Monday, 31 August 2009

VTV Series Episode 8: Lost

“Something’s wrong,” the Doctor said.

The TARDIS was dark, and Katie clutched the controls for support. The room shook wildly, throwing Katie and several objects all over the place.

“What’s happening?” Katie asked nervously.

The Doctor wasn’t usually this concerned.

“We’re hurtling through the time vortex at 100 miles an hour,” the Doctor said. “And the vortex is screaming. It’s like it’s in pain.”
“From what?” Katie asked.
“A force. A lifeline so strong the TARDIS could be ripped apart.”
“You’re cheerful,” Katie said, somewhat helplessly.
“But if the TARDIS is ripped to pieces we’ll be thrown into the time vortex – and nothing can survive that,” the Doctor said, flipping a switch and punching a button.
“But? There’s usually a but and everything’s alright,” Katie said, waiting for the Doctor’s but.
“Not this time,” the Doctor said, defeated. “Unless…”
“That’s more like it!” Katie grinned.

The Doctor grinned back, and grabbed Katie’s hand. Together they ran through the rooms of the TARDIS. A few Katie recognised, but some she had never seen. They ran up a spiral staircase when the Doctor stopped at an open door.

“Here we are!” the Doctor said.
“Where is here?” Katie asked.
“The Jade Pagoda! Ha!” the Doctor grinned.
“And what’s that?”

The Doctor pulled her inside. There was bamboo on the inside of the door, but almost everything else was coloured jade. A mirror in the centre of the room formed a console, and various first-aid and survival tools lined the shelves along the wall.

“This is the Jade Pagoda, the TARDIS ‘escape pod’. We can jettison away from the rest of the TARDIS!”
“But what’ll happen to the STARDIS?” Katie asked.
“It’ll still be ripped apart,” the Doctor said grimly. “But my ship is clever, clever enough to withstand an attack like this. It’ll repair itself and land in the 21st Century. Probably at your house.”

There was an explosion as a wall from the TARDIS ripped apart. The Doctor quickly slammed the door, and Katie screamed as the Jade Pagoda hurled from the rest of the Doctor’s ship and into the Time Vortex. The Doctor yelled out as the Jade Pagoda itself began to rip apart.

“Something’s wrong!” the Doctor cried. “We’re breaking apart! I’ll find you!”

Katie looked around desperately, as bright lights filled the room. She let out one last scream as she was pulled from the room and away from the Doctor.

“Hello, are you alright?” a voice asked.

Katie looked up. She was lying on the floor of a white room. A man was peering down at her, concerned. He helped her up.

“We’ve got to go,” the man continued. “The base is being attacked!”
“By what?” Katie asked as they ran to the door.
“Hacek Dral,” the man said grimly, pulling her from the room.

The Doctor leapt up off the floor. Katie was nowhere to be seen. He surveyed the room.

“Oh, I’d say around… 1963. England. Liverpool.”

He licked his finger and held it in the air. He gave a startled look and sniffed his finger.

“I was right!” he laughed. “I do smell Beatles!”

He ran out of the room, and sniffed. He followed his nose to find one of the greatest bands of all times – the Beatles. Halfway down a third corridor, the Doctor could hear screaming.

“Why is it so dark in here?” Katie asked as the lights flickered once more.
“That’s the Hacek Dral,” the man replied. “They’re creatures – creatures that melt the flesh with their fingertips.”
“Oh my God… But the Doctor’s not here,” Katie said. “I need him. I don’t want to die on my own.”
“You aren’t gonna die – we’ll get out of this,” the man said. “I’m Matadonis by the way.”
“I’m Katie,” Katie replied. “Can I just call you Matt?”
“Matt? That’s an unusual name,” Matadonis laughed.

The Doctor reached for the door handle, when it burst open. Four men flew threw it. They looked at the Doctor’s face, complete with massive grin.

“You… You aren’t? You are!” the Doctor stuttered. “I know we’ve met before but I’ve never seen you on my own! Remember me?”
“We have a lot of fans,” Paul McCartney replied. “Now we have to get out of here.”

He shut the door and the Beatles began barricading it.

“I was with Donna,” the Doctor said. “Donna Noble. You signed a CD for her.”
“Not ringing any bells,” Ringo Starr frowned.
“Ginger. Mouth like a fishwife,” the Doctor said, watching them barricading the door.
“Oh I remember!” John Lennon said. “She kept shouting the name Heather…”
“Yeah, funny that…” the Doctor said. “What… What’re you doing?”
“Smith,” the Doctor said.
“Mr Smith,” George Harrison said. “Outside that door is a creature – an alien creature.”
“Aliens? Blimey…” the Doctor said.
“Alien,” John corrected.
“It’s killing everyone,” George said. “We have to get out of here.”
“What did it look like?” the Doctor asked.
“Tall,” Paul said.
“Silver,” Ringo added.
“Hmm. Cybermen? No,” the Doctor said. “Handles on its head?”
“No, its face looked smooth. It didn’t have any features,” John said.
“Perfect physique?” the Doctor asked.
“I… I guess so, yeah…” John said.

By this time they had barricaded the door, and Paul was looking for another exit. He tried the other door, which was locked.

“Is it fast?” the Doctor asked.
“Very,” Ringo said.
“Narrows it down,” the Doctor said. “Does it sort of… Jump and disappear? Then land somewhere else?”
“Yeah!” John said. “And this creature is?”
“This creature is bad…” the Doctor replied. “A Raston Warrior Robot. Deadly. The perfect killing machine. But why would it want to kill the Beatles?”

But before any of the Beatles could hazard a guess, a large dent appeared in the door.

“If we can just get to the escape pods,” Matt cried as the ship shook.

They had found the rest of the crew, when suddenly several creatures burst into the corridor, their fingertips reaching out to grasp Katie and Matt. Katie screamed as several of the crew ran in front to fight the creatures. Matt ran forward to help.

“Lara watch out!” Matt cried, as one girl was melted.

Lara looked around and was attacked by a hand of one of the Hacek Dral. Matt dived on her, trying to stop the melting of her flesh.

“Run Katie!” he cried, as he began to dissolve too.

Katie ran as one of the Hacek Dral flew at her. She ran around a corner and reached a dead end – a glass wall. The Hacek Dral slowly glided towards its prey, and attacked.

To be continued…

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Time Warped Special: Harry Potter Part 4

Gryffindor Quidditch team walked onto the pitch to tumultuous applause. Oliver Wood took off for a warm up flight around the goal-posts, Madam Hooch released the balls. The Hufflepuffs, who played in canary yellow, were standing in a huddle, having a last minute discussion of tactics.

Harry was just mounting his broom when Professor McGonagall came half-marching, half-running across the pitch, a large purple megaphone in her hand. Harry’s heart dropped like stone.

“This match has been cancelled,” Professor McGonagall called through the megaphone, addressing the packed stadium.

There were boos and shouts. Oliver Wood, looking devastated, landed and ran towards Professor McGonagall without getting off his broomstick.

“But Professor!” he shouted. “We’ve got to play… the cup… Gryffindor…”

Professor McGonagall ignored him and continued to shout through her megaphone.

“All students are to make their way back to the house common rooms, where their Heads of Houses will give them further information. As quickly as you can, please!”

She lowered the megaphone and beckoned Harry over to her. Conner fought his way through the crowd to get to him. He saw Ron, who lent a hand, and pulled him through.

“Potter, I think you’d better come with me…”

Wondering how she could possibly suspect him this time, Harry saw Ron and Conner detach themselves from the complaining crowd.

“Yes, perhaps you two had better come too,” said McGonagall.

Some of the students around them were grumbling about the match being cancelled, while others were looking worried. Harry, Ron and Conner followed Professor McGonagall back into the school and up the marble staircase. But they weren’t taken to anybody’s office.

“This will be a bit of a shock,” said Professor McGonagall in a surprisingly gentle voice as they approached the hospital wing. “There has been another attack… a double attack.”

Conner’s insides did a horrible somersault. He remembered Hermione’s fate from the film, and he knew how upsetting it would be for Harry and Ron. Professor McGonagall pushed open the door and the three entered.

Madam Pomfrey was bending over Hermione. Harry and Ron froze. And on the bed next to her was –

“Georgia!” Conner groaned.

Georgia laid utterly still, her eyes open and glassy.

“They were found near the Library,” Professor McGonagall said. “I don’t suppose any of you can explain this? It was on the floor next to them…”

She held up an old, circular mirror. Harry and Ron shook their heads, both staring at Hermione. She looked at Conner, who could only shake his head numbly. Georgia, lying on the bed, petrified… The mist rose up and consumed Harry and Ron. It was a relief for Conner. He decided he liked the mist, at least he wouldn’t see Georgia like that any more. McGonagall was lost in the mist, and the scene changed.

“All students to return to their house dormitories at once. All teachers to the staff room. Immediately, please.”

Conner looked up from Georgia’s bedside to hear the announcement.

“Ginny must’ve gone to the Chamber…” he muttered.

He leapt up, and ran from the hospital, leaving a startled Madam Pomfrey to pick up a pile of towels he’d knocked over.

“Harry and Ron must be by Myrtle’s Bathroom,” Conner said as he ran to the second floor corridor.

He checked, but they weren’t there.

“That’s in the film…” he sighed. “Where did they go in the book? All teachers to the staffroom…”

He began to run again.

“It has happened,” Professor McGonagall told the silent staff room. “A student has been taken by the monster. Right into the Chamber itself.”

Professor Flitwick squealed. Professor Sprout clapped her hounds over her mouth. The Doctor gripped the back of a chair very tightly, and said, “How can you be sure?”

“The Heir of Slytherin left another message,” replied Professor McGonagall, who was very white. “Right underneath the first one. Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever.”

Professor Flitwick burst into tears. Harry and Ron, hidden in the teacher’s wardrobe, looked at each other in despair.

“Who is it?” Madam Hooch asked. “Which student?”
“Ginny Weasley,” said Professor McGonagall gravely.

By the time Conner had reached the staffroom, it was empty. He tried to think where Harry and Ron went now. Georgia was better at this then he was.

“Of course!” Conner grinned. “I’ll go and see the Doctor!”

Knock, knock!

The Doctor stood up, and opened the door.

“Conner,” he said simply.
“Doctor,” Conner replied. “Did you hear about…? About Georgia?”
“Yes,” the Doctor said sadly. “What can I do for you?”
“You’ve read the Harry Potter books,” Conner said. “Where do Harry and Ron go after the meeting in the staffroom?”
“To Lockhart,” the Doctor said. “This means…”

Knock, knock!

Conner opened the door. Harry and Ron’s mouths fell open as he grinned at them.

“What are you doing here?” Harry asked.
“Well I was trying to see if the Doc… Professor Smith could maybe locate the Chamber of Secrets. Dark things usually leave traces of dark magic,” Conner said.
“Oh,” Ron said.
“Sorry about your sister,” Conner said quickly. “I’m sure she’s still alive.”
“Yeah, thanks,” Ron said, looking down.
“We came to see Professor Smith. We think we know where the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is, and what’s inside it,” Harry said. “We thought a Dark Arts teacher would be most helpful.”
“Show me,” the Doctor said.

They led the Doctor out of his office and down the nearest stairs, along the dark corridor where the messages shone on the wall, to the door of Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. The Doctor went in first, pulling out his wand, which, Conner noticed, faintly resembled the Sonic Screwdriver. Moaning Myrtle was sitting on the cistern at the end toilet.

“Oh it’s you,” she said. “What do you want this time?”
“To ask you how you died,” Harry said.

Myrtle’s whole aspect changed at once. She looked as if she’d never been asked a more flattering question. Mist appeared at Conner’s feet. He sighed, wishing he didn’t have to miss going into the Chamber of Secrets.

Fortunately, he didn’t, as when the mist cleared, he was stood in the same place. He looked at the sink – the entrance to the chamber. The tap with the tiny engraving of the snake on glowed, and began to spin. Next second, the sink began to move. It sank into the floor, leaving a large pipe exposed, a pipe wide enough for a man to slide into. Conner heard Ron gasp.

“I’m going down there,” Harry said.
“Me too,” said Ron, thinking of Ginny.
“We’re all going,” Conner said assertively.

Harry nodded, and walked over to the pipe. He lowered himself slowly in, and let go. Ron nodded at the Doctor, who let out a grim smile. Ron dropped into the whole, with a cry of, “Bloody hell!”

“After you,” Conner grinned at the Doctor.
“You alright?” the Doctor asked.
“Never better,” Conner laughed, pushing the Doctor forwards.

He lowered himself down the edge of the pipe.

“The Doctor is in!” he said, before letting go.

Conner looked down at the hole. He sat on the edge, and was about to lower himself in, before Myrtle interrupted.

“Tell Harry…” she said. “If he dies down there –”
“He’s welcome to share your toilet,” Conner sighed, dropping out of sight, leaving Myrtle more than a little shocked.


Conner landed onto the Chamber floor. Harry and Ron were up ahead, examining where to go next. The Doctor helped him up.

“Come on,” he said.
“It’s this way,” Harry shouted.

Suddenly there was a rumble above. They looked up.

“The ceiling’s gonna collapse!” Conner cried. “Run!”

The Doctor pulled Conner across the bone littered floor. Harry and Ron ran ahead of them, trying to avoid the large stones that continued to fall. Conner felt the Doctor’s hand loosen in his, and it slipped, letting Conner’s go.

Conner hit the damp floor with a grunt of pain. Ron turned back and pulled him to his feet. Together they ran. One large stone dropped above their heads, and they scattered in opposite directions to avoid it. At last the rumbling stopped, and Conner slipped over, falling to the floor.


He stood up, and looked around. The stones had formed a rock face, blocking off the way back. He saw Harry stood next to him, with a cut on his hand.

“Ron?!” Conner called.
“M’all right,” a faint voice answered on the other side of the rocks.
“Try to shift some of these rocks,” Harry called. “So we can get Ginny back through.”
“Okay,” Ron’s voice said again.
“Where’s the Doctor?” Conner asked.
“Who?” Harry asked. “Are you hurt?”
“I meant Professor Smith,” Conner said hurriedly.
“Conner…” Harry said. “We lost Professor Smith when he let go of your hand. You fell, but he wasn’t there…”
“Ron?!” Conner shouted again. “Is Professor Smith there?”
“I’m sorry, no.”

Conner turned around sadly. Harry looked around as well, and saw a door, with several snakes carved into it, entwining around the edges.

“Open,” said Harry, in a low, faint hiss.

The snakes moved as the door swung open. Harry and Conner, shaking with fear and excitement, walked inside.

“I’m wetting myself,” Conner laughed as they stepped into the Chamber.
“Me too,” Harry grinned.

As they walked in the saw an ancient and monkey-like face, with a long thin beard parted in all directions. Its stone mouth was open slightly, revealing a tongue beneath. At the base of the stone carving lay a small, black-robed figure with flaming red hair.

“Ginny!” Harry muttered, sprinting towards her and dropping to his knees.
“What’s wrong with her?” Conner asked, stepping forwards and tilting his head.
“I think she’s…” Harry couldn’t finish.
“It’s a bit cold in here,” Conner said, wrapping his robes around himself tighter.

Harry glanced up at Conner. He was white in the face, and his eyes were dulling.

“Are you alright?” Harry asked, frowning.
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” Conner asked, feeling light headed.

Whatever Harry’s theories, Conner never heard, as he collapsed to the floor; his wand spinning off behind a long, serpent covered pillar. Harry dived over to him and clutched Conner’s wrist. He felt for a pulse. It was faint.

“Conner, wake up!” he urged.
“They won’t wake,” said a soft voice.

Harry jumped and spun around on his knees. A tall, black haired boy was leaning against the pillar, watching, clutching Conner’s wand. He was strangely blurred around the edges, as if he wasn’t quite there. There was no mistaking him.

“Tom – Tom Riddle?”

Riddle nodded.

“What do you mean, they won’t wake?” Harry asked desperately. “Are they –?”
“Still alive,” said Riddle. “But only just.”
“What happened to Conner? Are we safe in here…? The Basilisk could come any minute…” said Harry.
“I don’t know what happened to the boy,” Riddle said. “He seems to be undergoing an energy transfer of some kind.”
“What do you mean…?” Harry asked.
“It seems as if… Someone connected to him is leaving this world…” said Riddle.

The Doctor gasped, and rolled off the bed. He hit the hospital floor, covered in sweat. This didn’t look like the Chamber of Secrets… He looked up – the Colossal they had been chasing was on the bed, hooked up to a life support machine. It seemed stable enough. The Doctor glanced around as a female entered the room.

“Are, you’re back in the land of the living,” she said, smiling slightly.
“Who are you?” the Doctor asked, confused.
“I am the Huntress,” the Huntress replied. “You were captured by the Colossal and taken into the works of J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter. I shot the Colossal, that’s why the world is unstable, why you only experience certain parts of it.”
“What about my friends?” the Doctor asked.
“Come, see,” the Huntress said.

She led the Doctor into the next room, which was filled with monitoring equipment. Two screens were placed on the wall – Georgia was in one, petrified on a bed in the Hospital Wing. The second showed Conner in the Chamber of Secrets, collapsed, and become white on the floor. Something flashed across the screen, and the Doctor saw Harry Potter dodging the Basilisk.

“What’s wrong with Conner?” the Doctor asked, confused.
“The energy required to bring you out of that world has affected both of your friends. He should be alright in a few hours.”
“Is Georgia affected too?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes, but when she is revived by the Mandrakes she will be unconscious,” the Huntress said. “Likewise, she will be fine.”

The Doctor continued to watch Conner’s screen. He saw a flash of silver, and a splattering of blood.

“Report,” the Huntress said. “The Basilisk has been killed.”

The two stood silently in the room for a minute.

“As has Tom Riddle,” the Huntress added. “Ginny Weasley is awake, and the two are moving Conner Bennet out of the Chamber. Now, Doctor, as everything’s fine for a second, I think I have time to get you a hot cocoa.”

Conner opened his eyes. He felt the warm, soft pillows against his head. The room came into focus, and he saw several faces peering down at him; Harry, Ginny, Ron, Georgia and Professor Dumbledore. Conner groaned.

“How long have I been out?” he asked groggily.
“A day,” Georgia said, laughing with relief.
“You’re back!” Conner grinned, sitting up.
“And so are you,” Professor Dumbledore said. “I’d better go and inform the kitchens – we’ll need a feast – everyone can leave the Hospital Wing today.”

And he left, his robes sweeping behind him.

“I just wanted to say, thanks,” Ginny blushed squeakily, before hurrying away.
“Yeah, well done mate,” Ron said, before going over to Hermione, who lay on the bed.
“Yeah, coming,” Harry said. “What happened to you Conner?”
“I dunno,” Conner said. “I just remember feeling really cold.”
“Sometimes I wonder about you two,” Harry said. “It’s like there’s something you know about all of us that you aren’t saying…”
“Ha,” Georgia laughed. “You would not believe…”

Harry turned away and went over to Hermione’s bed. Georgia hugged Conner, whose heart fluttered slightly.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re back,” she said.
“What is it?” Conner asked. “There’s something you’re not telling me.”
“Don’t be upset,” Georgia said. “But they searched through the rubble under the Chamber… They never found the Doctor.”

Conner was lost for words.

“You mean he’s back in the real world?” he asked hopefully.
“Yeah, I think so,” Georgia smiled, hugging Conner again. “Yeah, I think so…”

The mist rose up around them. Georgia continued to hold Conner, as the scene, and the school year, faded away.

End of Part 4

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Time Warped Special: Harry Potter Part 3

The Governor
The College
Trombley House

As you know, I caught the Colossal on Ezra, and brought him back to The College. Thanks to the facilities here at The College, I have been able to determine the whereabouts of the captured victims inside the Colossal. They were transported into the world of Harry Potter, a creation by Old Earth writer J.K. Rowling. She can be found under the 21st Century folder in the Forbidden Files, in The Archive, if you wish to explore her history further.

I have enclosed the seven books directly related to Harry Potter in the digi-mail. Due to the Trombley Technology, I have been able to follow the progress of Conner Bennet and Georgia Bell through the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and both have survived their experiences. As the Colossal was shot, they have been unable to experience the entire book, but have experienced certain events.

I saw a few minutes ago Conner Bennet conclude the events of the first book, and both Conner and Georgia will proceed to their second year shortly. The Doctor, who was captured after their first year began, will be joining them in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, as their Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, and will be replacing Professor Lockhart, who is irrelevant. I suggest you browse through Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and I will keep the Colossal in a stable condition.

Yours truly,


The Doctor opened his eyes, and found himself stood in mist. Colours and shapes whizzed past him, but the Doctor couldn’t make them out. Then the blurring shapes whizzing past stopped and the Doctor saw one fixed scene. It was an office, and something told him he was going for a job interview. He didn’t realise it was for a job at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and that another hopeful, Lockhart, had just been shown out. The mist faded, and the Doctor sat down in the chair by the desk. Opposite him, Professor Dumbledore stared at him with his piercing blue eyes. Then the interview began.

It seemed like a long time when the mist cleared. Georgia saw Conner sat next to her at the Gryffindor Table n the Great Hall. Live bats swooped overhead, and skeletons danced in the corners of the room.

“Happy Halloween!” Conner grinned at Georgia.
“What book are we on?” Georgia whispered in reply.
“Chamber of Secrets, I think…” Conner whispered back. “Happy Halloween Lavender!”

Lavender turned away quickly. Conner had caught her eavesdropping.

“Well I hope you all enjoyed you meals and entertainment,” Professor Dumbledore said at the front of the hall, standing up. “Now off to bed! Pip pip!”

Conner and Georgia clambered out of their seats and hurried up the grand staircase. They walked up to the second floor, chatting and laughing. They turned into one last corner, which was occupied. Harry, Ron and Hermione looked up guiltily. Georgia gasped, and pointed at the wall:


It was written in blood. Georgia’s hand moved from the bloody scripture to Mrs Norris, Filch’s cat, who was hanging, lifeless, on a torch bracket. The corridor filled up with other students. The noise suddenly died down as people spotted the hanging cat. Harry, Ron and Hermione stood alone, in the middle of the corridor, as silence fell among the mass of students, pressing forward to see the grisly sight. Then someone shouted through the quiet.

“Enemies of the Heir, beware! You’ll be next mudbloods!”

It was Draco Malfoy. He had pushed to the front of the crowd, his cold eyes alive, his usually bloodless face flushed, as he grinned at the sight of the hanging, immobile cat.

“That stupid little,” Georgia said angrily.

She made her way through the crowd, but before she could reach Malfoy mist filled the air, and the scene changed.

“If we could find out more about the Chamber of Secrets,” Conner was saying as he and Georgia walked down a corridor.
“I just can’t remember what happened in the book!” Georgia said in a frustrated tone.

The two were walking down the corridors of Hogwarts, alone.

“Well I know who did it,” Conner said. “But I don’t remember much else.”
“Well we can’t go and accuse her without any evidence,” Georgia said. “I remember the Polyjuice Potion bit, but we can’t do that…”
“I don’t think we should do anything to be honest,” Conner said. “Harry managed to solve it fine on his own.”
“The least we could do is find out about the Chamber,” Georgia said. “And maybe suggest some things to Harry, and pretend we didn’t know what we’re on about! But who’s stupid enough to tell us about the Chamber of Secrets?”
“Lockhart,” Conner said.
“Let’s go,” Georgia grinned.

Knock, knock!

“Professor, could you open the door?” Conner asked loudly.
“I want an autograph Professor Lockhart!” Georgia said.

She and Conner looked at each other, and burst out laughing. The door opened, and they attempted to shut their mouths. Instead they fell open, as the saw who had opened the door.

“Hello,” the Doctor grinned.

Mist appeared, and the Doctor looked around.

“What’s this?” he muttered.
“Its mist,” Conner answered. “When we’re moving to a different scene it appears.”

The scene faded and was replaced by another. The mist cleared. The Doctor was sat of a small comfy chair, while Conner and Georgia sat opposite on the sofa. They all had a cup of tea on a chair in front of them.

“So you were captured by the Colossal too?” Georgia said.
“Yeah, but someone was following us. I don’t know who,” the Doctor said thoughtfully. “That person shot the Colossal. That’s why we aren’t experiencing the whole length of time in the books. If it was normal we’d be living through every minute of the books.”
“But we keep changing things,” Conner said quickly. “We helped Harry Potter stop the Troll.”
“I don’t think it’ll cause any harm. You being here forces the books to alter around you,” the Doctor said.
“It’s so good to see you,” Georgia laughed.
“You two look all funny,” the Doctor laughed.
“About 12 years old,” Conner sighed. “We know.”
“But Doctor,” Georgia said. “No teacher of Defence Against the Dark Arts has lasted longer than a year…”
“That’s why I’m hoping I’ll be out of here by the end of the year,” the Doctor grinned. “And you’ll be coming with me.”

The mist filled the air again, and the Doctor slowly faded away.


Georgia pulled herself off the floor. It was pitch black. Conner looked around.

“You fell into me!” Georgia muttered.
“I’m still not sure what we’re supposed to be doing anyway,” Conner muttered.
“We’re going to Snape’s personal potions stores!” Georgia said, pulling him down the corridor. “If we can steal some Boomslang skin and fluxweed we can leave it by Hermione’s bed, for the Polyjuice Potion!”

They walked down to another staircase. Georgia tripped over Conner again.

“Bloody hell!” Georgia said. “If you trip me up one more time!”
“It wasn’t me,” Conner said. “Ssh!”
“You don’t think… The Basilisk…” Georgia gulped.
“Lumos,” Conner muttered, raising his wand.

Light filled the area. Georgia rolled the shape over and screamed – it was a petrified Colin Creevey. Footsteps could be heard below. Georgia looked up.

“Is anybody there?” came a voice.
“It’s Professor McGonagall!” Conner said in hushed tones. “Move!”

Conner pulled Georgia up and the two crept out of sight.

“Nox,” Conner muttered, and the light coming from his wand was extinguished.
“Oh dear,” came the voice of McGonagall.

With a flick of her wand, Colin’s petrified body was lifted into the air. It floated away to the hospital wing, as mist filled the air once more.

“Ginny are you alright?” Conner asked.
“I’m fine,” Ginny mumbled, walking quickly past.
“Hey Georgia,” Conner said, as Georgia walked in the opposite direction.
“Hey,” Georgia said absentmindedly, hurrying to follow Harry.
“Is nobody talking today?!” Conner sighed.

Georgia ignored him and hurried past. She turned the corner and stopped in shock. Harry looked up quickly.

“Georgia, I swear…” he began.
“I know,” Georgia said, hurrying over to where Justin Finch-Fletchley’s petrified body lay. “What’s happened to Sir Nick?”
“The same thing,” Harry said. “But he’s a ghost…”
“So he can’t die again,” Georgia finished, remembering the line from the film.
“What do you mean, die? They’re only petrified, they’re gonna be alright,” Harry said.
“Yeah I know,” Georgia said. “Sorry…”

She walked down the corridor and hurried away.

“Aha! Caught you now, Potter!”

Harry looked up and sighed. Filtch waved a mop in triumph as mist filled the air.

“Perfect Quidditch conditions!” Oliver Wood laughed, walking down the grand staircase.

Conner and Georgia, decked in Gryffindor Quidditch colours followed the crowd out into the entrance hall for the Quidditch match. As they were passing Harry, Ron and Hermione, Georgia grabbed Conner’s arm so they could stop and catch the conversation.

“The voice!” said Harry, looking over his shoulder. “I just heard it again – didn’t you?”

Ron shook his head, wide eyed. Hermione, however, clapped a hand to her forehead.

“Harry – I think I’ve just understood something! I’ve got to go to the Library!”

And she sprinted away up the stairs. Without thinking twice, Georgia sprinted after her, leaving Conner looking alarmed.

“What do you think she understood?” Harry asked distractedly, still looking around, trying to hear where the voice had come from.
“Loads more than I do,” said Ron, shaking his head.
“But why’s she got to go to the Library?”
“Because that’s what Hermione does,” Ron said, shrugging. “When in doubt go to the Library.”

Conner slipped past Dean Thomas and faced Harry.

“You’d better get moving,” he said. “It’s nearly eleven – the match.”

Georgia slipped past the last babble of students, including Prefect Penelope Clearwater, making their way to the Quidditch grounds. Hermione walked around the corner ahead, and Georgia discreetly followed, ducking around corners and hiding behind pillars.

They were near the Library now. Georgia looked to her left and spotted a dusty old mirror placed on a shelf. She grabbed it and ran around the next corner. Hermione was nowhere to be found. Georgia began to walk forwards, looking for her.

“Hermione…?” Georgia said quietly.

Something walked out in front of her, and Georgia screamed. It was Hermione, clutching a book in her hands. A large thump made Georgia freeze in terror.

“Georgia!” Hermione said, raising her arms. “Ssh! It’s just me!”

Hermione and Georgia heard a strange, low hiss. They looked up in shock.

“That mirror!” Hermione said, noticing the object in Georgia’s hands. “We can use it to look around corners.”

Georgia raised the mirror, and the two girls peered into it. They were startled by a flash of yellow. Georgia felt her body become rigid, and she hit the floor, wishing the mist that changed everything would come, but it never did.

End of Part 3

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Mini Ep. 7: Drornk Driving

Zac Pemberton,
Kaylie Watson,
Beth Grant

Catherine Ford,
Jane Pemberton


Zac Pemberton walked down his road, past rows and rows of houses, beautiful and shabby gardens. He turned a corner and walked down a path into the local council estate; he walked past a playpark, with swings and slides and heard a shout from one of the flats. Kaylie ran down two flights of steps to meet Zac below.

“Hi Zac, where are you off to?” Kaylie asked.
“Well actually I came to see you,” Zac replied, “I did text.”
“My phone has run out of battery, I’m leaving it to charge,” Kaylie replied, “But then my devil of a little sister turned it off last time I tried to charge it, she said it had been there for hours, five minutes more like.”
“So how is Amy?” Zac asked.
“She’s annoyed that I’m on Study leave and that Andrea is too,” Kaylie replied, “But it means I don’t have to put up with Amy coming up to me at school anymore and Andrea’s taking her Year 12 exams.”
“Have you been revising much?” Zac asked.
“Um…” Kaylie said, Zac laughed. They walked off together, past the playpark and through the main park where the TARDIS usually landed and then into a wealthy neighbourhood, where Zac remembered Georgia’s parents lived. They were just walking pass Georgia’s parents’ house when there was a sizzling noise.

“What’s that noise?” Kaylie asked, but her question was answered almost immediately when a little spacecraft soared through the sky over the houses. Zac and Kaylie ran after it down the street, then down another street, past an old lady who was carrying her shopping. They almost got hit by a car when crossing the road, then they ran down another road then straight into the park.

“Where did it go?” Kaylie asked.
“Somewhere,” Zac replied, “I think it’s in the park.”
“Shall I call for back up?” Kaylie asked.
“If you think it’s needed,” Zac answered.
“Beth might be able to help search,” Kaylie suggested, Zac thought about this. When Harry was around there were three of them investigating the Doctor and aliens, but now Harry was gone there were two. Zac decided that they should let Beth help, after all she knew about the Doctor and the TARDIS now, unfortunately so did Catherine.

“Yeah, phone Beth if you want to,” Zac said, “She might be helpful.”
“Beth, can you help me look for this thing,” Kaylie said into her phone, Zac rolled his eyes.
“She knows about aliens, remember,” Zac muttered.
“Oh yeah, Beth it’s an alien, it crash landed in the park,” Kaylie said, “Not Hyde Park, the other one. No not Regents Park either, none of the famous ones, just the Park. The one where we hang out! Finally!” Kaylie pressed the red button on her phone and stopped the call, "You'd think she was Catherine!"

“Is that it over there?” Zac asked, pointing at a bush, which looked as if it had been hit by something. Zac walked over to it, followed closely by Kaylie. Zac pulled back a branch from the bush, to see if a part of the little spaceship had landed in it. Zac accidentally snapped the twig off and there was an squawking noise.
“What was that?” Kaylie asked, as she gazed in amazement as the bush transformed into a green alien.
“Whatdida poke mepor?” the alien said.
“I’m Zac, this is Kaylie,” Zac told the alien, “And I didn’t mean to hurt you, I thought you were a bush.”

“Sohumanseh?” the alien said, he sounded like he was drunk.
“What’s your name?” Zac asked, “Can you speak English?”
“Mynames Drornk andyeso course!” the alien snapped.
“Zac, I think he’s speaking words of some kind!” Kaylie said.

“Alien, where is your ship?” Zac asked.
“Over there,” Drornk said.
“You can speak English,” Kaylie exclaimed.
“Yes,” Drornk said in a high voice.
“Why weren’t you before?” Kaylie asked.
“But I was!” Drornk spluttered.
“Well we heard gobbledygook,” Kaylie replied, “Is something wrong with your head?”
“It does hurt,” Drornk said.

“I think he’s drunk,” Kaylie muttered to Zac.
“Whazzat you’re sayin?” Drornk slurred. Nearby, Beth was running into the park though the south entrance. She was followed by Catherine.

“Catherine, go back!” Beth said as she slowed down to a jog.
“But where are you going?” Catherine asked.
“To see my boyfriend,” Beth made up.
“But you haven’t got one,” Catherine replied, “And I swear I saw a spaceship earlier, is it bigger on the inside too? Is the Doctor ever going to come back? Did Alex really die? Is Conner dead too? Did we see his ghost?”
“Catherine, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Beth said, deciding that it was best that Catherine thought it was all a dream.
“The fair, the Doctor, Conner, the TARDIS, the clowns,” Catherine said quickly.

“What’s a TARDIS?” Beth asked, although she knew full well what it was.
“Time and Royal Inventions Down Space,” Catherine said, then stopped and thought for a few seconds, “That can’t be right.”
“You have very interesting dreams,” Beth told Catherine, “When did you dream this?”
“It isn’t a dream it’s a true!” Catherine snapped.
“If it was real, then I think I’d remember it,” Beth replied.
“I suppose you’re right,” Catherine said, “But then I swear I heard you mentioning clowns the other day.”
“Well we were talking about clowns in history,” Beth replied, remembering a conversation her and Kaylie had had about Bradley, Sybil and the Clowns, when Catherine overheard them.

“Were we hypnotized before? And were we really chased by Giant Spiders?” Catherine questioned as Beth caught sight of Zac and Kaylie.
“Yes, they both happened, but I don’t know who this Doctor you’re talking about is,” Beth replied, “Now can you leave me alone with Jack?” Beth ran up to a 16 Year old boy, who was also walking through the park. Beth kissed the boy, and Catherine walked off. Beth then explained why she had kissed him and ran over to Zac, Kaylie and Drornk. The boy stood in shock, his eyes following Beth.

“This is Beth,” Kaylie explained to the alien, “Our friend, she can help find your spaceship, do you have any idea where it is?”
“No-n-no, I hurt myead,” Drornk explained.
“We’re going to take you to Zac’s mum’s house,” Kaylie told Drornk.
“What?” Zac exclaimed.
“You said that your dad went on a work holiday the other day,” Kaylie replied, “And your sister’s on a school trip.”
“But my mum-" Zac said.
“Doesn’t need to know that Drornk’s an alien,” Kaylie said.
“Well what do we say?” Zac asked, “She’s never been the same after those clowns went into our house.”
“My mum was still asleep when that happened,” Kaylie replied.
“My dad…” Beth began, but was interrupted by Drornk.

“Can we stop babble!” Drornk snapped.
“Err, what?” Zac asked, “Actually never mind, can you walk?”
“No, my feet ache,” Drornk answered.
“Beth can you help me carry Drornk?” Zac asked. Beth nodded and helped lift Drornk off the ground. They walked back through the park, through Kaylie’s estate, down the path and into Zac’s road. On the way there, they past a couple of people, who asked them what they were carrying. Kaylie told them it was a model of an alien off a TV show. When Zac’s mum appeared at the door and saw what they were carrying she screamed and dropped the cup of tea that she was holding.

“What is that?” Jane Pemberton shrieked.
“It’s just a child in a mask, who hurt his head,” Kaylie replied, “Do you have any bandages?”
“That is not a child, that is an alien,” Jane replied.
“No really mum, it is just a child,” Zac said.
“Then why is its mask bleeding?” Jane asked. Zac and Kaylie looked at each other then back at Jane. Zac decided to tell Jane that it was a real alien and they entered the house. Jane got out the bandages but did not really want to touch the injured, drunk alien.

“He is drunk, right?” Jane asked.
“Well he can’t speak properly, then he can, then he can’t,” Zac explained, “Sometimes he slurs his words and when we put him down for a second to see if he could walk, he just staggered in completely the wrong direction.”
“I wish you’d never met that Doctor,” Jane said.
“Why’s that?” Zac asked.
“I’ve been attacked by big green things, then the world gets attacked by Giant Spiders and Clowns,” Jane answered, “And I know you’re out their with him and your friends fighting these aliens, don’t try and deny it. I’ve lost close friends to aliens, Sue and Dave were killed. How do you know this alien won’t kill you?”
“I’m pretty sure if it was evil, then it would’ve shown it by now,” Zac said. While Zac had been left with his mum and Drornk, Beth and Kaylie had gone out to try and find Drornk’s spaceship. They had returned to the spot where they had found Drornk.

“Well, where is it?” Beth said.
“I have no idea,” Kaylie replied, “I saw it soaring through the sky and next thing we saw was Drornk disguised as a bush.”
“Then the ship must be nearby,” Beth said, “I mean he banged his head, he can’t walk very well, it must be really nearby.”
“But then we would have seen it,” Kaylie replied.
“Not if it’s where I think it is,” Beth replied and looked up at the tree above, in its branches was the little spaceship.

“Does your dad have a ladder?” Kaylie asked.
“Yeah,” Beth said, “But we won’t be able to lift that ship down and neither will he, without getting noticed.”
“No, but once Drornk is recovered, he can climb up the ladder and fly home,” Kaylie explained.
“But that ship crashed,” Beth replied, “What if it can’t fly?”
“But he crashed it,”Kaylie replied, “He was drunk and he crashed the spaceship into the tree. That’s what comes from drink driving, or I should say Drornk driving.”
“That was terrible,” Beth commented, “But I suppose you’re right. Lets go and see if Drornk is feeling better.” Beth followed Kaylie to Zac’s house, where Zac greeted them with good news.

“Drornk is sober!” Zac exclaimed, “He should be able to walk now, but he keeps insisting that we give him alcohol.”
“Don’t give him any,” Kaylie said, “Or we’ll be forced to look after him for longer.”
“Drornk is getting a bit cranky though,” Zac replied.
“Well he shouldn’t be,” Kaylie said, “We helped him, we cared for him and now we aren’t going to give him any alcohol.” Jane then entered the hallway.
“That Drornk is a nice fellow,” Jane said, “I’ve just given him a drink."
“NO!” Beth, Zac and Kaylie exclaimed. They ran into the Lounge where Drornk was recovering on the sofa. Zac grabbed the drink off him.

“What’s wrong with orange juice?” Jane asked.
“Orange juice?” Drornk asked, “Is that a kind of beverage?”
“No it’s a healthy and tasty…” Jane began but was interrupted.
“It’s very alcoholic,” Zac butted in.
“Almost 100%,” Beth added.
“Wow,” Drornk said and Zac gave the drink back to him, “Why did you snatch it from me?”
“Because I wasn’t sure whether you liked alcoholic stuff,” Zac explained, to which Beth rolled her eyes.
“Well I don’t usually have this Earth stuff,” Drornk said, “It’s very tasty, I had no idea it was 100%, it has bits in too, solid alcohol.”

It was later that day when Beth and Zac walked into the park with a ladder. Kaylie and Jane followed them with Drornk; Kaylie insisted the passers by that he was a robot.
“Well goodbye Drornk,” Zac said.
“Yeah, bye bye!” Kaylie exclaimed.
“Bye,” Drornk said, as he climbed up the ladder.
“That ladder looks unsteady,” Zac commented.
“Hold it then,” Beth snapped. Drornk climbed into his spaceship, and waved at the three teenagers and Jane.

“You are very lucky that Rachel wasn’t home Zac,” Jane told him, “And your dad wouldn’t have wanted a drunk in the house.”
“Dad gets drunk sometimes you know,” Zac replied, “And I doubt he would have minded.” Drornk’s spaceship crackled and it began to lift out off out of the branches of the tree. It soared up into the sky, Zac watched it get smaller and smaller, until Catherine arrived.

“I just saw a spaceship!” Catherine exclaimed, “Did you see it? Did it have an alien inside? Is it remote controlled? Are you sure the clowns were a dream?” Beth gave Zac and Kaylie a look, which they understood meant, ‘Play along it’.
“Yes it was a dream and we didn’t see a spaceship,” Zac said.
“Yeah, where did you see it?” Kaylie asked. Jane raised her eyebrows and walked off.
“But it wasn’t really a dream was it?” Catherine asked, “That spaceship wasn’t a dream, I think. Do you think it was? Am I in a dream now? Has my whole life been a dream? Do I exist? Are these my feet?”


Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mini Ep. 6: Graske Attack

The Doctor
Georgia Bell
Conner Bennet
Sarah Jane Smith

Luke Smith
Mr Smith
The Graske

Conner Bennet grabbed another book, and shifted his position on the floor. He was sat in the TARDIS Console Room, studying for his upcoming GCSE’s. He was studying for his History GCSE, which he would be taking first.

“I’ll definitely pass this one,” Conner grinned to himself. “I’ve met Oliver Cromwell!”

Georgia walked into the room. She sat down on the chair behind him, and peered over at his notes.

“Conner!” she said. “You can’t write about Green Plague Zombies and Tomson en Marchet being a spaceship!”
“Fine,” Conner sighed. “I’ll talk about boring old King Charles Spaniels and the Battle of Naseby in 1645.”
“Great,” Georgia smiled. “Although you’d be better off talking about the death of King Charles I, and the repercussions of his death on Britain, and when Oliver Cromwell took over as Lord Protector.”
“And you could do with talking about the New Model Army,” the Doctor added brightly, walking past.
“Who’s doing the flipping GCSE here?” Conner laughed.
“Sorry!” Georgia grinned. “I’m just trying to make sure you don’t mess up on them like I did.”

The Doctor walked back into the room.

“Actually, there’s been a change of plan,” he said, glancing down at Conner.
“What now?” Conner sighed.
“Well I’ve been told by Kaylie that you’ve left St. Mark’s,” the Doctor said. “So you can’t take your GCSE’s there.”
“Which means…?” Conner asked. “That’s actually really upset me. I love St. Mark’s… It’s like a mixed St. Trinian’s.”
“With Slitheen,” Georgia noted.
“Anyway,” the Doctor continued. “You’ll have to take it somewhere else.”

Conner frowned and covered his face with his history book.

“Don’t worry,” the Doctor said. “I know where we can get some help.”

And the TARDIS dematerialised. Sarah Jane Smith climbed up the stairs and entered her attic. She walked over to the large brick wall.

“Mr Smith, I need you!”

A fanfare erupted, and the brick wall parted, revealing a large alien computer.

“What have I told you about that fanfare?” Sarah Jane sighed.
“Apologies, Sarah Jane,” Mr Smith replied. “What would you like help with?”
“Show me the reports of Graske activity,” Sarah Jane said.

Mr Smith pulled up a few reports.

“The first screen shows UNIT observing Graske spacecraft arriving in Ireland,” Mr Smith announced. “The second shows Torchwood observations of the craft. The third is a message. Would you like me to relay the message Sarah Jane?”
“Put it through,” Sarah Jane said.

Gwen Cooper of Torchwood Three appeared on the screen.

“Hello,” she said, in a slightly nervous Welsh accent. “I just wanted to enquire about reports of a Graske, we’ve monitored its progress from Cardiff and it’s still in Ireland. As you know Torchwood operates from Wales, and we both know that UNIT is mainly based in London. What I’m trying to say is – oh hang on, phone call. Sorry about this. Not now Rhys! Anyway, we thought you could deal with it.”

The message vanished.

“Ireland?” Sarah Jane sighed.
“Alert,” Mr Smith said. “TARDIS materialising.”

Sarah Jane looked around as the sound of the universe ripped into existence. The TARDIS shimmered into view in front of the door to the attic. Sarah Jane stepped backwards as the door opened and the Doctor stepped out.

“Sarah Jane!” he cried, hugging her.
“Doctor!” Sarah Jane said.

Georgia and Conner appeared in the doorway. Sarah Jane smiled at them, and they smiled back. Georgia finally broke into a grin and hugged her.

“Mr Smith!” the Doctor grinned. “We haven’t actually met before!”
“On the contrary…” Mr Smith began.
“Timelines,” the Doctor warned. “Okay, I haven’t met you yet.”
“What can I do for you, Doctor?” Mr Smith asked.
“I want some help. My friend Conner over there –”
“Hello,” Conner said nervously.
“– he’s taking his GCSE’s this year, and we need help forging some papers as he can’t take it at his old school,” the Doctor said.
“Would he like to take it at St. Mark’s?” Mr Smith asked.
“Umm, yeah, please,” Conner said quietly.
“Won’t your son Luke be taking his this year?” Georgia asked Sarah Jane.
“No, he took it last year,” Sarah Jane said. “He did very well.”
“What about Clyde, and Maria…?” Georgia asked.
“Oh, Maria’s not with us anymore,” Sarah Jane said. “When you last saw us we weren’t quite there…”
“What do you mean?” Georgia asked, frowning slightly.
“A Dendrite trapped us in a time bubble,” Sarah Jane replied. “When you stopped Virtual Reality and helped us at Park Vale we were still in 2009, even though it was 2010.”
“And Maria was still with you,” Georgia realised.

The Doctor, meanwhile, was observing several documents on Mr Smith’s screens, and had his clever glasses on. Mr Smith printed out the documents, and the Doctor sorted through them.

“Yeah, that’s all fine,” he said. “Thanks Mr Smith.”
“My pleasure,” Mr Smith said.
“Right,” the Doctor said. “We’re just gonna pop off in the TARDIS, and Conner – you’ve got Maths first.”
“But I’ve revised History most!” Conner gasped. “I’m rubbish at Maths!”
“Conner; am I a Time Lord or not?” the Doctor sighed. “I own the most complex and inspiring time and space travel machine in the entire universe! You don’t have to do your GCSE’s in order!”
“Thanks,” Conner laughed with relief.
“Oh but Doctor,” Sarah Jane said as they walked towards the TARDIS. “You couldn’t take me to Ireland could you?”

Conner stepped into the Hall of Park Vale School, and found his desk. He found desk 456, and sat down, drumming his pencil on the desk. Slowly the hall filled up, and the examination papers were handed out. Conner opened his pencil case, picked up a thin, black pen, and began his History exam.

The TARDIS materialised back in Sarah Jane’s attic. The Doctor and Georgia stepped out. Sarah Jane pocketed her Sonic Lipstick and joined them inside the TARDIS.

“It never gets old, stepping into this place,” she smiled, patting the console, which lit up appreciatively. “Ooh, wait one second!”

She ran back out of the TARDIS.

“K-9!” she cried.
“Mistress!” K-9 replied, trundling out from a corner.
“Into the TARDIS! Come on,” she said, leading him inside.
“K-9!” the Doctor grinned, dematerialising the TARDIS.

Downstairs Luke heard the TARDIS dematerialise. He leapt off the sofa and began to run up the stairs.

“Mum? Mum!” he cried.

He reached the door to the attic, and tried to open it. The TARDIS was parked in front of the door, stopping Luke from opening it.

“TARDIS dematerialising,” Mr Smith announced.

The TARDIS vanished and Luke burst into the attic. He sighed, and sat down on the floor.

“Ireland! Ha!” the Doctor grinned.
“Ireland’s a bit general,” Georgia said, stepping out of the TARDIS behind him. “Are you sure we’ll be able to find the Graske?”
“Oh, I’ve got a scan up for alien tech,” the Doctor laughed. “We weren’t gonna go through the whole of Ireland.”

Sarah Jane and K-9 followed them out of the TARDIS. Sarah Jane shut the door, and looked around. They were in a cobbled street surrounded by shops and people.

“Apparently,” the Doctor was saying. “There used to be a small branch of Torchwood here. Set up in that pub over there.”
“That’s so typical of Ireland,” Georgia grinned.
“Now now, don’t fall back on stereotypes,” the Doctor said. “But you are right. And if I’m also right, the Graske is inside it.”
“Any excuse to go to the pub,” Georgia said, leading the way.

The Doctor, Georgia, Sarah Jane and K-9 burst into the pub. The Graske was sat on the bar, clutching a small square device, which was emitting a blue light.

“Graske!” the Doctor cried. “What’s your name?”
“Mischief,” the Graske replied, fiddling with his instrument.
“Mischief, right,” the Doctor said, surprised. “Well, stop whatever you’re doing!”
“Right now!” Georgia added for good measure.
“What are you doing?” the Doctor asked.

Mischief raised his blue flashing object, and a jet of what looked like blue lightening blasted the Doctor and Georgia off their feet. Georgia landed on a table, which collapsed, and lay, groaning, on the floor. The Doctor was hurled out of the pub, landing on his bum on the cobbles outside.

“Ow! That hurt!” the Doctor moaned, rubbing his sore bum. “I nearly sat on my Sonic Screwdriver!”
“Pardon?” Sarah Jane blurted out.

Mischief raised the blue box again and the door slammed shut. He sent a second bolt of lightening at Sarah Jane, but a blast from K-9’s laser protected her. Sarah Jane raised her Sonic Lipstick menacingly.

“Let me guess,” she said to Mischief. “You’re using old Torchwood equipment to… Oh no! You’re using the Torchwood Rift to rip apart the Universe! But why…?”
“I’ve detected that his spaceship needs repairing,” K-9 announced.
“Thank you K-9,” Sarah Jane said. “Now, activate Torchwood transporters.”

K-9 gave a small bleep, and the Graske disappeared; transported back to Griffoth. The door to the pub opened again, and the Doctor staggered in. He helped Georgia to her feet, and grinned at Sarah Jane.

“Graske! Easy!” he said. “Home in time for tea!”
“Thank you for the lift,” Sarah Jane smiled. “Would you accept the offer of a cup of tea?”
“I could do with one,” Georgia muttered. “My head feels like I’ve been out all weekend.”
“Oh, alright then.”

He led Georgia and Sarah Jane back to the TARDIS, while K-9 trundled along behind. As they entered the TARDIS, the Doctor gave one last look at the old Torchwood base, before heading inside.

Conner put down his pen – he’d finished his history exam. The papers were collected, and the students left. Conner heard the TARDIS materialising, and ran outside to meet the Doctor, who would take him to his next exam.

The TARDIS landed in Sarah Jane’s attic, and the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Georgia stepped out. As K-9 trundled out, Sarah Jane turned to the Doctor.

“Thank you, Doctor,” she said. “For everything. Good luck Georgia.”
“Thanks,” Georgia smiled.
“Bye then,” Sarah Jane said.
“Bye, my Sarah Jane!” the Doctor said, hugging her.
“We’d better go and pick up Conner,” Georgia said, pretending to sigh.

She stepped back inside the TARDIS. The Doctor took one last look at Sarah Jane, before departing in the TARDIS. Luke ran into the attic.

“Luke!” Sarah Jane cried.
“Mum!” Luke cried.

They hugged.

“Where’ve you been?” Luke laughed. “I was worried!"
“Ireland,” Sarah Jane smiled. “We stopped a Graske.”
“And the Doctor didn’t ask you to go with him?” Luke asked.
“He’s got Georgia. And Conner,” Sarah Jane shrugged. “And I couldn’t leave you, could I?”
“Not while there are aliens out there,” Luke said. “Come on, I put a cup of tea on.”
“Ahh, just what I need,” Sarah Jane said.

Luke led the way out of the attic, looking back at Mr Smith as he went, onto new adventures beyond.

The End

Monday, 17 August 2009

Episode 6: Message Received Part 5

Ethan was tapping his fingers on the desk, he was very bored. Niina decided that she shouldn’t leave the bridge for a snack, after Ysabelle Quadrelli’s death appeared in the ships log. Ysabelle and Niina had been best friends, now Niina was very upset.

“I can’t believe she’s gone,” Niina said, crying. Ethan walked over to her and comforted her.
“I can’t believe they still aren’t back yet,” Ethan replied, “I feel abandoned.”
“Me too,” Niina muttered. Suddenly there was a huge bang on the door, and a huge lump appeared in it. Niina and Ethan stood up.

“The Monster’s found us,” Ethan said.
“We need to run!” Niina exclaimed, as there was another loud thump against the door.
“Why’s it taking it so long to get through that door?” Ethan asked.
“That door is the strongest in the ship,” Niina explained, “In the event of an attack; the bridge is the most important place."
“There must be some way of delaying it,” Ethan said rushing over to the controls, “But just in case it does get it, you run as fast as you can, I’ll hold it off.”
“But it’ll kill you,” Niina said.
“It’ll be me or you and I’d much rather it were me,” Ethan said, “I could save your life, that would be the greatest achievement of mine.”
“Delay it!” Niina said loudly as there was another loud bang on the door.
“Sealing door 1,” Ethan said pressing a button.
“It isn’t working,” Niina said as the lump on the solid, metal door got even bigger.
“This will help, sending electrical current through door 1,” Ethan said pressing a couple of buttons then pulling a lever. There was a sizzle, but then it stopped.
“Did it work?” Niina asked.
“The door’s too damaged,” Ethan said as there was another loud thump, “Run Niina!”
“I love you,” Niina said kissing Ethan, as the door flew across the room. Niina screamed and ran through another door, Ethan stood firm.

“You’ll never harm anyone else!” Ethan said.
“Oh I beg to differ,” the Rawrx said stepping into the room. It lunged at Ethan who ducked and threw a chair at the monster. The Rawrx grabbed the chair and threw it back at him. Ethan jumped onto the controls, off the ground.
“Electrical current in the floor on the bridge,” Ethan said pressing three buttons then pulling the same lever that he had before. A blue light filled the room, it sizzled Rufus’s kennel and burnt a couple of chair legs, but the Rawrx stood in the centre of the room unscathed, it smiled and again lunged at Ethan, who wasn’t so lucky this time.

Niina ran down a corridor, through a door, turned right and ran down another corridor, through another door, and into a circular room. This was where the crew ate their cooked meals. She heard a scream then all went silent. A couple of minutes later she heard footsteps, had the Rawrx found her? Niina ducked beneath a table and hoped that she would remain hidden. The door opened.

“Niina!” Hannah exclaimed and Niina ran out from under the table and hugged Hannah, Niina began to cry again.
“What’s wrong?” the Doctor asked.
“Ethan’s been killed by the Rawrx,” Niina said, “We’ve lost the bridge.” The ship suddenly shook. The chairs in the room began to slide towards the back of the room. Georgia, Conner and Ryker grabbed onto a table so they wouldn’t fall over.

“What’s going on?” the Doctor asked Captain Fry.
“The Rawrx must be turning the ship around,” Captain Fry replied, “But where too?”
“We’re heading towards the sun,” Hannah said, “In the opposite direction to where we were driving is the star of this system."

“Where are these cells you were talking about earlier?” the Doctor asked. Hannah walked into the corridor and opened another door. There were three cells inside, with laser beams for bars.
“The Rawrx won’t get harmed by these laser beams,” the Doctor said.
“Then we’ll have to go with your plan, and blow the ship up,” Hannah said, “The remote mines are over there.” Hannah pointed to a cupboard opposite the cells.

“Hang on there’s a false wall here,” the Doctor said staring at the wall.
“I can assure you it isn’t,” Hannah replied, but the Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver pressed it against the wall and it fell to the ground revealing a whole new set of chambers.
“Do the others know about this Hannah?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes,” Hannah replied, “We all helped build it for...”
“For who?” the Doctor asked.
“Nobody,” Hannah replied.
“Who lives in these chambers Hannah?” the Doctor asked.
“Abasi,” Hannah said, as a tall dark-skinned man entered the room.

“Who are you?” Abasi asked.
“I was about to ask you the same thing,” the Doctor said.
“This is Abasi Okoro, representative for the USA,” Hannah said.
“The United States of America?” the Doctor asked.
“No, the United States of Africa,” Hannah replied.

“Why aren’t you with the rest of the crew?” the Doctor asked Abasi.
“Because I’m not supposed to be on board,” Abasi answered, “The Earth Government kicked me off the ship after I did a black market deal, but the other crew members got me back on board.”
“Do you still do black market?” the Doctor asked.
“No, he’s seen the error of his ways, that's why we wanted him back,” Hannah said, Abasi looked at the ground.
“I don’t think he has,” the Doctor replied, “What have you been selling?”
“Gold and Bronze, I buy it from an anonymous supplier from Yogragriss’ moon,” Abasi said, “He is also on the black market.”
“The black market,” the Doctor said, “Why do people buy from it nowadays? There isn’t a war on.”
“But there’s a recession,” Abasi said.

“Where does the anonymous person get the gold from?” the Doctor asked.
“It isn’t real gold, but fools gold,” Abasi replied, “But I think the authorities have arrested some of my customers, they may be onto me. I’ve told the person who I get my stuff from, he seems very worried.”
“Does he know you’re on this ship?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes,” Abasi said.

“Abasi I can’t believe you!” Hannah shouted, as the others ran into the room.
“What’s going on?” Conner asked.
“We thought we heard someone shouting, oh!” Ryker said, and looked at the ground. Niina and Captain Fry looked nervous too. Georgia looked from the crew to Abasi.
“Who’s he?” Georgia asked.
“A secret crew member,” the Doctor said, “Bao never knew about him did he?”
“What do you mean?” Hannah asked.
“I was looking in the ships log,” the Doctor said, “Bao was the newest crew member, he replaced Abasi. That’s the reason Abasi’s always in here, otherwise Abasi could be allowed out as long as there weren’t visitors. You couldn’t tell Bao, because you didn’t know whether to trust him or not. And what if that monster didn’t come here by mistake, what if he came here to kill off Abasi!”

“Why would he do that?” Georgia asked.
“Abasi has been buying fools gold off an anonymous person,” the Doctor explained, “And is selling it to people, pretending it is real gold. But the authorities have arrested some of Abasi’s customers, if they tell them about Abasi, and the authorities capture him, then the anonymous person is next on the list. The person at the heart of all the business, who’s business has recently closed down due to this ship.”
“But why would he want to kill Abasi?” Niina asked.
“The anonymous person would never be traced as long as he got rid of the middle man,” the Doctor answered, “If Abasi was dead, then the anonymous person will have got away with selling the fools gold.”

“Gold, but Doctor Regal deals in gold,” Georgia said, “And this ship is putting him out of business, and his business has apparently gone down the drain.”
“Regal set the Rawrx loose on this ship,” Conner said, “He was evil all along, he probably made a deal with it.”
“Make a deal with a monster?” Niina said.
“The Rawrx is clever, it can speak,” Conner replied, “Think about it, I’ll let you go as long as you kill this person. Then he calls the Doctor to capture the Rawrx before it leaves the ship.”
“Good thinking,” Captain Fry said, “But first we need to kill the monster. We will place the remote mines in strategic points around the outside of the bridge, and then we will leave the ship in the escape pods and the TARDIS.”

“The what?” Niina asked.
“My spaceship,” the Doctor replied.
“It’s a police box,” Ryker said.
“Are you the authorities then?” Niina questioned.
“No way,” the Doctor replied, “Right I’ll have the remote control.” Captain Fry grabbed two mines, Ryker grabbed three, Hannah and Niina both grabbed two each. Abasi, Georgia and Conner all grabbed three and the Doctor supervised. Rufus followed the Doctor wherever he walked.
“Are you sure that these mines will kill it?” Georgia asked, as she laid two mines outside door 1, and then sprinted back to the Doctor.
“Yes, they’ll work; these mines are very strong by the look of them,” the Doctor replied, “Everyone to the TARDIS.”

The crew of the SS Hurricane appeared a couple of minutes after the Doctor, Georgia and Conner. They were panting and they all carried luggage.
“The escape pods are very big, we figured we could bring luggage,” Hannah said.
“We’ll meet you back on Yogragriss’s moon,” Conner said.
“Good luck,” Captain Fry said, “But as they were about to leave a voice rang out across the ship.

“I know what your planning,” the Rawrx said, “I’ve disabled the escape pods, they now no longer work, oh and your remote won’t be working until you’re right next to the mines. Oh and we’re almost at the sun.” Suddenly, an alarm rang out across the ship.”
“It is getting hot,” Georgia said.
“Reminds me of the SS Pentallion,” the Doctor muttered, “And the remote isn't working, the Rawrx has blocked it."

“What do we do?” Conner asked.
“I’ll do it,” the Doctor said, “I’ll blow up the ship and the Rawrx.”
“But we’ll all get blown up to, the escape pods aren’t working,” Hannah said.
“And you are the only one who can fly the TARDIS,” Georgia said.
“Excuse me what does that stand for?” Ryker asked.
“Time and Relative Dimensions in Space,” the Doctor recited.

“Well someone’s going to die,” Captain Fry said, “As Captain I think I should do it.”
“No you are important, I’ll die,” Hannah said.
“My love has died, I want to join him,” Niina said, as she began to cry again.
“Were you and Ethan...?” Hannah asked.
“Yeah,” Niina sobbed.
“I’ll do it,” Ryker said.
“No!” Conner said, “As I’ve said before, I’ve already died once and I lived, I was really lucky, so I’ll die properly this time.”
“No!” Georgia said, “I don’t think any of us should die, can’t you leave the remote and get a robot or...”
“No,” the Doctor said.

“If I leave this ship the authorities will arrest me?” Abasi asked.
“Yes,” the Doctor said simply.
“They’ll track you down somehow,” Hannah said.
“And I’ll be sent to jail?” Abasi asked.
“15 years perhaps,” the Doctor replied.
“Well, that’s decided then, I’ll do it,” Abasi said, “I’d rather die then be captured and jailed. Also, I don’t want you to get into trouble. I betrayed your trust.” Nobody disagreed. Hannah hugged Abasi in silence, Niina and Ryker hugged Abasi too. Captain Fry shook Abasi’s hand firmly.
“Goodbye,” Captain Fry said. Abasi nodded, and the Doctor gave him the Remote Control.

“So all I do is push it and...” Abasi said.
“The bridge will blow up and the ship will be destroyed,” the Doctor finished.
“And me too,” Abasi added, “But I’d much rather die honourably than get arrested and sent to jail. Goodbye then.” Abasi walked away, walking through the hole in the wall towards the bridge.

The Rawrx had no idea what was going on, he did not know about the TARDIS, he thought that the crew would not be able to get away. He’ll just steer the ship towards the sun, then flee through space, and the ship and crew will be destroyed. It seemed too easy; there was a knocking on the door. The Rawrx ran over to it, he couldn’t believe someone could be so stupid to come to see him. The Rawrx would open the door and kill the Human immediately. He opened the door.

“Hi,” said Abasi, as the Rawrx entered the corridor, “I believe you’ve been trying to kill me.”
“It is you!” the Rawrx said, “I shall kill you!”
“Don’t worry, I’ll kill myself!” Abasi said hitting the remote control. The mines exploded, and the bridge was blasted away into space. The SS Hurricane was ripped apart as the victims of the Rawrx had been. The Rawrx had been defeated.

The crew of the SS hurricane watched from the TARDIS as their ship was destroyed. Rufus barked loudly as the fire reflected in his eyes. Niina was crying and Hannah comforted her.
“All that work gone forever,” Ryker said.
“Do you think we’ll be allowed on another government ship,” Captain Fry asked, “After all this one has been destroyed.”
“I’ll put in a good word for you,” the Doctor said, “And it was my idea to blow up the ship.” The Doctor pulled a lever and materialised in Regal’s lounge. Regal rushed into the room. The TARDIS doors opened and Captain Fry, Georgia, Conner, Hannah, Niina, Ryker and the Doctor stepped one after the other into the room.

“Great, you’re all OK!” Regal exclaimed.
“I think you’ll find that we’ve lost 5 crew members,” Captain Fry said and got a gun out of his pocket and pointed it at Regal’s head. Hannah, Niina and Ryker did the same.
“You should be ashamed of yourself!” Niina snarled.
“What for?” Regal asked, “Being glad that you’re alive, I knew that one person had died, but I thought that this was the rest of you.”
“You tried to kill us!” Hannah exclaimed.
“Stop pretending!” Ryker said, as his finger got closer to the trigger of his gun.

“Doctor, tell them to put their guns down!” Regal demanded.
“I will when the authorities arrive,” the Doctor replied.
“I think we should kill him! He’ll get out of jail in 15 years!” Niina said.
“But you forget that he murdered 5 people,” the Doctor said.
“I would never forget that he killed Ethan,” Niina replied.
“The Doctor didn’t mean that,” Hannah said patting Niina on the shoulder, “He meant that Regal will go to jail for much longer, if he escapes a death sentence.”
“I never killed nobody!” Regal said.
“Yes, you didn’t actually kill them,” the Doctor said, “But you set the monster out to do the deed!”
“Why would I kill the crew of the SS Hurricane,” Regal asked.
“Because you were put out of business because of them,” Conner replied, “You said it yourself! Don’t you try and deny it!”
“I admit that I said that, but why would I kill them?” Regal asked.

“We forgot to mention Abasi,” Captain Fry said, his gun still pointing at Regal’s head.
“What?” Regal said, a look of shock on his face.
“Abasi, the man you’ve been selling fools gold too,” the Doctor replied, “And he sold it to his customers, and so on. When Abasi told you that the authorities had got hold of some of his customers, you got worried that they’d trace it to you.”
“So you wanted to get him out of the way, so there was no chance of you being caught,” Georgia finished, Regal looked around at the remaining crew members, the Doctor, Georgia and Conner.
“Absolute tosh!” Regal snarled, as two police officers entered the room abd seized him from behind.
“I think that’s for the court to decide,” the Doctor replied.
“But they put me out of business!” Regal said, “You should arrest them! What about them!” Regal was dragged from the room.

Ten minutes later and the Doctor had explained to the police what had happened. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner were standing by the TARDIS, the remaining SS Hurricane crew standing opposite them.
“Well I guess this is goodbye,” Captain Fry said, shaking the Doctor’s hand firmly, then shaking Conner and Georgia’s.
“You’ve been a good captain, you’ve made some good decisions,” the Doctor told Captain Fry.
“You’ve made several decisions yourself, you’d made a great Captain,” Captain Fry replied, the Doctor shook his head.

“It’s been great meeting you all,” Hannah said, shaking Conner and Georgia’s hands, and then hugging the Doctor nervously.
“You were brilliant Hannah,” the Doctor said.
“What, brilliant at opening doors?” Hannah asked.
“Not just that,” the Doctor replied, as Niina stepped forward.
“Hi, I didn’t really meet any of you properly,” Niina said, she was still crying slightly, “I wish I had done, because I’m sure that you are all brilliant.”
“Thanks,” Conner said and Georgia nodded smiling.

“Well I haven’t been much use,” Ryker said, “So goodbye.”
“Ryker if it wasn’t for you, we would’ve got lost on that ship,” the Doctor said, “You were brilliant too.” The Doctor shook Ryker’s hand, and Ryker shook Conner and Georgia’s too. The Doctor and Georgia stroked Rufus in farewell, his tongue lolled out. Even Conner managed to pat Rufus on the head.
"You are a good dog," the Doctor told Rufus, who barked in reply.
"Will he be okay without Maria?" Georgia asked.
"He should be," Hannah replied.

“Good luck all of you,” the Doctor said, “Have a fantastic life. Make sure that everyone knows that Ysabelle was a great Doctor; Ethan saved Niina’s life; Bao was a great scientist; Asabi died saving the rest of the crew and that Maria was always cheerful and that she was also a brilliant scientist.”
“We will,” Captain Fry said saluting the Doctor. Niina waved tearfully as Hannah also saluted the Doctor. The Doctor, Georgia and Conner stepped into the TARDIS and closed the doors. The crew gazed in amazement as the TARDIS faded from view.

Next Time:
"So much Gold!"
“But you can't! You left me behind! I'm still here!!!”
"Oh my God, it's a fleet of Daleks..."
"My name's Pippa Blackwell."
"You're being evacuated."
"Doctor! DOCTOR!"

The End

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Episode 6: Message Received Part 4

Conner eyes flicked open; he had been trying to get to sleep when he had heard a terrible scream come from a room nearby. He could hear a faint slashing of claws, and then it stopped. There were thudding footsteps outside the hospital room. The Rawrx was outside the room.

The Doctor, Georgia, Captain Fry, Hannah and Ryker sprinted down a corridor closely followed by Rufus. Captain Fry had attempted to contact Ysabelle but it had not worked.

“But you said you’d fixed it,” Captain Fry said as he sprinted after the Doctor down a corridor.
“That Rawrx is clever, it learnt from its mistakes,” the Doctor said.
“If the monster is clever then why would it just kill?” Hannah asked.
“It kills for fun,” the Doctor replied as he turned a corner and almost walked into the Rawrx. Hannah, Ryker and Captain Fry took guns out of their pockets and aimed at the Rawrx who scurried off.

“What?” the Doctor said then he turned to see the crew members with their guns out.
“Did we scare it off?” asked Georgia, “With the guns?”
“I don’t understand the laser beams that you fire out of your guns wouldn’t harm the Rawrx,”the Doctor explained, “Why did he run away?”
“Maybe, it didn’t know that the guns wouldn’t harm it,” Ryker suggested.
“We’d better see if Conner’s alright,” Georgia said.
“Good idea,” Captain Fry replied. Hannah typed in the door code and the door swung open. Georgia saw Conner lying on the bed and she hugged him.

“I’m so glad you’re OK,” Georgia said.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” Conner asked.
“Well Ysabelle’s been killed by the Rawrx,” Georgia said.
“Poor Ysabelle,” Hannah said, “That’s three people dead in the last hour.”
“I’ve got a plan,” the Doctor said, “But you won’t like it.”
“Anything to stop this killing,” Captain Fry said.
“Do you have any remote controlled mines on board?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes, we have several which we trade,” Ryker replied, “They’re in a room near the Dining Room.”
“You mean the one with the hole in the wall?” the Doctor asked.
“No the other dining room, the one which we have dinner in,” Ryker explained, “Talking about dinner it is about time for some food.”

“Doctor, why do you need remote controlled mines?” Georgia asked.
“So I can blow up the monster,” the Doctor explained.
“But you’ll blow up the ship!” Hannah exclaimed, “I’m sorry but we cannot let you blow up the monster if it means we loose the ship too!”
“What else do you suggest?” the Doctor asked.
“How did you force it into that cell before Doctor, on the space base?” Conner asked.
“Daferage lured it in there,” the Doctor said, “She was brilliant Daferage was, she might have become my companion, but the plan went wrong. Daferage planned to run into the cell then run out using a secret door at the back of the cell, but that door was all rusty and it wouldn’t budge. The Rawrx ran into the cell and it killed her.”
“Poor her,” Georgia said, “But there aren’t any cells on board so...”
“Yes there are!” Hannah said, “But there’s no ways of getting out of them.”

“Look if we do my plan, then nobody gets killed,” the Doctor explained, “If you have an escape pod?”
“We have two escape pods, both of them are pretty big,” Ryker said.
“If we do my plan, nobody dies and we don’t loose the ship,” Hannah replied.
“But you said someone should lure the Rawrx into a cell,” the Doctor began.
“I never explained my plan fully, we don’t have to use a someone,” Hannah said, “We could use a something.”
“Not Rufus!” Captain Fry said.
“I don’t mean Rufus!” Hannah said, “He’s like a member of the crew.”
“Then what?” Georgia asked.
“There are several animals in one of the rooms, that we trade with the KassKass,” Hannah explained, “I mean some of them are easy to look after, but others, without Maria they will suffer. She always liked to keep the animals to herself.”
“But that’s animal cruelty,” Georgia said.
“It’ll be even crueler if we feed it the wrong things, or don’t look after it properly,” Hannah replied.

“Surely, you have books on board about looking after animals,” Conner said, “And who’s Rufus?” Georgia pointed at the Old English sheepdog, who was sitting on the floor, panting. Conner looked startled at first but calmed down after a few seconds.
“We do have books about how to look after some animals,” Ryker explained, “You can find them in the library.”
“You’ve got a library?” the Doctor asked.
“Yes,” Captain Fry said, “Why?”
“There may be some information in there concerning why the Rawrx chose to attack this ship,” the Doctor answered.
“Shall we go there first then?” Conner asked.
“Yes,” the Doctor replied simply.
“That way,” Ryker said pointing at a door leading even further away from the bridge.

“Are you OK to walk?” Hannah asked Conner.
“Yeah,” Conner replied, sliding out of the bed. He stood up and brushed himself down.

At the bridge Ethan and Niina were getting bored. Niina was trying to follow the Doctor’s progress using the ship’s camera system. Ethan, meanwhile, was trying to get the ship moving again, whilst trying and failing to contact the authorities.
“The Shadow Proclamation should hear about this,” Ethan said.
“Yes, but we can’t contact them,” Niina replied, “Why didn’t we get chosen to go out? Ah well they won’t get any dinner.” Niina stood up and walked over to the door.
“Where are you going?” Ethan asked.
“The Dining Room,” Niina replied, “I’m really hungry.” Ethan moved over to the computer screen which Niina had been looking at.

“Hang on,” Ethan said and Niina stopped, “Where’s Ysabelle?”
“In the hospital,” Niina suggested walking over to the screen. Ethan touched the screen and another picture appeared, it was the hospital and it was empty.
“It looks like they’re heading to the library,” Ethan said.
“But Ysabelle is nowhere,” Niina muttered, “Try and contact her.” Ethan got out his communicator and pressed a button on it.
“Ysabelle, where are you?” Ethan said into the communicator. There was no reply, not even a crackle.
“I think she’s dead,” Niina said with tears in her eyes.
“Niina, don’t cry please, we’ve got to be brave,” Ethan said.
“You’re right, we’ve been put in charge of the bridge,” Niina replied, “Here we should stay.”

“You know we’ve been through a lot of things together,” Ethan said, not looking at Niina.
“The crew has been through loads of things together,” Niina said.
“I’ve grown to like you,” Ethan said.
“So you didn’t like me at first then?” Niina asked.
“No I mean I’ve grown to like, like you,” Ethan said, “I suppose that didn’t really make sense, did it? Basically I really like you. Although I like the rest of the crew too, but I mean you in particular I like, like.”
“You love me?” Niina said.
“Well... yes,” Ethan said nervously.
“It’s nothing to be nervous about,” Niina replied, “I like like you too.”
“So are we going out now or something?” Ethan asked.
“I suppose so,” Niina said.
“Good, that’s great,” Ethan said quietly. Niina and Ethan looked at each other and hugged.

Ryker ran past dark rooms and chambers towards the library. He was followed closely by the Doctor, Georgia and Conner, then Captain Fry, Hannah and Rufus. Ryker pointed at a large circular door and typed in the door code. The door swung open to reveal a large circular room. If it was the same shape as the other circular rooms, you wouldn’t have been able to tell, as the room was full of tall, thick bookshelves.

“Didn’t you ever think to upgrade?” The Doctor asked.
“We preferred reading the books to reading books on screens,” Captain Fry answered.
“I agree,” the Doctor said, “But then Vashta Nerada.”
“Whata whata?” Georgia asked.
“Don’t worry,” the Doctor said, “They live in the shadows. Right find books, diaries perhaps anything that could explain why the Rawrx has come here. Captain, can you look at the ships log.” Captain Fry nodded and the crew, Georgia, Conner and the Doctor set to work reading.

“Here it says that an unnamed monster attacked an old space base,” Georgia said, pointing at the book she was holding, which was called, ‘Alien Attacks’.
“Keep reading, tell me anything you haven’t heard from me,” the Doctor told Georgia. She read that 45 members of the crew had been killed by a gruesome being with claws. Apparently, its current whereabouts are unknown.

“Here it says that a clawed monster attacked a KassKass ship,” Hannah said, “The monster was starving and attacked the ship closest to it, and ate the crew.”
“But the monster hasn’t eaten any of the crew,” Conner pointed out.
“The Rawrx feeds off the adrenaline of the hunt,” the Doctor explained, “It gets a real kick out of killing.” Georgia and Hannah both made disgusted faces.

“I’ve found something in the ships log,” Captain Fry said, “The ship has been putting many companies out of business in this area of space. One company owned by a Regal Youngblood was the most recent company to fail.”
“What?” the Doctor asked.
“But Regal said his company was failing,” Georgia said.
“But apparently it’s failed,” Conner said.
“Why would he lie?” the Doctor asked.
“Perhaps he didn’t want to admit to it,” Georgia said.
“Maybe officially his company has ended, but actually he’s doing some black market stuff,” Conner suggested.
“They are both possibilities,” the Doctor said.

“It says about a monster here,” Ryker said, “That was a killer, and the man who had it locked up set it free as long as it wiped out the local authorities, so that this man could do his black market deals without getting into trouble. It succeeded but the Shadow Proclamation got involved and arrested the man that let the monster free.”

“I’ve got another story concerning a clawed creature, there’s even a picture of it,” Hannah said, “It has an uncanny resemblance to the Rawrx, though in this book it has been called a Clawrittax.”
“Clawrittax?” a voice said.
“Yeah, have you heard of it before?” the Doctor said turning around to see nobody, “Who said that?”
“It wasn’t me,” Georgia said.
“Nor me,” Conner added. The Doctor looked at Hannah who shook her head, Ryker shrugged and turned to the Captain, who turned off the computer and also shook his head.
“Then who was it?” the Doctor asked.
“It was me,” the voice of the Rawrx said. The voice was coming from the communicators as it had done before.

“The Rawrx!” Hannah exclaimed, running to the door.
“Where?” Conner asked.
“Oh, I’m on the other side of the ship,” the Rawrx said, “The bridge is in trouble, I thought you should know that you’re next!”


Friday, 14 August 2009

Episode 6: Message Received Part 3

The Doctor ran into the room, the monster saw him and turned to the Doctor. Georgia was breathing heavily, the clawed monster had almost killed her. Hannah was behind the Doctor when she saw what was going on.

“Doctor, what do we do?” Georgia shouted. The Doctor was looking at the heavily clawed beast that stood in front of him.
“The Doctor is about to die, he imprisoned me,” the Rawrx said in its deep voice, “My time is coming.”

“Everyone hold on to something!” Hannah ordered, and she pointed a gun at the ceiling, putting it on the highest setting, and then she fired it at the roof above the Rawrx’s head.
“NO!” the Rawrx yelled as it was pulled out into the vacuum. Georgia held onto the wall, as chairs were pulled out into space too. Brandon and Hannah held onto the door frame, and Ryker held onto to the wall. Maria grabbed Rufus and then she grabbed onto Ryker.
“DOCTOR! CONNER!” Georgia screamed, realising that Conner was also lifting off the ground. He was almost sucked out of the room, when a computer’s voice could be heard saying, “Oxygen Field Stabilising, Gravity Field Stabilising.” Conner fell to the ground.

“Conner’s been knocked out,” Georgia explained, “The Rawrx threw him across the room.”
“Nice plan Hannah,” the Doctor said, “I had no idea how I was going to stop it before, it was lucky that the monster stopped to have a chat.”

“Is the Rawrx dead?” Maria asked as Rufus whined.
“No, it’ll be able to get on board again, it can survive in space,” the Doctor replied.
“Ysabelle, can you get down to Room 25 please,” Captain Fry said into his communicator.
“Sure, Captain,” Ysabelle’s voice replied, “What for?”
“We require medical assistance, you are the ship’s nurse as well as the navigator,” Captain Fry said.
“OK sir, then why don’t you head over to the First Aid room,” Ysabelle replied.
“Good idea, we’ll meet you there,” Captain Fry said back. The Doctor stooped down beside Georgia, who was shaking.

“Are you OK?” the Doctor asked.
“I’m fine,” Georgia said, “That was just a bit of a shock.”
“How did you get out?” the Doctor asked.
“Conner remembered you locking the doors with a button in the TARDIS,” Georgia explained, “I remembered too and I helped him find the button, so we got out and then we were attacked.”
“Why didn’t you stay put?” the Doctor asked.
“Because I wanted to help,” Georgia replied, “But now I realise that you were right to leave us in the TARDIS.”
“Well since you’re already out do you want to stay out of the TARDIS?” the Doctor asked.
“I want to stay, so I know what’s going on,” Georgia explained.
“OK, you can stay,” the Doctor said, “Can someone help me lift Conner.” Captain Fry rushed forward and helped lift Conner.

“It’s this way to the hospital,” Ryker said pointing through another door from the room. Hannah walked up to it and typed in the door code, the door swung open and Hannah held it open as Ryker, Georgia, Maria, Rufus and the Doctor and Fry carrying Conner went through.
“Now Rufus,” Maria said and Rufus’ ears pricked up, “I want you to bark if you smell anything funny.” Rufus barked in reply.
“How far now?” the Doctor asked.
“Just down here,” Ryker answered, as Hannah opened another door and they entered another circular room with several beds inside, all facing the middle. The room was white with a large green cross at the centre of the floor. The Doctor and Captain Fry lay Conner on one of the beds.

“We should prepare the First Aid kit for Ysabelle,” Captain Fry ordered, “Where is it?”
“It’s in one of these draws,” Ryker replied opening the draws, but finding nothing, “Or not.”
“Maybe she’s got it with her?” Georgia suggested.

“Not to be rude, but who are you exactly?” Maria asked.
“I’m Georgia, the Doctor’s companion,” Georgia explained, “So is Conner.” Maria raised her eyebrows.
“Not that kind of companion,” Georgia replied snappily.
“I’m Maria,” Maria said.
“And the others?” Georgia asked.
“Captain Fry, Ryker, Hannah and the Dog is called Rufus,” Maria replied.
“The dog shouldn’t be around when Conner wakes up,” Georgia said, “He doesn’t like them, don’t know why.” Suddenly, the ship shook as it had before. Rufus began to bark loudly.

“He smells something,” Maria said.
“The monster has got back on board,” Hannah explained.
“Ysabelle state your current position,” Captain Fry ordered into his communicator, as the door to the Hospital opened to reveal Ysabelle.
“I’m right here,” Ysabelle replied.
“That didn’t take you very long,” Captain Fry said.
“That’s because I walked very quickly,” Ysabelle replied, “Who are they?”
“Conner and Georgia,” the Doctor replied, “My friends, they were attacked by the monster.”

“I saw Bao,” Ysabelle said starting to cry.
“We can mourn him later, but at the moment can you look after Conner please,” the Doctor said, “Maria can you get Rufus to find the Rawrx please.”
“Sniff out the monster,” Maria told Rufus. Rufus began to walk off towards the door they had came through.
“It’s back the way we came,” Hannah said.
“Then we need to go that way,” the Doctor replied. Captain Fry nodded, and the Doctor, Georgia, Ryker and Captain Fry followed Maria and Rufus out of the room.

“Ysabelle, you should be safe here,” Hannah said, “As long as the monster is on the other side of the ship, but keep me up to date using the communicators, I can tell the Doctor.” Ysabelle nodded and Hannah followed the Doctor out of the room. They seemed to be tracing their steps back towards the Dining Room; they walked through the room following Rufus, who was leading Maria. They walked into the corridor where Bao’s remains lay and there Rufus stopped.

“Rufus, where is it?” Maria asked.
“Is it on the roof?” Hannah asked.
“Where is it?” Georgia asked.
“Everybody quiet!” the Doctor ordered, and they fell silence, there was a crunching noise.
“I’m coming,” the Rawrx’s voice said breaking the near silence.

“How did you learn how to speak?” the Doctor asked, the monster, who was nowhere to be seen.
“I was taught,” the Rawrx said.
“What does that mean?” the Doctor asked.
“I was taught,” the Rawrx said again.
“By who?” Georgia asked.
“Him,” the Rawrx said.
“Who’s that then?” the Doctor asked.
“That man,” the Rawrx replied.
“What man?” Hannah asked, “And where are you?”
“I thought you knew I was sneaky,” the Rawrx said, and laughed a dark terrible laugh.

“There it is!” Maria said pointing to the ceiling; it had managed to camouflage itself somehow. The Rawrx jumped down onto Maria who screamed as the monster began to rip her apart.
“OUT!” the Doctor said, “Back into the Dining room!” Hannah ran to the door and typed in the code, she rushed in, followed closely by the Doctor, Georgia, Ryker, Captain Fry and Rufus the dog. The Doctor slammed the door in the monsters face and got out his sonic screwdriver. He pressed a button on the sonic screwdriver and he sealed the door using it.

“We need to block that hole!” Captain Fry ordered and Ryker, Georgia and Hannah rushed to block it using the remaining tables and chairs, which had not been sucked into space.
“Damn I forgot that hole,” the Doctor said.
“Don’t worry, if we push against the furniture the monster won’t be able to get in,” Captain Fry replied. Georgia, Ryker and Captain Fry ran at the furniture and pushed against it.
"That monster is very strong, remember," the Doctor said.
“There’s nothing pushing the other way,” Georgia said.
“Have we scared it off?” Ryker asked.
“Don’t be silly,” Hannah said, “It just killed Maria.” Rufus began to whine when Hannah said this.

“Poor Rufus,” Ryker said, stroking the dog’s thick fur.
“Poor Maria,” Captain Fry added, “I’d better inform the bridge what is going on.”
“If the coms are working,” Hannah said.
“Give me your communicators,” the Doctor ordered and everyone gave the Doctor their communicators. He took out his sonic screwdriver, pressed it to each of them and gave the communicators back.
“How does buzzing a bluey screwdriver against it help?” Ryker asked.
“Trust me it will,” the Doctor replied.

“Calling the bridge and Ysabelle,” the Captain said into his communicator, “Bao Lam has been killed by a monster, designated a Rawrx. The monster has also just killed Maria Martinez; I want everybody to remain calm, but to seal all the doors.”
“Doors won’t stop it if the wall doesn’t,” Ysabelle’s voice said, coming through the communicator, “And how are you contacting us? I’ve been trying to contact you for ages. Conner is beginning to wake up.”
“Yes!” Georgia exclaimed.
“That’s some good news,” Hannah said.
“The Doctor has fixed the system,” Captain Fry replied.
“Well done Doctor!” Ethan’s voice said.
“Good luck everyone,” Captain Fry said, “Over and out!”

“What do we do now?” Hannah asked, “What is your plan?”
“Yeah, did your plan include members of the crew getting killed,” Ryker asked.
“That monster wants us to be arguing with each other,” the Doctor said, “Are we going to please it?” The Doctor looked around at the others. Hannah was looking nervous and Ryker had raised his eyebrows.

“I am going to contact my friend, using this,” the Doctor said pulling out the purple sphere, “And can one of you lend me your communicators.” Hannah took out her communicator and gave it to him. It was small and slick, and silver coloured. The Doctor opened the back of it with the sonic screwdriver and pulled out a couple of the wires.
“What is the Doctor doing?” Hannah asked Georgia.
“Jiggery pokery he calls it,” Georgia replied, “I just go along with him. Half the time I don’t understand what he’s talking about.”
“So where do you travel?” Hannah asked.
“All sorts of places,” Georgia answered, “We’re time travellers.”
“Yeah, the Doctor told me that,” Hannah explained, “What are you doing with that computer sir?”
“Putting these events into the ships log,” Captain Fry replied, as he typed something into the keyboard.

“And contacting!” the Doctor said.
“Who are you contacting?” Captain Fry asked.
“Regal Youngblood,” the Doctor replied, and pressed a button on the communicator.
“Ooh?” Georgia said.
“Regal, are you there?” the Doctor asked. At Regal’s house the Doctor’s voice could be heard coming out of the purple sphere. Regal heard it, ran into the lounge and picked it up.
“Doctor!” Regal exclaimed, “How are you talking to me via the sphere?”
“That’s not important, all that matters is that I am,” the Doctor replied.

“What’s going on?” Regal asked.
“Two people have been killed by the Rawrx,” the Doctor replied, “Can you help me find it?”
“I should be able to, using the satellite view,” Regal replied, and pressed the button next to the light switch. The screen appeared and the lights turned off automatically. Regal typed something into the keyboard and a large picture of the SS Hurricane in space, appeared on the screen. The SS Hurricane was not moving, but a flashing dot was visible on the screen.

“Where is it?” the Doctor asked hurriedly.
“It’s near a large circular window with a green cross on it,” Regal answered peering at the screen.
“Thanks,” the Doctor replied.
“Where is this window?” Georgia asked looking at Ryker.
“Look I don’t know what shape every window is on the ship or where it is,” Ryker replied.
“A green cross?” Captain Fry asked.
“That’s the hospital!” Hannah exclaimed.

Ysabelle saw Conner stir in his bed. She had given him some tablets and had fixed the wound on his head. Conner opened his eyes.
“What’s going on?” Conner asked.
“You were knocked out by the Rawrx,” Ysabelle told him, “I’m Ysabelle by the way, a crew member on the SS Hurricane.”
“It’s nice to meet you,” Conner said.
“Thank you very much,” Ysabelle replied, “I know your name is Conner, how are you feeling?”
“Drowsy,” Conner replied.
“Well you have been knocked out,” Ysabelle said, as a crackle came through on her communicator.

“That’s funny, Captain Fry said they’d fixed the communicators,” Ysabelle said.
“Why, what’s wrong?” Conner asked.
“There’s a crackle coming through,” Ysabelle answered, “I’m just going into the corridor outside to see if I can get better signal. I’ll literally be just outside.”
“It’s fine,” Conner said, “I’ll be fine.” Ysabelle waved and walked out of the room with a communicator in her hand. Conner lay back on his pillows, he realised that he hadn’t slept in a long time. There’d been all that trouble with Rack and the Goblins and now this monster.

Ysabelle walked down the corridor, but still only crackles were coming through in the communicator. She turned around and began to head back, but she walked straight into the Rawrx.
“NO!” Ysabelle said, before screaming as the Rawrx began its work and tore Ysabelle to shreds.


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