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Episode 6: The Man Who Was Thursday Part 5

Conner calmly returned to the Doctor, raising his gun.

“Where’s Georgia?” the Doctor frowned.
“She’s staying in the TARDIS,” Conner smiled. “I begged her.”
“Oh, okay,” the Doctor said, not entirely convinced. “They’re coming!”

Isabella, Dmitri and Aleksandr burst into the Main Hall, and the fight began.

“I’m trapped in a cupboard,” Georgia growled. “And when I get out of here… well, if Petr hasn’t killed you, I will, Conner Bennet.”

She was about to continue, when she heard footsteps. Pressing her ear against the door, Georgia could make out the ‘clack-clack’ of Pippa’s heels. She leant forwards, trying to hear more, before Pippa raised her gun and fired it into the air. Georgia screamed, and fell backwards onto the floor.

“Bell?” Pippa called. “Georgia… I know you’re in here…”

She headed towards the cupboard, and began to move the desk that was in front of it. Loading her gun, she whipped open the door – only to find the cupboard was empty.

“Georgia?” she frowned.

Georgia still had her eyes closed. When she opened them, she looked around, and saw that she was no longer in the cupboard, but on a spaceship.

“I just teleported you,” Petr explained, causing Georgia to jump.
“I didn’t realise you were here!” she said, punching his arm. “You frightened me!”
“Sorry,” Petr grinned.
“Why did you save me?” Georgia frowned. “I mean, I appreciate the gesture, but…”
“It wasn’t fair,” Petr said. “You didn’t have a gun on you, and Pippa did. We don’t really want to spill your blood, or the Doctor’s for that matter. We just want Conner. Come with me – I can find you a place to stay until the battle’s over.”

Georgia prepared to argue, but Petr had already taken her hand, and was leading her down the corridor. He found her a room, and she entered it, sitting on the bed gratefully. He moved her sideways with a hand, and sat next to her.

“How are you and Conner at the moment?” he asked.
“What do you mean?” Georgia raised her eyebrows.
“Romantically,” Petr grinned.
“Oh,” Georgia hmphed. “I don’t really know… We always seem to be arguing lately.”
“Arguing, or flirting?” Petr laughed. “Ouch, don’t hit me!”
“Shut up then!” Georgia smiled. “I dunno, I guess… It seems like arguing to me. I don’t know if he even likes me.”
“He will,” Petr said cryptically.
“What does that mean?” Georgia frowned.
“Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but me and Pippa are back in time,” Petr explained. “I mean really back in time. Imagine this is event A, and the next time you see me is event B. I’ve already experienced event B, and C, and D, and I’m experiencing event E right now.”
“No, you’re experiencing event A right now,” Georgia corrected him.
“I’m experiencing event E,” Petr repeated. “Only, I’ve come across a problem. So I’m going back in time and doing event A… for the first time, even though when you’re experiencing event E, event A will have been ages ago… And when I’ve finished here, I’ll return to event E.”
“So what’s event E?” Georgia asked.
“I can’t tell you,” Petr shook his head. “But I’m sorry it’s happening.”

She thought about this for a moment, and noticed her hand was very close to Petr’s. He looked her deep in the eyes, and she looked at him back. Before she knew it, she had leaned over and was kissing him, full on the mouth. Suddenly, she remembered Conner, and pushed him away.

“Sorry,” she blushed. “I just…”
“It’s okay,” Petr shrugged. “It was nice.”
“No, it wasn’t okay,” Georgia frowned. “I just messed everything up. Please – take me back to the battle, I can’t stay here.”

Petr placed a hand on her arm, and the two disappeared in a blue flash.

“Conner, where are you?” the Doctor yelled.

The room was filled with smoke, and the Doctor was crouched beside the body of Robert Hastings. Nearby, the bodies of Edgar Hastings and Jay Stickley lay bleeding. Conner, meanwhile, was running from Pippa, who had just joined the fight. She chased him through the Main Hall and up the spiral staircase and out of sight.

“Conner!” the Doctor sighed.

He dodged the falling body of Fraser Brown, and watched as a few meters away, Petr and Georgia appeared in a blue flash.

“Thank you,” Georgia said.

Petr nodded, and ran towards the staircase. Georgia was knocked off her feet by Isabella, and hit the floor. She grabbed the nearest gun in the smoke, and fired it towards Isabella. It missed, instead striking Dmitri in the shoulder.

“Oh my God!” she gasped. “I just shot someone!”

Petr caught up with Pippa at the top of the staircase, and the two saw Conner running along the corridor. They gave chase, Pippa firing her gun at Conner.

“Leave me alone!” he begged.

They ignored him, instead watching as he dived into the nearest room. Petr made a move, but Pippa pulled him back. She headed towards the door, and waited for a second. Raising her foot, and her gun, she kicked open the door. Conner was ready for her, and leapt at her. Pippa screamed as he pressed a teleport against her chest, and activated it. She disappeared in a flash of light, and Conner breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’ll give you ten seconds,” Petr growled.

Claire bumped into Tracy as they continued to fight. Instead of glaring, she smiled, and Tracy smiled back.

“Let’s take down Dmitri once and for all,” Claire said.
“Go!” Tracy cried, and the two ran towards him.

Angela kicked Aleksandr across the room, and turned her attention to Tracy. It was now or never – she could finally kill Tracy Carter, and make her pay for how she treated her father, or she could chase after Isabella. She hesitated, and fired in Tracy’s general direction. Not waiting to see the result, Angela ran towards Isabella.

“I’m coming Conner!” Petr yelled. “Ready or not!”

He ran along the corridor, and, turning the corner, he saw Conner reaching the other end of it. Petr raised his second gun, and fired four times. As Conner ran, he felt something hit his left ankle, then his right ankle, then his left and right arms. He flew into the wall, and remained there.

“What did you do?!” he called to Petr. “Why am I not falling off the wall?”
“It’s called a staple gun,” Petr replied. “Now, time to finish this.”

He leaned forwards, so his mouth was close to Conner’s ear.

“Where would you go in times of trouble?” he asked. “If your little friends were out of bounds, and Georgia was fighting for her life.”
“I… Uh…” Conner thought. “Aren’t you gonna kill me?”
“Answer the question,” Petr growled.

Conner thought about this for a very long time. He couldn’t move his arms or legs, and there was no way he could escape. Maybe if he could keep Petr talking, the Doctor would find him.

“Holly Black,” Conner replied. “I’d go to Holly Black’s house.”

He strained his neck to look at Petr, and saw him smiling. He pulled a teleport from his pocket, and slipped it around his neck.

“Thank you,” he said.
“Is that all?” Conner frowned. “You really aren’t gonna kill me?”
“Nope,” Petr shrugged. “Bye.”

Before Conner could say anything more, Petr disappeared in a flash of light. There were four gradual pinging noises, and the staples which held Conner’s clothes to the wall fell out. With a crash, he tumbled to the floor, and sighed with relief.

“Isabella, we should go!” Aleksandr cried. “There’s too many of them, and Dmitri’s dead!”
“What?” Isabella yelled, as she shot Maya Romero to death. “How is that possible?”
“The two women were advancing on him, but he was shot from across the room!”

Angela smirked, and realised that she had shot Dmitri instead of Tracy. Raising her gun a second time, she blasted a hole in Aleksandr’s chest, and he dropped to the floor. Isabella screamed in fury, but a swift shot from Tracy brought her down too. Gradually, the smoke in the room cleared, and the survivors smiled.

“It’s over,” the Doctor announced. “Well done everyone. Who’s left?”

He quickly scanned the room. There wasn’t many, but Tracy, Claire, Angela, Father Gabriel, Father Isaac, Father Noah, Paolo, Carla and Jessica were enough. Georgia smiled at him from across the room, her hair a mess. There were footsteps coming from the staircase, and Conner emerged, looking relieved.

“Is it over?” he asked.
“Yeah,” Georgia grinned.
“And you’re okay?” Conner smiled. “And you too, Doctor?”
“We’re both fine,” the Doctor replied.

Conner pretended to sigh, and fold his arms. Georgia rolled her eyes, and hugged him. The Doctor joined in the hug, and Claire began to clap. Tracy joined in, as did everyone else. The Doctor broke from the hug and began to clap too. Georgia and Conner quickly let go of each other, blushing deep scarlet.

“That’s enough sentimentality,” Georgia said, waving her arms.
“Exactly what I was thinking,” Conner coughed. “Thank you everyone… for saving my life. Without you, I’d be dead.”
“What did Petr want?” Georgia asked quietly.
“He…” Conner hesitated. “Don’t worry about it. It probably wasn’t even important.”

He took her hand, and led her back to the TARDIS. The Doctor turned to face Tracy, and raised an eyebrow.

“So, what do we do with you?” he asked.
“I’ve changed, Doctor,” she said.
“I honestly think she has,” Claire admitted. “So if she’s willing to have me around still, she can stay as head of the Monastery.”
“Really?” Tracy gasped. “Thank you so much!”

She hugged Claire, who smiled.

“Of course,” Claire continued. “I’ll be co-head.”
“I’m staying,” Father Gabriel added.
“So are we,” Father Isaac and Noah smiled.
“We should turn it into a memorial,” Angela suggested. “For the people who died today, and for the Monks who used to live here.”
“I could get us money for that,” Tracy nodded. “Maybe you could help, Jessica?”
“Sure,” Jessica Sanders nodded. “Now, has anyone seen my sunglasses?”

They all laughed, and continued to make plans. As they became closer, discussing ways in which to pay tribute and help others, the sound of the universe filled the air.

“Is the Doctor gone?” Claire asked.
“Yes, I think so,” Tracy replied. “But he’s left us with something important, don’t you think?”
“I couldn’t agree more, partner,” Claire grinned. “I couldn’t agree more…”

The End

Next Time:

"It's cold..."
"Sir, it's happening again."
"Excuse me?"
"Oh my God!"
"And now it's nearly time for the universe to end!"
"This is UNIT, please evacuate the building, immediately."
"Dear God..."
"The aliens before said they were looking for a key. Are you saying I'm the key?"


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