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Episode 7: One Last Chance Part 2

Kaylie knocked on her front door, and Andrea opened it looking puzzled.
“Where did you three scuttle off to?” Andrea asked, before noticing Conner, “Conner!”
“Hey Andrea!” Conner said, as Andrea hugged him, “You’ve changed your hair.”
“Well, I thought it was about time I returned it to my normal colour,” Andrea said smiling, “And you’ve changed your hair too!”
“Well, I just haven’t had it cut in a while,” Conner said.
“Well, its not as long as Zac’s, so it’ll do I suppose,” Andrea commented, “Kaylie, can you come in please, it’s cold out and I don’t want to let it inside.”
“All right, keep your hair on,” Kaylie commented, dragging Zac inside. Conner and Beth followed and Andrea shut the door, as Amy rushed down the stairs with a look of glee on her face.

“It’s Conner!” Amy exclaimed gleefully.
“That’s right,” Conner said, slightly embarrassed.
“Zac, I added you as a friend on facebook, now accept me so my friends will all be jealous,” Amy said in a demanding voice, before turning to Conner with a radiant smile, “Conner, you should get facebook!”
“I have it, but it doesn’t work where I go,” Conner said, and Amy crossed her arms, “Sorry.”
“He uses spacebook instead,” Zac commented.
“Not your best,” Beth told Zac, rolling her eyes. A noise blared from the next room, and Amy sighed and turned to Andrea with an angry look.

“You left the TV on!” Amy snarled at Andrea, “You should be saving energy! Especially in the present climate!”
“Amy is very into saving the planet at the moment,” Kaylie told Conner, “It’s Zac’s fault.” Kaylie shot Zac a glare and Zac smiled widely back.
“So Amy, how much litter did your friends pick up for recycling week?” Zac asked Amy, following her into the kitchen.
“Oh you won’t believe how much!” Amy said excitedly, as Beth, Conner and Kaylie followed Andrea into the sitting room, where the TV was showing the news.
“Do you want me to turn it off?” Andrea asked.
“No, this is quite interesting actually,” Beth said, staring at the TV screen.
“Alright, then I’ll leave you to it,” Andrea replied, leaving the room, as Kaylie and Conner slumped themselves upon the Watsons’ new leather sofa.

“These are comfy,” Conner commented.
“I know right,” Kaylie said smiling, “I chose it, my mum can’t choose anything.”

Rena stared at the portal which seemed to have appeared in thin air. Brian grabbed Rena’s arm and pulled her away from it, as a strange noise filled the air.
“The Doctor!” Rena and Brian exclaimed, as the TARDIS began to materialise in front of them. The noise stopped and the Doctor stepped out with a concerned look, but when he spotted Brian and Rena his face filled with glee.
“Brian and Rena!” the Doctor exclaimed, “How’s Lucy? How’s Kasper? Wait, no time, what is that? I’ll tell you what it is, that’s a portal... to another part of space.”
“It just... opened,” Rena muttered, “When I walked close to where it is.”
“Had you ever been there before?” the Doctor asked.
“No, I’ve never really been in here, Mr. Yendell liked to come and visit his workers, he kept himself to himself,” Rena explained.
“But you’ve been coming in here more often recently because...?” the Doctor replied.
“Mr. Yendell retired,” Rena explained, “I’ve been moving into his office.”
“Yeah, so you’ve been causing the cold air then,” the Doctor commented.
“How can she be doing that?” Brian asked.

“Wait, hold on, what are you doing here?” the Doctor asked Brian, “I guessed this was Rena’s workplace as soon as I saw her.”
“The bakery is going up in the world, we’re taking out a small loan to buy a new shop,” Brian explained, “I was here to meet Rena, but I also slightly hoped to find more out about the alien attacks, while I was here...”
“Talk about coincidence, actually I don’t,” the Doctor replied, as realisation came across his face, “There’s not really any coincidence about this, the key, that’s what they wanted the key! It’s you isn’t it!”
“What are you talking about?” Rena asked.
“Yeah, and how is the cold air being caused?” Brian asked.
“Whenever Rena walks close to it, the portal opens slightly, sending ripples throughout space, well London,” the Doctor continued to explain at a rapid pace, “And now she’s opened it!”

Polly Torrin walked over to Annie Roscastle with a small smile. She handed Annie two pieces of paper with the company’s new policy written on it.
“It needs to be photocopied,” Polly told Annie with a sweet smile.
“I know,” Annie replied, taking the papers from Polly and turning around to face the photocopier with a sour look on her face. Polly was after Annie’s job as Head receptionist, a job that was widely known to give you status in Shark ltd, as you always knew what was going on, due to being contacted by people from all over the building.

“So any news?” Polly asked in her sweet voice.
“Nothing,” Annie replied, “Get back to work.”
“Of course, you must be very busy,” Polly replied, “You do a really good job.” Annie rolled her eyes, as the ground shook slightly.
“What...?” Annie muttered, as a voice came blaring through Annie’s speakers.
“This is UNIT, please evacuate the building immediately, thank you,” Sally Jacob’s voice ordered.
“Oh...” Annie said, before speaking into her microphone, “Rena, UNIT are coming! They want me to evacuate the building.”
“If there’s anything I can do to help...” Polly began.
“Shut it!” Annie snapped, before turning back to her microphone.

Rena turned to the Doctor with a look of shock, and the Doctor rolled his eyes. Not UNIT, again. He realised they must have been tracking the cold air source.
“Doctor, did you hear that?” Rena asked.
“Hang on,” the Doctor muttered, pointing his sonic screwdriver at the portal, which vanished.
“You closed it!” Brian exclaimed.
“No, just made it invisible,” the Doctor replied, “Now, inside the TARDIS! I need to do some tests!”

“What does Amy mean by the current climate?” Conner asked.
“It’s the cold air,” Kaylie explained, “It just comes and goes.”
“Well, we are in England,” Conner commented.
“Yeah, but the suns still out and suddenly the temperature just changes, it happens several times a day,” Kaylie explained.
“That’s weird,” Conner said.
“The government are covering it up,” Kaylie muttered, “And Zac, Beth and I tried to find out what was going on. But it seems that UNIT has taken control of the situation and they’ve blocked anything to do with it on the internet.”
“Talking of UNIT...” Beth said, staring at the TV screen. Where a UNIT lorry could be seen driving down a London street, with cars and UNIT soldiers moving alongside.
“It seems UNIT has sprung into action, but we have as of yet no reports of an alien activity of any kind,” the newsreader was saying in a surprised tone, “However, it may have something to do with the cold air, which for the first time has not faded away, as it normally does.”

“What’s going on?” Zac asked, walking into the room, followed by Amy.
“The cold air is... staying,” Kaylie replied.
“According to reports UNIT are heading for the offices of the bank firm Shark ltd,” the newsreader continued, “Why they are heading here, is completely unknown.”
“We need to get there!” Zac exclaimed.
“But it’ll take ages,” Beth whined.
“Zac can drive, he’s been learning,” Kaylie pointed out.
“Yeah, but I don’t trust Zac, not since the pigeon incident,” Beth muttered.
“That pigeon was like a whale,” Zac snapped, “Anyway, Kaylie, my car isn’t here, it’s at my house and that’ll take several minutes to get to, delaying us.”

“What about Andrea’s car?” Amy asked.
“Of course!” Kaylie exclaimed.
“Where are the car keys?” Conner said, leading the others into the hallway. Kaylie grabbed the keys from where they were hanging on the wall.
“Hey, we’re just going out!” Kaylie called up the stairs to her sister.
“All right,” Andrea called back, as Beth opened the front door and Conner, Beth, Amy and Zac rushed out.
“You certainly aren’t coming!” Beth told Amy, “This could be dangerous.”
“NO WAY!” Amy screeched.
“Does anyone think we should leave UNIT to it?” Conner suggested, “After all they’re always getting things wrong...”
“Conner, you must know about Shark ltd,” Beth replied, “It’s been attacked by aliens three times, a weird Spurge, a purple thing, an alien in a flying saucer, it’s all over the net.”
“Hang on, that’s where whatshername works, we’ve helped stop those aliens!” Conner exclaimed.
“Yeah, I’m guessing this is no coincidence,” Zac commented.

“We’re just gonna use your car,” Kaylie called up to Andrea.
“WHAT?” Andrea yelled, “NOBODY IS DRIVING MY CAR!” Andrea rushed down the stairs, as Kaylie ran out the front door. Andrea followed her and threw open the front door of the car.
“Um...” Zac began.
“What’s going on?” Andrea asked, and Conner and Kaylie explained the situation at a rapid pace.

“Can we go!” Amy asked.
“You can’t!” Andrea snapped, “You are staying here with Kaylie.”
“No way!” Kaylie growled, “I have dealt with this stuff loads of times before!” 5 minutes later, after a lot of arguing, the 6 of them were packed into Andrea’s car. Andrea and Beth were in the front seats, while Kaylie, Conner and Zac sat in the back, with Amy sitting on Conner’s lap, causing him much discomfort.

“Remember, Amy, you have to stay in the car!” Kaylie said firmly.
“Alright, mum,” Amy snarled.

A UNIT lorry, a tank and several cars pulled into Shark ltd’s car park, followed closely by several squads of UNIT soldiers, led by the stern Captain Weston. Captain Weston wanted no nonsense. She also wanted everything to be done her own way, and she regularly got it, which is why she was promoted to Captain.
“Private Trent, block off the surrounding area, don’t let anyone through who doesn’t have security clearance 3,” Captain Weston ordered, “If there’s any sign of the Doctor, arrest him.”
“Yes ma’am,” Private Trent said, and he marched away with his squad to secure the area. Captain Weston turned to face the rest of the soldiers, as Captain Gifford got out of his car with Sally.

“Sally, you’re looking nice today,” Captain Gifford said.
“Oh, thank you,” Sally said smiling, “I’d better get to work in the on-site base, yeah.”
“Of course, I need to secure the building,” Captain Gifford said, nodding as Sally scuttled off towards the UNIT lorry.
“Ah, Captain Gifford, you decided to turn up,” Captain Weston said.
“Excuse me? I have a higher authority than you, so you will not speak to me in that manner,” Captain Gifford ordered.
“Sorry, sir,” Captain Weston replied.
“Private Reynolds, you and your squad will follow me into the reception area,” Captain Gifford ordered, “It doesn’t look like they’ve even evacuated.”

Kasper rushed into the reception area where he spotted Mr. Yendell and several others crowding round the reception desk.
“What’s going on?” Mr Yendell asked, “I just saw a troop of soldiers arriving outside! It looks like UNIT, are we being invaded again? I was just about to leave as well.”
“It’s UNIT, but I don’t really know...” Annie began.
“Has Rena contacted you?” Kasper asked in a nervous voice, “What’s going on?”
“She erm, had a meeting but...” Annie began, as the crowd around the desk began to grow.
“Why are UNIT outside?” asked another.
“Is there another spaceship!” another squeaked.

“Silence everybody!” Polly Torrin ordered, and silence fell, “Now if we could all just calm down. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for everything that is going on. So, if we could all calm ourselves, it would be appreciated.”
“Thank you Polly, I was just about to say that,” Annie replied.
“Of course you were,” Polly replied smiling.
“Now, Rena hasn’t replied to me, so perhaps there is something wrong,” Annie said.
“RENA!” Kasper shouted, sprinting up the stairs.
“We’re all gonna die!” an office worker squeaked.
“No we are not, calm down!” Mr. Yendell snapped.

Georgia smiled as she looked through the pictures of her parents’ recent visit to America, where they were thinking of buying a house, as Colin’s company was soon to be moving there.
“I don’t know why American’s need more lawyers,” Elizabeth said airily, “I suppose there must be more crime over there.”
“Did you decide on a house?” Georgia asked Colin.
“Elizabeth’s choosing the house,” Colin said, before coughing.
“Oh yes, but some of the houses aren’t good enough for us,” Elizabeth said in a carrying voice, “Not to mention some of the neighbours!”
“She doesn’t like anybody we see, apparently she doesn’t like the accent,” Colin said.
“They don’t speak with a proper American accent!” Elizabeth snapped.
“Dad, good luck,” Georgia said seriously.

“Of course we will miss our dear neighbours,” Elizabeth said in her carrying voice, “Especially dear Mrs White and dear Mr. Perkins.”
“Mrs White’s gone to visit the Vicar, remember,” Colin said.
“And Mr. Perkins is dead!” Georgia shrieked.
“Well, he may be listening in spirit,” Elizabeth said dreamily.
“Oh, that’s my phone,” Georgia commented, as music blared from her pocket. She took it out and spoke into it, “Hi Conner?”
“Georgia, you need to get to Shark ltd, something’s going on, can you get the Doctor; the TARDIS is in the park, remember?” Conner replied, as Andrea swerved to avoid hitting an old lady.
“Where’s Shark ltd, what are you talking about?” Georgia asked.
“Not sure, I’m not driving; ask your mum,” Conner replied, “That shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Gotta go, bye!” Georgia made a frustrated noise as she put her phone down.
“Mum, apparently, I need to get to Shark ltd, isn’t that a bank firm?” Georgia asked.
“That’s right dear, but don’t go there, it’s awfully common,” Elizabeth commented.

“Can everybody put your hands up please!” Private Reynolds ordered, as he entered the building with his squad of soldiers.
“Excuse me? We are civilians, and we will do no such thing!” Annie snapped, as everybody else in the reception area put their hands up.
“We are sorry to be a nuisance,” Polly said.
“Why didn’t you evacuate? UNIT ordered this building to do so,” Captain Gifford, said striding through Private Reynolds’ unit.
“I follow Rena’s orders, and hers alone, and as she didn’t reply to my evacuation message, then I ordered the building to do no such thing,” Annie replied firmly.
“I do apologise for my dear friend’s behaviour,” Polly said, smiling sweetly, “We will all of course evacuate.” Polly leaned over the reception desk and, to Annie’s horror, spoke into the microphone and pressed the transmit button.

“Can all floors evacuate please, assemble in the road outside, not in the car park, thank you,” Polly said into the microphone, “Was that good enough for you, sir?”
“Yes, thank you,” Captain Gifford said.
“I’m Mr. Yendell, I was head of Shark ltd, until yesterday, I’m retired, if I can help with anything, just ask,” Mr. Yendell told Private Reynolds.
“Thank you sir, I’m sure your knowledge of the company will be of some use,” Private Reynolds replied.
“Private, wait until the building is cleared of all civilians, and then advance to the upper levels,” Captain Gifford ordered.
“Yes sir!” Private Reynolds said, saluting Captain Gifford.

Sally walked into the UNIT lorry, which was filled with computers and tables, as it was acting as UNIT’s temporary base. Sally immediately spotted Regina, and rushed over to her.
“He Sal,” Regina said smiling.
“What are you doing here?” Sally hissed.
“I can help, look I already am,” Regina explained, “There’s a spaceship heading this way, and a pretty big one. It’ll be over the centre of London in five minutes.”
“What?” Sally exclaimed, “Captain Weston!” Captain Weston marched over.
“What?” she asked.
“It’s a spaceship, it’ll be here in five minutes,” Sally explained.
“Dear God...” Captain Weston muttered.

The Doctor pulled Rena into one of the TARDIS’ laboratories, and pushed her into what looked like a phone booth. Brian raised his eyebrows, as the Doctor rushed around the lab, and pushed a button on the wall.
“Doctor, what am I doing in this thing?” Rena asked, as a red laser beam scanned Rena’s body and the Doctor raised his eyebrows.
“Rena, you have contained in you some rare particles that shouldn’t exist in Humans,” the Doctor explained, “These particles are used as a key to open up portals.”
“The aliens before said they were looking for a key, are you saying I’m the key?” Rena asked.
“Yes, I am,” the Doctor replied, “Sorry. This is no coincidence, this is fate. This is why aliens keep coming here, they’re looking for you, they knew where the portal was, and they guessed the key was nearby, but this portal is of Gosphodphid design, and I haven’t seen any of them, have you?”

Kasper rushed up the stairs, and past group of workers who were evacuating until he reached the floor where Rena’s new office was. He ran down a corridor, and peered into Rena’s office, to find a familiar blue box.
“Oh my God!” Kasper exclaimed.
“It should be up here somewhere,” a female snapped, causing Kasper to turn around.
“Reports say it’s still open,” a male voice replied. The voices sounded cruel, so Kasper hid himself behind a large bin. It was then that he caught site of two green-skinned aliens with black leather-like jackets and clothes. The female had straight brown hair and red lipstick, with a small tiara on her head. The male had black hair, and was more muscular and thug-looking.

“Once we find the key, we destroy it,” Heiress Ecrad muttered.
“But what do you think it is?” General Yorys asked.
“I think it’s a Human,” Heiress Ecrad hissed, causing Kasper to gasp, “Like the one hiding behind that bin over there!”


Episode 8 Murder through the Keyhole


The Doctor
Georgia Bell
Conner Bennet
Petr Costravalos
Pippa Blackwell
Jane Scarlet
Eleanor Peacock
Diane White
Algernon Mustard
Victor Plum
Gerald Green
Dr. Black
Chloe Mills
Erin McKinley
Kevin Christensen
Julie Christensen
Ashlyn Fisher
Nick Booth
John Cunningham
Ben Barrington
Katherine Wellington
Lori Bolton
Sophia Milligan
Maggie Lane
Morag Hitchcock
Hunter Lewton
Spencer Lewton
Sidney Prescott
Jason Thornes
Alice Richards
Stephen Cole
Ian Jennings


When the Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrive in the future, they do not suspect that they are in danger. But when they find themselves trapped in a house, and the gruesome killings start, they realise something is very wrong indeed.

Here are some spoilers. Remember, two are red herrings:

Ashlyn Fisher dies a horrible death.
Georgia kills two people. Only one of them is an accident.
Pippa unexpectedly dies, leaving Petr all alone.
Georgia gives her number to a lifeguard.
Ian Jennings is athsmatic.
Petr sings an Alexandra Burke song, while Conner takes on Journey's classic Don't Stop Believin'.
Rack makes a mysterious appearance that means almost certain death for Georgia and Conner.

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Episode 7: One Last Chance Part 1

The tiny farmer’s house creaked slightly in the wind. The owner of the farm, Joseph Peakes, could not get to sleep. He rarely slept much, due to his many worries about life. His father had died young and left him the farm, to run by himself. He never had any time to meet with girls, as he had to feed the animals and look after crops all day long.

“The Sun may set, but in a few hours it’ll rise,” his father used to say. Joseph was never sure what he had really meant by it, but it was one of the few quotes that he remembered from his dad.
Joseph couldn’t get to sleep, on this particular night, not because he was thinking, but because of the strange whooshing noise outside. He had convinced himself that it was the wind, but he was not nearly naïve enough to believe that. Joseph pulled himself out of his bed and crept over to the window, where curtains were badly shielding the moonlight. He peered out of the window and saw a strange green light in the sky.

A spaceship tumbled through the Earth’s atmosphere. Inside, two Gosphodphids were holding on to anything they could to stop them from falling over.
“Phidshun!” one of the Gosphodphids yelled at the other.
“What is it Gobsret?” Phidshun replied.
“We have to hide it here!” Gobsret yelled.
“We can’t! Where shall we hide it?” Phidshun whined.
“Look we have to hide it! They cannot get hold of it, or the whole universe will be destroyed!” Gobsret explained frantically.
“But where?” Phidshun said, in a panicked tone.
“In a Human,” Gobsret replied, as the spaceship began to spin around a Human dwelling. Phidshun leapt over to the controls and steadied the ship.
“Well then, if you’re ready,” Phidshun said, and Gobsret nodded. Phidshun pulled a lever and the ship lowered to the ground.

Joseph gasped as the lights seemed to fall from the sky, until they disappeared in one of his fields. It was some kind of huge disc-like object. Joseph pulled on some shoes and a coat and ran downstairs, and then out of his front door towards the field it landed in.
“Hello?” Joseph shouted, before tripping over a chicken and falling onto a pile of hay. Two short figures trudged over to where Joseph was laying.
“Well, it looks like we’ve found the Human,” Gobsret commented.

The Credits

50 Years later

Rena looked up from her desk, as Mr. Yendell walked in with a smile on his ageing face. Rena smiled back, Mr. Yendell had finally retired.
“You feel better?” Rena asked.
“Much better, thank you Rena, and I feel settled now that you have agreed to take over the company,” Mr. Yendell answered.
“Well after all the weird things that have happened here, I don’t blame you for retiring,” Rena commented nicely, closing the book she was writing in.
“What’s that?” Mr. Yendell asked.
“It’s a book, I’ve been writing in,” Rena explained, “In my free time, of course.”
“What’s it about?” Mr. Yendell questioned.
“The adventures I’ve had; all three of them,” Rena replied, “That’s not including the rabbit incident or getting married to Kasper.”
“Don’t bring up the rabbit incident,” Mr. Yendell laughed.

“So, have you...?” Rena began.
“Left my office, yes, just cleared it out, ready for you,” Mr. Yendell said.
“I’ll feel bad working in it, it’s such a nice office, you’ve kept it looking sparkling,” Rena replied.
“Well, I have a bit of the old OCD,” Mr. Yendell chuckled, “Goodbye then.”
“Mr. Yendell, it has been an honour working for you,” Rena said, standing up, so that she could hug her old boss, who had been so nice to her.
“You’ve already said that, at the party,” Mr. Yendell said.
“I know, but I mean it,” Rena said, smiling widely, “Bye!” Mr. Yendell nodded in response, as he left the room, and Rena had to stop herself from crying. She breathed deeply, before Annie sent her a call.

“We’ve got a Brian Mason here to see you Rena,” Annie’s voice said.
“Thank you Annie,” Rena replied, “Send him up.”
“Yes ma’am,” Annie answered.

The Doctor yanked a lever and the TARDIS shot back towards the 21st Century. Georgia made a growling noise, and the Doctor glanced nervously at her before returning to the console. Conner chuckled and Georgia glared at him, causing him to stop.
“Uh oh, Georgia’s in headmistress mode,” Conner told the Doctor as he walked past.
“I am not! The Doctor said we were going home! And then he misses it,” Georgia snapped, “And he finds it funny that we almost end up on the planet bloody Casino... again!”
“There’s nothing wrong with that planet, we just went there on a bad day,” the Doctor replied.

“Nearly home?” Conner asked.
“Yup,” the Doctor said, as he banged his fist on a green button and pulled a lever. The TARDIS began to materialise in its usual spot in the park and Georgia flung open the doors and stepped out.
“Yay, we’re home!” Georgia exclaimed.
“It hasn’t been that long since we were away,” Conner commented.
“May I remind you of the week long trek in the Amazon, Conner,” Georgia snapped.

“I expect to hear footsteps running in twenty seconds,” the Doctor predicted, as he locked the doors of the TARDIS.
“You’d think they’d start walking when they hear the TARDIS nowadays,” Conner commented. The three of them stood still and gazed around the park, which looked very pretty in the sunshine. After twenty seconds, the Doctor looked confused.
“Well, where are they?” the Doctor asked.
“They are walking,” Georgia said, in an annoyed voice, as Zac, Kaylie, Beth and Catherine came into view. Zac, Kaylie and Beth were grinning. Catherine, however, looked unsure of where she was, and was looking around the park with a confused expression.

“Hey, you failed at coming to school every day then,” Zac commented.
“How long have we missed?” Conner asked in an irritated tone.
“Only a month,” Beth replied smiling.
“Oh... sorry,” Conner muttered.
“Not your fault,” Georgia snapped, glaring at the Doctor.
“She’s in headmistress mode,” the Doctor told Zac and Kaylie quietly.
“What the hell is this headmistress mode you are talking about?” Georgia demanded.
“Don’t worry,” Conner said, patting Georgia on the arm.
“Where are we?” Catherine asked Beth dreamily. Beth rolled her eyes and pulled a pen out from her pocket.
“Catherine, go fetch!” Beth said, throwing the pen in the direction of the play park, before turning to Conner, “It’s how we’ve been dealing with her recently.” Conner and Georgia laughed and Kaylie looked around.

“It’s cold,” Kaylie muttered, shivering.
“But the sun’s still out,” the Doctor replied with a frown.
“Doctor, I’m gonna visit my parents, if that’s alright,” Georgia told the Doctor.
“That’s fine,” the Doctor said quickly, “You four can catch up; I have to work something out...” The Doctor quickly returned to the TARDIS, as Georgia walked away.

“We’ll go back to mine,” Kaylie said, as she led Zac, Conner and Beth in the direction of her house, “Amy has missed you Conner.”
“So have the teachers,” Beth sniggered.
“I meant to come back, I really did, but the Doctor happened...” Conner explained. “Oh, he always happens,” Beth muttered.
“I found the pen! Beth? Where am I?” Catherine yelled from the other side of the park, and all four of them began laughing. Conner felt like he was back at school again, before he had ever met the Doctor. Now over two years ago...

Elizabeth had heard the TARDIS engines, and she had decided to make herself look good in front of Mrs White. She checked that the coast was clear before running into the garden to mow the lawn. Mrs White spotted Elizabeth and rushed out on purpose.

“Oh, Elizabeth, fancy you being out here,” Mrs White commented.
“Fancy that dear,” Elizabeth replied in a surprised tone, “I’m just mowing my lawn, in the sun.”
“It’s getting cloudy now you said that,” Mrs White muttered, zipping up her white jacket, and repositioning her hat.
“And what are you doing out Viola, if you don’t mind me asking dear?” Elizabeth asked, not paying attention to where she was mowing, so the flowerbeds were getting damaged.
“Oh, not at all, Elizabeth dear,” Mrs White answered airily, “I am going to pay a visit to the Vicar, we have tea every Saturday.”
“Goodness, what a coincidence, the Vicar and I have tea every Monday,” Elizabeth exclaimed in a false surprise tone.
“Really? I had the feeling that you two didn’t see much of each other,” Mrs White replied, also in the same falsely surprised tone.

“You know I have a feeling that my darling daughter is about to arrive, with that famous doctor, who she is learning from,” Elizabeth said, quickly changing the subject.
“You mean Georgia and the Doctor?” Mrs White asked, in an unimpressed tone, “There’s something funny about that man.”
“Oh, he won’t be coming then, I know what you mean; one cannot be seen with those who have something funny about them,” Elizabeth said. Colin yawned and peered out of the front window. He was shocked to find that Elizabeth was mowing the lawn, and flowerbeds.

“Darling, what are you doing?” Colin asked, rushing out of the front door.
“Mowing the lawn, as I do every week,” Elizabeth answered, “Our lawn looks simply marvellous once I cut it.”
“I usually cut it dear,” Colin pointed out.
“But then I have to tidy it up, bless Colin, he has no sense of the word tidy,” Elizabeth told Mrs White with a dazzling smile. Just then Georgia ran round the corner and immediately spotted Elizabeth and Colin.
“Georgia!” Elizabeth exclaimed, hugging her daughter, “It’s absolutely wonderful to see you! Where have you been! Goodbye dear Mrs White, my daughter has been on many travels, which she must speak to us about, au revoir then!”
“Yes, the Vicar will be expecting me,” Mrs White replied, and she waved at Elizabeth with a false smile, before getting in her car.

“I’ve got loads to tell you, as per usual,” Georgia told her parents.
“Oh, Georgia, we’ve missed you so, you’ve haven’t been around for over a month,” Elizabeth trilled.
“F.Y.I. not my fault,” Georgia pointed out, as Elizabeth ushered her into the house and then sent Colin off to make a pot of tea.
“Aren’t you going to finish the mowing dear?” Colin asked.
“You can do that later!” Elizabeth replied airily, sitting herself beside Georgia on the sofa.
“Why’s it suddenly got so cold?” Georgia asked.
“Oh that’s been happening a lot lately,” Elizabeth answered, “The government say it’s the result of global warming, but it’s obviously nothing of the sort. There is a cover-up going on.”

Captain Gifford ended his call with a minister, and walked into UNIT’s control base. Sally and Regina were busy at computer screens.
“Regina, I told you, we don’t need your help,” Captain Gifford said.
“Excuse me, I work for the BBC weather team and I should be allowed to know exactly what’s going on and help stop it,” Regina replied.
“Look, she’s really good with computers, she is being really helpful, and why can’t you let her stay?” Sally asked Captain Gifford.
“She hasn’t even applied for a job, she just turned up, and she hasn’t signed the official secrets act!” Captain Gifford explained at a rapid pace. Sally rolled her eyes.
“Then let me the sign the official secrets act! Please,” Regina replied in a longing voice.

“Sir, it’s happening again,” Sally informed Captain Gifford.
“That’s the seventh time today?” Captain Gifford asked.
“Yes,” Sally answered.
“Try and find where the cold air is coming from, and quick before normal temperature returns!” Captain Gifford ordered.
“Doing it already,” Sally muttered, “It’s loading.”
“Why don’t you have better computers?” Regina asked, “The government give you loads of money.”
“There aren’t any better computers at the present, thank you,” Captain Gifford replied.
“And it’s taking a very long time, it keeps changing position,” Sally explained, “The Scar Skyscraper building site... no that’s not it. Hang on, that’s weird.”
“What is it?” Captain Gifford demanded.
“The cold air’s staying, it’s not going anywhere,” Sally replied in a confused voice.
“Which makes it easier to pin point?” Captain Gifford exclaimed.

“I’ve found where we’re headed sir,” Sally said smiling.
“Then let’s get going!” Captain Gifford ordered, “Private Reynolds, fetch Captain Weston!”
“Yes sir!” Private Reynolds replied, leaving the room.
“Private Trent! Get Units 16 to 19 armed and ready, we’re on our way to...” Captain Gifford continued, turning to Sally with a small smile.
“Shark bank firm ltd’s HQ,” Sally replied, handing Captain Gifford a file on the bank, which she had just printed off, “Currently run by a Mrs Rena Peakes, formerly run by a Mr. Yendell, neither have criminal records and neither are currently being tracked by any companies.”
“Anything else?” Captain Gifford asked.
“The firm has had 2 reported alien sightings, including a small alien in a flying saucer,” Sally continued, “There was also an unconfirmed sighting of what matches a splurge in 2005. All these times the Doctor appears to have saved the day. This is, again, unconfirmed, but probably true.”
“Thanks for your help,” Captain Gifford said, “Now, can you organise the setting up of a temporary base on the correct site.”
“Yes sir,” Sally said, leaving the room.
“Can I come?” Regina asked excitedly.
“No,” Captain Gifford answered immediately.

Rena shifted Mr. Yendell’s old desk slightly and shivered as a strange cold wind seemed to blow past her. The bank firm’s office block was increasingly encountering problems with what appeared to be the air vents, although Kasper wasn’t convinced. The rest of London seemed to be feeling cold winds too, and the company had been spending alot of money on the heating recently, even though it was late April.

“Excuse me?” Brian Mason said, walking into the room.
“Oh, hello?” Rena said.
“I came to your office, but you weren’t there so I guessed you’d be in the executive’s office,” Brian said, “I’m Brian.”
“Oh of course, I quite absent-mindedly forgot you were coming to see me,” Rena replied, “I do apologise, well seeing as though this is my new office, we might as well have our meeting in here.”
“It’s very cold in here though,” Brian muttered.
“I know, it keeps happening all over London,” Rena answered, “This part of the building seems worst, we’re never sure why.”

“You know what I think is causing this,” Brian said, “Aliens.”
“Really?” Rena asked.
“You don’t seem to be that shocked, is that because of the previous alien attacks here?” Brian wondered.
“How do you know about them? The papers weren’t allowed anywhere close...” Rena began.
“I have a friend, he’s dealt with these things before, I’m always looking on the internet for these things in my free time,” Brian explained.
“Your friend, he isn’t, by any chance, the Doctor, is he?” Rena questioned.
“Yes!” Brian exclaimed, “Have you...?”
“Met him? Yes, three times, he helped stop aliens here three times,” Rena explained, standing up. She walked towards the back of the room, where Mr. Yendell used to keep files on these instances, but suddenly the wind got stronger in the room and much colder. Rena took another step and suddenly a circular blue sparkling hole appeared in the air, leading to who-knew where.
“Oh My God!” Rena shrieked, backing away from it.

Heiress Ecrad looked at Earth through the sheet of glass on her spaceship. She smirked, as the readings began to go wild again. General Yorys marched into the room and bowed low, when Heiress Ecrad turned to face him.

“News?” Heiress Ecrad asked.
“We have increased opening time, it seems the key has moved closer to the portal,” General Yorys explained.
“Then find out where we are going! And be fast about it,” Heiress Ecrad hissed.
“Of course,” General Yorys said, bowing.
“Quick sharp!” Heiress Ecrad snapped, and General Yorys scurried from the room.
“Oh, yes, it’s about time we found the portal and the key, after all those idiots killed the only ones who knew where they both were...” Heiress Ecrad muttered.

50 Years Earlier

Phidshun and Gobsret sprinted towards the controls and Phidshun pushed in two green buttons to accelerate the ship’s speed. Gobsret raised the defences to 100% before sending missiles to the large spaceship following them.
“Phidshun! The missiles aren’t working!” Gobsret moaned, as the ship sailed away from Earth.
“What’s that light?” Phidshun asked, as a white light filled the room.
“It’s a transmat!” Gobsret exclaimed.
“Put up the defences!” Phidshun hissed.
“They’re at a hundred percent already!” Gobsret moaned, as the light got stronger and Phidshun and Gobsret felt themselves leave the ground. Seconds later their feet slammed down upon a metallic floor. An Alpha-Gosphodphid stood before them with malice in his eye. He was carrying a gun.

“Where is it hidden?” the Gosphodphid demanded.
“On Earth,” Phidshun replied quickly, and Gobsret rolled his eyes.
“Where on Earth?” the Gosphodphid asked.
“You’re Heir Enligirad, aren’t you?” Gobsret said, in a shocked voice.
“Correct,” Enligirad said, clicking his gun, “So, where on Earth?”
“You’ll never find it in a million years,” Gobsret snapped.
“Then tell me!” Enligirad ordered, “Or you will die!”
“We’re not saying anything!” Gobsret replied, so Enligirad blew his head off with his gun and turned to Phidshun, who whimpered. Enligirad rolled his eyes and shot Phidshun too.

50 Years Later...
“Idiot...” Heiress Ecrad muttered, remembering her stupid brother’s actions, which got him killed. Admittedly Ecrad had killed him, but he had deserved it for losing the key forever. But by chance, the key found its way closer to the portal, which began to open, so Heiress Ecrad had left for Earth right away, and now finally they had the coordinates.
“And now it’s nearly time for the universe to end!” Heiress Ecrad cackled.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Mini-ep 7: Mechanical Mayhem

Starring: The Doctor
And Conner
With: Mocca, Ricca, Getta and Dalek Gain

Georgia looked up as Conner walked into the control room with a frown on his face.
“Is he still…?” Georgia asked.
“Yeah,” Conner sighed.
“I wish there was some way of helping him,” Georgia commented.
“I know, he looks so helpless,” Conner replied.
“He’ll never fix it,” Georgia muttered, scratching her head.
“But he isn’t giving up on it,” Conner said.

“Seriously, though, don’t you think we’re acting a bit over the top? It’s a motorbike for God’s sake!” Georgia exclaimed.
“Georgia, may I remind you, that you broke the motorbike, after you tried to do a jump over that house,” Conner said, rolling his eyes.
“Look, it worked in that film with… thingy,” Georgia snapped.
“What film?” Conner snapped.
“Shut up Conner, just because I can’t remember what film, doesn’t mean there was no film!” Georgia snarled.
“Look, this isn’t going to fix the bike, and we’re not going anywhere until it’s been fixed,” Conner moaned.

“Yes we are!” the Doctor exclaimed, bouncing into the room, “You remember I told you I was the best mechanic… ever?”
“Vaguely,” Georgia answered.
“Well, I lied,” the Doctor replied.
“What a surprise!” Conner said sarcastically.
“I’m second best!” the Doctor continued, “To one who, admittedly, I would rather didn’t exist, due to his regular black-market schemes, but still, we’re off to Mocca’s!”

“Isn’t that like coffee?” Georgia asked, as the Doctor began dancing around the TARDIS controls with a look of glee that only the Doctor could pull off.
“That’s mocha,” Conner muttered, rolling his eyes.
“Mocca is a mechanic, and we’re off to his garage, in space,” the Doctor said, “We’d better go in 2012 because I upset him in 2013 when I blew up the café next door, ooh we can go there too!”
“Great, I’ll order a mocha,” Georgia said in an irritated voice.
“Anyway, I only blew up the café because, well it doesn’t really matter but…” the Doctor explained, “We’re nearly there!”

Ricca looked up with a look of confusion on her face. Where an empty space had been before, there was now a blue ‘police’ box, whatever that was.
“Mocca, what the hell is that?” Ricca shouted, but she got no reply.
“I wonder what’s…” Ricca began, but then suddenly the Doctor, Georgia and Conner burst through the doors of the TARDIS, and a smile appeared on Ricca’s face.
“Ricca!” the Doctor exclaimed, “How are you? I have a bike that needs fixing.”
“Not the pink one I hope?” Ricca asked.
“No, it’s a different colour, I can’t fix it, it’s in bits, but it’s vintage,”the Doctor explained.
“Oh okay, you do seem to damage a lot of valuable motors,” Ricca commented, “So who are these two then? Your newest companions?” Georgia and Conner rolled their eyes.
“I’m Georgia, this is Conner,” Georgia said, shaking Ricca’s hand; Conner did the same.

“Where’s Mocca then? Or are you qualified to fix motors on your own yet? By the look of you I’d say... yes! No, you’ve had a haircut!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“Is he like this with all his old friends?” Ricca asked Georgia.
“Yes, it’s dead annoying,” Georgia replied.
“Mocca has, to tell you the truth, been acting rather odd lately,” Ricca explained, “He’s become very careful about who he sells to.”
“Good,” the Doctor commented.
“He’s become more sulky though Doctor, he looks tired and scared,” Ricca continued, “And I have no idea why.”

A bronze death machine made its way past the vintage cars and spacecrafts until he reached Mocca’s office. Dalek Gain was in control of Mocca’s Motors, whether Mocca liked it or not. Dalek Gain was sure that this was the last place where the Ultimate’s cup had been seen, but perhaps it had gone astray. Mocca was known to be a great source of information, as all kinds of aliens passed through his doors for repairs. Another was also seen often passing through, his name was the Doctor.

“Mocca! Report!” Dalek Gain called in his grating voice.
“Y-yes, sir, what is it that you require?” Mocca asked.
“The Doctor has arrived,” Dalek Gain replied.
“And... he is to be exterminated?” Mocca questioned.
“No, he is required, the Ultimate’s cup must be found, you shall help or you will be exterminated!” Dalek Gain ordered.
“Of course sir, what is it you want me to do?” Mocca asked nervously.
“Help the Doctor, in any way, but do not tell him of my existence,” Dalek Gain ordered, “Then ask him about the cup of gold! If anybody knows, he will...”

Ricca helped Conner and the Doctor carry the broken motorbike out of the TARDIS, while Georgia made rude comments about the Doctor and Conner, as they had told her that she was not needed.

“Conner, are you sure you can carry that, it looks a bit heavy for you,” Georgia commented as Conner carried a small metal badge that had the bike’s number plate on it.
“Shut up, and do something helpful,” Conner snapped.
“Sorry, I thought I was unhelpful,” Georgia said sweetly.
“Go to that café then,” Conner moaned.
“No, I take pleasure in you having to work,” Georgia replied smiling nastily, as an alien similar to Ricca entered the room. Ricca looked mostly like a human, apart from the fact that she had three eyes.

“Hello,” the alien said nervously, “Is the Doctor about?”
“He’s in the TARDIS, I take it you’re Mocca?” Georgia asked.
“That’s right,” Mocca replied, “What’s the problem?”
“Broken motorbike, some bitch broke it,” Conner commented, and Georgia shot him a glare.
“Some bitch had broken the brakes,” Georgia snapped.
“Mocca!” the Doctor exclaimed, as he left the TARDIS with a smile. The Doctor ran forward and hugged Mocca as Ricca heaved one of the bike’s wheels out of the TARDIS.

“Let’s get to work then!” Mocca said, “Hang on...”
“What’s wrong?” Ricca asked.
“Doctor, this bike... it’s...” Mocca began.
“Vintage, yeah I know,” the Doctor replied.
“No, but it carries a curse,” Mocca muttered, “We may not be able to fix it until we’ve destroyed something else...”
“Does this curse affect the person who broke it?” Conner asked, looking worriedly at Georgia, who clapped a hand to her mouth.
“No, I think it’s more of a poltergeist...” Mocca began.
“Weeeheee!” a shrill voice cried, as a smoky body shot out of the wheel, that Ricca was carrying. Ricca shrieked and dropped the wheel, which rolled under a van.

“Oh no,” the Doctor sighed, “We’ve got to catch it...”
“How?” Georgia asked, “They can move through walls!”
“Yes, I know, they can spread themselves so thinly that they can literally pass through walls,” the Doctor explained.
“Then what are we going to do?” Ricca asked.
“Kill it!” Mocca exclaimed, “I have some Geist Spray somewhere, it’s toxic to them, they fade away.”
“We can’t kill it,” the Doctor replied, “It hasn’t done anything wrong.” As the Doctor said this a spanner flew through the air and barely missed the Doctor’s head.
“Yet,” Conner said. Suddenly, an array or objects stated shooting through the air towards the Doctor, Georgia, Conner, Mocca and Ricca.

“Bet you didn’t like that one!” the poltergeist shrieked with glee.
“I recognise that voice!” the Doctor exclaimed, “It’s Getta! I forgot I contained him in that bike...”
“So this is your fault! What a surprise!” Georgia yelled sarcastically, before ducking behind a car, as a chainsaw flew through the air towards her from the other side of the room.
“What are we going to do?” Mocca moaned.
“We can suck it up using a vacuum or something!” Conner exclaimed, before diving to the ground, as a tire shot at his head.
“Like in the stories!” Georgia added.
“What stories?” Ricca asked.
“Earth stories, don’t worry yourself, they aren’t that good,” the Doctor commented, as a bicycle landed with a crash beside him.
“You’ll never catch me!” Getta squealed, “Now I know your plans! You’ll never find me!” Gretta vanished in a flash and Conner and Georgia’s faces fell.
“Great,” Conner said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“What are we gonna do!” Georgia whined.
“Stop looking so desperate, he’s not your boyfriend,” Conner snapped, “We could just let him go...”
“We can’t let him hang around!” Ricca exclaimed, “He’ll wreck the place!”
“I have an idea,” the Doctor said smiling, “We lure him into a trap.”
“Using what? Is there anything I can do to help?” Mocca said quickly.
“Yes, do you have any tomatoes?” the Doctor asked, “Poltergeists love them.”
“I don’t, but I’m sure the café next door will have some,” Mocca said helpfully, “I can go and get some if you want...”
“If it’s not too much trouble,” the Doctor answered.
“It’s no trouble at all!” Mocca replied, immediately leaving the room.
“I’ll go too,” Georgia replied, following him.
“Right, let’s start with the trap!” the Doctor exclaimed, “Ricca, do you have a vacuum cleaner of some sort?”

Georgia opened a door and left the building. Mocca’s shop seemed to be on some kind of deserted planet, with a grey surface and a few small blue plants. The only other building Georgia could see was the café, next to Mocca’s mechanics, which had several spaceships parked outside. There were hundreds of tiny lights making their way through the night sky. She guessed that she was near some kind of galactic motorway. The planet seemed completely silent, apart from the sounds of chattering from the café.

“Wow,” Georgia commented, before turning to face the building next door. It had a large sign saying café in big red letters. She made her way towards it, but a strange whirring noise stopped her in her tracks. She had heard that noise somewhere before.
“Hello?” Georgia called, but there was no reply. The noise had definitely come from Mocca’s mechanics; maybe it had been the Doctor starting his plan, but it had seemed to come from close by. Georgia knew she had heard that noise before, but it couldn’t be, not here. She ran inside the café, breathing heavily.

“Calm, Georgia,” she told herself. The café had a few alien customers, and as she entered Mocca emerged from a side-door, which Georgia guessed led into the kitchen.
“I’ve got the tomatoes, did the Doctor send you to check up on me?” Mocca asked.
“No, just... to help,” Georgia replied, “Let’s go.” Georgia quickly led the way back into the room in Mocca’s shop filled with vintage cars and spaceships.

“The trap is ready,” the Doctor said smiling, as he held up a large tube in greeting. The tube was attached to some kind of vacuum cleaner, which in turn was attached to the TARDIS. There was a large box with one end open and the other with a hole where the tube could be placed.
“I have the tomatoes,” Mocca said helpfully, handing the tomatoes he was carrying to the Doctor.
“These aren’t digimatoes are they?” the Doctor asked quickly, with a frown on his face.
“No, the café only serves real or near-real food,” Mocca replied.
“Better than McDonalds then...” Georgia muttered, as the Doctor placed the tomatoes at the end of the box, near the tube.
“And now we wait,” the Doctor said smiling.
“And wait,” Ricca commented, after a couple of minutes.
“Doctor, big flaw in plan, just realised,” Georgia said, rolling her eyes.
“What is it?” Conner asked.
“There are tomatoes in the café!” Georgia shrieked.

Several minutes later, they stood beside the trap, after carrying all the tomatoes from the café into the TARDIS, where they would be safe. Georgia kept noticing Mocca soot the Doctor nervous glances, like he was up to something. Now and again, they heard a squeak from the poltergeist as it bounced around the mechanics.

“Can’t catch me!” Getta squealed.
“I have had enough of that complete...” Georgia growled.

“It’s ready,” the Doctor muttered, “Now, everybody hide behind the TARDIS and wait.”
“And wait...?” Conner asked innocently.
“Smells lovely!” Getta squeaked, as he flashed into existence above a Rolls Royce. Getta’s cheeky grin remained, as he glanced around the room to see if the people were still about. After deciding that they weren’t Getta rushed towards the box on the floor, which the smell of tomatoes was wafting up from.
“What’s all this? What’s all this?” Getta squealed, as he began to scoff down the tomatoes, not aware of the danger. The Doctor pulled a lever in the TARDIS and the vacuum turned on.
“Nooo! I don’t wanna go!” Getta shrieked, whooshing down the tube into the special jar that the Doctor had made to contain the poltergeist.

“Lemme out!” Getta screeched.
“Will he stay in there?” Mocca asked.
“Yes, the glass contains a trace of Anti-Geist, so if he tries to get out, then it’s bad news for him,” the Doctor explained, “Anyway, let’s fix the bike.”
“Of course!” Mocca exclaimed. After around an hour, Mocca and Ricca finished the work on the Doctor’s motorbike, and the Doctor was smiling widely.

“Thank you very much!” the Doctor exclaimed, “What can I give you? How much? Seriously, I want to pay!”
“Doctor, we are rolling in money at the moment, but I would like to know some information,” Mocca replied, “It’s about a certain golden cup.”
“A golden cup?” the Doctor asked, with a frown.
“One of my clients is asking around about it, apparently it’s magical,” Mocca explained, “But it was lost in time or something, I don’t suppose you’ve seen a golden cup anywhere?”
“Yes actually, I’m pretty sure the Nayragar had a golden cup, that was a long time ago though,” the Doctor explained.
“Where is it?” Mocca asked, trying not to look too excited.
“It’s buried in Germany somewhere, the cave system mostly collapsed,” the Doctor explained, “It’s probably somewhere beneath the ancient town of Tointraken.”
“Where’s that?” Mocca questioned.
“On Earth,” the Doctor answered, “I think they used it in a ceremony or something, I won’t go into the details, and it would take a while...”

“Oh don’t worry Doctor,” Mocca replied, “Thank you for your help!”
“No, thank you!” the Doctor replied, before turning to Ricca, “And thanks again Ricca.”
“I always like helping you sir,” Ricca replied, “Bye then!”
“Bye,” Georgia and Conner called, before following the Doctor into the TARDIS. The sound of the TARDIS dematerialising filled the room, as it faded out of sight.
“I’d better get back to work then,” Mocca told Ricca, who nodded in response.

Dalek Gain spun its eyestalk around as Mocca entered the room.
“You have information?” Dalek Gain asked.
“Yes, sir,” Mocca answered, “I know the location of the golden cup.”
“Are you sure it is the Ultimate’s cup?” Dalek Gain demanded in his grating voice.
“The legends around it say that it is magical,” Mocca replied.
“Tell me the location,” Dalek Gain ordered, “So I can begin the process! And then I shall leave you... in peace.”


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Episode 6: The Man Who Was Thursday Part 5

Conner calmly returned to the Doctor, raising his gun.

“Where’s Georgia?” the Doctor frowned.
“She’s staying in the TARDIS,” Conner smiled. “I begged her.”
“Oh, okay,” the Doctor said, not entirely convinced. “They’re coming!”

Isabella, Dmitri and Aleksandr burst into the Main Hall, and the fight began.

“I’m trapped in a cupboard,” Georgia growled. “And when I get out of here… well, if Petr hasn’t killed you, I will, Conner Bennet.”

She was about to continue, when she heard footsteps. Pressing her ear against the door, Georgia could make out the ‘clack-clack’ of Pippa’s heels. She leant forwards, trying to hear more, before Pippa raised her gun and fired it into the air. Georgia screamed, and fell backwards onto the floor.

“Bell?” Pippa called. “Georgia… I know you’re in here…”

She headed towards the cupboard, and began to move the desk that was in front of it. Loading her gun, she whipped open the door – only to find the cupboard was empty.

“Georgia?” she frowned.

Georgia still had her eyes closed. When she opened them, she looked around, and saw that she was no longer in the cupboard, but on a spaceship.

“I just teleported you,” Petr explained, causing Georgia to jump.
“I didn’t realise you were here!” she said, punching his arm. “You frightened me!”
“Sorry,” Petr grinned.
“Why did you save me?” Georgia frowned. “I mean, I appreciate the gesture, but…”
“It wasn’t fair,” Petr said. “You didn’t have a gun on you, and Pippa did. We don’t really want to spill your blood, or the Doctor’s for that matter. We just want Conner. Come with me – I can find you a place to stay until the battle’s over.”

Georgia prepared to argue, but Petr had already taken her hand, and was leading her down the corridor. He found her a room, and she entered it, sitting on the bed gratefully. He moved her sideways with a hand, and sat next to her.

“How are you and Conner at the moment?” he asked.
“What do you mean?” Georgia raised her eyebrows.
“Romantically,” Petr grinned.
“Oh,” Georgia hmphed. “I don’t really know… We always seem to be arguing lately.”
“Arguing, or flirting?” Petr laughed. “Ouch, don’t hit me!”
“Shut up then!” Georgia smiled. “I dunno, I guess… It seems like arguing to me. I don’t know if he even likes me.”
“He will,” Petr said cryptically.
“What does that mean?” Georgia frowned.
“Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but me and Pippa are back in time,” Petr explained. “I mean really back in time. Imagine this is event A, and the next time you see me is event B. I’ve already experienced event B, and C, and D, and I’m experiencing event E right now.”
“No, you’re experiencing event A right now,” Georgia corrected him.
“I’m experiencing event E,” Petr repeated. “Only, I’ve come across a problem. So I’m going back in time and doing event A… for the first time, even though when you’re experiencing event E, event A will have been ages ago… And when I’ve finished here, I’ll return to event E.”
“So what’s event E?” Georgia asked.
“I can’t tell you,” Petr shook his head. “But I’m sorry it’s happening.”

She thought about this for a moment, and noticed her hand was very close to Petr’s. He looked her deep in the eyes, and she looked at him back. Before she knew it, she had leaned over and was kissing him, full on the mouth. Suddenly, she remembered Conner, and pushed him away.

“Sorry,” she blushed. “I just…”
“It’s okay,” Petr shrugged. “It was nice.”
“No, it wasn’t okay,” Georgia frowned. “I just messed everything up. Please – take me back to the battle, I can’t stay here.”

Petr placed a hand on her arm, and the two disappeared in a blue flash.

“Conner, where are you?” the Doctor yelled.

The room was filled with smoke, and the Doctor was crouched beside the body of Robert Hastings. Nearby, the bodies of Edgar Hastings and Jay Stickley lay bleeding. Conner, meanwhile, was running from Pippa, who had just joined the fight. She chased him through the Main Hall and up the spiral staircase and out of sight.

“Conner!” the Doctor sighed.

He dodged the falling body of Fraser Brown, and watched as a few meters away, Petr and Georgia appeared in a blue flash.

“Thank you,” Georgia said.

Petr nodded, and ran towards the staircase. Georgia was knocked off her feet by Isabella, and hit the floor. She grabbed the nearest gun in the smoke, and fired it towards Isabella. It missed, instead striking Dmitri in the shoulder.

“Oh my God!” she gasped. “I just shot someone!”

Petr caught up with Pippa at the top of the staircase, and the two saw Conner running along the corridor. They gave chase, Pippa firing her gun at Conner.

“Leave me alone!” he begged.

They ignored him, instead watching as he dived into the nearest room. Petr made a move, but Pippa pulled him back. She headed towards the door, and waited for a second. Raising her foot, and her gun, she kicked open the door. Conner was ready for her, and leapt at her. Pippa screamed as he pressed a teleport against her chest, and activated it. She disappeared in a flash of light, and Conner breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’ll give you ten seconds,” Petr growled.

Claire bumped into Tracy as they continued to fight. Instead of glaring, she smiled, and Tracy smiled back.

“Let’s take down Dmitri once and for all,” Claire said.
“Go!” Tracy cried, and the two ran towards him.

Angela kicked Aleksandr across the room, and turned her attention to Tracy. It was now or never – she could finally kill Tracy Carter, and make her pay for how she treated her father, or she could chase after Isabella. She hesitated, and fired in Tracy’s general direction. Not waiting to see the result, Angela ran towards Isabella.

“I’m coming Conner!” Petr yelled. “Ready or not!”

He ran along the corridor, and, turning the corner, he saw Conner reaching the other end of it. Petr raised his second gun, and fired four times. As Conner ran, he felt something hit his left ankle, then his right ankle, then his left and right arms. He flew into the wall, and remained there.

“What did you do?!” he called to Petr. “Why am I not falling off the wall?”
“It’s called a staple gun,” Petr replied. “Now, time to finish this.”

He leaned forwards, so his mouth was close to Conner’s ear.

“Where would you go in times of trouble?” he asked. “If your little friends were out of bounds, and Georgia was fighting for her life.”
“I… Uh…” Conner thought. “Aren’t you gonna kill me?”
“Answer the question,” Petr growled.

Conner thought about this for a very long time. He couldn’t move his arms or legs, and there was no way he could escape. Maybe if he could keep Petr talking, the Doctor would find him.

“Holly Black,” Conner replied. “I’d go to Holly Black’s house.”

He strained his neck to look at Petr, and saw him smiling. He pulled a teleport from his pocket, and slipped it around his neck.

“Thank you,” he said.
“Is that all?” Conner frowned. “You really aren’t gonna kill me?”
“Nope,” Petr shrugged. “Bye.”

Before Conner could say anything more, Petr disappeared in a flash of light. There were four gradual pinging noises, and the staples which held Conner’s clothes to the wall fell out. With a crash, he tumbled to the floor, and sighed with relief.

“Isabella, we should go!” Aleksandr cried. “There’s too many of them, and Dmitri’s dead!”
“What?” Isabella yelled, as she shot Maya Romero to death. “How is that possible?”
“The two women were advancing on him, but he was shot from across the room!”

Angela smirked, and realised that she had shot Dmitri instead of Tracy. Raising her gun a second time, she blasted a hole in Aleksandr’s chest, and he dropped to the floor. Isabella screamed in fury, but a swift shot from Tracy brought her down too. Gradually, the smoke in the room cleared, and the survivors smiled.

“It’s over,” the Doctor announced. “Well done everyone. Who’s left?”

He quickly scanned the room. There wasn’t many, but Tracy, Claire, Angela, Father Gabriel, Father Isaac, Father Noah, Paolo, Carla and Jessica were enough. Georgia smiled at him from across the room, her hair a mess. There were footsteps coming from the staircase, and Conner emerged, looking relieved.

“Is it over?” he asked.
“Yeah,” Georgia grinned.
“And you’re okay?” Conner smiled. “And you too, Doctor?”
“We’re both fine,” the Doctor replied.

Conner pretended to sigh, and fold his arms. Georgia rolled her eyes, and hugged him. The Doctor joined in the hug, and Claire began to clap. Tracy joined in, as did everyone else. The Doctor broke from the hug and began to clap too. Georgia and Conner quickly let go of each other, blushing deep scarlet.

“That’s enough sentimentality,” Georgia said, waving her arms.
“Exactly what I was thinking,” Conner coughed. “Thank you everyone… for saving my life. Without you, I’d be dead.”
“What did Petr want?” Georgia asked quietly.
“He…” Conner hesitated. “Don’t worry about it. It probably wasn’t even important.”

He took her hand, and led her back to the TARDIS. The Doctor turned to face Tracy, and raised an eyebrow.

“So, what do we do with you?” he asked.
“I’ve changed, Doctor,” she said.
“I honestly think she has,” Claire admitted. “So if she’s willing to have me around still, she can stay as head of the Monastery.”
“Really?” Tracy gasped. “Thank you so much!”

She hugged Claire, who smiled.

“Of course,” Claire continued. “I’ll be co-head.”
“I’m staying,” Father Gabriel added.
“So are we,” Father Isaac and Noah smiled.
“We should turn it into a memorial,” Angela suggested. “For the people who died today, and for the Monks who used to live here.”
“I could get us money for that,” Tracy nodded. “Maybe you could help, Jessica?”
“Sure,” Jessica Sanders nodded. “Now, has anyone seen my sunglasses?”

They all laughed, and continued to make plans. As they became closer, discussing ways in which to pay tribute and help others, the sound of the universe filled the air.

“Is the Doctor gone?” Claire asked.
“Yes, I think so,” Tracy replied. “But he’s left us with something important, don’t you think?”
“I couldn’t agree more, partner,” Claire grinned. “I couldn’t agree more…”

The End

Next Time:

"It's cold..."
"Sir, it's happening again."
"Excuse me?"
"Oh my God!"
"And now it's nearly time for the universe to end!"
"This is UNIT, please evacuate the building, immediately."
"Dear God..."
"The aliens before said they were looking for a key. Are you saying I'm the key?"

Friday, 1 October 2010

Episode 6: The Man Who Was Thursday Part 4

“What do you want, Petr?” the Doctor asked.
“Conner Bennet,” Petr replied. “You have one hour. Give us Conner Bennet, or you will all die.”

He reached for something on his ship, and the screen vanished. Immediately, people began to scream, and everyone looked at Conner, who backed away in horror.

“Don’t even think about it,” Georgia warned the crowd. “Claire, don’t call the quarantine office – we’ll need all the protection we can get.”
“Sure,” Claire nodded.
“Everyone else, you can either fight, or hide,” Georgia told the crowd. “But we’ll need to know where everyone is. I’ll take a list – if someone can tell me the names of everyone here?”
“I’ll do it,” Angela said.

She emerged from the crowd, and headed over to Georgia.

“There are the three Hastings brothers,” she pointed. “Samuel, Robert and Edgar. And that’s Jessica Sanders, in the sunglasses, and next to her are Faser Brown, Jay Stickley, and Paolo and Carla Moretti.”

The group of people Angela had just pointed out moved to the left of the hall, and waited patiently for the others.

“And there’s Nathan Peterson, Matt Agnew, Simone Monroe, Maya Romero, Monica Ross, the three Monks and Claire Fisher,” Angela continued. “That’s everyone. Oh, and that’s the Doctor, and that’s Conner.”
“Yes. Thank you,” Georgia sighed. “Right, so I’ve got everyone on the list. Those willing to fight, form a group over to the right. The Doctor will take you through to the museum, where he will tell you of his strategy. Those who want to hide, stay there, and then go and hide.”
“Cos they couldn’t work that out for themselves,” Conner muttered. “Oh, except Claire! I need to talk to you in private.”
“I’m staying to fight,” Claire smiled, heading over to him.
“Thanks,” Conner said. “But I’ve got something I need to do first.”

He led Claire away, leaving Georgia looking suspicious. She turned back to the group, to see they were all still waiting patiently.

“Are you lot staying?” she asked.
“Of course,” Maya Romero replied. “Now, where’s this Doctor?”
“Here!” the Doctor waved. “If you’d all like to follow me to the museum…”

Before Georgia could point out that it would be easier if they stayed where they were, the group had departed. On her own, she twiddled her thumbs, and looked around. Suddenly, the screen reappeared, and Petr frowned.

“Where is everyone?” he asked Georgia.
“What do you want?” Georgia snapped.
“I was just taking a look,” Petr shrugged. “So where are they?”
“In the museum,” Georgia replied. “I don’t know if you’ve seen, but there are rather a lot of us. Do you really think you and Pippa will be able to kill us all?”
“Possibly not,” Petr smiled. “But it’s not just me and Pippa, there are three others. And I’m fairly confident that five will be enough.”

The screen disappeared, and Georgia sighed.

“Petr?” Pippa called, entering the control room. “Did you speak to the Doctor?”
“It was just Georgia,” Petr replied. “They’re thinking of fighting us.”
“Then I’d better get the other three prepared,” Pippa smiled, leaving the room.

She walked along the corridor of the ship that they’d borrowed from the boss not even an hour ago. She entered the large common room, where two males and one female were seated.

“What are your names again?” she asked.
“Isabella Rossi,” Isabella sighed. “And those two are Aleksandr Orlov and Dmitri Ivanov. You could at least be bothered to learn our names.”
“When you are appointed by boss as personal followers of the Doctor, I will,” Pippa replied.
“You English are very stupid,” Aleksandr growled.
“When do we attack people?” Dmitri asked.
“Soon,” Pippa promised. “Petr wants to give the Doctor time to hand Conner over first.”
“We don’t care about that so much,” Isabella said. “We just want to kill.”
“Well, you are Italian,” Pippa shrugged. “And for you boys, well, let’s just say the Russian reputation proceeds you.”

She threw six guns onto the table, and stalked off. Isabella, Dmitri and Aleksandr each grabbed two guns, and placed them in their belts and jackets.

“You’re crazy!” Claire frowned. “You can’t do that, not when everyone’s prepared to fight for you!”
“I’m not gonna endanger everybody’s lives!” Conner replied. “If you take me to that escape pod the Monks mentioned, I can hand myself in, and no one has to get hurt.”
“Well I’m coming with you,” Claire decided. “It’s through here.”

She entered a room, and Conner immediately saw what looked like a large glass, circular room. Claire headed towards the door, and opened it. Conner stepped inside, feeling as if he was in a gold fish bowl.

“Are you sure about this?” Claire asked, sealing the door.
“Let’s go,” Conner nodded. “As soon as we’re at the ship, you stay in the pod and fly it back to the Monastery.”
“I’m coming with you,” Claire repeated firmly.
“Start her up,” Conner said.

The Doctor had finished his strategy, and was leading Nathan Peterson, Matt Agnew, Samuel Hastings, Simone Monroe, Monica Ross and Georgia up to the Astronomy Base.

“I’m pretty sure Petr and the others will first attack from here,” he said as they walked up the stairs. “It’s the highest point of the Monastery, and the easiest to penetrate.”
“So shouldn’t we be blocking it off?” Georgia asked.
“The quarantine won’t be enough,” the Doctor replied. “So you lot are there to defend it.”
“I’ve never held a gun before,” Monica Ross said quietly. “I don’t know if I could kill someone with one.”
“You’ll be fine,” the Doctor promised.
“What about Conner?” Georgia asked. “Where is he? He was supposed to be with Claire…”
“I have seen either of them,” the Doctor frowned. “Wait, what did the Monks mention earlier…? When I was telling them about the battle plan?”
“No idea,” Georgia shrugged.
“Didn’t they mention an escape pod?” Simone Monroe asked.
“Yeah they did,” Nathan Peterson nodded.

The Doctor gasped, and began to run up the stairs. Georgia began to follow, but he held up a hand to stop her.

“You’ve got to get this lot to the Astronomy Base,” he said. “You’re in charge, from now on Bells.”

Georgia gulped, and nodded, watching the Doctor run into the darkness.

“We’re moving,” Claire announced, as the escape pod began to vibrate.
“Can you hear footsteps?” Conner frowned. “Hurry up!”

He clutched the control panel, as the Doctor burst into the room. With a quick movement of her hand, Claire sealed the escape pod.

“Sorry Doctor, but you can’t come in,” she said.
“Let me in!” the Doctor yelled. “Conner!”

Conner shook his head, and turned his eyes away. The Doctor pulled out the Sonic Screwdriver, and raised it threateningly. The control panel burst in a shower of sparks, and the escape pod door opened. The Doctor reached in and grabbed Conner by the collar, heaving him from the room.

“Doctor, please!” Claire pleaded, running after them.

Petr and Pippa walked along the corridor of their spaceship, and entered the common room.

“It’s time,” Petr announced.
“Good,” Isabella smiled. “Let’s go.”
“We aren’t coming with you,” Pippa said. “We’ll be attacking from a different angle.”
“Then we see you later,” Dmitri replied. “Go now.”

Aleksandr nodded, and led Dmitri and Isabella from the room. Petr looked at Pippa, and smiled.

“I dunno if I can do this…” Georgia muttered.

She was standing near the door, holding a shot gun, which shook under her grip. Nearby, Monica, Matt, Simone, Nathan and Samuel waited for Petr and the others to arrive. Suddenly the whole room shook, and Georgia almost fell to the floor. She clutched the door frame, and the door popped open.

“They’re here,” Simone announced.
“We’ll be fine,” Matt told everyone. “I used to be a police officer – I’ve got instinct.”
“And I’ve got two brothers,” Samuel added. “Edgar and Robert need me.”

There was an explosion, and the wall shattered into bricks and debris. Matt raised his hand, and everyone waited, as smoke filled the air.

“FIRE!” he cried.

Isabella ran into the fray, raising her gun. With a bang, Nathan collapsed to the floor, and Aleksandr dodged a bullet. Samuel also went down, and Monica screamed as a bullet hit her in the shoulder. Georgia backed away, horrified, almost stumbling as she reached the door. She raised her gun shakily, before turning and running down the stairs.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no!”

She stumbled down the steps, tears running down her face as the gunshots faded away. Very soon, she was in the Main Hall, sobbing and hugging the Doctor and Conner.

“You’re okay?” Conner asked, trying not to cry too.
“I’m fine,” Georgia cried. “But everyone else… I left them there!”
“It’s not your fault,” the Doctor sighed.

He turned to the remaining fighters – Claire Fisher, Angela Hawkins, Father Gabriel, Father Noah, Father Isaac, Edgar Hastings, Robert Hastings, Fraser Brown, Jay Stickley, Paolo Moretti, Carla Moretti, Jessica Sanders and Maya Romero.

“I’m afraid the others are dead,” he told them. “And three of Petr’s men are coming here. You still have time to leave.”
“Our brother just died,” Edgar spat. “We’re staying.”
“Actually,” Georgia said. “It was two men and a woman. The men were Russian and the woman was Italian. Petr told me… Isabella, Aleksandr and Dmitri, he told me they were called.”

The Doctor was about to continue, when the door to the museum burst open. Everyone gasped as Tracy Carter walked into the room, still in her handcuffs.

“Let me fight,” she said. “They’re destroying my Monastery – I want to help.”
“You should have stayed in your cell,” Claire spat. “Doctor, didn’t you lock it properly?”
“I’m good at locks,” Tracy shrugged. “Now release me. This place has been my home since I was eleven years old; I can’t see it be destroyed now.”
“Fine,” the Doctor nodded. “But we lock you up afterwards.”
“Okay,” Tracy said. “Now, hurry up – they’re coming.”

The Doctor raised the Sonic Screwdriver, and Tracy was released. Reluctantly, Claire handed her a shot gun, and Tracy joined the others, raising it towards the door where Isabella, Dmitri and Aleksandr would enter.

“Wait!” Conner cried. “I just want to speak to Georgia for a moment. George?”

Georgia nodded, and followed Conner down the hall. Once they were in a large office room, they began to talk.

“I don’t want you to do this,” Conner sighed. “If you can go back to the museum room, you can wait in the TARDIS.”
“No,” Georgia said firmly. “I’m not leaving you to die here.”

The pair heard footsteps nearby, and hurried into a nearby, roomy cupboard. The footsteps died down, and Conner continued.

“Please,” he begged. “Just go back to the TARDIS, and wait for us.”
“What if you don’t come back?” Georgia asked.
“Then you’ll be safe,” Conner smiled. “And Petr will look after you. I know he will.”
“He’s trying to kill you!” Georgia sighed.
“But he cares,” Conner said. “You know he does. Think back to when you were in that hospital, and the Gold was trying to kill you. He saved you, didn’t he? He didn’t have to, but he did. And when he made the Scarecrows chase us, he captured you – but he turned you into a tree, he didn’t kill you. And when we were running from the Borsht, him and Pippa helped us escape from the maze, and left when we asked them to. If that isn’t caring, then I dunno what it is.”

Georgia thought for a moment, and nodded.

“But I’m still staying,” she said firmly.
“Fine,” Conner sighed. “I can see there’s no convincing you…”

He left the cupboard, shutting the door behind him. Georgia reached for the handle, but the door wouldn’t open. There was a scraping outside, and Conner pushed a desk in front of the door, trapping Georgia in the cupboard.

“Conner!” she screamed. “Don’t do this! I can help! Please, CONNER!”

To be continued…

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