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Episode 7: One Last Chance Part 2

Kaylie knocked on her front door, and Andrea opened it looking puzzled.
“Where did you three scuttle off to?” Andrea asked, before noticing Conner, “Conner!”
“Hey Andrea!” Conner said, as Andrea hugged him, “You’ve changed your hair.”
“Well, I thought it was about time I returned it to my normal colour,” Andrea said smiling, “And you’ve changed your hair too!”
“Well, I just haven’t had it cut in a while,” Conner said.
“Well, its not as long as Zac’s, so it’ll do I suppose,” Andrea commented, “Kaylie, can you come in please, it’s cold out and I don’t want to let it inside.”
“All right, keep your hair on,” Kaylie commented, dragging Zac inside. Conner and Beth followed and Andrea shut the door, as Amy rushed down the stairs with a look of glee on her face.

“It’s Conner!” Amy exclaimed gleefully.
“That’s right,” Conner said, slightly embarrassed.
“Zac, I added you as a friend on facebook, now accept me so my friends will all be jealous,” Amy said in a demanding voice, before turning to Conner with a radiant smile, “Conner, you should get facebook!”
“I have it, but it doesn’t work where I go,” Conner said, and Amy crossed her arms, “Sorry.”
“He uses spacebook instead,” Zac commented.
“Not your best,” Beth told Zac, rolling her eyes. A noise blared from the next room, and Amy sighed and turned to Andrea with an angry look.

“You left the TV on!” Amy snarled at Andrea, “You should be saving energy! Especially in the present climate!”
“Amy is very into saving the planet at the moment,” Kaylie told Conner, “It’s Zac’s fault.” Kaylie shot Zac a glare and Zac smiled widely back.
“So Amy, how much litter did your friends pick up for recycling week?” Zac asked Amy, following her into the kitchen.
“Oh you won’t believe how much!” Amy said excitedly, as Beth, Conner and Kaylie followed Andrea into the sitting room, where the TV was showing the news.
“Do you want me to turn it off?” Andrea asked.
“No, this is quite interesting actually,” Beth said, staring at the TV screen.
“Alright, then I’ll leave you to it,” Andrea replied, leaving the room, as Kaylie and Conner slumped themselves upon the Watsons’ new leather sofa.

“These are comfy,” Conner commented.
“I know right,” Kaylie said smiling, “I chose it, my mum can’t choose anything.”

Rena stared at the portal which seemed to have appeared in thin air. Brian grabbed Rena’s arm and pulled her away from it, as a strange noise filled the air.
“The Doctor!” Rena and Brian exclaimed, as the TARDIS began to materialise in front of them. The noise stopped and the Doctor stepped out with a concerned look, but when he spotted Brian and Rena his face filled with glee.
“Brian and Rena!” the Doctor exclaimed, “How’s Lucy? How’s Kasper? Wait, no time, what is that? I’ll tell you what it is, that’s a portal... to another part of space.”
“It just... opened,” Rena muttered, “When I walked close to where it is.”
“Had you ever been there before?” the Doctor asked.
“No, I’ve never really been in here, Mr. Yendell liked to come and visit his workers, he kept himself to himself,” Rena explained.
“But you’ve been coming in here more often recently because...?” the Doctor replied.
“Mr. Yendell retired,” Rena explained, “I’ve been moving into his office.”
“Yeah, so you’ve been causing the cold air then,” the Doctor commented.
“How can she be doing that?” Brian asked.

“Wait, hold on, what are you doing here?” the Doctor asked Brian, “I guessed this was Rena’s workplace as soon as I saw her.”
“The bakery is going up in the world, we’re taking out a small loan to buy a new shop,” Brian explained, “I was here to meet Rena, but I also slightly hoped to find more out about the alien attacks, while I was here...”
“Talk about coincidence, actually I don’t,” the Doctor replied, as realisation came across his face, “There’s not really any coincidence about this, the key, that’s what they wanted the key! It’s you isn’t it!”
“What are you talking about?” Rena asked.
“Yeah, and how is the cold air being caused?” Brian asked.
“Whenever Rena walks close to it, the portal opens slightly, sending ripples throughout space, well London,” the Doctor continued to explain at a rapid pace, “And now she’s opened it!”

Polly Torrin walked over to Annie Roscastle with a small smile. She handed Annie two pieces of paper with the company’s new policy written on it.
“It needs to be photocopied,” Polly told Annie with a sweet smile.
“I know,” Annie replied, taking the papers from Polly and turning around to face the photocopier with a sour look on her face. Polly was after Annie’s job as Head receptionist, a job that was widely known to give you status in Shark ltd, as you always knew what was going on, due to being contacted by people from all over the building.

“So any news?” Polly asked in her sweet voice.
“Nothing,” Annie replied, “Get back to work.”
“Of course, you must be very busy,” Polly replied, “You do a really good job.” Annie rolled her eyes, as the ground shook slightly.
“What...?” Annie muttered, as a voice came blaring through Annie’s speakers.
“This is UNIT, please evacuate the building immediately, thank you,” Sally Jacob’s voice ordered.
“Oh...” Annie said, before speaking into her microphone, “Rena, UNIT are coming! They want me to evacuate the building.”
“If there’s anything I can do to help...” Polly began.
“Shut it!” Annie snapped, before turning back to her microphone.

Rena turned to the Doctor with a look of shock, and the Doctor rolled his eyes. Not UNIT, again. He realised they must have been tracking the cold air source.
“Doctor, did you hear that?” Rena asked.
“Hang on,” the Doctor muttered, pointing his sonic screwdriver at the portal, which vanished.
“You closed it!” Brian exclaimed.
“No, just made it invisible,” the Doctor replied, “Now, inside the TARDIS! I need to do some tests!”

“What does Amy mean by the current climate?” Conner asked.
“It’s the cold air,” Kaylie explained, “It just comes and goes.”
“Well, we are in England,” Conner commented.
“Yeah, but the suns still out and suddenly the temperature just changes, it happens several times a day,” Kaylie explained.
“That’s weird,” Conner said.
“The government are covering it up,” Kaylie muttered, “And Zac, Beth and I tried to find out what was going on. But it seems that UNIT has taken control of the situation and they’ve blocked anything to do with it on the internet.”
“Talking of UNIT...” Beth said, staring at the TV screen. Where a UNIT lorry could be seen driving down a London street, with cars and UNIT soldiers moving alongside.
“It seems UNIT has sprung into action, but we have as of yet no reports of an alien activity of any kind,” the newsreader was saying in a surprised tone, “However, it may have something to do with the cold air, which for the first time has not faded away, as it normally does.”

“What’s going on?” Zac asked, walking into the room, followed by Amy.
“The cold air is... staying,” Kaylie replied.
“According to reports UNIT are heading for the offices of the bank firm Shark ltd,” the newsreader continued, “Why they are heading here, is completely unknown.”
“We need to get there!” Zac exclaimed.
“But it’ll take ages,” Beth whined.
“Zac can drive, he’s been learning,” Kaylie pointed out.
“Yeah, but I don’t trust Zac, not since the pigeon incident,” Beth muttered.
“That pigeon was like a whale,” Zac snapped, “Anyway, Kaylie, my car isn’t here, it’s at my house and that’ll take several minutes to get to, delaying us.”

“What about Andrea’s car?” Amy asked.
“Of course!” Kaylie exclaimed.
“Where are the car keys?” Conner said, leading the others into the hallway. Kaylie grabbed the keys from where they were hanging on the wall.
“Hey, we’re just going out!” Kaylie called up the stairs to her sister.
“All right,” Andrea called back, as Beth opened the front door and Conner, Beth, Amy and Zac rushed out.
“You certainly aren’t coming!” Beth told Amy, “This could be dangerous.”
“NO WAY!” Amy screeched.
“Does anyone think we should leave UNIT to it?” Conner suggested, “After all they’re always getting things wrong...”
“Conner, you must know about Shark ltd,” Beth replied, “It’s been attacked by aliens three times, a weird Spurge, a purple thing, an alien in a flying saucer, it’s all over the net.”
“Hang on, that’s where whatshername works, we’ve helped stop those aliens!” Conner exclaimed.
“Yeah, I’m guessing this is no coincidence,” Zac commented.

“We’re just gonna use your car,” Kaylie called up to Andrea.
“WHAT?” Andrea yelled, “NOBODY IS DRIVING MY CAR!” Andrea rushed down the stairs, as Kaylie ran out the front door. Andrea followed her and threw open the front door of the car.
“Um...” Zac began.
“What’s going on?” Andrea asked, and Conner and Kaylie explained the situation at a rapid pace.

“Can we go!” Amy asked.
“You can’t!” Andrea snapped, “You are staying here with Kaylie.”
“No way!” Kaylie growled, “I have dealt with this stuff loads of times before!” 5 minutes later, after a lot of arguing, the 6 of them were packed into Andrea’s car. Andrea and Beth were in the front seats, while Kaylie, Conner and Zac sat in the back, with Amy sitting on Conner’s lap, causing him much discomfort.

“Remember, Amy, you have to stay in the car!” Kaylie said firmly.
“Alright, mum,” Amy snarled.

A UNIT lorry, a tank and several cars pulled into Shark ltd’s car park, followed closely by several squads of UNIT soldiers, led by the stern Captain Weston. Captain Weston wanted no nonsense. She also wanted everything to be done her own way, and she regularly got it, which is why she was promoted to Captain.
“Private Trent, block off the surrounding area, don’t let anyone through who doesn’t have security clearance 3,” Captain Weston ordered, “If there’s any sign of the Doctor, arrest him.”
“Yes ma’am,” Private Trent said, and he marched away with his squad to secure the area. Captain Weston turned to face the rest of the soldiers, as Captain Gifford got out of his car with Sally.

“Sally, you’re looking nice today,” Captain Gifford said.
“Oh, thank you,” Sally said smiling, “I’d better get to work in the on-site base, yeah.”
“Of course, I need to secure the building,” Captain Gifford said, nodding as Sally scuttled off towards the UNIT lorry.
“Ah, Captain Gifford, you decided to turn up,” Captain Weston said.
“Excuse me? I have a higher authority than you, so you will not speak to me in that manner,” Captain Gifford ordered.
“Sorry, sir,” Captain Weston replied.
“Private Reynolds, you and your squad will follow me into the reception area,” Captain Gifford ordered, “It doesn’t look like they’ve even evacuated.”

Kasper rushed into the reception area where he spotted Mr. Yendell and several others crowding round the reception desk.
“What’s going on?” Mr Yendell asked, “I just saw a troop of soldiers arriving outside! It looks like UNIT, are we being invaded again? I was just about to leave as well.”
“It’s UNIT, but I don’t really know...” Annie began.
“Has Rena contacted you?” Kasper asked in a nervous voice, “What’s going on?”
“She erm, had a meeting but...” Annie began, as the crowd around the desk began to grow.
“Why are UNIT outside?” asked another.
“Is there another spaceship!” another squeaked.

“Silence everybody!” Polly Torrin ordered, and silence fell, “Now if we could all just calm down. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for everything that is going on. So, if we could all calm ourselves, it would be appreciated.”
“Thank you Polly, I was just about to say that,” Annie replied.
“Of course you were,” Polly replied smiling.
“Now, Rena hasn’t replied to me, so perhaps there is something wrong,” Annie said.
“RENA!” Kasper shouted, sprinting up the stairs.
“We’re all gonna die!” an office worker squeaked.
“No we are not, calm down!” Mr. Yendell snapped.

Georgia smiled as she looked through the pictures of her parents’ recent visit to America, where they were thinking of buying a house, as Colin’s company was soon to be moving there.
“I don’t know why American’s need more lawyers,” Elizabeth said airily, “I suppose there must be more crime over there.”
“Did you decide on a house?” Georgia asked Colin.
“Elizabeth’s choosing the house,” Colin said, before coughing.
“Oh yes, but some of the houses aren’t good enough for us,” Elizabeth said in a carrying voice, “Not to mention some of the neighbours!”
“She doesn’t like anybody we see, apparently she doesn’t like the accent,” Colin said.
“They don’t speak with a proper American accent!” Elizabeth snapped.
“Dad, good luck,” Georgia said seriously.

“Of course we will miss our dear neighbours,” Elizabeth said in her carrying voice, “Especially dear Mrs White and dear Mr. Perkins.”
“Mrs White’s gone to visit the Vicar, remember,” Colin said.
“And Mr. Perkins is dead!” Georgia shrieked.
“Well, he may be listening in spirit,” Elizabeth said dreamily.
“Oh, that’s my phone,” Georgia commented, as music blared from her pocket. She took it out and spoke into it, “Hi Conner?”
“Georgia, you need to get to Shark ltd, something’s going on, can you get the Doctor; the TARDIS is in the park, remember?” Conner replied, as Andrea swerved to avoid hitting an old lady.
“Where’s Shark ltd, what are you talking about?” Georgia asked.
“Not sure, I’m not driving; ask your mum,” Conner replied, “That shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Gotta go, bye!” Georgia made a frustrated noise as she put her phone down.
“Mum, apparently, I need to get to Shark ltd, isn’t that a bank firm?” Georgia asked.
“That’s right dear, but don’t go there, it’s awfully common,” Elizabeth commented.

“Can everybody put your hands up please!” Private Reynolds ordered, as he entered the building with his squad of soldiers.
“Excuse me? We are civilians, and we will do no such thing!” Annie snapped, as everybody else in the reception area put their hands up.
“We are sorry to be a nuisance,” Polly said.
“Why didn’t you evacuate? UNIT ordered this building to do so,” Captain Gifford, said striding through Private Reynolds’ unit.
“I follow Rena’s orders, and hers alone, and as she didn’t reply to my evacuation message, then I ordered the building to do no such thing,” Annie replied firmly.
“I do apologise for my dear friend’s behaviour,” Polly said, smiling sweetly, “We will all of course evacuate.” Polly leaned over the reception desk and, to Annie’s horror, spoke into the microphone and pressed the transmit button.

“Can all floors evacuate please, assemble in the road outside, not in the car park, thank you,” Polly said into the microphone, “Was that good enough for you, sir?”
“Yes, thank you,” Captain Gifford said.
“I’m Mr. Yendell, I was head of Shark ltd, until yesterday, I’m retired, if I can help with anything, just ask,” Mr. Yendell told Private Reynolds.
“Thank you sir, I’m sure your knowledge of the company will be of some use,” Private Reynolds replied.
“Private, wait until the building is cleared of all civilians, and then advance to the upper levels,” Captain Gifford ordered.
“Yes sir!” Private Reynolds said, saluting Captain Gifford.

Sally walked into the UNIT lorry, which was filled with computers and tables, as it was acting as UNIT’s temporary base. Sally immediately spotted Regina, and rushed over to her.
“He Sal,” Regina said smiling.
“What are you doing here?” Sally hissed.
“I can help, look I already am,” Regina explained, “There’s a spaceship heading this way, and a pretty big one. It’ll be over the centre of London in five minutes.”
“What?” Sally exclaimed, “Captain Weston!” Captain Weston marched over.
“What?” she asked.
“It’s a spaceship, it’ll be here in five minutes,” Sally explained.
“Dear God...” Captain Weston muttered.

The Doctor pulled Rena into one of the TARDIS’ laboratories, and pushed her into what looked like a phone booth. Brian raised his eyebrows, as the Doctor rushed around the lab, and pushed a button on the wall.
“Doctor, what am I doing in this thing?” Rena asked, as a red laser beam scanned Rena’s body and the Doctor raised his eyebrows.
“Rena, you have contained in you some rare particles that shouldn’t exist in Humans,” the Doctor explained, “These particles are used as a key to open up portals.”
“The aliens before said they were looking for a key, are you saying I’m the key?” Rena asked.
“Yes, I am,” the Doctor replied, “Sorry. This is no coincidence, this is fate. This is why aliens keep coming here, they’re looking for you, they knew where the portal was, and they guessed the key was nearby, but this portal is of Gosphodphid design, and I haven’t seen any of them, have you?”

Kasper rushed up the stairs, and past group of workers who were evacuating until he reached the floor where Rena’s new office was. He ran down a corridor, and peered into Rena’s office, to find a familiar blue box.
“Oh my God!” Kasper exclaimed.
“It should be up here somewhere,” a female snapped, causing Kasper to turn around.
“Reports say it’s still open,” a male voice replied. The voices sounded cruel, so Kasper hid himself behind a large bin. It was then that he caught site of two green-skinned aliens with black leather-like jackets and clothes. The female had straight brown hair and red lipstick, with a small tiara on her head. The male had black hair, and was more muscular and thug-looking.

“Once we find the key, we destroy it,” Heiress Ecrad muttered.
“But what do you think it is?” General Yorys asked.
“I think it’s a Human,” Heiress Ecrad hissed, causing Kasper to gasp, “Like the one hiding behind that bin over there!”



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