Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Mini-ep 7: Mechanical Mayhem

Starring: The Doctor
And Conner
With: Mocca, Ricca, Getta and Dalek Gain

Georgia looked up as Conner walked into the control room with a frown on his face.
“Is he still…?” Georgia asked.
“Yeah,” Conner sighed.
“I wish there was some way of helping him,” Georgia commented.
“I know, he looks so helpless,” Conner replied.
“He’ll never fix it,” Georgia muttered, scratching her head.
“But he isn’t giving up on it,” Conner said.

“Seriously, though, don’t you think we’re acting a bit over the top? It’s a motorbike for God’s sake!” Georgia exclaimed.
“Georgia, may I remind you, that you broke the motorbike, after you tried to do a jump over that house,” Conner said, rolling his eyes.
“Look, it worked in that film with… thingy,” Georgia snapped.
“What film?” Conner snapped.
“Shut up Conner, just because I can’t remember what film, doesn’t mean there was no film!” Georgia snarled.
“Look, this isn’t going to fix the bike, and we’re not going anywhere until it’s been fixed,” Conner moaned.

“Yes we are!” the Doctor exclaimed, bouncing into the room, “You remember I told you I was the best mechanic… ever?”
“Vaguely,” Georgia answered.
“Well, I lied,” the Doctor replied.
“What a surprise!” Conner said sarcastically.
“I’m second best!” the Doctor continued, “To one who, admittedly, I would rather didn’t exist, due to his regular black-market schemes, but still, we’re off to Mocca’s!”

“Isn’t that like coffee?” Georgia asked, as the Doctor began dancing around the TARDIS controls with a look of glee that only the Doctor could pull off.
“That’s mocha,” Conner muttered, rolling his eyes.
“Mocca is a mechanic, and we’re off to his garage, in space,” the Doctor said, “We’d better go in 2012 because I upset him in 2013 when I blew up the café next door, ooh we can go there too!”
“Great, I’ll order a mocha,” Georgia said in an irritated voice.
“Anyway, I only blew up the café because, well it doesn’t really matter but…” the Doctor explained, “We’re nearly there!”

Ricca looked up with a look of confusion on her face. Where an empty space had been before, there was now a blue ‘police’ box, whatever that was.
“Mocca, what the hell is that?” Ricca shouted, but she got no reply.
“I wonder what’s…” Ricca began, but then suddenly the Doctor, Georgia and Conner burst through the doors of the TARDIS, and a smile appeared on Ricca’s face.
“Ricca!” the Doctor exclaimed, “How are you? I have a bike that needs fixing.”
“Not the pink one I hope?” Ricca asked.
“No, it’s a different colour, I can’t fix it, it’s in bits, but it’s vintage,”the Doctor explained.
“Oh okay, you do seem to damage a lot of valuable motors,” Ricca commented, “So who are these two then? Your newest companions?” Georgia and Conner rolled their eyes.
“I’m Georgia, this is Conner,” Georgia said, shaking Ricca’s hand; Conner did the same.

“Where’s Mocca then? Or are you qualified to fix motors on your own yet? By the look of you I’d say... yes! No, you’ve had a haircut!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“Is he like this with all his old friends?” Ricca asked Georgia.
“Yes, it’s dead annoying,” Georgia replied.
“Mocca has, to tell you the truth, been acting rather odd lately,” Ricca explained, “He’s become very careful about who he sells to.”
“Good,” the Doctor commented.
“He’s become more sulky though Doctor, he looks tired and scared,” Ricca continued, “And I have no idea why.”

A bronze death machine made its way past the vintage cars and spacecrafts until he reached Mocca’s office. Dalek Gain was in control of Mocca’s Motors, whether Mocca liked it or not. Dalek Gain was sure that this was the last place where the Ultimate’s cup had been seen, but perhaps it had gone astray. Mocca was known to be a great source of information, as all kinds of aliens passed through his doors for repairs. Another was also seen often passing through, his name was the Doctor.

“Mocca! Report!” Dalek Gain called in his grating voice.
“Y-yes, sir, what is it that you require?” Mocca asked.
“The Doctor has arrived,” Dalek Gain replied.
“And... he is to be exterminated?” Mocca questioned.
“No, he is required, the Ultimate’s cup must be found, you shall help or you will be exterminated!” Dalek Gain ordered.
“Of course sir, what is it you want me to do?” Mocca asked nervously.
“Help the Doctor, in any way, but do not tell him of my existence,” Dalek Gain ordered, “Then ask him about the cup of gold! If anybody knows, he will...”

Ricca helped Conner and the Doctor carry the broken motorbike out of the TARDIS, while Georgia made rude comments about the Doctor and Conner, as they had told her that she was not needed.

“Conner, are you sure you can carry that, it looks a bit heavy for you,” Georgia commented as Conner carried a small metal badge that had the bike’s number plate on it.
“Shut up, and do something helpful,” Conner snapped.
“Sorry, I thought I was unhelpful,” Georgia said sweetly.
“Go to that café then,” Conner moaned.
“No, I take pleasure in you having to work,” Georgia replied smiling nastily, as an alien similar to Ricca entered the room. Ricca looked mostly like a human, apart from the fact that she had three eyes.

“Hello,” the alien said nervously, “Is the Doctor about?”
“He’s in the TARDIS, I take it you’re Mocca?” Georgia asked.
“That’s right,” Mocca replied, “What’s the problem?”
“Broken motorbike, some bitch broke it,” Conner commented, and Georgia shot him a glare.
“Some bitch had broken the brakes,” Georgia snapped.
“Mocca!” the Doctor exclaimed, as he left the TARDIS with a smile. The Doctor ran forward and hugged Mocca as Ricca heaved one of the bike’s wheels out of the TARDIS.

“Let’s get to work then!” Mocca said, “Hang on...”
“What’s wrong?” Ricca asked.
“Doctor, this bike... it’s...” Mocca began.
“Vintage, yeah I know,” the Doctor replied.
“No, but it carries a curse,” Mocca muttered, “We may not be able to fix it until we’ve destroyed something else...”
“Does this curse affect the person who broke it?” Conner asked, looking worriedly at Georgia, who clapped a hand to her mouth.
“No, I think it’s more of a poltergeist...” Mocca began.
“Weeeheee!” a shrill voice cried, as a smoky body shot out of the wheel, that Ricca was carrying. Ricca shrieked and dropped the wheel, which rolled under a van.

“Oh no,” the Doctor sighed, “We’ve got to catch it...”
“How?” Georgia asked, “They can move through walls!”
“Yes, I know, they can spread themselves so thinly that they can literally pass through walls,” the Doctor explained.
“Then what are we going to do?” Ricca asked.
“Kill it!” Mocca exclaimed, “I have some Geist Spray somewhere, it’s toxic to them, they fade away.”
“We can’t kill it,” the Doctor replied, “It hasn’t done anything wrong.” As the Doctor said this a spanner flew through the air and barely missed the Doctor’s head.
“Yet,” Conner said. Suddenly, an array or objects stated shooting through the air towards the Doctor, Georgia, Conner, Mocca and Ricca.

“Bet you didn’t like that one!” the poltergeist shrieked with glee.
“I recognise that voice!” the Doctor exclaimed, “It’s Getta! I forgot I contained him in that bike...”
“So this is your fault! What a surprise!” Georgia yelled sarcastically, before ducking behind a car, as a chainsaw flew through the air towards her from the other side of the room.
“What are we going to do?” Mocca moaned.
“We can suck it up using a vacuum or something!” Conner exclaimed, before diving to the ground, as a tire shot at his head.
“Like in the stories!” Georgia added.
“What stories?” Ricca asked.
“Earth stories, don’t worry yourself, they aren’t that good,” the Doctor commented, as a bicycle landed with a crash beside him.
“You’ll never catch me!” Getta squealed, “Now I know your plans! You’ll never find me!” Gretta vanished in a flash and Conner and Georgia’s faces fell.
“Great,” Conner said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“What are we gonna do!” Georgia whined.
“Stop looking so desperate, he’s not your boyfriend,” Conner snapped, “We could just let him go...”
“We can’t let him hang around!” Ricca exclaimed, “He’ll wreck the place!”
“I have an idea,” the Doctor said smiling, “We lure him into a trap.”
“Using what? Is there anything I can do to help?” Mocca said quickly.
“Yes, do you have any tomatoes?” the Doctor asked, “Poltergeists love them.”
“I don’t, but I’m sure the café next door will have some,” Mocca said helpfully, “I can go and get some if you want...”
“If it’s not too much trouble,” the Doctor answered.
“It’s no trouble at all!” Mocca replied, immediately leaving the room.
“I’ll go too,” Georgia replied, following him.
“Right, let’s start with the trap!” the Doctor exclaimed, “Ricca, do you have a vacuum cleaner of some sort?”

Georgia opened a door and left the building. Mocca’s shop seemed to be on some kind of deserted planet, with a grey surface and a few small blue plants. The only other building Georgia could see was the café, next to Mocca’s mechanics, which had several spaceships parked outside. There were hundreds of tiny lights making their way through the night sky. She guessed that she was near some kind of galactic motorway. The planet seemed completely silent, apart from the sounds of chattering from the café.

“Wow,” Georgia commented, before turning to face the building next door. It had a large sign saying café in big red letters. She made her way towards it, but a strange whirring noise stopped her in her tracks. She had heard that noise somewhere before.
“Hello?” Georgia called, but there was no reply. The noise had definitely come from Mocca’s mechanics; maybe it had been the Doctor starting his plan, but it had seemed to come from close by. Georgia knew she had heard that noise before, but it couldn’t be, not here. She ran inside the café, breathing heavily.

“Calm, Georgia,” she told herself. The café had a few alien customers, and as she entered Mocca emerged from a side-door, which Georgia guessed led into the kitchen.
“I’ve got the tomatoes, did the Doctor send you to check up on me?” Mocca asked.
“No, just... to help,” Georgia replied, “Let’s go.” Georgia quickly led the way back into the room in Mocca’s shop filled with vintage cars and spaceships.

“The trap is ready,” the Doctor said smiling, as he held up a large tube in greeting. The tube was attached to some kind of vacuum cleaner, which in turn was attached to the TARDIS. There was a large box with one end open and the other with a hole where the tube could be placed.
“I have the tomatoes,” Mocca said helpfully, handing the tomatoes he was carrying to the Doctor.
“These aren’t digimatoes are they?” the Doctor asked quickly, with a frown on his face.
“No, the café only serves real or near-real food,” Mocca replied.
“Better than McDonalds then...” Georgia muttered, as the Doctor placed the tomatoes at the end of the box, near the tube.
“And now we wait,” the Doctor said smiling.
“And wait,” Ricca commented, after a couple of minutes.
“Doctor, big flaw in plan, just realised,” Georgia said, rolling her eyes.
“What is it?” Conner asked.
“There are tomatoes in the café!” Georgia shrieked.

Several minutes later, they stood beside the trap, after carrying all the tomatoes from the café into the TARDIS, where they would be safe. Georgia kept noticing Mocca soot the Doctor nervous glances, like he was up to something. Now and again, they heard a squeak from the poltergeist as it bounced around the mechanics.

“Can’t catch me!” Getta squealed.
“I have had enough of that complete...” Georgia growled.

“It’s ready,” the Doctor muttered, “Now, everybody hide behind the TARDIS and wait.”
“And wait...?” Conner asked innocently.
“Smells lovely!” Getta squeaked, as he flashed into existence above a Rolls Royce. Getta’s cheeky grin remained, as he glanced around the room to see if the people were still about. After deciding that they weren’t Getta rushed towards the box on the floor, which the smell of tomatoes was wafting up from.
“What’s all this? What’s all this?” Getta squealed, as he began to scoff down the tomatoes, not aware of the danger. The Doctor pulled a lever in the TARDIS and the vacuum turned on.
“Nooo! I don’t wanna go!” Getta shrieked, whooshing down the tube into the special jar that the Doctor had made to contain the poltergeist.

“Lemme out!” Getta screeched.
“Will he stay in there?” Mocca asked.
“Yes, the glass contains a trace of Anti-Geist, so if he tries to get out, then it’s bad news for him,” the Doctor explained, “Anyway, let’s fix the bike.”
“Of course!” Mocca exclaimed. After around an hour, Mocca and Ricca finished the work on the Doctor’s motorbike, and the Doctor was smiling widely.

“Thank you very much!” the Doctor exclaimed, “What can I give you? How much? Seriously, I want to pay!”
“Doctor, we are rolling in money at the moment, but I would like to know some information,” Mocca replied, “It’s about a certain golden cup.”
“A golden cup?” the Doctor asked, with a frown.
“One of my clients is asking around about it, apparently it’s magical,” Mocca explained, “But it was lost in time or something, I don’t suppose you’ve seen a golden cup anywhere?”
“Yes actually, I’m pretty sure the Nayragar had a golden cup, that was a long time ago though,” the Doctor explained.
“Where is it?” Mocca asked, trying not to look too excited.
“It’s buried in Germany somewhere, the cave system mostly collapsed,” the Doctor explained, “It’s probably somewhere beneath the ancient town of Tointraken.”
“Where’s that?” Mocca questioned.
“On Earth,” the Doctor answered, “I think they used it in a ceremony or something, I won’t go into the details, and it would take a while...”

“Oh don’t worry Doctor,” Mocca replied, “Thank you for your help!”
“No, thank you!” the Doctor replied, before turning to Ricca, “And thanks again Ricca.”
“I always like helping you sir,” Ricca replied, “Bye then!”
“Bye,” Georgia and Conner called, before following the Doctor into the TARDIS. The sound of the TARDIS dematerialising filled the room, as it faded out of sight.
“I’d better get back to work then,” Mocca told Ricca, who nodded in response.

Dalek Gain spun its eyestalk around as Mocca entered the room.
“You have information?” Dalek Gain asked.
“Yes, sir,” Mocca answered, “I know the location of the golden cup.”
“Are you sure it is the Ultimate’s cup?” Dalek Gain demanded in his grating voice.
“The legends around it say that it is magical,” Mocca replied.
“Tell me the location,” Dalek Gain ordered, “So I can begin the process! And then I shall leave you... in peace.”



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