humbert, I’m here,” Eden Marsh said quietly from the door. Humbert looked up and saw Eden standing by the door, smiling. Humbert and Eden ran towards each other and hugged, both smiling widely.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to leave you, the Huns were...” Humbert began.
“Don’t apologise, for I have spent weeks away, when I could have returned,” Eden explained, “Do you dislike the Huns?”
“Yes, I hate them,” Humbert replied, “They steal from us, some of them are alright I suppose but...”
“I’m part of a rebellion, a secret rebellion,” Eden interrupted, “We are gathering in number and strength, and our leader is the best leader in the world. She has saved many victims of the Huns.”
“You mean, you’ve met... her?” Humbert asked.
“The Huns are too stupid to think that there could be a rebellion,” Eden continued, “They think we’re all so scared of them.”
“What is the woman’s name?” Humbert asked.
“I do not know, but if you want to be part of the rebellion, then I can help you find them,” Eden replied.
“Of course I do, where do they meet?” Humbert asked.
“In a cavern beneath the town, that is where many of the Huns enemies are hiding, saved by her,” Eden said, “The cavern is opposite the willow by the lake on the North of the town, but it is strange, you have to walk forward with your eyes closed, and you will find us."
“You can show me,” Humbert told Eden.
“No I can’t, the Huns spotted me helping someone, and now I’m on their wanted list,” Eden said quickly, “I’m sorry, my love, we will see each other soon. Goodbye.”
“You aren’t leaving; you have to stay here, as your husband...” Humbert blurted out.
“You should let me do what I have to for my own safety,” Eden replied, “Bye.” Eden then ran from the room, and Humbert tried to follow her, but when he reached the street, it was deserted. The blue box had vanished too...

The Doctor walked into Attila’s dining hall wearing a robe of deep purple, embroidered with gold lace. He was smiling broadly, as the Hun commanders looked up with frowns on their faces.
“Hello,” the Doctor said happily.
“Doctor, sit down over here!” Attila called from the head of the dining table, which was filled with food. The Huns were not using knives or forks, but tearing at their food with their hands.
“What are we eating?” the Doctor asked.
“Food,” Captain Groutroster grunted.
“How nice,” the Doctor commented.

“Sir, why is he still alive, when you told us to kill him?” Captain Groutroster asked Attila.
“When was that?” Attila asked.
“When you said that an enemy had been spotted and you wanted us to kill him,” Captain Groutroster replied slowly.
“Oh yes, but he’s actually a magician,” Attila said, “He can help us to kill our enemies, including the woman.” The Hun commanders along the table grunted in agreement.
“Who’s the woman?” the Doctor asked interestedly.
“From what I hear from my soldiers, she helped you escape earlier today,” Captain Groutroster muttered.
“Oh her, she seemed nice, why do you want to kill her?” the Doctor questioned.
“Because she’s causing trouble, saving people,” Attila answered.
“But without her, you’d never have your new magician,” the Doctor said smiling.
“True, but I still want her head,” Attila growled.
“Lovely,” the Doctor commented.

“Do you not like killing?” Captain Groutroster asked.
“Who doesn’t like killing?” Attila questioned.
“People, who feel for other people,” the Doctor replied lamely.
“What?” Attila snapped.
“Let’s have some magic,” the Doctor said smiling.
“Yes!” Attila said grinning broadly, as he lay a bone he was gnawing at down on the table.

Georgia, Conner and Poliakin walked several fields, including a field of cattle, where Poliakin checked up on his herd, to find that no more cattle had been killed. They carried on towards Poliakin’s small house which was close to the field of cows.
“What a nice house,” Georgia said smiling.
“Yeah,” Conner added, slightly reluctantly. Poliakin, however, did not respond, and instead of going inside the house he went round the back of it.

“Where’s he gone?” Georgia asked.
“Since when have you been any good at astrology?” Conner replied, ignoring Georgia’s question.
“I learnt at school, on Gallifrey,” Georgia replied.
“You what?” Conner said in a confused voice, “You went to St. Marks.”
“Oh yeah, with Zac and Kaylie and Harry,” Georgia said smiling.
“No, you weren’t in our year,” Conner replied, “Remember?” Georgia's reply was cut short when Poliakin returned carrying a sword of gold. Conner stared at it transfixed, this was no ordinary sword.

“I found it in my field, while planting crops,” Poliakin replied, “Just lying there.” Conner reached out for it but at the moment he touched it, the sword flew out of Poliakin’s hands and into the air, where it span, emitting a fiery orange light, which made Georgia shield her eyes.
“What the hell?” Conner exclaimed.


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