Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Episode 8 Murder through the Keyhole


The Doctor
Georgia Bell
Conner Bennet
Petr Costravalos
Pippa Blackwell
Jane Scarlet
Eleanor Peacock
Diane White
Algernon Mustard
Victor Plum
Gerald Green
Dr. Black
Chloe Mills
Erin McKinley
Kevin Christensen
Julie Christensen
Ashlyn Fisher
Nick Booth
John Cunningham
Ben Barrington
Katherine Wellington
Lori Bolton
Sophia Milligan
Maggie Lane
Morag Hitchcock
Hunter Lewton
Spencer Lewton
Sidney Prescott
Jason Thornes
Alice Richards
Stephen Cole
Ian Jennings


When the Doctor, Georgia and Conner arrive in the future, they do not suspect that they are in danger. But when they find themselves trapped in a house, and the gruesome killings start, they realise something is very wrong indeed.

Here are some spoilers. Remember, two are red herrings:

Ashlyn Fisher dies a horrible death.
Georgia kills two people. Only one of them is an accident.
Pippa unexpectedly dies, leaving Petr all alone.
Georgia gives her number to a lifeguard.
Ian Jennings is athsmatic.
Petr sings an Alexandra Burke song, while Conner takes on Journey's classic Don't Stop Believin'.
Rack makes a mysterious appearance that means almost certain death for Georgia and Conner.


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