Sunday, 29 June 2008

Journey's End Pics

More will be added soon, but right now we have this juicy picture:

Saturday, 28 June 2008

The stolen earth

That episode was sooooooooo amazing. we saw them all Martha, Rose, Donna ,Capt Jack, Sarah Jane. I loved the bit when Rose was trying to contact the doctor but she reacted so funnily to Martha (previous companion martha jones: But i was a companion too) Wilf was hilarious (She wouldn't let me have one said it was naughty) Luke smith was annoyingly brainy. Ianto and Gwen were great (are they dead) Then Rose and the doctor are about to hug when a dalek exterminates the doctor. But who will the doctor regenerate into...? Apparently the master and the doctor have a body swap and did anyone else notice the sound of drums in that episode. Dalek Caan was hilarious with his laughing and happy stuff and wouldn't be surprised if he started singing about flowers and dancing with pwetty ponies!!! Davros dun dun dun. The shadow proclomation... Who is the doctors most faithful companion? Rose Martha Captain Jack Sarah-Jane Harriet jones is dead but she was brave in the end well done her and lol(Harriet Jones former prime minister, Yes we know who you are. I loved that episode it was amazing!!! When the doctor had that conversation with the judoon. All the planets that were lost... Woman wept (mentioned in boom town) Clom (twin planet of raxacorricolphaliphetorious(I didn't spell that right) ) It was amazing what will happen next week? What is Donnas future loss? I can't wait...!!!

Friday, 27 June 2008

my vids

I hope this works... You can watch all of my videos on that just click on the one you want to see it also has the new uploaded one....A scene of Harry Potter episode 3 ... Oh and also you can watch all 3 puppet videos on the puppets main page. Oh and this is random but this is Martha!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Doctor Who Merchandise

As I last reported, the new Top Trumps are out, so I will tell you about new merchandise. First we see the new Series 4 DVD: This features: Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead and Midnight. Next we have the Top Trumps again (sorry): I looked in TESCO's yesterday, and it wasn't there. Now we have a new book: The Time Traveller's Almanac Here's the preview thingy: Who are the eminent artists of the 16th, 19th or 21st centuries? How was the Doctor involved in the eruption of Vesuvius? What are the mysteries of Carrionite science? Where do the Daleks come from? Answers to all of these questions and many more are found in The Time Traveller’s Almanac – the ultimate intergalactic fact-finder. Drawing on resources far and wide, from the beginning of time to the end of the universe, The Time Traveller’s Almanac is the ultimate guide to the world of Doctor Who. From the Fall of Troy to the Apollo Moon Landing, Shakespeare and Agatha Christie to the Gelth and the Reapers, it tracks key events throughout history and includes tales of great lives, explanations of important issues in science, technology and the arts, and retells the stories that have defined each era. It explores parallel versions of the planet Earth; counts sightings of Captain Jack Harkness through history; relives the Doctor’s encounters with Charles Dickens, Madame de Pompadour and Queen Victoria; tracks the origins of the Family of Blood, the Chula spacecraft and the Vespiform and focuses on events such as the First World War, the Great Depression and the Battle of Canary Wharf. Fully illustrated with photos and artwork, and packed with fascinating facts and details, The Time Traveller’s Almanac is an entertaining and essential guide to the universe for any time traveller. The Time Traveller's Almanac is released on 25th September 2008.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


The bbc website has been updated again.... With the exclusive clip which is amazing. So Mr. Smith SJs Computer says the earthbound ships have a message and its exterminate. Sarah Janes Eyes fill with tears as the message is repeated. The message also comes through in the hub. At which point Jack is scared and Gwen goes 'who is it who are they'. The message comesthough in UNIT at which point Marthas eyes grow wide. Capt. Jack goes I'm sorry we're dead and hugs Gwen and Ianto, while SJ hugs Luke. Then theres Rose!!!! By the tardis looking glum as exterminate is still being heard loud and clear!!!!! Wownessnessnessnessness!!! And then there's the jigsaw but I'll let you do that as I would rather do it instead of reading the script extract off a blog. Anyway can't waitness. I remembered when i got home that the BBC website would be updated and it is!!!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

More Stolen Earthnessness Coverage

At 5pm today, on BBC2, there was a Blue Peter article about Doctor Who, especially the end of series four. What did we learn? A gold Dalek has a spikey tool instead of a plunger. Jackie Tyler, Sarah-Jane Smith and Mickey Smith are Dalek prisoners. Sarah-Jane Smith speaks of the crucible. Although many sites will have you believe that JOURNEY'S END - the last episode in SERIES 4 - has a running time of an hour, DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE has confirmed in its latest edition that it is, in fact, 65 minutes. "This episode ends with the biggest cliffhanger known to humankind. You will lean out of your window and hear children screaming" (RTD) We have some coverage in magazines for The Stolen Earth: First up: Radio Times Next up: TV Easy (yes I thought that was a good name too) Now we have: What's on TV And finally (or is it?): TV and Satellite And now the real final: Top Trumps 3! (From series 3 and 4) My tummy hurts, I'm so excited! Thanks Seb for your previous cast list but now we have the official one!

More Stolen Earthness

Wow big Radio Times is again legend with the cast list and other stuff. Here is the cast list: The doctor : David Tennant
Donna Noble : Catherine Tate
Rose Tyler :Billie Piper
Martha Jones : Freema Agyeman
Captain Jack : John Barrowman
Sarah Jane Smith: Elisabeth Sladen
Ianto Jones : Gareth David-Lloyd
Gwen Cooper : Eve Myles
Luke Smith : Thomas knight
Wilfred Mott : Bernard Cribbins
Sylvia Noble : Jaqueline King
Francine Jones : Adjoa Andoh
Davros : Julian Bleach
General Sanchez : Michael Brandon
Suzanne : Andrea Harris
Trinity Wells : Lachele Carl
Richard Dawkins : Himself
Paul'O Grady : Himself
Drunk Man : Marcus Cunningham
Newsreader :Jason Mohammad
Judoon : Paul Kasey
Shadow Architect : Kelly Hunter
Albino Servant : Amy Beth Hayes
So Francine Jones is back! Theres no sign of Jackie Mickey or the rest of SJs Crew. The shadow Architect is the lady with white hair wheres Harriet Jones? Trinity Wells, the American news reporter, she was in the last episode. Hang on! where's Colonel Mace and Capt. Price? They are supposed to be in it. So where are they ? Who is the Shadow Architect? what the hell is goin on?

Monday, 23 June 2008

The Stolen Earth Trailernessness 2

We now have another fantastic trailer for The Stolen Earth! Here's the breakdown: 1) On the phone to Martha? The Doctor? Harriet Jones? (Thanks Planetgallifrey) 2) Has a Dalek gotten in? Duh duh duhhh... 3) Move! I wanna see the obvious! 4) Closer... Go closer... (Say that in Chip's voice from New Earth) 5) WOW. 6) Damn. It's not Chip, a King Charles Spaniel or Cilla Black... 7) A claw! I was right! Ha! 8) A Dalek! Is he important or what? They keep showing him. 9) Ahhh! Have they stumbled upon a burlesque house? 10) She's hot. Literally. 11) Dalek dude. Harriet Jones? I heard her house is painted red and gold. 12) He's sad. What about? Missing Paul O' Grady? 13) Awwwww. I wanna cry. 14) Martha plays a big part in the final, possibly to do with the dissapearing bees... 15) Daleks! But where? 16) Wilf and Sylvia. 17) Flicky flick flick. Yes, it's a chick flick. Something has found Torchwood... 18) More Daleks! 19) The best bit! Getting ready for action! I can't wait for this part! Weeeeeeeeeee. 20) Oh crap. 21) Hello. 22) I think we can guess... Trouble. 23) Sarah Jane! In her car! Surrounded by Daleks! Probably! Now I have to go and have my tea! I'm excited, you can probably tell! Bye!

Rose in pictures

Here is Rose in pictures(Animation)

The titles

A very bad Earth.

She looks like a fish in another version of this picture.
Bye mum says Rose to Jackie

Rose is bored at her job.

Mickey is Officialy bonkers in this picture

Rose and Mickey Kissing

Look everyones gone I'm shocked

To be continued

Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Stolen Earth Trailerness

Wow! Another tantalising trailer! Doesn't it look fantastic? Well, I've got my hands on some pictures from that trailer thanks to! I will be breaking it down and giving some explanation. Off we go... 1) Rose with gun 2) Is there something on the scanner? 3) Donna on some steps 4) Martha with phone. Her phone being in the TARDIS will be very important to the final. 5) Captain Jack, also on phone. To Martha??? 6) Gwen and Ilanto! Is there something in the Hub? 7) Look at the sky! Wilf has a cricket bat, as mentioned by DigitalSpy. 8) Sarah Jane in tears. Those pesky kids nicked my zimmerframe again! She's not crying over any of her team dying, as they are all in the second series of Sarah Jane Adventures. 9) What's out there? 10) This turned a few heads. She doesn't look very Dalek-y to me. She looks scared. Maybe they've come for her. 11) Luke. So he's definately here. But the rest of the kids? Everyone one of the cast are doing very scared looks at the camera, it's starting to get on my nerves. 12) Ooh wow! Judoon. Guarding the Shadow Proclamation, but who are they pointing their guns at? 13) There's definately something in the sky... 14) Has he found Rose? UPDATE: Yes he has! 15) This would make a very interesting speech, cause it looks like she/it is about to give one. 16) General Sanchez. Where's Colnel Mace? Code red... 17) Oh crap. Dalek ships. From the Time War? 18) The Doctor, and a Judoon. Well, the Judoon Captain. 19) Torchwood! Sparks! 20) 'There's nothing I can do'. Captain Jack with Gwen and Ilanto. 21) I don't think this is Global Warming. 22) 'Oh my God...' 23) 'What is it? Who are they?' Looks like Gwen's in the TARDIS... 24) 'What are we going to do?' I've got no idea. Run around screaming? Die? Shut up? 25) I told you there were sparks between Gwen and Jack... 26) 'It's impossible' The car still looks great... 27) I've got goosebumps... 28) This episode had better be scary after all this looking frightened nonsense... 29) Martha really is underused. And quite foxy really. 30) My favorite shot of the entire trailer! Look at her face! I feel like Gwen for tea tonight... I'm hoping Gwen and Ilanto are shooting the Daleks, and not Jack. 'I told you that last muffin was mine!' 31) 'I'm sorry we're dead.' That's nice, seeing as he can't die, the git... 32) She's gotta be one of the non - blonds who hang with the Shadow Proclamation. 33) The TARDIS is on fire tonight! 34) Sigh... Droooool... 35) Yum yum. 36) That is not Dalek Caan, you can just see his identification tag, if you look closely... And that's it! Other shots involved Sarah Jane in her car, a mad Dalek/Davros laugh, the Doctor running for his life and Davros' hand flicking a switch. UPDATE: See next Stolen Earth pictures for these. Hmmmm. Excited? Tell me about it...

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