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Episode 7: One Last Chance Part 1

The tiny farmer’s house creaked slightly in the wind. The owner of the farm, Joseph Peakes, could not get to sleep. He rarely slept much, due to his many worries about life. His father had died young and left him the farm, to run by himself. He never had any time to meet with girls, as he had to feed the animals and look after crops all day long.

“The Sun may set, but in a few hours it’ll rise,” his father used to say. Joseph was never sure what he had really meant by it, but it was one of the few quotes that he remembered from his dad.
Joseph couldn’t get to sleep, on this particular night, not because he was thinking, but because of the strange whooshing noise outside. He had convinced himself that it was the wind, but he was not nearly naïve enough to believe that. Joseph pulled himself out of his bed and crept over to the window, where curtains were badly shielding the moonlight. He peered out of the window and saw a strange green light in the sky.

A spaceship tumbled through the Earth’s atmosphere. Inside, two Gosphodphids were holding on to anything they could to stop them from falling over.
“Phidshun!” one of the Gosphodphids yelled at the other.
“What is it Gobsret?” Phidshun replied.
“We have to hide it here!” Gobsret yelled.
“We can’t! Where shall we hide it?” Phidshun whined.
“Look we have to hide it! They cannot get hold of it, or the whole universe will be destroyed!” Gobsret explained frantically.
“But where?” Phidshun said, in a panicked tone.
“In a Human,” Gobsret replied, as the spaceship began to spin around a Human dwelling. Phidshun leapt over to the controls and steadied the ship.
“Well then, if you’re ready,” Phidshun said, and Gobsret nodded. Phidshun pulled a lever and the ship lowered to the ground.

Joseph gasped as the lights seemed to fall from the sky, until they disappeared in one of his fields. It was some kind of huge disc-like object. Joseph pulled on some shoes and a coat and ran downstairs, and then out of his front door towards the field it landed in.
“Hello?” Joseph shouted, before tripping over a chicken and falling onto a pile of hay. Two short figures trudged over to where Joseph was laying.
“Well, it looks like we’ve found the Human,” Gobsret commented.

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50 Years later

Rena looked up from her desk, as Mr. Yendell walked in with a smile on his ageing face. Rena smiled back, Mr. Yendell had finally retired.
“You feel better?” Rena asked.
“Much better, thank you Rena, and I feel settled now that you have agreed to take over the company,” Mr. Yendell answered.
“Well after all the weird things that have happened here, I don’t blame you for retiring,” Rena commented nicely, closing the book she was writing in.
“What’s that?” Mr. Yendell asked.
“It’s a book, I’ve been writing in,” Rena explained, “In my free time, of course.”
“What’s it about?” Mr. Yendell questioned.
“The adventures I’ve had; all three of them,” Rena replied, “That’s not including the rabbit incident or getting married to Kasper.”
“Don’t bring up the rabbit incident,” Mr. Yendell laughed.

“So, have you...?” Rena began.
“Left my office, yes, just cleared it out, ready for you,” Mr. Yendell said.
“I’ll feel bad working in it, it’s such a nice office, you’ve kept it looking sparkling,” Rena replied.
“Well, I have a bit of the old OCD,” Mr. Yendell chuckled, “Goodbye then.”
“Mr. Yendell, it has been an honour working for you,” Rena said, standing up, so that she could hug her old boss, who had been so nice to her.
“You’ve already said that, at the party,” Mr. Yendell said.
“I know, but I mean it,” Rena said, smiling widely, “Bye!” Mr. Yendell nodded in response, as he left the room, and Rena had to stop herself from crying. She breathed deeply, before Annie sent her a call.

“We’ve got a Brian Mason here to see you Rena,” Annie’s voice said.
“Thank you Annie,” Rena replied, “Send him up.”
“Yes ma’am,” Annie answered.

The Doctor yanked a lever and the TARDIS shot back towards the 21st Century. Georgia made a growling noise, and the Doctor glanced nervously at her before returning to the console. Conner chuckled and Georgia glared at him, causing him to stop.
“Uh oh, Georgia’s in headmistress mode,” Conner told the Doctor as he walked past.
“I am not! The Doctor said we were going home! And then he misses it,” Georgia snapped, “And he finds it funny that we almost end up on the planet bloody Casino... again!”
“There’s nothing wrong with that planet, we just went there on a bad day,” the Doctor replied.

“Nearly home?” Conner asked.
“Yup,” the Doctor said, as he banged his fist on a green button and pulled a lever. The TARDIS began to materialise in its usual spot in the park and Georgia flung open the doors and stepped out.
“Yay, we’re home!” Georgia exclaimed.
“It hasn’t been that long since we were away,” Conner commented.
“May I remind you of the week long trek in the Amazon, Conner,” Georgia snapped.

“I expect to hear footsteps running in twenty seconds,” the Doctor predicted, as he locked the doors of the TARDIS.
“You’d think they’d start walking when they hear the TARDIS nowadays,” Conner commented. The three of them stood still and gazed around the park, which looked very pretty in the sunshine. After twenty seconds, the Doctor looked confused.
“Well, where are they?” the Doctor asked.
“They are walking,” Georgia said, in an annoyed voice, as Zac, Kaylie, Beth and Catherine came into view. Zac, Kaylie and Beth were grinning. Catherine, however, looked unsure of where she was, and was looking around the park with a confused expression.

“Hey, you failed at coming to school every day then,” Zac commented.
“How long have we missed?” Conner asked in an irritated tone.
“Only a month,” Beth replied smiling.
“Oh... sorry,” Conner muttered.
“Not your fault,” Georgia snapped, glaring at the Doctor.
“She’s in headmistress mode,” the Doctor told Zac and Kaylie quietly.
“What the hell is this headmistress mode you are talking about?” Georgia demanded.
“Don’t worry,” Conner said, patting Georgia on the arm.
“Where are we?” Catherine asked Beth dreamily. Beth rolled her eyes and pulled a pen out from her pocket.
“Catherine, go fetch!” Beth said, throwing the pen in the direction of the play park, before turning to Conner, “It’s how we’ve been dealing with her recently.” Conner and Georgia laughed and Kaylie looked around.

“It’s cold,” Kaylie muttered, shivering.
“But the sun’s still out,” the Doctor replied with a frown.
“Doctor, I’m gonna visit my parents, if that’s alright,” Georgia told the Doctor.
“That’s fine,” the Doctor said quickly, “You four can catch up; I have to work something out...” The Doctor quickly returned to the TARDIS, as Georgia walked away.

“We’ll go back to mine,” Kaylie said, as she led Zac, Conner and Beth in the direction of her house, “Amy has missed you Conner.”
“So have the teachers,” Beth sniggered.
“I meant to come back, I really did, but the Doctor happened...” Conner explained. “Oh, he always happens,” Beth muttered.
“I found the pen! Beth? Where am I?” Catherine yelled from the other side of the park, and all four of them began laughing. Conner felt like he was back at school again, before he had ever met the Doctor. Now over two years ago...

Elizabeth had heard the TARDIS engines, and she had decided to make herself look good in front of Mrs White. She checked that the coast was clear before running into the garden to mow the lawn. Mrs White spotted Elizabeth and rushed out on purpose.

“Oh, Elizabeth, fancy you being out here,” Mrs White commented.
“Fancy that dear,” Elizabeth replied in a surprised tone, “I’m just mowing my lawn, in the sun.”
“It’s getting cloudy now you said that,” Mrs White muttered, zipping up her white jacket, and repositioning her hat.
“And what are you doing out Viola, if you don’t mind me asking dear?” Elizabeth asked, not paying attention to where she was mowing, so the flowerbeds were getting damaged.
“Oh, not at all, Elizabeth dear,” Mrs White answered airily, “I am going to pay a visit to the Vicar, we have tea every Saturday.”
“Goodness, what a coincidence, the Vicar and I have tea every Monday,” Elizabeth exclaimed in a false surprise tone.
“Really? I had the feeling that you two didn’t see much of each other,” Mrs White replied, also in the same falsely surprised tone.

“You know I have a feeling that my darling daughter is about to arrive, with that famous doctor, who she is learning from,” Elizabeth said, quickly changing the subject.
“You mean Georgia and the Doctor?” Mrs White asked, in an unimpressed tone, “There’s something funny about that man.”
“Oh, he won’t be coming then, I know what you mean; one cannot be seen with those who have something funny about them,” Elizabeth said. Colin yawned and peered out of the front window. He was shocked to find that Elizabeth was mowing the lawn, and flowerbeds.

“Darling, what are you doing?” Colin asked, rushing out of the front door.
“Mowing the lawn, as I do every week,” Elizabeth answered, “Our lawn looks simply marvellous once I cut it.”
“I usually cut it dear,” Colin pointed out.
“But then I have to tidy it up, bless Colin, he has no sense of the word tidy,” Elizabeth told Mrs White with a dazzling smile. Just then Georgia ran round the corner and immediately spotted Elizabeth and Colin.
“Georgia!” Elizabeth exclaimed, hugging her daughter, “It’s absolutely wonderful to see you! Where have you been! Goodbye dear Mrs White, my daughter has been on many travels, which she must speak to us about, au revoir then!”
“Yes, the Vicar will be expecting me,” Mrs White replied, and she waved at Elizabeth with a false smile, before getting in her car.

“I’ve got loads to tell you, as per usual,” Georgia told her parents.
“Oh, Georgia, we’ve missed you so, you’ve haven’t been around for over a month,” Elizabeth trilled.
“F.Y.I. not my fault,” Georgia pointed out, as Elizabeth ushered her into the house and then sent Colin off to make a pot of tea.
“Aren’t you going to finish the mowing dear?” Colin asked.
“You can do that later!” Elizabeth replied airily, sitting herself beside Georgia on the sofa.
“Why’s it suddenly got so cold?” Georgia asked.
“Oh that’s been happening a lot lately,” Elizabeth answered, “The government say it’s the result of global warming, but it’s obviously nothing of the sort. There is a cover-up going on.”

Captain Gifford ended his call with a minister, and walked into UNIT’s control base. Sally and Regina were busy at computer screens.
“Regina, I told you, we don’t need your help,” Captain Gifford said.
“Excuse me, I work for the BBC weather team and I should be allowed to know exactly what’s going on and help stop it,” Regina replied.
“Look, she’s really good with computers, she is being really helpful, and why can’t you let her stay?” Sally asked Captain Gifford.
“She hasn’t even applied for a job, she just turned up, and she hasn’t signed the official secrets act!” Captain Gifford explained at a rapid pace. Sally rolled her eyes.
“Then let me the sign the official secrets act! Please,” Regina replied in a longing voice.

“Sir, it’s happening again,” Sally informed Captain Gifford.
“That’s the seventh time today?” Captain Gifford asked.
“Yes,” Sally answered.
“Try and find where the cold air is coming from, and quick before normal temperature returns!” Captain Gifford ordered.
“Doing it already,” Sally muttered, “It’s loading.”
“Why don’t you have better computers?” Regina asked, “The government give you loads of money.”
“There aren’t any better computers at the present, thank you,” Captain Gifford replied.
“And it’s taking a very long time, it keeps changing position,” Sally explained, “The Scar Skyscraper building site... no that’s not it. Hang on, that’s weird.”
“What is it?” Captain Gifford demanded.
“The cold air’s staying, it’s not going anywhere,” Sally replied in a confused voice.
“Which makes it easier to pin point?” Captain Gifford exclaimed.

“I’ve found where we’re headed sir,” Sally said smiling.
“Then let’s get going!” Captain Gifford ordered, “Private Reynolds, fetch Captain Weston!”
“Yes sir!” Private Reynolds replied, leaving the room.
“Private Trent! Get Units 16 to 19 armed and ready, we’re on our way to...” Captain Gifford continued, turning to Sally with a small smile.
“Shark bank firm ltd’s HQ,” Sally replied, handing Captain Gifford a file on the bank, which she had just printed off, “Currently run by a Mrs Rena Peakes, formerly run by a Mr. Yendell, neither have criminal records and neither are currently being tracked by any companies.”
“Anything else?” Captain Gifford asked.
“The firm has had 2 reported alien sightings, including a small alien in a flying saucer,” Sally continued, “There was also an unconfirmed sighting of what matches a splurge in 2005. All these times the Doctor appears to have saved the day. This is, again, unconfirmed, but probably true.”
“Thanks for your help,” Captain Gifford said, “Now, can you organise the setting up of a temporary base on the correct site.”
“Yes sir,” Sally said, leaving the room.
“Can I come?” Regina asked excitedly.
“No,” Captain Gifford answered immediately.

Rena shifted Mr. Yendell’s old desk slightly and shivered as a strange cold wind seemed to blow past her. The bank firm’s office block was increasingly encountering problems with what appeared to be the air vents, although Kasper wasn’t convinced. The rest of London seemed to be feeling cold winds too, and the company had been spending alot of money on the heating recently, even though it was late April.

“Excuse me?” Brian Mason said, walking into the room.
“Oh, hello?” Rena said.
“I came to your office, but you weren’t there so I guessed you’d be in the executive’s office,” Brian said, “I’m Brian.”
“Oh of course, I quite absent-mindedly forgot you were coming to see me,” Rena replied, “I do apologise, well seeing as though this is my new office, we might as well have our meeting in here.”
“It’s very cold in here though,” Brian muttered.
“I know, it keeps happening all over London,” Rena answered, “This part of the building seems worst, we’re never sure why.”

“You know what I think is causing this,” Brian said, “Aliens.”
“Really?” Rena asked.
“You don’t seem to be that shocked, is that because of the previous alien attacks here?” Brian wondered.
“How do you know about them? The papers weren’t allowed anywhere close...” Rena began.
“I have a friend, he’s dealt with these things before, I’m always looking on the internet for these things in my free time,” Brian explained.
“Your friend, he isn’t, by any chance, the Doctor, is he?” Rena questioned.
“Yes!” Brian exclaimed, “Have you...?”
“Met him? Yes, three times, he helped stop aliens here three times,” Rena explained, standing up. She walked towards the back of the room, where Mr. Yendell used to keep files on these instances, but suddenly the wind got stronger in the room and much colder. Rena took another step and suddenly a circular blue sparkling hole appeared in the air, leading to who-knew where.
“Oh My God!” Rena shrieked, backing away from it.

Heiress Ecrad looked at Earth through the sheet of glass on her spaceship. She smirked, as the readings began to go wild again. General Yorys marched into the room and bowed low, when Heiress Ecrad turned to face him.

“News?” Heiress Ecrad asked.
“We have increased opening time, it seems the key has moved closer to the portal,” General Yorys explained.
“Then find out where we are going! And be fast about it,” Heiress Ecrad hissed.
“Of course,” General Yorys said, bowing.
“Quick sharp!” Heiress Ecrad snapped, and General Yorys scurried from the room.
“Oh, yes, it’s about time we found the portal and the key, after all those idiots killed the only ones who knew where they both were...” Heiress Ecrad muttered.

50 Years Earlier

Phidshun and Gobsret sprinted towards the controls and Phidshun pushed in two green buttons to accelerate the ship’s speed. Gobsret raised the defences to 100% before sending missiles to the large spaceship following them.
“Phidshun! The missiles aren’t working!” Gobsret moaned, as the ship sailed away from Earth.
“What’s that light?” Phidshun asked, as a white light filled the room.
“It’s a transmat!” Gobsret exclaimed.
“Put up the defences!” Phidshun hissed.
“They’re at a hundred percent already!” Gobsret moaned, as the light got stronger and Phidshun and Gobsret felt themselves leave the ground. Seconds later their feet slammed down upon a metallic floor. An Alpha-Gosphodphid stood before them with malice in his eye. He was carrying a gun.

“Where is it hidden?” the Gosphodphid demanded.
“On Earth,” Phidshun replied quickly, and Gobsret rolled his eyes.
“Where on Earth?” the Gosphodphid asked.
“You’re Heir Enligirad, aren’t you?” Gobsret said, in a shocked voice.
“Correct,” Enligirad said, clicking his gun, “So, where on Earth?”
“You’ll never find it in a million years,” Gobsret snapped.
“Then tell me!” Enligirad ordered, “Or you will die!”
“We’re not saying anything!” Gobsret replied, so Enligirad blew his head off with his gun and turned to Phidshun, who whimpered. Enligirad rolled his eyes and shot Phidshun too.

50 Years Later...
“Idiot...” Heiress Ecrad muttered, remembering her stupid brother’s actions, which got him killed. Admittedly Ecrad had killed him, but he had deserved it for losing the key forever. But by chance, the key found its way closer to the portal, which began to open, so Heiress Ecrad had left for Earth right away, and now finally they had the coordinates.
“And now it’s nearly time for the universe to end!” Heiress Ecrad cackled.



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